The Middle

Yesterday was Ryan’s birthday, and tomorrow is mine, and the day after that it’s Lilian’s and Tiffany’s. :P So today’s right between Ryan’s and my birthdays… funny, that.

I’ve been listening to 90s music because I’m really hyper. I don’t know how that’s a valid explanation but I’m in such a good mood, I’m listening to old “poppy” music. /bounce

I was extremely hyper yesterday because I had only slept for three hours. I know; it was very silly of me. I was up doing random university stuff and editing the website we have to create, as well as doing stuff on my own websites. I slept at 3:00am and I had to wake up at 6:00am. I did, and even though I was awake already, Rachel called to wake me up! XD

Yesterday I gave Ryan his present, which was just a tie from and a box of chocolates. Please, I’m the worst at picking out presents. I got Vicky a makeup bag and a bottle of perfume because I didn’t know what else to get.

My friends love to torture me… as I said to Sebastian today. You won’t believe what he got me for my birthday. D:

This morning, he wouldn’t let me open my present “until midnight”. It was box-shaped and wrapped in pink gift wrap (gosh Seb, what are you talking about with your “bad wrapping”; you wrap better than I do!). Later though, I was trying to guess what it was by feeling the package.

Ryan guessed that it was a diary, and I guessed that it was a notebook, but we were both wrong. It was a novel.
“It’s something you haven’t read. I know you haven’t read it because you told me,” Seb said. And I’ve got a terrible memory, and I couldn’t recall what books I could have possibly mentioned to Seb.

“It’s part of a series,” he said… which just confused me even more. XD

In the end, I found out… *drum roll*

Harry Potter.

LOL. If you know me well enough… I don’t like Harry Potter, because I had previously tried to read the first book and didn’t like it. “Now you can try again!” Seb laughed. /hehe

I read the first chapter and admittedly it’s interesting, but it’s so kiddish… I know they get better though, but it’s a start. I feel like I’m dipping my hands in hot water for the first time or something. :P

Ryan shouted us lunch today. We went to a sushi train and I was so amused by the sushi moving around on the conveyor belt. It was the first time I went to one. It was yummy, too, of course. :)

Yes, the last one isn’t sushi, but it’s dessert…

Mm, he got me a prepaid credit card… fuck… /argh I owe him big time. Oh and it has a cute puppy on it! I am more amused by the puppy than anything else… /eee

You know what’s really funny? The other day Seb wanted to get a new phone and asked me if the iPhone was good and if he should get one. He got one the next day. But because of Apple’s stupid requirements, he can’t get an iTunes account without a credit card. /poo

Yesterday morning, Ryan asked me to guess what his parents got him for his birthday. After guessing multiple things – a computer, clothes, shoes, a bag, a book, food, a netbook, a car, a house
“It’s closer than you think,” Ryan said.

When I gave up, he said, “My parents got me an iPhone.” LOL. Now all three of us have iPhones. It’s funny because Ryan hates Apple. A lot. XD

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It is 58 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY IN AUSTRALIA! And since I will not be commenting for ONE HOUR (I can not POSSIBLY be that slow!): HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! ✌️ /bounce :D Don’t worry, I will wish you again later *hugs* BUT I AM SO EXCITED!

I hope Ryan had a really good birthday, but I hope yours is better cos I love you MORE (well, duh!).

90s music! Hehehe. I love 90s music. Well the 90s music I know of anyways :P It’s so cool how we were born in the 90s so we know all these cool songs. I mean heaps of those songs are heaps better than the crap the radio sometimes plays now /hmph

But yes, you ARE hyper! Hahaha but you’re allowed to be hyper cos you had a pretty good day AND IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY SOON! :D

Omg, THREE hours of sleep! D: You poor thing. *hugs*

What? You don’t suck at buying presents! That Thinkgeek tie was SO cool! It’s like…geek chic? I’m sure Ryan LOVED IT! I would have LOVED IT. Besides even if someone doesn’t like your present, they still probably like GETTING the present, so you make them happy either way :)

Hahahaha! Sebastian is so mean! He made you guess! :O David and Belinda didn’t make me wait (probably because they both highly doubt my ability to wait until my birthday to open my presents :P I get SO excited!).

And omg, LOL! HARRY POTTER! Out of all things. At least it wasn’t Breaking Dawn. I must keep you company while reading! Hahaha. I mean, read with you :P With separate books that is. Gah! I’m losing my language capabilities @_@

It’s okay! Like I keep telling you, Harry Potter is GOOD. Books = way better than the movies! ^^

It was nice of Ryan to shout you lunch :) AND OMG! AT A SUSHI BAR! I love sushi bars ♥ I’ve only been to one though :(

YAY! A cute puppy prepaid credit card :D That is COOL! I hope you have heaps of fun buying stuff online with it! RAWR! :P Ryan is very nice *nods*. Don’t worry, I’m sure he was happy with your present ^^ You don’t owe him THAT much! It was a PRESENT! :P For your BIRTHDAY!

