In 10 years…

I was tagged by the lovely Tess to write about what my life might be like in ten years.

This is something interesting and somewhat perfect for me, because only recently did I start thinking about my future in an optimistic way. It used to frighten me what could possibly happen in the future.

It might not have been pessimistic, but I really did think that there was no point looking into the future at all, and I thought it would be a better idea to focus on “the now”. However, over time I knew that I could just go on, taking everything that came at me. It made me feel a little timid that I didn’t even want to do simple things like make goals, make plans, and think about how wonderful the future could possibly be.

According to all those self-help books, thinking positively about something over and over will help you believe in yourself. We can put whatever we want into our minds, and I guess it’s up to us if we want to put happy thoughts in our mind about the future.

I feel like it gives me a sense of direction.

In ten years time I can imagine myself with a stable job in something that I enjoy. Maybe not web design, but something I enjoy equally as much. There’s a bit of “grey matter” in the following few years for me, but I think that something might happen in those years that will let me aim for the sky by the time ten years rocks around. (2020, here I come! :D)

I’ve already told you guys how much I disliked studying and work in high school and how I didn’t really try, but now I have aspirations of receiving a doctorate. I can imagine it will be hard work, but I can imagine myself getting there. Realistically and where I am standing now, maybe I won’t be there in ten years. But I’ll be working towards it.

I also hope to be married. I think that it is almost every little girl’s dream to fall in love and get married. We grow up and realise that some men are complete jerks, and we’ll never have the wonderful princes that were in the fairytales we read. Sometimes we do find the one we love, from which it is a wonderful journey.

Looking at my website – well, websites – it sort of makes me sad to think that one day in the future, I might lose interest. I never have lost interest – maybe just got tired or sick of things online, but I love blogging, and I love designing.

It saddens me to think that it’s not something I can do forever. But for now – it’s something I love, and something I won’t stop doing. The future is something positive. It’s alight with wonderful surprises.

I don’t think we should be scared of our futures. We might not know what they behold, but we can still dream to our heart’s content – it’s what we make it. :)

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Yay for thinking about the future optimistically :) The glass is definitely half-FULL for you :P I have a tendency to think too much about the future, but negatively. Which is bad :( So good for you for thinking positively :P

But I think you’re right: The future WILL be wonderful. So now I just have to REMEMBER that. It’s going to be difficult and stuff, but it’ll still be good :)

I need direction! Maybe I should get a self-help book. Hahaha!

I shall phone 2020 and warn him/her that Georgie is on her way. /bounce Yeah, I can totally imagine you doing a job like the job you had last summer :) You totally liked that job, right? I liked it too cos we got to meet up. Hahahah :D ✌️

DOCTOR GEORGIE! In ten years time, if you haven’t got one, DON’T WORRY! I’ll be supporting you ALL THE WAY :D I think you can do it ^^ 100%

And ooooh! I’m so coming to the wedding! (Remember: YOU PROMISED ME THAT I WOULDN’T HAVE TO WEAR A POUFFY DRESS! It has to be nice XD Hahaha. Only kidding, I know you wouldn’t make me wear something atrocious :P )

I know, it’s so sad how life makes us disillusioned about those fairytale princes and stuff. :( But I guess when we find the guy who we’re going to spend the rest of our life with, it kind of makes up for it. He’ll be better than a fairytale prince. HE CAN COOK! I bet fairytale princes can’t /ho

Although I must confess that I am waiting for my Mr Darcy to come along. HAHAHAHAHA :P A knight in shining armour will also suffice. *jokes*

I want to be married in 10 years time too! But I’m not sure that’s very likely for me :(

It’s okay! We will always have memories of all your sites :P Hahaha. And just enjoy them while you still have time for all this stuff :D And I’m pretty sure you’ll always be fiddling with some sort of website. Even if it’s not this many ^^

Haha half-full! :P Ryan has this theory, by the way… whether or not the glass is half-full or half-empty depends on whether you drank from it or tipped it out. O_O

Thinking positively is definitely the way to go. I’ve always known myself to be pessimistic, so I have to turn that around. :)

It’s going to be a long road! But we’ll help each other along and the future will be wonderful. :D

LOL, I actually have this article from uni that refers to self-help. It was something I used in my progress report for my media assignment (the one where I’ve been surveying people). It is actually really insightful… I’ll send it to you one day!

Yes we did get to meet up! That was way cool. :D There might be another opportunity for that later on if they do the project again – how fun it would be to work there again. :D

I’m thinking it’s a lot harder than I think to get a PhD, but I’m not going to let that get me down. I hate to be disappointed. :P

Of course I wouldn’t make you wear a poofy dress! Unless I was having a 1940s ball or something, waow. :P

LOL, James can cook; he’s totally my fairytale prince. XD

Mr Darcy is so awesome… *tears* :P

We shall see! Your prince is around the corner… oh no he’s not… but think positive! ;)

I always thought about the day I might lose interest in design and just be a blogger. I hope that isn’t too soon… people seem to like my site as a design one. XD

The furthest my memory goes is when I was in a swinging baby safety seat-thing in a daycare center.

I already have three summer assignments. :(

My dad is thinking of going to Florida, but me and my mom don’t want to go because of the oil spill. I kind of want to go to Busch Gardens, though.
The only thing I know for sure is that I’m going to a party a few days after school ends.

