Boxes and clouds

So. Just the other day, our oven toaster thing started acting up. I live in a funny household. We don’t have an oven. We also don’t have a toaster. So we have an oven toaster, which is like a mini oven that opens at the front… you put the food in, let it heat up.

For some reason, the heat light inside has been on for longer than necessary, and has resulted in a pile of burned toast appearing in our bin every morning. It’s not exactly healthy to eat black toast, nor is it tasty. The other day I thought it would be okay to leave my bread in the oven toaster for a mere two minutes… and the heat wasn’t that high either… but because I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t notice that the bread was burning faster than ever.

The funny thing is that it set off our smoke alarm, and since we haven’t had a fire at all since we’ve been living in this house the past sixteen years or so, it was rather surprising to hear the alarm go off. My dad replaces the battery every few years to make sure it works, and that’s the only time we hear what the smoke alarm sounds like while he’s testing it.

Because the bread had burned so badly, the burning smell wafted through the house and set off the alarm (which is located near the kitchen). It was really quite ear-piercing and reminded me of Doctor Who… my mum had to get a piece of cardboard and fan the air underneath the alarm so that it would stop beeping like a nutter.

It was just burned toast… O_O I was surprised the smoke alarm was that sensitive, but my mum said it was a good thing, because in the event of a real fire, we’d be saved.

I can prove that point; the other day I had a day off and I woke up because I heard the bloody smoke alarm going off at 6:00am. I figured my brother burned his breakfast then…

The other day James and I went out for ramen. First time eating at a restaurant in months – last year we used to eat at restaurants a lot. It was pretty good. I find that I order the seafood option all the time. I like seafood, though I know a lot of people aren’t that keen on it. I don’t know why the seafood options are always the most expensive. 😰

James was carrying around a mechatronics kit, and he put a paper crane on it. It was kind of cute that he was so amused. :P When we went back to university he had to go to level 25. I love that level. There is something really airy-fairy about it that I can’t even describe. The whole journey of going up in a dreary elevator with orange-yellow lights as indicators… the quiet that peeks out from the edges of the walls…

The slight darkness. The darkness I’m afraid of. Thoughts of ramen unable to escape my head. Carrying two boxes of these kit-things; one James’s, one Mike’s, trying not to crush them. James’s takeaway ramen dinner on top; not knowing that later he wouldn’t like the horrid taste of cold ramen in a few hours to come. The regular chat in the elevator, and I’m that silent communication student in the corner, until Mike starts talking to me. And then I realise he’s taller than me – why, isn’t everyone?

On level 25, I see the clouds out the window. They’re beautiful. I’d never paid attention to the clouds 25 levels up. But I’m telling you… they’re really beautiful. Except I’m in a world of my own for the rest of it; bidding James farewell in an empty stairwell is upsetting because I don’t want to leave; I’m too mesmerised by the clouds to take into account anything proper – except suddenly my friends look like angels.

What am I saying. They are angels. ♥️

The ride back down, alone, in the elevator, as I head home, is dreary. I want to go back up. I didn’t know buildings did this to me. I swear. The real world sucks. I like daydreaming. A lot. :P

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Oh I hate burnt toast. Actually, I hate anything that gets burned. Usually I won’t mind eating burnt toast, or potatoes or rice, but I think I’ve grown tired of the taste. So much so I stopped toasting the bread every morning, haha. xD

I love burnt bacon and my toast crunchy… not toasty, that’s bad.

That’s really good that your smoke alarm is the bomb and loud as hell! Would suck if you were caught in a fire.

The 25 level sounds amazing. I wanna go to a building like that and just sit at the top and not do anything…. just be there and look out into the distance. So nice you call your friends angels! Very lucky friends.

Yeah. I always struggle to actually think of a blog topic, I’m so un-creative!

I’m glad you like them! Or I could create my own Flickr type of thing.. :P Haha, I’ll probably just have like a page for them or something.

