I Am Terrible?

“I am terrible” seems to be my catch phrase of now (“now” being the present, “now” being in this day and age). It just seems to be my nasty way of wallowing in self-pity for not doing all the things I planned. Cozza says that I always seem to get everything done that I plan to do. Well, eventually I do, but sometimes, I don’t.

I made a plan about ten hours ago to get some stuff done, and I didn’t get it done. That really sucks. When things don’t go to plan, I find it disappointing.

I seem to think that I am “terrible” because my plans always poop up. But – but! I read part of the book, The Little Red Writing Book by Mark Tredinnick, and he puts it quite bluntly:

Have a plan – don’t stick to it.

Which does make me feel less awful about not sticking to plans. Tredinnick says that you should have a plan so you know where to start, but be prepared to wander off the chart. Unfinished to-do lists sit everywhere for me: on my computer, in random .txt files, but most of all, on the point of humiliation – Woodnotes.org – the domain in which I dump all my thoughts and other rubbishy to-do lists which sometimes never get done until weeks later, long after I’ve ignored the list already. :P

So I give you permission to wallow in self-pity for not completing your to-do list in any way you please… however

I do not give anyone permission to make fun of themselves and believe that they are ugly, dumb, stupid or “can’t do anything”. If there is one thing I hate about the modesty of people, it’s being modest to the point that it’s ridiculous. 🤬

Constantly calling yourself “dumb” or “ugly” is extremely pathetic. Deep down you know you aren’t “ugly” or “dumb”. Have some faith in yourself, damn it! I know you might think you aren’t all that attractive and you suck donkey balls at math. But we shouldn’t look at our flaws or accentuate them. If you’re horrible at maths, you don’t accentuate or exaggerate it. “I’m dumb!” is clearly an exaggeration of “I’m bad at maths”.

If you didn’t feel comfortable with a part of your body, like huge arms, you wouldn’t wear clothes that bring attention to that area. You wouldn’t want people to see your huge arms. You certainly wouldn’t talk about it.

I know I, personally, am bad at mathematics. “I’m bad at maths” is enough for me to say. But I don’t say “I’m shit at webdesign”. Because, come on, I have faith in myself. I know I’m not shit. I’m not perfect, but I know myself better than anyone else does, and I’m going to be truthful to myself.

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Lesson learned, definitely. Properly fitted shoes, all the time.
Wow, I wouldn’t be able to live without amazon. I mean I’m from Scotland so I use amazon.co.uk not amazon.com. I would have thought there would be an Australian one.
Great blog by the way. It’s lovely to just be sitting at the computer stressing about French and read a nice confidence boosting blog. :D

I have to do list everywhere as well. I’ve tried using web apps like Remember the Milk, iphone to do list apps, writting it on a .txt file on the pc & writting on paper and sticky notes. I never do any of them! Sometimes I write them and then don’t look at it again.

I sometimes doubt myself in things as well & exggrates as well. If i can’t do something I’ll probably say “I’m so stupid” even tho I know I’m not. I just can’t work that out at the moment in time. I think it’s a habbit of mine to exggrate everything. Definitely isn’t a good thing, been trying ti not exggrate as much but kinda hard when it’s like a habbit now.

Well first off, you’re not terrible. You’re awesome. (H)

That sucks that you weren’t able to do as you planned. I’m sure you’ll be able to finish it real soon, though!

It’s nice to be modest, but you’re right; if deep down you know that you are beautiful/smart/whatever, then just say thanks instead of “Shucks, no I’m not! You are.”

I admit, I’m like that sometimes. I say “I’m possibly the worst person in Math.. EVER.” I’m usually like that when I get really low scores so I feel really down. But you’re right, I should have faith in myself.

Oh, and I’ll be returning your comment tomorrow. I decided I’ll return them all at the same time. ;)

HAHA, your toe is itchy? that is random. i hope its not itchy anymore :P

ehhhh, ive been holding on things that need to be done for quite a while. i promised myself i’d do it all today :P i WILL. AHHH. oh darn, maybe i should make a to do list.

