Any Way You Want It

I just realised that Any Way You Want It by Rise Against is a cover of the Journey song. I can’t listen to the song without cracking up, because I think of this scene from TBBT.

I’m out of The Big Bang Theory episodes to watch. I’m up to date. I’ll have to wait a while to see the next episode though, because television is behind in Australia.

I’ll have to find something else to occupy my time (because I’m not watching the lot again, that would be overkill)… like my assignments! 😰

I’ve done about half of one of my assignments. I started pulling it together only tonight, though. Bits and pieces are done – I just gotta pull it together.

And I am meeting at least one of my group members on Thursday. This in regards to one of my other assignments. So many assignments! 🤬

Another thing to complain about: my big toe. It hurts! I thought the nail was too long so I cut it, but then I cut it too short. Which my mum pointed out, and told me to put iodine on it. It’s so fat and red, ew. James would approve of the iodine though. :P

My brother got a laptop today – our state’s government gives out laptops to some school students. (Apparently they ran out of money so not all schools got it.) But it’s not as good as it sounds – it’s only meant for educational purposes. The laptops have been custom made so that no one except the student can use it. My brother is the only one who can log in. If he loses the laptop, anyone who finds it will find it useless.

Also, websites like Facebook and Hotmail are blocked. I told my brother to download Firefox, and I started thinking up all these ways of hacking the system, even though deep down I knew it was bad.

My brother said if he changed any settings or tried to use it to his advantage, he could really be busted and they would take the laptop away. Because of the webcam in the laptop, he thought that they were recording us.

“What? No!” I exclaimed. “They can’t do that. They can take it and see if you’ve changed the settings but they cannot record you when you use it, especially not at home.”
“Then why is this here…? And why is there a microphone in it?”
“That’s just to set up the microphone. In no way are they allowed to record you like that without your permission. It’s an invasion of privacy. It’s in breach of the Law of…”

Damn, Lilian knows the answer to that one. XD

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Okay! Hopefully this comment makes sense because I am really tired :( so I may make seeveral spelling errors and stuff and neglect to correct them on the count of being so tiredddddd @_@


(8) ANY WAY YOU WANT IT, THAT’S THE WAY YOU NEED IT (8) I love that song :P It is AWESOME. ♥ The Rise Against version is better than the original :O And LOL @ that TBBT clip. I still can’t get over how bad a dancer Shedlon is D:

Wow. You DO seem to have a LOT of assignments D: Hahaha, I only have the one, which I HAVE BARELY STARTED AND OMG, I AM SO STRESSED 😰

Anyways, you did half of one tonight :D So YAY! Hahaha. Take a break :P Woot! And I still can’t believe that someone from your group EMAILED you :O WOW. What a crazy revelation. I hope call goes well in your meeting :P

Your poor Big Toe :( I hate it when I cut my nails too much and then the nail bed gets disturbed D: Good call with the Iodine. Lucky you don’t have to go to ballet :P Otherwise that could be potentially in-the-way. Haha! Hopefully it heals soon ♥

Oh yeaaaaaah! I forgot about the laptops for school. Hahaha. I can’t believe we missed out :( Well the laptops seem pretty…crappy anyways :P Especially with all that blocked crap O_O At least they’re customised! Hahahahaha :P I’d get so annoyed if they blocked hotmail and facebook. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COMMUNICATED WITH MY MOOTING TEAM OTHERWISE?! D: But then again, they are pretty distracting.

HAHAHA! Trust the Rudd Government to run out of money == HMPH!

Oh my god. No way. They can’t film you without your permission! Hahaha. That would totally be morally wrong. If someone found out about that. God. There would be uproar. They’re totally not allowed to film you or take any sound bites unless it’s there are extreme circumstances like you’re accused of terrorism or something. It’s a breach of privacy laws! They just CAN’T do that! They’d get into SO much trouble, if they did, unless Brandon signed something and there was a clause in that agreement allowing them to film. LOL. Did he have to sign something? Cos if he did, and it doesn’t mention anything about filming and stuff, they can’t do it. It’s illegal!

Hahaa, I actually have to look that up because I don’t know it off the top of my head D: Bad me /bash 😳 But I am 90% sure that it’s a breach of the UN Convention on Human Rights, and also a violation of COUNTLESS human rights laws in Australia, a breach of our right to privacy (which is a fundamental human right), privacy laws in general and I’m pretty sure it’d be inadmissible as evidence cos there’s been no warning about your being recorded.

