Singing in the Rain

I’ve never sung in the rain. It’s just never gone up to the point where I’ve actually enjoyed it. The rain annoys me a lot. Lately it’s been raining where I live. It’s winter already, and I guess it’s something we should be expecting but it’s the wettest winter we’ve had for a while. There were flood warnings out east!

I love singing. I know I’m not that great, but sometimes I’ll just start singing along to a song at home.

I don’t like doing it in public. /blush

I used to study music in high school, so performances in front of groups – big or small – were the norm. I think I’ve lost the ability though, because I still shake up when I perform. I’m fine with getting up in front of an audience and presenting something, because it tends to be a bit relaxed.

On Friday I have a presentation for my Media sub-major subject. I am not really nervous about it because I chose the topic of social media, so it should be easy to initiate discussion especially when it’s something I’m interested in. I’ll be talking about blogging and web design in it a bit, so at least I’ll be comfortable with it.

On the same wavelength, speeches are a little different for me. While presentations are relaxed and you’re showing something, speeches tend to be on a specific topic, and usually you’re trying to make a point. All eyes on you. Scary stuff. I remember my English teacher telling me I sounded like a news reporter in one of my speeches in high school. You have to sound convincing and you have to get your point across. :(

In the same way, I guess music was like that – sitting with a guitar on a stool and singing was something I liked doing when I was alone, or when I wasn’t put on the spot. When I was put on the spot and people were watching me, I felt really nervous. I have the shakes a lot, and I remember this one time where I had my leg propped up, but it was just shaking like fucking mad when I was sitting there strumming and singing. My leg would not stop shaking. 😰

I played the piano in a few performances and that was a bit better because it didn’t feel so “intimate”. I didn’t always have to face the audience when I played, so I could sort of hide behind the piano a bit. /hehe

But… all that is in public. At home – perhaps a lot of us sing in the shower or dance and sing when our parents are out, then shut our mouths as soon as we hear them pull up the drive.

At home, I don’t care… I still dance to Evil Woman by ELO all the time. I still sing super loud to any song I have playing. I get my guitar and play any song super loud and sing super loud. I still play air guitar and sing when I’m bored. 🙄

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I like it when you sing :3
It is so cute /bounce and when you play the guitar. You really are pretty good /eee

I hate presentations where I’m the only one up there; I just sieze up 3:
and speeches. They are D:

Brb, yogurt


Awee, thank you lovey. ♥

Poor you and your Simpsons speech in year 12. I could barely hear you. :( *hugg*

I had chocolate pudding for dessert. /eee


Ohhhhhh, singing in the rain :D Haha, add it to our to-do list :P *Rains* “I’M SIIIIIIINGING IN THE RAAAAAIN, JUST SIIIIIINGING IN THE RAIN” :D

I IS a really wet winter D: I suppose it’s good for our drought but it’s annoying when it rains so much that your shoes die. MY BOOTS! I AM STILL MOURNING MY BOOTS! 😢 I mean, I usually like rain, but I’m seeing the inconvenient side of it more than ever this year…when I’m at uni, and then it pours and it’s like “Damn my life!”

Awwww! You sing pretty good! :D I don’t like singing in public that much either :( Maybe we’ll grow out of it! Hahahaha! But singing at home is fun: “WHY CAN’T YOU SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU BELONG WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” :P

Don’t worry, I think it’s normal to be a little nervous when you haven’t done something you’re used to doing in a while. Like in year 11 and 12, speeches totally became second nature for me, yet when I had to moot this year, in my very first moot, I practically had a miniature breakdown. LOL. Then the adrenalin kicked in and it was all good :P I’m sure if you keep performing in front of small groups, you won’t be nervous anymore again?

Ohhh, a presentation :D Good luck! Go smash it RAWR! /bounce ✌️ Haha! On webdesign too :D It’s cool that it’s something you’re familiar with. The worst thing in mooting for me was seeing the word ‘unconscionable’ in a condition we had to “prove” because half the time I have difficulty with that concept AND with saying the word. I was always so scared I’d get tongue tied D: Thankfully I didn’t!

Actually I’m the opposite. I find speeches easier. If I had to give a presentation I’d worry about not changing the slide and stuff screwing up. You know how techie illiterate I am :P

Hehehe! Georgie the news reader. I reckon you’d be better than some of the people on our televisions now XD

Don’t worry! I didn’t notice you having a shaking leg when you were performing :) But yeah, at least you don’t have to perform in public anymore! You can be all self-indulgent with your musical ability :)

Heh! I do that. Sing when I’m at home alone. Which is actually quite rare :P Singing in the shower works too! Except if your bathroom has super awesome acoustics, in which case the neighbours might hear D:

Hahahaha! Wuggs playing air guitar! That would be SO cute 👏 /eee

That should be something I should do sometime eventually, but I don’t want to catch a cold… D:

Oh shit, yeah, I forgot to mention my poor boots in my blog. I mean, mine got soaked all the way through. That’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I wouldn’t mind busking, and sometimes I don’t mind, but then there are times when I just have a major freak out. I haven’t had too many presentations in university yet. The ones I’ve had have all been group ones; the one I have for Friday is an individual one though.

