After dark

I’m afraid of the dark. I still use a night light. I don’t think I care that people will laugh at me, I’m old enough to accept that being afraid of the dark is probably not socially acceptable and thus not ‘normal’ for a nearly-twenty-year-old girl. Then again, I can’t really pick at what is socially acceptable or not, and I keep becoming infuriated about little things that cross my path that essentially shouldn’t bother me at all.

I thought I’d stop caring a while ago, when people just didn’t seem to give a flying arrowhead about what I said to them, and then I guess I realised that people have different ways and levels of caring. I suppose it’s not a bad thing after all, and I am always curious to know how the minds of different people work, no matter how convoluted they may be, and even if it pisses me off. Perhaps I am tolerant when it comes to the human psyche, but undeniably impatient when it comes to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So we just go on with our own little lives, and choose to care when necessary. I try to prove that chivalry is most certainly not dead, and I am very grateful, albeit surprised, when my friends open the door for me. (I did the calculations… approximately 87% of my friends are male…)

Yesterday Mike joined my animation class and I (unofficially) bet him that he wouldn’t last very long in my class, seeing as he doesn’t belong there. This takes me way back to first year university when my tutor screamed at a boy in class because he wasn’t paying attention. Definitely not a good start to the class, to the week, to the overall year. I think it was the first class, or at least one of the first classes anyway. I’ve had tutors tell other students off when they don’t belong in the room, though in crowded lectures it becomes impossible to notice if anyone is out of place. Funny, that.

I was surprised that Mike survived my entire three-hour animation class, though he probably wouldn’t have if he didn’t start doing the actual classwork. Needless to say, I was amused… yet, congratulations Mike. /clap

We went for sushi afterwards, then to the Chinese Garden of Friendship to fulfil whatever desires crazy shutterbugs would have; my penchant for flowers, for instance. I posted photos on my photoblog. I didn’t post the one of Mike frowning as he stood in the Moongate, but he took a lovely one of me sitting in it, which is now my display picture on Twitter.

We visited James on the way to dropping me off, and I realised I’d left my keys inside the house and no one was home. I figured my dad would be back in about twenty minutes, but after a while I phoned him and he said my mum wasn’t around so he wasn’t sure when he would be back. I contemplated visiting my neighbours, but they are elderly and I didn’t want to bother them. Mike and James phoned me and said they were still in the car down the road. At this point cursed nature decided to make me want to use the bathroom and after I called my dad again, I hopped back down the road and we went to McDonald’s (primarily for the bathroom, I guess?) and shared McNuggets.

Arriving back at my place, it was pitch black and we just sat in the back of the car playing shadow puppets and formulating excuses… not my cup of tea, but hey, anything to sit with the best guys in the universe, in the quiet dark that I am so afraid of.

We waited for a while until my parents came back with my brother. I probably waited for two hours altogether until I was finally safe inside. James and Mike were still down the road in the car. Yeah, I know, chivalry is not dead.

The dark still scares me.

Oh, and I’m remembering my keys next time. Far out.

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Nothing wrong with being scared of the dark, even if we’re 20. xD I don’t think I am anymore by now, even when I turned a few lights on when going to the bathroom/kitchen (because I can’t see. D:) Not something I usually think about, although I hate leaving my room at night after playing a horror game (they always get to me).

I’m not surprised he survived your class haha. I think it’s because when we visit a lecture that isn’t part of our course, there isn’t that stress of trying to remember what the professor is saying. I remember last year I went to a friend’s business lectures, and I actually enjoyed it – because I could sit back and relax and listen, without having to worry about assignments or exams in the process.

I agree, it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re given the opportunity! :) you never know until you try, right?

Aww, thank you so much! /heart i hope I can get a new layout up soon… I seem to have no inspriation today though… /argh

Wow, you seem like you have had an awesome day. I really want some sushi right now, your blog made me crave them! :P
Don’t worry, I am scared of the dark too… O_O I always feel like there’s a snake under my bed or something…

I think more people are scared of the dark than will admit to it. Your imagination does go wild in the dark. Although I don’t need to sleep with a light on, I do prefer it.
We’re not allowed to sit in on other people’s lectures, but I go to a really small university, with only about 17 in each class, so it would be obvious if someone was sitting in who didn’t belong there. Congratulations to him for surviving it though!

The Chinese Garden looks STUNNING. I want to visit it one day, it is so pretty!

