Despite the problem Kya (my host) had with the last attempt at a move to a VPS – she will be moving us to a VPS at Liquid Web (formerly Wired Tree) so hopefully it all goes well. I might close comments later on… I’m not that worried. I will have to change the nameservers at some point though. I’ll be posting with an announcement about the move being successful, so not to worry. :)

All my other domains will be moving too. Speaking of domains, I am selling five so if you’re interested, please pipe up – I’m desperate to get rid of these.

I also registered yesterday. Celestine is my middle name, and I plan on using the domain for a portfolio, to replace my old one which I dropped. :P

I know some people hate their names; I certainly don’t. In the past I used to hate the name “Georgina”, and I despised being called “Georgie”, as often people associated it with the nursery rhyme:

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.

Really, nursery rhymes should be refined. Georgie can be both a name for a girl and for a boy. 😰

Today, my dad and I spent hours trying to set up wireless in our house. Yes, for the love of Sheldon Cooper, wireless internet! /bounce

It seems that we are a little behind most people in terms of internet. Years ago, everyone in my high school had broadband internet while I was on dial-up. I would be linked to a YouTube video only to disappoint the sender of the link by announcing, “I’m sorry, I have dial-up”. It was the most said phrase throughout my last years of high school, until finally, towards the end, our family got broadband. :)

I had been dying to use internet on my laptop without having to connect with the cable and be restricted in my room; without having to manoeuvre around cables to simply sit on my bed; without being caught up in a mess every time I wanted to shift somewhere. And I wanted to use the internet on my iPhone. :P

It took us a while to get everything set up, and the internet wasn’t working on my laptop wirelessly, so I Googled (hahaha!) the problem and on a forum, someone had suggested to remove the network and connect again. The internet is great. /hehe

James named his connection home_osapiens. My dad told me to settle with dlink.

Damn. I wanted to call it BAZINGA.

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Celestine has to be one of the most beautiful names ever! I personally really like magical things and Celestine reminds me of a female version of Celestial so it feels really godly and magical.

I remember the days of dial up and downloading one song in an hour. I got broadband pretty early because I nagged and nagged my parents. They sort of gave up and signed up for broadband.

YAY! Good luck with the server change :D I hope it goes well this time! I eagerly await your message that it has been successful ^^ /bounce ✌️

I ♥ your middle name :P Hahaha. It’s very pretty *nods* and I am also excited about your new registered domain for your portfolio! :D I think “Celestine” is prettier than “Enchanted” :)

LOL! You know that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that second line of that nursery rhyme? I only ever knew “Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry”. XD You’re right. We need new nursery rhymes! Hahaha!

I don’t mind my name. Sure it’s not the prettiest name out there, in my opinion, but it’s special cos my parents gave it to me :)

YAAAY! YOU HAVE WIRELESS! Isn’t it AWESOME! It’s like…WHOA! I’M ON THE NET AND THERE ARE NO WIRES :D Hehehe, it’s very exciting :P

Omg! Wireless networks are HORRIBLE to set up! At least your Dad could help you :P I had to set up OURS and omfg, I got SO confused! And my stupid brother screwed it up cos he tried to set up the wireless on my Mum’s laptop without us knowing, when I was trying to set up the router on the main computer. Stupid JERK. Cos of HIS impatience! /angry We ended up calling netgear :P

HAHAHAHA! James’ network name is hilarious! I think ours just has a generic name. I don’t think we bothered to change it. It comes up as ‘netgear…somethingsomethingsomething’. Otherwise I’d have named it something like “RAWR!”. When I was at uni once, and my laptop was connecting to mq wireless, someone named their wireless net work “F**k Off!” which I found HILARIOUS XD

Awww! Your dad’s a killjoy! :P BAZINGA is an AWESOME name for a wireless net work :P

Thanks! I’m positive it’ll go well this time. Even more excited than last time. :)

I wish I could give you a middle name! :P Oh well, I’m going to make a new layout and other stuff for my portfolio… it’ll be done, be done! /bounce

LOL, are you serious?! Nursery rhymes get old anyway. ;) Apparently, there is another version of that line which is, “When the boys came out to play, he kissed them too because he was gay”. @_@

Haha I can use my iPhone for internet now, and I can move! But I haven’t bothered moving my laptop at all.

It was annoying setting it up. I don’t mind reading and following instructions but you know I’m really impatient. It was annoying that it didn’t work on my laptop wirelessly for some time until I decided to Google for help. :P

LOL, that’s really intimidating. D: I can’t remember any network names that stick out from the top of my head though. Most sane people use the generic ones… :P


I hope you locked it. There are so many dumb people who don’t do that and then they wonder whay the interent is slow. Maybe it is because people like me who when they are at school steal it from the neighborhood. It isn’t a crime so it’s all good! :D

My dad named the connection casa-d-italia. It is really unique! Other than my auntie who he set up with the same name without the dashes.

WOW! You have been selling a lot of domain lately. I like the new one you bought It is pretty!!!

I never heard that nursery rhyme before. So I don’t think of that nickname as that.
Thnks for the verbs help! She has yet to give us the test, but had my poetry test which went well. My hand cramped up on a long answer question. /hehe
I think my ELA teacher can be considered a Grammar Nazi too. She is always correcting people.

