Retina and the Sky

Ahhhhh! Joy, joy, happy, happy! /bounce

I’m so happy. Today I got a high distinction (HD) in one of my assignments! My first university assignment of the year. I am so proud of myself. The way I found out kind of ruined everything, because this girl in my class exclaimed to me (after making sure I was “Georgina” :P) that I would be very happy with my mark. :O

“I’m suuureeee you got a high distinction,” she said.
Just for your information, the grades go as follows (descending):

  • High Distinction
  • Distinction
  • Credit
  • Pass
  • Fail

Still, when I actually got the paper with “Grade: HD” on the top, I couldn’t help but grin. :D /bounce I felt really happy. And now I think it’s given me a new kind of motivation to work hard, also boosted my happiness to 500%! (Okay maybe not, but you can’t measure happiness.)

I don’t think I’ve been this proud of an assignment since I got first place in French in the seventh grade, LOL. Apparently it is really hard to get high distinctions in university and you have to get another teacher to approve or agree or something… blah, nothing I care to look into right now. Instead I’ve been looking at postgraduate courses.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it would be so lovely to get a PhD, though I don’t know if my determination will last that long! I just keep getting reminded of this scene in The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are all referred to as “Doctor”, except poor Howard, who doesn’t have a PhD and only has a Master’s degree!

But I’ll most likely laugh if all my friends get PhDs, I get a Master’s degree, and end up in that situation.

Aim for the sky. You won’t believe how much more excited I am about study now. Hard work paying off, that’s really something. ;)

It’s funny how in the past I never gave a crap about my future, but now it seems crystal clear. Oh man, I see it now, I’ll have a Master’s degree by the time I’m 25 (my PhD if I’m lucky!), I’ll have a good paying job, then I’ll get married and work for several years, and, and…

It would be nice to have children, but I kinda don’t want to think about it yet! :P Does anyone think about their future so enthusiastically or am I just crazy? /eee

I also got to see James today. :) He gave me this ELO record… one more to add to my collection. It was our 27 month anniversary yesterday. And it was my dad’s birthday! ♥️

Oh hooray, Ryan’s finished the cupcakes for Vicky’s birthday tomorrow. Win! ♥️ :D

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Test comment (because Georgina’s paranoid that comments aren’t working). :)


I am so depressed about my moot, but reading your blog totally cheered me up a little ♥

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU :D (And so proud of you too!) Yaaaaay! A HD for your first assignment of the year! I always knew you were a web-design genius. I SUBMIT THAT I AM CORRECT! :D ✌️

It IS hard to get a distinction, but if UTS needs someone to SECOND the original decision, it sounds harder at your uni D: Wow. *EVEN MORE PROUD*

Heh! I agree. Getting a really good mark totally motivates you to study. Which is weird cos it should totally be the other way round. :P

Ohhhh! Phd! Haha you told me about that in The Big Bang Theory :P *MISTER* …


Don’t worry! That would never happen to you! If I got a Phd and you didn’t, we could share, then you can be half a doctor too ^^

Awwww! I’m so jealous! Your future seems so clear to you :P It’s a good thing though. You have direction in life :P I have no direction. I can’t even see what’s going to happen when I graduate. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!

I really want to get married and have children though :P And an epic career. Just don’t know WHAT to DO?!

Hehehehe! Kids are CUTE :P

Don’t worry, you’re not crazy! I think more about my future than I do about NOW. Just I’m all confused about it XD

Hehehe! Happy Anniversary again for yesterday, even though I wished you Happy Anniversary yesterday too :P Hahaha YAY! You got to see James :D

Happyy Birthday to Vicky for tomorrow ^^

You better not still be depressed about your moot! ♥

Thank you! :D Ahh, happy happy! LOL. I’m happy I got a distinction today as well, that was a little surprising since my tutor said some people actually failed. D:

I’m totally motivated now, with my distinction too. Hope I do well in the rest of my assignments, there are only six weeks to go until mid-year break… ;)

I don’t think I can be half a doctor! But I think I should keep on getting motivated anyway. Masters would be alright anyway. :)

You’re going to get a job with a six-figure sum! LOL! ;)

I would like to get married (for sure!) and have children (hmm not so sure about this at 18 years of age)… just not now. XD

Thank you! ♥ Wheeeee.

