Once upon a time

Today I woke up feeling quite alright, then I had a crummy morning as I rushed to make lunch. I caught the train with James and Mike, decided not to go to my lecture and we bummed around with me appearing rather miserable.

My tutor told me off in class, telling me to close my laptop. Yeah, alright, I wasn’t exactly paying attention but she didn’t have to tell me what to do. Some people choose to do their readings after class, which is all well and good – at least they do them. I prefer to read them beforehand. But this tutor was telling us that it was impossible to have any kind of class discussion if no one did the readings… needless to say, I think most people get annoyed with her attitude, though she is a good tutor.

Last week she was telling half of us to move forward and move closer to the front of the room, continually saying, “the acoustics in this room are terrible”. She told me to close my laptop and when I only closed it halfway (because I didn’t want it to go to sleep – my settings put the laptop to sleep when I close the lid). I was pretty close to shutting my laptop and getting the hell out, but I just dealt with it. Let’s just say Georgina was really quite moody today. /um

I also applied for a scholarship – first one I’ve ever applied for in my life, and I wrote about 700 words about my career goals and current skills. In all honesty, I don’t mind writing about myself, but this seemed rather difficult. I hope I get a scholarship, I’d be pretty proud of myself if I did. :P

Onto something else… I used to think that if you called people pet names, you were either an old lady, a flirtatious male, or someone in a committed relationship. Obviously I have come to the conclusion that I am wrong, because everyone calls anyone “honey”, “sweetie” and “love” these days. At least, I’ve noticed that I’ve picked it up. I believe it was mostly over the Internet that I began to use it, and that people called me such names too.

A while ago I despised being called every pet name under the sun, because someone had pretty much assigned every possible pet name to me. I found it rather irritating to be called “Angel” and “Baby”. Certain names just make me cringe. Who was I talking to about it? I don’t remember, but I think we laughed at names like “Pumpkin” and “Snookums”. I guess it’s cute, but it won’t last, at least not for long. James and I call each other Wugg and Wuggs respectively – it’s just something that has stuck to us over the years. But James and I both agree that it would be really weird to call each other those names from across the room. Mike calls girls “Princess”, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I guess there are certain names people use, some don’t use them at all; some are severely bothered by pet names and some people use them far too much.

Personally, I use “honey” and “sweetie”; often “dear”… sometimes I use it with some people and sometimes I don’t. I have no idea why this becomes an odd habit of mine, I guess it’s like the “x” I stick at the end of most of my text messages now.

I used to hate being called such names. Aahahaa. Pumpkin.

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I remember when I lecturers use to dislike people tapping away on their laptops while in class. Clearly people weren’t taking notes or anything. Most of them were doing assignments or surfing the internet. Some lecturers actually set a rule for no laptops allowed during class.

I hardly use pet names. I prefer to just address the person by their name rather than a pet name. Sometimes I do but very rarely.

I don’t really mind if other people use pet names on me though. Guess many of my friends use it and I’m pretty use to it.

I’m guilty of calling people “doll”. Oops. My bad!

Oh I like that one! Someone called me that a while ago; I thought it was rather unusual but that’s one of the ones that sounds less weird than “pumpkin”. :P

Ah, it’s just one of those days, you know? I know how you feel, when everything annoys you. MOODY DAYS. XD

Congrats on writing 700 words for your scholarship! :) It must be hard, I know I’d find it hard. I hate writing things like that. /wah

I like saying, “honey” and “sweetie” to my brother when he’s in a bad mood with me – not to piss him off further but just to calm him down a bit. I don’t think it works though! Hehe. I don’t know, if someone called me “baby” I wouldn’t cringe, well I think I won’t. No one has ever said that to me. xD Awww! “Princess” THATS SO SWEET. I want someone to call me that!! :D

The teachers in my school (the female teachers) calls everyone “duck”, I think it’s some kind of saying here in England. :P

I don’t normally have readings, but if I do, I usually read them as I go along and reference to them. Occasionally I can have problems retaining information well enough to write something about it, which is why.
I can be moody sometimes, usually when I don’t get enough sleep. Actually, I’m moody most of the time. :P
I HATE BEING CALLED LITTLE! /argh Even if I am younger than pretty much everyone I know, except for my brother, I do not want to be called little! Heck, compared to most kids these days, I’m the mature one and they’re the little ones! -eye twitch-
Eh, I don’t call anyone ‘dear’ or ‘honey’. x.x That would be weird, especially since I’m in 4/5th grade.

