I went for a run around the block today and it actually felt really good. I started running and it was like I was running away from something. Sebastian told me to imagine deadly aliens running after me. I didn’t, quite, but I felt that if I stopped running I’d lose my momentum.

So I continued running. I thought I would go around the block at least twice but I ended up doing it only once. I went around one corner and just kept running. I heard cars and I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to stop to let any cars get out of their driveways. I’m glad I decided not to cross any roads, otherwise I would have had to stop for sure.

It was really rather sunny and I was running at about noon, so the sun was pretty high in the sky. I started thinking about how I didn’t take a hat, how I only took my phone and keys, what would I do if my keys dropped… it’s funny what goes through your head when you exercise. I always think about how I’ll feel at the end. Sure, it feels like shit, running around the block. I haven’t gone for a proper run in years, and most of my exercise comes from walking and dancing. Which are both enjoyable, mind you. Running is just something I’ve sort of hated.

We had cross-country carnivals in high school and it was compulsory for everyone to participate. I hated them so much. When I was in primary school I would do the 100 metre and 200 metre races, and sprint towards the finish line – yet all the time, I came last. It was from there that I decided I was not a good runner. At all.

A few times in high school after doing the cross-country run, I would come ridiculous positions of 14th or 8th and even beat a few of my friends who were really good runners. One of my friends said that I must have good endurance. I was still in disbelief, I didn’t even know it was possible for me to come 8th after running four bloody kilometres. Perhaps I do have good endurance after all. I think it was since that day that I decided that I wasn’t such a bad runner. I can’t race, but I can run.

And I do like that.

Just like the time I ran to the station in 5.5 minutes. I felt pretty out of breath then. But it feels pretty awesome when you’re done exercising. Today I was wondering why I didn’t think to bring music as I ran. Well, I ran around the block in less than ten minutes, even had enough energy to plop down on my carpet and do a hundred sit-ups. Funny.

This evening Mike thought it would be funny to fool me into thinking that he had come to my house randomly (and waited outside for a bit). I actually believed him. I’m not the most gullible person on the planet, but some people can make things quite believable. Like by keeping a straight face. Or setting up events to make something fake seem true. So I thought that since he wasn’t active online, he had actually driven to my house. And back home. For no reason…?

He didn’t actually come to my house. But I actually looked out of the windows and went outside to check. Yeah, I guess I was kind of amused. Gullible? Perhaps.

Well, Mike’s going away tomorrow. :( But that means anyone stopping outside my house in the next nine days won’t be him. XD

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Hmmm i used to hate cross country and stuff back at school as well so I know what you’re on about. I would place exactly as well as I let myself place – if i bothered to run rather than walk large chunks of it, etc. You’re quite thin, aren’t you? I know this is a huge generalisation, but most people who are good at long distance endurance running are the slender ones, and then the sprinters have a bit more muscle on them to power through the starting block faster.

Yep, I’m quite thin. I suppose that makes sense though, I am absolutely terrible at sprinting. XD

It is nice to go for an unaccompanied walk/run every now and then. That’s probably something I need to get back into. Even though I really hate running – especially if it’s for a grade 😒 – I always love the peacefulness of it; you can easily get into your own zone.

It’s really great [to walk] when you’re frustrated or overwhelmed because you have a moment where it’s just you and your thoughts. I had a not so great year a while ago and if I couldn’t go to a track, I would walk in my backyard…um, I now have a moat in my backyard /hehe But, hey, I’ve solved some serious problems back there lol

You’re right though, it does feel really great when you finish. It’s the perfect mix of accomplishment, and adrenaline. Then I can conquer the world! /eee

Haha I did try running in my backyard once but that didn’t go too well… got a swing set and washing line and the ground is so uneven. It didn’t motivate me the way running around the block did. XD

Haha, I hate feeling gullible. If my friends are convincing enough I just believe them. I’ve never seen the point in lying just to see if someone would believe you. I’ve never done it myself – I guess that’s my excuse for being gullible. :P

I enjoy going for a run too. It’s just the thought that I hate. I can never make myself get up and go for a run in the woods or something. When I do I feel so alert and energised. I don’t like running anywhere where there are people though. I’m not a good runner and I don’t like to make a fool of myself. I have to run for the school bus in the mornings sometimes. Even that short sprint wakes me up a bit.

