Agree To Disagree

In church today, I was inclined to get a little mad at something the priest said.

For those regular readers of my blog or close friends, you’ll know that though I was brought up as a Catholic, I’m borderline non-Catholic. Meaning… I sort of lost my faith in it. But that’s beside my current point.

Still attending church, I’ve always known that from my early teenage years, I haven’t been able to listen to the priest with the interest that other people do. However, today was different, as I suddenly found myself paying some sort of attention.

Two things the priest said stood out to me during that mass.

“Love does not come from us. It comes from God.” I was inclined to disagree, because I started to think of all my friends who don’t believe in God or have any spiritual beliefs. I believe that love comes from inside us.

The more he went on, the more I felt a little angry and sad inside because I disagreed.

Though I might have disagreed with that, another thing he said stood out to me and I could feel the soul inside of me nodding its head softly, angelically.

“We must love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Think of love this way. Love is like a glass of water. You cannot give love to anyone unless you receive love. When you receive love, the glass fills up. The glass overflows, with more than love – with courage, goodness, faith, kindness, to everyone around you. The only way you can give love to others is when others love you.”

I felt like he had more to say, and he did.

“Parents, all the parents here. Don’t teach your children little things. They are important but they are not so useful, and we worry about them all the time. Teach your children the most important thing. Teach them how to love.”

I wished my mother had come to church that day. I am not blaming her. But maybe our relationship could be better if we could both stop arguing and fighting. Maybe I just need to keep on trying harder. It’s just hard not to make her angry when I can often snap back in a way much like Sheldon Cooper would. Leading to streams of profanities and worse arguments. :(

But what I’m trying to get at is that though you might disagree with someone – agree to disagree. You can have a healthy argument, but at some point it has to stop – because everything is relative. You might both be right, but in another situation, none of you could be.

This is why I don’t like people pushing their beliefs, including religion, down other people’s throats. It’s fine that you believe what you want – but not everyone is the same as you. Not everyone in this world is on the same level.

Love your neighbour the way you love yourself. It might be in the Bible, but it’s common sense. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

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I don’t really comment here unless I’m returning your comment, but I just have to say something here.

I agree, love comes from God, because WE also give love! If we never gave love, then how did all those couples end up being together/married? Because they love each other, of course!

Children are important but not useful? That is SO outrageous! Kids have done lots of wonderful things! Some of them named planets, some of them invented TVs, etc (Thanks to Nickelodeon’s “Kids First” :P)

My relationship with my mom isn’t so good. I mean, they say I’m closer to my dad (which I am) because he was the one who took care of me and my mom took care of my older brother. I wish our relationship would be like the ones on TV.

Exactly, treat people the way you want to be treated.

That wasn’t what I was saying. I wrote that I disagreed. I don’t think love can come from God when not everyone believes in him. No one should be made to believe in something they don’t believe to exist.

He didn’t say that “children are important but not useful”. He said to tell children what is most important.

Television is overrated, it would be nice to have relationships like those in television but they’re dramatised and real life isn’t perfect.

I have to agree with you when you said love comes from within ourselves, not from God. Just because someone doesn’t believe in God doesn’t mean they’re any less capable of love than someone who does. When you think about it, the nuts and bolts of virtually every religion is to be a good person and love others and treat them well – if we could all do that, regardless of whether we worship a God in addition, I’m sure the world would be a much happier place. :)

I sympathize though about the arguments with your mum. My mother and I have a rather unstable relationship at times too – we’re quite close, but fight a lot still even though I don’t live with her anymore. =/ I’m guessing it’s probably much the same as with your mum – neither of us ever wants to back down.

“This is why I don’t like people pushing their beliefs, including religion, down other people’s throats.”
Here here! I agree wholeheartedly – it’s all well and good to have a faith and observe it, but people have got to learn to respect that not everybody in the world does or wants to. And it’s not “saving” someone (or their soul) to try to force your religion on them – it’s spiritual bullying! *sigh* But people just don’t seem to learn, do they? :(

I hate when people push religion on me too. I’m going going to get into what I believe, but I agree with what you said – that you disagree with love coming from God. That made me angry reading, because of the same reasons it made you mad.