I think it’s great how you can think so optimistically about the future. I’ve been a total pessimist for as long as I can remember, about both the present and the future. I’d like to be more optimistic, but it’s hard to change the habits of a lifetime. And I’m not overly unhappy, the way everyone thinks pessimists must be. xD Though for some reason, I’m very optimistic about my exam results. I’m optimistic that when I get that envelope on the 4th of August, it’ll tell me that I got straight 1’s. And then on the nest 4th of august, I’ll have 5 A’s. And the one after that I’ll have my 3 A’s at advanced higher, plus another higher. I know it’s unlikely to happen that way, but I hope. And I think I can put in the work I need. I’ve had no trouble with the coursework for the current exams, and the next two years aren’t going to be fantastically harder. :L

I am a bit scared of the future though. I mean, at the moment we’re being told by our guidance teachers to think about if we want to go to university, and if we do, what one and what we want to study. I’m 15. I do not want to have to think about uni yet. Uni is scary. Uni means being grown up. D:
Even though I already know what I want to study, and which uni I want to go to. But that isn’t the point. :P

I’m glad that someone actually liked Funeral For A Friend, haha. None of my friends will even give them a chance, except Apryl who thinks they’re okay-ish. I think that’s just to annoy me though, to be honest. They all know how obsessed I am. XD
I kinda thought the same about Cobra for a while, but then I just thought I’d give them a bit of a chance and I really like them. I’m listening to them right now, actually. :L

My school is about 10 minutes away if I go on the bus, or half an hour if I walk. I’m quite lucky really. :) The nearest uni is half an hour away by bus, but no way am I going there. xD There’s two I could go to, and both are about…*counts on fingers* an hour and a bit away, walking and by train. If I got the buses it would take about 2 hours. :o

Sorry! I am a late commentor, I thought moderating comments would help me, but it so did not! Everytime I went to my site at school( that is were I mostly comment from) I had zero comments, then I would forget to do it at home! I fail!

Fox and The Hound is a great movie! :)

I found out a lot of people have not heard of the french game!

That stinks that they couldn’t bring their boyfriend or girlfriend to prom! Your school sounds worse and worse to me. But I do like the whole thing of the personal yearbooks!

I lied you are not that old, but…still older and maturer than me.


I always think of my future, I am always dreaming. I couldn’t imagine if you did not blog. The internet would never be the same with out you, hun! So do not stop blogging! :)

You want a doctor degree? Me too!

I am still skeptical about the future, with the whole 2012 world ending thing. I don’t want that to happen, but it still may happen!

Whatever your dreams and goals are Georgie, I hope you achieve them – you’re a kick-ass girl, and deserve to have a good, happy life! ♥ ✌️

And I completely agree with the last sentence – what is life if we can’t dream? 👏

Aw thank you Kate! You silly bugger, you know YOU deserve to have a good happy life as well. ♥ (Well, I guess I think we all do!)

I used to have my life planned out after high school.
However, with the change of circumstances, AKA, leaving the guy that I based my life around, I’ve had to re-design my plans.
A doctorate would be hard, but I believe you can do it. :)
What would you want it in?
(If it were me, which I do plan on getting a Ph.D, I’d go for psychology. :D)
Dwelling on the now can really screw up the tomorrow, I think. However, if we only think about the future, we miss what happens now.
You need a balance, like with everything else in life.

I suggest we start again with comments? :D

I hope you do get your doctorate, that’s an awesome aspiration to go for (: All my life after high school, far as I’ve planned, is ‘go to a good university.’ Where, I dunno, or how, but we’ll both figure it out, right?

I hope to get married to a man I love as well, but we’ll all have to work hard to get there. Maybe that’s what the future’s all about, though, I don’t know. I want adorable little kids with the man I love. Period. haha (:

And just because your website might not be around anymore doesn’t mean you can’t keep up this commentary of your life – write a diary, and find someone to share it with (:

The future’s what we make it, so let’s make it the best it can be, right?

I know right?? I would usually be listening to it right now but it’s gone. :( Yup I remember that convo lol. My dad is still….the same. I think he has a girlfriend now. He talks to her on the phone when my mom is at work. He thinks I’m clueless but I’m sure as hell not ignorant. I totally learned my lesson. I will never leave any electronics on the table ever again!
It rains for like 5mins and then it stops. Two hours later it starts again lol. Ohh did your food get wet??

Remember our anti-facebook pact?? It’s soo broken now lol. My facebook is private to the extent of how i want it. And I if I don’t know someone I will not add them. Facebook has perverts and I will not let them get to me. I just ignore phone calls at times. I prefer texting lol.

Yay on the wireless lol. You don’t have to sit in one place in more!!!! :D

I get that feeling too. I have a thing about being ignored. It makes me feel invincible lol. I’ll make a new photoblog when i got to Kings Island….it’s an amusement park in Cincinnati.

When you think about it now, you might think that you will forever have this website but in few years you will loose interest. So we have to have fun with it before the interest is gone. (Y)

In ten years I see myself married with 3 kids. I will be the CEO of web/graphic-designing company. I’ll be getting ready for my ten year high school reunion. I’ll bring my husband and kids with me so that I could show off. /love We will live in a huge house with a maid and chef. I want my life to be a fairytale lol.

This was a really awesome blog! I don’t think positive very much, so this was really cool to read. :D

I think that I’m possibly the only girl in the world who doesn’t really want to be married. I like the idea of a big wedding, but I don’t know, after that, married life doesn’t seem so appealing to me haha.

I honestly can’t see you losing interest in web designing any time soon. :P

I’m pretty scared of the future. I wish I could be more optimistic about it, like you are! I think it’s just the thought of growing up and going out into the big world all alone, there’ll be so many times when I’ll want my mum haha!

Thanks! :) I’m only doing a foundation grade so C was the highest I could get in the paper, I’m pleased with myself. :]

There wasn’t many stalls at the fair I went to, only ones that sold those lollipops in the crazy colours!

If I over revise I’ll forget most of the stuff I know, so I’m glad to have had a few days to relax!

Whenever my earphones have broken before, I’ve always wanted the genuine Apple ones, which are £20 in shops! I’ve always thought that was pretty ridiculous but on eBay they’ve sold them for about £3 and they look exactly the same!


A doctorate would take a lot of time 😰
But it sure sounds impressive /ho

Hey, noone can do anything forever. :)
It’s the way the world spins. :3
But no matter what you think you’ll be doing, it’s important you think positive nonetheless. :B

said Doctor Wuggs ::


I had to read “FOOCHER” out loud to know what you meant. 😳 :P

Ryan says that PhDs are overrated. Hmm. Maybe it’s not really “necessary” to get one. I know it definitely would sound impressive though. :)

Shh. :) Think positive. /pow

I loved reading what you wrote about where you see yourself in 10 years. I’ve honestly never thought about it. Mostly because I felt like you did, kind of why bother. No matter what you have to face the future with your head held high and no fear in your heart. :) But then again, look who told you that. lol. I can’t tell if I’m excited or scared about getting married. lol. I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals in these years to come.

