Honey, honey

I’m getting a new phone soon. :D Obviously to replace my current pink phone which was the crummy second-hand replacement for my lost/stolen iPhone, however you want to look for it. I’m actually surprised that despite the initial complaining and acceptance of no longer having my iPhone, I’m cool living without it. In fact, I could happily live with this pink Sony Ericsson if I had to – it’s a nice size, it’s easy to use – but I want to be able to play music on my phone and have a nice calendar and internet and other fancy things. Oh, and a keyboard rather than a numberpad.

I forgot to mention that I’m getting the Samsung Galaxy Ace. /bounce James’s dad is bringing it over when he comes here from Hong Kong. I went there once when I was a lot younger, probably too young to remember properly. I remember getting huge McDonald’s toys. :P

Ahhh so, last day of class is tomorrow, before the study break begins. I’m actually going to try really hard to get ahead on all my assignments, which will save me a heck of a lot of stress. Last year I remember that around May, we were stressing out so much; I had to ask for an extension once, and I was also preparing a presentation literally fifteen minutes before it was actually due. It was quite funny, because I did pretty well and actually rambled on for longer than necessary… basically, I intend to save myself the insanity and intend to plan to plan.

Speaking of planning to plan, I’m planning to properly plan a birthday dinner. My birthday isn’t really for a while yet, but I like to be prepared since it’s in the middle of semester and not exactly during break or holiday season. I haven’t celebrated my birthday for about ten years. In high school we’d just have a little cake or bring in some food to share, and my friends would give me little presents. This year it would be nice to have a dinner at a buffet; I did ask my dad earlier about it and told him of my rough plan (okay, I was just asking him how much it cost so I know how much to put aside XD), but I haven’t asked my mum. Well.

It would be lovely to have a birthday dinner for my 21st birthday next year, and I’d like for it to be all fancy and formal. I don’t know why being 21 is supposed to be special, but it’s a pretty number after all, and I think I like pretty numbers. The number 21 is better than 20, after all. The only problem with having something ridiculously fancy next year is that it would cost a lot of money… then again, Mike did say you have to live a little. I think that was just code for “don’t be a boring money-saving metalhead” (though not directed at me personally, I still felt somewhat guilty for not spending any money throughout February and March). Perhaps that is what made me want to have a birthday dinner. Or it could have been the realisation that I only have six, seven, eight close friends… some of them keep popping off, because I wonder if I’m really as close to them as the others.

I don’t know why I count my friends, maybe just to know that I have the closest ones on each of my fingers. Knowing Lilian, she’d probably call dibs on her favourite finger, perhaps argue with one of my other friends over which finger they want. Then again, that’s putting metaphorical and literal on the same level, which I ought to never do. What I do know is that my ex-boyfriend certainly is not on any of those fingers, and I’m saying that because James suggested I invite him to my birthday dinner and have everyone ignore him.

Nah, I’m not wasting my money paying for his dinner. Now that’s money worth saving.

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I like your pink phone :). But only cos I have the same one :P. But hey, I guess after the organisational efficacy of the iphone with it’s calendar and big screen and ability to store/play HEAPS of music, a normal phone really doesn’t compare. HAHAHAHA! You’d have to get a bigger micro sd card to play music through your phone! Did they give you the headset with it?

Omg, it’s so weird being on a mid-sem break when you’re not :(. It’s going to be weird going back to uni when you’re still on your break :P. But yeah, good idea. It’s what I’m trying to do now. Get ahead with my readings and my exam notes and what not. God it’s been tiring @_@. And I’m so worried about my Constitutional Law assignment. AAAAAAARGH! I hope you have a better time of it than me D:.

It’d be nice to celebrate your 20th :). I really hope I’m allowed to come, cos what kind of a person misses her best friend’s birthday dinner? (A total fail one, with overly-strict parents, that’s what kind).

Yeah, the money thing is kind of a concern. Hahaha my parents would pay for my 21st, but I don’t think they’d pay for a 20th D:. Remind me to get a job so they don’t have to. But woooow, I can’t believe we’re going to be in our TWENTIES soon D:.

LOL, damn straight, I’d fight everyone for my favourite finger (because I’m just SOOOO mature like that *sarcasm*). Hahahahrha, but I have to decide which one is my favourite first! Maybe the one with the prettiest nail or the prettiest ring? :P God, am I lame.

