The unfortunately inedible muffin

Actually, there were ten muffins. James and I followed this recipe. We prefer savoury muffins, so we haven’t made sweet muffins… I can tell you now, after following that disastrous, mortifying, horrible, and let’s just say – shit – recipe, we’re going for the chocolate muffins next time. /bounce

So we did put a little too much pepper in the muffins. Even if we didn’t, the muffins turned out absolutely disgusting. They burned on the outside, they were not cooked on the inside – the tuna and egg hadn’t cooked and the vegetables had lost taste. Oh, ew. We followed the recipe exactly, in terms of measurements.

Last time we made muffins we estimated how much we should put; we basically made our own recipe and it was fine. Now looking at this – how much tuna compared to how much flour… yeah, it was pretty shit, and we agreed to never speak of it again. Though I’m speaking of it now. I shall not mention the horrible nasty muffins again. :X

We did make fish and chicken tacos though, which were nice. I love tacos. :D I also drank a lot of cranberry juice today. That stuff is really sweet. James also made some watermelon juice by blending watermelon in a blender. I’d never had it before, but he said it makes crappy-tasting watermelon taste nice. It’s true. I like sweet watermelon and when it doesn’t have taste it’s not quite so enjoyable to eat. Having it blended was pretty awesome. Yay. :3 (Y)

This morning I was sitting in a park and I saw a man talking on his mobile phone. His dog was sitting next to him and they both had their backs to me. I had my camera and I really wanted to take a photo because it was such a nice image… but I missed it. I didn’t want them seeing me taking a photo, or taking a photo of the man’s face as it would make him recognisable. The idea was to make him seem like just a man with a dog. That’s the problem with taking photos in public. You’re in public, so you might as well expect anyone to take a photo of you no matter what you’re doing or what you’re wearing – yes, chicken suit included, mate. They can see you, so they can take a photo. Gosh, I remember having this discussion in class once.

I don’t mind people taking pictures of me – well, you know I say that now, and it changes later. After all, a couple of years ago I was sitting on the train with my mum and someone took a photo of me; I could tell because of the direction the camera flash came from. That irritated me. I know, I was in a public place and I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing, but I still kept thinking of what would happen if that guy posted that picture of me online.

I used to work on the school newsletter team and we always had to make sure people in photos gave permission for their photo to be published. If you couldn’t recognise them (their back or something) then you wouldn’t need to ask. I think that since that moment, I’ve been careful to make sure to ask someone before I publish their photo on the internet, in case they get rather angry at me because it’s an embarrassing photo. I don’t do that though… I share photos where people at least look normal. :)

Mind you, there are some pictures of me floating around Facebook wrapped in plastic wrap with James. Yes, that might sound hilarious… all I say now is that I’m thankful I don’t have Facebook because no doubt people would discover them and I’d be in a scene of embarrassment. Now that I mention it I suppose I don’t mind sharing – but I kind of do mind that someone published them online in the first place. And don’t ask why I was wrapped in plastic wrap; it was the last day of school and people were being idiots.

I can’t believe that was almost three years ago. O_O

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Aw, I’m sorry your muffins didn’t turn out well :( I’ve honestly never even heard of tuna muffins before! Ahaha. We don’t really have savory muffins here, I guess… we just have the sweet ones c: Or if we do, I’ve certainly never seen anyone make them! Hopefully your next try will be more successful XD

I don’t think anyone has ever taken my photo in public… and if they have, they were very discreet about it, which kind of weirds me out o.O but anyway.. I wouldn’t mind as long as, like you said, I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing or if I looked terrible, ahahaha. But I can certainly see your caution when it came to the man – who knows how he would have responded if had seen you take the picture o.o

You’ve made me really want to bake. I used to be really good at it, but I haven’t done any in a couple of years.
Still, I’m taking Creative Cake Production in school next year, so I suppose I’ll have a chance then. :’)

I hate it when people take photos of me, because I look ridiculously bad in them no matter what I’m doing. :L Though there’s a lot of photos of me on facebook because my friend Matthew seems to take my hatred of photos as a personal insult and frequently chases me with a camera. Or two. ¬¬ In tend to untag myself from some of the worst ones though.
Though last week I was sitting in Glasgow with Matthew and our friend Ashley and these girls near us were taking loads of photos of each other. We could tell we’d be in the background, so we started doing a lot of stupid poses. The look on one girls face when she looked at a photo was priceless, I think Matthew was pretending to be an elephant or something in the background of it. :’D
Good times.