And it’s SO unethical!!! XD

Aw! *hugs* You didn’t have to leave a comment, but you were first anyway after such a long comment. ♥

I love that song too! Rise Against’s version is a lot better. :P Sheldon is terrible at dancing… he as a character was not meant to dance, that’s for sure.

Don’t stress! You’ll get it done! And I’ll get mine done… me, being a lazy butt. Yep.

I hope we get at least some things sorted out; I don’t like having things lying around when it comes to a group assignment. Even if it’s just two of us, that’s half. ;)

LOL very true. Last night I was in such pain when I went to bed that it was hard to sleep because I could feel my toe throbbing. 😢

It’s crappy, trust me, it’s not worth it. The laptops are crappy. I’m glad my parents and I spent time looking for a laptop that would suit me and work for me. :)

There are apparently a lot of news stories about some schools in the UK and US spying on children. 😰 It’s so wrong. There wasn’t an agreement but there were guidelines to follow about using the laptop. I don’t think I saw it, though. :P

ugh i have so many due in quick succession its insane! im literally going to die due to lack of sleep next week ahhaha @______@

oh and you know i actually heard from somewhere (i cant remember if it was from the australian news or waht) that the government or school authorities actually used the webcams and microphones on laptops given to students to spy on them.. like they somehow connected them so they could watch them… verryy freaky. so i suggest that you cover up the webcam with tape or something and the mic too just incase! and just take the tape off when u need it hahahah

what does your brother use laptop for??? what other sites do they block besides facebook? WHAT ABOUT YOUTUBE??? ugh all thiss blocking just reminds me of the censorship in china.. so luckyi didnt go china last year because i’m sure if i used computer there i would be so bored since all sites such as facebook wordpress youtube are alll blocked now! i really hope they dont do the same in australia!

LOL no, I hate assignments sometimes! :P

Haha, thanks for the tip. I did hear about those creepy stories so I’ll tell my brother to watch the crap out. :P

Yeah, the censorship shit is going insane in Australia. I hope they don’t go ahead with it or anything. At school, I remember a lot of things were blocked. They still are, since my brother has to use the Department of Education login details on the laptop. O_O

well, the break and the change wasn’t much of a difference.. I still have all the same content up.. nothing now :/ oops! I’m just confused as to what I want to do with the website so yeah lol. I no longer have paintshop so I can’t make anything graphic.. so my headers are pretty blah and what not :P
I hate when people say ‘first!’ or whatever in a comment. People do it on facebook as well! and most of the times, they never are first lmao. I get so mad at it and I always say something. OR I say 100th! lmaoo :D
yeah.. I think I miss school more for the people. Cause I’m just by myself at home most days (besides my dog, and she can’t talk to me.. ) so it’s pretty boring and blah. I love it when weekends come, its the only time I go out lol.
thanks! I am doing OK, how about you?

I tend to leave assignments to the last minute.. it makes me more motivated to do them and get it done.. which is a bad thing at times lol. I hope you do well with all your assignments!
thats cool that the government gives students laptops! we don’t have that here.. i don’t think. It’s stupid that they block facebook/msn/myspace and stuff though.
oh man.. that would be creepy if they were watching you and recording you lmao. I’d cover the cam at all times, even if they werent hehe

Awwh, thank you!! :) Haha, I love your smilies!

Yeah I know. I’ve tried listening to what you like; It’s not bad, I actually kind of like it! :) Oooh, what’s your favourite band?

Buying domains is addictive! I wish I could buy more. :P Whenever I buy a domain right after I think of a better name. Hopefully when I buy my next one that won’t happen. Thaaaank you for your suggestions! I love Chainedhope. ♥

Oh cool. I really want a Macbook. :P

Ahah same. I keep most of my toys on my bed! I had to give some to my little cousin though because she kept stealing some so I just gave her the ones she wanted. :P

You seem to have a lot of assignments! I hope you get through them all. It’s overwhelming to look at even one assignment for me. :S Your halfway there though!!

I hope your toe gets better! I hate cutting my nails too short and I hate having them too long. Since I play sports if my toe nails are too long they KILL me. Apparently you’re not supposed to cut the sides/corners of your nails which is what I do. :P

At least he didn’t have to buy his own laptop! But it sucks that he can only use it for educational purposes. Does gmail still work? :P How about twitter?