Chivalry definitely isn’t dead, just me personally, I hold doors for people, I will open a door for a woman, and I will hold elevators. I think it all comes down to how you want to be perceived and who you are a person. If the person is an asshole, then of course they wouldn’t be chivalrous, but if it’s a good person and they want to be seen that way, then they will hold the door open.

i find it scary when I let my imagination get the better of me. I’m sittin there thinking, I bet I could make myself scared if I start thinking of something scary. and then I do, cause once you start on that path, you can’t stop. but then I remind myself that i don’t believe in ghosts and stuff and all is right with the world again.

Hey, Georgina!

@_@ Oh my gosh, I’m TERRIFIED of the dark. Extremely! I personally don’t think anything’s wrong with it, the dark is creepy – especially since I’m frequently reading a horror novel. ;D There’s no ‘age limit’ for being scared of the dark, don’t worry. Even my older family friends are scared, well – terrified, of the dark, and one of ’em’s already graduated.

In my opinion, I don’t really care about what people think about my fears or how I act, because I tell myself that my friends love me for who I am. Ooh, sushi. I haven’t tried it often, but it’s good. The garden looks GORGEOUS! The second and last pictures are my favorite. /faw I envy your photography skills. In part one, the flowers look so pretty. Looks like you had a fun time!

Ooh, I love shadow puppets! I’m not that good, but a friend of mine can do many shapes and creatures. A fun idea is, if you have a projector you can put it up so it reflects on one of those screens… and when you turn off the lights you can have your face be the bunny or a picture of a dinosaur being the dinosaur! 👏


Being afraid of the dark isn’t nearly as bad as some insane fears that my friends have. One of my closest friends is terrified of lit Christmas trees. Like, anxiety stricken if she has to walk near one.

I say the dark is one of the more understandable fears.

I’m not all that surprised! I used to have a very irrational fear of staples, particularly because I stapled two of my fingers as a kid. People do have their strange fears, though; I’ve been scared of burgers before so I suppose I can sympathise. :P

Even if you’re not afraid of the dark, it’s nice to have a night-light so that you can see what’s around you if you have to get up to go to the bathroom when you’re sleeping. And on that note, it’s perfectly okay to be afraid of the dark because you could trip on something, which would suck! There’s a difference between being afraid of bumping into things and being afraid of the monster under your bed. :P

Also, it’s really not nice that your instructors can tell you guys that you don’t belong in the class. It sounds like either there are a lot of people taking classes without taking the prerequisite classes first, which would be an okay reason for telling a student that they don’t belong, otherwise, your instructors seem very closed-minded.

Anyways, perhaps Mike only survived the class to prove you wrong. Ah, jinxing!

(I might make some typos here and there as I’m using my iPod right now.)

I’m not afraid of the dark; I’m afraid of what’s in it. Not neccessarily monsters. I don’t use a night light though, my mum says sleeping in a room with a light night on makes you shorter, but I’m not sure about that.

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the dark! Everyone’s afraid of something, and the dark is a pretty good candidate. I think when we tell people about our fears we worry too much that we’ll be judged because fears often go hand in hand with insecurities. Most people won’t bat an eyelid if you admit to fear of something some might call trivial.

Being locked out because of forgotten keys is not fun! At least you have awesome friends who stick around with you. None of my friends live near me, and as a result I’m usually alone coming home. If that’s the case, I either jump the fence, root around for a spare key/open window and get myself in, or sit by myself on the front veranda until they get home. It’s creepy in the dark, though. Drunk people frequently stagger down my street after dark, and it’s not nice being alone outside when that happens.

Your animation class sounds cool! Do you do a lot of work on paper, or a lot using software, or a balance? I’d love to do a class like that. Sounds fun.

We actually do a combination of both, since my class looks especially into the history of traditional animation and animators like Walt Disney and Chuck Jones. If I took 3D animation I get the feeling that we would be doing more software work, though.

I need to keep spare keys somewhere, usually I just toss my keys in my bag without thinking about it, but I’d changed bags that day so I completely forgot. There was no way into my house! :P


Don’t worry! It’s perfectly acceptable to be afraid of the dark. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a disrespectful failure at respecting individuality and personal autonomy, which necessarily includes the right of being scared of whatever the hell you want to be cared of! Rawr. That, or they’ve never had someone sneak up on them in the dark, or seen those weird shadows that appear D:. I hate those.

I get annoyed a little things in everyday life too! Like when people can’t just WAIT for me to walk 2 steps to the left, and they decide to BARGE past me instead thereby causing me to lose my balance. Or when they just surround me and stop, so I can’t get out. So I don’t think it’s just you! I think we all get annoyed a little things sometimes :). It’s TOTALLY justifiable :P.

I’m surprised at random displays of chivalry too :). YAY! Hahahaha. I think it’s sweet :).

