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Today I went to work. I can’t help but worry about some of the children there. I’m supposed to help them, as well as marking their work. Marking their work is the bulk of it.

I used to want to be a teacher, but when I got this job several years ago, that was no longer on the top of my list. Still, every now and then, a little part of me wants to give a little to these learning children. Though I mark both English and Maths, I’m more in the English section.

It’s a little upsetting when children come up to me and ask me how a word is pronounced. It isn’t just once – it’s many, many times. I feel sorry for this one girl who cannot read or understand names. When names like “Brian”, “Jenny”, or “Herbert” are used, she always asks me, “what does this word say?” :(

It also seems that with increased use of the internet, people who have English as their first language are still struggling to get things right.

“Your wrong”, “your tired”, “your watching” – are all incorrect. It should be “you’re wrong”, “you’re tired”, “you’re watching”.

“You’re” is a contraction for you are. When you use “your”, you refer to a possession. “Your car”, “your dog”, “your heart”.

The use of the internet seems to have turned our brains to mush.

Someone thought it would be wise to post a badly worded comment on my previous post:

every time talking about your self.. /angry /angry

Which, in all honesty, I found undeniably hilarious. It was oh such a difficult feat to decipher the downright terrible grammar and poor sentence structure of this comment. But finally, after hours and hours of racking my brain for an answer, I realised – hah! This person was clearly angry about me writing about myself. On my own blog.

Because, as we know, utilising not one but two of those angry emoticons that I happen to use on my website is a clear indication that you must be mad. Mad as in crazy, I guess could be questionable… Mad as in angry? I would think so.

Because if someone’s blog post makes you angry, you don’t just close the window and go back to your email – no! – you leave a comment on that person’s blog expressing your anger. Which in turn makes me find the situation even more hilarious. I am sure you were not possessed by flesh-eating morlocks to comment on my blog. You actually made the choice to comment on my blog post.

If you have an opinion, kindly state it, but please keep in mind that this is my blog and I can write on it what I wish. :)

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It amazed me that he came to your blog to critique it, but he didn’t seem to grasp that you were actually in the right. It was quite sad, but that’s often true of the rude comments that bloggers get.

I get annoyed by people who claim that they have superior skills when it comes to the English language because it’s their mother tongue, yet they seem to have absolutely no clue about how to use it.

As for the girl you work with, she sounds like she may have a language processing problem. She might not actually have a brain mush issue, but a real issue figuring out how words work.

The teaching part of the job is rewarding, but the grading part? @_@ Ugh. That’s the part I hate too. DEFINITELY taxing. But I’d still say (at the risk of sounding incredibly trite) that the pros of the job outweigh the cons. :) Of course those looking for monetary compensation just better look elsewhere, because very few teaching positions offer THAT kind of reward. XD

And you’re right; the internet is hugely responsible for the proliferation of errors. Sad, sad fact.

It really makes me happy to help people! But at the same time, naturally, I might be in a bad mood, which is why I sometimes prefer to be left alone to mark work instead. :P

My high school English teacher was amazing; he had a heart of gold, he was talented and smart – he knew he had a “shitty” job. But he loved to teach and he loved English. :’)

I wanted to become a teacher because of my English teachers, too. :) There’s something about English (or Art/Literature) instructors, right? They’re usually the nicest, most liberal, down-to-earth, coolest teachers in any semester. :) They’re the ones who really deserve medals and honors. They know that the job is really about helping others learn and they derive their fulfillment from their students’ success. (Y)

Ahhhh, comment was closed before I pressed “Submit” on the last blog entry, so will put that here.

Looking into the future can be scary. I’m sure you’ll find something that you love to work for.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for a long time. I took a computer science degree at university because I had no idea what else to take. I was a blogger/web designer during high school but gave up when I went to university because I lost interest. During my last year I found that I wanted to get into web development and worked towards that. Now a full time web dev. So you will find something that you will enjoy :D

LOL at that Alex guy! He’s obviously jealous because his site probably has 0 visitors.

— right onto this entry.

It is pretty bad how many kids these days struggle from the English grammar. My parents use to worry that I’ll start to type “internet English” if I spend too much time chatting on msn. I rarely type “internet English” apart from a few words like “u” “cos” “tho”.

Noticed how he said “every time” meaning he must have read your blog previously or at least read a few! I still can’t stop laughing at him! I checked out his website…pretty boring. He’s probably new to the blogging word and don’t understand the different types out there.

Hello! :) You blogged early today :O

Awwww! Poor little children :( Not being able to read well :( It’s okay! THEY SHALL IMPROVE! RAWR! Well at least you are correcting their grammar early on, so they will not fall into bad habits! :D

And at least you SORT of half get to be a teacher, so you have some experience “teaching” in case you ever change your mind. Hahahaha :P

Zomg, I get SO angry and /angry /bash 🤬 /argh when I see someone using “your” instead of “you’re”. I mean if you’re little and you’re confused then I guess it’s okay, cos it’s not your fault and you’ve yet to learn, but you learn contractions when you’re in PRIMARY SCHOOL. When I see people in HIGHSCHOOL or OLDER use “your” instead of “you’re” it makes me want to RAGE! /angry Either that…or cringe…

I know sometimes it’s a typo, but still! /angry


What….a retard. 🙄 /ho /hmph What does he THINK a blog is supposed to be about anyways? Jeez. If he thinks your blog is bad, try MY blog. It’s about 100 times more self-centred.

What an idiot to try and insult someone on their OWN BLOG. I love how all your blog friends commented after him. He got OWNED! RAWR! ✌️

That is a really badly worded sentence devoid of any grammar. In fact, I don’t think it even counts as a full sentence. I think it’s more of a fragment. I can totally imagine the squiggly red and green lines appearing on that if you copied and pasted it into MS Word: “fragment (please consider revising)” or whatever.