HAHAHAHA, James’ suggestion is HILARIOUS. But you’re right, it’d be a total waste of money! He’s not worth it!

Lol wow! That’s so crazy that you were scrambling for your assignments and still did well. When I was in school, I had more logic and scrambled as well. Faked my way through high school and did fairly well. Now though, not so much! Lol!

I need to plan my bday dinner as well. My 21st bday was amazing. I had family and some friends over at Chili’s and then we went to a gay club and danced and drank all night! Man was I jacked up! I had a great time though!!!

This year I want to have my bday at a Sushi Bar and have them reserve a table for us and play music so we can dance. That’s what I really want to do. But not a lot of my family is a big fan of Sushi, LOL. But they can order other things as well, I’m sure.

It’s been such a long time since I commented here, haha.

I got a new phone about 2 months ago because my old phone broke. At least I thought it did. It turned out to be this tiny issue we must have overlooked in all our attempts to fix it. I do love my new phone, but I’ve been spending way too much lately… I was thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy Ace too, among others, though I heard there were problems with the battery life, so I decided not to risk it. I really wanted to get that one though.

A lot of people just do most of their assignments last minute, but to me it feels like that takes a lot more effort cause you’re rushing everything. Of course you probably won’t get that good a grade either. I try to avoid it, but it’s so hard to just not give in to procrastination.

It’s awesome that you get to have a birthday party for once! You deserve to have a celebration. :) I don’t think it’s possible to have much more than 10 people who you’re really close to. I have a lot of friends, but only only about 5 who I consider to be really, really good friends of mine.

So glad you are getting a nice replacement phone. You’ve been talking about your lost iPhone for so long now so it’s good you’re getting something with the features you miss. My contract with Verizon runs out in December and I think I want to get my first smartphone (if I will be able to afford it, of course).

I always get excited when I get new phones. I want to get a touchscreen Blackberry soon :)

I’m heard of the Samsung Galaxy and it sounds so good :P! I actually just Googled the ‘Samsung Galaxy Ace’ and it looks extremely cool. xD

G’luck catching up with all your assignments :P I find we have so many assignments to deal with now, so I can imagine how much harder it’ll be to keep up with them in Uni o_O.

I hope you have fun planing your birthday dinner :) I love coming up with ideas of what to do for like my birthdays and stuff. 21 is always seen as such a special year, much like 16; and I think it’s because in the US when you’re 16 you can drive, and when you’re 21 you can drink. In the UK we celebrate 21st and 16th birthdays, and their big deals, when really at 16 you can’t do anything you couldn’t do at 16 as we can’t drive til we’re like 17/18 and we can drink when we’re 18 Dx

I think the whole thing about your 21st birthday being special might be borrowed from American culture, where 21 is the age at which you can finally drink legally. People do all kinds of special things here for their 21st. I’m thinking of saving to go to Vegas, since I’ll finally be old enough to enjoy the city for real.

Just wanted to comment on that little thing. I’m at work now and about to leave. :3

I admire you for being able to go from having an iPhone to a Sony Ericsson without an issue. I’d be lost without the nice little QWERTY keyboard on my current phone. I went on a protest against texting for a year or two because I had a number pad and it took me ages to send a single, short text.

21 is my favorite number. ‘Tis a very nice number. I used to be obsessed with playing and watching poker games, so it became my favorite number because that was the age I’d be able to gamble legally. Then I found out about golden birthdays, and I’m told my 21st will be mine. I suppose that’s neat?

But 21 is definitely an age to celebrate. I don’t know if it comes with the same legal privileges in Australia as it does in the U.S., but there’s something about it that seems important to me…as if a person is not actually in his or her twenties until he or she gets over the actual hump of being twenty. If you haven’t had a big celebration in years, I say go for it. It’s good to treat yourself every once and awhile.

21 is a big deal here ’cause it’s the legal drinking age :D
I always have a party for my birthday. any excuse to make ice cream :D

I need/want a new phone, preferably a blackberry haha. I love planning everything… but school work hahah, I’m on holidays now and I’ve already wasted a whole week doing NOTHING! Hope your break is less wasteful than mine LOL


It does suck having a birthday in the middle of term. Makes things quite difficult and hard to plan if you ask me. And then after celebrating, you’re behind on work. :P

I think that 21 is only special in America, because this is probably the only country that bans drinking until the age of 21. As I understand it, the drinking age is only 18 in most countries. So around here, a lot of people like to go out to a bar and get drunk on their 21st birthday.

