I got my new phone just yesterday. James’s dad brought it from Hong Kong, and it’s a Samsung Galaxy Ace. About three times already I’ve called it an iPhone. So let’s see. My first ever phone was a literal brick; a Nokia 3310/3315, the most common shit around in 2002. In 2008 I got a phone whose model I can’t even remember, but it was pretty much a hand-me-down of James’s. I was absolutely amazed because it was a colour phone. Still, at this point, everyone had already owned phones with cameras and still had a better phone than me. To be honest, I felt embarrassed to even show people I had this tacky little phone. I loved it to pieces though, probably because James gave it to me. /eee

Then I got my iPhone back in January 2010. Mind you, I chose carefully. I wanted everything it had – apps, internet, phone functions obviously, the iPod – the full-blown storage that could fit nearly all my music – games, more apps, other useful little tidbits.

In February, I lost my iPhone. Then I got a second-hand (though I like to say pre-loved) Sony Ericsson T715a. After living with that for a bit, I definitely got used to it. Even started flipping the tiny thing around in my hand because it was amusing. Constantly sliding it open and throwing it across the room because it was almost indestructible. (I never felt like doing that with my iPhone, though I dropped it many times.) And then, I was just going to get the same phone as James (an LG Chic) before his dad suggested this Samsung Galaxy Ace. Now the little bugger is here. /bounce You can see why I keep calling it an iPhone:

my phone!

I love it. I love it to bits. /love I didn’t think I’d like an Android phone but I was just being a bitch and judging a book by its cover. Yes, my iPhone was good. Yes, it served me well. But now that I have this, there are so many things I like about it. Like widgets. Oh, the iPhone doesn’t have widgets. And it just seems to be more complex than the iPhone. I guess Apple products are meant to be simple but I like all the little features my new phone has. It’s quite smooth, and no, it doesn’t lag. The keyboard is fucking awesome. I can change the way the interface looks and it’s all sleek, and I can move icons around freely. My brother can, with a jailbroken iPod, but I refused to do that with my iPhone and so I was constantly waiting for the new iOS updates to introduce something cool. Now that I look back, it rarely did. :X

Perhaps it doesn’t have the storage the iPhone had, but I can buy a memory card for an extra $30 or so. Which brings me to pricing. My bloody iPhone cost me over a thousand dollars. Which was more than half the price of my laptop. And actually, my laptop came with a case and other extras. How much did this new phone cost me? About a quarter of the price of my iPhone.

I love that it’s very light, too. I think it’s about the same weight as my brother’s iPod touch (it’s lighter than an apple and I think that’s all I care about :P). There is even a hole on the side to put phone charms. If you knew me back in 2004, you would have known how obsessed I was with phone charms. I had a whole mass of them on my phone, which was ridiculous. The mass was bigger than the phone. There wasn’t a way of attaching charms to the iPhone until they invented those idiotic suction cups. But now I can put a phone charm on my phone without being ridiculous.

And naturally, I don’t give a shit about whether this is “crap” in your opinion or not. It’s a phone that works for me and that is absolutely fine with me.

O yeah. I had to name the bugger. His name is Roranicus (Rory for short – and brownie points if you know where that’s from). I was going to name him Ben II, but how unoriginal is that? I looked at my phone and thought, “Nah, I can’t do that. He needs something new.” And we all need something new every now and then. :B

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I’ve heard of the Samsung Galaxy Ace; everyone keeps telling me to get one when my BlackBerry contract ends but I don’t know. I’ve had a few Samsung phones before but I don’t know if I’d like another Samsung now. :X

I had the Nokia 3310! Good times. That was my second phone and I loved it to bits; especially the game Snake. :’) I was pretty embarrassed to show people it; probably because I still had it when people were getting colour phones. xD

It does resemble the iPhone quite a bit! I guess that’s kind of a good thing though, considering as you loved your iPhone. My mum has an Android and to be honest, I don’t really like it that much. Maybe because my mum’s phone is quite old, I don’t know. The BlackBerry apps are pretty crap though; I don’t really like my BlackBerry. :X

I can’t believe how much iPhone’s cost to be honest. That’s more than my laptop cost; it was $825. :| There’s no way in hell I’d pay over $1000 for a phone.