Yeah, I absolutely hate it. It has happened to me all the time since I got my domain (so like, almost a year). I hate it especially when I’m trying to reply to comments and my site decides to hate on me & not let me see it. :(

Haha I only get behind with replying to comments because I have so many tests in school lately since I’m a sophomore. Sophomores get the most tests. I had to take the high school exit exam, finals/CSTs (which stand for California State Tests), & the STAR. I forgot what that one stands for XD

Really ? The U.S doesn’t have junior high/middle school proms. For us, we only had an 8th grade dance at the end of the year with all the 8th graders. Our middle school grades are 6-8 & high school is 9-12. We’re allowed to take anyone, just as long as they’re not in middle school. It has to be 9th grade & above. They’re doing proms different next year when I’m a junior. This year & the previous years, they had proms mixed with juniors & seniors. Next year, we have to have separate proms since the class sizes are just too big to have together. It’ll be a junior prom & a senior ball -_-
Haha the only drinks they passed out to us were lemonade at the dinner & water on the dance floor x) The dance room was so hot & stuffy -_- It made me lose my dance mood lol. Gambling was the only game. We voted for best mask since the theme for prom was masquerade :D

Lol, I was never good at history in middle school :( But I’m getting better at it. I guess I like world history better than United States history; it’s a lot more interesting to learn about.

CS3 was the first Photoshop program I got. It annoyed me though because it kept lagging :( I heard about CS5 through Youtube & decided to download it. It’s a lot better although the tabs in the program bother me sometimes.

I used to think there was no point in looking into the future, but now that I’m older I realized that my future is all up to me & the choices I make. Lol, I sound like one of those inspirational speakers x) But it’s true. I care a lot about my future now, especially about colleges, jobs, & how I’m going to handle living by myself.

I’ve tried thinking positively about something over & over again a bunch of times. That never seems to help me :(

That’s how I imagined myself ! ;o I’ll just learn to be happy with whatever job I have, as long as I’ll be able to support myself with it. I wouldn’t want web design as a career, although I’ve thought about it. There aren’t many people looking into that lately.

I only disliked middle school. High school is actually a blast for me; meeting new people, finding new interests, & all that snazzy stuff. (:
What’s a doctorate ? I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t looked it up.

Married ! I love weddings. (: I hope to get married by the age of 24 x) Lol I guess that might be too young for a person to get married, but that’s my dream age :D

That makes me sad too. I actually think about that before I go to sleep. I wonder what will happen if I don’t lose interest & continue my website until I’m married. I have a feeling it’ll be a little weird x) But designing is something that I’ll always love. Plus, it’s not like you have to own a website to show off your work. You can join sites like deviantArt. (: That’s what I’m planning on doing if I ever lose interest in owning a site.

Hey Georgie! :D ♥

I just decided to start on returning my comments and when I read the date of your comment my eyes almost popped out. It’s been weeks since you commented me. I seriously need to get back into my returning comments habbits. It really starts to annoy me how lazy I am. I am sorry, but I guess it’s easier to start over again – hopefully for the last time.

I think it’s really awesome that you start to think of your future or just the future in generall as something good. I mean, in the end we don’t know what is going to happen we can just try to somehow make sure that what we do now has a positive effect on what is coming our way sooner or later.

And I do think that we can make ourselves believe what we want to just by constantly repeating it. Like, if we have a bad day or a few bad days maybe all it takes are a few good thoughts (and some ice cream xD) to feel better. Or just the hope /wish that the next day will be better – even if it’s just a little bit.

I definitely would love to marry one day. I actually can’t wait for it! I have it pictured in my head already (well, more or less.).

I really, really hope that I’ll be in a job that I enjoy and that helps paying for my bills and stuff. And I think it’s awesome that you want to get your doctorate sometime in the future! That’s going to be soo much work though! But you can do it! :)

I hope that I’ll continue blogging for a long time. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people. Sometimes I just wish we would all live closer to each other, especially when I read about blogger meet ups and stuff. It’d be soo awesome to meet you guys and like really talk and do stupid/funny things!

Don’t say that you can’t do all this forever – maybe you can. It might not be for money but as long as it’s fun and you love it you should definitely stay around! :D

Woah, I know what you mean when it saddens you to think that in the future you might not be interested in web design any more. I hate to think that might happen to me too.

How are you darl? ♥

Wow, you replied quick! XD

Is uni hard? A lot of my friends who have gone to uni this year say it is, and that they don’t like it at all. But I guess they waste their time away drinking instead of doing their course work.

It’s hard to hear about this accident, as 10 months ago my brother was in fatal car accident that was only a few meters away from this crash. Luckily he survived and had recovered very well.

I’m sorry to hear about your cousin, she was way too young. What a wasted life.

Thank you for keeping these boys in your prayers. ♥

So much can happen in 10 years, and it’s hard to imagine what could happen in those 10 years. I wish I could think about college and courses, but I get confused. I keep changing my mind when I try. Hopefully, by the time I really need to know it, I’ll know what courses I’ll wanna take.

I hope design is part of my future too, but, of course, you never know what might happen.

I know very few people that think about the future positively. I usually don’t think about the future that much. If ever, I probably only think about the near future; at most, just a few years from the present.

Haha, I like french but I’m just sick of doing the exams.. :P

I think they sound american, because here we say homework, term and tests. Haha. Weird.

Yeah, I like his name. But I do feel a bit of a numpty calling his name down the street.. ^^

Your blogs are really interesting to read, thats why I like them :)

I suppose so, but thankfully my parents are ok. :)

Oh, btw, on your green stripes WP theme, theres a space before the .zip – I just thought I’d tell you :)

I honestly think you could achieve a doctorate. Fair enough you hated working in high school, a lot of people do. I hate it. But when you actually want to do something that changes because you’re doing it for yourself and not because it’s the law or whatever.

