Heart-shaped box

Seventeen years ago, Kurt Cobain died. Heck, I wish I’d been into his music then, but I wasn’t. My dad had heard of Nirvana. I’m sure he listened to them on occasion, even though, unlike many enthusiasts these days, he wouldn’t have looked up much about them. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and the songwriter of Nirvana. Though I found out about him much later, his music still inspires me. He wrote fantastic songs, unique songs that bled out the emotions he was feeling inside.

Every time I think about the fact that he’s dead, I want to cry. It’s just sad listening to his music, seeing photos of him smiling, knowing that he inspired many other people as well. May he rest in peace. ♥️

My laptop battery came in the mail yesterday! My dad told me when he picked me up from work. I was excited to try it. But I wasn’t going to kill it like my old battery. With my old battery, I kept it in the laptop and overcharged it and used it so much that it eventually died. I kind of cooked my laptop when I accidentally left it in my bag and it didn’t turn off. 😶 So I’m going to be really careful now and only use the battery when necessary. I’m using just the power cord at home, and I’ll only use the battery if I need to move around the house (which is rarely!) or when I’m at university. I’m really happy now, I can go back to using my laptop on the train… huzzah. Well, I can’t always use it on the train since it’s squishy with the people around me. Ugh. But I did have a lot of problems doing anything without the battery so I’m glad it’s finally arrived.

I wanted to skip class today because I hate today’s class. I did my readings and listened and took notes through the lecture. The stuff we were going through is actually relevant to my research for this semester, but I’m so sick of going through all this research crap again. If you’ve been keeping an eye on my blog for the past year you’ll know I did other research projects… and this is just really tedious to do it again. Thankfully this is the last subject I’ll have to do it for. I’m going to look into Twitter communities but I think this time I will save myself the pressure and not conduct surveys or interviews, but do some observations and literature reviews. Boring as heck, but that’s the better way out.

I didn’t skip class, though… I told Ryan and Dahlia I would go to class and stay for as long as possible until I got pissed off. I mean, I didn’t see the point in attending especially since we’ve gone through this research crap in subjects we did before. I actually started being really active in the class discussion… which is unlike me. And naturally, there was discussion about Facebook (as we focus on social networking a lot), and even though I disliked it, I could offer a point of view of someone who doesn’t have Facebook. Seeing as a lot of research is about Facebook.

I went to the bank this afternoon, but it was closed. I was really annoyed because I ran all the way there.

I bought bubble tea. 😁 I haven’t had it in at least a month, and I haven’t spent a lot of money so I figured I’d do with a treat.

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