Hybrid Moments

I’ve been thinking of selling some jewellery online. I made a necklace out of guitar picks a while ago, which I wear all the time, and I was able to get my hands on some more guitar picks and chains the other day. I would really like to sell some online – it’s going to be some work to get the shop open but perhaps I could showcase a few pieces and have people reserve them, then I could send out a money request via PayPal – I’m not too sure yet but here’s a peek:

I anticipate that the cost will be around $20 USD a piece, including shipping (to anywhere in the world). If you like them, let me know! I have no idea at this stage if they will sell well or not. I managed to get the guitar picks for a cheaper price. There weren’t many chains left in the store so I’ll have to go back for another look.

I also need to look for more charms; all the craft stores have really ugly charms, and no star charms. Those are the ones I’m after! James said he would look for some for me. /love

Anyway, that aside. I woke up this morning – well, of course I did… how else would I be here? :P

I woke up pretty late. I remember my alarm going off, and I remember just ignoring it or turning it off. When I woke up, I think I woke up because I heard my phone ring.

I got a text message from my friend regarding our group assignment. I was quite annoyed because the assignment was due via online submission in about an hour, and I had just crawled out of bed (well, to be accurate, I wasn’t even out of bed by then).

But we got the assignment done! We had to make a “wiki” (basically like a website that people can collaborate on and edit, like Wikipedia). We had a page that wasn’t formatted properly because it was put in at the last minute, but at least it got in there!

I really dislike doing assignments at the last minute though, because it’s so much rush. People say that they can work better “under pressure” but I disagree.

But back to waking up… Lilian has the worst of it. She has a friend who has the nerve to wake her up at ungodly hours. Who texts people at 2:00am? Who texts people at 6:00am on the weekends? Especially when it’s for something unimportant?

I personally don’t mind, but Lilian has different sleeping patterns and preferences from other people. Sometimes people just should be careful what times they call. When I was younger, I had a “bedtime”, and I had to sleep by 10:00pm. Even that was considered late, and when a friend called at that time, I was already in bed, about to sleep. XD

Anyway, Lilian now has a blog hosted here at Heartdrops. :) But keep in mind that she’s an awfully busy (and intelligent :D) law student, so you’ll be getting late responses if you leave her a comment.

I’m working on a new layout, hopefully I can have it up this weekend.

It’s Ryan’s birthday tomorrow! :)

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Stupid Ryan. Hrrng

Wuggsshop, eh. Maybe I’ll buy something ngege
Like a present for Wuggs /ho /um

I’ll find you something fun. D:



Hahaha he’s not stupid… he’s on a scholarship. D:

Why would you buy me a present from my own shop? It would be like giving me money. /hehe

/bounce ♥

First? Unless someone is a speed-commenter.

I love the guitar pick jewellery! Very original – I would wear it, and I don’t usually wear jewellery. However, I’m not sure that people would pay $20 USD for something that, in theory, they could make themselves. You’ll have to market it well :P

Maybe that’s just me though.

Eww… I don’t like making wikis for assignments. Last year we had a huge groupwork project that was wiki-based – a nightmare for technologically challenged year 8 students. Our group only managed because I fixed up all the mistakes afterwards – the other two girls had no idea what to do.

I’m doing an assignment right now, last minute. Oops. And here I am commenting too!

I’m going to go look at Lilian’s blog :) Right after this assignment is done ;D

And an early happy birthday to Ryan :)

No one ever beats James to commenting. Well, at least, when he’s online and I post a blog. ;) The thing is, he reads super fast. Within a minute of me posting the link to him (which was delayed compared to Twitter, which tweets automatically, which is where I assume you saw the update), he already commented on what I had written, except, in our MSN conversation.

Anyway, Random Fact of the Day aside!

It’s actually pretty hard to make holes in the guitar picks… /um

But a lot of people sell jewellery online that they do make themselves, and people do buy it. (Besides, the shipping is pretty expensive.)

Oh wow, thank goodness someone understands my pain with stupid wikis. The worst thing is that our university platform is a real bitch. It freezes and crashes a lot and doesn’t format your text properly… fuck. /angry

Good luck with your assignment! :)

Awesome. I’ll defiantly buying one. (Y)

I was wondering why Lillian didn’t have a website by now. Hehe :)

I also have a friend who is law student. I ask her stupid questions all the time.

Hellooooo :D YAY! This is so cool :) I get a tag on this blog ♥ It’s AWESOME :D /bounce

Ohhh, I really hope your store thing works out :) Your guitar pick necklaces are so unique and cool /love Like I told you, I really like the white one. Well the white and red one :P STAR CHARMS! Okay, if I find any nice charms, I’ll get them for you :) We must look for some later on when we get around to going shopping. It’ll be like…our birthday shopping spree :D ✌️

Awwwww! At least you didn’t apparently answer your dad in your sleep! :P But it sucks that you got up late :( I hate having to rush because I got up late. Even though half my mornings are like that. HAHAHA. So lame.

