Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you couldn’t even pick the name of? Or one line of a song that was the only line you could remember? Or even the tune of a song that you had in your head, the lyrics of which you could not remember?

My friend Sebastian (whom I call Sebby or Seb) came to Australia in 2004. In that year he heard a song that somehow stuck in his mind. You know, the same way catchy tunes do. He recalled the music video for the song being an animated one. For years he regarded it a mystery, for he didn’t know the name of the song or the artist.

That can always be a real bummer.

A while back, in high school, my friends and I had a song in our heads. You couldn’t call it a song really, because we only had a few notes of the accompaniment stuck in our heads. We had no idea what the song was – not even the words. All we knew were these very few notes.

We were hit by a stroke of luck when a few weeks later, the song was played on a television show and my friend, who had watched the show, announced to us that it was Notorious by Duran Duran. Problem solved! /bounce

Today though, a much bigger problem on my hands, for Sebby had suddenly mentioned this unknown song to me. He could barely remember the lyrics except for the words sunsets and/or sunrise in the chorus. But he provided a really detailed account of the music video… “The suns were kids that were consumed by something and they became smaller suns. He went on and cut them down, but that killed the children … I think the video ended with the girl crying and the guy walking away…”

I looked in my iTunes for any clues… but I thought it was silly to look at every song I had including the word “sun”.

Sebby said, “That’s probably one of the mysteries in my life that I want solved the most”. D:

I Googled pretty much everything I possibly could. Looks like the subject Information Discovery and Analysis at university didn’t do me justice, until I took the easy way out and found a list of animated music videos.

Sunsets… sunrise…

Two seconds later, I hit Ctrl + F on my keyboard, looking for the word “sun”. Another five seconds later, Sunsets – Powderfinger stuck out to me. It was familiar. It was a song I knew. Powderfinger (before they broke up) were a band I followed. I even played their music on piano and guitar a few times.

I said to Sebby, unsure, “This couldn’t be it?” I linked him to the song on YouTube. Though sadly, no proper video clip.

I think he hesitated before saying, “It is. IT IS OMG!!!” :O

You can tell I had the same reaction. I didn’t expect to be correct. I was pretty shocked. And a little ashamed because I do really like Powderfinger, yet I never recalled the video clip or song in my head together. Now it’s a shame we can’t go to their Sunsets Farewell Tour, since all the tickets were sold out. :( Oh well, my first concert will have to be another band…

Now watching the sunset, sunset, sunset, sunset… over the beaches, beaches, beaches, beaches…

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Hello! :)

Lol, that is ANNOYING. When there is a song stuck in your head, but it’s only like…one rift. And it plays in your head over and over and over and over again /angry It’s even worse when it’s a crappy song /angry /argh /angry

Omfg, for YEARS?! I’d have gone crazy! Maybe because I’m obsessive compulsive. But if I couldn’t work out what a song was for YEARS, I’d develop an insomnia problem D: Poor Sebby :(

Hehe! I don’t know how that song goes, so I’d never be able to guess it. (I’m lazy to click the link to listen :P My bad! Please cut me some slack, I’m in the midst of a take home exam D: )

The video sounds…very sad D: Very, very sad. But must have been some video for Sebby to remember the video and not the song :P

Omg! Congratulations on actually finding the song :D Hahaha how unexpected, but then again if anyone can find something, it’d probably be you :P Powderfinger! Wow. That is really…unexpected :P But YAY!

Good for Seb. One life mystery down. Tell him not to develop anymore! Hahahahaha :P Then he can be at peace. Unless he wants too know the meaning of life too, in which case, I wish him good luck. (It’s 42! Rawr!)

Awwww! Damn. No more Powderfinger tours :( Maybe they’ll get back together :D

Hello! Ahaha sometimes I get just one line in my head, which is alright because most of the time you can get the answer from a Google search. But when you only have the tune it can be so much more difficult.

I think I would have an insomnia problem too! Thankfully no songs have ever been like that for me. I did (finally) find out about the song “It Never Rains in Southern California” but that’s because it just disappeared from the front of my memory and I pushed it to the back of my mind, even though I had wondered about it for years. :P

Oh no, I hope the exam is going okay! The notion of take-home exams still makes me laugh a bit… I guess I find it a bit odd. I am sure you’ll eventually remember what the song sounds like. :)

He likes the song too, so it’s not one of those crappy annoying ones. :D

I’m so happy haha. We were both celebrating. I was a bit in shame because I knew the song but I couldn’t remember much of it myself. Oh, it felt like nostalgia. /faw

He knows the meaning of life already! He knows it’s 42. At least we all do? :P

I’m hoping they’ll get back together but rumour has it that they won’t ever again! Most bands are like that; the Smashing Pumpkins got back after many years, as did many, many other bands I don’t care to remember right now… :O

Ah! There were times when I just can’t remember the title nor the artist and that can be a real headache. But nowadays, thank goodness for internet, I can just Google it and voila!
Then again, you don’t always get the answer you are looking for from the internet. Because the world wide web is dominated with languages such as English, French, Spanish, and other major languages, it’s extremely difficult to find anything that is in other minor languages. Which is why sometimes it is near impossible for me to look up things that is in my vernacular language. :-(

Wow! That happens to me alot, as I listen to the radio alot. I always happen to have two songs stuck in my head; one hip-hop/pop and another wierd classic rock song. I don’t know what the songs ever are exept for when the words come, and then I google them in quotes ” ” and it comes up. I call myself wierd for having two songs stuck in my head.

