Part of the Queue

I’ve made a few modifications to the layout. I’m not pleased with it. This layout has been up for a month and I have plans for a newer and much cleaner one. The updates were pretty messy before, and I think I made them worse. 😰 Oh well.

I’m planning to clean up my site a bit some time mid-year. There’s a lot of junk that can be filtered out. I also think I might stop doing reviews; I barely have the time for them. I don’t mind people applying, but there is always that lingering thought that someone is going to be impatient for me “taking so long”. I work at my own pace, damn.

Yesterday was a hectic day! I really don’t like to be one to complain, but I was really disappointed. I was out of the house for eight hours or so. Most of the time spent in the car reading a map for my parents or just sitting there.

My mum had a meeting on in the morning. She had to go. Therefore she couldn’t make it to this (huge) makeup/cosmetics sale near the airport. She really wanted to have a look and go to the sale, but instead, she wrote down the things she wanted to buy, and told me to go with my dad.

She only wanted two different items anyway, I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to go. We dropped my mum off at her meeting and went on our way. The place was about an hour away from home.

When my dad and I got there, I hopped out of the car and went on my way, as he went to find a parking spot. I had predicted that there was going to be a queue. I found what appeared to be the end of it, and stood and waited.

My dad had a lot of trouble finding a car park, and a bathroom too. 😰 I just continued standing in queue, waiting for the line to get shorter, but it didn’t.

An hour passed and I probably only moved a few steps. The line must have been massive. I could hardly believe it. We’d arrived on time at 10am – even a bit earlier – and there were still a lot of people.

We could see a lot of people ahead of us getting restless, and some people actually left. My dad had walked down the side of the queue to see where the queue actually began. He came back and told me how far it went. Down to the corner of the street, and around… 🤬

We had to pick up my mum later on, and take her to work, so we had to leave at around 12:30pm.

It was nearly noon, and the line had barely moved. We had waited two hours for nothing! People were walking out with huge boxes and bags of cosmetics. We figured that even if we waited for another 40 minutes, we wouldn’t be able to get in, and it would be a huge rush once we were inside anyway.

Ugh. Maybe if I was meeting Ben Jorgensen I would have waited, but that was not worth it. D: /um Queues suck.

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Hello! Awwww! If you’re changing layouts, it looks like I will have to call off the engagement. Hahaha :P

Awwww! I don’t think your updates look messy! I am extremely amused by the fact that they light up when you hover over them XD /bounce

:O If anyone gets impatient with you for taking so long with reviews, I’ll hit them! /pow Because that’s mean. It’s not like you have nothing better to do than rush out their review! Grrr! You’re busy. You have a life. I shall print off all your to-do lists and dump them on the heads of anyone who dares to complain! RAWR! That’ll show them. But knocking them unconscious :P

OH MY GOD. That must have been an EPIC queue D: Poor you! That’s such a huge waste of time :( And it’s so uncomfortable to be just standing there to! Hmph! That sucks.

Man, it must have been either way too popular or majorly disorganised D:

Well at least you tried to wait XD I’d have taken ONE LOOK at the queue and turned running D: Wow. People REALLY like make up :O

I agree! Queues DO suck /angry

Haha! I forgot about the engagement! I’ve been thinking about a new layout though because this one was kind of spontaneous.

It’s just a different colour for the updates! ;) I wanted it to look somewhat neater. I had a hard time because it looked squished, gah.

Oooh, what a good idea. But since I don’t really like showing people my to-do lists, that might not work. :P /um

It was definitely an epic queue and I was disappointed because I wasted time. :O /bash

Queues suck and very little makes them worth waiting for. Especially since what you were queuing for was for you. Glad to see the queue actually went by! It SO frustrating to see loads of people coming out with big bags of goods and you think “With all these people served, SURELY something is being accomplished and the line should move”. But that’s a hopeless thought so I resort to hating on them. “If these no-brained beauty idiots bought a couple things instead of breaking the bank to buy cosmetics then the world would be less chemically for one and two I’d not be here now.” haha but all lines move in the end. Or else, we move!

