The feeling of being in love… can be beautiful, painful, excruciating, amazing, tear-jerking, honest, and almost every feeling in the world clasped into one.

I’ve been with my current boyfriend James for over two years, and we’ve been friends for longer. I see a future for us, and I feel happy to be… to put it frankly, so in love.

Days pass when I almost feel pain though, for those who are less fortunate. The feeling of unrequited love is, most of all, excruciating. I’m sure that many of us have been down that path and realised we were just hurting ourselves because it was so difficult to turn back and forget the one we had fallen for.

Throughout my high school years I went through several relationships, and I also witnessed the relationships of other people. Well, it’s something we see, every day, is it not?

Today when Sebby and I were walking to the station we spotted a gay couple. It’s a bit beside the point, but I have nothing against people who are gay; I have a few openly gay guy friends who are wonderful souls.

But the thing that hurts me so much, even though I’m in love, happy, and maybe considered lucky – is seeing other people in pain. Seeing people in pain might be a rare occurrence, but the one of the worst scenarios is seeing someone fall deep into a pit of unrequited love.

My heart goes out to every person who has ever felt that way. I don’t know why. I have close friends to me who’ve had their hearts ripped out, tried so hard to move on, and showed so strongly above it all – but I still have faith that they will find someone. I really do.

If anything breaks my heart besides unrequited love, it’s seeing someone suffer from it.

In other unrelated news (yeah, I’m sorry I have to hop off on a large tangent)… Years ago I begged my parents to get my driver’s licence before they changed the rules to increase the number of minimum hours before progressing to the next level. Now I’m pissed off because my mum and dad haven’t had the chance to let me drive lately, so I haven’t driven in a year. My licence expires in less than a month and there’s no way I’m going behind the wheel and going for my test. Not just because I suck at driving, but because my mum isn’t going to let me.

Damn. I wish I had secretly taken driving lessons without her knowing. Then I could get behind the wheel now and show her that I am awesome.

Not happening, dude.

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