Lately I’ve been trying to be “a better person”. I’ve been trying to be polite to every soul that might annoy me. I’ve been trying not to get angry at people. I know it’s cowardly not to tell people things to their face, but sometimes it’s something temporary, and I don’t want to tell someone, “Please stop annoying me” when I know I’ll get over it within a matter of minutes.

Trying to be nice is harder than I thought. Even though I’m not nice, I certainly try to respect people for who they are. I respect people as human beings. Someone asked me on my Formspring if I had ever kicked a guy’s precious jewels.

I might have threatened to hit a guy in the genitals, but I never did it. It would be such a terrible thing to go through from the point of view of a male. Unless in a situation of rape, it sounds awful!

That said, I respect people, though their race, gender, and beliefs are different from mine. And no one likes disrespect.

I’m nearly nineteen years old. Since I was born, my parents have taken care of me and to this day, they still do to some extent. I still live with my parents. I love them a lot, despite my mum being strict and the arguments we have. I would not want other parents. I wouldn’t trade my parents for anyone else’s.

My best friend Lilian and I share similar experiences. Our parents are strict. We aren’t allowed out after dark. Our parents don’t like us to drink (we don’t anyway). Our parents worry about us all the time. Our parents are just overall strict. Our parents want us to do well in our studies.

Sometimes we hear about other people our age, going out and partying, living away from home, doing other things that our parents would either not allow or not approve of. Even something as simple as going to the movies, we have to tell our parents and assure them we’ll be okay.

If I’m not allowed out somewhere because my parents said no, I’ll tell the others, and I won’t push it further.

Yet what I find really rude is when someone questions me.

“Why did your parents say no?”

They force me to ask again because they just can’t accept the fact that I don’t have permission. I’m not allowed and that’s that. I dislike when people disrespect my parents and say nasty things about them being “too strict”. It’s fine for a parent to be strict.

I feel lucky to have my parents. I might not have the freedom alone, I might have to ask my parents every time I want to go out, I might have to miss out on lifetime opportunities because my parents worry about me, but I live with it. Like my friend, Dahlia, said – in the long run, it will make me a better person.

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I felt that my parents were too strict when I was a teenager. I moved away from home when I was 18 to go to university. I never grew up till then! I wanted to live away from home since I was very young because I hated the strictness of my parents.

My parents are just like your, I have to tell them everything and ask for permissions etc. I was always jealous of my friends or of other teenagers that were allow out and partying etc.

When I moved out I learnt the danger of going out partying all the time. Nothing bad happened to me but I know a few weren’t so lucky. I learnt that they just want me to be safe.

After moving back home after university and getting a job, my parents don’t really care what to do. They actually encourage me to go out on weekend and hang out with my friends seeing as I work full time. I don’t really get time to spend outside of work so they’re worried that I’m like loosing a social life or something. Now that they let me go out whenever, I actually don’t. I don’t really go out often anymore, guess I’m tired from work and just want to sleep and rest.

My friends at school never really understood apart from the asian ones cos their parents were exactly the same (no offence to non asian, majority of non-asian parents are less strict).

I use to get “Why did your parents say no?” a lot too, but I never felt it was disrespect. I was pretty naughty and never really respected my parents decision about me till now really.


I think you do an awesome job at tolerating annoying people :) At least you make an effort to be a nicer person. I put up with it, but I get SO angry inside, I want to hit something. :(

I can totally relate. I don’t really want to tell someone off when I know that it’s probably ME over-reacting, because I’ll regret it, but at the same time, sometimes I’m NOT over-reacting, and they really ARE being that annoying. And sometimes you really don’t want to deal with the annoying person either. They always seem to have such bad timing too, huh?

LOL! Kicking someone there. Like, OW! Not a good idea…Hahaha! But some people deserve it XD Not to sound mean or anything, but it’s true! :P

Yeah…give me a person who likes disrespect, and I’ll show you someone who is a serial masochist. == It’s so rude!

YAY! *twins* I like that we can both relate to each other because of our parents. Well admittedly the situation sucks, but it’s great to have someone who fully understands /eee ♥

I agree with you (duh!) our parents can be overly-strict sometimes and give us a bit of a hard time, but it’s because they love us :) And we love them, so we’re willing to put up with it to some extent *nods* We’re dutiful daughters! Hahaha :P

I HATE that. I HATE when you explain “my parents are really overprotective” and people are still like “But whyyyy? *whiny voice*” It pisses me off so much, because they’re basically not respecting your parents’ authority. They’re MY PARENTS. If I’m okay with missing out, why can’t you be? It’s not like I’m totally HAPPY with it.

And OMG, I HATE having to explain OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again that “No, my parents won’t let me” because someone keeps persisting and just not respecting my parents. That’s just rude. /angry

Doesn’t it just SUCK when people are like “Just ask them anyways! Nag at them”. It’s so annoying how no matter how many times we tell them that you just don’t nag at our parents, they just DON’T listen to us. UGh! 🤬

Dahlia’s right. It’s better for you…and for me in the long run :)

Hello! Aw, thank you! :P

You know I can be really nasty when I’m angry though, and really bitchy. I guess it depends on the situation though.

It’s terrible when I’m annoyed by the wrong person at the wrong time. It almost makes me feel bad, but it’s usually for an appropriate reason that I’m angry.

Some people deserve it but I won’t be the one to do the honours! D:

I feel grateful that someone can understand without me having to explain too. I quote you on that one though – “If I’m okay with missing out, why can’t you be?” /argh

So I’ve been a rebel a few times, but you know how bad I feel about it sometimes. I know my parents can be a little too overprotective but they’ve brought me up this way. It’s brought me discipline; I’d be terrible if they didn’t constantly keep an eye on me like that as I grew up.

