After dark

I’m afraid of the dark. I still use a night light. I don’t think I care that people will laugh at me, I’m old enough to accept that being afraid of the dark is probably not socially acceptable and thus not ‘normal’ for a nearly-twenty-year-old girl. Then again, I can’t really pick at what is socially acceptable or not, and I keep becoming infuriated about little things that cross my path that essentially shouldn’t bother me at all.

I thought I’d stop caring a while ago, when people just didn’t seem to give a flying arrowhead about what I said to them, and then I guess I realised that people have different ways and levels of caring. I suppose it’s not a bad thing after all, and I am always curious to know how the minds of different people work, no matter how convoluted they may be, and even if it pisses me off. Perhaps I am tolerant when it comes to the human psyche, but undeniably impatient when it comes to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So we just go on with our own little lives, and choose to care when necessary. I try to prove that chivalry is most certainly not dead, and I am very grateful, albeit surprised, when my friends open the door for me. (I did the calculations… approximately 87% of my friends are male…)

Yesterday Mike joined my animation class and I (unofficially) bet him that he wouldn’t last very long in my class, seeing as he doesn’t belong there. This takes me way back to first year university when my tutor screamed at a boy in class because he wasn’t paying attention. Definitely not a good start to the class, to the week, to the overall year. I think it was the first class, or at least one of the first classes anyway. I’ve had tutors tell other students off when they don’t belong in the room, though in crowded lectures it becomes impossible to notice if anyone is out of place. Funny, that.

I was surprised that Mike survived my entire three-hour animation class, though he probably wouldn’t have if he didn’t start doing the actual classwork. Needless to say, I was amused… yet, congratulations Mike. πŸ‘

We went for sushi afterwards, then to the Chinese Garden of Friendship to fulfil whatever desires crazy shutterbugs would have; my penchant for flowers, for instance. I posted photos on my photoblog. I didn’t post the one of Mike frowning as he stood in the Moongate, but he took a lovely one of me sitting in it, which is now my display picture on Twitter.

We visited James on the way to dropping me off, and I realised I’d left my keys inside the house and no one was home. I figured my dad would be back in about twenty minutes, but after a while I phoned him and he said my mum wasn’t around so he wasn’t sure when he would be back. I contemplated visiting my neighbours, but they are elderly and I didn’t want to bother them. Mike and James phoned me and said they were still in the car down the road. At this point cursed nature decided to make me want to use the bathroom and after I called my dad again, I hopped back down the road and we went to McDonald’s (primarily for the bathroom, I guess?) and shared McNuggets.

Arriving back at my place, it was pitch black and we just sat in the back of the car playing shadow puppets and formulating excuses… not my cup of tea, but hey, anything to sit with the best guys in the universe, in the quiet dark that I am so afraid of.

We waited for a while until my parents came back with my brother. I probably waited for two hours altogether until I was finally safe inside. James and Mike were still down the road in the car. Yeah, I know, chivalry is not dead.

The dark still scares me.

Oh, and I’m remembering my keys next time. Far out.

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