But buffets are awesome! FOOD EVERYWHERE! NOM NOM NOM!!!

/love Love your site! :D

congratulations getting a new phone!! :D it’s still sad you never got back your iphone. i’m having an old phone at the moment myself, a really old orange one, haha i think it’s cute, and so small!! but it will be nice to have my phone back yes!

i think you should do a birthday party!! and yes you just live once, besides it’s nice being celebrated by those who you care about, being the center of attention and getting nice gifts haha! (: i think you definitely should do it!
i remember when i were little i invited all of my friends in my class and we played fun games, ate lots of cake and i got to wear a crown, lol!
you just turn 21 once in a life, so it’s definitly something worth celebrating! :D

I’m actually behind on all of my assignments. :( I decided not to take classes this summer. I’m going to work instead. ^^

Good luck on getting caught up! What is study break? Do you receive a week off or something?

Happy early birthday! :3 Even though it’s … next year? Sorry if it’s not. I’m really confused. :( It’s not you, though. It’s just me. >.> Really.

I’m not really upset that we aren’t friends anymore. She was a year below me, and her maturity level was a few years below me. She had a boyfriend whom she found to be “the hottest in the world”, and because my friend was looking for a “Patrick” on one of my top friend’s top friends, who was blonde – the same color as her boyfriend, Patrick – the wrong Patrick was added. And Kylie got so angry at me because “I” had added her boyfriend and messaged him “Hey! Long time so see! How’s the band?!” Her Patrick was in band the head drummer, but the Patrick my friend was trying to find for me was a Patrick that was in an actual band in Forney, and the band ended up retiring a month after that incident happened. Because Kylie didn’t believe me and told me that “MySpace says different”, I merely shrugged it off. Nothing was really lost, anyway, and I was onto bigger and better things. :)

Maybe the boy was home schooled. Here, there are field trips to amusement parks, museums, etc., and the home schooled students go to those “field trips”. Field trips to the amusement parks are known as “social events”, and they help home schooled students engage in social activity in a healthy environment. Six Flags is “shut down” once per year and only open to home schooled students of a specific home school community/organization. I never went, but it is supposedly really fun. However, all of the home schooled teens I met whilst being home schooled used words improperly or too much to the point that said words were redundant (i.e. “virtually” being used 24/7). I also found out everything there was to know about a few people within fifteen minutes, and they treated me like I should believe in the same things they believe in, and if I do not, then I am wrong. -.-

Home schooling did not work out for that matter.

So wait…you’re turning 20? Geez, I’m little! xD I hope your birthday goes well! My birthday was going to be my day to sit around and paint, but we had to deal with a few things, so we were out for awhile. But I did get pizza and flowers!
If I have a project, I don’t usually have deadlines. Right now I’m sort of working on a paper about Robert E. Lee. My grandparents have virused up their computer, though, so my other desktop isn’t hooked up right now. :P
Oh, I remember that! Honestly, I hate pretty much anything made by apple, but that doesn’t mean someone should steal your phone! x.x
What toys were they?

For my 16th a couple of months ago I took a few of my closest friends for lunch at a Chinese buffet, and then a couple of them came to the cinema with me afterwards. It was a fun day, and I’d much rather do that than have an alcohol-fuelled house party like every other Scottish 16-year-old seems to do. I’m not big on drinking. I like getting tipsy because I feel like I can be myself and everyone just thinks the alcohol is making me weird, but full-blown drunk…nah. :’)
However, when it’s my best friend’s 17th and she’s planning an alcohol-fuelled picnic on a beach and everyone there will be getting very very drunk…well, I think I’ll join them. Against my better judgement. I mean, the legal age to drink is 18 here, and only a couple of people who’ll be there are that old.

Anyway. I’m rambling.

I love James’ suggestion, haha XD

And I’m glad you’re getting a good replacement for your iPhone :3 I’ve never been much of a fan of the iPhone myself. Yeah, there’s some good features there, but it costs a ridiculous amount and becomes obsolete really quickly. Though I suppose all phones are obsolete pretty soon.

