Coffee and TV

I ate so many almonds today; I know they have good fats but I’m expecting to put on weight or something. It’s stupid how everything should be taken in moderation – well, obviously, because too much of anything is never a good idea. I just don’t quite grasp the whole concept that a lot of things can be good for you but too much of it can be harmful. Like too many bananas making you constipated, or something.

I haven’t had coffee in ages. A few days ago I really, really wanted to drink some, but I haven’t had it in a while and I don’t want to drink it every morning like I did last year. Though I do want to put a hot drink in my Doctor Who TARDIS mug so I can see the TARDIS “move” to the other side from the heat…

I read about a hundred pages of readings for university today. It really did my head in. I took notes, so I managed to grasp the concepts outlined in each of the pieces, though a lot of the content across all of them was pretty much the same. Some explained them better than others, but some brought up new ideas. Researchers who write these papers must get really bored looking up research already done in their field of study. I wonder if they actually enjoy it.

A particular name has come up a lot in my university life so far – Sonia Livingstone. If you’re reading this it’s unlikely that you will have heard of her. Approximately three percent (3%) of you will have, and I’m saying that based on three people who are in my class out of a possible hundred different people who read my blog.

I like Sonia Livingstone’s stuff. And I’m not kidding. I like her research and the way she writes is easy to understand; she doesn’t have ancient theories like those dead French philosophers we often must learn about – she’s modern. I remember her name and her previous works whenever I come across a new article or research paper of hers. But I wonder if she ever gets bored of doing this stuff, or if she knows that all these university students are reading her stuff. Does she wonder if they care about her work or not, or just read them because they’re required? She probably loves what she does. I think it’s totally important to love what you do.

I was cleaning up a few fanlistings today and I found a few dead links for some affiliates. I deleted them, because the emails I had were hosted on the now-gone websites. It makes me wonder if people bother trying to find old friends they knew online and if they are able to find them if their site has closed. It reminded me of real life and if people tell others when they’ve moved house.

In 2001 I had a penpal who lived a few hours out. We exchanged letters for a while until one day I didn’t hear back from her. I wondered if she just didn’t want to contact me anymore, if she lost my letter or if she moved house. I sent her another letter, but she didn’t respond. It’s strange.

People don’t send letters anymore, and that makes me a little sad. A friend of mine left work because it clashed with her classes. She told me to get Facebook so we could talk. She said that I had to… but she didn’t ask for my email or anything. I don’t know. I’m sick of living in a world where one of the credentials of being someone’s friend is that you have to have Facebook. As if I can’t be busy enough. I don’t have time for one and I don’t want one, not to mention I don’t need one.

I have to say that if friends really want to keep in touch, they’d respect my wishes and not force me into bloody getting one. Well, that’s life isn’t it. :P

I forgot to take a screenshot of my new desktop in my previous post. It’s on my DeviantArt. I use RocketDock for the icons.

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I used to be close with a lot of people online and I think most of them have found me on twitter or facebook. How cna you not be on facebook? It’s so easy to keep in touch with people. You don’t have to individually tell every single person what’s going on, you put it on your status, they comment, you comment back. for me it’s a time saver, not a time waster. I would never have any idea what’s going on in my friends lives if it wasn’t for facebook. so easy to invite people to parties and stuff too.

beautiful desktop :D I should make a new background for mine. It’s a little stale now.

Not many people to keep in touch with, I suppose? Most people are contactable elsewhere? As I said, real friends would respect my choice and keep in touch with me the other ways they can instead of making me go out of my way to get a Facebook account. I have a phone. I have an email address. My very close friends don’t mind at all and still have ways of informing me about things.

I’m replying quickly to your comment because I’m in the mood; I wouldn’t get used to it :P And don’t feel like you have to reply any time soon, either. Take your time~

They’re crazy about nuts. People tell you to eat them, but not too much. How much is too much anyway? :S I don’t like nuts on their own, I like them in cereal and stuff.
I don’t like coffee; but my friend goes hyper on it, I swear. Kind of coffee drunk? It’s hilarious because she slurs her words and giggles all the time and runs riot in general, and then can’t remember afterward. But we filmed her one time and her face when watching it was a picture, aha.

I want your mug :( My brother once had a Homer Simpson one with a gap in the mouth for chocolate biscuits. Genius. And he used to have a Gromit one when the nose went red with tea in it. Awesome shiz. /faw

One hundred? Ouch. They sound pretty grim. :( But Sonia Livingstone sounds like she makes things more interesting, which is the way I learn. We do numerous philosopher dudes in RS and it does my head in.

I had a friend I met at a taster day and we stayed in contact on MSN, but then, as you say, she just vanished. She found me on Facebook later, though; that surprised me. I didn’t think she’d remember me, but she did. :)
I had a penpal for about two months when I was seven or so. We used to send each other letters in bright colours and little handmade bracelets. I don’t have any of the bracelets anymore and I do wonder what became of her. We met in France.

I got Facebook to ‘keep in touch’ but I don’t know why I got the piece of shit, no one talks to me anyway and it’s boring as fuck. It is annoying though when people demand you have one… or go on it all the time. No thanks.

JEALOUS. Your desktop is gorgeous. /eee

Thank you :3 I tweaked the background; is that better? I tried a very dark one before but it was too similar to the container background and make the content too bright. And merci, I spent lightyears on the CSS. /ehh
I don’t have the time either :( I have end-of-year exams coming up and about four pieces of homework a night… God knows how I’m going to keep up with Decimated but I’ll think of something! I’ll be fine~

Aha I’ve gone off Tumblr a bit now. I like the pictures and such, they go on my wall, but I can see why you’re not as into it anymore.

Whoops! Didn’t notice that error… fixed it now, though. Get me~

Take care! xx

I noticed in your blog that you sometimes mention about having coding classes or something in university; do you ever show your professors your website? o: I was curious because I had been meaning to ask you that for awhile. :X

I only showed one of my professors because he designed his own website online for students (you know how some professors may have an online database of assignments and crap so you don’t have to call them or anything); he claims he worked “really hard” on it and he probably did! I have to remind myself that not everyone is good at coding at first. Anyways… this site. The text is aligned in the center, every other box (he has schedule, assignments, useful links, etc.) is colored with a different color. Some are yellow, a horrible shade of pink and some are I don’t know… peach? BUT OMG. HE DOESN’T USE PADDING SO THIS MADNESS IS MADDENING. Every time I see that site I want to scream: “PADDING. PADING.” Plus a line height doesn’t exist so yeah… I offered to fix it up a bit (at least make it more “appealing”) because I’m sure my peers feel a little offended going on it too, but he shouted at me… /hmph Fail to him.

Ah, I see. Well I mean, I don’t have unneccessary divs; all the divs I use do indeed have a purpose. ;) But I will keep that in mind!

