Bullet For My Valentine’s new album Fever was released recently. I am in love with it! It’s terrific stuff. I know not everyone is into metalcore or anything even mildly similar, but it’s “on my stereo” now, as they say. :D

This brings me back to the first time I heard of the band Bullet For My Valentine. It’s pretty amusing actually. I was going through a phase where I was just listening to soft rock and general rock music, and I used to read through a few music magazines. I read through Rolling Stone quite a few times, but years ago my new found favourite music magazine was Q. Then I discovered Zeromag – or something along those lines – can’t quite remember the name. It was a music magazine dedicated to hardcore metal bands.

I looked through it because I was interested, and at the time I didn’t “like” metal music very much, but I was always interested in the stories behind the bands – they are much more than their music.

I came across Bullet For My Valentine (aka Bullet), as well as other bands like Opeth and Trivium. To be honest, they scared me. Guys with long fringes, covered in tattoos, stern looks – at least, that’s the way they photographed them for the magazines. They were really intimidating to me.

After listening to Bullet’s first album The Poison, I didn’t quite like it. It was a little too loud and heavy for me, I guess. I sort of avoided their music. But now in comparison, Fever is amazing! I feel like it’s a little more melodical, and I like the variety of songs on the album. /bounce

Yesterday my wallet kind of broke. It’s usable, but for a while the zipper pocket has been broken and all my coins have fallen out, and the lining has just been falling apart everywhere. I looked around for other wallets, a smaller one in particular, but I couldn’t find any. I settled on a big brown one I had owned for a while but never used.

I moved all my cards to the wallet, and in the morning I remembered to take that wallet and not my old one. :)

My brother and I were dropped off at the station by my dad, and I rushed to get a ticket from the machine. I looked into my wallet expecting to see the only cash I have on me – and I didn’t have it. I had just $10 since all of it was in the bank… and I’d left it at home, in my old wallet! /bash

I whirled around to see where my brother went, so I could borrow money off him, but I couldn’t see him and I think he already made his way to the platform.

I had to go to the ATM to get money out. I hate getting money out of my bank account once I’ve put it in.. but this was an emergency. /hmph I felt pretty annoyed about that!

I’m back at university and assignments are creeping up again. :(

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If you want scary stuff, you should give DevilDriver a try :D

LOL, they may be just a bit too much :P

Fever is a great album, I much prefer it to scream aim fire which was just a trivium knock off ><
The poison is still the best to me though 8)

I know the feeling with assignments too :(, theres just way too many.

LOL I don’t want scary stuff! :P But I think you’ve given me a few DevilDriver songs anyway, if I want something scary I’ll definitely look.

I don’t have much from Scream Aim Fire, but I will take that as a good thing. It doesn’t seem like it’s better than Fever anyway, I’ll pass on listening. ;)

I just finished an assignment (literally just) and ugh, now I have to focus on another one. /poo

Wow, I really didn’t think you would be the kind of person who likes Bullet For My Valentine. I’ve known them for a while because my ex-boyfriend was a huge fan but it was too heavy for me. I liked a few songs, especially Tears Don’t Fall from The Poison.
I wasn’t really that interested in their new album although the magazine I get has been going on and on about it. But I’ve just downloaded it after reading your blog and so far I love it so thanks. /eee

My brother is OBSESSED with Trivium! /hehe He plays electric guitar and is everything “metal”. 😰 He is the complete opposite to you, he fits right at home amongst the scaries! :X He also wanted to get Bullet’s new album, and this post reminded of that fact! I’ll have to pick it up for him. :)

Naughty purse! /bash

Hahaa, I do not fit with the scaries at all! For me it’s all “approach with caution”. XD

I hope he likes the album! Chances are he will, hopefully he hasn’t been dedicated enough to have picked it up already. :)

He must be a master at electric guitar, by the way! ;D I am willing to bet that he is good. Better than me, I’m balls at it. /hehe

My brother like metal music. I basically grew up listening to it an other forms of rock music. But I like all kinds of music though. Rock, Pop, Ska, etc..