To be honest, I don’t know what I want to do in the future. I’m only 15, so I guess that’s okay but I hate the fact that we basically (in England, anyways) start chosing our careers when we’re 13.

Lately, I have been really thinking about it. I want to go to sixth form and then maybe onto uni. I’d love to go to uni but I have no idea what I’d study…

Once I’ve finished uni, IDK. I don’t think my mum thinks I’m serious but I’d seriously love to have my own restaurant/cafe thing. I’d love to buy a shop on the seafront (I live right next to the beach) and open a crepery. It’s so silly but IDK I think I’d love it. I think in the right place with the right advertising and stuff you could make a fortune as well because there are NO pancake houses around here at all so it’s also unique. I’d have like every flavour you can think of and I’d also sell proper food and I’d make cakes so it would be like a coffee shop/restaurant/pancake house.
It’s ever since I went to greece (like 2 weeks ago, lmao). There were tons of creperys and they had every flavour! THEY TASTED SO NICE AS WELL!

Omg am I weird? You’re the first person I’ve said that too. :P

Wow! Goodluck on that I’m sure you’ll have a great future ahead of you! :)
Same goes for me, coz I was pessimistic about it first… well not really pessimistic.. more on.. im fearing it. Will I do great? What? Haha. But you’re right thinking positively is a step on attaining your goals. Declare it gurl!

Haiii! :D

That’s so great you are thinking about the future so optimistically. Not many people do it; take me, for example. :P I’m always scared of the future.

I hope that the things you see in your future would really happen! I also see myself with a good job, which would be something that I enjoy.

I’m worried about marriage, haha.

I also feel sad to know what one day, I might lose interest in web designing. I would miss blogging and meeting new wonderful people online.

Thankss. <3

Same here, only I used to listen to what my sisters liked. I always used to be really influenced by them. :P

I still love Linkin Park. :D

Yeah. When I first heard Kesha, I found the song so annoying. I hated the way she sang. But I've been in a kind of "dancing mood" lately and I came to liking the song. :P

I'm glad to hear that. :)

Yes, I feel like that too. Then there are some people who get annoyed if I ask them what's wrong. They might not want to tell me if it's something personal. When I feel upset, I find it hard to talk about it but I feel better when I do.

I hope they start talking soon. Having two people who are so important to you fight like that can be really upsetting.

I hope so too. We're all really very excited. Yeah, like I said a lot of things here are different.

When we first got Vista my cousin kept on warning us that we won't like it. But I had no problems with it. I guess using Windows XP is easier, though.

Hope you have fun! :) I wish I could go out somewhere with my friends. It would be more fun since we can never go out somewhere together.

I kinda wish I didn’t get the bottom of my navel done because it doesn’t lie straight. Idk could just be the bar I’ve got in. :( My mom cant really complain with piercings and tattoos cause she has a few herself. My dad’s always been the same though all because this guy he knew got a dodgy tattoo done and his arm went nasty. If you ever did get the top done be careful with it lol, my mom had it done and it never healed. I want my scaffold (bar through the top) done but my piercer wont do it. :(

LOL there was this girl at my old school like that, she came in year 8 and on her first day she was like “I can take everyone in year 8 out”… I don’t think she has any friends now. O.O

I cant think about my future optimistically haha, idk I don’t really see a point cause I’m likely to not even want that when the time comes. I’m sure that you can achieve what you want, whether it be the things you want now or the things you will want in the future. You deserve all the best Georgie! :D ♥

It’s really interesting to think about the future and to hear where other people see themselves. I really hope that you are able to do what you want, and I know you can. ♥

I often hope that I won’t decide to just leave the online world. I think it will be apart of what I want to do for a long time, and even if I am more focussed on writing and illustration in books, I will still be making things for myself. It kind of makes me excited thinking about it.

But you know, like you said if it makes you happy now that is wonderful. Everything has it’s time and place and we can decide at the right moment when it is due to pass. Like the time we realise we no longer want to play barbies, or dress up in costumes. Bum, I miss those days haha!


Aww, Georgie you’re seriously waaaaaay too sweet! ♥ Everything you just said about me – I can give it right back to you! You’ve been an awesome friend yourself all the time! ♥

Hehe, thank you! ♥ I did have quite a difficult time figuring out how I wanted this header image to look like and there was like no one online I could ask for their opinion until Kristina came and helped me out with graphic. It looked like a mess when I first started. xD

I keep staring at my layout all day long.. I find myself typing in my URL and then just stare at the image for a while. xD And I am definitely super happy with the way this layout turned out in the end. I am proud of myself. :)

Hehe! The older songs are most of the time also the better songs to dance too – or at least when it comes to Russian music. We have this CD somewhere around the house that I always put in when everyone wants to dance but nobody can find decent music. It works perfectly.

Yeah you’re definitely pretty busy with all the assignmetns, work and uni in general. Thank god June is almost here, huh?

Maxi has changed soo much though since that one time I posted a picture of him. He got even prettier! And he has the most amazing blue eyes ever – they are daddy’s. Or at least that’s what his dad likes to say. xD

Yeah definitely. Me and Natali (my 13 months younger sister) are always like “spoiling” him and stuff. He’s pretty damn lucky for sure. I really he stays cool like that when he gets older and doesn’t turn into one of those guys I absolutely can’t stand.

Yeah.. but I still feel bad when I have to restart a comment sometimes. But you’re right. Sometimes there is no other way than starting over. I am pretty sure we’ll get back to our long comments sooner or later. :)

I really hope that our actions now make our future brighter and not the other way around. But I am a pretty girl and stay out of trouble and everything.. so I hope Karma isn’t a bitch in the future. xD

There is no such thing as planning too far. I have the basics all planned out already too. I want my wedding to me like those in America where the bride has a group of girls standing next to her all wearing the same color and same goes for the groom. I just love it! And there is this website where they display pictures of different weddings ( and I love to just look at them and be like “Oh! I want that too. Oh and this! And that!” xD

Oh the Beatles are amazing! I live just over an hour away from the city they originate from. In fact, it’s my favorite city in the UK and I want to go to university there. They have lots of museums there and awesome shops that sell all the memorabilia. My mum likes ABBA too. I’m not such a fan!

Somewhere Only We Know was the song that made me fall in love with Keane’s music. I remember when I first heard it on the radio all them years ago. Every time I heard it on the radio I would turn it up and sing along!!

I want to put the mask on my wall somewhere. I will have to ask my dad to help me mount it.

I can’t wait to go to the theme park although I would have liked to have gone to the prom. I have just found out that as another end of exam present my parents might be getting an iPhone! My brother has one but he wants to buy the latest one so he’s selling his so my mum said she would buy it off him :D I do I hope I get it!

I agree. I’ve talked it over with my parents and now they think I should take ICT so I think I will change to that. I enjoy working with computers and I want to learn some new skills. Maybe even some web designing ones!

At the beginning of the year our schools maths department started using this online homework system. It meant that the system all the work so the teachers didn’t have to do it. How lazy! The problem was the website always marked the work wrong or it crashed.

I like thinking about the future. I have lots of great ideas and plans and I hope they all come true.

I would love a doctorate. I’m sure you could achieve it :) I bet it would be interesting to work for.

I would also love to get married. Most of my friends think it’s a waste of time but I definitely think it is something special.

I always think about my future in web design. I always thought I would love to blog about my first day at college but I thought I would have lost interest by then. But now it’s just a few weeks away and I still want to keep on blogging. I want to continue blogging all the way through university. I just think it would be really interesting to continue with it.

Hey :)

You should always be optimistic, well most of the time, anyways I’m glad you started looking at the future to be a good thing, not a bad thing.

Well, that’s kinda right, you shouldnt always look at the future and ignore the “now”. Because if you always look in the future, you are technically missing the future as well. Ok, i’m gonna try to make this sound as unconfusing as possible. The future is the now because when that time comes where you have been imagining it, you wont be living it, instead you will be thinking about your future from that point on. Ok that was just nonsense. XD

In ten years, I might not be webdesigning either, I find this more of a hobby, and when I’m 22/23, it wont be much of a hobby anymore because I will be looking for a job.

Hmm, now that I look back in the past I never did dream of falling in love or being a princess. I never had dreams back when I was little. I guess it might be sorta a good thing that I never had a dream to fall in love because it’s not realistic. :|

Right now, I’m sort of scared of my future because I don’t know what I want to be or do or anything. I’ve never known what I want to do or be. And I’m afraid I never will. :(

What a beautiful blog, I enjoyed reading it.

I’m actually really scared about the future. I’m scared that things that I want to happen won’t happen like … Graduating, marrying and getting a good job etc.

I don’t know … I just don’t like thinking about it.

I do hope to get married and get kids. I hope to graduate and earn money to help my growing family. But there’s a part of me that’s just shit-scared what I’m thinking of won’t happen. I can’t really explain the feeling.

I want to design forever you know? Haha, it sounds awfully strange. :( But I prefer my online life than my offline. I hope I will continue to web design in the future as well even though I know i will probably loose intrest.

But, as you said, we have to be positive…

Have a nice week!

I’ve thought a lot about the future and sometimes I let it bother me, but I try not to let it. I guess there is no harm in thinking about the future but when you become negative about it, it becomes harder to look towards it. So congrats on being positive :D

I’ve never thought positively or negatively about the future… I just kind of thought about what I wanted to do and such. Well I used to think positively when I was little and wanted to do some pretty so-not-me jobs but, times have changed, of course. ^^

I could do with a self-help book; they sound like rocks of good sense~

In ten years time I’ll probably be at uni. Especially if I want to get all these degrees to be a psychiatrist!

Haha wow you’d be such a cool Doctor… Dr. Georgina Luhur sounds fucking awesome @_@ My surname sucks with Dr. in front. Thus I need to get married so I can change it aha.

Except I don’t want an asshole as a boyfriend. On Tumblr I follow Blogconfession and some things on there are just so sad, and most of them are about cheats, relationships, etc. :( I hope I get a decent guy at some point. Maybe not first time round but a guy who can pull his own weight and won’t leave me to do everything /bash

Yes, I’m planning! :P Though I’m past the knight in shining armour part too.

I’d love to get married and maybe even have children. When I was little my friends and I always used to think up baby names (I know :X ) and most were horrid. I always loved the name ‘Serafina’ though. If I ever have a daughter I would name her that, if it suited.

Wow, weird shit. I’m 13 – almost 14 – and I’m talking universities and boyfriends and children. LOL.

Instead of being scared of the future, you should be ready for it. /bounce 😏

I’m sure everyone wanted to be famous at some point. However, it doesn’t mean as much to me anymore. People are famous (mainly) because of a profession, like writing or music. Some people don’t even do it for the fame, but just because they like it.

I remember watching Pokemon when I was younger. /ehe

Plus, having English as a jobby (cough, get it?) would be hard. When I wanted to relax or de-stress myself how could I do it if I wrote as a job? Anyway, that’s my opinion.

Thank you :D

They don’t normally make us kneel to check our skirt lengths. It’s just one member of staff who has no life and insists it’s immature that we roll them up. Well we look fucking immature when they’re too long, gawddamn it. 💥

Aha yeah I just revised for a bit – an hour or so. I wrote out my Chemistry and French notes and later I’ll do my Geography and History ones. I did my Biology and Physics and RS notes earlier in the week.
And boy, screw Latin and German. Hah.

Being in the middle sucks. I especially hate the game ‘Piggy in the Middle’ (do you play it there?) when I was in the middle because I could never get the ball /wah

I hope your wisdom teeth don’t give you much more hell :|

Only revamp my FL when you have time :P I know you’re busy at the moment. And well, the brown layout isn’t your best but it’s not bad.

My mum wouldn’t want to go to a concert either. I was looking on and found a Dead By April concert near me on my sister’s birthday. Made me laugh… I should take her. LOL. Anyway, I wouldn’t go and see DBA anyway because I’m not a huge fan. I only noticed because of the date. :P

Aha yeah I should pixel one. I should get back into pixelling!