Yeah, I’m trying to persuade David into making a website. XD Not a blog, just a website. I mean, we’re both geeks and whatnot and he’s teaching me a lot of coding (as far as software went), so I thought it would be cool if we had our own little project together? It’s funny though, I know CSS, HTML and a little Javascript. Him? He knows C++, Java and Javascript. I’m like… How do you know that but don’t know the basic principles of CSS and HTML? /ehh Yeah, that still doesn’t make much sense to me…

When I think about making layouts for others, I thought that whatever you make has to please yourself and the client but you’re basically pleasing the client. I once had someone DM me over Twitter asking if I could make them a simple template. By “simple template” I thought she meant code a basic container or something. So I said yes since I mean, you can’t really go wrong there? Well, she tricked me and later on said, “Oh, can you also add this? And this? And this? Omg thank you so much!” /ho Eh. Obviously I didn’t do it but wtf. /hmph

Don’t too many cherries make you constipated too? I know too many cigarretes can kill you. XD But yes, I see what you mean. I too used to drink a lot of tea in the mornings. Recently (for the past month or so), I decided to drink hot tea instead of coffee and I feel such a difference! It’s actually good! I feel a lot more energized for some reason. Like I can actually breathe and stuff. I don’t feel weighed down. Occasionally, I will have some coffee, but tea for me from now on. ✌️

Yeah, I remember you were tweeting about reading that stuff and to be honest, I can’t believe you even did it. I would most likely complain, “I don’t want to do this!” luckily, I don’t have any reading assignments or anything; everything is pretty much essays and stuff. Haven’t gotten into the heavy classes.

I’ve wanted to send letters before, but I’ve never had stamps and I felt going out to buy some would be a bit of a hassle. I have sent some letters, but for whatever reason, we just stopped. There’s a sense of childish act in letters I think. When the other person tells me, “I sent your letter!” I eagerly eyeball the mailbox waiting for said letter. I think it’s just really neat to see their hand writing and not some text.

Recently David converted my laptop over to Windows 7 as well; I haven’t bothered customizing it yet though. :( Yours looks pretty nice though! :D

Hi Georgina! I’ve read your blog for a while now, and used your tutorials and stuff, but I’ve never actually commented so far.

Every time the whole ‘everything in moderation’ thing comes up, I feel like just ignoring it because mostly everything you have to do in moderation is either fun or tastes good. I just want to ignore and not care about it, but then I remember the consequences and after effects of doing/eating something too much and I feel really guilty and I end up not doing it. I probably should cut loose sometimes. Everything in moderation, right? XD

I used to have really good friends from this online game for girls I went on. They had an amazing community there. I made some friends, and I know I met them online, but that didn’t mean I didn’t care for them. Anyway, I haven’t talked to them in a long time, and it sucks. I miss them. 😢 That site we went on was targeted mainly for younger girls, and we just grew out of it.

I don’t have Facebook either. With the people I know, they just mostly care about the number of ‘friends’ they have, and I don’t want to be a part of that. They only talk to a small percentage of their Facebook friends anyway. Plus, I never need to use Facebook and I don’t want one either. People know how to find me, if they really wanted to. If we’re friends, they have my phone number and if they’re true friends they’ll contact me.
I hate how it’s just so expected for everyone to have a Facebook account nowadays. If I happen to mention that I don’t have one to someone who asks for it, then I just get a blank look.

Pretty desktop! Mine is just the default Windows 7. I always wanted to customize it, and also organise my folders and stuff, but never got around to doing it.

thanks for the comment on my site my kidneys are slowly getting there. im gonna try do some tutorials tonight, any in particular? im not sure when my layout will be up its taking us forever cause its not ur normal everyday layout lol i bet when you see it u will say that was simple to code. i remember when i was like that at my college i had to work everyday to keep up with my deadlines and some deadlines were tough. im suree ull kick their butts this year.
i use to have millions of penpals online and offline i just lost count and i lost interest so i have i think two really close penpals that we been friends for 10 and above years, i met the one last year for the first time and we still as close and im hoping to meet the other one soon. i love facebook for the fact that i can know what all my friends are doing with their lives and if i want to throw a party i dont have to text them and waste money i can just do it online. stunning desktop, will Rocketdock work on windows vista and how do u install it?

Almonds, yummm! My family & friends are always trying for me to put on some weight, I’m glad someone else is trying to do so, too! :P Some people think I’m crazy when I tell them. Oh, yes, the too much is dangerous thing. I’ve always lived on that saying, since if you’re too rich someone will try to rob you, & if you boast too much then you eventually won’t be modest. :)

I think I’ve heard of Sonia Livingstone. I mean, I’m not in university yet or anything, but I used to be interested in psychology (my older friend just became one, actually).

/eee I know, right? I love writing letters! When I moved across the state when I was little, I’d write letters to my old friends. I do have a Facebook, so I can talk to my friends, it’s sort of like IM. & I get what you mean, now a days it’s all about having the most friends on Facebook. People even friend people they don’t talk to at all!

:love: Oooh, I love your desktop! RocketDock looks just like my Mac~

& No problem! You have such a nice blog! Thank YOU for the good luck! /bounce

:) Aw, thanks for the comment on my layout. I can see, yours are simple & minimalistic as well but you add a nice & unique vibe to them.
Ah, overseas. I get what you mean by no internet connection, hehe. Maybe there’s an internet cafe? I heard about those during my trip to the Philippines, they don’t have them here where I live but they do in some other places.
Ah, I guess you have a fast metabolism? It’s mostly my family & close friends that tell me I have to gain weight, so I get what you mean since I eat lots of carbohydrates & all that but it’s not helping.
Yeah, I agree. People sometimes think that if you’re skinny you’re super healthy but if you’re a bit larger than others means you’re not. Some large people are just “big-boned” or muscly. Muscle-muscle. Musclemusclemuscle. (Y)

Oh wow I remember all those people I had lost in touch with after junior high and high school. I still haven’t found the girl I’m looking for sadly :( . Probably never will. I couldn’t even find her in ANY of my year books. I know her last name is Dickinson or Dickson or something of the matter. But she said she graduated from the same high school as I did, as whenever we would drive by it (when she was here); she would say “That’s my alma mattar”. I would than say “That’s mine too”. But yesterday after switching two pieces of my furniture around and Andrew told me not to over exert myself (which is good advice), I decided to plop my butt in my chair, and look for her in the yearbooks. I couldn’t find her in ANY of the years no matter what year it was either 1 year before, after or two years after. I still couldn’t find her. So it brings me to a conclusion, did she really go to my high school? I’ve emailed several people asking if they were here and they actually replied back nicely and said nope you got the wrong one. Which was nice of them to say. They didn’t have to email me back, but they did.

Yeah people shouldn’t really force you into doing something you don’t want to do or get ya know? It just makes life a little harder. When I’m with people for ex. in line at Magic Mountain or Knotts Berry Farm and they know I hate upside down roller coasters, if there is at least ONE person who doesn’t force me to go on it, I will definitely go on it because of the fact that I trust them and have known they’ve been on it before. I’m afraid of heights and that going upside down makes it tougher on me. But with Andrew, it’s probably going to be different. He likes those types of rides. So I know he’s not gonna force me to go on them. So that will make things a LOT easier and I’ll eventually will go on them despite my fears. I will panic in line however but other than that once I’m literally on the ride I’m okay. lol. It’s just weird. But yeah just to K.I.T. with you and literally tell you YOU have to get a facebook? That’s unheard of. Tell her she MUST give you her EMAIL address if she wants to K.I.T. that badly. :P.

I really like how you did the Rocketdock. However, I must be stupid or something, because I couldn’t get it to download nor the object dock to download. I kept clicking on the download link and it did nothing D:.

