It was my birthday yesterday! Just so you know, the members of my family aren’t big on presents. We don’t really get each other stuff or expect presents. We just ate out as a family for dinner.

I’m 19 years old. I had to update all my networking profiles and various internet spaces to reflect my current age… thanks Sebby for pointing out all the ones I’d missed. 😛

It’s Lilian’s and Tiffany’s birthday today. Yep – they both share the same birthday. (Lilian is 19 and Tiffany is 20.)

Lilian wrote a dedication blog to me so I sort of owe her one back. I talk about her all the time in my blog posts but in case you still haven’t got a drop of idea about how awesome she is, she is very, very awesome. We’ve been best friends for seven years – or more – my counting is shitty and I’ve always been bad at maths.

We’re “twins”. We have birthdays a day apart and have a lot in common! But to be honest I find that over the years, we’ve found that we disagree on more things and we have a lot of differences as well.

I’ve always gone by this “chalk and cheese” notion – to put it less metaphorically – “opposites attract”. Other than the obvious opposing of magnets being stuck together, I find it fair to say that if you have a lot of differences with someone, you tend to have more to talk about.

I wouldn’t really like a friend who is a complete clone of me.

For one thing, I don’t think anyone would be able to stand another person like me, considering I am a really hyperactive person who obsesses over random things. I’m pretty sure if I were a friend of mine, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself. 😆

I find that having more differences with a person means that you have an interesting relationship, because not only do you have a variety of differences and things to discuss, but by that person being your friend, you learn to respect and accept those differences that you have.

Do wish Lilian a happy birthday! 😄 She’s younger than me by a day. 😀 I’m pretty sure she still has that really stupid birthday card I made for her back in high school. It was made of ugly pink-red paper (pink is her favourite colour!) and there was a big red faux gemstone in the middle of it. Yeah, that was my idea of being creative. LOL.

Also, happy birthday to Tiffany! She’s one of my closest friends online; if I feel like shit I can always send her an email no matter how angry I am. She’s always there to understand the things I complain about, especially when it comes to web design. We opened Skeletons MB together. 🙂 She’s a really hardworking and talented person and she’s got everything going for her in life. She just finished her finals so drop by her website and wish her a happy 20th birthday! ♥️

Right, I’m out, I’ve been unproductive.

Oh wait. I invite you to check out, my new personal portfolio. It used to be at a while back but I have since sold that domain and made a new portfolio.

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