POSITIVE THINKING. i guess sometimes its hard NOT to think negative, but it is important to try your best to be confident.

SO true. 👏 (Y)

I also found it strangely comforting that you are bad at maths, too! (Honestly, I literally do suck! 😰 I had to have a tutor that gave me extra lessons because nothing ever stuck. /ehh)

Haha, you’re definitely NOT the only one! I also had to have a maths tutor – I spent ages looking for one close to home. I found one, but so far away from home, and expensive too. I almost feel bad about forgetting everything I’ve learned from high school! :(

Pfft, who *is* perfect anyways? I know I’m crap at math, which is why I retook it ;) I think there’s a big difference between knowing you’re bad at something (and not doing anything about it) and knowing that you’re bad at something, but still trying your best to understand the thing that you’re weak at.

I have a book of writing tips that I had to buy for a 100-level English class (university, not high school), and it told us to brainstorm ideas for essays, but to “be prepared” to take one of those ideas and go off in an entirely different direction. Life has a funny way of doing that to us ;)

I was very bad at maths in high school, now I’ve almost completely forgotten what I learned. I feel bad to the point I might go over my maths work and try to re-learn everything. :P

I always make plans to do stuff and 9 times out of 10, I never get them done. Sometimes I feel terrible, but obviously it depends on what I planned to do.

That quote you picked out is so true though. Plans are sort of a guideline for what you want to get done. Sometimes plans never go to plan. (That made little sense~)

Okay, I absolutely HATE it when people say “I’m dumb, I’m stupid, I can’t do this”.. or even things like “OMG I’M SO FAT”.. Especially when they aren’t fat at all.

I can never understand how someone can call themselves fat, ugly or whatever yet post pictures of themselves all the time? If you really thought you were any of the above you wouldn’t be posting pictures of yourself…

Lol I like the last part. I HATE my arms, because they’re really skinny. So no, I don’t wear clothes that show them off.

I admit, I do say “I suck at graphic design” but deep down I know I’m not REALLY bad at it. I’m clearly not very talented in that area but I try, eh.

LOL! Tut tut, naughty Georgina! :P

I’m tempted to start harassing the authorities and what not, because seriously, why say he’s been evicted when he clearly hasn’t?! Ugh.

Well, I could hear the music clearly but my sister had to put her ear to the wall to hear it for herself. But yeah, it wasn’t really loud.

Snitches is; “A person who tells on someone”, heh. That’s what we are apparently.

Haha well I do still have the posts in a table in the database but yeah, I’m kind of glad in a way that they are gone… and hopefully he will be soon as well!

LOL I know, when I saw snitches written in the snow (at first I thought it said “skittles” hahaha~) I was like “LOL REALLY?” It was sad.

Yep indeed. Rob was with me though so if he did start anything more, Rob would have punched him haha.

Haha thank you. :D I haven’t even started it yet, low on inspiration~

You don’t need to add more premades; the ones you have are great. ;D

LOLOL that would be so amusing. People should realise by now how hard you work and should respect the fact you return comments at all.

Aww that’s good though. I never really cared for my education but now I really regret it. I wish I done better with my exams and such.

I already attempted to eat the cupcakes on your layout, heh.

I would have felt weird if my room was like a guest room. o_O Rob has a double bed but little room for anything else heh. I wanted a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom… they were out of stock. :(

Same here… even if she does get on my nervous I still feel bad for all the time we fought. We don’t get along still though hahaha.

Awww that sucks! :(

Lol yes, quality not quantity! :D

LOLL yes I do remember that review, it was rude of them to disturb Pink Floyd like that. It pisses me off when Breaking Benjamin gets interrupted, pfft.

(You don’t need to return this btw, you can start over if you want! I know you’re busy. :D)

Keep preaching it Georgie (= lol

I love this blog. Wonderfully written. I’m always making to-do lists, but I never actually stick to them. They’re more of a wishlist of things I’d like to accomplish, and will try to accomplish, but won’t beat myself over the head if I don’t.