I’m glad you’re happy with your new phone though! It’s sad that your iPhone was lost/stolen but at least you can have a new experience with this phone. :)

I Googled Roranicus; and this blog came up on the first page already lmao; amused. Gonna guess that is has something to do with Doctor Who though. XD My laptop is called Ben, whey.

(Gonna leave your comment if that’s okay; behind, lazy and I have no motivation but wanted to comment on your blog. :P)

It’s funny because the phone isn’t even out in Australia, and Australia seems to only get top-range phones, whereas the Ace is just mid-range. It’s not the “best shit”, but it works for me and it’s absolutely fine. You need anything to replace your BlackBerry, I don’t know how you stand those mad keys. @_@

I guess I’ve had different phones across the board; the one James gave me was a Nokia too. But then jumping to an iPhone then a Sony Ericsson and now Samsung – I kind of like changing to a completely different model when I get the chance. Obviously I won’t be losing my phone now, and will hang onto this baby for a while. :P

I remember my parents and I having a huge discussion before I bought my iPhone. They were happy to go with me to buy it too, and have it set up and everything. I’m never spending that much money on a phone again though. Far out, Apple products are overpriced. :X

Haha I was going to say, “Really?” but I took a look for myself. It is on the first page already… mad. It is Doctor Who related though. /bounce

Take care! ♥ Don’t worry about the comment and all, thank you for commenting. ;D

Oh really? That’s pretty crazy! I thought that phone would be classed as the “best shit” to be honest. It’s quite popular here, AFAIK anyway. I actually really like the BlackBerry keys; my parents always say “how can you even see those keys?”, but I just know where they are, so it’s easy. :3

I’ve only tried BlackBerry, Samsung and Nokia phones. I would like to try something completely different I guess; I wanted an iPhone for a while but a lot of people say they break too easily. o__O

Didn’t you win some of the money for the iPhone from Namecheap? I guess that’s good your parents were with you on the decision though! My parents don’t want me to buy one; I was going to get on a contract but $60 a month is too much. o__O Apple products are way too expensive. I was playing with a Macbook Pro in Best Buy and now I really want one. :X

It is mad, haha! I was amused because it wasn’t even an hour after you posted the blog. XD

Heh, no worries. ;3 Been lazy with my site lately; guess it’s because we’ve had really nice weather here and I’ve been trying to enjoy it while it lasts. (H)

Oh, I know all too well who Rory is! ;D Huge Doctor Who fan. (have you seen the latest episode, by the way? Awesome return!)

I’m really happy you got an Android- I’ve seen way too many people disregard Android phones because they’re “So inferior to the iPhone!” yet, you’ve already demonstrated how *awesome* Android phones can be!

By the way, I’m glad I could help you out on Twitter! I’m Tardisandyou :3

I had a Nokia 3315. It was my first phone and I loved it until the next new version came out with colour and a camera. (H) I loved playing the game snake on my old Nokia, it was ridiculously addictive. I loved how the markets sold unique covers for your phone, you could have any phone cover. I think mine was one of Eminem.

Your new phone looks great, much like mine from what you have described. I have an Android HTC something. I’m not an expert on phones, I don’t need them other than phone calls. Though lately, I’ve been loving the free apps and using the internet.

I love getting new things. :D

I have a pretty heart phone charm with red diamonds (fake), hehe I love it.

Make sure to buy one of those protection covers for the front and back; they’re kind of ugly, until you dress them up with stickers. :) Will stop your phone from breaking if you drop it. They’re about $20 and you can find them at those little stalls across most malls. Don’t throw it around your room either. :)

Gorgeous phone! <3 I'd never get an iPhone unless I was also getting it on contract price (contract price is <$100CAD vs. nearly $600CAD, I think, for buying it out-right). Obviously, older models are less expensive (but where's the fun in that? lol!)

