The feeling of being in love… can be beautiful, painful, excruciating, amazing, tear-jerking, honest, and almost every feeling in the world clasped into one.

I’ve been with my current boyfriend James for over two years, and we’ve been friends for longer. I see a future for us, and I feel happy to be… to put it frankly, so in love.

Days pass when I almost feel pain though, for those who are less fortunate. The feeling of unrequited love is, most of all, excruciating. I’m sure that many of us have been down that path and realised we were just hurting ourselves because it was so difficult to turn back and forget the one we had fallen for.

Throughout my high school years I went through several relationships, and I also witnessed the relationships of other people. Well, it’s something we see, every day, is it not?

Today when Sebby and I were walking to the station we spotted a gay couple. It’s a bit beside the point, but I have nothing against people who are gay; I have a few openly gay guy friends who are wonderful souls.

But the thing that hurts me so much, even though I’m in love, happy, and maybe considered lucky – is seeing other people in pain. Seeing people in pain might be a rare occurrence, but the one of the worst scenarios is seeing someone fall deep into a pit of unrequited love.

My heart goes out to every person who has ever felt that way. I don’t know why. I have close friends to me who’ve had their hearts ripped out, tried so hard to move on, and showed so strongly above it all – but I still have faith that they will find someone. I really do.

If anything breaks my heart besides unrequited love, it’s seeing someone suffer from it.

In other unrelated news (yeah, I’m sorry I have to hop off on a large tangent)… Years ago I begged my parents to get my driver’s licence before they changed the rules to increase the number of minimum hours before progressing to the next level. Now I’m pissed off because my mum and dad haven’t had the chance to let me drive lately, so I haven’t driven in a year. My licence expires in less than a month and there’s no way I’m going behind the wheel and going for my test. Not just because I suck at driving, but because my mum isn’t going to let me.

Damn. I wish I had secretly taken driving lessons without her knowing. Then I could get behind the wheel now and show her that I am awesome.

Not happening, dude.

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Ngaww /love

Yeah, that reminds me of the couple I saw in Maccas.
‘No cuddles’, she said. Hahahahahhah
Ahh, love. What a strange thing (for that dude)

Learn to drive /frog
You won’t make it for June, but maybe in the holidays and summer and stuff! /bounce
Not that it’s much use to me either, since I don’t have a car. *sad flap*


Hahaha that was just super odd. O_O But if love didn’t have any sort of arguments or fights it would be horribly perfect.

I wish you could teach me now to drive. /faw That’s a good point though; not much use without a vehicle. :( ♥

Helloooooooo :D

I am still in LOVE with your website layout :) It’s so awesome ^^ /eee /love It’s like AMAZING awesome :)

Yeah…Every time I read books with epic love stories in them, I’m always like “OUCH. Love hurts! :O ” But then again, I shouldn’t judge from what I read from books :P That’s a little sad XD

But I think that just LOVING someone or something, even if you’re not IN love can hurt, but at the same time it can be the best feeling ever because your chest just feels so full and like you want to DO something AMAZINGLY EPIC to let out all that emotion and happiness :)

Hehe! I can tell you’re in love with James 👏 ✌️ And it’s cute, and I am SO happy for you, I can’t even find the words to describe how happy I am for you. But it’s a lot. Like on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d pick infinity :) Hahaha. It’s GREAT! I’m looking forward to the years ahead when I can tease you guys about being together so long and being so couple-y XD

Yeah! I saw you go through all those relationships, and they SUCKED. Well they were great in the beginning but they got…bad…and it was really painful to watch you get your heart broken :( Seriously! I’m so happy you have James now :)

Oh my god. I am totally an EXPERT in having feelings for someone who doesn’t have them back. And not being able to stop :( It SUCKS. But it’s okay, I’m SLOOOOOOWLY getting over it… :) Man, it’s so hard to forget :( SO HARD! Especially when you fall really hard for that person /wah

Oooooh seeing gay people openly together makes me happy :) Hehehehe. I don’t know why, it just does. It’s like “Yay! Go you guys for making us accept gay relationships and making us less conservative :) ” It’s just…cool :)

Yeah…I think seeing people hurting, regardless of the reason, is really hard. But when they’re suffering from unrequited love and the person they’ve fallen for just doesn’t deserve it. That makes me angry /angry At the other person. Not the suffering person.