Seriously…Some people lack manners. Like that guy. Hmph! You’re right. He should have just closed the window. It’s such a waste of effort and time to insult someone on their personal blog. LAME! And you’re in all probability exposing yourself to ridicule. *sigh*

I did! I just wanted to get it out of the way, and I had something typed already. :)

That’s a good point hahaha, these kids shall be learning from a young age. I’d better start being strict and making sure I don’t skip past any mistakes. *scrutinises*

That’s true! It just occurred to me that I kind of am teaching these little buggers. :3

As you know, my eyes metaphorically bleed every time I see a spelling/grammar mistake. It was in the yearbook!

“If I had a dollar for every time Georgina got angry over a spelling error”. Yep, I’d be pretty rich myself, haha.

I actually recall my Catholic primary school doing a grammar class for all grades. I thought it was really beneficial for really basic grammar skills. But it shocked me when this boy asked, “Is youse a word?”

“What?” the teacher exclaimed.
“What is that? What does it mean?”
“Youse… like ‘what are youse all doing’, the plural of ‘you’…”

You could imagine how shocked the teacher was.

“It’s Y-O-U-S-E,” the boy replied when the teacher didn’t respond.

LOL. 🙄

It is pretty funny how everyone got my back after that. Like Zaphiie said, if my blog was that bad, it wouldn’t be this popular and people wouldn’t be commenting on it. Hahaha, I love how someone thinks that what I write on my own personal blog is wrong?

Hello, I paid for this space and I spent my time writing on it. :D

That sentence is worse than a fragment; the subject isn’t even obvious. And we know “your self” is supposed to be one word. :P

I feel so sorry for that girl. Even though I’m Norwegian, I learned English at a very early stage (thanks to Cartoon Network xD), but my sister, who is 16 btw, is still struggling with both English and Norwegian spelling. The doctors thought maybe since I read a lot when I was younger that has given me an immense advantage. My sister has never completed a book. She’s great in sports and music, but language, school and the science subjects she has a long way to go.

That comment actually made me laugh. How can he be mad about you writing about yourself on a personal blog? Hah…Just plain stupid.

I see this a lot – the lack of correct grammar and spelling ability seen online.

Granted, I make mistakes, but most of the time, my grammar is correct – and I’m thirteen – so it can’t be that hard.

When people post things like ‘Your stupid’, I find it incredibly funny. I have a stupid? What about it?

That person on the last blog was /angry (and by that I mean both angry and insane) Rude people = /wah

Your job sounds interesting. I wouldn’t mind doing a job like that, but it isn’t my life aspiration or anything.

I feel like grammar is often being ignored nowadays, or people just don’t want to point out when someone is wrong.

“My stupid what?” XD

LOL, angry and insane = mad. :O

I’ve had this job for two years; in the beginning I was very close to quitting because I didn’t like the place and I was just not used to everything. But I warmed up to it all, I’m glad it’s not strenuous work where I have to walk around stacking things or putting things away. :)

It’s true, grammar IS being thoroughly taken for granted. :( Especially by ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. Something must be done.

That was plainly rude, damn. Forget about the stress in the phrase, the emoticons explain it all. It’s your blog, you can write whatever you want! Gosh some people have no lives, they just love giving awful comments. As a blogger I’m also aware, that writing a blog post isn’t a piece of cake. Some people just don’t get it. Ugh.

Oh yes, my heart goes out to such kind of children. Definitely, it’s not like they suffer from some sort of disease or are handicapped or something, but some kids are slow learners. We don’t really need to feel bad (in my opinion) for such children because they just pick up things slowly. Not that they can’t. Kids in my class laugh at people who pronounce a word weirdly, which is SO RUDE! No one respects others’ feelings. It’s so crazy.

I used to have that problem before when I got introduced to the Internet and Facebook for that matter. I used to right in proper grammar (now also I do the same) but then my other ‘facebook friends’ used to laugh at my proper grammar asking me if I come to FB for showing off my spellings or to socialise. That made me fight for my rights really, haha. I still right in proper grammar, not because I want to. But because I think it’s easier to understand and that I’m kind of a fast typist. Bleh. Naww, I’m not showing off.

Yes definitely, boys are better friends than girls as the latter can be bitches. I’m a bitch, and I’m proud of it XD

I used to want to be a teacher when I was younger, and there are moments now

(Delete my other comment, the computer was being weird)

I used to want to be a teacher when I was younger, and there are moments now when I still do.

Wrong grammar can get really annoying to me, but I don’t wanna sound rude, so most of the time, I just ignore it. Lots of the time though, I reply repeating what they said (the correct way) so they’ll know what they did wrong without me actually correcting them.

I saw that comment the other day, and I just laughed. :)) It doesn’t even make any sense.

AHH. I am SUCH a grammar freak it’s ridiculous. I HATE when things are spelled/written improperly.

The internet really does turn our brains to mush though. :( Nobody can spell anymore. :/

LOL. That comment made no sense. Bahh. How dare you talk about YOURSELF on YOUR blog. So rude, didn’t anyone tell you that was rude? LMAO.

Sometimes people legitimately concern me. :(

I used to think that my boyfriend was just a very annoying person, a very bad student, someone who didn’t care about his grades and a person I didn’t want to ever let myself become too close too. Of course, things are completely different now. :D

I try not to let first impressions affect the way I look at people since, of course, I could be wrong, and people do change. If people thought of me in the same way they thought of me when I was maybe in Grade 5 or 6, they’d probably think that I’m a total loser, haha., so I hope other people think the same way too.

