Aliens of death

I watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who earlier today. It’s fantastic; I won’t ruin it for any of you out there but it really is fantastic. I don’t think I was scared at all; which takes me back to the time I watched I Know What You Did Last Summer. Now I’m not really into horror movies at all, but this just happened to be on television at the time so I figured I might as well watch it. I think I was about twelve years old.

I was frightened throughout the whole thing, and it’s not really a movie of blood and gore, but more suspense (at least, as far as I remember). I guess it kept me hooked. I knew the movie was reaching an end but I had my pillow up to my face nearly the entire time. It was literally during the last five seconds of the movie that I got far too scared, and it got too much for me so I had to close my eyes and actually hide behind my pillow.

I’ll spoil it here, seeing as it’s an old film and not one that many people will care about being spoiled. But at the end, the girl is having a shower and she sees a shadow on the glass, as it creeps up closer. On the foggy windows, someone wrote “I know what you did” (or something like that, I honestly don’t remember exactly what it said). At this point I was just so shaken that I couldn’t look. I heard the end of the film, but I never saw it. I heard the girl scream. When I opened my eyes and removed the pillow, the end credits were rolling.

Oh yes, I was pretty furious at myself. I eventually forgot about the movie, nightmares aside. I only remembered last year that I had never properly seen the end. So I looked it up on YouTube, since YouTube has everything, and I watched the end. I don’t know why it scared me so much in the first place.

Which brings me to the general topic of horror films I have seen to date: two and a half.

We’ll get to the half first. I saw half of Tamara, a B-grade film about an intelligent girl interested in witchcraft, who gets killed by some schoolmates and comes back for revenge. Uh, lame. Well, at the time I watched half of it, I was at someone’s house and it just happened to be playing. I couldn’t stand watching it, because of all the blood and gore. Ripping people’s ears off and people eating fingers, and the like.

What I don’t understand is how blood and gore is supposed to equal a scare factor these days. I think it’s just gross. You honestly lack imagination if your screenplay is all about intestines and haemoglobin. I mean, that’s biology for you – and that stuff is supposed to be kept inside the body, thanks.

And the other one? When A Stranger Calls. Believe me, I was scared shitless every time I saw a shadow. When I saw the end of the film, I was beyond disappointed. I wanted to throw something at the screen. It turns out that all the horror films I’ve watched just suck ass.

I used to watch Supernatural, which was definitely more suspense than blood and gore. I don’t know why I stopped. I guess I stopped watching all television at the same time, because I was so scared of keeping up with anything. It kind of drove me crazy, sitting in front of the television at the same time every week. I hated watching shows on-the-fly, I guess.

Before watching Doctor Who today, I was scared to the point where my bones rattled, because I was scared of all that was going to happen. Now I realise it’s not that bad. Heh.

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The only Doctor Who that’s ever scared me was the first episode with the Weeping Angels. I was a bit creeped out by the Empty Child episodes with Christopher Eccleston(can’t for the life of me remember their proper names, but oh well), and by the Vashta Nerada, but that’s about it.
Oh, and when I was about 8 I was scared of the very first episode with daleks in it, which amuses me now. Back then you could stop them by putting a coat on the floor. :’)

I’ve never been into horror movies, or gore, or anything like that. The only film I like which people think is scary is Silent Hill, but I wasn’t scared of that in the slightest. I was just sitting being amazed by the costumes. XD Once I stayed over at my friend Jayne’s house and as soon as we got up in the morning we watched Saw 4…I don’t remember much of it because that was like 4 years ago, but ugh. It was not fun. Jayne loves the Saw films, I just think one is enough. :’)

Oh I agree, even though I haven’t seen Saw. I can tell that they’ve had far too many of those and many people have told me they should have just stopped, because it got ridiculous.

The Empty Child scared me as well. I was surprised that I wasn’t scared with many of the other episodes because I always thought Doctor Who would be a little scary… apparently the first ever episode of Doctor Who (An Unearthly Child) is quite scary.

I got scared of the Vashta Nerada because I’m scared of the dark. I was eating dinner while watching the Weeping Angels so I don’t think it was that bad. Ah well, it’s still a great show overall. :P

I watched that Doctor Who episode! *proud* I admit I didn’t watch the last series as religiously as I had done beforehand… I also admit to not being hugely fond of Matt Smith in the beginning. /um But, he has grown on me! I think David Tennant will always be my favourite doctor but since Matt Smith had him to level up to (in my eyes), he’s done quite a neat job. Although, for the whole episode I was gripped but completely and wholly comfused. :L Oh well, it will all be revealed next week! Excitement.

