All Apologies

I’ve been told not to apologise but I still do! I’m saying sorry, because I haven’t really bothered to respond to anyone’s comments. My host Kya has successfully moved everything to the new server. I am so happy and so proud of her – she moved pretty much 300 accounts by herself. I admire her patience. ♥️

I had to wait for the nameservers to propagate on nine of my domains hosted with her. Annoyingly, was the last to point to the new server and only did a short time ago (which is why I’m only blogging now). I put little messages on my account on the new server, like “new server!” in the footer, or added something, so I could tell when the domains were pointing to the new server. :)

Some people might not be able to see the site on the new server and won’t be seeing this blog, but they will soon. I tried not to lose anything over the move, and that’s why I disabled comments on the old server.

Enough talk on that. ;) I was actually getting pretty bored of my site and just wanted to take a break, but I really wanted to write a new blog as well.

In my last post I mentioned my toe hurting. A few nights ago, I could not sleep for hours because it was hurting so much. I put iodine on it, right, and it starting hurting a lot when I went to bed. I was tossing and turning in bed and I could feel my toe throbbing and all the blood rushing to my toe.

“Relax,” I said to myself, “It’s just inflammation and is the body’s natural response.” (At least, that’s what I remember from learning biology.) But I still couldn’t help crying because it hurt even without me moving it. /wah

I took painkillers and finally managed to sleep. Over the past two days recovery has been slow but sure, and it feels much better now. /eee

I’m also really happy about one of my group assignments, because even though only two of us turned up to the meeting, we both got a lot planned and even made a little schedule. ✌️

Yesterday I got my package from I bought a few shirts and posted these pictures on my DailyBooth account:

You’re on a really old post! Sorry but the image associated with this post no longer exists.

The past few days I’ve barely done anything on my websites but I’ll be getting there. There are a bunch of reviews to do and to those in queue, I’ve looked at your sites so I have a general idea of what to write. I’ve just been really busy and I want to get these assignments done. I promised no all-nighters this year and I want to keep it up.

I haven’t asked this question too often, but I’m just curious. What would you like to see on the site? Tutorials, brushes, etc.? I haven’t got the time for much, but I’d really like to know. I’ve been enjoying making icon tutorials, you see.

Shorter blogs perhaps? ;)

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Yay :) Kya is amazing – I would never be able to do that by myself :O

The shirts are epic!!! I’ve always wanted the rock paper scissors lizard spock one… One day :)

Good job with the group assignments! I fail at group stuff… We all end up procrastinating individually ;)

I really don’t mind what you put on your site, but NOT SHORTER BLOGS! I love your long blogs, and I wish my comments were longer to respond to everything, but I’m drowning in schoolwork at the moment, so I’m going to just leave it here for now :)

Haha, one day you will! Or I can get it for you as a gift, if you’re still desperate after some time. ;)

Thank you! :D LOL, procrastinating individually – that would be about right. But even though there were two of us I was still pleased. :)

I haven’t had anyone complain about the length of my blogs but I know people say they’re “long” in comparison to others. I always seem to have a lot to say. Perhaps if I blogged every day instead of every second day, they would be shorter… but more frequent!

Haha wow I got first comment *beams*
That’s exciting :)

I’ve been returning them out of order, but yes you did! ♥


I am so pleased that I have managed to get all the sites moved over. It was a long process but like you said via MSN the party begins. :)

Man, I love those shirts that are so awesome! I can has please? XD

*hugs* I’m very happy, and I’m proud that you’ve managed to do it all. I really appreciate you letting me know when my site was being moved too; made me feel special. <3

I can't wait to see what you have in store for Bubble! :D

I got the shirts from - be warned that the shipping to Australia is quite expensive! XD


Congratulations on the successful server change ♥ ✌️ YAY! This is so exciting. I probably won’t notice the difference, but whatever, it’s exciting anyways! :P YAY.

Wooooow…300 accounts D: Kya really IS awesome. Hahaha!