Hmph, it was quite inconsiderate of them to get you to make changes to an assignment so last minute. Even if you ARE good at working under pressure, no one actually WANTS to work under pressure. Well most people don’t. I can NOT believe they did that. /hmph I am indignant on your behalf. And omg, by SMS! /angry It SUCKS being woken up by SMS because you actually have to try and READ the SMS. 🤬

I hope that never happens to you ever again.

And LOL, yep. People LOVE to sms me at ungodly hours /wah And they like to call me at ungodly hours too. I mean at 2am in the morning? Even if I’m not sleeping, MY PARENTS ARE! The walls aren’t that thick you know? HMPH! I mean sometimes when people wake me up with smses or whatever, it’s not their fault, because I have retarded, nocturnal, unpredictable sleeping hours. But seriously, you should know that there are certain times where normal people are ASLEEP and do NOT like to be woken. /angry

If I were living by myself, I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad, but I have parents who need their sleep! HMPH!

Omg, bedtimes. I remember those :P Those were the days. Hahahaha.

Thank you for advertising my blog on your site ♥ I will try my very best to return all comments and do you proud as a hostee. Hahahaha :P

YAY! A NEW LAYOUT! Omg, I’m excited /bounce Hehehehehe.


Hello! Yes you DO get a tag… because you were mentioned! And I was in dire need of plugging your blog too. :P You’re going to get more comments. Hahaha.

Hehe, thanks! :) I hope it works out too; it’s a good way to earn money and I’m having fun making them too.

James said he’d look for some charms next time he goes to work. Lincraft didn’t have any. Shocking bugger. I expected them to have some but they had everything but stars.

LOL. Good point. I do need sleep tonight and I can see I’m not going to get very much at all. :( Oh dear. Looks like I might be talking in my sleep. D:

I don’t ever like working under pressure… I thought we were pretty much cool and done with the assignment in the wiki but apparently not. Oh well, at least it’s done now. She did email me too, and texted me to let me know… blah.

That is really, really rude! I don’t mind being called on my mobile in a huge emergency but calling a house number at ungodly hours – is not only a bit shocking, surprising and frightening – but there could be other people in the family to consider!

Bedtimes… we should probably set ourselves a bedtime from now on. Look at us. D:


It’s Ryan’s birthday like, now… he said he was born at 2am. XD

I think I said this before on Twitter, but I love those guitar pick necklaces and I’d be quite interested in buying one once you start selling! They look great and it’s not something I’ve seen before, so it could make for a nice little niche market. :)

Yay for getting your assignment done and out of the way, even if one of your friends did drag you out of bed to submit it. =/ As for working under pressure, I think it’s something that really depends on the person. Some people can be really motivated by that sense of urgency, but other people (eg. me) tend to just freak out. I think a balance is probably what suits most people though – enough pressure to motivate, but not so much that it becomes too overwhelming to actually do anything. Unfortunately I usually skip from the “eh, this’ll be easy, it can wait” right to the “OMG it’s due tomorrow, arghhhh!” (you might want to visualize me running around in circles flapping my hands now, haha) phase without anything in between. :P

Aww, that’s so nice that you’ve got Lilian set up with her own site now! I just went there and I’ll comment once I’m finished commenting here, lol.

And I don’t really remember who Ryan is, I’m afraid (is he the friend you went to the markets with a while back?), but happy birthday to him anyway! :)

Thanks Aly! :) I’m glad at least someone is interested. I hope it sells well, that’s all, obviously I’m trying to earn a bit of money as well as doing something I love.

I don’t mind pressure, but when it’s “real” pressure, it starts to stress me out. Sometimes I put pressure on myself by pretending an assignment is due a day earlier, or to make myself do something within a day – that gets me motivated and helps me work. But not leaving things till the absolute last minute!

LOL, I don’t know if you recall – he’s the one who is really tall! And yes, we’ve been to the markets many times. XD

I think you should set up that shop on here. Although I couldn’t buy anything (I can’t use PayPal properly yet because I’m only 15) I think other people would. The necklace you made looks really interesting and I’m sure someone would love to wear it!

I’m glad you managed to finish your assignment. I always leave my work until the last minute because I’m lazy and I actually do work best under pressure. It’s weird but if I’m under pressure then I know I’ve GOT to do it, so I do it.

I text people at 2AM. :D
I wouldn’t text someone at that time unless they sent me a text first, though. So I know they’re actually awake. I hate waking people up. I never ring people because I don’t like speaking on the phone but when my friends ring me it’s never been after 9PM, LOL. I don’t like it if it’s after that time because my mum always asks who’s ringing me and why they’re ringing late. She doesn’t like me texting late either. :/

My English teacher also used to ask us how to spell things, LOL. I agree, we should be taught grammar rather than being forced to write stupid essays.

They look really awesome, I am pretty sure you would be able to sell them. *nod* Shipping is the one bummer. I guess you could just see if people are interested. :D

Gah, being woken up at odd hours is just not fun.