Oh man. I don’t think that would be legal. lol. Keeping an eye on you so you don’t do anything wrong. WHAT IF THEY HEARD YOU??? You may have screwed your brother. XD

OHHH, but can he take pictures on his laptop or would that be uneducational? Unless you were learning about photography! :P

What the big deal on iodine and James? Am I out of the loop on that deal?

I am sorry, your toe hurts. Want me to punch your arm, your toe won’t bother you anymore. :)

I want my own laptop. That be sweeter than cake. lol XD

Your welcome for the mention. I am making your aweome banner! right now. I finished it, it looks like crap, but I still have to load it, if you don’t like it I can make a better one. :)

Michaela, knows I am kidding and I love her, at least I think she knows. Does she? hmmm.. STOP making me self guess myself! *goes into corner*

10,000 comments because EVERYONE loves you. Lucky. I get some people who are returners. I like to stay with the people I know by any means.

I need help with the subdomain! I tried installing the Ethusiant thingy, That may not be spelled right, but it comes up saying that it cannot extract the files. :(
So in the words of Lennon with my changing of words
” HELP, I need you, Help, not just anybody, Help you know I need you”

See reference to fanlistings! Go me. Your welcomes!

Please take no offense, I actually went to Kya first. I love her domains. I really wanted a subdomain under her, but her site was on “hiatus.” So I will go to her next when I want another subdomain. :)

I know I sleep like a log, there was rain and hail and thunder and lighting and I never even twitched in my sleep my mother said. Random, but I will carry conversations with people when I sleep. Sad, eh? I will never remember them, though.

You don’t think I am shy? Really. Wow. I am around people I don’t talk to, but once I get to know the person, say hello to sarcasm and a bunch of words.

Wrong again. I visited your site quite often. I just never commented, because your blog was so long, and mine was small. I figured you wouldn’t even actually talk to me because of it. So I waited…. Hold I think I have stated that part. I would read your reviews and look at the competitions.

I have a question… Do you think I have came farther than where I was before? Oui, Non? (yes, no) or do I need to submit another review? If that is the case, I will need a while to fix the stupid css errors, and accidental spelling mistakes.

About the date thing, you are so random. I like writing it in French. I will forget I am not in French Class, and write the date, just to realize ten minutes later, I wrote it in French. /argh

That reminds me, I need to get more pants that aren’t black or close to it.

Oh, well. I’ll figure it out later. I just viewed a tutorial on how to do skin switchers.

BRAVO. Sheldon is really into the music. xD

I always dread cutting the nail on my big toe because of the skin that covers the edges of it. So I have to stick the nail clipper in and…I’m sure you don’t want to hear me rambling about that. =))

That’s cool, getting a laptop from the government. It’s too bad that it’s only for education, but I guess that hacking the system would result in big trouble.

Haha, you’re brother has gone a little paranoid.

I’ve never heard that song, but gosh they screwed it up. /hehe

aw, that sucks. A brand new laptop and he can barely do anything with it. I know you two will hack that in no time. /type

How did you manage to cut it so short that you have to but iodine on it. Sounds like you’ll be getting an ingrown nail. /hmph

Aww sorry about your big toe! Josh had a really bad ingrown toenail once and he needed surgery on it so I know how horrible that can hurt. I hope it feels better!

That is cool that your brother has a laptop. I think it’s great that they do that for kids because it gives everyone an opportunity to do research and learn and have the same resources and stuff. I know that those of us who use the internet all the time want to use it for other things but when it comes down to it, it really is cool to have it for everything he does have it for, at least. Lots of people don’t even have that.

I agree they shouldn’t invade his privacy, though. I bet they aren’t. Some school projects nowadays make use of recording and video so maybe that is why they are integrated into the laptops!


Hey!! Hmmm, my dad was a bit paranoid about getting the first computer. Whenever the computer scanned something he thought it was viruses and they weren’t. They were just errors. I could understand why he would be so upset and cautious.

But trying to hack the system is kinda bad in a way. But if you can I say go for it. But I doubt firefox would work on school related computers if they have it blocked than they have it blocked. I don’t think you can unblock it. Unless I’m wrong?

