Forget to Remember

I’m tired. I’m very tired.

I’m feeling a little better than when I last posted. But, I’m still feeling tired. I honestly cannot wait for a holiday, but that is in another five or so weeks. And this time it’ll be the end of semesters so there are no hidden little assignments to do.

I feel like I’ve worked hard this semester. :) I’m sort of eager to get some assignments back so I know how I’m going. It’s a really good feeling when that hard work pays off.

Nearly every day I wake up at 6:00am. By 6:50 I should be out the door to be taken to the train station. My brother comes along as well since he also needs to catch a train.

I love my mornings. I am a very morning person, and I can concentrate and think better in the mornings. But what I hate is rushing in the morning. I can’t stand the rush.

Rush gets you in big trouble. I can name several moments when I’ve forgotten things at home because I’ve been in a mad rush. The one time I forgot my wallet, my mum was very angry that she had to make a trip back home. 😰

One time I forgot my work shirt. I go work straight after university, so there isn’t really a way of me getting the shirt if I leave it at home.

Forgetting things is absolutely terrible. I hate forgetting things, and whenever I am out and about, I have awful feelings when I get up from sitting somewhere, whether it’s just sitting, or having lunch, or watching something, or on public transport – that I have left something behind. I get up and look around the seat I sat in, and I make sure I don’t leave anything behind. It makes me paranoid, and even after the space I was in is clear, I get up and walk away, still having that horrible feeling that I’ve left something behind.

When you’re in a rush, you don’t even get the opportunity to turn around and see what you’ve left behind – if anything.

When you’re in a rush, you dash out the door from home, not realising you left something behind on your desk.

Your assignment.

Oh, that is the worst.

I believe it happened to me once in high school, but lucky for me, I had a copy on my USB/memory stick and could print it from the school computers. There was no way I was walking back home! D:

I don’t know why, but as big as my laptop is and the amount of space it takes up in my bag, I always feel like I’ve left it behind. I’ve had it a year and I promise you, I’m still not adjusted to the fact that it’s the computer I use regularly and the fact that it’s portable. I’m taking all my files and programs and graphics and website files with me – for some reason, I’m still not used to it! I take it with me and sometimes it slips my mind and I think that I’ve left something at home. XD

Today I forgot my water bottle, which resulted in me buying bottled water and McDonald’s successfully luring me into buying a caramel latte (which was expensive).

Oh, the joys of forgetting things. /ehh

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I’m sorry to hear that you are still feeling tired :( I’m tired too. We can both be tired together. But I am glad to hear that you’re slightly less tired than when you last posted :)

Man semester break. CANNOT WAIT. There is so much reading I want to do. And sleep to catch up on. WE MUST GO SHOPPING :D

Hahaha, I’m the opposite to you. I think I’ve been doing badly this semester, so I DON’T want my results back. I just got econ203 back today, and I got exactly 50%. Never have I been so happy to get a FIFTY. Because it meant I passed and the fail rate was something between 60-80%. :P

I’m sure you’ll do well though :) All the effort you put in SHOULD pay off, otherwise I shall kick your tutors in the head and change your mark. Or I can get someone to hack they system for you :P

OMG. 6.50am :O This whole year, I’ve only ever been up that early ONCE D: It was horrible D: I am so not a morning person. But it’s good that you are :) I always feel like I should use my mornings better, but I’m just not awake.

I hate rushing fullstop. Whether it be rushing in the morning or the afternoon, I hate it.

THAT FEELING WHEN YOU REALISE YOU’VE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING D: That is a HORRIBLE feeling. It’s even worse when you realise there’s no way you can go back and get it :(

Awwww. Yeah…forgetting your wallet sucks :( Lucky it only happened once :) Hahaha. Once I thought I forgot my wallet and then my dad drove me home to get it, and then when I got home I realised it was still in my bag, but it was hidden by my books == Stupid me!

Yeah, it kind of seems like all coffees and lattes made by McDonalds or actual stores like that are expensive D: Although come to think of it…I’d have thought McDonald’s would be cheaper =S

Hahaha! It’s kind of funny how you keep thinking you’ve forgotten your laptop, given it’s size. :P Mine is too heavy, so I totally know when I’ve got mine ==

I’m just so glad it’s the weekend now because at least we can catch up on some sleep. :)

I can’t wait for semester break either. :D I really just want to get some of these assignments completely out of the way.

