Becoming The Bull

Our school yearbooks in Australia differ greatly from the yearbooks students receive in countries like Canada and America (at least, from what I’ve heard from people who attend school there). I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – I just insist it’s special.

In Australia we get one yearbook at the very end of high school (sometimes primary school). The yearbook is full of mementos from only our year group. Throughout our high school years, we’re stuck with the same people, sometimes in the same classes, but generally in the same group. As we progressed through high school, we collected quotes, took more pictures, and wrote more things that would go into the yearbook, which we would receive on the day we signed out of school.

Ours was cheap, mind you – our school was extremely poor so the whole thing was pretty much hand-made and photocopied. 😰

I personally believe that high school was the best time of my life, so far. It was at least relatively better than primary school or the days when I was younger. I can barely remember anything from my “childhood”. Who really can remember so much? :O

It’s not like I can remember a good experience – they were all terrible. I’ll bring you through one.

It wasn’t nice to label him as such – but the school jerk, in years 5-6 when I went to a different school – was actually someone who I knew when I was much younger. Blast from the past! Right, not so cheesy. The pompous child I knew when I was four years old was the same when I was ten. Six years clearly doesn’t make much of a difference – not outside puberty, anyway. Let’s call this guy Nate.

I met Nate at preschool, when we were both about three years old, and my mum was good friends with his mum. We had just moved into the neighbourhood so I suppose my mum was happy to already find a friend. My mum was a little… uncomfortable… with Nate’s mum’s openness, though.

You wouldn’t believe it – Nate needed to “go potty” (as “TMI” as this sounds) – and his mum let him do it right there, right in the openness of their lounge room. Oh hellyeah, the fuck I was there with my mum and we were visiting, and he was sitting on his portable plastic potty as I played with the funny play dollhouse he had.

‘What in the actual fuck’ – as they question, with no expected answer.

In 1993, Nate and I got along like regular children.

In 2001, we were rivals/enemies. We were constantly trying to see who could run faster, who was smarter, who could solve puzzles faster, who was taller (I failed that one), who had more friends… I think in the end he got sick of it, because he hit me on the head with a dictionary when he was in a rage.

Perhaps – and I regret this just a little bit for not doing so – that would have been a good time to say, “and who was the one who went potty in the middle of their house in front of a girl?”

Because we all know… bortaS bIr jablu’DI’ reH QaQqu’ nay’1.

  1. “Revenge is a dish best served cold” – in Klingon.

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Hahahaha…apparently yearbooks for OTHER SCHOOLS besides OUR highschool are different too! As in not so…hand-made, shall we say? Hehe

But I agree! Ours is special /eee It reflects the state of our school and what makes it unique – the poverty-ness! :P

Oh well, the important thing is that our yearbook contains all important memories we shall cherish forevermore or cringe at when we are looking at our yearbooks in like…20 years time or something. LOL

Hmmm…Highschool wasn’t really that awesome for me. But having said that, I can’t say much about my childhood either :P Hahaha. Maybe that’s just saying that I’m too pessimistic and focus too much on the bad D:

Omg! Is this that guy you found on facebook wearing that chicken costume? Or someone else? Hahaha.

Man! Still pompous at TEN years old? Six years of NO improvement? Wow. He must have a HUGE head/ego. Either that or his parents spoilt him too much thereby inflating his head. Oh wow, they lead to the same conclusion.

LOL, it’s not your fault he beat you on height. Guys are supposed to be taller in general, which in my opinion sucks. I bet you beat him in everything else :P

How very mean of him to hit you on the head with a dictionary! :O I bet he was just jealous that you were smarter and wanted to damage some of your braincells cos he’s so petty and mean! /angry /argh Or he’s just extremely immature!

Wow. I can’t believe his mum just let him go do his business in the LIVING room D: I mean, I guess when you’re small privacy doesn’t really matter to you, but STILL! It’s a little disconcerting to see someone just going to the bathroom in a room that’s meant for entertaining guests D:

REVENGE IS GREAT! It’s even MORE effective served cold in WINTER! :D

Hahah I forgot to mention that usually in Canada and the US, their yearbooks are for everyone in the school, obviously more expensive, and they get one every year. I liked ours though!

