It was my birthday yesterday! Just so you know, the members of my family aren’t big on presents. We don’t really get each other stuff or expect presents. We just ate out as a family for dinner.

I’m 19 years old. I had to update all my networking profiles and various internet spaces to reflect my current age… thanks Sebby for pointing out all the ones I’d missed. :P

It’s Lilian’s and Tiffany’s birthday today. Yep – they both share the same birthday. (Lilian is 19 and Tiffany is 20.)

Lilian wrote a dedication blog to me so I sort of owe her one back. I talk about her all the time in my blog posts but in case you still haven’t got a drop of idea about how awesome she is, she is very, very awesome. We’ve been best friends for seven years – or more – my counting is shitty and I’ve always been bad at maths.

We’re “twins”. We have birthdays a day apart and have a lot in common! But to be honest I find that over the years, we’ve found that we disagree on more things and we have a lot of differences as well.

I’ve always gone by this “chalk and cheese” notion – to put it less metaphorically – “opposites attract”. Other than the obvious opposing of magnets being stuck together, I find it fair to say that if you have a lot of differences with someone, you tend to have more to talk about.

I wouldn’t really like a friend who is a complete clone of me.

For one thing, I don’t think anyone would be able to stand another person like me, considering I am a really hyperactive person who obsesses over random things. I’m pretty sure if I were a friend of mine, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself. XD

I find that having more differences with a person means that you have an interesting relationship, because not only do you have a variety of differences and things to discuss, but by that person being your friend, you learn to respect and accept those differences that you have.

Do wish Lilian a happy birthday! :D She’s younger than me by a day. 8D I’m pretty sure she still has that really stupid birthday card I made for her back in high school. It was made of ugly pink-red paper (pink is her favourite colour!) and there was a big red faux gemstone in the middle of it. Yeah, that was my idea of being creative. LOL.

Also, happy birthday to Tiffany! She’s one of my closest friends online; if I feel like shit I can always send her an email no matter how angry I am. She’s always there to understand the things I complain about, especially when it comes to web design. We opened Skeletons MB together. :) She’s a really hardworking and talented person and she’s got everything going for her in life. She just finished her finals so drop by her website and wish her a happy 20th birthday! ♥️

Right, I’m out, I’ve been unproductive.

Oh wait. I invite you to check out, my new personal portfolio. It used to be at a while back but I have since sold that domain and made a new portfolio.

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We’re both NINETEEN D: I’m so amazed! And we’ve known each other since we were 11. I think we were 11. Were we 11 when we started highschool? I think we were! LOL XD

Hahaha your family is like my family. My parents just gave me money because they can’t think of what to get me because I have so much crap! We ate out too ^^ I hope your eat-out outing was fun! LOL.

Oh crap. I forgot to update my blog. Oh well! Next time :P I’m glad you remember though :P And that Seb helped you ^^ You have so many sites and stuff, that must have been EPIC D:

Ohhh! Happy Birthday to Tiffany. Oh dear I had better go to her site and say happy birthday :P LOL, even though I’m late.

Hahaha! You’re not bad at maths, silly! It’s hard to count years because birthdays make it confusing. I mean since we met each other in year 7 and we’re now in second year uni, which is practically year 14, if you subtract 7 from 14, you get 7, but we have to add 1 to that because my ACST tutor said so for when we were calculating how long a loan lasts for. So it’s 8 years? Omg, I have to work this out on my fingers. LOL looks like we both suck at maths! D: :P

I love being “twins” with you :) ♥ And you are so totally right! We’re different in LOTS of ways which is good because opposites attract, but sometimes, we are SCARILY similar, which is cool! Like not identical similar, but kind of like in the way we think. Like when we rant about our parents and stuff we can totally understand because we’re similar like that! And like when we do those weird twin things, eg. *GUYS!*

And how when we have conversations where every second word is ‘THING’ which is code for something else, we can still totally understand. I LOVE THAT!


But yeah, we’re getting more and more different, but I think that it’s better that way because now we have lots and LOTS of other things to talk about ^^ YAY :D ♥

OMG, having a friend who is an exact clone of yourself. That would totally be like talking to yourself! You’d have a mental condition without knowing it! :P

If I had a clone of myself, I’d hate her, because I think that we’re all our own toughest critics, and I hate so many things about myself (in a non-emo way :P ) if those qualities were projected into someone else, I’d be committing murder.

YES! I STILL HAVE THAT CARD! It wasn’t stupid! IT WAS AWESOME! I LOVED IT! I kept ALL the cards you gave me in highschool :) Cos they’re all special! Haha and I’m just a massive hoarder!

