It’s the little things…

A while ago, last year, I went through a rough time and Sebastian told me that people will always fall down but you just have to pick yourself up again. I remember the time I was feeling like crap and I just cried and he sat there comforting me. It was weird.

I didn’t have a good day, and this evening as I played Minesweeper with James I remembered that a few months ago he’s asked me “why am I always red? :3”. It was the cutest thing ever; it stuck in my mind and it put a smile on my face.

I remember the times I laughed with my friends. The time Ryan and I argued over the word “that”, or the time Lilian and I made up a sexual joke that was probably only funny to us. The time Vicky accidentally pulled the cord in the computer room and every single computer in the building crashed. The time Ryan said, “Because I eat out with you guys so much, I now know how to use chopsticks!”

I remember having lunch with Mike last week and he told me, “I saw that”. I had no idea what he was talking about until he said he saw me pout… oh, it’s a nasty habit. But I wanted to cry because it was so funny. We only pout as children, don’t we? Or maybe we pout when we’re older when we don’t get what we want.

The truth is that we don’t always get what we want, and I think that there is some beauty in that. There are always the little things that keep us going. I know we all want world peace and happiness and to get good grades and to have happy families and have huge cars or what have you. But… but life isn’t that easy. But life is grand. It is made up of more than one experience.

I read an article in a magazine about bullying, and an Australian actress had said that she was bullied in high school. She said she was called ‘fatty’ and ‘pudge’ and continually teased because of her weight. When asked for her advice she said that all parents can really tell their children is that high school is just one experience in a whole lifetime of experiences.

It’s true. And if my whole life was dependant on one horrible incident of me tripping on concrete and falling down, back when I was ten years old, blood trickling down my knee and me crying as I tried to help myself up… then what is that? We might fall, but we get back up again.

That moment ten years ago, I looked up and was just about to stand when I saw the meanest, strictest teacher in the whole school standing in front of me. I was scared. I didn’t want to get up.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

His eyes weren’t friendly, but he stood bent over me, and I could see he was concerned. Sure, he didn’t hold out his hand to help me. But sometimes we don’t need help getting up again, and that time I didn’t.

“Yeah,” I responded.

I picked up my pink lunchbox and bag and walked to class, where I smiled and forgot about my injured knee.

It’s also just one memory in a lifetime of memories.

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Hey :) Who’s that guy in the layout? :) I love how its designed though :D I’m going to have a look round your site now :-) cya :)

It’s Ben Jorgensen. I took that photo of him when I went to his show in January!

I like how you connected the get-back-up physically with the emotionally. It’s very true. We have to always get back up if life is going down. I don’t know why I’m saying this when I don’t think I do. I just accept that life is downhill. I’m such a pessimist … I count down bad days, I say FML or FOL (fuck our lives) on a regular basis.

I’ve had my ups and downs in high school and definitely learned from them. I wasn’t ever bullied but I had a share of stupid people to try to get along with. That was an experience I wouldn’t want to have missed. I got back up from those ups and downs at least.

I keep going despite all the FMLs I can say (unlike a friend of mine who can’t handle it and always write ’emo things’), but my cousin said I don’t have joy in life. Screw that.

I’ve been going through some of the same thoughts recently. Truly, life is so much better than we think it is but the only way to think of it like that is to not make a fuss over tiny trivialities. Sure you might not have a big car, but if you have a close few people that love you… then what do you NEED a big car for? Little moments in life matter the most.

-slides in- completely unrelated… but I just wanted to say I’ll be moving sites soon, so I can totally email you my new link when I’m done ;D

I’d comment more but I’m rushing so I can leave for class DX

That was a beautifully written post. :)
It is a good reminder. And it is really nice after we’ve lived for awhile to be able to store up all those good memories. It really does helps in bad times and keeps things in perspective. :)
When you mentioned Miranda I realized I hadn’t been keeping up on her. So I listened to what I thought was her new single and was appalled at her voice. I recently went back and looked at some of her other songs and feel much better. But she still can’t sing in concert! /wah

Not everyone has the same dreams for life. My big turning point was realizing that I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do, and then I realized that all the mistakes and good choices I made throughout life were slowly pushing me in the direction that I wanted to go. I still don’t know if that is a wonderful or terrifying thought, but it certainly helped me during times when I felt blue.

Work hard to keep your fond memories, and the not so fond ones burned into your mind. Each one is absolutely special, and usually its the not so fond ones that shape us more than anything else.

Keep the faith love.

Georgieeeeee your post made my eyes water as you go through your fond memories I’m remembering mine…. 😢 I’m still in high school so some of my memories are still being made. Lol at your friend pulling out a single cord and the computers crashing I can so imagine myself doing that ahha


Sebastian is sweet for being there in your time of need (:! I think that no one is going to always be there for you. We all need to learn how to be independent just in case. Guys can be sneaky with their cute questions :P. I love inside jokes. It`s only funny with the people that you made the inside joke with :P!

