Crossed Out Name

I know you saw the video and groaned. “Oh no, I have to watch a video in this person’s blog… shit”. Your face looked something like this. /ehh It’s okay. I’m not making you watch it. :)

However, if you can spare a few, I really suggest watching this video. It’s just under 2:30, so you could play it as you read my blog. It’s just the song I want you to listen to. I know I’m fanatic about Ben Jorgensen – he’s a wonderful singer, talented and amazing – but this cover is gorgeous.

It made me cry. 😢 I’m not overreacting or being a freak. A lot of songs just do that to me. A lot of songs get me really emotional inside and conjure up feelings… feelings of loss, sadness, extreme joy, happiness, heart-wrenched-ness (I know that’s not a proper feeling), and most of all, nostalgia. I’m one to like metal music and hard rock as well, but even those can show a lot of emotion.

A little less on that topic, and sorry for the swerve into something quite on the opposite side of things, I’m a little disappointed with myself that I haven’t progressed so far with my assignment. I’ve done bits and pieces of it everywhere but I don’t know quite where I’m at, nor can I really present a percentage of the project currently completed. I’ve been too distracted.

For one thing, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing online shops and looking for more shirts to buy. Ugh. As if I don’t have enough band shirts and shirts in general. /huh Dayze will be sending me some shirts at the end of the month too. I had them shipped to her, because it was cheaper, and she could then send it to me.

The cost of shipping is such a bitch! /angry I’ve become used to it now, but it’s always ridiculously expensive and sometimes costs twice as much as what I’m buying.

Anyway, enough shirts, I think. I’m still tempted to buy more random things online, like accessories and bags. But hello, I have enough bags too!

My birthday is coming up soon. Naughty me, I’ve been using it as an excuse for this chance to buy things online. 😰 I’m going to try to save more money as well. The past few weeks I’ve splurged on buying junk that just accumulates in my room (like the Beatles vinyl I picked up last week). I’m going to cut down on my domains, or at least the amount of work on them. No more 365 projects or anything that’s going to take a lot of time (or space for that matter).

But that, and watching The Big Bang Theory, has kept me distracted from my work. I’ll be able to complete everything in time of course, but I need to get my act together fast.

Comments will be returned if you watch the video.

Bazinga. I’m joking. :P

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(Y) 😏

I didn’t groan! Because you showed me it on YouTube and it was gorgeous :) *watches again*

I love Ben Jorg’s voice /love

And his lyrics are amazing too. I feel bad complimenting him because you’re so into him. xD It doesn’t sound right to me, I guess. :P

I like music that shows emotion, but some songs make me feel… different. Sometimes I get a funny feeling in my stomach. I remember when I first heard ‘Cellar Door’ by Escape the Fate (which I recommend you get/listen to) I cried. Same with ‘Consider Me Alive’ by Hopes Die Last.

Aw! Good luck with your assignment, even if it doesn’t appear to be going too well. At least you’ve started! I have homework but I’m LAZY. /hmph

I have a lot of shirts. I really need some band shirts though! *hangs head in shame* D:
I hope to get a Visa card soon though, and not a Cashpoint card, so I can buy things online /bounce

Online stores can be very distracting, especially when you find something you like and for the rest of your time online you’re all @_@ but you don’t have enough money… or don’t need it… xD

Stupid fucking shipping D: We know you have to send this shit but twice as much as the item? BS. You could try buying things from Australian online stores more, but I’m not sure how many there are. :/

I have two bags. No, three, counting my school one. My sister has loads and never uses them. I should get more bags and accessories.

Not bangles/bracelets, though. I have too many. Lmfao.

Haha I always use my birthday as an excuse to get things online. Aha. It’s all cool. You’ll be 19! :O I remember when you were 17… time flies /faw

Still watching TBBT, eh? I bet you’ve added it to your acronyms plugin (did I spell that right? 😰 :P )


Take care! xx

I like him but not overly (sorry I wub woo :() I mean it’s somewhat my type of music I generally listen to but I guess I’m growing away from it. I’m more into pop-ish country now.

I know exactly when you mean when you say you get certain feelings from listening to music. Actually I recently blogged about it!

