Overtones of Day

Years ago when I studied my HSC, we studied the works of a poet by the name of Gwen Harwood. It seemed that a lot of people in our year group hated poetry. To say the worst of it would be to say that they thought poetry was for “emos”.

I sigh restlessly at that fact; I know not everyone can appreciate poetry and find it hard to do so. But as someone who grew up from writing kiddish stories in little poems that just had to rhyme – to writing poetry deep with meaning – I love reading poetry so much. I even love to recite it; what’s a poem without being recited?

Though I love the works of T.S. Eliot… Harwood had some beautiful pieces that we studied during our last year of high school. Perhaps any other person would be sickened to death of having to come across her poems again (most of them had sexual allusions and we were obviously sick of writing essays on them)… but I wouldn’t be.

Some time ago I was looking for a copy of her poems online. They are extremely difficult to find. I only had printed copies for my study all those years ago. My favourite poem of hers was The Violets.

I then discovered a small selection of her poems that were “rare”. It was in a set of Uncollected Poems. Gwen Harwood had written them under the name of “Gwendoline Foster”.

That was when I discovered Water-Music and instantly fell in love.


Gently on the slipping stones
moves the swift unfolding flood.
Ribbed with dusk, the stream intones
requiem for restless blood.
All the overtones of day
vanish in the sounding tide.
History dissolves away,
I return to Adam’s side.
Sleeping in a twisted root
lies the subtle enemy,
still the bright and bitter fruit
hangs untasted on the tree.
Empty, perfect swells the dream
in its bubble-skin of sleep:
gathering upon the stream
are the tears mankind will weep
when I bite the world apart,
show the sweet corrosive core
and the sorrows at its heart
salt their bread for evermore.

This layout was inspired by the poem. I took the photograph myself of flowers in my garden. I only edited the colouring (in Photoshop). As you can see, the layout bears a resemblance to my portfolio Celestine.me. I’m just loving the font Gisha at the moment. ♥️

I know the layout is a bit on the big side of things… but at least it works in all browsers. If you have a small screen I guess you’ll have to zoom out.

Sebby has a new catch phrase… “for plushie!” I just think it’s hilarious. You know those Obama-style posters with the red/blue/cream/white colours? Ryan, Sebby and I got the application on our iPhones after Ryan discovered it.

Whilst Ryan was waiting for us after class, he was clearly engrossed with the application on his iPhone, modifying random photographs with different tones of colour and tagging them with text.

The most hilarious was when we were trying to think of a catch phrase for Sebby. Since he bought a plushie today at the shop, Ryan simply typed “PLUSHIE” across the bottom of the picture. Hell yeah, I’d go for the plushie party too if I had to vote. Mine wasn’t as amazing, but here’s the one Ryan made for me. (Yes, that’s me looking pretty stoned with a sundae.)

Do you have a catch phrase? :D

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Ooh, pretty :D Pondering a new layout myself… will keep you posted!

This layout is quite gorgeous, Georgina! :)

-sigh- It’s so sad, isn’t it? That most young people don’t appreciate, or take the time to appreciate, poetry. They automatically assume it’s lame and for extremely emotional people. Little do they know that the music they listen to is a type of poetry! XD

Ooh, I’ve never heard of Gwen Hardwood, but I do like the poem you have posted here, “Water-Music”. I might have to see if I can find more of her work online :)

Hahaha, that app is so cool XD They have an app for just about everything these days. The catch phrase your friend created is also cute, pahaha!

Hellyeah, Glass Jar. ::
That was THRUST! /bounce

I dunno, I can appreciate poetry in small amounts. ngege!

I don’t really have a catchphrase (because I’m not a superhero, athlete or gay prostitute) but there are things I like to say in negative situations, in order of increasing gravity:
-crudnuggets (a bird pooped on wuggs grade, chased by weiner dog grade)
-crap-spackle! (a flock of birds poop on the two of us, chased by rabid weiner dogs across the foggy moors of scotland)
-shit on a stick! (2012 grade)


I loved the Glass Jar – I also loved Father and Child. Hmm, yeah, the phallic symbol of the gun. I still remember the picture you drew on the side of your paper. /love

LOL I still remember the time you said “holy bleeding shit on a stick” in year 11. I was so surprised. This coming from you, the boy always saying “ello” on MSN. :’)


I find poetry interesting, at times. I just get annoyed when it’s the kind that’s really hard to decipher.