I wouldn’t like to have mandatory runs at school. We’ve had to run around the track as part of PE once or twice but nothing cross-country. It sounds awful. But 8th? How many people were running? That sounds really good, well done. (Y)
I’ve picked up a few new books recently and I’ve only read two of them. :/ Still, I’m glad I can get myself back into the habit. I used to be like you, just not as quick a reader. :P I’d read several books a week. Not anymore though, and I’m still at school, I have no excuse. XD I put it down to the fact that I used to be a book girl, now I’m more a music girl.

I don’t really make enough to get much use out of DA, but I guess I’ll keep it in case. Tumblr I’ve now become addicted to, unfortunately. Twitter was enough for me. I’m following you on Tumblr, DA I don’t go on much. :/

Ah, guitar blisters are painful. I remember from my short stint learning guitar in music class in school. It made writing impossible. It is worth it though. And with enough practise I find the skin toughens up so it’s not so painful.

There aren’t too many people that dropped out of my school either. Our school holds a good reputation and if anyone was too troublesome they were sent to another school in the area. A bit cruel bit I didn’t complain. I’m really glad that the lazy people have dropped out. What amazed me though was the ones that didn’t totally turned themselves around. One of them is lovely and is doing really well in school. She also ran for local youth parliament and got elected. I guess hanging around with the wrong crowd really can be bad for you.

Haha, “your glass floor and my skirt”. The new series is coming soon. It’s being advertised on BBC loads anyway. The end of this month I think. XD

LOL. I can just picture you running and running and thinking “I really, really don’t want to stop”. I’m the same way, though haha. Once I stop I’ll just never keep going. That would be the end of that experience.

I used to do cross country for a little while a long time ago but I just didn’t like it. I get kind of bored just running and after awhile it’s like what is the point of this? Baha.

It’s true, you do feel nice and refreshed afterward though. Of course, after you’ve taken a shower and what not. I always feel good about myself that I did it and then want to be healthy for a week or two lol.

I hate being called gullible for falling for something that really anyone would have fallen for. It’s ridiculous. Of course, some people are really gullible, though. Sorry Mike’s leaving. That’s sad :( If anyone is outside your house now you’re probably going to be creeped out lol.

So true. Whenever I hear the name ‘Rebecca Black’ I start laughing in my mind ahha. I just think of the ridiculousness of ‘Friday’. At least Justin has some sort of musical ambition and talent. I’m sure Rebecca Black has never even picked up an instrument before. >.<

Ahah it's okay, I totally agree with your rant. I just hate when people say that line in general. And I REALLY hate it when I state a fact and someone says that. But I'm too polite to be like "UMM IT'S FACE, DOUCHE". Arghghgh.

Good job on the run! I don’t think I could even make it around our block right now… or even before I had Easton! Me = SO out of shape! Yeah, and just thinking about it reminded me that John had to run 4 miles this morning for their PT… crazy! But I totally know what you mean–when you DO workout, you do feel awesome afterwards… even if you are crazy tired and feel like you’re going to die. You still feel accomplished and you feed GOOD about yourself for doing it! :D

I haven’t been running in such a long time though. My friend and I used to go every morning at 6am and run round the block 2 or 3 times; but that didn’t last very long. I don’t really have the energy to run anymore, since I smoke as well, I get out of breath really easily. Probably why I’ve stopped playing soccer.

I used to love the thoughts that went through my head when I ran though. So many random things come into your head- things you wouldn’t even consider thinking about otherwise. Running is a powerful thing.

I used to love running when I was a teenager. We used to have cross-country carnivals as well; I used to come around 3rd or 4th most times. I was a better long distance runner too; I used to do 400m and 800m for my school in the borough competitions. I came 1st in 400m when I was 14. 😝 I sucked at sprints like 100m or 200m. :X

I guess we both have good endurance; well, at least I used to. XD

I’m not a very gullible person either, but sometimes people do make things believable and it’s amusing when you were realise you’ve been fouled. :3 That’s pretty funny what Mike did; I’ve had people do that to me before.