When I crave chocolate at school, I usually just get the small ones, so they don’t cost too much. I usually just end up getting another one though. :))

I wanted to be a teacher when I was like 7, actually. :)) But when I was Grade 7, there was this one day when I was a student teacher, and it was awesome. :D

I got used to ignoring bad grammar since I used to correct people all the time before, and it got a bit annoying to most people. Looking back, I probably would’ve been annoyed too.

I hate people that are like that, but it’s so hard not to laugh when that happens. :))

True. I’m not sure why I never stand up for myself- maybe its cause I have no confience and no self-esteem so I think people think/say the worst about me haha. I’m the type of person who likes to help others around me, but most times it seems like they take advantage, or try to.
I went to go see my surgen, but it was pretty pointless. He basically told me everything I already knew. And I had a student person pretty much interview me.. In the end he said it could take up to 6-8 weeks to get a date, so they will call me soon with it. If theres a cancelation he’ll book me in. I’m actually kind of nervous now lol.
OH okay lol. Just cause a lot of the people I used to talk to never knew about boxing day.. which i found weird haha.

Aw, that sucks when people struggle to read/write. I know it may not be their first language, but some people don’t even have the opportunity to do such things. How old are the children you work with?
OMG, someone got mad at your for talking about yourself?! wtf.. seriously! Afterall, it is YOUR website, therefore, you can talk about whatever YOU want. some people these days…
I once had someone say ‘your blogs are boring, it might be because im way younger than you are.” – um, sorry my blogs are boring? don’t read them then! lol. I’m not writing to entertain, I’m writing because I want to! when will people grow up lol.

I used to want to be a teacher when I was younger, too. I wasn’t very good at English though, but I wanted to be a Maths teacher so much.

I had to take Maths for A-levels but I only got a C at intermediate level in my GCSEs.. you needed at least a B at higher. :( It did upset me, a lot.

I used to help my neighbours kids, my cousins etc with their homework sometimes. Some of which had dyslexia and weren’t very good at reading. I felt so bad for them because they the words would seem so simple to you and I.

I admit, I did used to get “your” and you’re” wrong. I mean, you reviewed me ages ago and I was always putting “and your done!” haha.

I know the difference now. My grammar and spelling used to be awful but since I’ve had a website, it’s become so much better. Still needs some improvement mind. I make a lot of typos cause I type too fast. :P

I saw those comments from that douche on your old blog haha, they really did make me laugh. If you’re going to “hate” at least get your spelling and grammar correct.

Anyway, it’s YOUR personal blog, you can write about yourself if you want. No one else complains, either.

Of course whatever you write can be criticized or enjoyed, I mean it’s the web and everyone has their own opinion which they can express but dude:

Heartdrops is a website containing a personal blog, resources & website reviews.


Your typing skills on your iPhone are exceptional haha! I can’t type on my iPod Touch very well; it corrects me all the time. :P

Hehe fair enough. I go back on your birthday, wee. I don’t wanna go back, especially if the weather stays like this lol.

Thank you, Georgie. :D Everybody who commented said they liked it which made me feel better about my skills~ I love turquoise, it’s a lovely colour. :3

Yeah, it does kind of suck. :( I’d rather not be getting enough sleep and feeling like this- at least I’ll know it’s normal. *hugs* Never mind, ay.

I know I have fast metabolism, but I put on a lot of weight when I was about 15. I left school, was on “study leave” and just eating loads. That’s why I really took an interest in food haha! I went up to 120 odd pounds and was happy. Then I lost it all. :( I know it’s because of my bowel, though. But whatever, they won’t help me. I know, my doctor is a jerk. She’s not my actual doctor but the lady doctor at the practise, I thought she’d be more helpful but clearly not.

Hehe! :P I don’t know, I do kind of like milk but I don’t have it much so it kind of tastes a bit.. weird? IDK.

They do caramel milkshake?! SHARE?

OHH. You just reminded me; I haven’t checked the bus routes yet LOL.

I better do that tomorrow or something. :P

That is quite understandable that someone wouldn’t want your blog to be about you! They probably meant that they wanted you to write about them. Because that is what other people’s blogs are for. (:

It’s the.. Victoria Day long weekend, I think? Something like that. We just call it May Long Weekend. :p

Yeah, I’ve heard that about awardspace too… the high amounts of ads are what turned me off it, though. And the fact that it was very hard to navigate. Oh well! Webs is my friend. :D

Yeah I agree I can always find something else to watch but it seems like all the good shows are going bye bye ya know? Like the Tyra Banks show this is her last week on air. And than it’s done. What in the world am I going to watch between 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.? I’ve already got 5:00 p.m. covered and that’s “According To Jim” and on Thursday’s “Flash Forward”. I guess I’ll go back to watching “Ellen Degeneres” I stopped watching her show because of “Tyra Banks”. But meh.

Anywho, “LOST” was amazing. I think anyways, not a lot of people understood it I kinda didn’t at first but than after a while I got it. It really is a good show you just have to watch it from the beginning to understand the ending. Which I will not post because some people may not have watched the ending yet. But I will say that it was hella good.

I’m always tired. I think it’s because of my medications that makes me tired all the time. I know the Klonopin does. It makes me sleep a lot, so that’s why I’m up half the night not to mention I drink a lot of diet pepsi so that could be the reason why as well. You never know.

That picture you sent me didn’t work. I like my ab circle pro which I still have to do and will do once I’m done with this comment.

I can’t believe the ignorance of some people bashing you and your site. I’ve had that happened to me and telling me that I need to grow up. Well; they’re the ones that need to grow up and stay out of my business ya know? Just like that idiot needs to stay out of yours. This IS YOUR domain and like you said you can do or say whatever you want on it. It’s yours. End of story. The nerve of some people.

LOL. It’s YOUR blog so write about whatever YOU want. Gosh, some people! /angry /angry

I understand what you mean about the grammar thing. A lot of people don’t know the difference between you’re and your or it’s and its. To be honest, I think quite a lot of people don’t know what the ‘ is actually for, but there you go. I blame their English teacher.