Before, our teacher gave us this book report as an assignment, and everyone assumed it would be boring. Some people still found it boring, but others, including me, ended up loving the book. :)

I love your new layout btw. :D

I don’t think I have a catch phrase, haha. Who knows though, I may unconsciosly be saying one without me noticing. :))

I like to learn too, but it usually depends how interesting the lesson is. I actually love math, but I would never say that to my friends, haha. They already call me a math nerd. :))

If I were an employer, I would probably do the same, but it’s just a shame that so many people can’t get employed because of that.

My mom would get extremely mad at me if I ever posted a picture of myself on my website, haha. My parents are really supportive though, and they do want design to be a part of my future. :)

HELLOOOOO :D CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW LAYOUT :) :) ♥ I love it already! I’m sorry, but I may have to break off my engagement with your previous layout for this one. I like this one more ^^ And I totally DID notice that it matched with your Celestine.me layout :) I found that so cool! It’s like you’re having a flower theme :P But your flower pictures are very nice ^^

I like the brown and green colour scheme! It’s so earthy! Your brown and pink Celestine.me colour scheme is cool too ^^ They’re both pretty ♥

IT’S OKAY! My browser is tiny and I can still see the layout fine ^^ No need to zoom out for me :D

Omg, poetry in highschool! I hate T.S Eliot as a person because he’s so misogynistic and such. But I thought his poetry was awesome, because it was so depressing. He was…EMO! D: But still, he was a GENIUS in how he could invoke so much meaning into his poems and get such a despairing message across, and I can respect him for that. :) Poetry is AWESOME! One day I am going to sit down all day and recite poetry. I haven’t done that in so long /wah :(

Gwen Harwood’s poetry ♥ A lot of our teachers criticised it because it was so simplistic. But I like that her poetry was simple, but…not? Like it seems so simple, but it makes you think a lot and when you think about it, meaning just…comes out :) Violets ♥ Man, I want to go read her poems again! LOL :P I liked the Owl one…Oh god, what was it called? The Night Owl? The father-daughter one? But I think Violets was the most peaceful one :)

I like that poem! :D Water-music. It kind of flows so well, it reminds you of water music. It’s cool! It starts off all calm and then ends all sinister. :D It ROCKS!

Hahaha! LOL at your Bazinga! Poster :P It’s so very cute! But it doesn’t match the catch-phrase! You’re sitting there looking all cute and stuff and “Bazinga!” sort of implies you are ready for ACTION! :P But then again Sheldon doesn’t really jump up and RAWR “Bazinga!” either :P

Well at least he didn’t in that youtube clip you showed me :P That app looks so cool! I WANT ONE NOW! A poster, I mean. Not an iphone :P

‘FOR PLUSHIES’ is such a cute catch phrase. I’d totally vote for that party too because my room practically has an army of plushies :P

My catch-phrase? Probably “BITE ME!” or “RAWR!”

Okay, to be honest I don’t think I have one. :( How sad.

LOL even I think this layout is better than the previous… even Sebby said so. I’m glad though; you’re a better match with this one!

I used to hate using flowers in my layouts because they turned out tacky but I think I did a good job here. I actually like the colours I used, muahaha. I feel very proud of it, admittedly. :)

I know there are some screens tinier than yours though. At least I have the mobile theme for mobile phones and iPhones so it makes it look entirely different. Anyway, I don’t know what I’m saying; I’m tired. :P

I love T.S. Eliot’s poetry! I never looked into him as a person. But if you haven’t, his poem The Wasteland is an epic 300-liner with one extremely huge passage of enjambment. Extremely huge. You have to take a massive breath before reciting it. :O

I didn’t think her poetry was too simplistic! I thought it was terrific. It was pretty visual and full of imagery too. T.S. Eliot can be so vague and convoluted at the same time – I guess, vague in meaning an convoluted in words.

Barn Owl and Nightfall were the two sections of Father and Child, I think! :D

I know! Argh, Ryan should have taken a picture of me with a feisty face or something. :P I wonder what it would be like if I blew up these images and stuck them everywhere. 8D

I don’t think I have a catch phrase – I can’t steal “bazinga” – that’s not original!