There’s been a few times I wanted to take pictures of people in public because it would make such a nice photograph, but I would be embarrassed if the person realized it and got hateful. There was one time at the zoo I saw a little girl eating an ice cream that would have been an amazing picture. I bet the man and dog would have been a great photo too, had you nto thought twice.

I’ve never heard of savory muffins before. I’ve only ever had sweet ones because I’ve only ever seen sweet ones anyway. As much as I love tuna, the thought of it inside a muffin seems odd to me. Chocolate chip sounds much better. :D

The only time I remember getting my picture taken in public by a stranger was in the sixth grade. I was at Navy Pier on a field trip and some guys walked by and said “OMG, she looks like Gracie.” They took the picture as they were walking and moved on. I wasn’t offended, but I really wanted to know who Gracie was and how I looked like her.

Honestly, I don’t know why people get so antsy about pictures. I guess someone could use their photoshop skills to tarnish your reputation in some way, but who would really do that? Besides, cameras are on us all the time. There are security cameras everywhere these days. They even installed them in the bathrooms at my school in a place where they couldn’t reach the stalls. Still creepy.

Tuna muffins!? I did not know that savory muffins even exist. I always thought that they were supposed to be sweet.

I feel like there are a lot of people who don’t really care about other people’s privacy when ti comes to publishing photos these days. Including Facebook, actually especially Facebook. But as long as that picture of you isn’t tagged (and since you’re not on Facebook, it’s not going to be tagged and searchable as far as I know), it’ll be hard to dig up. But man, idiotic people… I could rant on all day about idiotic people.

Every muffin disaster is a tragedy. I propose a moment of silence for the ruined muffins – they are in a better place, now. Although the best place they could be is in your stomach. I love muffins, although I’ve never actually had a savoury muffin. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! How could I be so ignorant of food?

I’ve taken picture of people in public before, and felt like an absolute stalker. I usually try and pretend to be photographing something else.

Whenever our school goes on an excursion, a bunch of Japanese tourists seem to pop out of nowhere with massive cameras and take pictures of us. I have no idea why or how they even know we’re going to go to certain places, but they’re always there!

No wonder the muffins weren’t good – it was a WeightWatchers recipe. /hehe I haven’t had savoury muffins – I’m a fan of sweet ones (chocolate especially), but I love savoury scones. My grandma makes the best cheese & herb, and bacon/ham & cheese scones. Have you tried looking at or are part of the people responsible for the Good Food Ideas & Masterchef Australia magazines, and both sites have some really nice recipes.

That would have been a pretty picture – but I can understand what you mean by not wanting to take a photo of someone and have them react badly either. One day you’l have to get someone you know to sit with their dog like that and take the photo.

O thanks Chantelle! I have yet to try a BestRecipes recipe, but I remember trying a Taste recipe a while back – it was so good! I first tried a savoury muffin back in 2004; I had cooking class and we made bacon and herb muffins. It was delicious and from that day I decided that I preferred savoury muffins (primarily because they’re healthier, but I love that they are just as delicious). :D

Often I’ll shout to my friend ‘Stop! Don’t move!’ when I want to take a photo of them and envisage a good shot; however it’s often better to have a candid shot without them really posing… my friends always roll their eyes at me when I hold them up just to take a good photo. Haha. XD

I’m sorry that your muffins didn’t turn out well. Don’t worry! As they say, practice makes perfect! Who knows, maybe your next muffin will be as delicious and as good as what you’ve expected. :D

there’s savory muffins?! lol I like my muffins sweet! That sounded weird.

ohhh there were so many incidents that I’m outside and I want to take pictures of something or a group of people or just that one person because it looks like a great image to capture..not because who they are (they’re total strangers) but because its something normal, yet I want to capture it in a frozen frame….BUT of course, I dont have the courage to snap the picture because it’s weird and it can come off creepy LOL

Yea, if I noticed a stranger taking a picture of me…I wouldn’t appreciate it either..that’s why I don’t wanna take pictures where people’s faces are recognizable in my frame.