Ugh, it’s pretty inconsiderate. They also sound really selfish if they’re asking so hard for it. Sometimes it really isn’t a big deal! O_O


Just occurred to me that I could have commented on your new site/blog to return this. LOL. ;)

I agree, it’s got nothing to do with anyone else *why* you aren’t allowed; they shouldn’t even be asking that. It’s the same with me; “Come to blah bah!” “Sorry, I can’t.” “Why?” Not a good time at the moment.” “But why?” TAKE THE HINT. I CAN’T COME SO DON’T PUSH IT. /bash Respect that everyone else’s life and parents may not be like yours. /snort

Ahhh pushy pushy. Sometimes it’s just because you don’t want to go or for reasons you don’t want to share. It’s the same with telling your boss that you can’t make it – “something came up”. Most of the time they aren’t going to question it, and friends should respect that too. :|

I’m not so keen on being polite just for politeness sake (you may have guessed XD ) but I definitely agree with what you’re saying about living at home. At the end of the day, parent’s house == parent’s rules. I wouldn’t dream of showing my parents the disrespect that I see some kids show today.

Before Karl and I moved to the house we’re in now we were in a flat, and a mum moved in downstairs with her teenage son (14, IIRC). She buys him alcohol, cigarettes, and does what HE tells HER to do. It infuriated me. There’s something seriously wrong when a parent-child relationship ends up reversed like that. It took every bit of me not to shake the mother silly and ask her what the hell she was doing. Sigh.

Good on you for respecting your parents :)

It’s worse when you get the child having an issue with you somewhere public, i.e. a bus, and the parent can see that their child is being disrespectful to you, and they do nothing or encourage it. You are then at loss at what to do. Do you tell the parent who is like the child? or the child who is a child but acts like a adult – swearing and shouting included?

Im brought up in a smilar way to yours. My parents are way strict. I own a cellphone but Im supposed to TELL my parents about who I’m talking with, messaging and everything. It’s really hard though. I’ve accepted that kind of life anyways.

My parents usually despise me hanging around with guys, but they never said a ‘No’ unless the guys are what you call ‘bad company’. They are somewhat over-protective, and we did have certain arguments on this issue but finally I’m used to this.

My friends are.. Hmm, somewhat impatient and not bothered. Yes, a few days back I was invited for some party and since my parents refused, I told them a ‘No’. They were forcing me to ask them once again and some were telling me to keep asking them till they accept. It’s really irritating. Sure, my parents do allow me wayy lot of freedom, I never used to realise it until now. We just keep asking for more, that’s the problem!

Reply to your comment –
Oops. I won’t use the word ‘faggot’ again. Soory if I had offended you!
Yes, that girl was nuts! I met her today and she somewhat continued the same thing.. But it was better than the first day! Sheesh!
Aww, 2 years, that’s a long time! I know Im pretty late, but congrats to James and you :) Have a happy relationship!
15 domains! Ohmygosh. :D That’s called achievement. Woot!

Oh goodness do I know what you are talking about! Sometimes I’m just purely not allowed to go hang out with friends, and I always get the same response, “Ask again!” or “Why won’t your parents let you go?” Sometimes they just need to earn a little respect for you and your parents.

Haha, it’s alright. :)
I LOVE YOUR THEME XD I adapted it abit myself though. It taught me how to do site titles /eee

Awh, thats really nice about your yearbook. :)

Thanks! :D I’m alright now, just a bit of a cold in summer.. that doesn’t make sense! Haha. :P

Retainers seriously suck. I’m not looking forward to getting one. You have to wear it till’ you’re like, 40. D: its a fail. epic fail. 😒

Its nice to know that you’re trying to be a better person, but I think you’re a nice person anyway, hehe :)

My parents are VERY strict. I’m not aloud to do hardly anything, it seriously sucks. :/ I hate it when people ask me why my parents said no. Seroiously, how am I supposed to know that. Pointless question.

You’ve never kicked someone in their genitals? Your so nice! I have, I do it all the time. /hehe

It is hard to try and be nicer to people, but it’s worth trying. Snapping at people when you are angry one minute and knowing you will regret it is not a good idea so in a way, by setting yourelf that goal, you get out of a few sticky situations.

Ah, threatening a guy to get him where it hurts is satisfactory but doing it is not. I did it once when I was young and idiotic. Although that guy really shouldn’t have tried to kiss me without using mints first.

My mum can be strict but I know it’s for a reason… and her reason is simply because she wants me brought up ‘right’, so as to speak. After all, the job of a parent is to raise their child to the best of their extent, so they will be able to look after themselves and others. That’s how I see it, anyway.

Although your parents are strict what they propose don’t sound necessarily bad – in fact, completely reasonable.

Why people should question it is beyond me. If your parents don’t want you to, that’s the end of it. What more is there to know? @_@

Aha, thanks. They didn’t taste too bad! :P

I love purple; but yes, on my bedroom wall it looks childish and I am sick of it.
My walls used to be white, but I thought it was too plain so I went for purple /um /oh

I’ve never been to a concert but I don’t think people would assume I’ve been to one. As for floral/pretty stuff, wow. I have seen some clothes like that on your Dailybooth but not many! Mainly the shirt in your photo to do with lip gloss.

Other then that, I haven’t seen you in much floral/pretty stuff, or anything that style.