I’m sure your tutor thought you were doing non-class related things behind that laptop. I mean, who doesn’t? :P

Good luck with your scholarship ^/___^ the only scholarship I ever got was from my school when they accepted me, due to my ‘portfolio’ as they say. I wonder how I got in when I’m no artist. :P Without the scholarship I wouldn’t be going to school though, so I’m grateful.

I hate pet names so much. I think they’re used by old ladies, seedy guys, cheesy boy x girl situations, or just people making fun of others. ‘Princess’ is used by seedy guys to make fun of innocent girls in my opinion. Likewise with ‘baby.’ The only acceptable situation is mother to young child with ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’. Otherwise it’s just annoying for me.

I’ve been in a moody attitude lately as well, but really she had no right to demand that of you. I really dislike when teachers do that. I like to do my readings for class in class too, or take notes while the teacher talks (and I am the only one who does this in my class) because it helps me to remember, and when they notice they spazz at me asking why I am doodling or not paying attention. @_@

Good luck with the scholarship! Hard work always pays off, so hopefully you will get it! :)

The cute nicknames are not just on the internet. At least in my world. They are everywhere, and some people use them so loosely too! It kind of annoys be but oh well. What can I do. I do use the nicknames though I have to admit, but always in a sarcastic way.

HAHA! I absolutely LOVE pet names! I think they are cute! Idk, I guess it just goes up to personal preference! LOL.

Dude, having someone tell me to close my laptop in class would totally ruin my whole day.

I’m not a big pet name person. Bryan and I don’t even have names for each other. I called both of my dogs “puppy” and “baby” all the time, but, ya know, they’re dogs.

I would be pisst off if a tutor told me to close my laptop! lol But I wouldnt storm off as well.
I’m not too fond of pet names either especially: angel. I hate being call angel…makes me wanna punch that person… some angel i am lol

But I do like ones you personally use because that’s what I personally would use lol XD;

hey there
If someone told me to close my laptop, or a teacher i would ask why? if they come up with a good reason i would say ok and do so. But im addicted to my laptop i always have it on and im always at it sometimes just staring at it lol.
im guilty in calling people ‘hun’ alot, i think i just got in it when people use to call me it. Hope you dont mind.
going back to our last discussion, hows your new battery for your laptop?

I hate BABE! I just want to poke someone’s eyes out with a hot fork … The guy I am seeing now calls me “Flossy” and “turtle” … I love Flossy, turtle is MEH.

My lecturer told me off once and I told him to get stuffed in a colourful exchange ;-)

Aw, I hope you’re feeling better now. :( It’s kind of lame to wake up feeling okay and then have the day crappen (I find that word quite impressive) as you go along. In all honesty I don’t tend to get my hopes up nowadays; I wake up and think “today’s gonna be okay I guess”. I don’t really wake up and think that it’s going to be awesome. Whoops. Pessimist much. D:

Ugh, what is so wrong with having your laptop open in class. -_- I mean if you’re still paying attention/doing some form of work, it’s really not that bad.

A scholarship, eh? I’ve never got one before in my life, let alone applied for one. Good luck! I hope you get it. There are some people at my school with scholarships and they are deadly smart, so I don’t think I could get one at my current school even if I tried ;w; (Besides, I can’t apply for one halfway through the year, paha. Especially since I’m not coming back next year).