Awwww! *hugs* :( It sucks that your license is expiring and you can’t sit the test. SUCKS! Don’t worry! James can drive you around! RAWR :P But it does suck that your parents don’t have enough faith in your driving ability. Seriously. I’m the crappest driver I know. You’d be WAY better than me! :(

Haha thanks! You know I still love it too. ;)

Love does hurt! And I think a lot of the stories and things I’ve read have come from books and movies more so than real life. But putting it into perspective as if it were real life, it’s so complicated.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I think that’s true to some extent but that doesn’t really say anything about it hurting – which it does!

LOL people have made comments about us being so romantic. 😳

Awww. ♥ You are one of those people I feel for! *hugs* It really is hard though, no matter where you are or in what dimension (yeah I just pulled a Sheldon Cooper-like phrase) the relationship is in, unrequited love sucks. :(

I think it’s nasty with all the stereotypes around and discrimination. People who are gay should be able to be open with their relationship without worrying about a thing.

Well love can be hard and unfair, I guess it can’t be helped if someone doesn’t love someone back. My heart totally goes out to those people who deserve love.

LOL I cannot be that good! I’ll have to wait and see; at least driving isn’t a must right now. :P

Man, I miss being in love. It’s such a wonderful feeling… when it’s returned of course. There’s a lot of happiness and security in it, knowing someone will always be there for you, or at least thinking they always will be. ♥

I’m glad that I’ve never actually felt unrequited LOVE before. I mean, I’ve had crushes, but I’ve never considered myself to be in love at those times. It can still be really painful though at times, which is why I hate them.

Aww, I think it’s so cute to see a happy gay couple. :) It’s great to see them together, despite what so many people think against them. ♥

This reminds me of something that happened the other night when I was at a friend’s grad party. This girl Caitlyn was there, and she is gay. So at one point when we were outside, she got really sad and I saw her say to Alex (the person whose party it was) “you’ve gotta help me out”, after he had hugged his new girlfriend. He said he thought she could handle herself now and it was at a later point in life that he thought she would need help, and she said that now was when she needed it the most. I’m pretty sure they were talking about finding her a girlfriend, considering the context and all. I thought it was really really sad. :( …Then later she drank and felt better. I also thought that was really sad. =/

It reminds me of Jimmy as well, last July when Reema cheated on him. I remember how horribly upset he was when he called me that morning. T_T He’s STILL bitter about it, and I’m sure it doesn’t help that she’s still with that guy. At least he’s not in love with her anymore.

Ugh, so what extra things will you have to do to get your license now? D: My mom signed me up for the second class, which I’m taking next week. She’s forcing me to get my license before I go to college. xP Given the choice, I would happily wait.


Aww don’t feel too cut up about it. In the days when I was single, I definitely felt the same way. I wanted to love and be loved in return.

I had many crushes which weren’t anything more than that – I had a friend who I liked more than a friend, and we were so close, but when I sort of confessed that, things got pretty ugly. :(

I agree. I have nothing against gay people and I think it’s good that they can be comfortable with each other in public without thinking about all the discrimination that goes around.

Aww, that’s really sad. I sort of feel that everyone deserves to be loved in some way, no matter who, or how.

That’s true; it would suck if he was still in love with her! But knowing that the person you like/love moved on to someone else, that really does hurt. I suppose it was just a bit scarring for him.

I have to do more hours! (120 instead of 50.) I don’t really need my licence so I suppose I’m not in a rush to get one but I’m disappointed that it expires soon. :(

Good luck to you too! /bounce

I used to use firefox, but I started getting pop-up problems, and I prefer Chrome anyway. :)

Damn, I have to write a story for homework this week. :S

I sure will :D it’s perfect for me :P

I feel the same as you do. Although I think I’m in the kind of relationship right now that is unbalanced. I think I love him way more than he does me.