“Asdfgh” it is, then… /sweat

Ugh! I just realised that some parts of my comment were cut off because of the use of greater/lower than arrows.

I’ll re-submit the whole comment, minus the arrows (I copy comments before I submit, in case something goes wrong /hehe)

/start lulz :P

OMG, MY EYES ARE CONFRONTED WITH SUCH AN ELEGENT LAYOUT! Georgie, Georgie, Georgie! You never fail to impress. Seriously. Gorgeous use of implementing the @font-face element!

Poetry! I don’t hate it, nor do I love it. Like yourself I enjoy reading it, and reciting it! Especially if it’s something
with comedic value xP Although I do have my moments with reading poetry conveying deeper meanings. My only reason for the slight
dislike of said topic is because I fail at writing it myself! Haha /sweat

I’ve never heard of Gwen Harwood, to be honest I haven’t heard of many poets at all. She sounds extremely talented though, especially
after reading Water-Music; it’s just amazing!

Rofl! Plushie party ftw, haha. To be honest, all the hype around the upcoming Aus election is become insipid. And even though I’m not of
voting age, I don’t want Kevin Rudd to lose to the likes of Tony Abbott, in fact I believe they’re both full of crap. I’m not into politics much, but I
really would prefer if someone completely different took control.. like me /evil haha, god I would fail miserably running gov. I know.. you run for
PM Georgie! Create your own party, you’ll have my complete support (but I won’t be able to vote for you for a few years, lolol xD)

BAZINGAAAA. You wacko, Georgie ! But you do not look stoned ;P ♥ ♥
My catch phrase? Hmm, I don’t have one in particular, but I absolutely love reciting lines in Japanese from anime to my friends. Like
‘dattebayo’ or ‘taju kage bunshin no jutsu’. They just laugh and call me weird ^o^ that’s how i dooooz.

Don’t worry about replying to this comment, and my apologies for not being able to reply properly to your former comment as I have no access to it
(all locked up, tight and secure in a .sql file on my desktop :3 harharhar), but I’ll return it as soon as I gets mah bby cozmosis.net back! (Okay,
maybe not as soon as I’m so lazy, but eventually !)


Hey Cozza~ Aw, come on, I had to return your comment. I have this plugin, and you’re such a doll to even be commenting at all! Anyway, I trust that your comments are pretty much the same so I took the one you resubmitted and removed the other. :)

I usually copy comments in case something goes wrong too. :P

I only recently learned about @font-face. Talk about it! I picked up on the “new” CSS in university. We didn’t actually learn it but it was mentioned so I decided to look further into it.

Aww you shouldn’t hate poetry because you aren’t so good at it. Every person also writes in their own way, and writes differently. That’s one of the beautiful things about poetry, I believe.

LOL I am of voting age and nothing has come up. But Tony Abbott has been rather notorious lately, and Rudd hasn’t really been keeping his silly little promises. I couldn’t care less about politics though; it’s just one of those things I am completely not interested in.

It would be hilarious if I tried to run for Prime Minister though. Utterly hilarious. XD

Oh, I should pick up on my Japanese or something; I wish I had something better to say than “Oyasuminasai” – which is pretty much the only thing I can recall other than “aishiteru” and “baaka”. :P

I really do hope you get your baby domain back though; I’d die if Heartdrops got kicked away. I know I have other domains but I think in the end it would all come to this little one. ♥

Wow! A new layout? It’s very nice (Y) Btw, Enjoyed on your b’day? I’m sure you did with such great friends.

Even I love to read poems. One of my best friend writes poems. She writes basically about impossible love, and her poems are a bit on the sadder note. But it makes you very emotional.

My catch phrase is : What rubbish! XD

Haha I just went to your website then click off for awhile. When I came back I was thinking ‘who’s this and what a nice layout’.

I hate poetry with a passion. I just don’t get them. But I did write a few for my mum once. A poem is nice when written in a song I think but I can never read them on websites or write them my self and place them on my website.

I just read “Anything But Ordinary” and love it. You have a good way with words. I just think good poets are wasting great words by putting them in poems and not stories. That’s just me of course… I think if a guy wrote me and read to me a poem I would feel awkward.

