Hybrid Moments

I’ve been thinking of selling some jewellery online. I made a necklace out of guitar picks a while ago, which I wear all the time, and I was able to get my hands on some more guitar picks and chains the other day. I would really like to sell some online – it’s going to be some work to get the shop open but perhaps I could showcase a few pieces and have people reserve them, then I could send out a money request via PayPal – I’m not too sure yet but here’s a peek:

I anticipate that the cost will be around $20 USD a piece, including shipping (to anywhere in the world). If you like them, let me know! I have no idea at this stage if they will sell well or not. I managed to get the guitar picks for a cheaper price. There weren’t many chains left in the store so I’ll have to go back for another look.

I also need to look for more charms; all the craft stores have really ugly charms, and no star charms. Those are the ones I’m after! James said he would look for some for me. 😍

Anyway, that aside. I woke up this morning – well, of course I did… how else would I be here? πŸ˜›

I woke up pretty late. I remember my alarm going off, and I remember just ignoring it or turning it off. When I woke up, I think I woke up because I heard my phone ring.

I got a text message from my friend regarding our group assignment. I was quite annoyed because the assignment was due via online submission in about an hour, and I had just crawled out of bed (well, to be accurate, I wasn’t even out of bed by then).

But we got the assignment done! We had to make a “wiki” (basically like a website that people can collaborate on and edit, like Wikipedia). We had a page that wasn’t formatted properly because it was put in at the last minute, but at least it got in there!

I really dislike doing assignments at the last minute though, because it’s so much rush. People say that they can work better “under pressure” but I disagree.

But back to waking up… Lilian has the worst of it. She has a friend who has the nerve to wake her up at ungodly hours. Who texts people at 2:00am? Who texts people at 6:00am on the weekends? Especially when it’s for something unimportant?

I personally don’t mind, but Lilian has different sleeping patterns and preferences from other people. Sometimes people just should be careful what times they call. When I was younger, I had a “bedtime”, and I had to sleep by 10:00pm. Even that was considered late, and when a friend called at that time, I was already in bed, about to sleep. πŸ˜†

Anyway, Lilian now has a blog hosted here at Heartdrops. πŸ™‚ But keep in mind that she’s an awfully busy (and intelligent πŸ˜„) law student, so you’ll be getting late responses if you leave her a comment.

I’m working on a new layout, hopefully I can have it up this weekend.

It’s Ryan’s birthday tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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