Haha it’s not weird that you have two songs stuck in your head. One day on the radio (I used to listen to radio but now I don’t anymore), they played two different songs at the same time – one out of the first speaker and one out of the second. It sounded crazy.

Thank goodness for Google that sometimes we can type one line of a song, hit “Search”, and more often than not, we can find our answer. :)

That is so annoying. When you only know one line of a song and it plays over and over inside your head, then later when you google it you can’t find the song.
My friend and I have this one mystery song that we haven’t figured out yet. She was playing the piano and she come across some notes/accords [I have no idea(s)] that sounded like the intro to some song I’ve heard before. We made a lot of people listen to it, but no one could figure out the name of the song or artist. O_O

It’s really cool you figured out that song though, haha. Though I’ve never heard of it or the band. :P

Dude, I JUST made a thread earlier today on Skeletons about asking if anyone could identify a song for me. Because I only know parts of it, and I really want to know the song. Haha, i found that an odd coincidence.

Usually, if I can’t think of the name of something.. it’ll come to me at the most RANDOM time. Like, in the shower or in the middle of the night. At least it does come to me at somepoint :P

As for the job hunting, David’s standpoint was “well you only went once.” Yes, once where I handed in multiple resumes to different places that I could potentially work. He told me that I should apply to Shoeless Joe’s, a resturant half an hour away from my house.. even though I have no liscence? He then went on to say ‘well, you SHOULD have it.’ Okay, I get it.. I could have got it awhile ago (like you mentioned in your last post) but either way, due to the rules, I can’t get it until September because that’s eight months after I got the first part of it.

I did let it slide with my friends. It’s whatever, they didn’t know what I was planning because I never told them. But David knows. I’ve told him, about what I want to do and about my sites and he STILL just seems to think that when I’m at home on the computer, I just watch TV shows and go on Facebook and do shit all. Yeah, there are times when i do, but I also work on my sites and make graphics and practice skills FOR MY CAREER. I’m only 17, I still have time before It’s something I need to be panicking about.

I’d understand if I was like my sister. 21, living at home with only a high school degree and a part time job where she gets minimum wage. I’m not like her. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life sitting on my parent’s couch playing the Sims, I’m actually working on skills for the future. It hurts for him to be saying stuff like that, and I told him so last night.. so if he does continue to bring it up, I’m going to continue getting pissed off.

Thankfully the actual drama is almost over though. It got cleared up about the things that were said about my best friend and I (even though, the girl who said it lied and said she would never say anything like that.. the other girl told me she did remember her saying it, and laughing but not agreeing), but there’s still issues with three of the other people. I just want it to be back to how it used to be, geeze.

It’s so annoying to get one line of a song stuck in your head and not know what it is! I always have one song or another going on in my head but rarely do I know the name of it XD

A lot of the time, when I hear a new song that I like, I go on a mission to find out what it is. But since I can never tell what the lyrics are in the song, I rarely succeed in finding it XD

That’s amazing that you found the song! Too bad you can’t see Powderfinger live :(

There’s lots of other bands you can see live, though :)

Haha, I’ve been like that a couple of times. Like for my favourite song, I remember the whole song when it turns on and when it turns off, I only remember a couple of lines. 😒

How long did it take for him and you to figure out what song it was? Woahh, that video sounded sad :( I mean, I get it if the song’s sad but…o_O

I’ve never heard of Powerfinger, are they good? :3 I’m listenning to a lot of music recently…I dunno why XD

:) What are your favourite bands? Yeah, it’d probably be hard but I think I can find some baby pictures or something like that and scan them. Hmm, the poem thing is a good idea but my poems aren’t really that great. I do love writing though – more about stories and essays and articles and that stuff. Those are pretty good ideas :) I like the 5 dollar thing too, pretty creative.

Haha, you’ve posted tons of times how amazing James is ;) Thanks for the advice ;D.

Yes, I think everyone should be like that, whether their gay or not, and not be so scared because of what other people will say (and I say ‘will’ because the people around them are most likely to talk about them, whether they know them or not).