LOL, I am still laughing over the fact that Ryan’s parents got him an iphone XD Man, it’s HILARIOUS! Oh well. Maybe Ryan will get over his hatred of Apple :P

Of accidentally wreck his iphone in a moment of rage against Apple :P I hope he doesn’t though :P And I hope you guys don’t get your iphones mixed up! HAHAHA XD


HI, you excited one! :P And you were first haha… even first on Twitter. How did you do that?! D: *hugs* :D

LOL, Ryan had a good birthday, I am sure. :)

That’s true – you have to admit that some of the songs are corny but Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys are damn catchy. You can’t deny that. :P

I did have a good day! :D Now it’s my birthday… whee, relaxation. /bounce

It was my fault for getting so little sleep. I was seriously insane and hyper that day. I was up late returning comments and doing random stuff. It’s weird because I wasn’t even tired.

Ryan does like the tie haha! I knew he wanted one; he mentioned someone he knew wearing one. :P

It’s true though, I liked getting Harry Potter even I don’t really like Harry Potter. ;)

I got pretty excited too… at least I already know what your present is. I don’t have to tell you yours, because it’s not like it’s with you… if it was, I’d let you open it right away anyway. Since it’s going to be late! XD

I’m glad it wasn’t Twilight haha! I’m more pleased that it’s a book I haven’t read, so I will actually read it. :P

It was the first time I went to a sushi bar and it was awesome! :D It’s the one in Market City.

It’s still a big present, but oh well. He even found somewhere online that sells Astronaut Ice Cream like on, but it’s in Australia! :O :D

I’m sure Ryan will like his iPhone; he doesn’t need to keep randomly stealing mine now. Hehe.

Your comment went through at 11:12pm, but that was so close in itself! :P ♥

Aww, I really envy the iPhone trend! Hahaha. But here, you can’t and shouldn’t walk the streets texting on an iPhone. Hahaha.

Happy birthday! :)

She started it lol. :D Are you seriously going to call your child Adora?? Please don’t, she’ll get teased lol. The name is nice but it doesn’t fit some people. Like to me that name means adorable but the chick anything but adorable.

I feel better now. :D My headaches usually goes from my head all the way down to my eyes, so my eyes feel heavy at times. :( Stupid headache lol.

Why the hell did they call you that?? Do you laugh too much or something??


My next layout will be bright with blue, pink and dark Grey. :D I already made it, I’m currently coding it. :D

Why can’t everyone just get along?? We were watching a movie about crips and blood. Soo many gang violence in LA. I mean seriously why do people do that?? Why can’t we just get along?? It’s not that difficult lol.

Everything blocked in my school. The worst part is that they use IE and it makes everything just looks ughhhh!!! So i have to download Firefox whenever i want to use the computer. What dumbass would look up porn in school? I mean seriously?? Are they that dense?

Are you serious?? If i had 3hrs of sleep, i would be knocked out in school. Well i sleep in school a lot but still though lol.

Thanks. :D I have to babysit again tonight. I am soo glad i’m getting paid lol.

Ohh Happy almost birthday. :D I need to remember to wish you that tomorrow morning. :D I’ll do it on twitter and on here lol.
Haha i will never ever read harry potter lol. It’s too big, i will fall asleep while reading the first page lol. /hehe

I really thought the last one was sushi lol. It’s fish though right??
I tried to get an itunes account yesterday when i tried to sync my ipod to my computer but i don’t have a credit card soo blahhh. I use my sister account for it lol.

You have like the best friends ever lol. I’m jealous 😢 /hehe

I still havent gotten the new package yet.. if i get it late I can just hold it against them as their the ones who did a mistake, not me lol. I have no idea what im going to take! I’m always so undecided about things. When we go on mini vacations I always over pack- so knowing me, I’ll probably take everything i have minus my desk, bed, and tv lmao!
I actually got a call from my surgens office on wednesday, and they told me my surgery date is on the 1st of JUNE. It’s less than a week away! It seems so unreal, and I’m really nervous now. I’m more scared about whether or not they’ll shove that tube down my throat.. as long as i dont know im fine with it. Like once I’m out put it in, and before i awake, take it out. blahhh.
omg LOL. Hopefully this person can’t comment anymore. Such a pest! lmao IKR? it doesnt bother me anyway, i just found it funny! obviously I’m older, im not going to write about playing with my puppy or playing at the play ground.. LOL!

