Big Long Now

I’ve had my laptop for about a year now. It wasn’t long after I got him that I named him Fin, after the Anberlin song. It’s a lovely song as well, I might add.

Then I named my iPhone Ben, after Ben Jorgensen. 😍

I know people talk about naming their belongings, but those are the only two belongings I have ever named. Don’t start on my toy plushies though, that’s a different story…

I don’t know how many of you have laptops, but when I first got mine, I was excited to be able to use it on the go and without any cords. I was amazed, but it also took me some time getting used to. A few times I sat on the train typing, thinking, “This is amazing that I can use a computer without needing power!” πŸ˜„

I love my laptop, but stemming from my previous post about my phobia of staples, I was also disappointed by a lot of the scratches that ended up on my laptop after only a few months of use. 😞

One of the scratches was from a staple from my worksheet. It left a really deep mark in my laptop lid. I was upset and even asked James if he could fill it up and fix it. In the end I decided that the repair wouldn’t really be worth it for a small (albeit deep) scratch, so I stuck a frog sticker on it. (Yes, frogs, random.)

I used to decorate my old phones and pencil cases with stickers. I don’t think that’s a good idea… eventually I got over the stickers, and I wanted to peel them off, but they left a gross residue. I hate that about stickers. 😑

I’m tempted to stick stickers on my laptop (okay, maybe I’m just trying to be like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory… stupid wannabe-ness) but I’d better not.

Today I hooked up my laptop to my old 21-inch desktop monitor. James had been egging me to do it for ages. I just couldn’t be bothered sifting through the tangle of wires and plugging it in. But today I decided to find the cable into the old desktop CPU and connect it to my laptop. πŸ˜„

It’s strange, because it’s all so big. The screen resolution is a bit different so some of my windows get cut off, but I think it’s a lot more comfortable as I can sit up properly and relax a bit more.

Today I was going to try and do my assignment, but I looked at the assignment sheet and immediately lost interest. 😐 I’ll have to pull everything together though… this sucks! 😞

Oh and remember our new microwave…? I put in a container of beef stew and followed the instructions on the container – high for 2 minutes. At about 9 seconds left I was waiting near the microwave and suddenly there was a huge pop!

The lid had popped off and beef stew had splattered on the insides of the microwave. 😰 Obviously, it was stupid of me to seal the lid on the container so tightly. πŸ™

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