I think I am really going to love looking at the yearbook in many years to come. Today I was so amused by a video James had on his YouTube channel from 2006 that had him and Dylan and Mike!

You are being pessimistic! You can’t say that university has had less stress than high school right? And stress is just one factor. Yeah, there was less stress in primary school, but I honestly can’t remember much and I didn’t have many friends back then. :( High school was definitely the best!

Haha nope! It’s not that guy (that guy was actually a little cute /um), but it’s the guy Katherine knew too. :P

I think he was really spoilt. He was an only child.

It was so awkward and weird! Fine, if that’s what you do normally, but we were visiting! So very awkward.

LOL, revenge would be super amazing during this cold weather now. Too bad it doesn’t snow. I could push someone down a hill. /oh

Hah, that sucks; I always think of the best comebacks when it’s far too late to use them, too. XD

Talking of childhood friend-related TMI, I went for a sleepover at a friend’s house when I was about 10 and while we washing our Barbies’ hair in their bathroom sink (with real shampoo, of course) her mum came in and used the toilet with us right there! It had never occured to me that some people have different boundaries, so I just ran back to my friend’s bathroom and hid until her mum went away, lol. I still think it was a bit rude to do that without knowing my family’s boundaries; it made me very, very uncomfortable. /um

LOL this completely reminds me of our own family’s boundaries, we’re pretty chill as a family. If we’re just going to use the toilet quickly, we don’t bother shutting the door (it’s not like all of us are going to pop in and watch someone when they’re on the loo, haha!). Also, this is definitely TMI, but we save water and don’t flush the toilet after every use, but after we see that it’s getting full, or… yeah. XD

lol, I’m like that with my OH… if it’s just him and me at home I’ll leave the door open when I pee or even when I’m in the bath – not like he hasn’t seen everything before anyway! It drives him crazy lol… got a bit 😳 the other week tho… was in the bath and hadn’t realised OH’s stepson (who moved in with us a couple of months back) and his date were in his room… left the door open when I took a bath… she wanted to use the toilet 😳

Oh no, embarrassment! D: I’m sure they’ll be over it soon enough, or at least hopefully! Perhaps it’s time to shut the door since they’re in with you guys for now, and you never know when they could arrive home… :P

At home, whenever we get unexpected visitors (ugh…), we’re in a rush and someone usually whispers loudly, “flush the toilet!”

That seems like a really cool thing, what your year book is like in Australia. Ours is just a big collaboration with the people in our school, meaning either more or less to each person. It’s kinda pointless and kinda expensive for just a cheap book. It’s around $30 USD. :/

“Nate”‘s mother’s openness is kinda weird. :O Erh, she let him go to potty while playing with a doll house with you? 0.0;; Uh….

He, erh, hit you with a dictionary? That must’ve hurt… :( Eh, hopefully you still don’t know him.

I’m responding to your comment here since your site is moving. :) Good luck with it! ;)

Our yearbook actually cost about $10 or maybe less – I can’t quite remember. It was not good quality but definitely something to remember. I wouldn’t like it as much if it was full of things from other year groups too.

Yeah, it was very, very awkward! D:

You’re right, I don’t talk to him or anything anymore. We went to different high schools and I’ve not heard from him at all. We just did not get along. :P

University was my best years, followed by high school. Guess uni was different for me. I lived at the university campus away from my parents (I only went home during holidays). I had complete freedom to do as I wish everyday. I was pretty stressed the last two years tho because of the work, but once that was all over it was just party party till term ended. High school was ok, made some good friends, haven’t really kept it touch with many though. I’m much closer to my uni friends tho (guess cos I lived with them for 3 years).

Eww at the potty thing! that is SO embarrassing! I would NEVER EVER let me child do that. I feel embarrassed for Nate because I guess that wasn’t the first time he used his potty in the open.