LOL, I love how you put little updates and stuff on your websites to see if they had moved or not :P That’s so cute. Hahaha. You were totally impatient for all your websites to appear on the new server. It was so funny XD

Awwwww! Poor you! Not being able to sleep because of your toe :( Haha, it’s so annoying how something so small in comparison to the rest of your body could cause so much trouble for you! I’m glad to hear it’s improving :) I hope it doesn’t give you too much trouble for that much longer D:

OMG, I forgot to ask you how your group meeting went yesterday! I suck! 😳 /bash SORRY! But it’s good to hear that it was productive :) Even if only 2 of you turned up. The others are suckers! I hope you guys made heaps of progress now that you have a schedule and all :D

Hahaha! Your ThinkGeek shirts came SO fast. I swear you only bought them like…last week or something :O Good service! Hahaha. I like the second shirt better :P Both are nice though. I just love the robot-man evolution shirt. It’s so geekishly cute!

Hmmmm…what would I like to see on your site O_O You know, I have no idea. Hahaha! Maybe cos I don’t have a website and don’t really have a use for web-materials :P I like icons? XD Hehe!

Haha thanks! :D Oh well, let’s hope there is a noticeable difference! I think I noticed that it’s a little faster, actually. :D

I had to! I really was paranoid. Imagine if I logged in to my site and updated, only to realise that I updated on the old server and would have to move all the updates and edited data over. :P

It was majorly painful! I know, it was just a toe, too. I was quite upset that it was causing so much pain when it was just one toe (albeit a big one). No more pain now. :)

LOL, no way, you don’t suck. You’re talking to the person who still hasn’t read your blog! /um /bash 😳

Yep! I’m excited that I can finally work on the project too, and we are making steady progress. /bounce

I was shocked that they came so fast too. I think it only took about three days for them to be delivered. Very impressive. I think that’s my fastest delivery yet. :B

LOL more icons are coming! Although I could just send you each and every one I make on MSN. /ho

Ngaww *hugg*
Your poor toe. :)

You remind me of a reptile when you look slightly downward like that /um /sweat
But the other picture is zoocute /love

Less blogs about blogs would be /bounce /ho


*hugg* I know you don’t like reading about blogs and websites. :) /bounce

I’ll be your reptile any day, if you… /um

Hrrng. 😏

You don’t have to apologize for not really being able to return comments!! It’s not absolutely mandatory and you still return them, anyway, which is reaaly nice if you asked me :D !
But anyways, wow… 300 accounts moved!! D: It must be pretty hard to have domains, I’m sure… which is why lazy me could never ever do what you do with a huge domain collective :P
I’m glad to hear that your toe’s better. It might be just a toe, but things like that can hurt a lot /bash (<– sorry, I just wanted to use that face :D )
Nice shirts, too! I like the black one and how the robot-looking things get bigger /bounce
And more content on Heartdrops? … You already have a LOT of content, so I really don't know! Maybe brushes or textures would be nice, but it's really up to you. It is your site! :)

It’s great that all the accounts are moved now. :D

I feel like that quite often, I don’t blog much any more anyway, but I always think “I can’t take a break…I’ll get bored and blog again!”. xD

That’s a shame about your toe being so bad. :( I’m glad to hear it’s better now!

Yay! It’s great that the progress is coming along on your group assignments and at least some people decided to show up!

Those shirts are actually SO cool! :O

Tutorials are really great to look at. Sometimes when I’m bored I just browse tutorials, not because I want to do those things straight away but it’s good to know, in case I ever need to. I like your icon tutorials though, I don’t make icons much but when I enter competitions, I always like to look at tutorials. :D

I saw about that on Justin Bieber’s Twitter! I know what you mean about fans going over the top, when I see a band live I scream and sing along and I’ve cried a few times at songs and stuff, but I see girls pushing to the front and I’ve seen some pass out from it…It’s crazy! I hate pushing fans. ¬_¬

I’ve always stayed up really late, but I do need to start sleeping “normal” hours on short holidays or weekends, my sleeping pattern is wrecked when I go back to school. D:

When I was buying a t-shirt yesterday, I came across that method of shipping for the first time. Usually when I buy things the shipping is based on how many items (usually about £1 per item) but it said on the website that the shipping was based on weight. Luckily I only bought a shirt though, so it was free. ^__^

Akismet seems to be working fine and I haven’t got any spam comments. :D

Christmas doesn’t really feel that far away for me. :’) I’m counting down to my birthday right now, which is about 3 months away, then Christmas is 4 and a half months after that, so it doesn’t feel too far. I’m just excited for Christmas all year round though. :P

haha ouchiiess about your toe ! the second shirts pretty raad ♥

I always love it when a band decided to cover a part of a song at the last minute. One time I was watching a video of Lostprophets at the Full Ponty, and right before “Last Summer,” Stu (bassist) started playing a 1980s song (forgot the name) and Ian started singing in a low voice.

