In 10 years…

I was tagged by the lovely Tess to write about what my life might be like in ten years.

This is something interesting and somewhat perfect for me, because only recently did I start thinking about my future in an optimistic way. It used to frighten me what could possibly happen in the future.

It might not have been pessimistic, but I really did think that there was no point looking into the future at all, and I thought it would be a better idea to focus on “the now”. However, over time I knew that I could just go on, taking everything that came at me. It made me feel a little timid that I didn’t even want to do simple things like make goals, make plans, and think about how wonderful the future could possibly be.

According to all those self-help books, thinking positively about something over and over will help you believe in yourself. We can put whatever we want into our minds, and I guess it’s up to us if we want to put happy thoughts in our mind about the future.

I feel like it gives me a sense of direction.

In ten years time I can imagine myself with a stable job in something that I enjoy. Maybe not web design, but something I enjoy equally as much. There’s a bit of “grey matter” in the following few years for me, but I think that something might happen in those years that will let me aim for the sky by the time ten years rocks around. (2020, here I come! 😄)

I’ve already told you guys how much I disliked studying and work in high school and how I didn’t really try, but now I have aspirations of receiving a doctorate. I can imagine it will be hard work, but I can imagine myself getting there. Realistically and where I am standing now, maybe I won’t be there in ten years. But I’ll be working towards it.

I also hope to be married. I think that it is almost every little girl’s dream to fall in love and get married. We grow up and realise that some men are complete jerks, and we’ll never have the wonderful princes that were in the fairytales we read. Sometimes we do find the one we love, from which it is a wonderful journey.

Looking at my website – well, websites – it sort of makes me sad to think that one day in the future, I might lose interest. I never have lost interest – maybe just got tired or sick of things online, but I love blogging, and I love designing.

It saddens me to think that it’s not something I can do forever. But for now – it’s something I love, and something I won’t stop doing. The future is something positive. It’s alight with wonderful surprises.

I don’t think we should be scared of our futures. We might not know what they behold, but we can still dream to our heart’s content – it’s what we make it. 🙂

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