Crossed Out Name

I know you saw the video and groaned. “Oh no, I have to watch a video in this person’s blog… shit”. Your face looked something like this. πŸ˜“ It’s okay. I’m not making you watch it. πŸ™‚

However, if you can spare a few, I really suggest watching this video. It’s just under 2:30, so you could play it as you read my blog. It’s just the song I want you to listen to. I know I’m fanatic about Ben Jorgensen – he’s a wonderful singer, talented and amazing – but this cover is gorgeous.

It made me cry. 😒 I’m not overreacting or being a freak. A lot of songs just do that to me. A lot of songs get me really emotional inside and conjure up feelings… feelings of loss, sadness, extreme joy, happiness, heart-wrenched-ness (I know that’s not a proper feeling), and most of all, nostalgia. I’m one to like metal music and hard rock as well, but even those can show a lot of emotion.

A little less on that topic, and sorry for the swerve into something quite on the opposite side of things, I’m a little disappointed with myself that I haven’t progressed so far with my assignment. I’ve done bits and pieces of it everywhere but I don’t know quite where I’m at, nor can I really present a percentage of the project currently completed. I’ve been too distracted.

For one thing, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing online shops and looking for more shirts to buy. Ugh. As if I don’t have enough band shirts and shirts in general. πŸ™ Dayze will be sending me some shirts at the end of the month too. I had them shipped to her, because it was cheaper, and she could then send it to me.

The cost of shipping is such a bitch! 😑 I’ve become used to it now, but it’s always ridiculously expensive and sometimes costs twice as much as what I’m buying.

Anyway, enough shirts, I think. I’m still tempted to buy more random things online, like accessories and bags. But hello, I have enough bags too!

My birthday is coming up soon. Naughty me, I’ve been using it as an excuse for this chance to buy things online. 😰 I’m going to try to save more money as well. The past few weeks I’ve splurged on buying junk that just accumulates in my room (like the Beatles vinyl I picked up last week). I’m going to cut down on my domains, or at least the amount of work on them. No more 365 projects or anything that’s going to take a lot of time (or space for that matter).

But that, and watching The Big Bang Theory, has kept me distracted from my work. I’ll be able to complete everything in time of course, but I need to get my act together fast.

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Bazinga. I’m joking. πŸ˜›

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