I don’t think poetry is for emo’s. I just think it’s a natural passion which I don’t have. When I was a kid my papa would lend me his dutch poetry. I forget the poets name though. I had to have my dad read them to me. Since I don’t speak much dutch.

I love the purple colour you chose for this layout. And you are a great photographer. (H)

I don’t have a catch phrase. Although when I start talking and people don’t under stand what I am saying I stop and say “just shut up”. I don’t think that’s a catch phrase. My boyfriends catch phrase is Ruhdii rah.

Wow, you do love that font. That poem is really nice! :) And no way is poetry for emos. I’m not an emo, and I love both reading and writing poems. :) (Random Rants, you dont have to read this) I wish I had a catchphrase, but I don’t at the same time. XD (/random rants) Anyway, I don’t read much poetry, but I do like to when there’s a poem in front of me. :p I love the new layout, it’s one of your best yet in my opinion. I love the simplicity in it. :)

I love this layout :) It’s amazing, like all your layouts are. You’re an amazing webdesigner & so popular :3 I’m jealous.

I LOVE poems. And I also hate how people say that only these kinds of people like poems: like you said, emo’s, ‘artist’ types, ‘writer’ types, and ‘theater’ types. Actually, I guess I could kind of be an emo, artist and writer xD so I suppose that fits.

Water-Music is really great, it’s amazing ♥ I love basically any kind of poem except the kind that rhymes EVERY SINGLE LINES. I mean, come on, you don’t have to rhyme every line.

Wow, “for plushie”? That sounds halarious :) Your poster’s cute! No I don’t have a catch phrase. They don’t seem to fit me very much. But my friend Megan tells me I say “That’s sooo PRETTY!” in a sqeally voice a lot, apparently xD.

I’m really loving your new layout. (Y) I love everything from the image to the colors to the font.

Where did you find the font by the way?

I’m such a dork when it comes to poetry. I never understand the meaning behind them.. if there is one. But I don’t hate them.

Thank you! :D

The font was actually on my computer already installed; I think it’s actually one that also contains Hebrew symbols. (I have Windows Vista.)

I do love poetry but during high school we analysed poetry a lot and it got a bit sickening going over the same poem. We had to be really analytical, and I guess that turned a lot of people off. :P

The layout is very lovely, I must say. :) It’s simple, straightforward, and well coordinated. A lot of vertical lines and motion in a layout can be overwhelming, but I think this layout balanced them out quite nicely. Great job!

I personally don’t like poetry of any kind. :P People think I’m weird when I say that but IDK. Having studied it from a young age in school, I thought I didn’t like it simply because it was sometimes limited in syllables/beats, sound, and length. For me, now I think I dislike poetry because it is restricted to be seen as poetry even if it is not. Going through European literature and writings from the past 500+ years was not a fun experience for me in high school because of the format(s) of poetry itself. To me it depends on how you see the language the poetry is written in. There are some languages that should have poetry and some that should not, mosdef. LOL. The more recent standards of English are so outrageous in regards to sentence structure and word meaning/usage that it’s just not an appropriate language to try to convey a lot of meaning in a specific amount of space (IE: 10 beats per line) and make it seem as powerful as you might intend. Sucksss.

There are so few “thinking” languages these days because, obviously, language and dialects change and morph with the people who speak them. :( MAKES ME SAD. Poo.

It happened again!!!!!!!!!!! I mean what’s wrong with me lol. I write a long comment and i presss backspace and everything disappears. (:

I got my online with a credit card, i didn’t even about the engraving before lol. People would keep with or without my name. They are just sooo ughhhhh

People are nasty like that. They think it’s sexy with they sag but it’s not.

I can never say that word out loud. It’s weird for me lol.
I think spelling with the U sounds soo much more awesomer (my new made up word). :D

He needs to stop with harry potter and they need to make a new movie. It’s getting old lol. Yup you love books lol.
Did you see my comment on your portfolio??? CELESTINE!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha lol


I soo do not do poetry, when i get older i’ll learn to appreciate but for now i am going to not like it lol.

I want a catchphrase lol. How about: dannnnnnnnnnnnnngggg

Please excuse me while I explode over the sheer magnificence of this new layout.

