Any Way You Want It

I just realised that Any Way You Want It by Rise Against is a cover of the Journey song. I can’t listen to the song without cracking up, because I think of this scene from TBBT.

I’m out of The Big Bang Theory episodes to watch. I’m up to date. I’ll have to wait a while to see the next episode though, because television is behind in Australia.

I’ll have to find something else to occupy my time (because I’m not watching the lot again, that would be overkill)… like my assignments! 😰

I’ve done about half of one of my assignments. I started pulling it together only tonight, though. Bits and pieces are done – I just gotta pull it together.

And I am meeting at least one of my group members on Thursday. This in regards to one of my other assignments. So many assignments! 😤

Another thing to complain about: my big toe. It hurts! I thought the nail was too long so I cut it, but then I cut it too short. Which my mum pointed out, and told me to put iodine on it. It’s so fat and red, ew. James would approve of the iodine though. 😛

My brother got a laptop today – our state’s government gives out laptops to some school students. (Apparently they ran out of money so not all schools got it.) But it’s not as good as it sounds – it’s only meant for educational purposes. The laptops have been custom made so that no one except the student can use it. My brother is the only one who can log in. If he loses the laptop, anyone who finds it will find it useless.

Also, websites like Facebook and Hotmail are blocked. I told my brother to download Firefox, and I started thinking up all these ways of hacking the system, even though deep down I knew it was bad.

My brother said if he changed any settings or tried to use it to his advantage, he could really be busted and they would take the laptop away. Because of the webcam in the laptop, he thought that they were recording us.

“What? No!” I exclaimed. “They can’t do that. They can take it and see if you’ve changed the settings but they cannot record you when you use it, especially not at home.”
“Then why is this here…? And why is there a microphone in it?”
“That’s just to set up the microphone. In no way are they allowed to record you like that without your permission. It’s an invasion of privacy. It’s in breach of the Law of…”

Damn, Lilian knows the answer to that one. 😆

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