Life isn`t supposed to be easy. I believe that life should have some struggle in it. If everything was free and easy, it would be chaotic. . .. . People would be. Selfish. We shouldn`t get everything that we want. I think we need that missing piece of the puzzle in order to keep some momentum going on :O!

I hate bullying. Blegh. Karma happens, and its just immature to put someone down by calling them fat or so constantly. High school IS a one time experience! But you gotta experience it nicely. Because most people that have fun in high school will say, they want to go back to that time. Because you don`t worry about the bills and so..

:O That teacher sounds like the type that doesn`t like to show weakness :X. Sometimes, we just need someone to be concerned. Or we`ll fell. Insignificant.

I think its good to have opposite sex friends is because.. Drama doesn`t happen a lot. But we need at least a couple of close female friends. Because we`d like to gossip about guys — but not to guys. :P. Because some guys who have secret crushes on you will get hurt, they won`t care, or they`ll tell everyone. .___.! Or.. They`ll take the role as a female friend and gossip about it too :O!

I was beginning to even think that Instant noodles is like.. “imitation” noodles. Just like imitation crabs. I guess thats why we need to use real noodles for some chow mien :P!

My did did try to make some healthy drink. I`m fine with that, because my appetite accepts 95% of the things I take in. :P. The only things it doesn`t accept is.. Baked goods. Or something. Like Donuts, bread, cake, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, etc. :X I just take a bite and.. Just toss it. /:

:X! I can`t imagine how you will transfer all of your things over to a new domain for fanlisting if that happens :O. I just want to do everything at once to get it over with, but that is boring. :P

Have an excellent weekend (:

Hiii!!! I agree, we want a lot in life, but when we don’t get it, we pout or cry. But when we do, that only makes the other party feel like a complete butt hole, for saying no in the first place. We know that we can’t get everything we want in life. Yes it may hurt our feelings at first but after awhile we calm down and finally rationalize that hey I can’t get it this time around, but maybe later. I remember a few weeks ago I wanted to get Thai food, and I know my dad and I are struggling financially, but when he said no when I was looking forward to it, it bummed me out a little bit, but he had apologized and said that it’d be different if we weren’t struggling right now. And I had agreed and apologized as well for not acting mature about it.

I know it’s hard to not get what we want, but it is an experience in life. Just like having a boyfriend or girlfriend. You know you want one, but when you do and go looking for one, it’s only gonna be depressing because you won’t ever find that person. Unless the timing is right, but other than that if you don’t go looking like I did with Andrew (well; I kinda did but I wasn’t really ‘looking’ just browsing) they won’t ever come.

Little things in life like inside jokes between friends will always be there. It’s like with me and Andrew; I made up a personal inside joke between us and we laugh at it each time we or I talk about it or do it (the joke). I even commented on it in front of his dad and Andrew said “It’s an inside joke” and his dad just smiled at that. So yeah, nothing wrong with that at all.

Oh I remember the time when I got hit by a truck; a lot of the mothers on the block came running out and when they saw it was me they all went “Oh my god!” and helped me up even the driver did (but you see that part of me jumping into the gutter wasn’t my fault I was semi-pushed as well as being forced to get away from something at that time), but I had gotten back up on my feet, drank water, got some scabs on my arms, and was perfectly okay the next day. Of course I blabbed it out like it was the coolest thing since toasted bread lol. But I did apologized to the driver who lived at the end of my block for going out in front of him and he said thank you for apologizing and that he’s going to slow up on turning that corner or coming down that block from now on. So see little things like that always puts a huge impact on life experiences. So I get what you’re saying.

It was a very inspiring post. I heard this line once which has been stuck in my mind ever since, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Sometimes things may seem tough. Sometimes you won’t even want to get up and give it another try, but defeat is not when you fall down. Its when you refuse to get up. These are some special memories with your friends which made me laugh. And feel a little sad. You’re very lucky. Sometimes we forget the most important and beautiful things we have been blessed with because of a reason which is not really worth it.
It has been so long since I sat down and ate friends with my best friends. You have that. Even in our worst times, we have something to be thankful for. *Hugs*

I am still debating between a laptop and desktop. I don’t move around much now, but once I enter college, I might have to. A laptop will come in use then.

i don’t know how to play minsweeper. i mean yeah dad taught me how to play that game but i always lose. looool. so i didn’t try playing it again. /bounce

i agree with the last part you wrote. sometimes you don’t need someone’s help in getting up. i think it’s even more fulfilling in one’s part when you finally got up on your own. that means you’re strong enough to face another challenge. ;)

this is a really beautiful post….. it literally made my eyes water. it relates so much to me right now as its my last year in higschool. your an amazing writer! keep up the wonderful posts<3

i sure do!:) Happy easter to you too!