Well I’d better not feel that way this Friday. I’m getting ready for a breakdown just in case. :P

“Unconscionable” – what an evil word. I think it’s an interesting word – as far as words go – but the thing I hate most about speeches and reading things out loud is when you stumble on your words.

Ahaha it’s hard to stop my leg-shaking. Frick. It’s bad when I sit on a stool because I think that just makes it worse. Anyway…

I don’t think I sing in the shower anymore. I’m too busy trying to race people to see how fast I can shower… /um

Hahaha! Thanks! I told them that if they keep annoying me you’ll hit them with a bass guitar. Thanks to your threat, they’ve stopped. :P

Well, I was in an office full of working adults, so playing games online was pretty much the only thing you could do there!

Maybe just ask them to cut your fringes? I love your hair and I don’t want it to EVER change! :P So far many people like my new hairstyle, but whenever we go to the gym (where we hang out at recess) I always feel hot.

I wanted to become an honor student, but today was the first day of school and last year’s valedictorian and salututorian (did I spell it right? :/) are my classmates! But I won’t let them keep me from aiming for the sky. :)

UGH. Yeah, you’re right. I had such a hard time sleeping last night. I slept at 3am! I was so desperate for sleep but I just won’t fall asleep, which made me want to cry. That’s how desperate I am. :P

The rainy season is almost here, too! Summer was really hot, and according to the weather people, it will be raining really hard this rainy season. Bad, bad, bad.

Now that you’ve mentioned, I remember I encountered a snail once and I got really disgusted with it!

Haha. My favorite is Sirius Black. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I’ll just say you’ll meet him in the third book. :D


People usually say that if you sing and it rains, it means you have a horrible voice. I remember once we all singing in Music class and thunder roared and it rained hard. XDD

I like singing, too! I guess my voice isn’t that good, but I’ll say I have a pretty nice singing voice which I inherited from my mom. ;)

Yeah, I don’t like singing in public, either. My parents used to tell me to “share my talents” which annoyed me a lot. What part of “I do not want to sing in public” do they not understand?

When I was in the second grade, I sang in front of the whole school for the United Nations thingy. I was much more confident then.

I hope you do good in your presentation! I’m sure you will. ♥

I like talking in front of the class. It may be nerve-wrecking sometimes, but I feel comfortable speaking in front of the class.

Hahaha. Yeah, I sing in the shower sometimes. I have to make sure the faucet is at it noisiest so no one will hear me. XD

I love the rain – the weather we’ve been having over the past few weeks has been epic (although it made me sick, which I resent!)

As for singing… Do I love it? Yes. Can I do it. Nonononono! I am a terrible singer (danger to public ears!), but I sing loudly anyway because I’m naturally a very loud, very confident person. The same applies to public speaking and the likes. I’m just loud at it… and not afraid to be embarassed.

You shouldn’t let anything stop you singing in public. I dare say you’re better than me, ergo you can sing in public XP

It takes courage to play air guitar and sing loudly to it in public. Especially in the rain. Try it some time – the weird looks you get are awesome :)

I hate the rain! I generally do. Sometimes it’s tolerable but I think anyone would notice I’m a huge whinger. I’m not sick – stay away from me! XD

I love singing. I took singing lessons once, and I guess doing music was a bit of a help (as well as being in vocal ensembles and choirs), but I still need practice like anyone else would.

LOL, someone clearly hasn’t seen my disgusting YouTube channel… or have you? :P But thank you. :) I guess I’m alright; I’m just not a confident person. D:

Rain. I’ve walked in the rain once, it was BAD. I had a horrible experience those days when it used to rain so bad. I hate being wet so anything that makes me wet is a big NO-NO for me! People say that kissing in the rain is the best moment you can have in your life, but I still haven’t experienced that. Thinking about it makes me go crazy because I can’t stand rain especially when the rain drops hit your back with a lot of force. Otherwise it’s fine with me. If I can’t stand in the rain for some time, then I don’t think I’ll be able to sing yeah? :D

Talking about singing, I don’t sing now. That is, in public. At home, I sing a lot especially in my washroom because it makes my voice sweeter :) Obvious =D I used to go for singing classes when I was 10. It used to be fun, then I stopped it because our teacher happened to physically abuse one of his girl students in class and now he’s in some hellish place. Anyways he’s got rapist eyes and he looks fucking scary! D:

I like anything to do with presentations and speeches. Public speaking to be honest. I don’t know, it makes me feel awesome inside, makes me feel, ‘Yeah, I know what I’m talking about!’ Makes my confidence rise up. But I had some starting trouble. Wow, you just reminded me of one of these incidents I had when I was about 12-ish, yeah. I was reciting an English poem (forgot the name oops) and throughout the poem my right leg was shaking like yours. Shaking as in, shaking. Oh lord, it was so embarrassing! I felt like running away. Uhh. *shudders*

Pahaha, oh thanks :D Tubelight moments are frequent in my case D: Staplers are quite scary yeah :D But you still staple your papers and stuff right? :) Spiders D: :S

You’re welcome :) I had to compliment your layout, or else I would call myself a bitch, which I am XD
Take Care! :)

Singing, I believe, is something that is a natural thing to do by everyone. It doesn’t take a genius to be able to sing, but it does take TALENT to sing beautifully. :)
I sing whenever no one is around as well. It takes away my mind from the things that makes me sad.