There was this boy that I fought with a lot when I was in my first primary. We lost contact when we moved and never saw him again.

Hahahaha, what the hell?! XD Some people have NO shame! /poo 🤬 Naughty Nate. /sweat

ACCKK!!! You’ve reminded me of yearbooks Georgina! NEUOO!! :(( I am so disheartened with ours because of the school administration trying to take over our publisher and URGH we paid for it and after 2 darn years, IT’S STILL NOT HERE. I want to smash their heads or something… sorry for being all violent! Been a long time since I commented and here I go acting like a lunatic. Sorry for not commenting! :(( Been really so busy argh i hate it :( See, I didn’t even return your comment yet, I’ll return it once I read all the comments…

I agree, high school is one of the best years of my life (just not first year XD) and I really like high school better than college. It’s so nice to see that your yearbook is so special! That’s what it should be :D It’s a memento! :D

OMG WHATTASTORY!! hahaha XD I can’t believe he hit you with a dictionary! I can’t believe he POOPED right in front of you and your 3-year old self had to endure that horror! You need a hug dear >:D< hahhaa!

Sighs… I remember losing a childhood friend though :( It's so sad that we can't go back to what we used to be (man it sounds so cliche -_- but that's what I really wish).

Well to Nate… HAHAA XD Can't stop feeling O_O over that!

Hmm I’ve never seen an Australian yearbook before so I can’t compare. But if you say they’re different than I’d agree with you.

Haha, when I got it the first thing that came out of my mouth, to bad my car stereo doesn’t work or I’d play it right now. It’s freaking cool! I love all the songs on it. At first when I started hearing songs on it that leaked on the internet I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it and like it. But I’m glad I did. Kara from American Idol sings with him too! heehee so does Jack Black :D.

On Monday night he was on WWE (wrestling), and got bullied. But oh well; he kinda was asking for it. lol.

You’re very welcome for the comment on the youtube thingy.

Yup there will definitely be more pictures and me in them this weekend. Hehe.

Yeah my family is pretty confident that I won’t lose my s.s.i. because if they see the psychiatrist report and what meds I’m on they won’t take it away from me. I hope not!

Your yearbook sounds so neat. It’s definitely different from ours in the USA. I’d prefer that style to ours, it’d be more special I think.

Wow that’s just about every jerk’s description . They always want to be superior to someone . As for the year book situation my 5th grade one was pretty much handmade as well . Im a HS junior so I haven’t received a HS year book yet but I’ve seen them and they’re pretty much the same people since freshman year it isn’t entirely different .

Yeah, I don’t even know what “freshman” year is; we don’t use those kinds of terms in Australia. As I said, we only get it during our last year at a school, mostly high schools, and we don’t even have “junior” high. We just have primary school and high school.

I don’t really download a lot. I don’t even know what our limit is! Our internet is all free because my dad works for the internet provider. We are so lucky :D

I’ve only just got my details through for my online banking account so I will set that up this weekend.

Your my works for YSL?! I love their products! I had some free samples of the perfumes and I loved them ♥

We only have a year book at the end of high school. Even though it’s my last year I don’t think we will be getting them because the prom is costing so much. I would love a year book though. I read my brothers and I couldn’t stop laughing!

I have 11 days left at high school! That’s so scary!! I don’t feel ready to leave. I will have to still have to come in for the exams but at least I will have the free time to revise.

I love high school. I hate the actual school but the atmosphere and my friends are just amazing! They make school feel worth going to.

I think there is always someone at school we try to compete with. It kind of annoys me because I wish I didn’t have to compete with someone and I could just be myself.

Thank you. ;D I’ve collected everything in only two years.

Over here it’s hard to skip a grade when you’re in public school, because you have to have enough extra credits. In private school you just take a test.

The first and second Terminator movies were the best, in my opinion. The third movie…it was okay.

