Big Long Now

I’ve had my laptop for about a year now. It wasn’t long after I got him that I named him Fin, after the Anberlin song. It’s a lovely song as well, I might add.

Then I named my iPhone Ben, after Ben Jorgensen. /love

I know people talk about naming their belongings, but those are the only two belongings I have ever named. Don’t start on my toy plushies though, that’s a different story…

I don’t know how many of you have laptops, but when I first got mine, I was excited to be able to use it on the go and without any cords. I was amazed, but it also took me some time getting used to. A few times I sat on the train typing, thinking, “This is amazing that I can use a computer without needing power!” :D

I love my laptop, but stemming from my previous post about my phobia of staples, I was also disappointed by a lot of the scratches that ended up on my laptop after only a few months of use. :(

One of the scratches was from a staple from my worksheet. It left a really deep mark in my laptop lid. I was upset and even asked James if he could fill it up and fix it. In the end I decided that the repair wouldn’t really be worth it for a small (albeit deep) scratch, so I stuck a frog sticker on it. (Yes, frogs, random.)

I used to decorate my old phones and pencil cases with stickers. I don’t think that’s a good idea… eventually I got over the stickers, and I wanted to peel them off, but they left a gross residue. I hate that about stickers. /angry

I’m tempted to stick stickers on my laptop (okay, maybe I’m just trying to be like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory… stupid wannabe-ness) but I’d better not.

Today I hooked up my laptop to my old 21-inch desktop monitor. James had been egging me to do it for ages. I just couldn’t be bothered sifting through the tangle of wires and plugging it in. But today I decided to find the cable into the old desktop CPU and connect it to my laptop. :D

It’s strange, because it’s all so big. The screen resolution is a bit different so some of my windows get cut off, but I think it’s a lot more comfortable as I can sit up properly and relax a bit more.

Today I was going to try and do my assignment, but I looked at the assignment sheet and immediately lost interest. /hmph I’ll have to pull everything together though… this sucks! :(

Oh and remember our new microwave…? I put in a container of beef stew and followed the instructions on the container – high for 2 minutes. At about 9 seconds left I was waiting near the microwave and suddenly there was a huge pop!

The lid had popped off and beef stew had splattered on the insides of the microwave. 😰 Obviously, it was stupid of me to seal the lid on the container so tightly. /bash

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Finally, you wire up the screen. 8D
It’s Awesomeness; I used to do it all the time and I was all /bounce . It’s sort of like having two computers, really. The illusion is hard to shake :) Try a program like DisplayFusion; you can have different wallpapers on each screen. For maximum /bounce

Hahahahha that’s so cute /bash
Exploding Soup!
It reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Moe puts an unopened can of baked beans on a barbecue, claiming it was to “seal in the flavour” /um


Yes I did. :D

But I didn’t use the two screens at once; it was kind of annoying and weird. I used just the big one. /bounce

Now I’m on my laptop and it’s so odd. @_@


I don’t remember that episode… but after that happened, it only occurred to me how dumb it was to seal the lid so tightly. /sweat

Helloooo! Look who is reading your blog on the same day as you posted :D ✌️

And wow. You posted early today :O

I LOVE! ♥ the name “Fin”. LOVE! Beyond LOVE. :D It is an awesome name. Especially when it is short for “Finnikin”. God help me if I ever meet someone named “Finnikin”, because I will be all //love /bounce

Hahahaha! Trust you to name your iphone “Ben”. Oh that reminds me. I never got around to naming my phone. But my laptop’s name is “Dexter” :)

I HAVE A LAPTOP (as you already know). And I agree! It was superly, amazingly, way AWESOME to be able to go on the computer WITHOUT CORDS :O It was so cool, but now I’m kind of all “meh” cos I’m so used to it. Bad me :P

Oh noes! What an evil staple /angry Paperclips are so much better! Your poor laptop. Not even 2 years old and already with battle wounds. :( EVIL, EVIL STAPLES! We should wage a war on staples sometime :P And instead of “FOR NARNIAAAAA!” we shall shout “FOR FIIIIIIIN!!” Rawr. We shall win! And Fin will be AVENGED!