I thought it was orange? :P I always seem to find a colour, and then just use different shades of that colour. Kind of boring :P

I know absolutely nothing other than aperture. I just refer to it as blur :P

Yeah, I invested in a Mac :) Even though I despise Windows, I’ve got to admit that Windows 7 looks pretty cool.

Sounds like me :P I guess I do use it casually, and I hate MSN, so it’s kind of an alternate to that.

Are toaster ovens not that common over there? I think they’re preferred to regular ol’ toasters here, even among those with ovens. Wait, you don’t have an oven?? You’re blowing my mind over here.

“The real world sucks. I like daydreaming. A lot.” true true

I forgot to mention that our oven broke about ten years ago. XD The time still says 2:39. The exact moment it died. We don’t use it all that much anyway, we don’t bake anything. And if we want to heat something up we use the microwave oven, or the grill – depends on what it is.

Hey! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, taking care of a baby is crazy! I don’t even have time to blog anymore! lol

I HATE burnt toast! Luckily, our toaster actually is too cool, I have to push it down twice to get it right! lol I’m guessing you don’t eat frozen pizza at your house the, unless it’s a REALLY small one, because those frozen pizzas don’t fit in toaster ovens! :P Day dreaming is awesome… and then when it’s over, it sucks. Reality sucks sometimes!

The smoke alarms in our house broke a few months ago and started going berserk at random intervals, whether or not there was actually smoke. There was one time where we were just going to bed and a few minutes later, the alarm went off. If I’m remembering correctly, my mom got sick around that time, too. /bash
My uncle really likes ramen, I think. I, personally, have never had it. And I hate seafood . xD
I’m actually pretty scared of heights. For example, for years I was scared of the biggest slide on the playground, while the younger kids had no problem.
I think I daydream sometimes. I kinda prefer talking to myself, though.

Burned toast is baaaaaaaaaad… I agree with you that the taste is yukkie xD I hope you get something better soon or a cheery fire alarm. ;P Oh and you really need to keep on going with writing, I enjoy reading your blog. ;)

I followed you back on flickr btw ♥

It’s good to know that the smoke alarm works. ^^ I suppose that is a better way to test it. :) My mom’s isn’t sensitive at all – the smoke has to flow through the air and hit the smoke alarm a certain way. It’s scary to think of whether it would go off during an actual fire. D:

Level 25 sounds lovely. 🙄

When I actively logged onto MySpace, my friends would get mad at me when I moved them to a different place on my Top 8. When MySpace introduced the Top 8+ feature, everyone’s Top 8 seemed to grow. It was quite annoying, personally. And though some animated profile pictures were nice, it was extremely annoying because it would cause people’s profiles to load slower. When I first joined MySpace, there were not many animated profiles/animations on profiles. That was nice. Then people began putting them on, and somehow people would put virus-encoded animations on their profiles. That’s why I quit logging on as much. Plus, my best friend accused me of trying to steal her band-nerd/geek boyfriend who played the drums, was really goofy, and just … not my type. Kylie and I have not talked since because of that.

I don’t really invite people over, either. And to ask someone in one of my classes if they’d like to “come over and hang out” would be quite awkward. /hmph /ho /oh /ehh 😒 😳

I think so, anyway. Just because I work in groups with some people does not mean the relationship will progress, you know? I have noticed some people are just in school for school and to get their degree/one step closer, and don’t want to get to know anyone more. It’s really hard, because I want a few friends close by. :(

I have been absent from each class three times. I cannot be absent more than six times (not that that is needed or anything). I skipped last week (just Monday/Wednesday) only because of that stupid doctor whom I am going to see next Thursday. My speech teacher (Cherie) told me that it’s okay to be mad at him and to let it show. :P

Ick, burnt toast… no es bueno. I don’t even like my toast to be that crispy either! Hope it gets fixed soon.