I think young teenage girls have a huge problem with saying “I’m dumb” and “I’m fat.” Some are delusional and actually think so…which is such a shame! Nobody should put himself or herself down like that! We can’t start encouraging and loving others if we don’t encourage and love ourselves first.

No Georgie, you’re not terrible ;P

Aw, thank you Joyce. ♥

I used to get terribly angry with myself when I didn’t finish what was on my to-do lists. But ah, sometimes it just cannot be helped. And I definitely should not beat myself up over it.

I know some teens don’t have self-esteem, and it really is a shame. But I want to tell each and every one of them that they’re special in their own way. Everyone deserved to be loved for who they are. :)

I’m now very nervous about having to have surgery. Mostly because I havent recieved a call about the date yet as my doctor hasent been able to get a hold of the surgen. I’ll be glad once its over with because this pain is not fun at all…
yeah lol, I’m too lazy to change my website into something different as well.. i dont even know what I want to turn it into :/ haha!
really? thats strange.. cause most times google is needed when doing assignments. it holds a lot of valid information.. weird that they would block it, especially images lol.
we had a thing that would allow the teacher to see our computers from his, so if we were on facbook or something he would close it on us or fully take over our computer and read something out loud to embarrass us.. so we wouldnt do it again i assume lol.

I make plans a lot as well, and most times, none of them go accordingly. I don’t even know why I do.. I guess it could be the reason the author gives- you have to start some where. It’s very true.
I hate when people say their fat or ugly when their clearly not. I tend to say stuff about myself because I have low self esteem. I’m not sure if people can see it or not.. maybe they just see that I’m a shy person, who knows? I don’t mean the things i say, mostly because I have a boyfriend in my life- if i was as ugly as i said or thought i was, he wouldnt be with me because to him as well, I’d be ugly.
I think most of the time people say it to get attention, so people will say “no your so pretty!” I guess its a confidence boost, but I’d never do it just to make myself feel better.

Great advice. I think it’s important to have a balance between stressing out about getting off track/not achieving enough and never trying anything. Starting somewhere with a list or plan at least gets me going!

You’re absolutely right on that part you can’t tell yourself you’re dumb or you can’t sing or whatever. You gotta have some faith I do agree on that part. I couldn’t have said it better. :).

Oh yeah, I know you can’t say no to a kid but if they’re being bratty and cry and throw a tantrum like some of the kids that went with us than ya you can say no or ignore them. When you smack them on their behind and they start to cry let them cry. Ignore them that’s how you handle a kid you’re not supposed to be all lovey dovey with them after you smack their behind. That’s what Dorothy did with her kids. I was like @_@x2. When I saw that happened. lol.

I did tell Aimee my mother told me no one time and we were at Disneyland. She shut her mouth good that time lol. I think she got pissed off or something. We didn’t even watch the fireworks and she said that’s the whole reason why she came down here lmao. And we didn’t even pay attention to them. LMFAO!!! I’m sure when I go this weekend, with my two friends from church I’ll have a lot better time. I liked Tiffany and her two kids though. They weren’t so bratty like Dorothy’s and Kalene’s were.

ZOMG ! I know what you mean.

I can admit I am not that good in math this year. But God, I have been trying my hardest.

Every once in a while I put my low- confidence hat on and start saying I suck and all but I have got to stop that. It’s all total exaggeration (Hyperbole’s), when it comes to this kind of attitude towards yourself.