I can’t wait till we move and get the painting done. A week from this friday I’m getting to go to Disneyland with an old friend of mine who said sure. She even picked the date of when we’re going instead of blowing me off like the rest of them have. Anyways, I hope you get the assignments done and ready to go!

Haha….not a Journey fan but Any Way You Want It is such a catchy song.

I know what you mean about having so many assignments. I have two video projects, a portfolio, and four essays on my plate right now…and no motivation to do work on any of them.

Believe it or not, your brother may have justified concerns. A few months ago, a school in the States was caught spying on students through the webcams of the laptops they gave out to students. The parents of one of the students are now suing the school.

*looks up the article*

Found it:

It is unethical and probably unconstitutional, but it happens.

“Why is the camera there?” lol has he not been around computers with web cams? lol

But yes, you are right. They can’t record you with out your permission. If they did, you could sue them and get a boat load of cash. :D

OH! OHH! I have an actual true story for you that’ll maybe make you and your brother paranoid. /type

A public school here in America gave out laptops to their students, with basically the same limitations and a webcam. However, the webcam could be turned on at the school so the administration could actually WATCH the students in their rooms and whatever as long as the laptop was open. D: :O

They got hit with such a huge lawsuit. Can you believe that??? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT! /ehh
The principal said that since the laptops were school property, they were allowed to do that, but fuck that.

Haha, I’ve heard that before. It’s nothing new to me. :P Besides, you could always stick something over the webcam or cover it up anyway if you have that suspicion. XD

I know, I really hate how Australia is so behind. They should catch up with a lot of things. I know that these days, the really popular shows air the American time. Some movies do to.

I have Foxtell, and don’t normally watch free to air channels; so I get all the repeats of the big bang theory. I’m not really a big fan though.

I hate my toes. They are really fat, which I got from my mums side. /angry The nails look so weird, almost like they are in grown. I buff them and paint them, and thats pretty much all I do to take car of them, as well as soak them in hot water every now and again. I’m not embarrassed by them, but they are really ugly.

Wow a free laptop. That is really helpful. I went to a thousand dollar private school, which cost $500 just for an interview to be enrolled. The uniform cost almost $800 and then the yearly fee’s were through the roof. But we didn’t get a laptop or any thing. :( Your brother is lucky.

My father knew how to hack computers. It was his job, a computer engineer or something. It’s pretty amazing you know that stuff.

Yeah, it is highly illegal to do something like that. I would just call it ‘privacy invasion.’

There was that news article recently about some school in the US that gave out laptops and recorded some things that students did, and then tried to *discipline* the students with suspensions and detentions and stuff like that for what they did on the laptops AT HOME. Absolutely crazy.

Anyways, if your brother *is* worried about the recording (or whatever…) he could just put a Post-It over the webcam. ;)

Although, technically, if your brother did lose it (or it got stolen), it’s not that difficult to take out the harddrive and wipe it and then just put it back in with a new copy of Windows or Linux… Just saying… (NOT actually recommending you do this, since he does need to return it.)

But I don’t get the whole blocking of an EMAIL provider. What if you wanted to email something you were working on the laptop to your home computer (with all the controls, I’m guessing they made it difficult to install new things as well? I’m thinking of printer drivers here) and then print something from there? They can’t expect everyone to own USB thumbdrives (despite being inexpensive).

Hasn’t your brother ever seen laptops that come with webcams or microphones? Chances are, the state government made a deal with a computer company for the laptops, especially since they’d be buying such a huge amount of them… How did they decide which schools ended up with them though? Lotto system?

So I heard! It’s crazy. A lot of people were telling me to cover the webcam with tape. :P

What I find funny is that there are actually a few strips of tape at the bottom of the laptop saying that it’s not to be tampered with. The login screen is a little intimidating with a warning about it being associated with the police and other authorities.

Oh, our state government (NSW Department of Education and Training) actually set up email addresses for all students, so they are required to use those instead of Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

I’m not sure how they decided on which schools would get the laptops, but rumour has it that they ran out of money to give it to every school. :P

Haha! that song reminds me of The Simpsons. They had it on one of the episodes, haha I love The Simpsons! :P
Damn I still haven’t watched TBBT.

Wow, it sounds like you have heaps assignments. Hopefully you will finish it soon :D good luck. XD

I hope your toe is better soon! I hate it when I cut my nail too small :( then I end up making the other ones even. But then they look ugly.