Mmm, daydreaming is a fun land to be in. In it everything can be perfect and you can just escape from whatever is going on for a while, even if things are just boring. Daydreaming is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Here in the Philippines, I think it’s normal not to have an oven and a toaster or even an oven toaster lol Since we’re like more into cooking than just reheating foods but here in our home, we have those three but we seldom use it. Yeah I hate burned toast too, I tried eating one before but I just can’t finish it. The taste is simply not tolerable xD Oh we don’t have a fire alarm since we usually move from one house to another though I think it’s really important to have an alarm for safety purposes.

I like daydreaming but usually all I think about is me and my boyfriend and what we’re gonna be like uhm 10 years from now lol I wonder how it feels like being in a place so high, being able to see the place below you :) Btw sis, I love your blog a lot.

Going out to eat is nice, except it also takes money to get done (food, tip, gas). It’s not until an amount of time that you realize how expensive it gets. I rarely do it, but I miss it sometimes when you just feel like being lazy and having someone else cook for you. O_O

I’ve had my fair share of eating burnt toast. Unfortunately. Though I think I’ve acquired a weird taste for it. Not charcoaled black, but just a little burnt. Same thing with tortillas. Weird huh? XD

reminds me of our oven toaster! I burnt bread because of it plenty of times..and one time the bread caught on fire while inside the oven toaster O___o;;;;; Our fire alarm didn’t go off either eek. From that experience I don’t like using oven toasters…i try to avoid it as much as possible XD Cold bread? Fine by me LOL

Seafood always cost more for some reason…I guess it’s because they’re harder to get? Not too sure XD

haha I like how your post suddenly went all day-dreamy :3 I understand the feeling…certain level inside a building or anywhere stimulates certain dreamy feeling.

Burned toast is so annoying! Our toaster was also going funny about two weeks back. Boy was it frustrating having to keep putting more bread in because the others were burned to a crisp. Things like that always happen when I am sooooo hungry in the morning. :(

You just made me want to go and get seafood – calamari or just fish&chips! Ha ha.

The entire description at the end of your post is very poetic – darn it, I love your writing style. :)

To reply to your other comment on my post, I work full-time, study full-time through correspondence so I study from home AND I still find time to do my celebrity and entertainment reporting. Yup, I have no life.

And I had a whole text convo last night with that same friend of mine, shame… She called me her ‘Glitter Fan Fairy’ :) ooooh and I love how you said your friends are Angels! How sweet <3

Yummy, I love burn’t toast, I am strange people say to that. If it gets too bad then I scrape it off with a knife. I use a toaser which are soo slow, a mini oven sounds cool though. I don’t even have a fire alarm. :(

To cook meat and most stuff we use a george foreman, now that cooks anything. Do you have those?

I haven’t eaten in a restaurant in ages, but the restaurants here don’t really look all that so it’s like eating in Mcdonalds lol. They are usally small and cramped.

We have a George Foreman grill, we don’t even use it though. It’s packed away now.

I don’t mind burned toast but it depends how burned it actually is. Eating completely black burned bits is bad for you, though. I think you ought to get a fire alarm just in case. ;D

Ooh those are so cool! We actually need one, they make everything so much easier. But we call them “Toaster Ovens”. We Americans are just so damn creative, huh?

Eeh that’s scary! But it’s true, at least you know it will wake you up in the middle of the night if there’s a fire. And also, it seems to catch it early when there’s not a lot of smoke so you can stop the fire before it gets worse. That’s always good. Our smoke alarms are all down because over the summer they started all going off at once. We had to call the fire department because my mom kept calling me saying “IT COULD BE CARBON MONOXIDE!!!” and so they brought two fire trucks just to check it out. >.< There was nothing there so I guess the detectors were just duds? All of them? Anyway, we never put them back up and we really should. Our house is tiny, though. It's over a garage, but it's still a house on it's own so we can see everything from our bedroom anyway. I'm glad yours is sensitive enough to pick up on even the smallest amount.