I felt pretty silly after. 😳

Yeah, that’s true. I mean sometimes I feel pretty lonely and wish I had someone to just cuddle with, but I don’t want anything long-term right now. You are lucky! James is a great guy and you guys are so cute together. /rose

Yup; I guess so. Sometimes I feel he’s only with his new girlfriend because he’s getting a free holiday to Barcelona. He moans about her to me all the time. Sends me mixed signals, though. :/

Sometimes I do get really upset about it, especially when I see him write things about her on BBM or Facebook. Or when she tags him in pictures (she does it on purpose, douche) because I miss his company and we can’t see each other much because of her. I guess it helped that I knew it was coming. We nearly broke up a few weeks before we actually did break up, so.

I know it’s only Facebook, but since I’ve had Facebook it’s always said I was in a relationship with him. So that was the hardest thing. I just hid the status, and I actually didn’t change it to single for a couple of months. Yeah, it was hard removing the bits about Rob from my site. :X

I guess it’s normal for James to get a bit jealous; I mean, that obviously shows how much he loves and cares about you. :B It’s hard to have close guy friends when you’re in a relationship; it can become awkward sometimes.

I was quite bad at school and ignored most of the teachers there LOL. Haha, good job he picked a class he wouldn’t get his ass whopped then. :P

I love the yellow you used in that premade; I was quite shocked by the colour scheme at first, but it looks great on my screen. :D

Ew, spinach. :P Always reminds me of Pop Eye. XD

I have no idea why I put “though” in the first sentence. /bash

It must help a lot being a good runner! Just in daily life, you’ll be less out of breath I think.

I’m a terrible runner, with terrible speed and endurance. To me, running is boring, because I’m far too out of breath for my brain to focus on things.

You should totally give Mike a slap in the face for that if he did it on purpose. I wouldn’t tolerate it well.

I really can’t run. Apparently (according to my Grandpa) I used to be a crazy runner when I was young but as I grew older, my runnding skills declined and rapidly. I would LOVE to run but everytime I try, my lungs can’t take it. My legs can’t either. I think my legs are the weakest part of my body.

At least I am starting to work out again though so maybe the constant cardio can help my legs and my lungs out LOL

Haha I know right! I woke up this morning and had 11 comments pending and was like “WOAH”, it hasn’t happened in ages so I just it kinda motivated me to return them? :P I use the word “though” way too much, IMO.

I feel like a loser too, when I play soccer. Because I don’t play as much anymore, when I do play, I’m dead after like 10 minutes. Your mum thinks it’s dangerous?! :| I can understand at night, but in the daytime? o___O You should go running more; even if your mum disagrees. :P

Oh really? I guess that’s true. But I thought that thin people would be better at sprinting, and people with muscle wouldn’t? You know, because they weigh more? I don’t know. :P Rob is really muscly and he’s really quick, but he’s much better at long distance running. I always used to beat my friends at short distances, but that’s because they sucked at running. XD

HAHA, that’s pretty funny though, even if it is creepy. I don’t know; I guess it made you laugh? :P

Yeah, I mean, even when I do see Rob we still give each other a “goodbye” hug when he goes, but it’s not the same. I just get a one arm hug and I miss when he used to just squish me haha. Although, I did get a really big “squishy” hug when I gave him his birthday present. :X I’m glad you thought about it like that, and you value your relationship. Some people don’t value things like that, it annoys me sometimes.

I’ve been to Barcelona before; it’s not all that great to be honest. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I guess that’s because it was an Art trip and we visited museums and crap. I don’t know what his intentions are; he acts like he doesn’t like her when he talks to me and he seems quite depressed atm, but I don’t know. Could just be an act?

Yeah exactly; I couldn’t really see a future with me and Rob either. In a way it’s like 4 years was wasted, but then again, I really enjoyed those 4 years. Meh. STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT, GEORGINA. It’s not going to happen. :P I guess keeping that thought in the back of your head isn’t so bad though, in case it does happen. I don’t know. What do I know? Haha.

I had more guy friends than girl friends, but because most of them see me as “one of the lads” so Rob didn’t really get jealous or anything. Since most of them were his friends too. I quite like it when guys get jealous though, lul.