I have an assignment as well. It’s actually due tomorrow but first I want to finish the Article that gave me to do about the iPad. I just procrastinate way too much and it’s extremely hard because of it.

I’d buy a lot of things online too if it wasn’t for the fact that I am unable to get paypal because you need a certain number than you only get off of checks and since I don’t have a job I can’t get it! Grr..

I know. No offense but it’s always me who works harder than them, who calls and asks the teacher, who does this and does that. It’s annoying; people really need to stop depending on other people. It’s group assignments. :|

Yeah… I hate group assignments, that’s why. There were times when I ended up working just by myself for the sake of my grades. I didn’t care about the other members; I didn’t care if they’d finally get the same grades as mine when they didn’t even work at all… I felt like screaming “I JUST WANT TO GET THIS DONE.”

Thank God I’m not a psycho :P Oh, is that a fat cat that you once posted on your photo blog? If yeah, I think I still remember it…

I’d like to watch the video but it’s late (not really… 9:07 pm but everyone’s fallen asleep, except my dad who’s watching HBO now and won’t like hearing sounds from my speakers…) I don’t want to make him mad so I guess I’ll watch it tomorrow after school! I’m looking for new songs to listen to so yeah. *writes a mental note*

Heh, I’m a little disappointed by myself too. I want to get my assignments completely done, but I’ve only done like half of them :| And you just remind me that I have an unfinished assignment due tomorrow… argh it’s already late!

I never shopped online, but I’d like to try sometime. I’m seriously in need of new shirts, and I’m a very picky person… but I’ve seen a few shirts online and I like them so much.

Good luck on getting those things done. I’m trying to save my money too (but as always, I’m failing…)

Hahaa i don’t mind watching videos on blogs *i ALLLWAYYS do that XD just have to make sure the video is worth everybody’s while XD* and that is a nice song! But I wasn’t emotionally attached though, or I just wasn’t that struck.

But I know the feeling, of being so into the music, last bands that I recently found and that I REALLY INSANELY LOVE are Florence + The Machine (she has such powerful… honest.. raw emotions!) and Mika (HE’S OUTRAGEOUS). I really love classical too. I can deal with hard rock but urgh, please no screams O_o

hahaa Online shopping IS addictive GAASSHNNESS! But we must indeed save up! Good luck there :D And oohh! Your birthday is neeaaarr!!!!! :D hahaa!

I haven’t been feeling the inspiration to study… it’s probably one of my doldrums now. Good luck to both of us! >:D<

I feel as it helps me to come out and say what happened to me. Not only that but I want to help others by showing that they can still live even if you have been molested. Sure it’s incredibly scarring but what’s even more scarring is realizing you’re living and un-lived life BECAUSE of what happened to you.

I never mind people asking me about what happened to me as long as they don’t say “Haha, I’m glad that happened to you” (trust me it’s happened).

It’s true – absence does make the heart grow fonder but it also tears you apart when you’re so used to being with your partner every day. Now we’ve cut it down to about 2 days a week and some time on the weekends because he’s fairly busy.

I love metal but I still prefer the slow songs over the hardcore(?) stuff. I guess slow songs make me think more. My boyfriend is extremely into metal and now I am as well. I absolutely love Metallica and Iron Maiden.

I’ll have to look into Armor For Sleep! Currently searching them up right now! So far I like them. /love

Dustin has took me out on a few romantic dates and they were all nice. :) The only thing that bothers me is that I sometimes want to be serious with him but all he does is joke around by taking a serious moment and making it funny. Though I love his humor it’s ALWAYS THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I just finished my Article! Since they gave me that topic to write about I’m sure they’ll accept it.

For some reason I’m unable to connect to paypal through my bank BECAUSE of that damned number I need from a check. Ugh and I don’t know why.

I watched the video. :) I like that cover, I’ve always like the song but I think it suits his voice well. I’ve never listened to any music by Armor for Sleep or God Loves A Challenge, but I might now that I’ve heard Ben Jorgensen’s voice.

Sometimes I get like that with songs, too! They can just trigger an emotion and I can get a little teary-eyed.

