Boxes and clouds

So. Just the other day, our oven toaster thing started acting up. I live in a funny household. We don’t have an oven. We also don’t have a toaster. So we have an oven toaster, which is like a mini oven that opens at the front… you put the food in, let it heat up.

For some reason, the heat light inside has been on for longer than necessary, and has resulted in a pile of burned toast appearing in our bin every morning. It’s not exactly healthy to eat black toast, nor is it tasty. The other day I thought it would be okay to leave my bread in the oven toaster for a mere two minutes… and the heat wasn’t that high either… but because I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t notice that the bread was burning faster than ever.

The funny thing is that it set off our smoke alarm, and since we haven’t had a fire at all since we’ve been living in this house the past sixteen years or so, it was rather surprising to hear the alarm go off. My dad replaces the battery every few years to make sure it works, and that’s the only time we hear what the smoke alarm sounds like while he’s testing it.

Because the bread had burned so badly, the burning smell wafted through the house and set off the alarm (which is located near the kitchen). It was really quite ear-piercing and reminded me of Doctor Who… my mum had to get a piece of cardboard and fan the air underneath the alarm so that it would stop beeping like a nutter.

It was just burned toast… O_O I was surprised the smoke alarm was that sensitive, but my mum said it was a good thing, because in the event of a real fire, we’d be saved.

I can prove that point; the other day I had a day off and I woke up because I heard the bloody smoke alarm going off at 6:00am. I figured my brother burned his breakfast then…

The other day James and I went out for ramen. First time eating at a restaurant in months – last year we used to eat at restaurants a lot. It was pretty good. I find that I order the seafood option all the time. I like seafood, though I know a lot of people aren’t that keen on it. I don’t know why the seafood options are always the most expensive. 😰

James was carrying around a mechatronics kit, and he put a paper crane on it. It was kind of cute that he was so amused. 😛 When we went back to university he had to go to level 25. I love that level. There is something really airy-fairy about it that I can’t even describe. The whole journey of going up in a dreary elevator with orange-yellow lights as indicators… the quiet that peeks out from the edges of the walls…

The slight darkness. The darkness I’m afraid of. Thoughts of ramen unable to escape my head. Carrying two boxes of these kit-things; one James’s, one Mike’s, trying not to crush them. James’s takeaway ramen dinner on top; not knowing that later he wouldn’t like the horrid taste of cold ramen in a few hours to come. The regular chat in the elevator, and I’m that silent communication student in the corner, until Mike starts talking to me. And then I realise he’s taller than me – why, isn’t everyone?

On level 25, I see the clouds out the window. They’re beautiful. I’d never paid attention to the clouds 25 levels up. But I’m telling you… they’re really beautiful. Except I’m in a world of my own for the rest of it; bidding James farewell in an empty stairwell is upsetting because I don’t want to leave; I’m too mesmerised by the clouds to take into account anything proper – except suddenly my friends look like angels.

What am I saying. They are angels. ♥️

The ride back down, alone, in the elevator, as I head home, is dreary. I want to go back up. I didn’t know buildings did this to me. I swear. The real world sucks. I like daydreaming. A lot. 😛

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