Hahaha, yeah trying to save is a pain in the butt I can tell ya that much! I did save up twice before, that’s how I was able to get new furniture and what not. But these items are a must have on my list. The ipod touch I can get some other time. It’s just so popular right now and plus why would I need another one when my ipod nano works fine? It just coming apart a little bit, but I’m sure Andrew can fix it heehee. Ahh, don’t worry about the email! You’re dreadfully busy with work and school so no worries!! :).

Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea. When you get your own place we can start sending snail mail stuff to each other and what not! If we haven’t met by than. I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet some day. I dunno when, but some day. :) That is always a must to meet friends and what not! Whether I go to your country or you go to mine :P haha! It will be a lifetime experience! Of course you do realize that I will be v-logging it :P . But not the whole time though.

Anyway, I’ve never heard of Sonia and any of her works D:. I’m so bad. I know lol. But anywho, I don’t think those types of people ever get bored of what their doing you know? If they did they wouldn’t be doing it. :P That’s how I look at it anyway lol. The bedroom switch I thought was gonna take some getting used too, but man oh man after I had talked to Andrew last night, I went to bed and I was supposed to wake up again when he got home, and he was gonna tell me how to set up something on my computer so it’d work right, but alas, I heard him log on, but I was so sound asleep I didn’t bother to get up. I was that comfortable in my new surroundings if you wanna call it that. He did text me and I didn’t get until like 2:00 or 3:00 and thought omg!! Wooops. Ah well.

Ahhh! I have like 100 pages of reading for university too, but I can’t seem to get any of it down. I like reading about people who actually get work done though, it helps me keep in mind I need to get motivated. In my English class we often read about people like Descartes and Locke with their theories … I wonder if we’ll ever do anything interesting.

Since I’m in the position of killing my old links and coming back with new ones, I do contact the people I was friends with online! Like 2 with domains, 3 on Livejournal … though I feel bad about hopping around, they must all be so annoyed with me.

Haha are you a Facebook hater? I AM! Though I have a Facebook, to keep in contact with my best friends who live … 2 hours and 5 hours away by car, and another 20+ hours by plane! However long it takes to get to Australia from here. Doesn’t make me not hate Facebook though.

I love your desktop! Makes me wanna get Rocketdock again. I want those icons … :P

I like your idea of keeping in touch with people. XD Nowadays, it’s all ‘Facebook’ no one even asks about emails anymore.
I love writing letter to other people, even if it takes forever, I love receiving them and sending them ♥ I have a Facebook myself, I don’t find it very useful but I like to keep track of my friends. But I hate when I miss out on, say, birthday parties because they were on Facebook and I don’t check mine a lot and I’m like what the hell?! They could have called me about it or something.
I love your desktop, only if I had a PC I could make my icons so pretty like that. :)

Uh oh, I eat a lot of bananas. :X I eat a lot of grapes and they make you constipated also, apparently. :P

I didn’t think drinking one cup of a coffee in the morning was that bad? I know it’s really addictive. I prefer tea, I drink about 10 cups a day. :X With 3 sugars, that’s not good, I guess.

Nope you’re right, I’ve never heard of Sonia Livingstone before. Just had a quick search on Wikipedia for her, she sounds very smart. o___O Lmao. I don’t know but I’m thinking she probably does get bored by some aspects of it, I mean even if we do something we love, there’s always going to be something that does bore us. I think it’s important to love what you do as well; which is why I don’t just want to do any job, even though I want one so bad. I don’t want to do something I’d hate.

I’ve tried to find a few people I met online years ago, but no such luck. I met a lot of people from my Piczo days but I haven’t heard from most of them. I’m still really close to Carly (obviously) and I still talk to a girl called Sarah I met on there on Facebook. It makes me wonder if they’ve ever tried looking for me, though?

I hate the whole Facebook thing. If I meet anyone new or something, the first thing they’ll ask is if I have Facebook. /angry Even though I do, I just hate how every friendship is based off it. I was going to type “off of it” then but I remembered your tweet from the other day. :P

Your desktop looks awesome. :D I need to do mine again, it’s back to the default crap from where I had to restore it, boo.

I hate my hair, it’s so annoying. :P In that picture, I had it half up half down, so it doesn’t look as “big” as it would do. Swap hair? :3

I had a quick look through your Tumblr with no luck, I’ll have another look around later. :)

I kept winding my sister up, because she turned 20 last month, and I kept saying “you’re not a teenager anymore, ner ner”. Enjoy your teens whilst you still can. :P I keep forgetting you’re 2 years younger than me, at times, I think you’re older than me.

I didn’t quite think about what I’m going to do in the future, I just wanted to be older. I didn’t think I’d still be jobless and living at home at 22 though. Times have changed though, it’s so hard to get a job, or a house for that matter. Yes, everything that’s going on in the world does scare me. Like the Japan situation, I know nothing like that is ever going to happen where I live but I just feel SO bad for the people who live there and knowing there’s nothing I can do to help. You will be alright in the future, I know that. :)

Oh really? I thought you and James had loads in common. Perhaps you do, but you just couldn’t think of what at the time. IDK, but you guys are made for each other. ♥

HAHAHA oh. How funny would it be if he wore a skirt though?! Gosh, that would be hilarious.

My sister is the same as Brandon, she won’t upgrade from XP either. :P She doesn’t know a lot about computers and such though, so I think she’s scared it’ll break (her laptop is quite old also). She doesn’t have a lot of RAM, so her laptop might not be able to run Windows Vista or 7 “smoothly”.

Yeah, I’d have to pay £20 x 10, so £200 to get out of my contract. :( I was thinking of giving my phone to my sister, but the money comes straight out of my bank account and I wouldn’t trust her to give me £20 a month. :P

My step dad told me to buy a new phone and just use my SIM card in it. Then sell my BlackBerry. Then when my contract is up, just buy a monthly roll on contract instead. We’ll see though. :D

mmmmm I like almonds, my favourites are cashews though I can devour a whole bag of those
OMG YOU HAVE A TARDIS MUG?!! that is soooo cool. I don’t have a mug half as cool as that!
wow a hundred pages, and taking notes too I get bored after about 5. kudos on stickability. i guess I just have a short attention span
I have to admit I have never heard of Sonia Livingstone. She probably does enjoy and love what she’s doing or I suppose she wouldn’t be doing it, it does sound boring going over and over people’s work unless you had a passion for the subject you were researching
Aww that sucks that she just stopped responding
A few people who I used to know from primary school have found me on facebook so I guess we keep in contact that way but we don’t actually talk. I do admit though I like facebook for keeping up with what’s going on in other people’s lives and organising things. It does have it’s downsides too like when you find out things you didn’t want to know but I suppose if i met someone and I was like add me on facebook and they were like oh i don’t have it but I have an email I’d be like cool i’ll take the email, or just a phone number or something like that

I love your desktop too, mine’s a boring mac one but I do like it so.

hahahaha old ladies!! yeah so did I but apparently not, it’s a little disturbing to be honest, he’s just an ass. I don’t tend to call anyone pet names really apart from my pet, I call my cat bebee don’t ask why its just a cutesy thing but I wouldn’t call a randomer that or even my best friend she’d think I’d gone mental or something
yeah definitely, planning in person or over the phone is better so people can’t be like “oh i didnt see my phone” or some other bullshit excuse

ah being a mentor sounds cool then! us people who read spoilers have to stick together!! everyone else thinks we’re weird haha

I like your desktop very much. I wish I was that creative.
I totally agree about the whole facebook thing. I’m actually deactivating mine, I dont even know why have it anymore. The only thing I find it useful for is peoples birthdays, but then if they were close to me I would remember their birthdays anyways so even that doesn’t make much sense. I have enough friends who want to talk to me, instead of those who leave the odd comment once in a blue moon. Pointless.
I’m going to sound silly but what does Sonia Livingstone do research into? I got a bit lost at that point of the blog @_@ I’ll google her and see if anything comes up.
Hope you don’t have too much more reading to do and stuff.
Take care xx

I think that researchers generally like their jobs. My dad’s a researcher, and I like researching. But I can’t understand the interest in some topics… different strokes for different folks :P . I’m not part of the 3%, but I love finding some source that has almost everything displayed almost perfectly /eee

I try to find some old online friends sometimes… I had a really close friend a for a few years, but she deleted me on MySpace a couple of years ago. We didn’t really have anything to talk about. Some people drop by my site with a big “YOU’RE ALIVE!,” but I usually fail to find old friends of mine.