Haha well, people can change the colour scheme if they don’t like it, I guess? XD

Spinach kinda creeps me out, I don’t know why. XD

For me, running isn’t quite enjoyable while you’re doing it, but the feeling after is so peaceful and relaxing :) I admire you! I haven’t really ran since I played soccer freshman year… heh. I’m so jealous of your athletic ability as well! hahaha. There’s no way I would have been able to run around the block that quickly and still be able to do sit-ups XD

Thank you! I like it better than the other one too :P you’re right, it really isn’t very often that people like their own layout I usually don’t like mine. >o< there are just so many complications! Makes me wanna go crazy haha.

Wow, you ran a block in under 10 mins?? That is so fast! :O when I was in 6th grade, they made us run a little over a mile every month called "fun runs" (we students called them "death runs) and it's timed. I usually ended up being last with 13 minutes. :P haha. Ever since I started doing soccer, though, I've been able to run alot faster, which I'm happy about. :D my coach makes us run a lap around a footbal field every time we make a mistake! D:
You're lucky that you have good endurance! My endurance is terrible. I can never win long races, but I'm okay at short ones. :P
I always tell myself that I need to run and workout to keep my shape, but I always somehow end up on the computer instead…. ;_;

Out of all forms of exercise, I prefer running. I can’t stand working out at gyms … all the sweat, and sweatpants, makes me shiver. But the sun high in the sky? It’s supposed to be lower in autumn! But in winter I felt it was pretty high too, so those stories aren’t really true i guess. Running in the sun sucks though, just like it sucks in the cold. Last year we had to run out in like 12 degree weather, wearing our gym shorts!!!

The only school requirement we ever had about running was the mile … which I walked most of it. That was pretty much torture if you ask me.


Yay! You went for a run :). Must have been exhilarating :). Although painful after a while, right? Haha when I went to the Gym for the first time in Malaysia, I was like “Sure! I can do a 5k run” so I set the treadmill settings according, and for the first ten minutes, I was like “THIS IS AWESOME” and then I died from exhaustion and had to stop. Hahahaha! I lasted about five more minutes and then I was just @_@.

But I think you’re right. Once you get into a rhythm, it’s easy to just keep going, but once you stop all the momentum is gone and it’s like…oh. :( Then it’s hard to start up again D:.

Cross country! I used to LOVE long-distance running, although for me, it wasn’t really running. It was more like fast jogging. I mean I hated it in year 7 and 8, but then I sort of got into it. Sprinting is so over-rated too. I’d always come last in sprints as well! Hahaha. But I remember that one year we did a 200 metre race together and you totally beat me! Hahaha. I just suck :(.

How mean of Mike to play such a trick on you :(. Hahaha, don’t worry, I’d have been fooled as well. Even if it IS strange to just GO to someone’s house randomly and sit outside and then leave D:.

LOL at your last sentence! Damn straight it won’t be him :P.

Arrrrrgh, cross country! Need I say more … 💥

Running is not only fun, its healthy ^__^! I don`t like running -___-! But I force myself to run for an A during PE these days :/. When you run, a lot of things are thought out in your head. :/. That is a true statement! XD! That is the reason why I listen to music whenever I run :O! Except that I need to choose lively music if I want to run in a fast pace.

:O You used to be in Cross Country? That is cool! :D Anyone that can survive through Xcountry has good endurance! 4 kilometers is A LOT! For sure, you need willpower and endurance. What I hate is that you need to be on a strict diet for these sports :X. As long as you have fun, places shouldn`t matter to you. Unless you love competition :P

It does feel awesome after you exercise– if you did well :P. I wondered that to myself sometimes after the runes. “Why did I even walk for a lap?! I could`ve gotten an extra credit lap done!” :O

Your friend Mike is silly :P Those are the friends that you need to keep. But as long as he doesn`t overdo the jokes :O! For some reason, 25% of the time, I can sense if someone is trying to pull a trick on me. If I hear someone`s coming to my house, I becomes paranoid :X!

Thank you for the suggestion ^__^! The link does work :O I`ll look at the music sheets when I`m on my music sheets hunting time :P. What sucks is that I`ll need to convert the piano sheets to Bb. :X

I wish I can have access to my cpanel for Ordinarily Sketched :/.. Thank you though (: All I need to do now is just repost images of my joined collectives :O! Except, I just highlight and replace the url with satisromance.org :X

I`ve been anti-apple XD! Or.. Anti-touchscreen phones :O! I hate touchscreen phones when it comes to texting :L Or massive texting. Because eventually, the keys will lag, wrong keys will be pressed :C. That happened a lot with my recent touchscreen phone D’:!