Oh! That frog sticker. LOL, I always thought you chose the frog sticker because it reminded you of James on the count of his always going “/frog” . The bouncing frog emoticon :P

Hehehe! My calculator has a heap of stickers on it. But that’s not my fault. It was JENNIFER’S! Cos she stuck them on for me :P I’m more careful about sticking stickers everywhere now, cos I’m worried I’ll grow out of them soon :( Which will stuck.

But I agree with you! Sticker residue SUCKS! /angry

Hahaha! At least you know how to plug your laptop into your monitor. I can’t tell which wire goes where D:

And GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR ASSIGNMENT! You can do it /bounce ♥ :D

OMG! So THAT’S why stuff explodes in the microwave. It happens to me every second time I try to cook something in the microwave (which isn’t often). Now I know why. Hahaha! Thanks XD I totally learnt something from your blog.

It sucks that your beef stew exploded though :(

Haha, I wanted to blog and get it out of the way, so I would not have to do the backdating thing. ;)

Oh you’re excused; you’ve been busy. :)

Haha well I see Fin as Fin! :P You’re probably better off with Finnikin (I don’t know why James translates that to Finnigan…).

By now I’m used to my laptop being cordless too; I was watching Big Bang Theory episodes in the car. :P

Oh, I didn’t mention the scratch on my laptop! But yeah, that is why the frog is there. Like a coloured band-aid. :)

I painted my calculator in the art room. My mum got mad and said I ruined it. /um I should have just painted it all silver like James’s.

Haha, thanks! I was supposed to do some of my assignment today, and I didn’t. D:

:love: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ That’s for your amazing comment. Thanks so much, I feel so happy that you took your time to write such a long comment. Thanks, I feel slightly better, and less negative but I’m going to try and work on it.

I’ve never felt the need to put stickers on my belongings apart from books and stuff. But I LOVE to name them. I named my best friends Ginny, because it was GINGER (well painted orange) and because I love Ginny Weasley.

LOL your microwave stories make me laugh so much. I haven’t had bad luck with a microwave yet… still waiting for my time to come.
HAHAHAHAHAHA SHERIDON! LOL i’m such a spastic. SHELDON :D hehe. At least you know who I meant. Yummy cupcakes.

Hehe, I’m getting a laptop for my birthday which is in one month and twenty one days! :D

I do name some of my belongings, my piano’s name is Charlene.

Assignments are hard to do in general. I just can’t seem to get them done without procrastinating a ton. Hm, I don’t think there is a cure to stop it.

Oh that’s great! Happy early birthday! I got my laptop close enough to my birthday last year. My parents bought me it for university, though. :)

I think there is a cure for procrastination! It just needs a lot of control. A lot. @_@

I’ve never actually named a belonging before :/ When I was young I’d name my teddies, but I’d forget the names lool xP! I should name my belongings though x| I just never think about it xP!!

The love for your laptop sounds like the love for my phone, I hate getting scratches on it, always have it by me, always clean the screen lmao xP

Bleh sorry about the microwave o_O sometimes when I warm up chicken it pops, I always feel like the microwave will just blow up with the pressure xP

Lovely new lay btw :) The colours are immense.

Haha, I named my teddies “Teddy” and my plushy dogs “Doggie”. :P Not very original, either.

I have an iPhone, and recently I got scratches on the case… I know it wasn’t on the phone itself but that made me pretty depressed!

Thank you! :) I was trying a brighter happier layout this time. :D

Aw, those crazy staples being naughty! I am so obsessive about nothing being around my computer screens. They need to be absolutely perfect.

I am sorry about your microwave debacle! I don’t know what could have happened! That’s crazy!

asdfghjkl, staples. I stapled my thumb once by accident. I didn’t cry. I just kind of stared at it.
Then my older brother stapled his thumb by accident a few minutes later (we didn’t know how the stapler worked) and he was crying and crying. XD

I honestly prefer desktops to laptops. I need to be able to move things around in front of me and have a big, huge machine rumbling near me. Plus, laptops are just so… compact for me. An awesome electronic needs to be a clunky piece of machinery for me. :)

Wait patiently? :P Before I asked him out, there were multiple occasions where we almost kissed. XD
Plus, he’s just so.. kissable. Looking at him, it’s like “I just wanna eat you up… in a loving and non-sexual way, of course.”