Good luck with the presentation. I’m sure you won’t have any problems with it.

Oh, I LOVEE singing. People tell me that I am awful though. :( :(
Well, it does not matter. I have two sisters and one brother and all four of us are of the same age, so whenever we are bored, we start singing and dancing. Sometimes when it is raining outside, we’d go up the roof and dance and sing without any music. Ah. Those lovely moments. ♥

That is the problem with my “Book Of The Month” idea. Not all people read all books. Maybe I could change the genre every month, It wouldn’t be possible to discuss a dozen books in a week, but when everybody tries a new genre at a time…that could be interesting. :)

O, I like dark chocolate okay. They say it is good for the skin. Lol. But I prefer Milk Chocolate more.
Yes, I agree, P.S. I love you is an amazing book. Not something I would read again, though. I am scared of the water-works. I usually prefer light hearted books that you can pick up whenever you’re sad or want to escape reality.
If you like such books, then you’d love Nicholas Sparks. He is a pretty well known writer. Have you read any of his?

thats so cool that u have a talent like that, im tone deaf lol.. i cant go up and act or tell a speech to a group of people i get dizzy and eventually i faint even if its amongst family or strangers :(.. good luck for your presentation :)

Haha, thanks Bianca! I guess we’re all good at different things. Some people just weren’t made for public speaking at all.

I remember reading the blogging article and being scared by it some years ago. Maybe it was targeted to people with certain type of blogs? I don’t know. When I read it, I was annoyed when they said “Its okay to exaggerate the truth if you have a ‘normal’ life” D:

I’ve never thought of singing in the rain, but I love to dance and play in it. I love the rain but flooding can be terrible. I love singing, by myself, in my home. I refuse to sing even in front of my friends >_< I used to stay home from school on days we had singing in music class. 😰 I watched a few of your youtube videos and I like your voice :)

Performing in public is always nerve wrecking. My friend's biggest fear is public speaking. She starts to shake, she can't speak properly and it always seems like she is going to pass out. Somehow I always manage to pull through for presentations, I'm usually very quiet but my nerves causes me to speak louder which just works to my advantage xD

We can do anything when we're home, whether its dancing up a storm or singing till our throat is sore; its always fun.
Good luck on your presentation on Friday :D

I’ve tried loads of instruments, but I always end up quitting or being ditched. :p Singing is cool, but I hate singing in public too. Never have, never will.(probably)

thanks for the comment! :) the sites are all visible now. :D:D

LOL, I’m glad I survived as well :D . I didn’t do too bad over all. I stopped taking my pain medication on Thursday (2 days after surgery) . I have my reasons for that though :P one i won’t mention, but for the other reason, the pain medication wasn’t taking any of the pain away, anyway.
I took off one of the plastic covers so far, close to 2. I have little tapes under them anyway, so yeah :D I go Thursday morning to take off the little tapes :) . I’m still nervous about taking off the plastic cover on my belly button incision lol, mainly because its covered by a gause and i’m not sure what to expect under it..
hahha :D I hated the dentist, but now I’m ok with it. I hate when I have a cavity though… the needle in the mouth freaks me out now lol. Actually, any needles freak me out now. I guess it’s just a phase though..
oh nice :D i didn;t know you wrote poems yourself ! I’m sure they are great :) . I’m picky too, I prefer real stories or real with a little bit of fake.
lmao, the robes are awkward! especially since I had to take EVERY THING off, and the back is usually opened..
LMAO, the stool softener is horrendous! I hate taking pills, so they gave me it in liquid form. I took it one night, all of the dose just to get it over with, and my gosh, i felt soooo sick! my mom said i went WHITE. LOL. It was horrible. luckily i kept it down. now its not so bad, since I’m more used to the disgusting taste.

I’m the same way when it comes to singing! I do it for my own pleasure in my own time (or when family is around- people im comfortable with). Ahh, i could never sing infront of people! lol, but at least yours was in groups :D
Ew, rain! Hopefully the rain slows down! Theres been a lot of ‘small/big’ things happening around the world lately.. like here, theres been really bad tornado’s which is weird.. like they’ve destroyed cities :/ , floods / mud slides have happened around here as well.. that huge hole in the ground in some country, i forget where.. the oil spill thing.. ahhh! what is happening to the world?! It’s all so creepy lol.
Good luck with your presentation! its always nice to be able to chose your own subjects; that way theres no awkwardness at times lol. I’m sure you’ll do grat :D
I hate being put on the spot, or when people are WATCHING you, its so creepy and nerve wracking lol, for me anyway. All of me would be shaking if i had to do that stuff! I always did my presentations on Fridays. I felt more comfortable that way- it would be the last time i’d be in that class with those people before the weekend, and by the time monday came back around, people would have forgotten about it, and i would have forgotten about it as well lol. I’m weird like that :D

Yeah I Know No One really likes Exams,It Ruins Our Playtime & Our Hobbies Get Lost for some hours because of stupid Filling forms,on Papers,Exams!!