Every year should have a big celebration! It`s your birthday you`re talking about XD! By the time you`re 80, you can live to tell your grandchildren or great grandchildren about how enjoyable your life is. :P

Though I hate how most of the events that we have has servings of pizza :/. Pizza is basically the “cheapest” thing you can buy for a lot of people :O! 5 bucks just gives you around 10 slices. :O!

I do believe in short names such as sam XD! And Alex. :O For Alexandra or Alexander. Or Alejandro, Alejandra. Or David for Davidson XD! I just think the parents wants to be.. Urban with the names :O! Not formal or anything, but it would be nice :P

Take care (:

My husband and I have been talking about getting a treadmill so that we can try to do the Couch to 5k program from the comfort of our own home without having to go to the gym after work each night. I really enjoy running.

Well for the most part, you’re usually kind of quiet as far as Twitter and stuff goes. I never really think of to consider, “Where’s Georgina?” especially since your site is always up and running without fail. If you stopped blogging for a week or something, obviously something is a bit wrong. :X Aha, I tend to assume the worst but that’s just because assuming the worst is generally easier.

I can be like that too with David though! Since he’s in networking, he works around a lot of cables and wires and crap that involves electric currents. Sometimes he has to go on those lift things to reach high places. In turn, I might not hear from him for a few hours but I know he’s working. Except when the last thing he says is, “Going to go install access points,” I know what he’s doing so when I don’t hear from him for more than three hours, I panic. I freak out. Then a few seconds later, I get a text, “Hi.” …

It is a little unbelievable because one of the first thoughts that come to your mind is, “How did you get her password anyways?” I don’t understand how one would fake their own death but I guess it happens.

I wouldn’t want a Facebook dedication page. That would be a slap to my face or something considering I don’t even like it. I want a Twitter memorial page that has “tweets from the dead” (since there’s so many accounts about dead people anyways — why can’t there be one about me?).

I’m a terrible runner. I mean terrible. Exercising and sports were never really my thing (as I’m an artsy person), but the one sport I did enjoy was tennis. I found so much enjoyment out of that sport and I was actually good at it for some reason. I used to always pretend I was cool when I hit the ball and I wasn’t even on the tennis team. /hehe

I will go to the gym every once in awhile though because my dad will force me to go: “You need to exercise more!” (even though I’m only 130-something pounds — heh). He expects me to develop a 6-pack like him but I’m sorry, that’s just gross. D:

Ahh, running. I had to do it so much in middle school and I’m rather glad it’s over. It’s good exercise, but it hurts my throat. When I run, I keep thinking about how much my throat hurts :/. I walk, too, but the weather hasn’t been nice here in almost a year 😰

I always got last place in elementary school! It made me pretty sad, but at least they gave all the losers ribbons :D

You sound pretty active! It’s such a good thing to keep exercise up.

Yea, that sounds like what happened with me. I’ve been ignoring this kid for about two weeks and he still asked me out to prom. It’s really awkward now, and I don’t want to be completely mean to him, but I’m hoping that neglecting him for a while will work 😰

I’ve never heard of “bushwalking,” but it sounds adventurous :p. I blame Mexican food for me not being vegan. I love cheese :p.

Oh gawd they made you guys do Cross Country too? I thought It was the only U.S. that had to do it. Guess I thought wrong haha! I hated that stuff. I would always finish just in the nick of time you had to beat at least 13 minutes or a little before 13:30 and I would always like I said finish in the nick of time. One time I did finish in under 12 minutes. And boy did I ever felt like I was going to pass out. I decided I was going to beat my so called record and just beat it. And I did along with several other friends. Haha. But I hated that segment of P.E. everyone was calling me Teacher’s Pet, because all the P.E. teachers and I got a long so well. But I just kept telling everyone “Just do what they ask and you’ll get a long too”. Simple as that. But some like to slack off and not do it. Others do it just for the passing grade. I did it cause it gave me something to do and a passing grade. But yeah.