If it’s something that I can make-up in a day or two, my mind wouldn’t consider it as “important,” and most likely forget about it.

Whenever people compliment me, I feel slightly awkward. xD


Right now the cost of a yearbook for my high school is $80. Too expensive. I’ve already told myself that I’ll only buy a yearbook when I’m a senior.

Whoa, I can’t believe “Nate”‘s mother let him urinate in public. o_O I mean, I don’t really care when people say that they have to go pee out loud (I am one of those people), but really? Taking care of a bladder business in front of people?
I’ve had a similar situation when I was four…My two cousins, ages four and seven/eight, finished taking showers and danced around me naked in the room we shared while I was hiding under the covers. (They were staying over for a week because the rest of their family were in Vietnam and the parents thought they were too young.) There was no way that I could get out of that room without seeing anything. But I saw their penises anyway. =/ I still see them from time to time. My cousins, I mean. xD

I’m not a fan of Star Trek so I had to google that phrase. =))
Yes, revenge can feel so good.

Your yearbooks are definitely different from ours. We have the normal, more expensive ones. I don’t know which I prefer…I like ours because they include all grades, so they also include my friends that are in different grades. But I like yours also because it’s more personalized.

I suppose that I can say that high school has been the best part of my life, although it hasn’t been that great. I don’t really want to go to my childhood because I was way too naive back then.

Haha, that story is hilarious…some parents and kids have no shame whatsoever. Too bad that you didn’t mention that when you were competing with him…I think that would have trumped everything else. I’m assuming that you don’t have any contact with Nate anymore?

Your yearbook sounds so much better then how ours are (in Canada). I think it would be so much more momentous to have a recollection of just people in your grade.

However, I can see the benefit of our way too – inter-graded friends, relationships between grades, etc.

We love Klingon, yes we do :) I want to learn it but I’m too lazy.

What the hell with this kid ‘going potty’ in the middle of his house with visitors there? That’s a little confronting…. You totally should have brought it up. Nice little slap to his ego there :)

Your school’s yearbook sounds cooler than ours – ours is all posh and un-personal. Then we publish a ‘school magazine’ which is like a posh yearbook for all grades, each year. I’m on the committee to make it, but I don’t think the deputy principal likes my rather sarcastic brand of humour.

Woo Klingon! I also feel compelled to learn the language too. It’ll be difficult but it’s something to do in my spare time. I wonder who I would be able to converse with though… :P

LOL, indeed. He was quite arrogant back then. I don’t contact him anymore and I don’t know of his whereabouts. He changed from when he was younger.

My brother’s school has a yearly “magazine” where everyone makes contributions and it’s a whole-school thing. It’s pretty cool; I sort of wish my school had done something like that.

I was on our yearbook committee; I felt proud. :D Unfortunately we had to censor every instance of the “F” and “S” words, and we weren’t allowed to use a certain word starting with the letter “N”. There were a lot of things we had to fix up, because we didn’t want anyone to be offended at our yearbook (for example, a parent). On one occasion when we had an assembly, a student’s father got extremely angry and complained when his son’s name wasn’t pronounced properly. /sweat

Wow, you got a yearbook? My school doesn’t even do them. It sucks, epically. I bet they’re super cool :D

What the hell? He used his potty infront of you and your mum? D: thats not weird at all.. :S Some people have no shame, seriously.

I’m also commenting to tell you I’m using your Blue Stripes wordpress theme, and that I love your site. :)

Wow, what a little turd. D:
I bet he’s the kind of person who’d buy a real shitty car and then ‘pimp’ it out with crap. Instead of buying a car that’s naturally superior. Douchenozzle.

Let’s set him on fire /frog

I like revenge with bananas /bounce
Because. Hrrng


Hahahaha, he’s pretty arrogant. The last time I saw him was in year nine or something, at a music theory exam. He seemed nicer but still had that egotistical air about him.