Take care! xx

every time talking about your self.. /angry /angry

It’s my blog and I can write what I want on it; not to mention the definition of “blog” is a web log in which individuals write on a range of topics – mind you – writing about yourself is considered a topic. If you have a problem, don’t read. Better still, don’t comment!

Thanks for your input, sweets. ;)

if this is your personal blog then just write about your self, then why did you created a pages like visitor,tutorials,re-views etc ?

then why don’t you just wrote about your self ? O_O

My blog is part of this website.

Perhaps fix up your English before you even try to insult me. I don’t make pages of “re-views”, FYI.

I em not here for my English test , nor insulting you. you got that ?

try to fix things in your blog.

No one mentioned any English test. But try to fix things in your English, sweetie, and maybe that will get you somewhere. :)

thanks, but English is not my mother tongue, so no worries. just use it to communicate.

any how thanks for every one reply.

Sir, with all due respect, you obviously are not exposed to the concept of personal websites enough, which, by their definition, are all about the *person* who made them. Blogs are customarily a part of personal sites; I think your confusion stems from many other sites that are solely blogs with no other content. However, though they may sometimes exist as self-running sites all on their own, blogs are more often than not part and parcel of the personal website, and as such, owners can write whatever the heck they want and put other stuff for visitors to download if they so wish.

I appreciate your response.

You sir, are the epitome of fail.

we supposed to fight here ? or to discuss things ?

You’re right, Alex, we’re all civilized beings here. However, you DID start the antagonism with your not-so-amicable response (and using emoticons like ” /angry ” in one of your earlier comments did not help things). So I hope you can understand why Georgina’s friends, who are all personal site owners (most of which are bloggers), are more than a little offended by your initial comments. Respect for other website owners is key; as a website owner yourself, I’m sure you can appreciate that.

What the heck are you supposed to talk about in a blog then, Oh Wise One? ROFL

what the fuck is your problem?

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Is that easy enough for you?

At least Georgie can write about herself and know her spelling and grammar is near-immaculate, and that she doesn’t come across to the general public as some kind of angsty and jealous eight-year-old.

Just saying…

I knowww you used get like 100 comments a day lol. I used to get lots of comments too. I sometimes go on secretnotes and I see the blog and there’s a lot of comment. I’m like what happened? lol.

Hahahah you’re winter, I hate that season. It’s worst. It’s too cold and I’m not a fan of snow at all. Does it snow there? Australian snow lol. I am soo stupid.

I think I’m going to add orange and green to my new favorite colors.

I have NEVER been to a sleepover. I want to go soo bad. Are you serious??? You are totally old enough to do whatever you want. I don’t know what’s up with parents these days, they need to realize we’re in the 21st century. I won’t be able to afford my own apartment but I want a dorm room in college so that I won’t be under this room 24/7.

I have no idea, they talk sometimes but I don’t think they love each other. I they they’re just together because of us or something.

True. I haven’t been on facebook since forever lol. I only go online like every 5mins. It’s not fun like twitter lol.

Texting is funnn. Have you ever tried t9 texting?

Friendship is the best thing ever. I soo do not want to loose all this.

Oh my gosh it will be amazing to show off!!! Show off my husband and kids and my awesome job. :D

Aww thank you for the welcome back message it really made my day/night. Sorry I didn’t return your comment last night..I was dead tired as you have read.

Ah in 10 years. I liked how you stated what you wanted to look forward to. Obtaining a doctorate’s degree is hard or so I’ve heard, but I know you can do it if you put your mind into it. So go at it!

Yeah I finally that I’m gonna go to Japan first, and save up for that trip. My family all agreed that I should split the cost right down the middle since I make around 600+ I’m gonna go $300.00 for myself and $300.00 for the trip. Of course I’m going with an agency so I won’t get lost, but I am studying up on my Japanese Nihongo. So that’ll help a lot.

But anywho, I too hope to find my “prince charming” in Beaumont when we move or at least Riverside Community College.

Heehee I started intermediate level the other day on my Ab Circle Pro Machine and so far I can only do 2:15 minutes worth. I can’t go the full 3:00 minutes worth yet. But I have to work my way up to it. Ya know? I don’t want to make myself sick.

I think next weekend my dad, sis and I are going to Beaumont to start washing the walls, and paint them. I’m going to be painting my room yellow, a bright cheerful color. It’ll make my room look bigger, and I’m really excited about it. I also plan on buying my dad or me rather a nice little vacuum. I saw on T.V. but I haven’t seen it after that one time and that’s the only time I’ve seen it. :(. I hope I can see it again so I know what I’m getting but maybe going by memory would work? I dunno. But yeah.

Well; kiddo, I wish you all the luck in 10 years to come. I hope you’re going to get married and what not and when we do move to Beaumont I will definitely give you my address so we can swap things if you still want to do that.

What a nice blog =) Tis true the future holds so many things that we are not sure of ourselves, but that does not mean we should be scared of it. In regards to the finding that prince and all, I am scared of that. I am scared that this Prince might not be the right one and with divorces and stuff, it scares me because I don’t want to end in a divorce ever… And it’s like you could be with someone for so long that when you actually start living with them it’s a different story as well, xD So yah those are somethings that I am rather concerned about.. and a bit scared about..

But I like your idea of keeping positive. =) I thinkw e should all keep positive and look at the future as endless possibilities that are there for us to discover =)

Take care xx

Yeah, I have. But I’m getting unlimited everything for free right now. And I just moved to Erin x) I don’t wanna move again. I hate moving :( It’s such a hassle. I can’t even log into my cpanel right now because it has blocked my IP for some odd reason :(
During summer break, I’m planning on making loads of new content since I’ve been slacking on that too.

Thank you ! The tests are so stressful. I hate studying the night before & then forgetting what I studied the next morning during the test.
Yeah it is lol XD We end in June.
November/December !? That’s so late lol. When do you start school then ?

