Dance in my mind

I’m so happy. Today was the last day of university for the semester. I’m really exhausted though. I’m a bit of a mess because I have just had a really… meh, emotionally drastic night. Okay, I shouldn’t have said that.

The other week, I was insane when I was running on three hours of sleep. I was hyper!

Ryan came to university with having only had two hours of sleep. He refused to sit at the table because he wanted to sit on the floor. He said he’d put underpants on his head and fly planes… or something along those lines.

Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why us university students get really hyperactive over random shit sometimes. I know it’s terrible though. I don’t usually care about my appearance but I am disappointed that my mum has now noticed bags under my eyes. She said they’re pretty obvious because they’re dark too.

I read online that it would be good to put slices of cucumber on eyes, or even teabags, to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. I didn’t have access to either of those (seeing as my mum would think it entirely mad that I would be stealing her used teabags for that purpose). However, knowing the health benefits of olive oil, I used olive oil instead.

Before you say, “What the hell Georgina? You put olive oil on your eyes?” – olive oil has many health benefits. It helps to reduce cholesterol, which is really great for me because I do have a high cholesterol I inherited from my grandparents. It is also a good lip balm and helps make skin smoother.

I do like the idea of natural remedies. Sebby has a sore throat today, and that only reminded me of nightmares. My mum gives me this green herbal powder (it’s actually called watermelon frost or something) for my sore throats. It doesn’t work. It’s this Chinese/Asian stuff; I’m pretty sure. It tastes disgusting. Lilian knows exactly what I’m talking about. I know it’s sort of natural in its own way, but my mum thinks that honey lemon tea does not work. I think it does; it’s so soothing.

James would beg to differ. He uses garlic and milk for his sore throats. :)

I did my presentation today and I’m not going to say it went great, but it went well. You won’t believe this, but I really did get up there spontaneously. I made my presentation slides/PowerPoint literally fifteen minutes before the class. I was close to last. But I got up there and using the shitty slides I made, I managed to hit off the points I wanted to make. I had my laptop as well so I could read my report from the screen.

I kept stumbling and fiddling. There weren’t many people in the class, so when I looked up I was more or less looking in a blank space and not looking at anyone directly. :D

I know I’m behind with the website. When I got home I just wanted to crash; I fell asleep on my carpet momentarily… I’ll get around to stuff soon. ♥️

So happy I have a break now. *dances* /bounce I don’t think I’ve ever grinned so much this year. :D

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Hellooooo! I am ZOMG, so extreeeeemely happy for you :D /bounce ✌️ that you are finished for the semester and now have a break, but I am also extremely envious because I AM STILL GOING D: and DYING @_@ Rawr!

*HUGS* For your emotionally drastic night! Don’t worry! You will get through this :D

LOL @ Ryan. Wow. 2 hours of sleep is epic. Hahaha well I suppose sitting on the floor is good for him sometimes, seeing as though he is so TALL D: Poor him. I hope he gets some sleep tonight. Lack of sleep IS terrible D:

If he really DOES want to fly planes, please ensure he gets sufficient sleep before he does so. I don’t want any air disasters!

Oh noes! You have dark bags! So do I :( *sigh* Oh well we shall replenish ourselves in the break and debag our eyes :) Yay! My mum also complains about my acne breakouts. LOL, and today Belinda told me she can tell when I’m over-stressed because I get pimple breakouts. She is so right! Hahahaha.

Olive oil :) Hehehe I hope it’s working! :D

OMG, THAT MELON FROST! /bash 🤬 🤮 YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! I guess it DOES work for mouth ulcers, but for sore throats? It’s POWDER. It just dries your throat out and makes it SORER.

LOL, milk and garlic? Well James gets the added benefit of protection from vampires! Hahahaha :P

I’m glad your presentation went well :) Hehehe! Wow. Spontaneous Georgie. I’d have freaked out and had a nervous breakdown if I were you! :P Congratulations on getting it done in FIFTEEN MINUTES D:

Have a good rest :)

I’m glad! This week was a totally crap week. Good luck in your last exam! Only one left. You can do it. :D

*hugs* I think we’re all good now. We come past one thing and it’s like Goodnight Mister Tom all over again – what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. :)

It was funny because even after Sebby got him a chair, he didn’t want to move. He used the chair as a table for his laptop and still sat on the floor. I don’t know how comfortable that was; I can’t really sit on the floor with my laptop for too long.