I like writing letters, but it’s getting pricey. In seventh grade, my French class tried to set up penpals with French kids through some system. I was so excited, but they never wrote back to us 😒 I wish that people wouldn’t be so revolved around Facebook though. I have a theory that since Facebook doesn’t have any layout sites or anything, the decline in popularity of multiple websites has contributed to the downfall of the economy. But that’s just my theory :P

I like your desktop.

Yea, I’m not much of a social person 😏 I don’t really care, but being in a high school environment doesn’t help too much. /hehe
Historical investigation does interest me ^_^. I doubt the class will run since they don’t even have a teacher for it now, but it would be really cool to take.

Hello there, Georgina! :) I’m glad to be writing a comment on your blog again, as strange as that might sound.

I’ve heard about that before – that too much of anything isn’t good for you, especially certain fruits/vegetables. I’m sure it isn’t too bad, and won’t make you terribly sick, but it might effect your body a bit. Though, if I had a Doctor Who TARDIS mug that had a “moving” TARDIS…I would gladly deal with the cons of drinking the hot beverage. /faw

I think most people, when they get into educational fields like Sonia Livingstone did, they have to have some kind of drive/love for it. I mean, they most likely went through their school years enjoying the work they received, and don’t mind getting into research and writing things for university students like you. I’m sure, just like every other job, she gets tired of it, but too much of anything is too much, right? Good luck with your readings though! :)

Someday I want to start writing letters to someone. I think it’d be more fun than writing an e-mail, or writing a message on Facebook. It’s a little more personal. Plus, there’s a certain kind of ecstatic feeling you get when you see a letter in the mail and it’s one you’ve been waiting for. I hate falling out of touch with people – especially people I’ve become good friends with or talked to frequently.

I’ve come to hate Facebook, and would delete it if not for the fact that I have close family/friends that I keep in touch with using it. It all depends on the user.

Your desktop is absolutely lovely. :P You obviously love Doctor Who!


Georgina the hard-worker! I can’t even imagine reading 100 pages, but I was such a horrible high school student! But if it’s interesting, I’m sure 100 pages is easy. Like, I read Harry Potter books in a day, haha. Well not the thicker ones. I think it’s so important to love what you do though! Gives you motivation. Example … uh I can’t think of one. People usually tend to complain about what they do.

It’s something similar with me, cept no one bugs me to get a Facebook anymore. But my grandparents etc want me to get a NateOn (Korean instant messenger). AND NO I WONT! Freaking hate that thing so much.


I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about. You told me a lot on MSN once. Hmmm, you said James loves to make fun of him? About skinny jeans. LOL!

Bucket donations? Sounds like the homeless. I never donate to them because half of them are fake. But I’ve donated to AIDs and cancer charities. Those made me feel so good. I love donating … I donated $20 to Red Cross ^^

Aws, it’s okay iPhone isn’t that great. Android for the win! Though I still have a dumbphone it doesn’t really matter I guess.

1.) I never knew “TARDIS” stood for something.
2.) That effect thing sounds really cool. =O
3.) I’ve never heard of her before.
4.) I’m really into listing today/tonight … I don’t know why.

I still send letters. I like “holding on” to things that meant so much a long time ago. Though, it wasn’t that long ago. It’s just something I enjoy doing; sometimes people can get a little too much of technology, and snail mail is sometimes the best way to go. Rather than sending e-cards, I send hard-cards (I guess that makes sense, ha.).

Oooh, your desktop looks awesome! xDI’m currently on an old one – one that has not really been used since … what? 2007? :O Yep, yep. Or 2008, whichever!

I wrote well in 2007; I had just moved into my dad’s house, and things were … tough. Writing was the only way I could safely relieve my anger and hurt. I don’t think I can write like that anymore.

Hello! Thanks very much! I’m not really into ear piercings. I dunno, I just dislike wearing earrings. XP The main reason why I wanted Sims was for making the people, but it’s already starting to bore me.

I find it almost impossible to ignore people. I try, but then I just have the urge to talk to them.. :P I’m strange. It was really weird, especially since I’m a huge germaphobe. But yes, at least I’m safe!

The only thing I ever eat a lot of is tacos, which is bad I suppose, but ah well. >.> I have an extremely fast metabolism and don’t put weight on fast, anyway. I love coffee. <3

Eek, sounds like a lot of work. What're you studying for? Hmm, I've never heard of Sonia Livingstone! It's always easy to understand things from your time. It's the same as reading something from the future; how would the French philosophers know what a computer is?

I agree, it's very important to like what you do! I plan on being a zoologist. Lots of people say, "You'll change your mind by the time you reach university!" I don't think I will though, considering I started planning this at a very young age. I've always had a thing for animals and traveling, so I suppose they both go together quite nicely! I plan on visiting Australia, so if you're not long gone we should meet. xD

Ahh, that really sucks about your pen pal, especially since she left with no warning whatsoever! Maybe someone stopped your letters, like in those movies! That would be scary.

Yeah, it's really sad how people never send letters. I think letters add a nice personal touch and give the impression that you took more time with them. Don't get me wrong, technology has taken us a long way, but we need to get back to reality at times. Emails are cool, but Facebook annoys me. I honestly don't get the point of it. :P Just another social networking site, I suppose.

I love your desktop! I have icons made by the same artist, but they're a different set. They're quite nice, aren't they? Wonderful artist. ^^

Have a great day! <3


OMG, I’m addicted to almonds too D:. We bought some so that we could snack healthily as a family. And OMGGG, it’s so hard to only eat a handful, cos I really don’t wanna be consuming heaps of fatty foods, even if they ARE good fats. But LOL, they ARE addictive, aren’t they?

WHOAH, that is so cool! The TARDIS moves?! I WANT A MUG LIKE THAT! Hahahaha XD.

Aww, at least you have one researcher you like :P. I haven’t yet found a researcher whose works I’ve really liked. But hey, maybe it’s only a matter of time? And URGH, speaking of dead philosophers, I am SO SICK of reading their works. I wish someone would TRANSLATE them into modern english for me, cos I have such difficulty deciphering their old-style English /angry.

Yeah, I think a lot of these researchers actually DO like what they’re writing about, otherwise I have no idea how they’d write such long, detailed articles about the topic D:. I mean I can’t imagine anyone who didn’t like the topic bothering to do any kind of research on something as boring as Constitutional Law. Seriously @_@.