Haha it was really a waste of time for me and I was disappointed. I was very bored standing in line too. Very, very annoying. I was wishing in my head that everyone would hurry up inside, whoever they were, stop buying boxes and boxes and just let me buy the two things my mum wanted!

True, a new layout means a fresh new start, a new jump of energy on your website! ;)

Oh wow, a sale that big? :/ My mom only goes to sales when she feels up to it. She’s not a very girly person(if I may say).

If you’re going to wait that long, just go shop online, it’s quicker and you won’t have to wait in a massive line. Sure delivery takes a day or two, but it’s better than wasting your life in a line! xD

The longest line I’ve ever waited was to get lunch in the cafeteria on my first day of Middle School. :/ By the time I got my lunch, the bell rang. :P

Personally I think the updates block looks very organized (far more organized than mine was when I had a similar section!), but if you’re going to re-do it and make a new layout anyway…then I look forward to seeing it. Your layouts are always lovely. :)

Oh good Lord, I can’t get over the insanity of that sale! (From what you described, anyway). And this was just so people could buy cheap cosmetics? D: I admire your patience; I would have gotten fed up and left after about 20 minutes! Such a shame that you couldn’t even get anything at the end of it all. :(

“Queues suck.”
I completely agree. Nothing else tests my patience so unfailingly. /argh

Thank you! :D It was hell to edit, because it wasn’t aligning right… LOL. I would like it that way on my next layout though, simply because it is much easier to see. Thank you!

Damn straight it was. People go crazy at sales. We didn’t even get in; I wonder what it was like inside. I was annoyed at how much time was wasted. *sigh* I am also a very impatient person; that was the worst. D:

Georgie! Man I feel so haggard now, just finished editing our video and doing flash animation -_- I never knew that 6 minutes of video editing is already a pain GACK. But I do enjoy these things… just wish for more time…

I really can’t wait for your new layout! I’m sure that it’ll be fab and can’t wait to see how you’ll make it cleaner, regarding updates.

I find that letting go is part of a life process and letting go of doing reviews is okay if it’ll really do you good! I see that you really are so busy :(

OMG I just had a similar experience regarding waiting… I just can’t really remember.. I think my brain’s turned to mash already. All I know is that I was sort of waiting for something too (now am rendering the video XD but that’s different). I come from a family of impatient people I think and my dad’s one of the most restless and short-tempered people I know so we all hate long queues. Gaack! I feel your pain :(

Panda Strikes Back (omg i haven’t returned comments for a loong time!)
It’s cool that our music tastes vary, I sometimes don’t get along with my friends’ tastes too, just like a while ago when my friend prefers the Glee version of songs and I the old versions XD Or me not digging RnB that much XD
I got a netbook already by the way ZOMG and it’s not from online! :D Bought it from mum’s friend’s friend for a really cheap price! I’ll blog about it next week :D
Actually even those who believe in God aren’t sure either but that’s what separates religious and non-religious, faith. Science isn’t always right and it also has mysteries for science doesn’t really know the origin of the universe really. But there… I can’t help being skeptical too but for now I’m more on the believing side…
Can you help me with french Georgie?? hahaa I’ll still continue using Rosetta Stone and then see if it’s really good XD
I like your answer, better friends to be found! Yes… there’ll definitely be new and interesting friends to meet too :D
Haha I’m not political either, but.. ARGH! If you live here, you’d probably be soo frustrated with the political system that you’d want change. But now.. urgh -_- who cares now?
YEAH 2 YEARS ARGH FRIGGING SCHOOL! WE PAID FOR THAT! Urghh! And your ballet certificate, man… I don’t understand these kinds of people… isn’t it better to just get over with it already and give it to us? Sighs….

Lol I remember an incident in grade school when this weird classmate of ours THREW a COMPASS (the sharp one) at one of my friends O_O we were all quite shocked. It was during recess…

Lolz! hehee well think I’ve returned all now! Goodie video has finished rendering! Take care!!! :D

I meant pre-school.


I think the updates stand out more now, and I mean that in a good way.

All of that just for cosmetics? ;O Wow. The longest I’ve ever waited for something was 40 minutes to get into a Universal Studios ride.