YAY! Seems like you had a very good day today. :D

It’s great you got such a high grade! Congrats! It’s really heartwarming when you realize all your hard work and studying and reviewing all those tedious little things paid off. :P

I totally agree! You should always aim very high. I would like to get a PhD someday too, so I’m able to get a large variety in careers and such. I wouldn’t mind just having a Master’s. I’m definitely going beyond the normal four years of college, though. :D
My cousin is actually in New York working on his PhD. He’s doing some kind of essay or something as a way to get closer to his PhD. He’s 24. :3

LOL I’m very enthusiastic about my future as well! I would like to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Seattle, Washington, and then try to finish whatever schooling I’d like in Arizona. I hope to get a small scholarship so cost won’t be too hard to manage.
After I graduate, I will probably work for a corporation for a little to get a stable income. Once I can support myself well, I’ll try to do something freelance. xD This probably doesn’t sound reasonable at all, because I’m in my early teens. :P Haha, I just told you my whole life plan. :3

Yay! Happy 27-month anniversary too you and James and happy birthday to your dad! :D

Congratulations for the HD, Georgina! You deserve it. Your efforts have been paid off and I know the feeling of being so much happy of something you worked hard for and got rewarded for it.

I’ll surely get Master’s degree but PhD, I’m not sure yet. It will take lots of time and dedication. I don’t think of having children yet but just imagine you may or may not have time for your husband if you’re too hooked getting a PhD unless you’re very good at time management which I think you are.

Well, just go for it if you’re happy with it. All things will follow. :)

WOO! Congrats ^_^ I love it when test results go well :) High distinction sounds amazing :O especially in Uni where I’m sure it’s not easy to get good grades xP!

Hard work realllyy does pay off! When I don’t revise for tests I just do badly, and when I do revise; although it’s long and boring, the results make it worth it!

Good luck getting your Masters Degree :D Or PHD :P

Ahaha I totally underestimated university when I started; I thought it was going to be a breeze but I was oh-so-wrong. XD In my first year (last year) I was only getting passes. :P

I have to agree. Not studying and not trying hard is the worst thing to do to hurt your mark… took me like six years of high school to realise, LOL.

Aw. thanks . /eee It took me a while, hopefully it was worth it.

Hmm, salt and pepper in a drink. I probably won’t be trying that. Then again I like some odd tasting things. The ice cream sounds really nice though. You made me crave chocolate XD

Wow, well done on the high distinction, that sounds amazing.

I’d love to have a PhD but I’m still in school so that’s ages away. I don’t even know what I want to do at university yet.

Well good luck with your hopeful PhD once you’re 25 👏

Clever you! Congrats tho, that’s amazing. You got the highest mark possible. working hard really does pay off at the end.

Dr Luhur! Go for you :D

I wanted to do a PhD before, I still do. but sort of lazy now and can’t really be bothered anymore.

Hehe, thank you! :)

It’s quite amusing to think of being addressed as Dr Luhur. I have never ever felt this way about studies, never really cared especially in high school. I feel great. :D


That’s awesome. I’m going to geek out and admit that I love school. It’s so great to actually get recognition for hard work and studying. Especially if you totally rock everyone’s face with your grade lol
What do you want to get your masters in?

Super thanks! :D

I love being recognised; I barely got recognised for anything in high school. I’m looking to get a Masters in Information Management or something like that. :)

Just wanted to let you know that your most recent blog was hilarious to me! I have to say, there is nothing worse than body hair. Worst of all, armpit hair. If I had to be bald or get really bad acne for hair free armpits, hell, I’d probably do it. D:

I’m ecstatic for you. When I read on twitter I was really [pleased for you. Did you get the highest mark in your class?
It’s always so wonderfully rewarding when hard work really does pay off. Congratulation Georgie!! It kind of is karma making up for you having dumb-asses for a group too. WOOT.

It’s almost magic how it changes and revives your look on education, isn’t it? :D :D :D :D

How old is your Dad now?

LOL I had to laugh when I read your test comment. :D

Congratulations on the HD score. I’m guessing that’s the equivalent of an A.