I admit, I don’t have perfect grammar but one thing that does annoy me is the use of there, they’re and their. :(

I think it’s awesome you work in a school. Please don’t feel too bad when the children can’t read or pronounce certain words! They’re young and still learning how talk as well as read and write so it is understandable.

If I do end up owning a restaurant (highly unlikely) and you visit you can have free food! :D

I’m sure your brother will be excited about it.

What songs do you already have? I’ve heard that Lostprophets have already started on their 5th album, and they’re also releasing an album that has all of their singles in the fall. :D

Besides Guns N’ Roses, the only heavy metal artists I’ve ever listened to are Metallica and Machine Head’s Davidian that Lostprophets covered.

My dad changed his mind. We might be going to Destin Beach.

He might be your hubby one day. ;)

I remember I used to play school with my friends when I was young. We would do Math, Spelling, Science, Social Studies and P.E. I had different kinds of workbooks. I would make the assignments on the computer. I had a chalkboard and a white board. It was a lot of fun. /bounce

Sometimes I wished I was a teacher. I’m very good at it. First, it was college ESL (English as Second Language). Second, it was sixth grade. Third, it was second grade.

I realized that fourth grade Math and up is hard. /argh I rather stick with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplying, Division and Fractions. That’s good enough for me.

I love English. I like to write fan fictions. I’ve got a very good imagination. You could say, I’m a very creative person. XD

I know a teacher at the elementary school I used to go to. She happens to be friend of the family. This teacher told me not to be one. I guess because she doesn’t want me to go through what she’s going through. The pay cuts, Furlough Days, etc.

I like to make sure the grammar and sentence structure in my blog is good. I’ll jolt down on a piece of paper of what I want to say. I’ll see if it make sense. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t.

This is your blog. You’re entitled to write whatever you want. They don’t have to read it if they don’t want to. Just hit the X button on the top right hand of your screen.

I posted a blog on Myspace page a while back. My brother added me. He lefted me a comment. Apparently, I guess my brother wasn’t happy about it. I decided to take it down. I’m careful on who I add.

I like to read all my comments. I want to make sure if it’s okay. Otherwise, it goes in the trash. I don’t want that kind of thing in my blog. As they say, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all.”

Oops, I forgot to comment about your blog. ;O

I don’t think I could ever be a teacher. I tried helping out classmates before with their work, and I always got impatient and easily frustrated.

The “your” and “you’re” thing that some people mix up can be annoying, and yet I do that sometimes due to my typo-addictive fingers.
I think it’s funny when someone comments about someone’s grammar being really bad, when their own grammar is also poor.

It was immature of that person to insult your blog. It’s your blog, and it’s your website. You’re right, he/she should have closed the window or gotten off of your site. Even the comment itself sounded immature. =))

I think that it is so sweet that you are teaching the little children. =] I always like to help people understand things and I have also always had that want to be a teacher. It’s not a great want, but it still lingers in the back of my mind.

Personally, I love grammar. Whenever we are in lit and we have to go over grammar sections, everyone sighs with frustration, but there I am, secretly smiling inside. Lol! I love it. I get where you are coming from, as far as the internet screwing up people’s abilities to use correct grammar in offline life. I believe we get so lazy online that when we get to writing in actual life, we’ve practically forgotten our writing morals. =/ is frustrating to see those stupid mistakes like their when it should be there, etc. But I must say, not everyone is perfect. I make mistakes too, even though I love grammar.

:D I hate to be one of those annoying peoplw with spelling and grammar issues, just when I correct it I sometimes miss it.

I know what you mean though, about little kids doing horrible with pronoucning words (Spelling… sorry just my microsoft is down so I can’t spell check right now. :( ) Anyway, my little cousin tries to say mother, but is comes out like “muder”. 😒 t annoys my to death. Sometimes I feel like I am about to explode. 💥

I guess the only way that we can fix it though is by telling them the mistakes. I am always trying to correct them, but they still say it wrong. I really dislike when they add letters that aren’t in the word. /hmph

Oh my gosh, really?!? That comment is really funny actually. XD I needed that. That is very pathetic though. Say it politly. Though if someone makes me mad I don’t say it on the blog, I perfer the email privatley because I would not like someone to comment rudely on my website and instead of an email.

Oh, and speaking of grammar I have a question… I was taught that you can’t start sentences in Because or But, and after your rant on the grammar issuses thses days you did. Just thought it was ironic. /hehe


Ugh, I hate to hear shaing because I know someone who has done so forever and now has a tone of ingrown hairs. Thats very dangerous, and to tell you the truth the pain now is much easier than the pain of the ingrown hairs. :) Plus only a few more times and I hopefully will only have to pluck one or 2 hairs. So in the long run, I am for it. The money part is hard though, if you go to the spa it is really expensive. I got to someone who has her own little buisness doing it and she only made me pay $15.

He wshonestly interested in what I was doing, we have been talking about webdesign ever since, and I get to skip the next unit and work on the final project. :D

Thnk you for the congrats on the medal. :) It was actually a fun weekend, other than my envy to the girl next to us with a macbook pro. I wanted it so bad, or even to work on my site in between the judges.

:( That would be sad to see. Being a teacher would be very hard, to see some kids not be able to do it would be really crushing, especially when they are at a really low level, you can only wish the best for them.

I have to admit that a lot of times I fail with GRAMMA. It is great that you have allowed yourself to stay at a high level and appreciate language and respect it. ♥

Wow, that was rude. It is your blog. Hopefully it won’t happen again. 🤮

I do feel sorry for a lot of the children who struggle. I remember when I was younger, a girl in my grade had to stay back. :(

Well it can’t be helped; I know a lot of times people make silly mistakes with grammar, but once they learn where they’ve gone wrong, they just have to make it a habit to correct themselves. :)

The silly person commented again, but I deleted the comments and blocked them. I have been involved with too much drama in the past and this person is clearly just starting some. Grrrrrr.