Have you got long left to do your assignment? When I do my coursework or homework I disconnect the internet, I don’t trust myself to not start Facebook-ing or something!

I’ve been buying loads of shirts recently, too! Most of them have been long vest tops ready for the summer but I bought a new Jedward t-shirt on Thursday. :D But I feel in desperate need for a Justin Bieber one right now…They’re pretty cheap aha.

I hate shipping costs so much. ¬_¬

I’ve been trying to save money recently too, but I’m not doing to well. But if you save your money on little things it all adds up, and maybe you’ll get some for your birthday, too. :D

Thanks! :) I thought maybe black would be too contrasting against the white so I went for a deep blue, I think it looks okay…Definitely better than the grey!

I’ve only just installed Akismet, but I’ve been inactive for a week and come back to 18 spam comments. Hopefully now Akismet’ll help!

It would be nice to get some extra work done on my site, I think next week I have Monday off for a bank holiday, maybe I’ll use that day. :D

My work experience outfit pretty much looked like a school uniform, but I got a high mark for looking ‘smart’ in my log book for the week.

If I get a comment like “Hey, I looked around your site, it’s great and I love the layout!” I usually send a nice “Thank you, so is yours!” back, but if I get a comment like “Hey, nice site, check out mine!” they get nothing back.

Most of my friends aren’t on my network either, so I get 300 free texts to any network, but my friends get unlimited to any network but that’s more expensive. I don’t text many people though so 300 is enough for me. :]

My sister got a Toshiba laptop last week and hers is really good! It was pretty cheap as well at £329, so I might get one similar to hers. I’ll be getting it for Christmas instead of my birthday though because I’m in desperate need for a new phone. x_x

Thank you. I love plaid/tartan tops. :D

I’ve added another update to my blog, so check it out. But I agree, the hand does look intimidating.

Whenever I think of the many mistakes or awkward things I’ve done in the past, I try to forget it or laugh at myself.

Same here. :O

Merry Chickmaaaas.


That song is so…beautiful.

Sometimes when I check online stores the prices are higher than the items in the physical stores. :P

Happy early birthday. :D

I don’t have my headphones with me right now and my dad is like, on a conference call so yeah. I will definitely listen to him later! I know you’re like obsessed with him so I’m excited to listen to him and I’m always up for new music ♥ :P

By the way I really love your smilies, lol. I find excuses to use them I think. 👏

I love songs that make you really really emotional. I don’t usually cry from songs though. But I mean, if a song is that great that it makes you cry, then wow it must be really powerful!

I’ve been doing a lot of studying but not enough, lol. I guess I need to get my act together as well. Big Bang Theory can be so distracting! Or any tv show for that matter. if I get really addicted to a tv show I just can’t stop watching it haha :)

The cost of shipping really HAS gone up so much. Like, I always like ordering things off amazon but my parents are always like “is it worth it?” Since the shipping costs more than the book or something. usually I order a LOT of stuff so then the shipping doesn’t seem so high haha :p

Happy early birthday! <3

Haha I do love him; I’m a little more than obsessed. :P It’s okay, you don’t have to watch the video! He’s got other kinds of music too. That’s why I love him – he can sing electronic, rock, and love songs… Haha.

I don’t like too many television shows but when I do I get really absorbed; it means so much. :P I’ve just finished watching all the episodes I have now, though.

I try to order as much stuff as possible to make the most of the shipping! Some carts go up with each item though, damn bitches.

Thank you! My birthday’s on the 29th May (psst…) but the year is going by so fast as it is anyway, and no doubt my online orders will come by then. XD

That song is beautiful ♥ Acoustics are LOVE.
Man, it sucks about getting distracted. I got my graphics coursework back with tons of feedback and I just really cba doing it. :( We’re in this one together I guess aha.

That’s a much better way. I think they do that here but only with certain courses.

Yes university can be very expensive. It cost my brother a lot when he went and now he has a big loan to pay back. I think my parents will help my with money but I would like to earn my own money to help too.

I don’t think I would like to work in an office. I want to work outside :)

Aww thanks, I’m glad you like my middle name.