I bet if you search the internet you could find a band with your name. There is still that slight chance!

Wish I had The Big Bang Theory on my iPod. I’m at a province wide science fair today so it would be fun to watch it and wait to be judged. 🙄

My school can’t really afford a high tech system since they are a private school. I am the only one in my graxde though that can get through the blocked sites so I guess they haven’t noticed yet. /oh

Thanks for the luck with the projects I am almost done one and the other did not go so well. 💥

Hope your site moves over smooth!

Yea I hope the move/transfer will actually happen. To tell the truth, I’m kinda worried this move will be another bumpy trip, but I’m sure there is nothing to be worried about because Kya will make sure this transfer will be a smooth one. :)

Aww I love your middle name and Leon said you have an interesting name. I used to hate my name. Too common and overused. And even though today I don’t despise it as much as I used to, I still wish I had a different name.
But anyway, is really a lovely domain name. ♥ ♥
Good luck selling the other domains. :)

Wireless internet!! I am so envying you! *still waiting for the router*

dlink?? What’s up with that name? I think BAZINGA would be a lot cooler. It sounds like a combination of Bazooka and some kind of machine gun.

Speaking of dial-up, can you believe that when I was in Year 8, I was the only student in my class who did not have internet connection at home. It was only after my teacher gave a horrified look that I pestered my dad to set the internet up. And when everybody has already moved to broadband/wireless internet, I was still stuck with the slow dial-up. Sucks. :/

Aha FIRST COMMENT! JOKES* :P (If you’re reading this I’m not one of those annoying people; we’re just joking.) I might not even be first /wave 🙄

I love that nursery rhyme is was one of my favourites. 🤫

You never had wireless? :O It’s great ✌️


LMAO “home_osapiens”. That’s amazing. I have dlink on my bf’s computer as well :D

I hope the move goes well! It should anyways /faw

My Nan used to tell me that nursery rhyme all of the time when I was young. I really loved it.

Ugh my cat is too attached to me. Maybe I should take a week away from my cat just like I did my boyfriend. She always wants to sleep with me even though her FAVORITE pillow is beside me on the floor. When she finally falls asleep on the pillow (since I push her off of my bed) I wake up and she’s beside me.

I’m home a lot too. My Mom goes out a lot more than me. I know I’m lucky (H)! Mom just tends to give me chores and I forget about them and then she ends up doing them muahaha.

Yeah, everything is sorted out now. He’s great but it’s bound to happen that he will have outbursts of the way he was.

I’m glad your boyfriend saved you from that. I think a lot of men are disgusting from doing things like that. It’s extremely hard to find a guy you can trust and I’m glad we’ve found ours!

I’m not into my religion much either and I believe in no sex before marriage but it’s already happened when i didn’t want it to. I wasn’t Dustin’s first either – he made mistakes and he regrets them now. he didn’t value making love like he does now. I feel like it’s alright to make love with him even though we’re not married and we don’t treat it like “gettin’ some” or just “casual sex” either.

I agree completely on your perspective of anal.

I love the theme. ♥ I want to hug it. *hugs* LOL.

I hope eveything goes well Georgina! :)

I really want a new domain for a portfolio – I would buy one of yours but I have no moneyat the moment. :( DAMN IT. I hate being broke.

I don’t like saying it but I actually hate my name. “Pauline” sounds so old… I dislike it. I’ve always wanted to be called “Vanessa” or something totally unusal and unquie like my sister “Gemmalyn”! :D

LOL BAGINGA! ♥ Haha. That made me laugh. I want to call mine, “LALALA” That would be cool, right?


Pssh, you lie. We all know your internet was powered by a hamster in a wheel taped to a typwriter with a make-shift moniter. /type :P

Well congrats on conforming to the 21st century technology. I hope all goes well internet-wise. :D

Good luck with your portfolio and have a good weekend Georgie.

Georgina, that’s very different. You’re just now getting wireless internet? D: Wow! I never had to use cords to get to the WORLD WIDE WEB.

Man, I wish I had an Iphone. Sadly, I have Tmobile and I probably wont have AT&T for awhile. :(

Well consider yourself lucky. I didn’t have internet the day I was born, and I didn’t get a home connection to the internet until 2001.

I’m not sure what AT&T is… I use an iPhone with the same phone number and with the same company I have been with for five years.

I do have to agree, some blogs do tend to get quite boring — I actually enjoy reading rants because they don’t have you falling asleep within the first five seconds of laying eyes on it.

I know, right? It sucks so much being dragged around for no apparent reason, just to be polite. My parents, they ALWAYS say yes to every invitation they get. It’s like “free dinner, let’s go!” And I have to be pushed to get out of the house because they won’t allow me to stay home.

And maaan, that sucks doesn’t it? When nobody your own age is there? I mean, I’m perfectly content just sitting by the computer speaking to people who’s ages I’m not even close to, but in real life, they’re just all over the place and crazy! The little kids are always in the way, being crazy little twats as usual. And the older adults are talking their adult stuff. And on the rare occasion that there is another teenager around it’s like, they aren’t the type of person I can relate to, and not someone I particularly enjoy talking to. Know what I mean?