I’m okay with some pet names. I call people ‘lovey’ or ‘love’ a lot online – I don’t even know where the habit came from – and sometimes ‘dear’. I don’t mind ‘sweetie’ or ‘sweetheart’, or ‘honey’ or ‘hon’, but in all honesty I’d never use them.
Paha, pumpkin. I mean how is pumpkin even a pet name? It always confused me because a pumpkin is this big orange crazy vegetable. Oh well.
Snookums is a new one to me… but ‘diddums’ or ‘sweetie pie’ are just as bad, I think. And I don’t know why but I don’t like being called ‘darling’…

I don’t like ‘babe’ or ‘baby’. Not that I’ve ever been called either but there’s something cringe-worthy about them. Princess is kind of cute though. ^^

I love how I critique all the names in your blog (pretty much all of them, anyway). :P

Take care! xx


Okay, that was lame, even for me. /um

Anyways, sorry about your crummy morning / semi-crummy day! But it got better, right?

I HATE when tutors are in a bad mood with the class in general and they take it out on ONE person. HMPH! Go vent your spleen somewhere else! RAWR.

Well I guess she has a point that it’s hard to have a class discussion if no-one’s done the readings, but you can’t just DICTATE how everyone studies. For some people, it’s more productive to do the readings AFTER the tute cos you understand what the readings are say more! *nods*.

Good luck with the scholarship thing :). I hope you get it. I’ll be proud of you tooooo :) :). But even if you don’t get it, at least you tried to apply for it. Hehe! It’d be SO COOL if you won.

OMG, pet names @_@. At law camp, because of my age, I got “baby” and “little one”. How embarrassing. Hahahahahaha! I don’t really use pet names that much D:. I get called pet names sometimes, but I guess I don’t seem like the kind of person who uses them. Maybe that will change later? Haha I’m sure if I hang around little children enough, I’ll start calling them ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ and stuff. Wow, that would be so weird XD.

Wuggs is cute :P. And it’s unique!

I don’t really mind being callled pet names, but hey, I’d prefer my real name any day.

Poor Georgina. :( If it helps, I got only two and a half hours of sleep Monday morning (yes, morning: 3:30 to 5:00am). I usually awake at five fourty-five – six at the latest – but I wanted to get up early so I could vaccum my room. My window screen is holey, and so bugs were everywhere. >.> Little, bitty, tiny dot-looking bugs. -.- My feet are all … eaten. :( Deodorant helps, though. It’s an AWESOME bug repellant. Just saying. >.>

But I was in the moody boat, too. :(

I used to call people “love”, no matter who, too. I picked it up from my friends. Now I just have a few nick names I have gotten (i.e. Cherry, because cherries are “party”-like, and although I’m not into parties, I’m quite a hyper and upbeat person, and I can make a lot of fun happen even with just one other person around. :P). I don’t really call people “love” anymore, but “hun” does slip sometimes, and it is starting to more often.

I think that certain names can be used by certain people. Like, I wouldn’t want a classmate calling me “babe”, and I don’t really like it when my (now ex-)boyfriends called me “baby”. Because then I feel like a toy or a stuffed animal to them, or like I am being held onto constantly. Or it gives them the thought/feeling that they own me. I wish I knew why; I really do.

A lot of people put an “x” at the end of things now. I don’t understand that. :(

My dad calls me “Punkin”, which is short/comes from “Pumpkin”. :P

Hey Georgie!! Man I haven’t commented in a while! Good luck on your scholarship, really hope you’d get it!!! :D My brother also applied for a scholarship for his Masterals. *crosses fingers for both of you*

I don’t like some pet names especially Baby. GAACK good thing nobody ever calls me that -_- I think I only use dear… I prefer giving nicknames that have something to do with my experience with the person like my friend Joan became Bobby coz… of something. XD haha!

Oof, I envy you your self-control and tact with that tutor. I would have likely said something smart or sarcastic and gotten myself in trouble, as I’m the same way. As long as I get the reading done, does it really matter if it’s before, after, or freaking during? It’s not like you (or I) am in primary/grade/elementary school.