I really don’t even like bringing up God or anything with my family, especially my Dad because he gets really angry with my beliefs. I don’t understand why it matters what I believe in, as long as I do it respectfully.

Maybe you should sit down with your mom and tell her some of the things that the priest said? Maybe you guys could get along someday. <3

I think that it's great when people, especially ones close to each other, like friends, can agree to disagree. I don't like when people get mad at me for disagreeing with them.
Have a great day!

Parents always manage to push in somewhere! Both my parents are Catholic and brought me up that way, but I feel like I’m old enough to make my own decisions as well. Hopefully when you’re older (and when I’m older and more independent, haha) your parents will be fine with what you believe in even though it might differ from theirs.

And I agree with that! Not everyone has the same likes/dislikes or will agree – if they did, the world would be boring. ;)

Wahey, i’m also catholic and I went to church today. We had a similar topic today, but in all honesty I wasn’t really listening until the priest had to read out a letter from the bishops about the child abuse scandal. The church went pin drop silent. (okay irrelevant info haha)
But yeah, I’m not sure how religious I am, the whole idea of God confuses me and I’m really big on science and evoluntionary theories and such. I sometimes challenge my priest on his ideas after mass, hes quite young and fun. More irrelevant info. :p
I agree love doesn’t come directly from God its more like human nature. Then again it could be argued that even though someone doesn’t believe in God, it doesnt make God not exsist. (now im arguing with myself in my head, silly me)
Awh, a parent should always teach their kids to love because its like the greatest gift ever. My relationship with my mum is kind of love/hate, we argue but then within that hour we are looking through magazines together. Till I piss her off again :p

Treat others the way you want to be treated, damn right but sometimes its easier said than done, like most things.

I know June is agesss away, this comment is so long. Sorry, hope you enjoy :D

I completely agree with that.

Sometimes people just have a difference of opinion, and I think it’s fair to ‘agree to disagree’.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, not everyone’s is gonna be the same as yours, but it’s just about respect. I’m a Christian, but it’s not like I dismiss people who aren’t Christian or have different religions :S Like I said before, we are all entitle to our own opinions.

Treat others how you would like to be treated – ahh this is so true :) It’s just common sense.

That’s totally true! I was going to mention that it’s common sense really – but everyone should know that. Though I’m a Catholic and don’t really believe as a Catholic should, I still feel that people should not judge or treat people differently because of their religion. :)

I just looked it up…woah, that’s creepy. o_O I’m curious to listen to it backwards.

I’ve only touched the top part of a jellyfish with a stick. It was mushy.

I hate it when people try to push their religion on to me. It’s as if I have no rights but to listen to what they say. :P
I’m agnostic, btw.

Thank you :) I died it black about three weeks ago. I do it all the time, then wait for the colour to lighten to a brown and dye it blonde again.

lol, I had my learners in Western Australia for about three years, then moved to Queensland and had it renewed. I had my learners for five years, which is also why I went straight to Green plates and not red. I only just got my license last year in October.

Take your time with getting your license. I will tell you though, that you feel so much more independent. But I couldn’t imagine driving in Sydney. I can hardly bare Melbourne drivers and the roads. I’m still scared to drive places I am unformiliur with.

Ah, I hate religion. It’s so confusing. My mother and her side are catholic. They hate Judaism, and think they are the son of Satin. They are really judgmental. Are your parents like that? (Probably not). Mine are just crazy. I don’t think my father was religious. I wasn’t baptized. They wanted me to chose one when I was ready. I don’t have a middle name either. Apperently I have to do every thing. 😒 Haha!

I don’t believe in God, but I don’t like people telling me he isn’t real. I like the idea of my father being in heaven. :)

Because I am an atheist, I don’t feel the right to talk about God. It’s like talking about someone when you don’t even know that person.

At school we had christian class every morning and then twice a week we had Chapel. I was so angry. It was supposed to be an anglican school. Meaning any one can attend weather Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Atheist etc.. And they were forcing Christianity on us?!