I loooove poetry, but I’ve always had a thing for writing deep, meaningful things that also rhyme. I actually only wrote in rhyme, but I’ve grown away from that.
A friend of mine is studying poetry in her English class while mine is doing… Media studies. I still don’t understand how it falls into English, but, whatever. I would much rather do things involving poetry than learn about how advertising companies basically take advantage of us and stereotype us based on products and the like. It just makes me angry. /angry

The poem seems to me to be based on the Bible story. You know, Eve taking from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
“Sleeping in a twisted root
lies the subtle enemy,”
Love it.

Catch phrases? I can’t say I have one. I used to frequently say, “Just eat it,” to an annoying girl that insisted on sitting with my group at lunch. However, she’s being a loner now, and she has a different lunch period.
I guess any random noise would be a bit of a catch phrase for me, but it’s not really a catch phrase.

Geez, my album cover looks so unoriginal compared to yours. :P Then again, I can’t really feel any creative juices flowing at the moment. (That’s my pathetic reasoning for it looking like crap. :D )

I really don’t think it’s bad to use celebrity images, or ones that other people have taken. Unless they specifically say that you can’t use them whatsoever, and they’re like a museum piece, I feel like it’s fine to use it but give them credit for the main image. It’s when people start using the images and not crediting that gets me.
Besides, if I’m unsure about whether or not I’m allowed to use it, then I just won’t use it. Better safe than sorry.

Honestly, I’m falling in love with Tolkien’s work. As soon as I get money, I’m going to go out and look for all his stories and the extra bits that’ll explain Middle-earth more. :D

I’m actually starting to die down on the obsessing. Josh wasn’t there at lunch for most of it (silly him, having to write a math test because he was leaving school early for a hopeless rugby game.) and I wasn’t freaking out. I would occasionally glance at the clock, then to the doors, and one time I did, and he was walking over, and I smiled. :)
Made me feel all fuzzy inside when I saw him, since it was a bit of a surprise. :D

None of my family (that I know of) has a PayPal account, and none of my friends (again, that I know of) have one either. It’s rather unfortunate, since I’m getting into band t-shirts, and it’s easier to buy them online… -drools of As I Lay Dying’s merch-

Take your time. :) I have some sitting from April that I just.. don’t feel I have the time to do.

I like poetry. Writing it though, I don’t think I’d like to do. In my English class this past school year we read a lot of poetry at the end of the year and had to write essays on it. I didn’t like that because frankly I don’t like writing essays. Its always hard for me to write them when your given a topic. Writing them right off the top of the dome is more of my thing.

I wish I could read the poem but it wouldn’t let me. I love your layout BTW.

I guess I am a hopefull person. I try to look towards better days than dwell on the bad ones. I don’t really talk about half the shit that goes wrong because I hate having people try and tell me things when they don’t even understand. Like the last blog I wrote, some people are commenting saying that I don’t NEED a boyfriend when I never said I NEEDED one, I simply said that it would be nice to have one. Some stuff just really irks my nerves.

I don’t think about dying either I just don’t I’m scared of it. I’m sure all of us have those “What If” moments.

Catch phrase? Depends on if you count ‘nomnomnomnom’ a catch phrase– to be honest I do it all the time in response to things, just because I can. I’ve actually had friends tell me “NO NOMNOMS.” on vent when I go to respond to them. I think that might make me seem insane. (I also tend to respond with “>:(” online, but it’s not really able to be verbalised well so.)

Also, as a note, the layout is lovely. It’s simplistic but in that way that still looks elegant. I love the colouring, and I wish I had the inspiration lately to make something. :)

The only reason I wouldn’t like poetry is if a lot of it had sexual allusions! But otherwise I would have to be in the mood. I don’t really like to read. I will read fantasy books once in awhile but I had a bad encounter with a book and my mind that has put me off it for awhile. :(

The layout is so nice!

I like that photo of you. I don’t think you look stoned at all.

My catch phrase is “I declare!” I got from the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

Thanks, I hope to reach my dreams.

I love poetry too. Most people in my class think I’m really weird for liking poetry. But I dont really care.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and teacher this year. I hope I get good grades. I’m really determined to get high grades this year, because I’m graduating. Maybe I’ll be the valedictorian? :P Hey, why not?

My Mom taught me how to cover books with plastic last night, and it was so complicated! I don’t imagine myself ever covering my own books, but I know I’ll have to do it myself soon.