Thanks,For the Goodluck Wish,Exams Start on tomorrow,i have computer exam which is pretty easy,since i know using photoshop & CSS/PHP Do graphic & web design .. So got nothing to worry about,why to worry about how to create a shortcut,or Copy & Paste,or Even What Every Click (Right-click;Left) Does? :P well this is everything about my computer exam :P Lol,But i’m really happy what about if i had a maths exam on tomorrow for example,i would Die from being nervous :P XD

Yeah,Your Millions Hundreds Percent right 😳 This always happens to me,i right my plans,and once starting i find it Killing .. 😒
And Sometimes I Fail doing Some to do Plans :P but i’m really focusing this summer to Work hardly on improving my website..btw what do you think of my it good?

I Don’t watch TV Too,I Really Watch It rarely.. /bounce
I Used to know nothing about iTunes,But when i tried it,it was like a simple playback player for me 😏

And I’d really like to have an iPhone,I’m keeping my iPod Touch 8GB Device with me,and I Will keep it and get a NOKIA Mobile,so i’ll have the taste of Apple & Nokia At the Same time :P >_<

Well… /ehh I'm On my Sister's Computer,cause mine got Trashed and it won't work,it's On Factory Fix /wah
And she's Insisting to sit..:P ahhh KIDS!! 💥

PS.I Got 7 days left at school,and i'll be back for good :D

Cyah <3

Hmm, I would perhaps sing in the rain if it was a totally empty street. I love singing too. I tend to sing when nobody’s in the house. Not particularly well. :P

I find any kind of performance/presentation/thing in front of people quite scary. I do music too but thankfully I’m a percussionist so I tend to be at the back of performances. Even better when I get to hide behind a drumkit, I’m much more comfortable there.

Thanks. /eee Snazzy, nice word. I didn’t use absolute positioning for this one, it was the last one. I don’t like using it and I’m not entirely sure why. /hmph

That kind of sucks. You like Nirvana don’t you? Now seeing them live would be soo amazing. You can just tell from their music they’d be great live. Can’t really happen though. I love live bands. I always miss the chance to see the ones I really love though.

I might look up the song but I really don’t want to ruin it. It’s quite a dilemma… @_@

Ugh man, I hate the rain!! It’s so depressing and gloomy. =/ It was rainy for the past week here, but I just looked out the window and it’s finally sunny with blue sky, thank god.

Most people think I’m crazy when I mention that I hate the rain. A lot of people like it, apparently? @_@ My friend Zach from school was like freaking out about how I don’t like rain when I told him that I was shocked to discover that my mom and brother like it. O.o

Wheee, I love singing too!! /love I was just thinking this morning about how I’ll miss the fun, laid-back choir I was in these past few months at my temple. Maybe there will be something in college that I can join. :) My old math teacher (11th and 12th grade) told me she’s STILL in a singing group. :D

I don’t mind singing in public, but speaking can be a whole other story. Most of the time I’m okay with public speaking, but it depends on how much pressure is on me. At my temple for graduation, we could try out to give a speech at graduation. We had to present a 1-2 minute sample of our speech to a committee. When I went into the room, I suddenly got really nervous because the committee was really intimidating to me, since I only knew one of the people on it, and I was always a little bit scared of her when I was younger. xD I got through my speech fine, but I kept getting short of breath, so I had to breathe a whole lot more. O.o It was weird. (I didn’t get to give the speech either… Josh Loney “won”. And thinking back, it’s kind of embarrassing because my presentation was right after his, and his ideas were so much better than mine. >.<)

Singing in the shower… ah yes. :3 OMG once, I was singing some of our temple choir really songs loudly in the shower, since no one was home. Well… I didn’t hear my brother come home. xD He knocked on the bathroom door and was like “what are you doing?! This isn’t temple!” I was embarrassed and shut up. xD

I also used to like to sing in my room, making up the lyrics to my songs as I went. I did that until I found out that I could actually be heard downstairs. xD

ANYWAY I wasn’t going to do anything before eating… instead I typed this comment. xD I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE ME STARVING MYSELF FOR YOU. Haha nah, ILY. ♥ /faw

*songs really loudly

Ollo! I hate the rain because it does make everything gloomy. Though there seems to be a clear division between people who like it and people who dislike it.

Yeah, that’s right! I just don’t like the rain especially when I’m carrying a bag or stuff that I just don’t want getting wet.

I did try to join the music group at uni but bailed out; they sucked anyway… and I felt left out and crappy. I really do like singing on my own and for fun though. I don’t like having any sort of pressure.

Ahhh, it’s terrible though. I don’t like having all eyes on me when I’m preparing for a speech. I guess it’s better performing music because you can have your instrument with you – I think there’s a whole different air about it. I always seem to get short of breath when public speaking. I swallow a lot… :S

Oh, I did something really nasty to this guy in my class once (indirectly). I knew my speech was good stuff, and he decided to go first but didn’t do well and broke down and just ran outside. I volunteered to go next. I think I felt bad after that. D:

LOL of course I appreciate it, you potato rocker! ♥ ♥

Hey Georgie!