Ha ha, blended watermelon sounds good! xD

OH gosh, I don’t even want to know about the plastic wrap… 8D

Yikes! I don’t really have muffins that often, and if I do, I’m usually for sweet ones. I actually didn’t know you couldn’t put egg and stuff in them…
So wait, you mixed fish and chicken together? Gross! But otherwise, YUMMEH. I LUFF TACOS.
I usually just see stupid people these days. The most memorable of all stupidities was a group of teenagers that my dad suspected was trying to steal my purse or knock it out of my hands. Then we saw them at the checkout later, paying ten dollars in PENNIES. I mean, I can understand if you only have change, but in pennies? Oh, and the superintendant was GIGGLING about it. The hell?

Hehee your muffins really do sound disgusting :-P Never had a tuna muffin I tell you…!!!

And I would have loved to see that photo :-) Something so melancholic with a man and his dog isn’t it? And I guess you’re really allowed to publish photos of people, unfortunately that includes yourself :-/ Hopefully that man didn’t do something bad with your photo :-)

sorry to hear your muffins didn’t turn out really tasteful. i’ve never been great on the kitchen, so i never try any recipes besides i know the outcome, and know my mom or dad are home, so i can get a little help if (when) i need to, haha!! (:

i don’t think i’ve been taken a photo of in the public, not that i know at least. then the photographer must have been very discreet. but i do not like the thought of being photographed by a complete stranger, even sometimes i wish i’d brought the camera with me to take pictures of some strangers that forexample stood perfect in the sunlight and would’ve made a great shot! (like with the man and the dog)

it wasn’t my choice to ho on a ski trip, it was my parents, but they always take me with them wherever they’re going. they don’t want to leave me left home alone. but it was nice to do some other things though, even i did miss the computer haha lol! :D

I’m sorry your muffins turned out bad. xD I hate it when that happens, you’ll spend so much time cooking some food; look so forward to eating it, and when you do it’s just disgusting. xP

At least your tacos turned out nice. :3 I have to admit I’ve never ever had a taco. I imagine that they’re just like… chicken wraps?! Lol.

I don’t think anyone has ever taken a picture of me in public. I think I’d find it a bit weird if someone took a picture of me, I don’t even know why, I just feel that if I noticed that person was pointing their camera at me, I’ve feel strangely awkward and wouldn’t be able to continue acting ‘naturally’. I’d find it fine if they asked me though :P

Ahh Facebook! There are sooo many embarrassing pictures of me on Facebook. I can un-tag myself in them, but they’re still there for me to relive the shame, lmao.

Nuuu! What a waste of good muffins. Stupid recipe. Muffins aren’t things to be wasted. /bash I mean, who doesn’t like muffins? /faw

I totally didn’t just Google what a taco was… though they look pretty damn nice. I’ve heard a whole load about tacos but never really knew exactly what they were, just that they were Mexican. :X
Can we agree never to speak of that again?

Moving on.

Aha this girl in my class is honestly addicted to cranberry juice. It’s pretty much all she ever drinks. I haven’t tried it, though. I don’t like cranberries all that much… there were some dried ones in some cereal I once had and I used to flick them off my spoon. Nowadays I get plain cereal and put fresh fruit on top. It’s much nicer, and strawberries and banana are wonderful together, ehe. 😏

Watermelon juice sounds interesting! I might try some one day.

That does sound like a nice shot. You could always ask the man but then again, he might be a wee bit creeped out. :L I know I would. When I was in London the other day I was taking pictures of some shops/streets in Chinatown and I was just dead aware that everyone was a) looking at me and giving me this look that read “tourist!” and b) that I was in public. I haven’t posted the photos online or anything and I won’t do so but in public you do have to be aware of other people. But to be fair, in London, it’s a bit hard.

I still remember your angry blog about that douche on the train… I just remember that you were wearing skull stockings. It’s strange what we remember, eh.

I don’t think I’m old enough to be on the school newsletter team – I believe you showed me a PDF of yours once, or something, on MSN – but my school are the same. They have a list of people who aren’t allowed to have recognisable images on the website, in the newsletters, etc. because their parents don’t want them to. If you are able to have your photo displayed publicly, that’s not all so bad because they generally choose the nice ones for the school letter/website.

I won’t ask, but it sounds dead impressive. ;)

Time flies, time flies…

Most people don’t force me if they know they’re fighting a losing battle. I can be awfully stubborn when I need to be. I have talked to Childline online before, but I still found that awkward and really hard despite the fact it was an anonymous counsellor. I don’t think I’ll ‘grow out of it’, so as to speak, but I do hope to get better at talking and be able to put myself first when I need to.

