Attack of the Clones

I have a lot of pet peeves, but one of them is people copying me. Lately I’ve become more irritated at someone copying me even though they’ve been doing it for years – well, I can’t really calculate, to be honest, but it’s been a while.

I always joked with my friends that I’d like a clone of myself. The notion of having another “me” brings up a lot of advantages. I wouldn’t have to go to work, and I’d just send my clone. I would do double my homework in a given time period. I could go out late at night or stay overnight somewhere, and leave my clone at home. Imagine all the work I could do! That’s what I’m thinking. I could have another job and get money from my clone doing the work, rather than myself. I could be rich. I could also be lazy. If my clone doesn’t eat or I forget to remind it to eat because it might not eat by itself, it might become malnourished. It’s like having to take care of a pet. I already take care of myself, as people do with themselves, and taking care of a clone for my own personal benefit is probably not a fantastic idea.

Ryan did say that having another Georgina running around would be chaos. I have to agree.

This person comes along and has altered my view of clones and their benefits. This person has been copying my every move, in terms of what I wear, eat, listen to, watch, do; my hobbies, favourite things. My “hobbies” might not sound like much but my hobbies span a lot of things, especially online. To have someone like everything that I like and do a lot of the things I do really infuriates me. It makes having a conversation with this person completely banal.

I have just realised that I would not like a clone of myself. I have just realised that talking to someone like myself gives me a headache and to be frank, pisses me off. Obviously people would get along well with someone they have things in common with, but it doesn’t mean you have to be exactly the same. It’s a common misconception for children to think that best friends should do everything together, like the same things, and spend lots of time together. Certainly, Lilian is my best friend and we have things in common but over time we’ve found more differences. If we liked the same things, every bloody conversation we have would be boring. It would possibly drive me insane, I don’t know, like guarding a Pandorica for two thousand years?

My mum used to wear long coloured socks to school when she was younger. She said that several people copied her style of dress. I don’t quite know how she felt about it, but I got the impression that she felt good that she’d started some kind of trend. I had a uniform in school, but when people copied me wearing stacks of bangles, I felt more irritated than flattered.

I can tell this person currently copying me invariably fails at trying to do so. In liking my favourite bands – and many people would agree with this – they claim to be a huge fan yet when I question them about their favourite song on a certain album, I get, “I haven’t listened to it yet”. Well, sorry, but fuck you. I severely dislike when people think they know everything and actually don’t.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And no, I’m certainly not flattered, especially when it has come to this point.

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haha a clone would be great, all the time you would save. You ever seen buffy the vampire slayer when she had a clone? now that was just freaky.

Me and my best friend have a lot in common too, but we have slight differences aswell, he likes Disney and well I don’t and well silly things really. Where as my other friends we have nothing in common at all but get on really well still. I like to be different from people, which today is rare because everyone wants to be like someone else which bores me. They all wear ugg boots, all have the same phones, talk the same and dress the same. So many clones about lol. :X

I remember in school, I was the first to wear those dolly shoe pumps in my year, well girls took the piss out of me then oh look they started wearing them. I hated that so much because why pick on me for wearing them?

Thats just weird that person copying you, I would find it freaky to be honest. I hate it when people can’t just like their own stuff, no such thing as original anymore. D:

Me I will like what I like and well I couldn’t give a rats arse if others didn’t like it or did like it. If they copied me then well they are very sad but I doubt that since I am original from most girls. My music taste would but them off enough lol. Who listens to Bonnie Tyler at my age? haha.

Nope! I don’t watch Buffy!

Yeah, I’ve never been a conformist and I don’t usually follow trends. I want to be unique and not wear what other people are wearing either. I guess those girls who picked on you had no idea they would like the shoes. Some people just judge something on face value without even trying it first, or in this case, it seems that the girls were just some kind of bully picking on you because you were different (in a good way).

*hugs* I agree. Talking to someone who’s exactly like me would be utterly boring! At the same time, though, I have to say I’d prefer that whoever I talk to has a lot of the same interests as me since it would be fun to talk about as well. For an example, I like history. A lot of people I talk to either don’t like it or are not well-versed in it. So talking about history with someone who’s not interested or hasn’t got a clue as what I’m talking about would be just as tiring XD;;

Still, though, having different interests will stimulate more conversation topics, but . . . it depends on the topic, too! If someone talked to me about economics, they would have lost me once the word “economic” comes out from them! LOL.

I’m sorry that person who’s copying you is such a fake. It’s one thing to copy and pretend to like what you like!

Well thats pretty lame! I definitely understand what you mean when you say your pet peeve is when people are copying you for all the wrong reasons. There’s is flattery in imitation, but copying is totally different!