I always feel guilty when I burn something for some reason lol. I feel like I did something horrible. And your mom sounds just like me haha sitting there with a magazine (what I use) to wave it around the detector to make it stop. I do that lol.

That sounds so pretty! I love being up high and staring out like that. Eric's old office at his old job was on the 28th floor I think. It was so pretty. It had a little ledge and I used to just sit and look out at the city. It was dead center in the middle of it, beautiful. Day dreaming really is the best, it's so true. I'd much rather be in my day dreaming world than here sometimes…most times haha.

LOL. 9 cats? I would kill myself ahha. I sound mean in the post but I was exaggerating. I love my kitties and I spoil them to death. They get everything they want because they're so damn cute. Except for that last one. She just doesn't like me, though, and never did. She bites and attacks me randomly. We have this hatred for one another I guess. I gave her a little kiss on the head yesterday for being good and she just stared at me like @_@ .

Haha that's okay. Not everyone is a cat person. A lot more people like dogs. I asked Eric if we could get a puppy some day and he just rolled his eyes. I really would like one someday. :)

LOL. These damn fish. They're the only two we have left and we've had them for so long. They're these giant angel fish. It's horrible cleaning a big tank like that and every time one dies it gets stuck in the filter or something and then it has to be replaced. It's horrible! They are pretty easy, though, as you said. Easier than cats, that's for sure!

I totally agree. Every friendship was at the very least a learning experience. Even a life experience altogether. It shapes who you are even if the people weren't that close to you.

Thanks! I always admire yours. They're so clean and simple yet effectively pretty. Whenever I see a new one I get all excited haha. XD

Haha, you’ve read my mind! As you’ve seen from my twitter icon (actually, I think that disappeared.. I really should update it soon….) i’m not good at making icons! haha. i’ve gotten three entries so far, i think, and they all look great so far :) can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

the thought of wedging my entries *might* have crossed my mind.. lol. nah, i didn’t vote in this contest. didn’t want to bump up/down any of the votes :) I made my sister choose three to vote, and she picked one of mine :) that made me happy :) hehe

theres maybe one teacher that I’ve asked for an extension from. Otherwise I manage to get most of my work in on time. He’s really a great teacher, and he kinda knows some of the problems :) I guess it’s helpful when the teachers know, coz then they go easy on you!
and that’s the right attitude to take! *hugs to you too*

meh… i don’t have too many duplicates, and the only way to get too them is if you have the link.. so i’m good for now :) hehe

i fail at languages in general. I speak three, and i’m learning french atm. but i’m really not good at it – i ignore most of the rules, and don’t bother conjugating the verbs properly! lol. esperanto was a great idea, unfortunately not many people chose to use it!

BURNT TOAST :) hahaha. we used to live with about 25 people in my old house, all family… (ya, that’s a whole other issue). so the mothers, every morning, had different jobs – getting kids ready, making breakfast etc. my aunt, even if she was sitting IN FRONT OF THE TOASTER, would somehow manage to burn the toast. we eventually banned her from anything cooking related! haha

and wow – i didn’t know one could feel so… enlightened when atop a tall building! haha

I swear my smoke alarm in my house is the most sensitive smoke alarm in the world. If we heat up a frozen pizza in the oven when we take it out the alarm will always go off even though nothing is burning. I swear it detects the heat! Haha.

I like my toast well done, and a bit of burnt bits are okay… but all over charred black? I don’t think so. Our toaster is a mess; if you set it at three minutes, after three minutes it pops up barely toasted… so you pop it back down, and a minute later it pops up fucking charred. Our microwave has just gotten incredibly slow, as well: to soften ice-cream it used to be 10 seconds, now it’s at least 20.

We didn’t have smoke alarms until I was ten and got incredibly paranoid about being burnt to a crisp. There’s one near our kitchen and a few dotted about, including one right outside my bedroom to reassure me when I do get paranoid about the house burning down. None have ever gone off, though, unless I was testing them.