That’s cool that your brother got laptops! apparently at my school we get one in year 10, but if we want to take it home we have to pay for it /ehh

I hate it how they block websites like that /angry I was walking down the hallway of the year 8 school level and I saw someone on Hotmail. :O it’s not blocked, I thought it would be. That means they can go on MSN because now they have MSN when you log in Hotmail.

OMG! that is like illegal! eww they are pervs! LOL. That is so stupid, what happens if someone is at home and they got changed.. D: it’s invasion of our privacy. :| how would the teachers like it if they got recorded! they should be sued. LOL. Haha :P

Yeah they could find out somehow, but my mum doesn’t know much. Although, she could ask her friend.

That was the good thing about dial-up, it was so cheap! and you don’t have to worry about how much download you use.

That’s good it has a password, who knows what people download on free wireless internet. My mums friend has such a easy password, they should change it.

Once I had Virgin Broadband and it came with a free home phone plan. It was so slow, it was like dial-up. The phone and internet would disconnect every half an hour.

Sooo many assignment! good luck with those.

When I first read “free laptop” I was like “WOW luck” but guess it isn’t that great if everything on it is blocked. It will mean that he can do his school work around the house or in the garden or the park etc. I actually wouldn’t mind a school laptop for me to work on at home. When I was in high school, I wasn’t allowed to have my pc in my room and I had to have it in the living room. Was kinda distracting because my mum will be in the kitchen chopping and frying stuff on the wok & sis playing piano and all sorts!

Our comments are already huge! :P You can just start fresh after this if you want. I know you’re busy and stuff, so it doesn’t bother me. :D

I’ve never watched The Big Bang Theory. :( I don’t get to watch much TV because of my sister being the douche she is.

Yay you started your assignment! I’m sure you’ll be able to finish it. Don’t stress yourself. :P

Ouch, your toe sounds painful. :( I always cut mine too short as well, which kind of sucks. I hope it heals soon! :)

That’s cool the schools give laptops to some students. Though it kind of sucks that certain websites are blocked. I don’t approve of that, obviously.

LOL he thought the school were recording him?! Awww, bless him. They aren’t allowed to do that anyway, but it would be kind of funny if they were. xD

Haha slow walkers were definitely on my list, oh. :( I still have all my old pages/posts in the Habari database, but I can’t import them. Blah. I have to copy and paste from the table.. kind of sucks.

I hate people who just stop right in front of you, so god damn annoying. I’d love to live there though aha, I love walking fast, wee.

Yeah it’s kind of annoying that certain buses stop at every stop.. some buses always stop even if no one pressed the stop button or no one is waiting to get on… it’s stupid. I don’t like trains though. Dx Ditto, I’d rather have an empty sit rather than sit next to someone.

Yeah, that’s true. Years ago, they would attack people but now they just try to intimidate you, retards.

I hate it when girls do it. Especially since I am really skinny and dude, it’s not glamorous. I don’t understand why people want to be skinny, it’s gross.

Lol exactly. There was a documentary on it and they asked a magazine editor to publish “normal sized” girls to show there’s nothing wrong with being a normal weight, but they refused. Idiots.

My friend was like that, she was kind of large but she didn’t care. She always wore these glamorous tops and stuff and didn’t let anything bother her.

I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I do moan about being skinny haha.

LOL! I love Shrek. :D

Good attempt at keeping the comment short. :P Lol I’m joking, I love your rambles. XD

Yeah, that’s true. Like my crappy connection. A lot of videos have to buffer for me and it takes bloody forever.

I love Forget It so much. It was the first BB song I heard and it makes cry and fall to sleep haha.

Awww, I’m sure you’ll get it done, you always do. Getting distracted isn’t going to help though, Georgie! :P I used to love pulling all nighters.. I can’t even make it to midnight anymore haha.

Hehe, I have loads of jumpers that are too big for me. I love big jumpers. I might get the BB one though, it would mean a lot to me. ♥

Lmao, yeah it is kind of close. :P You got any plans for your birthday yet? :D

Same. Sometimes I’ll return the big ones first because I feel like it but sometimes, I prefer leaving them till last so I don’t have to “rush” through it.