Ohhh, your birthday is on the 29th! I saw on Twitter people saying happy birthday to you so i figured it was today! its all good :P happy early birthday ! its cool that your in between your friends birthdays lol
3 hours of sleep?! oh i know the feeling. I did that once and had school the next day. It was so hard to fight the sleep i wanted to do in class lol. At least your late night was for valid reasons, mine was cause i was too busy talking to my boyfriend.. LOL! how sad.. jk :P
hahaha aww. Maybe he’s right, maybe you can/will give HP another chance lol. I have 4 of the books, but i was never into it really. it seemed like the same things over and over: family problems, hogwarts getting in trouble, going home.. ladeeda! lol
I’m not a sushi person but that sure does look good! (I’m such a picky eatter, but lately I’ve been seeing things that look delicious and want to try!)
hahaha! iPhone group :P :P

Yay! I am the first one to comment. ;)

Well, happy birthday to you! 💥 💥
In advance. Or is it already 29th May there? Right now in India, it is close to midnight, so I guess by the time you read it, it would be 29th.

Well, I googled “Favicons” and came up with really stupid links that had their website’s names in the code, and the code was all wrong too.

Lol, I have bought a couple of books sometimes through ebay, never sold anything though. My father sometimes threatens to put all my novels on ebay, but I know he is just kidding. Um, I certainly like to think so, at least.

OMG, he got you Harry Potter. Lmao. When I was twelve, my favorite fantasy was anyone gifting me the whole set of HP books. But nobody at home was really into books, and even lesser into HP. /pow /faw
Back then I would have thought you to be the luckiest female in the world, but don’t worry, I’ve grown up. Harry Potter is now just an affectionate memory. And, with the third and fourth book, the way JK Rowling writes would change completely. So, if you REALLY want to try HP and have watched the first two movies, begin with the third book. Its a little confusing too.

Enjoy your birthday,

thanks for the comment! :) i’ve never had sushi. what’s it like? :)

Happy Birthday! :D I hope you have an amazing day. *squish*

Those presents are awesome, and I have to say I am thrilled you got a Harry Potter book. Bwahahaha. They certainly get a lot better. I adored it at the time (the first book) because I was a lot younger when it came out and I grew up with the books, so I guess that it would be different getting into them as an adult. @_@

I hope you enjoy everything. ♥

*hugs* I had a pretty good day! I didn’t do much and I lazed around at home, but that is always fun and relaxing. :)

I feel strange that Harry Potter wasn’t a part of my childhood as much as it was for many others but it’s never too late to get into something. At least I’m giving it a try! :P I’m hoping after the first book I’ll be sucked in. XD

Happy Early Birthday! I hope that you have a great one. :)

HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY!!! (: I probably won’t write tomorrow, as I have a dance thing, so I shall wish you happy birthday now! (:

Nineties music is the best. (H) Well, good nineties stuff is. (:

How can you not like Harry Potter? It’s the best! You must listen to this Sebastian person and read the whole series!!

And you can use iTunes accounts without credit cards. You can just buy iTunes giftcards and use the numbers off of there. My parents don’t like to give out their credit card numbers, so that’s what I do. (:

How can you not have FaceBook? Haha, I couldn’t live without it. Although I guess it means people can’t get your pictures off of it…


Hey, Georgina!

I can’t believe you haven’t read Harry Potter! I used to love Harry Potter! I’ve read all of them at least 3 times XD

I’ve never been to a sushi restaurant, nor have I ever had sushi :P Sushi trains looks cool, though.

The credit card is an awesome gift! And I love that there’s a puppy on it :) I would probably be more interested in that, too :P

Anyway, Happy (early) Birthday :D

EDIT: *Sushi Trains look cool, though*

I typed ‘looks’ instead of ‘look’, ha ha :P

JUST IN TIME!! BWAHHAHAA HAPPY BIRTHHDAYYY GEORGIIEE!! *sorry I sound like such a Lunatic! XD* It’s a perfect time to be back! Really HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s so awesome that your friends’ birthdays are so near! Mine is also next week! 7 days right after :D Wow so awesome!