It’s freaking hot over here too. It’s like 84 degrees out right now and i had to walk home in it. No wind just sun. I think I’m going to be charcoal by the end of the summer lol.

My favorite color has always been blue. I like orange but just a certain kind of shade because some orange color is ugly lol.

I have never snuck out before. If I do my parents would know because they work summer late….well my mom does, since my dad got fired. she would notice if I’m not there.

Why can’t we just live in a carefree world where everyone is at peace with everyone??

I soo want to do that but my opinion just doesn’t matter. My parents are the reason why i get scared when i hear marriage sometimes because i can think of is disaster.

Yup t9 is old but i learned it lol. You can still shorten words, when you spell it and it tells you its not in the dictionary you can actually add it.

Wow people just loveeee drama don’t they?? It’s YOUR blog, it should be about YOU.

We took a writing test and lots of sentence fragments were on there and we had to correct them. I’m good when it comes to spelling and grammar but I’m a bit shaky when it comes to punctuations. Like I get confused sometimes when i place a comma somewhere or when I need to place period. Stuff like that just confuse me lol.

Poor children! When I learned to read, I didn’t mind the internet. (oops, capital ‘I’) Now, I mind. Now when I try to type, I always use correct grammer. (grammar)

When I was younger and used the internet, I used chatspeak and spelled things incorrectly and I might have had bad grammar. I didn’t mind back then because a lot of people did that; my friends also typed incorrectly and spelled words wrong on purpose. But now I mind as well! I really can’t stand to see incorrect grammar and spelling, especially when it can be easily avoided. :)

What is your job? Do you help kids with Math and English, also marking their works? Are you like a teacher assistant.

I get frustrated when people chat/text in short hand. Like please speak proper English, you know will capital letters and punctuation. One of my top pet peeves.

Also, your blog so you can write what ever the hell you want to write about. If they don’t like it, why waste their time commenting? It’s just funny.

I’m supposed to be doing school through correspondence (like home school) but I just can’t be bothered doing it. I am so bad at that, never have the motivation. I should really get off my lazy butt and get to it.


hahahahahaa. WHAT A JOKE. You always get the worst of the haters. Jerks..the lot of them.

Uh yeah I think the internet is making people’s english decline significantly. But someone told me that studies show it hasn’t changed it. Bull effin’ shit.

You know what I mean? I get comments with horrible grammar from English natives all the time. You can’t tell me that the internet doesn’t affect their grammar & spelling. It’s not like these people aren’t smart, they just don’t know that their grammar is incorrect.

IZ cool whatevers, we’ll end up correcting them ahaha. We’re like the grammar teachers of the internet. At least we actually know the difference & when to use you/you’re, there/they’re/their, to/too/two, etc…’d be really funny if we put apostrophes on words that didn’t need them & told people that their grammar was shit. Oh hay, I can actually point out someone who does that. :P

Sometimes when I see younger kids having trouble with grammar or something, I feel like helping them. :P Even some of my friends have trouble pronouncing words, even though we’re studying everything in English.

Ugh, I feel so annoyed at the grammar I see on the internet. My grammar is not perfect, but I think it’s okay. Some people just don’t bother with it. I’ve seen a lot of people using “your” instead of “you’re”. It makes me so irritated.

Who does that person think he is. LOL, “every time talking about yourself”. What are you supposed to talk about on your own blog, that person? XD

It’s so hilariously weird, that the person left a comment on the blog they got so angry at, instead of closing the window.

I hope you do! Ooh I would like to go to your wedding too! :D If you invited your online friends, that would be one BIG wedding. :D

Haha yeah. Since you like them so much I decided to try them out.

I’m glad. I hate being the messenger between my parents. It’s so annoying, especially when my mom needs me to call my dad to tell him to buy something that she needs. I think we talked about it before. :P

I always use the search function every time I need a file that is not on my desktop. :P

LOL. Hopefully you had a good night’s sleep again!

I was writing you a comment this morning and then got lost in lala land. /cool Try again…

When I was a kid I was a slow learner. In year 1 I had to spell my name in english instead of Dutch, because it was easier. I wouldn’t pay attention to any thing. Although the teachers would tell me I read to fast. It was weird how I could read clearly with no mistake or stutter, but I couldn’t spell very good. It’s the same like that today. I never have to read a word twice, but I’m still bad at spelling.

How old are the kids? It’s cute how you get to check there work (I’m not sure if cute is the word I’m looking for).

The internet has actually improved my spelling and grammar. It’s the text massages which dumbed me down.

How nasty of that person. It’s your website, it’s all about you :) Obviously people like it that way since they come back. It’s not like we could blog about someone else. Some people /angry

Haha, i love it – you always hit the nail on the head of my pet peeves! Imagine how distraught and angry at New Zealand I felt when this country’s standard examinations allowed txt speak in their English exams?!?!! I always did the CIE exams so I’m not sure if they’ve changed it… the argument was, if you could express “ideas”, etc you don’t need to know how to spell?!?!!!

God, man. Stop talking about yourself. It’s your blog! /frog

Retard. Yeah, the internet has turned brains to mush. With the volume of information readily at our disposal people just think there is no need for independent thought. We are becoming part of the machine. Yes. The Machine.
Tell the people. They must know! /bounce



Obviously, because we all know it’s soooo wrong. 🙄

The Machine! 9! /faw

What black van? Oh no. It’s secret agent James. /cool (Close enough emoticon.)