It’s nice to sit in the garden with your laptop but sometimes it’s too bright to see the screen.

I watched the video and listened to the song. It’s really nice :) I enjoyed listening to it. Not too many songs make me cry. It depends if it reminds me of something.

I love internet shopping but it is addictive. Shipping is way to expensive though.

Ooo your birthday is soon, yay! Have you got any nice plans?

LOL you’d be surprised at how many people think that when they see a video in a blog. :P

It was taking forever to buffer for me so I only listened to a bit of it but it really is lovely! He has an amazing voice too! :)

I cry at songs sometimes too, don’t worry. The one song that always makes me cry is Forget It- Breaking Benjamin.. especially when I listen to it alone, at night. IDK why. It’s just a lovely, slow song.

Don’t be disappointed with yourself. You take on a lot of things and set yourself high standards all the time… you should just relax for a bit. I know you’ll end up getting it done on time anyway! But good luck. /eee

I always browse for shirts and stuff.. but never buy any. I nearly bought a Breaking Benjamin jumper but it was way too big for me… I’m still tempted to get it nonetheless. :P

Your birthday seems so far away but so close at the same time… especially with how fast this year is going! Good luck cutting down the domains and such, Georgie!

LOL, that’s not mean. I like returning your comments to everyone else’s. :P I always leave the longish ones till last though… IDK why. :/

Yeah, I know what you mean. You have a nice variety of domain names which is good. I love EyeThief. :P I think my favourite of your domains excluding this one is… or :P

Of course I don’t think you’re a lying cheating rich bitch… I can’t believe some peoples reactions when you won so many times at the NC contest. All you done was answered the questions, they picked the winners so what’s their problems?! Jesus.

I wouldn’t worry too much about losing comments *cough* less to return *cough* ha, I’m mean. If it happens, it happens.

I’m being lazy too. Taken me ages to return comments lmfao. Mainly cause I’ve been sleeping so much and my internet wasn’t on. -_-

Oh I love fish!! I’ve been eating loads of it lately, yum. I love cod the best.. what’s your favourite? :P

Awww yay, fruit FTW! My mum doesn’t MAKE me eat it, I just eat it when I want to. Don’t really bother me, I don’t put on weight anyway. :@ I love sliced apples though, yum.

LOL naw, that’s a shame. :P My mum just ends up doing it. My step dad moans that I don’t help her but she won’t let me do anything like ironing, washing etc. -_- Never mind.

Hope you’re okay. :3

OMG okay so I copy & pasted your comment that you e-mailed me under my blog but my picture showed up for your gravatar. -_______- stupid stupid stupid. I re-edited the comment & everything. EFF YOU CACHE/COOKIES/GRAVATAR. ASSHOLES.

Anyway, I love vinyl. It sounds better anyway but I don’t have a record player which kind of sucks… :( Johnathan said he’d give me his but I have no space to put it. It’s okay, when I move out in the fall, I’ll have plenty of space!

Okay, let’s try this again:

Sorry about that.

I had no idea James’s middle name was Tin Kin. Haha that’s cute! I used to think couples who had their baby names picked out were kind of freaks but I guess you can’t help it if you know you’re going to marry them & have their babies hahaha so one day I accidentally blurted out that I wanted my son’s name to be Jacob because…well Johnathan was poking at my tummy & he was like, “awww there’s a baby inside. Let’s name him paco. How about Taco? Poop?” & then he said all of these other random names & that’s when I said, “NO WAY, I WANT MY KID’S NAME TO BE JACOB”. hahaha But anyway, he makes fun of my belly!! I’m not even fat. :( haha okay I’m done with that.

Wait, no I’m not, I forgot to tell you that … Johnathan actually said he liked the name “Jacob” & he was okay with it. & I was surprised because now I don’t have to fight him on that name in like 15 years ahha. But a girl’s name, I’ll have to fight him for because I’m sure he won’t like the name I’ve come up with. I really like Madeline, Madison, & some other french name that I liked. haha.

Anywayyyyyyyy…………………………….I need to come up with a new icon contest but I don’t know what picture I should use. I haven’t taken a picture of anything “iconable” lately. Perhaps you should help me out!