But thank you for the birthday blog *hugs* ♥ Hehehehe!

It’s so cool how Tiffany has the same birthday as me! :D Skeletonsmb is awesome! :D I must go on as soon as exams are over :P

And I love the layout and colour scheme from! :) :) PRETTY FLOWERS! ^^

LOL, were we 11? I thought we were 12… no wait, we turned 12. Holy shit, I just spooked myself out! Well, you did. ;)

And soon we’ll be 20… right, let’s not go there… :P

You didn’t write a post on your birthday! But then again, neither did I. I didn’t even write on your birthday because I backdated this post by four minutes or something. Bad me. :P

LOL, I’m pretty sure there are some of my domains that need to be fixed. Age is just a number though; I should just stick with “university student”, since people could visit my “about me” page if they wanted to know what age I actually am.

I think Tiffany’s partying or something; she totally hasn’t replied to my emails yet!

Oh, I have a funny story. When I was a kid, I used to forget my age. No joke. I didn’t quite grasp that “age” means “how old you are in years”. My parents told me, “You turned 7 today! Yay!”

But when my birthday rolled around the next year, I would forget. I know, it’s silly, I forgot my age…! But that was as a kid. It’s the same way people get confused with years. I found myself writing “2009” on my portfolio. My gosh, I think we all fail at that at some point.

Maths is so complicated on so many levels! It gets too complicated. I think by the time I got to circle geometry I forgot how to add. That’s how complicated it is! Embarrassingly enough, I still can’t do 7+8 or 5+9 without counting on my fingers.

It always happens with one-digit sums where the result is more than 10. I can add 7+3 easy… that’s what I mean. LOL.

Sometimes we say the same thing too. How hilarious. But we have secret code too. Like you said… *guys*! XD

I’m laughing out loud reading this comment. Thank goodness I’m at home. If I was at uni, people would think I’m odd. /ho

I know I would think myself insane! I find myself needing to be kept sane with my friends around. It would be terrible having to deal with my own self as a separate body… let’s not go there; it’s a scary thought. D:

I have ALL my Christmas and birthday cards in a bag. I hoard so much shit too. I think I threw away all the ones from primary school though. :P

:love: You are welcome! :D


Belated Happy Birthday again Georgie! Went to Tiff’s site already and am going to Lillian’s now. You have been mentioning her a lot and best friends are really a gem! I’ll do the same thing for my best friend of 11 years.

Yep definitely being different is better than just being friends with a clone of yourself. You definitely get to debate, know more about each other. Frankly I’m kinda scared people do want to befriend me in real life coz I feel like I’m such a bad friend really. I’m so grateful for them!

Friends are treasures! :D Take care again dear!!

Happy birthday again, haha.

I have these two friends like that; they call themselves “twins” too, and their birthdays are only a few days apart. :)

I’m a totally agree that opposites attract since most people consider me and my boyfriend to be complete opposites. I agree with you that we have more to talk about because of it, but I also have to add that since your strengths are their weaknesses (and vice versa), you make each other better people too. :)

I would be really annoyed if I had a friend that was exactly like me, haha. We probably wouldn’t become friends since I can be freakishly shy at first. If we do become close, none of us would ever let the other talk, haha.

Nobody in my offline life knew about my old websites, mostly because I was scared that my parents would get really mad at me. I told them a few months ago, and they were actually really supportive about it. I do want to tell my offline friends, but I’m just like this all the time. I know that I want to do something, but I always hesitate to do it at first. I’ll probably be able to show people sometimes during the school year.

I actually loved reading Wicked, but it’s just the kind of book your brain can’t stand to read in one sitting (at least, for me it is). It’s a little hard to take it all in at times. I just suddenly stopped reading books in general. I guess I just got preoccupied with other things.

I kinda felt like it wasn’t the smartest idea to post that blog post a day later. But I also didn’t want to take it down so I just left it there.

Hehe, yeah our taste in music definitely varies a lot! :D

Yeah that song can get pretty annoying after a month or two where it’s on the TV/radio all the time. xDI actually enjoy hearing it now a lot more.

I guess it’s mostly those “smaller” artists that are difficult to find on YouTube and because I mostly listen to everything on the charts it’s easier for me. I was soo happy when I finally found that freaking song! xD

I honestly really hope that all those past situations will benefit me & my willpower in the future and that I’ll continue to stay away from the trouble he could get me into..

I definitely am! :D And after I have cooled down again after my lil fight with mum and me ripping that invitation card apart I am actually looking forward to prom & graduation again. :) And now that I found a dress that I really love and that looks good on me – it’s even more exciting.