I never really like to be a teacher. I guess it was probably because I saw my teacher cry back when i was still in primary school. Haha :D But I do teach Basic Chinese once in a while :)

Haha. I admit I do make mistakes once in a while with my grammar, especially on typing a comment, sometimes I forget the capitalization and just leave it as is. :P

She must be angry. I’m sure it is a ‘she’. No guys would bother typing a comment just to express their hatred. I always write blogs about myself as well. It is after all MY blog so I don’t think there is something wrong about it. I wonder why she’s mad? Haha She probably envy your life or something? :P

You’re very right in saying the standards of grammar are in a state of decline. Admittedly it’s been a long time since I was a little kid and learning how and where to place apostrophes and so forth, but I imagine that’s still a part of the school curriculum – so why do people struggle with it more than ever now? I agree it could be partly technology – spellchecking software and so forth. It’s like how calculators seem to have made basic mental arithmetic obsolete. =/

It’s so ridiculous though about people leaving comments like that. Like you said, no one is forcing them to stay at your blog if they didn’t like what they were reading – it’s pathetic and very immature to leave criticisms like that (and especially with such abhorrent grammar!). After all, anger is “the ultimate infantile collision”! (Quoting The Consolations of Philosophy, lol.) I find though that the best revenge you can get against people like that is to just ignore them – give them the impression that you’re above all that nonsense and that their childish outbursts aren’t even worth the space they take up in your mind. :P If years of schoolyard bullying taught me anything (besides “you’re different and that’s bad!” XD ), it’s that nothing frustrates an antagonist more than their actions having no effect. And what do we usually do when we’re extremely frustrated? We give up. I’ll never stop being amazed by how well that technique can work in so many situations. It’s saved my life, almost literally! :)

I have to agree! As you might spot from my comment response to Lilian above… *points*… I do have a vivid memory of when I was about ten years old, having grammar class in school.

Said boy in reference to said comment was actually older than me and a few grades above me; that was how it rolled with those temporary classes.

My mum finds it nasty that I cannot do multiplication (for example, 67 multiplied by 8) in my head. I was so reliant on the calculator throughout high school.

It’s sort of the same way Dreamweaver defeats the purpose of code!

I know it’s terrible to react towards things like that. I just find it so tempting to respond. Sometimes I ignore if they’re hate comments, but this one was just laughable.

The other day I realised that it hurts more when someone doesn’t leave a comment anonymously. When I get anonymous hate comments on my Formspring, it’s much easier to delete and forget about. In WordPress, there’s the name, email, and IP address… :P

Oh Georgie, I wasn’t criticizing you for reacting! Sorry if it sounded that way. Besides, you weren’t arguing back – just pointing out how laughable it was. :P I maintain that doesn’t count, hehe.

Oh, I know what you mean about relying on calculators! Even though I can still do some mental arithmetic (536, teehee), it takes so bloody long! And because I’m out of the habit I’m very under-confident about it, so even when I do something like that in my head I’m compelled to check it afterwards on the calculator anyway. =/
Having to calculate something unexpectedly or on the spot is the worst though – my mind goes completely blank and I can barely even remember how to count! So embarrassing. 😳

Reminds me of the “Jejemon” issue back in my country, the Philippines.

CaUse deY tYpe lYk dIs

I think you’ve already heard about that? They are currently doing a lot of things to prevent kids from using that kind of languages. Apparently, the kids also use it in their essays. =_= They used to use it as their own text/internet lingo, but now they’re also starting to use it in school.

I like teaching, too! These problems make me want to teach even more!

Oh btw, about exchanging links with your photoblog, sure! I’ll link you up right away :)

For tips to how to teach kids reading.
First give the books they are likely to be interested in. That would motivate them first; Hobbies, interests or obsessions. This is a very simple step; if the subject only watches TV with stuff like vampires, recommend twilight (wait did i just recommend something I dislike?). Teach them general phonetics. As for the ones with seemingly lesser aptitude, get an extract from a book or article (with low reading difficulty) and ask them to memorise and write it out. Start with a sentence or 2 then a paragraph. Memory plays a role in pronunciation. Personal anecdote; pronounced Zeus as “ZEE-US” in year 4; thanks to that I would never forget it. No one rubbed it in except my pride.
How to teach older children/adults reading; if the student’s first language isn’t English they’ll undoubtably find it difficult to read. Try figuring out their native language or mannerisms (translated) which help them grasp a meaning; pronunciation comes later since reading is trying to communicate via visual means.

Ahhh…. for grammar; tell them to go to your blog, or other meticulously written blogs. Or read more. Or converse more. Tell them to avoid the internet and colloquialisms and they should be fine. Ain’t that rite?!

Hahaha that is very true. There are very few blogs that are written in good grammar – but it’s a shame, the internet is home to a bad grammar virus.

Admittedly I wrote in chatspeak when I was younger, but I definitely know now that it was a terrible, terrible idea.

If you’re referring to the girl at my workplace, I’m not too sure about that as I have a supervisor at work and it’s not really my main job to teach them. But the program is supposed to be designed so that it works for them – the girl’s reached this level (there are many levels) from previous work but it’s a shame seeing her struggle with some words. Perhaps she’ll pick up later; I noticed a lot of children struggling but eventually got back on track. :)

I know there are many ways to help people out; I guess lots of people seem to be missing out on them! :(

Hey Georgie! ♥

After I read your comment yesterday I was like “Swetlana, stop staring at Jensen all the time. You’ll hate your layout sooner then you think and you’ll have to make a new one!”. So now I try to visit my website just every 2 hours or so to check if there are new comments. I only log into WordPress when I want to blog.

Oh, that’s good to hear then. :) How much longer does it take until your current semester is over?

I know quite a lot of people with blue eyes too – but most of them don’t have that “special something” about them. Mine don’t either. But when I put on some make-up the blue looks much, much better.

