Lately I’ve been trying to be “a better person”. I’ve been trying to be polite to every soul that might annoy me. I’ve been trying not to get angry at people. I know it’s cowardly not to tell people things to their face, but sometimes it’s something temporary, and I don’t want to tell someone, “Please stop annoying me” when I know I’ll get over it within a matter of minutes.

Trying to be nice is harder than I thought. Even though I’m not nice, I certainly try to respect people for who they are. I respect people as human beings. Someone asked me on my Formspring if I had ever kicked a guy’s precious jewels.

I might have threatened to hit a guy in the genitals, but I never did it. It would be such a terrible thing to go through from the point of view of a male. Unless in a situation of rape, it sounds awful!

That said, I respect people, though their race, gender, and beliefs are different from mine. And no one likes disrespect.

I’m nearly nineteen years old. Since I was born, my parents have taken care of me and to this day, they still do to some extent. I still live with my parents. I love them a lot, despite my mum being strict and the arguments we have. I would not want other parents. I wouldn’t trade my parents for anyone else’s.

My best friend Lilian and I share similar experiences. Our parents are strict. We aren’t allowed out after dark. Our parents don’t like us to drink (we don’t anyway). Our parents worry about us all the time. Our parents are just overall strict. Our parents want us to do well in our studies.

Sometimes we hear about other people our age, going out and partying, living away from home, doing other things that our parents would either not allow or not approve of. Even something as simple as going to the movies, we have to tell our parents and assure them we’ll be okay.

If I’m not allowed out somewhere because my parents said no, I’ll tell the others, and I won’t push it further.

Yet what I find really rude is when someone questions me.

“Why did your parents say no?”

They force me to ask again because they just can’t accept the fact that I don’t have permission. I’m not allowed and that’s that. I dislike when people disrespect my parents and say nasty things about them being “too strict”. It’s fine for a parent to be strict.

I feel lucky to have my parents. I might not have the freedom alone, I might have to ask my parents every time I want to go out, I might have to miss out on lifetime opportunities because my parents worry about me, but I live with it. Like my friend, Dahlia, said – in the long run, it will make me a better person.

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