Ahh, how many hours have you had driving? It takes an HOUR to get to your university? That takes a while. ^_^ Yay, my dad says he’ll buy me a car (and a new laptop :D) when I turn 18! ;)

Yupp :) And when I go to college or something, my brother will be there for her and care for her. My mom doesnt worry about me going out late. Because she barely lets me go out at all :( She wont even let me go out with my friends and when I go to their birthday parties, she has to ‘acompany’ me.

Gah, I hate that!! It’s amazing how you were able to find that one song, though. (: Looks like his great life mystery was solved!!

And yes, the new commenting system is lovely. (: I don’t have to add anything manually anymore, and people aren’t questoining my choice of webs hosting. :P

I love Big Bang Theory! One of the best shows on right now.

Oh, that makes sense. You could always just ask one of your friends to teach you driving, maybe? It isn’t too hard, so once you get the hang of it, you’re set.

It might just be an American/Canadian show, and you’re in Australia, right? It really is quite funny. (:

OMG, I freakin’ hate when that happens to me, too! /argh It hasn’t lately, thankfully, but when it does … Annoyance ahoy. Actually, y’know what, I lied, it has happened lately — With freakin’ Kesha’s lame ass song ‘Tic Toc’ or whatever it’s titled.

It holds no emotional or insightful substance whatsoever, but it’s so Goddamn CATCHY that sometimes it just gets stuck in my head, and the only words I can ever make out are, ‘Tic toc, on the clock, and the party ____ stop, tonight, we gonna fight, ’til we see the sunlight. Tic toc, on the clock, and the party _____ stop, OH OH OH. OH OH OH.’

The underlined bits are the ones I can’t make out, LOL. The rest of the song is just utter gibberish to me. Even worse is her ‘Blah Blah Blah’ song. The only part I understand is, ‘Talkin’ out ya’ mouth wit ya’ blah blah blah!’ The rest, nada.

I wish ‘popular’ artists would actually write shit themselves … Or at least get the writers they hire to write something meaningful instead of a bunch of random words that sound ‘cool’ and somewhat rhyme together. Such bullshit! Music is supposed to be ART, not MONEY. Of course, with a stage name like ‘Ke$ha’, I shouldn’t really expect anything else, haha … Still, though. To be so blatantly only about ‘the Benjamins’ just makes it a thousand times worse. 🤬

Wow, this comment was highly random, LOL! I think I’m out of practice after being away from for twenty days … /type

Heyyah =D
How are you ,it’s been a year since i used to visit,but never commented!
First Of All,i really love your new layout :)
And it have been always great..and neat!!

Talking About Songs,it really teases me,when i listen to a song on the Radio,and like it then,get it lost .. /ehh

But,I Keep on searching until i :)
And i always Find it.. :-D

/eee Now,Every new song goes On MTV ( Music Television) :P
the best!! :D
And iTunes,is the best Song Playback :D

Aw wow that’s really amazing! I hate it when that happens, you remember a tiny peice of a song and it takes you ages and ages to find it. I loved this song, and I couldn’t remember it for a long time, all I knew was a member of the band had big curly hair lol! I found it after a long time of searching /wave
Great blog :)

Yep, I certainly had a good trip. We ordered chinese take out everyday and went shopping every other day. As a result, I am broke and am not going to eat dim sums for at least a month.

The site needs only one day’s work so that I can make all the links work and have some decent content. But I am already bored with the layout and the site isn’t even officially open yet!
Which reminds me, I like your new layout a lot! The flowers are beautiful. :)

Fangirlisms. D: O, nice word. Lol, I first read Harry Potter because it was very thick and I wanted to show-off. 🙄
I was in sixth grade and Half Blood Prince had just come out. The librarian wasn’t allowing anyone to touch the book but since she knew me, she gave it to me. All the seniors were so jealous.
And when I began HBP, I had no idea who Harry Potter was. Needless to say, the whole book went over my head. I completed it in six days, and cried like crazy when Dumbledore died. /hmph

In thick books, I have read ‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘Narnia’, ‘Lord Of The Rings’, and a couple of classics of John Steinbeck. What kind of books do you read?

Ooh, I swear, I know when it happens. Once I was trying to remember one of Ronan Keating’s songs, and only knew one line. I went around and asked everyone, but nobody knew it and since I was in school, I couldn’t google it either. Those six hours until I got home and opened google were pure hell. :D

That happens to me ALL the time, and it’s incredibly annoying! I typically only get a line or two of a song stuck in my head at any given time, but then when I actually want to sing a song (like when someone asks me how a particular song goes), I’ll forget the lyrics and even sometimes the tune.

That’s how it was the first time I heard the song ‘Follow Me – Uncle Kracker’ in a restraunt (: I sung the three words I knew for weeks on end before one of my friends, finally, recognized it and told me the name, ahah (:

But now I’ve got to go google the song sunsets or I’ll go crazy (: I’ve never heard of that band before, either.

