Honey, honey

I’m getting a new phone soon. πŸ˜„ Obviously to replace my current pink phone which was the crummy second-hand replacement for my lost/stolen iPhone, however you want to look for it. I’m actually surprised that despite the initial complaining and acceptance of no longer having my iPhone, I’m cool living without it. In fact, I could happily live with this pink Sony Ericsson if I had to – it’s a nice size, it’s easy to use – but I want to be able to play music on my phone and have a nice calendar and internet and other fancy things. Oh, and a keyboard rather than a numberpad.

I forgot to mention that I’m getting the Samsung Galaxy Ace. 😁 James’s dad is bringing it over when he comes here from Hong Kong. I went there once when I was a lot younger, probably too young to remember properly. I remember getting huge McDonald’s toys. πŸ˜›

Ahhh so, last day of class is tomorrow, before the study break begins. I’m actually going to try really hard to get ahead on all my assignments, which will save me a heck of a lot of stress. Last year I remember that around May, we were stressing out so much; I had to ask for an extension once, and I was also preparing a presentation literally fifteen minutes before it was actually due. It was quite funny, because I did pretty well and actually rambled on for longer than necessary… basically, I intend to save myself the insanity and intend to plan to plan.

Speaking of planning to plan, I’m planning to properly plan a birthday dinner. My birthday isn’t really for a while yet, but I like to be prepared since it’s in the middle of semester and not exactly during break or holiday season. I haven’t celebrated my birthday for about ten years. In high school we’d just have a little cake or bring in some food to share, and my friends would give me little presents. This year it would be nice to have a dinner at a buffet; I did ask my dad earlier about it and told him of my rough plan (okay, I was just asking him how much it cost so I know how much to put aside πŸ˜†), but I haven’t asked my mum. Well.

It would be lovely to have a birthday dinner for my 21st birthday next year, and I’d like for it to be all fancy and formal. I don’t know why being 21 is supposed to be special, but it’s a pretty number after all, and I think I like pretty numbers. The number 21 is better than 20, after all. The only problem with having something ridiculously fancy next year is that it would cost a lot of money… then again, Mike did say you have to live a little. I think that was just code for “don’t be a boring money-saving metalhead” (though not directed at me personally, I still felt somewhat guilty for not spending any money throughout February and March). Perhaps that is what made me want to have a birthday dinner. Or it could have been the realisation that I only have six, seven, eight close friends… some of them keep popping off, because I wonder if I’m really as close to them as the others.

I don’t know why I count my friends, maybe just to know that I have the closest ones on each of my fingers. Knowing Lilian, she’d probably call dibs on her favourite finger, perhaps argue with one of my other friends over which finger they want. Then again, that’s putting metaphorical and literal on the same level, which I ought to never do. What I do know is that my ex-boyfriend certainly is not on any of those fingers, and I’m saying that because James suggested I invite him to my birthday dinner and have everyone ignore him.

Nah, I’m not wasting my money paying for his dinner. Now that’s money worth saving.

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