Yeah, but there were so many people there because of students taking other people from different classes.
120 ? I think we have more than that XD That’s why we have to split up our prom next year.
Haha she wasn’t sick. And she wasn’t up to the point where she was full on drunk. She was sorta buzzed lol. Everyone had to dance around her puke until one of the guys that worked there cleaned it up x) Everyone started cheering when he was mopping everything up. x)

Haha I’d much rather learn Australian history than U.S. I guess learning things about a place different than where we live is more interesting.

I love tabs in my browser, but I’m not such a big fan of it on my program. It makes it harder for me to drag images onto my canvas. I haven’t tried looking for the option to change it.

Awh :( I want to ask what happened, but then I’m afraid I seem too nosy x) I hope your parents & your uncle make up :D I hate seeing family members so distant from each other. It makes me sad :(

Really ? The colleges closest to where I live are around 35-40 minutes away. And they’re community/junior colleges too -_- I’m not about to go to those. The universities are either down south more (like 6 hours away) or in a different state. So it would be hard for me to live at home XD
I would hate living by myself. I love the idea of having roommates :D
Haha my parents aren’t as strict. They love to save money, but hey, it’s college. It’s something that they keep encouraging me to do, not that I oppose, but they’re excited to see me go off by myself.

Ooh that seems like a pretty fun course. I would probably take a graphics design class in college. I plan on studying psychology & nursing though. Those are my two goals. Graphics design would just be on the side. (: I wouldn’t mind having to Photoshop things for homework lol.

Oooh lol. So many degrees x) I don’t even know which is which. It seems hard to keep track of all of them.

Haha. I want to have a kid by 25 ;o Seems very soon, but I don’t wanna be one of those “old” moms. x) I haven’t told my mom about my marriage plans yet haha. I don’t like talking to her about these things.

Same here ! Twitter helps me keep in touch with people who don’t have their sites anymore. I like that. (: I’m not a big fan of emailing. I like to instant message lol. I’ve been doing that since 5th grade. I don’t even keep in touch with my middle school friends anymore ;~;

Busch Gardens is an attraction that has a lot of animals. :D I think it’s kind of like one of those Safari tours.

It’s good that you’re thinking positively about your future.
In ten years I can see myself being in medical school, but not married yet. Hopefully I’ll be a wonderful relationship, though. :)

Sorry for the late reply!

Oh, it’s not a problem with glasses. It used to if you just started using glasses.

No, it was a ghost touching in her sleep not in her dream.

But I think everyone will get sick of blogging, or maybe get tired of doing it for a while then come back to it.

But I think I will try not to slack off in high school and all. That’s good you are making plans. You know, I know your gonna get somewhere high in life like a doctor. You are working on it, and doing your studies, and focused. So I think you and your determination will achieve.

It sounds like you look forward to whatever the future may have in store for you. That’s always a great attitude to have about things like that. I wouldn’t worry much about losing interest in blogging. If it’s something you truly enjoy doing I’m sure you’ll be doing it for quite awhile to come. I love the design of your site. It’s very clean and totally adorable.

I would really love to go to university, but I don’t think I would have the motivation… And I also didn’t finish school so I have to wait until I’m 20 to go to university anyway.

Can I ask what you’re studying at uni?

Stupid cutenews. It doesn’t know what its talking about, your comment’s not too long (: haha.

The pictures I posted aren’t from that trip, though, I hadn’t taken any in a while so I just grabbed some from the coast last summer. I think I’d love to go to Australia too – that’s where my dad was born, but my mom won’t let me do foriegn exchange in a country that speaks English, she thinks it would be a ‘waste’ …psh, I don’t think so. (:

Sometimes, I don’t even want to think about the future, haha, the present’s enough for me. Just get some A’s in school, and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out college when I get there, right?

You have such a wonderfully optimistic vision of your future. :) That’s really refreshing, actually – it seems that so many people (err, myself included…lol) just dread the future and feel very negative about it all.

Good luck with your plans for work/uni and eventually getting your PhD! Yes, it’s very hard work (years of listening to my mother bitch about it when I was younger will attest to that!), but I can only imagine how rewarding it would be to actually get there in the end.
Dr Georgie…tee hee. Has a nice ring to it. 👏

Yeah, it’s a bit sad to think that in 10 years time you probably won’t be so interested in blogging and webdesign, but I think that’s one of those things that you just have to enjoy while they still hold your interest…like most hobbies, really. I don’t think anyone really gives up a hobby like that unless they feel there’s something else to give them at least as much fulfilment, so hopefully when you decide to move on to something else, there won’t be too much of a sense of loss. :)

I don’t think we should be scared of our futures. We might not know what they behold, but we can still dream to our heart’s content – it’s what we make it.
“Oh but dreams have a knack of just not coming true…and time is against me now…”
Sorry, but I have to quote a Smiths or Morrissey song at least once every 10 minutes, else I die. :P

I’m glad you aren’t afraid of the future anymore.
I think I can view the future a lot more easier if I view it as different adventures. I dislike sad ending movies First Daughter with Katie Holmes being one. I finally got at the end of the movie when the guy said bye, she had an adventure with him and then it was time to say bye.

I really appreciate you being online Georgina. Webdesign is something else on our minds. It is hard work. Maybe I haven’t had to work really hard at other things so that’s why I say, if we need to give it up in the future we should give it up. It can frazzle our brain if we aren’t careful. I think our lives and freindships inside this terrific webdesign community should be based on the now and near future.

I just realized if men are like my dad and the others my mom has dated I am sooooo mad at them /angry If they really think like that, about that, act like that and are jerks like that, phah! And then I realize to that would put me in a position to lash out, out of fear toward a lot of them. So I’m like God help! Now, I see if I keep myself quiet and listen, slow to speak and slow to anger I can sift through them. But on a sidenote if a guy comes around looking for trouble? /pow

Whoah – to the person who made the comment about Georgie writing about herself – what is your problem? Firstly, it’s HER BLOG, she does whatever she wants. It wouldn’t be this popular if people didn’t enjoy reading about her. Secondly, why do you bother commenting if it’s that bad.

Probably not my place to rant, but honestly!

