My breath, it stops here

A while back, perhaps about three years ago when high school was over (and boy was I glad) we had a lot of parties for each and every class. We’d bring in food, despite the teachers’ desperate efforts to make us study and revise for our exams. Ahaha, not happening.

I love candy. I love chocolate as well, but I’m an absolute sucker for sugar, sugar, sugar and anything sweet. So when these parties rolled around, I had to pick up a whole bag of jelly babies and eat nearly the lot, as well as chocolate eclairs. My gosh, chocolate eclairs were the death of me. They don’t make me sick the way chocolate does if I have too much, but they are sickly sweet just the way I like them. Anyway, whoever brought this bag of chocolate eclairs – my life was totally made the moment they were put out. XD

It was honestly not a good idea to eat so much of the junk that was shared around the classrooms. We were celebrating, but I was just hacking all the eclairs into my pockets and scoffing down all the sugar.

It had the worst effect on me. I had way too much sugar, I wasn’t even going hyper. I was going mad. I couldn’t breathe, and that was the worst of it. I had had way too much sugar that it was making me ill, and I was drinking gallons and gallons of water to flush out the sugar from my system because my stomach was aching so badly. Since I couldn’t breathe, I actually had to sit there hunched and Lilian and James had to make sure I was alright as I breathed into a paper bag.

Of course, I said to myself, “never again…”

For about a year I have regularly kept off the sugar, and all junk food for that matter – for periods of two weeks, every now and then, I would not eat any junk food. It helps with my high cholesterol, which I ought to get checked soon… but it also helps kick the habit of eating too much sugar. :P If I’m honest, I can’t eat much chocolate or lollies without getting sick or feeling horrid and remembering what happened back then. I think it’s a good thing, it definitely kicks bad habits if you can just get yourself to start trying to kick them.

Today I had too much sugar though… I ate sherbet chews. I’m totally going to pay. My stomach is not pleased with me right now.

Well. I am enjoying my new phone, though in playing with it I’ve drained the battery a few times. Haha. My university break is drawing to a close, which is kind of sad because that means work will pile up again. I should do some more work before I return to classes next week, otherwise a stress snowball is on its way.

The weather has been colder here, in fact, I’m shivering now, and it’s been raining. Well, that’s Australia in April for you.

April is drawing to a close and I’ve yet to finish my April goals. I guess I can only look ahead.

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i used to eat sugar all the time when i was little, but now the “hunger” has kind of disappeared. i still eat sweets though, but not as much as before, which is good (: still, i’ve never been ill because of eating too much, you must have eaten a lot!! i know sugar tastes to sweet, and feels like a dream on my tongue, but i guess i’m a bigger fan of salt, hehe, not good i know.

sometimes i tell myself “never again”, and it always surprises me how stupid and brave i am when i do do it again, even i know i’ll have to pay for it. why is it always so tempting?? lol!

i hope you don’t eat too much next time, both for your stomach and yourself (:

it’s always sad when you have to go back to school after a break from the stress, the lazy days filled with mostly joy can’t be compared to long days listening to a teacher and reading too-thick-books, haha !

haha yes i learn fast, i just saw matt smith in a film, and then i saw him on background image, haha :D i’ve always just called my phone “phone” and the computer “computer”, pretty boring, but i haven’t found any names which i think suit. but when i was little, i used to name mom and dad’s cars, lol!

Whenever I have something I like a lot and I know it isn’t good for me I’m sometimes wary I’ll have a really horrible situation that will make me learn. But it is a good way to have a wall between me and an unhealthy habit.
I think it shows good self-control to be off sweets like that. :) I know there are some people who never learn no matter how hard a consequence comes at them.
Glad you are enjoying your phone. :)
Yeah I agree. :) Keep looking forward.

I never eat anything at school parties. It’s just one of those things I don’t do, while everyone else does. It’s stupid, I know. I never understood why sugar makes someone hyper either. One of those things I don’t understand. Haha I’m funny. :P I notice I put 5 packets of sugar into my iced tea, and that I eat too many sour patches. But I don’t act or feel any different.

New York in April is … gradual warmth then a week of extreme warmth when everyone strips down to shorts, then the cold kicks back in severely and everyone gets sick. Fun.