I’m terrible with horror movies. I tried watching ‘The Ring’ on YouTube and only got partway through it – to the girl’s funeral – before I had to stop. I’ve never watched a horror movie all the way through. I think it’s because it’s easy for me to get uppity about things, even if they aren’t real and know they aren’t real, and have bad dreams and whatnot. I.e., I’m a wimp. I mean, geez, I’m still scared shitless of the weeping angels… asdfghjkl. ;w;

That film sounds scary. I guess what I don’t like about horror is the gore and the suspense (ironic that they’re the main factors of horror – definitely the latter, anyway) and ugh. I don’t really know, but horror films aren’t cut out for me. They don’t do well with my overactive imagination, let alone when I go to bed and start to try and drop off on one side, before I realise my back is facing my bedroom floor and I get paranoid so I roll over.

Yeah. I’m not great with horror movies, then. /bash

Aha, fair point – gore is just gross. I don’t really find it scary; it just makes me feel sick. /ehh I was alright with a sheep’s lung in biology but I don’t think I’d want to see someone having their hand hacked off or something (that happened in Red Riding Hood, the film I went to see. But it wasn’t detailed at all so I barely saw a thing. Which is all good).

It just occured to me that I’m okay with films with battle scenes in/punch ups. What. I make no sense. 😰

I’m okay with watching TV on a schedule, but I can only do Saturday nights. I couldn’t do a whole week… there are girls in my class who watch two programmes a night some days and I’m sat there thinking “how”.

Well my sister fell asleep during The Exorcist, and that’s supposed to be one of the better horror films. LOL.

Aw! Good luck growing your hair out. I’m sure it’ll look lovey. :3 I need a fringe in my hair, though; it grew so long that I effectively didn’t have one and it drove me nuts. I didn’t feel like myself. :(

Thanks. :3 I like changing laces! Although, my other all stars aren’t the right type… one pair are bright green with orange and pink tongues (paha adding neon laces to them might just fail) and the other pair, which I am wearing now, are grey and have graffiti print on.

Yep – when I mean social I don’t mean parties. I barely ever go to parties, let aolone get invited to any… and if I do they’re never discos and there’s never alcohol. The geek life is much more fun, I daresay, than that of the popular.

Ah the weather’s shittifying itself again. No surprise. It’s still warm tonight but it’s muggy and a bit weird.

Picnics are great fun. :3 I’m glad you had a nice time!

I’ve never really had savoury muffins at all! We tend to have sweet ones over here.

Geez, that girl is rude. So what if you were ‘fucking tourists’. Oh dear, what is the world coming to…

I remember your domain letters! You wrote one to :’) Memories! I still don’t know what to do with Fluoresce, actually. Shit. Better make my mind up soon.

Yeah, I might move away from brown next time and try for some grey again. Or maybe just something else! We’ll see. I know I want my next layout to be a lot simpler, but I won’t make it for ages. Probably after my end-of-years, which are at the end of May.

Staticky is my new word then, hehe /ehe

Take care! xx

you were scared of I know what you did last summer? really? lol.
i don’t really care for horror movies because either they’re not scary, thereby defeating the purpose or they’re actually scary and I don’t enjoy being scared all that much. Well, I do like The Evil Dead, but those movies are funny. And I like the walking dead series, that has a lot of other good stuff in it too though.

I heard that Dr. Who is going to be aired on BBC America :O! Hopefully, I can try to access that channel to watch it :P! I have never heard of that movie before :O! But all old movies are eligible for spoilers. It`s old and just that :P. :O That is the exact same thing that I do when I watch a scary movie- especially at night -___-! Now. I just change the channels.

I just think that human blood and so are scary because.. I just don`t know why. It`s some psychological thing. You are only used to seeing whats on the outside, not the inside. And we know that blood– the loss of blood means death or something. Same with exposed.. internal parts?

