Let me put this straight… this past weekend was terrible beginning with the day I got caught in that queue (for non-Australians and non-British, you call it a line, okay…).

Sometimes when people ask you what’s wrong… they really mean it. (Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it.) I feel that some people just aren’t of any consolation. I know we’re not all comfortable around people who are upset, but sometimes you have to say more instead of just sitting there feeling sorry for the person. They could be hurting inside and all you can do is look at them in feigned sympathy?

Come on, give them a hug. Talk to them. Ask them if you can do anything to help. Ask if they want to be left alone. Ask if they want to talk about it. Ask them, “Whose head do I kick?”

I know this… I know this from my past… I’d rather not talk about it in detail… but honestly, some people just need someone to talk to. ♥️

Today was one of the days I actually felt like being left alone.

Well, on Saturday, that long queue1 at the store pissed me off. I was very angry at having spent so much time outdoors – mostly in the car and in that queue – and upon coming home, being told to do the dishes and clean the house.

I have been lacking sleep lately. That day, that day we’ll call the Day of the Queue, was a real waste of time and where the problems started. That was the beginning of my weekend. The day before, I had a full day at university. I got home late. I was exhausted. I didn’t do any work when I got home because I just wanted to check my email and play some games.

I wanted to sleep in that night. But no, the Day of the Queue came. :(

Sigh. The past few days have just been really, really terrible. I haven’t gotten much university work done. On the weekend and one of my only days off on Monday, I spent time emailing people and reading their responses to my survey2.

On Monday though, I had to catch the bus and walk to work, which was very annoying. I really dislike the recent bus timetable and route change. You know what this means? It means that after ten years of the same numbered buses going the same way, suddenly the 814 is going from Jupiter to Mars instead of to work! /angry

Things haven’t been good at home with my parents… 😢

I came home today from university to do a set of chores. I talked to my mum. It was upsetting. It’s upsetting hearing or seeing parents fight. Even though you know for sure they won’t split, it is heartbreaking to see them argue and fight.

I was stressed about my report for university; I was stressed about my group assignment; I was stressed about my other group assignment. I was squeezing a stress ball.

Yet they were hardly what I was worrying about.

I worry about the future when my parents fight. I really do.

  1. “Refer to my previous post Part of the Queue.
  2. If you’re over 18 and would like to help me out with my university research project by answering some questions, please email me.

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Sorry to hear about your week. I honestly wish I could do much at all to help you feel better, but I’m not confident. Really, the only things I can give are:

A hug
A listening ear

Well, yeah, only those two. But I’m sure you understand that whatever I say/do, even if it hardly helps you at all, does come from a heart of good intentions. Everyone expresses their love or concern differently. I guess one size just can’t fit all. But I’ll try.


They could be hurting inside and all you can do is look at them in feigned sympathy?

I don’t like people like that either. I guess, though, having nobody to ask me what’s wrong (I don’t know about you) does beat having hypocrites and liars giving me false concern…

Hugs are nice. :) And sometimes I really like for someone to listen to me ramble or rant when I’m feeling down – yesterday was an honestly rare day in which I wanted to be left alone. D:

I think I’m one of those people who feels awkward around people who are upset. In high school – I know it sounds weird – sometimes people in my “group” had their bad days and just cried. It was a pretty terrible time. I feel like that happens less in university; I don’t know why. O_O

I’d much rather someone be genuine and try, though – giving false concern doesn’t sound very nice. :(

*virtual hug* I hope that’s just as good as a real hug. Oh there’s no hug emotion, well (}) <– good old msn bug emotion!

Hope everything will be better for you in the mornings.

>.< Sorry to hear about your parents fighting. My parents fight all the time, I hate it. :(
There are those good days, where everything seems to be OK, but then boom: something minor happens and suddenly the whole street knows.
I've also been exhausted recently too, being in the midst of my science GCSE mocks.. and knowing that the real science GCSE's are in about a month. That and internal exams at school (end of years), it's all such a hassle – and really stressful. I hope everything goes OK for you though, two group assignments? I can barely manage one at a time. /type

Not much I can say that’ll help… but I sympathise – hope things get better for you soon… oh btw, lucky for me I have a job so I may be turning into a myself rofl… don’t start til the beginning of next month though which is a pain!

Thank you. :)

Congratulations on your job. Let me know if you need hosting/don’t need your subdomain. I think you’ll still like to keep it all for your family tree and whatnot though!

I’ll still be using Heartdrops for something… going to take some time now I don’t have to stress about finding a job to evaluate what I’m going to be using which domain for lol… will keep you posted.

Much love – things *will* get better, I promise – I’m living proof of that xxxx

Your weekend is the definition of crap.

I always shut the door whenever my parents are arguing and yelling at each other. Sometimes my mom ends up in tears while my dad pretends that nothing ever happened.