Oooh, I know what your first commenter was talking about. I used to watch Buffy as well (even started a website about it in 1998) and her clone was created as a sexual partner so it was definitely creepy! :X

Maybe this person is just trying to become your friend but doesn’t know how to be besides copying what you like so you’ll have something in common? Have you talked to him/her about it?

Having my own clone would be disastrous as well. I’m hard enough to stand as one person, adding another one to the mix will drive people away from me! 👏

Ja ja ja it doesn’t help that this person is my friend. I hate bringing up this kind of thing with friends though. :P I figured I’d just complain about it instead!

I agree with you whole heartidly! (sp?). People just cloning you is just nonsense! I remember this girl in junior college who would CONSTANTLY copy EVERYTHING I would do or say and it got rather annoying. I finally told her that I’ve worked hard on my appearance and my personality not to be copied by someone else. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but it’s really true. I didn’t know who I was in high school and just followed everyone else. Now I know who I am, and it feels like you’re trying to take that away from me. I know she’s a good person and married and all that, but seriously she has some issues of her own. She doesn’t know when to quit. One time when I was looking at my class schedule to see what class I had next. I initially pulled it out of my binder, and held it up to where only I can see it, and the idiot came really close to me and looked over my shoulder. I was flabberghasted by the whole thing. When I took Chinese 1, she showed up in my class to get signed onto it. And I was shocked. She sat RIGHT in front of me, and she knew that I was irritated by her and by the whole thing and she turned around and asked me “Do you mind if I take this class too?” I said “I don’t mind, it’s a class anyone can take.” She smiled and looked the other way. At that time I had a crush on this one guy named Danny, and I do believe he was a year younger than me, and my at the time friend Judy noticed how after I had initially told her to leave me a lone while in class, she went up to Danny and asked for his phone number. Judy, another girl, and some guys including myself were shocked to the bone! It was just AHHHH! Why would she do that when she’s married?! But seriously; no one in my Chinese 1 class liked her because they all knew she was trying to imitate my style, my voice and all of that. It was just aggravating and what not. I finally had enough of it and called her out on it, and would you believe it? She made this whole scene and even cried. I honestly didn’t feel bad about it until after we were in the classroom, and I wrote her a note and said I was sorry. But jeez, no matter where my friend Judy had invited me, this girl would ALWAYS follow us and ask for a ride whereever we went for lunch and all that. But Judy is a killer too. She thinks she’s the only one that can be blunt about things, and even made it seem like I got sick on purpose. I did tell her over an IM that it’s not like I had asked for this illness, and I don’t wish it upon someone else. She was only mad at me, because she introduced me to one of her friends on AIM, one night and my dad came in and said he needed the computer. I told them that and boy did that piss her off to the max. To this day she refuses to talk to me. Oh well; her loss. But it was the truth, my dad did want to use the computer and had asked nicely to use it. I mean it was his anyway, so yeah. I had to do what he told me to do ya know? But sheesh. I don’t think having a clone version of me would be very exciting. I witnessed it first hand and I didn’t like it one bit. It was with that girl. No matter what I did or said she would say the same thing. When I first started getting into the chinese culture, I was able to understand what they were saying by their facial expressions, and than later on I didn’t need the subtitles because of my class. She said the exact same thing. I was so pissed! I was like thinking this is just like having a clone! I do not like clones whatsoever! But yeah, I mean I don’t blame her, she just moved to the area and doesn’t have a lot of friends so I can understand that much, but trying to copy someone else’ personality and what they’re trying to say and do? That’s just aggravating as f*ck! :/. But yeah. Oh! The comments do work now! :) No more math comment protection thinger!

That’s just so creepy! The same thing happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. She was so pissed off about it too. Her copy-cat even went as far as copying her facebook status’ as “hers”, even the ones targeted at her! :O After seeing what she went through, I know how you feel in this situation. It’s creepy and frustrating at the same time! Hopefully she disappears though.

I couldn’t imagine how annoyed you must be, Georgina. I used to think that having a clone, or even a twin would be incredibly helpful, now I know that it really wouln’t make me very unique.
I’ve never been a conformist, and often get hell about it, but now I kinda get that being just me really isn’t horrible. There are still times I think a clone would be cool, but yeah, I guess I’m glad I’m the only me.

I think it would awesome to have a clone; just to make the clone do all the “dirty” work so you can chill out and relax. That said, a clone of myself would just do my head in. I’m so boring, it’s unreal haha.