What is worse is a movie that builds momentum and just ruins it :X! I heard of Supernatural before. But I never watched it so I don`t know the whole storyline :X! But I`ve watched other tv shows that semi-exposes these horrid stuffs. I know Law and Order has some exposures of dead bodies being.. Tortured to death one way or another. It`s not really scary, but it`s. Just there D:

I think cleaning out jewelery is great :P! The main goal is to always replace the.. invaluable jeweleries to make room for the valuable ones :P Or get rid of.. The ones that are out of season and replace em with the trends of today :P. Unless you like to be vintage P:

Sometimes, I hate being relied on :X! There are some things that I don`t want to do. Or I can`t do :X. Like last week, My friend wanted me to go and do some event for him on a game, because his laptop broke. But my parents said that I have to go to the market and stores with them. So I missed the event. He goes on telling an online game friend. She goes ballistic and says, “wtf is wrong with her?” It just. ticks me off. It even made me come up with 40 messed up things to say to her. But meeeeeh.

I prefer it if guys care, but not to an overprotective status. It is a nice feeling to know that someone cares :P. But for them to check up on you is. Weird and scary :X!

Anything real beats imitation :P! What can tick me off is that whenever I am eating soup in a restaurant, they use mini scallops. :X. I just get.. disappointed :/.

Happy easter (:!

Blood and gore never scares me, but suspense? That’s a different story O_O I never watch horror movies because they generally turn out to be disappointments. Horror books are pretty good, though.
I heard that When a Stranger Calls is supposed to be really scary, but the synopsis of it doesn’t look bad at all. I once saw a movie like it but the movie didn’t go anywhere for the two hours I was watching it. It just kept “the music” going and stopping when there was suspense. Finally, somebody died, but that was about it.
My friend is obsessed with Supernatural. I thought it was a sci-fi show, but apparently not xD.

Aww, don’t cry /eee Usually, when I get homesick, I want to go someplace like London or Paris, but not to my actual home :P
I once thought about life without my friends and it made me cry. I can’t really imagine leaving them, but I guess that’s what happens when one travels.

OMGosh I really hate horror films … even the bloodless ones like Chuckie! Maybe that does have blood but I only saw a creepy doll chasing this girl. I also saw Ninja Assassin starring RAIN and this other Korean boy but that was the reason for seeing it. Too much blood and it was so fake at the same time.

But if I think about it, it’s really more gross than scary. There was this movie I saw where some guy’s head got blasted of during a war. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

LOL when did I say I wouldn’t meet boys for ages! So many boys around except they’re the I-wont-talk-to-you-if-you-dont-speak-korean type. Idiots. Do you talk to your cousin or IM to your cousin? Because I did that with my cousin (not recently) and we never had trouble communicating since it was all writing. Talking is a different story.

Well yeah I wouldn’t want someone who smokes or drinks either! And he has to be clean! But why does it matter what culture he’s from? I know Asian parents don’t like their kids marrying African Americans but really, my mom is racist against her own people! Bleh!

I think I’d just be listening to music and playing on Krissy during the commute to school. Oh wait … /wah

That I didn’t know! I just thought you can’t use phones overseas because of data roaming and it would cost thousands! When I touched my brother’s phone he nearly freaked out that I’d turn on data roaming, hahahaha.

LOL I didn’t notice your dark circles! Maybe need to pay attention more. :P

Oh iPod nano, those little colorful things. I don’t really like them for some reason. Probably because they’re so small? Hard to watch videos with them.

I like suspense horror movies. I think the whole blood and gore thing is okay, but if it takes up 100% of the book/film it’s… too much. Lots of times I’m reluctant to see a horror film, but then I get hooked around one fourth into the thing. I’ve never heard of I Know What You Did Last Summer, but I looked it up on Wikipedia & it sounds good (I only scanned it & fully read a paragraph or two, though). :) It even got a good gross, so maybe I’ll take the time to watch it one day. I don’t think I’d watch Tamara, though.

Some good ones, that are full of suspense, are 30 Days of Night, Sybil (it’s a drama film, but it has some suspense), and the Book of Blood (a shit load of suspense, but you probably wouldn’t like it because it’s gore-y.) By the way, did you watch the 1997 or 2006 version of When A Stranger Calls?


Ah, I see, okay. Ahaha, whenever I get money, I have the tendency to splurge, but like you, I realized it wasn’t very good (a week or so ago), and I try to save up for when I super duper want something that’s super duper awesome. ;D

I love the Mac/MacBook operating system, I have to say that it’s very nice compared to Windows. I agree with you, Apple is overpriced, but then again it comes with bunches of cool apps & is very organized. It has an extremely quick start up, too.

Yes, characters NEED flaws. D: I hate it when characters are so cliche & perfect. I think that’s what makes great books, when there’s really a story to tell. XD Well, I guess that was a bit redundant.