I got a new phone in August 2010, it's a Samsung Corby Pro – not a smartphone, but it gets the job done and because it's not a smartphone, I have unlimited mobile browsing on it (if I had a smartphone, data is counted in mb or gb here).

What kind of applications/programs do you have on your phone? (Most importantly, lol, how is the Android games selection? LOL)

congratulations with your new phone, i’m glad you found one you liked!! :D now when it’s so many phones to choose between, hundreds, probably thousands, it’s not easy to pick the right one. a friend of mine has a samsung (older than yours), but i don’t like the concept of it, so i don’t think i would’ve been happy with it, glad i didn’t picked that one then. but i’m glad you’re more than happy with your new one, who seems to be just right for you!! :D

i liked the name to your phone, i’ve never named any of my phones, not that i’ve owned that many. a friend of mine name all of her stuff, but i never find a suitable name.

anyway the background of your phone, it’s from doctor who right? the actor playing doctor who, is called something smith?? am i right?? :D i saw a film the other day, and he was in it, haha!

yes internet comes in handy everywhere!! but some places it’s either “locked” or then it doesn’t even exist ;SS

Ahh, Nokias :/ Haha, well my sister and dad jailbreaked their iPhone, Generation 4. They just went to this website on the iPhone and it jailbreaked automatically :P Yeah, that’s what I hate about the iPhone, it’s kind of heavy and biggish and thickish, it’s hard to like just slip in your pocket and dip. :D

Thanks! & I actually love your layouts! They’re really like slick and “clean” – if you get what I mean. They’re easy to customize. No, unfortunately I didn’t use rounded cornr :P I instead just went onto Photoshop and used the rounded shape tool, because the Twitter think is a fixed height/width that I tested to make sure 140 characters could fit their perfectly without looking horrible. :)

Well sometimes I use CSS hacks and tricks and that, and it’s not valid so I do just to double check :P It looks pretty good :D Well I actually updated the font adding a bit more characters. Download the newer version on the site :)

Btw sorry if I did this “wrong” you can see my “nooby” question in the email. :P

RE: Oh, I never watched the other movie. I just remembering in the last movie that most of the characters died, although I cant be for sure.

Haha, true. Now-a-days the horror movies I’ve been watching have been about the main character being the actual one being crazy and the “bad guy”. Well not all of them like that, but such a coincidence since the last ones I’ve watched have been like that :) Well I wont reveal the titles, since you might watch them one day.

Whoa – I just noticed how long this was! :P

I ♥ ♥ Android! I almost bought the very first Android phone (the G1), but I don’t like physical keyboards so I passed on it and waited for the next one. So, I have the second one to ever come out, the HTC Magic :D I have mine rooted as well, so I have a custom ROM running on it.

I had a Nokia, too! Actually, all the phones I had before were all Nokia. Hahaha. It was brand loyalty, I guess. But my Android phone changed my life… literally! Everything is in my hands: Twitter, email, WordPress, etc. It’s probably not a good thing to always be connected, but I’ve gotten used to it :)

Yes, the phone charms! I had so much charms on my phone that the dongle broke :( LOL.

You’re new phone looks awesome in my opinion! I don’t think it matters what kind of phone one has, so long as it fits the persons needs then it’s a good phone. XD I’ve also had my fair share of phones over the years, the most recent of which is Godric, my horrendous Samsung Rant. When I first got it a couple of years ago I loved it. Now it’s been so horrible I can’t wait for my dad to upgrade our phones.

I completely understand the name Roranicus was a Whovian. Still figuring out what I’m going to name my new phone. 👏

Ah, those brick phones. I had a couple of those. My first phone was basically a walkie-talkie with cool ringtones, and my second was one of those cheap “pay by the minute” phones that you could buy at a drugstore. Horrible, just horrible.

One of my best friends has the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It’s pretty much identical to my phone, which is an LG Ally. I personally love the Android system, but I’ve never experienced an iPhone. I can’t imagine needed anything more simple than what I have now…although, my mom does have this awesome game called Cut the Rope on her iPhone that I’m a tad bit jealous of. It’s awesome.

