Heart-shaped box

Seventeen years ago, Kurt Cobain died. Heck, I wish I’d been into his music then, but I wasn’t. My dad had heard of Nirvana. I’m sure he listened to them on occasion, even though, unlike many enthusiasts these days, he wouldn’t have looked up much about them. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and the songwriter of Nirvana. Though I found out about him much later, his music still inspires me. He wrote fantastic songs, unique songs that bled out the emotions he was feeling inside.

Every time I think about the fact that he’s dead, I want to cry. It’s just sad listening to his music, seeing photos of him smiling, knowing that he inspired many other people as well. May he rest in peace. ♥️

My laptop battery came in the mail yesterday! My dad told me when he picked me up from work. I was excited to try it. But I wasn’t going to kill it like my old battery. With my old battery, I kept it in the laptop and overcharged it and used it so much that it eventually died. I kind of cooked my laptop when I accidentally left it in my bag and it didn’t turn off. :X So I’m going to be really careful now and only use the battery when necessary. I’m using just the power cord at home, and I’ll only use the battery if I need to move around the house (which is rarely!) or when I’m at university. I’m really happy now, I can go back to using my laptop on the train… huzzah. Well, I can’t always use it on the train since it’s squishy with the people around me. Ugh. But I did have a lot of problems doing anything without the battery so I’m glad it’s finally arrived.

I wanted to skip class today because I hate today’s class. I did my readings and listened and took notes through the lecture. The stuff we were going through is actually relevant to my research for this semester, but I’m so sick of going through all this research crap again. If you’ve been keeping an eye on my blog for the past year you’ll know I did other research projects… and this is just really tedious to do it again. Thankfully this is the last subject I’ll have to do it for. I’m going to look into Twitter communities but I think this time I will save myself the pressure and not conduct surveys or interviews, but do some observations and literature reviews. Boring as heck, but that’s the better way out.

I didn’t skip class, though… I told Ryan and Dahlia I would go to class and stay for as long as possible until I got pissed off. I mean, I didn’t see the point in attending especially since we’ve gone through this research crap in subjects we did before. I actually started being really active in the class discussion… which is unlike me. And naturally, there was discussion about Facebook (as we focus on social networking a lot), and even though I disliked it, I could offer a point of view of someone who doesn’t have Facebook. Seeing as a lot of research is about Facebook.

I went to the bank this afternoon, but it was closed. I was really annoyed because I ran all the way there.

I bought bubble tea. /bounce I haven’t had it in at least a month, and I haven’t spent a lot of money so I figured I’d do with a treat.

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Thank you! :) Yeah, a few people have said that they’re too bright. I’d change them, but I only have the psd’s for a few images.

Thanks! I know nothing about anything todo with photography :P I see what you mean, though. Neither does my mum, but I’m hoping she will now! :P

Yeah, I guess :)

I’ve never heard of Kurt Cobain. I’ll check out some of his songs now though.

I’ve had so many different issues with my old laptops! My previous laptop wouldn’t even turn on unless it was plugged in, and then when it was plugged in it would get too hot and turn off, so then you had to wait an hour or two for it to cool down, and the cycle continues.. :P

Facebook is so, so boring! I’ve had it for about two years now, and even though there’s never anything to do on it, I still check it everyday :P

Laptop on the train will be awesome! I don’t have a laptop but I’ll love to be able to go on it while I’m on the train. Could do some designing or write a blog entry :D

Oh gosh, I remember those boring lectures back in the days of university. I’m kinda glad that’s all over. It must be pretty boring to sit through the same lecture again and again. Conducting interviews and surveys must be pretty time consuming, especially reading through them all and coming to conclusion about it all. I remember doing one for you a while ago. Feel free to pop me another set of questions if you decide to do another set of surveys.

Bubble tea! yum yum. I once had a bubble tea with coconut milk. That was actually really yummy.