Yay for applying for a scholarship! Daunting things, those applications. Good luck on it! :)

I’m from a southern (US) family, which means I call people “hon,” “dear,” “sweetie” without even thinking about it. It’s just ingrained in me, after hearing my entire family do the same my entire life. Quite a few times, people have scolded me or acted offended when I’ve called them “hon,” especially people in retail or the hospitality industry. I try not to do it, but it’s second nature. Strangely enough, I often don’t like being called the same names. Hypocritical much? Ha. XD

Ahh I would have wanted to punch her lol. I have some classes where I can bring my laptop but I’d rather take notes and use my notebook by hand for some reason. Unless there are a TON of notes. Then I bring it haha. At least she’s a good tutor, though, so it works out in the end.

Yay I hope you get that scholarship! I’ve never really applied for any, but I could really use the money for my schooling so I should! I’m kind of lazy and I always hate what you have to do. :/ They’re never easy lol.

I hear people say “love” a lot. And also around here they say “honey” or even just “hon” like (hun). It’s really weird. It always pulls me out a conversation when someone calls me something like that. And then I start thinking about it and doze off into another world lol.

LOL. Getting kicked in the cervix is awful. And it’s funny that you can actually imagine the pain lol. I remember trying to imagine the pain of childbirth when I wasn’t pregnant. I think because we have those body parts we can kind of get a feel for what it will feel like. Eek!

Setting up the furniture is fun. I’m mildy moody and when something goes wrong I flip out. We’re staying in our one bedroom now so it sucks that we have to make room that we don’t have. To be honest, I’d like to move but Eric doesn’t want to. He makes the bulk of the money right now so I can’t really complain too much about where we’re living. We have a cute little house in a good neighborhood and it’s actually really nice. If only we had one extra bedroom, though, damn!!

Hi! I just wanted to drop by and tell you that your website is great! :D You have so much amazing content too! (Y) I really like this layout as well… /love

I just opened my website and I’d be so honored if you could come check it out? I would love some feedeback /eee Thank you in advance if you do! ♥ <-these smilies are so cute btw… did you make them? 👏

Oh, I am so sorry about that! I will be careful to never do it again! I should’ve read the comment guidlines first… i’m sorry :(

i did read your blog though. It was really interesting :)

I hope you get that scholarship! People have told me that scholarships are hard to get these days… but I’m sure you’ll be able to get it! :D
I feel weird about calling people things like “honey” or “dear.” Sometimes, I like to type it electronically and in text messages, too, but I feel really awkward saying it in person… D:

Ah, pet names. How I hate them. This is neither the time nor the place to launch into a rant about that, however, although I need to mention that I absolutely hate the word ‘darling’. That is all.

That’s so annoying that she told you to close your laptop. I mean, it’s university, not high school. I think it should be up to you really, how much attention you’re paying her and how much you’re paying to your laptop.

What was the scholarship for? I hope you get it – good luck! I’ve applied for a scholarship once in my life, although it was an academic scholarship to the high school I currently attend, and you only had to sit a test and go to an interview, rather than write anything. It was so long ago now I don’t even remember what the test involved.

I hope you aren`t miserable anymore :(! Some teachers or people have their own attitudes and style of teaching. At least you read the readings beforehand, so I don`t understand what is with her. It`s like one of those people who does their job for the payment, not because they love it. If your laptop is almost closed, there should be no problem with it. Oh people these days. But I hope you`re not moody anymore (: good luck with the scholarship and I hope you`ll get the grant :D!

I don`t like calling people by their pet names. :/. I don`t like calling people by their nicknames as well :P I`m traditional with calling people by their birthnames :O or close to it. I guess its because I don`t like being called by nicknames or pet names either :P

I remembered when a guy from my class made a comparison about a toaster and the microwave. Or something :O. If you put a slice of ham in a toaster, it will be hard and crunchy-like. If you put the slice of ham in the microwave, it`ll be wet and hot. I don`t remember if I mention this to you yet O!

I remembered for the fundraiser, we played Dr who (: I gotta upload it :O I have a video from 2 years ago. This is the song I`m talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Nkl3Pec78

:O I was wondering, if I want to transfer my fanlisting, do I have to do it manually? :X! So far, I have been doing that /:

Emiley bought the domain for me :O So she has the information for the DNS and so D:! I asked for a DNS transfer and no reply so far. :/.