Good luck with your novel! :3 When I write, I normally write around 1,000 words (not in one sitting) a day. But 30,000 words is WOW! (Y)

I’m a huuuuuge horror movie fan. I’ve always adored them and growing up me and my friend Nina would both get a bag-full of B horror movies together and watch them over the weekend as part of our “girl time”.

I quickly realized that horror movies fall into three distinct categories: Suspense/Imagination Driven, Silly, or what I refer to as (pardon my language) “Gore Porn”.

“Gore Porn” is where all of your SAW movies fall. (As well as your Cabin Fevers, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remakes, and all your hack-n-slashers.) In these movies the blood/torture to plot ratio is horribly one sided. The SAW series really disappointed me because the first movie HAD a plot (albeit a great deal of blood also, but that is besides the point). There are of course different levels of “omgwtf is going on here?” but there has to be a point where you watch a movie like SAW and get this creepy feeling that you are watching someones “happy time” material. Tamara is a REALLY good example for “Gore Porn” really, I mean look: Hot previously geeky girl running around and forcing people to eat glass and then watching the glass cut someone throat WHILE wearing a short skirt? Someone needs some therapy.

Then you have your “Sillies” movies such as Zombie Land (which IS classified as a horror movie believe it or not), Piranha 3D, Creature features, basically anything that you can’t take seriously or even makes you laugh at some points. These movies amuse more than instill fear, and they are enjoyable to watch (even if they are scary at some points!).

Lastly (and most importantly) we have our Suspense/Imagination Driven horror movies. These are the movies that make us stay awake at night, peering out from over the covers and double checking to make sure that our closets are indeed locked-twice-before fighting our imaginations in an attempt to close our eyes because “That-thing-isn’t-real-and-won’t-kill-me-in-my-sleep.” feeling is quickly settling in. These movies instill fear in us because (for the most part) the actual horror is left to our imagination.

Child’s Play (a horror film that came out in 1988) is the reason why I never played with my expensive customized American Girl doll that my father bought me when I was a child. I was CERTAIN that it was going to steal my soul. To this DAY (14 years later) that doll is in my mother’s closet and unopened. But if you go back and watch the movie: you don’t actually see the doll move until about the last 1/3 of the film, and you don’t see him ATTACK anyone until the last 15 minutes. The characters (specifically the boy) mention that the doll is killing people/causing havoc, but you have no actual PROOF until the end of the movie. That is some freaky stuff!

The Grudge is another great example of this type of movie. Sitting down and watching it the movie seems sub-par, but not a single one of my friends who saw that movie wasn’t freaked out when they went to bed that night. That particular movie broke the unspoken safety-barrier: That demon snatched a person while they were hiding under the covers. There WAS no safe haven left in your imagination at that point.

If given the opportunity to actually watch a Horror movie, I will always undoubtedly choose the last of the three choices. The more that is left up to my little imagination the more horrified and freaked out I undoubtedly become.

(That being said I’m taking this comment and expanding upon it as a post in my blog. Thanks for the Inspiration sweets, I’ll link to you in the post! ♥ )

tamara = jennifer’s body? :P

I sure did have a good Easter :D hope you did too:D

!!! Did it air on Australian TV or did you stream it? I must stream it – but it’s always better to watch great shows on a big screen, rather than on a laptop.

I sent you an e-mail btw, inviting you to my 21st. Let me know if you received it.

I hope you’re having a lovely Easter break Georgina!

hahahahaha.. that’s so cute Georgie! :) I used to do that before too.. but now I love watching suspense movies… it makes me curious on who might the killer be. hahahaha.. like the movie red riding hood.. i think it was a suspense, love story kind of movie but not too gore like the SAW. hahahaha.. :D

Anyways, I have watched that movie way way before too when I was still in my high school days.. I really like the concept of “i know what you did last summer”… though it has the same concept with the movie “Will you be my Valentine?” (i’m not sure with the title though) but the story goes like that too.. a bunch of college students getting killed over the weekend/party. :) I have never watched that movie “when a stranger calls” though.. but it sounds familiar to me…I might be having a jais de vu right now. hahahahaha.. :D

Take Care Georgie and belated Happy Easter! :)

I have never actually heard of Doctor Who, but if it’s like Supernatural etc, I’m definitely not going to try. Despite being 18 I’m still afraid of the dark, but only after I see anything horror-related. There was this one movie I saw a preview of, I think it’s called The Unborn, and I kept seeing images in the dark for days after it. I might sound like a wimp but I just can’t take horror.