I’ve tried to run with this heavy body of mine before and I couldn’t do it. I would always do it a lone but could not do it! After high school that is. I remember one time in high school, we had to do track a little bit around our foot ball field, and well; my best friend and I would run, then jog then run then jog. But after all that we started walking and I was on the verge of passing out big time. It concerned a LOT of my classmates. Even the males. They were running by and they were concerned about me. I kept telling them I’m fine. It’ll go away. Turns out I was starting my time of month then. So you know all that running will bound to make you feel those fainting spells. But little did I realize I was also on the verge of having stress as well. So that’s a lot of the reasons why I looked like I was going to pass out. Man I hated that segment and still do to this day lol.

I’m actually going to cook dinner for my dad and I for once tonight. I’ve been wanting to do it since Sunday night, but he spent the night at his Gf’s, and so I was uberly pissed at that but I got over it. I wanted to do it last night but he wanted Kentucky Fried Chicken so I let it go and didn’t get pissed so we’re doing it tonight as well; as cooking fish sometime this weekend too. Which he said sounded good to him. Cause we’re running low on cash right now. So I told him get some kind of marinating stuff, and a salad to go with it and what not and I’ll prepare it. :). Heehee. Can’t wait!! Well; girly I’m off.

We have had another sunny day today so I was out in the garden reading my book. I didn’t get sunburn this time. I made sure I was covered in suncream.

I don’t play computer games very often but sometimes they just provide a nice break from revision.

The royal wedding is driving me mad now. I’m not even going to be here for it. I will be on a plane coming home from Portugal, which is a depressing though. In the UK you can buy all the memorabilia with Wills and Kate on. My nan seems to be collecting it all.

Thank you, I’m sure I’ll have a great time. :D

I think that last time I ran was in PE…last year! I have running because I am so unfit and I easily get out of breath. Someone once told me I look like a runner. Obviously they had never seen me run!

We did cross country at school but I use to walk most of it with my friends. I was determined to never be last though, and I never was. I always ended up running the 100m for sports day because nobody else would. I didn’t mind doing it because I only had to do one event and it was one of the last of the day, so I could sit around and chat for the rest of the day. I came 4th out of 8 once, but only because I was running with people like me who were unfit.

I am such a gullible person! I also would have believed him and looked out the window hehe!

Running sometimes seems relaxing. I can’t do a lot of that kind of activity because of my medical problems (asthma, stomach acid, etc.) and how they will react.

I do enjoy stretching, though.

Yeah, these are things that her boyfriend, Tommy, could do. He cooks for every meal, and dislikes cleaning (apparently), so he never cleans up his mess – or any mess, for that matter. -.- I don’t understand why; it’s really quite ridiculous. So, I’m sorry I won’t clean up the kitchen after breakfast, lunch and dinner right away. It would take me two hours to clean everything up. He said he used to have a maid. I believe him.

I also don’t understand why things like cleaning and fixing things always have to be done right then and there – as if later isn’t okay. If no one is coming over, and other things need to be/can be done – things that are more fun – why can’t one do those things? She’s become obsessive compulsive over the little things. She does have OCD, but it has never been this bad that I know of.

Ohh! You’re younger than me. Wow. o____O I thought you were older than me.

I’m pretty sure the laziness has kicked in. XD I had 11 when I got on my laptop this evening. Been in the garden all day because it’s been in the 20’s here. /love Now I really can’t be bothered to return them. :(

Though is a pretty awesome word though. :3

Oh god, I haven’t been swimming since 2004 (maybe 2005) either! I used to love swimming but I stopped going after I lost weight because I was self-conscious lmao. I don’t know though, I don’t think you can forget how to swim. I think it’s one of those things that you’ll always know how to do. I used to be a pretty good swimmer; I’m sad I stopped. :(

o__O Really? I haven’t heard of that happening over here. Well, not in my area anyway. Like you should though, I think you’re old enough and responsible enough not to get run over. :P

Yes! Endurance should be seen as a gift. XD

Ah yeah, at first you’re all freaked out about it, then when you realise they were joking, you’re a bit sad, aha. Like sometimes Rob used to say “I’m just at the barrier (in my street)”, I’d get all excited, look out the window and he wasn’t there. :( That’s a mean joke. I don’t mind unexpected visitors; depending on who they are. My step brother always turns up without warning with his kids; and his kids annoy me. /angry

