Bullet For My Valentine’s new album Fever was released recently. I am in love with it! It’s terrific stuff. I know not everyone is into metalcore or anything even mildly similar, but it’s “on my stereo” now, as they say. πŸ˜„

This brings me back to the first time I heard of the band Bullet For My Valentine. It’s pretty amusing actually. I was going through a phase where I was just listening to soft rock and general rock music, and I used to read through a few music magazines. I read through Rolling Stone quite a few times, but years ago my new found favourite music magazine was Q. Then I discovered Zeromag – or something along those lines – can’t quite remember the name. It was a music magazine dedicated to hardcore metal bands.

I looked through it because I was interested, and at the time I didn’t “like” metal music very much, but I was always interested in the stories behind the bands – they are much more than their music.

I came across Bullet For My Valentine (aka Bullet), as well as other bands like Opeth and Trivium. To be honest, they scared me. Guys with long fringes, covered in tattoos, stern looks – at least, that’s the way they photographed them for the magazines. They were really intimidating to me.

After listening to Bullet’s first album The Poison, I didn’t quite like it. It was a little too loud and heavy for me, I guess. I sort of avoided their music. But now in comparison, Fever is amazing! I feel like it’s a little more melodical, and I like the variety of songs on the album. 😁

Yesterday my wallet kind of broke. It’s usable, but for a while the zipper pocket has been broken and all my coins have fallen out, and the lining has just been falling apart everywhere. I looked around for other wallets, a smaller one in particular, but I couldn’t find any. I settled on a big brown one I had owned for a while but never used.

I moved all my cards to the wallet, and in the morning I remembered to take that wallet and not my old one. πŸ™‚

My brother and I were dropped off at the station by my dad, and I rushed to get a ticket from the machine. I looked into my wallet expecting to see the only cash I have on me – and I didn’t have it. I had just $10 since all of it was in the bank… and I’d left it at home, in my old wallet! πŸ™

I whirled around to see where my brother went, so I could borrow money off him, but I couldn’t see him and I think he already made his way to the platform.

I had to go to the ATM to get money out. I hate getting money out of my bank account once I’ve put it in.. but this was an emergency. 😐 I felt pretty annoyed about that!

I’m back at university and assignments are creeping up again. 😞

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