Shipping is always a bitch, especially for you! 😰 /bash

Ah, I know what you mean by decorative swords. But yeah, eBay may be very shifty but there are some ways to see whether or not the seller is worth it or not…

Heheheeee. Yes, Ben /eee

Second hand stores are good because you can see the item before you buy it. :)

Wow, that store sounds amazing! We don’t have many of those here. :(

I am proud of your marks too! ✌️

Oh I get the backmasking thing now. xD Not sure how you’d play a track backwards, heh, but I get it (Y)

Waller isn’t that bad. :P

Aha, when he grows up I shall have to blog about his maturity which will be interesting!

I’ll try it! :D

Baby. ZOMG. I hate that song.It’s so fucking in-your-head-stickable. /bash 💥

Take care! ♥ xx

Wow. I started school when I was two years old. xD

I was born on November 2…The people in my grade that are considered really young are still older than me by months.

The Australian educational system is so different from the U.S.’s.


I can’t be nice to every person that irritates me. I’ve also threatened to kick someone in the balls, but I never actually did it.

My mom is really strict, but my dad allows me limited freedom. My mom thinks that having too many friends isn’t good, but my dad says that it’s good to have them as long as they have a good influence on me. It makes me wonder what happened to my mom to make her think that way.

Overall, mostly my mom is strict, but I still love her a lot.

My parents were very strict when I was younger, at the time I hated it, but looking back I am very glad that they were. I know it kept me from doing things that I would have regretted. You are definitely a very lucky girl!

Thank you! :) I feel like I was disciplined and brought up in a good way, I sort of imagine how I can’t really live without my parents sometimes. :P

I hear ya! Well, partly, anyway… my parents were too strict with me, but woe betide anyone else who dared to say that! Certain things there was just no point in asking them about cos I knew they’d say no… not that I had a burning desire to do them anyway, it was all just peer pressure.

Sometimes I don’t ask my parents certain things either, because I know the answer is going to be “no”. I’ll just shrug it off and not bother trying – usually if I try, it gets my hopes up and it’s a waste of time. :(

I’m in about the same situation as you(despite the fact that I’m 12ish 13ish). My parents don’t let me out after dark, I’m not allowed to drink(not that I’d want to drink that putrid stuff), and a lot of people are like “why don’t your parents let you out after dark?” I’m like “Well, just cause.”

I don’t really know what goes on in a parent’s head, but what they say is law. There’s no questioning that.

Rape. Haha, it brings back funny memories(of Tuesday). We were at a carrear convention thing, and someone was a rape-therapy specialist. Well I won’t make fun of the job, but they handed out free rape whistles. Apparently if you blow in it, it’ll scare off a rapist. xD Well, in the situation of rape, I’d be glad to have a rape whistle(& hopefully I’ll never have to use it)

That reminds me, I think I kicked my bestfriend in the balls today for being such a prick.

You know, even though parents are strict, they teach us how to live a good life. They help us try to be independent by giving us an opportunity to learn how to do what’s right. Some parents don’t even care what their children do. It’s a shame on how some kids’ parents don’t even bother to give them some discipline or teach them from right to wrong. I know some people who don’t know right from wrong at all. They just keep doing wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yeah, I know. I really appreciate that my parents attempt to discipline me! It also think it’s a shame how some parents don’t seem to care about their children at all.

Good luck with your site, by the way. I see you’re on a break. :)

Hello! This is Nagashiko! Sorry for the off-topic comment. My domain expired and it costs $80 to redeem it. Huhuhu…

Care to exchange links?

Ah… Begin nice. That fine art is extremely hard for me to master. /hehe

I get so annoyed easy, and it just kills me to know that I am hurting someone’s feelings, well after the fact that I have done so.

If I don’t like the person I just ignore them. I am not going to start anything. Just simple avoid them; Sometimes this is hard in a high school of 300 students. /hmph

Threatening to kick someone in their ‘precious jewels’ as they said, is the best thing to say to get a guy to stop. It is the best threat ever. I have done so too. Never gone through with it but I have threaten and acted like I would kick them many times. /um

Your parents are stricter than mine! :O I really appreciate mine now seeing some of the things you listed. As long as I am with people they know and I have my phone I can be out after dark, I am allowed to drink with parent supervision, the only thing is studies. That is where they drop a huge bomb of punishments. 💥

They even have been letting me go out more. I fell very lucky now. :D

Respect is a very hard thing; some people do not have the ability to give respect. I can’t imagine that, but unfortunately it happens.

Feels like I have been gone forever! I haven’t had much only time as you can tell I have not be able to even answer your comment. I feel so bad, /wah but finally I have found time. :D I am cutting down my list of goals for my online things and it is very exciting to get to the commenting back. I have read all you blogs though, so I know how you are, just never had the time to comment.

I ended up winning a bronze medal at the MSSS ✌️ and my name was in the newspaper. It is in an entry after the last time you commented there is a picture.

I got an 81 % on the last verb test after the 61%! XD I guess I need to study more and ask for help, one of my bad habits is not to ask for help. 😳

As for our school, we are small so they tuition coming in isn’t as much. We also don t get a lot of help from the government, here in Canada they make private/catholic school sort of fend for themselves, since you have to pay to attend. I don’t know if it is the same in Australia. I’m guessing they get more help from the government though. 😒

I hope you get that shirt. It matches you a lot! 👏

That is always a beautiful thing, when someone sees every one has a human. I do to, which is why I find it hard to hold a grudge or be rude to people I don’t like.