✌️ I saw a Curt Kobain t-shirt the other day..but I had no idea of who he was.
You…hm, did your laptop burn in the end? :X It sounds scary, I feel like going off my laptop now, haha, maybe I need to watch out.
Your research projects sounds awesome..Just so you know. I take art, so when we do research, its about dead artists 😒 So don’t worry; people are suffering more than you. For sure.
RE: Gosh..your comment looks like a LETTER XD Great.
I think i might be reading too much..but I can’t just stop. /oh You read Sense and Sensibility too! I want to read it so bad. Is it better than Pride and Prejudice?
I remember crying when I read The Book Thief (it was so sad…but I read it in Norwegian)…so some newer books are pretty amazing too. But still; they don’t have that..power that older books have.
I read The vampire diaries, and i hate them..strangely. Even the tv-series is better! But thats just my opinion. When it comes to vampire books, I prefer Anne Rice’s books over all others.

That Disney film is so cute! :D
Haha, my not-huggability is a bit strange, but people hug me anyway 😰 Oh well.

🙄 Lol. The best thing about writing sad blogs must be getting comments that makes you smile!
Oh, you must have had a great English teacher. Mine is…undescribable, he likes to analyse poems, which I simply think is wrong. Who would like a whole class to analyse each and every word in his poem?

@_@ Another Jane Eyre version? …I’ll end my comment fast and start googling it (frency)..I’m so happy you told me /type

I’ve never listened to Nirvana, but my best friend loves Kurt Cobain so I’ve heard some things about him :P

Horray for having a new battery ! I should probably take better care of mine, but it still lasts around 3 hours so I guess I’m not doing TOO bad. I’ll always randomly have it unplugged, compared to my old laptop where I would have it plugged in ALL THE TIME. But now, at least once a week (Thursdays, when I have three hours of TV to watch haha) I’ll have it unplugged, and then randomly at other times as well.

You deserved that treat of bubble tea ;) haha. I’ve never actually had it, because I don’t like many fruits but I have some friends who are OBSESSED with it, haha. I’ll have to try it one day.

I blog about my personal life just because it’s a way to get it all out for me. The only reason I didn’t blog about a lot of the stuff with David, was because I hated being that stupid girl who went back to him. I didn’t even tell my best friends about it for the most part, until everything was over and I was hurting once again. He’s trying for another chance now, but I’m just done.

I did have a good time with nathan though :) I do think it shows something, that I missed it for him/at all. I barely even noticed I was missing it tbh, haha. It was a good night :)

Is it even a class if they just sit around and talk about Facebook? O.o
Oh, that’s gotta hurt. I get tired running a few laps around my yard.
I hate school in general. xD I’m starting to get tired of English, even, because of all the projects that keep cropping up in my workbook. This time, I’m doing a research paper on Robert E. Lee. It’s boring but hopefully shouldn’t take too long to finish.
And YAY FOR NEW LAPTOP BATTERY! I kinda wish my laptop battery would last longer. If it gets used for two hours, it goes on standby, which ticked me off last week as I was sitting in the car because it was too cold outside, and my dad had used up most of the battery, down to 10%. @_@

That’s really sad … I know about Nirvana through a friend who’s a big fan but I had no idea the lead singer is gone. It’s the same thing with Queen I think. It’s pretty shocking to find out something like this though, but it’s not uncommon. A lot of inspirational people have passed, like Roald Dahl or JD Salinger (for me at least). Even if they’re gone, we can continue to appreciate them and smile. ^/__________^

Now I’m really confused. People tell me to use the battery as much as possible to keep it alive longer. Then other people tell me to use the charger as much as possible. I don’t know, maybe it’s Mac vs Windows? I don’t understand how a laptop overheats though. My laptops have never done so even if I don’t turn them off all day. I remember in high school I had a netbook that I NEVER turned off and it never overheated.