At least you passed! Man, I’m getting terrible sensations that my course is just a heck of a lot easier than yours and James’s. James was happy to get 52% on a test – the passing mark being 51%. And then I got a HD. I swear I’m not the smart one here! 😰

We were allowed to have our papers re-marked for one of our assignments but a distinction was fair enough for me. It would have to be “outstanding” if I deserved a HD and it wasn’t quite outstanding. :P

I’ve been up that early too much lately… I think the same deal happened last year too – I don’t know how I survived. During high school I woke up at that time too but I was safe leaving the house at some time past 7am – fifteen minutes difference from 6:50 is really a big difference. *nods*

I also hate peak times when public transport is full. :(

Ugh I hate that so much! On occasions I’ve gone through the barriers at the train station, only to realise that I haven’t gotten my newspaper (we subscribed with the uni)… /bash

Oh no! I hope your dad wasn’t too mad. D: My mum hates when I do that, so the time I forgot my wallet she kept telling me to check my bag. How I hoped it was there so she wouldn’t get so mad, but no.

I thought so too! Stupid McDonald’s.

I think Russian Dolls are so simple but so interesting! I’m easily please :D

I love my mask but at the moment I have nowhere safe to put it so it’s just sitting on my desk. I hope it doesn’t get damaged.

My mum booked our holiday this year and it just happened to fall on the same day as the prom. We fly out to Portugal on the 9th of July which is the day of the prom. I wish I was going because I had a date and I knew exactly the type of dress I would have had.

However because I’m missing the prom, my mum is going to treat me and my boyfriend instead to a day at a theme park!

I wanted to pick quite skillful A levels to study. I keep changing my mind about what I want to do. I’m not sure whether I should do English Literature. My boyfriend and my mum think that I should do ICT so I will have to read about the course.

This time next week I would have left school and full time compulsory education. I will be ready for a weeks break but it will be full of revision :(

How do you get up at 6? I struggle to drag myself out of bed at 7. I will have to get up a bit earlier when I start college because the bus leaves early.

I concentrate better in the mornings too. That’s why I prefer morning exams.

My problem is the morning is that I worry that I haven’t turned my straighteners off or locked the door before I leave. I have to check about 20 times before I can go.

It was a good thing that time you have your assignment on your memory stick! A few years ago I forgot to do some Maths homework so I rushed to do it in the morning. In the end the teacher didn’t mark it. I was furious /angry

Maaaaaan I hate forgetting things! I always get that feeling when I leave for school “OMG I FORGOT SOMETHING” but I haven’t actual, then when I’m thinking “WOOO I REMMEBERED EVERYTHING :D” I end up forgetting something. Typicaaaaal. XD

Tis annoying, when I don’t do my homework (when I quite frankly cannot be arsed) I tell them that I forgot it. Then one day I actually DO forget it and they don’t believe me. That’s karma for you, eh?! D: I really should not do things like that..

And LOL, I have a laptop, but it never leaves my own house. Probably ‘cos theres nowhere for me to take it.. theres school, which I wouldn’t use it in, and town, which I wouldnt use it in either (whats the point in taking a laptop shopping?!) and my friends house. I don’t need it there either. I don’t know why I even have a laptop, I may as well have a computer. XD Hmmm…

I always seem to forget me PE kit. Or my English book. Or my bag. I just phone up my mum and get her to drop it off for me. I am not an orgainised person, you see?! XD

Forgetting things is terrible. I have the same amount of time in the morning as you do. If I don’t leave the house by 6:50 I’ll be late for school. The only difference is that you are a morning person and I’m not; I believe that makes things a lot worse. I hate forgetting the little things like picking up a bottle of water, grabbing my sunglasses or putting my makeup in my bag. I hope that the next 5 weeks or so fly by fast and your break is here before you know it.

Oh yeah. I used to forget my glasses at home and then run all the way back home in the morning right when I realize it. Also when I used to forget my math homework I would run like hell home and come to school late.

Ghosts are creepy. Oh it wasn’t a molester it was a ghost. But still scary.