Oooh, I’ll have to look up that phone. I’m assuming it’s powered by Android, though, so I’m very excited for you! 👏

Maybe you can do a river cruise for your birthday? That sounds fancy. What kinds of things do you like to do? Maybe it doesn’t have to necessarily be fancy… it can just be a whole load of fun! :P I had my friends go with me to Medieval Times for my birthday one year. I worked it out so that we’d all be paying 50% off, too!

Hello :) i’m back to leave you another essay :) har har

i hope we get a lot of entrants too! I think it’s an amazing idea, and ALL credit goes to Chynna coz she came up with the initial idea and all :) I’ll send you multiple tweets about the contest :) hopefully you’ll remember to join or get time at least :) I’m thinking about extending the deadline to the end of my exams, that way I don’t have to worry about accepting entries/voting/prizes etc. We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks.

yup – for me, prom is a night that you go and chill with all your friends :) One of my best friends weren’t allowed to come (they’re parents are extremely protective, it’s kinda weird), and so she missed out on so much fun! But we took a lot of pictures for her, so that she’s feel like a part of it :) hehe.

I guess it’s more of a balance you need to find with your ex – don’t get overly friendly, and signal something you don’t want to, but don’t be that bitchy ex either :) I think you need to take your friendship slow :) har har.

what kind of a phone are you getting? If you don’t wanna get an iPhone again, might I suggest the android? My sister has it, and she loves it! it’s pretty amazing, if i do say so myself, but I love my iPhone too much to change :) – ahh, it’s the samsung galaxy axe :P

ahh.. deadlines. i am not gonna miss the ones that we had for IB! i’m usually pretty good with last minute presentations/essays/etc. I guess the stress helps me concentrate better, but I don’t think it’s good for me overall! lol.

how many classes/exams do you have?

ooh! you should definitely have some sort of dinner, and celebrate your birthday :) i think you’ll have a lot of fun if you do :) and ya – you need to live a little :) har har :) i like celebrating my birthday with my family – we usually go out for dinner together, even if it’s a school night. it’s our tradition, so to speak :) unfortunately this year, my dad acted like a total a hole, and decided not to join us. he stayed home. i don’t think i’ve quite forgiven him yet tho… lol

I think it’s a quality friend that matters more than the quantity of friends that a person has. I try to be friends with everyone in my high school – i’ve succeeded with most people, but there are certain female dogs that just don’t like me. And I’m ok wit that – i probably have around 12 close friends, who I could say would die for me if they needed to (i’d do the same for them). it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 100 (ok 100 is a bit much..), as long as they are friends worth having! My best friend is the only person who I’ve told about half the crap that happens to me in real life, and I don’t know what i’d do without him!

and OMG! you should totally do that – AND MAKE HIM PAY FOR THE DINNER :)

Hello Georgina!!!!!!! It’s been a while and now I’m finally back from my blog hiatus! I’m sad to hear that your iPhone got stolen/lost. Samsung Galaxy is a nice phone and it got great reviews as well.

I also like pretty numbers. The pretty numbers for me are 7, 9, 13 and 21 :)

Phones can be so nice. I’m glad to hear you are getting a good replacement this time. I think keyboards was the best improvement to cell phone styles ever, besides sliming down the size. :D
Woah-I just googled the phone. Sheesh! There are all these iPhone look alikes and they are probably cheaper too! I just want a phone that looks like the iPhone now. :)
I don’t think you’ll be stressed this time around either. Planning ahead is gonna work. I like it when I actually stressed out more than I have too. At least I was prepared. Though I might do a lot better the next time. :)
I hope you have a great formal birthday party. It sounds like a great plan! And I think you should do something like that for your 21st birthday.
I count my friends too. Kinda to make sure they are still there. :)

I saw your pink phone on your photo blog. I think it’s cute! I’d much rather have something like that rather than the phone I have right now. I really do not like touch screen phones. They annoy me with their jumpyness and their FRAGILITY.

Think of your birthday as only one day. Just spend a little money one day. :) Happy early twenty first! In America, twenty-one’s the age where you can legally start drinking… I suppose that’s good in the eyes of some.