I had this woman come up to me on the streets and told me I was going to hell. I was really up set. I asked “why?” She looked at my T-shirt of Marilyn Manson and replied “He is taking you to hell. There is no turning back now.” I thought that was really rude. I was really up set for a while. And she wasn’t just some crazy woman on the streets, she was sent from the local city church to talk about God to people shopping in the city.

I totally know what you mean by that. It comes from inside. But I am a Christian so everyone has their own beliefs and ways of how things work in life.

That’s where science and all this other stuff comes in to fill up the place where God should/could be. When you said about how the water being overfilled. That’s if you let people come into your lives and let them give you loves or you giving them love.

Either way, everyone has their own beliefs in things.

Wait hold up, I re read my thing and I didn’t make sense. Haha, I meant to say:

I may be a Christian but everyone else has their own beliefs and ways how things work in life.

Ahha, Georgina, just so you know I’m on hiatus. XD

I think love does come from God, in a strange way. I’m probably the strongest Christian of my age you’ll meet, or one of them at least – I believe in God very much (I’m a Lutheran though, not Catholic), but won’t shove it down anyone’s throats. XD

I think since God created everything, love comes from him, because love comes from everything around us. If that makes any sense?

And I agree completely with your point on agreeing to disagree. I disagree with many of my friends – on the subject of religion alone I have a few atheist friends – but even though we are different we still get along.

I realize that though we ARE different, that also makes us the same. Something we ALL have in common is that – being different.

Aiyyaaa, well just this time around I’ll respond to your comment on my blog. I can’t wait to see your site when it’s off hiatus! ;)

I completely understand where you’re coming from, I still do remember that you’re a strong Christian. I’m not going to say you’re wrong or anything, because you do believe that God created everything, so that too would include feelings of love.

I know the world would be boring if we were all the same. There would be nothing to talk about if we were all the same. There is something wonderful about being different. :)

I swear, EVERYTHING goes right to my stomach. It sucks, and when I went to get ready for work today my pants barely fit :( So I know I need to do SOMETHING.

I would get a dress with a corset, but then I think it might be uncomfortable for dancing and what not. I have a corset from La Senza, and when I wear it it always feels weird when I sit down.

I did have a good time, thanks :) We just talked and used the whole night to catch up and pig out..maybe the 1/3 of a cake I ate is part of the flabby tummy problem :P

Haha yeah. I like domains better than subdomains as well, but I don’t really have enough money to keep buying them to just not end up using them :P I’ve had so many over the five years I’ve been web designing.

Yeah, flash can be difficult to understand and sometimes not work right how you want it to.. so it’s sooo frusturating. But it does do some pretty cool things :P

I’ll have to try to find that button :) Thanks!

I guess it’s good that they made the emails for everyone, but it kinda sucks about the no facebook :P Oh well, I guess it’ll be better for no distractions.

Yeah, people probably will use the internet on smartphones and what not. I kind of wish I had an iPhone, but I don’t wanna have to pay the bill and switch from the current plan I have, because my plan is too awesome.

I agree with some parts of what was said in those quotes, but not all of it. I don’t think love comes from god, because of all the people who don’t believe in god. And people should treat others how they want to be treated, but I don’t really think it always applies because even if you want to be treated good by someone else, if they don’t treat you well.. you shouldn’t really have to put all the effort in for nothing in return.

Hi Georgina! I’ve never commented here before, but I visit all the time and I’ve decided to summon the courage to comment for the first time ever. (H) By the way, I love your layout; I haven’t been online for a few weeks, and I was really excited when I remembered you had said a while back that you would change the layout. The color scheme is awesome. /eee

I agree with you on the part about love coming from God. I don’t really believe in God anymore; I’m thinking of converting to Wiccan, and I believe in the Goddess. Either way, I don’t think that love comes from a deity, whether it’s the Christian God or the Wiccan Goddess or whatever. Some of my friends believe in God, some don’t know/don’t believe in a deity, but they all give the same amount of love.