Aww, that is wonderful you are hosting her. ♥

Thank you Kya! Also, at work today, it just occurred to me that since I am hosted with Bubble I shall have to sell my
jewellery on a website not hosted under Bubble so as not to breach the terms of use. :) I’ll have to consider the websites I have at Holdfire for that; I love being hosted at Bubble and I’ll just have to work around it. :3

I have rather terrible sleeping patterns – you can’t really call them “patterns” though, haha! XD I slept at 3am this morning! O_O

People who donate will be able to use their website space to sell things if they want, or advertise or whatever they like really, so it won’t be any drama. ♥

The guitar picks are a great idea. $ 20 is a bit expensive.

Happy early Birthday Ryan!

I am a bit sorry that you were rudely awaken, by people! I didn’t wake up well this morning, either.

This is going to be really short, seeing as I am about to change rooms… I will reply better later, when I am no longer at school!

Sorry… Truely I am…. I meant to reply earlier upon your last blog, but didn’t get the time… Get ready to get a better comment in a couple of hours! 6 1/2 hours! Wooh… That is quite some time.

wow, those necklaces are really nice! I love the idea. :) they should sell for lots. :)

I like the idea of your necklaces. :D It’s really unique. :)

I actually have those exact star charms here. We have a lot of them, haha. We have butterflies too. I don’t know why, but my mom just has a lot of scrapbooking materials. :))

I never wake up from my phone ringing since it’s always on silent, haha. It’s not like there’s anything urgent that anyone would text or call me for; it’s very unlikely. At least right now, it is.

I hate doing last minute stuff too, especially if it I’m left to do almost all of it. That happened before for this English project. I slept at around 1:00 am, but I was working since around 6:30 pm. We ended up getting perfect. It made me proud but annoyed.

That must be really annoying to be woken up that early. Sometimes my little brother wakes me up at 8:00 am when I’m sleeping in, but that’s probably the worst that ever happens to me.

I saw that project too (I saw a link on Smashing Magazine I think), and I’m doing the same thing, haha. It’s in the navigation under 365. I saw Meladori before though, but I’ll take a look at it again. :D You’re really good, btw. :)

My uncle is exactly the same way! He refuses to buy CDs. He collects vinyl records.

My taste in music changes a lot too, so I never know what to answer when someone asks me what my favorite song or artist is. :)) I usually find mainstream music either annoying or really nice. :))

I only started to listen to John Mayer very recently when I found out that he was coming to the Philippines for a concert. It was supposed to be like a week ago, but it got moved to October! Now that I like him, maybe I’ll go. :))

Wow. :)) My boyfriend’s just kinda weird and really loud, haha.

I would buy licorice at school all the time too if I could. :D

When I see a grammatical error in a blog, it annoys me for like 30 seconds then I forget about it. :))

I hope so too. I’ve never had an expensive phone before. I just need them for the practical things.

I definitely prefer it when the teachers hand mark the work. It means you get written feedback which often helps.

Yes I think if my friends saw marriage through the eyes of someone with a boyfriend they would see it differently. I think it would be really nice. I would especially enjoy planning a wedding!

I’m going to keep on blogging for as long as possible! I hope my blog doesn’t get too boring!!

That’s a really good idea making and selling jewelery. They look lovely ♥ I will have to get saving if you start selling :D

That sounds quite a cool assignment. I think I would enjoy doing that. I’m glad you got it done in time :)

I just took a look at Lilian’s blog. It looks great. I wish some of my friends at school had blogs.

Oooh! nice necklaces! I would sure love to have one. Try making jewelry on bottlecaps! I tried before, and it was a big hit. I was an online seller before. :P

I think that jewelery is awesome. :D You should definitely start selling. Unlike Sindara, I think $20 is being fair in all honesty. Especially because it would cost a lot to ship it. I would definitely buy something if I had the money, ha.

“I woke up this morning – well, of course I did” Well, no shit Sherlock! :P LOL sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that to someone lmfao. I love that saying. :P

I always turn my alarm off… I have to set two alarms because of that. :3 The first one goes off at 5am then my phone goes off at 5:05am heh. I slowly crawl out of bed. :P

Yay for getting the assignment done, though. :D I hate it when people find it funny to edit things on Wikipedia… they try to be funny but putting stupid things on there. -_-

OMG I had a friend who would ring or text me at stupid o’clock. It was stupid. When I got my new phone; I didn’t give him my new number, haha.

Yay, glad Lilian finally has a blog! :P Believe it or not, I wanted to study Law lul.

LMAO, sssh! :P I was gunna just have it as an article but I couldn’t think of something to blog about so I thought, hey why not? :P

Yeah, you have a lot of posts anyway so people can just snoop at your archives page. I love WP-Page Navi though, yum.

Oh man, that sucks so much! :O I saw this plugin linked somewhere: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpressbackup/ may be useful.