I do feel that sometimes, being alone. :(

I havent been sleeping recently too. I just can’t seem to sleep. :|

I don’t really have any problems riding the bus since we don’t really have it timed like yours does. Thank god.

My parents used to fight a lot too. I got used to i9t eventually and when they fight it is like an everyday occurrence. Nothing new.

Awww, I hope your week gets better! ):
At least it’s the long weekend soon, so you’ll have some time off. :D

Gahh, I know! I was planning on using Awardspace, which supports PHP, but it wasn’t working the day I made the site. Disquis kind of works, but it messes up the coding. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon, though!!

Yeah, the five second rule tends to work for most things. xP Even though Myth Busters says it isn’t real, I think they’re wrong. :D

Awww, Georgie, I’m so sorry :( I hope it’ll get better for you.

I really hate it when people don’t seem to care that I’m upset. They’ll say, “You seem sad, Kat,” and I’ll say something along the lines of, “Well, I am, I guess.” But with most of my friends, they’ll just sit there and go, “Ummm… well, this should make you happy! Rainbow (this imaginary pony… thing my friends came up with O_O ) loves you!” Um, thanks so much? That’s really consoling. I seem to be “down” a lot, and one of my friends actually said to me once, “Well, Kat, I think people would want to be around you more if you weren’t so sad all the time.” Even thinking about that now makes me angry. I’m soooo sorry I can’t be happy enough for you all. I can’t control what I’m feeling by slapping a big, stupid smile on my face and acting happy. Because then my friends say I should have a “real smile.” They’re impossible to please, and sometimes it really pisses me off. Almost all of them have no idea what to say when I try to explain my problems, and they don’t even offer a hug or what not. It really sucks, because when I’m sad, I need someone to NOTICE and show that they CARE. Switching subjects isn’t going to make me feel better.

♥ I really hope things will get better, and just let me know if you need me to kick someone’s but. I can be good at butt-kicking. Again, I hope you start feeling better soon, and that the stress will float away.


Thank you… :) I guess it was better today, but I’m still stressed out about other things.

Sometimes people don’t want to acknowledge that someone is upset. They take the silly route to cheer someone up but sometimes they should really be more consoling.

I wouldn’t call that person a friend. That was so insensitive. I’m shocked. It’s just such a rude thing to say as well. Maybe you don’t have depression or anything serious, but some people have really, really bad days and they want something to cheer them up. That was just your friendship shot off with a gun, pretty much. /angry

People say I’m quite happy-go-lucky but we all do have our bad days. Sometimes our friends are not very supportive at all when we’re upset. :( During high school a lot of crying and sadness went through our group, and I can say that barely any of the friends in my group were consoling except for my best friend. I guess that’s why I walked away from high school with not many friends.

I guess it’s hard – usually, during high school, no one ever thinks deeply or really worries. ♥

I hope you find some better friends; you deserve better!

I’m not sure whether what I went through was officially classified as “depression” or not. I just started feeling really down all the time around April or May of last year, when I was at the end of seventh grade. It continued through the summer and through about half of eighth grade, to the point where I started trying to cut and such. I’d like to say I’ve shrugged it off by now, but I still have really bad days (like today, for example /bash ). The sadness and zombie-ness isn’t constant anymore, but I’m still not sure if it could have been considered serious or if it was just teenage hormones, which seems rather likely. Anyways, I don’t really hang out with her anymore, although I think it’s because I’m not longer cool enough to suit her. She’s one of the popular three in my grade, and she never has enough time for me anymore :( I still miss her a lot, but I think I’ve lost her to the demons.

I appear to be going into high school with only a few friends. I’m actually going to be homeschooled for ninth grade, which is attributing to a lot of factors, but some big ones are how miserable I feel with the whole social part of school and how I don’t feel needed anymore. I think homeschooling will work out better academically and socially, since I won’t have to deal with peer pressure. But I suspect that most of my friends will end up falling away once I don’t attend public school.

I wish I could make new friends, but I live in a very small town and at our school there’s only about 400 students, 6th-12th grade. I’ve known everyone since kindergarten, and it’s extremely difficult to make new friends since everyone knows everyone. I’m going to keep trying, though, and I *do* have some good guy friends, at least. Maybe I interact better with males than with females :P I’ll quit blabbing about my problems now and go work on my website!

Even though it might not be depression we do have bad days. I did go through depression (my friend says when you have it, it stays with you forever though) years ago, every day was dark for me, I never looked forward to anything and I did get into the cutting. It was hard. I didn’t try to talk to anyone or tell anyone. I was so alone and it was the worst feeling. I regret what happened; maybe if I had closer friends or felt closer to my mum, it wouldn’t have happened. But I also learned that it was a terrible thing to do.

The important thing is that when you feel down, have a way of letting it out. Punching a pillow, screaming, listening to angry music. Just don’t go down that dark road.