LOL, remember Mustang girl? XD

Bananas are squishy. :B

* Hugs for you too, Georgina *

thanks for your understanding. I feel I need to take a break from my website, so I’m on hiatus. Well it took me a few days to return your comment, but here I am now.

thanks so much Georgina! :) I hope so. The final exams will start on May 26.

That’s okay. I’m also following you on Twitter :)

I agree with you, I also feel that the days are too short. That’s true, I also I have ever thought that there should be more hours in a day, to have time to do everything. I know. I understand how you feel.

thanks! Glad you like it. Yeah sunsets and sunrises are so pretty. I love them :)

I understand that. I so with my mother. Maybe in a few years what you say. You’re old enough to make your own decisions, but sometimes you need the opinion of parents to succeed in the decisions.

your welcome! I’m glad you feel proud of your mark, I also feel very proud of you. I see that you work hard for it. Thanks for your words of encourage:)

Yeah poor Wolowitz. LOL.

Take care you too and thanks so much again :)

Here in Spain we have no school yearbook. We just have a sort of graduation party to in the last year of High School. You’re lucky to have gotten a school yearbook for your school stage.

It is true that throughout our years of high school we stuck with the same people, in the same classes. And it’s nice collected quotes, photos and many more things in the yearbook. I would like to have one, but that will not be possible here.

I’m glad for you high school was the best time of your life. I do not keep very good memories of that stage. Personally, I prefer the university. I remember that the school was fun at times.

oh that boy “go potty” in the middle of their home with visitors there, which horror. I think you should have brought it up, so you gave it a small blow to his ego.

The quote you’ve written the end is very true 👏

Hey there. ;)

I don’t even think we have yearbooks here? Well, at least we didn’t at my school.

All we done at the end of high school was bring our own notebooks or something in and let everyone in our year (or below) sign it to say goodbye, haha.

Even if it were “cheap” at least you still got something! My school sucked and didn’t wanna do anything for us haha.

Agreed, high school was the best time of my life. I had a pretty shit few years, from year 7-9 but after that it was good. I actually can’t remember anything from primary school… except I was always in trouble for fighting. o_O

LOL it’s hardly you’re fault you lost with the height thing, I mean you are pretty short! :P I believe we’re the same height so I can’t really say anything! :P

That’s quite gross though, letting your kid just go potty right in the middle of the lounge. Especially in front of a girl, like dude. I know you were young and everything, but still. o_O

That’s so rude of him to hit you in the head with a dictionary! :O You should have said that though, it would have been funny. xD

I actually had to click the link to see what Klingon was LOL.

Oh my parents listened to ABBA and The Beatles too! :D Actually my step dad still does…

2004 does seem so far back now. :| I was only 15.. jeez time flies. Yeah I used to do that too, me and my sister used to watch “Top Of The Pops” and get our music from there haha. I don’t like that sort of music anymore either.. blah.

I like some death metal, but not a lot. Everyone tells me to listen to Japanese music haha! Never have though.

Yeah me too. Rob listens to a lot of rap, pop etc music but I never say to him “that’s shit” but he does it to me about my music. Whenever he says it about Breaking Benjamin I go mad haha! I won’t say what he calls them, people might find it offence. o_O

That’s cool you discovered them on another website though. But I know how upset you were when they broke up. :( I’d be the same if BB did!

Oh yeah I’m fine with people I don’t know, I mean I don’t give a shit what they think, like I don’t see what they’re saying all the time. Hahaha yeah, we’ve talked about this tons before. :P But it just annoys me, especially that one person (IDK if I even mentioned it to you before LOL).

Yeah that is a shame you won’t ever see them. You could always go and see Ben though! :P

LOL I always blog at awkward times so maybe that’s why! :P No one will watch the god damn video, I want to share their amazingness.

LOLOL at your answer. Luckily, no one has done yet! :P I never reply to those comments anyway.

I listened to God Loves A Challenge on their MySpace (you linked me there~) but I can’t download their songs though. I quite liked a couple of their songs, though. People keep mentioning Anberlin to me and telling me to listen to them, haven’t done so yet.