LOL! You’ve definitely thought deep into this whole marrying thing!

I guess if I had to speak Russian at any point in my life because it’s the only way to communicate with someone I’d struggle like hell too – and I am surrounded by Russian a lot because my parents still speak it at home and stuff.

I’ll definitely wear some jewelery for my prom – even if it’s just some big earrings or something. I do know what kind of jewelery I could wear with one of the other dresses I ordered and I also kinda know what I’d do with my hair. I can’t wait for that dress to arrive so I know if it looks good on me or not..

Mum hates my sleeping patterns too! And now that she’s off work for a week there will be no more sleeping until 12pm and staying up late.. I also have to get used to go to bed earlier because I’ll work with mum the week after the one that comes now. Getting up at 7am and stuff.. oh boy!

My parents usually give us something small for our birthdays (or at least me and my sister because our brithdays are closer to christmas and we’re “old”). And I don’t really mind. If I want something like a book or anything like that I can ask mum (since I don’t earn my own money yet) and she buys it for me – sometimes.

I think it’s great that you & your family go out for dinner on birthdays. We do the same thing – well, almost. We have dinner at home but we all eat together in the kitchen.

Lilian definitely seems to be a great friend for you! :) You guys are really lucky to have found such a great friend in each other and also for being friends for such a long time!

I absolutely agree that it’s important have some differences in opinions and tastes – otherwise it could get boring really fast. Does Lilian like AFS too?

My little sister & her best friend know each other since they were 3. They are like always together and they even go to the toilet together – at our house. xD I mean, if girls go to the bathrooms together at the clubs and wait outside it’s almost kinda normal – but at home? xD

See! I knew there was something else today. I just couldn’t figure out what it is. Now I know. I have to make sure to go visit Tiff right after I post this comment and wish her a happy birthday. Thanks for reminding me! :)

belated happy happy bday to you ♥

Belated happy Birthday! :D

true. I wouldn’t be a friend of myself as well. haha. I’m really happy I got so many friends and supporters who are always there for me :)

Happy Birthday for yesterday.. I meant to come on and leave a comment then but I forgot. /argh I suck when it comes to remembering things.
I hope you enjoyed your day anyway. :)

That’s nice that yours and Lilian’s birthdays are so close together, it means you can celebrate together. XD My best friend’s birthday is on the same day as mine.. we’re twins too. :P (Telepathic twins we decided. And it says that in our Yearbook from school, haha)

Lol, I agree that opposites definitely attract. Although my best friends and I have a lot in common we’re also totally different in so many ways. The three of us have all got similar interests but then on top of that we like totally different things so it’s good to have something random to talk about once in a while.
We’re all doing different things with our lives as well which makes it all the more interesting when we meet up. (We all live really far apart now. :( )

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great time.

This blog entry is so sweet. Life would be ridiculously boring if our friends were exactly the same as us.

Person #1 – So, what’s your favourite TV programme??
Person #2 – Scrubs
Person #1 – Mine too!!
Person #2 – What’s your favourite colour??
Person #1 – Pink, yours??
Person #2 – Mine too!!

Wow, wouldn’t that be interesting!!

Happy Birthday again!!

I’m really confused. Because I blogged at like midnight on the 28th… I keep thinking I’m still a day behind or something. And because I said Happy Birthday to you when it was still the 28th here.. wtf.

That’s kind of… different that your family isn’t really into giving presents on birthdays and stuff. I bet that was hard trying to update everything to 19, though. :P

I hope you had a nice birthday. :D *hugs*


I read the blog Lilian dedicated to you and thought it was really sweet. :D I can’t believe how long you guys have been friends for. :O

I remember when I first visited your website and read your owner page. I really did think you and Lilian were twins. You really do look alike. :O

Rob and I are very similar. We like all of the same things, especially soccer. At first, I thought he would be kind of weird that I played soccer and knew so much about it but it really bought us together and we never run out of things to say to each other.

The only thing we don’t have in common is our music taste. They usually say you clash with someone who has the same personality as you but I don’t think we do. It’s weird. We’re both Pieces too. :3

But I guess if one of my girl mates was exactly the same as me, it would piss me off. My ex best mate Ellen and I were very similar and we used to fight a lot.

LOL! I used to love making cards for people. XD They sucked but it’s the thought that counts. :P

I haven’t spoke to Tiffany a lot. We’ve commented each others websites occasionally but she seems like a lovely person. :D

Hehe I saw the layout on before, wee. It looks amazing and I’m going to go and be nosy once I’m done returning comments, hehe.