Yeah, jeez, it’s like, our parents just care about their reputation and what others think of them SO much, that they’re willing to give away their comfort zone for them. It’s really stupid, and frankly, just VERY pointless in my opinion.

I can definitely see how that would be a traumatizing experience, I mean you got yourself jabbed by a stapler, and you survived! =D That in itself is a feat! And I don’t blame you for being afraid of staplers after that incident.

Congrats on your new Wireless! Isn’t it SO much better than regular connection? :D I remember the good old broadband days, thank goodness I NEVER had to deal with dialup, haha. I have a few friends who still have dialup, and they cannot watch ANYTHING, like literally. And I bore myself silly when I’m at their houses.

Your name is really cute! I’m one of those people who loves my name too. ^^

I once went through this phase of naming ALL of my stuffed animals. And now I don’t remember what I named them.

Hm, I should use your dad’s method.

Good. :D


Celestine is a pretty name. :O I can’t wait to see your portfolio.

I understand you. They should also not use “Ring Around The Rosie” and “Rock-A-Bye Baby” as nursery rhymes.

I remember using dial-up…It sucked. And it always took forever to connect. Plus, it made that annoying phone-dialing sound.
When I got broadband I thought it was amazing. It contrasted a lot with the old, slow dial-up.

Heey there! ♥
Yes, I heard Kya was moving to a private server?

Oh my!! You registered a domain! (Y) Totally going to check it out!

Yes, using internet on iPhone is quite cool!! :P

Yes, Kya is moving her hostees to a virtual private server. :)

I only just registered the domain. I haven’t had the time to put content on it and set it up.

Let’s hope this server change goes well! :D Kya has so many hosts. She just amazes me.
Ahhh, is such a fantastic name.

So many nursery rhymes are morbid and terrible.
“Ring around the rosie” is about the black plague, or something.
“Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” That one is about a queen that tortured her subjects. “Pretty maids in a row” is guillotines, or something.
I’ll Google it later. :D
I love the Internet. Google and Wikipedia are the best.

My family got Internet five years ago. We went through so many computers since they kept breaking. Now, the first computer we bought is the only one we have left, and it’s fixed. :D
We never had dial-up. We used my grandparents’ Internet, since we used to live with them.

Good luck with the server change. I hope it goes well. ;)

Celestine is a nice name. I knew someone with the last name Celestino. I think it’s just Filippino.

Wow. It’s been called so many names. I can only think of these at the moment: teacher’s pet, retard, ugly, mento, etc. I know the feeling. I didn’t know Georgie can be a boy’s name. I know George.

People don’t like their life. They have to go and ruin someone else’s life. It’s a shame. People need to grow up.

I always had dial-up. It sucks. It takes long to load a website. I would sit there and twittle my thumbs. The next time I get internet, I’ll either go with Road Runner or Clear Hawaii. I heard they’re the two most popular companies.

I don’t like to use the internet on my cellphone. It costs too much. I used it on my cellphone before. My bill was high. I rather use the internet at home or at the public library.

I really hate nursery rhymes with some names in it. Like you’ve just stated. It’s cruel. Like the Mary, Mary quite contrary etc. I wouldn’t name my kid Mary because of it.

Anyway, Natalie Janz is a Canadian singer/songwriter. So there maybe some connection towards the person you know? I dunno. I met her on myspace. Actually she met me on myspace and asked to be my friend.

And it’s okay for double commenting. I love comments no problem. You didn’t make any mistakes heehee. Yay for Iphone. I still want one. But I hear they break easily. I dunno.

Yeah I’ve been favoring blue lately. My bathroom is blue. Well; two different shades of blue. We have wood border around it, but it came off when I bumped into it. I was mad and pissed as hell. But yeah.

Oh yeah good luck on the server move again…sorry I forgot to add that!

yeah i’ve been away for quite a long time, eh ?! fluids do some gross right? i still can’t hear clearly… i hope i don’t have to get them drained out (thats what the doctor told me)… apparently it hurts. well no duh, a tube in your ear haha.

a server move again? hope it all goes well ! ooo selling domains? must check them out! celestine is such a pretty name! i have an asian middle name which is ‘lok’. boring haha.

haha we had wireless for a long time but never really used it. lately my dad also just set it up and he’s so happy about it. like, WOW TECHNOLOGYYY!!

Wireless is amazing.
I can sit in the Garden on the web and enjoy the sun and the convenience of surfing. (H) Ultra cool, huh? I am glad you can one day have that experience.

I wonder what treats the VPS server will bring? I bet you’re completely psyched about it.

Oh and before I forget you are selling fire th arrow? Gosh, I was under the illusion that was one of you fave domain names. Wow.I must admit is a beautiful domain name. I just like the way your middle name sounds and with that extension it’s pretty nice.


…change it to Bazinga when nobody is watching you…

Hahaha! I totally forgot that I could sit outside and use it…! /bash I kept thinking about moving to the lounge and around the house, not outside. :P

Nah, I lost interest in the domain name. :( I did like it, but admittedly I like some of my other domain names better. James and I both agreed that it should go, since we don’t really update on our blog often, so we moved our blog to

And I meant change the wireless to Bazinga, not your middle name. #fail. xD

BAZINGA! Lol. That sounds like a term a magician would use! lol

I remember dial up. It sucked mud. But nonetheless, I was thrilled with having any kind of internet service at the time.