I’ve done some pretty stupid things in the past too but I am more worried about the things/desicions I make now then I am about the ones I’ve done in the past. Life is so much easier when there is no boy drama involved (my current blog post explains all this)..

Hehe, that would be totally awesome! Or you could just make tons and tons of pictures and sent them to us. :)

You wanted to become a teacher when you were younger? That sounds really cool! :) Some of my friends want to be teachers in the future too!

I feel really sorry for the girl that doesn’t understand a sentence or stuff when it has names in it. It must be really, really difficult for her.

I’ve recognized the same thing about my sister and her use of the German language when ever she talks to her friends online or stuff like that.. it’s just as annoying and stupid as kids TyPiNg LiKe DiS and stuff like that.. Sometimes I’d love to sceam at her and tell her to use the proper spelling of words instead of changing it around to make it look/sound “cool” or whatever.

Me as someone who thinks of English as my second first language I always try my best to use proper spelling grammar because I don’t want to make a fool out of myself. And when people keep messing you’re and your up it definitely annoys me.

LOL WTF is wrong with that kid?! Has he/she ever heard of a thing called a personal website?! There is the word personal so it is about YOU and your life – why wouldn’t you talk about yourself?! xD Gosh, some people these days. xD xD

At least he/she could’ve tried to express his/her feelings in a proper English and not in a sentence that makes barely sense when reading it for the first time! xD

Precisely, that proves the own personal pride thing works; serves as an incentive to better oneself.

Sounds like the way to go. I would visit the university if I could afford it. It’s a 2h flight from Norway to Scotland, and my summer is packed. I know a girl who’s studying at Stirling, and she likes it a lot so I might take her word on that.

Lol I know ! I apologize. :( I think I’m officially back this time though!

Thanks :) I’m really excited to be engaged. I don’t know when we’ll start planning but it will happen in time.

Baha, from being away, I barely even have a visitor count right now LOL. I’m trying to blog more and get my hits back up. It’s a serious pain in the ass lol.

Lol I’ve always been a cat person. I love kitties. I have two cats here. My own cat and then this evil kitten we bought. loll.

I hate people that cause problems. >.<

Thank you! :)

Yea, if I don’t write down my good times, I don’t really remember them unless I have something to jog my memory.

Haha, well I take forever to code a layout, so sometimes I’m about to work on it, but end up just staring at it. :P

Yea, I guess I’m ok, I’m just good at the words :)

I love mock trials, they’re soo fun and challenging. Maybe I should train to be a lawyer?

Yeah, for my future I want to do something with math and writing, but there is no such job. :(

Same, I might still have a blog or something, but i might not have to to return comments or anything. :/

Well I guess it is, but not like in the fairytales, like being a princess and the love at first site and stuff seems a little too over the top.

It is one of my pet peeves when people spell you’re and your wrong, erggggggggggggg. I mean when they do that i want to tell them you’re not your, or your not you’re. I just can’t tolerate it lol.

Also with they’re there and their, especially with they’re and there, since one is a contraction. blah. :P

Haha I saw that comment and it’s like they almost miss the whole point of a blog. wait did it actually take you hours to figure it out. :O I got it right away lol. XD because, well sometimes I use bad grammer 🙄 .

Hey, sorry that it’s been this long. I’ve been such a horrible hostee. I’m not going to lie that I was busy, when I was just too lazy to open my laptop. I was just wondering if you got my message about a brief hiatus that should be over by Friday.
Wow, nice you have a cool job xD lol. I don ‘t want to be a teacher when I grow up, but whenever I see my teacher I think of teaching history (which I love) and assigning cool projects, but then I think of other dreams and all those stacks of papers and tests you have to correct, and it makes me sick xD.
About ‘you’re’ and ‘your.’ I hate when grammar is incorrect, but my grammar isn’t that great. Anyways, when you say, ‘you’re,’ do you say ‘Yer’ or ‘yor?’ It’s a dumb question but still xD

Yup it was 84 Fahrenheit and i was dying of thirst. I was soo glad i had cash with me or i would have been soo incredibly thirsty.

I still love blue, i think black goes great with any color at all. Especially bright colors. :D

The day that the world is all sunshine and rainbows and no fights is the day that the world will end. World Peace is something i want to happen but i don’t see it happening. There’s always that nasty person that just ruins everything for everyone.

I want to get married someday but it’s still a scary thought.
I used to hate t9 because i couldn’t figure it out lol. With an iPhone, it’s soo easy. You just type like a computer lol.

I use proxies in school a lot. When you need to get on websites like facebook or twitter you need proxies. It’s blocked for some reason. Even yahoo games is blocked lol.

Some teachers told me i write really good essays but I don’t know how lol. My friend is like a really bad speller sometimes. I have no idea how she does it.

I finished the test today and i did good. I kinda cheated because i knew what was on it and i wrote down like a guide to help me lol.

I am tired right now because my nephew is here and we have to babysit him from 3:00 all the way to 10:30, it’s tiring. My mom is asking for help but i’m like i’m tired too. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, i have to watch him all by myself so this my day off.

Yeah she does a little bit. It’s only her host though. I had to disable my virus protection program & do all these sorts of things just to see if my cpanel would work for me. I can’t use FTP because that will make my computer lag & freeze for a really long time. :(
Does Kya give a lot of space ? I don’t really remember & I can’t go to her site to check since it’s on maintenance mode.

Really ? How come ? I hate being blocked from my cPanel. This is the first time actually x) I can’t even update ! I made lots of content while my site was down & now I can’t even upload them. :(

I do that right now x) I feel like such a loser. I especially hate math tests. I can never remember all those formulas. I would know how to do the problem if only I had the formulas.