Oh my god. When I graduated from primary school, I collected ALL my friends’ addresses and phone numbers and completely intended to keep in touch, but then I just couldn’t be bothered D:. Isn’t it funny that we all eventually lose contact? It’s a little sad too, though. Hmmm. Well I’m glad WE’RE still in contact :D.

I love the desktop layout thing! Haha it’s very rainbow-like and colourful :).

They are! And we have some peanuts at home too. I took a handful to uni, and I ate them all even though I was feeling rather full. They’re nice raw!

The TARDIS doesn’t really move, I guess it reacts to the heat so it disappears on one side and appears on the other. :P Pretty cool though hahaha.

Oh, I keep forgetting that their language is so horrid. I just fly past it and pretend I understand it, even though I really don’t. I remember having to look up all the words they used (“bourgeoisie” – WTF?) until I gave up. Just getting the gist of it is okay sometimes. :P

I know how that is! But I realised that when I did my two previous research assignments (I have another one this semester, ugh) I actually enjoyed the topics and genuinely wanted to find out more about them. I guess people have to love what they do. Law might be boring to both of us but whoever researched on that must have loved it!

I collected everyone’s information too. I had a little profile book where people would also leave messages and write their profiles – I wouldn’t forget about them either. But now online is so much easier, though it doesn’t have to be Facebook. /bounce

It sucks that too much of something good could turn out bad. :( Tomato sauce I have to sooo cut down on because of my teeth, it’s not good anyway. I eat a ton of yogurts though, they can’t be that bad can they lol? *hopes not*

I miss all my online friends, a lot of them I can not find and I loved chatting to them everyday. :( I used to talk to one on the phone, one on web camera/msn and AIM, a lot moved from aol and aim but would you blame them? I moved from aol haha.

My sister tries getting me to send letters to australia, I am too lazy to airmail it lol. So I send her messages on facebook. Many people use facebook over a mobiles which I HATE a lot, whats the point? a mobile you can contact them quicker.

Love your desk top, that is so cool how it is set up. I love the icons, did it come with the pc?

Yoghurt is good for you! Just make sure it doesn’t have a lot of added sugar and I think you should be okay. :)

I didn’t really keep in touch with online friends with instant messengers, but some of us just moved websites or closed a lot and eventually we lost touch. Facebook and other online services can be useful for keeping in touch with people who are far away; it’s cheaper, too. But it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. :P

I got the icons from DeviantArt, a lot of users there have made their own icons. :D

Ugh, I know how your friend feels. :( It’s not like I was doing it wrong, I was doing everything I was told to do, but they decided they wanted to change their mind. UGH HATE THEM. I hate using the word retarded too, but it definitely fits here.

It is hard to get a job around here, there aren’t many jobs that I can do (or I’m qualified for) around here at the moment. I’ve only ever had 4 interviews since 2007, it’s even hard to get an interview and it sucks, just sucks.

I mean I do have a job, but because it’s only for 4-6 months a year, I can just keep relying on that. But I’m lucky I even have that in all honesty.

I want to fight against it but I don’t know if I can be bothered, it’s just so long and it’s very rare that anyone actually wins a case against them. If they’ve stopped my money for more than 2 weeks then I will fight against them.

The only reason I’m with the job centre is because I need the money. I have to give my parents some money, and I have my phone bill to pay monthly. I wouldn’t bother with it otherwise, but my parents are the ones who need me to sign on. They can’t afford to give me money for things. All the interviews I’ve had, I’ve found myself, it had nothing to do with the job centre. I don’t need them.

Bananas are so nice though. 🤤 I am drinking water! I’ve been drinking around 4-6 glasses a day. My mum didn’t buy me any Ribena this week, and I don’t like any of the other drinks we have so I’ve been drinking more water. :B

Coffee is easy to get addicted too. I used to drink it, a long time ago but I’ve gone off it now. I can’t cut down the sugar in my tea! :( I only drink it because I crave the sugar in it lmao.

At least I think it was the right Sonia Livingstone I found on Wikipedia. :P

Wow your mum has done a lot of jobs lmao. I’m glad she’s doing something she loves now though! But I do think it is important to do something you like, doing something you hate could potentially make you very depressed, I’m guessing. I love the job I do, even though it does make me very tired, but I couldn’t do it all year round. I don’t know what I want to do.

I only started talking to you when you first moved here. I remember the layout and everything. :X It was this one I believe: I’ve moved around a lot, and closed my site SO many times so I’ve lost contact with a lot of people. A lot of people I’ve met have left as well. :(

My sister only got Facebook recently, and she used to get questioned a lot as to why she didn’t have it. Facebook is silly.

I think “off of it” sounds better, in some sentences. I don’t know. :P I’m not posh though, I swear. :P

LMAO. It’s weird, I didn’t even notice the extra A in “please” until you said. It’s weird how the brain works. When someone writes a sentence like “I want to the the park” I often read it, and only see one “the”. Strange.


I need to scan some pictures of when I was 3 or so. My hair was hilarious.

I’m often mistaken for being younger, it sucks. I was told I looked 12 once. :| I was like erm no, I’m 21 thank you. I guess it’ll benefit me when I’m older. I hope I don’t come across as young when I type though. :P

Yeah they do happen. My sister was complaining the other day that she wants to get out this dump. I told her not to take this dump for granted, we don’t have earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. It may not be the most pleasant place to live, but at least we’re safe here.

Just had a really disgusting image of your copy-cat friend in a skirt. EWEWEWEW. I don’t even know what he looks like, which is even funnier. I hate people who complain that they’re fat but don’t do anything about it, ugh.

I guess we do get attached to certain things. I’m attached to… the internet, I guess. AND FOOD. Love my food. I’m hungry..

My SIM is on the contract, but even if I put it in another phone, I could still use it until it ends. It would work. I just need some money to buy a new phone, haha.

Goodnight Georgie. ♥

P.S I was going to type that last bit in uppercase, but I saw your tweet earlier saying your name looks ugly in uppercase, haha.

I am getting used to comments, indeed. /eee Just your two and then one more and I’ve returned them all. :’) I’m super duper proud. I always post a blog and then return comments, then if anyone replies quickly they have to comment on the new blog. I think you’re doing fine, you have so many to reply to, remember!

That’s nuts, and I don’t like nuts. I think nuts are okay roasted, though.
Lemonade is disgusting. D: I dislike lemonade, and all fizzy drinks. Though lemonade and five hours of shuteye certainly doesn’t sound like a good combination. :P You do amuse me!

Yes freakin’ way! They’re such awesome mugs. I love mugs like that, they’re so much more fun to use, but I don’t have any myself. :( I have a really big robin mug but not anything that changes colour or anything. /wah

Every week? How do you live? D: Unless you don’t and you’re a zombie or something. Or, if like in your previous blog, you get your clone to do your readings, ehe. That blog amused me. I have a twin and it’s cool and all – he’s a boy so I don’t have someone who looks like me, which I would hate – but a clone would be cool. /ehe

That’s true! I don’t forget people easily at all. I remember all sorts of people, even from online!