In my experience, being a nice person can backfire. It can lead to bad things, and then in the end, you think why bother? But it’s my nature and yours from what I know of you. But there is also a difference between being nice and being a push over. I can’t stick up for my self, because I don’t like to say nasty things to people. My boyfriend says the most cruelest things to me when he has been drinking, but I can’t say any thing back. And when I do, I apologize. At least you’re not like that.

Haha, I kicked my step dad in the privates when I was a kid. I didn’t appreciate him coming into my room and yelling at me.

I used to get confused and angry when one of my friends wasn’t allowed to do things. she was 18 and her parents still wouldn’t let her drink and stuff. I also used to tease her about it. But then I realized that parents will worry about you no meter how old you are. And they will try and control you for as long as they can. That’s not a bad thing. It shows they love you very much.

My mum tells me she worries about me every night to this day and I kind of feel bad. But what can I do?! I can’t move back home, I have my own life and she has hers. And we fight so much when we live together.

When I turned 18 I was independent, and living away from home. So she had no say in what I did and where I went.

I remember when I turned 16, I got in trouble for wearing make up to school. I said to my mum, “you can’t ground me, I’m 16 now.” Haha.

I wish I had stayed at home for a little longer. Even now, I kind of wish I was still there. We fight a lot, but it can be hard acting like an adult. Bills suck, rent sucks, relation ships can suck (some times) :)

Enjoy your time at home :)

I’m not even going to say “first comment”. Too embarrasssinggg.

We’re seriously twins. I feel the exact same way about my parents. I hate when people continually ask me, “ask your parents again…..come on” when I KNOW that they’re just not going to let me go do whatever it is I was planning. It’s fine. It doesn’t really bother me that much. Sure it puts a damper on my plans with my friends, but it annoys me more when they can’t accept the fact that my parents effin’ care about more than theirs do. I can’t help that my parents actually want to raise my correctly & don’t want me to be found dead the next morning. I respect them for that.

IT SUCKS…but I know I’d be the same way if I had kids.

Sure it does put a damper on your really does, but they’re trying to protect you, not be controlling. They do it because they love you & not because they’re assholes. That’s what most kids our age just don’t understand. Whateverr…it’s an asian parents thing. haha.

I know what you mean about temporary annoyances – I tend to react the same; just grit my teeth and wait for the irritation to pass, because like you said, it always does and it’s not worth causing trouble over. Though sometimes I think there has to be a breaking point when you tell someone that they’re annoying you, because if they keep doing it and the irritation keeps rising, that’s when you run the risk of snapping. =/ (Learned that the hard way, lol!)

I’m not sure I can really empathize with the strict parents thing because my parents were never terribly strict with me (though that could just be because they knew I was too much of a dork to get into the usual teenage trouble! haha), but I agree that being strict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it’s their way of protecting you, and that just shows they care, right?

As for the whole issue of being pressured to explain why you can’t/won’t go somewhere or do something, I think that’s really rude. Why should you have to justify yourself like that? It’s something that annoys me too – not from the point of view of having to explain why I’m not allowed to do something, but why I don’t WANT to do it. People seem almost horrified if I say I don’t want to go to a party/club/whatever, like it’s so outrageously unnatural to not enjoy such things. *sigh* Like you said, it’s a matter of respect – in this case, respecting other people’s choices. =/

I read your article on backups – and I thoroughly agree! I really need an external hard drive, what with the amount of random-but-somewhat-important music, videos, images and .psd files I have floating around my computer. I have a folder with copies of all the things I deem necessary to life which I backup constantly :)

Once at school this year my USB broke from a virus on the school network. I was so mad because it broke in Period 6, after four periods of work on an assignment that I hadn’t been able to backup yet D: I lived.

I totally agree about strict parents. My friend is always questioning why my (and other people’s) parents wont let them do something – just because one person thinks it’s okay doesn’t mean everyone will.

And Georgie, you’re already such a nice person – I can hardly believe you feel the need to be nicer!

Thank you! :P It was a lesson learned years ago and definitely a good one.

Oh boy, it seriously seems like there are viruses all over the NSW schools’ hard drives. I got it a few times on multiple USBs. It only affected the Autoplay function but it still annoyed me a lot. I didn’t lose any data or anything. School computers, geez!

That’s true. :) And I usually just accept it when my parents say no – why can’t everyone else, eh? Lilian mentioned this too… so true.

LOL no, I can be a bitch if you get on my bad side. ;)

Maybe I should try and be nice to the people who annoy me. That would be hard because so many people annoy me lmao.

I’ll be honest, I have hit a guy in his “precious jewels” on a few occasions. I was young and obviously didn’t know how much it really hurt them. I’d never do it now, mind.

I do respect people, for whatever they believe in and for whatever race they are.

I respect my parents more than anybody. My mum has done so much for me and I’d never be able to thank her enough. My parents weren’t really that strict with me and my sister whilst growing up. Obviously when we were younger we weren’t allowed out after dark etc. But our neighbour is really quiet and when parents looked out the kitchen window they could see us anyway.

I think it’s so rude when someone makes me you ask your parents again when they’ve already said no. They should respect that they’ve already given an answer and it’s highly unlikely they’d change their minds. My friends always used to do that to me. -_-

Your friend’s right though, it will make you a better person.

We weren’t even suppose to get our shirts signed, our teachers said no but we done it anyway lmao. I had about 7 school shirts so it was okay. Besides, it was our last day anyway (well, before exams). But that sucks you couldn’t get yours signed, though. :(

Yeah, I didn’t want to destroy his guitar though LOL. My friend then borrowed it after me anyway. I want one, I want to learn how to play guitar. XD

Lmao, aww! :P My mums only 5″3 so I guess I get it from her. :3

People piss me off easily too but I can control my anger, better than my sister anyway. I never used to, I actually used to punch the wall and stuff. Same here, I’d feel guilty… she didn’t, she still doesn’t. She’s an ass.