Unrequited love sucks. Luckily I’ve never had to see a friend go through something like that. You are really lucky to have James. Quite a lot of the things you say about him makes him seem like a really great boyfriend. I’ve been through a bad break-up which I eventually got through wth a combination of amazing friends and an iPod at full volume. I feel bad for my friends now when I had one of my worse days.

You have a way of writing things really quite simply but it’s really nice to read an honest blog like this.

Your new(ish) layout is beautiful. I usually gravitate to blue colours and this is the complete opposite but I somehow love it. Where did you get the quote from?

I cannot so much speak for this blog because I have never been in love and I am not planning to until I am a little older. I just know now I wouldn’t really be able to take it serious enough, you know?

Aww that stinks about your license thing! I am planning on getting my permit this September. :D My parents said they want me to wait but I just want to get my permit so then when I am 16, I can drive without waiting; you have to have your permit for a year. I don’t really care what my parents say…I feel ready. :3

Thanks! I am actually holding a designing competition right now in honor of the anniversary. XD I only have enough credits on my NC account to buy one domain but I am not sure yet… I might also have a content “boom” where I make a ton of new content. :)

Oh it’s fine! I knew Kya was changing to the VPS servers, but I never read the email to change nameservers. I should of thought of that because it is just common sense, too. No, no nothing in the blog was important at all. Yeah, the only recent comment I had was Allie’s. :P

You’re welcome! Whoa, maybe that cup of yogurt was your inspiration! ^^

Good to hear! Aww, I am sorry about your stress. I am out for summer break, thank Goodness. Is your break soon? I’m sure the break will do you very well!

Maybe because of you, I will begin to read poetry. It seems really soothing and helps people relieve stress. :)

You’re welcome! I should, shouldn’t I? Maybe print it out and hang it on my door or something. XD

I feel the same way! I’d write my opinions, but i actually feel the same way as you do! :)

About driving, that sucks! I didn’t drive the minimum hours required or whatever, i just drived a bit and took the test. i failed the first time (ha) but passed the second. Goodluck with driving, and nice layout :)

I’ve never been in love, really, which is kind of sad, don’t you think? I mean, I know I”m really young and all, but yeah :/ I’ve liked lots of people before, but I feel like I never really know them really well. It’s really sweet to see a gay couple cos I feel like they care about each other more than other couples because they aren’t afraid to show it, you know? :)

Awh, that sucks about your driving :( Hope your mom lets you drive and all.

I guess I do, though everyone commenting on that post says “I’m being strong for her” and it’s bugging me because honestly, I’m not doing much… She used the oxygen mask last night and I havent heard a complaint from her…yet. And the oxygen mask took a long while to set up. I hope your mom gets better too! (I had to look up osteoarthritis xD)

Yeah my mom’s the same way. She’s like “What if there’s something bad in my test results,” etc. (in chinese) and I always have to calm her down. My mom’s always early for the appointments, like one hour or 30 minutes early.

Oh that’s a really good idea for the 30 day challenge (the album covers), maybe I’ll do that or just make up something of my own.

Hm. For some reason it didn’t post all of my comment :/ Ah, well.

Haha, yes you are so popular and amazing :) Yes, I suppose to get popular, you have to be nice and have talent AND return your comments xD. The same goes for me.

I completely agree with what you say :)

Love is always difficult. I hate it when people fall for others, when they know they won’t actually love them in 10 years. I always know it will heart wrenching in the end.

Sugar, you need to get your license. I HAVE to get mine by the 30 of this month or I have to wait another year.

I understand if you just reply to the blog. I just feel the need to reply to both IF I can.

I am glad you liked the colours. I really didn’t like the background, but it took me 3 hours to find that one, and it was the LEAST busy.

The book was so much better than the movie. I will watch the movie again though. I will just complain.