Yes, I remember your blogs on Bearman. :D Yeah, Jay is kind of like that, he does exaggerate a lot but he also lies a lot. It’s about stupid stuff, as well.

Oh yes, pathological liars is the term. I believe some people can’t help it. Once they’ve been lying for several years, sometimes they don’t even know what the truth is and what a lie is anymore.

Yep exactly. I hate when people say “I don’t lie, I just don’t tell everything”. I do believe everyone has lied at some point in their lives. Whether they’ll admit it or not I don’t know.

LOL I know, I was a very naughty kid. :P Oh it was a shock haha, especially for my dad who did believe it really wasn’t me lmao.

Oh, I have learned my lesson haha! But yes, Crunchies are delicious. :P Haha, I used to do that as well. Also, I used to steal the biscuit tin and take it upstairs with me to bed, heh.

Oh yeah, I remember that. I can justify that, though. I mean a lot of parents don’t understand the whole internet, PayPal stuff etc. My parents hate that I spend my money on pizza so much. So sometimes I tell them Rob buys the pizza for me, or I won a free coupon for a pizza or something. :P

I know, I didn’t want to go back on a Saturday haha! It was okay though; I was pretty energy-less and stuff, though. I finished at 2pm so it was okay. :D The bus ride wasn’t so bad because not a lot of people work on Saturday’s here.

It’s half term for kids here next week so at least I won’t have all the school kids on the bus on the way home, yay.

I know, hehe. That weird thing with my site was so.. strange though. I couldn’t understand what was going on. D:

I always forget my passwords for for my older emails.. I just leave them haha.

Yeah I do sometimes say “sorry, I don’t have much to say on your blog” but usually, because I’m returning a comment, they don’t really notice how much I’ve said on their actual blog. Sometimes it does annoy me when people leave me one line comments when I know my blogs are pretty easy to comment on. I always try and make them easy to comment. I haven’t had any one line comments for ages, though.

It is immature editing Wikipedia articles. Some people really rely on the information they get from there, too.

Is pre-paid like pay as you go? Where you just top up like $10 every now and then? I pay £20 a month for 3000 text’s, 200 minutes and unlimited internet (and including the BlackBerry, of course) which is pretty good.

You really should sleep earlier, Georgie! :P

(As usual, you can start comments over after this. :P I’m going to die from work.. I have to work Monday-Saturday for like 3 weeks in June. :| *dies*)

:love: Happy Birthday to you again dear one! *snuggle* It would certainly be wonderful to have a best friend that shared a birthday so close to your own, it would make things seem special. I totally understand what you mean, sometimes you can have too much in common, and having differences does teach you respect and to really value the way other people see life.

Friendship is so amazing, I am glad you have such a great relationship with your bestie. ♥

I already said it on Twitter, but again, Happy Birthdayyyyy (: Hope you had a fantastic day ^_^

That’s really nice of you to write those things about your friends :] It’s great to have good friends that you can count on ;)

Your portfolio, which I saw earlier, looks fantastic :]! It reminded me that I really need to update mine o_O xP

Happy Belated b-day!!!!! 19 is so awesome! (Y)
My family isn’t big on presents either. Actually my mom doesn’t even like to celebrate them. So we watch my favorite movies-The Matrix and I may fix a cake.

That is great when you have such a great friend. I can see how having a clone kills conversation.
Again Happy Belated Birthday!

Yay!! You are nineteen!!! What does it feel like? Lol =D
Happy belated b-day! I told you on skeletons, and on, but I don’t think I’ve told ya here yet. :D

Glad you had a good one! It’s so sweet you have awesome friends there for you both offline and online. I think it’s awesome how you and Lillian can relate. You guys are so similar, but different in special ways, which is always great in a friend!! Lucky, lucky! And it’s good you have Tiff to talk to whenever you need someone. You’ve got some great friends. You guys should be friends for a long, long time. XD

Neither I’m I, it was requested. XD

gosh, you have alot of sites.
I just love midnight-mist with all your scribbles.


what mega pixel is your camera?

Happy birthday!! I hope you had a great day1 Also, happy b day to Lillian and tiff too! That’s so funny that your birthdays are so close!

I have a friend whose birthday is two days before mine…it’s fun though :)

I also have a kind of random question for you- do you know of a site that has(had) a red and white striped tent layout? The top part was the tent and there was sky and grass along the sides. I feel like I found the site through you, but I cannot remember what the name of it was and can’t seem to find it again xD

… PFT *chuckle* *snort*
Very interesting relationship between you and Lillian. “Thing” telepathy, XD .
Ah yeah and a belated happy birthday. =D
You are now biologically older.
Hopefully (INT +UP)
(DEX +UP) <usually remains same or declines
(CHR +UP) =D
($$$ +UP) /ho
Marvel at my overwhelming ability to attract /huh stares.