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a wallet before. Or even a purse for that matter, lol. I’ve never had anything to put into one.

Ugh I hate it when wallets fall apart. I bought a wallet off of ebay.com, for $4.95 and it was really pretty too. I think I showed it to you but I’m not certain. Anyway, the linen started ripping apart and thus lead to a bigger tear in the wallet. I had to throw it away. Now I’m using the clutch wallet that I bought off of glitzy-glam.com . Very cool stuff there. A little pricey but well; worth it. And the packaging is very cute. They tie everything up in plastic wrapping paper and than add a little bow to it. Very cute.

Anyway, I’m sorry that you didn’t have enough money for train fair. That must’ve been embarrassing? Anyways, I can’t think of what else to say as I’m tired, so I will write you a better comment next time.

At least you got the card with you so that you can take money out. I’ve left cards in old wallets before so end up borrowing money all day! Worse is actually leaving ID behind, especially if I’m going to places that requires ID like pubs and bars!


Fever! (H) You were listening to it on repeat on MSN, I am sure. :3 I haven’t heard it yet – I barely have any of Bullet’s songs to be totally honest, maybe 6 or 7 – but I’ll get around to it. ^^

I never really read any magazines, let alone any music ones. I guess I should, to find new bands; but Last.fm does that all for you. :P
I like reading a band’s history! Sometimes you need to be told they changed their singer, for example, because I never really notice /oh

Yeah… it’s strange that metal/rock bands are all photographed that way. I guess it matches their music but I’m always surprised when I find a picture of a band in those genres smiling. I’ve only seen one… of Breaking Benjamin.

So how did you get back into Bullet? :3 I normally think I don’t like something and then come back to it later… and I do. I was like that with a lot of bands I now like. @_@

I don’t use wallets… I guess I should but at this point in time I guess I don’t need one. I just put money in my blazer pocket and when I go out shopping, I take a small bag.

I can barely work those ATM machines, LOL. I’d be frustrated if I left my money back in my old wallet… but at least you could get a ticket!

Aw, good luck with your assignments! You can do it! *hugs*

Can I be a loser and start our chain again…? 😰 /bash /um

Take care! xx

I love metal music. Mostly because of Ryan. I learn of bands though mostly by word of mouth. Like there’s this band that’s always playing around here called New Wave Nation…a friend of mine is always talking about going to see them so I have to remember to try to find a song or two. lol.

Every time I change my wallet I always end up forgetting something in the other! But at least there was an ATM near by.

It’s always something that pops up randomly…It started with his liver, because he drank a lot when he was fighting in Vietnam, then everything went downhill. Now he checked his blood pressure everyday to check if he’s normal, pre-hypertensive…or hypertensive.

You didn’t get a bruise, did you?

That’s nice. :) One time I learned how to make an origami star and started this quest to make 1000 of them. I stopped at 200.

You really, REALLY should watch Avatar. ;)


I like Bullet For My Valentine. I only have a few songs by them, but my favorite is “Forever And Always” and “Scream, Aim, Fire.” The Poison seems to be a good album. I didn’t know that they had a new album out until you told me. :O I need to go check it out.

I also forget some things when I transfer stuff. :P

Have you noticed that you blogged this entry at 11:11?

I admit I’ve never even heard of Bullet for my Valentine so I can’t comment on their music, but I know what a great feeling it is to find a CD you really enjoy – considering so many albums these days are about 75% rubbish (if not more), it’s really something to come across one that you can enjoy in its entirety. :)

I’ve never really been into anything even remotely resembling metal though, to be honest. It’s not just the threatening image though – I genuinely just don’t like the music (I have such delicate ears, haha). But hey, each to their own – how boring would it be anyway if everyone liked the same music as me? Though I wouldn’t object to a few more Smiths fans around the place… ;)

Ahh, you are so disciplined with your money! I can hardly bear to even HAVE money in the bank (at least in my normal cheque account) – if I know it’s there I have an uncontrollable urge to spend it (usually on something pointless). Bummer about your wallet breaking though. :(

And good luck with your upcoming exams and assignments! This is such a crappy time of year for uni students. 😢

Hahaa, very true when it comes to “new” albums. Sometimes the albums just seem to be getting worse, mainstream or not… sometimes a severe disappointment. :O

Yeah, I love Anberlin’s covers of the Smiths. LOL. I guess that’s why I like being different and having different tastes from other people, because it leaves a lot more for me to explore that I don’t already know!