It seems like people who are good with technology appreciate the Android system, and people who don’t love Apple. Everyone in my family had Android phones, but my mom was the only one who had a problem with it. When she got her iPhone, she kept bragging about how easy it was to pull up and edit her calendar, so I challenged her to a race. Obviously, I won. I don’t really understand what she found so complicated on the Android, but apparently a lot of people have the same issue. Beats me.

Only downside to my phone is the lack of a charm spot. My last phone didn’t have one either and I was hoping this one would but…it doesn’t. D:

Thank you for your comments about my icons! I’m glad you like them! ♥
There’s many rock fans these days! Haha. I am OBSESSIVE with k-pop; I have posters on every wall of my room, even on the ceiling! Heheh. 🤤
Yah, the internet is soo usefl! Haha.
Yep, Australia sounds so interesting! I always imagine lots of rare animals and rainforests when I think of Australia though. heheh.
your current layout is very pretty! :D

Whoa!! Your new phone is pretty snazzyyy! /love I got my phone 3 years book for 30 dollars. Really can’t expect much of it… i only use it for emergencies. I’m embarrased to show people my phone too… haha. The only thing that makes me feel better about it is that I’ve got a keychain with pictures of my favorite idol on it. 😳 (I must sound like such a silly, fanatic girl right now D: )
Awesome name, too! Congrats on getting the new phone! i really wish I could get a cool new mobile phone like that… /faw

Actually Samsung seem to be passing I-Phones out! My friend has a touchscreen Samsung and it’s actually amazing. I’ve just got a Nokia Xpress thing, which I paid way too much money for considering how little it actually does. In saying this it does make phonecalls which I guess is all anyone really wants out of a phone.. What exactly is the difference between apps and widgets? I always assumed they were the same :P Then again I know nothing about I-Phones.

Haha ohh I’d forgotten about phone charms. I remember these ones that came out a few years ago that would flash when you’re phone was about to ring. That seems like ages ago now, they were a huge craze in my school.

And oh my timelord another Doctor Who fan <3 I have yet to watch the first episode of the latest series.. fail on my part :(

Widgets are the little icons or ‘gadgets’ you can put on your home screens, whereas ‘apps’ refers to the applications and programs themselves.

Ah come on, you! The new series is fantastic so far. I also skimmed your old post. I loved Nine and Ten, and I was a bit iffy about Matt Smith as Eleven, but he definitely grew on me; I think because Moffat is such a fantastic writer and Smith is such a fantastic actor. The Doctor can only get better! It was just the different feel of series 5 and that transition that sort of left me a bit uncertain. :)

yay android! My favorite thing is the swype keyboard.

I love my iPhone and all, but I’ve been making googly eyes at Android phones for months now. The only thing that ever stops me is that every time I buy a new phone, a new version of said phone comes out within a month. Every. Freaking. Time.

I was going to say something about the insanity of charging $1,000 for a phone, but caught myself — it IS an Apple product, after all. (And besides, I paid almost $700 for my latest iPhone because I don’t refused to get tied into another AT&T contract, so who am I to talk? Heh.)

Being a DW fangirl m’self I get the Rory reference, and must say it’s a fitting name for the phone. ;)

I refuse to go on any contracts – ever since I got my first phone, they’ve all been purchased outright. I think it’s rather ridiculous, and I’m not falling for Apple’s silly little tricks. Their buyers seem to be fooled into continually buying their products as loyal customers when they could be buying non-Apple products that have similar features. Humph.


he is a Phone. And according to Google, the only Roranicus. ::

Yeah, it’s lighter than my Chic. Faster processor too, tahee. Don’t lose it; :) I know you’ll be more careful. /eee

Whoever thinks this is a crap phone probably has an iPhone 4G and hasn’t even heard of alternatives. I mean, a few days ago my cousin payed $80 for Tomtom GPS software for his iPhone, whereas we already have a fully functional GPS app built in from the start. Heh. I used it to drive home from Ashfield the other day; it’s wonderful /faw