Well people are a bit weird….

The last days of schools were just like any other days except no homework.

I’ve actually never had returned love, and I actually hate seeing people in love. Couples make me sick and bitter.
It’s not like I hate love. I’m just jealous because I’ve never really been loved the way I love.

My parents have told me that I’m the only one they know they could trust driving.
I haven’t even gotten my permit yet and they already think that highly of me. I have a feeling I’d be a good driver, but my parents wouldn’t be able to pay for lessons and all the things offered here for big bucks that can allow you cheaper insurance and such.

I’m going into overdrive (oh em gee, used your blog title) with the album making. I’m doing more than one a day… It takes my mind off troubles, as well as gives me a way to experiment and practise with graphics.

I hate media so much. It’s all about money money money and it just angers me to the point where I can’t even listen to my teacher talk about advertisements.

I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. It’s super pretty and awesome, because I love flowers.

I totally agree with your post. To love someone who loves you back is a great feeling, even if it does come with the potential for pain. I know what its like to be the one who has feelings that aren’t returned, and it really sucks.

I wish everyone in the world could just experience love, because then it would be a better place ♥ haha

I also totally agree with your comment about my post. It is going to happen no matter what and it shouldn’t be dwelled on, I just get so scared about it sometimes, not only for me but the people I care about as well. If I even think about some people dying, I want to cry. So I try not to think about it, haha.

Skydiving would be really scary, but it is something that I want to do. Hopefully one day I can :P

Bah, that sucks for the driving thing. Although she should let you take lessons, cause driving is a life skill that I can guarentee you’re going to need in the future a lot.

GUESS WHAT? I deleted my awful old commenting system and got one that was actually a real one! (: It’s very nice, because now no one has to send in their comments anymore! HAZZAH.

How do you not have Phineas and Ferb where you are? It’s a really cute show, even though it’s for five year olds. :P

I really should enter them in an art show or something! Although it’s really not fair to others, they’d have no chance!

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for posting it :)

That’s never happened to me before (at least, I don’t think so), but I don’t let other people use the layouts I really like. I put those in my portfolio, or just in my USB.

Having high expectations makes me work harder, but it makes me really annoyed when my expectations aren’t met. I hate it. I think I’d be fine with poetry – at least it’s in English.

Loving the new layout (: Muy bonita :D

Unrequited love. -sigh- Love. -sigh- I don’t know what to think of it. I really think I might end up having commitment issues when I grow up because I’m just…scared to commit to anyone after the few times I tried. It’s only been.. 3 times. I either hurt someone or I got hurt. Often the latter. And the latest has still left me in a hole. :P You know what I’m talking about. I’m still working on it, but I think my heart’s been mended. I’m just in one of those phases where thinking of love just hurts. I’d rather be surrounded by a lot of friends.

And sorry to hear about your license. :P I didn’t know you were going for it. Maybe next year? You totally should have gone out and gotten lessons secretly. Then you could show off your mad driving skills :D


Thank you Georgie (: You always know how to make me feel better with your blog comments. ^_^ I’m really glad there’s people like you who can relate to me. It makes me feel like this is just another life experience…and not one of the best ones.

Loving the balloon analogy :D

What’s HSC?

And I suppose one of the pressures is to prove to your parents that they didn’t fail. I mean, it’s kind of like if I fail, they fail. They made me… and me failing is just :P But I suppose that’s a bad way to look at it. But it is a way to look at it.

Google voice? xD That’s epic. :D I’ve never heard of that.

Yeah, I wish Apple wasn’t so … private. Hahaha, some of their programs I wish they made for Windows but no, they decide only Apple Users. PLUS the whole itunes thing. Gah.

sushi trains are so cool (: I saw one in a movie and I told my mom, I WANT TO GO TO ONE. And eventually I did. I go to them often. :D Sushi is yummy (:

Samessss, about being high at night. Hahaha, I didn’t really mind the late hours although I tried to avoid it because the next morning I’d wake up.. dead. The notesheets weren’t too bad. I think the sophomores last year had to do MORE. :P

Yeah, my partner always bolded AND double spaced his notesheets O.o So, they really didn’t fill the notesheets but they LOOKED like it did. But obviously it was an attempt to get away with doing less. Because mine were never bolded and I always had a ton on them. :P

Hahahaha, dating a younger guy? :P Geek. Hitting a teacher? :P Poor thing indeed.