Hey there!
Same here, I didn’t “like” metal music as much.. but as you said, you were very interested behind the band.. /heart ..same here! /bounce
Wallet broke? Good thing you at least got a new one. If you’re like me, I NEED to bring it somewhere…

University assignments again? :d (H)

Hi again, Georgie! In response to your comment- that’s fine that you snooped around on my website XD I hope it didn’t seem too horrible, since I’ve been lazy with working on it and it’s all test stuff for now.

I don’t really like heavy metal music… in fact, I don’t like most genres. /bash I’m a big country fan, but I also like old rock like Neil Young and the Rolling Stones. Guys with loads of tattoos, long fringes, etc. scare me too! Especially when they have a bunch of piercings, too; piercings + tattoos everywhere = creepy for poor Kat. I generally avoid bands like that. Is that shallow of me? 😰

That sucks about your wallet. I caught my six-month-old puppy chewing on my fancy wallet yesterday; mine is bright red made out of fake snakeskin-ish stuff. Now the zipper is all ripped up, but that’s okay with me since I never use it anyways. I just like pretty things, like wallets, bags, diaries, etc. Here’s to hoping you remember to bring your money next time! ♥


Hi Kat! LOL I don’t mind, your site seemed to be going very well as it was. Colourful and cute, too! ;)

I would not say it’s shallow of you at all. Again, people do have varying tastes in music. I think country is great, but it’s not really the kind of music I tend to stick with. I don’t really avoid any kind of music. But I know very well that I can’t really stand listening to rap and RnB. I used to like it, but people change. :P I also used to find heavy metal scary but now I love it.

That sucks about your wallet; it sounded like a very nice one too! Oh well. I used to have many wallets but I went through them and they got old too. My old wallet had a Burberry print with cherries and my
new one is just brown with some kind of print… Hahaha.

Hello Georgina! I am finally replying to your comment after I dunno… two weeks practically? I hope you don’t mind if I start over? Mostly because I have so many in waiting. BUT! Just to let you know, I read every word of your comment and I appreciated it so much. <3

I've heard of Bullet For My Valentine, but I honestly never bothered listening to them. There's a lot of bands I haven't bothered listening to… perhaps it's a sign that I should start. .-. They're not outrageous heavy metal, right? Haha I dunno why, but I get a little intimidated whenever I listen to people scream the entire song.

I had subscriptions to a few music magazines; that's where I learned about more underground bands. Except when we moved, I somehow misplaced all of them… I even forgot what the magazine was even called. LOL

I agree, some bands' stories are actually really intriguing! It's nice to know that they actually tried their best to get where they are today; they didn't just have a record deal handed to them like so many other mainstream bands.

I remember when one of my wallets broke once… I didn't realize it until it was too late. I lost my debit card and $35. @.@ However, I found $20 on the floor once (random I know)! At Wal-Mart too; of all places.

Oh, wow that sucks! At least you didn't miss the train right (it's a train station isn't it? LOL I don't even know). I myself have never even been on a train… I think a trolley? That's about it. I'm so American. /hmph

Good luck with upcoming assignments! ♥ /eee

LOL. When I read the title, I thought you had a fever. XD It was some kind of fever I guess, not a sickness. :P

It sounds like someone just became a fan of a rock band. /bounce

I think you know I don’t like hardcore metal rock bands or something since I find it really noisy. No offense. But I like the name of the band, Bullet For My Valentine. XD It sounds really sadistic to me. Hahaha.

At least you didn’t lose your money when your wallet broke. I was going to school, walking along the road, when mine broke and all the coins were scattered on the floor. It would be sillyfor me to cross just to pick them up. It’s like I exchnaged my life for my coins. Haha.

