Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you couldn’t even pick the name of? Or one line of a song that was the only line you could remember? Or even the tune of a song that you had in your head, the lyrics of which you could not remember?

My friend Sebastian (whom I call Sebby or Seb) came to Australia in 2004. In that year he heard a song that somehow stuck in his mind. You know, the same way catchy tunes do. He recalled the music video for the song being an animated one. For years he regarded it a mystery, for he didn’t know the name of the song or the artist.

That can always be a real bummer.

A while back, in high school, my friends and I had a song in our heads. You couldn’t call it a song really, because we only had a few notes of the accompaniment stuck in our heads. We had no idea what the song was – not even the words. All we knew were these very few notes.

We were hit by a stroke of luck when a few weeks later, the song was played on a television show and my friend, who had watched the show, announced to us that it was Notorious by Duran Duran. Problem solved! 😁

Today though, a much bigger problem on my hands, for Sebby had suddenly mentioned this unknown song to me. He could barely remember the lyrics except for the words sunsets and/or sunrise in the chorus. But he provided a really detailed account of the music video… “The suns were kids that were consumed by something and they became smaller suns. He went on and cut them down, but that killed the children … I think the video ended with the girl crying and the guy walking away…”

I looked in my iTunes for any clues… but I thought it was silly to look at every song I had including the word “sun”.

Sebby said, “That’s probably one of the mysteries in my life that I want solved the most”. 😦

I Googled pretty much everything I possibly could. Looks like the subject Information Discovery and Analysis at university didn’t do me justice, until I took the easy way out and found a list of animated music videos.

Sunsets… sunrise…

Two seconds later, I hit Ctrl + F on my keyboard, looking for the word “sun”. Another five seconds later, Sunsets – Powderfinger stuck out to me. It was familiar. It was a song I knew. Powderfinger (before they broke up) were a band I followed. I even played their music on piano and guitar a few times.

I said to Sebby, unsure, “This couldn’t be it?” I linked him to the song on YouTube. Though sadly, no proper video clip.

I think he hesitated before saying, “It is. IT IS OMG!!!” 😧

You can tell I had the same reaction. I didn’t expect to be correct. I was pretty shocked. And a little ashamed because I do really like Powderfinger, yet I never recalled the video clip or song in my head together. Now it’s a shame we can’t go to their Sunsets Farewell Tour, since all the tickets were sold out. 😞 Oh well, my first concert will have to be another band…

Now watching the sunset, sunset, sunset, sunset… over the beaches, beaches, beaches, beaches…

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