I should. I actually broke off the big plastic shell with pliers because I couldn’t open it…How bad/desperate am I? And the plastic is sharp, too. I took the toy out and put it in a cup of water. It’s still there.

Thank youuu.

I can now officially play “Stairway to Heaven” up to the beginning of the verse. Or maybe further than that.

One time I got a fish hook stuck in my toe…Have I told you that already? I’ve repeated it so many times to my friends because I thought it was so interesting. =)) It wasn’t painful, though. It got caught on my toe while I was swimming at the beach. At first I thought it was a bottle.


Wow, you’re host is amazing. 300 accounts are A LOT.

I’m glad that your toe is better.

You look so pretty. :O I love your shirts. I’ve heard of ThinkGeek before and their electronic shirts are amazing. I remember seeing a shirt that has hearts on it, and they light up when you’re next to the person you love, if they’re also wearing the other shirt of the pair.

As for adding stuff to your website, I have no idea.

Wow, yeah I got another email from Kya saying that moved was a.okay. I was like why is she sending me emails? I’m not hosted with her? I did apply to get hosted by her but she never replied back.

But anyways yay for your shipment to come through to your house. Heehee. This is on my blog but I’ll be going to Disneyland twice! I can’t wait. The only thing How am I going to afford both times I go? I get paid tomorrow (which is saturday for you right now), But still I’m hoping that my bank will have discount tickets for adults. They’re all out of them, so I’m hoping to get some or at least by the 16th. Ya know?

But anyway, I love the third picture. What are you holding in it?

Are the comments still in queve as well? When are you going to turn the queve off? Let me know!

You’ll get around to your domains it does take up a lot of time because you have assignments to do and what not, but seriously all the domains you have that’s crazy! I gave my other domain to Luna.

I’ll take a peek at your dailybooth. To see what else you got. I’m still with out a webcamera but I got to thinking I don’t really need one. So yeah.

Oh gosh, I would never have the patience to sit there and move 300 accounts! Props to your host.

Aww, I hope your toe feels better. I hate when I cut a toe nail too short..and putting a bandaid on it would look weird.

Nice shirt! I couldn’t help, but do the hand sign while typing this comment. LOL The second one is a robot?

I think Photoshop Brushes and new tutorials would be nice. Like something to teach that you have never seen on the web, something unique! Oh, spiffy animations would be cool. Haha.

Yeah, putting a band-aid on it would look super weird. I put iodine and ointment on it. :3

Well it’s more like LEGO than a robot, but it’s showing evolution. There is another version of the shirt showing a caveman evolving into a standing man and then a robot. ;)

Haha, thanks! I’m not so keen on animation though… I know I’ve made animated pixels, but I’m kind of over them. XD

It’s okaaay ;)

Your blogs are very interesting, keep them at this length. & I ♥ to see brushes , tutorials even premade layouts!

Good to know your toe story (H) It’s better now (Y) eh?

~mirandaaa ✌️

I can see you site:) so it’s a success to me haha, your sever. I think my host is going through a server change too, so yea.. maybe i should close comments, but i really doubt a lot people will comment in the next like 24 hours.. like you get a TON. so yea lol

awww, i hope your toe gets better. My neck is cramping me because i think i slept on it funny. So i hope your toe gets better:)

and i don’t get the first shirt haha, but you are very pretty:) lol What does the first shirt mean? I feel like gossip girl on my site cause i do not think people know what i look like lol.

i LOVE tutorials:) so more tutorials please. idk if you know vicky but her tutorials got me through wordpress.

and i did have a lot of fun:) thanks *hug back* haha aren’t virtual hugs the best (y) lol He apologized so yea i guess we are friends? lol i can never stay mad at him though. Though we are definitely not that close, though we began drifting this year. And it’s hard to not keep him as a friend considering i am friends with his other friends..

oh i see lol, well mhm you have a ton of domains. i do not know how you can comment and manage all those domains lol Way to go!

i do not use twitter that much, probably cause i do not get it haha, like idk how to respond. haha maybe i’ll respond to you one day, i think i have you on twitte rlol

Your welcome. :)

I’m already used to Asma. But I still hate it. :P My friend once told me that my name has too many syllables, hence the “Asma”. XD

Ooh, that would be great. I wish my phone would have supported wireless internet. It would have been so awesome. :D
Oh, our broadband used to be a little faster than most other broadband connections here, but the wireless one we use now is really fast.