I used to be fairly open with problems and whatnot, but as a general rule I have always been a solitary soul, even if I do have friends… e.g. I need a lot of ‘me-time’, I dislike being around people for long periods of time, and overall, although I do love and appreciate my friends, I can be self-reliant if I have to be.

Yep, my blog is indeed my occasional ranting ground. ^^ I mean, that’s what it’s there for. ;) As for poems, sheesh, if I didn’t enjoy writing them as much as I did I’d be screwed. They’re life savers, I swear. I also often write letters to people… even if I don’t send it, or show it to them, or even if I just delete it afterward, it still helps a lot.

Everything’s alright, yep – as I said, not hugeass problems that are going to kill me anytime soon. :)
Yeah, I mean if someone else is telling you about a problem, I don’t feel I should swing the spotlight over to me because they need some help.

I might just do that. ^^ It’s alright about slow replies, it just helps to get it out, you know~ Thank you for your comment, it made my day ♥

Ja! New layout, new layout. It’s different to my usual, I think.
Ah, same. I have a lot of ideas drifting around but I’m just not sure how to word them. That happens to me an awful lot, and it is frustrating, but I can always write them down eventually!

Oui! Tu as. (I don’t know if that’s right but oh well… I haven’t looked at my French books for weeks).

I have a black cardigan that gets a bit staticky (spelling?)… but it’s also very warm. In autumn, anyway. It sucks balls in winter – not thick enough! I have a lovely, big knitted jumper that’s perfect for minus degree weather, so I use that.

I did indeed! It’s a bit shoddy and doesn’t quite fit with the set but oh well, better then nothing~

Take care! xx

im just telling you im away for a week. love u

Ha, yeah. :) I just haven’t done anything with my website lately but I have been following your blog still. One of these days I’m going to open a permanent website and stop changing it. xD

I never had a tuna muffin myself. Lol. But you and your boyfriend cooking and all that stuff you do sounds nice. Its sweet. :)

I’ve never tried making muffins, but I don’t think I’d really want to bake any fish into what’s normally seen as a sweet type of bread. I can’t wrap my head around that. It’s like finding fish in a chocolate cake. @_@

I remember reading about your savoury muffins before! I think they were cheese, I remember because I was baffled as I’d never heard of savoury muffins before then! However after hearing about your savoury muffins, I still can’t imagine how a tuna muffin would taste.

I’ve never eaten tacos and I’ve never drank watermelon juice, and I feel as though I’m missing out! I’m going to make it my aim to try them soon.

That’s so creepy that the person just randomly took a photo of you. The man with the dog does sound like a nice image though, and they had their backs to you but the fact you just sat there in your seat on the train. Did your mum not say anything?

I hate to have my photo taken. I don’t even let my friends do it. I only take photos with them when my hair is done and I have make up on, or if I don’t I’d rather take them myself so I can check I look okay in it!

I don’t mind funny photos, like the plastic wrap thing, if I was having a good time with my friends and we were just having fun I wouldn’t mind those on Facebook but it’s awful double chin shots or shots that make my nose look like a ski slope, I guess that’s what I see as an ’embarrassing photo’. As long as everyone else in the photo looks silly I don’t mind, but when it’s just me looking ridiculous, that’s when I mind, haha!

Thanks so much. :D I don’t really think my layout is too thin but my sidebar is pretty pointless, I guess I just want to keep my Flickr and advertising there though!

When I buy new clothes I do usually tend to plan what I’m going to buy and I bargain hunt. Luckily everything I bought was quite cheap so I could buy more!

Ahhh your tutorial was so helpful!! Thanks a billion! /love
My grandparents in China are kind of inapt at using computers, so I thought it would just be easier for me to make a super easily-navigatable website especially for them where we can talk and share pictures and stuff. /eee I initially wanted to try to make a social network, but that was too hard… T_T
Traveling around the world sounds fun! I want to visit many places too…. Australia, Japan, Paris, London, and Korea (the home of kpop lol) :P Good luck on your masters!!
Indeed, dreams are odd… last night, I dreamed that I was a vampire… /ehh
I get tired of my layouts super quickly, so I change often. In fact, I’ve already made my next one! >w<
Awww I'm sorry to hear that your muffin turned out to be inedible! :( At least you knew it was the recipe's fault. heheh XP whenever i try to follow a tutorial, I always mess up somewhere along the way. Then, I spend the next two hours figuring out what went wrong. /wah Not fun. :/
A tuna muffin sounds quite interesting though… never had one, but sounds good. 🤤
No one's took a picture of me in public yet… at least, I don't think so. haha. 😒 Even if they did though, I wouldn't mind as long as I look good. :P