I recently found a band called Sick Puppies, they’re from Sydney. :D You should give them a listen! They are similar to Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace etc! :P

K I’m rambling now..

Awesome, I love the differences.

I’ve never even seen a yearbook… But I kind of now what it is. Cheap is good! It’s cheap. :) Handmade things are always awesome!

I’m in “high school” and let me tell you, so far I just want to get the fuck out of here. High school so far is so shit, I prefer my primary school to be honest. I don’t remember what happened before primary school. LOL. :(

Say what?

He peed in the lounge room INFRONT of you?

… I don’t know how to react.

I’ll tell you that I have a spazzy twitchy eye at the moment. :) LOL. That’s rather strange but .. Yeah.

Haha, I used to do that with my sister. I used to have a little contest with her every single day. Who had the most barbie dolls and shit like that. We were all immature at one point in our lives, like me, then and now. ^^

I rather have your type of yearbook where you get it at the end of high school than every year, because most of the same people will be in it each year anyways.

Thanks for the suggestion! I think I’m going to do PHP, so I’m sort of doing programming and web design at the same time, in a way. XD

Most likely. :D

My friend had to go to private school for a year or two because the public school system thought that she was too young.
I’m the youngest in my grade, and since I’m a freshman, I’m the youngest person in the school.

I want to join the yearbook committee next year but I don’t know if I’ll have time.

The farthest I’ve seen was my friends in their underwear in the smelly locker room.

What? He hit you in the head with a dictionary? Maybe if there was a maturity contest between you two, you’d win. I also lose at height contests. I’m a short girl -_- meh.
And Nate and his mom letting him poop on that place and at that situation is really disturbing =.= haha if you actually told him that, I dunno. I would want to know what he’ll say XD
This post reminded me of my own annoying rivals in highschool XDD

Yearbooks are totally different for the two of us. We happen to get everyone’s pictures from that year. In primary school we get like a piece of paper that has our class group in it.

Awe, you and Nate… that sounds funny. :) I am sorry you got hit in the head with a book. /pow

1993… Those were the days… that I was born! Man girl you are so old! I am kidding!

I never heard of that phrase.

Oh by the way, my brother just goes where ever. It is disgusting. My dad and Christina (step-mom) just allows him to.

I am sorry for not being clearer, I meant what brought on the rant of being ugly, dumb and stuff.

I never wrote my name in silly text, but I was bored one day and was checking Justin’s site out and seen it, I just liked how the letters sat.

I am so so sorry your grandparents passed away when you were younger.

Oh yeah Mallory is rocking, but my town is very prejudice, I’m not I have cousins that are different coloured skin and such, but most older people judge someone on the way they look.

37 comments.. Oh my! I probably would faint if I had that many to return

I know what you mean. I think guys have some sort of thing at the back of their head that tells them: “Maybe if I tell this girl she’s hot, she’ll want to do sexual things with me!” Or something along the lines. Guys are morons — truly they are.

Dude, my ex’s did the same thing to me! Whenever we were around normal people, he could care less, but whenever we were around his “friends”, he was all over me holding me close to him and acting like he ran the place. Really… really? I didn’t know you needed me that much, so what the hell am I even doing here?!

Hah! I don’t blame you. I can be a bitch sometimes too if the situation is worthy enough. :P For the most part, I keep everything in my head. I’m going to tell everyone off on graduation day; I’ve already made a promise to myself and my best friend that I was going to punch my ex-best friend. I know that sounds bad, but you don’t know the drama between me and her. /hmph

I’m one of those girls that move fast. For example, if I like someone, and I find out he had a girlfriend, or whatever, I’ll pretty much force myself to not like him anymore. Then again, if me and a boyfriend break up, I typically get over him in a week. Obviously he’s the loser for cheating and dumping me, right? Not going to lie, all my ex’s are literally begging for me to take them back. Get a life… /ehh

I suppose I too would like a biological kid, but I cannot imagine a kid forming inside of me for 9 months… Plus, what if my original intent was to have one kid, but I ended up having twins?! I guess I would be SOL, but fuck that — I’m not taking any chances.