Hehe, I know. I find it amusing tweeting from my dashboard at times. XD

I keep writing her name as Jorja on occasions! :P LOL, I was surprised you didn’t add an acronym for TBBT. :P I have loads of useless ones just because I find it amusing. :3

Yeah the doctors here are the same; they’ll only call if something is wrong. My doctor sounded as if he already knew something was up, though. Are your cholesterol levels okay now?

Hehe I know, it made me feel a whole lot better when people said they liked it. :D I think they do. :P Well, my graphics anyway haha.

I was shocked to see you left me a comment actually. It was 5:12pm when you left it (my time) and I was like “:O Shouldn’t Georgina be in bed?!” Ja. I’m normally in bed by 9pm when I work, hah. It’s strange though because when I was at school, I would stay up until 2-3am and get up at 7am… was never tired either. :O

I hope you’re not too tired when you wake up, though! *hugs*

That makes sense, actually. I done the same thing, and in year 9 I was put into top set for Maths. I thought I was amazing at it so I stopped studying for it. Then by year 10, I was put back into 2nd set, ha. I still enjoyed it, though. :D

I don’t think that’s mean of you. Despite not feeling confident enough, you have a lot of things to do on your own anyway.

LOL yeah! I always remember that. After that review, I don’t think I made many “your you’re” mistakes. I still do at times, when I’m not paying attention. :P

I hardly correct them. Whenever I read over something I’ve written, I know what it’s going to say so I sometimes miss the typos. o_O

LOL woo! :D That douche was a complete plank! Haha, I had to point out the welcome message! :P

Haha, well, that makes sense. xD

Oh same here. My iPod Touch corrects me a lot, but sometimes gives me the wrong word.

LOL that image is funny. XD

I know, my poor bowel. :( IDK though. I think I might have an overactive thyroid… I read all the symptoms and it explains a lot. The main symptom… “Weight loss, sometimes significant, despite a good appetite” (Thanks Wikipedia). The other symptoms fit, too.

The doctor asked for a thyroid function test of my blood test form, so we’ll see. :3

LMAO NO I HAVEN’T HEARD OF A CARAMEL MILKSHAKE. Fly me over to you, and buy me one. :D

I’m hungry too, oh.

(You can start comments over, if you like. This comment was 600 words+ so yeah. xD)


You should get songs from Start Something and The Betrayed. :D

I’m bad at explaining things. And whenever I give up in the middle of an explanation I just speak gibberish.


The necklaces look so pretty. I love the red one the best. $20 seems to be a lot, though. Maybe lower it to $10? I don’t know, I’m a cheap person. I got my guitar pick necklace for less than $10, but I had to do a lot of customization on it since it looked so girly for me.

One time I wrote an essay analyzing my own poetry in 30 minutes. I got an 80% on it. That’s what I get for procrastinating.

I hate it when people call our homephone in the early morning, like at 1 AM. When the phone rings, it wakes up everybody in the house. Then it just turns out to be a thrift store that’s calling for no purpose, which has been happening every week lately.

I’ll check out Lillian’s blog after I finish writing this comment. :D

Awesome, a new layout. xD I can’t wait. Layout changes tend to make me a little excited.

-looks at new necklace-
Two symbolic stones and Jesus on a cross.

I suppose I could spare some money (even though I don’t have PayPal. Crap) and buy one of those lovely lovely LOVELY necklaces, and try and fit it around my neck. :D
They’re really quite fantastic. Would I be able to just have the guitar pick bit? I have a spare chain from when I bought a necklace. I feel like I should email you about this, and not put it in the comment. :P

Whenever I’m in bed, I can’t hear any telephones or TVs. I either have my earphones in (I sleep with my music on that way. Bad for my ears? Meh.) or I just can’t hear it. :P
The only ways to wake me up are to touch me, or to open my door…

I work well under pressure SOMETIMES. Today, we had an in-class essay to write, and we could only have the novel we’re writing it about, some random sheet, and the essay outline. We were supposed to have our outline to… well, outline the entire essay. The only thing I had on mine was my thesis, and I say I kicked major butt by just winging it. :D
However, I gotta be in a tight jam for me to do well at the last minute. I’d like to be able to get things done way ahead of time, but I’m paranoid that I’d forget something important, or there are things that would need to be added. Plus, the fact that I’ll only do a bit, then add to it, then just forget about it until I re-do it the day before.

I think the reasoning for having so little entries for the contest is the image. : I mean, it IS pretty challenging.
I was thinking of changing it, but some people have already entered. D: I could probably compensate for it, though? I don’t know. :)

The suspense and excitement was what I was trying to achieve. :D The day I first saw him, Tuesday, yesterday, actually, I smiled, waved to him, and got up from my crouch at the locker and hugged him.
It was fantastic.

I’ve now met two people in real life after getting to know them online! I guess I’m lucky that neither of them turned out to be the complete opposite to the hyper, friendly people I met. I’m also grateful that I met them with other people around, in case they were creepy stalker people.

Your guitar pick necklaces look really nice. I suggest that you make guitar pick earrings as well. I used to own a pair of guitar pick earrings that my mom bought from Vegas. I also tried making my own as well but didn’t think of making a business out of it. I think $20 is a reasonable price if it already includes the shipping and handling.