LOL yeah. My mom helped me put on the saree, but I was worried as she had only used a few pins. I would have taken more but I forgot. And she is not that good at putting on sarees herself, which made me more anxious. :P

That happened to a girl in my school once. Her saree fell off. I didn’t notice but everyone was talking about it. She was so embarrassed, and her mother was a teacher of our school. D:

I did memorise the poem, but once I got on stage I forgot everything. XD

I hope I get used to performing in front of people. I hate music exams so I’m glad I don’t have that anymore. :P

It’s been several months since our coach went to London. We though he would be back by March, but he’s still not back. Someone told me once that he is studying there, but I’m not sure.

I knoww. And when I don’t talk much with them they start saying that I’m too unsocial and stuff. It’s not like I don’t respect them. :/ I’ve seen my cousin (who is around the same age as me) get up and leave the room when we arrive and not even say hello, and nobody minds that. I, instead, at least go and meet my relatives when they come to our house, but still I’m the one shouted at. x(

Ugh, I hate doing chores. Sometimes when I have too much homework or something, I can escape from working but not always. XD

The computer is in my sister’s room, which makes it worse for me. Even when I’m trying to do an assignment or something, I have to hear her talking on the phone or shouting or something. :(

Now that I’m seeing that most people think the iPad is not that good, I’ll probably not buy it. I’ll probably just wait till my parents get me a laptop. :P

LOL. I look ugly too. It’s annoying. I usually just put a hair clip over them but they still kept getting in the way. :/ One reason I don’t like fringes, but otherwise I love them. :D

Me too. I can be friends with anyone online, like you. :) I feel like I can never relate with anyone older or younger than me offline. :P

I hope they feel guilty for not doing any work. They should. People like that annoy me a lot.

Yay for the new server! :D

Ugh, that sucks about your toe. My cousin had something like that once. But her one was different from yours and she had to go to a doctor. I’m glad that it’s better now.

Sometimes when I have a project or something planned I feel really glad as well. And when it goes well I feel more pleased. :D

I love the shirts. <3

Tutorials would be great. :) Your tutorials help me a lot. You should make more icon tutorials, since I suck at making icons. :P

Holey moley, 300 sites is a lot to be moving to a new server by yourself! I’m amazed your host (or anyone for that matter) could have the patience to do it too.

Eek, sorry to hear your toe is still so sore! What exactly did you do to it? I couldn’t quite figure that out from your last entry. =/

I am seriously loving your new shirts btw. I saw the Lego Evolution one on DailyBooth, but I live the other one as well! I’m obsessed with the whole rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock thing too, haha.

Hmm, as for new content, I don’t really have any new ideas, but layout/WP templates are always good, especially ones that are easily customizable like the ones you already have (I’m actually using one as the base for my current layout – they’re fabulous for people like me who hate coding!). Failing that…maybe some more personality quizzes? :)

What the hell, like I don’t even know what you are talking about in the first half of the post “nameservers”?

From now on file your toe nails. What you went through sounds horrible.

cute shirts.
hey, I can’t do my fingers like that. /hmph

Nameservers are unique identifiers that map domain names to a host server. A domain needs to have its nameservers changed when their host is changed. I had to change my nameservers since my host had moved servers. When I change them it can actually take a while for people to notice the change. Some people could be seeing my old blog post right now because of that.

I usually do file my toe nails. Sometimes it’s hard to do, though.

Thanks. :)

Someone told me they couldn’t do that with their fingers either. You’re not the only one!

yeah. I received Kya’s mail also regarding the changing of servers. hehehe.. I have my past blog hosted on her too.. and yeah.. she has a LOT of patience. ♥

btw, love the shirts ya bought.. it looks good on you. (Y)

I’ve been hosted by Kya for over a year and the whole time she’s been amazing, answering my questions and everything.