I never hated my name. The only thing that I didn’t like was when people would miss pronounce my last name. /angry

Haha, it’s from The Big Bang Theory. XD

I was pretty happy to have internet at all… but the speed was terrible, and it took me a long time to download songs; I could barely even watch a video. When we first got broadband my brother and I were shocked at how fast it was!

People often mispronounce my last name. Someone asked me about it on Formspring so I left a voice recording. /hehe

Hey girl, I finally finished making the prizes. My bad. hahaa. Okay here are yours:

Anyway, I know your situation with your parents = super tough…& honestly, you have every right to complain about them. I’d find it hard not to resent my parents if I went what you went through with your mom.. :/

But thank you for congratulating meee. I am sooo happpy! Trust me, I bounced around my house & couldn’t get over it.

Gah you know, Asians are just super judgmental people…they’re ridiculous. Whatever, I know your parents really take you for granted & underestimate you but at least you’re not a deadbeat. You’re going to university & you’re not doing drugs! You can get your teaching’s certificate for ballet too which is really neat but then again, there was that whole problem that you encountered, right? That’s such a bummer..but I mean, at least you’re active. You’re doing stuff with your life! I don’t know why your parents are so harsh with you. :(

LULZZZ I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. You finally have upgraded in this world with..WIRELESS INTERNET!! YAYY. ahahhaa finally!! I remember how you complained about not having it.


My friend’s neighbors named their network..something political like “LOLSARAHPALIN” or “LOLMCCAIN” or something that made fun of sarah palin/john mccain. So he wanted to top that & made his network named, “erect nipples”. hahahahahaha. So raunchy & hilarious. He said his goal was to beat theirs. Definitely.

I’ve always disliked my middle name because it’s just a Vietnamese name. It’s supposed to mean “spring little rose” & it’s two names: Xuan (swun) Vi. But obviously no one can properly pronounce “xuan” so I just keep it short to Vi. Everyone can pronounce Vi! ahaha.

Hrm this move seems to be causing lots of problems but hopefully everything goes smoothly in the end. But again, congrats on getting wireless internet! It must be ahhh-some.

Ooh, Georgina, I ♥ the layout. It’s really pretty and unique. <3

I thought that Kya had been successful with the moving to the VPS. But I hadn't been online for several days so I didn't know. :P Hopefully you don't have any problems this time.

I used to hate my name in the past as well. Now I don't have any problems with it, but I hate being called "Asma". All my friends call me that. :/

Hehe I like the name Georgie. :)

Wireless internet is the best. :D You can move around the house now without having to do all the work with the wires.

We used to have dial-up long ago. At that time none of us used the internet much, so it was not that bad. I started being obsessed with the internet mainly after we got our broadband connection. Now we have wireless. It's much faster than broadband. :D

I like sarees as well. But it's really hard to wear them, and then harder to dance wearing them. :S I was scared during the whole dance that my saree would fall off. D: But I'm always worried about that.

I wasn't comfortable with the poem either. But I somehow managed to recite it properly. I never looked at the audience. Only at the sheet in my hand. :P

I TRIED to put in more emotion, but failed miserable. XD At least most people were not interested to listen to the poem. When I asked m sister how it was, she went "I had no idea you recited the poem." XD

Hehe I guess we all want attention at some point. But I would never want to do anything alone on stage. At least not now. Maybe when I'm older, I'll have more courage. :P

Yeah. It's not fair but we still want him back. Our current sports coach is not good at all. :(

LOL yeahh. But I doubt whether my sisters or I will ever be old enough for my parents until we are married. XD I guess they consider my eldest sister old enough. Since I am the youngest, I will always be a baby to them. Gah.

I guess. I wish I could be a little less nervous. When I'm sitting next to a relative or someone, I NEVER talk to them. I just cannot. :(

Yes, my mom does that as well. Well, what can you do, no matter how much you hate something you have to do it. That's always going to shop, in my case. XD

Most people are disappointed with the iPad. I mainly got obsessed over it because I'm quite tired of sharing the computer with my sister, TBH. And she is weird, she doesn't want a laptop. My dad will probably buy her one soon, and then I'll try to talk my mom into moving the computer to my room. /bounce

My fringes are now below my face. XD I had them a long while back. I used to love them but they got in the way all the time. I'm probably getting them soon. :) I don't like tucking it behind my ears either.

I heard one of those stories a couple of days back. They are scary but then again, anyone can be attacked if they put information online.

That's why I don't have a lot of friends. I used to have when I was younger. I was more outgoing then. Now it's only my school friends whom I can consider as my friends. I used to have a couple of friends out of school but nowadays I rarely see them. I don't have many friends online either, but I can befriend almost anyone if I talk to them, no matter how older or younger they are.

I'm glad you feel better.

It's been a long while now since that group project, I think. Did you get to complete the project later?