If I were in your shoes, I would have been rattled and nervous that I’d miss the train.Phew. Good that you still managed to be on time. I’m always late during meetings and such, so if we’d have trains here, that would make me punctual. XD

Bahaha. I haven’t drunk coffee since last week. Amazing, eh? /bounce

Haha. My mom was using 800 x 600 resolution the other day because she couldn’t see clearly. I keep telling her to get a pair of eyeglasses, but she wouldn’t. O_o

Blogging and loving has something in common: not an obligation. XD I get amused when I compare it to love. Haha.

We all are bitches in some way, but in a good way, right? :P If you keep on waiting for your groupmates, you’ll get nowhere in your project. -.- Gosh, I hate those kind of people.

I thought I was the only one who liked them.

Aah ! That must have sucked to have to find that you didn’t have money in your wallet. Hopefully nobody saw that.

We have some projects to do like almost every week. It’s pissing me off. I mean, they want to make us take these state tests and expect us have time to do them.

My sister listens to Bullet For My Valentine’s. I don’t actually know what they sound like.

When I was eighteen or something like that, I had their poster on my wall. I just thought they looked cool. :)

I used to spend a lot of my work pay on music magazines. I can’t remember the actual name of the magazines I bought though. I would be very excited to see Marilyn Manson in the magazines, because he hadn’t bought out a new album for awhile, and was kind of forgotten by most magazines.

I would like the look of a lot of bands, but never actually listened to their music.

I’m into a lot of old rock like the Scorpions and Nirvana. <— Yes, Nirvana 👏

My wallets last a long time, but my hand bags don't. I go through at least three bags per year. And I spend about $80 on them.

I hope your assignments are fun? I would assume they would be, because unlike high school, you're choosing your subject. But from your blogs, I know they're stressful. Good luck and soon you will have a great career when all the hard work is done. :)

I still want to be a Pathologist. But lately I was thinking of turning my passion for animals into a career. I applied at the RSPCA animal shelter. How fun would that be? I hope to hear back from them…

I’ve never really given Bullet For My Valentine a good listen. I think I listened to them once before, but that was before I really got into rock, indie etc.

It’s strange, but I’ve never ever read a music magazine before haha.

I also like reading stories behind the bands, how they got together and such, it’s cool. :) Though, I look that stuff up on wikipedia. :P

They would have scared me too. I find some songs quite scary, like Shoots And Ladders by Korn, that song freaks me out somewhat.

We have sort of similar taste in music so maybe I should give Fever a listen sometime. :3

I read somewhere (Twitter maybe?) that your wallet broke! :(

Gosh, I would have panicked if that happened to me. I always get paranoid that I forget to take my oyster card (bus pass type thing) but I always find it in the end… after panicking loads.

I’m pretty bad with money and as soon as I get my benefits, I spend them straight away lol. But if I were like you, I would have been pretty annoyed too! :(

Ew university. :( I’m sure you’ll be able to keep up with your assignments and such!

Aww, back at uni again… No fun.

I’ve never listened to Bullet For My Valentine – I’d go take a look but I’m busy -trying to- study.

I always do that with wallets X_X I never have money on me when I need it D:

Darn – short comment, but I gotta go!

Believe me, it’s stressing!

Study hard! Classical music helps you think. I insist that metal music does too, but it hasn’t been scientifically proven (yet).

I used to have that happen a lot to me in high school. At least it stopped me from buying food from the canteen. LOL.

thanks for the comment :)
what clips of hilary is a raunchy is lady gaga? I’m thinking reach out ( lol im listening to it right now)

I just typed God Loves A Challenge into youtube im listening to “First Fake Love ” it sounds pretty good so far

I didnt see that list on the morning show i must of been at tafe cos I usually watch the morning show. I love Larry :P
I thought this was a good list so i decided to post it
I love the clip for Ok Go – Here It Goes Again it was awesome i should of actually put it on my list :P

I’ve only heard one song from Bullet For My Valentine and that Tears Don’t Fall, hmmm the song is ok…. I know you like that kind of music haha