I’m the opposite to you, never really liked sweet foods all that much. I’m in love with Irn-Bru, which is pretty sweet, but as for food…it’s just too sickly. xD And I hate eclairs. :3 Vinegar is probably my favourite kind of flavour, because I’m just weird like that. :L

Sugar has never had any adverse effects on me though, possibly because I’ve never overdosed on it like you did. I have the odd flapjack/bar of chocolate, that’s it.

Oh, and I forgot to reply to you before: Yeah, I remember you commenting on the giant Funeral For A Friend blog I wrote on my 15th birthday, away back on the 26th of February last year. You should really get round to downloading some songs or something. ;D Glad you like Welcome Home Armageddon though :D

You’re probably somewhat lucky that you get sick after eating sugar. I think that I can eat tons of chocolate, and it just slowly kills me without my knowing it. :P

sugar is tasty!

I eat far too much sugar. I have a terrible sweet tooth. I exercise a lot so I don’t put on weight, but my skin is awful and it doesn’t help me mentally. I have huge crashes where I’m depressed for ages, then suddenly far too hyper. I try to balance it out with water, but English tap water is foul in my opinion…

I’m sure you’ve said in a blog, but what phone have you got? Enjoy playing with it hehehe =]

I’d love to go to Australia in my summer, so it was winter while I was there. I’d imagine it would be beautiful!

I posted it in my last post! I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace, definitely a change from the iPhone I had before I lost it, but it’s got pretty similar features after all.

Australia’s winters are pretty boring. :P We have no snow; in fact you’re better off checking things out in the Australian summer, it gets pretty warm yet enjoyable.

I really like sweet candies as a snack, too. I can pass on chocolate and salty snacks but candies are the death of me. Do they have Wonka candies in Australia? Those are my favorite. I love all their candies, Fun Dip, Nerds, Runts, Gobstoppers, etc., etc., etc.

Sorry you ate candy til you were sick. I’ve done that before, and the funny thing is, is that you and I are probably going to do it again sometime in our lives. Because candy is good and sometimes we never learn. :D

Yes, Wonka candies! I love them, I actually had some Redskins just today. I could have eaten Nerds forever, I swear. :P

I remember in primary school, all the parties we had when we left. I was really hoping the end of high school would be like that but we’re having to revise our asses off from now until the end of June. We get no breaks until the exams are done!

I’m exactly the same when it comes to anything sweet and/or covered in chocolate!

Woah, that sounds really bad! I’ve never known anyone to be that bad from having too much sugar! Even the slightest bit makes me hyperactive, one can of Dr Pepper and I’m running round the room for an hour, I dread to think what I’d be like if I had three, or four. :|

Getting rid of a bad habits is only easy when something bad has happened regarding that habit, like the experience you had! I used to bite my nails a lot, as disgusting as it is, but once I bit too far down and my entire nail came away. I still bite them when I get nervous but not as much as I used to!

What phone did you get? :)

it’s too bad the tasteful food tastes so GOOD!!! it’s not that fruit and vegetables don’t taste good, but i’m weak for potato chips and salty things, as well as something that looks like a ball of chocolate. it’s like a chocolate ball, just chocolate and then a little coconut, yuuumm yumm, why is it always the bad stuff which is the most tempting?? it should’ve been the other way around!

yes we do what we have to do, it’s not a long time until summer though, i’m really looking forward to the summer, but then i’m nervous about starting at school again since i’m going to a new school. new pupils and new teachers, probably new rules as well. i’ll deal with the worries when they come, i have enough as it already is, don’t need more for sure!

Oh my, I hear ya. I have such a horrible sweet tooth. I just finished a mocha frappuccino and a huge slice of banana chocolate chip bread. I don’t know why I cut myself a slice of bread. As much as I love sweet things, I always need a glass of milk with my cake to wash it down. Following it with the ridiculously sweet frappuccino was…unpleasant.

It sounds odd, but I wish I got sick when I have too many sweets. I could and entire double-layer cake without having any stomach pain afterwards. The only negative side effect is that I start feeling gross. I begin thinking of how unhealthy that was and I get that one sensation where it feels like you ate so much that all the food is backed up in your throat. I envy your ability to stay away from sugar. As soon as Lent was over, I ate every cookie and candy I could get my hands on.

In response to your comment on my blog, are you a Seinfeld fan or do you just like the clip I showed? I feel like our general age group is lacking in Seinfeld fans. It’s always nice to find out someone else under thirty-five likes the show.