LOL, I think my percentages are completely opposite to yours. I haven’t calculated, but I would not be surprised if only THIRTEEN percent of my friends were male :P.

Congrats to Mike for sitting through a 3 hour lecture on a subject he didn’t take. I die of boredom sitting through a 3 hour lecture on a subject I DO take D:. How ironic :P.

I saw some of the pictures you guys took :). They were very pretty *nods*. I seriously don’t remember the Chinese Gardens being so pretty! Haha, but that’s probably cos I’ve not been in so long @_@.

Omg, I HATE forgetting my keys D:. HATE IT! Haha. Lucky you had James and Mike to keep you company :). I agree: Chivalry is NOT DEAD. Yay!

It wasn’t a lecture, it was a mix of a lecture, workshop and tutorial… I think he liked it though, because he’s done some animation before. And this certainly wasn’t one of my boring classes. :P

That was my first time going to the gardens! It was pretty popular, I never realised how many people actually went there. It’s pretty small but it’s really interesting.

Ugh, it would have sucked staying in the dark all alone! D:

There’s nothing wrong with being scared of the dark. When people say they’re afraid of heights or spiders, everyone seems to relate to it but when it’s something like being scared of the dark, some people find it laughable but I don’t get why. Everyone is afraid of something whether they admit to it or not. My biggest fear is rats and they’re about a thirtieth of my size!

I sometimes say “I don’t care what people think of me” but when they say something hurtful, obviously I do care then. If the person is mean or belittles others because they think they’re better, that’s when I don’t care.

Animation class?! That sounds amazing, I don’t think we even get offered that in college/sixthform here let alone in high school. :( I would love to do something like that! Haha, sometimes in lessons teachers say “If you don’t want to learn this then leave my classroom” and they always apologise and promise to listen, but I often wonder, what’d happen if the kid got up and left?! It’d obviously a lot more strict in school with things like that than in university, but still, haha.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship looks so beautiful! I’m sorry you were locked out your house, I hate when that happens! At least you had your friends to rely on though. :)

I don’t think there’s anything socially unacceptable about being afraid of the dark. I mean, your not shooting puppies or anything like that. My dad also sleeps with the lights on, he has ever since my grandpa passed.

THREE HOURS? That seems pretty long to me. Is animation class fun (cause, it sounds like fun)? :P Hahaha, Mike survived them three hours. I would have gone mad and left the classroom.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship looks pretty /faw waterfalls *sparkly* You are very smart for forgetting your keys inside the house XD

hahaah! Far Out ✌️

There’s nothing wrong if you’re afraid of the dark. I’m slightly afraid of the dark especially in areas where I feel some sort of nasty vibrations. I don’t know if you believe in those stuff, but I am somehow sensitive to some psychic phenomenon and I really hate it. I tend to disregard it so I won’t feel afraid.

I just followed your fan update tutorial and installed it all and got the code from fan update to place on the page i want the blog to appear, but it doesnt appear on my website?
Would you know why?

I’m not sure if i have the wrong coding on my index.php page.

My website is on hiatus atm so if you are able to reply i will check here again to see.

Thanks Emma Louiise@

Everyone is scared of something; be it heights, the dark, spiders, snakes, whatever. Personally I don’t mind the dark much, just more or less what’s in it. @_@

It’s like they say… some people care, some are just curious. It’s a shame when you end up caring about the people that are just curious about you. Caring can be a very destructive thing, but something that’s incredibly easy to do.
I think everyone cares in some way; some just show it better then others, or express it in different ways. For instance, I care about lots and lots of people who probably don’t care about me (e.g. people I don’t know very well), but don’t really show them my level of care. Others, like my close friends, I care for a lot and I show it – or, at least, I try to.

That’s impressive that Mike lasted so long in the class. Do they take the register or do they just assume you’re in the right place?

I haven’t had sushi in forever. :(
Wow, the Chinese Garden looks so gorgeous. I’d love to go somewhere like that, or have something like that in the UK (wishful thinking). I went to something similar when I was 9 or so, when I went to Mauritius.

That’s a lovely photo. ♥ You look adorable with your little cardigan, ehe.

I don’t like McDonalds… fast food is not nice. :X But it does sound like you guys had a bit of a rave before you could get back inside~ I haven’t played shadow puppets in forever. :(

I could go nocturnal for a book, but I see your point – they should give me a break. I haven’t really had any big writing spursts recently though.

Aha, thank you. ^^ I believe we have discussed the whole writing style changing thing. I think we’ve both moved on from our old stories and styles. :3 And don’t worry, you can read a novel of mine eventually – then you can judge which you prefer ;)

Ooh, that’s nifty timing then, eh. ^^ How is your novel going, by the way?