Congratulations on the new phone :)! I hope you`ll enjoy the android operating system that roams around this phone. XD! It looks almost like an iPhone :O! Your first phone looks old school :O! Thank god you`re not using that phone right now! When I looked at it, I just.. Shrugged. :X

You have some history with phones right there :P! At least you have a phone! Technology progresses by too fast. :O. So we just gotta keep up with it. -___-! At least you have a story to tell to everyone about your awesomeo history :P! It`s better than those who said, “Back in my days.. We didn’t even have cellphones!” XD

I think Android is better than Apple– if you like to be technical and play around with your phone a lot. Since it is an open-source software. Or something and Apple.. They don`t even want you to touch their source and softwares XD!

Seems you`re loving the new phone more :)! lets keep it this way XD! :O You are amazing– for being able to name all of your electronics like this! I would love to do that with mine. “NO. YOU CANNOT BORROW MUNCHS!” “what?” “my blackberry!” It`s complicated here -___-

D:! I am not.. subscribed to BBC America. /:. I guess it is time to look online for the beginning series of Dr. Who (: Or somehow try to connect to BBC America– somehow!

The only reason that I can think of why people can be scared of blood is because of the pandemic of AIDS. Or something :X! Or some disease. In that case :O

That girl.. Well.. All I know is that she looks like she is in her 50’s. I don’t know– she just claims that she doesn’t have time for immature people like me and “even her 17 year old son is more mature than me.” It`s like. A troll right there. Aggh. But yeah. People are just. Idiotic. D:

Thank you (:! Take care (:!

I don’t see too big a difference in functionality between Andriods and iPhones these days. Of course, I’ve never had either one, and I just got a phone that had more than a basic keypad. :P

Hope you enjoy this new phone and that it stays awesome for a long time!

I’m loving your new phone. I’m in search of a new phone and was thinking about going for an iPhone but looking at yours and what you’ve said about it makes me think that I might look around and see if we can get that version here in NZ. I’ll probably end up getting an iPhone because I won’t be able to find it and then after I do that, I’ll find it. Lol. Always happens.

Things are going great at the moment. Currar and I are giving us another go, which I’m over the moon about. Very long story about that whole situation. I’m still working and studying (which I’m finding really hard as I actually have no interest in it and only doing it to do a degree in Web Design).

How have you been?

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’m surprised people are still visiting my blog. Kind of surprised me.

WOW. i really like your new phone. :D hmm, my parents once had Nokia 3310! :) well, my first phone was Nokia 1110i, and like your Sony Ericsson T715a, i find it indestructible. haha! it fell many times, and still works perfectly throughout its almost 4 years of existence. xD

if ever i’d have a lot of money, i would surely buy a phone like that. ^_^ it just sounds to crave-worthy! hahah! :D

and oh, i also like the name of your phone. :) roranicus. that’s a unique, cool name. :D i never heard that name around before. :))

enjoy your new phone! :)

wow.. I’m totally jealous with your new phone now Georgie! Jame’s dad is really sweet. ;) It does really look like an iPhone..iPhone 4 in particular. 👏 gah! I wanna have a new phone too. My current phone has a break on the LCD and I can only read half of the message. I need one though but phones are a bit expensive so I can skip for a while until I have some good savings. I don’t text or use my phone as often as I can so I think I still don’t need a new one at the moment. /eee

omg. that brought me memories. I also had that Nokia 3310. I can still imagine my excitement when my mom brought me that phone when she arrived from manila. Gosh. Nokia was such a hit way back. :)

I was such a lover of phone straps too. UNTIL NOW. :D My current e71 phone has this huge ribbon and a strap which I made myself.

I salute android operated gadgets now too. I mean, they cost less and give you more. Buying the usual Apple stuff will cost me almost ten percent of my life. haha. I am actually planning of getting this really cheap MID Android tablet for school. I hope I can buy one real soon.