Oh my gosh, that’s a huge line! I would have ended up leaving too. Nothing “big” like that happens around here. The only time we get big lines is when it’s holiday time.

And I don’t do to well when I’m stuck in a car for a long time. lol. Even if I have a book or music I always end up getting restless and want to just walk around.

My site just needs finished putting up…i still have loads of pages to make and things to upload but I just wanted to be able to blog. lol.

Hahah people go crazy in lines. It was so long though, I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting it.

I don’t mind being in a car sometimes but not when I have to give directions to my parents and whatnot!

I always have a silly feeling that my site isn’t “complete”. I feel really silly about it because I know my site is “huge” or “big” and has a lot of pages and blogs. I love blogging though. :P

What, a month, already? Ever since Feburary, the days have just zoomed by. Sheesh (: It seems like I’m busy, busy, busy these days, with every spare second spent adding a new blog or stock photo to my site (: Ridunkulous, is it not?

Ohmygosh, though, that makeup sale sounds absolutely crazy. And kind of awful. Probably wouldn’t have been worth it for just those two things, in the end, but oh well.

Your layout is very pretty!! Although it kind of makes me hungry, since it is covered in delicious pastries. @_@

That sucks!! It’s kind of unbelieveable how many people are willing to wait that long and push through a crowded store just for makeup, huh? At least you left when you did, otherwise you could’ve been there all day!

Thank you! :)

I’m personally not that interested in makeup but my mum’s a beauty consultant so it was no surprise that she wanted us to get a few things for her.

I dropped by your site but you didn’t have a commenting system. I did read your post though… I’m sorry about the mashed potatoes. That sounds nasty.

I don’t like the idea of floor food at all. Sometimes with a non-sticky or non-greasy piece of food, like a jellybean, it’s okay if you pick it up and blow it. XD

Haha, since I run with webs, all comments have to be submitted via email. :/ Or at least until I can find some sort of forum submitting thing. :P

It was really gross. ): And my dad and brother didn’t have to have any. DD:

Mhm! Or if the floor looks really clean, then it’s fine! But we have a dog, so that usually doesn’t happen.

Georginaaaaa! I have not commented in so long >_<

Make-up queues? I've never seen them before. :P Maybe people were cutting in line and that's why the line wasn't moving. That'd be terrible.

I love the new layout by the way. The header makes me hungry.

AND HUZZAH, I believe I'm actually a FIRST commenter. :D FINALLY a dream come true (:

Guess who???????
Me!!!!!!!! haha did you miss me??

Cannot wait for the new layouts. :D
You’ve been doing reviews for like ever!! You soo need a break lol.

Maps are not my thing lol. I cannot read it to save my life. So i just do mapquest lol.

Ohhh i would have brought a chair and a magazine with some food lol. The longest queue i’ve been in is the lunch line lol. At lunch we just ditch each other lol.

Soo how have you been?? You and james still together?? The love sick couple lol.

I like how you did the sidebar! It does look a bit neater! I need a site cleanout also, spring (or winter for you i suppose) cleaning or so :) Wow, lines are just something that drive me insane. I have a very limited amount of patience, so it’s not easy for me to stand waiting in lines. Yeah, I agree. If I was meeting my favorite band or so, I would SURELY be standing in the line (:
Returning your comment: Friends online are the best. Even though you don’t know them, it feels like you know them good. It’s crazy! I’m excited about getting the reseller set up, it will be a while before though :/

Ugh, I agree! Queues are really sucky. /wah Especially here in Hong Kong, there are queues everywhere – for buses, for shopping, food…. Luckily, they’re all fairly short /wave

I think the layout looks lovely! :) The colour combinations are really nice. I hope you don’t mind if I leave some suggestions, though. I think maybe you could add some other cupcakes onto the header image, to make it seem more colourful? :D It’s fantastic already, don’t worry.

Take care!

Sorry about that. My host was changing servers I think.