Treat people the way you want to be treated- I guess I believe in that as well, even though I don’t really think of it that way. I try to be kind to *everyone*, especially the people everyone shuns at school. Of course, that results with me being shunned behind my back, but hey, it’s better than having a guilty conscience. ♥ I wish *everyone* would just follow that rule, though; it’s aggravating feeling like the only nice person in the school that is *genuine*.

I’m feeling like I’m going on about nothing in particular, so I’ll pull myself away for now. See you later, Georgina!

Hi Kat! Thank you for the comment. :) I didn’t know you were a regular reader – see, I never know these things unless people comment. ;)

Thank you! To be honest I am starting to get a little bored with the layout and I think it could be improved in many ways, but I’m really liking the bright change from my past few layouts.

Well I suppose we’re in the same boat. I have always been interested in Judaism, and on the other side of the scale, it would be nice to be a Jedi (what with being a Star Wars fan amongst other things, including to respect every living thing). :)

I think that generally we should treat all people with respect. I know sometimes we talk behind other people’s backs but personally I’ve been working on being honest to people I might have a problem with (without humiliating them of course).

I’m sorry I had a snoop at your site, but I was curious – good luck with the rest of it! ♥

Heehee, kids are important. I’d imagine without kids it would be quite hard to obtain adults.

The googol (10^100) was named by the 9 year old nephew of the guy who decided to give it a name less sleazy than ‘ten thousand sexdecillion’.

Emotion comes from experiences and our self awareness; including love (and Hate /ho )

Besides, you could just pass the cup around. *slosh* Hrrng


In obtaining adults, we would naturally have more kids… or so people hope. :P

OMG I learned something new. I shall have to start calling it ‘ten thousand sexdecillion’ from now on. (H)

I laughed. Out loud. LOL. You ruined the metaphor. /hehe /love

Thank-you the comment. I’m glad you like my icons, they didnt take me that long, and for one of them i actually came second in a icon challenge, which is pretty cool :)

Yeah I’ve never been a fan of younger artistes, I do think Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have nice voices, but I’m not a fan of Disney stars

I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber or his music and I dont think I ever will. I just think I’m too old for his music :D

I was brought up as a christian but I dont really believe in God as much anymore, but It really does annoy me when people shove religion down your throat.
I respect people’s beliefs and its their decison to believe in god or not

I like this.

Reading your entry made me kind of sad because someone that I care about tends to want to win every argument we have, instead of just trying to agree that we both have different views. It’s frustrating, especially because I can see how easy it’d be to do that, but they don’t want to be proven anything but right. /snort

Why do you still attend church even if you’re not fully behind it? Just out of habit, or are you just not sure how you completely feel about it yet?

Admittedly I’m a bit like that – I hate to be proven wrong when it comes to logical stuff – but religion? No! It goes past arrogance, really, it’s frustrating when someone just thinks they’re right. I got in a tiff with some girl in a forum who thought that anyone who didn’t believe in God had nothing to live for. /ehh

Ugh, the thing is, it’s my parents. I have to go. I’ve told my dad I don’t feel like I believe anymore. But it is kind of out of habit as well, I know I’d feel weird if I didn’t go. I guess I’m sort of unsure at the moment, but I feel that I’m more verging on not believing in God.


LOOK WHO IS USING UNI WIRELESS (Yes, it connected, I am so shocked :O ) to comment on your blog :D :D Woot! ✌️

Okay, now to actually comment on your blog /um

Yeaahhh, I can’t agree with what your priest said. I mean I’m sure he meant well, and I think it’s really great that some people can believe in something SO strongly, that they devote their entire lives to it, but still!

Love comes from God? I don’t think so. Even if I were Catholic, I still wouldn’t believe it because it’s a little contradictory. I mean if you’re supposed to LOVE God, and love COMES FROM God, and God made us humans (sorry if I got any of that incorrect), doesn’t that mean that we don’t have a choice but to love him because he made us that way? I don’t think that’s a spiritual relationship =/ I think that’s more like someone forcing your feelings.