Because I totally understand what she’s saying. LOL.

Intellect, dexterity, charisma… I’m stuck on LUK (that is, unless it’s “luck”), and I believe the dollar signs mean money. (Well, I do feel slightly richer.)

That’s it for my guesses. 8D

Yes, excuse the vapid sense of humour from this stereotypically avid gamer.
Fat (nope)
Loser (well, in the gaming community I’m anonymous)
Glasses (sometimes)
Oily face (nope, I’ve heard of hygiene.)

‘I hope your eat-out outing was fun! ‘ HUHU! /um /um /um /um /um
okay, now I regret typing that in. 3: But it just begged to be said! D: /sweat
Andihatetosoundpretentiousbutidothinkithasbeeneightyears /bash

I don’t think I could stand myself. I always thought, if I ever met someone who was exactly like me we’d either be best friends or worst enemies. I couldn’t figure out which one it’d be.

But I’d sure like another hyper Wuggs /bounce
It’s cute and lovely. /eee :B

Your Swedish Fish haven’t arrived yet. /um
I hope they’re here soon; they got my curiosity juices flowing. 🤤
I just hope they aren’t fish-flavoured candy. I heard anchovies are a pretty big thing over there /sweat

LOL you duddy ass bitch. XD I knew that was Lilian-sounding. Well, what do you say, “eat outing?” O… fuck… right.. right… I get it now… FML.

Oh well that’s okay, eight years is better than seven. :) Hai ho!

I think having another me would be extremely terrible. Even the thought of having a twin was bad enough (someone who just looked a little like me). 😰

Don’t eat the lot, OMG. I want some too. I wonder if Tiffany will see this comment.

I love anchovies. /bounce

Happy (late) birthday to you! Oh and to Lilian too ;D! ..aand Tiffany. And all the others who have their birthday in the near future.

I used to be really self-conscious. When we go out, I have to look perfect in case someone I know sees me or anything. But now, I’ve learned not to care about what other people think about so much anymore. :)

Yeah, me too. That would be so cool. I could probably hide in there when we play hide and seek, too. :P

It wasn’t my best idea, but I know that she would never think about looking in my cousin’s closet. I had a bit of a hard time breathing when I’ve been there for like, 30 minutes already or something, but I’m good.

You just reminded me to check their sites. The last time I checked was I think two months ago. XD I just can’t be bothered.

Well, let’s hope he won’t come back again with a different IP.

Haha. Thanks! I think I’m doing a pretty good job with these comments, too. It must be pretty hard for you, though. Your site’s so popular you get a new comment every.. what, second? :P

That’s weird. I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. XD

Hahaha. I promise you you’ll enjoy Harry Potter. It’s good. :)

Yeah, I thought sushi is the plural of sushi, too. Hmm..

I was pretty lucky they had internet. >.< If they didn't, I would have been so bored I would die. :P

Haha. Well sometimes I can chat with my friends on Facebook or play games and stuff. Twitter is enough to keep me entertained, though.

I've heard a lot of people buy their uniforms in the malls because it's way cheaper.

Bahahaha. Boobs don't have that 'haha' factor. Too bad. XDD

Really? Wow, it must be pretty strict there. Ever since I was in pre-school I've used notebooks with Hello Kitty or the Melody thingy designs. :P

LOL, ten guitar picks for one free? Meh, it's not such a bad deal. :P You're right, it's better value for the money! XD

Again, Happy Birthday! ♥

Happy Birthday to Lillian, too! I'll go greet her later.

Oh, cool! I'm a month older than my bestfriend.

Hahaha. That’s why I don’t put my age in my profiles. 1.) I feel like it’s too personal 2.) You have to update it every year. :P

I wouldn’t want a best friend who’s like another me, either. :P

You’re right. My best friend and I don’t have so many things in common, but I love her still.

Happy Birthday to Tiffany, too! Bleh. Why am I greeting them Happy Birthdays on YOUR site? :P I’ll go greet them at theirs.

I’ve checked out, and I love it! I hope you can keep up the good job. :) ♥

jUst to say happy birthday. /eee

Haha your not boring! I did the same on my birthday. I’m glad you had a good day though :)

Biology and chemistry are both interesting subjects. I find physics very boring. It more like maths with all those formulas.