And oh, your phone’s name is super cool. I wonder why I never gave names to my things? hmm

Hello Georgie! And hello to Roranicus :).

LOL, your whole blog sounded like an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Hahahaha :P. I can tell you love it. Very cool name too :P. It looks pretty sleek too :).

I remember your brick phone! Snake II! Hahahaha. My mum had that same phone. It was *that* popular. I had a crappier phone. But then I got a flip phone, which was very cute and tiny. My mum uses that one now :). You’ve seen my current phone :P.

Hahaha! It’s true! I think my current Sony Ericsson that I’m using now is indestructible too, which is AWESOME cos most of the new phones look so bloody flimsy. Yay for Sony Ericssons! :P

OMG, YOUR FIFTY BILLION PHONE CHARMS! Hahaha. And OMG, NO WONDER I don’t see people with iphones having heaps of phone charms on their phones. I didn’t realise you just couldn’t put them on! Aaaahhhh, enlightenment.

Well in any case, I hope you have loads of fun getting accustomed to your new phone :). WOOT!

I remember when you got your hair cut; I really liked it, it was something different and I don’t see many people with their hair cut like that. :3 I always go to a professional to get my hair cut, but it costs SO much to get your hair dyed by them. :/ Haha go for it! I like people with red hair, or even ginger hair but it just doesn’t look good on me. I’m glad my hair didn’t fall out. I look after it well though, and it’s still in good condition considering what it’s been through. XD

Yeah it does feel awkward. I still have feelings for him and it’s weird not being able to run up to him and hug him or see him whenever I want. I bookmarked that video, I’ll give it a watch later. I THINK I might have seen it before but I can’t remember. 😏

LOL wow, seriously?! That’s pretty crazy. That is amusing though; I can’t believe they never met before uni. That was like when I met this guy called Grant when we were younger. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and he lived round the corner from me for years but that was the first time we bumped into each other. Good times.

Yeah, my iPod scratches really easily. :/ Scratch resistant screens are good! My mum has one on her phone; but no, don’t road-test it. :P I scratched my BlackBerry screen like a week after I got it with the phone charger, sad. :(

Haha seriously? Why would he try and break it anyway? :S I have an indestructible phone once, it was annoying. Rob dropped his BlackBerry in the bath and it still worked after he left it in a bad of rice overnight, good stuff.

OH that was it; I knew you won it from somewhere. $200 doesn’t seem much considering you paid over $1000 for it. :/ I guess it’s still something though! Oh damn, $100 would come in handy for renewals. :P I have two domains to renew but I only have $5 in my NC account. I’m trying to sell for $6 so I can at least renew one of them, but no one will buy it. :(

I always look at the weather in Sydney on my iPod. XD I hate rain, unless it’s been hot for ages then it rains. It smells so good. It rained for the first time this month on Saturday; we had a thunderstorm during our BBQ, was amusing. :3 It usually rains loads in April but we’ve had some pretty crazy weather. XD

I wanted to let you know I’m sorry for not getting back to your previous comment. :X My laptop was taken away and then I was on vacation, but now I’m back. This comment might be shorter than my others because I’m trying a new thing with my comments where I use the handy-dandy thread reply to reply to comments because mine are getting so long nowadays. 😰 It also takes forever. I’ve decided to just reply to comments without all those continuing conversations. So we’ll see how this works out.

Ah, congrats on getting your phone. :P I think it looks really great, and very similar to the iPhone. A lot of phones are coming out with that kind of stuff now – the whole iPhone/iPod/iPad look. I think that’s only great when the phones are even better than the iPhone, and you obviously enjoy this phone more than the iPhone. It bugs me how Apple doesn’t release new things during each iOS update, but whatever.

My current phone provider is being bought out by AT&T, and my dad wants to get me an iPhone since I’ve been wanting one for a good year now that I use my iPod Touch even more frequently than my phone. We’ll see what happens with that. I might decide on something like the Samsung Galaxy. :P

Hmm…I’ll take a wild guess and say that “Roranicus” refers to something Doctor Who-y? :3 Sounds like something off of Doctor Who!