Celestine is really angelic. I got stuck with a really ethnic first name and a plain english middle name and a french surname.
Wahey for wireless! I haven’t got mine yet…I have no internet connection in my house atm actually, my broadband dissappeared for some reason. Hmm.
LOL that nursery, i use it to tease one of my guy mates until he threatened to kiss me (i ran for my life).
I hope your move goes smoothly without any problems.
Hope your well xx

:D oh I forgot :)
James is a genius home_osapians.
Ahh made me laugh to hard, it’s too early in the morning for this.

I hope this move is sucessful; it’s a shame the other one didn’t work but at least we have a second chance.

I love the name Celestine /love It’s lovely. :3 My name and middle names are kinda… eew. I personally don’t like the second middle name I have, which I barely tell anyone :P

I like my name, though, like you, when I was younger I was ALWAYS teased about ‘Georgie’ (as I think you know my name is actually spelt differently in real life. As Georgia. Lol).

To this day… I still don’t like being called Georgie. I don’t know… I just don’t think it suits me. My family call me George though, ahahaa, and other than that I don’t really have any other nicknames. :(

Whoo, wireless! We still have broadband, which means that I am stuck in the same place each time I use the computer. Or maybe this computer can’t get wireless because my dad’s and sister’s can? I actually have no idea /bash

I’ve never had dial-up; always broadband or wireless. It’s confusing to explain so I won’t attempt it and confuse you as well as myself :P

Ugh, I hit submit halfway through by accident /pow /poo

I am such an idiot /sweat

LOL, Google has the answer for everything, heh. :)

Aha that would be such a cool name for an Internet connection. I think mine is called something boring like ‘Livebox [insert random numbers here]’.

Wireless internet… @_@

Agreed. They’re designed simply for that purpose… to make a noise when pulled. Stupid effing Government here. I need to steal yours. I’m sick of Gordon Brown and David Cameron and Nick Clegg. They all suck /bash

To put it lightly. 😏

Yeah, I think most packets have a sticker on the back or front saying that there should be parental supervision. We use Christmas Crackers at school when it’s Christmas lunch, which just adds to the fun, heh.

Chynna ( gave me this link /bash

I never knew about nail polish… anyway, I hope the Government doesn’t either, or they’ll put a limit on that /hmph

Maybe it’s a guy thing, then. Fire is amazing but I still don’t like it.
Yayyyyy! That always used to be the best part for me when I made my crowns, hehehee! /bounce

Staples once hurt Fin! :@

So AFS are definitely your favourite band now? :)

Take care! xx

I hope that Kya will successfully move to another VPS. WOW girl, you have a lot of domains. How you keep all of them alive? It would be impossible for me:-s. You are my hero!

Celestine is an awesome name. My entire name is Cocioaba Cristina Elena. It’s quite stupid because Cocioaba means shanty/hut and people always make fun, but Cristina or Elena(Helen) are OK.

When I’ll get my laptop I hope my dad will buy wireless for our house, because will be annoying to stay in bed with the internet cable after me /hmph . When I was in 6th grade all my classmates had internet because they lived in apartments and I didn’t because was harder to have internet when you live in a house, but my dad went and made a contract for internet connection.

I really laugh hard when I hear the word BAZINGA 😝 😝 😝 it’s so funny /eee

Happy Book Day for you too! :)

thanks Georgina! Haha yeah I know. Yeah he’s really friendly 👏

That’s true, It is shame that he still hasn’t exceeded about his past relationship. I hate to see him suffering for a love that maybe isn’t reciprocated. That is so sad. Yes, I also assume that some things aren’t built to last :(

I also am glad I have been there with him in those moments of sadness and desolation for. Yes, we talk about many things and catch up on our life. Thank you! Yeah that’s true we can talk of many things.

I understand perfectly :)

Thanks! I’m glad you like it the name of my laptop. Haha. I see. As I also bought me to help me to study. Although some specific things using the computer because the screen is bigger than the laptop. I’m glad you’ve learned to take care of your laptop.
That’s cool.

I hope the move / transfer of server will actually happen.
I hope you sell quickly you get your domains and get rid of them.

oh did not know what your middle name was Celestine, is a nice name. I like the name as for a portfolio.
Yes, it’s true that some people hate their names. I love my name, but I remember that I also had a song in school about a doll named like me. I regret that there is a nursery rhyme with your name. Georgie is true, it may be a name for boy or girl.

I still have no wireless internet. So I have to connect via a cable. Hopefully my parents will soon decide to install broadband. You’re lucky to have wireless internet.

Haha. Bazinga, that name made me laugh /hehe

I don’t get it, you name your connection? Really? Confused!

Nursery Rhymes are for kids, they are to get them to sleep, sing, talk, etc. The kids don’t care if it is a boy or a girl, it doesn’t have to make sense either. When they are older they will be like, hey I remember this, but that rhyme is so (whatever word they will invent for lame in the future).

Cool about your domain, I would, but I can’t buy anything. :(! I REALLY like one of them though. Too bad, so sad.

Why would it be funny to have a dream about moi? Je suis AWESOME! (Je suis= I am) . Every now and then I have a temper, I love to be Sarcastic!

Which reminds me, Because of YOU I am joining so many fanlistings, but I need a place to put all these ridiculous buttons. I don’t want to fill my main site with them all. So hmmm, I need a subdomain! Off to find one!

