All Apologies

I’ve been told not to apologise but I still do! I’m saying sorry, because I haven’t really bothered to respond to anyone’s comments. My host Kya has successfully moved everything to the new server. I am so happy and so proud of her – she moved pretty much 300 accounts by herself. I admire her patience. ♥️

I had to wait for the nameservers to propagate on nine of my domains hosted with her. Annoyingly, was the last to point to the new server and only did a short time ago (which is why I’m only blogging now). I put little messages on my account on the new server, like “new server!” in the footer, or added something, so I could tell when the domains were pointing to the new server. 🙂

Some people might not be able to see the site on the new server and won’t be seeing this blog, but they will soon. I tried not to lose anything over the move, and that’s why I disabled comments on the old server.

Enough talk on that. 😉 I was actually getting pretty bored of my site and just wanted to take a break, but I really wanted to write a new blog as well.

In my last post I mentioned my toe hurting. A few nights ago, I could not sleep for hours because it was hurting so much. I put iodine on it, right, and it starting hurting a lot when I went to bed. I was tossing and turning in bed and I could feel my toe throbbing and all the blood rushing to my toe.

“Relax,” I said to myself, “It’s just inflammation and is the body’s natural response.” (At least, that’s what I remember from learning biology.) But I still couldn’t help crying because it hurt even without me moving it. 😭

I took painkillers and finally managed to sleep. Over the past two days recovery has been slow but sure, and it feels much better now. ☺️

I’m also really happy about one of my group assignments, because even though only two of us turned up to the meeting, we both got a lot planned and even made a little schedule. ✌️

Yesterday I got my package from I bought a few shirts and posted these pictures on my DailyBooth account:

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

The past few days I’ve barely done anything on my websites but I’ll be getting there. There are a bunch of reviews to do and to those in queue, I’ve looked at your sites so I have a general idea of what to write. I’ve just been really busy and I want to get these assignments done. I promised no all-nighters this year and I want to keep it up.

I haven’t asked this question too often, but I’m just curious. What would you like to see on the site? Tutorials, brushes, etc.? I haven’t got the time for much, but I’d really like to know. I’ve been enjoying making icon tutorials, you see.

Shorter blogs perhaps? 😉

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