I should, shouldn’t I? I think I will, tbh. It’s been three days and not a single wall post from another soul. So much for the whole ‘keep in touch’ shit. /roll

MY BACKGROUND NOW LOOKS SUPERAWESOMEYUMMYSEXY. It’s all brown and cool and brown and cool and guess what, it’s brown and cool /faw

Indeed. Paha the caption contest… my entry was so bad… you shouldn’t have made me think of something after cycling five miles xD


Et comment deux:

I don’t see why I wouldn’t be allowed but my parents would be like “why does a 19-year-old need your cards…”

You’re really serious? :L Paha I’ll steal my brother’s then and we’ll sort something out. :P
AND YUS. I like David Tennant, he and Matt Smith are my favourite Doctors~

You did indeed, they’re so cheap! And yep, you can get anything on eBay nowadays, it’s amazing just how much you can find. I did try to collect them all but it was so hard because they kept on bringing new cards out /ehh
Pokemon, ehe, I never got those cards. I use to watch it a bit when I was younger. And yes, Yu-Gi-Oh! I used to watch that too. There’s a hilarious abridged version of it on YouTube nowadays.

James Bond sounds damn cool. And as for the gem magazine, aha, you totally pwned that ‘un~

I don’t read magazines much either… I get Kerrang! sometimes – – not sure if you have it over there. I don’t watch much TV nowadays, either – just Merlin and Doctor Who. xD

Take care! xx

I keep ending up tagging every little detail because “I might need this later…” is said over and over again in the back of my head. But I now have (almost 400) tags that don’t have any significance whatsoever. :/

I have a few penpals; I’d like more to keep me busy. I love decorating the letters and such. xD

I always do something different in each letter! :P

Yeah. Well, you learn from your mistakes I guess. :)

Oh I know.. what has happened there is just so sad. I just don’t understand why all of this is happening so quick! It’s not fair to the people! But I guess nothing can control the way the earth works.

I remember in grade 3 my class had Pen Pals from Guatemala. I tried to stay in touch with mine.. but she never sent me a letter back! :(

Yeah.. I totally understand what you’re saying about Facebook! I’ve had Facebook forever, so when someone asks me if I have it.. I obviously say yes. But it’s so pathetic how the social world has completely turned into the internet! Emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. What ever happened to calling someone on the phone? But I guess it’s just a way to escape real confrontation.

Text messages, emails, phone calls, etc there’s so many ways to keep in touch with people, Facebook just seems like people act like they want to keep in touch, but really they want to know what you are up to without actually communicating with you at all.

I can understand why people don’t send letters anymore, it’s the same reason why people don’t mail their bills anymore, it can be expensive and doing things online is instant. I much rather send an email than send a letter, though even sending emails is becoming scarce.

Oh, how I love when you buy a small bag of chips and it says on the package three servings, about 6 chips per serving. Ok, who ACTUALLY does that? I also heard about the bananas and believe it. My grandfather buys bananas every week. I like bananas so it is no problem but I cannot eat them everyday or I get these stomach pains.
I drink Iced Tea every morning. I do not like coffee and I do not like orange juice, so I just drink Tea ALL THE TIME. My mom if she stops drinking coffee for just a day she gets these headaches and I have heard it happening to others. Had that happened to you when you used to drink it all the time? Just curious. =]

Do not even get me started on school. Today was my last day of Spring Break. Instead, I am finishing homework that I have been working on ALL week.
I have heard the name Sonia Livingstone, but that is about it. I will probably be getting into her and some others later on. I loved how you explained a little bit about her. Makes me feel smarter to learn something! Kudos!

I had a similar situation; I had met a friend on a vacation. We got along great! Same age, had glasses and both gone camping. We exchanged addresses and we wrote each other about three letters, then all of a sudden, she never wrote back. In the letter I replied to her I had given her my email address too and she said she would email me and I had not gotten one. Therefore, I wrote another letter back like months later thinking she had not gotten the other one. Still no answer. I always wondered if she moved and other people got the letter.

Facebook. <– Firefox is telling me I spelled that wrong. Why isn’t it in the dictionary for it? You would think!
However, getting back to it. I have one; I used to be a good addict to it! Telling people pointless stuff, like who really cared that I was taking a shower or watching TV. As I got more friends though, I realized most would not even talk to me in school. Now I try to limit my friends. I do in fact talk to a few friends through the little chat. My cousins who live in other states and friends that have gone away and I can only see them when they come home. Anymore, I could totally live with out it. It is my homepage, so I log on and it is just not entertaining me anymore. I did get in touch with a Very Distant Relative in Russia, she knows some English. I do try to talk to her too.
When my grandmother had passed away, we tried calling England where her brother’s family lived. It was a wrong number. My grandfather tried using the mailing address (going back to above), no answer. Therefore, it was time to search Facebook. We were in luck! We found them and let them know what had happened.
In my cases, face book was useful and still is. It is not a necessity but still useful. It also, is not for everyone and your friends should not put you in a position of how you HAVE too. There are other ways of connecting as you said.

I had to reply to your comment. It made me laugh. XD I definitely hate reading the nutrition information only to find that there are a lot of servings in the package. I ate quite a lot of yoghurt the other day and I realised there were eight servings in a tub. What the hell.

Ahh I love bananas but obviously can’t have too many at once.

No, I wasn’t that addicted to coffee for it to have an effect on me. There was a lady who was on a show about health, who drank coffee at least five times a day – she’d pretty much have another drink before the other one properly digested. She actually couldn’t go on without one when she was challenged to stop the habit within a 28-day period. D:

Oh well, “Facebook” isn’t really recognised as a word, I suppose. Since it’s more like a proper noun. :3 I suppose I could find old friends on Facebook if I wanted to, but I come to the conclusion that they are in the past for a reason.

LOL I’m sorry but that made me laugh. XD I guess I can kind of see why you wouldn’t; I had forgotten you tend to get more personal than me. I don’t really talk about my offline life but mainly stuff I tend to think about or general things I observe (as you may or may not have noticed). I sometimes feel like sharing my blog out to others, but I guess I’m concerned about what they would say, or how they would react to it. My best friend and David know I have one though but that’s about it. I mentioned it to my parents once but they don’t know the exact URL. :P Do you get more job offers if you link your portfolio? I guess I never thought about doing that when applying for jobs.

Yes! He shouted. He was like, “Well what do you know? Excuse me if my coding skill level doesn’t compare to yours.” Me: D: That was a little uncalled for… But he said it in such a tone that was like, “OMFG DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?!” 🤬 I just replied with, “I was only offering.” To be honest, I found what he said to be a little childish. It’s not like I insulted him or anything, I just told him that his text was hard to read and that I could fix it was the readability was easier for fellow students. I believe we’re now on bad terms. Thankfully, I only have one more month before semester ends.

I just find it unfair how professors throw a bitchy fit when you know the subject better than they do. You’d think the would be flattered that you’re so into the subject? I guess now.

I think there’s a WordPress plugin that hides your source coding so people don’t steal it? I found something similar but I forgot what it was called. /wah I need to find it again because it would be helpful right about now.

When you say “building things” do you mean out of wood? XD Because that’s what I got out of it. What’s James’ major anyways if you don’t mind me asking? Yeah, David is my first real serious boyfriend and everything so I would like us to have more similarities; I often forget that boys are programmed differently then us women. /ho

Yeah! Then she threw a fit when I told her I wasn’t doing it. I may be really nice and soft but that’s freaking ridiculous that she thought she could get away with something like that. I was going to call her about about it, but I didn’t want to be a bitch myself so I kept it between us. She may or may not have said some stuff about me, I’m not sure. Either way, I offered to do it for free so I don’t know why she’s bitching. 😒 Then you also get the people that ask you to do things that you stated you already can’t do. I get people asking me to code them Tumblr themes. o_O This is super weird because I had been gone for 7 months and random people DM me asking me for crap. I already stated I’m not a freelancer… /oh

LOL okay that was kind of a mini rant there.