LOL that is pretty amusing though! :D It’s 12:07pm now.. it’s 9:07pm there, isn’t it? xD

Oh I hate it when Rob does it. He may not like it but he shouldn’t just say it’s awful and what not. -_-

LOL, it’s fun. I love ranting and bitching. I rant with Sarah a lot.. probably the most. XD There’s one person (whom I used to like actually) annoying me a lot lately, I’ve only told Sar but I was scared she wouldn’t agree but she did haha.

I was saying it childishly. :P I can be immature when I want, heh.

Yeah, I think it is. Before when it was say, 1pm here, it was alright midnight there. :( Now, when it’s 1pm here, it’s like 10pm there. (At least I think so LOL). It’s all good. I just wish I could like text or ring you without it costing so much lol.

I guess I don’t have “older” comments cause I’m a freak about returning them before I blog. xD The oldest ones I have are from the 13th May.

Oh yeah~

Hehe yes, I listened to GLAC. XD I’ve listened to them.. 16 times woo! I’m not IN LOVE with them but I like their songs. :)

Haha that’s okay, just listen to Dead By April when you can. :D

It won’t let me upload the CD2 of RHCP’s either. :( IDK why, I’ll keep trying later, woo~

Well I guess that it’s proof they care about you (and you understand that). But if friends keep pestering just say “yeah i’ll be there”. Time comes; yeah something ( i.e me).

Yep! I am sometimes rude to my parents but all in all I appreciate that they care about me that much. :)

I’m not afraid to tell my friends I don’t want to go if that’s the truth – sometimes I just say that because I don’t want to ask my parents (knowing the answer will be no anyway).

Awww noooo only part of my message popped up

Ngaww! But Wuggs is scared of the dark :)
cos you’rezocute /love

Why did they say nuu! /bash /bounce

Yeah, I reckon it’d take some pretty extraordinary circumstances for a child to truly hope for a change of parents. If you really cared, you’d make sure they only experienced things that were all in all, good. :B

Hooray for genitalia. /ho

I am! :O

I guess my parents have their reasons… they also don’t like short notice. I personally don’t like it either, for example, “I’m having a party tomorrow at 11am. Can you come?”

Considering it was asked at 1am in the morning maybe not!

It’s good you’re trying to be nicer to people :) I tend to be really bitchy to people that I don’t like, but even when I try to hold back.. their annoyingness just gets to me tooo much.

It’s good that you actually appreciate your parent’s strictness, and don’t try to rebel against it. They are your parents, afterall. Though might were never strict, so the times that they did say no to me going somewhere, I’d be confused and try to fight it, simply because it didn’t usually happen.

Now though, they don’t really care, they just say that if they aren’t home, I need to find my own ride.

It was a weird dream. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but once every few weeks I will xD It’s odd, but it’s interesting too.. I’ve had dreams before where I’ve told myself to wake up, and so I did xD

I always have cat hair on my clothes. Especially my black ones. It’s rather annoying, but I can’t get mad at cookie <3 She's too cute.

Yeah, I understand what you mean about sitting for movies. I can only watch them if they're really good, otherwise I just fidget and don't pay a lot of attention :P

I'll have to check out that site, thanks :) Is there a min. payout like most sites?

You live in someone’s house, you live by their rules (reasonable rules).That’s how it is with me. Before I lived on my own my Mother really infuriated me, and I truly believe up to this date she doesn’t, and didn’t understand me, my needs or any of the situations I was in. I was responsible enough to pick up my little brother after school, and bring him home, look after him for a few hours until everyone got back(this time I was 10 years old, and he hadn’t even reached 1 year old), but yet I wasn’t responsible enough to go to the cinema with friends, or go to after school sport clubs? Hmmm.

Now we are apart, we get on better, I have my space, she has hers.

I ask my friends why their parent’s won’t let them, but only because I offer alternatives then. Such as a friend saying “They don’t want me walking home alone”, then I can say something like “Well, I can ask Delroy to drop you off.” or “We can catch the bus together.” or “You can stop over at mine then, and I am getting a lift.”

Parents certainly shape you into who you are, I am doubtful if it’ll make you a better person, though it is just a different route into becoming the person you are meant to be. Saying that though, Hitchcock is only famous because of the restriction the Film Production theatre placed on him, so he came up with alternative methods, and look at him now! He’s dead but you know, great all the same – that might of come out wrong but y’know what I mean yeah?

I’d be pretty fucked up if it weren’t for my parents. I know that. I depend on them a fair bit and I approach them when I need help. If it weren’t for them bringing me up the way they did, I wouldn’t even be in university and I can imagine I would be extremely rebellious.

I don’t really see it as what I’m “meant” to be. I want to be who I “want” to be, and my parents aren’t blocking that path for me.

Having mild ADHD means that my parents had to put in a lot of effort bringing me up. The least I could do is thank them for it and I am grateful.

Do you think you would still of found your way (eventually) if your parent’s wasn’t so strict and hadn’t pushed you to do better? Or do you believe that you would of never became the person you are today later on in life?

parent’s = parents
My old teacher would of hit me with a ruler if she saw that.

Also if she saw “would still of” and “would of”. The correct phrase is “would have”.

My parents have always pushed me to do better. My parents played a part in bringing me up with certain morals and ideas that I have learned and accepted from them.