I can’t even begin to imagine what that experience was like. I’m guessing it’s similar to experiencing a panic attack? I’ve never had one of those either, so I’m not sure. But anyways, it’s good that you came out of it okay. Lesson learned though. I’ve never had that kind of experience with sugar, though. It really doesn’t effect me. Most of the time it just makes me feel sick and bloated and just…blegh. I’ve tried staying away from it as much as I can. Especially at school!

Haha, glad to see you’re enjoying your new phone!

:| I miss the rain we got in Connecticut, and wish it would rain here. I enjoy the rain, unlike a lot of other people. And I enjoy heavy amounts of it, LOL.

I wish people did that in my school :P All everybody is thinking about doing for our last day is a really big prank, nobody has thought to celebrate in class. I’ve only had a class to do that once when a teacher was leaving, and that was years ago. Dx

I love chocolate things more than sugary things :P Or really sour sweets such as sherbets. Mostly though, it’s all about chocolate. I eat chocolate way too much. But I can never eat too much at a time, or else I’ll just feel so sick. Whenever Easter rolls around, I can never finish my egg (well when I used to get Easter eggs) on the same day. Dx

Woah I never knew sugar could make someone so hyper :P! I’ve never had enough sugar to make me hyper, maybe one day I’ll try it to see what it felt like. That sucks it made you so sick though. At least it keeps you off of the sugar now xP

What exactly are eclairs? I keep hearing people talk about them, but I don’t know what they are exactly. :(

I don’t eat a lot of sugar – I get sick, weak, etc. :/ And I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. Haha.

Sherbet chews sound interesting. ^^

I’m glad you like your new phone! :3

Ahh – I love that time of year. At the beginning of the year and when everyone is like “chill” and you just do nothing and talk all day in class. XD

I love chocolate, but like Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Lindt etc. I’m not so crazy about like Aero and Kitkats :P I also loveee After 8’s, they have mint in them and they’re so good. Once you have one, you can’t stop, ahh all junk food does that to you. :P

I don’t get too hyper when I eat candy, atleast not that I think of. Well, if you were like that I wonder how you were at Halloween! Tons of candy. /love

Aw, well good luck with your studies! Can’t wait to see your “May Goals”. :) Now that I say May, I keep starting in disbelief of how we’re already at May, time flys!

Haha yeah, though that always changes and the teacher usually gets stricter later on.

I don’t get that picky with chocolate but I definitely prefer dark chocolate. I used to like milk chocolate until I got easily sick of it. I also know that dark chocolate is a little better for you. ;) I love Lindt’s dark chocolate.

Oh we don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia. If we did I think I’d be pretty sick – and pretty hyper. I think it’s a good thing we don’t celebrate that.

May is nearly here! I did all my April goals and I’m still refining the list for May. These goals really keep me going! /bounce

I used to eat loads of sweets when I was younger, it was so bad. I would get really hyper for about 20 minutes then just feel completely sick. I don’t really eat many sweets anymore, I just don’t like them much. I’ll buy a chocolate bar and it’ll last me for 2 weeks. XD

I do however, eat a lot of carbs, which obviously turn into sugar so I guess it’s still bad. :X I was borderline pre-diabetic not so long ago so I had to cut a lot of carbs out otherwise I’d be type 2 diabetic in a few years. It’s a scary prospect. It wasn’t my fault that I was eating so much though, my dietitian told me to eat more carbs to gain weight so I did, then I was told to stop eating so much. :X

In a way, it’s good that eating so much sugar made you feel like that because it’s stopped you eating too much. You can get a lot of health problems from consuming too much sugar over a long period of time.

That’s what you can use your post-it notes for! (I saw you tweet about them). You can stick reminders everywhere of what eating too much sugar does to you, haha.

I still have 3 teaspoons of sugar in my tea; I need to stop that because it’s making me pee way too much. :X #TMI

Glad you’re enjoying your new phone! I killed my battery loads when I first got my BlackBerry, although the apps for it aren’t very good. :(

I hope you manage to complete your April goals! I’ve only completely 4 and I doubt I’ll be able to complete anymore before tomorrow, boo. :(

I’m just going to reply here because I feel like replying now. :3

Haha that is really really good. :D I’m not at that stage yet but at least it does kind of help that I feel a bit sick after having too many sweets.