I love trying new things, but I’m just lazy about it. Plus, we don’t have money to experiment with different types of food, either going out and buying it prepared, or getting the ingredients for it to make it ourselves.

Your oven doesn’t work?!! Dang, that bites. D: So you’ve got a microwave-oven, yeah? :P
When I heat something in the microwave, I don’t put the lid on it unless the instructions say to have the lid on.

My mom wouldn’t let me paint my room black when we moved. When I asked her why, she said it was unhealthy.
She’s the one that covers her windows in heavy curtains. Bloody hypocrite.
I have a rather colourful room. :D Orange ceiling, red wall, green wall (opposite each other) a blue wall, and a black wall with a mural I painted on it. That wall is actually the biggest. :)

I’m actually starting to dislike rugby because it’s been so hard on him.
There’s a game at our school tomorrow, and I’m wondering if my mom would let me, er, stay and watch. Heh. :D
Josh in spandex. Mmm? Nah, spandex is nasty, even if Josh is wearing it. Ahahahaha.

Why bother using a program if you know how to do it purely from your memory?
If anything, the program makes you… Well, stupider. You just get dependent on it.
“Look what I can do!”
“…Using a program that you just click around with.”
“Yeah, but, still. I did that.”

ohmygoshh i LOVE THIS LAYOUT!

i share a laptop with my dad sometimes, i really love how its wireless and all :P
omgg… scratches. honestly, i dont care about it after a while but when i scratched my phone for the first time, it was horrible D;

i think you can adjust the screen resolution :) it is better posture to sit up and do work though!

I’ve been getting SO MANY SPAM COMMENTS LATELY D: I’ll log into WP to see 11 comments in moderation, but all will be spam. Then I’ll mark them as so, and the next day I just have more. Do people not have anything better to do with their lives?

I’d say it’s inbetween just digital and really good xD There’s a picture of it on my latest blog.. its the Fujifilm Finepix s1500. :D

I have a lot of clothes too, but a lot of them are clothes I never wear, but I don’t want to throw out because I like them.. I just have select clothing that I wear more often.

I know someone who has their birthday as their PIN number, it’s like.. really, are you hoping someone steals your PIN? My PIN is memorable to me in a way that NO ONE would understand :P

My laptop has scratches all over it too, and I hate it. I have a giant deep scratch on the corner of my phone from it falling out of my pocket >.< I hate it, but I just cover it up with the case I got .. after it fell :P

I don't usually name my electronics, but always my stuffed animals xD It's not the same if they don't have names…

Yeah I should of gone to the dentist, but I have never had any problems with my teeth. Then after a few years of not going, I became scared that when I do go, I will need like ten filling. It’s also so expensive when you don’t have health cover or Centerlink care. I have my tongue pierced and I heard they get angry when they work on a mouth with piercing. Probably a dentists wort night mare haha.

No I don’t use Chrome, I just have IE, Mozilla and Safari. Safari would have to my favourite.

You probably recognize my layout, because it’s yours haha. Well, kind of. It’s a little of yours, a little of my own crapy coding, and a little from I haven’t completed it, which is why neither yours or’s credit is up on my footer. Haven’t decided weather to keep Kerry’s coding there, and just use yours. But you will find a thank you in my about’s me page where the credit list is. :) I hope you don’t mind. I was using your template as a base and structure to help me learn how to make my own. Then I was going to delete your coding once I had completely made my own. But I thought I would just download another one of your templates and use it, and not edit it so much. Learning this stuff has me pulling my hair out.

I know a lot of people who have named their laptops, lol. I haven’t really thought of a name for mine. Maybe Jerry haha.

My boyfriends name is Ben :P

I have never taken my laptop out. It sits on my kitchen table always. I go on a plane a lot, and have thought about taking it, but its kind of a hassle.

I still haven’t got over the sticker stage. I have stickers on my laptop, letters which spell out Stephanie, and some pretty love hearts. They starting to get dirty thought. :(

Sorry for all the typo’s, I’m so busy. I have to get a flee bomb; unfortunately my cats picked up flea’s from somewhere. /faw Then I have to a million other things. I don’t know how you do it haha. I’m used to being lazy.