Nah she wouldn’t of. (:
She was a member of
Anything else she kinda let slide.

I am just interested in upbringings. Kinda like looking onto the other side of the fence sort of thing.

It’s “wouldn’t HAVE,” actually.

I know, hence the smiley. (:

I’m not really sure where you’re going with your comment but depending on one’s parents, they give you the very basic foundation of what you will be 10-20 years from now. Either you’ll be just like them, worse than them, or better than them is up to you.

I believe that Georgina’s parents have pushed her to reach her potential. They love her through strict rules & it’s very understandable.

It’s a bit annoying when your friends constantly nag you about going out or tell you how stupid your parents are for not letting you go out especially because you respect their rules. I get offended, SO offended when my friends tell me my parents are lame for not letting me go to Vegas with them or something. My parents aren’t lame, I take that offensively because I know they’re trying to appeal to me, to pity me, but it’s not working. Insulting my parents won’t make you a better friend, you know? I respect them enough to understand the rules they’ve put forth because they’re for my own good. Georgina doesn’t like her parents worrying about her which is understandable. I don’t either. There’s no point in trying to fight with your parents about something if they have the last say in anything. It puts us in an awkward situation when someone continues to ask us to try to get out of the restriction we’re in.

You know? I’d have to try to save my friendship & protect my parents at the same’s kind of awkward.

Person nagging: Come on, just ask your parents again. Or lie or something! You’re an adult!
Me: No, I honestly can’t. I respect my parents & I know I’m an adult but what can I do? I live under their roof & they care about my safety.
Person nagging: ………alright……..
Me: Yeah sorry, I don’t want to worry them.
Person nagging: …oh….

AWKWARD. Just a thought.

‘lo, apologies for late reply, moving servers…effecting email…etc…

I understand the frustration people have about asking their parents again which I am not disputing, but what I don’t get is parents’ reasons why they say no. Normally in the few cases people have said no, and I’ve asked why, and it’s because their parents are worried about a certain aspect of it, such as ‘that street’, or ‘coming back home’. In those scenarios me and my mates just come up with alternatives which their parents are happier with. Also if there is a particular factor in social events/gatherings/parties which the parents’ don’t like, then we (me and my mates) can still ask but provide more details on the element(s) we know certain parents worry about. That’s why I don’t see a problem with asking again if new information which would change their idea is provided.

I don’t agree with lying to family / people you live with about where you are going either, because there are danger elements in that. I would never ask anyone to do that.

I think my main point in my comment (after re-reading the thread) was that sometimes I do think parents have to ease up from being strict to more lax, because even though I understand they are trying to protect their children, I believe some things you are better experiences having done trial &error, rather than to be warned about them and stuff. I think I have that opinion because my mother was selectively strict, which infuriated me a bit.

However, I don’t particularly agree when parents just say “no”, and there is no reason for it. It‘s “just because”. I understand if you do hold a lot of respect for your parents you won’t question it, or might avoid challenging it to avoid arguments and such, but if they expect you to be honest with them, they should live by their own standards and explain.(Not saying Georgina’s parents’ are like this example btw.)

Revising my previous statement regarding restrictions and the effect it has. I think it’ll either make you a worse, or a better person. I don’t think there is any middle ground cause you either crumble, or thrive with it. And Georgina seems to be doing great (with her HD & course :D ), so I think her parents’ strict parenting is helping her. She said herself, that she’d imagined she’d be “pretty fucked up”, but she isn’t so (Y).

Hope I explained myself better there. (:
Maybe not… it’s way too early in the morning and there is no coffee. D:

I love Chanel too. I have expensive taste, unfortunately I don’t have enough money to buy the products :(

Yeah I would have loved a year book. Especially because I’m not going to the prom or anything.

It is quite sad. I think I’m going to miss it.

Yeah, are school is old and a bit run down. Plus the teachers are awful. Thank goodness for my friends!

I was thinking about taking graphics next year but there was too much coursework which would take up too much time.

In the UK you get different points depending on what subject you take. These points add up and you have to get a certain amount to get in the university you want to go to. Things like photography would be awarded less points than maths because it’s more academic.

My parents are back now, yay :) And they have got some great pictures to show me.

That’s a great idea! I suppose its more special than a t-shirt. I don’t think I have any spare shirts for people to sign so I will stick to the leavers book.

Aww how sweet. The shortest messages seem to mean the most. My best friend just wrote how she didn’t think she would get in to college but she still loved us all and it made me cry. I’m sure she will get in to college though :) I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I don’t know how you put up with people who annoy you. I just tell them to shut up!

I don’t think my parents are too strict. They try to protect me but I am grateful for that. Sometimes I just want them to give me some space but then they are just being parents.

My parents advice me on things but they realise that I’m growing up and I have to live my life so I do have a great deal of freedom. I love my parents for that ♥

It’s really good that you respect everyone, despite their differences! Everyone needs to learn how to fo that.. The world would be a happier place, I am sure xp

It’s also really awesome that you view your parents strictness in this way.. My parents are very strict as well. I know, I’m only 16, so I still need some guidance, but I feel like patents really don’t give me enough freedom half the time -__- I really do admire you for respecting your parents so much. And, I guess your right.. It will help you in the long run :p

lol! I’m sure all of the guys you know would be very happy to hear that you don’t plan on hitting them or any guy, unless called for, in the genitals xD

Hey, it’s me again, Georgie! Sorry I didn’t comment for a few entries there… I’m busy studying for finals O_O

I’m another person who probably would be considered to have “strict” parents. Our family is pretty reclusive and non-social, so I started having sleepovers and things like that pretty late compared to others. And until now, I haven’t done any planning “on the day of”, and I can only do that because I complained about how other kids will invite their friends anywhere right then, whether they asked their parents or not (usually I have to plan about a week in advance :O ). But seriously, I love my parents for not being so laid-back as other parents. If they say “no,” I’m not going to be able to persuade them, and they have good reasons for what they say. I think they’ve made me more cautious and mature, and they aren’t unfair; they just seem “strict” to my friends because they actually give a crap about what I do.

