Overtones of Day

Years ago when I studied my HSC, we studied the works of a poet by the name of Gwen Harwood. It seemed that a lot of people in our year group hated poetry. To say the worst of it would be to say that they thought poetry was for “emos”.

I sigh restlessly at that fact; I know not everyone can appreciate poetry and find it hard to do so. But as someone who grew up from writing kiddish stories in little poems that just had to rhyme – to writing poetry deep with meaning – I love reading poetry so much. I even love to recite it; what’s a poem without being recited?

Though I love the works of T.S. Eliot… Harwood had some beautiful pieces that we studied during our last year of high school. Perhaps any other person would be sickened to death of having to come across her poems again (most of them had sexual allusions and we were obviously sick of writing essays on them)… but I wouldn’t be.

Some time ago I was looking for a copy of her poems online. They are extremely difficult to find. I only had printed copies for my study all those years ago. My favourite poem of hers was The Violets.

I then discovered a small selection of her poems that were “rare”. It was in a set of Uncollected Poems. Gwen Harwood had written them under the name of “Gwendoline Foster”.

That was when I discovered Water-Music and instantly fell in love.


Gently on the slipping stones
moves the swift unfolding flood.
Ribbed with dusk, the stream intones
requiem for restless blood.
All the overtones of day
vanish in the sounding tide.
History dissolves away,
I return to Adam’s side.
Sleeping in a twisted root
lies the subtle enemy,
still the bright and bitter fruit
hangs untasted on the tree.
Empty, perfect swells the dream
in its bubble-skin of sleep:
gathering upon the stream
are the tears mankind will weep
when I bite the world apart,
show the sweet corrosive core
and the sorrows at its heart
salt their bread for evermore.

This layout was inspired by the poem. I took the photograph myself of flowers in my garden. I only edited the colouring (in Photoshop). As you can see, the layout bears a resemblance to my portfolio Celestine.me. I’m just loving the font Gisha at the moment. ♥️

I know the layout is a bit on the big side of things… but at least it works in all browsers. If you have a small screen I guess you’ll have to zoom out.

Sebby has a new catch phrase… “for plushie!” I just think it’s hilarious. You know those Obama-style posters with the red/blue/cream/white colours? Ryan, Sebby and I got the application on our iPhones after Ryan discovered it.

Whilst Ryan was waiting for us after class, he was clearly engrossed with the application on his iPhone, modifying random photographs with different tones of colour and tagging them with text.

The most hilarious was when we were trying to think of a catch phrase for Sebby. Since he bought a plushie today at the shop, Ryan simply typed “PLUSHIE” across the bottom of the picture. Hell yeah, I’d go for the plushie party too if I had to vote. Mine wasn’t as amazing, but here’s the one Ryan made for me. (Yes, that’s me looking pretty stoned with a sundae.)

Do you have a catch phrase? 😄

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