You had such a splendid day. It all does sound so much fun especially hanging out with your friends. It’s also a coincidence too because my friend just turned 18 and she got an iPhone last week and now 3 of my closest friends have iPhone. Even my friend’s DAD got an iPhone! Apple is surely still getting some business :D


I don’t think you’re bad at picking presents, anything from ThinkGeek is already awesome (or maybe it’s just me O_O )

HARRY POTTER!! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT GEORGIE!! It’s okay if you didn’t like it at first, like what Sebastian said, you can try again! XD hahahaha. Sometimes reading a book again can make you love it. It’s tried and tested how many times for me already. That’s what happened to me and Pride and Prejudice. Now I’ll try it on Lord of the Rings sometime. It also applies to movies :D

It may sound kiddish at first but trust me, Rowling just has a way with words and I do like her writing style. Or maybe it’s just me again… or maybe it’s because it’s such a big part of my childhood. I didn’t want to read it actually because of the cover (man i didn’t like that cover, blame my 10 year old self) but mum was forcing me to because my cousin was reading it and she said that it’s about time I stop reading kiddier books (the Madison Finn books) and start reading HP. So I read it against my will and found that… IT’S AWESOME! I’m a total convert and have been shipping Harry Potter for 10 years already :D I sincerely hope you’ll love it! :D

Panda Strikes Back!
YES!! WE’VE FINISHED THE VIDEO AND WE GOT A PERFECT SCORE!! Whoot I feel so accomplished because it’s the first “real” video that I edited. The previous ones were just for fun but this… man… it saved my grade!

Really? Your government has lots of problems there too? Haven’t been hearing much about Australian government, what’s really on the news now is that Thailand revolt and all that… man it’s so devastating :(

Oh the sushi looks amazing :)

Hope you a good day tomorrow :) (well its tomorrow my time atm, lol) HAPPY BIRTHDAY 👏

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGINA! ♥ ♥ ♥ And happy birthday to James, Lillian and Tiff :)

No body wraps worse then me. I cover presents with lots of bows and ribbons to hide the mess.

I was given the first Harry Potter book on my 15th birthday. I didn’t read much of it. But I think that is a great present :)

I have an ipod touch. I don’t think I would buy the iPhone because it looks to complicated. I don’t really use my phone much any way.

Have a great day.


Your friend Seb is amazing for getting you HP. Don’t worry, i haaaaated the first book (especially the beginning of it), but I ended up being sooooo in love with it all – hang in there and keep reading!

And, sushi train is amazing – jealous!

Haha thank you! :)

LOL thanks for the heads up! Everyone is telling me that the series gets better. I’m sure the first book isn’t too bad. I have just never been a huge fan of fantasy fiction; I guess that’s why I didn’t like it when I first tried reading. :P

Hope you had a fantastic day XD ♥

I tried to read the last book of Harry Potter (I wonder why not the first one!) and I failed. LOL. The only long books I can read are The Twilight Saga.

YUM! Sushi :D .. OMG I haven’t had it in ages lol.

That’s cool! a prepaid card with a puppy on it XD it’s nice that your friend bought you one.

I love iPhones! I really want to save up for one.. but I’ll fail. They are great, then I wouldn’t need to carry my big iPod and phone in my school pocket.

Talking about the iPhone.. have you used the iPad yet? I have! it’s actually quite good. They look so cool.. hehe.

There should be more people serving so there isn’t a queue! I agree, they are such a waste of time!

Your layout is so cool, I wish I had talented skills like you!

I didn’t really like many of her songs at the start but now I do. I don’t listen much music anymore. I should so I can start liking her music a lot again!

Yes, true.

Photos are so much better with celebrities! you could just enter a competition to get an autograph. That’s cool that your mum saw famous people at her work! that would be cool XD

That sucks, unfair to to people in NSW!

Yeah, I take forever writing comments though on my iPod Touch. It’s easy writing tweets though, since they are short.

Something great happened today which made my day! Orianthi replied to me on Twitter. I was surprised she did. Which celebrities have replied to you on Twitter? :)

It’s your birthday now, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Haha, you will realise one day what a brilliant present that Harry Potter book was :P Yeah, I agree they are really kiddish at the start – but hey – it’s pretty decent for a woman who wrote it in a coffee shop. They get a lot better/less kiddish as they go on.

I can’t believe you only got three hours of sleep somewhat on purpose! I had five hours the other day because of the stupid maths assignment I was doing (maths at 1am = fail), and it nearly killed me. Although for some reason I’m more energetic on tired days…

Sushi trains are cool! I’ve never been to one, but I’ve seen them plenty of times, and I really want to eat at one. They’re so fascinating :P

Are iPhones worthwhile? Not that I have the money to buy one, so it’s a bit of a pointless question.

XD I find your train of thought when guessing Ryan’s present funny. You go from food to house in three or four guesses ;D

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again :) I hope you had a great day… I spent most of it being lazy and I’m regretting it now ;D

Haha thank you, Zaphiie! ♥

Well I did try and read it when I was younger but I hated fantasy books so much. I still sort of do – it’s hard to get my head around them – but I’ll pick up this book with a little more respect and less arrogance. :P I feel like Harry Potter was in everyone’s childhoods but mine.

