The Middle

Yesterday was Ryan’s birthday, and tomorrow is mine, and the day after that it’s Lilian’s and Tiffany’s. πŸ˜› So today’s right between Ryan’s and my birthdays… funny, that.

I’ve been listening to 90s music because I’m really hyper. I don’t know how that’s a valid explanation but I’m in such a good mood, I’m listening to old “poppy” music. 😁

I was extremely hyper yesterday because I had only slept for three hours. I know; it was very silly of me. I was up doing random university stuff and editing the website we have to create, as well as doing stuff on my own websites. I slept at 3:00am and I had to wake up at 6:00am. I did, and even though I was awake already, Rachel called to wake me up! πŸ˜†

Yesterday I gave Ryan his present, which was just a tie from and a box of chocolates. Please, I’m the worst at picking out presents. I got Vicky a makeup bag and a bottle of perfume because I didn’t know what else to get.

My friends love to torture me… as I said to Sebastian today. You won’t believe what he got me for my birthday. 😦

This morning, he wouldn’t let me open my present “until midnight”. It was box-shaped and wrapped in pink gift wrap (gosh Seb, what are you talking about with your “bad wrapping”; you wrap better than I do!). Later though, I was trying to guess what it was by feeling the package.

Ryan guessed that it was a diary, and I guessed that it was a notebook, but we were both wrong. It was a novel.
“It’s something you haven’t read. I know you haven’t read it because you told me,” Seb said. And I’ve got a terrible memory, and I couldn’t recall what books I could have possibly mentioned to Seb.

“It’s part of a series,” he said… which just confused me even more. πŸ˜†

In the end, I found out… *drum roll*

Harry Potter.

LOL. If you know me well enough… I don’t like Harry Potter, because I had previously tried to read the first book and didn’t like it. “Now you can try again!” Seb laughed. πŸ˜…

I read the first chapter and admittedly it’s interesting, but it’s so kiddish… I know they get better though, but it’s a start. I feel like I’m dipping my hands in hot water for the first time or something. πŸ˜›

Ryan shouted us lunch today. We went to a sushi train and I was so amused by the sushi moving around on the conveyor belt. It was the first time I went to one. It was yummy, too, of course. πŸ™‚

Yes, the last one isn’t sushi, but it’s dessert…

Mm, he got me a prepaid credit card… fuck… 😠 I owe him big time. Oh and it has a cute puppy on it! I am more amused by the puppy than anything else… ☺️

You know what’s really funny? The other day Seb wanted to get a new phone and asked me if the iPhone was good and if he should get one. He got one the next day. But because of Apple’s stupid requirements, he can’t get an iTunes account without a credit card. πŸ’©

Yesterday morning, Ryan asked me to guess what his parents got him for his birthday. After guessing multiple things – a computer, clothes, shoes, a bag, a book, food, a netbook, a car, a house
“It’s closer than you think,” Ryan said.

When I gave up, he said, “My parents got me an iPhone.” LOL. Now all three of us have iPhones. It’s funny because Ryan hates Apple. A lot. πŸ˜†

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