I always used to forget things at home. But now I just forget things mentally. Like what someone said or whatever. Talk about bad memory :P

Sorry to hear that you’re so tired. ): I’ve been amazingly tired recently, considering I’ve not had normal school since the 26th of April. Studying a few hours a day should not leave me this tired, I don’t understand it. o_0

You get up at 6:00? Wow, I really don’t think I could do that. I get up at 7:15 to leave the house at around 8:10, and I usually find that it’s about 8:00 before I can actually think. I’m a mindless drone in the mornings. xD Still, in a couple of years I’ll hopefully be going to uni and having to get up horribly early. Oh joy.

I’m pretty good at not forgetting things though. I’m always really paranoid that I’ve forgotten something, maybe that’s why. :L I’ve forgotten to take water to every single exam I’ve had so far though, haha. I’ve had to buy bottles from the vending machine, or cans of irn-bru from the chippy. The fridge in the vending machine is hardly ever on though, and drinking warm water is horrible. ):

My parents don’t even sleep in the same bed. I haven’t seen them sleep together (not sex) even when I was two (that’s the farthest my memory can go). They only sleep together when they’re talking.

Thank you. :D

In middle school my teacher always said to respect the animal. In high school my teacher allowed us to take pictures. She didn’t really care.

I’m going to take AP Biology and Anatomy & Physiology when I’m in 11th and 12th grade. I was observing some Anatomy kids dissecting a cow eye, once.


I’m also very tired. Since I only have a few days of school left, I’ve been feeling sleepy in almost every class, even after lunch.

I hate forgetting things. One time I forgot to bring a school assignment that was worth two major test grades. It was because I woke up late and I had to pull everything together in 10 minutes. I wasn’t really thinking since I was rushing. I was lucky when my teacher announced that she moved the due date to the day after.

Oooh I know what you’re talking about here. It’s like whenever I go on a trip to somewhere persay San Francisco with the choir or to Nevada with my mother and her now ex husband, I always felt like I left my hairbrush behind or something. So I can relate.

I hate morning rushes. They’re the worst. Tomorrow I have to be awake at 6:00 or 7:00 to take my grandmother to get her surgery done. Well; not really surgery it’s just to remove her catherater, I know I spelled that wrong, from her heart to her arm. Which I think should’ve been done a long time ago, but since we’re moving to Beaumont the doctor’s didn’t want to do it but now they do. I wish they’d make up their minds ya know?

Gosh I must be tired I never made so many spelling errors in my life. Or something of the sort. I’m typing this out now and it’s like every time I try to write a sentence or a word it automatically turns itself into a complete different word lmao. I guess I’m just tired or my fingers are? I dunno.

Anyway, I’ve buckled down and decided that I’m gonna save up for a trip to Japan. Next month I’m taking 140 out of my check, and give 40.00 of that to my dad for car insurance, and the rest will be for me and than the rest of that money will be for the trip to Japan. I’m gonna try to save at least $7,000.00 or more? lmao I really don’t know how much it’s going to be. Oh well; I guess I’ll worry about that later when the time comes.

You’re on maintenance mode so I’m returning your comment here. You’re not leaving the blogging world are you? D: Well I should be too worried; I know we’ll keep in touch.

Ahah I guess a hairbrush is okay – you’d be more screwed forgetting a toothbrush because that’s a vital necessity haha.

Though you know what’s really terrible… years ago when we went to Indonesia, I forgot my retainer (the thing that keeps my teeth straight at night). At that time I had to wear it every night. And we were there for about a month, so that was over a month I wasn’t using it! Thankfully my teeth didn’t move too much.

Good luck to your grandma in her surgery. :) (Catheter?)

Doctors are sometimes pretty terrible. One minute they’re too busy to do something; the next minute they want you all up in their office for a bunch of tests. Gosh.

I don’t know haha, maybe you’re just tired? I know that when I look at a word for too long, I start to wonder whether it’s actually a real word or not. :P

Good luck, girl! Japan is THE place to go. :D I’m sure you’ll have a good time – just keep on saving up in the meantime. :)

Ugh, I hate forgetting things. The worst is definitely when you forget your homework at school or at home 😰 When that happens to me, I spend the whole day freaking out about it, and then the teacher doesn’t believe me when I say I forgot it, even though I’m a straight “A” student and always *do* do it :( I also hate forgetting my book in my locker. I’m a huge book freak, and I always have to read before I go to bed, but it’s horrible when I forget my current book in my locker. I have to start another one for the night, and then I usually end up reading three books at once.