Well it was somewhat on purpose – and honestly, I didn’t feel tired at all when I slept. I wasn’t too bad when I woke up either. I did, however, feel quite tired later on. :P

I liked the sushi train ahha! Some seem fancier than others, but I think it’s really good. :D

iPhones are pretty good. I guess it depends what you want them for. I liked the idea of a music player and phone in one. Considering my old phone was very old.

LOL yes, my guesses were way off… especially the… house… /um

I spent most of my day being lazy too… I honestly should have done more stuff, hahaa! :P

Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one. :)

I’m really bad with presents too. When I can’t think of anything to give someone, I just get them chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate. :D

I read the first 3 books of Harry Potter and started on the 4th, and it seems fine to me. I never do feel like reading anymore though, haha.

Wow, I want an iPhone. :)) I used to not like touchscreen phones, but my brother got one, and I tried using it, and it wasn’t so bad.

I feel bad because I always shouted at him, and there were times that I hit him as well, and he didn’t do anything to me. That was only a phase though, at least.

People get surprised when I say that I’ve never gone to a concert either, haha.

Well, it sounds nice! :)

Happy Birthday hope u have an awesome day filled with love and laughter, also hope u get spoilt :)..

Aw thank you Bianca. I wanted to be sure you got this, so I responded here. It’s sad to see you’re leaving your website for now. You’ve been so supportive and I love that you’ve been around and still read my blogs.

I wish you all the best. ♥ You’ve been so very kind to me. :)

thx hun im definitely coming back in the future but not right now i want to wow u out with my website one day. im still gonna read ur blogs just not update mine. how was ur bday?

Thanks haha, it was good. I just wrote a new post; didn’t do much but was pretty lazy and had a good day. :P

Happy birthday! Once again ♥

I’m 14 in about 4 months. :P

I haven’t heard much 90s stuff but sometimes poppy music is good :D

Superhuman; you can live off 3 hours sleep, even with the help of a carbonated drink? I’d be horribly grumpy, not hyper. @_@

I’m sure you’re not bad at picking out presents! The tie sounds quite cool and who could object to chocolates, lol? /hehe

I love perfume but as I’m sure I mentioned I don’t own any.

LOL! Seb’s present was amusing to me. Harry Potter isn’t all that bad but the films aren’t so good as they have to cut out a lot of the books when most the time the whole book is needed, if y’know what I mean.

The sushi looks yummy :D I haven’t had sushi in a while.
I like the sound of credit card ^^

LOL! You all have iPhones! That’s really quite cool. ✌️ I never liked Apple much but I love the iPods. xD

Thank youuu for replying to my email ♥ I’m behind with fucking everything so I’m sorry I haven’t got around to replying! Thank gawd my stupid exams are over.

Our blazers ARE compulsory and we’re meant to wear a jumper underneath. Bah. Basically all my uniform is second-hand from my sister anyway.

The weather has gone all shit here again /hmph Typical! Now there’s barely anyone outside in the rain and grey skies…

I don’t use the playlists much. I have a ‘Loved’ and a ‘Quiet Songs’. :P I know Vicky has playlists of artists but now you can search your iTunes library I guess there’s not much point in that anymore. :P

I’ve totally “whored out” ‘Paradise Lost’ by Hollywood Undead… and oh dear, I am getting some Elliot Minor songs too. They’re good /bounce

Aha yeah I did study a bit. xD I’ll study more when it’s my GCSEs, I promise!

I should try them out. They sound good (Idiot Pilot).

Nawh, danke! *hug*

Actually you spelt my surname right, haha!!! It is Braddyll. Everyone spells it wrong but it’s really not that hard… B-R-A double D Y double L. Pipsy.

LOLOL yeah I guess Dr. Braddyll sounds okay but there’s the problem with the extra surname I have tagged on the end, my dad’s (brown). I’d prefer just the Braddyll. :P

LOL! Dr. Poon. You could keep your maiden name?

That shirt sounds cool :D

Merci, once again :3

“I want to show those people who hurt me and who treated me like crap that I am a good person and I can do great things. ”

Oh yes we’ve talked about PE teachers before! And how when ours were in skirts it didn’t suit them. :P

Yeah, I only played ‘Piggy In The Middle’ at primary school. I also sucked at it.

I understood your explanation about your wisdom teeth. I have to have a tooth taken out on Wednesday… last. Fucking. Time. D:

I’d like a grey layout for the FL :3 For my next layout I was gonna go brown though. Hope to get that layout up soon!

I thought your comment was fine! :O Look at this piece of shit, LMFAO. :P /ehe

Take care! xx

Happy Birthday :D I hope you are having a great day!

Thank you :) I’m glad you like it. I always send screen shots of the layout to Tyrone as I am making it. It always helps to here someone elses opinion.