Aw that’s upsetting. :( I remember that someone said running burns off sugar and walking burns off fat; in turn running would be useless because sugar turns into fat anyway. That wasn’t really related… oops. But it sucks that what you were told to do actually had an adverse effect and couldn’t help you like they predicted it would.

Oh, good idea haha. Sticking a post-it note to remind me not to eat certain things. Or not to open the fridge. XD

I don’t have much sugar in my tea; one teaspoon is all good for me. I don’t have much tea anyway. You could try honey, it’s more natural? If you like it that is. Hehe.

I finished my goals! Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am. I finished them late last night and I was just over the moon. I’m excited to start on May’s ones, I just feel like I got so much out of the way with April. Even though university assignments are coming up, eww. /hmph


LOL, no way, the teachers were totally NOT making us study anymore then. They were just like “Yeah whatever, just eat the food”. It was HILARIOUS. You’d think they WERE going to be all “study, study, study~!” but I think they were sick of having to nag at us by then XD.

Don’t worry! I have an epic sweet tooth as well D: . It sucks cos I’ve had to cut down on SO MUCH SUGAR. Ahhh, those were the days where we could just pig out on sugar. Haha!

Aww man, James and I were SO worried about you when you said you couldn’t breathe D:. I thought you were hyperventilating! Hence, the paper bag :P.

Maaaan, after reading that I’m not craving jellie babies and chocolate eclairs XD.

Oh wow, your break IS almost over D:. That went by so quick! Hahaha. Oh well, just think, soon it will be a LONG break :) :). Yay! Good luck with the work piling up though :). But have fun at uni. Or try to, anyways :P. I’m not very much succeeding with that endeavour D:.

Oh I was so sure some of the pedantic ones wanted us to do work! I think my maths teacher was making us do maths work before Allen and McCabe wrapped James and me in cling wrap. :X

You forgot I have a winter class, so I only get three weeks of break in total in June-July; as opposed to seven or eight or whatever it is… oh well, I’m not too bothered. :D I just can’t wait for this semester because it’s plainly horrid. D:

I can’t handle my sugar either 🤮 lol I absolutely love candy bars, especially any with caramel in them but they make me sick every time! So usually when I’m craving one I’ll open it and just eat a bit of it at a time and make it last all day.

I got a new phone recently too and its a touch screen smart phone so the battery life is super short 😒 It has been dead about 80% of the time since I got it.

The weather here is crazy. Its spring now and one day it will be really hot, then a few days later cold again.

Sugar! Every tooth’s worst nightmare! I used to constantly eat sweets as a child. So much that the dentist started to get tired of seeing my face in his reception… Mum even tried to hide the jar of sweets or put them on the highest shelf in the house, why she even bought them in the first place I haven’t a clue, but even so I was able to find a way of obtaining them. (Amazing what children would and can do when they have a goal XD)

Hehe everyone loves playing with their new gadgets :) I was like that when I got my new phone. Love playing the games on a touchscreen.

Good luck with you April goals and hope your university projects will be a breeze :) (Mine’s just coming to an end. FINALLY!)

With love ♥

Oh sugar… or more specifically chocolate. I kind of miss the youthful innocence where i had no access to such foods and they were only VERY SPECIAL treats. Because now i just can’t control myself..

Thanks for the compliment! Panda Express isn’t that good, I think of it as another one of those fast-food chinese restaurants. But their chow mein is really good!

Weirdly, I just ate a chocolate chip cookie before reading this blog. It was yummy and it probably had lots of sugar in it. Hah.

I use to eat a LOT of candy when I was 5-6. My favourites were Nerds and sour strips. I love sour candy, I’m craving some right now…

Now I’m kind of older, and know how bad sugar is for you, I don’t really care much about eating candy. I’m a bit crazy for chocolate though, I love Kit-Kats and Ferro Rocher.

I also put a LOT of sugar in my tea.. it’s kind of horrible but I love the taste of it. Haha.

Oh and your new phone looks awesome! Glad to hear that you’re loving it.

Ahh, I LOVE candy and anything with sugar. I have the biggest sweet-tooth so I definitely can relate. My mom bought a lot of Starburst Jellybeans, which only come out around Easter time, and I think I ate almost the entire bag in one sitting. I was so sad because they were almost all gone, and then kind of disgusted because that’s so unhealthy! :P

Wow, that sounds really scary! I’m glad you ended up being fine though, and that James and Lillian were there for you. It was probably a good idea to stay away from so much sugar.