DEBAG! I love the word. De-bag or debag? Well, no bags. We’ll have to get more sleep so as not to make our eyes worse. It sucks. The olive oil really does nice things to make the skin smooth and less baggy, but I don’t think it helps removing the dark colour that might keep getting worse if we have bad sleeping patterns. Okay, this break, we are totally regulating our sleeping patterns. No exceptions, drat!

I HATE IT TOO. You know much I hate it too and how gross it is!

James has a unique way of going about it, hehe. I’m pretty sure it works though. :3

I nearly hyperventilated. I really was short of breath before my turn and I was shaky because I didn’t want to do it. My presentation itself was also about fifteen minutes, I guess. It was supposed to be ten minutes but my tutor was pretty flexible. :)

Ugh, I sleep way too much. I don’t think I’d even be able to function normally with three hours sleep, let alone be hyper. Well done on the presentation though. (Y)

I like natural remedies and beauty things. I like making face masks and putting cucumber on my eyes (I’m not sure how it works for dark circles but it really helps a black eye). Although one time I did make a face mask with honey in it and it was really disgusting and sticky. Lemon and honey tea works great, and I love the taste. :P I have to say garlic and milk sounds disgusting.

I’ve never seen preset wordpress smilies. I always get fed up of wordpress before I download any plugins. I love your emoticons though. They make me laugh sometimes. /bash I love that one.

Lol, I don’t think it sounds creepy really. I get that. Lostprophets are one of my favourite bands and whenever I hear Ian or any of the guys talk about their background in working class South Wales I always feel I have a connection to them and the music that comes from it. I bet if I was actually to meet them I wouldn’t be anything like them. I’m not one of Nirvana’s hugest fans but they’re just a classic that you can’t not like. And you can always tell they’d be one of those unforgetable live bands.

Yeah,I Really Like to Keep In Touch,With My Online Friends,i meet everyday!

Yeah,Exams,Always Make Me Go Insance..well i just finished Studying for the `1st Exam Day!! :S and still nothing,got 3 days exams!! :-?

Well..TV Makes me bored,it doesn’t Interest Me,but this Month I’d be for sure watching TV 24/24 , because the FIFA World Cup Has Started!!..This Time For Africaaa!!!
Waka-Wakaaahh !!!

Yeah,I’d Die Without My PC :P

I’m really excited to get School Done,and Go To University,i’m abit curious about how it is,Hope it’s alot more different from School :P
Learning things you like won’t drive you insane,because you love what you do :D

Yeah Coding Needs Patience,Yeah i got Less than 5 days,You can say i got 3 :)
Thanks for the Hope you’re giving me :) and thanks for encouraging me..i love that! :)
I Believe i can Do Well..:)

Cyahh <3

Love the new layout Georgina! It’s really good XD

Cool! That’s good you have a break from Uni :) I have 3 weeks of school left, woo! lol. I can’t wait for the holidays.

Wow 2 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep is really bad! I would die with only 2 hours LOL.

Bags under your eyes, not good! I used to get them so much even if I had 8 hours of sleep :|

Never knew that cucumber or tea bags could help! I’ll try to remember that.

I’ve heard that olive oil works, I hope it actually works though :)

Sore throats are terrible. I think honey and lemon tea helps too! It has helped me in the past anyway.

That’s great that your presentation went well! WOW, 15 minutes. If I did it in 15 minutes I would fail.

I am so behind on my website! but I just wrote a new blog post this early morning (LOL I woke up at 3AM since I went to bed at 8PM).

It’s really good that you have a break! It’s the best when there’s a break.

:( I really hate replying to comments late, so sorry!

Really? You have to read the last one, Breaking Dawn! It’s the best out of them all. Well everyone who has read all of the books says that Breaking Dawn is the best.