My brother has a website but he uses some weird website to create it so he doesn’t need to use HTML. But I’m sure if he ever needed help with it I could help him out. I like being smarter than him when it comes to computer as he’s 9 years older than me!

I wasn’t going to cry after the assembly but my friend Leander ran up to me crying so she started me off!

Haha yes I have no idea what I was doing in that picture. Tyrone was right to look at me strangely haha!

Changing my age on my website and Twitter was one of the first things I did too!

I agree that you don’t have to be alike to be friends :) You can’t be exactly the same as it would just be boring.

I had a look at your new portfolio. It looks great :) the layout is so pretty :D

Happy birthday to you! I think it’s a day late though, but oh well…lol Wow nineteen, crazy! I’ll be turning 18 later this year and im super excited.

I agree with you on the best friends thing, because my and my best gal friend are total opposites! Our interests are so different, but i think what brought us together was our sense of humor. Ha ha well anyways happy birthday to all three of you! :)

OKAY, after this comment YOU can start comments over, okay? :P (Thought I’d say it first in case you miss it ha)

LOL! Oops, I didn’t even notice, sorry! D: They came up on my recommended thing on… I got Bullet from you though. I’ve heard some of their songs before and didn’t like them but thought I’d give Fever a listen. It’s okay. :)

Yeah, I do really like POTF. It is a shame they are unknown, same with Breaking Benjamin. Yeah like I said with Bullet, they are okay. I wouldn’t get their other albums though.

I have heard of hyperthyroidism before but never really knew the symptoms and such. I saw on my blood test form he asked for a thyroid function test so I thought I’d look it up.

Awwww, I feel so loved haha. *hugs* Yeah, I’m glad something is finally being done but at the same time it’s just scary. IDK why.

Hehe, work’s okay at the moment, I mean I’ve been back one day haha but yeah, hopefully my health will be sorted really soon so it won’t be too much of a struggle.

Woo! *hugs* It’s already the 31st (probably 1st where you are) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN LOL.

Hahaha, fair enough. My parents aren’t that big on birthdays really either. I mean we get something little for most of our birthdays but we get “bigger” things on like 18th, 21st etc. Like I got my iPod Touch for my 21st. :3

That’s weird. Though, I find it amusing when someone shares the same birthday as me. XD My brothers is the day before and Rob’s is the 11th, heh. But my mates birthday is the same day as mine but he’s 2 years younger. :3

Awww you and James are so sweet together though haha. Me and Rob were friends for like 6 months or so before we got together.

I know right. I find myself irritating as it is so I’d hate to have a friend EXACTLY like me lmao.

I used to make my cards in Publisher haha.

I used to do that! I used to pretend I was still in touch with old school friends and stuff. I don’t know why, I guess I wanted people to think I still had loads of friends lmfao.

If your dad does do that, it’s pretty smart haha! I sometimes leave like one or two so it doesn’t look like I was selfish and finished them all lmao.

Mmmm cookies. I’ve been eating chocolate mini-rolls haha.

Yeah, parents always worry how much money we spend, it’s stupid.

Hehe yep. I’m looking forward to that. I don’t mind my bus journeys THAT much, especially in the Summer. xD

I often forget my username and password for a lot of things.

LOL, I try to make my comments shorter too. Sometimes, when I feel lazy I just comment the persons blog without returning what they said on my blog. o_O Though, some people prefer it like that..

I rely on Wikipedia when it comes to music… and thinks like illness’ and stuff. :3

Yeah, paying monthly certainly is better. I never used to have credit on my old phone which sucked.

Tut tut, but you’re in bed now so it’s all good. :P

Hahaha, like I said you can start comments over now.. :P I typed it at the top so you’d see it. Weeee. 👏

Happy yesterday, or now it might be 2 days ago birthday :D ♥
Well I did wish you a twitter birthday on your real birthday so I’m good. ;)

Haha on my only profile stuff I put my exact month and day, so it automatically does that for me. :D

Happy birthday to Lilian and Tiffany as well. :)

I’ve had a friend I’ve known since before preschool. :O amazing right?

I have a twin too. :D we look alot alike as well.

Yea, best friends fight, if they didnt, they arent really best friends.

Sometimes me and my best friend who I met in 5th grade, or when I was 10 years old, finish eachothers sentences. :P

I am a bad friend 😳 I always over react and yell at my best friend, then she gets all mad, and once, she betray me. ;( she told me she never would talk behind my back, but she did…

Hahaha nice b-day card. ;)

Haha, well I get pretty high scores I think, usually straight a’s, or a few b’s.