They’ve also raised me to shy away from partying, and with that smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc. I’ve never asked them if I could go to a party like that, and I have no idea what they’d say because they’ve raised me to have standards. I think I’m very lucky and way better off than parents who don’t pay attention to what their kids are doing. It also bugs me really badly when a friend says, “Why did they say no?” Um, because they didn’t want me to? I’m not going to try to persuade them for you, because they had good reasons for saying no, whether or not they told me.

With dances and shopping and stuff, I have to reassure them I know everyone there, I know where the pay phones are, and I know when I’m arriving and when I’m leaving. Then they have me bring pepper spray, just in case. 👏

Aw, no need to apologise! Finals are important. :) Good luck! :D

I have to agree. My parents like to be notified! Yet some of my friends get to me the day before or on the day, asking if I can come over or hang out. That’s just short notice, which my parents dislike, especially if we have something planned already or have had something planned for some time.

My parents definitely have good reasons too, and because of them I don’t make rash decisions on anything, I know that there can often be consequences and that’s what they try to point out.

I haven’t ever been into partying, drinking or doing drugs at all. I feel like that might either be from my education, my parents’ discipline, or a mix of both. :) My parents also need to know everything when I go out! :P

Aww, you are a great person Georgina! ;) People sometimes get angry, I know me, I’ve been pissed off by someone online once and I just wanted to start something cause I was SO annoyed but I kept it in… trying to be a nicer person, you know?

What a lovely question, seriously.

I’m like you, I haven’t kicked a male’s … genital but I have threatened too, like you, but I wouldn’t actually do it.

I respect people to gain respect too.

Yeah I know what you mean, my parents are super strict. I’m only allowed to go out twice a month and I have to be with only people that my parents know. I’m not allowed to be on the computer for more than an hour and I’m not allowed to wear reavling clothes (not that I want too, thats just gross), I’m not allowed to talk back or argue etc.

I know how you feel, but even if I have less freedom I know that they only do it because they care and love me.

UGH. I hate it when people say that, espeically your friends. They say “Please come ask again” and I say “It’s a no sorry” and they just keep bugging up to the point they say “Your parents NEVER let you go anywhere” That annoys me.

That’s awesome that you’re so respectful toward your parents — And not just respectful because you have to be, respectful because you mean it!

I, on the other hand, am not as awesome as yourself. @_@ Most of the time it seems I’m only respectful toward my parents simply to make it easier for myself, not because I really mean it … As horrible as that sounds. I can’t stand the way my parents treat me ninety percent of the time, though. Raising your kids strictly in one thing, controlling every aspect of their lives is another.

While my parents aren’t quite THAT bad, they nearly are some days, and it’s pretty Goddamn difficult. It makes me feel as if I’m nothing but a slave constantly being pushed around and told what to do. Doesn’t help that they only seem to care what I have to say half the time … The other half they’re too busy worrying about themselves.

Needless to say, I cannot wait until I’m able to save up enough money to move out. I’ll be much happier on my own! :(

I can see two side of this; one from my own eyes, and from yours.

I’d have shot myself if I had strict parents – it’s not because I didn’t want strict parents, or anything of the sort, but because my situation was a tad different than most. I’m socially crippled. I know a lot of people don’t believe in such a thing, so it was very hard to explain my situation, and going into homeschool was the only way I could cope. If my parents had been strict parents, I’d have suffered, and therefore I’m glad my parents have always been free. I know that sounds selfish, but my parents being as open as they were really helped me become a better person for me, and really helped me open up.

However! In a lot of ways, I do wish my parents had been more strict in general. I… grew up in a way where I had to pretty much fend for myself a good bit of the time, so most of the time I wanted to scream, “WOULD YOU BE MORE RESPONSBILE?!”.

It irritates me when I see someone disrespecting their parents, and/or pushing that onto other people. When you ask your parents, “can I go to the movies?” and they say no, your friends should ideally accept this. I’m not saying your friends are wrong by any means, but they should understand.

My sister is a bit like that. Although she and I are living with our parents, she rarely asks (if at all) to go out, invite friends or go hang out. We’re all kind of used to it, but personally (to me): I’d ask! I’m very much aware it is my parents house, and I respect their rules. I only have to keep my room clean and make sure my cat and dog are taken care of; very easy rules!

/end ramble – Sorry about that! :P

Thank you, I hope I do well but I’m not too confident in my abilities. However, I am very happy exams are almost over and I’m not going to stress about them too much, what’s done is done :)

I try to be respectful towards everyone but I’ll admit there are times where my anger gets the better of me, especially around ignorant people and regretful words just slip out :/

My mom is very protective as well, sometimes I feel a bit suffocated but I try to be understanding.
My best friend is very respectful towards her parents, she has never done anything rebellious towards them.
I remember about 3 years ago, we were finally able to go to the mall together and her parents told her not to leave the mall. Being the immature teenager, I begged her to leave and she completely refused. At that moment, I had never felt so proud of my friend and admired her for not going against her parents wishes (even though I was the one trying to convince her -_-)

Its annoying when people always expect explanations for why I’m not allowed to do certain things and it angers me when they expect me to rebel against my parents. I follow most of my mom’s ‘rules’ but I do complain to myself a lot :P Part of me wishes for my mom to realize I’m older and there needs to be some changes in the rules but I also know because of my upbringing I can make choices based on my opinions rather the crowds’. She also shocks me sometimes because she allows me to do some things as long as I am safe. I think safety is my mom’s main concern and I’m happy to know that she cares so much for me.