Did you tell them that Facebook is a waste of internet space? My god I hate it so much. Probably because everyone else is obsessed with it. -/__________-

Oops… Other one cut it off…

When my laptop arrives in the mail, I’m going to charge it night so I can take it with me school and get online there. ^.^ It’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait. ♥ I didn’t know you could over charge your battery… That’s pretty scary. :(

Awhh. :( Hopefully the bank will be open next time. Do they have certain hours they have to be open? That may be more helpful. Or, maybe they have a website with that ifnormation displayed someone amongst the site? :P Speaking of research… ;)

I love how, if you wanted to, you could just … skip class! Because it’s college, and they won’t call your mommy/daddy asking where you are! :P However, I can’t just skip speech, especially since the teacher knows my mom and I. >.<

This is my attempt in being the first commenter, although I highly doubt I'll win at this. /type

I don’t think I’ve gotten into a band when someone was dead. Except the Beatles. :) But that would be sad. Defnitely would want the person(s) to rest in peace. :D
I think I’ve heard of Nirvana too. But I don’t know that I’ve listened to any of their music.
Congrats on the laptop battery. I hope it lasts longer. I know my mom may need a new battery for her netbook. But it still charges at least 94% so we aren’t that worried.
I hope you can get through the research project quickly. I would try to make it as fun as possible or rush through it. “Oh the war against bordeom I wage with alacrity.” :)
I think I should keep my eye out for bubble tea. It sounds interesting.

RIP Kurt Cobain. ♥ Like yourself, I wasn’t into his music then either. Tbh, I’m not THAT into Nirvana at all. I’ve only listened to their album Nevermind. Such a shame the way he died though. :(

I always have my laptop plugged in (and with the battery in), I never use it on it’s own battery. I done the same with my old laptop and when it broke, we thought it was the battery. Although the battery had given up, my laptop just corroded where I split a cappuccino on it a couple of years earlier. :X

I’m glad you can start using your laptop on the train again. :P I always see people using laptops on the bus and I’m like “really?!” IDK, just seems.. awkward to me. :P

I used to hate it when we went over the same stuff again at school. Obviously, I had to actually stay in the class but man, it was so boring. I think it’s good that you can give your view point on not having Facebook. I mean, it probably comes as a shock to most people when you say you don’t have it. XD

Ugh, I hate it when you run somewhere and it’s closed. :(

I think it’s quite unfair that your mum pushes to get ANOTHER job whilst you’re off uni, I mean, you do SO much as it is. My parents would love to have you as their child lolol. Sucks to me be. I wanted to start doing more exercises (which is why I added soccer in my last goals) but then I figured, I’m trying to put ON weight so it’s a bit pointless.

There’s so much to be included in a WP theme tutorial. I don’t use many files in my themes but others might want to use them you know? I’m quite mean and my view on it is “I had to learn with no tutorials, so can you”. Bahaha.

I guess it is a waste of money going for a trim. But I guess since my hair is so thick and curly, I need it cut every 3 months. I have it trimmed, thinned out and styled though so I guess it’s worth the £20 ($32) I pay. I love your fringe though! Although, you can pull off having a fringe or not having a fringe, so either way is a win. :P

I love chips though. :( I have potatoes sometimes, mainly with Sunday roast (which I’ve actually started eating again- except beef, ew).

LOL I’m like that. When my comments are slow, I’ll consider going round and commenting some new blogs but then I get lazy and I get more comments from the people I talk to often, so I’m like meh. I can’t believe how lazy I’ve become with blogging lately. :( I just find it hard to think of things to write..

I guess it’s different because you know junk food isn’t good for you. With me, my 3 favourite foods are bread, pizza and pasta and I couldn’t eat any of them. Gluten-free bread is absolutely gross, the pasta is okay but quite sickly BUT, omg the GF pizza is so good. I didn’t know about the pizza until a few weeks ago though. XD I’m getting there, I still get a bit down when I’m craving something and see it has gluten or wheat in it but I just find something else to munch on, like fruit. I’m eating lots more fruit now. :B

I always said I would quit smoking when my cigs went up to £5.. they’re now £6.31 LOL. I’m on my last packet now so after that, no more.