I agree with you :) Love comes from inside of us (Awwww! :) )

I like your priest’s glass of water analogy :) It’s very sweet :) He’s right ^^ Hahaha. So I guess that was a good sermon to attend, huh? (Are they called sermons? =S OMG, I feel so noobie D: )

Awwwww! It sucks that you and your Mum keep fighting :( That is kind of unfortunate, but at least you know she loves you :D And you love her, so that’s important, right?


I AGREE WITH YOU 100% Even if you fight, don’t let it get in the way of your relationship overall! Because that’s no way to live, and that’s missing the most important thing. LOVE IS GOOD! Love is aaaaaall you need! Hahahaha!

And yeah, I don’t like people pushing religion down my throat either :( /angry It’s just frustrating. And pointless too. If we believe in something because you’ve shoved it down our throats, we don’t really believe it in properly, right? Seriously! Hmph! Silly people

I hope things don’t stay too bad with your mother :) Otherwise you can always rant to me on MSN :D

I think things will get better when you get a little older ^^

See you online tonight, when I get home ♥

LOL hi! I’m glad it worked! ♥

Well I guess he was looking at us all as Catholics. There’s no way he could have known whether people shared his thoughts or not. Still, I think that even if I did strongly believe in God, I wouldn’t think that way, because I would always be mindful of those who don’t believe in a God. I might believe that he created us but I wouldn’t believe that he decides on our feelings somehow.

I think we call them “masses” (singular: mass). :P

LOL how did you know I was going to refer to TBBT?! Insane! Mind reader! :O XD

Wooo, found you on MSN (of course, how could I not? :P)! Assignment time… /ehh

Ten thousand sexdecillion – I like :) Very much. So much that I’m going to go to school tomorrow and bring the word up casually, just to see (and laugh at) my friends’ reactions. Although I daresay they should be used to my random antics by now. I’m a pretty impulsive and spontaneous person :)

I agree with what you said about all love not coming from God. I’m quite like you, I’ve been brought up Catholic but I find that I don’t believe as much as everyone else in the church does. Love comes from within, and I think one of the biggest mistakes some religions make is deciding that everything is planned, organized and brought about by some deity. It’s almost like saying that humans have no autonomy, over theirselves or others, but are simply part of someone’s game.

In the case of love, it’s like saying that human beings aren’t capable of creating love, which is a really sad thing to believe.

I definitely agree with the bit about the glass, though :) That’s very true – it’s very hard to love people if no-one is loving you.

Haha, you comment snooper. ;)

I’m pretty impulsive and random as well… no one forgets the look on Ryan’s face when I joked, “Do you have to take everything so literally? I’ll rape you.” My face was like this though: /angry LOL.

That’s what I think too. Someone mentioned that God creates love, but I think we need to consider everybody in this situation. It just so happens that not everyone believes in God. I try to respect that. Even if I thoroughly believed in God, I wouldn’t try to change what people believe. :)

I totally agree that arguments have to stop at some point. (Y) How could a priest say that love comes from God when there may not even be a God!

By the way, thanks so much for the awesome comment! :) Glad you like the name, and the cursor. :p It’s the best cursor I’ve made.

This has got to be the longest comment I’ve ever written! O_O

I’m an atheist, and I think the only thing you need to believe in is yourself, not a spiritual being/superbeing/thing.
I think I need to take the same advice – If me and my dad didn’t fight as often, I think I’d get the respect and trust I’d like easier. :/ *thinking time*
Thanks for the comment on the layout, and yeah 30STM write amazing songssss. (L) I fall in love with every song I hear. Hope your assignments are doing okay too ♥

Heyy georgina, I’m an old affiliate and just returning to the WWW with a new domain and everything. If my name doesn’t ring a bell my old site name probably will. I used to own but, hey that’s besides the point. I totally agree with everything you disagree on. God may have given us love but we love others at our own free will. We do not have to be loved first to show love. To be honest everything In life isn’t solely based on religion of course. How dare that preacher say children aren’t useful? If they weren’t, why were they used In history for labor and war? Hey, just a thought. You make a pretty decent arguement here and if I were you, I’d bring it to the pastor’s attention I know I would. Why do you think there’s still a debate on the creation of the earth? Some say it was all god and non believers believe it was purely scientific. What should we believe now-a-days?? Ill be back to read more things about your opinion cause I definitely think this is a good topic to debate or discuss.