I’ve only ever been to Spain; I’d love to travel outside Europe, that would be an amazing experience. I think he’s trying to make me jealous too. When I see him, just the way he looks at me, I sort of know he still likes me, y’know? I don’t know if that’s just because we spent 4 years together or not. Flirting can be harmless; it’s a bit a fun really. XD As long as it stops at just flirting. :P

YES! And I want to be invited to the wedding, okay? :)

That’s why I have more guy friends than girls; they’re so bitchy and gah. I did hang out around with girls at school, but we used to fight so much. /bash

LOL no, I don’t like broccoli. XD I don’t like any vegetables actually… only raw carrots. 🤤

I would like to be able to run just to run. I’m not a good racer either except when I become really determined. Which I am afraid to do because I might lose control and be a ‘sore winner.’ So I try to keep her on planet earth instead of planet Cami.
Yeah, strange things do go around in my head when I exercise. I’m trying to relieve the pain and distract myself so I don’t bother to try to think of something else. Or I might lose my momentum.
I have a friend that might trick me like that if he had my phone number. :D He’ll be leaving soon too. :(

I really need to start running again, but now It’s getting colder, I really can’t be bothered. I rather go to the gym, because even if its cold outside, I can still go running.
Do you prefer to run alone with music playing or do you prefer running with friends?

I always hated Cross-Country in high school, everyone hated it we all just walked, but when we saw a teacher we ran, so it looked like we were trying. One time I came 3rd because no one else could be stuffed running around the school 3 times
It was much for fun in Primary School because we would get prizes, it was heaps of fun

I really need to comment back a lot faster don’t I :D
I always get motivated to clean out my blog, but then I get lazy after fixing up 2-3 pages. I’ve cleaned up my blog, but I think this time I need to have a fresh start. I only knew the basics of php and stuff, I use to find it all confussing, but lately I’ve been reading tutorials so hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon

When Floriental.org opens back up, let me know, I’ll love to check out the subdomain offers you have. I’ve looked at domain prices they are pretty cheap, I just need to raise the money so I can afford it :)

take care x

I wish I could “like” this post. I love the feeling of running – not from anything or to anything, specifically, but just the sensation in general. It’s makes me feel so free :)

Running’s *so* good. I used to do it with more regularity than I do now… :P My excuse is that it’s finals period, but really, I hadn’t been doing much of it this term at all because I’m just that lazy (and my course schedule worked out that I’d have to go to bed early day and whatnot). I never ran for track and field after elementary school (I did relays in grade 4, got a minor ribbon, lol), because it just wasn’t my “thing”, but I run for recreation, it’s a lot nicer to run outside when the weather’s nice (but it’s not nice that frequently here so I do go to the rec centre and use the gym there – it’s nice to exercise and be indoors out of the rain!).

I never liked running till I started going to the gym. I actually like jogging on the treadmill, it’s really relaxing. Allows me to listen to my music and think about things. I always think about silly things when I’m exercising. I guess it’s because I’m bored so I think about things to pass time.

I was never very fit during school and never very good at sports. I was always picked last because I was rubbish at everything! Well don’t need to be good at sports to get on with life.

I’m really gullible! I always believe things unless it’s super obvious that it isn’t true! My boyfriend likes to bully me about that. He always tells me he’s outside my house or parked down the road (when he’s actually 15mins drive away). I would actually go outside and wonder about to find him!

Not surprising that you’ve commented 80+ times. You’re really active and prompt when it comes to returning comments!

exercising is great :D i think running can be great, some times, and the rush after running is definitely heaven! i think it feels so wonderful, haha! :D but i won’t consider myself much of a runner, no not all.

i’ve never been much of a distance runner, we’ve never ran 4km at school, but we did run 3km. i wouldn’t say i was one of the first who crossed the finish line, but i wasn’t the last either. but i actually do like 100m races :D

it’s weird how many random thoughts which pop up in my head while i’m jogging. things i haven’t thought about in a while, and things i wouldn’t have guessed would come up while i was running, haha!

ps! it does help listening to music while you’re running :D

i haven’t heard much of the fray’s new stuff either, but i like still their old songs, timeless!