Ahahaaha, air guitar I remember doing that. Oh boy was that fun (not sarcasm). But I loved singing for a long time. Hell; I even made it to a recording contract in Nashville Tennessee, in the 9th grade before I lost my voice in 2004. They said I had a distinct sound and it may go far, but they wanted money up front so you know it was a scam and how was I to get out there in the first place? So I couldn’t take it. Plus I didn’t have any experience other than singing with the elementary school choir and when I tried to get a recording contract (and the guy seriously sounded like Simon Cowell !) at another place he said I had a good voice, but I wasn’t audience worthy or something like that. So I’d had to go out and get some audience and sing in front of them. So I joined the choir. I was an alto for two years straight. I hated the choir. I tried out for a solo one time but I didn’t get it. ;_;. Ah well; that was the only time I ever tried out. I remember hitting the high c note so loud it made everyone in the room stop talking and their talking was so loud that it drained them out. haha!

But anyway, I agree with you if someone puts me on the spot I get all jittery and shakey too. I also was put on the spot in one of my math classes and I couldn’t think of a thing to sing, so I just prayed that they’d forget thankfully the teachers went back to talking so I was like phewing. lol.

Man I hate giving speeches. They are the worst. In Government we had to do a 3 minute speech on a con or a pro and I chose the con because every thing else was taken that I wanted to do. I only made it to 2:45. And than we had to do a two minute rebuttle(sp?). It was the worst thing ever I was shaking and everything. Trying not to look at my flash cards as much (which you weren’t supposed to do), and everything.

I still sing to my favorite songs every now and than and I don’t care if the neighbors hear me or if I can’t really sing. I can sing on some songs, I know that, but since I’m tone deaf, I hear a soprano singing instead of what I actually sound like until I record. Ya know? You even told me I couldn’t sing. But that’s besides the point. I like singing and no one’s going to stop me from it. Hell; I even sing a long to some of my Meat loaf songs, that are live, and pretend I’m the girl that’s singing with him. Heehee.

I love rain, but too much of it can be a drag. I’m sorry you’re having a wet season right now. I hope the storms aren’t too bad where you live. Or get that bad. But anyways, I gotta go so I’ll talk to you later Georgie!

I LOVE the rain, I don’t understand it when other people don’t XD although I know floods aren’t good. I don’t mean I like really heavy rain but showers and regular ones are great ♥ It feels so refreshing when you’re out there and I love the smell once it’s over.

I guess our weather is like the complete opposite of yours right now because it’s summer and it’s been 100+ degrees the past couple of days. But that’s pretty normal for me because I’ve lived in california for 11 years and arizona (where i live now) for 3.

I love singing too, mostly when I was younger. I mean i still love to sing in the bathroom before, but my dad has come home and has been bouncing jobs around so i havent’ been alone in a while, taking a shower. I hate doing presentations and speeches, though I do think speeches are more business-like than presentations. I like the fact that you have something that’ll take their eyes off you and be neat and will remind you what to talk about if you ever forget. Anyways good luck with your presentation/speech, I’m sure you’ll get a good grade on it since it’s something that you know about :).

I wish I could play the piano :( I’ve always wanted to play an instrument of some kind. in the 6th grade I got a trumpet (oh god, it was so hard to use) and i couldn’t blow into it D: it was horrible. Then i had to move and the people at the new school were so much more advanced than me because they started in the 5th grade. It was seriously bad. My computer teacher told me last year I should play the piano because she was amazed at how fast i typed xD.

Haha thanks :) Yeah I hate it when they don’t let you highlight the words too, like if you forget where you are you have to search for it -_-.

Hm, then Powerfinger must be good :) I will find them on youtube and listen. MCR is amazing :D Same here, I like rock a lot, but not totally hard core rock :/

Awh, that’s too bad. I’d feel really bad if there was something to regret D:

I totally agree. I could never sing infront of people though, not to mention I have a horrible voice, haha. I love to sing along to my songs though, but not in public.

I do love to run and dance around in the rain though :) Thunderstorms make me happy, idk why. haha

No problem <3 You deserve the break! You always have university stuff you're working on, along with your sites, the forum, etc. Idk how you do it!

I wouldn't mind having to show examples of my work, because that makes sense.. but it would suck to go through all that time, effort, etc. only to have the guy say 'sorry, we're looking for someone with proper education'. Meh, I'll find a job in graphic design someday, either with co-op next year, or by taking the co-op option in college. There'll be connections and what not, and it would be so much easier.

& yeah, we sometimes do. There are times when we can go weeks without having an actual argument, and then times when it seems like we're having one every other day. He better get over it, because I'm gonna be kinda annoyed if he does bring it up again. I get that he has a different opinion than me about it, but don't tell me I'm not motivated when you know that it hurts me :/

Congratulations, Georgie, is officially the first blog on which I’ll begin commenting as Daniel instead of BoltClock! Don’t you feel special? :D

Anyway, I can play nothing, but I do sing along to just about every single song that comes along on iTunes at almost any time of day! I don’t know if it’s owing to my Asperger’s, but I know and can recite the full lyrics of at least 500 songs in my 600-track iTunes music library.