I don’t like circle geometry, sure it’s interesting. But that’s what that last test was that I failed. :P So I’ve grown to like it. It’s a bad habit and probably the reason why I haven’t been doing well in the subjects I’m not too fond of :P

Aw crap I somehow refreshed this page & then lost like three sentences of my comment. Well it was basically this: I love this new layout! I love the colors & the font! Great job dear.

Jesus..okay I don’t know if you know this..but I effin’ love typography. Like when I see a great font, it is like eyegasmic to me…it’s so weird. It’s kind of like the way the color celadon makes my eyes love it so much..it’s so odd..but this font..is so much win. omg wtf i love it so much. hahaha. what font is this & how did you discover it?!

Great, now I’m going to come on over to your site just because I like the font. -_- hahaha

Ahh I know what you mean..I’m kind of ridiculously over-emotional..it’s really annoying. Honestly, my eyes are just like a never ending waterfall of tears. But anyway so one time my friend was telling me her story of this asshole who totally broke her heart. She wasn’t really like sad about it but I started CRYING omg..mostly because I’ve gone through the same thing but it hurt me to hear about that because I can relate & I know the pain..maybe I was just reliving the pain. haha but yeah honestly it is so heartbreaking when you hear about broken hearts & what not. Ahh…love….it is a mystery but when you’ve found it, it makes perfect sense. :)

I’m happy you’re happy, my love. :D You are definitely lucky to find your soul mate. :)

OMG WTF you’re 19!! You need your driver’s license!! Although you take the train everywhere so hm..but gahhh. I’m sorry dear. If only I could help you out. hahaha.

A broken heart is one of the worse feeling ever! Knowing that the person you love no longer loves you back is horrible. Really brings people down and lowering their confident.

Sucks that your license has expired and you need to take more lessons. You have to do 120 hrs before you can take a test? that’s seriously loads. Here it’s min 10 lessons I believe. I’ve had about 50 lessons so far and about to take my test soon!!

Being in love has its own perks. True it makes you see the world in a more positive light but sometimes the thing/person we love can be a source of pain as well. I’m not saying it is a bad thing to be in love but people who plan to commit themselves to be in a relationship has to be ready to face the difficulties that may lay before them. Then again, I would not have it any other way. :) True, love can hurt, but you learn something from it too.

Urgh, that sucks about your driving license. It reminds me of my own situation almost 3 years ago. I only started to drive 6 months after getting my license and even that was only possible because my dad was flying off to Dubai and there was no one to send/fetch my siblings from school.

I hope your parents will let you drive soon because it is important for you to get behind the wheels every now and then so you won’t forget the basics of driving before the test, you know, like how to parallel-park, reverse-park, etc.

Out of curiosity, how many hours do you need to fulfill before going for the test?

Woops! Somehow I didn’t notice the new post. I was probably having one of my dumb moments(again). :p Well, it’s good that you’ve got someone. That was a really deep blog, if you get what I mean. :)

Your mum wont let you take driving tests? Aww, thats bad. :/

Hey Georgie!
Do you remember me? I owned Yearn.us a while ago. Long time, no talk! Well, since I lost yearn.us I’ve moved to plastichearts.info. Hope to talk to you again soon!

Wow, you and James have been together for two years? That’s wonderful! Some married people don’t even stay together that long lol.

I have no problem with gay people. One of my best friends is gay and he is about one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I mean, I don’t get the big deal people make about people being gay. They’re people just like us.

I’ve seen so many of my friends get their heart broken in the past year by a bunch of jerks. I hated it even more when one of my friends who is about the kindest soul ever was cheated on. She cried for days. I felt terrible and I could barely do anything about it.