Your mum is right; better safe than sorry, eh. But, even so, it would annoy the shit out of me, especially if I got woken up at 6am. I am not a morning person.

Some seafood is okay, but some of it is a bit exotic for my taste. Paper cranes are awesome, ehe.

I don’t like lifts much, but when I went on the lift at the Eiffel Tower it was incredible to see the clouds (even if I was squished into a corner by a load of French girls and backpacks, and they all turned to stare at me and my friends whenever we spoke a word of English). I’m not great with heights, either, but it’s okay if you can daydream and see something other than damn silver walls.

I agree; reality can be constraining. Day dreaming is theraputic, I find, and it’s also fun. Plus it’s normally the only thing to do in maths class when you don’t understand a word about graphs. /ehe

Facebook sucked, from day one. I feel all evil and mastermind now that I’ve deleted it… idek.

I love swimming but I don’t think I could do competitions or classes or anything serious; my technique has gone downhill and I prefer to swim at ten minute stints for 30 minutes. Dancing is also something I love, but again – no classes; I just prefer to mess about. /um

Oh, that’s sneaky to say you couldn’t swim to get out of it… only to have to swim. Aha. The exercises are a pain; it did help my technique a bit, though. I used to have a good teacher when I did lessons out of school, then at primary school I had a horrible one, and in my first year of secondary school, I just had my PE teacher. It was alright.

You don’t forget, true, but if you’re anything like me, you’re terrible at it. :P

I live about an hour from the furthest inland point in Britain… so I barely ever go to the beach, let alone swim in British sea. It’s so fucking cold! I ever swim in the sea when I go somewhere warmer. I sometimes swim in outdoor pools in the UK when it’s at least 20 degrees Celcius. Which is, um, never. Except today and on Wednesday, the weather has been perfect. I’m hoping it’s going to last!

Take care! xx

Haha we have one of those ovens! But we only use it to cook like garlic bread in and what not. But since we’ve moved we haven’t really cooked anything lately. Most likely due to the way that the kitchen is situated in right now.

And I must apologize for not being a regular commenter. I really hate myself for this, but I am doing a good job of cutting back my hours on the computer. The night before last I had cut the computer off at 9:00 p.m. sharp and did not go on till 9:00 p.m. last night. So that was 23 hours of not being on the computer.

However, I was in a mess last night due to me not taking my klonopin on time, and me running out on top of that. The bitch at Walgreens (near our house) did not seem to care about wanting to refill my medications when my doctor clearly gave me the prescriptions to be FILLED. She just didn’t want to lose her license which is understandable, but I also didn’t want to have seizures/anxiety either. Which is what was pissing my dad off because of her being rude. So they said if we got the prescription changed they will refill it. Well; we went back to my doctors told them what had happened and boy was he miffed at the whole situation. He said go to another pharmacy. So we did. We went to the Walgreens next door to my doctors, which is more convient wise, and they gave me four klonopins in advance so I won’t have any complications, and my klonopin medication will be ready in one hour! :D I’m so happy with that!!! :D. But yeah, when I’m on the verge of having an anxiety/panic attack I can’t watch anything horror-suspense or even thriller related or I’ll go into a state of shock/coma shock type of thing. I posted this on my blog (I think) where I had watched a short film, and I didn’t know it was going to be a horror thing until the very end of the short, and it was a horror related thing and I thought that little bit won’t hurt. But it sure as hell did. I had trouble sleeping and was like in a state of trance or something of that nature. I finally fell asleep but it didn’t feel like I was asleep. ya know? Isn’t that a weird feeling?

But yeah I hate long elevator rides, but I love the fact that they ride so smoothly and you get there in no time. Unless they have some complications like they did at the Sky Lounge where Andrew’s friend celebrated his birthday at. We went up 3 levels and dropped back down. That was scary. But it was fun though. Haha!