10,503 comments?! Well, I’d imagine you’d have more now, but what the fuck!? Haha that’s a shit load! XD Does that count from when you first started using WordPress a year ago, or from when you were still using Fanupdate too? Either way, holy crap… :O

When do you comment on your own blog to other people? I’ve been thinking about doing that to people that leave me “blah” comments that I could care less about, but I’ve been going to their sites and leaving them the same “blah” comments. XD That’s hard for me since I tend to write a shit load…

Yeah, I can respect the bands that are all about their fans, but not the ones that are money hungry. Seriously, how could you do that to the people that made you successful to begin with? Sad to say, but without their fans, they’re pretty much nothing. Just as blogging and such goes, if you show your visitors you don’t care, they won’t care either, so they’ll stop visiting all together. Whoa! Look at that — I totally just made up a real life scenario. /cool

White rice is mostly an Asian dish, but it’s soooo yuuuummmmy! /ehe Especially with gravy and other nifty things added on top. O:

Ah, I think that’s a pretty neat idea! I personally hate how you have underclassman in the yearbook when they haven’t been in high school nearly as long as you. What do they need a yearbook for anyways? Haha. They’re still going to see the same people the next upcoming years.

Cheap, or not. I think the whole idea is more personal because it literally shows everyone growing up through the past years.

I personally hated all my years in school… there wasn’t a particular time in my life that I said, “ZOMG! This was the best year eva!” I suppose it was because of the fact that I kept moving during my elementary and middle school years; I never stayed in one place long enough to actually develop real “friends” — not until 8th grade anyways.

Ew… that’s so gross! Oh, yeah there’s no better way to teach your kid to go to the bathroom, so you make them take a piss in your friends living room?!

I only now just realized how long this comment is… /ehh You’re welcome? ♥ LOL.

LOL How funny xD. My school in Canada was soooo lame. One of the teacher’s idea of a “Yearbook” was a “Yeardisc” What a looney tune! Who the hell wants a disc that they have to pop into a DVD player that soon is going to be completely replaced with a BluRay System.. and you can’t even sign a damn disc what the hell. So we had to do an “Underground” yearbook which was a little biased if you asked me cause it was basically around the group of people that made it so it really wasn’t a all around book… But at least we got one to hold…

Take care

I do have Vista. There’s some problem with it; the space keeps on decreasing so I figured it would be better to reinstall it. I have Windowx XP but I don’t use it much as I prefer Vista. :P I’m using it now, though. I really want to change my layout.

That’s exactly how I feel. And then again, my relatives do judge me because I don’t talk much. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I’m tired of being made fun of all the time for not talking.

I knoww. Relatives indeed can be boring a lot, but you just have to be friendly with them. Otherwise, like I said, they judge you. One of my aunts constantly taunt me and my mom later tells me that I’ve been “disrespectful” not talking to them. Well, the way my aunt makes fun of me, it’s more likely that I’ll respond angrily. So my mom should feel it’s better that I keep my mouth shut. :/

Thanks! <3 Hehe a lot of people have their birthdays in June.

I have never had a big birthday party either. I've only invited some of my girl friends, and sometimes my mom felt like inviting a few relatives. I doubt even if I invited all of my friends, it will be "big". :P I don't have many friends, and of course as you know I have no close friend outside school. Thankss. :)

Haha I guess that's because you tell people whenever you feel mad at them or something. :D My sister had once thought about tutoring kids. She told me to ask all my friends if they needed a math tutor. A couple of them said yes, but they said that they wouldn't choose her as a tutor if she was as crazy as I was. XD

Hehe that's pretty funny.

My mom also knows I play about on the internet but not that I have a website or anything. But she always checks up on me while I'm studying. I guess she doesn't trust me that much. XD

Haha my mom would get horrified if there weren't any changes in the house for such a long time. It's nice to see changes in the house, but having workers every month gets really annoying. :/

Your welcome! I would have been surprised as well. :P

Thanks. :)

Hehe that's great. People should be more like you.