I wake up at 6:00 too, but I don’t have to leave the house until 7:30. I need a lot of time to eat breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, grab all my stuff, and feed my dog. Well, mainly all I do is stay in the shower… I’m really bad at taking quick showers ;)

This isn’t really related, but talk about expensive drinks reminded me of it. The eighth grade had our ultra-special field trip to an amusement park yesterday, and the food was *extremely* expensive. One little bucket of cotton candy was $6.00 — and a refill was $2.00. If you squished down all the cotton candy in the bucket, it could easily fit in one hand. I was really mad… because, of course, we had to get a bucket and at least one refill /bounce The lines were also really slow, and supposedly not very many people were even there. If there were five people in line, it would take ten or fifteen minutes to buy a bottle of water. They need to train their employees to be fast and speedy /bash

In my high school we didn’t have lockers or anything, so it was rare that we left anything at school. Leaving it at home sucked!

I used to carry around a book every day during high school; every day I seemed to have a different book. I absolutely love reading but it isn’t something I do so much anymore because I don’t seem to have the time.

I can’t remember times I’ve left the house at a time that wasn’t “early”. During high school I liked to walk, and I usually left the house at about 7am.

I used to take really long showers… thankfully I’ve stopped that! It gets hard in the cold weather though. But it’s amusing; I tell my friends on MSN that I’m going to shower and when I come back, they tell me I was quick. XD

Oh that really, really is insane. Sometimes here if you go fairs or festivals, fairy floss [cotton candy] is about $4.00 for a stick.

I paid nearly $4.00 for bottled water. 😰 I just hate expensive things when it comes to necessary things like water. They were going to get rid of bottled water here because the water from the taps is safe to drink but they kept it for tourists who might not know. But seriously, the water that comes out of the taps at work is gross. D:

Aww, aren’t we all? :/ I can’t wait for summer break. School’s being a paaiiinn, and I have finals coming up in June… which I just realized is less than two weeks away ! Oh my..

Anyway, I wish I could wake up that early. I secretly love waking up early, because everything’s usually really calm, and like you, I can think better, but I love sleeping too much haha. I keep telling myself I want to wake up early (like today, since I had no school) but I’m always just so exhausted, and it doesn’t help that my bed is so comfortable :P

Sorry you’re so tired. :( I’m feeling it too.

Well, five weeks isn’t too far!

Ugh yeah, 6 is early to wake up :( At least you’re a morning person. I am not- at all. I always forget stuff cause of it. Ugh yeah i feel like i always lose stuff

Mcdonalds coffee is overpriced and not that good. i think it’s way too sweet… but then again i’m not a huge fan of supersweet coffee

I honestly love getting my assignments back and seeing my grades too since I work so hard on them most of the time and would like to see the results.

I am definitely not a morning person; in the morning, I’m lazy and hungry. In the morning, I can’t think straight.

I hate that feeling when you feel like you left something at home but can’t seem to remember what it is. I hate forgetting my assignment. It’s happened to me a few times, though not recently, but teachers usually just give you a 0 for that assignment when that hapens. It’s such a waste of the effort you put in to doing that assignment.

I understand what you mean. Without wireless so I don’t feel tempted to connect to Internet. Yeah I agree with you the internet is sometimes necessary for the study, Keeping in touch with teachers, and many things more…

Yeah I know, University is hard work. And sometimes stressful.

At least your graduation was somewhat formal, and your parents went.

That’s okay. You’re right. The university has more work, but at the least you do what you like :)

I think that generally, parents always want to know where their children go. When they say no, it’s because they care about you, that’s very true. I understand what you mean, I feel that if my parents don’t worry about everything I do, wouldn’t be such a good person I’ now. I like my father advise me, because it always is right, and wants the best for me.

I’m sorry to hear that you are still feeling tired. I’m also a little tired. We now are two.

I’m sure he’ll do very well in this semester. And all the effort you have done will be pay off :)

wow you wake up at 6.00 am is very early. I wake up about 8.00 am, because I haven’t class in the morning. But I always like to take the mornings to do things.