I used to do a lot of cramming back in my college days. I was an Architecture student (well, I still am, I’m just not enrolled right now, hehe). I remember designing an airport within 4 hours and it’s not a group project so imagine the pressure. But it feels so good after completing it.

Just like Lilian, I don’t wake up in the hours normal people do. I work at night and I go home and have my dinner in the morning and sleep the whole day and wake up again at night, you know, like a vampire. Hehe!

Congrats to Lilian for having a new blog! I think I should pay her a visit. By the way, I love your new layout. /heart

the necklaces idea sounds pretty cool. i think they look cute! :D

i also hate doing assignments last minute, but sometimes (because I was a procrastinator in school) I would have to wait til the last minute to do something, and then it would MAKE me do it finally and it usually turned out alright. Sometimes waiting til the last minute backfired and I got bad grades on assignments, but most of the time they turned out good :D

Hey! :)

I was hoping someone who I feel close to would be online so I could talk about it & I was kinda hoping you would be there somewhere, but yeah. Kelsey talked to me about this whole situation a lil bit so I wasn’t completely lost and alone. But it’s always nice to know that you would’ve talked to me if it wasn’t for being in class! ♥

You can say everything you want – you don’t have to keep anything behind. Even if it might sound mean or anything, I always want your honest opinion on stuff. :)

Definitely. I am just really glad that by now I know how to handle those situations a little bit better. If this would’ve happened let’s say a year or so ago, I probably wouldn’t have been that strong. He makes me get “used” to situations like that..

I honestly don’t know why it always bothers me soo much when people say bad things about him. It’s like, I of course know that what he does is wrong and that he shouldn’t do those things since he is a married man but on the other hand I also know the other side of him and I know that he loves my cousin & his family and that he actually is a great guy. It’s probably once again a battle between my heart & brain…

I would really love to say that I learned my lesson once and for all, but situations like that happened in the past already and they always end the same way – me forcing myself to say no. Or not really forcing but me constantly telling myself to stop. I honestly don’t know what it takes until me and him finally realize what the hell we’re getting ourselves into. Or were the hell all this could go if at some point I am not strong enough to keep him away and say “No!”. Because he seems like he wouldn’t stop if it wasn’t for me telling him to do so.

I used to do that for a while too. But now that I am not moderating comments I just check my website and stuff. And so far I really enjoy starring at my layout. xD

Oh, that’s really not that far away anymore! :D My school career ends around the same time. I have my graduation & prom on the 19th June.

LOL! No it absolutely doesn’t sound stupid! When I was younger I wanted to have brown eyes instead of blue. I always thought they look soo awesome!

Hehe, that sounds like an awesome idea! I’d totally watch your live stream wedding! I’d be staying up all night being like AWW and stuff. I bet it would be aweome! Though creepers are the last thing you’d want to be watching your wedding.

I think when it comes to a new language it’s definitely really, really important to keep practising and not just stop because it’s too difficult. I was quite lucky that my parents moved to Germany when I was a lil kid and so I learned it pretty past and by the way I talk you wouldn’t think that I’m from Russia. Other people I know have this kinda heavy Russian accent and like roll the “r”s which sounds hilarious sometimes. I only do that on purpose every now and then. xD

I guess that person paid a lot of attention while “reading” your blog and stuff..

I think your necklaces look really pretty and if I was a musician/ would play the guitar I’d definitely get one of them – even though I am not a jewelery kind of person. I don’t really wear anything. Well, except when I want to go out I might wear some earings and that’S about it. xD

I am actually one of those people who do work better under pressure. Because if I know that I still have tons and tons of time to get stuff done I’ll do pretty much everything to distract me. That’s why I usually work on projects the night before it’s due. It’s crazy and my mum always complained because I stayed up all night and stuff but I just work better like that.

I’m really glad you guys got the assignment done even if one of the pages isn’t fully formatted. I hope it won’t have a too big impact on your overall result.

I’d probably not even hear my phone ring when I am already in my deepest sleep. But if I’d hear it and it was an unimportant text or call – I’d turn into a bitch for sure! I need my beauty sleep. xD

Oh yay! A new layout. :D Can’t wait to see it! :)

And happy birthday to Ryan. :)

Haha, fair enough. I did have Safari but I deleted it. I only installed it to check my layout in it. I quite like Google Chrome, though.

Hehe exactly. There would be no point selling them cheap if you weren’t making a profit. :3

Har, yes. I try to say no shit Sherlock to my sister, it works sometimes but she’s too dumb to realise what it means, oh.

LOL that’s not mean, at all. :P I return some peoples before others all the time.. heh.

I know who Atreyu are, haha. I’ve played them over 1,000 times on Last.fm. :3 LMFAO, but dude that’s kind of freaky, and gross. Some people are sad, they have to get their kicks from somewhere. o_O

Haha, god job you know about the band, or your list would have been extremely wrong and.. rude, hah.