Aww well I usually go for a checkup every six months anyway. I’m sure your teeth are good though. I think my parents are on Nib insurance…?

I guess I’ll keep it in mind not to have a tongue piercing; I don’t want one anyway. :P

Ooh, I have Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox and Opera. I love Safari but Firefox is my favourite. :)

Oh haha I didn’t notice it was my coding! I sort of figured some would be from Kerry’s – it had that basic look. But thanks for the credit – that’s all I ask!

It was hard learning it in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it!

Ben is a lovely name. ;)

My laptop mostly stays in my room at home but I take it to university all the time too.

I love stickers, but I think I’m over them… I collected them as a kid and they lost their stickiness. XD

Take care! ♥

I never thought of naming my electronics. I think I’ll name my iPod Ole’ Faithful, and my phone….George. (H)

I was just reading a blog where a girl named her iphone Velvet. And I remember your lappy was called Fin. Mine is called Pug. You have the smaller version of my laptop. I think all the names people call their laptops are wonderfully creative, I just am waiting to see what people are going to call their kids. xD

Concerning the microwave incident: you are braver than me about the microwave-popping noise, it’s happened to me a few times and each time I got awfully frightened, especially since I am the only one living here. You seemed to have stayed relatively calm. : ) As I said, braver (and more calmer) than myself.


Haha I thought my laptop was huge; yours must be massive if mine is smaller!

Don’t get me started on baby names… I’ve pretty much got a whole list planned -having problems with the boys’ names though. :P

If all else fails, name you boy ‘John’. Always a good back up name whatever the situation. /eee If you are feeling creative, hook it up with something, like George-John, Micheal-John. Or even Jon, Jhon, Jonn.

It’s so versatile yet simple.

LOL, this reminds me of the time Lilian and I were saying to name my son “Jamez”.

“It’s Jamez! With a Z!”

Oh man, I remember when I stuffed buns in the dishwasher because they didn’t cook enough. My dad and stepmom had to use a plunger to get it out. I was in trouble but it didn’t last long. Heehee I was young anyways. I was trying to make some biscuits not buns ( the name finally came to me). lol.

Anyway, yeah it did hurt when I slammed my finger in the door. A few years later my foot got slammed into the car door. :/. Klutzy much?

Anyway, I’ve heard that too people like to sleep on one side of the bed. I still don’t like to sleep on my right side. I’ve tried but failed miserable. The only time I can fully sleep on my right side is when I’m on my back and turn my head to the right.

Stickers huh? I used to own quite a bit of stickers (they’re probably all gone now), I used to own a sticker label maker. It was cool, but I ran out of the stickers and didn’t know where to get more :(.

Aww Georgie you had to clean the whole house? That sucks. I have to do my laundry, my dad’s laundry (since he’s in Beaumont and working) and my grandmother’s laundry, and take out the tin cans and bring in the trash barrels. I’ll probably have more chores to do once we move /wah

Good Georgie for wiring up the screen :) I did that a few weeks ago and I love it – it’s nice having a bigger screen (and it’s a bit brighter than my old laptop as well)

I’ve never got into the whole sticker phase. I actually have a bit of a phobia of stickers – no idea why. Hehe Sheldon wannabe-ness (epic win). I can’t stick stuff on my laptop anyway because it’s not really mine… It’s my dads, but he got a new one with work and so never really uses this one now.

I think that’s made me hold back from naming it as well. There are a bunch of things I did to customize my old desktop computer because it was actually mine, but I really haven’t done much to the laptop. It’s pretty ugly, but it runs really fast so no complaints here.

You’re so lucky you get the chance to use yours on the train! I don’t, but I get a laptop for school next year which I will definitely have with me on bus/train trips. If only public transport came with free wifi… :P

Exploding beef stew – I like it ;D

Okay, I’m off to finish my assignment :) Oh joy of joys…

Good luck with that assignment! Again. :)

My laptop is probably brighter than my desktop monitor, though. My desktop monitor’s colours are a bit yucky.