I hated the smoke detectors but they’re good for a reason. They help you let you know when there is a fire. Like in my old house, it would go of constantly and would annoy the heck out of me. So I finally got a chair, took the damn batteries out and never put them back in lol until we moved. LMFAO!!!!! It annoyed me that much because it was constantly going off, even when there was no smoke in the house! Seriously! It’s like as if some unknown presence was setting it off by itself. But I just had enough and threw the batteries in a drawer in the kitchen and that was that. My dad did the same to the other one that I couldn’t reach either, cause it got on his nerves a lot lmfao….but oh well people react to different things a lot. I guess? I dunno. Anyway, I’ll see you around later on tonight. Oh and btw, my skype’s name is pookiebearsbaby . I re-nicknamed him to hunny bunny or hun bun lol. :D. I think he likes that better. And I honestly don’t feel awkward calling him that either like I do pookiebear or pookie. I dunno why I feel that way XD.

I have an oven toaster :P!. Its my best friend when it comes to food that needs to be dry heated. :O Or something. :P I call these things a dry heater and a microwave a wet heater. :O! o__O. Weird.

I wonder why the toast burned after the toaster oven is off :O I always came up with this weird logic that.. If it takes a while to heat up, it will take a while to cool down. Except that I haven`t looked through what physics term that can back it up XD!

I guess it is a good thing that the fire alarm went off :O! If its that sensitive, it can save lives B)! But you gotta bear the annoyance of it. For every false alarms there are. That happened to us. When we cooked food, the alarm calls once a while. We just took it off. And just be super careful with fire. :O

When you mentioned about Dr. Who, that song we played for band, Dr. Who popped up in my mind. I love that song XD! Its simple and clean :O! For me.

I love eating out. It`s like, we taste something different every time :O! But cold ramen is scary :X! Anything that is supposed to be hot that is cold is scary :X! Cold soup. 25 levels is high :O! The highest I`ve been to is 15 -__-!

Thank you for the luck :P! I think I have finished the fanlistings thingr I need to do except for creating 2 more pages :X! I might need to transfer my fanlisting domain thing. Because I`m turning this blog into a fanlisting/etc for the remaining time it has til the domain expires. And I bought myself a new domain name. Its all a hassle because my current host is closing down -__-!

The only exes I rather talk to are the ones I have some sort of interest in. Like a small small one. But I don`t expect anything. thats the best thing to do :O. But it is still awkward!!

Take care (:

My earphones always get tangled up in my bag. I wrap them neatly around my iPod but when I take it out of my bag they are all knotted up.

I’ve wrote a list of what to pack but I haven’t started to pack yet. I can’t take too much stuff because we are only taking one suitcase and the rest will be in hand luggage. I’m counting down the days now.

I hate it when things I use everyday break. Our dishwasher broke on Christmas day last year. It’s good to know that your fire alarm works though, that’s pretty important!

I’ve noticed sea food is expensive out so I usually stick to pasta or meat dishes.

Level 25?! I hate heights. If I go into tall buildings I can’t look down or my legs start shaking. Level 7 in our college’s old building was too much for me.

That kind of makes sense to have an over toaster if you don’t bake a lot. But my family bakes so we have to have an oven. We have a toaster and an oven but no oven toaster. :)
I think my smoke alarm also detects a certain kind of heat besides smoke. And our smoke alarms are all connected so if one goes off all of them will go off. It is terrible for my cat. He can’t figure out where to run from the noise! :D
Wow you are in a 25 floor university? I think I have one skyscraper college in my town and I don’t know that it is 25 floors. I don’t appreciate scenery as much as other people. Most the time I just don’t get it. I’m like “It’s is just the sky, stop taking so many pictures!”
It is really good to have angel friends. :)
I’d probably have to find a more painful and inconvenient way to live if I didn’t have daydreams.