I love saying stupid o’clock haha. Oh, I’ve had… 3 mobile phones. I had my last one for like 4 years though. We’ve lived her for 18 years but we’ve had to change our number several times. o_O

Ohhh, I started studying psychology for A-level. I went to one lesson and dropped it LOL. It was hard. :(

Weee. Thanks for the bundle of comments LOL. Sorry WP is being mean. :( Hopefully I’ll sort it out. I want my plugins to work *cries*.

It’s 12:30am.. I should be asleep. I’m normally in bed by 11pm these days. Old age, you see.

Lul. That amused me. The email you used just showed a gravatar! :P Hehehehehe.

That’s a great idea. Guitar picks necklace. Your such a genius. ;) Those are nice. I like it. You did a really great job on it. It must take you a long time to design it.

I think $20 is a good asking price plus shipping and handling. You can’t go wrong with that. Besides, you can’t find any cheaper than that. It’s a good idea if you did your payment through Paypal. For your safety.

I know Walmart sells chains. I see them in the showcase. It depends on the price though. It varies based on the length.

Wow. You must have a lot of stores there that sale charms. It’s hard to find them here. You have to go to certain stores.

I don’t like to wake up when my alarm clock goes off. I like to have it next to the bed. I’m too lazy. I have to stand up and go turn it off. I fell backwards and hurt my tailbone. It’s still a little sore. I like to wake up whenever I want.

I like going to Wikipedia. I heard some of the information there is true and false. When I read an article, it seems accurate to me. I don’t know what the big fuse is all about. Oh well.

I agree. I don’t like to do any assignments at the last minute. You end up rushing. You don’t know if it’s correct or not. You start to worry. You may have some or all wrong. Everything is okay.

People don’t know when it’s the best time to call. I kind of feel that way too. I don’t know if my friends are available to talk or not. You don’t know until you try. There shouldn’t be a reason for them to call you between midnight and 8am. Everyone knows that’s when your sleeping. It’s okay to call only if it’s a dire emergency. Otherwise, it can wait until the next day. My cellphone is turned off after 10pm when I’m home. I like to keep my cellphone on when I’m away from home.

I can’t wait to see your new layout. I’m looking forward to it.

:love: Ohhh… those look really cool Georgina. I really like them. It sucked that there was not a lot of chains on that store…. /eee Nice job on the thing 👏

Thanks Ronald! Yeah, I asked the shop when they would have more chains and they said every week they usually stock up, so hopefully next time I go there, they’ll have more. :) I’m glad you like them!

Well, yeah, you won’t believe, I was looking for the favicon tutorial everywhere, and then on a hunch, I opened your website and voila! (H)

Of course, my friend had to re-write the whole essay NOT in chatspeak. She messed up the whole paper. I was smug and told her so. Most of the time, I hate chatting. And now I am mature enough to hate chatspeak too. 🙄

Aw, the necklace is really pretty! Even though I am not much of a jewelry girl, I’d love to buy it. You can always put them up on ebay. /hehe


Blah, I hate it when people phone/text really early or really late. What are they even doing up at that itme anyways?

I dunno who Ryan is, but wish him happy birthday! :D

Well I dunno how someone can get so mad, too! Blogs are for people’s personal lives… so it’s only expected they’ll talk about themselves!

I love Webs! Although the fact it doesn’t like PHP or Fanupdate or anything is kind of annoying.

Haha, I still felt bad for not updating, though! Especially since my last two blogs failed, and I really don’t want this one to. :P

Thank you!! I finally finished it, so hopefully people won’t be too incredibly picky about the pictures I used. (: There aren’t any with someone fingering the camera, though!

Ahh, no problem! I love reading what other people have been up to. (:

I think the necklaces are cute! I never would have thought to put guitar picks on chains like that. Very creative! I especially liked the red one on the left!

I hate rushing through projects too. I always have great intentions of doing them way ahead of time, but they never turn out that way. The best laid plans…

Anyway so is the new layout going to be summery as well? I really like this layout. It’s so adorable! Hope your having a good week! /eee

Like I stated on your plog, I love the red one and although the price is a little high, I still think you should sell them. They’re cute! I love them already. And I don’t have one.

lol I woke up well; duh I woke up @ Vicky have you heard of “Well; get a clue watson”? lmao my best friend and I used to say that all the time whenever I would say “No shit Sherlock” “Get a clue Watson”. It was funny.

Yeah see if James will be willing to let me ship things to you using his address. That’d be awesome if he would. ‘Cause it just wouldn’t be fair to you to send me stuff and you not getting anything in return.

Anyway, take care and I promise to write a more longer comment next time.

Thanks. xD It’s my first time doing something like that. I was trying to do some typography stuff.

“Ode To Summer” is from Thefakesoundofprogress. ;) Ohhh, I just remembered that there’s a video of them performing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dZdU4D7c6w
It’s rare of them to play any songs from their first album anymore, besides “The Fake Sound of Progress” and “Shinobi.” They’ve also played “Five Is a Four Letter Word”, “…And She Told Me To Leave”, and “A Thousand Apologies.”