Haha I’ve had tons of times when the guy I liked didn’t like me back. But you manage, and dig yourself out of the hole eventually :). Doesn’t help though if you sit next to them in Spanish and Biology class though, lol.

thx hun ur blog really cheered me up, im single and i sometimes miss the attention, i dont miss the guy tho.. congrats on two years, canu see wedding bells? i hope ur license doesnt expire itll be a pain it does :(

You’re welcome. :) Haha I actually do see James and I getting married in the future. I know it’s nice having a guy around but at the same time you can give yourself a bit of attention.

It’s inevitable; my licence expires in less than a month and the only thing I can do is take another test to get a new permit. :(

I’ve never been in love before, I’ve never even had a really serious relationship xP There has one been guy where I’ve thought: ‘OMG I love him’, then I slap myself across the face and (not literally) and say: ‘Nah, I just like him a lot’, lol ;P

I have faith that everyone will/can find someone if they allow themselves too, some people just have no belief in love and they feel that everyone will eventually divorce which I think is pretty sad :/ I guess it’s about who you are surrounded by, my parents have been together for so long and they are still I think very much in love, even if they may argue at times like we all do xP That what strengthens my Faith in love :)

Jeez I hope everything sorts out with the driving :/

I feel sorry for them too. Must be awful to see the person you love with another person. I suppose that’ll always have to happen though.

Good luck with your driving. Sucks that you only have one month to do it, but at least you were honest with your parents. There is a brighter side!! And why did you have to do a minimum number of hour anyway?? I don’t think I have to do that when I eventually start driving lessons. I’m legally allowed to, but haven’t sent off the form yet, haha.

Thank you for talking about the gay couple so casually as if it were normal. I was expecting this blog to turn into something about gays feeling pain for being denied love or something… but it didn’t go there… and I was happy because it made me feel normal. :)

I’m happy that you are so much in love and happy and satisfied. Hopefully everyone can be like that so they are all happy… and more importantly… so you stop worrying about them!!

You’re welcome. :) It was actually the first time I had seen a gay couple showing affection in public but it was really nice to see. It definitely put a smile on my face the way they looked very happy together without a care for “social norms” or for whatever passersby would think. :)

wow. This is such an awesome post XD

Yeah.. I have friends who had their hearts broken too. :( I feel sad for them but I also think it’s so silly of them to get into relationships at this age. (we’re 15s btw). I’ve told them many times that this might not be the right time. but they wouldn’t listen. /pow

and then when their boyfriends/girlfriends break up with them, they will complain so much to me about how their ex-partners were not good enough for them.. /ehh

The longest relationship I’ve been in lasted for almost a year. And then we broke up. Now, I don’t want to get into any serious relationship yet. Haha. 😝 I’m just gonna enjoy myself XD

You are so right. :) I mean I love my family, but that is a little different since you are born into loving your family. I hope one day, when I am older, I will fall in love. :)

I would sneak it if you can get away with it. XD Personally, I wouldn’t sneak because my mom would find out within a day… :P I guess, though, it would eventually become obvious…so nevermind. LOL. Thank you! Yeah, I hear the permit test is a pain; there is the booklet you have to read. I guess you should know all the rules though. :P

The rules changed here just last year, I believe. It is if you’re born after the year of 1995, you cannot get your license until your 18 years old. Luckily, I was born in 1995, so I can get my license when I an 16. ;D LMAO. I hope. I am a little nervous. Mostly because I am terrified of getting in a car accident and killing someone. I guess most people have that fear though.

I decided I wouldn’t do a domain contest because I need that money to renew my domains. I wish I could though!

Hahahaha, I made it up off the top of my mind. XD I am going to use that word more often, you know, when I add more content and stuff. Aww, no you don’t. I love your content! It is so well-made…I am jealous. :P

I know. :) I love how she is so calm about everything, and even when things are horrible, she is so friendly. :) I am so glad I went with her as my host. Best ever.