Since the school skirt pockets are so small, it’s hard getting my keys out for my locker since I have my I.D card, iPod and Phone in there too. My I.D card is so annoying, it always falls out. So lucky I have lost it yet.

Have you used a iPad yet?! I would rather an iPhone than an iPad though. Since my phone is so stupid. My uncle actually got his iPad yesterday that he ordered. I wish I could use it but he lives in Sydney.

That’s so cool!

LOL I followed Kevin Rudd on Twitter and he followed back. He follows everyone that follows him though.

He said he’d put underpants on his head and fly planes

Lol. What? @_@

Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why us university students get really hyperactive over random shit sometimes.


Yeah, I hate bags under my eyes :/ It’s the product of me staying up too late and not having enough sleep O_O

Ooh, yeah. I heard Cucumber could do that but not teabags. Lol, my mom would think that too if I use her teabags XD
I think I’m gonna try Olive Oil :D

Ugh, I hate it when natural remedies taste disgusting. When I have sore throat, my mom makes me gargle a glass of water with salt mixed in.

Garlic and Milk? Hmm. I think Milk is okay (heck, love Milk) but Garlic? 😏

I’m glad your presentation went well :) I don’t like having to present something in front of a class. There will always be people in my class who’ll count how many times I said “Ummm…”

Enjoy your break :D

Yes, I agree. It’s an invasion of Privacy. I mean, don’t they have something else better to do than just peep in? :(
I did tell my parents, about a year ago, when the first incident happened. But of course, they think that it had gone away.

I might get my uniform fixed at a sewing shop. They always have solutions for this kind of problem XD

Yeah, I don’t even get why I liked him in the first place. 😏

Oh, well that sucks. My school doesn’t shuffle students every school year, but we’re the first to be shuffled because our batch was so wild during our freshmen year @_@

Thanks (: I hadn’t coded or done well, anything, in so long so it took a while to get everything exactly how I wanted it (:

Glad to hear you’re getting a break. I’m in the running on three hours of sleep mode too, way too many tests to study for and not enough time for it all. Also great that you’re presentation went well. My presentations never do. I’m great in front of people as long as I don’t have to do something specific, I’m better with spontaneous things.

ahaha that’s funny that you mention olive oil because some girls in the forum were wondering about olive oil & I told them some tidbits about the benefits of olive oil. monounsaturated fats ftw! :-) They definitely lower your LDL levels but I’ve been told that it’s only good when you pour it on your pasta & not so much when you use it to cook..but then again, you’ll have to look that up.

For sorethroats, any sort of tea works well because it calms down your aching throat. It soothes it, definitely. Anything with honey + something warm = charmzzzz. ahaha but milk + honey actually does a great job as well..& just tea + honey + milk in general.

Yay for the last day of your semester. :D I have lots to do for my website as well…but I haven’t had a chance to get anything done. Hopefully I’ll get a new effin’ layout already.

BTW I have one submission for the icon contest so far, so get yourzz in..or else we’ll just have like an icon contest battle between two people..haha.

It deffinately starts getting confusing with multiple email addresses! especially when it comes to trying to remember what email is for what website account/online account 😒
I’m glad for you that it was your last day of the semester! I’ve just gone back to school after a break, and im allready counting down the 5 weeks untill our summer break ♥
Eh, i knowwww all about lack of sleep. I suffer from Insomnia so I have frequent cycles when I can have 2 hours of sleep for weeks on end. Then it goes back to normal (8 hours) for a month, then it all goes awfull again /wah I hate it haha.
I am a huge fan of herbal medicine! But I try to avoid all conventional medication such as any pills. I find herbal tea cures my headaches faster than pills used to /cool

YAAY! Congratulations on finishing the semester!! I’m guessing that you have a break inbetween, so that you can relax. And catch up on sleep!

As for olive oil, I had no idea that would work! Personally, I find that just sleeping in for half the day on the weekend does it for me. But your solution sounds quicker. (:

Lemon tea with honey works on everything. And it tastes delicious! Your mother is clearly crazy.