It’s okay, I always save things for last minute at times too. Like right now. It’s Sunday, I have tons of homework to do today but I’m like..NOT NOW DON’T WANNA. Plus I’ve really gotten into Bones & the game Plants vs. Zombies which is sooo addicting. damn it.

LULZ WIRELESS INTERNET FTW. That’s why I’m always on until like 4 am on the weekends..because I cannn mwuahahaha. Don’t get too carried away dear, GET WORKING ON THOSE ASSIGNMENTS. IT’S TIMEEE.

I know your mom gives you grief.. :( poor thing *hugs* I don’t know how you’ll ever get her to appreciate you a little more.

:love: online shopping is addicting. I just never order because one: my mom would explode of anger (cause you know after finding out my sister spending a lot of money already from online shopping)..and two: the shipping just makes it so much more expensive!

yaay for birthdays ~ presents, presents, presents, presents!! Hope you have fun that daay :)

“I know you saw the video and groaned. “Oh no, I have to watch a video in this person’s blog… shit”. Your face looked something like this. /ehh It’s okay. I’m not making you watch it. :)”, hahahahahaha!
I usually get mad because I know the video is going to take forever to load, but one load quite quickly.

I didn’t like the video. I guessed you hyped him up so much, I was expecting more.
“It made me cry. 😢” , I was falling asleep.

Shipping is expensive, so I basically buy from Chinese stores because they have free shipping.

Oh, that was a lovely video! Honestly, I really liked it!! *scurries off to look at more of Ben Jorgenson’s music*

Oh- happy almost b-day! Mine is coming up soon too! I just ordered a necklace on line too. The shipping wasn’t bad though, since I live in the USA. I can’t imagine what it would cost for you though :(

Big Bang Theory- haha. That makes me remember this lovely quote: “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr”

lol XD

Haha, I’m glad you liked it! I can’t view your site at the moment, by the way. :(

Thanks! My birthday’s on the 29th May. :)

It’s crazy – for example, I wanted to buy a few shirts for $6 each, and the shipping was around $40.

I love Soft Kitty haha! Bazinga! ;)

Yeah project 365 does take up a lot of space if you come to think about it. That’s the main reason why I got rid of mine. So what are you going to do with are you still going to keep it or sell it?

Hmmm, that guy did a good job on singing it. Speaking of which I did find a song that suited my voice heehee. Jorja said I don’t have a bad voice and not to be hard on myself. So yeah.

Yeah I do too love couples from movies. I think that’s what we all want in life really. I want a boyfriend but not right now.

Yeah my dad’s finally going to get paint. He told me that the wood floors was coming up in patches when he was working so he had to quit and he’s just gonna put something over them, and than carpet. So I can’t wait for to see what kind of carpet he’s picked out. Heehee. My room is going to be a blue colored room and with stars on the top. I originally wanted a baby blue color room with white clouds but that’s too babyish if you get my drift?

Anyway, take care and have a wonderful week!

Wow, I love the new layout!! The colors are pretty. I always did think browns and blues looked pretty together :D
Anyways, the song in the video was really nice. I did just play it while reading your blog, like you wrote that we could xD. And I know how you feel about shipping… ugggh. My dad buys books online more than at actualy book stores and stuff, but more than that there was this summer when for some reason my sister and me were all Yugioh crazed and stuff, so we would buy these like… individual cards, and the shipping was like… waaaay more expensive than the actual card xD.
My birthday is coming on the fifteenth in <ay. I just keep blurting out things that I want, so I feel like such a brat xD. But the bad thing about going like, "Oh, I want this and that," and stuff, is that there's no more surprise :( xD. Anyways, I hope you have a happy birthday, and gorgeous layout!!