Psh, of course your not at all terrible. Not from what I can tell from these blogs, at least. Plans are always over idealistic, and you can’t be expecting to stick exactly to everything you write down on them. You do the best you can, or at least the most that you feel like doing, and that ought to be good enough for everyone ;]

I’m not vain, but I’ve never had self-confidence/esteem issues, perhaps because of my complimenting friends, perhaps because of my supporting parents, but probably just because of my attitude that involves not getting stressed (: haha, I don’t really put enough effort into ANYTHING, and it’s going to get me into some serious shit one day. For now, though, I’m pretty much just coasting along :/

haha I use the random txt file system too. XD

I like your comparison to body parts that you’re embarrassed of. It’s totally true. I don’t understand why people voluntarily call attention to exaggerated negative features about themselves. It’s more off-putting than the insecurity itself.

For the record, I think you’re very good at web design, and even if you don’t always conquer your to-do lists, I see you do so much and it always inspires me. You are no where near terrible. :)

Somehow we happen to lost touch or something. *…*

Sugar, may I ask what in the world. Where did that come from? That was a bit random.

I am not good with lists at all or outlines. I have to type the whole paper to make an outline.

When I make a list, I have to the things before making that so called list.

Sorry for such a short comment.

I listened to the backwards version of “Stairway To Heaven” yesterday, and it definitely sounded creepy.

Whenever I can’t stick to my plans I either: “Oh well. Forget it.” or “I’M DOOMED.” The second reaction would only happen if it’s a school assignment.

I wouldn’t really consider myself ugly or beautiful…more like an average, but somehow I never look the way I want to in my pictures (taken by other people), and yet I’m fine when I stare at myself in the mirror.


All of my comments go into moderation!! the last comment I left you went to moderation when there weren’t any comments!!! okay real comment after

BTW I got an e-mail from your reply but I do not see your reply here. & my comments are still awaiting moderation. … is there something going on with your database…?

I always tell myself that I’m terrible at web design hahhaaha but I don’t tell anyone else that. I just say it to myself to motivate myself to do something better..I’m quite lazy..

Just like you, I have a shit ton of to-do lists sitting around. I write them out but I never get a chance to check them off…UGH I HAVE TO..eventually I will..I know it. haha.

I have this cool program where I can write my to-do lists now though! It’s swwweeeet.

OH yah so btw. When I left you those comments on your last post, it said I posted it around 11 am my time or something & then the next comment was like 12 pm. SO yeah..& it went straight into moderation. :(

Yeah so I made Tiramisu for my mom & I had extra so I made some for Johnathan’s family. DAMN IT TASTES SO DELICIOUS!! Except the idiots who wrote the recipe are a bit ridiculous. They wrote that you should have like 1.5 lbs of marscapone cheese to make the creamy filling stuff & that’s a friggin lot..& so I had like this HUGE effin’ bowl of this cheese/cream thing that I didn’t even use all of. EFFIN’ WASTE OF MONEY. They also told me to use 2.5 cups of coffee to dip the lady fingers in..wtf RIDICULOUS. You don’t need 2 cups of coffee to dip the damn lady fingers in! Half a cup was more than efficient!

Apple in salads is definitely an acquired taste. I’ve come to really like fruits in my salad. Tangerines, blueberries, etc. I don’t know, I guess I like the different flavors.

I guess I’d say I’m decent at math..but I’m not a genius at it..I mean I can get by, I got to Calculus! haha but it’s not easy…at all. I’m really good at Algebra though. haha. That’s the only part of Calculus I could really handle…the Algebra..the rest was like OMG LKASJD;LKFASDKFJLKASDJ;KJ WHAT IS THIS?

Ah but plans that are left…to later..sigh. I’ve decided to write schedules for myself to follow so that I don’t stray. haha. I think you said you tried to do that once but it just didn’t work. Sigh.

Don’t feel bad about not going on the forum! It’s not a big deal. :)

Wow how motivational was that blog =P. You make me want to say wonderful things about myself xD haha. Ah well if only everyone thought like you huh? I guess sometimes when things don’t work out we want to say we’re dumb to get that extra motivation of “No you’re not, you just need to do this…” or whatever else.
As for the to-do lists, that’s absolutely correct. It’s good to have a start but do not expect it all to pull through. Paths of life always changes and if you expect all of what you planned to come true, you’re in for some major disappointments. We must embrace life and let things be. =)

Take care

Hahahaa omg, i had a phase where I said “I’m terrible!” all the time as well. Although i’m suuuper glad that it’s passed ><

But i totally get what you mean about people drawing attention to silly things about themselves. Personally I really hate when people keep complaining about things to do with themselves that they have the power to change, if they wanted to enough.