Horror also used to be dinosaurs for me. Whenever I see dinosaurs and dino-blood I’d freak out so badly. Wow I’m such a pansy.

Bahaha, not even close. In fact I like to say that Doctor Who is like a lot of genres rolled into one. Generally, it’s science fiction. If you watch it regularly you will find that it has underlying themes of romance, friendships and relationships, as well as a bit of suspense, comedy, action and mystery. I suppose there’s something in it for everyone. /eee

I can’t really profess to be a horror movie expert seeing as I’ve seen very few, but I’m yet to see one that actually scares me. I tend to overanalyse movies as I watch them and really pay a lot of attention to how they’re shot and clever plot twists and writing, so I very rarely watch something without completely overthinking it as I do. I think that probably ruins the scariness of horror movies, although I’m yet to prove that theory.

I’ve heard so much hype around the internet for the new series of Doctor Who lately. The general reaction has been really good, but I’m hesitant to try and watch it given my very poor background knowledge of the past series.

B grade films are hilarious. I’m one of those annoying people who talks all the way through a movie, so in B grade films I tend to make a sarcastic running commentary of everything that is tacky and just generally shit about them, be that costumes, plot, characterization. ;3

Ooooh, I want to see Scream 4. I hate horrors but I have seen them all thus far. I know, gluten for punnishment but oh well. I hated watching I know what you did last summer …

Seven was one of those movies where you use your imagination. You don’t need to see it, you just imagine it by what they say … Childs Play was a scary movie in its day …


Argh, horror films D:. I hate them. HATE, HATE, HATE! They gross me out because they’re gory, and if they’re not, they make me SO SCARED because of all the tension and ARGH! Not that I’ve watched that many. Haha.

Don’t worry, you’re not as bad as me with your pillow XD. I was forced to watch Resident Evil 2 at the cinemas. Or maybe it was 3. And I was so scared, I turned around and sat backwards in my seat for the WHOLE movie. Yes, I am a wimp. And yes, it was a waste of money.


LOL, I think the actual aftermath of the movie is worse than the actual movie. Because you’re literally scared of EVERYTHING. And jump at ANY LITTLE MOVEMENT. How funny XD.

Well I’m glad you got through Dr Who without having a heart attack brought on by fright :P.

I agree, I think scary movies rely too much on gore and guts to be ‘scary’. The best example is of the SAW series. Sure, the gore makes you cringe, but never makes me scared. The only parts I like is when they were ~all supposed to survive, but were too selfish to team up togeter or something similar. :)
Horror will always be my favourite genre, and it probably always will be :’)

oh now i remembered i was going to check up on “doctor who”, funny how i always forget things and then they come back to my mind weeks later, lol!

i’m not either a fan of horror movies, i think i’ve kind of scared my self away from them by now. i think i’ve seen about four or five, two norwegians ones called: “fritt vilt 1&2” (which was very great movies indeed, even i screamed a lot!). i’ve also watched “i know what you did last summer”, at school actually. i remember i screamed once, when no one else did, lol! and then i’ve seen one of the saw movies, don’t know which though, since i spent most of the time behind a pillow (haha), and then my horror movie experience stopped with the descent 2. haha i don’t know but that movie scared me so much, so i figured out i don’t want to pay to have nightmares haunting me, lol!

i don’t have a computer nor internet when i’m away to my familly’s cottage skiing. always wonderful when i’m coming home to electrisity again, it always reminds me how dependant i’m on it. it’s almsot scary how all of us are, one day without internet and we’re crazy, lol!

Hey Georgina! :)

Haha, I watched I Know What You Did Last Summer also, quite a long time ago, my friend was telling me how there were 2 more movies of it! D: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer. But practically (or most) – spoilerr – everyone dies in the movie (atleast to what I remember somewhat) so I don’t understand how that would work. :P I can barely remember anything but I was so pissed at some moments of the movie. :/

I’m not in love with scary movies but when you see them you want to stop watching them but it’s so hard because it’s so suspenseful and yeah. Well the “scary” movies I’ve watched recently were Shutter Island (it actually wasn’t that scary to my surprise), The Uninvited (every minute I swear in the movie something’s going to jump out and scare you), and Zombieland. Zombieland is supposed to be funnyish but things just pop out of no where so I literally screamed or fell out of my seat at least 3-4 times, haha. :P

One of these days I will watch Doctor Who. I’m sick of hearing everyone talk about it and never being able to chime in. I never knew it was semi-scary though. Hmm.