I’m open to all kinds of music.
I watched the video 4 times. He was quite pitchy at times. He sounded like his voice was changing. That’s what ruined it, other than that he was fine.
So how did you guys met. – but they sell in bulk.
Sounds like you have enough stuff and you don’t need anymore.
Does someone have obsessive shopping disorder? XD

HAYYYYY!!!! I missed your blog. ♥ finally im not busy anymoar :3

“The cost of shipping is such a bitch!” – i so totally agree -_- I’ve been trying to buy sunglasses online~ but the shipping fee is like twice the product that im buying =_____= uuuhuhu

& wow I see a new layie :3 I like your layouts. simple but elegant :)

He looks so stoned /um 😰 /ho

Yohohohh, it is nearly Wuggsmas. /bounce
I better find you something /um or it’ll be /bash age! /bash

/sweat and study break is almost over for you. /poo bum


Hahaha, he was late to the studio afterwards and it was a rainy day. :O

I thought Wuggsmas is on the 25th of December? /eee

You don’t have to get me anything, seriously… with the amount of money I’m spending online you might as well renew a couple of my domains or something. 8D

I wish you had a break too… :(


I watched the video of Ben Jorg singing. Omg, it was so good. EPICALLY, MAJORLY OMGWOW GOOD. Seriously, it made ME emotional too (not as much as you though. Or maybe that’s cos I was too stressed to get extremely emo). Wooooow. Ben Jorg is so talented :) He can sing anything /love

Yeah, you know it’s funny how songs are like…words with a tune attached, but somehow they can convey so much more emotion and meaning than just words. It’s great :) I love the pieces of music that are so light and pretty, they just make you smile :)

Ohhh! Bad Georgie! LOL. Don’t worry, you’re totally allowed to take a break from your uni work in your mid-sem break :P I totally took a break. But you MUST DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT. RAWR! :P Don’t worry, I’ll think of a really awesome threat to make you :P Hahahaha!

Hahahaha, stuff online is sooo cool :D You can’t find that kind of stuff in shops ANYWHERE :( Like those sushi pillows. I want them SO MUCH, it isn’t funny!

You’re like me. I have SO MUCH STUFF, my room looks like a junk heap, but I still want more. It’s like when you go to a shopping centre and then you see this awesome bag, and it’s like ‘I MUST HAVE IT!’ even though you have forty bazillion bags already. Hahaha *so spoilt* Must cut this habit! :P

Omg, shipping IS really expensive. And it’s so retarded that costs more to SEND things you buy to yourself than it does to actually BUY it. Hmph! I am NOT HAPPY /angry Even though I don’t buy stuff online. I am angry on your behalf!

Hahaha! After mid-sem I need to save money too. I don’t even have a job *sigh*. I’m a horrible spendthrift! Thank god I don’t know how to buy stuff online, otherwise I’d be WORSE D:

YES! IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY SOON! :D I am so excited :P :P This is so cooooool ^^ Are you sure you don’t want a present?

Ooooh…cutting down on domains :O I hope you don’t have another domain crisis :P

Hello! :)

Ahhh, I’m glad I added him on your Facebook. XD It’s a lovely cover though. I think I prefer it to the original but that might be because I love Ben so much. I really like his versatility in music. /love

I remember Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’ was soooo emotional; I loved that song a lot.

I will do my assignment! You better tell me that threat later. ;) So I have to pull my assignment together, and sort out my other ones… as well as doing that debate! (Which you can help me with… muahaha.) I won’t have any all-nighters for uni work anymore!

I want sushi pillows too! One day we’ll go to America and then buy things from… so the shipping will be cheaper… then we’ll take them home! Haha. A holiday and slightly cheaper stuff in one!

Okay, first we’ll have to get good jobs… /oh

I have that habit too… I wanted to buy a bag online just because it was cute. I feel like I spoil myself too much. -_-

Ahhh, I hate shipping. Damn bitch. Remember last night I was going insane because I got a discount? LOL.

But that’s okay; you have a more hectic schedule than I do, so it’s okay if you can’t squeeze in a job, much less time to LOOK for one, right now. :3

I got rid of a domain today! How’s that for awesome? :D

(PS. You’re better off paying for the renewal of a few domains instead of buying me a present… LOL. :X )

Yeah that’s true. I try to be a support in everything I can and try to talk about their stuff. I’m also glad :)

I see. That’s okay. I understand that you find most useful to use the laptop.

oh congrats for sell two domains! wow 14 domains are many, it is normal that you want to get rid of some.

your welcome! It is normal you annoy that people sang that song.