:love: this made me look at life a bit differently. In a good way, it got me thinking about the memories of what i have been through and how i got through them. Life may get you down a lot of the time, but it most certainly is a great and wonderous journey. I will live my life to the fullest and make many more memories :) And so will you and others <3 Thanks for this post!
Great site by the way, love the content and tutorials :)


I’m so excited because I actually have a quote that totally relates to your blog post :D. Yay! You remember 1L of Tears? There’s this part where Aya says “What’s wrong with falling down? You can always get back up again”. And yeah, it was just very moving, considering she’s got a terminal motor neuron disease, yet she can still say that. It totally put things in perspective. See? It relates, right? :D

Anyway *hugs* for your crappy day yesterday :(. Having crap days is never fun. But Seb is right, you just have to pick yourself up sometimes. There’s nothing to it. It’s difficult sometimes, but hey, that’s just life for you. Sucks, but there are some good moments, worth getting up for :).

LOL, at our lame, ridiculous joke. We’re such freaks, sometimes :P.

Don’t worry, I STILL POUT. I can’t help it D:. I can feel myself doing it, yet I can’t stop myself. Hahaha. Hopefully we’ll grow out of it :P.

Urgh, highschool sucks. I should be considered a form of torture. I mean sure, you meet awesome life long friends, but you attend highschool when everyone’s just hitting adolescence and wanting to exert their authority and everyone’s insecure and so immature. So you get these totally bitches making your life hell, and total asses who think they’re all too good for you, but really, their pretentious condescension just makes them seem like arrogant wannabes who won’t get anywhere in life. *sigh*. But you’re right :). You can judge life on ONE experience. And given we live til eighty-something on average, what’s six years, right? Hahaha.

all this anti-bullying stuff is such nonsense. I was bullied as a kid and I think it made me a better person. I always try to include everyone and reach out to people who are quiet or different. I always try to be thoughtful of peoples’ feelings and I learned very early on to deal with nasty people and unfair criticism. Sure I’m still sensitive, which is why I’ll cry and rant when these people aren’t looking, but I’m very diplomatic to their face. No matter how old you are, you have to deal with bullies. Grade school’s about learning, right?

Your welcome <3 I will always remember the good memories before i think about the bad. I like to look at the good things other then the bad, just now i will thank more about it now then before :D And thania is amazing she's always there when i need her help, whether its site wise or just someone to talk to:) And ill always be there for her:)

I remember my grandmother would pout when she didn’t get what she wanted. :P It was pretty funny. :P

I believe it’s the little things that keep us going. And when bad things happen, good things usually come out of it in the end, too. It’s what makes the littlest things more appreciated. :)

Awhh, just a day? Well, if I had money for the airfare, I’d totally take you up on that offer!

Most of the stuff all over is hers and Tommy’s. And she’s become selfish. :| Like, she’ll spend money on her and/or Tommy (and maybe even Chris, my youngest brother – he’s eight; he’s the favorite), but acts like it’s such a pain to spend money on me. I need to get a job. Blah. I need to remember to apply for the Family Dollar store and Dollar General; they’re quite close by. :3

I’ve been reading a lot about bullying recently in my Japanese culture class. In Japan, bullying is a common problem because in Japan, it’s common to put the will of the society ahead of the will of the individual and people who don’t fit in well get bullied into it.

Personally, I’ve been overweight most of my life, yet the only person who ever picked on me about it was my dad. I never had anyone insult me over my weight in school, though a couple girls hated me for other reasons, they never made it about my physical appearance. Despite how bullying is often portrayed as a common occurence, especially for someone like me who is a bit of a shut in and definitely a geek, I wasn’t really bullied. I always kind of anticipated it and it never happened.

This is such a sweet post. I don’t even know your friends but the first two paragraphs made me smile. ♥

Maybe it’s because I haven’t faced too many serious crises in my life, but I’ve always been an optimist deep down. Even though I may sound cynical often, I really do believe that things always get better if you allow them too. Sitting around, wallowing in your own misery does nothing. Chances for happiness just float on by when you’re too focused on the negative.

I’ll never understand why teenagers get so wrapped up in what they think are the worst moments of their lives. Sure, some day I’m going to look back and kick myself for spazzing so much about my grades. But the other kids who worry about what people are saying about them and how they look and who their boyfriend is? In five years, none of that will even matter.

And don’t worry, I pout too. ‘Tis a bad but very unintentional habit.

I know my friends and family will always be there for me in my bad times, and I try to always remember that. A few of them might have a hard time showing their concern on the outside, but I know that, inside, they do care for me. I personally have a hard time showing others that I’m concerned and sincere about that concern, maybe because I think about it too much.

Many forget about all the little things in life they should be thankful for and focus only on the bad things. All that does is make them bitter people.

I’m glad you feel so loved despite all you’ve been through. Sometimes all you need to do is think positively. :) This was truly an inspiring post. :)