This week is one of the most hectic weeks I’ve ever had. It even feels worse than the few weeks I had with my HSC back in 2008. Crazy.

I have four assignments due this week. It’s crazy, and I’ve been feeling SO stressed it’s not funny. I felt like crying today because there was so much I needed to do. I know I’m behind with my websites but I really need a few days to chill and take it easy…

One of my assignments involves creating a website in a group. I have nice people in my group even though we came across a few obstacles (which we have to include in our project journal), but I still do wish I was with my friends.

Sebby has this really annoying girl in his group. 😐 When I say annoying, I mean annoying. And I thought I was annoying… πŸ˜›

She is really pushy and to be honest I just find her really rude. Sebby has done so much work on this, not to mention getting frustrated over it, and she just keeps telling him what to do. The point of group work is to work together so that everyone is doing an equal amount and no individual is left with all the work.

I am also the coder/technical person in my group and there is so much work that needs to be done. It’s not just the design but the coding of all the pages as well. The worst thing is that this website has to be done manually. And we can’t even use PHP includes or SSI. It makes layout modifications and title modifications extremely difficult.

This girl doesn’t seem to realise that at all. πŸ’£ She has so much disrespect. I don’t like the way she treats Sebby. She kept on telling him what to do and bothered him when he was busy. He knew exactly what he was doing with their group’s website and she just kept butting in, asking questions, pointing out everything that was wrong. 😀

He knew perfectly well what he was doing and what needed to be fixed. I know he’s only a beginner in HTML like everyone else (and I was unable to skip the subject so I had to tag along and do stuff I already know) but honestly, he’s coping pretty well. I still think this subject is really stupid for expecting us to learn HTML, CSS and some Javascript in 14 weeks, not to mention validation and other usability shit. /um

He had a Japanese test today and he planned to study, but she was sitting there watching him code. 😑

If you’re an avid coder like me… you will hate anyone staring at you while you code. (I’m pretty sure Sebby doesn’t mind me glancing over and helping him, though.)

She asked why Sebby was “so loud” to her. 😰 Well girly, you’re the problem. Group work is about cooperation, not someone bossing people around. FUUUU.

This girl wasn’t even in my group and I wanted to rip her head off. Hello. I know Sebby’s short, but it doesn’t mean you can treat him like shit. πŸ’©

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