I think I’d hate to be around someone EXACTLY the same as me. I mean, me and Rob have A LOT in common, but we do have a few differences and I think that’s why we don’t tend to clash so much.

My sister is like that though. She copies me all the time; with my hair, my clothes, the way I talk, the way I act. It’s just irritating, full stop. I think it’s worse because she’s my sister? Although, I’d hate for a friend to do the same. o___O

This person seems to be attempting to steal your life, in a way. I’d slap them now, before it’s too late, paha. I don’t know, but I think you should hint or something towards the person. I definitely feel for you. I hate it when people copy me on the internet, let alone in real life. o__O

THAT LAST PARAGRAPH, OMG. I hate people who are like “OMG BREAKING BENJAMIN ARE THE BEST BAND EVER”, yet they’ve only listened to one or two songs. ASDFGH. /bash

– You don’t need to reply to the rest of this, it’s getting quite old now. My bad. XD –

I was REALLY freaked out the first time I saw the shadow of the dog. I honest to god thought it was Sasha and nearly wet myself when it disappeared when I turned the light on. o___O Now though, I think it was quite nice, that Tyson came back, just to watch us sleep. ♥

I feel like he came back to keep us warm, if that makes sense? We had a REALLY cold winter, it dropped to -13°C a few nights. I don’t know, that’s my theory anyway. :P

I still don’t know what to believe, in all honesty. :P

LOL, I do that too sometimes. Or sometimes, I’ll put my glasses on my head if I wanna read the paper and then I’ll be like “OMG WHERE’S MY GLASSES” and my sister will point out they’re on my head, heh.

Windows 7 is definitely smoother than Vista, for sure. I found Vista was quite laggy at time whereas Windows 7 just “glides” if that makes sense.

Ah, I didn’t know that. I couldn’t upgrade mine, I had to do a fresh install because I had Windows 7 Ultimate, and my Vista version was Home Premium, I think. It wouldn’t just upgrade, it was annoying. /bash

I think the BlackBerry is quite ugly too haha. I like the look of the BlackBerry Torch though. I might go for an iPhone next, or an Android phone. I still have 10 months with my BlackBerry though. /wah

I always see tiny little spiders around the house; they don’t bother me AS much. Unless they crawl onto me then I sort of go into ninja mode.

The spiders you get over there are far more scary than the ones we get here though. My mum wanted to move over there and I was all for it, until I remembered the spiders haha.

Yeah, I’ve heard a few people say Tennant is ugly, but you’re right, he is hot for his age. :P

Oh right. /hehe
I’ve been good. A little stressed out with school work – but I’ve just found out that I’ve got an A in physics! Yes! /eee
You’ll do fine with the homework, I’m sure – you’ve already juggled all of this with your assignments and whatnot. :)

Oh I know. I HATE it when people copy. I’m ok if it’s only a small thing but wow, I couldn’t deal with that. /bash The same clothes, music, food and hobbies. That’s just weird. It’s ok to be different. I wish some people would realise that.

I’d still want a clone though – would make my life a whole lot easier. I guess I wouldn’t care about the copying issue because it would be ME (in a way). No one else. I wouldn’t mind if I copied off myself. :P … I know what I’m getting at here. /type Totally makes sense … not.

I always find it irritating when people copy my stuff off the internet and put it on their own site. Not exactly the same as what you’re talking about but urrrgh, so annoying. And often not bad enough to actually DO anything about it without looking like a jerk. (plus sometimes they’re like 13 years old and how horrible would it be if 24 year old me sued their ass? SO HORRIBLE.)


I would rather have grown up having a twin. Then again, I’m glad I didn’t. I can’t stand it when people imitate me. D: I couldn’# get a closer shot; he was pretty high up there, and my camera can’t zoom that high, heh. :/ I did take a video, though. xD Just haven’# put it on my YouTube yet.

Hmm is this who I think it is? I think you told me about this on MSN. I think it’s a little overboard. I mean, I copy what my best friend Daniel listens to but honestly I really like them all, but I don’t copy anything else. Seriously, you should find who you are yourself not just copy someone close.

I’d like to clone myself and be able to control it though, like what you see in sci-fi movies! Haha have you ever seen ‘The Other Me’? It’s a Disney original movie I saw when I was like 10. The kid managed to clone himself, though I can’t remember what happened in the end.

I definitely can get a card, I’m 19 I can do everything except drink (ridiculous!). People have been commenting about donating to a Red Cross office but that means I’d have to go into the city. No spare money for it at the moment. =(

Woww you hahaha. I try so hard not to swear but I’m doing it so much again! Grhhh bad Kris bad Kris!. Firck.