And I love this new layout, they’re such pretty flowers but I think that the footer’s my favorite part! :)

Hi Georgina!
It’s Rebecca, from
It’s been a long time since I commented on your blog. I’ve read a few blog posts, but didn’t really have the time to comment.
How are you?
Wow, if I was Seb, I would have wanted to know which song it was as well. Thanks to you, he finally knows which song it is :) Maybe you should be a song searcher. We’ll give you a tune and descriptions and you can solve the mistery song case. :P
Yeah, I think I have had bits of song lyrics in my head, which I didn’t know of, but it’s usually my friends or someone singing this song, and then I have it in my head for ages. Get’s quite annoying sometimes.
Hmm… powderfinger… I’ve never heard of them. But then again, I would have been pretty young when they were a band.
– Rebecca

That would have to be one of the most infuriating things ever! Sometimes I’ve felt like I was going crazy because I had a snippet of a song stuck in my head and couldn’t find out what it was. For nearly three years now I’ve been trying to find a song that was covered by a band at the Irish Club here and haven’t had any luck. It’s so frustrating because it keeps popping into my head every now and then for no apparent reason!

That’s great though that you managed to track down that song for your friend. I can imagine how delighted he must have been to finally know what it was so he could listen to it again properly! I actually don’t mind some Powderfinger songs – not a really big fan, but I liked “The day you come” and that one that goes “baby I’ve got you on my mind…”. I think I probably prefer Bernard Fanning’s solo stuff though – a couple of songs from “Tea and sympathy” (is that what it was called?) were quite good.

Oddly enough, “Notorious” popped up on one of the Air channels last week while I had it on in the background (a rarity in itself). What a coincidence!

PS. Love the new layout! Very pretty. :)

Haha, the radio music they play at the internship is pretty crap. None of the songs really stick
because they Smell

When I read “stick” I thought you meant they literally stuck to something like glue. I was wondering, “stick to what…?” XD


Having a song stuck in my head and not knowing what it is, is definitely one of the most annoying things. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been to have had it in your head for so long.
That was very nice of you to have taken the time to have found it for me. IT must have been a great sense of accomplishment (for you) and relief (for him) for you to have found it :)

I’ve had that with songs, but it’s only lasted about a minute, since I always go to check them out.

Reply: Well, if you aren’t confident, don’t do things you aren’t sure about. :) Otherwise, it could all end in tears. (random, but true (H)) I’m really ticked off atm as I can’t access and webs sites. :'(

OMG OMG I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT! ♥ Your layouts just keep better and better..

That happens with me a lot. I would hear a song on TV or on the radio, and then only remember some of the lyrics or the tune, and have it stuck in my head all the time. It’s so annoying.

I would go crazy if I were in Sebastian’s place. :P For six years, that’s A LOT. And it must have been worse since he could remember the video and not the song. No wonder he thought of it as one of the biggest mysteries of his life that he wanted to solve so much :P

Yay for solving the mystery for him! :D

I have never been to any concert either. I really want to, but I don’t think any of my favourite bands will ever come to Bangladesh. :(

LOL I was listening to the song at that moment, and thinking about how close I had come to falling down, and realised that they fit. XD And yes, it’s a Linkin Park song. :P

Me too! I hate throwing away stuff that I have had for some time. Or something that I have made myself or used a lot. I think I still have an old guitar string. :P

Haha yeah. My sister is left, though. She still doesn’t want to stop putting her legs up while sitting on the chairs. XD

Ugh /argh your internet. That sucks it would do that. At least you didn’t have to wait too long for my comment to load (I think).

Thank you! Religious studies was really good. I finished the exam within one hour, and had to endure the remaining one hour. :P

Thanks. That would mean a lot to my cousin, if I could tell her.

It’s terrible. When couples fight, it can put a permanent effect on the kids. I know at one time, my parents used to fight almost everyday and I suffered from depression then. My cousin’s kids are too young, like I said, but still I hope they don’t suffer too much. :(

I really, REALLY hope they do. Maths sucks. :/

Yeah. Internet is the main reason people started using chatspeak, but it’s also the reason why people like me and Swetlana are improving in English. :P Even just some months ago, I know my writing wasn’t that great. I’ve never even tried to improve the way I blog much. It just sort of improved naturally.

You just cannot help worrying when your parents fight, although it happens from time to time. :(

YAY! LOL. I’m sure you’re looking forward to your break, when you get to clean your desk. XD My mom has also told me to clean up my shelves when my summer break starts.

Thanks. <3 I hope you and Lillian also stay friends for a really long time. :)

LOL. It would be really freaky; we would both love the exact same things and it would just be weird.

That happens to me a lot! I usually know at least one line of the lyrics though, so I just search for it in Google, and there it is. :D I can’t imagine how I’d do it if I just knew the tune.