Haha, thank you! :)

Wahh, cute shirts! I am definatly checking out the site. I ♥ the logo man one. Lego owns ✌️

Omg, I just noticed you do the freaky hand thing! Am I the only loser who can’t do that? @_@

I hope you get well soon. If the pains get worse, or come back go see doctor. I saw a specialist for legs/feet and he perscribed in-soles. @_@

Haha thanks! :)

No, you’re not the only one. I have heard that quite a few people can’t do it… you’re definitely not the only one. It is a bit hard to do… :P

Thank you. My toe actually feels much better now; I think it’s fully healed. :)

Great quote you shared (Y)

I hope everything is great in university! [can’t imagine how busy you get get!] /argh

Going to download your brushes… ♥ them!

No, it’s quite alright. :D I’d be a hypocrite if I said that long blogs are a nuisance and shouldn’t be typed up. ;)

I know nothing about hosting, so I would destroy everyone’s accounts if I had to move over 300. -applauds Kya-

Do you know why your toe was hurting? :S It seems a bit strange to just be hurting from nothing. At least it’s better now. :)

Could you throw some cuteness this way? You and those shirts look absolutely adorable, even if I don’t quite understand the blue one… :D

I used to take my dad’s ties and just wear them for no reason. Never out of the house, though.

Let’s deal with Cartesian planes. :D X Y and Z!
Time would be weird if it was on every single graph, I think.

I don’t see why scientists don’t consider Pluto a planet. Just because it’s smaller and has a different orbital routine? So silly. PLUTO IS A PLANET! Jupiter and Saturn have always been my favourites, with Venus and Neptune close behind. Jupiter FTW. :D

We always said it as “achoo” or “husha”, not “ashes”. But, then again, we didn’t know it was a morbid rhyme for the black plague. It was just catchy (no pun intended).

Hey, this is a Nirvana song!! mwuahaha I knewz it.

I just have to say that your blogs, lengthy as they are to some people, aren’t pointless. I don’t have a problem reading them & I don’t think others would either. At least they’re not painful to read …you know those blogs that talk about EVERYTHING THEY DID omg that’s like 289472937492837492374 words long? Those blogs are painful to read just because they’re pretty damn boring.

Sorry about your toe, dear. :( At least the painkillers helped!! That’s what I was going to suggest until I read that you took them to help you sleep. eeek. You poor thing *hugs*.

It’s okay, both of us have been neglecting our sites a bit but I think I have been a lot more than you have. Oye. I need to start so many things & what not. GUZZlkajsl;dfjkas.

Well that’s lame that only 2 people showed up to the meeting but whatever, at least you’ll get stuff done. Hopefully the others will just fail. What jerks! Cute shirts!! :D

I’d love to see..more pr0n. Show us your bewbz. Just kidddding. hahahhaha okay I’d love to see more graphiczzzzzzzzzz & tutorials!


More specifically for tutorials though…hrm hrm random photoshop tutorials!

Whoa, Kya’s a superstar! Switching over every single one of her ((Three hundred)) hostees to a new server?! Geez! I’ve never spoken to her before, but I suddenly want to go and congratulate her for managing all that, haha! :O

And dude, I remember reading about you putting iodine on your toe — I think I was visiting here a few days ago, but since I only return comments once a week, I was just reading. Otherwise, I’d do nothing but commenting everyone 24/7, LOL — What in the world happened to it that it started hurting so badly …? I hope it isn’t infected or anything super serious like that. :(

And when I saw you posting about those geeky shirts on Twitter, I was thinking, ‘Huh?’, because I didn’t know you were into that kinda fashion! I thought you were only into the more flowy/girly/pretty/boho sorts of fashions.

It’s awesome you’re into these, though, too — I’ve always wanted to buy a few geeky shirts of my own, because I ADORE almost all of the designs, but they piss me off because the actual shirt theis always some wacky colour … And as you probably know, I hate wearing colours. I only like wearing black with splashes of colour here and there. 😰 I wish all the designs were abailable on black tee shirts, as well! 🤬

Oh, and those DB submissions of yours are freaking adorable. I must’ve missed them. I’ve been behind with Twitter lately! D:

Haha, it’s amazing, I would have to say! I don’t know how she was so patient with it; I admire Kya for doing that. :)

That’s fair enough haha! I did also tweet about putting iodine on my toe. I sweat, I cut the nail down too short, or I cut it funny, which left my poor toe in quite a lot of pain.