Yea, I really don’t know what I will do with my life. :(

I barely get any comments, yet it takes me a long time to return them because 1) i procrastinate and 2) I get sidetracked sooooo easily. XD

Yea, it’s annoying especially when I’ve seen them use it correctly once, but then they use it the wrong way because they get lazy. :|

Haha, you can watch it on DVD. I watched seasons 1-5 on DVD. :)

I could interpret what was happening in lost pretty well. haha :P

Hehe, I only watched lost because my parents watched it, and we owned season 1 on DVD so I said ehh why not. I’ll tell you one thing on TV/movies I’m not a fan of, vampire shows and stuff. I mean, sure twilight was ok, but it was better without the acters, and everyone is over using Vampires now, ergg.

Yeahh i love your blog though because it is so personal, and even though i wish i could do the same, whenever i try and sit down and do it im like “woah, i dont want people to find me in real life!” HAHA

aww you dont like movies? yeah it could get a little boring just sitting there, especially if the movie is boring, but i go with isaac so, we’re not alwaysss watching the movie…/hehe

my mom doesnt really wear a lot of jewelry. well, she just wears the same earrings and necklaces really…kind of like me, lol

i used to hate harry potter! i hated the movies, i used to think they were stupid, and i read the first book in like 5th grade i think, and i didnt like it. it wasnt until 9th grade that i re-read it and i was like “omg. amazing” i think i was too little to actually understand what was going on…i really think you should try reading them! and dont give up on book one, read them all…they get a lottt better (her writing skill) and the storyline too. the first one is kind of written for little kids but whoooo just wait til you get further on… ;)

Happy belated birthday! :D

Seven years? Intense. My best friend and I are nearing seven years. GRADE FOUR WITH A PEDO TEACHER, OH YES!
Chalk and cheese? I don’t quite understand how that can work. Which might be the point.
Does chalk stick to cheese? Or repel it or what? XD

It’s alright; not everyone knows what to say at all times. I wasn’t really expecting any feedback. It was just an explosion for me to look at.
I write a lot and love it, but a lot of things turn out the same when I’m in states like I am now. The thing is, I can’t just sit and write when I feel like it. I may feel like writing, but I have to feel to write. It’s a bit weird, I think, and doesn’t make much sense.

Nah, I have obsession problems. I really do. It’s not normal to obsess the way I have been over a person I’ve known for just over half a year.

I wouldn’t be able to pay you, since I don’t have access to PayPal. It’s alright, though. :) Or, maybe I could find a way. :P They’re simply looooovely.

I often wonder what the difference in sound is between heavy metal at a reasonable level, and hip hop/rap at a deafening level. I can’t listen to metal when it’s loud, or else I get irritated at the sheer loudness and inability to hear it properly.

I only have two entries. D: That doesn’t really seem fair for a contest, I don’t think. :
I really am thinking of changing it, but I will definitely link the two entrants or do something.
That is, if I can get any motivation to do anything remotely interactive with my site, like reviews. Aggghh…

Happy belated birthday! Mine was the 19th, and I’m also nineteen… I thought that you were at least a year older than me. This blog surprised me. XD

Happy birthday to both of your friends! I’ll go by their sites, but as my computer is quite slow, I can’t guarentee that anything will send.

HOW ARE YOU LIKING HARRY POTTER? You are loving it, no? I really hope so. If not, then that’s alright… but it’s still a good book! (:

I can understand not giving out credit card info… even with a company as trustworthy as apple, I’d still be worried that someone could get it.

Haha, FaceBook is a waste of time. Everyone I know either never uses theirs or is on 24/7! Oh well, it’s better than some other internet sites out there…


Happy birthday! (Sorry I’m a little late!)

Everyone is making me feel so old! lol.

You are right, when your opposites, you do have so much more to talk about then if you both agree and like the same things.

The only friends I really seem to have to talk to right now are ones on-line. (I love Ry and talk to him; but sometimes you need female talk lol)

Now I have more websites to look at! :) I’m always finding new places to look at because of you. hehe.

Yeah. I’m so worried about my cousin. Seriously, some people are just bastards. I don’t know how he could do that to my cousin. Even if they had not cared about each other much (they did care about each other) he should at least have feelings towards that person he had spent 10 years with. /angry

And the kids.. I don’t know what they are going through. They are not even old enough to understand this completely. :(

Me too. My cousin is a really soft and quiet person. I don’t know if she would be able to defend herself. My parents haven’t been able to contact my cousin again but I really hope she has left that house. Or better, kicked her husband out of the house.