Aww, I hope we’ll both get to see our first concert soon. :D

Thanks. :D I’d love to see some new layouts, and I’m sure a lot of people will too. :)

I would’ve liked English last year, except my teacher was kind of annoying. I liked Computer though (of course, haha). We were just learning the basics, so I usually ended up doing more than we needed to. :)) But, it was fun. :)

Haha, everyone has these ‘tubelight’ moments :) I still haven’t figured out a couple of songs that I keep humming everyday but I still have no clue about it. I asked my friends, they tried their best but still it’s a mystery. But I have discovered many of these ‘mystery’ songs, thanks to the radio. They just randomly pop up and I’ll be like, ‘OMG! I GOT IT!’ making a fool of myself in public x)

Nice layout Georgina! I love the colours :) I wasn’t online for a couple of days, school and everything so couldn’t catch up but now I’m amazed :D The header looks so soft and cool :)

Take Care!

Heyyy long time no comment lol. I am soo lazy /bash

Oh they just ruined by throwing food in the swimming pool.

You can do it. :D Don’t think about it much, if you do the week will go by really slow, if you don’t it will go by really fast. :D

Hahah thanks. :D I was hyper and i have no idea why i was lol. That sounds like soo much fun. :D My the seniors in my school are too much of a wimp to do that lol.

I am taking your advice and doing the notepad thing. :D It works. :D

Nope i don’t have a credit card. :( Apparently i’m not old enough….stupid right??

Hahah i posted this funny pic about harry potter on tumblr:
it seriously made me laugh lol and feel sad at the same time lol.

“I Isi, here by promise not make fun of you middle name lol.” XD

That happens to make like every other day. I know how the song goes but i don’t know the lyrics or the name of the song lol. 😢

By the description of the song it sounded kinda weird lol. Were they like a rock band or something??

It’s great that your friends and you have the same timetable for next semester :)

I hope your boyfriend get a smaller laptop. I’m glad you like your laptop.

I no longer listen to music such as Backstreet Boys, but its a part of my musical past. Haha it is true that the music I used to listen before I also consider it “old music”.

Yeah maybe you should do it. If I don’t sleep eight hours, I wake up grumpy :(

I just wanted to tell you, hehe. Yeah I agree with you, I think almost everyone has had an experience of unrequited love. It is true that this experience makes us learn and grow as people. Yeah it’s true that understand it help us love in a way.

Me too I feel sad for people whose love isn’t return, or who wish to be loved yet aren’t. It’s a devastating situation :(

I hope that within a few years James and you will get married. I wish you luck.

I’m sorry to hear that, I had to ignore the words of my father, because if he were I wouldn’t have my driver’s license. But once I got it, he realized that if I could drive. I hope your breast change of opinion on the matter. So I wish you good luck :)

That is very annoying. Where only one line of a song is played over and over again in your head, then when google cannot find the song.
It’s really great you’ve found the song title. Congrats Georgina! 👏 There were times when I just can’t remember the title nor the artist and that can be a real headache. But nowadays, thank goodness for internet, I can just Google it and ready :)

The rollercoasters often scared me too. I just felt like it was one of those things you have to do at some point in your life. :D

I think the Q*Bee looks great. I’m not the best pixeller really but I’m hoping I’ll get accepted.

Oh I hate getting songs stuck in my head like that. It’s like the same line going through my head over and over again. It can sometimes ruin a good song I think. Actually there’s this song I’ve loved for as long as I can remember and yet I don’t know the name of it or the band who plays it. I only remember the chorus and even still I could probably call it my favourite song of all-time. I guess because of that I don’t want to find out what it’s called or who it’s by. I just love occassionally hearing it in shopping centres and thinking “oh it’s that song I love.” I could probably type the lyrics into google but I don’t want to ruin it really.

Anyway, it’s good you and Sebastian finally figured out what the song was. Shame you couldn’t go to the concert though. :( I hate missing concerts. I still haven’t had a chance to see my two favourite bands live. Hopefully you’ll see a good concert soon.

Gah, it’s been a while, Georgina! I’ve missed your blog!

And homg, I hate it when I have a song in my head where I don’t know the title or anything! That drives me crazy, and it drives me even crazier if it’s a SONG I HAVE AND SHOULD KNOW THE TITLE OF!

. . . I swear, I had it happen to me like many times XD

Anyway, I like the new look here! The colours are nice and soft! It’s very soothing! <3

Ahh. That happens to me all the flippin’ time! It seriously bugs the crap out of me. What normally happens to me is, I hear a song and I can only remember the chours; I have no idea who the artist is or what the name of the song is. If I don’t know what the name is, I just search the chorus on Google and up it pops! XD

It really sucks when you search it everywhere and it is nowhere to be found, like your experience. It is good that you eventually found it though. :)

Yeah; it is kind of hard to un-love your family. I mean, unless you have had a really bad experience or something. O_O That is what I hear (that love is a wonderful feeling). ♥

LOL. I know, right? What always happens to be is, my mom will find out. Then she’ll start asking me questions about it before she tells me she actually knows. Like if I lied to her, she would start asking me like “So…you would never lie to someone about a big thing, would you?” and stuff in that nature.