Some people (I’m definitely not saying you are) are socially awkward and just cannot cope with making friends, which is why homeschooling is better for them. But hey, I went to high school without any friends. I knew people, but I just knew them. I barely talked to them. I know the feeling. ♥

Sometimes males are honestly just more tolerant. Females can get bitchy, jealous… and it’s just that guys aren’t like that at all! Sigh, the wonders of society.

Yeah I know right? I know what you mean by wanting people to actually ask those questions.

Lately, school’s been preettttty hectic for us. I feel so busy. Now it takes me like FOUR hours to do my homework :( I just want to make it look nice and stuff, but the next day the teachers don’t even check it. O_O

Ooops, Sorry! I accidently clicked Submit comment.

But anyway, my parents used to fight a lot when I was little. I guess because when something happened to me, it’s like I started the fight because when I would say something they would start to argue.

Awwe, sometimes its called a queue in Canada too! I fondly remember a woman at the airport barking at me to “focus and get in the queue for Christ’s sake” :S

I know how you feel *hugs* There are some days where I’d rather just be left alone. I know a girl who just runs when she finds someone around her is upset, because she has no idea how to deal with them. Its a bit sad actually :(

This post reminds me of the 101 Ways To Cheer Someone Up article I’m writing :D

There’s a store called Costco here, and its ridiculous, because on Saturdays it gets packed, and guess who’s parents think its SO convenient to go on Saturday! The lines are long, its so packed, and I get so mad and ticked to the point that I want to cry. It sounds ridiculous, but I think it might be similar to what happened to you.

*huggles* It’ll be okay, we all have those phases. I know how you feel, and its just so frustrating, and normal reactions get multiplied by 23354019933300 D:

My parents always promised they’d never split, and they’re still together, but its just hard to see them stressed out, and fighting. I’m sure it’ll even out, and if you ever need to talk, just let me know :) <3

I honestly don’t know why guys are like that. I’ll be completely honest with you when I say that sex terrifies me. It’s weird how some guys could be all open and ready to pounce a chick. Get a grip?!

Soooo many of my friends did the same thing. I wish I knew what they were thinking, but you really can’t win someone over by just saying: “I love you.” Sure, I’ll be flattered (momentarily), but it doesn’t I feel the same way. I personally think only desperate women fall into relationships like that. Though they don’t love the other person themselves, they still want to receive love; if you know what I mean?

OMG, you don’t even know the half of it! /ehh Okay, STORY TIME! /pow So back in… 7th grade (5 years ago), I was good friends with this one girl… let’s call her Bitch. So Bitch and me would hang out and we were pretty much two peas in a pod. She was actually one of my first friends at the time because I had recently transferred into the school. Well, during 8th grade she started hanging around with another group of friends simply because she had higher level classes. Whatever, cool. We would still hang out during lunch and stuff. At this point, I met my current best friend Elsa; we would hang out in class whenever Bitch wasn’t around. Soon after, things got sour.

Shortly after hanging out with her new “friends”, Bitch started shit. She went around calling me, I QUOTE: “A worthless niggar that needs to be hung.” Keep in mind that I was only what, 13-years-old at the time, so I didn’t know how the hell I was supposed to take her insults. I pitied her at that point because I never knew she could be like that. I’m not trying to be racist, but the people she hung out with were rich white people, so I assume that’s where her behavior came from (it didn’t help that she was white herself). Elsa was telling me to go all kung fu on her ass, but I simply ignored her. Life is too short to start riots over petty things. However, Bitch didn’t stop. I wouldn’t necessarily call it bullying because I didn’t really care much for her insults, but it pissed me off that she though she could do whatever the fuck she wanted.

When high school started, I stayed clear away from her. Not because I was scared of her, but because I knew she would start something just to seem more superior. I’ve kept everything in me for the last five years, but no more. She may be graduating with honors, she may be the top of our class, but it still doesn’t hide the fact how FUCKED UP SHE IS IN THE HEAD. June 2 at 8:00PM, she’s getting a beat down. Fo’ sho. Dude, forget punching her, I’ll fucking taze her! /angry

Anyways, end story rant thingie. Sorry about that… 😰

Well, among things I guess I’ve grown immune to some things. Getting over people and things quickly happens to be one of them. Mostly because growing up, I never got the things I wanted. Naturally, you’re not supposed to unless you’re a spoiled rich cunt. However, I thought you were because I was surrounded by kids that had a lot of fancy toys. At some points, I fussed and cried but when my mom showed no emotion towards me, I gave up. “Mom, can I have this?” “No.” “Okay.” I guess that upgraded to people to; can’t have someone I want? Whatever, there’s bigger fish in the sea. Gotta look at all the positive shit in life otherwise you’ll go down in this world.

Haha I decided I wouldn’t mind having a little Kelsey running around. /eee Obviously… not for a few years. Maybe decades. Nonetheless, I’m with you. I would rather be prepared and know I can maintain having a baby financially and not just jumping into a crisis for not only myself, but my child as well. I would like them to grow up in an environment knowing their parent can actually take care of them; unlike other moms who solemnly give their children up for adoption… if you spent the nine months having it, you might as well finish the job and raise it too.

