Once upon a time

Today I woke up feeling quite alright, then I had a crummy morning as I rushed to make lunch. I caught the train with James and Mike, decided not to go to my lecture and we bummed around with me appearing rather miserable.

My tutor told me off in class, telling me to close my laptop. Yeah, alright, I wasn’t exactly paying attention but she didn’t have to tell me what to do. Some people choose to do their readings after class, which is all well and good – at least they do them. I prefer to read them beforehand. But this tutor was telling us that it was impossible to have any kind of class discussion if no one did the readings… needless to say, I think most people get annoyed with her attitude, though she is a good tutor.

Last week she was telling half of us to move forward and move closer to the front of the room, continually saying, “the acoustics in this room are terrible”. She told me to close my laptop and when I only closed it halfway (because I didn’t want it to go to sleep – my settings put the laptop to sleep when I close the lid). I was pretty close to shutting my laptop and getting the hell out, but I just dealt with it. Let’s just say Georgina was really quite moody today. /um

I also applied for a scholarship – first one I’ve ever applied for in my life, and I wrote about 700 words about my career goals and current skills. In all honesty, I don’t mind writing about myself, but this seemed rather difficult. I hope I get a scholarship, I’d be pretty proud of myself if I did. 😛

Onto something else… I used to think that if you called people pet names, you were either an old lady, a flirtatious male, or someone in a committed relationship. Obviously I have come to the conclusion that I am wrong, because everyone calls anyone “honey”, “sweetie” and “love” these days. At least, I’ve noticed that I’ve picked it up. I believe it was mostly over the Internet that I began to use it, and that people called me such names too.

A while ago I despised being called every pet name under the sun, because someone had pretty much assigned every possible pet name to me. I found it rather irritating to be called “Angel” and “Baby”. Certain names just make me cringe. Who was I talking to about it? I don’t remember, but I think we laughed at names like “Pumpkin” and “Snookums”. I guess it’s cute, but it won’t last, at least not for long. James and I call each other Wugg and Wuggs respectively – it’s just something that has stuck to us over the years. But James and I both agree that it would be really weird to call each other those names from across the room. Mike calls girls “Princess”, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I guess there are certain names people use, some don’t use them at all; some are severely bothered by pet names and some people use them far too much.

Personally, I use “honey” and “sweetie”; often “dear”… sometimes I use it with some people and sometimes I don’t. I have no idea why this becomes an odd habit of mine, I guess it’s like the “x” I stick at the end of most of my text messages now.

I used to hate being called such names. Aahahaa. Pumpkin.

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