I guess this summer wasn’t so bad. Sure it was hot, but at least I was able to relax, like you said. :)

Haha. People say the same thing here sometimes. When they move slow they are either referred to as mummies, zombies or turtles.. or snails. XD

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we all bit something when we were babies. Babies are the top zombie-disease-spreaders.. thingy. There are a lot of baby zombies and babies love biting. O_O

Same here. We all can’t wait for the day when we won’t have to wear uniforms anymore. Though some universities and colleges here still require their students to wear uniforms.

Take all the time you need reading Harry Potter; just be sure you finish it! If you don’t.. *play scary music*

I always want to see what’s going on, too! I think I could survive without internet, either. I think. :P

It sucks sometimes. -_- I usually only hang out with one or two people. When I’m only with one person and I’m with her all the time, they start teasing us that we have a relationship. Honestly, I’m more decent than that!

It’s a shame not many people nowadays appreciate poetry. I don’t like it that much, but I do write and read poems once in while. I like writing poetry, actually. Though some may find it hard, I find it quite easy because I’ve read quite a lot of poems so I know how poems work. ;)

I haven’t heard of Gwen Harwood. That poem was lovely, though. I’ll go read some of her poems sometime.

I love your new layout! It’s one of my favorites. I love the calming colors and the pretty font! ♥

Bahahaha. “for plushie!” That’s a weird and hilarious catch phrase. XD

Uh, my catch phrase would probably be.. I don’t know. I have a lot of catch phrases, depending on the situation. XD

This is a spiffingly gorgeous layout. I love it. The most noticeable change for me is the different body font – this is the first sans-serif one I can remember… unless I’m having some kind of awful memory blank X_X I love the colours, too. Usually faint green/yellows and reds make me think “Christmas” and “awful colour clash”, but this worked out really well – I thought of tasty food instead (not exactly sure what ;D)

I love that poem! I’ve never read it in past but it is absolutely beautiful. The lines that struck me the most were “Ribbed with dusk, the stream intones / requiem for restless blood.”

I personally like poetry, but I’m shocking at writing it unless it’s some kind of ode to boredom in class (I have a lot of them!)

I like your poster XD Vote #1 Bazinga!

My catchphrases change with my obsessions. It used to be Bazinga, for quite a long time, but at the moment I’m obsessed with a fan-made Harry Potter musical (which is a lot more fun than it sounds!), in which the catchphrase used throughout the theme song is ‘Totally Awesome’.

It’s one of those have-to-have-seen-it things, but among my friends who are in on the musical, ‘Totally Awesome’ is a totally awesome phrase.

You have a mind blank, girly. :P Alright, the three layouts before this were Georgia, but prior to that I was an avid user of Arial (Arial and Georgia are my favourite standard fonts). Arial FTW…!

I’m actually not sure whether or not to call this serif or not, since it has the curves. Oh well. :) I’m glad you like the layout! :D

I’m actually surprised this turned out “greener” than I thought. I was picking colours and didn’t realise it would go too well. I think I’m taking a liking to muted colours.

I loved those lines. SO much. That’s why I used them in the header. ;)

LOL hahha. I hope people vote for me, heck. ;)

I haven’t heard of that musical. But I don’t even think I have a proper catch phrase; at least not one I can remember off the top of my head now. :P

I liked the glass jar and another one just forgot the title. I don’t really like this one on a personal basis. Quite macabre, that tends to prime and awaken my overactive imagination.
Another possibility is perhaps … it reminds me of a… dw dw
On a happier note, I lack any good catchphrases though I do have two habits namely “borrowing” phrases/words from movie/tv shows. That is a good indicator of what series I’m watching at that moment … which make some people think /hmph how old ARE you? (As my latest is “inconceivable” repeated several times.. reference from some old movie … ergo the /hmph and questioning). The second habit is fusing words to create a word which (I don’t think) exists (as of yet) e.g. ..nah don’t remember any yet.

Haha, I’ll leave you to it. The Glass Jar was sort of sexual, though.

