I got my new phone just yesterday. James’s dad brought it from Hong Kong, and it’s a Samsung Galaxy Ace. About three times already I’ve called it an iPhone. So let’s see. My first ever phone was a literal brick; a Nokia 3310/3315, the most common shit around in 2002. In 2008 I got a phone whose model I can’t even remember, but it was pretty much a hand-me-down of James’s. I was absolutely amazed because it was a colour phone. Still, at this point, everyone had already owned phones with cameras and still had a better phone than me. To be honest, I felt embarrassed to even show people I had this tacky little phone. I loved it to pieces though, probably because James gave it to me. ☺️

Then I got my iPhone back in January 2010. Mind you, I chose carefully. I wanted everything it had – apps, internet, phone functions obviously, the iPod – the full-blown storage that could fit nearly all my music – games, more apps, other useful little tidbits.

In February, I lost my iPhone. Then I got a second-hand (though I like to say pre-loved) Sony Ericsson T715a. After living with that for a bit, I definitely got used to it. Even started flipping the tiny thing around in my hand because it was amusing. Constantly sliding it open and throwing it across the room because it was almost indestructible. (I never felt like doing that with my iPhone, though I dropped it many times.) And then, I was just going to get the same phone as James (an LG Chic) before his dad suggested this Samsung Galaxy Ace. Now the little bugger is here. 😁 You can see why I keep calling it an iPhone:

my phone!

I love it. I love it to bits. 😍 I didn’t think I’d like an Android phone but I was just being a bitch and judging a book by its cover. Yes, my iPhone was good. Yes, it served me well. But now that I have this, there are so many things I like about it. Like widgets. Oh, the iPhone doesn’t have widgets. And it just seems to be more complex than the iPhone. I guess Apple products are meant to be simple but I like all the little features my new phone has. It’s quite smooth, and no, it doesn’t lag. The keyboard is fucking awesome. I can change the way the interface looks and it’s all sleek, and I can move icons around freely. My brother can, with a jailbroken iPod, but I refused to do that with my iPhone and so I was constantly waiting for the new iOS updates to introduce something cool. Now that I look back, it rarely did. 😶

Perhaps it doesn’t have the storage the iPhone had, but I can buy a memory card for an extra $30 or so. Which brings me to pricing. My bloody iPhone cost me over a thousand dollars. Which was more than half the price of my laptop. And actually, my laptop came with a case and other extras. How much did this new phone cost me? About a quarter of the price of my iPhone.

I love that it’s very light, too. I think it’s about the same weight as my brother’s iPod touch (it’s lighter than an apple and I think that’s all I care about 😛). There is even a hole on the side to put phone charms. If you knew me back in 2004, you would have known how obsessed I was with phone charms. I had a whole mass of them on my phone, which was ridiculous. The mass was bigger than the phone. There wasn’t a way of attaching charms to the iPhone until they invented those idiotic suction cups. But now I can put a phone charm on my phone without being ridiculous.

And naturally, I don’t give a shit about whether this is “crap” in your opinion or not. It’s a phone that works for me and that is absolutely fine with me.

O yeah. I had to name the bugger. His name is Roranicus (Rory for short – and brownie points if you know where that’s from). I was going to name him Ben II, but how unoriginal is that? I looked at my phone and thought, “Nah, I can’t do that. He needs something new.” And we all need something new every now and then. 🤓

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