I got my first cell phone in middle school (late 90s), I do remember it was a Nokia. Can’t remember the model or anything but I thought it was cute and I still do. lol. Oh, I love your new phone! Mine is a Samsung as well, a blackberry type phone. I don’t personally like the touchscreen phones and I know a lot of people complain about blackberry type phones due to the key size…I have no problems with the keys but I’m small sizes so I guess it’s the perfect fit for me. lol. :) I’ve been looking into buying a memory card for my phone, I’ve seen them as cheap as $10 (2GB). Ha, I’ve had my phone for months and just two weeks ago found the place for a phone charm! I have been looking for one – haven’t found one I just completely love. And I could never pay that much for a phone, my gosh. And I think I’m the only person who doesn’t name their devices. haha.

my first phone was this nokia 3210 then followed by 3315.. haha and you were right those were a hit back in 02 together with the boybands.. LOL Glad that you do like your phone.. a friend of mine works as an ECE (electronics and commiunication engineer) in samsung and I have to remind you that samsung can have probs like after 4 months or so.. Like this samsung of corby of mine.. I was using it one sunday til I was suprised why I got no signal.. so i asked around if sprint has no signal and all i got was– wtf are u talking about? lol so i ended up taking it to the samsung lab and waited for 5 days.. It all happened just 3 weeks ago.. lol

Samsung Galaxy ace looks like an iPhone.. <3 and the way you describe this phone it seems that you really like it.. no, not like but love.. and yes, its powered by android just like the samsung galaxy tab which looks like an iPad.. lol add also that iPhone is kinda shitty sometimes. :))) and waaaaah a hole for charms.. me <3 it!!

Ronanicus is a nice name though. lol

Whoo, awesome new phone! everyone now has an iphone and it makes me want to get something else different! lol your phone looks great! :) Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

It does look like an iPhone! I think your new phone is awesome! I want one for myself XD I love light phones, I don’t want to be carrying something heavy on my pocket. I like how this phone is waaay cheaper than the iPhones and still have good features!

Mfirst phone was also a Nokia 3310 and I would just play Snake all the time! It was such a thick phone! I was so happy with that thing back when I was younger!

I had a Nokia 3310! Back in those days everyone had one of those phones. I had that for years & years! I remember the worse part was that it could only store 10 text messages. It was so annoying, I had to delete the messages after reading it so it won’t take up all my space. I hardly text back then.

I moved onto a Samsung (can’t remember the model) after like 5 years of that brick phone. I could store 200 text on that phone so it was a big improvement! I really really love that phone. Changed to a Sony one after that because I got a free upgrade.

Now I have an iPhone 4 and loving it totally.

Androids are good too! I won’t mind getting one if I couldn’t get an iPhone. I love the simplicity of an iPhone.

It’s strange to pose for pictures…I don’t think I’ll ever make it as a model…besides the fact that I’m only 5ft!

Congrats on your new phone! I’m surrounded my Apple-freaks here so it’s refreshing to hear someone actually like something else XD And I love it when people name their stuff!
I’ve never been much of a phone person though, I don’t even know what kind of phone I have. All I know is that it’s some old Ericsson. With an orange display /ehh Oh well, at least I can make calls with it and the battery is actually amazing despite being old.

I’ve got an iPhone and I have had a HTC as well and you know something? I’ve come to the conclusion that so long as the phone has reception and doesn’t cut out as well as give me good web browsing I am a happy lil vege ♥

I like your phone :D it could be dangerous seeing new ones :P

How do you hang keychains on Samsung Galaxy Ace?

If you look at the left hand side you will see a small hole. Taking off the back plate of the phone will reveal a small raised needle-like point. You thread the thread of the chain through the hole from the outside of the phone and hook it onto that little point, which holds it in place, then you can replace the back plate. I hope that helps. :)

Thanks a lot!!! (?^?^?)

I love rory williams <3