Hahah, obviously. :P It seems a lot of people are going on random hiatuses.

LOL. Whenever I am waiting until breaks, I count down the days in my school agenda. It makes it go slower though hahaha.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in love before :P Sometimes I think I like someone but they’re usually just crushes. The last time I liked a guy, I was like 10 so it was one of those lame kid crushes. Now that I’m a teenager it’s more like I see a random guy and be like HEY THAT GUY IS ATTRACTIVE! But I don’t think you can really LOVE someone unless you know them on some level.

That sucks about the driving D: I’m 15 so I can’t get a license yet but my dad let me step on that…pedometer thing once? I don’t know what it’s called but the thingy at the bottom that let’s you move your car forward, lmfao. Fail car terminology. I nearly crashed his car against a pole so yeah, when it comes time for me to get a license, he’ll probably be like “I REMEMEBER THAT TIME YOU ALMOST CRASHED MY CAR AND I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOUR DRIVING SKILLS SO NO LICENSE FOR YOU.” I hope I can show off my awesomeness one day too.

Love. To be honest, I’ve never really know how love (besides loving my family, of course!) actually feels because I’ve never been in a love relationship and I’m seriously way too young for that. Maybe someday when I graduate high school.

At my old school, my English teacher used to discourage us from having boy/girlfriends because it’s not really important while you’re young (I agree seeing back then we were only 11 years old! But lots of my friends have boy/girlfriends) at least not until you’re matured enough for that or in high school.

Even with that said, I have loads of my friends who were dumped by their boyfriends so I guess in someway I could understand how crushed they felt after being broke up.

Love can be quite dangerous (unless you’re with the right person). It is sooo painful and can make you float in ashtrays feeling sad and lonely.

Sometimes I feel bad for others that they have to go through an unrequited love. Because they thought if they love someone, they would be loved as well in return. And suddenly their hopes just gone…

Aww… I’m sorry that your parents didn’t let you drive for nearly one year. Hmm. I don’t see the reason why your mum isn’t going to let you renew your license. Being able to drive is really important in emergency situations so perhaps you could convince her again? Maybe. Best of luck!

Wow. Some of these comments are as long as a blog post, lol. Hi! I’m Sutaru. Nice to meet you. :)

I totally know what you’re talking about. Unrequitted love is difficult to see and to handle, all the more so if you’ve been through it before. Sometimes, it’s just so painful, so difficult to let go. You never get any closure and you want to let go, but you’re afraid.

As for the driving thing, that totally sucks. Between the time when I got my permit and when I got my license, I didn’t take my actual license test until a month before my permit expired, but between that time, they implemented this law where you had to have 50 hours of driving experience, so my parents and I faked the log, lol. I’d had plenty of driving experience, but since it wasn’t required of me when I got my permit, we never bothered to keep a log. We just changed pens and handwriting and my mom and dad signed a lot of lines.

It’s pretty silly your mom won’t let you take the test. That just means she’d have to keep driving you around everywhere. My mom was really relieved when my sister and I both got our licenses and she didn’t have to be our “taxi driver” anymore.

HI GEORGINA let’s see where it says my comment is being held for moderation. (Y)

HELLO RACHEL. Are you going to change your Gravatar? Random question, I know… ^_^


It’s funny, I was going to type that I needed to change my gravatar in my comment, but then I didn’t. xD


Wrapping gifts is easier than wrapping books. But I know I’ll have to learn how to wrap them myself because my mom can’t do it for me my whole life. :P

It’s been pretty cold here, too. It’s not cold, it’s not hot. It’s kind of warm so I like it!

Haha. I like turtles and snails, too. I think they’re pretty cool because they walk in slow motion. XD

LOL, I didn’t know zombies can turn into humans without medicine or anything. XD

Yep. Mostly it’s the private colleges that require you to wear uniforms. I wouldn’t have wanted to wear to civilian clothes in school because I’ll have a hard time picking what to wear.

I told you it’s good! So who’s your favorite character in Harry Potter? :P

Yeah. It’s not really nice to judge people by what you see.