“Haha, I must call you a stalker, for you never left me comments or contacted me “forever ago”. ” — How wrong are you? You even have my old site listed somewhere on this lovely site. hold finding link now. not to mention I have 4 awards from ya @ I just never commented you site, because I was afraid of you. Just a bit. You blog was so long and your commenters were typing a page essay on one blog. I felt I never matched up, until I started to comment Gillian and made my blogs and comments longer. Then I felt it was time to face my fear and find the courage to talk to the wonderful Georgina!

It is okay that you wrote your dates military style.

I love the name Georgie! :D

Wifi in your house is sooo cool. Our house is connected with Wireless Internet as well since we got four computers here, two desktop and two laptop. :/

Thanks! :P

We’ve got a few computers at home… we didn’t use wireless because I had the only laptop and it wasn’t really needed – we didn’t want to get wireless just for our iPod and iPhone. We have three desktop computers but only two are used. :)

I will try and patiently wait for your icon. ;)

My mom is the one that forces smalltalk. It’s like she’s trying to shove the words into my ears hoping that it will displace words from my mouth and we’ll have a conversation. Doesn’t work that way.

A teacher of mine (that is drop-dead gorgeous and who I’ve had a crush on for a while) sat down with me in the library on a day where there weren’t many people there. I was with my class, and I think there were six people there. I was reading a book, and he sat down, and I just froze up. He made some smalltalk, but it was more awkward because I drool over him.
Sucks in math class, since my teacher went on maternity leave and we have another drop-dead gorgeous teacher in with us instead. The guy beside me teases me about it all the time because I slipped a “Mr Clark is so hot” in his (the guy I sit beside’s) presence.
“Oh you just freeze up when he talks to you.”
“Ahahaha. Coryl’s got a crush on Clarky.”
So irritating.

Aha, it’s alright. I just thought the name was awesome. There wouldn’t have been any way for me to buy it off you. :P

“Ring around the Rosy, Pocket full of Posy, Ashes, Ashes, We all Fall Down” are apparently the real words.

The only computer we’ve actually bought is the first and current one. We kept getting second-hand ones, but they kept dying. :P

I think I was around 8 when I stapled myself?
It didn’t give me a fear of them, luckily.

My desktop (I consider it mine. I use it the most. My little brother only looks up cheats and guides for his video games) buzzes, not hums. It’s only because the casing is lose (that would be my father’s fault when he took it away from us as punishment one time) and I don’t know how to seal her, I mean, it up again.

If anything, I think curtains covering all the windows is unhealthier than a black room with two big windows.
At least I’m getting some vitamin D.

Same here. There were times when I forgot that the phone couldn’t work the same time as the internet connection, so my dad always told me that he was on the phone before I even went to the computer.

But they’re easier to remember. :)

I think there’s a verse in it that describes the symptoms of the Black Death.

Both of them sounds good to me, but since is more personal it gives more meaning.

Yeah Mary is a common name so is Jamie. My grandmother’s name is Georgia so whenever someone wants her they would say Georgie or Georgina? lol it’s quite hilarious but kinda not when you have to ask do you mean “Georgia?”. Ya know? Do you get that?

The house is coming a long really well. My dad got all of the carpet and what was underneath the carpet out except for part of the kitchen. He still needs to work on that bit. We still need to paint the rooms I wish he’d hurry up though I really want to paint but he told me he’d have to buy two brushes if I helped paint boo. So I’m stuck here at home while he goes and paints whenever that may be.

Yeah it takes forever to publish a video on youtube. I have a you tube link on my live movie maker, and it automatically goes into you tube. I just need to enter the password and wait. It takes a long time.

Well; Vanessa and I are friends again (at least I think we we are?). She let me back on her site. I emailed her a couple of days ago and told her I was sorry and what not she accepted it. :).

But anyway, I’m thinking of buying some of those socks from hot topic and what not, next month when I go to get my money. Heehee. So yeah.

wireless internet makes life so much easier ;] . i dunno when we got it, but our cousins did it all for us, thank god!

And i know what you mean when youre only restricted to one room when youre trying to do your homework. Yaay for desktops huh? :( since im going to college soon, i’ll be getting a laptop hopefully during christmas (SALES, we are truuuue asiaaaan!)

LOL, BAZINGA, ours is CHEN, boooooooringg. and your boyfriend has a cool name for his, i like, i like. :)

Haha it is a lot better because you can move around, but sometimes it cuts off if you’re too far from the router. :P

I don’t mind desktops but I like having my laptop and I’m very used to it now. :) I use it for university as well.

My parents are always on the eye out for sales… typical Asian. :P

Georgina and Celestine are both such beautiful names C: I wish my parents would have been a little more creative… All I got was “Jessica Lynn” loooool.

Yeah, I think a lot of people hate their names when they’re younger, but then start to become more okay with them as they get older. I used to dislike mine as well, but now I quite like it, regardless of its unoriginality :P

I’m excited to see your new portfolio! It astonishes me how you’re able to successfully create and run so many domains, ahaha.

Dial-up really is so inconvenient.. it’s a good thing you guys finally got broadband. I honestly don’t know who even uses dial-up anymore /hmph I feel extremely bad for those who do heh.

