Attack of the Clones

I have a lot of pet peeves, but one of them is people copying me. Lately I’ve become more irritated at someone copying me even though they’ve been doing it for years – well, I can’t really calculate, to be honest, but it’s been a while.

I always joked with my friends that I’d like a clone of myself. The notion of having another “me” brings up a lot of advantages. I wouldn’t have to go to work, and I’d just send my clone. I would do double my homework in a given time period. I could go out late at night or stay overnight somewhere, and leave my clone at home. Imagine all the work I could do! That’s what I’m thinking. I could have another job and get money from my clone doing the work, rather than myself. I could be rich. I could also be lazy. If my clone doesn’t eat or I forget to remind it to eat because it might not eat by itself, it might become malnourished. It’s like having to take care of a pet. I already take care of myself, as people do with themselves, and taking care of a clone for my own personal benefit is probably not a fantastic idea.

Ryan did say that having another Georgina running around would be chaos. I have to agree.

This person comes along and has altered my view of clones and their benefits. This person has been copying my every move, in terms of what I wear, eat, listen to, watch, do; my hobbies, favourite things. My “hobbies” might not sound like much but my hobbies span a lot of things, especially online. To have someone like everything that I like and do a lot of the things I do really infuriates me. It makes having a conversation with this person completely banal.

I have just realised that I would not like a clone of myself. I have just realised that talking to someone like myself gives me a headache and to be frank, pisses me off. Obviously people would get along well with someone they have things in common with, but it doesn’t mean you have to be exactly the same. It’s a common misconception for children to think that best friends should do everything together, like the same things, and spend lots of time together. Certainly, Lilian is my best friend and we have things in common but over time we’ve found more differences. If we liked the same things, every bloody conversation we have would be boring. It would possibly drive me insane, I don’t know, like guarding a Pandorica for two thousand years?

My mum used to wear long coloured socks to school when she was younger. She said that several people copied her style of dress. I don’t quite know how she felt about it, but I got the impression that she felt good that she’d started some kind of trend. I had a uniform in school, but when people copied me wearing stacks of bangles, I felt more irritated than flattered.

I can tell this person currently copying me invariably fails at trying to do so. In liking my favourite bands – and many people would agree with this – they claim to be a huge fan yet when I question them about their favourite song on a certain album, I get, “I haven’t listened to it yet”. Well, sorry, but fuck you. I severely dislike when people think they know everything and actually don’t.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And no, I’m certainly not flattered, especially when it has come to this point.

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