I always work out the end first – you know, the big bit. Then I work backwards from there, towards a vague idea of a beginning and then I tidy it up and bam. J’ai fini.

Take care! xx

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the dark at nearly 20 years old! I know most people associate being afraid of the dark with younger people, but that doesn’t mean older people aren’t. I’m not afraid of the dark, but I like having some light. I leave the TV on when I fall asleep and I like having the light off my iPod dock on, in case I fall over something when going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

We also have a lion nightlight in our hallway; we’ve had it since I was little. :D

Haha that’s amazing that Mike survived your class. That takes a lot for someone to sit through a 3 hour class, on something they don’t take. My friends used to come into my ICT lessons in 6th form. There was only 3 of us in that class, so my teachers always noticed they were there, but rarely mentioned anything. XD

I saw some of the photos you guys took. They are pretty amazing; I especially love the one you put as your Twitter picture. (Y)

That’s really nice of them to wait with you. My friends would have just left me, haha.

Hahaha I know right! I was so proud of that blue layout; it took me ages to make and I use image mapping. :X Looking at it now, I feel quite embarrassed. I remember you reviewed that layout and I kept writing “and your done” in my tutorials. /bash

Even if our old layouts are crap or embarrassing, at least we can look back on them and laugh and know we’ve improved. I think all of layouts are great, in all honesty. This has to be my all time favourite layout of yours (next to this one): Baha.

I used song lyrics in those quote layouts. It was fun and everyone used to do them on Piczo so I didn’t feel out of place. I suck at quotes.

I couldn’t imagine you writing “embarrassing” or “bad” blogs to be honest. You’ve been writing amazing blogs for such a long time now, so it’s hard to imagine. :3 I guess it’s a good thing they were deleted then! I wish I still had some of mine from and the ones from from January – April 2010, but never mind. I love looking at your archives page; and I want mine to look some what like that one day, aha.

I’m gonna skip the rest of the your comment if that’s okay; I’m feeling quite lazy and it’s been a while. :B ♥

That was so nice of your friend and boyfriend to come sit with you so you weren’t alone in the dark! 👏

Being afraid of the dark isn’t a bad thing. I kind of am myself considering I have to sleep with my TV turned on and if I walk around my house at night I usually have to turn on all the lights along my way to my destination. /hehe

As for being annoyed by the little things in everyday life, I’m only annoyed by those things that concern me. I admit that it’s selfish, but life is too short to constantly be worrying about the tiny little problems of other people. Instead, worry about your own tiny little problems. When others have huge problems, then care because it’s the right thing to do. But you can’t go about giving a crap about other peoples problems all the time. Life would be too stressful that way. Meh, that’s the way I see things. But as I’m currently trying to put myself back together again, it probably won’t be the way I see it for much longer.

You’re scared of the dark, I am scared of escalators. We’re all scared of something and the last I knew there was no set age on when not to be afraid of the dark … or escalators for that matter ♥

I’m afraid of the dark too! Omg! We are two peas in a pod! XD :)

That is hilarious. That happened to my sisters last Tuesday cuz I got my nails done and my sister (the 15 yr old one) lost her key that usually sits outside. Overall, I got yelled at but oh well. It’s fine now. :)

I love mcnuggets! :)
True. & I am. I doesn’t really hurt that bad but it hurts because of some of the comments on my blog.

Hahahaha. I guess so.

OMG! You should have been in the car ride home after prom! Dante said the sweetest thing EVER! My friend, Lisa, was having a bad night b/c her boyfriend decided to ditch her prom and she was on the verge of tears the whole night. I managed to make her night a good night though. Anyway, she was sitting in the back and talking about the sick feeling she had and how her stomach hurt and couldn’t really eat. Dante was just like, “Yeah, I know that feeling. It’s awful but I know that feeling.” I guess it wasn’t a sweet thing but he showed EMOTION. No guy EVER does that. Lisa started crying she was shocked and I just grabbed his had and he almost made us get into a car crash like 5 min later. XD
Obviously, he wasn’t paying attention but the road is like this: (the green line shows what he did. There was a car coming up in the lane he was headed to as well. freaky stuff. Lisa almost had a heart attack)

He went through the turning lane and was turning but was on the wrong side of the dotted line. Had I not yelled “Dante!” he would have kept going and we would have gotten into an accident. Like wtf? How can you zone out if I am holding your hand. He yelled at me saying that, fyi. Like wtf? Wow….I had already had enough of these so I am not as scared anymore. Just shocked that he zoned out like that….PAY ATTENTION IDIOT! He made me swear not to tell my parents so I can’t. :(

Yeah, that is just so annoying!