Ooh, wow! Still, 10,000 comments in a span of around 10 months is certainly something to be proud of! In the end, that’s around 1,000 comments a month — yikes!

LOL. I seriously can’t help it. O_O I tend to get my emotions and feelings out better in words than speaking. If you notice, I kind of write in a style as if I’m VERBALLY talking to you. It all comes with detail; I love detail. :P I guess I should cut it out; I spend too much time on one comment that I could use on two, or three comments… 😒 Obviously you don’t have to comment on every little thing I say, but I appreciate it even if you read it; that alone says a lot.

If I could pick my favorite year, I think it would be my freshman year. Back then, everyone was still friends — we still laughed, hung out and did other stuff — now we’ve drifted apart in our own “cliques”… It kind of saddens me because in middle school we promised, no — pinky swore — we would still be friends no matter what. Too bad it didn’t last. In the end, I’m probably graduating with around five good friends; the rest are for shit. I suppose this is why I should blog about my offline life more; too much drama going on that I wish I could talk about. Anyways… I’M GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF. XD

Yeah, I really hated when people went and made out in the middle of hallways. Should I prepare a room? A condom? Oh, no you probably won’t even use it. The first step to getting knocked up is letting someone embarrass (well, that’s how I see it anyway) you during school hours. Making out with someone is something that should be kept in privacy. I don’t mind a peck, or two that’s cool, but when you’re tongue-on-tongue… 🤮 This isn’t The Sims for crying out loud!

I remember this last Valentine’s Day dance, the school threatened people to attend. They were all: “If you don’t buy tickets, we’ll never have another dance again!” Obviously, people didn’t take them seriously, the dance was canceled, they were refunded their money and we had prom. Some threat that was.

Ooh, our school doesn’t do those “best couple” things anymore. Mostly because people ended up suing the school and stated that they felt pressured to stay together simply because everyone thought they were the perfect couple. Isn’t that dumb? They won anyways which I think is ridiculous… You should never feel pressured by your peers.

When you said “queue” it reminded me of RollerCoaster Tycoon (I dunno if you ever played that game). All I know is — if I was in those long ass queues they had in the game — I’d be hella pissed.

The advantage I have as a person is that I listen to people. I don’t mind if you have to pour your heart out about something; I’ll listen to every detail. Though I don’t give the best advice, I feel that just having an opening ear is enough.

The disadvantage I have is that I put others before me. You’d think that would be a good thing, but I’ve gone on serious depression problems because of that… does anyone care? Fuck no. /wah I think it’s because people have issues with asking people if everything is alright. Either they KNOW something is wrong and they don’t want to say anything, or they simply don’t want to mention it at all.

I know what you mean though about wanting to be left alone. Typically when I come home from school, I’m bombarded with the same every day tasks I had done the day before. Sometimes I want to scream at my family: “Would it KILL you to clean up your dishes after you use them? Do I LOOK like your own goddamn personal dish washer?!” Alas, I don’t. :(

I think all you need to do is take some time off; you seem like someone that could use it. Either that or go for a walk somewhere to clear your mind. I’m in the same boat as far as essays and stuff go; I’m trying to keep it all organized and for the most part, I’ve succeeded. If you need anyone to talk to, you can talk to me. ♥

By the way… I turn 18 in July… do I still count? LOL.

/end novel length comment

I always feel awkward around people who are upset. It’s even worse when someone cries around me. I try I pretend it’s me in the situation. That’s how I can help. But I don’t like to be nosy and will always stay out if they tell me to.

Nosy people are the worse, especially if they feed off depression. Because it can lead to gossip.

Every one needs someone to talk to :)

My dad had a stress ball. I wonder if they work? I smoke, which is my stress ball. But I really want to quite. Don’t ever smoke! :) It’s very hard to quite.

My mum and step dad (father of both my sisters) would fight all the time. But it wasn’t just arguments, it was violence. You could imagine how scared I felt. And sometimes I think that’s why I didn’t get any school work done. I was very scared for my mum.

I can’t believe you were waiting so long for makeup. The longest I waited in line was two hours at a festival, just to get in. And it was such a hot day. I hate standing on my feet. And when I go to centerlink every fortnight, I have to wait in line for an hour each time. Can’t wait to get a job. :)

Hope you have a nice day :)

I feel bad for keep “ending” our comment conversations, but I know it’ll be easier for you. And for me when I go back to work, lol. XD

They call it a line? Oh okay LOL. I thought everyone called it a queue.. hm.