But I hate waiting in lines. When I had my swine flu (H1N1) shot, it took like 2 hours to get it. And it hurt after words /wah

But I don’t think it was worth it. Nobody got it around my school. But I thought it was useless now. /poo

I have never done that to get something or meet someone. The layout looks pretty good. Nothings wrong with it.

I am very much in love with this layout, don’t you dare change it!

Haha thanks! But it’s been up for a month and I’m starting not to think it’s so great – getting sick of it and I’m actually hoping to come up with a “cleaner” layout.

Yup, I think the updates look better now. :)

Duh. I get somewhat pissed off when some people are impatient and would sort of want you to “hurry up and get it over with”. If they have life, then you have yours. You should state in your Reviews Application or something that it might take you long to finish theirs so that they could be aware. XD

Aww, I was hoping my site could be reviewed by you, but, oh well. XD

OMG, I almost couldn’t imagine that queue! Just the thought of it that long makes me cringe. I once went to a midnight sale at some mall and I swore I’d never do it again. The prices were cheap, yes but there were a lot of people. If you’d be looking from above, you’d picture them as ants. You could barely move and people were sort of having a contest on who grabbed this shirt and that first.

It was really a mess. :S

Hahaha. I know! If that long line was for someone I really admire, then I would have waited too. Hahaha~ XD

Aww, an iPhone! I admire it but I’m not craving for any phones right now. XD But I’d be rally delighted f someone gave me one. Well, who wouldn’t be? Haha.

I keep forgetting about installing programs and getting my old files. :S That’s why I keep receiving rants from my parents. Oops. XD

Awwww. ;3 Ahem. XD I’d love to see you walking down the aisle with James waiting by the altar. ♥

Isn’t there a fanlisting for this couple yet? XD If there’s none, I’d love to make one. /love

Hahaha. I remember when my cousin went to labor and she kept on complaining. It was really difficult to get the baby out and she was being difficult as well and kept saying she can’t tolerate the pain. My mom said angrily that when she had sex, she was shaking with pleasure. Now that she’s in labor, she’s shaking with pain. LOL.

Do you remove your laptop batteries when you’re at home?

Is ques your word for lines?
If so I hate waiting on lines as well.
Your feet start hurting and people start trying to skip you.
Its so aggravating.
Its even worse when you’re by yaself because groups of people will bypass you.

We all feel asif our sites can be tidied. I know I do. Thats why I dont throw everything up there like I used to.
Someone pointed out to me at my old site that its quality not quantity.
Ill be back to see what new you do and you know it XD !!

I don’t like the feeling of thinking that others may be impatient. I can take a long time to do something small…cos I’m lazy :S

wow massive queue! I think I’ll be one of those people that would arrive extremely early and buy loads and loads of stuff. Only cos I love make up and just owning them, I don’t even use everything but I like owning different colours etc….I think that’s a pretty bad habit!

If the queue is that long, I think I’ll give up after 30mins. I’m super impatient!

Poor you to take in a queue for so long and didn’t even get inside the building :(

Oh my lord! I could have imagined that line from my imagination! The store must be really famous or the sale must been like a 100% of, kidding!

Hahaha it was actually about 70% off, and you know cosmetics, they’re expensive. :O

Yeah! It’s is very expensive. I tried buying my mom some lipstick, my goodness. It was expensive though, but it was worth every single peso since she liked it. :D

Oh btw, I sent you an email! /type

BUT IT’S BAX! ngege

Stuck in a queue! D: and for only two things. You could’ve gone anywhere else to find them. Maybe /um

or maybe they are incredibly rare. Like toad footweb-scrapings from a crater on Neptune that opens every 100 years. Or…I don’t know. /bash

Now I want cupcakes. Humof.


Hahaa my mum wanted to get them because they were cheap… she could have found them elsewhere but this place was 70% off, apparently. You know makeup – expensive.