Oh okay, but I guess it’s good that they are actually keeping an eye on it. ♥

You don’t need to reply to this, by the way. I just felt like rambling. :D

I’m always afraid to call myself a “fan” of any band or musician because I’m not the kind of person that has the entire catalog of the bands I like, nor do I ever look much into the background or facts. I consider my favorite band to be Muse and I couldn’t even tell you the names of the members. But, I guess for my own standards, I consider myself a fan of Nirvana. Kurt Cobain was definitely a lyrical genius. His voice always sounded so raw, and I love that, especially when you compare it to today’s over-processed garbage. I always wonder how the band would have evolved if he was still around. It’s such a shame.

Bleck, research projects. I’ve never done a university level one, obviously, but if if high school ones are a pain, I’m sure they’re much worse. Good luck with that. At least it’s about social networking (at least, I think that’s what you hinted at…apologies if I read wrong) and not thermonuclear fusion or something nutty.

I love Nirvana. Cobain died when I was pretty young, so naturally I wasn’t extremely aware as to who he was. I remember singing their songs when I was a young kid, not even understanding what it all meant. Now that I’m older, I have read and listened to the lyrics and have found him to be an amazing song writer. I honestly think the world is at a loss for him being gone, much like John Lennon. It’s a sad thing to know he contributed so much in his time as a musician, but it was cut so short.

I hate social networking at times. It gives everyone an excuse to say hello over the internet instead of in person even when you live in the same town. Sometimes it does help to reconnect with past friends that you may never have seen again, so I think it is a good idea when used smartly.

And congrats to getting a new battery. My internet box craped out for a few days so I was without internet for almost a week. Made me pretty mad actually. /hehe

I haven’t spent much time listening to Nirvana, or looking them up, but I never knew that they were from a while ago.

A while back, I read an article that said that in order to save money, you need to treat yourself to something small and nice once in a while. Otherwise, you’d get sick of saving money and then just scrap all of your savings. On that note, Bubble Tea is awesome and super tasty!

I strongly suggest using and draining your battery at least once a week. Never using it will kill it too unfortunately, but it sounds like when necessary happens frequently for you, so you should be OK. There are articles upon articles on how to extend the life of batteries. It’s sad how much effort people put into it really…

Good for you going to class and actually paying attention. I would have used the opportunity to nap.

I did read that some people put their batteries in the freezer… which was quite a stretch. I will be using my laptop quite frequently in class and will move around, but at home I’ll just be plugged in without it because I’m sitting at my desk all the time.

I nap on the train occasionally. XD

I like Nirvana, but it’s not in my Top 10 or anything. My dad gets pissed at Kurt Cobain because he feels suicide is selfish (and because he left his son to grow up without a dad). I feel bad that he felt the need to kill himself, but hopefully others can see what little good it does.

Anyway~I always have my power cord hooked up since I usually only get on my laptop in my room. I have a battery, though, but I can’t get on the Internet anywhere but my house, so I can only play games on it. :( I would love to skip Chemistry class, but my mom would probably kill me (since it’s high school…thank God it’s my last semester of it EVER).

You mean Kurt Cobain’s daughter (Frances Bean)? There’s still much debate about how he died; people always try to argue with me about it and tell me that Courtney Love killed him, or try to shame me by saying that I believe Cobain took a lethal dose of drugs and somehow managed to shoot himself… yeah, I make no sense. XD

I hate chemistry! Thank goodness it’s nearly over for you, because I dropped the subject in high school after one year and it felt so liberating.

I think the more modern lithium batteries stop charging once they’re reached their limit automatically. I’m not so sure. My mother’s dinosaur doesn’t have a lithium battery, and she just leaves it plugged in. It has a battery life of around 10 minutes.

