I went for a run around the block today and it actually felt really good. I started running and it was like I was running away from something. Sebastian told me to imagine deadly aliens running after me. I didn’t, quite, but I felt that if I stopped running I’d lose my momentum.

So I continued running. I thought I would go around the block at least twice but I ended up doing it only once. I went around one corner and just kept running. I heard cars and I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to stop to let any cars get out of their driveways. I’m glad I decided not to cross any roads, otherwise I would have had to stop for sure.

It was really rather sunny and I was running at about noon, so the sun was pretty high in the sky. I started thinking about how I didn’t take a hat, how I only took my phone and keys, what would I do if my keys dropped… it’s funny what goes through your head when you exercise. I always think about how I’ll feel at the end. Sure, it feels like shit, running around the block. I haven’t gone for a proper run in years, and most of my exercise comes from walking and dancing. Which are both enjoyable, mind you. Running is just something I’ve sort of hated.

We had cross-country carnivals in high school and it was compulsory for everyone to participate. I hated them so much. When I was in primary school I would do the 100 metre and 200 metre races, and sprint towards the finish line – yet all the time, I came last. It was from there that I decided I was not a good runner. At all.

A few times in high school after doing the cross-country run, I would come ridiculous positions of 14th or 8th and even beat a few of my friends who were really good runners. One of my friends said that I must have good endurance. I was still in disbelief, I didn’t even know it was possible for me to come 8th after running four bloody kilometres. Perhaps I do have good endurance after all. I think it was since that day that I decided that I wasn’t such a bad runner. I can’t race, but I can run.

And I do like that.

Just like the time I ran to the station in 5.5 minutes. I felt pretty out of breath then. But it feels pretty awesome when you’re done exercising. Today I was wondering why I didn’t think to bring music as I ran. Well, I ran around the block in less than ten minutes, even had enough energy to plop down on my carpet and do a hundred sit-ups. Funny.

This evening Mike thought it would be funny to fool me into thinking that he had come to my house randomly (and waited outside for a bit). I actually believed him. I’m not the most gullible person on the planet, but some people can make things quite believable. Like by keeping a straight face. Or setting up events to make something fake seem true. So I thought that since he wasn’t active online, he had actually driven to my house. And back home. For no reason…?

He didn’t actually come to my house. But I actually looked out of the windows and went outside to check. Yeah, I guess I was kind of amused. Gullible? Perhaps.

Well, Mike’s going away tomorrow. 😞 But that means anyone stopping outside my house in the next nine days won’t be him. 😆

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