The rain bothers me a lot too, and I honestly am not a fan of singing in the rain. I neither like to get wet nor want anybody to hear my shitty singing — although like I told you over MSN my teacher once said I can sing in tune :O

I totally agree with you on speeches. I’ve been given the green light on avoiding having to speak to any more than just my lecturer now though, so I’m really lucky on that. On the other hand, I’m excellent with writing speeches. I used to own my class all the time with my high-school speeches, and one even got read out to my class by my teacher, with him detailing how I wrote each paragraph. It was amazing.

Also, quote of the millennium:

At home – perhaps a lot of us sing in the shower or dance and sing when our parents are out, then shut our mouths as soon as we hear them pull up the drive.

I love the rain. It was raining on and off all day yesterday where I live. :)

I don’t sing out loud anywhere. Not even at home in my room. I just sing along. And I don’t even do that when people are around.

In order for me to sing out load, no one has be at home. I have to be alone. It’s just me. I’m shy like that.

Public speaking is even worse for me.

Public speaking is the number one fear of most people. As for singing in the rain, I’ve done that once (ended up looking like a drowned cat afterwards), but it was fun. You should try it just for the heck of it! :)

I know what you mean about singing, ‘scept I’m so awful at it all I do is lip-sync along, but that works alright for me. I wouldn’t want anyone’s ears bleeding on my account, after all, haha, but singing can be very fun. I do always sing along to the music at dances and parties, but that’s just ’cause the music’s so loud no one would ever be able to hear me (:

Ooh la la. haha, no matter how cool Sebby is, then, you better stick with your boyfriend :) For society’s sake, and all that, right? I have guy friends like that too, and that’s probably all Tony thinks of me anyways, haha, oh well…

& my mom is always up for visitors, you’d always be welcome at my house ahah. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, too, that’s where my dad was born – we all want what we don’t have, hmm? (:

Your so lucky to have rain. We get hot and sunny weather year round. Lately, it’s been in the upper 80’s. It feels like in the 90’s. Some places have draught conditions here and there. We could use some rain right about now. My mom says I got dark. I guess I was in the sun too long. I do a lot of walking.

I don’t like to sing in public either. I like to sing along when I’m listening to my music or watching something. 🤫 You should watch Glee. I love that show. /cool They play some really cool songs. You may or may not recognize it.

I wished we have a Glee club back in my high school days. I always wanted to sing and dance. It looks so much fun. I was in the drama club. We didn’t do much. 😴

Good luck on Friday with your Friday presentation for your Media sub-major subject. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Your good with blogging and web design. You have nothing to worry about.

I don’t like to get up in front of a big crowd. All those eyes staring straight at you. It’s like being at a hungry fest. /ho You’ll do fine. Don’t be nervous. Just picture them naked. It works for some people. XD My leg wouldn’t stop shaking either. It looks like I have to go to the bathroom. 😢

I find sitting with a guitar on a stool and singing is boring. It makes me want to get up and leave. Change the station to something else. /snort I like to get up and move around freely. Get the crowd involved. (Y)

I like to dance when no one is around. ✌️ I don’t feel embarrassed. You can do whatever you like. I can imagine you being an angel when your parents walk through those doors. /hehe

Look out the next superstar… :P

it’s been raining here as well. We were in a flood warning until Sunday morning. We’ve also been in tornado watches on and off for the past few days. Thankfully the weather has cleared up for at least two days this week.

I’ve never sang in the rain either. lol.

I hate doing anything that I have to be in front of a group of people. I don’t even like talking to people I don’t know. They can be someone a friend/family member knows and I’m still not going to talk to them. lol.

Depending on the song I’m singing, i still keep singing it when my mom comes through the house. lol.

I love singing, haha. I don’t think I would want to sing in the rain though. I was never a rain person. Lately, it’s been raining a lot here too.

I love to sing too, haha. I sing best when I’m alone, but I do have to sing in public sometimes (school events and stuff). I get so nervous. Sometimes, my mouth starts to shake. It’s so hard to sing when your mouth is shaking. :))

I’m bad with speeches. I’m basically bad with anything I have to present or perform. It’s like it seemed fine in my head and when I practice, but, when it’s the actual thing, my mind just goes blank.

I barely ever call people, but, when I have to, I get so nervous about what to say, haha.

I totally downloaded Gisha for the newsletter. hahaah.

Sigh I love this font. It looks amazing. I think I might have to use calibri for my next layout though. I like that one too. :) & I’m going to go light for my next layout I believe.

Well I want to save the environment & all but I derno. I might want to just have the content area like a light gray color & then everything else will be a tint of black but not really white. I don’t know. crap. I need to come up with a design. I had my inspiration & kind of lost it. Oh well it’s not hard to get back. I just have to browse a few websites & it’ll come back.

BTW if you’re wondering about the topics of your blogs & length: don’t worry, you’re not boring me. Honestly! I don’t ever skim your blogs. Maybe it’s because I talk to you so much though..& you’re my friend so I naturally care more. But I mean, your blogs are “long” (although it’s mostly due to the font being large which is deceiving!) but they’re not bland. Like I find that I’m not sitting here thinking, “OMFG WHO THE SHIT CARES?!?!?!?!?!?! IDGAF. WHY DO YOU WRITE ABOUT SHIT SO LONG ABOUT ONE TINY EXPERIENCE? DID YOU DIE!??!?!? OGM LAKSDJFL;AJSDLKFJ;” so at least you know I’m not bored. I know a while back you said you were a bit worried that people found your blogs bland or something.