LOL exactly. It made me laugh that people thought you were “cheating” just because you were faster than them. There’s no rule saying you cannot answer a certain amount of questions. Get over it people, Georgie was quicker than you.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t go around commenting “new” sites often. I wonder if they’d even reply. I can’t believe people used to hassle me or you in fact about returning their comment straight away. Pathetic.

I don’t like tuna. D: I’ve never heard of barramundi hahaha, sounds cool though. XD I’ve never tried salmon… oh dear. I’ve only had cod and haddock lmao.

Oh, I hope you ate the banana. :P I had a banana and a bowl of cereal last night. :D The banana was huge though. :O

Hahaha, I love how happy you seem with so much shit to do lmao.

Out of Big Bang? Watch Frunge! /bounce
It is Intense D:

Don’t forget to lift up the nail a bit so the iodine can penetrate underneath it to kill the germs. You can also let out any pus that’s in there this way :)
But yeah, I get that sometimes and it reallyreallyhurts /bash

The remote-recording-through-a-webcam was in Frunge once. /um Except a glowing hand probably won’t reach out of your brother’s laptop’s screen and melt his mind. Hrrng. 33333

Awww! Your comment cheered me up. /eee Brandon’s going to give me How I Met Your Mother. XD

I found pus in my toe this morning… not pleasant. But thank you for the tip! :) *germ killer*

Hehehehehehe. *hugg* ♥

I prefer doing my assignments early so I won’t have anything to worry about afterwards. :P

I was really ecstatic and I really envy the fact that the goverment in your place gives out laptops but when I read that you can’t really do much with it and the sites are blocked, I had second thoughts.

yes, they cannot in any way record you guys. :D

I don’t have that song! @_@ What a fail. I am missing quite a few RA songs anyway but that’s not the point! I’ll check it out soon.

Haha wow, you’ve watched all the released series so far? That’s dedication. I never really found any shows I loved to watch. I used to like Doctor Who but that was because I thought David Tennant really suited the Doctor. I don’t watch it with such interest anymore because they keep on using the same monsters/aliens and it gets kind of old. Even the classics like the Daleks! D:

Nawh, take things steady with your assignments! At least you’ve already started. Loads of people (myself included) leave homework at weekends or holidays to the last minute. Mistake. /sweat

I find the ‘pulling together’ part the most stressful, which is weird. I guess it’s checking that it’s good enough to be handed in, proofreading it… and whatnot.

At least your group members are probably going to have to help this time. Assuming it’s the same group as last time? /bash

I hope your toe gets better soon! I hope that it doesn’t keep you awake anymore either. :( You were awake when it was 8pm here; too early! *hugs*

Wooooh, that does sound fancy. Clever of them to block the big sites, heh. At school we kind of have that, minus the laptop; you’re given an account to store your files with a login and password, and a school email (how tremendously exciting). However the usernames are numbers so it’s a bit of a pain sometimes.

My number is 2968. Hehe. /hehe

Eheee, hidden rebel within you, Georgie. :P Though I must admit, I guess a lot of people consider ways to hack into the system.

Creepy about the webcam/microphone – but I agree with you, it couldn’t be used to invade your privacy.

Some people also refuse to believe that they’ve hurt someone, and that in turn often leaves to them thinking that an apology is not needed. Ahhh, that’s life…

She may feel guilty but she probably will never really apologise… after all, before you know it, it will be in the past. I hope she doesn’t just dismiss the fun times because of it though. Not all things are meant to be, after all.

Discrimation and being judgemental disgust me. Simply because there is no real reason why people do it, or why they come up with what ideas and speculations they do.
You learn something new everyday. 😏

I’ve got used to Jorja too. Online, of course. Offline… it would be weird to call myself Jorja and not Georgia.
Aha yeah if you were Jeorgina, I’d keep on calling you Georgina by accident and being like, “Errrm sorry, Jeorgina”.

I guess the change to ‘Waren’ is understandable. For our names, it doesn’t really made sense. For example if your name was Serafina it would make sense to maybe shorten it to ‘Sera’.

I’ve grown used to being called George… mainly by my family. My friends just call me by my name. They have made up some pretty wacky nicknames for me but they’re too embarassing to put here. :P

Ahhhh, that’s it. My dad is always waving around his stupid wireless card triumphantly. (Y)

Fuck my gov indeed. :(

LMFAO, The Daily Mail Song… that’s so amusing and cool. Lmfao.
The media sucks too. :/ The way they exaggerate things.