Aww, I am sorry. I know how it feels. Sometimes, I tell my mom that I got an A or something on my math test and she will say “Are you sure? Really?” like she doubts me sometimes. It makes me feel bad. :(

Whoaaa…really? That would be so cool if we had the rule. Although, 25 is kind of late to just start driving, but I guess it is your choice. I mean eventually, you won’t be under your mother’s rule as much anymore. You know, when you get your own family. :)

Hahaha, I only have $9.96 in my account right now though. Good thing I babysit! I usually have to get my mom or dad to enter their credit card number and then I pay them back.

Ahhh, I do the same thing (about the content boom)! LMAO. That is weird…why do we keep wanting to write “Comment boom”? XD Hahaha, yeahh. You get so many comments! :P

I don’t think I have ever experienced one of her bad days, but therefore, I don’t know her as more than a host really haha. Of course, everyone has their bad days, so I wouldn’t think she hasn’t had them before.

I was so afraid she wouldn’t accept me either! If she hadn’t, I would have been so upset because I had heard of her really good reputation as a host. :D

Unfortunately, the email wasn’t in my address Kya has on record, or the junk folder. I did check first as I knew the email was probably there, but no luck! I wasn’t to bothered either really, I love rebuilding from scratch so it was all good :D It actually helped me, as I looked through everything and made a lot of corrections to pages and content.
My email addresses are always being a bit kooky :3
Yes haha! I always try googling parts of lyrics, but If i remember the lyrics wrong then it just fails epically x3 It’s so irritating when it’s just the video you remember!

I know that too much of anything can make you sick. Except chocolate. *Blissful look*
I can eat chocolate 24×7 for a year and not get bored. *Another blissful look*
Lol, I have this chocolate fetish – /love /love – which I have to keep a tight leash on.

Oh, the photo in your layout is really pretty. And the text as well. Has a really nice ring to it, too. “Ribbed with dusk…” I am not sure I understand it though. :O

You know when a character dies, it is almost like a family member dying. You say you like Cecelia Ahern. Have you read P.S. I love you?
When I first opened the book, I read the back-cover. That was when I started weeping. And through all those 300 pages, I cried continuously. I refused to budge until I’d finished it. Thank God it was sunday and my family was out. 😢

That really sucks about all the assignments. But if it’s the last week, then at least you know that once you’re done, you get a break :) Good luck with them all! <3

Yeah, the chances of finding someone to hire me for graphic design, unless it was someone I knew, would be very slim. If they're spending the money, they're going to want someone who has the proper education, because then it's more.. I don't wanna say reliable, but I guess that's what it would be. They know that they have all of the proper knowledge and training.

I sadly haven't found it yet :( I'll have to wait until David get's his Dad's car again so I can get the CD. He said I can borrow it, it's just a matter of actually getting it :P

I did try, and that's what annoyed me SO MUCH about it. I want a new job, and I looked for one. No where is hiring, other than grocery stores that want people with past experience. Hopefully I can find one by the start of the summer.. If not, Tim Hortons, here I come! haha.

Hopefully he does get the idea that it really bothers me when he says that, and he stops bringing it up. Okay, we have different opinions on it.. accecpt that, and move on.

Yup, that’s the same with me. Whenever I want to learn the lyrics, I have to go on youtube and look at the lyrics. But i always forget anyway.

Ahh, that’s why I haven’t heard of Powerfinger before :P. I love pop-rock and rock too :D and alternative. I like these bands right now: Panic at the disco (currently obsessed with it for some reason XD, partly having to do with Brenden Urie ♥), Mcfly, My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship ♥.

30 hours? How many hours do you need? And is it harder to renew your licsense than to do that?

My mom barely lets me go out too. I’ve never really snuck out before though xD I’d feel really really bad doing that.

Heh, didn’t comepletely reply to your comment -_-‘ sorry, I’m just a bit lazy today.

This happens to me all the time. A couple of years ago I heard someone singing this song, they had stuck in their head, and It became stuck in my head. I had never even heard the song but when I went home to Google one line I had heard him sing. I could not find anything, it turns out, that after a lot of searching, it was some kind of club remix song. The one line I renumbered was the only line of the song and gets repeated dozens of times!

