Despite the problem Kya (my host) had with the last attempt at a move to a VPS – she will be moving us to a VPS at Liquid Web (formerly Wired Tree) so hopefully it all goes well. I might close comments later on… I’m not that worried. I will have to change the nameservers at some point though. I’ll be posting with an announcement about the move being successful, so not to worry. πŸ™‚

All my other domains will be moving too. Speaking of domains, I am selling five so if you’re interested, please pipe up – I’m desperate to get rid of these.

I also registered yesterday. Celestine is my middle name, and I plan on using the domain for a portfolio, to replace my old one which I dropped. πŸ˜›

I know some people hate their names; I certainly don’t. In the past I used to hate the name “Georgina”, and I despised being called “Georgie”, as often people associated it with the nursery rhyme:

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.

Really, nursery rhymes should be refined. Georgie can be both a name for a girl and for a boy. 😰

Today, my dad and I spent hours trying to set up wireless in our house. Yes, for the love of Sheldon Cooper, wireless internet! 😁

It seems that we are a little behind most people in terms of internet. Years ago, everyone in my high school had broadband internet while I was on dial-up. I would be linked to a YouTube video only to disappoint the sender of the link by announcing, “I’m sorry, I have dial-up”. It was the most said phrase throughout my last years of high school, until finally, towards the end, our family got broadband. πŸ™‚

I had been dying to use internet on my laptop without having to connect with the cable and be restricted in my room; without having to manoeuvre around cables to simply sit on my bed; without being caught up in a mess every time I wanted to shift somewhere. And I wanted to use the internet on my iPhone. πŸ˜›

It took us a while to get everything set up, and the internet wasn’t working on my laptop wirelessly, so I Googled (hahaha!) the problem and on a forum, someone had suggested to remove the network and connect again. The internet is great. πŸ˜…

James named his connection home_osapiens. My dad told me to settle with dlink.

Damn. I wanted to call it BAZINGA.

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