GUESS WHAT (again)? My friend Katy has finally convinced me to switch off of webs and be hosted by her. Which is kind of sad, because I do love webs! But posting posts and the comment pages were getting really messy, so I’ve decided to move the site! But at least the commenting thingy will finally be PERFECT.

Drawing is also fun!! You really should watch Glee though. It is THE BEST.
Well not really. But it’s very, very good!!

Haha, Australian winters are like, the warmest it gets in the summer here. xP

I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU GEORGIE!! Your break’s about to start and you’ve already finished your subjects with a BANG 💥 ! (woot I was able to use the bomb smiley XD) When July arrives, maybe I’ll just make a post full of WAHOO WAHOOO repeatedly so that everyone would know that the pain is over! hahaa!

Dang I know that feeling, when I had only 3 hours of sleep but still not yet finished with java project, research paper and a party to go to at night, I was really quite hyper and senseless. LOL AT RYAN! XD

Haha some Chinese medicine TASTES LIKE HELL and I’ve lived with it through all these years. Some are okay though and the one for sore throat is Pei Pat Kua. Even if you don’t have sore throat and want to pump up your vocal chords, singers usually drink this. hehe

For eyes, anything cool, not really cucumber can help rest them. Just place them for about 5-7 seconds on each eye :P Olive oil is indeed good! My pimples have been acting up and I’ve resorted to a natural remedy for it: GRAPE SEED OIL LOLZ XD I’ll have to see if it works.


Panda Strikes Back!:
LOL i actually had my un-birthday at the Alice in Wonderland theme for my friend’s debut! XD It was different coz us 18 hearts had an unbirthday cake each LOL
Check out my latest post by the way, you are mentioned TEEHEEEEE won’t tell you why :D
Haha i got freedom on my birthday, it’s something… LOL not that nice really…. XD XD my family and I still have yet to celebrate! I did get awesome gifts and one of them is worthy of thinkgeek! CRAP I DIDN’T POST THEM. Will do next time! :D
Tell me if you’re doing well with Harry Potter! :D I’m sorta glad my parents forced me to read it, sometimes they do know what’s best. But I’m with you too, I still don’t like them forcing me to do anything XD I love realist novels too. This is why my friends wonder why I like this series so much, the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. It’s all about the life of Mma Ramotswe (setting is in Johannesburg! How cool is that? I’ve always been fascinated by Africa) and all the cases she gets when she decides to put up the first detective agency. Really realist stuff. :D It’s funny in a way.. XD
Take philosophy ONLY when you’re sure if the professor is good. Believe me, choosing the right professor MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. :D Philo is really good when taught well :D

Woo for the last day of term! Catch up on sleep, eh. ;)
The best thing I’ve found for bags is stuff by Liz Earle, I’m not sure if you can buy her stuff in AU, but here is the website with the eyebright lotion:
It’s full of natural stuff. :D
I’ll have to try teabags, I think it’s the caffeine which works. :P

Helloo! Long time no talk (:

Congrats on your last day for the semester!
Ahhh 3 hours of sleep ?! XD Oh gosh, I would have completely fell apart with 3 hours of sleep /poo Ahaha that shows how crazy you can go without sleep xP

Ah, olive oil? Interesting, I never realized how many uses olive oil has ! Did the olive oil work well?

Ahhh I use to have this powder stuff that would go in hot water, and it tasted horrible! My parents use to say that it was good for me, but I didn’t believe it. Also, I always get the lemon honey tea! I think it does work (: Ah, so asianyy XDD

Garlic and milk? I’ve never tried that before. I’ve always wondered how people think of these remedies xD

Ahha, I hate presentations! xD Glad that yours went well though :D A lot of people fiddle and stumble so you’re not alone :]

Haha have fun on your break :D I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

u deserve a break now.. glad the presentation went well

Thank you. :) I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how the marks turned out.