Another time I heard a ringtone and the song got stuck in my head, I was never able to find this song. Most of the times I get a song stuck in my head and don’t rememberer the correct words, I tend to make up my own XD

It’s amazing that you were able to find out the name of this song for your friends, I’m sure it took a lot of time. I would have been going crazy if I were him. I recently helped my friend find a song she wanted to know the name of. While we were in Italy she saw a video for a song that was in English. She liked the song but we never recalled what the title was, months later I heard it again and I googled it, she was happy when she renumbered what it was called.

Whenever I have lyrics stuck in my head, I just Google them. Most of the time, though, when a tune is stuck in my head, I know what song it is, since I only listen to songs I know. My first concert is gonna be next month, hopefully. :D
-outburst of emotion-

Compared to other people, I’m not very religious. Most days I wear a cross on my necklace, and I speak little prayers in my mind, but I don’t read the Bible often or do much to worship.
The same thing happened with me. My family and life just got so screwed up that I just gave up all hope and faith in God. Then again, thinking back now, it’s like I failed a test that he gave me.

Couples only annoy me because I’ve never had that, and I know nothing about dating. Honestly, I’m a seriously committed person. I can’t just date people – I need a long-term relationship.

My mom is a very timid and jumpy driver. She’s really picky about conditions and such. It’s really irritating. : My dad is more relaxed and actually enjoys driving. My mom sees things like that as a chore – cooking, driving, cleaning. I love cleaning, really, so I’m usually the one vacuuming. :P

I hate when I have a song stuck in my head and I just can’t figure out what it is. It’s the best thing in the world when you figure it out. I’m glad you were able to help out your friend!

Thanks :) I wish I could make pretty layouts, or figure out how to make my website more advanced haha, but I don’t seem to have the time or patience…that’ll be what summers for, right?

(: Yeah, I’m stuck back in California, I don’t know any of those bands haha, but I googled them and they’re really good, they kind of remind me of OneRepublic & the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus :)

I think Tony & I are a lot like you and Sebby, but I’ll just let it go and see what happens, cause that’s all I can do, right?

Man, it sucks when you have a song stuck in your head and you have no idea what the lyrics are and the song name. It sucks just as much when I hear a song played on piano and I don’t know the name or I want to learn the song but I can’t find the sheets on the internet to learn it. But it’s great that you found out those songs. Maybe I’ll check them out later :)

Awesome new theme btw, Georgie ;}

OMG I hate it when you have a song stuck in your head and you don’t know what it is. It’s even worse when you hear it in a store or something and you’re ripping your hair trying to find out what it is lol. I don’t really have that problem anymore because there’s this app on iPhone that’s called Shazam and you just let it hear 10 seconds of the song and it will track it for you. It probably saved me from needing to be locked up in an asylum lol.

Yeah, I’ve been looking at getting a subdomain and I’ve actually already been offered one so I might take that up when this account expires. And yeah, I actually wasn’t too upset about losing Yearn. When I lost the account (I actually didn’t find out until a month later because I wasn’t active) I was swamped with homework, studying for final exams, and a rigorous soccer schedule so I just felt relieved and free when I lost the account. I was a little upset a while later though, when I would be looking at my affiliate’s websites and I’d be like “I wish I could still do that” but now I can lol!

Yeah, I actually left early for summer break and had to take all my final exams early, which was 3 days in hell lol. I wouldn’t have had to but our school year got extended because we had to cancel a few days because of bad snowy weather and stuff and we couldn’t really change our flight times because it’d be an extra 200$ per person X_X

Wow, 28 months? That’s great! And yeah, 60% of marriages here in the USA end in divorce so it’s hard to find a happy couple here lol.

Yeah, I really don’t understand why people discriminate towards gay people. I mean, your criticizing them for being different. It’s not right. My gay friend is really nice, too, and everyone loves him because he’s so funny and outgoing and we all accept him for who he is.

I know, it’s so sad. I mean, I’m sure anyone who knew my friend would take a bullet for her but her ex-boyfriend was so cruel to her. I really don’t understand boys haha.

Ughh I HATE arranged seats. We get to pick them in most classes but not in that particular one. What was worse was that they’re the kinds of tables that are two per person so it’s not like I have anyone else to talk to -_-. This is pretty much what happens every day (I drew this in like 5 minutes. I know it’s a disgrace to manga lol):

Oh my. Reading this post, I felt like I was in a story. I was like “ugh! what coould the song be?!” and “I hate when that happens!”

I think it’s just amazing that you were able to find out the song and artist for him. Just amazing.

There is nothing like finally solving the mystery of a song whose name/artist you did not know! :)

It’s good that I think before I act, but, that’s not what I’m saying. It’s a useless hesitation because there’s nothing to think or worry about yet I still think or worry about it.

Like, when I go to a restaurant, I’m not overthinking what food I’m gonna buy. I overthink how to call the waiter, if I might do it wrong, what they might think of me…and that’s just a waiter.