Anyhow, back to actual commenting. Your plans sound good :) I personally haven’t thought that much about the future, but I think getting a Doctorate would be awesome. It would be great to have that sense of achievement.

Ten years is a really long time. It’s kind of scary to think of yourself in the future, married and with an actual job!

And there’s no reason that you can’t blog forever! It just might be a different kind of blogging to what you do right now. And it would be brilliant to be able to look back on a life’s worth of blogs.

LOL, it’s fine Zaphiie, you can even post a personal comment in reply to that person if you want. Heh. If they didn’t like it they really wouldn’t bother commenting. I found it so hilarious that I already starting typing up a new post in dedication to them… if they seriously don’t like me talking about “my self” – hahahaha, “your self” should be one word. Get your English right before you try and insult me. :P

My friend think that doctorates are overrated, but it still would be impressive to get one. :)

It definitely is a bit intimidating. But I’ll just have to keep thinking positive. That’s the way to go.

I’d imagine one day I’ll just have a really boring blog and all I’ll like to do is write; maybe I’ll be over the pretty layouts and things… I guess I won’t know until I get there.

I’ve missed your blogs, Georgie. This one got me all heart-felt and emotional and thoughtful and blah. Really a food-for-thought kind of blog (:

I’m not really scared of my future, but I’m not exactly excited for it too. Time is moving by way too fast, I’d like it if I could have more time to enjoy my childhood. It feels like it was just yesterday I was in preschool. Now I’m in high school, oh how time flies.

I pretty much have the same hopes as you. In ten years, I want to be done with College… or at least have my Undergrad. Lately, I’ve been thinking of becoming a psychologist. I know I’ve mentioned graphic/web design to be one of my aspirations but lately I’ve been leaning toward what I had considered a backfall a year ago.

Remember, that I want to go to your wedding. :D Then again, that’ll mean getting a plane ticket to Australia. I’ll work on getting rich first. :D


Yeah, the guy was pretty unrealiable. But it’s in the past. We got our resolution done. ^^ So I’m happy. (:

Hahaha, 17 year-old kids. It’s nice to play games in Biology though, something different from reading out of a stupid textbook.

-HUGS- I’ll pray for you so that your stress goes bye-bye. You’ll find strength. It may take time and right now everything may seem overwhelming but all will work out, it always does (:

Haha, that’s something Kuya would tell me :P

And regarding that math test… I got a 58… out of 100. Soooooooo, no I didn’t do as well. But it didn’t really bug me as much. It took three class periods before I got it so by that time I was like, oh I bombed it, but it’s fine. Next one won’t be such a fail hopefully.

Yeah I like the cupcake photos. (: They’re really good. ^^ And they look like yummy cupcakes. ♥

I’ve never been one to be afraid of what the future holds. Actually I’m very anxious to see what the future holds for me. Life for me is so bad at home that each and everyday is exciting because it’s that closer to my future. The only thing that I’m afraid of in my future is death, I’m just so terified of dying when really I shouldn’t be at all.

I hate doing work in high school and stuff but I want to accomplish so much in life. We can do it though. When I get older I’m sure I will still do some type of blogging but I won’t let other know about it because I just want it to be my personal thoughts. I’ve been thinking of starting a journal too but I like blogging much better :)

I want to get married and have children someday. It’s my dream. . .hopefully it’ll happen!

Maybee I will have a fling. You know I’ll blog about it. I just can’t wait until it officially begins, I’ve been getting tastes of it all weeeek.

Yes, I know I have to be careful with Timothy, thats why I’m keep my distance. Ron. . .uugh, just no comment. He’s been being good lately though.

Yes, boredom causes me to feel hungry too. :))

I’m like that sometimes, haha. There are days that I buy chocolate in school like 3 times, just cause I feel like it. :)) It’s a terrible thing. :))

Haha, wow. I don’t really like raw fish for some reason, so I don’t really eat sashimi. :P

I’m pretty sure I know which school I want to go to, but of course it’ll also depend on what course I’m gonna decide to take. I have a few courses in mind, but my mind’s still really confused about it. :))

First you complain that the blog is all about Georgie, then you ask why she doesn’t just write about herself… so which is it?

Personally, as someone who only knows Georgie online, I love her site the way it is – it tells me about her, and what’s going on with her life, but it also helps me learn more about stuff that I’m interested in, i.e. web design/development. I think it’s great that she shares her knowledge with the world – more power to ya Georgie, as long as your name remains on the WHOIS relating to any of your sites then it’s you who should have the final say as to what goes on therm!

Yes. Hopefully I can think positively like you too!

Hehe, that’s sweet, how you and James have planned out stuff like that. :)

I don’t blog much but I will still miss it too, so I will probably keep on blogging even if I no longer like web designing. And of course, I will keep in touch with the friends I made online.

Yeahh, Linkin Park ♥ I listened to a few songs of Armour For Sleep on YouTube. I really like them! <3

Haha yeah.

Same here. I find that if I don't talk about my problems, it only gets worse. It's nice to know that someone is there who knows about your problems and will try to help you out.

That sucks. :( But at least they have started talking, even if it is only a bit.

LOL me too! I'm having a hard time finding files now on XP. :P I love how easily I could find the search function on Vista, and then find the files easily because of that search function. XD

Hopefully you do!

LOL I hope you had a good night's sleep. :P

Aww a very lovely blog Georgina.
I’m glad you can see a positive future. We all deserve one anyway.

You’re right, it is a girl’s dream to fall in love and marry their Prince Charming. I myself am hoping to be married in 10 years time, with kids possibly.

Good luck with all your aspirations :) If your determined enough you can succeed with hard work, patience, time and of course dedication

You never know what the future will hold, but I’m glad you’re trying to envision a future full of good things. That is the first step to achieving greatness. :) I’m sure that your future will have lots of wonderful things happen in it.

As for potentially losing interest in websites, I can attest to the fact that though certain parts of web design might lose interest to you, there will probably always be something that pulls you back to it. Even if it’s as simple as keeping a small blog or something like that in the future. Once it’s in your system, it never fully goes away. Unless you somehow become a devout Amish person. :P