I used to collect stickers a lot. I always kept them in an album and I never really used them – they were too cute or awesome to use. :P

My desktop PC was sort of shared but mostly mine. Mum and Dad used it on occasion. My laptop is entirely mine but if it happens to be on and my parents need to check something, I don’t mind.

My brother’s supposed to be getting his laptop from the government some time this week… :P

There are reasons why public transport can’t have Wi-fi. I think all laptops should be like iPhones with a network – but completely free. XD

I think It’s a nice idea to name belongings. It make the things sound special ♥ . When I was younger I like to decorate my stuffs with stickers too. My first very own bicycle have a sticker on it XD .

Some people don’t like naming their things; I think it’s a bit weird which is why I don’t do it all the time. :P

I used to collect stickers but I don’t anymore; the stickers got old and I thought they were too cute to use!

Haha okay :)

Yeah, I guess it was terrible for your brother, you’re right it is very rare to have a worm in a sealed package.
Yeah I guess it was a shock to your brother.

Yes, I get it. I like Supernatural, but I usually see it with my mother in case leaving scene of terror. Hiding behind the pillow , haha, I’ve done. But to avoid this, I don’t see scary movies and ready.

I like the name you’ve made your laptop, is original. Mine is called Sweets, which isn’t very original :)

I have my laptop for almost 2 years and I remember being very excited to be able to use anywhere and without wires. So I fully understand how you felt when you got it. Althought, I never use my laptop away from home, so I would like to buy a netbook

I’m glad you love your notebook. Oh sorry that your laptop has scratches after a few months of use. This is one reason why I don’t use it outdoors.
Haha stickers are always nice.

Me to, I used to decorate my pencil cases with stickers. True, the stickers leave a horrible waste.
I think it’s a good idea to put stickers on your laptop, may be original 👏

Hahaha! You’ve got nice names for your stuff. I’m not really into naming things except for very special personal items, like dolls. And my laptop. :)

Uh, don’t get me started about stickers. As much as I love them, I also get irritated by them when it comes to peeling them off the wall. The ugly residue they leave behind is enough to make me moan everytime I look at the wall. I wonder if there is such thing as a sticker-remover liquid — something to get rid of the sticky residue.

*winces* Ooo.. scratches on laptop. I think I cried when I had my first laptop-scratch. 😢

Cool! So now your laptop to the external monitor, huh? That’d be so awesome!

Nuuuuu! The Transformer microwave! I think I’m gonna call it Popper or just Pop, from now on. Eww, must be quite a mess to clean the inside. :/

Good luck with the assignment. I know how motivation can simply leave you when you’ve got things at hand to do. Hope you’ll get it done! XD

Just this time I’m going to respond to your comment here because I already left a comment on your latest post! ♥

I used to love collecting stickers, I kept them all in an album and everything but they lost their stickiness and I never liked to use them anywhere because they were so cute. :P

I think I still have a few sticker sheets lying around with stickers that are unused.

My dad uses methylated spirits or alcohol to get rid of the sticky residue, but it’s not always effective. I have to say, it’s the best method I’ve seen yet. Haha.

I was SO disappointed when I got scratches on my laptop. Now I take extra care. When I got the really deep one, though, I was so disappointed because I don’t remember how it got there. One minute I was sitting with it on my lap, the next minute it was THERE.

My mum was mad when that happened but she managed to clean it up. :P

Haha, thanks! Today I planned to do my assignment… but I didn’t! D:

Sometimes I like shopping, other times it drives me mad! It depends what I’m shopping for and who I’m shopping with.

Hehe thank you. They are just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve wanted shoes similar to this for ages but every pair I’ve seen have huge heels. I can’t walk in heels at all :(

I had to get my mum to help me too. She’s a trained hairdresser so that helps. She doesn’t work as a hairdresser anymore. She works in an office.

No I don’t think I’m old enough to be left at home alone. My nan is coming over to stay with me. Yeah it’s my mum and dads 30th anniversary so they really want to celebrate.

I’m really glad nobody does the whole “first” thing on my website. But like you say it wouldn’t be too bad if they did leave a proper comment.

WOW! Our washing machine just makes odd noises!!