Really? Cherries are pretty cheap here. Well… I guess it depends what region you live in but for the most part, they’re pretty cheap. You know, I’ve never really had a taste for green tea for some reason! I just prefer sweet tea or lemon tea; green tea has this weird after taste that I never got acquainted with. I probably should consider drinking it though; I hear it has a lot of benefits to your health. Haha water has no flavor to me so I dread drinking it sometimes. I really should stop that.

So if your friend doesn’t read it, how the hell does he get passed the class? o_o I hate people that think stuff is just going to get handed to them; they don’t understand that unlike high school (where people sometimes borrowed homework assignments among themselves) college is different. You’re pretty much on your own (so I discovered). /um In he end, it’s his money he’s tossing away, right? Hopefully he figures that out soon. It’d be a pity of he dropped out or something.

I don’t know! I often wonder about that. Since most people rarely read the newspaper these days (as everything is online anyway), I wonder if the mail system will be stopped too. o_o Obviously you can’t send a package through virtual space, but you never know! They might come up with something like that soon. I think it would be awesome to order something online then get it in your house seconds later. :D I can dream, can’t I? /eee

It’s crazy how some people just stop sending letters and things like that! I used to love having pen pals… I had one that I had met online and we exchanged letters too… it was pretty cool!

I remember when Facebook was only for college students… when it FIRST started out. That’s when I got one. It seemed “safer” than myspace because of the fact you needed a valid .edu email address to join up. Of course, I had friends that I’d like to keep in touch with that weren’t in college so I definitely didn’t oppose when they opened it up to everyone. But, I hate it when people (sometimes) joke about how we aren’t “officially friends” because we aren’t friends on facebook. WTF?

I love your desktop btw XD

Your first friend seems sweet. Do you still keep in touch with him? :)

My mom keeps on telling me that everything my sister does is from my examples, uh, I never hit or punched when I was small! 🤮 I think my sister watches the TV too much (action shows). 💥

I used to love eating almonds! Now if I eat a lot of almonds, my jaw will start getting tired or numb. -___-! I hate how some foods have to be taken in consideration. For me, its eggs that makes me constipating. Like cooked scrambled eggs .__.! And sometimes, I have to watch it with raw milk because I`m lactarded D:!

University seems like a hefty lotta work so far! I hope you`re doing well so far ^__^! I hate reading tons of pages of work. :/. Coffee is worth the reading you`re doing ^__^! I always drink frappes when it comes to coffee. :P I hate coffee itself because it makes my teeth yellow D:!

I have never ever head of Sonia Livingstone before :O! If I ever hear it, I`ll refer to your blog. :P! “I remember about Sonia Livingstone! A cool kid blogger {I would say that} mentioned about her before and her modernism.” I hate how the old philosophers are… They are complicated and sometimes, I just don`t understand what they`re trying to say D:! There goes my advanced placement prompts. :P

I think of affiliates and their sites as people and houses too! :O! Like.. I`m visiting your house now. :P (your site) :O And I hate it when old affiliates moved sites. :/. I remembered that I usually move sites without telling people. And they rediscover me later later later. Except that they don`t remember me much :P! I think I remembered most of my affiliates I had back then. :O!

I gotta work with my fanlisting! Dang this world of warcraft thingr thats keeping me distracted :P!

I don`t know why people don`t exchange letters anymore. From what I know, postage is almost 50 cents, unless I`m out of date .__.! I am expecting to send my friend a package that I made for him. LOL! Some guy was bothering me at school so I asked my friend to distract text me. :O!

I love your desktop ^__^! I love the rocketdock :P! I`m not really much into those things because all I do is turn on the desktop, go on world of warcraft, its full screen, so I don`t care much about the docks and so :P The icons are just too cute :)!

I don`t even have a lot of black shirts -__-! I`m more of a colorful shirts wearer :P!

These short comments or irrelevant comments are getting to me. I don`t know why, but seriously, I`m getting pissed off over it. But people still take 3 minutes to comment. I would like to do the same, but I can`t bring myself down to write a short comment in return, but if I`m super pissed off, I would. :P

I wonder how my old neighbor`s tamales taste like :P. Sometimes, I just look at the person who makes it. If that person is obviously not clean, I wouldn`t eat from them :P! If I see black under their nails, don`t even offer me any of their food :P

Take care :D!

I have cravings for certain foods all the time; like today I wanted oranges, so I ate four oranges. It was kind of ridiculous. I think if I could just spread the foods I eat out it would be a lot more healthy than just eating one kind all at once. Silly me.

I don’t really like coffee much. My mom and dad both drink it, so occasionally I’ll have a sip just to see if it’s grown on my yet, but I still don’t like it. I love the smell of it though. My dad makes it in the morning and by the time I get up to eat, the kitchen is full of the smell.

My best friend in second grade moved and so we used to send letters all the time. We would send them all the time and it was really fun. Then somewhere along the line we started using email, and it wasn’t quite as fun anymore. I love sending letters, but just don’t do it anymore with all the technology. It is rather sad. :/

Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it, and shopping is definitely going to be fun! (:

Oh, I completely know what you mean. Last year to raise money for our trip, we sold candy and we had to tote them around in these big boxes, and they were such a pain. It was a great fundraiser for school because everyone loves candy, but a lot of hard work.

Lol, I really guess I should plan on doing SOMETHING, but, but, but, I never get to do nothing! xD I plan on doing a few things, like I’m going to go to the zoo sometime with Andrew, and probably clean my room because it’s getting a bit ridiculous, but other than that I just plan on relaxing and reading a lot. ^^

Your desktop looks like a cuter, more awesome version of OSX. I approve!

I haven’t heard of Sonia Livingstone. Wikipedia says that she’s a professor. Professors write stuff to display the knowledge that they’ve found. So she’s probably aware that lots of students are reading her stuff and just goes with it. After all, she was a student once too.

I hate it when people tell me that I need to get back on Facebook. Facebook has become dumb and a potential privacy danger since they opened it up to non-college students. So I would have told you to try it out a few years ago, but things have changed a lot since then.

I would like to say, before I even begin my comment, that today while on the road I spotted a car with a license plate that read “TARDIS.” I tried to take a picture of it, but instead tweeted about it and how it pretty much completed my day. I figured that was something I ought to mention, knowing you love Doctor Who and everything. :P


Thank you. <3 I've found that things don't hit me as hard when it happens to family/people I'm not close with. My dad's mom had breast cancer a few years back (and I've never been close with my dad's family because my parents have kept me far away from them), and I wasn't too shaken up about it. I mean, it was shocking, but I wasn't crying or scared. It ended up being just a few surgeries and she was fine, anyways. But when it's your parents – no matter how much they drive you nuts – it hits you in the scariest way. A lot of things that have been on my mind lately aren't there as much. Most of my thoughts are dominated by her cancer and what will happen in the next months, or even years.