If you skip class, you’re just going to have to make up for it at a later date (and that’s why I don’t skip school. Just more work later on.. =__=)

Bubble tea is amazing. End of discussion right there.

I’ve never heard of Kurt Cobain or Nirvana. Then again, I don’t listen to that kind of music. I’m not really into classic or heavy metal songs. I’m more into Rock & Pop, R&B type of music. For some reason, it seems boring with no lyrics for classic. I barley understand what they’re singing for heavy metal. I’d be like, huh? Haha. :P

Congratulations on the your new laptop battery. 👏 That sucks. I hope it doesn’t die like your old laptop battery. Yeah, it’s best not to overcharge it. I like to check on it every now and then. I do that with my cellphone and DVD Player. My cellphone and DVD Player tends to drain really fast. /argh

Haha. I don’t blame you for wanting to skip class. I would only on the boring ones. I tend to fall asleep during lectures. :D Good luck on your observations and literature reviews. It sounds like fun. /hmph You should do a comparison of Twitter. Get people’s opinion on the like’s and dislike’s.

Every time I’m active in a class discussion, people don’t like me afterwards. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m a nerd? Oh wait. I am a nerd. ✌️ I’m glad to hear you stuck through with your boring-ass… I mean your kick-ass class. XD Everyone ask why I don’t have a Facebook anymore. I just don’t want to deal with the e-drama’s. That’s not good enough for them. Oh well. 🙄

I hate when that happens. I went to the public library one time. It was closed for some holiday. I forgot which one it was. /bash I never heard of bubble tea before? Is that one with the black crap inside? I forgot what it’s called.

People put in a lot of time and money for their dream business. It’s sad to see it crashing down. Maybe not the best time to start your own business. Wait for the economy to fully recover. Whenever that will be. Hopefully, soon.

Thanks. :) I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from. Not a lot of people are like that. It’s sad. I haven’t received an email yet asking about it. Let’s just keep it that way. I’m crossing my fingers. 🤫 That doesn’t mean I’ll drop everything. People just need to be patient. If they can’t, I’ve got three words for them: Read A Book! Haha. XD

I can’t eat Taco Bell anymore. Not after that food scare a while back. People got sick from the food. Yikes. Never again did I eat from there. I don’t want to get sick. 🤬 Starbucks closed five stores here. Apparently, they built too much. There’s one every other cities. I love Starbucks. My favorite is Mocha Frappuccino with Double Chocolate Brownie. Hmm. /kiss

I wish I had someone like that who inspired me. If I wasn’t so tired and it wasn’t close to midnight, I would have looked up some of the songs by Kurt Cobain. I have heard of him, though. Since English is not my native language, most of the music I listen to is Hindi, or contemporary english, like rap and stuff. Backstreet Boys and Rihanna. So I feel inadequate to comment.

Congratulations on your battery! The hard disk of my computer is acting up and we replaced it only a short while ago, but I use the computer for long periods without giving it a break…and I feel I’ll have to be more careful too.

I hate it when we are made to do the same thing again and again. Good luck with your project. I am not addicted to facebook like most of my friends are, they HAVE to update their statuses everyday or the sky will fall or something, but I think its a nice way of staying in touch will my old friends who are not in my school anymore and with whom I don’t get a chance to talk to as often I’d like.

India has beautiful traditional dresses. The Sari is one of the sexiest outfits in the world. Someday, I am going to blog in detail about the traditional Indian dresses with close-ups. Mine is just a blurry picture.
Too bad I don’t wear them a lot. Usually, a jeans or skirt works well for me. xD

I read about your cousin. Its hard when anybody passes away. I remember I once attended the funeral of my great-grandfather, and even though I’d barely known him, I cried because the atmosphere was just so grim and my mum was crying. And a few memories of my great-grandfather would come back, and I’d feel even more upset. I am sorry about your cousin. *Hugs*

Hah. People mostly post mean anonymous comments because they are jealous of you. There was a girl in my class who used to do that, but after a while, I started enjoying it because it explained exactly how superior she thought I was to her, when I am just an ordinary person like her.