“Inconceivable”… definitely sounds like something my boyfriend has said before. I suppose I’ll have to ask since I am curious. ;)

I used to write my own language with a friend and we would make up a lot of words. Fruberziggles, for example. Kyanunu. Helzapoppin. O_O

I ♥ your layout! It is beautiful! It shows once again, my lack of creativity! Gosh dang!! /bash

I love poetry, too. I especially loved the “Water-Music” I adored the lines

“I return to Adam’s side.
Sleeping in a twisted root
lies the subtle enemy,
still the bright and bitter fruit
hangs untasted on the tree.”

I have no problem returning the comment. I feel the need to. I don’t know, why.

I hate when people think that poetry is only for _______. and other stuff is for _______. I mean what is the point, you can have more than one person like the same thing, but be totally different.

Just to let you know I didn’t understand the last part of your blog, or I’d comment on it.

The new layout is pretty :D it’s awesome that you used your own photo because that’s a really pretty photo.

What iphone app is that?

“feel like a tourist” I know what you mean! I love taking scenery photos but totally feel like a tourist! I normally just take photos when no one is looking hahaha

I love the new layout! It is absolutely gorgeous. ♥ The colors remind me of yogurt… :3 You took the photo? That is amazing. I don’t have a flowers in my garden that would look good enough. How are you? We haven’t talked in a while. :)

I do not normally find myself reading poetry. I like it though when I actually do read it. I guess I haven’t really grown up reading it, so I don’t. :/ My school never really talked about poetry except in 7th grade we did a unit on it. It kind of disappoints me, but I can always read it on my own time. :P

Happy belated birthday (even though I told you on Twitter)! XD

Hahahaha! I love those Obama-style pictures. There is an application somewhere else that I found and it says “Obamatize yourself!” XP I have actually never made on myself; I should someday!

Well, talk to you later. :D

love the layout hun, very cool..

I’ve never heard of Gwen Harwood. xD I was never really into poetry when I was at school. English was my worst subject so I never really payed much attention in it.

Now though, I quite like reading poetry. I like reading Georgia’s because her’s are good. :) I’m going to have a read of yours after this comment. XD

I tried to write poems when I was little. I thought that every word at the end of the sentence had to rhyme, lol.

Water-Music is certainly a beautiful poem, though. And your layout is just as beautiful. Seriously, I think this is your best layout, ever. I love it. It’s so calming and I love the colours you’ve used. xD

It makes me want to make a new layout, because the dark colours in mine are making me feel rather depressed, oh.

Oh wow, that picture is pretty amazing haha! I want that app, except I can’t take photos on my iPod Touch. -_-

I don’t really have a catch phrase, haha. I suck. XD

My comment seems rather short haha, sorry. D: I’m just going to stare at your layout some more, mmkay? :)

I love your new layout, it looks awesome :)

I didn’t do to bad :P Thanks for replying :) project-based, cool :) I’d like to do that :)

Your garden must be a beautiful site, I love how you make layouts out of the photos.
I don’t really have a catch phase. I guess “cute”. I say that all the time.

I’m of to download that Gisha font. XD

I love the layout! (: It’s very pretty!

Some people just don’t appreciate fine writing. ): I really liked the Water-Music poem, but having to write millions of essays on it wouldn’t be fun. That tends to ruin somethings from me.
And I’m just gonna say it: Dr. Seuss is the best poem-writer of all time. (:

And thank you for your comments on my drawings! (: Although it’s Perry the Platypus, not Percy. They were all such good drawings that I’m having a hard time picking my favourite.

You have like, twenty sites! I dunno how you can keep up with them all. I know I have trouble with just one.

I love the new layout! It’s gorgeous :)

I can’t believe so many people hate poetry D:
Admittedly, I’m very picky about poetry, but overall I enjoy it.

Ha ha, “for plushie” is a great catchphrase XD
I don’t have a catchphrase, but if I did, it wouldn’t be nearly as cool as “Bazinga” :P

Thank you! :)

Well I guess some people judge poetry before they read it, or some just follow the stereotype.

I think I’m pretty unoriginal with my catch phrases; “bazinga”, after all, does come from The Big Bang Theory. :P

Hey Georgie,
Long time no see!!! How are things? I hope all is well. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days, but to be quite honest, I was busy with facebook and all. We’ve done a couple of emails and I was wondering did you ever talk to James about letting me send you stuff using his address? If so let me know!