Hey it’s okay to be afraid of something. We’re all afraid of something. I’m afraid of the dark at times when I’m by myself in an 110 year old house as to who knows what went on in this house before we bought it and are now leaving in it. But I’m also afraid of CLOWNS. Yes CLOWNS. I despise those freakishly stupid laughing all the time telling jokes to make you laugh CLOWNS. I just don’t like em.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around here for a while, been kinda busy but not busy if you get my drift? But it was great talking to you on SKYPE the other day! Haha. Oh and I must say you are an amazing photographer. I especially like the picture of your little brother. It’s hard to believe that’s he your little brother. And might I dare say he’s cute? Haha Don’t tell Andrew I said that :P. Anyway, I envy you that you have the ability to take great pictures and actually get out of the house with friends and take pictures with and that shares the same passion as you do. Not saying Andrew doesn’t share the same passion as I do we both love taking pictures, but I don’t have a camera anymore so it sucks. I really wanted to use my other domain as a photoblog, but it’s kinda to late in the year to start it up but I guess better late then never. But oh well. You are absolutely gorgeous in those pictures especially the one Mike took of you. I so envy you :P. No I’m not hitting on ya I’m just complimenting you :P.

But yeah, my gosh, 3 hours long for an animation class? Usually the professor or tutor whomever is teaching the class doesn’t mind if you ask if a friend can sit through during the lesson. But to be slacking off on day one? That isn’t right nor isn’t fair or nice of the professor/tutor to be yelling at the student like that either. Where do they find these people to begin with anyway? I honestly don’t know. Well; just wanted to let you know that whenever we get the house up and running condition you’re more then welcome to sleep over here instead of getting a hotel room :). We have extra rooms lol. :P. So why not? I would really like to hear your voice and though I kinda think I have an idea as to how to go about doing it but it does require snail mail but we’ll figure that out soon. If you want to know what I’m thinking? Well; take care Georgie! And I hope you have a wonderful week! Tell James, Sebby and Lillian I said Hi to them as well!

I’m a little afraid of the dark too, but only indoors! Like if I’m in a dark house. I still prefer having a night-light when I go to bed. But walking through a dark forest doesn’t bother me at all. Which is pretty weird I guess :P

I guess every relationship is different from the next. Some couples are happy with not being together all the time, whilst others aren’t. I felt the same way, I’d get bored because I wasn’t with Rob all the time, then when I saw him, I remembered how much I loved him and stuff. I think it’s normal to have thoughts like that; especially when you’ve been with the same person for so long, you start to wonder what it would be like to be with someone else.

It does take a long time to build a relationship and I am glad I got spend 4 years of my life with Rob. I still miss him, and I still think he’s the one for me but oh well.

When I just broke up with Rob, my friend Nick was after me, but I weren’t ready for a relationship and just wanted to stay friends with him. He’s got a girlfriend now, damn LOL. But I don’t wanna date for a while; if it happens, it happens, y’know?

It was hard at first, being single was like completely new to me. I missed the daily phone calls with Rob. I think the hardest thing for me to do was changed my status to single on Facebook. *Shrugs*

Me too. I was always scared to go out with friends without Rob when we were together, probably because I was scared he’d go and cheat on me LOL. I like that I can just hang out with my friends without thinking “oh, I need to phone Rob” or something.

Oh I do that too. When I need a drink or something, I’ll turn on ALL the lights. My parents get really annoyed with it. :P The bathroom is right next to my bedroom though, luckily.

I still can’t believe Mike done that; and done the work too. XD I used to sit in my friend’s class a lot, her teacher tried to chuck me out but I just stayed and ignored him. XD

I love red and grey too! I don’t think I’ve used it that much though; except for one layout but I deleted it. :( Red is an awesome colour. I think it’s hard to pull off red sometimes though, but you always manage to do it. :P

I hope you enjoyed your dinner. :P (I rushed this reply too. I want my lunch LOL)

I used to have to sleep with a night-light as welll.. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it! I’m still fairly… er… paranoid when it comes to being in the dark, but I guess I kind of grew out of having to have a night-light, heh. I still get all panicky at times though XD

I don’t think chivalry is dead, but I guess it just solely depends on the person you’re talking about, and like you said, everyone has different ways/levels of caring so it’s kind of hard to say. One person may be chivalrous in his actions whereas another may be chivalrous as well, just in a completely different way.

That sucks that you were locked out of your house, but at least you had awesome friends there for you! They sound so sweet C: