This week is one of the most hectic weeks I’ve ever had. It even feels worse than the few weeks I had with my HSC back in 2008. Crazy.

I have four assignments due this week. It’s crazy, and I’ve been feeling SO stressed it’s not funny. I felt like crying today because there was so much I needed to do. I know I’m behind with my websites but I really need a few days to chill and take it easy…

One of my assignments involves creating a website in a group. I have nice people in my group even though we came across a few obstacles (which we have to include in our project journal), but I still do wish I was with my friends.

Sebby has this really annoying girl in his group. /hmph When I say annoying, I mean annoying. And I thought I was annoying… :P

She is really pushy and to be honest I just find her really rude. Sebby has done so much work on this, not to mention getting frustrated over it, and she just keeps telling him what to do. The point of group work is to work together so that everyone is doing an equal amount and no individual is left with all the work.

I am also the coder/technical person in my group and there is so much work that needs to be done. It’s not just the design but the coding of all the pages as well. The worst thing is that this website has to be done manually. And we can’t even use PHP includes or SSI. It makes layout modifications and title modifications extremely difficult.

This girl doesn’t seem to realise that at all. 💥 She has so much disrespect. I don’t like the way she treats Sebby. She kept on telling him what to do and bothered him when he was busy. He knew exactly what he was doing with their group’s website and she just kept butting in, asking questions, pointing out everything that was wrong. 🤬

He knew perfectly well what he was doing and what needed to be fixed. I know he’s only a beginner in HTML like everyone else (and I was unable to skip the subject so I had to tag along and do stuff I already know) but honestly, he’s coping pretty well. I still think this subject is really stupid for expecting us to learn HTML, CSS and some Javascript in 14 weeks, not to mention validation and other usability shit. /um

He had a Japanese test today and he planned to study, but she was sitting there watching him code. /angry

If you’re an avid coder like me… you will hate anyone staring at you while you code. (I’m pretty sure Sebby doesn’t mind me glancing over and helping him, though.)

She asked why Sebby was “so loud” to her. 😰 Well girly, you’re the problem. Group work is about cooperation, not someone bossing people around. FUUUU.

This girl wasn’t even in my group and I wanted to rip her head off. Hello. I know Sebby’s short, but it doesn’t mean you can treat him like shit. /poo

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What? No PHP and no SSI either? You mean it has to be purely HTML? Well I hope they allow CSS (and not internal styling).

Don’t worry too much about your websites. You should get yourself some rest and fresh air. Being all too worked up isn’t gonna help at all. :)

Eeessh! That girl is incredibly annoying and Sebby’s right to be upset about it. We, sometimes get these kind of people in our group and unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it other than trying to work with them as best as we could (though it can be a real pain).

I understand that sometimes you’ll point a team leader to keep everybody together and to ensure work gets done. But it seems that she isn’t a team leader and definitely has no right to go bossing around and telling people what to do when she herself isn’t helping the group.

I just hope Sebby’s patience will see it through to the end.

Ahh, I don’t have a new gravatar. I’m just using my other email account. XD Hmm… then again, you are partially right, I have a new gravatar account. :P

Go punch that annoying girl after the project! She has no idea how annoying it is for coders to be distracted when they’re doing something.

When I code at home & at work I get so drawn into that I ignore everything around me. I really hate it when people distract me and I have to stop what I’m doing and response to them. It takes time afterwards to get back into the code, especially when it’s programming something in PHP.

How can they expect you to learn html/css/javascript in 14 weeks. A experienced programmer could learn all the basic of a new language in about 1 week and code well with it but for normal non experienced people it’s pretty hard. Took me almost 6 months to properly understand HTML and some CSS. Didn’t get into Javascript for ages as it can be pretty confusing.

The weather can’t be that bad in Aus. I heard it’s really nice in the summer and starts to get warm around Sept. So you haven’t got long to go before its summer again.

Ugh! What an awful girl!~ I can’t stand people like that when your working in a group. Some people just don’t understand the concept of group work @_@
I’m really stressed out, also. I have loads of exams, and revision 😢
Yes I also do that! I keep saved templates and just edit them when i’m making a new layout, or opening a new domain haha :D It just gives me way more happiness when i’ve coded from scratch – even if it takes a long time to get right!
I also have loadsss of email addresses! But i’m trying to just have two now, one for domainly things and one for personal :)
I was just thinking that, it would be great if someone made a database like that :D

She sounds pretty annoying from where I’m sitting too – your poor friend having her hovering around.
I hope you do well in all your assignments :)

Oh God, I hate people like that, why can’t they just stick to their own work? I love working in groups but only if everyone puts in an equal amount of work and respects everyone elses role in the group. If not I’d rather just do all the work myself, haha. The last thing you need is someone who’s supposed to be helping out mounting on stress!

I hate that stressful feeling! You work so hard (as everyone that knows you from anywhere around the interwebz will know :P), take some time to yourself woman!!

I adore this layout, by the way, I think it’s my favourite you’re ever had on the site O: I wish I could do it like you, I just get all stressed out with it, and by the time I’ve finished and happy with it I get bored with it >.<. So much so that I'm using a premade template that I don't even really like just now! :/.

Sus xx

Hey Again! :)
I’m now Going Online ✌️ with a peace of mind! <3
I Got my Computer Fixed :D
I Read your blog..Talking About Copying,Html,& PHP..
Well i really Like to code,but graphic design is my top 1 hobby,the Coding comes into 2nd,know why? Because it drives Me Insane While Coding..But You Know Web Designing,Is Just A Hobby,Not As Graphic design,i really Love To Learn it,and be A Graphic Designer,And A Simple Web Designer,not Expert,Just use the what i learned from My Childhood :P
I think it would Be Enough =]

Graphic designer is what i want to learn in University,And is my Avenir Work Future;Web Design Will Stay My Hobby :P
And you know,i play Piano Which comes With All My Rest Hobbies :) /um So Yeah..this would be great!

And i know exactly,what you mean when Coding,and someone does Fighting,or noise,or whatever annoying..or when someone talks to you while coding.. /angry

Coding…Really needs Patience,and Calm Atmosphere..otherwise the Layout Would turn Crap.. 😰

Anyway,I Got to go Study,i got 5 days left at school,and i need to Study Well..cyah <3

Ugh, I hate people who are so inconsiderate and rude. Those people deserve to get used as a punching bag in my opinion. ~_~;;

And I’m not sure on how I’d feel about someone watching me as I code, but I do hate anybody looking over my shoulders when I’m doing something . . . so yeah, I’d probably feel uncomfortable and snap at them to stop it. XD

Ahah, a good thing because I could have done with a good punching bag this week. Thankfully I had people in my group who I could deal with alright. One of them was extremely uncooperative and didn’t do much work, though.

I feel like I need total concentration when I look at code. :P

You have a gorgeous layout (: I understand your frustration . I have people like that all over my school . You just want to tell them to shut their mouths & that they don’t know everything whether they think they do or not – but you want to be nice so you keep your mouth shut . I feel your pain girl .

Please don’t worry about your websites. Focus on your work first, your websites are a hobby you do in your SPARE time, LOL. So please don’t put too much stress on yourself!

TBH, I think this girl loves power a bit too much. It seems as though she is trying to take to control of everything and it may be so she can turn around at the end and say she was the main contributer or done the majority of the work. :/

Hopefully you guys won’t have to put up with her and her rude ways for much longer. Good luck with everything! :)

I did HTML without PHP or server-side includes for a good half-decade, and while it was fun, it sure got a little tedious in the end especially once I picked up server-side coding.

Not trying to sound arrogant, but nobody dares to watch me type code anymore but my lecturers, because even my lecturers are wowed by the code I type… while my friends get hopelessly lost after the first couple of lines.

Also, yeah, I feel for you and Sebby too :/ That girl sure is unreasonable.

Wow. Four assignments due in one week? That’s crazy. /argh I could understand why you’d be so stressed out. I’d feel the same way. I’d stayed up all night if I have too. Drink lots of caffine to keep me up. 🤤

Yes. Take a few days to relax. (H) You can leave and return comments when your fresh and ready. I’m sure your brain is going to be fry by the time your finish with your four assignments. XD

Creating a website in a group sounds like fun. I’m sure you’ll have no problem with that. Your good with web and graphic design. ;)

Wow. There’s always going to be annoying person in your group. I could understand your frustration. I’d be that way too. You have to put your differences aside and work together as a group to complete the assignment.

Coding sounds like a hard thing to do. I understand why it takes the web designer so long to make people’s layout request. They have to make sure it’s validated.

I don’t like bossy people in my group either. We should learn to work together as a group. Not have someone be a dictator.

I learned HTML and CSS through Lissa Explains It All. I’ve been going to that website for a long time now. It comes in handy every now and then. A good place to start for beginners. Maybe the class will help. You can always brush up on your HTML and CSS. That’s just a thought.

I took Japanese in high school. It was alright. I learned a lot though.

Bahh, you should’ve walked right up and slapped her. (: I’m sure that Seb would’ve greatly appreciated that!

You should’ve just skipped the class… learning stuff you already know is boring! :P

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! (: Although I guess for you it’s almost winter? I’m not quite sure.

NOT EVEN SSI OR PHP? Boy, I feel saaaaaaaaaaaad for you. I couldn’t even think about not using SSI or even worse PHP…
I am sad for you, big time!

Hey gurrrl,

Well done on your presentation. I’m commenting while we’re in class – a bit of espionage /ho

I don’t like how the group assignment is the major one, but I guess irl you would work with people who don’t have coding knowledge.

But I’m really glad that I got to teach my group mates more than what they learnt in class.

I honestly want to put my website up on the net, but we ripped so much content and images from Google lol

You have one more assignment due tomorrow, right? Good luck!! ✌️

We have 6 weeks of bliss after tomorrow.

Gah, that would really suck, and be hard not to get really angry at them. They should realise that group work is about everyone sharing and working together. I bet they would also be ready to take the glory if it went well, or blame everyone else if it didn’t. /angry

I feel weird if people are watching me code haha. XD

Nyahaha I feel that way if anyone watches me doing anything – it’s just pretty hard to concentrate sometimes!

Luckily if we do have a problem we can always approach the tutor, who will keep it in mind if someone isn’t cooperating. If someone doesn’t cooperate in a group, it really lets everyone down, especially when people want to put in a lot of effort.

Pfft, I just hate people staring at me, period :P I’m also not a huge fan of group projects… Especially since I’m usually one of the people who is actually *interested* in doing well in it, and end up doing more than my share of the work! Grr. lol

14 weeks? When I took my HTML Fundamentals class, we learned HTML and CSS in 10 weeks. JavaScript was an entirely different class that took an additional 10 weeks. :P How much JavaScript are you supposed to cover in this class?

Hm, sounds like these people need to take a group communications class. I don’t know how it is with other schools and in other places, but to get a web design degree at Clark you have to take… at least one (I’m not sure how many) group communications class. From what my friend Calliope told me, though, a lot of the people in those classes are assholes. :/

hey hun i know what u talking about we got one of those girls in my class lol, luckily im never in a group with her because the lecturer knows that she wont be in a group with me because we dont talk to each other.. ye we had to do a website about 2 months ago with 5 pages, my classmates still havent finished theirs but i finished mine in the first week, ours had to be coded with HTML.. last week we had to do frames and forms, that was easyyyyy… just calm down and keep your chin up hun i know u can do it.. :)

Haha that is lucky of you. Sometimes we are allowed to choose our groups and other times we are not.

I managed though. It’s all good. I just don’t like seeing other people being bossed around by their group members.

Geez, she sounds like a bitch (excuse my language XD). At least she’ not in your group, but it is good you are not just leaving your friend to her.

Why is the assignment that you have to code all the pages separately? Don’t most websites use PHP and such nowadays anyway?

I’m sorry you are so stressed. Putting websites aside for school is important if it will help keep you less frustrated. I know firsthand haha.

Good luck with everything! and btw I love this font that I am typing with in this comments box. The little lowercase i’s and l’s are so cute. What font is this? :)

Ugh I hate it when people are like that! I used to know a girl and get this, we were doing a group assignment. I had my friend with me, doing this assignment and we were in the 8th grade I believe my friend was in the same as me, and the other friend was in the same class but at a different time period. Anyway, she gave me and my friend the most work to do, and said “I’ll do the cover, since my computer takes forever to do that stuff” I was like “No nuh uh. It’s equal share. Either you help out or do it yourself”. I mean now come on how unfair is that? She’d get a passing grade for not doing shit! Pardon my french on your blog. But still that’s rude on her part.

I feel sorry for Seb, having to put up with her. Japanese can be a pain in the butt, but seriously speaking if you know what you’re doing than why don’t you tell the other person “I know what I’m doing!” I would. Hell; I’d ream her a new a**hole! Lol and I probably would have if I was in their group.

I’m sorry stress is piling up on you. But that’s college for you. I know I was stressed out in high school a lot, due to one of these tests that we needed to pass in order to graduate. I was passing all 4 each year except the math test, and that gave me strain, and I needed glasses on top of that so that made things more stressed out for me so I finally got some in my junior year of high school. And than after I didn’t pass it in my junior year, the lady that was telling you whether or not you passed finally told me that there was tutoring. That was a DEFINITE relief on my part. But four assignments due in one week? Crazy!! I’d really like to go to UEI or Everest college and get my degree that way it only takes 8 months. But still ya know? I’d have to study study study and I already have a helper who can help me study up on nursing. My grandmother was an RN so she could help me out a lot. *grins*. But yeah. I hope the stress level factor winds down for you soon. Take care and have a good night!

Hello! Look who finally made it to your blog :) :O

*HUGS* for the hectic week :( Belinda calls these hectic weeks “death weeks”. I’ve stolen the term from her :P You are going through a death week D: Four assignments due is like D: 🤬 God, it’s as if all your units were in some sort of pact to stress you out as much as possible /bash

I’m having a hectic week too! Because it’s finals 😢 /wah I don’t have four assignments due, but I had an exam today, I have one tomorrow and I had ethics on Monday, and I am finding that what my lecturers tell me apparently goes through one ear and then out the other /hmph *sigh* EPIC!

We shall feel the stress together! RAWR! ♥

Oh wow. That girl DOES sound annoying. She sounds like one of those retarded, egotistical people who see the need to correct EVERYTHING you do because THEY don’t think it’s good enough, and then as a result you ALL get lower marks because that ONE PERSON has stuffed things up because they have some sort of EGO complex where they think that THEY are the only ones who can do things correctly.

SO condescending. Poor Sebby :( I hope he never sees her again after this assignment is over *nods*

And poor you, having to repeat a useless subject. :(

OMG, I hate when people look over my shoulder and intently read what I am typing/doing. It is the most annoying thing EVER! Jeez, give me some SPACE, much?

I would…have snappishly shut my laptop lid on her. God, who does she think she is? THE UNIT CONVENOR? What gives her the right to do that. She’s sounds like a pain in the arse. She’s not some super-high-rank supervisor. She should get over herself.

I agree! No one should treat Seb like that! Let’s bitch slap the girl! *slaps*

Omg, reading your blog makes me want to throw all my used-up pens and high-lighters at her. She’s not worth the functioning pens. They’d be wasted on her. I always threaten to throw not-functioning pens at the arrogant guy I moot against because he’s not worth functioning ones…I think SHE deserves to have stuff chucked at her more!

Ahha, hello! Don’t scold me for returning this at 2am… I haven’t finished my assignment but I’m going to touch it up tomorrow because it’s not due until 11:59pm…

This is definitely a mad death week indeed. I’m definitely going through one… headaches, lack of sleep, the lot.

Good luck in your exams though; I’m sure you’ll do fine! I can’t wait until this is all over.

The girl doesn’t even know how to code, yet she was pointing out everything that was wrong. That was really getting on my nerves just sitting near her.

Apparently she’s a student from a different year or something, so it’s unlikely that we’ll encounter her again.

I don’t like people watching what I’m doing. It can be really annoying because they could be distracting me just by being there. It’s really uncomfortable.

*throws pens in the air* I am so exasperated.

I can actually go with out sleep. I have no idea why. I sleep extra late and then wake up extra early. I don’t get all dizzy or sleepy later. I just feel normal. :D

You need to have a certain amount of cash to get a credit card? I just need one because of my paypal account. I don’t trust anyone to enough to use their credit cards. Seriously they would try to take my cash. Especially my brother.

Aww you think I’m special. :D <3 Sometimes just thinking about what she said just makes me pissed. Oh well, she can feel how she want to feel and i wont let it bother me any much. :D

Aww. :( You use FF right? Like mine is gray and all the icons are changed. Like the back and forward arrows look awesome and so does the refresh button. When you download stuff and the download box pops up, it looks soo amazing. :D

I did, i got like 50 bucks in my paypal because of it. I really hope people buy stuff when i open the site. I don't even know where do to start lol. Should i do like celeb themes or just non celebs?

Aww, if you need a break you should take it. Your website is here and it won't run away. /bounce :)

Ugh i hate bossy people like that. It's one of the reasons i hate group work.
How do make a website manually??

I can't do anything with anyone starring at me. Even if its writing down something on paper. It just makes me nervous lol. You guys need to yell her and tell her to cool it and if she doesn't, then use your imagination. /pow
lol kidding, don't hit her but do talk to her, she really needs a chill pill.

I hate when I end up being groupmates with those kinds of people; they complain about everything, dump all the work on you and don’t even help out.

In computer class we had to do everything without PHP includes or anything. It was easy though since they’re only ever just a few pages. It’s a pain to code for though, since our school uses Internet Explorer, and they taught us iFrames. I hate iFrames.

I can’t think straight when someone’s watching me work, whether it be coding, writing, designing, pretty much everything.

Groupmates can be so uncooperative sometimes.

You have posted 185 entries in WordPress, CONGRATS!
That is alot! Wow!

Omg. That is freaking rediculous. That reminds me of Jem and my friend Merilee. She is so bossy without actually realizing it. Even when I point it out to her she doesn’t stop. My sister hates her and now I’m starting to hate her. I just wish I could block her but I doubt that t-mobile has that ability which pisses me off even more. I have stopped texting her but I have the excuse of ‘having a job’. I work part-time. So, I have time to text her, even during work. I site there bored for about 3-4 hours just waiting for something to do. Hahaha. Yeah, I know. GAY! I hate it. :/ Oh well. I may start bringing my laptop if I get my desk back…which I doubt. ERGH! This lady at my work stole it because it has one of the programs on it that she needs but what pisses me off is the fact that she didn’t even ASK. I mean it was an open desk when I got there and I took it. Then she just started sitting there without my approval. What makes you able to do that? Because I’m a part-timer? Well, FU.

Wow. I know that was a long paragraph. Hahahaha. I like the way you hid the commenting guidelines. That is cool. (:

Anyway, that girl with Sable used to be me and Merilee. Now, I see exactly what you mean, I mean I do pity Merilee because she has a lot of problems with her ADD, OCD, ADHD, etc. but still, that doesn’t give her the right to be bossy. :/ I like her mom better than her. I may start having sleepovers with her mom instead of her. XD Her mom is amazing. Her, on the other hand, a little slow. She doesn’t even want to go to college. I’m like “those people will be saying thank god when they get there!” She is horrible.

On another note of girls being stupid and ignorant, have you read Jem’s blog titled, “You’re a fucking twat.” It’s about Jennifer (@RainbowLights on twitter). Jennifer is against breastfeeding in public and Jem is for it. Jem is calling her a twat for being against it. That is rediculous. Jem is a freaking twat for thinking she is a ‘god’ for everything just cuz she is a bit older than everyone.
Hahahaha. I posted as ‘Sarah Jones’ on her comments. My first one is LONG and well written but my second one just failed. After my second one I didn’t even look at the reply until just a few minutes ago. It outrages me, so, i’m just going to ignore her. She is gay. I’m not even going to give her credit if I use any of her scripts. That is how much I hate her. You know I credit everyone, no matter what, I am a bit OCD about that but her, nu huh. I will NEVER credit her for ANYTHING. If she doesn’t like it, well, she can go screw herself. :)
I forgot I downloaded that song and then all of a sudden it started playing on my iTunes I was just like OH! I bought that song. XD

Yeah, I see what you mean. I watch a lot of old sitcoms. They are cool. & Yeah that would be funny. XD Now that I think about that.

He probably will have to. That is what my friend had to do. She was in a school like that for about a year and then she had to give back the laptop.
That is so cool! I’d love a face recognition thing! Lol.

It’s been so long since I commented, I forgot what we were talking about haha! I guess we can just start a fresh, as they say!

I don’t know if I told you already, but this layout looks great! :]

Oh no! Good luck with your assignments!

Wow that girl sounds so annoying! I don’t think I could work with someone like that!

When I first got a Freewebs site, waaay back in 2007, my mum used to watch what I did on the computer, and it was so annoying having her ask me what I was doing. I was like “…It’s a HTML code for a website” which would bring her onto 20 questions about what HTML codes were, what they did etc etc. :|

You should tell your friend to tell her to back off! She sounds very rude, and it’s not fair that he intended to study yet she was watching him code!

Yes, this is also my worst, or should I say busiest week ever.

I’m sure if you take a few days break off your website, it would help, I think! (Y) (Y) Hope you’re good with the things now!

I DO NOT like annoying people either. I KNOW how you feel ;/

Heyy, sorry this is the second time I’ve posted on this blog :O.

Just wanted to give you a thank you. Your site & your article It’s Hip to be Square finally helped me get over the block I had going on with my site. I’ve changed it drastically and I’m really happy with it, for once. Cause I was happy enough to do something I wanted to, not what other people like/want (:

Thanks! (:

Haha that’s not a problem Susanna; I don’t mind you commenting on the same post again.

You are most welcome. That article really is quite old but it’s good to hear that the message still rings strong. :)

Haha yeah it does, thanks for it lol :)

No prob about the cbox, that is definitely the drawback of the thing, the post limit.. I might look into getting something else but I don’t know of anything currently that’d do the job… I just can’t be bothered with blogging software just now.. it sounds weird but I’m just enjoying all the coding and stuff, I don’t like the easiness of making pages and stuff on wordpress, it takes the fun out of it for me lol :P

I’m just weird like that I guess! :P


Hellloooo my love (yes that is your new title)
I hope you have started to destress yourself, and I hope your assignments go well.
That girl sounds like she has NO experience in coding at all (like me) so she has basically no right to stick her big butt in, agh, I despise bossy people. Especially when being bossy isn’t helping the situation, jeez.
How have you been?
Hope your friends gets his group complete unscathed by that bundle of evil.
Also, I’ve been watching Big Bang Theory every wednesday night and I thought of you each time (just thought I’d inform you, haha)

It sucks that you have such a hectic week :( At least it’s almost over now! :D

For projects in graphic design, I prefer working alone. That way, I know that everything will get done and I won’t have to rely on others. For my summative this semester (final project, which is worth 30% of the final grade), one of my close friends wanted to work together to make a website. She’s awesome at making websites and what not, but she’s also away a lot, and I knew that working with her would probably make things go slower (as bad as that sounds).. but I felt bad telling her I didn’t want to work with her :( We did end up doing it seperatly though, thankfully.