I know what you mean. I’m not great at advice or anything but I always ask people what’s wrong and I just listen and try to comfort them. I’m not the best at it but I guess it helps the person to “let it all out”. I give virtual hugs? :D

You know I’m always here for you if you need to talk, don’t you? I know you have lots of friends to talk to you, especially James and Lilian but I am here too. *hugs*

You were out all day and yet when you got home, you were told to clean?! :| That’s ridiculous. To be honest, I don’t think you should have to do so much around the house because of uni, work etc.

You never seem to get much sleep! :( You should just forget everything online like once a week, do some uni work and get to bed early. Easier said than done, I know.

I hate it when buses change their routes, it’s so fucking annoying! :@ Reminds me, I better check the bus routes/timetable before I go back to work or I’ll end up somewhere like Jupiter. (Using your phrase there~)

I hate seeing my parents fight. :( They always seem to fight over money.

I hope everything gets better, though! And like I said, I’m here for you! :)

*feigned sympathy* Hrrng. *hugg*

I like being alone. It’s very peaceful /eee
Most of the time I don’t really like someone being there asking me what’s wrong; I think it’s kind of awkward /um
But yeah, many people I know like having someone listen them out. Like Wuggs :)

I hate it when parents fight. 3:
Once, it happened as I was literally between them. That was bad /sweat

I generally like to be alone in my room just mucking around on my computer… I know I don’t seem like an outdoorsy person but I do like to be alone in the general sense. :)

Ugh, I just really dislike how I get approached after arguments just as someone to talk to. Also makes me feel upset. :(


I know my words of sympathy might seem a bit shallow, but…I really am sorry you’ve been going through a rough time. *big hugs* I can understand what you mean about feeling like most people really aren’t much help when it comes to sympathizing/empathizing with you, because I often feel the same way…which is why I usually don’t even bother reaching out. =/ It’s awkward to try to know what to do when you see someone is upset though, because you’re often not sure whether they really want to talk or whether they really want to be left alone…and even if they tell you which it is, that may not be what they REALLY want anyway. How many times do we stand behind our locked bedroom doors, shouting “go away!” when what we really mean is “come closer”? That’s how it was for me a lot when I was a teenager…my parents (or more specifically, my mother) could never win!

From what you’ve been saying though, I can’t help but notice there are a lot of demands constantly being put on you, whether it be by your parents around the house, or people online wanting help with codes or expecting reviews or whatever. It sounds like you really need some quality “me time” and you’re just not getting it. :(

I’m sorry too to hear about your parents fighting. Even if you’re sure they’re not on the brink of a divorce or anything like that, I can understand it’s just unsettling. :(

I hope things will get better for you soon. *more hugs* If you do want to talk, you have my email address (I presume?) and my mobile number too. Take care Georgie. :)

*hugs* That’s the feeling I get around someone I know who might feel down. :( I am not sure if they should be left alone. But I take that as the safe option because I really don’t want them to shout at me to go away, or for me to try and make them feel better only to get ignored.

I feel like I have so little time to do everything sometimes; at this point I honestly can’t wait to have a break. :)

Thank you for your lovely comment though. ♥

O HAI! :)

Haha we call it queue here too cos we’re using British English in this country :)

Sometimes I kind of want to be alone and not talk because the problems I have are not meant for sharing cos it’s just either too personal or that it’s not worth of sharing. Haha I used to say that to my friends who are down! “Which bitch should I bite?!” or “Which asshole needs a shank?!” LOL but yeah for those who are not good in keeping things and stay sane should find someone to talk to and get some of that heavy load off their chests.

Ugh I hate queues! I spend a lot of time queuing during my Uni years (in Uni itself!) lol. There was once I was queuing with a bunch of friends, it didn’t feel as if the queue was long and rather than hoping that the queue runs faster, I hoped that people would just take their time so that my friends and I could talk nonsense and whatnots haha.

It is upsetting to see parents fight, it’s like having a heart broken :( I hope your mum and dad can sort their things out and work out a better plan together. I hope you’re not taking everything too seriously too, dearie! Take it easy, take a deep breath :)

I hope you love your shirts! <3 Can't wait to see it on you (Y)


Thank you! I do love my shirts, haha. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to take pictures with them yet but when I do I’ll blog/post on my DailyBooth and link you. ;) ♥

I like to be cheered up when I’m down, but if I weren’t the one feeling sad, I’d feel scared that I might not do a good job cheering that person up. But I haven’t been in that situation for a while so maybe I’ll be more comfortable with it next time. :)

Queues are downright terrible! Sometimes when I’m with friends I don’t mind so much, haha.