I’m not really a religious person. But for me, I believe love comes from within us.

Well, my parents fight a lot as well. Our beliefs totally crashes. Neither of us wants to give in. Maybe if I give in everything would be better? It is just my pride.. >.<

Treat people the way you wanted to be treated! AGree! Don';t treat people like trash if you don't want them to treat you like one as well. :)

Hey, I recently came across your site and and I really like it :) I do agree with what you’re saying – I’m also on the borderline in not believing in a religion.

I do find it really frustrating not knowing what I believe in though, because sometimes I think I believe in it, but other times I think I don’t. I told a friend once that I do believe in God, but I also accept the possibility that there isn’t one. She then told me that if I really believed in God, I wouldn’t think there was a possibility that God didn’t exist. That really got me thinking. She has a point, but is it just being narrow minded not to accept all possibilities?

I also agree that love doesn’t come from God. That would leave all atheists/agnostics unable to love, which isn’t true.

Thank you! :)

It’s a bit hard to admit that, because some people might think I’m a bad person, but I believe that religion is a personal choice and though I was brought up this way, I feel like I’m old enough to make my own decisions and realise that I can’t be true to something I don’t believe in.

I like to keep an open mind, and I am open and accept many religions. Since being exposed to scientific theories in high school, it’s just made a lot more sense to me. :P

i got a call today to go in for another interview… ANOTHER AHH. i hope i get this job though haha.
oh wow, the government gives you an email? i learn new things everyday haha :) i think universities here give you emails too but idunno if you HAVE to use them. not too sure.

this is a greattt speech/blog youre giving. theres definetly situations where theres a point to the agreement on both sides! ohgosh, especially with religion. there was this classmate in elementary that just tried to push everything on me… it was horrible. treat people the way you want to be treated. true that.

I disagree with “Love does not come from us. It comes from God” as well. I fully agree with you because love comes from us.

I’m not religious at all, either are my parents. I really enjoy religion tho and love learning about all there different ones out there.

Not much to say about this entry, but it’s very inspiring. You do write such beautiful blog entries, unlike me where I write about complete ramble haha.

I’m in the middle of the mass. I disagree with some statements and I agree with some statements made. I’m in the middle of we make love out of ourselves and God makes love for us. Now being a baptized Christian, I do believe that god makes love for us. There is someone out there for everyone or so I choose to believe. I haven’t found my soulmate yet and probably never will until I’m in my 30’s or 40’s. But that’s besides the point.

If you’ve been to Aly’s domain, she shared her bedroom tour well; I saved the panarama picture of her bedroom and that’s exactly how I want my bedroom to look like. But I’m gonna go with a light yellow. It’ll match my furniture and everything.

Speaking of moving, we might stay here for another month, but not really sure though. Because my dad just got the storage cleaned out, this past weekend, and stored everything in the garage which literally about killed him, because the black walnut tree was in the way, so he had to lug and carry everything up hill. If his girlfriend wasn’t there he said he probably would’ve died. I think he was being a bit exaggerated there.

But anyway, I turned into a photogallery. So you can take a look at the photo’s I’ve taken. The reason why you don’t see me in any of the pictures if because I was the one taking pictures.

Heehee, 3 more days of waiting till I go to Disneyland with a good friend of mine. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be expensive as hell but very well; worth it. Than again on the 16th of may I’m going with some church members (finally after nagging them). I feel kinda guilty about it because I told Nathan that I felt left out well; he kinda guessed that when we were talking because my friend Katie had a slumber party with her mom and her best friend’s mom and daughter, and than at youth night they were talking to each other leaving me out which is sort of the reason why I quit going to church. Than Katie planned it as a daughter mom/son/mom type of trip to Disneyland. I felt left out. They all know I’ve been wanting to go to Disneyland so in a way I feel kinda guilty but still I shouldn’t. Ya know? Am I right on this? I dunno. But seriously two trips to Disneyland in one month that’s gonna crunch my money down. I can’t even go and get Sushi. :(.