Hahha, I was paranoid! /um

Thank you! Yeah, or A+… highest grade, really. :P

lol@ your test comment. Did something go wrong? Is that why you tested it? Or did you just want to be first comment? :P.

Anyway, congratulations on getting HD. I’m so proud of you. University seems hard but I’m glad that you are getting the hang of it. I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of it. I might if I try harder and study harder. But I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that I want to re-learn mandarin not japanese.

I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to travel overseas, or not because I don’t know what it’s going to do physically and mentally wise. So it might take me some time to get to Australia.

Congratulations on your 27th month anniversary and for seeing James. :).

CONGRATS! Your hard work has def. paid off! I think the last time I was really happy with a mark was when I got a 100% on a personal essay I wrote for english class at the beginning of the semester.. I didn’t even know it was POSSIBLE for me to get that high on something that wasn’t in my graphic design course xD

Happy 27 months to you and James! You’ve been dating about 10 months longer than me and David xD We’ll be going on 17 months this month.. on the same day as the Grey’s Anatomy season finale xD

Well tell your dad I said happy birthday ! (: Yeah it would be pretty embarrassing if people saw you looking for money and nothings there.

Congrats on your HD [x Hope you get far in life and get a PhD hopefully ! Yeah we just have two more tests. The English Language Arts [ELA] test is the one I don’t score as high as in math. But this year I’ve been slipping in math and finding it even harder. But that’s how life is. Everything gets harder. (that’s what she said :P)

Congrats on the HD, Georgina! (Y) Great job with your assignment. I came here feeling proud of myself, too; they posted the honor roll in my school today, and I was on Distinguished Honor Roll (4.0 or above GPA). I also just found out I got 100% on the Algebra test I took today ♥ It seems like a good day for grades all around!

LOL, I think about my future really enthusiastically too, and I’m much younger than you are. I can imagine myself graduating with a PhD or Master’s degree in… well, a long time, but I want to study archaeology, wildlife biology, or psychology, and then later in life become an author :P I want children at some point, but not until my thirties… I want to get married in my late twenties to someone I really love and have a classic wedding and stuff. Eventually I want to end up with being a stay-at-home mom who writes for a living, but I want to do some traveling and cool field work first before I settle down. Yup, I have it all planned out. XD

Thank you Kat! :D

And congratulatoins to you too, honour roll is definitely something to be proud of. :) We don’t really use the GPA here, but you still did a great job!

Wow, that’s amazing. I used to aspire to be a writer of poetry or stories, but some time in high school, I lost the strength to write long stories/books. I just can’t manage anymore, I prefer poetry these days. My mum always told me it was hard just being an author. But publishing a book would still be an achievement!

I used to be interested in psychology but didn’t make the grade for university. But I’m really happy where I am right now.

I would love to work with computers and online stuff, like websites, but it would be nice to work from home while caring for my future children too.

TRAVELLING. I would love to travel so, so much. I want to go to SO many places around the world. I’ll have to squeeze it between studies and everything though! :P

LOL, I should probably do that too. I’ll be sure to tell them to not be surprised when “fluid” leaks out of my nose.

Eek! That’s not really embarrassing, more of.. disgusting? XD No offense. :P

LOL, your underpants revealed itself again? I remember once when we were talking about embarrassing moments and you said you slipped on your feet and your underpants were… exposed to the public. XD

When I fall down I usually stand up immediately and laugh it off so people won’t stare at me too much.

I’m thinking of not doing Project 52 anymore. Just use it as a photoblog because there are some pictures I want to post and I’m too.. excited? To wait for Friday.

Yeah, the heat is really terrible. But at least it’s getting a little bit colder because it’s almost July, when the rainy season starts here. Or is it in June? Hmm… :/ I still have insomnia, though.

I’m glad to hear your toe is better now! It’s must’ve caused you lots of pain. Ugh, yeah. They might as well have put a knife in my mom’s foot. T_T

Haha. Well I don’t really mind if your blogs are long. I know you always have a lot to blog about (lucky you) I actually read your posts every time you have a new one. I just don’t bother commenting.

Congratulations! When I get a high score on our first homework/quiz/project, it always motivates me because I had a good start. Good for you!

Wow, first place in French? I haven’t had that yet but I’ve heard it’s pretty hard. You must be really smart! :)

I can’t relate to the PhD thing (because I don’t know what it is :P) so I guess I’ll skip those parts.

Aim for the sky indeed. I can see you’re really happy! Enjoy studying!

I’ve never given crap about my future, either. I’m still too young to be planning about when I’ll get married and stuff, anyway. :P

Already? It’s as if your 26th was just a week ago! I still remember your post about it. Either way, happy belated 27th!

Congrats on the HD! That’s really exciting :) And motivation for study is always a good thing, even if it doesn’t last. ;D

I feel sorry for Howard in that scene :) “Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hofstadster, Dr. Koothrappali, MR. Wolowitz”

Anyhow :) If it was me, I’d go for the PhD simply because I’m a perfectionist and I wouldn’t feel like I’d ‘finished the job’ if I didn’t go for it. But really, it depends on how much you enjoy studying.

I haven’t really thought about my future, but then, I’m not a university student :) So I can’t really comment on that.

Thank you Zaphiie! When I get motivated, I try to make the most of my motivation.

LOL I love that scene. Poor Howard though, I kind of love his character. /faw

I know what you mean. :( This reminds
me of my ballet certificate though. I didn’t go to the end and get my teacher’s certificate but that’s because so much got in the way, I can’t be bothered thinking about it anymore because of the way it upset me. I like getting to an achievable stage. I guess it depends on what I am actually doing.

Doctor Wuggs. Master Wuggs. ::

You got a High Distinction. 8D /bounce
Closest I got was an 84. /bash

I didn’t know communications had doctorate courses /sweat
Sounds awfully important /bounce

Watch Frunge. /eee

LOL oh no. So close. I think Lilian got an 84 for something too.

There’s a PhD in Information Management. /bounce

I’ll Frunge you!

I’ll get around to watching Doctor Who first, Ryan said he’ll lend me some over the mid-year break. /eee

Then it might be Fringe. ;)

Yay!! Congratulations on the HD Georgie! :D (Ooo HD = Heartdrops too whey).

I’m so proud of you haha. Sounds weird but I know how hard you work and you definitely deserved it! It’s awesome that it has motivated you as well! :)

I’m sure if you want a PhD that badly, you will be determined to get it. I believe in you Georgie! :P I think you can do it. It may be hard work, lots of stress and what not along the way but yes, you can do it. :D :D

I love how you’ve thought your future out. I’ve never really thought about it to be honest, not career wise anyway. I know I want to get married and have children but that’s about it. :P

I’ve already got names for my future kids lol. Sad, but eh. I shouldn’t really think about it because Rob doesn’t want kids. xD

Yay! Happy belated 27 month anniversary and happy belated birthday to your dad. :D

I want some cupcakes…

Lol yes I did end up getting button bunk, wooo. I’m glad you like it. :D My step dad HATES the green wallpaper… bah. It was the best decision to make us get bunk beds though. Our room was so messy and unorganised with 2 single beds.

Thanks. :D Lol yeah, I’ve seen bits and bobs of your bedroom. ;D I have so much stuff too, I threw a lot of it away and put some in the loft though.

Oh don’t feel sorry for her, she doesn’t deserve it.

Awww. :( I’ve hurt my sister like that before and felt bad. I’ve headbutted her, punched her in the face and everything lmao. I felt bad afterwards though.

Oh what, I want a play room. :( We never had a play room, we only have a 2 bedroom house haha.

My mum LOVES decorating. Except my step dad ends up doing it all. o_O We done our living room last year, now my mum wants to do her room. Dx

LOL your mum must know when you’re returning MY comment! :P

Yeah my bad. I didn’t really have much to say on the Bullet blog. :/ I kind of just rambled to make it longish LOL.

Yeah I only like Another Brick in the Wall and Shoots and Ladders (even if it does scare me) by Korn. I like Korn’s version of Another Brick in the Wall to Pink Floyd’s though. :P

Haha yeah, I’d be much worse with cash in hand! XD I think I spend it so quick cause when I’m working, I get paid weekly rather than monthly so I know I’m getting more money within a week. :3 Kinda bad though… must get better at managing money. xD

Congratulations on the HD, Georgina! That’s fantastic, especially considering how hard it is to get them at uni for most courses. I think I’ve only had about 3 myself in all my tertiary studies (and they were all in first year courses *sigh*). =/

Thinking of a PhD already, huh? It’s an admirable goal to have, so don’t let anyone shoot you down and tell you to slow down or whatever. It’s the big dreams that really propel you and pull you through, remember. *hugs*

Lol, I remember that scene from The Big Bang Theory – poor Howard!

“Does anyone think about their future so enthusiastically or am I just crazy?”
You’re not crazy. :) I used to think enthusiastically about my future too. You know, before I realized I didn’t have one. ;) (Lol, sorry, I’m in such a terribly self-pitying mood tonight! Blame it on my 235792075th consecutive Friday night home alone, haha).

Thank you Aly! Well, this is my first and to be honest I did not think it was possible. I was getting just passes and scraped credits last year! I think that still counts as you doing well. :)

*hugs* I’ve never been so into my studies before or really cared about my grades so this is pretty big for me to be looking into the future in such a way. I even wanted to study two degrees, but my mum had a long hard think about it and said she just didn’t want me to stress more, and it would be a little unlikely that I would find something else of interest that would relate to my current degree (she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to pop way out of the spectrum and study science or something!).

Aww! Don’t get too lonely, watch some YouTube or something. ;)

I also already have my future in mind :)) I’m graduating when I’m 21 (with Master’s degree) and I’ll work ’til around 24/25. Get married and start a family. I don’t want to wait til my thirties for that :P

It’s fun picturing yourself in the future, the downside though is you have expectations if you do that. And if you have expectations, there’s always a possibility of disappointment :(

So, a HD is kind of like an A or A+? That’s amazing. :O

Congratulations on your 27th anniversary with James. You two have a really strong relationship.
And happy birthday to your dad. :)

WOW 27 months? Haha that sounds so nice; you’re lucky to be in such a great relationship :)

Congrats on the HD! It’s funny how different things are in Australia compared to where I live in NY. You guys don’t have APs? Here, you can take an AP course and if you score high enough, can given college credits. Is there anything similar to that in Australia? Anyway, I’m still DYING to go there one day :P

Aww, YAY! Hooray for getting a High Distinction! XD Yes, I definitely agree with you. Getting a high grade in a university is really hard. And I know how you feel! And you sound really happy. Well, you should be. *dances as well*

I easily get excited and when I see something not good, like my failing grade or something, I get discouraged and it makes me not to study, but then I don’t want to fail. Haha.

I haven’t really thought much on my future, except that I want to have a stable job and marry someone I love and who loves me. /eee

I want to have children too, but I’m scared of getting pregnant and having labor pains or something. XD

OMG. The future. Can you imagine what your husband would be like? I have a crazy idea who yours would be. Haha. :P I just like the two of you so much so don’t sue me. If there’s a fanclub or fanlisting for you both, I’ll definitely join! /hehe

Haha. The sky’s the limit. No one’s going to put you to jail if you dream. And it’s free to dream! :P Speaking of dreams, I don’t know if I’ll be able to reach all of them. :S

Yeah, hahaha. 800 x 600 resolutions definitely look ugly on BIG screens. It isn’t just right at all!

Thank you! I haven’t used it as much as I expected since I have all of my files on our PC and haven’t had the time to move them yet. XD

LOL three syllables is not that much! My friends are super lazy. I’m lazy too, of course. :P

It was kind of hard. All the dance did go well I couldn’t move properly because the saree was too tight and I was scared it would fall off. It was such a huge relief when the dance was finally over.

Me too..My sister was a junior teacher in my school once. She was around 18 then, and I was 8. Still, I was not used to trying to “respect” her. XD When she came to our classroom, everyone stood up saying “Good morning, mam” or something. I always left out the “mam” part. :P

I hope so!

Yeahh. It’s so annoying. We CANNOT be perfect. x( It’s not only my parents, my relatives do that as well.

My mom expects me to study a lot. She checks in from time to time that I’m not doing something else, so I have to keep on doing it. I don’t study much, though. :P

And when I’m doing chores I feel annoyed at my sister. She does not do a single thing in the house. x( My mom gets mad at her, but since my sister gets back home from college after 7 pm she doesn’t force her. But she could at least work in the weekends. /hmph

Our computer was also in our guest room once. LOL, it was also always full of our junk. XD But my parents (my dad being an architect and my mom always loving interior designing) could not rest till the dining room was bigger, so the wall of the guest room was knocked down. I miss that room. At least when the computer was there I had some privacy (unless there were guests, of course).

That’s great. :)

I’m glad it doesn’t hurt so much anymore.

Hehe I’m kind of surprised at how far I’ve come, even though that was ages ago. :P Practice makes perfect. :) Sometimes I get addicted to working on Photoshop too.

I’ll probably get a new account on YouTube, or give up on the whole thing. :P I’m usually too lazy to upload any videos in the first place.

My school doesn’t have a lot of big functions. The smaller ones are not usually recorded so I miss the performances on those. I’m going to buy a DVD of this show, though. It was pretty awesome. :D

Hehe I did enjoy it.

Yes, thankfully!

Woooh! A high distinction! That’s amazing. :D Getting an HD in university must be very hard, and you got it. I got highest marks in Physics in our last exam, and I was very happy. I also get motivated to study harder. That motivation went away quickly, though. :P

Having a PhD would be awesome. Hehe I would feel bad if all my friends had a PhD and I only had a Master’s degree. That’s so great you’re so excited about studying! I wish I could be like that. :P

I’m scared of what might happen in the future. But I know that if I continue to study like I do now, I would have a good one. I can study harder, and if I do that I would probably have a very bright one. :)

I think of my future sometimes, but mostly I get really very scared. I’m pessimistic, you know.. @_@

Happy 27th month anniversary! :) And also happy birthday to your dad and Vicky. :D

Congratulations! I would be happy dancing all the way across campus if I got an amazing grade. You should go out and celebrate since well you deserve it and it’s a hard grade to achieve. ✌️

Hopefully you’ll get the PhD one day (Y)

Thank you Rose! :) I was so happy I couldn’t stop grinning the whole day. I just wanted to tell people. :P

I hope so too, it’s a long journey but I think I’ll go for it! :)

OMG, Congratulations!!! 👏

I don’t really think of my future, what ever happens, happens. I really need to start setting goals for myself.

Happy anniversary :)

Congratulations on the high grades! (Y)

Wow, Georgina!

I’m so happy for you. You sound really proud of yourself. I’m proud of you also! HD is a really high mark, if I was doing that I would of of course got a ‘fail’. I kind of ‘fail’ like that. Besides, I’m not that bright either. /bash

BUT congrats! *hugs* It’s really nice to see you so happy 👏

Good luck in the future, Georgina! /mwah

I’ve always wanted childern, it’ll be fun seeing them grow and it always touches my heart when my brother (he’s 4) calls with his sweet innocent voice “SISI PAULINEEE” Haha. Imagine “MOM. MOM MOM..” LOL. ✌️

thanks so much Georgina! Glad you like it 👏

Yeah I thought about that same time. I really think that some of these online stores can be confusing when you haven’t ever bought through them.

Your friend has given you good advice, and thanks for telling me :)

That shop that you say sounds good, thanks for the recommendation :)

I understand your situation, it isn’t easy that your grandmother was very religious, because these beliefs have been transmitted to all members of your family. If true, that you are receiving other education about science and other religions has allowed you to expand your horizons. I have lived this situation, I fully understand. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. If guess if you tell your mother, perhaps she might be really upset.

I see, I guess your mother and you fight because you have different opinions. That’s okay.

You’re right, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but should respect to other people who may have a different belief.

Congrats on getting HD! I’m so glad for you. The hard work has paid off.
I’m glad to get a HD has given you a new kind of motivation to work hard and boosted your happiness a very high percentage.

You’re right, in the University is difficult to get high distinctions, but that does not mean you can get.

I hope you can get a doctorate, if you want.

I remember that scene from The Big Bang Theory, I feel sorry for Howard in That scene:) “Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hofstadster, Dr. Koothrappali, MR. Wolowitz.

It’s great that you see the future very clear and I hope you get everything you want for your future :)