Things still aren’t great between my parents but at least there is less tension, I guess. ♥

Poor Georgie…having a bit of a rough patch lately :( That sucks *hugs* ♥ Don’t worry, things will get better :) In the mean time, keep ranting at me all you want :) Please do let me know whose head I DO have to kick. I’ll go out and buy a pair of combat boots for extra effect ^^

Boiling in oil is also an option *nods* ;)

Falsely sympathetic people = /angry /argh

You should say SOMETHING. If someone is clearly upset and all /wah it’s not nice to just…not say anything :(

I mean, I guess sometimes people can be super difficult when they’re upset and it probably DOES get a little frustrating at times, but if you care about the person, none of that should matter. /argh If you just keep avoiding awkward situations, then you’re not going to know what to do when you eventually get married and have children and they start being all /wah 😢


That queue was epic D: It sucks how much time it wasted :( And then having to do HOUSEWORK. Oh my god. You seriously need a break :(

I can totally sympathise with the lack of sleep thing. Thanks to my stupid brother I am SEVERELY lacking sleep /angry

I hope you get an opportunity to catch up on your sleep soon! ♥ I hope you just get a huge break in general! Man, I wish we could freeze time and still be mobile? Hahaha. Either that or more hours to sleep!

Buses. OMG. Buses are EVIL. EVIL, EVIL, EEEEEEEVIL! /angry They always change the routes and they never give you enough notice. URGH!

LOL. Jupiter to Mars. HAHAHA xD

I’m sorry about your parents fighting :( My parents rarely fight, but when they do, it just doesn’t feel right. The whole atmosphere of the house is AWKWARD D:

I hope your parents get over it soon! *HUGS* At least you know they’re not splitting up :)

I WILL TAPE YOUR HEART TOGETHER IF IT BREAKS ♥ (I know…I am seriously being very cheesy today == I can’t help it.) I’ll learn heart surgery so I can stitch it back together if need be :D *gets out superglue*

Good luck with your assignments. Let me know if I can help you :)

I’m going to trudge through this comment in a seemingly bored manner because Blackboard is a bitch. Humph.

*hugs* You don’t have to kick anyone’s head yet! But boiling in oil sounds new. ;)

I’ll admit that in the past I was really scared when people were upset. I didn’t know whether consoling them or attempting to do so would actually make them feel better. But I know myself a lot more now, and surely other people are the same and need some comfort and cheering up when they’re down.

I’m still upset about the queue… I’ll get over it. Screw these university assignments, gragh.

I cannot wait until the weekend. You should get some sleep too! Who knows when we might have another opportunity? 😰

The buses here are incredibly stupid; I don’t know what to say. Ten years or so, we’ve been on the same routes and they go to the same places. Then they decide to change them drastically.

My parents argue but I really hate when it gets serious. It is also really upsetting.

Aww! Thank you! *tape tape* XD ♥q

*hugs* Life’s not going the way you wanted to, huh? :(
Everything may feel like shit at the moment but I can tell you now it’ll get better. Maybe not tomorrrow, maybe not in a week, but it will. :) and same, I worry about my parents relationship when they fight as well. :/ I don’t think they’ll end up splitting up or anything – they’ve been together since they were teenagers (and now they’re 40 & 41 haha) but there is always that worry. :/ *hugs again*

Aha! That’s so weird. We must be connected through our mind. Or our dress sense. ;)

I think The Poison was the best by Bullet – and I don’t like Scream Aim Fire, I think they were trying too hard to ditch the “alt-metal” genre and go for a “heavy metal” thing. And failed. @_@

:( I am really sorry. I hope things will calm down for you, it is so horrible when you are in a place where everything just piles on the pressure. *hugs a million times over*

It will be okay! You have so much going on, I hope you can find the time or allow for it (hah, not so easy) to unwind and forget about everything. If I am online and you want to chat to someone, just ‘hit me up’ and we can talk about everything or nothing but random things. /hehe

I’m so sorry about your terrible weekend. Hope you feel better now. *hug*

I guess I’m one of those people who feel awkward around upset people. I can never tell anything to them. But sometimes people just want to talk about their problems.

If you need to talk about anything, you can talk to me about it.

Ugh, I would hate it if the buses changed time and route like that suddenly.

I get what you mean. You know my parents fight a lot as well, and although I know they won’t split up it terrifies me. I hope your parents are not fighting anymore. *hug*

Haha my relief didn’t last long. My finals are coming.. 😰

Hehe it was my chemistry teacher, I think. I guess he was new then and wasn’t that confident, but now he is really strict. XD Yeah, that’s why I don’t do it.

LOL my friends do that too. They do it with me, since I’m a really easy target. /hmph

Haha Wazed is an annoying jerk. When he came back, I was so shocked. I was hoping he wouldn’t be in my year, and thankfully he isn’t.

Same here, except the problems I’m having now I love Vista. I just can’t wait till I can install it.


Me too. Gah. My aunt has to make snide remarks about everything.

Hehe. Are you planning anything on your 19th birthday?

My mom too. For her, just using the computer without Microsoft Word or Powerpoint turned on means I’m “playing”. XD

LOL yeahh. XD

Ooh, I’ll have to check that out next time I do one! XD
Haha, it alright I suppose. Theres some really awesome shops and stuff, but its pretty historical really, which bores me. :P
I know, being weird is great! :D

That sucks. :(
I hate it when my parents fight too, even though I know they love eachother. Even silly little arguments get me worried. Its a horrible feeling.