OMG, the moving day is coming up really soon. I already packed half of my cd’s and not even half of my movies. I have so many movies I can definitely open up a video store is what my best friend offline said to me on occasion. Heehee. But yeah, I still need to pack away my knick knacks, and the rest of my movies. I already gave half of my clothes that don’t fit to the salvation army. And bought two new outfits and some jewelry. Heehee. And got my daddy a few things for Father’s day as well. I also got my meatloaf watch fixed! I’m so pleased. I’m broke to say the least. I still have money in the bank but I’m trying to save that up for San Francisco. Ya know?

Anyway, I’m loving your layout! It’s very pretty and celestine.me’s layout as well. You have good taste in colors. this is almost the color I’m going to paint my room this weekend. I can’t wait!

And as far as poetry goes I love it. It moves me in a way I can’t even describe. I love, love, love Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry. My favorite is “The Raven”. I’m not emo or goth or anything like that but I just love how he quotes the raven “Nevermore”. Ha!

And as far as a catch phrase I don’t think I came up with anything or at least none that I can remember. I might apply for hosting later on but we’ll see. Right now I’m on livejournal and we’ll see how that goes.

Hey Jamie! That’s totally fine girl, I know the move is edging ever closer and you haven’t been feeling well lately. ♥

Haha I’ll definitely have to ask James, I forgot haha. Man, sometimes I wish my university had a personal student post box or something (I know, random!). :P But I’ll definitely remember to ask soon.

That’s really nice that you managed to give some clothes to charity. I can imagine us dumping off a heap if we were ever to move house, because our family hoards so much stuff. :P

Woo, well it’s good to hear you’re saving at least! And I can’t wait to see your new room. I’m glad you like my layout. :D

I’ve never heard of Edgar Allen Poe! I had better check out some of his works soon. :)

Take care!

thanks :) that comment just made my day. :D I prefer writing poetry. My English teacher lets us do poems sometimes and I always get high marks! :) I followed a swimchick tutorial for the layout, but then i made it my own. I’m glad you like it. :) Also, If the navigation had words, it probably wouldn’t fit. :p What browser are you using? The pages that the numbers link to always show at the bottom of my screen, since I’m using Google Chrome. :)

I survived the surgery and I survived the TUBE lmao. I was more worried about that than the operation its self. I’m going to blog about it all later today :)
I asked them if they take it out before you wake up, and the nurse was like no, you need to be awake (probably to make sure your up and can breathe good without) she said most people dont remember it being there, and shes right.. i dont remember! which is a good thing lol.
I was looking at mine, they didnt bleed much either, but i cant see the one above my belly button since they put a gauze over it.. i can’t wait to shower! hurry up tomorrow! lol.
yeah, thats true, sometimes you need to talk to someone, no matter how late or how long. my bf and i usually have meaningful ones at night, and they end due to one of us being sleepy which is understandable, but i like those convos, and it sucks their always late at night :P
I know what you mean, i prefer to read true things; real life / writen by the person who has experienced it, or anything writen in first person prespective. I did enjoy twilight and new moon, i just havent got around to the other 2 yet :P

In school I hated poems and such, but after a while i loved them! I’m not sure why, i guess maybe becuse what there writen about. I suck at writing them though lol. Now that i’m older i appreciate poetry/short stories more and more, even if they dont make sense to me :P . I’ll come back and check out those poems for sure :D
I like this layout, the colours and nice and soothing /bounce
gotta love iphone apps :P and isnt ryan the one who hated apple? lol. the photo looks awesome though :P
no catch phrases for me :( lol

Thanks! I’m actually following you already, haha. Your theme there looks great though. :) My first Tumblr theme was coded really badly, but I still posted it on my site; I’m just about to delete it.

We have to do that with Philippine literature every year ever since my last year in Grade School. I hate it. I’m not very good at Filipino. There are so many deep words I don’t know. It was the only low grade in my report card last year, and I have pretty high standards for grades. I guess that’s kinda my equivalent of analyzing poetry. I’m pretty sure I’d rather do that though.

I don’t mind being called a nerd most of the time, but I just don’t like the way some people say it.

My mom just checks my website every now and then, haha.

Wow, someone else who LOVES poetry! ♥ I agree on the recital thing–poetry is meant to be read out loud, imo. I’m going to check out those poets you mentioned!

My catchphase: BOOMTOWN!