Om nom. Make me that yoghurt sometime. After you told me that I got ordinary blackberry jam and put it in strawberry (frozen) yoghurt. /bash

Uh queues. >.< I can only put up with queues when I'm gonna see special people or maybe if it's something really cool. Haha! I'm not a very patient person so I easily get mad when it comes to things like queues. -_-

I remember how I waited in line for 14 hours just to get good seats at the Super Junior concert. I ate breakfast and lunch (and snacks) on the line and even took a nap while standing in line </3

The updates look really nice! I fail at block lists. -.- LOL.
I had a hectic day yesterday, up at 5am to go to a place named York. Not fun. -.-

I think I’ve used chatspeak before too, but I hate it now! :L We’re all hypocrites, LOL.
Thanks for the compliments on the updates :) I really appreciate it.
Yeah, I’m a weird person though, aha :P
I often think my parents care too much, but theres not much I can do about it. My dad treats me like a child, but when I do something childish he says ‘Your 13 not 3!” I’m like, dad, just choose a side already!? :L
Its funny though, although I’m SO glad I’m a girl! XD

I think that some people who apply for a review anywhere think that the reviewer is just sitting at home typing all day long. Which isn’t the case for the majority of people in the world. Some people have no petience at all.

I think I would have walked out too if I saw that the line was around the corner. I’m like you, if I were getting some No Doubt tickets or an autograph or something, I would have waited, but for make-up… Nope. 😏

I feel bad, my layout has been up for about 6 months D:

I love make up as much as any other teenage girl but to wait in a line? For more than an hour?! It sounds like people were waiting to go to a concert! I wonder if some camped out for the sale, I’ve seen that a lot on television 😰

In my country, the only thing that can make people wait for so long, is if the product is free :P I don’t even want to think of what the inside of store was like, rushing and pushing to get the best make up…total torture. Sounds like a lot of people were stocking up on make up, boxes and bag fulls sound like so much!

I’m very impatient so I don’t think I would be able to last more than twenty minutes in a line. I would probably wait in line if there was a big anime sale….sucks that they’re no anime stores here -_-

Aww no! Maybe your dad should have just gone to get your mom, drop her off and come back, but then again it was an hour away and that would be a lot of driving back and forth, but what a waste that would be ! I remember going to cosmetic sales like those, I always liked them cause well we didn’t have long lines like you do but it was all these nice things for a dollar and stuff and you just couldn’t go wrong with it xD The reason why they’re so cheap is cause of mislabelling or something else so silly, that’s how the dollar store works as well, just factory mistakes that really have nothing to do with the product – most of the time. I’m sorry that you were unable to get in though =( That really is poop. /angry

*HUGS BACK!!* Aww i’m sorry. It was unexpected and totally unannounced. I just decided to close out of no where lol.

If you count all the reviews you’ve done, you could reach at least 100 or more. :D A break will do you good. :) Do you have lots of people signing up? I don’t sign up anymore because my site is sooo not validated lol.

Well girls are smarter than boys. Boys are smart, they just have a weird stupid way of showing it lol.

YAY!!!!! James and Georgina. :D Jeorgina or Games lol. XD

It was the only domain with a decent name lol. The rest were kind of weird lol. Yup I’ve used like 23 so far. All images are on Photobucket. Even currently layout is on Photobucket lol. I do the separate thumbnails too. Or sometimes I go on Photoshop and scale it down to what I want and then put the size on the code. :D

He’s a really nice guy. I like him and I know we will never go out because he has a girlfriend, but just talking to him is still difficult. /hehe

I know. My dad kind of flipped out once when my mom bought something from Lancome that cost around $200.

ohyeah im sure its easier to work in the summer ! i turned down the summer job… just so i can chill and work at the same time throughout the whole year… not sure if it was the best choice though.

awww if i were your mom, id be so bummed out that i cant go to that sale :( gahhh i hate hate hate crowded areas… kinda weird cause i like sales, but not the crowded places.

awe! thanks for caring :D (i still havent heard anything more :/)
I like the idea of ‘renting’ a domain, only because I’ve never done it myself before and i don’t have to pay :D lol. But its nice to actually pick a name you want and like.. rented you have to make due with what ever is there :/
Ohh, thats probably why then. I always search things and get photos that have nothing to do with what I’m searching for… most times its inappropriate
i know.. and old friend of mine told me thats why she does it.. its a way to boost up her confidence. She says she doesnt flirt with the guys whe nthey flirt with her, but its so obvious she does. and thats her excuse when I told her boyfriend about it. I mean, its stupid of her, and he should know about what she does when hes not there.. who makes out (pretty much) with a ‘friend’ when you have a boyfriend?? but of course he thought I was just lying and making it up, so now me and this ‘friend’ are no longer friends. the things people will do for love…
I have very low self esteem, but i would never bring attention to my self on purpose and say im just boosting my confidence lol.