I don’t know. I was never good with prices.

I don’t like getting B’s. =)) I’m one of those people who always want to get A’s, but then there are some times when I think I failed an assignment/test and would be perfectly content with a B.

I think there was a movie about creepy phone calls. Maybe it was “When A Stranger Calls”? Not sure.

I think I’ve read about that guy somewhere in your blog before. Really creepy. o_O

hey, thanks for the comment! yeah, I like this layout too. :) and thanks for the hope. :) i’m in top sets for everything atm and i dont want to drop down. :S

Haha, yeah the timezone weird thing sorted itself out this morning. I think it was all to do with that. o_O

Awww bless! I used loads of emails (from all my old sites, heh) so I have loads with gravatars. xD

Yeah I guess it is similar to Safari. I like how it’s really just simple, IDK how to explain what I mean. XD I never knew Safari could do that until recently, ha.

Yeah, go for it. Might as well. :3

Awww yay. :D I like returning yours above everyone else’s because I know I can always relate to your blog posts. There’s a person whom I have a little “comment conversation” going on with, but her blogs are really hard to comment on. :/ Hehe yeah, our comments be get smaller… until one of us blogs of course. :P

Yeah, I wonder if anyone did fall for it? Hmmm. A lot of people in my school used to change things for celebrities and make them out to be sluts and stuff. It was so pathetic.

Ooo, good old Nokia phones! :D I’ve had a few Nokias. Then I had 2 Samsungs, I still have my G600 cause Rob always rings it, cause he can’t be bothered to learn my new number lol. Then I have my good old BlackBerry. I want the iPhone but it was too expensive on contract. :/

Erm, I did regret it for a while. I tried to take it again in my next year but dropped it after a few lessons. It was too confusing for me lmao.

It did go through, yayayy.

YOU SHOULD BE GOING TO BED EARLIER, TUT TUT. I didn’t sleep till about 2am last night. I kept getting cramp in my foot, was so annoying. -_-

Take care and sweetdreams, haha. :3

That’s unlike you to make a mistake, hahaha. You need your sleep, that’s why. /um

dude, that tutorial on permalinks TOTALLY worked! Thanks a lot :D I’ve been thinking about changing my whole site to use wordpress, rather than just my blog. But I’m not sure yet how to work it out. I tried to show the plugins I use on a wp page (cuz it only works with those pages) and the date and comments and everything showed up and I didn’t like that. It looked just like my blog, and I wanted just a regular page :( Oh well, I will work on it. Thanks again :D

Aw, those are so pretty! I love ’em (: If you’ve ever heard of etsy.com , its a really god place to sell handmade items like these, you can get your own ‘storefront’, and its a really interesting site to boot (:

Another good place other than a craft store to look would be secondhand/charity shops. You can get old jewelry/watches, and take them apart to use pieces of that…plus, it’d probably be cheaper than going to the jewelry store.

I was about fifteen minutes late to school today, and although I had a note, I’ve been late to school every day this week, and my teacher is NOT very happy with me. She even got the whole class to yell at me with her. It wasn’t, mostly cause this kid, Connor, who’s been harassing me a lot lately (its bullying, I guess, but he’s the only one that does it, and no one else sides with him, his friends always stick up for me, so its not a big deal) is in that class.


Lately, I’ve been SO busy with dance and school. Omg so much. In the morning I ignore my iPod alarm and take a few more minutes to nap and then wake up.

When I get my packets and assignments, I either do it on the day it was given or like 1 or 2 days after. I just can’t function well if I don’t know my work is done as quickly as possible.

It’s annoying when people text me early in the morning, or in the middle of the night. Once someone called me and when I checked to see who it was a private call. I answered late so yeah, I think the call was apparently TRYING to be a prank call but their FAIL.

Your welcome (:

Those look pretty cute ! I would buy one, if I had money :((

Yeah, I really thought about it. I actually didn’t consider it anymore because my fellow Girl Scouts might think it’s lame, leaving Girl Scouts to join the Journalists’ club. But I have to learn not to care about what people think sometimes.

Haha. Well we get bored easily, and we figured we’re never too old to play so we gave it a go. XD

It’s actually not uncomfortable. My cousin’s closet is pretty big; I could even lie down and sleep in there!

I’m not really running out of space. I just want to make sure I don’t run out and it already sucks having to check 9 sites for broken rules all the time. I don’t want any more. (Not that my hostees are a burden)

It is. Two of my hostees have never replied to my emails and they haven’t updated their sites in months so I deleted them without notice.

Thanks! I really hope I do. This will help improve my writing skills and my writing will be noticed!

I guess no one wants a stressful job. But if they give you a big salary, you’d probably take the job, anyways. (I’m sure I would! Or will I…?)

I was a student teacher once and “my students” were really nice. One even gave me a rose. :) ♥

Oh, good. He deserves to be banned. Who is that guy, anyway?