Take care too girrrl(:

I like being called pet names. One that I hate that Dante made up is “fluffers”. It half makes me feel like he is calling me fat. He says it because my hair is “fluffy”. -.- I wish it was straight but ehhh.

He calls me that and “evil care-bear”. Hah. I love “evil care-bear”. (:

I hate being moody. It’s awful. :( I was moody today because I pulled a muscle in my arm and I was on the verge of tears most of the day cuz it hurt so bad. I couldn’t hold anything in my hand it was so bad.
Well, if you want to ever get rid of a donate, at least think of me. :)

Yeah, all of them do. :)

Awesome! I hope I get an iPhone soon.

We all have such days. At least you were honest enough to accept it instead of casting blame on others, like usually I do. :P

I have received a couple of scholarships because I get good grades, but they were quite small and didn’t make much of a difference. It was still nice being chosen though. :)

Oh I used to hate being nicknamed! I am often called Shriz which I like but if somebody else gives me nicknames and uses them in front of everyone – it annoys me. Saurabh often used to call me “Blush” because I blush a lot, but thankfully, he didn’t use it in front of anyone.
Sweetheart and dear are the ones I use most often. Sometimes my friend call me honey or sweetie, so its okay.

Even I’d forgotten it was April Fool’s until Saurabh called me up with the plan. I was reluctant to try it out in case it might hurt Damodar’s feelings but then I went ahead with it, because it was not mean.

My free licence for QuickHeal expires soon, so I might try out Avast next. Thanks. xD

Oh my gosh, I think I would have gotten up and walked out.

I’ve noticed a lot my friends who are in school don’t do readings when they should, they always put it off until “later”. I don’t know, I’d do the readings before I’m suppose to just so I’m prepared just in case.

I hope you get the scholarship!

I dislike being called baby or babe. It doesn’t matter who it is, it just makes me want to throw up. The only “pet name” I use is honey, and the only place I use it is on the internet when someone seems to be upset. I just normally use nicknames, I’ve sure you’ve noticed Fingers from my random tweeting (sometimes just F) and a few times the pizza man. lol. Oh and Cupcake (which is a guy lol). Then Fingers calls me Cherry.

Gosh, I have a weird group of friends. lol.

I used to HATE pet names! I still kinda do, the only ones I’ve been able to get out of my mouth to call my hubby is “baby”, rarely “babe” and even less often “sweetheart”. I’ve been calling little Easton “sweetheart” and “sweetie” without even realizing it! I use “hun” a bit, but only online or through text. I’ve never called someone that face to face lol

Hey honey pieee! Haha just kidding.
Sometimes I love pet names sometimes I don’t. I really love to use ‘doll’ and ‘beaut’, or the standard ones like ‘love’ or ‘dear’. Felix started calling me ‘Muu’ from my name ‘Mutay’. In all honesty when he first started I used to cringe and laugh everytime. I think I’m slowly getting used to it. I hate when males I don’t know call me ‘baby’, makes me so uncomfortable *shivers*. So unnecessary.

Aww, we all have off days sometimes. Its only human :) I’ve never been to a proper lecture yet so I’m still waiting to experience these things. Are the readings written by the lecturer or is it just background knowledge on a topic?
Hope you’re okay, take care x

I’m sorry you had such a cruddy day! :( I definitely have those too, in fact, I just worked an 8 hour shift with a throbbing migrane today. /argh

hahahah! You’ve made me realize that I actually do use pet names, when I never thought of myself as the type of persont that would. People at work call everyone (including me) “hun” and “sweetie” all the time. I don’t though… I feel weird because I’m one of the young employees there (I’m 19, and the average age is probably around 24). So I guess I would feel awkwardly condescending calling other girls there “hun” lol. I do use pet names with my boyfriend, though! I call him “baby,” “babe,” “sweetie,” “cutie,” etc. etc. and vice versa. It’s definitely something that’s happened gradually over time, though! And we do have our “weird, inside joke” pet names, too. Like we call each other “buddy.” I don’t even know how that started hahah!