Aw, yay. :3 Nirvana are still epic, though /bounce

Haha you could say the same for me; I definitely know more about him from talking to you about it. :)

Aha, true. I guess it doesn’t take me long to get into a song I like but to get into an artist is harder work.

Whoo, that’s awesome: “I have started the assignment! So yeah, I should be happy that I have done that at least. I will get it done before last minute! This year I’ve done everything on time without exploding or staying up late or anything like that.”

Go youuuuu /bounce !

Aha yeah; why not splash out the cash once in a while. If you spend $100 reguarly online though… @_@

I like messenger bags, and my sister has all the handbags. Kind of good having an older sister. We share a lot of stuff.

LOL. Maybe. :P


Take care! xx

Hahaha you and your sib are so funny! Hahah I love what he said that the webcam’s there to record him XD ahaha and the way you answered XDD hahaha!! XD

Way cool they give out laptops. Haha. At least they can use it for homework. Some of my classmates miss out because they dont have laptops =_= Ugh and they use it as an excuse.

And I love the Big Bang Theory! Especially Sheldon! :) I am not up to date, though. :3 I downloaded seasons 1 & 2 but I havent even finished watching them all. Heehee.

I love Sheldon especially his line “This is banana bread.” XD

HOLA GEORGINA! Sorry for the late reply! :O

Lol, yup you do, most people do, not everyone listens to the same music. Except for that pop annoying stuff on the radio that seems to be BOMB 💥 in everyone’s minds. I don’t really see what they like in it.

I guess… that’s true. But Morgan always seems to upstage me in everything. She’s seems to be better at everything lately. -_-

Once you’ve had dial-up everything is faster. LMAO. But it’s cool because my dad has wifi, so everytime I go there, I GET FAST LOADING STUFF. WOOT!

I’m like average height and I’m pretty glad. I would hate to be so tall I look DOWN on everyone and so short I look UP at everyone. Ryan does seem to be on the tall side. /bounce

Haha.. I’ve never heard that song. But that video seems pretty funny. I watched The Big Bang Theory like once. And It was funny. :P

I hope you get your assignments done! Good luck! *crosses fingers*

That’s kind of cool. How he gets a FREE laptop and all. But since it’s educational I think it would be boring. Like all I do on the computer is facebook, email and twitter. So if it was for school purposes only, then I’m not sure if I’d want it.

Hahahahahaha, your brother sounds like quite a laugh. I don’t think the government could do that. If they did, it’d be pretty creepy. D:

it takes the biggest courage to order something online because of the shipping haha ! i wish i could accept the fact that shipping is hella expensive :P

ohhyesss, sometimes cash can always be the best present hehe !

i like, live for the free things haha!

ive watched a couple of big bang theory episodes before but never had the time to watch all of it :( maybe ill do that this summer :D

gahhh school assignments.. good thing youre putting things together though :) not leaving it last minute like i usually do heh.
thats awesome that students get laptops, even if its only for school purposes!! wait what, even HOTMAIL? damn i usually email my assignments to myself :(

yeah I guess, since he has computer it isn’t necessary any way.

your welcome! Yeah I understand. Apparently, the domains are cheap, $ 10 seems a small amount for an whole year.

That’s okay. I see to buy many domains has been a habit for you.

It’s great you do not mind sharing the music you like with others, and you’re open to other music. I don’t like rap or the RnB. Yeah I agree with you, music is great in many respects. True, some singers transform their words in songs with feeling.

your welcome! Glad for you :)

I understand, it is expensive to buy online at U.S. based stores. Okay.

If I suppose that if you buy from a trusted company or hear from others that are good, it’s a good sign. I see. Maybe one day I encourage to buy online.

Your toe sounds painful. I hope it heals soon.

That’s great the schools give laptops to some students. Although some websites are blocked.

oh your brother thought the school were recording him.

Hasn’t your brother ever seen laptops that come with webcams or microphones? Probably the state government made a deal with a computer company for the laptops, especially since they’d be buying such a huge amount of them.

I’ve watched the Big Bang theory a few times before but I’m yet to be hooked on it xP If you need something to watch I suggest Gleeee :) It’ll just put you in a good mood :)

Meer sorry about your big toe :( Once I hit my hand on a wall and my nail broke, but it broke and became exxxtraa short, it hurt so badly and felt so uncomfortable.