Haha. Some of my catch phrases can be found in books, too!

I used to not agree with being gay, but now I’m not. I’ve met a few gay people in my life and just like you said, they’re wonderful souls.

I also feel bad for others who have love problems. Those who recently broke up or had a fight with their boyfriend/girlfriend. When I see people who are in pain because of love, sometimes I wish I would never fall in love.

Aww, that sucks! It’s too bad your mom won’t let you drive. I know she’ll have to, soon. She (or your dad) can’t drive you all the time!

Sorry for the very late reply!

I like studying radiation in physics. I was really good at that and I got an A on that area. I found it really interesting. Space is interesting too. I just hate forces and all that stuff.

Yeah I have one brother that is 25 and one that is 27. I’m very much the baby of the family!

There must be a lot of websites to go through and change the details of. I hope you find them all!

This layout is so pretty! I love it. The photograph used looks so beautiful :)

I agree with what you are saying in your blog. I have been hurt in previous relationships but it sometimes feels even worse to watch my friends suffer in relationships. If they have been hurt emotionally, I just feel like I want to get revenge on the person who has hurt them. I can’t stand seeing people in pain when they have done nothing wrong to deserve it.

I know a few gay people. In fact, one of my brothers is openly gay and when I found out I didn’t feel any differently towards him. He doesn’t act “gay” he’s just a normal person. I still love him the same way and I always will. He’s so much fun and I love going shopping with him because he gives the best fashion advice :D He always buys me perfect gifts of me of my birthday and Christmas because he just knows what I like. I wouldn’t change the way he is at all!

It sucks that your mum is fussy when it comes to you driving. My mum is desperate for me to learn how to drive. My dad has even been picking out cars for me and I’ve still got another 6 months before I’m old enough to drive!

Ah, i thought there was going to be some huge story about your observations on the gay couple, but i must’ve misread that context. You know what though… as much as i hated the pain of having had my heart torn out and hating myself for having been so stupid, etc etc when i was younger and all… i wrote some of my best songs and poetry during those. I do miss the whole lovey dovey thing though. Ah fuck, horrible way to think on a Saturday night!

Btw, Australian licenses expire?!?!! I’m so glad i’ve got my full NZ license. Very useful. I don’t know how some people my age or older don’t even have their learners.

That’s great.

I understand, your parents care about you, it’s normal.

Glad to hear that even though you’ve changed your timetable for next semester, have no class in the afternoon. That’s great.

Yeah laptops are big. If maybe I should get a netbook, but not now because just two years ago that I have my laptops, so wait a while. Besides I don’t use it all the time. Yeah I understand. It is true that the netbook you can carry with one hand, hence your comfort.

your welcome! Glad you liked it :) hugs *

I too loved the Backstreet Boys. I felt too embarrassed to admit that I liked, but I grew up with them and I used to listen to his music on the radio. Yeah it is true that much of the music oh the 90s is much better than the silly doof music we Have nowadays. Luckily, I still hear pretty music from the 80s and the 90s as it used to listen to before.

If maybe you should sleep earlier, so you won’t be so tired.
If I suppose that’s worth a try, you lose nothing.

your welcome Georgina! * hugs *

First of all I must thank you for writing about this subject. I enjoyed reading it. I think your view is very good.

It is true that the feeling of being in love can be beautiful, but also can be painful and unbearable when this love is not reciprocated by the person you are in love. It is there when you go into a spiral of suffering and despair.

I’ve been in love only once, and unfortunately it was an unrequited love, and believe me it was going really bad. But with time everything can be overcome /um

My heart breaks when I also see people in that situation of unrequited love :(

It’s great you see a future with your boyfriend, I hear wedding bells in a few years. I’m glad you feel happy being in love. Love is a very nice feeling when it is reciprocated. :)

It sucks that your license is expiring and you don’t go to the test. When I got a driver’s license, my father didn’t trust my ability for driving, but I got it.
Good luck! :)