Thanks. <3 They're going okay. :P Maths sucked, though. XD

That can be frustrating. I'm glad I don't have a teaching job like that, hehe. :P

Same here. I'm one of the best students in English in my class, and that's probably because I read a lot of English books. And I also blog and read other blogs, and talk with people online in English so I improved a lot. Yeah, sometimes when you're trying to teach someone something, you cannot always say it politely.

Exactly. WHY does he have to leave a comment on your blog if he hates you talking about yourself so much?

Hehe yeah most people would not be able to come. You can send the videos to them. :)

My parents also once had a fight like that. My mom wanted to do some boutique and stuff, and my dad didn't like it. It was awful. I'm glad your parents are speaking again.

Yeah, often after a fight like that, I wonder how my mom feels. I often see her cry, and it feels so terrible. :( I hope your mom isn't too upset about it.

I usually try to keep my desktop clean too. But I like having the things I use close by, so I end up cluttering my desktop. :P

I usually don't get birthday presents or anything from my family. If I invite some of my friends over, my mom buys me a new dress though. :D

We go out to eat as well. It's nice to spend some time like that with my family together.

When you have best friends like that, you feel like you don't need anyone else. I've known my best friend, Tasneem, for almost 10 years now. :)

Lillian seems to be a really awesome best friend. :) Tiffany too. I've only talked to her once via comments.

Sometimes having similarities is fun I wouldn't want a friend who is completely like me. That would be boring. We wouldn't have much to talk about.

Checking out now. :)

Haha. :P Yeah, I guess anything’s good as long as you don’t look like you just got out of bed. XD Same here in my school. We wear uniforms, but you can see that their effort to look better by looking at their accesories.. headbands, hairclips, watches, bracelets and stuff.

LOL! Good thing she didn’t suspect me being in Narnia. XD She might have found out about my secret hiding place already!

Yeah, I think it’s better not to respond. I’m sure he means well, but it might be part of his plot to ruin your life.. again. :P

Getting a new comment every second would be terrible! I already dread having to return 5 comments; what more every second? I guess a new comment every hour isn’t so bad… I guess.

You better finish that book! /angry XD What chapter are you on?

I can’t imagine life without the internet myself, either! Though sometimes I wish I never discovered this thing called ‘web designing’ I feel like I have no life outside my online one sometimes.

I don’t really like hanging out with tomboys very much because I go to an all-girls school and they might suspect we’re having a relationship like the others. *throws up in disgust*

Bahaha. Well I think it’d pretty weird if some stranger commented on their blog wishing them a happy birthday. XD

Aww, Georgina! You’re so nice to write a blog about your friend. I will wish her a happy birthday! :3

Happy Belated Birthday! I do believe I wished you a happy birthday on Twitter. ^__^ Hope you had a great day! Eating somewhere is always good! Hehe.

Yeah, I agree if I had a friend that was totally the same as me … I wouldn’t like it. I would prefer if I had someone that disagreed with me sometimes you know?

Happy Birthday to Tiffany as well! :3

I just got done replying your comment and i mistakenly hit backspace and my computer when to the previous page i was on. I am soo pissed at it right now lol.

I never did found mine but this one is a brand new one and i got my name engraved on the back!!!!!!!!!!! So if i loose i just hope that someone with a heart finds it. Hopefully i won’t l loose it at all. :D

I know!!!!!!!!11 I mean why can’t people just pull their pants up?? Is it soo difficult to wear a belt???? Nobody was to see your ass crack lol.

I prefer they just don’t use the word at all because there is no point in using a word. Maybe they want to come off as smart or something because they used a big word lol.

OMG I MADE YOU ACTUALLY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo proud of myself lol. i use lol too much.

Where I’m from we actually spell labour like that. I know it’s not the American way but it’s the way I’m used too so i they can kiss my black ass. :P

Yay!!! she won’t be teased for the rest of her life lol. I KNOW!!! I AM SOO POSTING A PIC WHEN I GET THE SHIRT. :D

Nooo you should make it blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D Orrr green. You should a forest themed layout. :D Like the rainforest with animals and stuff. I know where you can get the most adorable monkey psd. :D

Areee you serious??? He should just sell that laptop and buy another one because crap soo not gonna do at all. They can’t get FF or Chrome?? Those are like the best though lol.

I’m going to still to the movie lol. I’ve never been a book person before lol. There’s a new harry potter coming out in November but seriously though he needs to get done with hogwarts seriously!!! He’s been in school for like 6 years lol.

Happy B-lated b-day to all your friends. :D You and Lilian are like the best of friends. :D I admire you guys. (Y)