Ohhhh so it’s some files you need to upgrade to Windows 7. I’ll need to look into it then. How’s Windows 7 working for you now? Good? Bad? Better? :P I delete my music from my library because otherwise I won’t know which songs to drag into my iPod! I hate synching, it always takes forever and I’d like to manage my own music please.

Sometimes I wish I could get a clone to do all my work! But then again, I’d just become more lazy and would probably in the end be less productive. The general idea is nice though.

Sheesh, it seems like you can’t catch a break sometimes! I remember a recent post (or maybe not so recent since I haven’t commented in a while!) about a girl copying your blog posts word for word. In a way it is flattering, because they wouldn’t be copying you if they didn’t think you weren’t awesome or inspiring or something, but most of the time I feel it’s more frustrating than anything.

Except with little kids. I think it’s cute when little kids copy simple things that you do or just follow you around. But maybe it’s cause of their cute faces that I just can’t NOT mind, haha. ;P

Y’know, for as long as that saying has been around I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone say that they’re actually flattered they’re imitated. Hurt? Yes. Confused? Sure. Annoyed? Hell yeah, but never flattered.

It’s stranger when a friend does it because you can’t just say “Fuck off” to them like you world to a stranger (maybe not in such strong words right away…) so it’s territory best treaded slowly. Maybe it’s a phase or just a big, convoluted way of saying, “I admire you and who you are.”, but best you can do is shyly hint at it so it doesn’t hurt their feelings.

I completely get what you’re saying. Knowing people who are too similar to you is boring, but people who COPY you – and aren’t just naturally similar, are incredibly annoying.

I’m not really much of a trendsetter, but I have coined a few terms and phrases and come up with jokes that have been copied and worn out without a lot of credit, which is kind of annoying. I’ve also been in the position of having someone follow me around and imitate me a bit, and it stops being flattering after five minutes.

Hang in there ;) Just keep being the best original version of yourself you can be and show up their crappy imitation.

talking with a clone of myself would be the same as talking with myself, right? and so far talking with myself isn’t really interessting, i agree with myself on everything, and i can’t tell myself any news that i don’t already know. besides i’m not interested in having another me, i like to be unique, hahahaa!! :D
of course a clone could be to your benefits too, but i guess it also could turn out to become the opposite. as you just said, a clone could drive you insane!

when i were little me and my best friend had mostly everything in common, but as we grew, we changed and now we’re the opposite. still, we’re bestfriends and we still have fun together.

to have someone always copying you must be frustrating. i couldn’t handle a stalker, always around to see what i were up to. have you thought about a confrontation? i think you should try.

yes i heard about that story, it’s so sad ;/ but the song is really touching yes.

haha house and cuddy together in a relationship? i haven’t seen the last season i think, everything comes out half a year later in norway, so i’m still watching the old episodes, or the “new” in norway of course, haha (: but i’ll catch up later with all the tv-shows i want to see, now there’s just school, school and school which is my priority, and a little heroes and site of course hihi (:

i clicked submit comment before i was finished, lol!

i just wanted to say i love, love the screenshot you sent me!! how did you do that??? don’t to sound stupid, but is it possible to change the icons to your own? and make the folders “swing” like that?
it’s when you first is interested in a subject you understand how incredible little you really know.

Helloooooo! :D

I love the Star Wars reference in your blog title :P. ATTACK OF THE CLONES! *insert lightsaber noise here*.

Oh noes! A copy-cat D:. I’d hate that too. Especially in a world where there’s always an underlying pressure to assert yourself through some kind of individualism. Even if you’re mostly conformist, I’m sure you’d STILL try to be individual through your personality and stuff. Having someone copy you in EVERY facet of life would just completely undermine that /angry. Frustrating AS!

Haha, I agree! Having a clone has it’s downsides. If you had a clone EXACTLY like you, you’d clash all the time cos neither of you would want to do the boring chores. You’d spend more time fighting than being productive XD. Your clone would have to be completely DOCILE and STUPID, but then you’d have to take care of it and URGHHHHH @_@.

LOL at Ryan. Two of you would DEFINITELY be chaotic XD. But it’d also be fun hanging out with two of you since it’s already fun hanging out with ONE of you :P. So tell Ryan that next time XD.

OMG, this person! It’s like they’re COMPLETELY lacking in personality. Copying ALL THAT off you? Do they have no capacity to think for themselves?! D: Poor you. I’d have an aneurysm if I were in your position D:.

That’s right! It’s cool to have more in common with you than with most other people, but I sincerely doubt we’d be best friends if we were COMPLETE clones of each other. It’s good that we have differences. *nods*. More fun that way :).