I know the feeling when you’ve forgotten something. It’s a horrible feeling. It’s even worse when you realize that there is no way you can go for it. It’s kind of funny how you still think you have forgotten your laptop. :)

I’m a morning person as well, but I also hate the rush. With my job now, I have to get up at 6 like you so that I can be ready to go on time, and I’m always worried that I will forget my laptop! That would be an absolute disaster because I have all my programs and files on it, which I need to do my work. At school, I used to always get this creeping feeling that I’d forgotten to lock the door to my apartment – and if I had rushed to get the bus, then I didn’t have time to check. Awful feeling to forget something, or just to FEEL like you forgot something…

And speaking of water bottles, I keep forgetting to wash mine so I can use it! Maybe if I just finished unpacking all my stuff that I brought home from school, I would remember (since it’s in one of my bags haha) – but buying bottled water can get expensive. :/

And BTW, your blog post’s title made me think of one of my favorite poems, “anyone lived in a pretty how town” by E. E. Cummings –

“(and only the snow can begin to explain
how children are apt to forget to remember
with up so floating many bells down)”

Surprisingly, I’m not tired. I’m just sick to death of doing French. -.-

Ooh, you sound really American when you say semester :P We don’t have semesters, we have terms. We’re so cool! Not. -.-

I hate it when I leave my ‘assignment’ at home. (Another american word, haha.) ^^
It the worst thing you can do, seriously. I’ve lost all my memory sticks, so I text my mum and get her to bring me it. :D


He’s called Nugget. (My dad chose his name.. don’t ask) :P

Ah, I see. Well, I like your blogs. :) Haha.

Yeah, I know what you mean. But I do worry a little too much to be perfectly honest. My mum says I’m silly for worrying about that, but you just cant help it when your parents argue.

It sucks that you’re still feeling weird :( Hopefully the weekend will help with that!

I know what you mean about forgetting things, I ALWAYS do. It’s so annoying, especially when I forget things and remember RIGHT after my mom drives away after dropping me off. Forgetting my phone is the worst, because then i can’t even call her to tell her to come back :(

I GOT MY PROM DRESS! There are pictures on skeletons :D Finallllly, there’s only like a month left till prom :P Now I just needs shoes/bag.

I have a DVD recorder, but it BARELY works anymore. Plus, it was the SEASON FINALE so it’d be INTENSE. It WAS intense. If it was just a regular episode, I’d be more willing.. but Grey’s Anatomy is one show that I HATE watching online/missing. He’s known me for HOW long now, and he still doesn’t always get that I refuseee to miss it :P

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the divorce. It sucks during those times, but at least you know that they will end sometime.

Thanks for your comment. ♥ I have parent teacher interviews coming up, and I wonder what my art teacher would say to my dad about me..chances are she’ll just be a suck up like all the other teachers 😰

:O I thought you DID go to UNSW >_> Well, never mind :P
Well I went to the opening thing at UNSW and they had the course I was interested in. Maybe I’m just easy to please XD I guess you have to do the actual course to find out whether you really like it or not.
I hate the parking at UNSW >_< It's probably similar at USYD, but to me it's ridiculous to pay for parking when your uni funds are already costing you a fortune.

UTS has a really convenient location. Smack back in the city. It's like a 5 minute walk from the station I think.

Well I hope you'll get a couple of good night's sleep so you won't be so tired! I know how you feel though.

Funny how if you didn't rush to go to uni you would probably save time because you wouldn't have to drive back and get your wallet and whatnot. :P But I guess life is funny like that.

O__O I HATE forgetting assignments! It's happened to me on several occasions (which just shows how disorganised I used to be). I've been lucky though that someone has been able to give it to me whilst I was at school.

I suppose the easiest way to not have to rush is to wake up earlier or pack everything the night before. Though you already wake up at 6am D:

Anyways, take care Georgina ^^ Get some good rest!

I’m so tired of schoool. This summer break coming up, I am soo ready and I think I’m so deserving of it. When you finally get yours I just know your going to feel so accomplished.

I hate early mornings and you stated the perfect reason why. THE RUSH. It’s like when I have to get up early in the morning you always have to be out of the house by a certain time and you can’t afford to take your time. Everything is always about a rush and it doesn’t help me think straight at all. I especially hate it when I get that feeling that I forgot something and it always seems to be the most important thing that I forget.

I definitely think your mom is bipolar just like mine /: