Hypnotic Poison

Lately I’ve actually been using the perfume I own. :) Today I put Hypnotic Poison (by Dior) on my wrists before we went out to eat as a family for dinner.

Dinner kind of sucked, ahah. We went to the same place… my mum likes going to that place all the time. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vietnamese food. But I like to try new things as well, and because we go to this place all the time, I was to try something different, and that “something different” isn’t always great. My brother takes the safe option of fried rice and pork chops. My dad usually doesn’t really care. My mum is picky. :P

Usually we choose a dish each and then split it up so we get a taste of everything. But no one likes anything I try… LOL.

I’ve had bad experiences the last few times I’ve tried new things at this restaurant. I liked the sound of noodles with shredded pork. It was great, but the vegetables on the dish sucked. Lots of bean sprouts and mint leaves and things. It was seasoned badly, I guess. The noodle itself and the pork wasn’t so bad!

Another time (which was only last week) I ordered raw salmon salad. I just wanted the taste of raw salmon (which I like). But the salad was balls. It had apple along with some pieces of ginger and… overall, too much vinegar. :(

My mum said I chose “the wrong stuff”. Well I wanted to try something new, can’t blame me if it happens to taste bad.

Today I ordered rice rolls with pork. Hmm, I didn’t quite know what it would look like. But it just looked like huge rolls of noodles. I was amused. I actually liked it as well, and the vegetables weren’t terrible. XD

So, back to perfume. I’m not really into makeup or anything, but I’ve got a random bunch of perfumes. The other day I put on the Beyond Paradise perfume James got for me last Christmas. :D

In other “today” news, I got a distinction in an assignment I got today. I’m so proud! It was something that needed a lot of research and was like an essay. I usually don’t do well in those. Woooo. /bounce

Lilian and I were also talking about backmasking in songs. She discovered a list of backmasked messages in songs. We were just discussing some funny backwards messages in songs. It creeped us out a little, especially the one in Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

The funniest was in a Weird Al Yankovic song, “Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands.”

Yes… who plays music backwards? ELO’s Fire On High has a backwards message, “The music is reversible, but time… is not. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!”

Time isn’t reversible… better not waste time. Hurr hurr.

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*giggles* I LOVE finding backmasked messages! /hehe How clever! XD ♥

I’m pretty much like your brother – I stick with “safe” foods. :X Though I am being good and opening up my food choices more, now! /wave Because my food habits are pretty much BORING. /ehh

LOL, it does get a little creepy hearing some of the messages! 😰

My food habits… well, I can’t say they’re boring, but most of the time I opt for any sort of Japanese food because I love it millions and tons. :P

whoa what’s in the backwards Led Zeppelin song? D: I wanna know! I’m gonna try after this. OoOooOh.. XD

So salmon salad was a fail? @_@ I also like trying new food. My family does that, too: ordering stuff and trying them all. Most of the time I get the yummy ones. Haha. Maybe I just have ~the gift~ lol -___-

But I haven’t tried going to a Vietnamese resto! :D I want to!

And I’m not into makeup or perfume. But I like…powder.. :D haha

Oh, that Hypnotic Poison is nice! I remember wearing that a little while back. Never tried Beyond Paradise though…what sort of scent family is that?

I think it’s quite admirable that you actually want to try different foods even when you’re restricted to going to the same restaurant all the time. I’m a terrible wuss when it comes to trying new foods – I’m really a very fussy eater, and I’m limited further by the fact that just about everything at all the restaurants we usually go to is meat-based. :(

Congratulations on another excellent grade, too! You’re on a roll! Keep it up, eh? *applauds*

That backmasking stuff is really fascinating, but I couldn’t help but notice the majority of those messages were pretty…well, how do I say it without sounding completely prudish? =/ I guess that’s why they’re backmasked though! I’d known about the reversed Lord’s prayer in that Cradle of Filth song for a long time though – some depraved lunatic at school sent me a link to it online, accompanied with a seizure-inducing flash of images of corpses (including foetal ones) at the end. Not exactly a pleasant thing to stumble across when you’re home alone at night and your mother’s out of town. /sweat

“Time isn’t reversible… better not waste time.”
Wise advice I should be taking myself…. *sigh*

I guess Beyond Paradise would be described best as a floral scent. :) It’s rather enchanting – that’s the word I’d use to describe it. (I applied for a fanlisting for the scent and hope to name it that if I am approved.)

Thank you! :D I have a clapping emoticon. See if you can discover it. ;)

Oh don’t worry, I’ve been scared shitless by many things, not just creepy-ass backwards messages. Backwards is not the way to go! :O

I have herd a few songs backwards, it’s weird lol. I love the layout you have, the cupcake makes me hungry. I am crazy about cupcakes and doughnuts! :)

I’ve been eating out a lot since I was a kid so i was ‘trained’ to be able to order delicious foods. All the foods I order when we eat out turns out to be delicious. So when my friends and I go out, or my family eat out, they always make me choose what to order. lol..

The problem I have when ordering is the foods I order turns out to be pricey. I don’t really look at the prices when ordering. Which is probably why I am always broke when i’m not even buying any stuffs.

I’m not big on makeup either, but I like perfume. ♥ It’s hard to find a scent that I don’t find too old-lady-ish, though, so right now I only own one bottle of perfume. The rest of my family hates the smell, but I like it, so when I want them to stay out of my room, I spray it all over the door. I did that last night when I was talking to my friend on the phone, but I sprayed too much and started asphyxiating on it. 🙄

Good for you for trying new types of food! I almost never try new things; I like to stick with stuff I’ve eaten before. I’m not a very daring person at all, although this year I have been trying a lot of new things :) I might start branching out with food for once.

Nice job with the distinction you got on the assignment! Keep it up! I hate writing essays, since they’re almost always on the most boring subject the teacher could think up. 😢

I have had to wear makeup on several occasions – just special occasions of course. I really didn’t like it. I own quite a few bottles of perfume, most of them are just samples or gifts… but still. ;)

My mum gets headaches when too much perfume is around, same with my boyfriend. :O

I like trying new Japanese foods I haven’t tried, generally because I tend to like Japanese food a lot more than others, and most things Japanese, I do like. :P

Thank you! Ugh yeah, essays are really the worst sometimes, you have to write academically… and you really have to think a lot. D:

Who’s perfume you’ve been using all along?

Wow, that’s some exotic food. I don’t guts to try raw salmon. I always get fried rice without any meat 😒

Congratulations yet again!! Girl you are on a roll XD
your parents must be so proud.

This is the first time I ever heard someone putting reversible messages in a song, that’s so cool.

Regularly, I can’t view my site or anything hosted by violinstar.net. /angry

My wordpress is hosted on violinstar. My cutenews isn’t.
So if anyone leave me a comment on cutenews or cbox I can reply to them.
I hope that made sense.

Man, that sucks that your Mum’s keen on going to the same resturant again and again — Sounds boring! And if not boring, then semi yucky, LOL. Although I admit I love the sound of some of those dishes you described … Obviously, though, if they were seasoned with a little more care. :X

My family and I only go out to eat maybe … Two or three times a year, max. It’s simply too chaotic and too expensive with six people in the resturant! And even then, the only place we can go to is McDonald’s, as everyone’s tastes are too varied to go anywhere else. 🤬 It’s not so bad, though, as I quite like McDonald’s for a special treat now and again! Like I said, I only get to eat it like three times a year. 🤤

Congratulations on that ‘distinction’ mark on that assignment of yours — But I say the teachers are nuts if you don’t get one of those every time you write an essay! Not that I’ve seen your actual schoolwork, but I’ve seen your online work, and it’s always submitted promptly and with great care, sooo I’m guesisng your schoolwork’s the same way! :D

And LOL @ the reversed messages in songs — I used to go crazy with those! I remember the first time I really ‘discovered’ them was on a site called You’re The Man Now, Dog, or http://www.ytmnd.com/ … There’s loads of random shit like that on there. XD Of course, a lot of it isn’t so tasteful, but that’s to be expected on that sort of site. XD

I don’t actually own much perfume, so I don’t use it much. :P I prefer body sprays because you can spray them all over your clothes though, I have like a million of those. XD

My dad always take us to the same place to eat all the time when I stay with him. It’s an old fashioned pub out in the country, and the food there is great, but it’s pretty boring as I only like 2 or 3 things on the menu, I’m very fussy!

That’s a good idea to split the dishes up so you get to try everything, I think I might recommend that next time we go out so I’m not stuck eating the same lasagne. :P

I didn’t think apple was part of a salad. O.o Well, a fruit salad obviously…but D: and it sucks about all the vinegar! :|

At least you tried something new! It’s pretty boring eating the same meal all the time!

Congrats on getting a distinction! :D

My appointment was originally set to a time when I was at work experience which I obviously couldn’t do, so I had to have it in school time. :/ I’m hoping that it won’t be rescheduled to school time though because I have a lot of exams right now. :(

I used to do that with pictures when I made icons. :P I thought if an image was 100 x 100px it was the perfect icon. XD

I’ve almost passed out at a show before but not because of pushing and shoving, it was just really hot. It was in the middle of summer and in a park, and never in my life before had I hoped it would rain soon haha.

Yeah, I do just need to tone up, but i figure it’s better to eat a bit healthier than I usually do. I’ve kinda been slacking again lately, but I have noticed a bit of change in my tummy so I guess that’s good :D & I’m going prom dress shopping tomorrow, so hopefully I can notice it then.

My parents LOVE to plant stuff. Over the winter, they grow a crap load of flowers and vegetables in the basement and then even more stuff outside in the spring, both at home & at the trailer we have in a camp ground. So there’s lots for me to take pictures of :P

It really is better to be safe than sorry, especially since I definitely don’t want him to die :P Plus, if they do find something, they can help it with a pill a day so it’s not THAT bad, as long as he was to take the pills daily.

Wow, you must earn a lot from your sites xD I don’t do much advertising or anything though, or get a lot of visitors so it doesn’t always work to have ads :P I’ve had bidvertiser for probably around two-three years now and I’ve JUST recently made the payout limit.. of $10 :P

& no, time can’t measure love at all.. but it is nice to see the couples who have stuck together through everything :D Old couples are so cute, the ones who have been together for decades and decades.. sooo cute.

It sucks that you always pick the bad food :P Or maybe you just end up going the days the veggies aren’t too good or what not. I went out for dinner last night with my friends & david, and the food was really good :D I had a chicken quesadilla (took me forever to get that spelt right.. I had to google it XD) and it was really yummy :)

I’ve never played music backwards, but those are some interesting messages xD I think it’d be cool to randomly find one in a song.. why you’d be listening to it backwards though, I have no idea xD



I’VE LISTEned (whoops, caps was on, too lazy to go back & change it hahaha) to songs backwards before! It’s interesting. I heard some Britney Spears song backwards..it was something like, “I’m not too young…to..” something sexual, I forget. haha.

HAAAHAHAH I always try new food all time!! 80% of the time, it’s good. The 20% of the time = disappointing…it’s okay. At least you’re adventurous with your food. haha this is why we’re twins. Gemini powerrr. My friend is like your brother, she picks the safest option she is familiar with while I’m always trying new things. The new things I try..she ends up liking! So the only new things she actually likes are the things I’ve tried..hahaha not very adventurous on her part.

Did you take pictures of the food you ate so I can see what you ate? haha I’m going to search your photoblog after this. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN THOUGH..I love chinese food but I started to hate it because my family used to eat at this chinese restaurant like every weekend & I just wanted to off myself with eating the same thing. That sounds pretty spoiled though, especially because at least I have food to eat. haha but I CAN’T HELP IT…it’s annoying to eat the same thing over & over again if you have the ability to try other places.

i LOVE THE TASTE OF RAW SALMON AS WELL..too bad about the salad tasting BLAGH though. I once put apples in my salad. I liked the taste of it. used to think fruits in salad = wtf? but I’ve begun to like the taste. Acquired I guess. haha.


Okay so I’m on my iMac right now & I have to say that reading my comments is irritating (the font is ridiculously small on the iMac) but yours is perfect. Way to go, Georgina. I’m going to ask you to explain something to me when I e-mail you because I know how much it irritates you when you get people asking you help in your comments. haha.

Ahhh Dior perfume. Good choice!! Dior perfume smells really good although I don’t know what yours smells like. I’ll test it out when I stop by the mall sometime soon. I have Chance by Chanel. I only use it on super formal occasions because well, it’s really expensive & I don’t want to waste it! haha

YAY! Thanks for understanding. ♥

Thanks Georgina, it means a lot coming from you. :) I’ve been thinking about upgrading the extension, but I’m pretty sure I’m keeping the name. God knows I suck at coming up with names. I feel bad for my kids… I’d probably name them something really generic.

Graduation is getting closer every day! At this point, I don’t have anything to worry about besides making sure I pass all of my classes; I’m a little skeptical as far as how exams will play out… D: I have bad study habits I’m afraid. /ehh

20 comments isn’t that bad though. Then again, I guess it depends on the length. 😰 I started over on most of my comments simply because they were way too long and I pretty much forgot what we were talking about. I felt bad, but I ended up returning the comment anyways. How many comments do you have anyway (if you don’t mind me asking)? I would assume 5,000 or something…? :P I only have around 250-ish. It amazes me how the heck you’ve responded to every single one as well! I’d give you an award, but I don’t have on at the moment. XD

Haha well, I don’t know why, I only like to read blogs and comment; I dislike returning comments once they actually reply back. I just want to read their blogs, reply back, then be done with it. Carrying on multiple conversations with people seems like a drag? Then when you get down to one-sentence each, you wonder why you even bother. /hmph

For the most part, I’m open to music too — I just dislike when I have people screaming into a microphone. MY lungs begin to feel numb. I begin to ponder how they manage to do it… I don’t mind R&B so much, but it’s never my first choice. I absolutely despise rap; it doesn’t deserve to be classified as a music genre. Most of the songs are kind of predictable anyway… don’t get me wrong, there’s an occasional song that I may enjoy. :D

Yeah, I get what you mean and it’s true. They assume that after they get a label, they don’t have to work hard or anything; as if all the glory, fame and money will come immediately. Personally, I don’t know why bands want to become “famous”. Sure better publicity, but if you notice, money and all of that tends to tear the band apart. It makes me sad… /wah

I actually got my new debit card today! I had to order another one, but I’m mad that it took almost a month to receive. Oh, well. I’m happy again! I have to be more careful this time though. :)

Gah, you lose money everywhere! @_@ I wonder how rich I would be if I counted all the money I’ve lost over the years — probably not that rich, but I’m pretty sure it’s a large some of money. /eee

Typically I hate wearing perfume, but I love it now! My mom bought me several perfumes for Christmas and I absolutely adore them. ♥ They smell so amazing. D:

We don’t really go out much to restaurants, but when we do I always play it safe. I like to experiment with foods, but if it’s at a place I rarely go to, I usually pick out the dish that I’m most fond of. Fried rice and pork chops sounds really good actually… we had pork chops the other day. /hehe I could live off of white rice.

I see you like to experiment everything — literally! The raw salmon salad sounds really gross in all honesty… I love salmon and salad, but I think I’d prefer them separately. I’m sorry! :( It must just be the restaurant? Or, they have really strange dishes…

Awesome! I noticed that you’re getting a lot of good scores lately; good job Georgina! You totally deserve it. ♥ I still don’t know you manage everything at once; my head would have surely blown off by now.

LOL. That’s so cool. XD I’ve always wanted to try that — play songs backwards. Though, I’m scared I’ll discover something very… demotic. I’ve been watching too much Ghost Hunters… /sweat

I clicked the link for the backwards messages and some of those are really funny. Especailly the one where Weird Al” Yankovic says “Satan eats Cheez Whiz.” lmfao!

I think the musicians just do that to be funny. And it works. But most people don’t know the backwards messages are there.

Congrats on getting a distinction (which I’m assuming, is a great thing) on your assignment. I wonder why Austrailia doesn’t have regular grades like the USA?

I don’t have a purfume, but if I did, I would so be wearing L by Gwen Stefani. It smells really good. The Harajuku Lovers perfumes, G, Love, Angel, Music and Baby all smell great too.

I can’t even remember the last time I went to a resturant. It might have been TGI Fridays. Not sure though. But my fav place to eat would have to be Bennigans. They have great food there. Also Fuddruckers is good too. Love their burgers.

LOL I just laughed when I heard his one saying “You must have an awful lot of time on your hands”.

Not many pieces of technology can play things backwards – not many record players could in the old days, so yes, it’s true that not many people would know the messages are there in the first place. :P

Thank you! :)

I actually haven’t smelled any of Gwen’s fragrances. I’ll have a snoop next time I visit the shops!

LOL I’ve never been to the places you’ve mentioned; the only one I’ve heard of is TGI Fridays – even then I’m not sure what it is like. XD

I’m a really fussy eater.

I went to an indian restaurant once. I ordered calamari and veggies. I’ve never eaten calamari that wasn’t battered before. This calamari was weird, and flat. The veggies were soft and soaked in flavoured water. It was horrible.

I wouldn’t be good at traveling to places to try new foods. When I went to vanuatu I always picked the common Australian foods over the vanuatu specials.

Honestly, I would much rather a pub meal then a fancy meal at a restaurant. I took my mum to a restaurant and I payed $100 for each meal. I got a $100 steak, and it was tiny. It didn’t come with sides either, just a leaf. The service was really nice, like on the movies. But the next night I payed $16 for a chicken Parmigiana, and it was huge.

What’s the massage in stair way to heaven?

Wow, you go out for dinner a lot :) Still, I’d rather eat at home if it was the alternative to continually going to the same restaurant.

It’s good to be an adventurous eater – otherwise you might never discover something you really love. Besides – it’s one meal, if it’s really that bad then you can go home and eat toast or something :P

Well done on your distinction! You’re on a roll! :P Hopefully you’ll keep doing well, because success is fun :D

Lol, I didn’t know there were that many backwards messages :P I don’t understand how that works, but it’s cool regardless!

Haha, it seems that we have been out a lot lately, but really, we don’t go all too often! ;)

My mum likes to have us buy a bunch of dishes for us to share. I feel bad if I don’t eat any, though, because then she thinks I waste money. :P

Thank you! :)

Ugh, it’s some technology (the backmasking), which has been around since the Beatles. By doing it, it plays messages in a recording when you play it backwards, which happens in some songs. Some artists have left rather creepy messages, others some really funny ones. XD

Eww, I hate apple in salad D:

I’ve never heard of shredded pork served with mint /um Usually it’s just mushrooms/peas/beans etc. /sweat! Must be some new ‘alternative’ thingy /bash

It’s mothersdaydinner soon /um
and time isn’t reversible! otherwise it’d be huhu /ho

If it’s a fruit salad, I don’t mind so much. But this was with salmon and other funny vegetables. O_O

LOL, well it was in the same dish. The pork was literally shredded… it was practically in grains. :S



IT IS MOTHER’S DAY! YAY ✌️ /bounce

Hehe. Just thought I’d mention that :P

Perfume :O I have perfume that Jennifer bought me for my 18th birthday. And it smells nice. But I’ve never used it up to now (unless you count the time I was like: Hmmm…wonder want it smells like…and then proceeded to spray the perfume randomly, resulting in half of it going into my MOUTH D: The stupidity!)

I remember the Beyond Paradise perfume James got you :) Hehehe! It had a really pretty bottle :) And you have a display picture using it :D Hehe!

Maybe we should go perfume shopping? :P

Hahahaha, your Mum doesn’t seem to like change :P Or maybe she’s just addicted to Vietnamese food. LOL. But I agree! It would get boring after a while and after a while you’d have no idea what to eat anymore because everything would just seem so…blah!

At least you’re adventurous when it comes to food :D I’m so scared to try new things sometimes. But I do anyways at times, and then I complain when it tastes yuck! Hehehehe :P

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DISTINCTION :D *so proud*…Woooow…someone is totally owning at uni this semester :P I, on the other hand, am dying. Hahaha!

YES! Backmasking songs! Omg, it’s so creepyyyy D: But at the same time it seems so smart! LOL.

I love that message from Weird Al. He’s totally right in a way. I can’t believe people actually BOTHERED to look at this back-masking thing in depth. LOL it’s pretty funny. Lots of OBSESSED people there :P

Hello! Happy late Mother’s day, LOL. We’re not mothers… but whatever. :D

Oh no! Yuck, perfumes do not taste as good as they smell. When I receive perfume as a gift or just get given some… it is often in the hopes that I like the smell. (I like the one James gave me because I always liked it!) Otherwise I might not know when to use it or… well, yeah. ;)

I made an icon out of that picture too, aren’t I cool? XD

Perfumes can get really expensive, but you have no idea how much I love to go around smelling them all. My mum gets dizzy around too many fragrances or strong fragrances. O_O

LOL you will do well! After you catch up on those ugly readings. D: But thank you! *hugs*

We spent about 30 minutes of our time looking at backmasking in songs. I can’t believe I found it that amusing. Maybe because I had heard about it but never actually looked into it. :P

Apparently it’s rare to find a player that plays records backwards, so it would have been a slim chance of anyone finding backwards messages in the Beatles’ songs, meaning that those who did and leaked it out to the world – obviously had a lot of time on their hands. Thanks, Weird Al. XD

Don’t worry, most girls put pounds of makeup and perfume on every day. :p

Thanks for the comment. I love the cursor. :p

I don’t have proper perfume; I have body spray and stuff but…

I’d probably take the safe option. /oh My dad is like yours, he simply doesn’t care just so long as he gets food. However my mum isn’t picky; my brother is. He is convinced that he doesn’t like foreign food when he hasn’t tried half of it.

Haha! At least you try things and experiment, though. You might find something you really like one day. ^^
It’s horrible ordering something and not liking it. :/ Especially as it’s your supper. And all you were trying to do was try something new….! @_@

Wow Georgie, you’ve been getting great marks recently!! :D First the HD, and now a distinction! *squish* Keep up the awesome work love /bounce

I suck at essays. D:

I fail and don’t really get the backmasking thing… if anything I’m confused 🙄 /ehe Typical, hurr. I’ll get it one day… /sweat

I’ll get around to it one day. :D I prefer Lead Sails to Congregation of the Damned… but it’s still good ^^
Yeah. I need to come back to Muse at some point!

When I’m older I’ll need a wallet, I’m sure (WTF, I just wrote ‘wallter’).

I hope Gekko is like Sam, then, and grows up. Lol. But then I couldn’t blog about him! :P

McDonalds is gross overall, as far as I’m concerned. The chicken strips with the sour cream and chive (I think) sauce is alright.

LOL. I hate carrots, so you would’ve had to eat mine! :P
It was gross, and stank gross. Such misfortune that on that ONE day he chose to plonk his ass in the only seat left, next to me. :|

I like yoghurt! ^^
I think I’ve had miso soup before… can’t remember what I thought of it, though. I’ll ask my dad to get it some time and I’ll see. ^^

I just wrote ‘one time’ but changed it because it reminded me of Justin Bieber. I am so sad D:

My mum doesn’t do Asian stuff, but stuff. I don’t know what stuff. Like pizza, sausages, fish fingers, or soup or other things… xD

Take care! xx

I don’t go out to eat much and when I do it’s the same places since where I live doesn’t have much. The fanciest restaurant we have would have to be Boston Pizza but on Valentines Day it IS very fancy! I’m sometimes a picky eater. If I know I won’t like something then I know. My boyfriend still pressures me to eat something I know I won’t like and once I give in, of course, I don’t like it. I enjoy buffets because then you can get a little bit of everything the first time around and then go back for what you really like.

Congrats on your distinction!

I’ve never listened to a backmasked song except for Stairway to Heaven and yeah, it’s really creepy. The way it tells a whole story is definitely cool though!

Again, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been losing interest but I’ve recently found loads of tutorials in Photoshop that I want to remake for my site!

He definitely is a dick. No doubt about it. Though I did receive a comment saying that though he may be an idiot, it’s still his opinion. What a horrible opinion it is though!

“You’re about to drown in the ocean. You don’t need a bloody light bulb.” LMAO. Hysterical. Loved it. It’s very true though. Though men have created many useful things in the past so have women.

That’s great that your group is coming along. It’s also cool that you all decided to create a website for your project. I remember in DPS (PDR – “health” class in french) that my group did a PICZO (LOL) site about some vaginal disease. Oh god it was horrible lmao.