I’m exactly like you when it comes to horror movies. The only movie I’ve watched that I’d consider real horror is the original Halloween. I have watched “suspenseful” movies, but I usually just refer to those as thrillers. I love Hitchcock, and I guess some of his movies would fall under horror, but we all know the blood in the black and white ones is only chocolate syrup. It’s odd that I’m so easily frightened because my mom, who I’m an almost exact replica of, adores them. She always tried to get me to watch Chuckie and Nightmare on Elm Street with her when I was younger. No thank you.

But seriously, you’re right about the gore. What’s the point? It’s just disgusting. Like the Saw movies. Seriously, what kind of entertainment does anyone get from those? I adored the original Halloween and it scared the pants off me, all without ever really showing any blood. I think it’s scarier when there are things you don’t see because your imagination can run wild.

haha. I find it amusing to know that I am normal. I mean, I used to really do that when watching horror flicks. That’s the main reason why I do not want to watch horror in the cinema. Number 1, no pillows to cover my face. 2, The cinema is too dark. 3, you never know who is behind, below, and on your side in the cinema unless you have a whole bunch of people with you. :D

Hahah. At the peak of the plot, I cover up my eyes. Then, when the climax arrived and I never saw it, I would replay the movie but I end up covering my eyes again. Talk about ridiculous. haha. :D

Hi :O It’s been a while since I visited, any my site’s been kinda dead x.x

But about your blog XD I hate horror movies QQ they always make it so I can’t sleep at night. But you’re right, somehow blood and gore make movies so scary for me QQ But I guess you’re right, not so much as SCARY as GROSS. Suspense like shadows creeping when people are taking showers and what not – thats scary. For me at least XD

Well anyways… I avoid horror movies as a whole. Chick flicks and rom coms :3
:) Take care!

I cannot deal with gore (blood is okay in the right places), and suspense. So whenever I watch a horror movie, I cringe, curl into a ball, and run away eventually.

Personally, I think that suspense creates more horror than blood than gore. It’s harder to do, and will affect even those with strong stomachs. My friends say that the Saw series does a pretty good job of mixing blood and gore with suspense.

And your stomach must have 10 times the strength of mine! I probably wouldn’t be able to watch those movies at all…

I’m not a horror girl either, but I really liked Supernatural. This season got a bit boring, though, so I stopped watching. Maybe I’ll start again later.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” was old school. I don’t remember much of it, but I remember liking it. Lol.

I saw on your Twitter (ok, that’s not as stalker-y as it sounds) that you’re looking for Android apps. Have you tried Bakery Story or Restaurant Story?

I really liked Supernatural in the beginning but I think I stopped watching after season three or something. They stopped showing it in Australia and changed the day or something so I just gave up. I doubt I will be watching it again though, haha.

Oh I haven’t downloaded any games yet, just the necessary and essential apps. But I will definitely check those out sometime!

That’s a shame! Supernatural got really riveting during their angels “mythology,” I thought.

Games are necessary AND essential! :P

Do you have the “Barcode Scanner” app? I find that helpful when I’m shopping for price comparison. Go SMS is another cool messaging app. It lets you customize your messaging system with colors, fonts, conversation bubbles, etc. Oh, and Vignette is a cool camera app. I usually use it to add effects and borders to my current phone pictures. It’s the app I use on the pictures I use on my blog :)

Haha so I got Bakery Story right… and I just left it overnight because my cake was going to take fourteen hours to create. I thought it was an in-game thing until I realised it literally was going to take that long. Is that how it gets addictive? D: I didn’t really enjoy the game that much though. I think the novelty just wears off for me. A few months after I had my iPhone I already got bored of the games. :P

Oh that reminds me, my boyfriend told me to get the Barcode Scanner and I totally forgot. I already have Go SMS, I love the handy widget for that. :D Vignette seems to be the alternative to the iPhone-only Instagram… might check it out, thank you! :)

I hate horror movies! but the 80’s horror movies are quite enjoyable to watch, it’s funny to see the dodgy effects and fake stuff they used. Horror movie these days are so scary! they are so realistic and I hate gore, it make’s me so sick. I try avoiding ‘shock’ movies. I don’t get how seeing someone get their guts ripped out is entertaining. I must give Doctor Who a try, so many people are telling me it’s great.