I thought biology was going to be the easiest because like the subject. But for me chemistry seemed the easiest.

I’m going to miss the people so much. I’m going to buy the DVD of the prom, even though I’m not going. The disk is going to have loads of pictures of everyone on so I want it just for that.

I’m sure it will prove to be a great business. I can see them being very popular.

I tried to help my friend set up a website but she really didn’t understand coding. I guess I’m not the best teacher in the world!

I’m also bad at buying presents. I always buy something that I would like for myself! Or I buy something and then I keep thinking about it because I don’t think they will like it.

I am not in to the Harry Potter books either. I prefer to read more realistic books. I think that’s why I like autobiographies so much.

Oh wow! We have those types of sushi bars here. They are called “yo sushi” and they are usually found in department stores such as Selfridges. I have never been before though. The pictures you have taken look great though :P They are making me hungry!

Everyone seems to be getting an iPhone for their birthday! There is a guy in my class who got one but now he is annoyed because in 2 weeks time the latest one is released in the UK.

Happy birthday :D There’s a time difference so I don’t know if it’s your birthday yet but happy birthday all the same. Hope you have a great one :)

You’ve never read Harry Potter before? :O I felt the same way the first time I read it, though. I attempted reading it when I was 7 and I found it hard to understand. I just thought it was really difficult and boring. But I re-read it when I was 11 and it was really good. I’ve re-read the series like 10 times. It’s one of those books that never get old :P Maybe if you give it a try, you’ll like it. Sometimes, I re-read books several times before I like it. But Harry Potter might seem pretty kiddish if you read it now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D /hehe /mwah *fireworks explodes* /eee 👏

I fully understand that you need the Internet for your work, although you have to recognize that sometimes distracting.
Haha yeah I agree with you, the University is stressful. I know. Some people don’t understand that studying in the Univesity carries a heavier workload than we had in high school.

Glad for you! :) It’s a shame that some parents of students weren’t. If I agree, graduation is an important and special, and it is natural to wanted your parents to attend.

It is normal for your parents to feel worried when you go to a new site. Parents can not help feeling some preoupacion to know where we go, so it can happen. Yeah I definitely agree with you, they just want the best for us.

I hope that changes in your timetable, you haven’t been affected much. I think it’s better to take time in the morning to run to avoid forgetting things.

If I think that the laptops usually take up a lot, so I want to buy a netbook. I guess so.

Happy 19th Birthday, Georgina! I’ve made one gift for you: I hope you like it :)

90s music! I usually listen to music of the 90s sometimes. I remember that at that time used to listen to Back Street Boys and Spice Girls, among others.

oh you slept only three hours. You poor thing :(

I started to read the first Harry Potter book, and is still unfinished. Honestly I don’t like. I hope you can get to read this time.

Enjoy what’s left of your birthday, hugs * 👏

The ending of “When A Stranger Calls” was so…disappointing.
I love horror movies. :D

I kept messing up because I was being nervous in front of the camera.
I think I saw this girl who had people sign on her legs. I wrote my name on her calf.


Whoa, a lot of birthdays. o_O HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Heh, “poppy.” Whenever I say that to describe a song, my friends laugh at me because of how weird it sounds. Have you listened to Garbage?

I went to sleep last night at 12 AM, and then I got woken up at 8 AM because of a phone call.

What a wonderful gift. A Harry Potter book. xD I don’t read the series, either. I just watch the movies.

I still want an iPhone. :O

Happy Almost Birthday :) The sushi looks awesome, there’s a lot of sushi restaurants around where I live, so I love it also :) The iPhone deal would be interesting. iPhones really get to me sometimes, because touch screens kill me. I try and press a ‘H’ and I get a ‘J’ all the time. /pow But anyways, hope you have an awesome birthday, and a nice card with a puppy ✌️

Happy birthday! I think it’s your birthday here now, but it’s not there anymore. I want an iPhone lucky!

Thank you! :P Yeah, Australia is way ahead of most of the other countries in terms of timezones.

I used to really, really want an iPhone and now that I have one, I’m sort of over it. Wait up for the new one that’s coming out though. ;)

LOL. Wow, so many birthdays are so close to each other! My birthday is in less than a month! :) I can’t wait for my birthday, though you never really feel older.

I’m bad at picking gifts, too. XD But I love chocolate and I definitely would have appreciated someone giving me chocolate for my birthday. As long as it was good chocolate, of course. :3

Wow, you stayed up so late! I NEED to sleep, or else I’m really cranky. :P

Oh, I read the Harry Potter series last summer. I tried reading the first chapter or so of Harry Potter a long time ago, but I remember that I found myself not enjoying it, and I couldn’t get why everyone loved it so much. But then I decided to just read the whole series anyway, and I found myself loving it. :D Especially the last book. I’ve seen all the movies, too, and I can’t wait until the movie for the last book comes out, though the books are honestly a whole lot better. :3

I’ve never been to a sushi train thingy. :P It looks yummy, though.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have/had a nice day!