Oh noes even MORE. A FAIL copier D:. Haha, that just makes it lame D:. Awww, I hope the person gets a life :( :(. Sounds like a know-it-all-wannabe too /angry. Those are ANNOYING as!

Man, I hate that. They so much want to be you or to prove they have so much in common with you, that they go to great pains to prove your similarities when their effort just really points out how different you are.

Sure, noone idolizes me but hey; I think it’s ridiculous that people would want to be like anyone else for any reason besides pure self improvement.
It is offensive, and slightly creepy. 3:

Did you share the mashmellows? :)

sorry that i havent chatted to u in ages ive been sick with a kidney infection and nowadays where i feel a bit better all i do is sleep lol. how have u been?

i would love to have a clone of myself theres so much i still want to do but if i had a clone of myself i would leave my clone here in south africa and i would go traveling for a while.

its just a phase that that person is going through it wont last, i hope for your sake.

Hello Miss Georgina! (:

Actually, I have never experienced anyone copying me before (which I find really surprising). o_o As far as my wardrobe goes, I buy all my stuff from unknown and underground stores so it’s more unlikely that nobody else has it. As far as my layouts go, I purposely make a bunch of div tags and whatnot so people get confused and don’t know how I did something. :’) But it backfires and sometimes makes me confused. =_=

Depending on what type of clone you have, you might not have to feed it at all! Though, I guess it would be unusual if you were hanging out with people and your clone decides to not eat. If I had a clone, I would just make it go to my classes for me. Most of the material, I finish ahead of time anyways (they’re just basic classes and it’s mostly a review from my high school classes). Though, it’s actually mandatory I attend the course! Professor takes attendance and everything. Very annoying.

As far as music goes, I especially hate that. I’m really rounded when it comes to music so I pretty much listen to anything and everything. My favorite band is the oh so amazing Coldplay and whenever I come across a person that says, “OMG I love that group!” I ask the same: “Oh, awesome! What’s your favorite song?” “Oh… you know, Viva La Vida I think it was called.” I THINK IT WAS CALLED? WHAT? One: You heard that song on the radio so that obviously doesn’t count because it’s a MAINSTREAM song (still a very good song nonetheless, but you can’t call yourself a “fan” if that’s the only song you know) and two: I THINK IT WAS CALLED? I kid you not, that’s what someone’s answer was. Poop. /poo

I forgot to say this in the comment I left on your site just now – but I know how you feel about those people. Once I heard someone talking about how much they loved Kings of Leon and how big a fan they were, so we had a discussion about Sex on Fire and their other recent songs. When I asked them if they had heard of their old stuff and what they thought of it, they said, “What old stuff?”

And you call yourself a fan… sigh! :P

Haha thank you! My hair is still like that, when I don’t straighten it. :P I’d love to see a picture of you when you were 7. I’ll have to keep reminding you to find one. :P

Thanks dude! I am old, though paha. Gosh, having a bachelor’s degree at 22 would be AMAZING. I have nothing to my name haha, I suck. I remember that gift, it was so damn cute.

When I was younger, I thought my future would be better than this. :P I don’t know, I just hate the fact everything has changed, it’s harder to get a job and what not. I hate that I’m more aware of what’s going on in the world, you know?

Yep exactly! I’d make my clone listen to my sister when she’s talking, she’s really annoying. :P And I’d make my clone do all the chores too. It would be awesome. :B

I think it’s good to have some differences with your friends though; even if you disagree with some things, it keeps you on your toes. ;3 HE?! Dude, I thought it was girl. That’s even worse, haha. I wish people could be more original, have their own style and what not. I’d dress totally outrageous and see if he copies you. 😏

Yeah I know what you mean; I also hate it when you ask someone if they like something/someone and they say no, then as soon as you say you like them, they change their mind and are like “OH YEAH, I DO LIKE THEM”, idiots. HAVE YOUR OWN OPINIONS, GOD DAMMIT.