Hey Georgie! :)

I’m once again a little bit late with my comment so I think it’s easier for us to just start over – but you can be 100% sure that I read your comment! :)

I really, really like this blog post right here! I think it’s the first time you’ve ever blogged about your experiences at church and I really like it.

My parents never really brought us up in any kind of religious believe. We did get baptized as little kids and we also got confirmed (not 100% sure if that’s the right word, but Google says so). Mum always told me & also my younger two sisters that we should attend classes at the church and get confirmed so that if we ever decide we want to have a traditional wedding at a church we can do that. Or if we want to get our kids baptized. My 13 year old sister doesn’t really get that part yet and complain when she has to go to church every now and then.

I am personally happy that I do have the chance to baptize my future babies and also get married – if I want to. It’s nice to know.

I may not really believe in the things the Protestant church teaches us, but that’s just me. But who knows maybe one day something happens and it will make me believe that there is a God or something like that out there.

I disagree with the priest on the part about love coming from god too. I mean, let’s take myself for an example. I don’t really believe in God as of now but I do give love to the people around me. Shouldn’t that be “impossible” if I didn’t believe in God? Love is coming from me – and no one else.

I also agree on the fact that parents should teach their kids to give love to receive it. It’s of course kinda difficult if you never really received love as a kid yourself.

I really like how you’ve described the receiving and giving love thing with the glass full of water – it’s a nice metaphor. Beautifully written.

I kinda really like your priest – he finds the perfect words at time. Maybe it would’ve really helped if your mum were at church that day. But you could still talk to her about what the priest said now. :)

thanks for the comment, i like making icons just because they dont take long to make :P
yeah disney stars are boring, and they arent good role models, i cant think of one good disney star the only person i can think of is hilary duff

i’m not a fan of heavy metal, i like pop sometimes, but i mostly like electronica :P

I am so happy Luke Mitchell won, I can see a future in Hollywood for him

I was so excited when Ray Meagher won the gold logie 👏 , I wanted to cry 😢 , It was about time he won something

Oh my goodness, Georgie, I just (angrily) tweeted about something like this earlier today. I had no idea that you blogged about it.

I think what your priest may have meant is that love, period, was created by God. Humans wouldn’t have been capable of that emotion/behavior if God had not engendered it. Maybe that’s what he meant? Because absolutely atheists can love wholeheartedly! But they may not have been able to if God had not created it ♥

I hardly think the reason why your and your mom fight is your fault. I feel like you try a lot harder than she does, and that compassion isn’t necessarily one of her strong suits. Maybe there’s something else that you could do…but I’m not quite sure what it could be.

I think I did understand things that way, Joyce! But the thing is, I personally don’t believe that God made everything. I’m sort of in the middle. People have told me that they believe God created everything including love, but I don’t think of it that way. I don’t think that atheists or people who don’t believe in God would be able to accept that. For that reason, and because a certain percentage of the world is Christian – I personally don’t feel it’s right to say that love comes from God – something a lot of people in the world don’t believe. I understand why people believe that love comes from God, but I don’t see it that way.

I feel like I still could try harder to make the relationship better, but at times it just seems like there’s not much I can do because I have to tread ever so carefully.

I’ll admit I don’t like when things don’t go my way… that might be my problem. :|

Yeah. She knows how to use computers real good. She’s a computer analyst so yeah. Hah, she hasn’t been bugging me lately. And yeah everyone has their own beliefs and should be entitled to their opinion on their aspects on life

Lo Georgie! You’re becoming agnostic? I have inclinations too but I believe that there really is a God. It’s the Catholic Church and some of its leaders that are quite disturbing me… but for me, there definitely is a God, I mean, where did EVERYTHING all come from? Some super uber uber miniscule particle that exploded can’t be just the answer, there’s got to be more.