Well yeah, it does reduce cholesterol. When taken internally. Hrrng /bounce

Natural remedies are awesome. Even if they don’t work, at least they sound good. When I had some sort of infection my mum rubbed iodine on my wrists. Apparently it worked because things are easily absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin on the wrist, where veins are closer to the surface. 😰

Damn, I hate presentations. Glad yours went well; my palms always 😰 when I stand up there, looking at people staring at me. Bum. /bash


Of course. /bounce

I think some remedies work; I find honey lemon tea to be rather soothing. I tried the iodine thing when I was sick once. :)

I hate looking at people in presentations. I try not to look at anyone’s faces, but instead, the spaces around them. 😏

First off, you’re lucky enough to get your semesters done! I’m in school, and I still have 1 month left >.< Ahh, I'm just waiting for the huge break!

I normally get enough sleep before I leave for school. I like staying up all night and watching some Spongebob or listening to music. But not during weekdays when I have school the next day. It's because I can't stay awake with sleep urging me to close my eyes. I hate to sleep but I prefer having a proper sleep. I used to have those dark circles under my eyes. Well now I haven't got rid of those yet, but it's reduced. Cucumber is a really good remedy for the dark circles under your eyes. I've done it, it provided a huge relief. But you have to keep doing it, like for a week or something.

I've also heard potato juice is a good remedy for dark circles / bags under the eyes. I haven't tried it, it's what people say xD Olive oil is the best option! I used to use butter as a lip balm a few years back, when I didn't have the guts to ask for a lip balm from my mom. =D

Wow, it's good to hear that your presentation went well! I was expecting this result :) Good job on that!

As far as smiling is concerned, haha I know you don't fake a smile :D Wow, nice to hear that my blog post made you grin :D Aah, kissed in the rain? Ehehe :D Congrats on that too :D

Yes I'm a bitch, you're not x)

I have been so hyper the past few days because I’ve been running on such little sleep. Well, that and the fact that I’m seeing things differently because of how I’m getting over my issues. (Damn, that sounds like a subliminal reference to drug usage. Not it!)

I just drink a lot of apple juice when my throat is sore. My parents get shocked when there’s a can of apple juice in the fridge for more than 2 days, seeing as I’d usually drink it. It works the best for me. Orange juice used to be my remedy, but it’s not… it’s too viscous and thick compared to apple juice. xD
The best way to use “natural” remedies is to figure out what your body needs, and find things that have an abundance of it.

So did you put Olive Oil on your eyes, or in your eyes? Aha.
GARLIC?!! EW EW EW! If I have a soar throat I take some throat sweets and drink tea! Haha.

I love your layout!<3 Im glad you've broke up for the summer! You can finally relax :D

I almost typed my site wrong there cause of sneezing… aha D: Also sorry for any typos, it’s not easy with fake nails on xP

It definitely hurts more having it done at the top rather than the bottom. My fat theory worked out ahaha.

I’d have dermal anchors in my hips if I wasn’t too pussy D:

At my old school new kids were like fine, I guess it’s harder here because it’s smaller and harder to fit in because everyone has their own little group. When I think of nerds getting bullied I think of Will from The Inbetweeners lol.

I have to look more at my future now, more than I want to because I’m in the last year of high school in September. :/

I don’t get how people are so energetic without sleep… I’m usually like a zombie aha.

I have real bad bags too. Did olive oil work? Though I think we do actually have cucumbers lol.

I usually just have throat sweets, maybe different things just work differently for other people. /bounce

I’m sure your presentation went great, even if it was rushed 👏

Congrats on having break now! Now we are on the same boat. I have summer break (it is burning hot here) and you have winter (I’m guessing) break. :) We both get to relax.

I’ve never had any natural remedies used on me. We are all prescription drug people. Hahahaha. :) I understand why you use the natural remedies though. They are green! Less harmful to the enviornment, yada yada yada. I guess I’m not as green as I am in the head. If I were as green as that I wouldn’t spend hours on the computer and our lawn would be filled with trees. XD Yeah, I’m really green in the head but in the rest of my body, nope!

Congrats on finally giving it! :) I’m glad it went well. I’m sure pretty much most, if not all, of your presentations go well. :3 You just have that nervousness right before where you think that you are going to fail because you don’t have everything just as perfect as someone else does. And you are scrambling and don’t want the professor to pick you until last. That is hectic but I find that fun, I don’t know why but I end up laughing about it later.