Yeah, I thought the price was pretty good for the camera. My sister spent ( I think) over $1000 on her camera, and it’s a good camera, but it’s also big and chunky. I like the one I got because it’s a better camera, and it’s the smaller version of the Finepix so it’s a nice size :D

It is smart. When I’m spending so much money on the thing, I want to make sure it’s good and wont break soon :P

Flash is annoying! But to be able to use the program would be good for going to college for graphic design and what not, plus I’ll get a better mark in the class for making the site in flash just because it’s more advanced :P

LOL, aww, that’s so cute XD I was always short too but I never thought of wishing for stilts.

Ew, doing it at school would just be so gross. I’ve heard stories of people at my school.. ewwwwwww o.O

LOL, I take no offence to that xD I find that some people call it ‘fringe’ rather cute, idk why xD it just sounds nicer than ‘bangs’, but thats what I’m used to calling them. I think you’d look good with a straight fringe ;) I wasn’t sure when I got mine, but I really like it. It may take some getting used to though.

Haha, that’s true. I barely get more than 5 comments, but I’ve been slacking in returning them lately. Just blogging in general.. I need to get back into the habit! not daily, but just every other day or something.

LOL, I have a bear called Greenbow. I bet you wouldn’t guess why.. (he had a green bow ;)) After awhile the bow fell off though, so my sister started calling him no bow :P I’ve had him since probably grade three, and for the LONGEST time, I would NOT sleep without him… until grade 10 I think xD I still have him on my bed at all times now though <3

Celestine is a really pretty name :) I hate my middle name, so I never use it xD I love the name Georgie, but that's probably because George was my favourite Grey's Anatomy character and people always called him Georgie XD

I'm glad you got the internet all working now :D My mom called her wireless 'seamonkey' xD

Yay for dlink!

I’ve put my cat in a separate room before. It doesn’t go over well. She scratches at my door for ages until I let her in or she wakes up Mom and Mom barges in to let her in.

My Mom used to ask me that all the time. I think she knows by now that I’m not going to do anything around this house since I’m rarely here and when I am I have things to do. Either that or I’m depressed and won’t do anything (ie: taking a break from Dustin).

My boyfriend and I are open about sex as well. I don’t regret doing it with him but the first time we did was 2 months into the relationship and was more out of lust than love though we did love each other then. I loved him even more when I found out the condom broke (not cause of that!) and he started crying that we shouldn’t have done that and was completely sensitive and stuff. I love a sensitive man! Makes me go insane!

I still cannot fathom how people manage to keep up with more than one domain at a time! @_@ The very idea of trying to deal with anything than a single site just boggles my mind … O_O

It’s absolutely astounding to me the way you, ((And others who have almost as many domains as you, haha,)) Manage to keep up with everything. Absolutely astounding! /huh ;She nods.; As usual, you get an unlimited amount of applause from me for your Godly efforts, m’dear. ✌️

Speaking of Godly, how freakin’ cool is your middle name?! I’LL TELL YOU HOW COOL. Four kajillion gallons of Kool-Aid, that’s how much. The blue kind, because that shit’s the best out of all the Kool-Aid flavours. Hell yes. :O

AND OMG OMG OMG! I freakin’ LOVE how everyone names their connections weird shit nowadays, LOL! I remember when everyone around us used to just use the default names, but then when we got a new hub we renamed ours to ‘Armageddon Flame’, and shortly after that, all our neighbours around us started changing theirs to random things as well. Lemme check to see what some of ’em are …

Ah! One’s called ‘mine not yours’, and another’s ‘joanne’sputer’. Not as cool as I thought they were, but still. Better’n the default names!

And damnit. I forgot that we’re temporarily using a different hub, as our old one burnt out a few weeks ago … Meaning that we’re not longer ‘Armageddon Flame’, we’re just bloody ‘Bell 532’. Borrrrrrrrring. 😴

… I did put a note in the actual comment box itself that “comments will be held for moderation”, so I assumed you would have seen it and known that no comments would be shown until they were approved. :P

No way, seriously?! I swear there wasn’t anything but a big load of blankity blankness in this comment box … Hang on, is it still supposed to be in here? Because it was DEFINITELY blank, without a doubt, before I started typing my comment here a few moments ago. /huh

Maybe it’s a browser incompatibility issue … /ehh Aside from when I use FireFox to type up my blog entries, and occasionally for other things, I’m always using Internet Explorer 8. And I’m also using Vista Home Premium, in case you need that info, if it turns out it is, indeed, an incompatibility issue. 😢

yay new servers are always good and better;) lol Do you have your own hosting? (i mean you seem to have a lot of domains) lol and mhm a new domain sounds so cool. How do you keep track of them? haha one domain is already hard for me lol. And my (guy friend) is named George and we always call him Georgie lol, and he gets called georgie poergie a lot, though i do not think he minds lol. and good job setting up your internet (see it proves that Google always works lmao).