Glad for you! That’s okay :)

I had never heard Ben Jorgensen, but I must say I like the music does. Thanks for the video.
It is true that some songs will cause deep feelings, melancholy, and of all kinds. I know exactly what you mean when you say you get certain feelings of listening to music, because to me the same thing happens. Music is life ♥

I hope you can do your assignment on time. Good luck with it!

I have never bought online, because I think the cost of transporting the goods are very expensive, plus I’m not sure buying this way.

I listened to the song while reading your entry.

I know exactly how you free about shipping. I love buying stuff from the USA because there are products that aren’t available in the UK. But the shipping can sometimes be almost double!

Even UK companies put high shipping cost :( even tho the shipping cost isn’t really that high. That’s why I offered free shipping because it really doesn’t cost that much to ship stuff.

So when is your birthday?

Yeah, that’s true! I went to an online shop where shirts were only $6 but the shipping was insane, it was more than double the shirts. I wish I lived in the US sometimes!

It doesn’t cost me too much to ship stuff if it’s light and not so heavy. Oh and I was pretty happy about your free shipping. ;)

My birthday is on the 29th of May. :D

ive never heard of ear draining until i got sick haha. gunna get some fluids drained out tomorrow actually… apparently it kinda hurts too :|

NO HAHA. chinese middle names are like WHATT?!?!?! Its so much better to have an american or whatever middle name, cause you know how sometimes people pick between their actual name and their middle :P

so this is the guy youve been obsessed with haha ! he looks real sleepy, but good though!

BAH SHIPPING. i finally gave up and decided to pay the expensive shipping for some cosemetics i purchased online… luckily, it didnt pick my address up as canadian, so i paid american and they said they’ll let it slide this time. LUCKY ME.

haha its okayy, birthdays are always a GREAT excuse to spoil yourself. my grandma gave me money for passing my driving test, so i was like ‘hm, so i guess ill use this for something useful…’

I would love to watch the video but sadly I can’t. High speed isn’t working so well so I’m suck with this dial-up and believe me it suuucks!

I looove listening to music. Especially when I’m sad. I admit when it gets to me, the lyrics rather I do sometimes cry but afterwards I feel so much better. I don’t like heavy metal, rock or anything like that but otherwise I like all kinds.

My mother knew what she was doing when we set up strictly a savings account. She and I both knew that if I would have had a checking account complete with the debit card and everything I would be online and off splurging buying all kinds of useless things. We’re girls though, it’s just in our nature to continously buy things, clothes, shoes, BAGS, and everything knowing that we do NOT need it XD

I’m trying my best not to give up hope but gosh. Hopefully I’ll get one this summer but if I don’t it doesn’t really matter. Yess, I wish summer would hurry. .me and my bestfriend have it all planned out 🤬 I find it to be very weird that you know when it’s summer here it’s winter on the other side of the world and everything. Likee don’t you guys have Christmas in the summertime?

Ugh, my grandma only gets worse. I don’t know what her problem is these days but I had a talk with my aunt lastweek. She said her door is always open, all I have to do is ask my mom because it just bothers her the way that they treat me.

Hey Georgina! I haven’t talked to you in awhile XD

Haha it’s so weird how when the Northen Hemisphere is having summer or spring, the Southern Hemisphere is the opposite.

Yeah, I got all my work done two days earlier, because for 1 night, I worked for 7 hours straight on it.

Haha, one of my goals is to start being on the computer for less. Not so sure how that’s gonna go though. XD

Ugh, shipping is a bitch! Sometimes for me, but not really. Most of the time I just try to buy something in-store instead, but I’ll sacrifice if it’s something I can’t get in stores.

Songs usually don’t make me cry, but they can make me really happy, or really mellow. ✌️

i also into online buying, it is really so anoyying, that the shipping cost is much more expensive than the stuff you bought but who cares ? if you really lke and want it. hihi XD im too much into spongebob shirts ! wew ! anyways, hapy birth day to you :D have a great birthday ^^. anyways, i like the video, it strikes me. haha ! nanlambot ako when i listen to it. tssk

Haha yeah, sometimes I want something so much I don’t really care about the shipping. They ought to do something about it because it’s so expensive. :P

Thanks! It’s not my birthday yet. My birthday’s on the 29th of May.