I’m not sure what time it is there, but it’s 11pm on the 29th here right now, so I’m guessing it’s you’re birthday now as I’m writing this aha, I’m not sure of the time zones. :P

90’s music always gets me in a good mood, it reminds me of my childhood. :’)

Those sound like pretty cool presents! I’m really bad at picking presents for people, I have to plan it two months in advance so I buy something good. XD

I’m not a big Harry Potter fan, it’s nice that your friend bought you the book so you could try reading it again though. :’)

When I’m on Tumblr, everyone reblogs HP related stuff, sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn’t like it. :P

That food looks so good. Sushi is my favourite food ever! A prepaid credit card?! That’s amazing!

iPhones are so popular now! I want one but since I have an iPod touch I think I’ll stick with that, I can’t wait to get my Blackberry though. I keep talking about it but I’m so excited. :3

I don’t usually mind walking but it was so hot! Luckily I was clever and wore shorts and a t-shirt since I knew it was boiling outside!

My knee was so much better after I had a rest haha! I couldn’t eat much because of the heat. ):

All my life, my mum’s given me the appropriate space so I’m not over-dependant of her, but the thought of not having someone to help me out is so scary! My sister moved out a few years ago and still now she calls my mum up for the most random things! XD

My new earphones finally arrived, they’re really loud…I actually have a headache because of it. D: Even when it’s on a low setting they’re really loud. The musics really clear on the brightside though. :P

Ouu sushi, I haven’t had sushi in a long time. I don’t have the real sushi though just the cucumber, avacado and immitation crab meat ones like California Rolls xD

Wow it looks like you got a lot of nice presents from very thoughtful friends =) I’ve never had a credit card before, of any type including prepaid so that might be interesting.

Indeed Harry Potter was a little childish, I guess not at the time of being 10 xD But now it probably will be really childish for me to read, but as it goes along like you said it does get better.

I hope that you enjoy your birthday week with all these birthdays xD Take care

Happy Birthday, Georgina! :)
I typed a comment in reply to your comment on my post and for some reason it wasn’t copied when I pasted here :( (wrote it else where so I could reply to everything you said) and now that it’s gone, I don’t even feel like re-typing all of it anymore :( … So sad.

Oh mah gosh, I never liked Harry Potter at first but after watching the series, I liked it. I don’t read books because they bore me -unless it’s super duper interesting and catches my attention right from the beginning.
There has been only ONE book I EVER finished without skipping. I think it was The Color of Water. It was for summer reading (I hate those -.-) ….

A SUSHI TRAIN?! Even though I’m not a fan of sushi, that sounds cool and i’d probably try some sushi from there :D . Yum, that looks good.

HUHU, pink wrap! /bounce
Harry Potter sucks. /um Seriously, I’m not implying it was a crap present (they’re so freaking expensive) but it’s a crap novel in the end. D:

‘LUNCH!’ he shouted. I quite like sushi train. /faw but I haven’t been in a while. Did you go to the fancy schmancy place near Central? I’ll take you there sometime (they even push your chair in)

There’s one thing money will never buy Ryan.

A dinosaur! /frog

Pink wrap is good! Lilian wrapped last year’s present in pink wrap. :D

I haven’t read it – but I didn’t even respect the book when I tried to read it when I was younger. I seriously hated fantasy books. /um

LOL, Rachel (from America) didn’t know we use the word “shouted” when someone pays for someone else. She didn’t understand. XD

We went to the one in Market City, ngege! Take me to the other one. /love

I get pretty hyper after having only so many hours of sleep. But when I’m at school, that kind of fails. :P I end up crashing. Rachel called you? She can call from the states? Lucky her… doesn’t it cost a lot though? :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (: I said that on the forum but here I am giving you a personal comment.

HARRY POTTER (: It is rather childish but they’re good books. Haven’t you ever just wanted to go somewhere magical. :D

Hmmm, can’t Sebastian get an account without a credit card? I did… I use gift cards to pay for stuff too. And you can still use Itunes… like burn all his CD’s onto it and such. ^^

That sushi looks BOMB. First timer eh? How’d you think of it? I forget, do you like sushi?

Haha, they’re called notesheets because they actually are notesheets. Like there’s a sheet.. and you have to fill it out. It’s a specific format and everything. I just type out my notesheets, that way it’s more difficult to lose.

Well by BSing the notes, people just copy and paste random shiz and then make stupid inferences about them (because we have to analyze and infer stuff from the articles and blah).