January !? That’s so late lol, for us. I would be so weirded out if I went to school in Australia, no offense x) because of the time differences for school. I would never expect to start school in January ;o

Haha I used to think that too, since that was the amount of students we had when I was in 6th grade.

Me too ! I hate seeing janitors at my school cleaning up all the trash the students left out. It’s so unnecessary to litter. People at my school think it’s cool to litter -_- even when the trashcan’s about a three steps away from them.

Haha but Australian seems so much more interesting ! My aunt & uncle live there and they tell me stuff about it. Not history to be exact, but just things that you would never see here. Like how they have a person delivering drinks to people in movie theaters. I think they mentioned there was a bar inside a theater room so you can buy alcohol while you’re watching a movie. I think that’s really cool :D I can’t remember what else they told me. :( I hope to visit there soon. They already cleared out rooms for me & my family at their house XD

Oh I hate people like that. They’re so conceited & ugh ! Makes me feel bad for them at times because they don’t realize that other people don’t like them. Has he tried talking to you even with all that tension with your parents ?

Indonesia seems like a pretty cool vacation place. I would love to visit there someday.
That’s the same with my family back in Hong Kong. My dad’s side lives over there. I used to be able to speak Cantonese, but I lost it back in 3rd grade since I didn’t speak it much with my American friends. I can still understand it though. It’s just hard to communicate with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins over there. :( I’m trying to get all my Cantonese back, but it’s hard. My boyfriend speaks it & he’s trying to teach me. I’m very slow though haha, so I’m grateful that he has so much patience to teach me.

THREE HOURS !? Oh my gosh, I would never have the patience to travel that long every single day ):

Really ? Lol my parents encourage me to do both. I really do want to go to a good college/uni though. Not any of the junior colleges, bleh.

High math grade !? Oh gosh. I’m never gonna make it. My math grades are so low. I have a 75% for second semester so far. Forensics is my third choice. OR (operation room) nursing is my second. My parents encourage me to study abroad, as long as I pay for them to visit me XD

I love it too, it’s really fun & it’s an easy way to catch up with people you haven’t talked to in a while. I hate losing friends, but I guess that’s part of life ): The friends I have now are the best, & I really do hope they stick around in the future :D

Where do you work ?
I really feel bad for kids who can’t really understand certain basic words. I used to tutor in math & English. I did a little history too. Lots of students asked me how to pronounce a certain word that was really, really basic.

I hate when people do all those typos that you just expressed. :( I do that sometimes, but I correct myself. And when I make those mistakes, it’s usually because I’m out of it or really tired.

Uhm, the person who said you were talking about yourself every time is really… stupid. Lol, it’s your blog & you have a right to say whatever you want. If something interesting happens in your life & you want people to know, why not share it ? It’s not like you’re telling your whole life story here -_-
When I first read what that person said, I didn’t even understand. I had to read several times x)

LOL. Two angry emoticons ? Haha I love your sarcasm lol. It made me giggle out loud. My sister was like “Why are you laughing at the computer ?” since I never laugh at anything on the computer except Youtube videos.

What are morlocks ?


Yeah, I remember reading in the newspaper one article about how chatting has affected our English. I once had a friend who used to chat all the time, and in her English exam, she wrote all answers like this-
Ur name iz dis, dat, OMG..
It was hilarious. In a sad way, of course.

Well, you’re a teacher. That is so cool. I’ve always wanted to become a teacher but I don’t think I have the patience.

And thanks for your tutorials, I used the “favicon” one and found it very useful. :)

Plus, I am amazed how you dealt with that stupid comment. I would have obsessed about it for days. /bash


Well said! (Y) You should be able to rant and rave on your own blog. I mean after all, you do pay for it yourself.

It really irritates me, when a visitor comes to a person’s site and complains about what that person is blogging about. /pow

My friend sometimes miss pronounces words, such as: inexcusable. She’ll say unexcusable, which isn’t correct. Or sometimes she’ll confuse the meaning of phrases. But that’s just her, I guess. :)

yeah i actually really like some of the premades :) but i dont normally use them because i wanna make the blog very personal… but i just really liked this one haha.

haha i used to want to be a teacher too.. i used to pretend to teach my cousins and sister.. and slowly i shifted away from that career path… and for sure, i wont be a teacher :P

sometimes my grammar is horrible… and i forget how to use you’re/your.. thats why normally i just say ‘you are’ haha. plus, thats how i write my essays :P no contractions.

Hey! Yeah, I know I said I’ll be returning your comment ‘tomorrow’ but it’s been weeks already. :P

Haha. Thanks! You’re awesome-er. Well I was pretty tired, but swimming to lose weight and eating the moment you get out of the pool sounds pretty stupid. :P

LOL, yes, it was really hard playing tag in the water, so we decided swimming is allowed. Yeah, water games are really fun. :D

He SANG A WAKE UP SONG? Oh my God. I hate wake up songs; they’re worse than two pots banged together. XD

Sadly, I can’t. We can only choose one club. I decided I’ll give journalism a go. Hopefully I get accepted.

I once considered being a teacher, but when I saw how much of a hard time my teachers were having, I concluded that being a teacher is stressful. I don’t want to have a stressful job.

Aw, poor little girl.

I find it annoying when people make those mistakes. Every person in this world should get a free Grammar book. :P

Wow, what a jerk. I read his comment on your post and the other person who also got angry at you. Am I right that there’s another one? @_@

You’re right; why bother commenting when you hate someone’s post? Pfft.

Haha, my boyfriend’s kinda strange too…but I got used to it. :))

I was just really confused when I was younger. I look back at the things I did when I was younger, and I realize how much I changed.

Haha, that’s good. :)) I don’t think they ever sold junk food here, but ever since they put ice cream, it’s so hard not to give into the temptation, haha.

When I did reviews in another site, I think half of my reviews were grammar corrections. I tried to lessen it though, haha.