A ‘line’? Why a ‘line’? I mean it makes sense… and sometimes we say “go join the line”… but as a general rule we say queue.

Hurrah for us Brits and Aussies! :D

Though, in France they don’t queue. My mum got mad at that.

I feel awkward around people who are upset. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say because sometimes you make them quieter rather than them talking openly. However, you are right… it is best to ask them if they are okay and how they feel. Sometimes that’s what they want.

And if they do shrug away and say little, at least you tried and they know you appreciate them.
Sometimes… I don’t want to talk about my problems. I admit that my friends and I are close but I don’t necessarily trust them. If I had, say, anorexia, I’m not sure I could tell them. Just because… I don’t know. :| I should have more faith in them. But I’ve only known them for a year or two.

*hugs* ♥

Sometimes showing concern makes people feel better… like they are getting attention.

Often I feel like being left alone. There is some kind of solace in being alone with some music and maybe a good book if you’re not on the computer writing or designing.

That queue! :@ So fucking long. :| And having to do the house and chores as well is hardly going to make you feel better. :( *hugs*

Aw, Georgie :( *squish* I’m sorry that you’ve had such a rough time lately. If there is anyway I can help, do let me know. I will do my best ♥
It doesn’t help I’m on the other side of the world /bash but…

I hate seeing my parents fight. Even when I somehow feel within that they won’t divorce… I don’t like to think about it.

I don’t even have a stress ball. I could really do with one. They work wonders; I had one at the dentist once when I had a tooth out.

If you need to talk do drop an email. I know I’m not much comfort but if you want to talk I’ll try my best ♥ I hope things get better soon, for everyone… everyone seems so touchy at the moment. /wah

Yeah, I’ll still be around. :P

Georgia Kate. Harhar. I’ll use that ^^ (I haven’t changed my email so I hope I’m still near the top on your plugin. Fail. I’m so sad :X )

We are too cool (Y)

Thanks; I was also amused. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. xD

It does sound sarcastic to write that. What about people who do generally think they are fat?
I sometimes think I am fat but I never voice it because people will just assume I’m doing it for attention. When I’m not. If I say I’m fat or I’m bad at art I mean it… so you can say, “yeah, you are actually” and I wouldn’t throw a fit.

I agree… I associate ‘bullshit’ with lying.

“It just brings more attention to it. If you aren’t going to do anything about it, what is the point?”
Amen. @_@

There is no point. That’s the point. :P

Yeah, and a ball being thrown in their jewels can’t combine with a full-blown kick… *winces*

Disclipcine is often needed. A lot of people benifit from it. Of course, there is the type of parent that is too strict but must are fair, even if they are strict.

LOL, only if they didn’t know my age. I don’t think my mum would let me go to a concert this young without going with a friend or her (cough). Yeah. They’d have a great time seeing MCR or anyone else…! 🙄

Baby is horrible DUE to the fact it’s so catchy. :|

It’s okay! :3
Yeah, my :sound: emote is messed up. I don’t have an image for it and I have no idea where to get one… until then it is :sound: and lonely.

Hope things are better soon ♥

Take care! xx

Falling in love does sound nice, even if I’m not ready for a relationship I still dream about love. *feels embarrassed*
I like to hear about people who are in happy, long relationships, it sort of gives me hope in people.

With my group of my friends, I’m the go to girl if anyone is feeling upset. People have told me that when they’re talking to me, its like word vomit, they can’t stop. It feels terrible that I can only listen to them, I always wish I could do more to ease my friends’ pain. Some of my classmates told me that I’m way too serious when it comes to my friends’ problems but I can’t help but be that way, I can’t bear to see them crying alone.

Stressful days are really tough, especially when you can’t seem to catch a break anywhere! Its understandable that you’re not getting much work done when you’re that exhausted. Lacking sleep is awful, I know how that feels since I have constant migraines from too little sleep. You should find a little time in your day just to relax and sleep a bit, even if it means sacrificing some time online. Emails can wait a little :P

Chores after a tiring day sucks major balls 😰 After my exams I just wanted to crawl in my bed, sleep and maybe cry a little but my mom had other plans. One day without cleaning is not going to throw the universe off balance, the house is not suddenly going to become a dump. I don’t get why parents find it so difficult to understand that some breaks now and then would be good.
It really is terrible to witness parents fight, even though my parents were never together it would still feel painful to see them. We all worry about it; music is always my comfort when that happens. Find something that makes you happy [music is the universal comfort] so you don’t suffer over it too much when they fight.