We get yearbooks at the end of each year, pretty much like the American and Canadian ones. I think the ones in Australia is really special. Instead of getting ones each year, you get one at the end of high school and it makes it all the more special.

Haha my school is pretty much small and cheap as well. :P Sometimes we don't even get yearbooks, and the yearbooks are probably the only thing they spend some money on. Most of our other things are photocopied. XD

As you know, my country doesn't have all that high schools and stuff. It's just one school from kindergarten till O Levels. So yeah, I guess my school life would be better than when I get into college. At least that's what I think. :P

LOL. My mom is also friends with the moms of different students in the school that I wouldn't probably be friends with. So it was annoying when we had to go to their houses and such. Nate must have been seriously very pompous and annoying if six years made no difference.

LMAO. Seriously, some parents just don't care at all that other people might be uncomfortable if their kid "pottied" in front of other people. XD

You should have said that! It would probably have been fun if you could see his expression. XD

Hey first i would like to apologise, sorry its taken ages to reply back. sorry sorry sorry.

The course i study at TAFE is cert IV in business (public relations) thats the actual title but i just call it PR. Its a pretty good course, some classes are really boring.

Whats your ticket system called? We have metcards but they have introduced myki, its a prepaid touch on touch off card, i dont like it because its caused so many problems i think its a little cheaper im not sure.

Yeah, I hate packed trains sometimes i leave class early so i can get a seat lol

I never got a yearbook :( cos our school banned it or something, im not too sure but then then all the year 12 students were gonna go behind the teachers backs but then it took ages to put it together then people were class stuff it no point, i got really disappointed

I never liked high school. I only liked year 12 (last year) because it was the final year
But its an important part of our life because we learn a lot about ourselves so there are so many memories good and bad from high school

Hehe yeah we all got our shirts signed and stuff like that too. I still have the shirts somewhere~ That is a unique idea for sure; getting your guitar signed. I wish I had a guitar lmao. My ex-boyfriend lent me his acoustic guitar a few years back. I could play the beginning of Buck Roger by Feeder but I needed a left handed guitar. xD

Haha yeah, well that’s alright then. :3

Yep that’s definitely true. All the bad days, months, years are canceled and blocked out by the good memories. :3

Hehe me too! :D I haven’t grown since I was like 15… I have my theories about that now though..

Wow I can tell that Nate had a bad temper. o_O Reminds me of my sister, she has a rather big temper on her. She whacked our mate across the back with a plank of wood with nails in for no reason. :|

Hehe, the Beatles are pretty awesome though.

Oh thanks, I’ll have to give him a listen. Not sure it’ll be my cup of tea mind. MMM TEA.

Ah, it’s 10:03am and I have a cup of tea as soon as I get up but I haven’t had it yet. -_- Random~

Nah he doesn’t make racist jokes or what not about them, just calls them crap and stuff… it makes me sad lmao. It offends me though. XD He tried to get me into his music a few years back, it worked for a little while. I have 2 songs of his that I actually like but I don’t listen to them obsessively.

Haha oh yeah, you get who I mean then. I rant and bitch to so many people I lost track lmfao.

Hehe I know he is, you loveeee Ben. :P

Hehe you commented at 3:54am my time. o_O I don’t like timezones cause when I go back to work, I’ll barely get to talk to you at all.. :(

Yeah same here. I admit, I’ve been really lazy with comments lately and reply to a few on my blog for no reason at all. o_O IDK why.

That sounds like an awesome site.. xD But it’s okay, I probably wouldn’t get into them. :3

Ohh okay. I probably won’t give Anberlin a listen then. :P I like trying to find bands that people hardly know about. Quite a lot of people haven’t heard of Dead By April which is cool. They’re Swedish. :3

Oh awesome. :D I really like the songs Asshole Father, Fly and I Hate You by them. :D