My comment is pretty long too. I almost always have something to say. Comes with the job. :P You’d know. xD

Really? I thought laptop batteries usually lasted that long or longer.
Oh. I must’ve misunderstood. xD I’m just sad like that, y’know?

Eh, I’m not bad. And I have no idea when you commented, honestly. I’ll just assume ‘good night’ is correct.
King of the Hill isn’t a movie, if that’s what you’re referring to. It’s actually an animated TV series. It got canceled a couple of years ago, though. /argh Thankfully I still have it on Netflix!
I have an EEE netbook. It used to be my mom’s, but she got a new one a few months ago. But now my dad uses it because it hurts his back less to sit in his recliner rather than at his desk. Blergh.

I do love Kurt, after listening to the words he wrote when I was younger – he’s the reason I started writing poetry and lyrics.

Glad to hear you got your battery. Before my laptop died the battery had been long dead and it was so horrible having to be attached to the wall all the time. I used to go outside for a few and write, but not any more. Ugh, I can’t wait until I get a new laptop (I’m looking at one for under $400).

I’m a research geek, I love doing it but I’m not sure why. I’ve never thought about going into a field that I’d have to do research for at all – I guess it’s just a weird hobby. haha.

I’ve never had bubble tea before but I hear many people talking about it, I need to find some to try.

Hey! Oh I have done that before! Overcharged my battery. Only happened once though! Haha, cooking your laptop is never fun. Especially when it is like half of your life! When people have asked me what I would pick if I could only save five positions from my house if it was burning down, my laptop would be one of them. Well first would come my violin, then probably second my laptop. Not sure what else I would grab. My violin and my laptop are my two most “valuable” things to me that I could just grab and go. D: (hopefully that never happens!!)

Bubble tea? Hmm, I have never even heard of it, much less tried it. I have to say that it sounds…interesting. At least by the name. I’m not a fan of tea, well unless you count Brisk (yum! it’s like tea on a sugar high) and Snapple. XD

If that how’s you feel about heavy metal and classical, good for you. 👏 However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s just how I feel about heavy metal and classical. That’s not going to change. Everyone has their own taste of music. I only listened to classical songs with no lyrics, so I didn’t know some do have lyrics.

You’re Welcome! :) I’m sure you’ll be able to stay on your laptop longer. It won’t die out sooner then you think. I’ll still watch whatever on my DVD Player, even though the battery light is blinking. :D

That’s just what I would do. I like doing comparison on different stuff. It’s easy and fun to do. Well, to me it is. Everyone is different. Good luck with your Twitter project. I hope you get all the answers you need. (Y)

Yes, people do get jealous because I contribute a lot to the discussions. I don’t care. We have a mouth for a reason. We should be able to use them as we pleased. That’s what I exactly tend to do. If they don’t like it, that’s just too bad. No one will tell me to be quiet. You know I won’t. XD I rather be a nerd than an idiot. ✌️

Yeah, I knew the black crap was tapioca. I was just too lazy to look it up. 🤫 I tried it one time and I didn’t like it. If I do get a bubble tea next time, I’ll just get it without the tapioca. ;)

I agree. I rather make my own taco. It’s a lot cheaper than going out and buying one. That’s too bad. I know what you mean. Too much Starbucks. We just need a couple of them. Not a whole lot. Two Borders Books and Music are closing down here.