But I don’t think they are. :D But that’s because I’m biased & all.

I love the rain! I’m kind of a seasons lover..I love snow, I love rain, I love weather! Sunny days are beautiful but I love when mother nature shows her true colors. I also don’t sing in public. Too scared to…& I’m not a great singer but I love to sing. I sing in the shower. I’m singing right now. I sing all the time. It makes me happpppppyyyy. :D :D

I get really nervous when ever I sing & people around me but I mean..when it comes to speeches, I’m really confident myself. I enjoy public speaking. I don’t get nervous from that but when it comes to anything musical, I’m scared shitless. -_- I wish I could play the guitar!! TEach mez.

I see now why your comments get so long, lol. But my memory isn’t as good as yours. I didn’t know that they’d increased the number of required hours to 120. That really sucks… I wonder why they’re doing it like that now. Even if you drive about an hour a day every day, which is pretty ridiculous, it would take you nearly four months before you could go in and take your test, and no matter how much you drive, insurance won’t give you any leeway until you turn 25. While that is directly related to the amount of driving experience you have, I still don’t think it’s going to do anything to reduce the number of accidents of teenaged/beginner drivers.

Anyway, I can’t believe you don’t like rain! I love the rain! The smell, the sound of raindrops falling on the roof and on your umbrella… and rainy days are great for sleeping in! I don’t know about singing in the rain, though. I’ve never really found a reason to do so, but I do love singing and I’m a bit of a performer when it comes to singing. I don’t care who’s listening and I don’t care if they’re impressed, lol. That may come from a certain amount of confidence that I sing well, but I don’t find it embarassing at all. Playing piano is a different story. I play a lot at, like, 3am when nobody’s home and nobody’s listening. Mostly because if I make a mistake and I get frustrated, I slam down on the keyboard, lmao.

I think you should convince your dad, or a friend, to take you to your test. You don’t need your parent’s permission to get a driver’s license. You’re not a minor. You just a car that works (wipers, all lights, breaks, gears, etc). Wait… are you a minor? <.< I was under the impression that the logs were only required of minors.

Ahahaha. Well they haven’t been annoying me because well, I haven’t seen them in weeks. XD I will tell them that you’ll hit them with a bass guitar when I see them on Monday, though.

You’re welcome! :) I want to get a haircut, too. I like my hair now, but it needs a little more.. puh-zazz. XD Yeah, it would be a waste of money if you’ll only ask them to cut your fringe.

I’m not really close friends with them, but I’ll ask them for tips once in a while. :)

Haha! Well, at least you didn’t sleep at 2am anymore. XD That’s an improvement, I guess.

It was raining pretty hard just a while ago, but it stopped almost as soon as it started. Though some of the water got in through the open window. :/

Yeah, it sucks when they tell me that. Singing isn’t my ONLY talent. They should pay attention to my other talents, too. LOL, you should join American Idol! XD

Hahaha. Gruesomely Gooey Georgina. XD

Yeah, it’s a good thing I could still hang out with my best friend. I don’t like being a loner. :P

Yes mom, no more sleeping at 3am. X’D

Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

Haha we all do it don’t we? Sing and dance at home? I have to admit, I suck at presentations and public speaking assigments. I just hate having all the attention on me and i feel as if people are analysing me and finding things that are wrong with me… And I get all shaky and loss my thoughts quite easily as well… But you seem really musically inclined which is wonderful. My boyfriend plays a bit of the guitar and in high school/middle school I used to play the clarinet that’s about it xD
Hah, good luck on your presentation if you haven’t done it yet!

Take care xxx

Yeah, I know. I was just being dramatic when I put those emotes next to “But I am not very good at singing.” :P

Oh, actually we are a joint family. I only have a little sister (14) but two of my cousins also live with us, and all four of us cannot stay apart. We are like best friends. ♥ Touch wood.

Nicholas Sparks’ most books have sad endings. My favorite is “Dear John.” At the end of it, the heroine falls in love with another man, but you can’t even hate her, because she is such a wonderful character.
I cried for three days after reading it. One of the most beautiful piece of work ever written. But I wouldn’t read it again even if anybody paid me for it. I would be afraid to sink in a permanent depression. It is just too sad. :( O_O

Oh, if you liked P.S. I love you, try Anybody Out There? By Marian Keyes. It is along the lines of P.S. I love you, but very different and has a killer twist mid-way.
If you want, I could send you the link for the pdf version of the whole book. I couldn’t finish it. I left it mid-way and read the ending. It reminded me too much of P.S. I love you and of Gerry and Holly. I loved both of them so much.

It’s summer time here but so far it has rained every single freaking day. I don’t know what’s going on. Hopefully it doesn’t rain tomorrow evening because I have plans!! I love the rain though, especially at night time. It’s when I sleep the best XD

Singing in the rain though, not me. I can’t sing a lick of nothing and won’t even try. Of course I like singing along with my favorite songs but that’s about it.

I don’t like giving presentations nor speeches in front of the class. I hate it, with a passion but there’s always those teachers in school who make you present every single freaking thing you do. I hate those.