I don’t really name my belongs. I always name teddies though! I often refer to my laptop as ‘delly’ because it’s a dell XD I think my iPod is just called ‘Holly’s iPod’. Boring!

Even though I can move my laptop anyway I still sit at my desk. But if I want to sit down stairs because it’s warmer my laptop will come with me.

I have managed to not get any scratches on my laptop so far. Although I did drop nail polish on it O_O I’ve scratched my iPod several times and I’ve dropped my phone down the stairs.

I know what you mean about stickers. When I was much younger I use to cover all my toys in stickers. My last computer had many stickers on too. I’ve gradually learned that it just makes a sticky mess.

My dad always blows things up in the microwave. If he heats up soup or something he will cover it with cling film and then it will just expand and explode!

I used to have a teddy named … Teddy. Yes I’m not very creative. A sticker phase eh? I’ve strangely known a lot of girls who’ve gone into that phase; a sister with an obsession with Mashimaro and Pochacco.
Interesting cooking style. If you’re heating soup/stew in microwave, try use glad wrap so exploding chunks of beef don’t fly into the once-pristine microwave interior… It would be a good idea to knock off all the water which get condensed on the glad wrap back into the stew (or simply add a bit of water to the stew before hand). That way the stew isn’t too dry =D.

Ahhh also =D PLUG UR LAPTOP w/ a hdmi or equivalent cord to TV for more FUN.. the resolution is even more interesting.
Sorry for double posting… 💀
Happy Cooking 💥 💥 💥 /bounce

Haha, I don’t think my parents would like me plugging up the television, but thanks for the idea! My old monitor is big enough for general use. :P

Don’t worry, I had a dog plushie named Doggie! XD

I’ve had friends obsessed with Mashimaro – not a healthy obsession, I might add…

It was one of those stews that came in a container, so it was microwaveable. :P I don’t think I should have sealed the lid so tightly; that was not smart.

Putting the condensation back in doesn’t sound too pleasant, LOL.

Well, I’ve been using my friend’s laptop before I got mine so I was used to using laptops by the time I got one. Hehe.

I used to give names to my things too but now I’ve stopped doing so. I don’t know how but I just suddenly did and before I knew it the habit is gone.

I used a few laptops during high school but didn’t get used to them. My parents bought me my laptop to assist with my studies. :)

Naming things wasn’t really a habit for me – I named a few of my plushies and toys when I was younger but never made it such a big habit to name all my belongings.

I rarely name anything I have. Haha. I mean I don’t name my iPod, I don’t name my cell phone, i don’t name my laptop. :P Cute names though!

My laptop has a lot of scratches too and I’ve had it for like 3 years I think? I REALLY want to decorate mine with stickers..but I have none. But yeah I kind of want to make it more personal. I’ve had it for so long and it’s just like..blehh haha ;P 😳

Haha, oh nooo! I never put lids when I’m heating stuff up. Just because of that. Usually I put like a paper towel on something, like spaghetti sauce so that it doesn’t explode..cus it tends to explode a lot, haha. XD

Its sounds kind of…painful. =))
I watched a preview of the movie on Youtube and I realized that I watched it before. Probably when I was five or six.
I remember watching a scene when Arnold was pulling out a glowing red thing from his nose.

Is the Truman Show about Jim Carrey living in a TV show?

Strings > Staples. And they are so easy to use.


I just googled Ben Jorgenson…DROOL.

I’ve named my guitar Ralph (It was at random), and some of my chicken statues.

I hate peeling off stickers, especially when they’re price stickers on a book. I try to peel it as slow as possible so none of it would be left on the cover, but it usually ends up that way. Over time it becomes gray and ugly.

My microwave overheated before. There was smoke coming out of it as it was heating my food. My dad had to take it outside and let it cool down. Then we got a new one.
Did you have a hard time cleaning up all of the stew?

The only “thing” I’ve ever named is my mannequin, I call her “Headless Alice” :P

And I have the urge to put stickers on things but I never do because I know I will regret it later ;)

Haha, that’s really funny. I’ve never known anyone who owned a mannequin. :P

Usually I do regret putting stickers on things. I used to collect them and keep them in an album, and they lost their stickiness.