Congratulations on getting a new phone (:! :O I haven`t heard about you mentioning about the iPhone anymore! As long as you have distractions, I guess that lessens the complaints and so about it :P! I hope you`ll be able to choose a phone of your liking :D! :O! Well, reading on to the post, Wow :O! The Samsung Galaxy– Ace! Its not too bad of a phone because its a smartphone and its just released! ^__^ I hope you`ll enjoy it when you get it :P

I hope you did well on the presentation :P! I remembered.. That most of the time these days, I just do my work like. Just before its due :O And I try to do it fast. But I can`t seem to always fool my History teacher :(!

Good luck with planning for your 21st birthday! Its better to plan first and not worry about cramming some last minute party later on :O! I think 21 is important… Here because thats when you can drink :O! You can do something better than inviting your ex just to waste money :P Options are limitless ^__^!

I never thought I would get a comment that agrees with my statement about pizza XD! People were saying, “How can you not like pizza?” I am picky with food -__-!

As long as we are happy, money shouldn`t be an object XD Unless.. Its a lot of money thats been spent on arcade games :O!

I like calling people by their full names too! :P! Unless its their birth name :O Like Max and Maxwell :O.

Thank you for the idea suggestion for the fanlisting transferring (:! I`ll try to do that tomorrow O:

Take care (:

If you can survive without Ben, it makes me think I can survive without Krissy. I’ve done it for one week. It was pretty bad that I didn’t have the tiny bit of access to internet every day, and that I didn’t have any music to listen to. I had my laptop but I forgot my external drive of music at home! Horrible me.

OMG I love Samsung touch-screen phones! My friend has one in fact. They look like iPhones actually, sorta. Can you really do that though? Like bring a phone over from another country and use it? Here you have to buy it from the what to call it … well the people that give you your minutes plan etc. I can’t think of the right word. But you ARE LUCKY to have been to Hong Kong. Dream place # … whatever it is. Probably right after Busan and Singapore.

I’ve love to switch with you and get some stress! LALALA.

As you know or maybe you don’t remember, I had a horrible birthday this year. I was stuck home with my mom while it was raining ice out there. It’s not so fun to have your birthday in the dead of winter either … actually I’ve always had school on my birthday as well. I can’t wait until my 21st though, I’ll get to drink socially maybe? My brother just turned 21 I wish I could’ve gone drinking with him, bahaha. But other than the American drinking age, 21 is considered to be more mature in most western cultures I think.

Don’t worry, I count my friends too. If I’m utterly picky, I think I’d have about 5. Teehee.

OMG, old Nokias have survived the wash? I didn’t know if ANY technology could do that! That’s really amazing! I don’t think my iPod was ever under warranty. Think had to pay some extra money which of course I didn’t … bleh.

What kind of iPod did your brother give you? Or steal from him? LOL Jk. My brother’s MP4 is actually really good … it can play videos and hold plenty of music as well as files like USB. I don’t know though, I feel WEIRD. Not that it’s a hand-me-down, got plenty of those in my lifetime.

I have NO fcking clue how my mom’s patients get along with her! But she says she’s using psychology theories on me. PFFT. My friend actually has psychiatrist mother – one step above mine lol – and she says the same thing happens to her. Maybe those theories work for old people brains? I don’t know lmao! I shall discover when I study it!

Awww I wanna see! Do you have any pictures of that gorgeous view? I’ve known Sydney is one of those gorgeous places I really need to visit someday. Living here in an old town has really gotten to me.

Lol do you really? You seem to have normal light-Asian skin based on the few pictures I’ve seen. My skin is really fair … like Caucasian. NOT COOL MAN! I look like I’m gonna pass out with my natural hair color and Asian looks. Thats why I went for light brown. Maybe you should try a colored contacts and a wig! To see if you really look white haha!

That’s good then, saving a special name for something specialler than a crap phone! A crap phone like the one I have. BLEHHHH!

thanks for commenting on my blog i really like it when you comment on my blogs. u always make me smile. my layout will hopefully be up at the end of the month or begining of May, holding thumbs.

thats good ur laptop battery was a success in buying :).

im glad u getting a new phone, as soon as u get it u must show us a pic of it, i still dont know where ur iphone went its such a pain.
ofcourse you must have a 21st birthday party, its a huge step into independence, i just dont agree on the speeches lol. i just had lunch with family and my close friends at the time, now i think about it i wouldnt invite anyone of those friends again except two of them.
enjoy ur mid semester, hope u get all ur assignments done so u dont stress to much.
i agree with u, theres no way u going to invite ur ex boyfriend if u paying