-13C is REALLY cold for us; usually it’ll drop to like -3C or so, which is bearable. I was leaving for work when it was -13 and omg, I thought I was going to die. 9C is quite warm for us lmao. It’s been around 13-14C is last week (apart from today) and it’s been lovely and warm. :)

Yup, that’s true. I wouldn’t go back to Vista now, NO WAY. My sister still uses XP, she sucks. xD

That’s good. I don’t care if I lose my BlackBerry too much. I pay monthly for it, so you know. I can’t get out of my contract though and I don’t want it anymore. :(

Ahh I find it quite sad when people can’t form opinions for themselves quite honestly. I agree it’s not really a form of flattery it’s just… sad that they can’t have an identity for themselves. :(

I often say that I wished there was an extra hour everyday to make my life easier, or how I wish I had someone who’d do all my work, but I don’t think I have ever wished for a clone. It would make life too much more monotonous for me. I thrive in chaos, and no matter how much I might complain and bitch about it, it is my life and I like it.
I agree with you on having things in common part. Akanksha and I have a lot in common, but if we were exactly alike – liked the same things, had the same opinions about everything – what would be the point in talking to her? I could just keep a mirror in front of me. Two people are two different individuals with different personalities and different opinions. And frankly, I prefer this way.
I am sorry you are being irritated by that copycat. *Hugs* I agree on being the flattered part. If my sister sometimes quotes something I said, I get flattered, but if somebody else passes on something I did or said, that would piss me off too. I hope time will improve things. He/she can not go on copying you forever, can they?

Thank you so much. I know, animal cruelty is against humanity. I heard of dogs being put to death in the Pounds when no one adopts them, and simple things like that, which are out of control of any single person, and they really hurt. Sometimes I wish we could control the life around us a little more.

Oh, I am so glad I could help. Initially, I was worried about the length of my book too. But then I just thought that I would see how long the characters take it to, and it worked out okay. I once read this article by Nicholas Sparks on this subject. His website isn’t loading right now, otherwise I would have sent you the link. Remind me the next time, or maybe you could check it out yourself. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite writers, and he has many tips to give to his readers. They are very helpful. Many writers often do, and they come in very handy.
I have this habit of checking out the websites of the author of the book I most recently read and liked, and though I might just browse through their help section, it does make me think of them later and recheck.
Haha, I know. My first novel at 13 was very long and full of bullshit. I cringe when I read it now.

I would definitely email you the websites. There are some websites, which contain the link to a LOT of agents/publishers – its basically a collective, or there are some that are very famous and I know them a lot more than some individual name in a list. Also, I could classify on the basis of the genre of your book, which would make it looking for a suitable publisher a hell lot more easier. Let me know and I’d email you as soon as possible. :)

You’re very welcome for letting you know that the comment works now! Hahaha! But yeah, I honestly thought that the math protection thing would work but I guess it was the wrong one or something of the sort?

Anywho, yeah I can fit into a size Large, it was so unreal! My stomach did pooch out a bit though, but I didn’t care. I could still fit into a size LARGE!!!! WOW!!! Happy St. Patricks Day to you too!!

Yeah I agree that I am feeling a bit nostalgic, about having moved up here. But now that I look at it, it’s for the best. Like you said I got Andrew out of the whole thing. :). So that’s all that counts. And I got great doctors as well that actually take their time to get to know me and help me with my problems and what not. Ever since I started taking my depression medication and cutting it in half instead of the full dosage every morning I do notice that there is a change in my mood. I feel a LOT happier and I feel less stressed about things. Yesterday was kinda a bad day, but eh we all have those days. I’m still kinda sick with a cold but I’m getting over it. Take your time on the email. I know you’re busy and all that so take your time ok? Oh yeah! Did you still want to exchange snail mails? Or are you not allowed to anymore? Let me know!

Yeah it was kinda aggravating having someone copy your every move and every words especially in class. It was just rather irritating to the max! I don’t talk to her anymore as I have forgotten her number, and her last name, but ah well. I’m really thinking about trying to find my best friend Hillary again. I just can’t remember how to spell her last name. I remembered it finally after a full weeks worth of wracking my brain trying to figure out what her last name was lol. But now I know!! YAY!!!

You’re one of the lucky ones who actually got to study Japanese in High School. If I had that choice of studying Japanese in High School; I would’ve in a heart beat and not have taken Spanish. :/ . But my councelor wanted me to take Spanish as it was more commonly used here in California. Ah well. She was a sweetheart though and only looked out for what’s best for me. I didn’t even have to take Sex Education haha!! She just asked me “Do you know when you’re supposed to have sex?” I said “After marriage!” and she said “Good girl, you don’t need Sex Ed!” and she signed off the waiver for me. I was like smiling all giddy like! lol. But when I graduated and walked down the steps with my diploma she gave me the biggest hug EVER and told me congratulations “I knew you could do it!!!” and also said something in my ear and kissed my cheek. She was and is an absolute doll!! I just can’t remember for the life of me remember her name though :(.

I have to agree with that. Clones are so annoying. But yes you could get double the money and stuff and be lazy but I don’t think that is all in life you should live for. How rich you are doesn’t mean how much money you have, it just means how much you love your life.
Woah…where did that come from? lol.