I don’t think I could stay away from junk food for so long. I eat a lot of it, which really is not healthy, but I have been better. I’ve been trying to balance it out some more and I’ve been eating a lot more healthier stuff. Sometimes I have days where I just the worst stuff (like yesterday I went to an amusement park. So, much, good, food!) but I’m a lot better than I was, which is why I think I’ve been losing some weight! :D

I’m glad you like your new phone! It’s sad about your old one, but things happen and I’m glad you like the one that replaced it. ^^

I usually only eat a lot of sugar when I’m sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time working on something. Lately though I’ve become addicted to chewing gum once again. The bad thing is the other day I swallowed two pieces on accident. Ha. I was watching something extremely funny – opps. Ha. Jelly beans and chocolate are my weakness – especially the green tea chocolates.

I had a belly ache today, I’m not sure what I ate or if it’s just because I haven’t been resting a lot. It was a bad afternoon so I gave up and took a nap. When I woke up someone had made broccoli & cheddar pasta so now I have a belly ache because I ate what was left. Ha.

Thanks! I’m glad you like the graphic! :p
I don’t blog too often, so a update per blog works fine for me, but getting an update every 2 days will really be a handful! >w<
haha, yeah, i think I made the to-do-list too late… :( oh well, I'll see what I can get done, I suppose. 😰
You finished everything??? Wow! Congrats! :D i almost never finish any of my to-do-lists harrharr. XD
Yes, some people don't really care about the royal wedding at all, but I think it's quite sweet and romantic. /rose I only watched the part where they kissed. :P Man, I'd really love to have a dress like Kate when I get married! ♥ My math teacher seriously looks like Prince William, though. Now, every time I see the prince, my math teacher's face shows up… it's a little strange. /ehh
*sigh* I wish i could have a second spring break :( Good luck on your homework!

Whoa… your experience with chocolate eclaris sounds pretty frightening! I'm glad to hear that you broke your sugar habit, though! Habits are so hard to break! D= It's okay to have some sweets once in awhile. :D
Once when I was at summer camp, I ate 2 milk chocolates and 1 white chocolate, the really sweet and too-rich kind. i ended up throwing up and fainted for a few minutes. My stomach hurt so much that I had to take Advil or something (I don't remember). All the camp staff members were so scared! But seriously… 3 pieces of chocolates are really not that much! T_T I only have a few once in awhile now.

FINALLY, I am leaving you a comment. Sheesh, took long enough.

Glad to see that you’ve learned your lesson on the over consumption sugar & how horrible it was for you, yikes. That sounds like a horrible experience. Bouncing off the walls is one thing, but not being able to breathe because of a high intake of sugar in your blood is a whole other issue completely. At least you didn’t pass out! You’re not much of a junk food person so it doesn’t look like you would have too many issues with keeping your cholesterol down. :) Exercise! Walk James’s dog or visit the park & what not. :D

Raining! It’s only rained a few times here. April showers!! <33

Too bad you didn't get to finish your goals for April. :/ Guess you'll just have to try to finish them in May! Zomg our birthdays are coming up!

Haha it’s fine! I went for a run a few times during my break, but my mum honestly thought I was going to get hit by a car or something. Hit by a car. Without me crossing any road at all. 🙄 Man.

Anyway I did finish those goals, I posted this about a day before the end of the month and I actually finished them all. I didn’t think I’d get there but I did. New goals list haha! I might have a birthday dinner. Not sure yet. :P

OH SCHWEET congrats on finishing the goals, then!! :D

hahahaah your mom & my mom have the same concerns! She gets worried that I’ll get run over by a car when I walk to & from school. It’s a friggin 10 minute walk & she freaks out…using inside streets too. She crazy.

Oh my, those parties! ahhaha we’re doing those all the time, we bring cake and sit around and sometimes the teacher gives in ans joins us LOL
Thanks for dropping by

I have some self control problems when it comes to things like that, too. I have to make it a rule that I can’t have any, because if I have a little I will have more and more until it gets out of hand again.

Good luck with your goal list! Try to get as much done as you can, even if April is gone.

sugary stuff fills me up fast, so I usually don’t eat so much that it makes me sick. It’s the sugary stuff in addition to the massive amounts of other food that does me in.