I almost always don’t follow my exact plans, but it always seems to work out better than I expected. :D

I used to be like that. I used to be the kind of person who exaggerated my flaws all the time. I used to have such low self-esteem. The thing is, even if I didn’t really mean what I said when I said those things, it didn’t really make things better. It only made me start to feel worse and worse about myself.

It made me feel bad about every tiny flaw. Most people don’t even notice those things before I pointed it out. I’m just glad I’m not like that anymore. :)

I also started drinking green tea for weight loss. But it only boosts your metabolism by about 3%. It doesn’t burn any fat; so it’s not a miracle worker. I bet your mum has nice skin though. :)

I just listened to the backwards version of stairway to heaven. It was kind of creepy…

I’m really bad at maths. I think it’s like being dyslectic (I think is the word). I want to learn, but I can’t. I don’t think that is a problem with me though. But it does leave out a lot of great career’s I want to do, which all involve a lot of maths. Maybe one day I will find a good tutor?! It’s just like reading tutorials on coding. You learn from a thousand tutorials, but there is only one that can teach you. One that talks your language if you know what I mean?

Thinking you’re ugly is horrible. I wouldn’t wish that thought on any one; not in todays society.

Hellooooooo :D

Hahahaha, jeez Georgie! You’re not terrible! Even if you don’t get all your to-do lists done. I can’t blame you. Your to-do lists are like 10 tasks long D: I usually have 10 tasks on my to-do list to complete over a WEEK D:

And Cozza is right, you always seem to get them done in the end. Whereas you should see the crap-load of stuff from other to-do lists that I haven’t done and therefore have accumulated. Hahaha. It’s so bad :P I’m turning into a lazy student D:

Mark Tredinnick is smart. :P Let’s make plans and totally drift off into random directions. WE CAN BE SPONTANEOUS! ✌️ I love being spontaneous XD

Hahaha! Thank you for your permission to wallow in self-pity. I shall commence wallowing upon finishing this comment. ^^ I’m GREAT at wallowing. I’ve been wallowing since last Thursday cos of my moot! LOL.

Ohhh….you definitely have a point. Even if you think you’re ugly, why would go you and SAY it at every single opportunity that came up. == And people tend to be self-deprecating towards themselves anyways. No need to tell the world!

Well I can understand being crap at accepting compliments. Cos when someone’s like “Hey, *insert compliment here*” I’m like: O_O Oh crap. What do I say to that?! IF I DISAGREE AND SAY THANKS, THEY’LL THINK I AGREE D: *stress*. But maybe that’s cos I’m overanalytical sometimes :P

LOL if you said anything along the lines of ‘I am so crap at webdesign’, I swear you would get bricked by me and a LOT of your web friends :P If you’re crap at webdesign, I must be the equivalent of a neanderthal pushing buttons on a rock when I attempt to blog :P Hahaha. Fortunately you’re not one of those people you’re referring too ^^

Hello! :)

Hahaha but there is always a lot to be done, that’s why! And I feel like I can fit it all in. Maybe I’m making them too long. But I always try to be specific so maybe that’s why it looks like I have a lot.

I am turning lazy too. I don’t know what the exact difference is between high school and university but I still remember not being bothered to do my maths homework, and that was pure laziness.

Spontaneous! :D I like to be spontaneous but so long as I’m not taking risks or anything.

LOL, you should win an award for wallowing in self-pity. :P

I try not to overanalyse the situation! A compliment is a compliment, and 99% of the time, I think they’re genuine, because I wouldn’t compliment someone on something that isn’t true. I wouldn’t even be able to bring myself to be so nasty as to say something like that.

OH NO, bricked! (New word! :P) D:

Thank you for your supportive comment Georgina, it means a lot to me, and if my friend were to read it she’d be really grateful too ♥
:P I lost the photo that I took of my artwork and quite frankly I’m ashamed of it. I guess I’ll upload the the main photograph I used on my flickr? Not sure yet :P

Oh really? I love female vocals! I guess males not only have their talented voices, but a bit of eye candy XD

Aww I wish I got Sheldon for the quiz :P

I read somewhere, which was quoting from one of those self-enriching novels about planning that you need to “plan to not follow your plan”. Which is pretty much the same as the quote you provided.

I’m guilty of exaggerating my lack of skills XD I say “I’m so dumb!” or “I’m such an idiot!” at least several times a day D: I guess that just mirrors what my self-esteem is like O_O

Aww, I’m so glad that you believe in yourself. A lot of people struggle so their self-confidence crumbles :( I partially blame it to the media. It can be so intimidating!

For some reason this blog post happened to be a coincidence. I had to told one of my friends the same thing (about the modesty part) a few days ago. To me, too much of modesty means a person is just ‘fishing’ for comments. The more you say you suck, the more people say you don’t. So there, some people get that sort of satisfaction? Haha. Pathetic!

No one really follows their to-do lists accurately, I guess. We aren’t machines =P. I still remember a few days back I had made this wonderful to-do list and the deadline was 6th of May, which is like 5 days BACK. Thanks to your blog post, I just remembered how forgetful I can be xD Anyways I’ll get them done. Better Late than Never :)

Uh. Self-pity. I hate people who completely indulge themselves into self pity. It doesn’t really work :D And oh, I went to Woodnotes.org and it’s amazing! I had a question in mind which I wanted to ask you, but now it’s answered. Lord, you own a lot of sites! Whoa :D

Huhu, self depreciation! /bounce

Yeah, someone isn’t dumb just because they are bad at one thing. Dumb implies total intellectual deficiency.
On the other hand, a problem I think with education is that kids are overly praised for things they get right, and insufficiently penalised for mistakes. Wrong isn’t wrong anymore, it’s just a ‘different approach’ or ‘Little Johnny is learning…for the third time’ etc
Kids think mistakes are okay and tolerable; so I’d hate to be in a space shuttle designed by people raised with the belief that nothing is…first-time critical. It really annoys me. /um

I really quite like your arms. And the rest of you 🤤

Brb, shower. /um

You’re not ugly. /love

Well I guess when kids are learning it’ll take a bit of time to get something right. I think it’s not so much as making a mistake, but it’s just getting used to how to do something. If you’re adding 1 + 1 wrong time and time again, I suppose that’s different from Little Johnny taking first steps. Ngege.

:O ♥

Hey, Georgie. :)
Thankyou for hosting CursedRainbow.org at your site, Floriental!
I was wondering if you could help me. You see, I am trying to install fanupdate for updates on my fanlistings.
But the thing is, I have done everything correctly, pasted the code onto my site, and etc. But the blog just won’t show on my site.
I have been reading all of your fanupdate tutorials, and also the tutorial with all the fanlisting ‘problems.’ I have also followed your tutorial on how to install FU. two time’s.
Please reply. (:

♥ Love, Tamika.
Glamourfied.info || CursedRainbow.org

Also please mind my picture XD I don’t know how it got on there. /hehe

It’s from your email address from Gravatar.com.

You’re welcome. :)

However, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t leave comments on my blog completely ignoring my post. There is a message above the comment box that states so. I write blogs so people can comment on them, not as a means of contact for help.

Also, commenting on my blog isn’t going to guarantee you a speedy response. Just so you know, there are about 40 comments I have under moderation to respond to, and if I didn’t read your comment now, I wouldn’t read it until another few days. If you have a problem with something, email me.

I hope you don’t mind me writing a new comment! Since it’s been a while and all so yeah.

I browsed back through your posts where you put the video of Ben Jorgensen singing; such a great song and a great cover!

I was once reading an article about planning things and there was that quote also :O I think it’s true–we can have plans but don’t stick to it. I am not good at getting stuff done in the right time, my plans usually get messed up easily D: (Talking about returning comments… I’ve planned to return comments ages ago but never got it done ugh)

I don’t like those people who are “degrading” themselves like that. I used to do that a lot but I’m trying to fix that now.

People I know offline often say and do “OMG I LOOK FAT, LOOK AT MY ARM” *shows arm* seriously if I were them I’d try to cover it, not talk about it and fix that stupid thing up :|

“I’m dumb” = I’m stupid at everything
“I’m bad at math” = I’m bad at math and that’s all

Why can’t people just… see the difference between them? :|

I never said that I’m shit at webdesign or writing, I have a faith in myself about that. I might not be the best on them but I’m not shitty on them :)

Hi Nnie! This is a late reply and all, and I wrote a new blog and everything, but I felt bad not responding. I am getting a suspended account notice on your site, perhaps you moved servers and I can’t see the change or something, but that is why I am responding here. :)

It’s fine about the comment, any time you want to start over feel free to do so. :D

Hahaha, I have been trying to get comments done for ages. I have never reached “0 pending” – or at least not for a long time. When I had none pending, you won’t believe it, I went insane and I nearly jumped out the window LOL. I was so happy. XD

Yeah, it’s so silly. A lot of people also seem to put themselves down just so others can compliment them. It’s kind of sad – then they would be inclined not to give a genuine comment. :|

Yes – if you’re watching The Big Bang Theory right now instead of working, you’re the worst. I kid.

I need to hunt down that book and read it. It sounds interesting. Maybe it’ll help me out with English /hmph

I keep notes everywhere too. I don’t use .txt files. I use sticky papers by Penta. They’re like little sticky notes but for your desktop. That way when I log in, I see them and realise what I have left to do.


That’s the URL if you want to try them. I think they’re great. You can change the colours, stick pictures too, and all sorts. Plus you can expand and contract lists :D Gah, I feel like an annoying salesman now. /bash

I would say I agree with the last statement, about saying your dumb when you fail at math being too much…but I have a really bad self esteem problem, so though I don’t try to draw attention to myself, if someone was to ask me what I think of myself, it wouldn’t exactly be positive stuff. /ehh Apparantly I was humble before, so when it dropped, it didn’t exactly help the situation. 😳

Sometimes I find it hard sticking to my plans. I’ll tell myself to buy “__” the next day and decide I can’t be bothered. Tell myself to revise, forget about it xP

Ahaha I have random to-do lists in .txt files aswell xP! Mm I do get what that person means, sometimes things just don’t got to plan and you have to accept a different route.

Ahh some people do really exaggerate! I think sometimes it’s really just for sympathy, it’s like you don’t have to be cocky – but have a little self confidence!

Thanks! I’m almost done the project now, I just have two pages that I need some teacher help with, and then I need to prepare the presentation which will be next week. It should be all done though, thankfully :D

Haha, I can just imagine! When I went prom dress shopping with my sister a few weeks ago, we had to walk down a mountain that was 200ft tall to get to the mall, because she didn’t know how to get there driving, and it’s in a weird spot so there’s no where to park. The mountain is basically a huge forest, and there’s stairs in the middle to go down. Going down was easy, but going back up.. holy fuck, I was dying.

Haha, yeah. Is there a reason WHY you don’t like movies? Just wondering xD

Canada is the same with the super hot summer, but freezing cold winters. I’ve started to HATE the cold though, so I like summer soooo much better. I kinda wish I just lived somewhere that the temperature was just around 20C all year round.

That’s pretty cool :) What exactly is paid blogging? I’m not sure when I’m going to end up getting the payout from bidvertiser, but hopefully soon!