Wow. That is one huge crash if you were sleeping on the floor. Hahahaha. I bet you were exhausted. I would have been as well. :)
It’s not going to get cleared up anytime soon. There is still 500,000 gallons/day being released. He is helping to clear it up and he is scheduled to be there only for a month but still, it is horrible. I hate that he is working on doing that just because of some stupid competition. That really makes me mad.

Thanks! I really like that I have a job that pays $9 an hour. That is $2.75 over minimum wage. That is extra money that I could save up for a car. :) I’m planning on saving at least $2,500 for a used car. My mom will have to match that, well, not HAVE TO, but she said she will match whatever I save. :) YAY!
I agree on the interviews. I started to think I didn’t get the job because after a week and a half they didn’t call me back. I started crying because I have never wanted any job as much as I wanted that one. :) I had to call them up one day and tell them that I didn’t want the vacation time and bam an hour or two later they called back and I got the job. That is STUPID but whatever. I don’t call the shots. I’m just mail room.

You are late. Lol. That blog was written the day before but I released my website the day of. My birthday is on the 8th. Lol. Thanks anyway! :) It’s the thought that counts. I’m waiting on one more present and that is my aunts. I got money and two gift cards, a straightener and a digital camera for my other presents. :)

Yes, I’m hoping that this helps me with dealing with the nervousness and brings it down TONS of notches. & Yes, it was. I was stressing over what should have been nothing. I’m just glad the stressing is over.

1) Okay. :)
2) Thanks. I’m planning on making a new one today because that really isn’t as good as it could be. I could do better with my layout. I know that I could because I have. Hahaha. :)
3) Okay. Sweet! I have an icon contest. I know how much you love making icons! :)
4) Oh yeah, here there is unlimited everything. Hahaha. :)
5) Yeah, I wasn’t expecting you to join my forum with Skeletons. :)
6) Sweet! Thank you!

That is the same with me. They don’t have enough cubicles so, I’m having to take this random machine thing and use it as a desk. It works really well, but it doesn’t have a computer. :/
Remember when we were talking about using the computer for website things? I can’t visit any website except the whintey websites. Which sucks. I can’t even go to google. :/ That is why I need internet on my phone! Lol.

No problem.

Oh, yeah, I’m sorry. I think my cousin has autism, but then again, we think that he could have something else as well. We don’t know what he has, all we know is he can’t learn as fast as his sister’s and brothers.
Well, now that you say it that way, that is true. That was really ignorant of me to say. I guess I just wasn’t thinking outside of the box. I’m sorry if I hurt or offended you in anyway.

Okay. That still doesn’t give her the right to call my best friend a twat. She could’ve disagreed with her opinions nicely. What happened to that? Seriously. That is all I am asking, for her to disagree without calling people names and such. It aggrivates me when people don’t disagree they are just like, “You are stupid that you think that. You are wrong. End of story.” That is totally ridiculous. /angry

Yay for finally break! I remember you talking about break to me. My, it’s been a few weeks, already? The days go so fast! O_O

I can’t even imagine how you would live off 3 hours of sleep. I can’t live off less than 9 hours. If I go to bed like past 10:30, I am so tired the next day. :/ I still go to bed at like 12:30am though. XD

I didn’t know there were remedies for bags under eyes! :o Oh and I don’t think you’re weird, because I am sure olive oil works. I know people think I’m strange for this remedy for a sty (you know, that sore thing that forms on an eyelid). You know what helps it go away? If you rub the non-sharp end of a butter knife between your eyelids, your sty will not hurt as much and goes away faster. I know it sounds really strange, but it works! XD

I normally drink tea or coffee when my throat is sore. Anything hot is good on a hurting throat. ^_^

Hahaha, I’m amazed you remember! I hardly remember that blog, but I do remember writing it. I think you’ve told me you don’t like to swim. I love to swim, and I will forever I think. I mean, I do swim competitively, so I have to like to swim hehe.

You didn’t?! Yeah, they have digital ones now. I will probably just get a disposable for now though. The thing is though, you have to get in a pool that has super clear water for your pictures to come out well. A lot of public pools are really foggy from all the use they get. O_o

I know. It’s awful. Like it’s awful when you hear about stories where kids die or parents die. It must be the worst, especially if you are a close family. I think divorce is hard on a family too. :( It’s so hard on the kids the most.