Back on topic, that would be annoying. One of my friend’s has a person exactly like that but this girl (Carly), not only does Carly try to have the same hair color as my friend (Lisa) but when Lisa tells Carly who she likes and she makes sure to get ahead of Lisa and kiss the guy first. But does it stop there? No, Carly goes up and dates her ex’s. She has tried to date Lisa’s ex, Will, which is one of my good friends and they kissed while he has another girlfriend like 4 hours away…(respect for him just went down the drain when I heard that from Dante) Anyway, Dante helped Lisa and I stop her. She was all hugging on Will and Lisa was pulling her away trying to keep them apart. I was just like whoa what a bitch! (sorry for my French)

Anyway, I completely understand what you mean after that. That is completely ridiculous. People need to learn how to be themselves instead of mimicking other people. That is just stupid and annoying.

PS I forgot to tell you that Carly thinks that she is a vampire. She bit both Lisa and I telling us our blood smelled good. Like, what a freak!!!
It was in Shrek. Good memory! ;)

Hahahahahahhaa. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ So much right now.

Hahaha. Same here for now but I plan on becoming a site like (my host) and just bigger ones like that. So, I need WHMCS to do that. ;)

Hahahaha. I’ve had more time on my hands due to the fact that it is Spring Break this week. It is over now though, especially since I have to go to work in 4 hours. :/ I hate my job. /hmph /wah

Yeah, that is what I don’t like, how did you know? hahahaha. It is a little different and I’m sure the security stuff is a lot better but I’ll stick with Vista for now though. :)

I’m not going to the shops to buy my clothes. Kelsey is going to work with me on getting me deals on clothes that I like. :)

Hahaha the first part of your post is so funny. Another Georgina running around? XD Yeah if there was someone completely like me, I would go crazy X_X I also hate it when people copy me. It’s prolly because I’ve always wanted to be different from the people around me. About trends, it’s really weird cause whenever I start liking something (ex. florals), I find out later that it’s trending! >_< They're just coincidences; I'm not a trendsetter XD But it's really weird. Haha.

To me, imitation can be a sincere form of flattery, but there are two kinds on imitation. One is when a person really thinks that something you do is good and useful and takes an occasional “leaf from your book”. That is sincere and fine with me, and sounds like the imitation your mom encountered. But this person is clearly being the other kind – she’s trying to be just like you. And that’s not okay.

I think you’re a great person, and you’re certainly a well-admired person online. However, you’re only fit to be you. No one else is fit to be you, and yeah…. I don’t think that I can say anymore.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Georgie! XD

I totally get what you mean, I remember I got my fringe cut as a side-fringe or side-bang whatever you want to call it. Then like about a week later EVERYBODY cuts a side-fringe. I started thinking I was just being stupid but slowly I began to get irritated as then I started wearing a skirt THEN EVERYBODY starts wearing skirts.

It’s more irritating when it’s someone you know/kinda close to. My “friend” at school used to be a “tomboy”, always wearing trousers, didn’t care about hair etc etc then I met her this year and BANG, she starts wearing skirts, she cut her hair so has the same cut as me and NOW SHE’S WEARING THE SAME BAG AS ME. FFFFFFREAKING HELL. It pisses me off more than anything. So I can totally relate to you.

I can’t imagine having a clone of myself… well I kinda can because of this person at school who copies my every move and breath… So i guess it would be so annoying!!!

:( God, I hate copycats. I mean, can’t they get their own personality? Like you said, at first it’s not that irritating but when it goes on longer it gets a bit out of hand. I had a friend that would copy literally everything I did or said, say she liked everything I did, and even stole my fucking English paper (word to word). /ho She even said she liked everything I did, but it turns out the TV shows I watched she only saw around 15 minutes of, and by favorite bands she just memorized all the song names. 🤬 When I had asked her about one of their most heard songs, she was like “Oh, yeah… that song…” and just made up some weird rhythm of the song name.

Clones are a bit awkward. :) I saw this TV show where the clone did everything the original one did, not do what they were ordered to. It would be nice if clones did your orders & fed themselves & all.

I agree, there’s a difference between being identical & being similar. I don’t think people copying your style is not at all flattering, it’s annoying. When I complained to my other friend about the friend I mentioned a paragraph above, she said “Maybe she just wants to be a better friend”. /sweat

Haha, I totally know what you’re on about when you say you’re not flattered by being copied… a lot of people have copied (or tried to) me over the years, and it’s pissed me off every time. I’ve even had people try to imitate my handwriting – wtf?!

