Part of the Queue

I’ve made a few modifications to the layout. I’m not pleased with it. This layout has been up for a month and I have plans for a newer and much cleaner one. The updates were pretty messy before, and I think I made them worse. 😰 Oh well.

I’m planning to clean up my site a bit some time mid-year. There’s a lot of junk that can be filtered out. I also think I might stop doing reviews; I barely have the time for them. I don’t mind people applying, but there is always that lingering thought that someone is going to be impatient for me “taking so long”. I work at my own pace, damn.

Yesterday was a hectic day! I really don’t like to be one to complain, but I was really disappointed. I was out of the house for eight hours or so. Most of the time spent in the car reading a map for my parents or just sitting there.

My mum had a meeting on in the morning. She had to go. Therefore she couldn’t make it to this (huge) makeup/cosmetics sale near the airport. She really wanted to have a look and go to the sale, but instead, she wrote down the things she wanted to buy, and told me to go with my dad.

She only wanted two different items anyway, I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal to go. We dropped my mum off at her meeting and went on our way. The place was about an hour away from home.

When my dad and I got there, I hopped out of the car and went on my way, as he went to find a parking spot. I had predicted that there was going to be a queue. I found what appeared to be the end of it, and stood and waited.

My dad had a lot of trouble finding a car park, and a bathroom too. 😰 I just continued standing in queue, waiting for the line to get shorter, but it didn’t.

An hour passed and I probably only moved a few steps. The line must have been massive. I could hardly believe it. We’d arrived on time at 10am – even a bit earlier – and there were still a lot of people.

We could see a lot of people ahead of us getting restless, and some people actually left. My dad had walked down the side of the queue to see where the queue actually began. He came back and told me how far it went. Down to the corner of the street, and around… 😤

We had to pick up my mum later on, and take her to work, so we had to leave at around 12:30pm.

It was nearly noon, and the line had barely moved. We had waited two hours for nothing! People were walking out with huge boxes and bags of cosmetics. We figured that even if we waited for another 40 minutes, we wouldn’t be able to get in, and it would be a huge rush once we were inside anyway.

Ugh. Maybe if I was meeting Ben Jorgensen I would have waited, but that was not worth it. 😦 /um Queues suck.

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