Haha, you would most certainly be wrong about my fashion, if I showed you pictures of what I wore during my high school days. Admittedly a lot of black and to put it simply, my style looked quite a lot like your current style. :) Band shirts and the like. Right now I own too many black shirts, too!

Girly/pretty clothes – it has been increasingly hard to “like” them over the years. Quite frankly I generally hate it. I would say my style changes a lot but I think I’ve settled for girlie-grunge with my pretty dresses mixed with skull-print or fishnet stockings and rather evil looking black boots. 😳

lol really? does she like studying law? because I think I want that to be my career choice, but i don’t wanna do something BORING :P

and thankss, I’ll need all the luck I can get lol

Apologizing for not returning comments isn’t horrible you silly goose! Hence why I’m apologizing to you right now for this late reply even though I read your comment the day you submitted it.

I’m glad your toe is feeling better and hopefully your toe is up and about very soon!

What did your group plan to do for your assignment?

Your shirts are adorable. Again, if I had paypal I’d probably be buying many things online.

I haven’t been doing a lot on my site either and when I do I don’t blog about it though I only did one update which is new icons. Speaking of which I like your icon tutorials!

If I had money I would definitely donate to causes but most of the time I’m the one doing the fundraising for the causes.

40 hour! That’s intense. I think I’d be able to do it though. I agree that it wouldn’t be very exciting if you were to do the 40 hour famine and do it at your house. It’s much better with people!

Wow… that’s insane. I can understand when people WANT to commit suicide and think about it but I don’t understand with actually doing it. Things always get better and it always takes time. Sometimes too long and the person doesn’t want to wait anymore.I just don’t understand.

I try not to get offended by rape jokes. It’s just hard sometimes. Most of the time I don’t even get OFFENDED it’s just me asking myself why people think it’s funny. Like really my friend said something about little boys and someone else said “Yeah I rape little boys” as a joke but that’s just so wrong. I instantly got scared of the person and don’t want to be around them. I don’t understand how it’s funny to say that they rape little boys…

Yeah I can see how your boyfriend’s humor can be annoying. Trust me I know where you’re coming from. It’s just some of the time I want a serious moment. Like kissing with a sunset behind us. He’ll even create extremely romantic moments but he’ll also ruin them by acting funny.

Hey. I’m here. Returning your comment. Finally.

Thanks! Though I’m not really liking the dark background because Pootatoe is a cute name and the site looks so emo.

I decided to use it as my photo blog where I’ll be doing my P52. Hopefully I can keep it up.

The fanlistings aren’t going so well. When I uploaded a folder in Shattered Wind, it didn’t show up. I still need to work on the layout and codes, anyways.

Yep, water helps. But I’m also using this facial cleanser, and the pimples are either getting smaller or drier that I can pluck them off.

It sucks. I sleep at around 1am or 2am because I always have a hard time trying to sleep. And the next day I’m still sleepy and tired and the heat will wake me up. -.-

Thanks for the “have a good vacation” wish! We had fun. :)

Don’t say sorry! It took me weeks to coax myself into getting my ass up and return comments.

Wow, all 300 accounts by herself? I wish I could be as patient as Kya. She’s so awesome.

Ouch, that must hurt. Why does your toe hurt? Did a stupid toe cleaner person from the salon accidentally stab the INSIDE of your toe? (At least, that’s what happened to my mom)

Glad to hear your toe’s doing better now.

Cool shirts! I wish I could buy shirts online. I saw a bunch on Threadless and I want them so bad.

Don’t worry, I myself haven’t added anything new to the site in months. I ask people what they want to see, and I don’t know how to do it.

Shorter blogs, yes. :P

I would never mind if you didn’t reply to my comment. But that’s just me speaking.

300 websites to move? I would be annoyed just to move my own. She sounds like a wonderful host.

Did you find out what coursed your big toe to act like that?

I like the second shirt the best.

Well I wouldn’t ask for shorter blogs. I love reading your blogs. I read every one of them, even if I don’t comment.