I’m sorry to hear that you are being bothered by this person.
I hope someone encourages them to find their own likes and if they struggle with not having a ‘favorite band’ or favorite something to just not have a favorite something. Wait. That is one thing I have been learning recently. :) Sometimes we all just need to wait, and when it happens we’ll know.
I don’t think I’ve heard Miranda Cosgrove’s new song. I heard one and didn’t like it but hopefully her voice has matured since then.
Thanks for the hot air balloon idea for my layout. ♥ I’ve already got an idea about that. :)

Haha I don’t mind at all. Thank you! ♥

The funny thing is, you’re actually the only one that remembered my last layout. :’) So to you, it’s something “old but modified”, but for everyone else it’s kinda new. I’m surprise you even remember! It was so long ago. I only really went ahead and learned HTML5 because I wanted to be different and wanted to see what the difference was.

Using a lot of divs is bad? o_o Really? Do you remember where that article was? If it’s bad, I don’t think I should make it a habit then. XD

I’ll probably mention David every now and then, but I’m not going to spazz about him or anything. You subtle mention James though and it kind of flows with your blog. Plus, pretty much everyone knows who James is since he blogs too, doesn’t he? o: I’ve always thought it was cute how he comments on your blog. :3

I’ve offered to make layouts for some people, but I never finish! I make the design and everything but I get super uncomfortable when it comes to making it; lots of thoughts go through my head and I freak out thinking they may not like it. If someone tells me, “I don’t like that… can you take it off?” I’m going to be very disappointed especially if it’s something I actually liked and worked really hard on.

Well, I’m not really sure! I just love how incredibly simple and customizable your layouts are. You organize the style.css so you can find all the divs and whatnot; you don’t have to search for anything since everything is pretty much there right in front of you. XD It’s a shame that people feel the need to steal your coding, but it’s sad that it’s kind of obvious that it’s yours… o_o It’s like, they don’t put an effort to hide it. “Oh, la la la! I’m using Georgina’s theme but she’ll never find out. :D”

no offence to you or to any other person out there, but why in the world would someone want to be someone else? Like I believe everyone is on this world for a purpose and a different purpose in life. Yes people may be similar, but they could never be exactly the same. My best friend and I want to go into business, but will we go into the same business? Most likely no. Will we both do the same things? no. I think that is the beauty of life. Life is not about creating yourself. Life is about finding yourself (a quote from someone).

Mhm I think your tutor was smart to use a separate name. I know one of my friends who is currently a teacher uses her first and middle name. It is easier for her students to not find her. I was talking to my english teacher via gchat. does that count? lmfao almost like MSN it was not weird though. It was easier than e-mailing him because who knows when he’ll answer back. because people tend to push e-mails aside. My friend who is not his student follows him on twitter and tumblr. I think that is what gave me idea- but no I am not following him. It’s easier if I do not. I don’t really want him to know too much about me while he is still my teacher. Once he stops grading me that is a different story, maybe i’ll tell him more about me. I actually wrote my portfolio piece on meeting an online friend lol So maybe he can sense the hint? lmfao

oh I am going to listen to those later! Thank you so much for the suggestions!

Having a cone of myself would be pretty awesome. And, then again, it could have it’s disadvantages too. ;)

my teachers have never said anything like that to me. one of the teachers said once to the class that he didn’t care if we got a bad grade in his subject, he was already finished with his education, and we decided our future ourself. but i like the quote actually, if i turn my can’ts into cans, i’ll turn my dreams into plans, and i think everyone can do that, if they work hard for it and want it enough (:

rocketdock? sounds pretty cool! i can use it for windows vista too?

i hope it’s just a phase too. maybe your “friend” will understand it’s more fun living a own decided life rather than someone elses. all fingers and legs crossed!! and you’re unique. you know the original is the original, no copy can be as good as that (:

i thought about that after posting my last comment, it would be nice to have someone to do all of the dirty work. but i still wouldn’t like a clone, haha.

yes i think it’s really cute of him staying with her. he has even wrote her a song, and then it sounds like he really loves her!! aww (: you have to search after a long time to find guys like him, and as you just said, most guys would leave.

I wouldn’t like a clone of myself either. Yes, I would like a twin who listens to whatever I say. Me and my best friend are similar to each other, but by face we are complete opposites.
I must be annoying having someone who copies you all the time. Luckily I don’t have anyone like that.

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don’t think anyone’s ever tried copying me. I mean, little kids do it all the time, but, you know, aside from elementary school… people used to copy my notes a lot

I’ve had the same problem in high school, it felt like I was suffocating. I don’t care if copying is the sincerest form of flattery, I would like to surround myself with genuine people, not carbon copies of myself.