See “raping a pineapple” isn’t exactly offensive. I actually find it funny because I’m (oddly enough) picturing it. I just find it somewhat offensive when it’s put into a person raping another. Though when it comes to Justin Bieber fans saying they’re going to rape him I just find that pathetic.

Oh god those are funny, haha. Dustin says he’ll make the proposal very romantic and creative and I know he will because he’s just like that. He’s extremely creative and he said he will never do the normal kind of proposals like at a restaurant of some sort.

Thank you :)

It is really expensive. That’s why we use broadband at home. Oh well this is only for a week. Plus we got a deal because it’s my first time with mobile internet so it’s only £2 for 30 days. Next month it will be about £20 but I wont need it then.

Yeah it’s really nice that they remember them, and me too :D

Um I think so. Or maybe it was the one with Christian Bale in, I’m not sure O_O

I would love to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. It would be amazing. I would also like to dive in the Red Sea in Egypt.

I have a online bank account but I haven’t set it up yet. I probably should!

Oh I like the Perfume Pure Poison by Dior. My mum always gets it for Christmas off my brother and I steal some now and then.

I have never tried Vietnamese food before but I would like to. It sounds nice. I’m glad you liked the new meal you tried :)

Congrats on getting a distinction in your assignment 👏

That’s cool how bands put messages within songs. it’s clever but it must take a lot of time!

Im not too big on perume either.
Imight wear it from time to time if I remember.
Im always up to try new things
especially food.
Im not up to try all seafood though.

As for the backwards messages in songs, Ill go look more into that.
See we learn more and more everyday

At least you actually try new things! I’m the same as your brother – I usually only order what I know I will like xp I’m a pretty picky eater so “new” things aren’t too great for me, ahaha.

I’ve honestly never eaten Vietnemese food, but from the food that you’ve described, it sounds like it’s pretty good? Well, some of it anyway ahaha. At least you actually liked what you ordered this time! XD

I’m quite the opposite – I’m more into makeup than perfume, pahaha. I’ve heard that Dior really does smell so good though! My favorite would have to be a kind called “Very Sexy for Her”, or something like that, by Victoria Secret. It smells heavenly xD lmfao

Congrats on the distinction! That’s quite an honor and I’m sure it was well deserved ^__^

My mum’s a pretty picky eater – I know what it’s like to have one around. LOL.

I really love Vietnamese beef noodle soup – that’s my favourite dish. I get a bit cautious when it comes to other stuff but I also don’t mind trying new things. ;)

Thank you! :D ♥

That’s awesome! I have always wanted to go to Australia. Would you want to link each other? Thanks :D

Hypnotic Poision…What a sexy name. ;)

I hate it when I decide to try something new at a restaurant and the food turns out to be disappointing. I remember ordering stir-fried noodles with beef and broccoli. It tasted horrible. I think it was the sauce they used.

I heard about the backwards message in “Stairway To Heaven.” I think it has to do with something Satanic. o_O

I don’t own “perfume” I just own cheap body spray that smells like raspberries. lol.

Even if it’s a restaurant I love, I’m always scared to try something new because you never know what you’re getting yourself into until it comes to your table.

Backmasked messages, I have to check that list out! lol. What better to do at this time in the morning then look at a list of backmasked messages in songs. lol.

Just looked through the revered song list- So thats what Bert is saying at the start of Cut Up Angels. @_@ Things you learn everyday.
Shame about the food – it’s always a chance when people are trying something new. When I went to the chinese buffet with Ben a while ago I think everything I tried was either new to me or something I hadn’t had in years, just to see what it was like again. ;)
In reply: Yes, I do listen to BFMV. <3 They're amazing, I've loved them for years now. :) I still havent heard their new album – some people are saying it's good and some people are saying its crap. o.O I need to borrow it off someone . :P

That happens to me sometimes! There are restaurant that I eat at all the time so sometimes I’ll be like “lets pick something different” and it doesn’t turn out that nice! That happened last weekend actually when we went fr dim sum. I decided to pick a few dishes that we don’t normally pick and it didn’t turn out that nice! Then everyone is like “why did you pick that?” :( just wanted to try some new stuff, the description sounded lovely.