Sorry, but I don’t know what “nanlambot ako” means.

sorry about that @_@ what i mean i felt sad in listening it. ♥ ♥ hihihi. shoppaholic much ? ;)

He looks really tired. I watched it. Not my style but nice :)

I’m always buying thing from the Marilyn Manson store. Since it’s pretty much the only band I listen too. I hate the cost of shipping as well. It would be a lot cheaper if I lived in the USA. Oh well, it’s all worth it when the package arrives.

It’s okay to spoil your self. On my last birthday, I bought my self a $300 necklace. It was totally worth it, I love it. My boyfriend also bought me a $300 necklace, which got stolen the next week :( It was so pretty.

I spoil my self all the time. When I have the money I will constantly buy my self things I don’t necessarily need. I also spoil my boyfriend, sisters and my mum.

I agree with you; you should cut down on domains. You have a perfect one right here. I don’t even visit your other ones. Keep the icon/avatar one if you still have it. It was a really nice gallery. I remember visiting it when it opened. Keep your hosting site, do you still have that one? And that’s about it in my opinion. Maybe have your reviews on a different site? That would be nice. That’s just what I would do. (I’m not telling you what you should do, just a thought :) )

I had a dream about you last night. Well it was more of an online dream. You had written a blog about how you have a ‘no attention disorder’. Thats how you put it. You where saying that you had to read a comment four times over before you could reply. I wrote a comment on the blog, telling you I had the same problem. I don’t have the same problem. Haha, it was a really weird dream.

hi there how u? long time no chat.. the video looks cool.. dont worry im going on a shopping spree when i go to london next week hehe.. whens your bday btw?

ha! I totally agree! The Easter show is such a rip off! As I was walking out of it I remember hearing a mother talking to the phone about how one of her friends spent $500 at the Easter show!! (Though she probably had children, but still! $500!)

Jim Parsons is very similar to his character Sheldon isn’t he? :P He seems like a very well mannered formal speaking person, which I guess somewhat resembles his character.

Ah yes! You are addicted to The Big Bang Theory! I saw on Twitter that you’ve finished the series and is craving for more :P

I suppose we could all relate to Sheldon or characters from the Big Bang Theory in certain aspects…hmmm I might do a quiz to see which character I’m more likely to be! Lol, I got Raj :P

I watched (or rather listened hehe, I was multi-tasking!). He has a lovely voice :) And he looks really sad and into the ‘zone’ whilst singing the song.
However to be honest, I think I prefer female voices in general :O I guess that makes me being a bit of a sexist XD Maybe because they can sing higher? I don’t know O_O

I suppose procrastination gets the best of us eh? :P I’m sure you’ll get it done eventually, just don’t expect to make consist progress *all* the time. :)

I hate the price of shipping! Call me a tight ass, but shouldn’t they factor the shipping costs in their products! It sounds stupid I know, but it’s like paying the price of a product then the GST separately. I know that happens in some countries but still /argh

Anyway, take care Georgina, and good luck with completing your assignment :D

I couldn’t watch it! It keeps on saying “An error occurred. Please try again later.” So I’ll try later :)) I love covers so I’m definitely going to watch it! ;)

I’ve been splurging too lately. And my birthday is still in Decemeber. No excuse :( I still have a lot of debt to my Mom ’cause I bought something and she paid for it but I have to pay her back :| Money should grow in trees -_-

I HATE SHIPPING COSTS. I wanted to buy this cute lil’ something that’s only 7-9$ I think, the shipping costs was like thrice that and more :| GAAAHHHSSS. Hate it! That’s the only thing that keeps me from buying stuff. I guess that’s a good thing sometimes though :))

I got stuck on the 2nd season of The Big Bang Theory because I started watching How I Met Your Mother and Naruto. Hahahaha I miss the geeky-ness of that show! :0

* Yeah I guess it’s all about dedication when it comes to learning a new language :) I wish I have that! I really want to learrrnnnn