The good thing about blogs is that you can rant as freely as you want and know someone is listening to you and sending you a million virtual hugs :)
Umm, it seems that I still leave these ridiculously long comments even when I am blogging. I think I like commenting more than the actual blogging xD

I’m sorry to hear about your week <3 I know exactly how you feel, especially about parents fighting. I know mine wont get a divorce, but it still sucks to hear them yelling and screaming at each other. My dad has even walked out of the house after arguments a few times, but I know he'll always come back. They love each other, as do your parents.. and that will make it all work out.

I really hope your week starts getting better though, you don't deserve to be so stressed out.. you're too awesome!

I was shocked too when I found out! I never expected HIM to be a drug addict. I guess you never know who will be one though.. I think he's better now though, seeing as he wrote the song in Rehab.

Thanks! I hope I can find one soon too :D

& yeah, it is annoying. When I'm mad, I can't help it.. same with if I just don't like a person.

Yeah, it would be a little disappointing every time, but at least you know that they're doing it for your own good because they love you.

hehe, thanks <3 I love my kitty, she actually slept curled up right beside me last night :D

I signed up for payperpost :) I just need to wait for some oppurtunities now :P

bahh i wish i could start on my assignments but no motivation at all haha !

as much as i tell people i would like to be left alone, i always rant to my two of my friends i usually rant to . it does seem like youve had a stressful week :( i hope this week will be better, and maybe the time you have alone wil lhelp you calm down :)

*hugs* Sorry to hear about your bad week, but for every bad thing that happens you’re closer to a good one right? ♥

*hugs* Thank you. :) That is a really good way of thinking about it!

I’m really sorry that things have been crappy for you lately. Plenty of virtual hugs coming your way.

Ugh, I hate when public transit suddenly changes routes. I don’t go on it that often, so I REALLY depend on predictability. So when the streetcar that I’m on decides to turn onto another street… /angry

I don’t how long you have to do your research, but if you’re still doing it on May 25 (my 18th birthday), I’d be willing to answer your survey.

Like I said before, hugs to you

When my friends are sad, i usually ask what’s wrong and if she doesn’t answer, i ask if she was to talk about it. If she says no then I just hug her do things to make her laugh till she feels better. 👏 Or if she wants to talk about it, i just sit there and listen to her rant. :)

I hope everything gets better with your parents. Don’t give up hope lots people go through it. Stay strong for them. :) If you ever feel the need to rant, you can always do so here. We will always be here to listen. :)

Wow i forgot to add this comment to my other one lol. I loveeeeee our comment chains. :D
You should make people guess how many it is after you’ve counted it but you’ll make the page unavailable to them lol.
They sure do lol. It takes them a while to get things lol.

i remember lol. My photoblog is collecting dust. The domain will expire soon and i don’t think I’ll renew it. I’m going to just wait till i get a camera.

I’m still too scared. He won’t act like a bitch and totally be all “why is she talking to me?” He is really nice lol. I’m just the incredibly shy one.

How frustrating. Waiting in line is even worse when you end up at the front and don’t have the right documentation to begin with (Hello, DMV!) 🤮

About the consolation, thing, though: I think it’s really hard for people to say something. Especially because people get touchy. Which is weird. People feel and act the same as you do — so why not treat them like how you’d like to be treated?
I know when I’m down in the dumps, my friends skirt the subject about me being sad and instead try to cheer me up, but I think I’d prefer that instead of telling someone. It’s better than people ignoring it.

On a personal note, are your parents fighting? That’s so stressful. I’m sorry. It must be really close to your heart if you aren’t really talking indepth about it.

Ahhh. Oh boy. I think I recall going for a driving test or something and my mum went insane because I forgot something. Turns out they didn’t really need it anyway. D:

I’ve known people who just run away from me or ignore me when I’m obviously feeling down. Not even a hug or an attempt to cheer me up! I might not want to talk about it, but I still need cheering up.

Yeah, they’re not really talking to each other and it’s pretty upsetting. I sort of hate being in the middle, and I really don’t like seeing them fighting like this.

That’s some sneaky thief you posted about, by the way. Caught in the act! What a sleaze (couldn’t think of a better word).

My offline friends know about my blog – some of them are interested; others are not.

I admire Sierra Shardae because she has SO many tattoos and they look amazing on her. I don’t suit tattoos though, and they’re not my thing. If anything I would get something discreet on my wrist or something of the sort.

Good point. Asking a friend if she’s “fine” will not comfort her that much. But most of the time, people just want to be left alone. Because -like you- based on personal experience, I’m more fine when nobody is around asking me if “I’m fine”, because that’s the time I break down :/

Ugh, I hate washing the dishes and bwing told to clean the house. It really ticks me off.

I’m sorry you had some really bad days, I hope things will gets better for you :) (and I’m sure they will)

It’s upsetting hearing or seeing parents fight. Even though you know for sure they won’t split, it is heartbreaking to see them argue and fight.

I agree. It’s really depressing :(

Everything’s gonna be alright between your parents, don’t worry :) Every marriage goes through that point eventually, but they get over it. I know because my parents were like that last year and when I was younger but now they get along easily.