The priest should expound some more when he said love comes from God. Maybe he meant the ultimate love/unconditional love (Jesus’ Passion and death) but it doesn’t soley come from God. It comes from us too. I’ve been getting that lately too though, some little voice at the back of my head is disagreeing with the priest too. It’s kind of hard for me as I have been brought up in a REALLY STRICT Catholic school. But my family since Chinese, we also do some Buddhist practices such as offering and lighting of incense etc. It’s kinda embedded in me but I like some philosophies of Buddhism, not all.

Agree with the love thy neighbor. I really hope that your relationship with your mom gets better! >:D:D<

Hey Georgina! I actually totally agree with you and get where you are coming from when you say you got angrier and angrier every time he said something that you disagreed with.

My mom actually pushes religion on me ALL the time. It really pisses me off and just the fact that in every conversation she brings up little things about it, that she knows I disagree with, and it just gets me angry. The more she tries to push it on me, the more I rebel from it because I don’t believe in some of it. I don’t agree with some things in my religion and reading your post actually reassured me that I’m not a bad person for thinking that, because sometimes she convinces me that I am. I used to have a strong relationship with my mom, but now she is pushing too many things towards me all at once and I feel like it is just not like how it used to be. I feel like I’m being forced to change the way I think, and I don’t believe that God would make us all different, if he wanted us to be the same. (If you get what I’m saying) :P

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

What you say is in the bible.
“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
Luke 6:31

It’s not only in the bible, it’s common sense.

wouldn’t it be great if we all live this way. /faw

The world isn’t perfect, so not everyone treats people the way they want to be treated. :(

your welcome!

If I have also heard that on Amazon you can find what you want. True, that the site looks a little messy. Thanks for your advice, I’ll tell to my father.

I’ve heard things like that on eBay. I can not believe that people who dare to send empty boxes, that’s incredible.

I’m not sure. That’s okay, thanks. I will tell my father that read the information or the guidelines.

I guess if you can pay with PayPal and credit card is secure.

Haha glad for you!

your welcome! I can imagine, if you buy online you can buy unique things.

That would be great :)

I like your point of view on this issue. Each one has a say on any question, so it is sometimes okay to talk about our views. First of all I recognize that I’m not Catholic, although I come from a very Catholic family, by my maternal grandmother. But my parents aren’t practicing Catholics, and have always respected my opinion on this issue. I believe that love comes from people who love you, not God.
I agree that parents should teach children to love.

I’m sorry about that you have a bad relation with your mother, to me the case with mine. I have a closer relationship with my father.

You’re right that you can agree or disagree with someone. Although both tengais a sound argument, perhaps tengais either reason or you are in possession of the truth. I think everyone is free to have their own ideas and beliefs, both in politics and in religion. In the end everything is plausible, based on respect.

Hey Georgina!

Okay, so I have to make a sort of point here. I’ve been brought up with this saying that God is within us. To me, I feel the priest was right in saying Love comes from God as God is inside you. You can love. God loves us all. In my point of view, the priest said something I’ve been hearing all my life.

But, children are NOT useless. I disagree with him. All of us do! We relive the dreams our parents had to some extent. And talking about existence of God, everything’s a story. Different religions worship different gods right? And at the end I hear people say that God is just one. There’s only ONE God. And that God is inside you. The inspiration in one’s soul, is what I call God.

This might go away from the topic but I, to some extent, believe that God did make us. But I go for the scientific reason – due to some thunder/lightning and all the amino acids which got produced in the process leading to formation of some proteins and stuff. And proteins helps in formation of the body. Ta daa :P

I can understand where you’re coming from as someone who believes in God. :) But I guess it’s different for me; I don’t really believe in God, and I always think of those who don’t – they would not ever believe anything to do with God, and I just don’t agree that love comes from God. Atheists would just refuse to believe it.

I know different religions look up to different gods, and that’s why I think it’s not right to say that God created something like the feelings of love, because everyone has these feelings. :/

I feel that there is more to believe in science and since things are proven and things are factual, I have a better chance of believing it, and I guess I do. I know some people really stick to their religion though. :)