you should never feel pressured to do the reviews.. i mean, its your time and its something u want to help people with.. they should realize that and stop ‘prestering’ in a sense lol.
OMG! theres lines like that on Boxing day here in Canada. the day after Christmas, in case you didnt know.. maybe you do know.. idk! anyway lmao. i wanted to go get a Wii, and the line was wrapped 2 TIMES around the best buy building -_- . That sucks that the line was barely moving, and that you had wasted 2 hours.. that would make me mad. /angry

hmm, i think the edit you did to the updates would look a lot better with different colors. i like the effects of it, but i just dont think the colors go well with the layout you have. but like i said, the hover effect thing (whatever its called) is nice.

what is a Queue? lol from what i got out of this, its a really really long line to get some make-up stuff, and sadly the line happens to be so darn long that it never seems to move.


I hate Queues. They’re so annoying! Usually after shopping I see this huge street of people waiting for a cab. I really have no sort of patience, I would bear the thing for 30 minutes but after that I’m so walking! :D

Yes, I can see the changes :) I love to see new layouts. XD I’m not really happy with mine as well, so I might change it after this month or something. Or maybe this week. Mine is like.. too BIG. Hmph.

Yes, JUNK FOOD can be so appealing :) Yes, I have some friends who happen to eat no food and they’re so called to have the sexy figure =P Chocolate a day? Wow, not bad as it depends on its size. I eat a bar everyday =S

Salads are delicious! I just had this wonderful salad with cucumber, tomato, red capsicum, some lettuce, some potato slices, and some seasoning. Ahhhh =]

Anyways, I have to admit – boys were a distraction XD! They’re fun to talk to, I find them better than girls no offence baha. Oh that’s sad, earlier they used to give you so much of freedom =D It’s still fine, you meet your boyfriend anyways. =P

Haha, I won’t use that word again.
Ciao =]

Thanks for the comment
I’m the blondie with the red fanta :D the next next to me is my best friend, it was her birthday…

Thanks for entering my icon contest, its a shame I only got 3 enteries, I couldnt choose, I decided to let my visitors vote :D
I might close the poll, next monday or something

I’m sad to see this layout go, its a really good one

I’ve never seen the point in reviews, but i find blogging and web design a hobby but people love blogging and its important to know what people think
People can be so impatient when it comes to recieving their reviews, people should take marks off for being impatient lol

I hate queues, well sometimes i dont mind them, if i keep myself busy

I hate queues, they are so boring! it’s really bad if it takes too long and you have plans straight away after. I don’t have patience!

I love seeing new layouts! I really like this layout :) all of your layouts are so cool!

It didn’t upset me! it’s what you like :) have you heard her guitar solos? do you like them?! shes really good at playing the guitar. She quit school when she was 15 to play the guitar! :O and I can’t believe she played for Michael Jackson.

I’m sure you will meet someone famous soon! I hope you do. Yes, I was so excited! I was counting down the hours :D LOL! Her concert was fantastic. It went too quick! :( but still good.

Yes! I was sad not to get good photos though. I can not believe that the roadie manager didn’t let us get photos with her, I have to admit I’d rather a photo than autograph because you never no I could have won it. But autographs can sometimes end up being worth lots.

Hopefully you can go to a concert soon! it must suck not have been to a concert yet. Sorry talking so much about concerts! I feel mean :(

Great job! XD

:O they should let him keep the laptop. Apparently every year level at my school gets one. But the year 8s get them last :( well fair enough because year 12s need it more.

I’m so sorry for replying late.. I haven’t had the computer in a while /angry it’s so annoying without the computer. My iPod is only good for tweeting, I wish it could be easy typing on there.