Wow, I can’t believe It’s been 17 years since Kurt Cobain died. I just realised I was only 2 when he past. I’m not the a massive fan, but I don’t mind listening to his music :)

Congrats on the your new laptop battery. 👏 yay :)
Let’s hope it doesn’t die like your old laptop battery.
I know it’s best not to overcharge it, but at times I do overcharge my phone and ipod. Sometimes I leave it charging for a few hours at night but then I fall asleep. Then I freak out in the morning because I forgot to take it out of the charging dock. :S

I use to always skip the boring ones, becuase I don’t see the point of turning up if we aren’t going to learn anything sometimes I wanted to fall asleep but I know I’ll get caught.

take care x

RIP Kurt. He was amazing, such a genius when it came to music. I really wish I could see him live in concert, if time travel were possible that’s on my to do list haha.

I always felt so guilty when I skipped uni class considering how expensive it is! But I always found lectures so dry and boring! The tutorials were more fun. Good luck with the semester :)

My cousin Kelly was one of his biggest fans, so I’ve heard it all from her. I’d walk in her room, and she had posters all over her walls. Then again, he was more of her genre. :P

That’s good you didn’t skip class! I have been really bad lately and been skipping a lot of classes and now I am a little stressed out because I kind of don’t know what is going on in my classes. I really need to make everything up at the final exams. Hope I do well!

OMG! I want bubbletea!! I haven’t had bubble tea in sooo long!! Now I am really tempted to get some but I’ve been really splurging with food lately and I need to calm down haha. Maybe tomorrow!!

i usually tend to forget take off my laptop’s battery when i plug it. my friend told me that it will surely cause my batt’s life early. bwahaha. /hehe actually, i just removed the battery while reading your post. thanks for reminding me. lol

i love treating myself. most of the time i treat myself with expensive foods. i mean those that i dont typically buy when i’m saving money. lol. but if i feel like i have a lot… THEN VIOLA! instant good food! :))

Ohhh no research. I wish research papers were only the highschool research papers. Hahaha, full of plagiarisms. I’ve had a number of research projects before, too. I never liked doing it. I always crammed those D:
My laptop totally needs a new battery, too! T__T I’m just using the power cord, and it really sucks because I like moving around the house a lot. I also like taking my laptop out of the house, but I can’t do that now. Someone told me that it’s okay to keep the laptop plugged in while the battery is in, but now I’m thinking whether I had been trolled or he didn’t know as well. =/
Bubble tea!! I love bubble tea <3 I like chocolate ones. I heard there's a Nutella bubble tea somewhere in my city, but I haven't tried it yet. XD

hey thx for commenting on my post. ill look at the settings this weekend maybe. what wacom do u have (james)?
im so glad im finished with assignments, they got my head in as well. they were so hard and difficult, they were all concerned with graphic design so we had to think creatively but for some of us thinking creatively took time.
in some classes i would fall asleep because of the lecture, sometimes my friend and i would just get up and go the bathroom rather than stay lol :X
its sad listening to music by a person who has died. i listen to stephen gately (ex boyzone member) i was distraught when he died i still am.
my laptop doesnt last long without the power cord i think it lasts an hour or a bit longer. it is meant to last 3 hours but it hasnt ever.
what is bubble tea?

i have heard about nirvana, i haven’t heard any of their music though, and i neither have heard of kurt cobain, maybe i’ll have to check some of his song texts (:

i’m glad your battery to your laptop arrived (: i don’t have a laptop, so i have never killed a battery before, but my dad has for sure though, i think he overcharged it too, haha! i hope the battery will last longer this time (:

good luck with your research project!! the topic social network sounds interesting!

haaha i’m also never active in class discussions, but sometimes i light up! lol (:

you have more albums than me, i honestly don’t have any albums of my favourite bands (i don’t even think it exists one cd in my room). i just have the downloaded version. the stores don’t sell the physical(?) albums where i live, i’ll have to buy them from the internet one day soon.

sometimes life is like a rollercoaster, and it’s great to relax sometimes, get away from everything and do nothing!! (: we have a break too, in about two weeks, but the break is already planned with family, i hope i’ll get some time to relax then (:

thank you, i will!! i’m going to read as much english as i can to prepare for tomorrow’s english mock exam, have a nice day/night as well!! <3