To tell you the truth, the second I read “tuna cupcake” I got so grossed out! Haha then I realized what it actually was… but still, I prefer the kind with frosting and sprinkles :) Maybe red velvet…My 5th grade teacher was an amazing chef, and took us down to the school kitchen (private school so it wasn’t THAT gross) one day to make her famous chocolate chip cookies. She gave us the recipe, and being the computer geek that I am, I typed it up. Then my computer crashed and the print out was never to be found :( Your story reminds me that I realllllllllyyy need to find a good alternative to her recipe because I haven’t baked in way too long and that would be the perfect first thing to make. Know of any? :P

And hey, at least the tacos came out yummy!

Same here by the way – I don’t watch much TV lately but netflix is just godly. I can literally watch any movie at any time :)

I’ve always wanted to try baking. But I can’t. My mom does not allow to use the gas range’s oven. /ehh

I feel sorry for the muffins! :O Now I’m kinda thinking if the recipe is a fake, because like what you’ve said… you did follow the recipe exactly. So why would you fail on baking them?!?! Ah, shoot. I have no knowledge in baking! Haha.

Let’s just hope that the next muffins that will soon be baked will be edible. YAY 👏

Tacos! I love them too… but I am a messy eater when it comes to tacos. It’s frustrating. </3 And oh, I haven’t tried drinking a cranberry juice yet. Heehee. So I do not know what it tastes like yet! :3

Oooohhh, photos! :3 Yes, I’d have to agree that one should always ask for a person’s permission before taking a photo of them if they’d be recognizable on that specific photo! And I think that person who took a photo of you with no permission is kinda rude. =_=;

I think i could understand tuna on a muffin and I could understand egg, but tuna and egg?

I wouldn’t mind a stranger taking a photo of me if it was for artistic purposes, otherwise no. I’m not very photogenic, especially with my skin the way it is.

You do generally need eggs, flour and milk to make any muffin. :)

oh, I thought they wanted you to mix the tuna and the egg like a tuna omlette or something

I never heard of tuna muffins before O:! When I looked at the link’s picture, I just imagine eating tuna slices (like ham slices) with bread. :O! Since this is the first time making this type of muffins (I am assuming :C) you can add some differentiation to it next time :P! We learn out of the things we make :P. Like how one time, I saw some guy making delicious noodles out of instant noodle packages. I tried making em by putting some hot water + instant noodles in a pot. Worst of the worst happened. The noodles.. Became.. minerals o__O

I am glad that you found something better that you and James made and ate :P. I love chicken tacos! If it has a lot of goodies inside of it :O! I never heard of blended watermelons :O I bet it tastes a lot better than what my dad blends in a blender. -__-! I don`t like eating fruits ‘~’. So he just busted out the blender and tossed in some celery, carrots, something that looks like cucumber, and.. Apples. It smells like mowed grass. But I just bear with it by drinking it fast and getting it over with.

With technologies of today, anything can happen. You can be spied on temporary– even if you didn`t know about it! I`ve seen people take pictures of strangers and putting it on facebook. And people taking pictures of unknown’s car and posting it as their facebook default. I know I recently took a picture of me standing next to a mustang 2010 because I just love the new mustang series. :O! But yeaaah. .__.! And I take a lot of public pictures and people do turn out in the background. And gets posted.

If all things comes to a nerve wrecking decision, blur their face via photoshop or something :P. It`ll give the picture more clarity, focus. And {insert more things I might come up with}. But more with focus like professional pictures.

Just don`t worry about those types of pictures :). As long as you`re not being inappropriate, then its cool. Which brings me to wonder why people would do such things -___-!

Take care!

awwww… that’s so funny! at least you guys know how to do some muffins. Unfortunately for me.. I don’t even know how to some or even follow some easy recipes. eek! :))) I love tacos too. yum! I can hear my tummy complaining now. hahahahaha.. might get one asap! :))

really? you should’ve taken a photo at that moment. And if the man looked back at you, tell him something like “geesh the sun is pretty annoying” while you’re lifting your hand with your phone on it. hahahahahahahaha.. :))