All the things you have made on this website are great. So any thing you add would be awesome.

I would suggest some more articles? I’ve read all of them, and you really write them well. Unlike my articles. haha

Wow I was quite WOW-ed at your last comment length! So no need to apologize Georgina! We believe that you do return comments at the right time and always you’ll get back to us and say the rightest things :D

Congrats to your host! Wow that’s amazing! I know how you feel though, the anxiety of waiting for your site to be fixed. During the first few months of being a newbie in the hosting world, I was quite shocked that my entry disappeared! Well foolish of me in making one right before server transfer! hahaa got into trouble with my host but it’s all cleared up! She got annoyed that I made a sign in my post saying that this is a different post and they’ll see this if the server transferred successfully. It’s still a wonder now that I think about it why she was pissed so much. But good that we’re past that already :D And she transferred us to a new host, she sorta retired hehehe.

Aww crap good thing your toe is okay already! Man that must hurt :( For me dysmenorrhea is the culprit of my sleepless nights and needing of painkillers but now it’s better :D


Panda Strikes Back: Haha glad you thought that I wasn't retarded XD hhahaa and yes indeed I am alive! Lol my mum isn't keen on computers, only facebook and emails. That's it! Others she's completely clueless and even on facebook, I have to teach her the same thing EVERYTIME and she still doesn't get it. Can be really frustrating!

Thanks for the advice! I'll report it and hope they indeed remove it!! Lolz hhahahaa good that you're okay with metal, I just don't… get…it… screaming != singing XD lOLZ and my ears are very sensitive and this is why I always make sure my earphones volume are always <50% XD

ZOMGG $100?? whooa!!! on the shirts and stuff right? Shipping is indeed hell! O_O I'm trying to get a netbook for travel purposes and I'm still trying to check out the right ones. Hm… hope to make an online purchase again! :D :D

No worries, we all have busy times at the moment so I’m probably a bit slow to reply too.

I’ve always wanted to go places in Asia. I’ve been to Jordan but I didn’t realise that was part of Asia until I got back from there haha!

Yeah it’s nice to have quality family time. But sometimes after 2 weeks together they drive me insane!!

Yeah it’s weird, it’s like they must watch you go out for dinner and the moment you leave they go in your room and tidy it. It’s nice though. They even fold the toilet roll ends in to fancy shapes!

Aww thanks, I love dolphins :) It’s definitely something everyone should experience. I want to swim with sharks next but that’s kind of scary O_O

My friend went to Singapore on the way to Australia. She loved it and she told me about how clean it was. She said she went to a park and there was someone emptying the bins every 5 minutes. I really want to go!

It’s good news that the server change went ahead :)

Aww I hope your toe feels better soon. I hate it when I have such bad pain it stops me from sleeping. It’s not like you can rest your feet because you have to use them so much. But yeah painkillers should help :)

I love your new tshirts! I want one!! I’ve just taken a look at the website and they have some ace tshirts. I’m such a tshirt junkie, I have way too many.

I’m not sure what else you could add to your website. It’s pretty awesome as it is. I don’t think you need shorter blogs. They are a great length at the moment :)

oh it’s great that you bought a domain to use as a professional portfolio is a great idea, in this way can captarte prospective employers 👏

Yeah I understand. I try once again listen to rap, and I didn’t like anything. Ideally, we hear an enjoyable music.

Yeah I have seen that most online shops allow you to pay with Paypal. That’s okay. I agree with you, I think that buying on ebay aren’ safe. One question: What do you think about buying on Amazon? Is it safe? My father and I wanted to buy once through this site, but didn’t know how buy :(

your welcome! I’m glad your toe this better, I guess I needed rest.

Yeah I thought so, because something like they did in my city.

Congratulations on the successful server change! 👏
Wow 300 accounts, Kya really is awesome.

I’m glad that your group assignments are going well :)

The shirts that you bought through from are very original.

I think your site is fine, but maybe you should add some more tutorials and some brushes. Tus icon tutorials are very useful :)

I’ve had awful toe problems myself. /wah I feel your pain.

Wow, the shirts are so cool, especially the rock paper scissors one.

I think your site’s already lovely as it is. I found your tutorials very informative. Oh, and do not make your posts shorter. Noooo. Because I enjoy reading them. :)