The unfortunately inedible muffin

Actually, there were ten muffins. James and I followed this recipe. We prefer savoury muffins, so we haven’t made sweet muffins… I can tell you now, after following that disastrous, mortifying, horrible, and let’s just say – shit – recipe, we’re going for the chocolate muffins next time. 😁

So we did put a little too much pepper in the muffins. Even if we didn’t, the muffins turned out absolutely disgusting. They burned on the outside, they were not cooked on the inside – the tuna and egg hadn’t cooked and the vegetables had lost taste. Oh, ew. We followed the recipe exactly, in terms of measurements.

Last time we made muffins we estimated how much we should put; we basically made our own recipe and it was fine. Now looking at this – how much tuna compared to how much flour… yeah, it was pretty shit, and we agreed to never speak of it again. Though I’m speaking of it now. I shall not mention the horrible nasty muffins again. 😢

We did make fish and chicken tacos though, which were nice. I love tacos. πŸ˜„ I also drank a lot of cranberry juice today. That stuff is really sweet. James also made some watermelon juice by blending watermelon in a blender. I’d never had it before, but he said it makes crappy-tasting watermelon taste nice. It’s true. I like sweet watermelon and when it doesn’t have taste it’s not quite so enjoyable to eat. Having it blended was pretty awesome. Yay. :3 πŸ‘

This morning I was sitting in a park and I saw a man talking on his mobile phone. His dog was sitting next to him and they both had their backs to me. I had my camera and I really wanted to take a photo because it was such a nice image… but I missed it. I didn’t want them seeing me taking a photo, or taking a photo of the man’s face as it would make him recognisable. The idea was to make him seem like just a man with a dog. That’s the problem with taking photos in public. You’re in public, so you might as well expect anyone to take a photo of you no matter what you’re doing or what you’re wearing – yes, chicken suit included, mate. They can see you, so they can take a photo. Gosh, I remember having this discussion in class once.

I don’t mind people taking pictures of me – well, you know I say that now, and it changes later. After all, a couple of years ago I was sitting on the train with my mum and someone took a photo of me; I could tell because of the direction the camera flash came from. That irritated me. I know, I was in a public place and I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing, but I still kept thinking of what would happen if that guy posted that picture of me online.

I used to work on the school newsletter team and we always had to make sure people in photos gave permission for their photo to be published. If you couldn’t recognise them (their back or something) then you wouldn’t need to ask. I think that since that moment, I’ve been careful to make sure to ask someone before I publish their photo on the internet, in case they get rather angry at me because it’s an embarrassing photo. I don’t do that though… I share photos where people at least look normal. πŸ™‚

Mind you, there are some pictures of me floating around Facebook wrapped in plastic wrap with James. Yes, that might sound hilarious… all I say now is that I’m thankful I don’t have Facebook because no doubt people would discover them and I’d be in a scene of embarrassment. Now that I mention it I suppose I don’t mind sharing – but I kind of do mind that someone published them online in the first place. And don’t ask why I was wrapped in plastic wrap; it was the last day of school and people were being idiots.

I can’t believe that was almost three years ago. O_O

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