LOL. If I am ever a mom, am I going to be this smart? XD It makes it really awkward when they do that though, but it does work. :P

Oh, that’s good. :3

LMAO. You’re lucky because like everyone knows you! :P Hey you know Georgina from – OH YEAH I KNOW HER! XD LOL. Just kidding, but a lot of people do know you.

Awww Georgie!

I’m so sorry Uni has been giving you hell these last couple of months but at least you have a break now. Don’t worry about the long comment. I know you’re tired so no worries and don’t beat yourself up over it. I sometimes don’t write long comments.

I’m sorry Seb has a soar throat. Those are never fun. You’re kidding me Milk and Garlic? Yuck!! I’d think honey and tea would be perfect! Ya know?

Last night I tried something new, peanut butter and french vanilla ice cream. My friend from a long time ago said it was the most amazing thing she’d ever eaten, so I thought I’d give it a go and well; my stomach was churning the whole night. It was ok but it was gross. Never doing that again. Only caramel or chocolate on top for me!

Well; I dunno what else to write so I’m an outie. Peace…tea sounds nice right about now.


Wow, I really love this font, what font is this? I really love this font… ♥

I’ve been lacking sleep as well. Late night conversations+the need to get up early is always bad. :P

I use tea bags for my undereyes. I LOVE natural remedies. And about the sore throat thing, I think lemon and tea and honey is always the best. (: Plus it tastes good. Of course, a good cup of tea in general is just good ^_^ I recently got some chai from a place called Teavana. It’s yummy. ♥

WOOT for bsing the powerpoint. :D I could never do that but sounds like you did epically. (: At least now you can get some sleep. (: I’m having issues getting back to a normal sleeping pattern. :/ Fail. 😰 One day I shall.


I’m really glad you liked that blog, I was rather proud of it too. I haven’t written a “deep” blog in awhile due to the fact I’m always updating on life and me being absent and such.

Relationships with people are good (: Being open is really a good thing, it’s when we start closing off do problems start to surface.

Hahaha, politics are interesting. But of course, I have my limits. Not like I’d enjoy listening to Obama’s speeches about the new health care program and blah. No, depends on what KIND of politics we’re talking about.

Well, if it makes you feel better, I haven’t even STARTED getting my license. :P My dad hasn’t signed me up for lessons yet either.

I’d love to have iMovie on my laptop but freaking Apple doesn’t let that program go onto Windows. :/ It’s such a cool video editing program and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making little videos and stuff.

Woo-hoo, mid-year break! Well, exams first, but at least no more lectures or tutes. :) I imagine you’ll be catching up on some much-needed sleep? Three hours per night isn’t enough for anyone – at least not if you want to function on a semi-human level (I can attest to that – it’s not uncommon at all for me to get 3 hours sleep or less, but I certainly don’t function properly as a result of it! haha).

That’s interesting about the olive oil. I’d never heard of anyone using it to alleviate dark under-eye circles. I use…concealer. XD The watermelon frost stuff does sounds weird – I’m not really into herbal remedies though, admittedly. The closest I get to a natural remedy for a sore throat is gargling with warm salty water. But mostly I just fall back on Strepsils or those Difflam lozenges with the anaesthetic. Pharmacists make a fortune off me during flu season, even more-so than usual with my 8+ prescriptions per month habit!

Good work on getting through your presentation in such an impromptu manner! I can’t cope with things like that at all unless everything is 100% planned down to the last detail – I would have just panicked and fallen apart! Don’t worry too much about the class not paying attention though – I think at the end of semester hardly anyone’s concentration is at its best, particularly when it comes to watching presentations. They see it as a good chance to zone out, lol.

I am relieved, I tell you! I am totally relieved. This isn’t just a mid-semester break – it’s an actual break! :D

I don’t actually have exams though, but good luck in any you may be having. :O

It’s rare that I get little sleep, but on occasions when I do, I try not to make it a habit, of course. I am able to function on little sleep, but I can’t focus too hard on anything without getting distracted.