Really I don’t like doing anything in front of anyone. Except dance. When I use to be a dancer, I never liked to practice or show people my dances BUT when I got up on that stage and it was time to perform I loved it. Thats about the only thing . . because I’m just that shy.

Sometimes I don’t even like to bother and blog or even return some people’s comments because they’re always adding in their two cents that really has nothing to do what I blogged about, putting words into my blogs.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the rain. Sometimes I think it’s nice to have water falling from the sky but sometimes I’m just not a fan of it. XD This year’s winter is freezing like the fridge we have at home. More colder actually. In the morning before I leave for school I see crystals of ice on the grass and it looked really pretty. At my dad’s workplace (where it is 30-ish kilometres from home), he actually saw bits of snow on the road. It’s not as snowy as you’d imagine it is in the UK or in the US or anything… But snow is rare here so yeah. :P

However, I’m thankful and really grateful that there aren’t any cases of floods here recently.

Haha, I sing along to songs I hear too. You just join in the music sometimes. But of course, I do it when nobody’s around. Honestly, it’s like a definition of fun.

I can’t really do presentations very well because I just get instantly nervous. But I’m not so bad at performing if I do it in groups like in choir.

I think my school’s having one of those speech competitions in Term 4. I’m challenging myself to participate so that I can build my confidence more and it’s been my goal since I was born. So far, I’ve never done a speech before. Like you mentioned, all eyes are focussing on you and in most cases, they can make you distracted.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG (omg, I’m omg all over your page)!! I can’t believe I was in your EXACT situation a week or so ago! My legs were shaking. My teeth were shaking like it was chewing nothing by itself. And then suddenly your foot just pops out like that while you’re sitting. I was so bloody nervous during drama class and all my classmates were watching me, practically giggling. It was a horrid experience.

I’ve always preferred doing something in public that I can use something–like that piano of yours– to hide myself. It makes things less complicated.

Home is place for me to do everything that prevents the public from ever finding out (unless if one of your family members spread the word about you) so I feel in so much confidence when I do everything. Sing, dance, go wow like I’m insane. It just burst that joy in you.

I hate speeches or presentation. I really don’t like speaking in front of people when they’re all watching me. Makes me so nervous that I just can’t speak properly and say everything wrong.

I don’t like rain much. It’s rain a lot in the UK even in the summer. Pretty much rains all year round here and I dislike it a lot :(

I don’t like singing so I get nervous when I sing so I usually only sing when no one is around.

I don’t sing at all. Sometimes when I am cleaning I will turn up my music really loud and sing to it a little; but I can’t hear my voice.

I just saw your new textures. Very nice ;)

I could NEVER sing in front of an audience. In year one we had to sing in an assembly and I was so embarrassed. Other times in school quires I would hide in the back and just stand there. Sometimes moving my lips to pretend I’m singing.

I love acting though. I took drama class in high school and had no problem preforming in front of the school. At first I would have the shakes, but it got easier. And I never applied for really big parts.

Good luck with your presentation. Does your lecture know you own such an awesome website? Well more then one?

It’s good with tops like that because you a mix and match what you wear with it so there are lots of different styles. That way you can make it both a summer and winter outfiit.

I hate it because all of our exams are in the summer. It means that outside the weather is great and we’re inside for like 2 hours. But then if we did the exams in the winter it would be too cold. The sports hall we do our exams in has no heating and it feels as cold as it does outside.

I don’t go to the beach in Britain much because its always so windy and cold by the sea. We live in England but we went to the beach in the next country, Wales, because the beaches are much nicer there.

I am looking forward to the break and I agree, I think it will be good to have a bit of time to myself. At the end of the two weeks I will be desperate to get back to see everyone. I’m sure Tyrone and I will make some great plans for when I get back.

I have 2 days free of exams now so I have this time to stay at home and revise.

Simplicity looks great and that’s why this layout looks so good :)

In both of my previous relationships I left for someone else. That really hurts. One of the times he left me for my best friend. I managed to over look that because she was my friend and we are still great friends now. I think she dumped him after only a few days.

My brother is also an artist which means he has awesome dress sense! He also quite good at interior design. In his flat he painted birds of the walls. It looks amazing.

That’s really nice to hear. :) I have always felt so awful for gay people who have been teased or discriminated against. I love gay guys because they seem to be so optimistic and like your brother, definitely gives the best fashion advice. They actually have awesome taste in clothes and style. :)

It will be best for me if I learn to drive. Public transport links around where I live are awful!

I like singing even though I can’t sing at all haha! I’ve only sang once in public. It was at a party on karaoke and I did it with my best friend. Everyone, except us, at the part was drunk so I think they thought it sounded quite good!!

I always feel more comfortable giving a presentation on something I am interested in. I think that’s why I was so nervous doing my German speaking exam. The best presentation I ever gave was for English speaking and listening. You have to give a presentation on something you were interested in or someone famous you knew a lot about. I chose to do mine on Heath Ledger because I had read tones of books about him. I stood at the front of the class and I did it all without any notes. I was so proud of myself! I got an A for it!

I hope your presentation goes well. I’m sure you will do fine :)

I always sing at home. I hate it when the house is quite so I either play music, sing or put the telly on. When I’m home alone, I don’t like silence.