My breath, it stops here

A while back, perhaps about three years ago when high school was over (and boy was I glad) we had a lot of parties for each and every class. We’d bring in food, despite the teachers’ desperate efforts to make us study and revise for our exams. Ahaha, not happening.

I love candy. I love chocolate as well, but I’m an absolute sucker for sugar, sugar, sugar and anything sweet. So when these parties rolled around, I had to pick up a whole bag of jelly babies and eat nearly the lot, as well as chocolate eclairs. My gosh, chocolate eclairs were the death of me. They don’t make me sick the way chocolate does if I have too much, but they are sickly sweet just the way I like them. Anyway, whoever brought this bag of chocolate eclairs – my life was totally made the moment they were put out. 😆

It was honestly not a good idea to eat so much of the junk that was shared around the classrooms. We were celebrating, but I was just hacking all the eclairs into my pockets and scoffing down all the sugar.

It had the worst effect on me. I had way too much sugar, I wasn’t even going hyper. I was going mad. I couldn’t breathe, and that was the worst of it. I had had way too much sugar that it was making me ill, and I was drinking gallons and gallons of water to flush out the sugar from my system because my stomach was aching so badly. Since I couldn’t breathe, I actually had to sit there hunched and Lilian and James had to make sure I was alright as I breathed into a paper bag.

Of course, I said to myself, “never again…”

For about a year I have regularly kept off the sugar, and all junk food for that matter – for periods of two weeks, every now and then, I would not eat any junk food. It helps with my high cholesterol, which I ought to get checked soon… but it also helps kick the habit of eating too much sugar. 😛 If I’m honest, I can’t eat much chocolate or lollies without getting sick or feeling horrid and remembering what happened back then. I think it’s a good thing, it definitely kicks bad habits if you can just get yourself to start trying to kick them.

Today I had too much sugar though… I ate sherbet chews. I’m totally going to pay. My stomach is not pleased with me right now.

Well. I am enjoying my new phone, though in playing with it I’ve drained the battery a few times. Haha. My university break is drawing to a close, which is kind of sad because that means work will pile up again. I should do some more work before I return to classes next week, otherwise a stress snowball is on its way.

The weather has been colder here, in fact, I’m shivering now, and it’s been raining. Well, that’s Australia in April for you.

April is drawing to a close and I’ve yet to finish my April goals. I guess I can only look ahead.

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