Lool, it’d be weird if they were actually recording you o_O that’s the crazy sorta stuff that you hear about on TV.

Haha there is SO much hype about Glee, that I don’t really feel like watching it. I’ve watched a little bit though, but haven’t got myself hooked either. :P

I was on the train once and my nail snapped clean off. :O I’m glad it wasn’t too short or anything, but I didn’t have a nail file so it was rough until I got home. :P

Woah, that would be insane creepy if they were actually using the webcams to record whoever’s using it.

OMG my middle finger on my right hand hurts too because I was grabbing my purse away from this guy in my class that took it, and the nail broke, so when I pulled it off it was too short.

Oh yeah. Usually I shop online, like I am doing right now haha, because I can get them cheaper online.

Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself because my attention didn’t stray for long periods of time like usual.

I love the Journey version of that song. I actually just bought it on iTunes because you brought it up. :) Thanks! :P

What is the big bang theory about? Is it a sitcom? It looks like one by that youtube video which I don’t quite understand. Probably because I haven’t seen any of the shows. :)

Congrats on your brother getting the laptop. & I know how that is. My best friend, I mean, My friend (we got into a fight) got one before and she had to give it back as soon as she finished with that school, which was the end of that year. :) I’ve never had that, I’d just use my own laptop. I would see that as BS to have two laptops for no reason.

Yeah, that is definitely a breach of some laws. I get scared that someone can hack mine though. Hahahaha. Sometimes. I’m just like -close laptop- ‘okay, I feel safe now.’ -relieved feeling- XD
Yeup. It looks awesome! :)

Yeup. It’s just what you like, only you matter when it comes to food. :)
Yeah, I try new things when I’m at Dante’s house because I know that if I don’t eat it then I will go hungry.

Yeah, totally.

OMG! I’m starting everything with some form of the word, “Yes.” XD Wow….

Oh cool! :)

Awesome! :P

Yeup. :P

No problem.

I really love my camera so far :D I’m def. glad I bought it. When I was taking the pictures, David kept saying that the more and more he looked at the camera and saw me taking the pictures with it, the more he liked it :P

I couldn’t figure out how to upload to wordpress :/ Fail :P I’ll have to look into it. I’m going to start just on my domain for now, and then see how it goes from there. I might just have it as a subdomain, because I don’t wanna buy a domain just for a photoblog :P Though I do want an excuse to make a new layout for a different site..

It was a weird scene, but it was a good movie :D

I don’t think Flash is a MUST, but since I want to go into graphic design, I think it’ll be good to have at least some experience with it. I can do basic things in it, and in a lot of the course guides I’ve looked at that showed courses in graphic design, basically all of them did have a Flash part, so it’s best I get some knowledge now.

They really don’t grow in nicely :( I mean, in the stages when it’s just a tad too long it’s fine, because you can still sometimes manage to make it stay as a front, or SOMEDAYS it will co-operate and look good as a side, but in general it started pissing me off. So I’m glad I got it cut xD

HAHA yeah, that’s what I do.. but only with the 5 comments that I get XD I’ll read the comments, but then will get distracted and do something else. It’s a baaaad habit :P

Thats so cool that he gets a laptop! It kinda sucks about the no hotmail or facebook though, because really a lot of people now just discuss projects and what not over facebook, or email things to eachother. There is always proxy’s though ;)

It sucks about your big toe :( I ALWAYS cut mine too short when I do it, and they are sore for days.. and take FOREVER to grow back :( But right now, my toe nails are nice and painted.. purple :D

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, any way you want it…

haha, I didn’t even know that Rise Against covered that song, but now I’ve got to hear it – Rise Against is a great band, and that’s a classic. I love Journey..actually, I quoted it in my blog today too (:

Speaking of assignments, I’ve got Biology homework to do…but I don’t think its going to happen. Oh well, at least one of us (you) is getting some work done (:

Yuck, I hate nails so much. I can’t stand it when any of my nails are too short, but after a while they get way too long. Very frustrating (:

And that’s really nice that your state’s government does that, my state’s way to broke to even give our schools computers that weren’t made in the 80’s. So, if we try to do any research at school, by the time google loads the bell is ringing.

Also, there was actually a school that had been photographing students on their school-given laptops, isn’t that awful? Poor kids :(