I don’t check wordpress a lot, well i forget haha unless i am blogging. I think i am going to check my site every week or so. and blog everytime i check lol or update. I am not sure yet.

yea idk like stuff through text, or just online can be interpreted different ways. It sucks though, but i love all my close online friends. I know the ones who i talk to daily i could never live the same life without them.

yea i usually don’t blog about stuff that i don’t want other to see, if i do not care or hope they see it i’ll blog lol. Sometimes it’s a way of telling people what’s going on especially if they are not talking to you or if you are never on at the same time. Also i try to be vague so other people can relate to it. And your boyfriend should read it, you blog about him a lot lol:) (well in a good way) lol

I listen to more rock/punk bands then mainstream too, but i love kesha haha

I hope the move goes well! :)

WIRELESS! :P it’s great. I wish I had it, but I don’t no much about how to set it up. It would be great to have since I have have a iPod.

Wow, I remember dial-up, it was SOOOO slow! it was so annoying. I had dial-up for ages at my dads, it was like $7 a year. When my mum first got broadband (we never had the internet before that) I was about 6 or 7 and I went on a website. It was some kids website and it used up HEAPS of download, I had no idea. At least I didn’t get into trouble though.

There are heaps of ‘dlink’s in the wifi world :P did you put a password on yours? it would be bad if you didn’t and someone else started using it. They could use up heaps.

LOL! BAZINGA! that would be cool to have as the name :P

Huhu, wireless! /flap

You know what’s awesome? Sitting up in bed, leaning against the wall and using a laptop. It is most /bounce

Yep, you’re 7 years behind for wireless. *hugg* Thazoocute. Heehee, our old router was called dlink. :)

Good brand, actually. Quite reliable, for at least a few years to come /ho

I’ve sat in my bed with my laptop before, but connected with cables. XD Which sort of made me slouch a little because I couldn’t stretch far back enough.

Haha I hope dlink is okay (you sounded sarcastic)… maybe my dad just got it for the price, but it’s good! It’s at the back of our house (in my room’s corner) and it works from the front, from the outside… /hehe

GEORGIE!! *annoys you by calling you Georgie* HAHHAA is it okay though? Or still Georgina? hahah! Good luck with the move! :D Always have a back up of everything! that’s always my mistake T_T Good luck with the domain sales too! You do have too many! hehehe. I like my name too but it’s just soo common! Wherever I go there’s ALWAYS a Tiffany. T_T Good thing I’ve never met anyone who has a 2nd name Rose or else I’ll go bonkers. There is this person in facebook impersonating me (i think) because she has the same birth date AND ADDING ALL MY FRIENDS. WHAT THE FART IS THAT?? Man should I report her? hmm..

Wow I didn’t realize you changed only a few years ago, it must have been real hard! For impatient me, I’ll destroy the keyboard from frustration if I’m on dial up! XD impatience runs in the family! XD hahah our connection name is unimaginative! XD Bazinga would have been nice! Or something like Darth Vaders here would have been nice :D

“who wants to read about dead French guys?” hHAHAHAA lolz so funny dear! And don’t forget dead German and Greek guys too! XD hahaha but the first reading actually made me laugh because I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND it and it’s like the paper is trying to unprove itself or something. I better read it again XD

We also study at home too T_T It’s a never ending study for us O_O GAACKK!! Man my summers back then were packed with advanced classes , I don’t know if it’s just because I’m Chinese or my parents wanted to kill me or what XD HAaha Nigahiga is SO AWESOME! And his birthday is just AFTER MINE! Lol random XD

WOOHOOO I GOT FIRST COMMENT TIS SOO AWESOME!! XD hahahaa it really feels like a privilege!! :D

Yep indeedy doo that every little bit counts, I’m really trying to save up for France and then mum also booked me a flight just this morning to Shanghai to meet with Aunt! I’ll be borrowing some stuffs from her and I’m gonna stay with them for 3 days and it’s gonna be my first time to travel alone! IT’S GONNA BE FUUN!! hahaa XD

Tc noow!!

love the new look.

yay for wireless! ♥
It took me hours to set ours up also. I still have to learn how to lock it.

Can you help me understand something?
Why do people with a domain need someone to host them?

even though you don’t accept link exchanges, I’m going to add you to mines.

Chemistry is really hard and complicated. I’m dreading studying it at A level but I kind of need it to get in to university.

Thanks, I hope so too. When I go to university I want to live away from home. The university I have got my eyes on already is about 2 hours way but it’s in my favorite city, Liverpool.

I know it’s strange. It’s a very small college and it’s not very good because the same people who teach 11 year olds are teaching 18 year old. I don’t think it works that well. I just want to get away from that school.

Well we had like a Powerpoint presentation then a lecture from some teacher. Yeah I have an extra exam because I’m resiting one of my RS exams. I got a B but I want an A even though it’s not that important. I think it will look slightly better on record though.

Every time I wear heals I trip and walk in a funny way. They take a lot of getting use to.

Ace :) My mum works in an office but she would love a more interesting job.

My parents worry to much as well. They always think of the worst consequences possible.

I still like stickers but I don’t use them that much.

You have a really nice middle name. Mine is very common! It’s Louise. Most girls in my year have the same middle name.

You can’t really shorten my name. Some people call me ‘Hol’ but my parents picked names for me and my brothers that couldn’t really be shortened.

We have wireless internet. It’s great :) I love sitting in the garden when the weather is good.

I remember dial up. I hated the noise it made when it connected.

I use to use DLink but my wireless internet stick think broke :( luckily my laptop has built in wireless internet. I get my internet for free because my dad works for the internet provider BT :)