The smoke alarms at my school are very very sensitive, such that it goes off when someone’s stir-fry is just a little steamier than usual. And it’s gotten to the point that people can tolerate the noise – so we’d all die if the houses actually burned down. *sigh*

Your sentence “they are angels” reminded me of one of Joseph Campbell’s sayings. We’re all capable of being gods. And obviously, I think that many people are far from godly. It is awesome that we all have a few great friends that make our worlds happy.

That’s very odd not to have an Oven, but at least there are other ways to cook foods like your toaster oven. I remember having a toaster oven when our oven broke.They are pretty cool, they are so tiny.

I had no idea what ramen was, I had to look it up :S
I hate seafood, well I like some fish and prawns, but I can only have the tiny ones in fried rice. I’ve always wondered why It’s always expensive maybe It’s something to do with supply and demand but other than that I have no idea :D
I was really shocked about Delta & Brian’s break-up I almost cried, I feel a little silly looking back at it but I’m such a huge fan of them and I never expected them to break up, but It’s life I guess.
I’ve noticed a lot of people use ‘F Yeah’ in their tumblr urls if its for a celebrity I’ve seen ‘F Yeah Delta Goodrem’ ‘F Yeah Lady Gaga’ and your tumblr fan page ‘f-yeah Ben Jorgensen’ and etc
I see tumblr is a personal thing on my personal twitter megziielove, I post a lot of pretty and girlie things but It’s what I like I’m actually surprised people are even following me but I have like 10 people following me on megziielove.tumblr

take care x

Awhh, that sucks! My grandparents insist on having a microwave oven. Idk, I kind of like it too, it’s different and plus you can see if it’s burning or not, if you are paying attention of course. =P Whenever my mom makes these yorkshire puddings, the smoke alarm in my bedroom goes off. Yes, we have one in the kitchen, same model too. We finally had to unplug my smoke alarm because it was funky. Plus, we have an alarm in the hallway right before my door so it’s all good.

That level 25 sounds breathtaking. I love moments like that even if they don’t last too long. It reminds me of that song by John Mayer called “Clarity”. It’s a song about realizing perfection in just a moment of time even if it’s only for a second. You should play that song when you are up there again … I’m sure it will give you a sense of enlightenment.

I hate burnt toast too. I have one of those oven/toaster things too but I barely ever use it. We do have an oven and a toaster so I don’t know why we have it. I guess it’s just helpful for cooking those mini-pizza things haha. My smoke alarm is soooo sensitive too!! It always goes off so early in the morning on the weekend (out of all days) because my mom likes to get up early and start cooking. Half the things she cooks doesn’t even burn though, just smokes up the place a lot. It’s annoying but I guess the food is worth it hahaha.

Hey Georgie ✌️ !
Thanks for your comment /eee
But if you don’t have an oven, how do you bake cakes? :C

I don’t think I’ve ever had any ramen. I’m assuming it’s pretty good….? AHahah. I’m not keen on seafood XD I’m ok with fish when it tastes like chicken.

Level 25? Like 25 levels up? THAT IS SO HIGH :O Did you ever see the movie “Devil” ? I’m just glad I don’t take the elevator to much….. ahaha. Level 25 sounds awesome, with the clouds and angels :O Daydreaming is cool. You’re cool :D

Does it snow in the winter in Australia? (noob :C ) What time do you usually start at uni? (ahaha, “uni” :D giggle).

Haha, my house has all 3! :P But I think it’s good you have sensitive alarms. If and when a fire is just starting you’d all know and there’s time to get out! When my mom makes Asian food sometimes the alarms go off because of all the oil and smoke and whatever else involved. So yeah sometimes it can be annoying. Better safe then sorry though.

I technically eat at a restaurant every day, I eat at Starbucks or Panera. Well not exactly restaurants but you get it. Seafood is expensive because … they’re a delicacy. Now that I don’t understand why.