I’m glad it’s cleared up too <3 & I hope I get to see Marianas Trench! I'd dieee, omg <3 Lovee them.

I do remember you saying that in the first comments we shared, haha.. and commenting on the site name :P

I really want to make a portfolio soon. On Sunday, I got a facebook message from the local tattoo parlor, saying that they were looking for someone with photoshop/graphic design skills to work at the counter. I went in today to ask about it and show them my stuff, so maybe I'll get a graphic design job for the summer :P

And that would definitely make David be quiet about the career thing.. except I'm sure he could still find something to complain about :P

I get nervous with server moves because, if you make just one tiny mistake, everything can get ruined. That happened to me several times yesterday. I was so glad that the nameserver propagation only took an hour or two this time. :D

There’s this one theme I made that has about 250 installs already. :D It’s actually not that much, but I was so happy when I saw it. :D

I hate getting wet (unless I’m in the shower, of course), so I hate the rain. Lots of my friends like running through the rain though.

I only had to make 3 or 4 pages at most, at least. It was still annoying to make changes, so I can just imagine how frustrating it must of been to make 10.

We didn’t even use divs yet in class. We were taught to use Frames, iFrames and Tables. I still used divs anyway for the projects that weren’t focused on teaching us to use those methods.

When I’m at home doing my computer assignment, I often forget to make it for Internet Explorer (since I’m too lazy to fix it for everything since it doesn’t matter) and have to change everything. It ends up looking stupid in Firefox and Safari, but, oh well.

Oh, wow, looks like you had a shitty week. :( I hate such girls. There is a girl in my class who is really pretty and thus, behaves like a slut. She is always, you know, rubbing against guys and touching them on the arm, shoulder…it is disgusting to watch. And of course, no guy ever complains! 🙄

I haven’t seen the movie because when it released in India in Fenruary, I had my exams. Maybe now I will watch it sometime. The book is awesome though.
Here is the link-

Don’t worry though, if it takes a minute to load. It is the pdf file. And you don’t have to read it now. I can see that you’re really stressed. It is alright, the book isn’t going anywhere. ;)

Oh, you know whenever I am writing on my computer, mum comes up to stand behind me. And I stop typing. The words stop coming, lol. I am really self-conscious. 😳

lol!!, hilarious stuff. Sounds like girlie appointed herself as group leader.

Pull her to the side and let her know how you feel. Sometimes people are bossy and they don’t even realize it.

I see :)

It happens just like you and is understandable. I guess that depends on how you feel at the time that these old music listen.

I hope you’re trying to sleep earlier. You’re lucky you didn’t wake up grumpy. Haha I see.

If it’s a sad situation, I’ve lived with some friends, and becomes very hard. :(

your welcome Georgina! If I suppose that is somewhat disappointing. I’m glad for you because your mum will teach you to drive, is great 👏

Yeah I agree with you, sometimes Google doens’t answer our questions, and we need to think harder.

By the way, your site has been chosen as Site of the Month on my website. Congrats Georgina! :D Check it out:

oh sorry you’ve had a week of hectic.
I understand perfectly how you feel, because I have experienced weeks before my final exams. Stay calm. I fully understand you need some days to relax :)

The assignment that consits on creating a website in a group sounds interesting. Sometimes being with such groupmate is horrible, especially because they complain about everything, dump all the work on you and don’t even help out. Sometimes such people are uncooperative.

I can’t think straight when someone’s watching me work.
Good luck with the assignment! :)