Good thing it was just a scare, and you're okay. I can't even begin to imagine the initial reaction you get when you think, "I might have cancer." But I'm glad you're just fine now. <3

Plus, once you begin drinking coffee daily, when you decide to quit cold turkey (I never got that saying, but whatever), you go through withdrawals (at least my dad did). You're right – it's better to not even drink it, despite how amusing the TARDIS mug is. xD

My parents want me to get into law and such, but I don't think it's what I want to do. And if I did get into anything law-related, or having to do with crime, I’d want to get into anthropology. If you’ve ever seen the show Bones, you’ll know exactly what kind of work I’m speaking of. It’s a morbid job, but after watching every Bones season, I don’t feel green at seeing a decomposing body. Besides, Bones deals with, well…bones. I can do bones. And I find myself becoming more and more interested in it. I think this might be creeping you out a wee bit, knowing that I want to have a job dealing with dead bodies and bones, so I think I’ll stop. 😳

I wish people still wrote letters. Though e-mail is really useful when it comes to some things (for example, domain applications or job applications or those things), it isn’t as fun to write a long e-mail to someone. Just isn’t so personal. The only part I don’t like is licking the envelopes to close them. LOL. O_O I do the same, except I save birthday cards from close family members, or ones that have long messages written in them. I save things in a little box that I can open when I’m older. :3

I use Twitter mostly to keep in touch with online people, but friends overseas I use Facebook for. The people at school bug me too much, and I actually blocked them all from appearing on my timeline, save the few who I don’t mind. Eh. I wish I hadn’t made one, but it’s too late to go back because of those friends and family I keep in touch with. /argh

I used to have a couple of penpals, but I have since fallen out of of contact with them. I had two from my regular vacation spot that my family goes to for two weeks during the summer. We would always end up meeting the same family there and after a while I would just write letters back and forth, but we have since stopped going and the letters have stopped flowing.
I made a friend back in 2005 from a trip out to Yellowstone National Park. Traveling around the park, my family kept running into this other family with another young girl. We ended up exchanging addresses. I was eager to have someone to write a letter to. And for over three years, we kept in close contact, sending and recieving letters on a pretty much monthly basis. We even sent little birthday and christmas gifts to each other, but over a year or two ago we would write (or forget to write) and with life moving so fast… :( I have been meaning to try and write her again and see how she is doing. I last sent her a small birthday card in the mail, but I never heard back from her. I’m friends with her on Facebook now too (note, that although she’s on Facebook, I’m not any closer, if not farther away from when we used to write letters to each other).
It reminds me of a blog post I write last year:

I’ve read quite a few people saying they’re pressured into making Facebooks by their friends, or like your friends say, the only way to keep in contact is through Facebook. I have never heard anyone in my offline life saying this, whether or not someone has a Facebook or not. So I think it pretty much ridiculous when people say they hate Facebook or will never get one because apparently their friends are obsessed FB users. Everyone I know who has a Facebook or has created one recently only made one because they wanted to (and especially with its popularity and the temptation of procrastination, I pat them on the back for having had the restraint not to make one until now). And for the most part, they all like it. I am not on mine constantly but I find it very convenient and I have nothing against it. I have had my FB since 2007. Of course, whenever the Facebook design changes and new features pop up, there are outcries and complaints, but people get used to them and threats like “OMG Facebook sucks now, I’m deleting mine” are passed over as trivial and not genuine anyway. So I’m sorry that you have been given such a negative perspective on joining Facebook because of your friends’ ill comments regarding the inability to stay in touch without one. :(

By the way, very cute desktop! It makes mine look so old-school, not as shiny and modern. :P

When I returned to the online scene in 2007 after having left in 2006, I tried to find many of the old websites I had befriended. Unfortunately, domains were already expired, websites had been long neglected, or the webmaster had moved on to other projects. But fortunately, I still keep in touch occasionally with three of these old friends, who I came to know between my 2003-2006 period. Hopefully, we can continue to keep in touch for years to come. :)

I don’t believe I’ve heard of Sonia Livingstone but I’m glad you enjoy reading her research. I’m sure she does what she does because it fascinates her and she enjoys it. If everyone could have the opportunity to pursue a career they want and work diligently, the world would be a much more efficient and happier place.

Are you a nut person? I’m not much of a nut person. I’m not terribly fond of peanut butter, so I always seek alternatives to the quintessential PB&J. I really don’t like cashews. I’m fine with almonds, and walnuts and pine nuts are my favorites. Try eating walnuts with bananas – delicious. And roasted pine nuts in pesto are LOVE.
Anything taken in excess can be deadly, in both the figurative and literal sense.

Ooh, you got a DA? I don’t update mine much ( I mostly log in to clear my feedback messages for favorites and such, and occasionally post pieces I think worthy enough (at the time XD).

I hope university work isn’t drowning you; when are your exams?

I think in a world where everyone wants everything fast it’s hard to remember that actual human communication still exists. We’re living in a “me” era, unfortunately, though I myself am a firm believer of ‘old’ (I hate using that term) communication. I LIKE writing letters, talking on the phone, being face to face with the person you’re talking to. Unfortunately a lot of my old HS friends only use Facebook to stay current with others, so it’s always a default method of talking to others.

Not a perfect world in the end. But hey, I’m sure future generations of kids will face the same situation, if not worse. Not sure if that should make me happy or not. /bash

That is the reason why I don’t really keep in touch with many high school friends. They moved onto Facebook and didn’t bother contacting me every other way. I’m still very much into ‘old’ communication, especially talking on the phone. I still do it endlessly with my boyfriend and best friend, I realise that since they don’t mind they matter a lot more to me than those friends who just ‘expected’ me to have Facebook. :P

It is kinda weird when people just disappear, even if they’re “only” online friends. I still wonder sometimes what happened to certain people and their sites.
I used to follow the blog of a girl my age who was really sweet and had dogs just like me, and then she got cancer. Her family left a note on her blog when she had died letting her readers know what had happened. Now whenever someone I know online disappears I can’t help but think about that girl and hope that the missing person isn’t going through anything similar :(

On a more positive note: I love your desktop! Those icons are so cute, I have another set by the same artist ♥

Oh gosh, that’s so sad! :( I remember hearing about a girl who had passed away as well, except it seemed more tragic and apparently she had been bullied online beforehand, so it seemed to be a suicide. I sort of get that worrying thought if someone’s been away for a while, and I hope that nothing bad has happened to them especially if I had talked to them like a close friend before. The internet makes the world seem kinda small.

I used one of their other sets before (the one with the browser icons! :D) but I got sick of it, wanted something new. XD

Almonds help you gain weight??? gah! i need that too! hahahahahaah.. :DD

I love drinking coffee too and I it’s been a long time since I last drank some coffee.. :( anyways, I agree… it still nice to have mailing your friends over.. now people are becoming so lazy.that’s why they rather stick to facebook than the old fashioned mails. o___O

I also like how you did your desktop Georgie! :D it’s sooo clean and lovely! :D

i love almonds, but i usually just want them for snacks. :)

anyway, i seriously love receiving letters. i just hope to receive one very soon for my birthday. i remember asking my boyfriend to write me a letter, and he just told me that he would just email me. good grief.

btw, i so love the icons. they’re very cute and colorful but they look very clean. :)

I wrote an entry about deleting my FB account a while back and you commented about how you didn’t need a FB, etc. Well, I’m not sure if I ever told you or not but I took the plunge and deleted my account. It was very liberating! I don’t even miss it. Thanks for helping me come to that decision.

I love snail mail and use it whenever possible. I think it’s nice to get mail that’s not bills. :)