Without her rules/protection/guidance, I think I would be narrow minded and spoilt, trying to be what others expect of me.

Ah, Georgina your blogs make me think a lot and I tend to ramble and become over analytical when I think :P

I need to study Bio now…crap its 1:13 a.m. Procrastination, you are my enemy >_>
Not blogging for a while makes me leave people lengthy comments D:

It’s tough being nice to someone, especially when they’re constantly nagging you. It’s also tough to stay positive in the worse situations.

I dislike hearing about people disrespecting others because of race, gender, beliefs or the way they act. Even though I don’t always get along with my parents, I still respect them.

I don’t think it’s bad to have strict parents (although it can be annoying) as they just want you to have a good future. I also have to tell my Mum if I’m going to the movies. I know that she just wants me to be safe & there’s nothing wrong with that.

I find it quite rude of people to disrespect other people’s wishes or question them. Sometimes there are consequences for disrespecting peoples wishes & it’s not worth it.

This blog kinda reminds me of this guy who used to go to my school but he dropped out. His mother supplied him with cigarettes every week & in front of everyone at the bus stop. He had a little sister in year 1 she was horrible. She takes after the Mum, I guess. The worse thing I heard her say to another kid just because he sat in ‘her seat’ was “fuck off you dumbshit”. It’s crazy coming out of a 6 or 7 year old girls mouth.

Hi, I am Shriya and I have recently begun working on my webbie TheVault, which is still under construction, so, don’t judge me on the basis of that. 😏
I am just looking for friends, and I think your website is really good. Your posts are interesting (I loved the parents worry about us all the time part. Glad to know I am not alone.)

I am a novelist, by the way. Glad to have met you. :D

My parents are really strict too, especially my dad. He always asks me who I’m going with, where we’re going, what we’re doing and what time we’re going home. Even though he works at night, he still calls me just to ask me what time I’m going home. I like the stictness of parents to some extent since they keep me grounded and sane.

My friends understand if I can’t go with them somewhere coz they have strict parents too. Well, they’re not really strict. In my opinion, parents are just being “strict” to make us more responsible and ready for the real world. We couldn’t get anything we want right?

I tried to be a better person before, I didn’t do so well. It’s not that I’m horrible, I’m just easily irritated and the slightest things piss me off.

Respect really is an important thing, it’s annoying when people disrespect others on race, gender or even interests! It’s wrong.

My parents aren’t that strict, my mum always asks where I’m going and who I’ll be with, she expects me in at a reasonable time, say 9-10pm in the summer (when it’s still light) and anything between 6 and 8 in the winter as it gets dark earlier. My dad is fairly strict when I stay with him, I don’t have friends where he lives though so whenever I go out, we go out together.

I hate the “Why did your parents say no?” question. How is it supposed to be answered?!

Haha I don’t read MLIA much but that was funny. :P Sometimes my friends do that, like when we’re waiting outside a show or something we shout the name of a person in the band and see how many people look. XD

I didn’t want to give the seller a bad rating at first because I thought they wouldn’t refund me, but I’ve had the refund so I’m going to leave some feedback now. :P

A lot of people seemed to be put off by Miley being in the movie…I’m a big fan of hers though. :’)

My dad is supposed to be taking us to a festival in June or July, it’s going to be so hot as it’s one of the biggest festivals we have in the UK, so many people. D:

I understand what you mean. The truth is that I needed a break from all this. I’ve been this week returning some comments but I have taken a long time to do it, but from the next think I’ll be disconnected from the Internet to concentrate on studying.

Yeah I know. Thanks Georgina! I hope so 👏

You’re right, when we were at the High School we had more time to do everything, but now at the University need more time to do things.

I agree with you, it’s good to seek advice from parents, because they have more experience in life, and know what is really good for us :)

oh I’m sorry about you hadn’t a graduation party, but at least you had a certificate ceremony and a small lunch. You don’t think I had a great celebration of graduation, it was only a small party in our honor. Yeah I know, is a shame that we don’t have a yearbook. I also think it is a good way to put memories of all the partners together.

I’m glad you like it go to University :)

Yeah I agree that it isn’t better think about it. I think it isn’t better to know how it is now.

I think we should be polite, even though some people try to annoy you. The education should never lose.

I agree with you say about living at home. If you live with your parents, you must respect the rules they impose.
I know what you are talking about! Because I lived the same when I was younger. Now I have 23 years and my parents let me have freedom and independence, provided that where I tell them where I go and I follow their rules. I remember as a teenager, I had to ask permission to go anywhere, including to go to the movies. Parents can not help worrying about us. because society today isn’t safe. In general, parents tend to be strict. But keep in mind that they do because they care about you and want the best for you.

From my point of view, people shouldn’t disrespect your parents for being strict, should respect their views.

It is better to have parents who care about you, who have parents who spend everything and let you do whatever you want regardless of what you can do, right? Unfortunately, this happens in many cases :(

I’m glad you feel lucky to have parents like yours. I agree with your friend Dahlia, in the long run it will make you a better person :)