Level 25, I’m assuming to be 25th floor? I haven’t been up that high in ages … I can’t even remember. I’d have to go to some business building in the city or something. I love looking at stuff up high though, even if I don’t like looking down.

I love daydreaming. Everything is so beautiful in the imaginary world. Angels. ♥

I think it’s more to do with skin color. Blonde doesn’t usually look good on Asians because of the yellow-ish skin, no racism intended! Some people can pull it off though. I never tried to go that light, but light is okay on me I think because I have weird pale skin. If I wore colored contacts I might be mistaken for caucasian, bahaha.

Thanks hehe! Awww that’s too bad, I love pink layouts. But people seem to love white grey or black? Come onnn don’t be afraid of some color! You have pink … on Ben not iPhoney! XD

Hahahaha it’s okay if you rely on public transportation though. In my case there is like none, so I really need to drive. Walking to places is tough when you’re carrying your mom’s groceries. Aka my Saturdays. I hope to get my license SOON because I’ve heard of people getting really good in merely a month. But also my state has tough laws.

My modem is really getting on my nerves with just the fixing. It would work for a bit then while I’m online the wi-fi suddenly disappears then I have to go through the fixing process again. I set up new accounts each time. GRH.

Omg that’s like the most awkward stage … you ‘date’ someone and possibly do ‘a little more’ but nothing official. Been there done that. The jackass only liked me for my looks/body because he said he was ‘physically’ attracted to me. At least I didn’t really like him that much. But I actually think it’s more awkward with my ex, haha. Idiots.

Ohhhh that’s good. I heard about things like these. You have to keep checkups up to date. If it does become cancerous (hopefully not) one would find out early. =)

I’ve never heard of a toaster oven… It sounds cool, though. Our oven is perpetually playing up, which is a bit problematic, and our toaster is an ancient piece of junk that takes about five minutes to make a single slice of toast.

I have the same reaction to tall buildings, although I get laughed at for daydreaming on high floors. There’s something surreal about being among the clouds, and so far away from the ground. It’s almost like removing yourself from the earth removes you from reality entirely.

You’ve got such a lovely, poetic way of blogging. It’s awesome – I enjoy reading it so much :) ♥

i LOVE toast, it’s yuuum yum!! we don’t have an oven toaster, but we do have a normal oven though. i hate the sound of the alarm, it goes off here sometimes too when my dad is changing the battery or checking if it’s still working.

i’m not out on restaurants much, but when i am, i usually eat taco, pizza or something along those lines. i’m not exactly a fan of sea food, but some are great!

i wouldn’t have left heaven either, i use to daydream a lot!! haha (:

i save my hand cramp to the mock exam in math, when we’re writing english we write on a computer. i would never manage to finish if i was to write by hand. but yes it’s great to get some practise before the real exams.

yes i want to support the bands i like too, i buy some from itunes (: i also get some from friends though. but if i buy the physical album it will most likely just be in my shelf since i don’t have a cd player, we have a cd player in the house, but my parents aren’t a big fan of my music, haha (: so i’ll just play them when they’re out of the house. but it would be cool to have the physical album!! :D

have a nice weekend!! (: have fun at the picnic with your friends.

I hate burnt toasts. :(

Hiiii just passing through :) Reading your blog.. ahh i love burnt toast with butter and jam. Haha is that weird?
Love your website, very nice looking :)
Possibly take a look at mine?

Emma Louiise

Thanks for your reply.
Awwh yeah, i remember playing Duke Nukem. We named a hamster after that when we were little haha. x

I have never put our smoke alarm to the test, though now I kinda want to… It’s been a year or two since we’ve changed the batteries… Hmmm… /ho

I like seafood, too! Though, I do tend to order chicken more as seafood does cost a bit more. Maybe it’s because a lot of them are imported from different places? I’m not sure… Good question, though.

Btw, Raindrops by Armor for Sleep came on my iPod earlier today as I was organizing my photos. Naturally, I thought of you :P