Spot The Brain Cell

Today I went to work. I can’t help but worry about some of the children there. I’m supposed to help them, as well as marking their work. Marking their work is the bulk of it.

I used to want to be a teacher, but when I got this job several years ago, that was no longer on the top of my list. Still, every now and then, a little part of me wants to give a little to these learning children. Though I mark both English and Maths, I’m more in the English section.

It’s a little upsetting when children come up to me and ask me how a word is pronounced. It isn’t just once – it’s many, many times. I feel sorry for this one girl who cannot read or understand names. When names like “Brian”, “Jenny”, or “Herbert” are used, she always asks me, “what does this word say?” 😞

It also seems that with increased use of the internet, people who have English as their first language are still struggling to get things right.

“Your wrong”, “your tired”, “your watching” – are all incorrect. It should be “you’re wrong”, “you’re tired”, “you’re watching”.

“You’re” is a contraction for you are. When you use “your”, you refer to a possession. “Your car”, “your dog”, “your heart”.

The use of the internet seems to have turned our brains to mush.

Someone thought it would be wise to post a badly worded comment on my previous post:

every time talking about your self.. 😡 😡

Which, in all honesty, I found undeniably hilarious. It was oh such a difficult feat to decipher the downright terrible grammar and poor sentence structure of this comment. But finally, after hours and hours of racking my brain for an answer, I realised – hah! This person was clearly angry about me writing about myself. On my own blog.

Because, as we know, utilising not one but two of those angry emoticons that I happen to use on my website is a clear indication that you must be mad. Mad as in crazy, I guess could be questionable… Mad as in angry? I would think so.

Because if someone’s blog post makes you angry, you don’t just close the window and go back to your email – no! – you leave a comment on that person’s blog expressing your anger. Which in turn makes me find the situation even more hilarious. I am sure you were not possessed by flesh-eating morlocks to comment on my blog. You actually made the choice to comment on my blog post.

If you have an opinion, kindly state it, but please keep in mind that this is my blog and I can write on it what I wish. 🙂

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