Huhu, I downloaded it today. I’ll give it a try on the weekend :B
Should be rather good. :)

Huhu, a new Wuggswallet /bounce
I’ve had mine for around ten years now. Flappage!
But it’s starting to wear. /sad

Arrooo, ATMs aren’t that bad. They’re rather friendly /eee

It is good! Probably better than Scream Aim Fire (the one I pretty much don’t have). /eee

LOL, that is old. Use the one I gave you. 💀 It was lameness. /um

I’m glad there was an ATM and I didn’t move all my money to Netbank… 😳

ugh it happened to me too. good thing you have your card with you! D:

I used to like those kinds of music, but then Kpop made me forget everything else. Haha. I sort of miss it, tho. D; teehee.

And about your title, I thought you had a fever. haha good thing you’re not sick!

ahh thanks for reminding me about longer chains! I forgot about that because I’ve been so carried away with new materials that I forgot about chain sizes. I only ordered same size chains in sterling silver and forgot about adding the longer chains. I found 20” & 24”, which would you prefer? I’ll add that to my list for next order.

I added shipping cost so that I could offer discount with multiple items.

okie dokie. thanks for the comment! yes, it is a challenge, because I dont have much to say tbh. XD

Yeah I think I did show you the wallet I bought off of ebay.com one time. I don’t think I ever showed the clutch wallet which surprisningly hasn’t torn or anything like that. It’s great. They call it a clutch wallet because it has a place for your driver’s license, cell phone (which mine is to big for it :( ), credit card holders, and money holder. It’s zebra print with pink trim. It’s very cute and classy if you ask me.

Thank you for your kind words on the v-log. Yeah I didn’t expect the music to last that long but it always does heehee. Anyway it’s by Ayumi Hamasaki. lol. Who else? I really should do Meatloaf. On my next v-log make up tutorial. I’m really getting into make up I never have been, but I am now. I wanna buy the coastal scents eye shadow pallet. It looks super cool. I need to buy brushes though. Like the mac ones or whatever. But I am getting the hang of eye shadow wear. My mom taught me a bit about it, as did others but I would never wear it because it reminded me of my mom, and how she would always wear way to much of it. It looked tacky. But I couldn’t afford make up then like I can now. And since I lost my eyeliner crayon I had to buy another this time it’s a lot bigger. Heehee. I love it.

I’m a Christian-Baptist type of person. I was baptized on February 17th 2008, not after a year of going to church. I started going to church in 2007 and the pastor allowed me to be baptized. I thought when he asked me would you follow in the name of christ? I said yes with out thinking what it meant but I thought it meant that I needed to practice religion and what not but that’s not what my grandmother says. She says if you follow christ you have to be good to others and your elders. And do nice things for them and what not. So now I understand that much.

I’ve been favoring blues lately on my layouts haven’t I? I dunno what it is that attracts me to blue but I just have to use it. I love this Disneyland layout though. It’s very cool looking. I just typed it in google.com and found these two lovely pictures.

Speaking of Disneyland, I was up late last night talking to a church friend whose going to be moving on the 19th of this month to go take care of his grandfather. Well; I asked him if he was going to go with us and he said he wasn’t sure but I think I talked him into going. Heehee. He’s super hot. He has two babies one is 4 I think and the other is a not that old. But I don’t care he’s super hot. He’s only 23 I believe but meh age doesn’t matter. We were really chatting up a storm on facebook. Until I started getting tired and he was getting tired. But meh maybe I can convince him to go with us on the 16th. I’m going on friday (may 7th) with an old friend of mine first, and I can’t wait and yes there will be tons of photos online at my gallery. I’m very excited. I wanna call her up again but I don’t want to pester her. I have a really bad habit of that of pestering people when it comes to Disneyland and what not. I love theme parks. But still I hate myself for pestering people. I’m gonna buy a season pass and my friend said that I’m more than welcome to go with them whenever they go. So I was like coolio!

Haha yeah Aly’s room is super special and great looking. I showed it to my dad and I told him that I wanted yellow on my walls not the same color as Aly’s and he’s like but she doesn’t have yellow does she? I was like nope, but I want to be a little different. I also asked him if he could build me a shelf to go over my desk, so I can put pictures and what not on there. He said he will do it whenever work slows down and it’s slowing down. He’s also thinking about taking that extra grand of money from his former boss which he offered in the beginning and said to my dad “If you don’t want this house, in the future or whenever I’ll take it” lol. I thought that was funny there’s one place where I can have my vegetable garden, and he (my dad’s former boss) and my dad went to the house and he looked at the backyard and said “*Points over somewhere* That’s where I’d have a vegetable garden if I were to have one” I laughed at that. Simply because that’s exactly where I will be putting it.

I will defanetly let my dad you wished him well. I gotta get going and find some socks. Haha.

I’m not really into metalcore or really loud music. I used to be in my young teen days…but I guess I just don’t have the ear for it anymore. The loudest music I like is The Used. But then again, I haven’t ventured into that musical genre in a long time. Maybe I’ll listen to songs from Fever (=

Do you still read music magazines? Do you subscribe to them or buy them as you go along in life? ;P

You know what I noticed Georgie…you don’t talk about James as much anymore. Is it because you don’t get to see him as much? ); But I also noticed that you two just had you 27 month anniversary! Congratulations <3

Eughaldjfklasd. I hate leaving things I need in other wallets/purses/etc. At least you had a way to get money out of the ATM! (=

I'm so glad you like my tinyBLOG idea! Seriously, any compliments coming from you really mean a lot to me *blushhh*

I don't know how you write such lengthy blogs! I usually just stop after a bit because I don't think people will read it…or I can feel myself just rambling on about nonsense :P Plomise o pwomise that you'll sign up for a tinyBLOG account if I ever launch the doggone thing? You don't have to promise because then that'd be like legit ;P

First thing I noticed about this blog is that it was posted at 11:11. :D I routinely make a wish and announce 11:11 to everyone present that it’s “11:11! Make a wish!”

Magazines? My metal love came from people influences, like my brother and ex boyfriend. Bullet For My Valentine isn’t really a band I’ve checked out, but Hearts Burst Into Fire and Tears Don’t Fall are two of my absolute favourite songs. I suppose I should get THEIR entire discography as well… XD

A wallet? I just shove my money in my pockets. I don’t have any cards or things I need to carry around, so I don’t have much use for a wallet. You moved all your cards, but not the money! Oh dear. D:

I don’t think I’ve used purple. :P
I guess I’m only daring because I love colours? I mean, it’s hard not to when the place you love the most (my bedroom) has every colour of the rainbow.
The layout colours are actually part of a colour scheme from a picture my friend took. I didn’t think they’d work so well together, but, boy, was I wrong. Thank you. :D

I don’t really think it was a fight, but it was just something aggressive. Andrea wasn’t paying attention and when I asked her about it later, she said, “I didn’t hear, but it sounded pretty intense.”
Josh has never seen me cry. He’s seen me annoyed and hyper, but that’s about all. I think he saw a bit of my rage today, though. :

I don’t know if he liked it; he hasn’t mentioned it at all. :P

Andrea and I speak in non-stop. It’s our “thing” I suppose. People can catch bits of it, but our speed with it (well, more like MY speed with it) throws people off.
We just speak it, though, never write, since it’s easier to decipher written words from spoken words.

I really like your coded layouts. They look really effective and the coding looks great :)

Oh I’ve seen Terminator. I think it was the latest one, I’m not sure. I watched it at my friend’s house.

I’ve never really spoke to a drunk person people. I don’t think I would like to be drunk myself though. It would be fun to see what it felt like but I can’t see much point in it. Most people in my year go on about the amount of times they’ve been drunk. I don’t even like alcohol that much.

Haha that sounds funny!

I know it does sound very risky O_O I’m desperate to learn how to scuba dive.

My mum always says that. Tshirts are just practical. They are just easy to slip on when you can’t find anything else to wear.

I love Q magazine. I’ve never actually bought it but when I’m in the shop I might have a quick flick through it!

It sucks about your wallet. I’ve had my wallet for years. My best friend bought it me when she went to Australia. It’s Roxy and I love it!

I don’t have any money in my bank account at the moment. I have two, it’s kind of strange. One i can access, one that I can’t until I’m older.

I have never used an ATM before but now I have a card I should try it out.

The majority of my friends listen to very, very scary music. I can’t stand it, yet whenever we’re all together I’m subjected to not only the songs.. but them attempted to recreate them. I’ve gotten used to the headaches though, so it’s nice when they play I song a I know/like once in awhile xD

It sucks about you forgetting your money in your old wallet :( At least you had SOME way of getting money, because it could/would have been a lot worse had you not had anything.

That COULD be why they seem tighter, seeing as I should be starting soon (tmi, sorry XD) but it tends to be like that more frequently than just before my period. Oh well..

I’m going prom dress shopping again on Sunday I think (with David xD), so I’ll look for some corset dresses :) I’m not sure where I’d find cheap ones though :(

Yeah, it’s really not A LOT per year, but I could never figure out how to attatch my debit card to paypal, so all of the funds that I have to use on my website are earnings FROM my website, so sometimes it get’s a little tight. I have around $1.76 in my paypal account right now, so I’m waiting on a bidvertiser payment at the end of the month so I can renew quotetastic in about two months :P

I like keeping things from special events xD It’s nice to look back on them. I’m glad David did like his present.. he told me before that he’ll end up keeping it, even if we were to break up at some point because he loves it :P

I hate taking money out of the bank as well. It’s awful. I love the feeling of saving. :D Too bad you forgot your cash in the old wallet.

I’ve never listened to any of those bands but I have heard of them. I kinda like British bands and British musicians like Jamie T, The Arctic Monkeys (who are from Sheffield like me), Lily Allen, etc..
Mowtown is good too. I might listen to bullet though, Metal just kinda puts me off. I used to be into the whole music scene like “Linkin Park” but times changed. I suppose you will always love the music you grew up with and helped you through hard times. Hence why I prolly love Elvis no matter what the weather.

I do share the excitement and love for when bands release albums though. WWEEEE xD . It’s a shame that they are a crap follow-up albums sometimes though.

Don’t forget to put your money in your new wallet tomorrow!!

thanksthanks georgina :) i DID get the job haha !

awww man, i hate it when bags/wallets break. but then again, its like an excuse to buy a new one :P at least there was an ATM near. phewww ! i don’t really trust those ATM machinese though for some reason…

Bullet for my Valentine’s great, even though I don’t usually like metal. Or maybe I just mostly like it because Cole does. (: Is that such a crime? haha I think I”ll just go with ‘he’s the one who introduced it to me’ then. And that was a very lovely, er, lets call it a testimonial? to Bullet (:

Awh, that’s super frustrating about your wallet, but at least you got to an ATM and did have the new wallet and cards with you, or you would have been quite screwed.

And just think positive, summer’s almost here! No university for weeks (: Lovely days ahead of us, Georgina.

LOL it’s actually not for me. I don’t have a break until July, and it’s winter here. Don’t forget I live on the other side of the world. :)

In the past, my ex boyfriends have introduced me to new music, which I am grateful for! And my current boyfriend and I have similar music taste since we share it around.

I would definitely have been screwed, haha! :P

Never heard of those bands before.
I saw your wallet on you photo blog, but I couldn’t comment. It looks like a Burberry wallet. /love
I hate using the ATM, they charge you for taking out your own cash. /argh

They’re pretty good bands, in my opinion. :)

Yeah, it’s not a real Burberry wallet though; just an imitation. It sucks that it fell apart…

Not if you use the ATMs associated with your bank, you don’t. If I find an ATM with my bank name, I won’t get charged.

Oh yeah that is annoying, getting money from your account esp after you just put it in. haha! Hassle! That usually happens to me when shopping, ack! haha I usually get tempted, not good not good.

Well just make sure everything’s in order next time. :)