It is a lot of hard work. Scary scary scary general assembly on Tuesday. It’s basically my final and I’m internally freaking out.

Oh, well that’s my first 58 on anything. So I basically failed myself. I took a retake and got probably only got one out of five problems. Soooo, I’ll only get five points added to my score.. or something like that. Which still makes it a fail. O.o

Yeah, I’ve missed a lot of your blogs :/

And I LOVEEE yearbooks. Really, there aren’t random people in my yearbook. By yearbook, it’s a book filled with pictures from the entire year. :D And my school, despite there’s like.. 400+ students at it is a pretty close knit community. Even if you may not know someone you probably have heard of them. (:

Math is required for psychology? What kind of math? :P Because if it’s circles.. I will shoot whoever made up that rule. xP I fail at circles..

Oh, well the many photos make the cupcake look muy deliciouso. :D

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

lmbo, a tie? /hehe

Yeah. They can’t and they shouldn’t. I can join whatever club I want. :) Sometimes I just get too self-conscious. T_T

Walk-in closets are amazing! You can just… um, walk in. XD Yeah, my cousin’s closet is pretty big but I decided I better not stay too long because I was having a bit of a hard time breathing in there.

My closet is somewhat like yours. Though mine doesn’t have shelves. Sometimes I hide in mine when we play hide and seek, but it’s pretty hard because I have lots of clothes and books and stuff in my closet that I don’t want to step on.

I honestly don’t check their sites for broken rules every week or month either. But sometimes I force myself to. :P Oh wow, 60? :O

Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve been planning to update that page but I keep on forgetting.

Well, if I were desperate for money, then I would’ve taken the job. But if I’m not, I would choose something I’m more comfortable with. :)

How sweet! Though the year after that, they’ve completely forgotten about me. XD Some of them still say hi to me, though.

What a jerk. He asks you to advertise him and he spams you.

Oh, cool! Designing guitar picks and turning them into jewelry is a really creative idea. :3

Haha! XD Well, let’s just hope I can keep this returning-comments-early thing up :P

I find it cool when a group friends have their birthdays in the same month. (H)

How could you be hyper when you only had 3 hours of sleep? :O Aw, poor Georgina. *hugs* I hope we both get the right amount of sleep soon!

YOU HAVEN’T READ HARRY POTTER?! Those words.. is it possible to put them in a sentence together? :O

LOL, I hope you like them, though. They’re really good.

Sushi-s (whatever the plural of sushi is. XD) in a conveyor belt? Haha. I wish I were there to see it. That would’ve made my day. XD

Bahahaha. It’s really cool that they got him an iPhone. Sucks that he hates Apple, though. :P

Well then i’ll have to try it sometime. :)

LOL. Yay for RAH-MEN noodles.

Kurt ahaha. I just can’t myself to call the cat a girl. I really cannot for some reason haha.

Lol happy belated birthday then. :) I never really got into Harry Potter for some reason. Not really my thing haha. But LOL to you getting the book lmao.

I love the IPhone hehe. Such a great phone. But that is really odd about the card thing.

Heyya. :)
When you said that I wasn’t the first one to comment, I’d thought I would be the second. Now after I’ve been through them, I realize I am not even close. /hmph

Aw, now I am ashamed to admit it, but about two years ago, I would have traded my soul for Harry Potter. And I am not even kidding.
I had this website dedicated to him, I’d memorized all those seven books by heart (have you ever noticed their thickness?) and was…just plain freaking crazy.

Before you laugh, please keep in mind that I was 13 then. Those teenage hormones did something to my mind. 🙄

And even though I appreciate what JKR has made of herself, HP doesn’t hold the same magic over me. Thankfully.
So, if you didn’t like Harry Potter, tell me some books you liked. As you might have already guessed, I am a huge bookworm. I read just about anything. From Harry Potter to Audacity Of Hope, I’ve been there, done that. ;)


Already said happy birthday on twitter but happy birthday again and happy birthday to Ryan and lilian.

I’m a BIG happy potter fan! I started reading them when it first came out so it was about 11 at that time. I didn’t find it childish at all seeing as I was only 11-12 at the time. I followed the HP series all the way to the end. You should give it a try and read it. I really like fantasy stories so it was really my type of books.

Sushi yum yum. Love Sushi. Is the dessert like strawberry moose?

I love iphones. I got mine recently and just can’t live without. I only have the normal 3G not 3Gs so it’s really slow. But I do really like the apps tho :D

Oooh sushi. And mmm, strawberry milkshake. /love
I can tell you now that the Harry Poter books do get better – I think JK Rowling remembered that as Harry got older, so did her readers. I got the first HP book when I was about 7, and finished the last one when I was 13 – age difference. :P