I’ve heard on Twitter! Those are really nice guitar pick jewelry. I would buy one, if I could. ;) Did you design them yourself or did you buy them?

I’m sure these will sell well! They’re very pretty.

I agree. Whenever I’m under pressure I tend to just do the work for sake of being able to submit something; not caring if it’s presentable or neat or whatnot.

I’m glad to hear you were able to give submit your homework!

I don’t think it’s necessary to bother people late at night when you’re just going to tell them something that’s not even important.

Cool, she’s a law student? If you remember my post, I wanted to take up law once, too!

Oooh, new layout! Can’t wait!

Happy Birthday to your friend Ryan! :)

(WOOT! I actually returned your comment early! /cool XD)

Very nice jewelry. I wish I could purchase one but due to lack of money :( I can’t at this moment. I’ll definitely have to check out the design out of your selling site though!

2 AM? Well, it’s 3:22 AM here (Central time) so I guess I’m not one to talk but out of common curtsey, I doubt I would call anyone at 2:00 AM. The hour of 6 AM on a weekend scares me; I tend to sleep in so I don’t wan to be up at that hour especially when it comes to school/work.

Wikipedia pages are fun to create & edit! Also, I like the smilies.

I don’t know if I work well under pressure, I suppose I get it done but I rush it…so I don’t know what’s better, a half assed job at an assignment that’s in on time or a great assignment that will lose marks because it’s late? hmm… I don’t know haha :P.

And yes, I agree on the calling at innapropriate hours. I usually think a phone call past 10 o clock monday-friday is late and a phone call before 8am on a weekend is too early! but that’s only my opinion :)

Hi Georgina :]

Your layout is cutee (making me a little craved) x]
Ohh, that is awesomee. I was planning to make a little shop online too before, but with nice clothes I barely wear or don’t wear anymore. I have tons of jeans that I need to get rid of and jewelery, but I can’t keep up with that stuff because I’m quite busy. Those picks look amazing, though, I like the pattern on the red on ^^. My boyfriend plays the guitar and he has picks all over the place in his house! @_@

I used to fight a lot with my twin brother, but it was mostly just really small fights. We don’t fight anymore either. :) I wouldn’t really fight with my little brother since he’s like 4 years old. :)) I mostly just have to discipline him a lot.

Little kids see the world so differently, so they surprise me all the time with the things they say. Fired. :)) Yes, it’s adorable.

Yeah, my little brother does that a lot, haha, especially when he doesn’t know what the things on TV are.

Haha, my brother gets annoyed when he sees incomplete sets of numbers or letters.

I have no idea where my mom got them; all these craft things are always just lying around.

That’s why I hate group projects – I’m almost always left to do all the work. Yeah, I guess my hard work paid off.

I’ve never been to a concert before either, so, if I go, it would be my first. :D

You know how I said I would get back to you later that night? My site stopped working, at that point in time.

I feel bad if I don’t reply to your comments, because you are such a great commenter! So I am!

♥ Comment 1 ♥
Well I am glad you are “catching up with comments.”

I am happy you love Fox and the Hound.

I understand about the whole conflicts with school graduates.

Go us, and our doctorates! we Going to make it!

2012- Well that is true, but we didn’t predict it, Mayans did.

We are all still friends and everything, I am just disappointed.

It does tend to go on with you forever!

/um Comment 2 /um

Really. that is a bit expensive to send internationally. I want one so bad! But I don’t have paypal or nothing. :(

Wow, that’s such a unique idea for jewellery – good luck with selling it!

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

yeah yeah for jewellery making! You could try out that Paypal shopping cart thing that I used at the beginning. It’s good if you want to sell a few things however there aren’t many features like coupon codes, or different shipping cost for diff countries. That’s why I set up a shopping cart after a while so I could offer cheaper shipping to UK/EU buyer (reason I exluded shipping cost from the price). You could try out Presta Shop, it’s a pretty good shopping cart application. It was difficult to get the hang of at first, but it’s not so bad once you’re use to it. Also easy to install.

$20 is a good asking price and definitey isn’t expensive at all! People don’t really understand the effort you need to put into it. It isn’t just material cost. You need to set up store, research on post & packaging etc. Take the time out to go buy the materials etc. I spent almost 3hrs a day finding materials, doing loads of research on other Swarovski jewellery sellers and research & experiment on product photography.

Let me know when you set it up :D

I can’t work better under pressure. I feel that I’m worse when it comes to working under pressure. My work is never as good as if I spent the time doing it. I hate rushing as well :(

I get REALLY cranky if people ring me in random hrs and wakes me up. Although during uni I had the completely oppisite sleeping hrs to everyone else. I slept between 3am – 12pm so sometimes I’ll get a phone call at like 10am. It was even MORE annoying when my housemates would come into my room at 9am. The worse part was that they would wake me up and start talking to me! You’ll think that an average person would say sorry and leave. Was sooo annoying.

I normally put my phone on silent when I’m sleeping.