I don’t use makeup so I’d rather find natural remedies to help the dark circles under my eyes disappear. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to try the watermelon frost. It’s a nightmare.

Haha that is a good point; I was also one of the last presentations so everyone was inactive and falling asleep! D:

Heyy! yeah lol it sucks I’m just scared he might stroll across the lobg and then the surprise is ruined! But I guess I can tell you here :P I’m visiting my bf in Ireland for two weeks after his exams are done, his parents arranged it all, but he doesn’t know! :P

Ohh it’s the exact same in college, everyone’s hyperactive with lack of sleep as well. Including mee! I never have much of a problem with looking tired.. I remember when I went to San francisco with my dad (he works for british airways, so I was travelling with the crew, staying in their hotel etc) and when we got to the hotel the journey had taken about 16 hours so far, and all the crew looked wrecked and this one woman that works with my dad was like Howww do youu look so alive?!?! lol. But maybe I’ll try olive oil sometime!!!

I’m glad your presentation went well. I had to make a presentation a while back with a group of four guys and I ended up doing all the work making the presentation and then they were all too scared to talk and present the damn thing so I had to do that too! It was only in front of our class too, which is tiny. What a bunch of wooses :P

Yeah, I do love wordpress. Don’t get me wrong. I still have it installed and everything. It’s just, I dunno, I’m enjoying making all th epages from scratch and stuff – getting my hands dirty :P I’ll probably be back to wordpress in no time, knowing how much I change my mind, but hey, I’m having fun just now :D x

I’m always up late too. I try to keep a steady sleeping pattern but it doesn’t really work. I wake up randomly at least twice during the night.

Presentations should be like optional or something because they really stress some kids out. Yeah they teach kids how to talk in front of large groups but how seriously, how many people are going to grow up to be public speakers.

Green herbal powder, huh? Most of the time, I don’t take anything. If I’m already sick I’ll take a cough syrup (they taste nice :3) or if I’m really bad, I’ll take some ampicillin (from Peru). I’ll sometimes take them before getting sick, but after the throat starts to annoy me, It works wonders and if I fall sick, I recover quickly.

And yay for holidays! Too much work, this last semester. Couldn’t wait for it to be over lol. Now I just need to decide what to do to entertain myself during the holidays… finding a job and some extra money would be a good idea…

It tastes disgusting. You don’t want to know. D: My mum makes me take the stuff because she thinks it’s like some sort of holy magic stuff. LOL. Worst natural remedy ever.

Good luck finding a job! :) I almost feel bad about being so lazy, but that last week was, as Vicky said, “Shit”. We deserve this break. Huzzah.

I was supposed to create my professional portfolio to help me get a job… /ehh

Hello Georgina! Thanks so much! :) Yeah it’s. I hope so too. Yeah I guess I replied all your comments quickly. This last week was more quiet :)

I’m glad you have plans, although most to do things around the house. Perhaps it should also go out with your friends. What to take more pictures sounds good :) I want to take more pictures of landscapes.

Yeah I know :) I hope someday you get to talk to someone famous. What you feel in this moments is indescribable.

I totally agree, my friend is lucky to have parents as owner of the restaurant /eee

your welcome Georgina! It was a pleasure for me /hehe

Oh sorry you had problems with a friend. I don’t really have to promise that you will try to sleep before, if not yourself.

I’m glad you understand. Yes, I guess :)

Sorry to hear that this subject how to advance search in Google will not help you much.

I hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

Me too I hate uncooperative people in groups. I see. Although sometimes I commented to a teacher and not ignored.

I’m happy for you that you are finished for the semester and now have a break.

Certainly the lack of sleep is one of the reasons that makes us hyper.

Natural resources such as cucumber slices for eyes or even tea bags are great.
Yeah I agree, olive oil has many health benefits.
I’ve always been in favor of using natural remedies. So I drink a daily infusion.

James is right, the garlic is good for sore throats.

I am glad you have done well in the presentation, despite everything. I don’t get along public speaking in front of many people makes me nervous. 😰

Enjoy the break! :)