I’m always surrounded by spontaneous people, haha. Sometimes I feel left out cause I shy away from doing a lot of things they suggest, but I think they’re starting to rub off on me, haha.

That’s sad that she has to wait until 25. I hope you do find a concert to watch soon.

Teachers ruin my favorite subjects a lot, haha.

Oh songs that get stuck in your head are called meme’s. xDDD or earworms. They actually have a lot of names. :D

Anyways, that’s really cool how you were right. ^_^ Sunsets. :D I’d love to hear that song some day. :D I’ve never heard of that band, that’s too bad they’ve broken up. It’d be cool if you could watch their concert. ^_^

Sometimes, I know the song’s tune but my singing incapabilities prevent anyone else from knowing the song :P What a fail.


Politics didn’t interest me either. But UN really gave me a greater appreciation for it. I still don’t like politicians and the idea of politics but I’ve come to appreciate more :D

That would have been epic if I took Japanese. I think they’re thinking of shutting down the Japanese program at my school altogether because there’s so few students O.o

Woot Sebby. ^_^ He’s on the forum right?

Time does heal all wounds. But then again time is relative. :P

Ohhh, you have your licence? What’s the next level :P

It’s so true, a friend is really all we need in such hard times. ^_^

OH that’s HSC XDD

Apple is restricted when it comes to programs but they actually do have nice ones. Well like for Editing stuff like videos and music :D


I always sleep dead. :P It makes sleeping easier xDDD And I end up sleeping better :P

Wait, they told you to write BIG in the HSC? Whose they? Hahaha, if it was the administration that would be silly :P

You’re mom told you that? (That if you hate a subject you will fail) :P That not very motivational…

Hey Georgie!

Omg you are fantastic! You found the song for your life long friend. That was nice of you to do that for him. Okay well; maybe not life long friend but a friend. Anyway, I’ve never heard much of Powderfinger. Maybe it’s an independent australian band? I dunno. I was never into rock emo or ska all that much when I was younger. It was all about Country music. The newer kind of country music not like Willie Nelson the kind my grandmother loves. But the newer kinds like LeAnn Rimes, Garth Brooks and so fourth.

I finally got my site up. It took me all night to get it to where I want it to be, and another day to do the content. I’m sorry it took me forever to do so but I was painting my room yesterday, and I didn’t really know how to paint or anything so my daddy told me how to do it and than his gf told me how as well. More like showed me and I got done faster doing it her way. Then the wall painting came naturally to my daddy as he did the rest. I got to take a dip in our pool. Man it was refreshing and relaxing. Especially on my tired feet from standing up so long. But I never complained. That felt like home to me. This house we’re currently living in right now does NOT feel like home any more. The house in Beaumont does. lol. Isn’t that strange?

I’m trying to decide on what college would be the better college for me to go on and get my nursing degree either UEI or Everest. They’re both out in San Bernadino, so I’d have to check it up with my daddy. Do you still call your dad daddy? I do. I know I’m 27 years old and everything but it’s a habit. I don’t think I can call him anything else. Ya know?

But anyway, thank you for hosting me once again. This time I’m not going to let anyone talk me into being their hostee. Especially someone we both know. It just didn’t work out with her. Well; I’m glad you were able to figure out the mystery of the song. I’ve had so many songs stuck in my head especially the Jackie Chan version of I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (chinese version) from Mulan. Lmao. Go figure. Well; thank you again for hosting me!

Its torture when a song gets stuck in my head and I can’t remember it. Its been a little over a year when I was with my dad and heard a song I loved. I was so sure I would remember my mental note of the song but till this day it still bothers me 😢

Its the same with manga too, I remember spending like 12 hours, stressed out searching for it because I wanted to find a manga I read before. It wasn’t that the manga was good but I was just so stubborn I had to find it 😰

I would go crazy if that song bothered me for years, I would feel like its constantly nagging at me. That’s great you all found the song, I would have had a celebration because that’s an accomplishment finding a song he hasn’t heard for years D:

Oh I love your layout especially the colour scheme and the picture of the flower. I adore flowers on layouts so this looks wonderful!

That happens to me all the time, but somehow I always end up finding out the song. It’s never been a big mystery like the song in your story, haha.

Omg I absolutely love your blog. For me (a first time blogger) i think this is the best blog I’ve seen so far. It is such an inspiration to see how good a blog can look so good. If you could maybe check out my blog and give me some pointers on how i can make it better that would be great.

If you could check it out that would be great (Y)
again great blog, from Sonya =)

I hate it when I get a song stuck in my head. It bugs me so much until I remember/figure out what song it is. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and think ‘oh yeah! It’s….’ and go back to sleep, lmao. If I can’t think of the answer I end up searching the lyrics I can remember and usually find an answer. :)

I’m related to the guitarist from Duran Duran! He’s my dads second cousin, IDK if that makes him my third cousin or what… XD