Yeah, that would be a lot of time wasted going through songs only to find NO hidden messages xD

I have to admit, I look down on myself a lot. I don’t think I’m attractive, but when it comes to Graphic Design and web things, I don’t look down on myself because while I know I’m not the best, I know that I am pretty good and it’s something that I enjoy. My teacher has told me that I’m one of the best graphic design student’s he’s had, which was pretty cool to hear xD I feel kinda cocky saying it, but I KNOW I’m good at it, so how can I put myself down? xD

I have so many unfinished to do lists laying around my room. And they get done… eventually. Usually at the last minute.

I think everyone has those moments of insecurity where they say they can’t do anything, they’re ugly, blah blah. It only starts to get annoying when they say that more often then not.

I must say though that when I am frustrated I do have a terrible habit of yelling I’m bad at everything (sometimes I even believe myself).

You aren’t terrible, trust me! I feel the same way most of the time. I get in a productive mood, write up a to-do list, make everything easy for myself and then fall back down into the hole of procrastination.

I hate getting to the end of the weekend and realising you didn’t actually finish anything. Then I get all stressy – and stress is baaaaaadddd D:

I totally agree about the compliments thing, but some people (like myself) are just uber-picky perfectionists who are hard judges of themselves. Anyhow, at least people should thank you for the compliment, even if they disagree.

This was an interesting blog :) Oh, and in a reply from Twitter – having an old piano and shopping bags lying around is NOT making anyone un-socially acceptable. Honestly, one of my friends is highly ashamed of her house, but no-one cares – in fact, I love it :)

Sometimes I just say that I’m terrible, because I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished something. I really do want to accomplish something each day.

I usually always look forward to my weekends, but I am also disappointed when there’s lots to catch up on because I didn’t get much done during the week. :(

I know, but most compliments are genuine. One would have a hard time trying to compliment someone when they didn’t think it was true – it would be a nasty thing to do.

Ahh, my boyfriend never minded the state of my house; my mum just really wants it tidy all the time but it never is. /um

This is good advice; it’s okay to be bad at things, or to dislike something about yourself, but it’s not okay to emphasise your flaws because you want people to assure you that they don’t exist. I often declare that “I’m rubbish” when I don’t do things I mean to do, but I don’t really MEAN it. As a (very insecure) teenager I used to draw attention to all of my faults, but I just wanted somebody to tell me that they didn’t exist (and would then refuse to accept what they’d said! God, I must’ve been SO annoying.)

One of my favourite things about getting older and maturing is that I’ve learned how to accept my flaws, how to work around them, and how -not- to draw attention to them all the time! I’ve also learned that certain things I thought were flaws (being bad at maths, being unkindly blunt, being overweight) aren’t flaws at all, or they were the wrong part of the flaw to focus on — I’m not bad at maths, I’m bad at remembering formulas; I’m not just unkindly blunt, I’m honest; I’m overweight but I eat healthily and no longer hate myself for it; the list could go on for ages. :)

That’s the same way I think when I say I’m terrible; I definitely don’t mean it, but it’s mostly to acknowledge that I’m disappointed in myself for not accomplishing something.

It’s been hard for me to accept compliments on something like my looks, but over time I started to just smile and say thanks – sometimes I just don’t know what else to say, and I always have that feeling that no one would compliment me if what they were saying wasn’t genuine. :)

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I know, I am awfully sorry.
I should of had read the rule’s. I mean, I did, but anyway.
I am terrible. Haha (:
Okay, I will email you soon.

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I like that quote! I admit that I don’t stick to my plans, too, and I don’t really believe 100% that we should. Things happen, and how we intend things to be isn’t always going to happen, and it’s not going to be all that good either. Planning is just for guiding yourself. :) But most of the time, I don’t stick to my plans because of laziness. Now THAT is bad O_O

About the other modesty, that’s false modesty. They just tell people they’re ‘terrible’ because they expect others to contradict what they said and give them a compliment in return. At least that’s what my sociology professor told me. I believe it’s true most of the time. :)) Haha.