Hey! I haven’t commented in forever. :S BUT I have been reading your amazing blogs. :P I love this layout! Every time I look at it I crave food. Yuuum. I love the colours!

You’ve had it for a year? :O What kind is it? Ahah, I don’t really name my belongings. Of course I name my dollies & stuffed animals! :) I have a laptop as well. I’ve had since December? Or was that last December. I’m clearly stupid. I think I’ve had mine for over a year too! OH MY GOD. :P

FROG STICKERS! Whoot. That makes it sooo much better. On my phone I put little diamonds that are like stickers but obviously diamonds! :P I only put like 3 though. I used to put stickers everywhere like you, on my dresser (BARBIE STICKERS! ahah), table, bed, wall, literally everywhere! I’m glad I’m over that. /eee

I don’t think your supposed to put lids on anyways. :O I hate when food pops in the microwave. Even if it’s not warm when you take it out it just pops. :S

Good luck on your assignment! That happens to me all the time. :P I usually talk to one of my friends and we force each other to do it. :)

I tend to name my possessions.. I have no idea why. I don’t name everything but I have named my laptop, iPod Touch and BlackBerry. x3

I was really amused when I got my first laptop. It was just so different from using my PC.

Ah, I’ve never really scratched/damaged my laptop because I never take it anywhere. It usually sits on my desk. I did spill a cup of cappuccino on my old laptop about a month after I got it…

I assumed it was fine but 2 years later… the sugar had eroded the hard drive.. bad times.

A frog sticker?! That’s cute and creative! :P

I went through a phase of putting stickers everywhere. We’re decorating my room at the moment and I had a whole bunch of glow in the dark stickers all over my door..

My mate hooked his laptop up to his TV.. it was 42 inches haha! He showed me a picture and it looked rather fun! :P

LOL, I never seal things when I put them in the microwave. :P It gets all dirty and stuff, weee. x3

I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! <33 Ahh I have been gone forever it seems. I love it though, I think my favorite one of yours thus far =)

I have always named my computers, other electronics, car, etc. My old laptop (which broke and caused me to lose everything, was named Binky. My car, is Squeaky. My brand new laptop (well, Ive had it since September), I have yet to create an emotional attachment to and therefore has no name. Weird, for me.

Anywho, I understand how you feel about the staple. When this was brand new and I had been painting my grandmother's house, I accidentally got a spot near the mouse and tried to scratch the paint off and ended up leaving scratch marks on it :(

That must have been one powerful microwave!! I put something in our microwave sometime while our internet was down, only for about 1min30 seconds, and when I went to take it out with my left hand, it was so hot it gave me second degree burns and blistered really bad. I have never experienced pain like that -_- Microwaves.. dangerously awesome.

“One of the scratches was from a staple from my worksheet”

AHH the stapler is back for vengeance!! /hehe

So, I totally get you on the naming your things deal. I’ve only ever done it once, and I named my Playstation 2 “Pete”, ’cause I always wanted a Peter as a friend ’cause the name Pete was pretty cool to me back then. As I got older, though, I realized I could use the name “Pete” as an excuse. So if I didn’t wanna go out, I could say I had plans with Pete. BRILLIANT!

And I think you should stick stickers on your laptop! It adds personality. Unless you’re wanting to trade it in eventually or something.

Ugh, it was nasty! I was going to mention the staple thing in my previous post but it was already getting too long for my standards. :P

My mum told me to get a black laptop (I originally wanted a purple one) just in case I didn’t want it anymore and might pass it on to my brother or dad. She said black was just a safe colour to go with. Ah well.

Haha. I don’t really give names to my things, except for my 1 stuffed toy and pets, of course. XD Who doesn’t give names to their pets?

Awww, did the display screen of the laptop got scratched? If it’s only on the cover then you can hide the scratches by using a laptop skin. We have that here for P500, which is about $10, more or less. The good thing is they don’t leave residue, unlike stickers, but you have to remove it slowly though.

I don’t really put stickers to my stuffs, because I know they’ll look ugly once I remove the stickers. :S

Haha. Same here too. I feel that I have to do something, like make a layout, and when I open Photoshop, I lose interest. Is that procrastination? XD I hope you make your assignment while you don’t have lots of things to do so you won’t be burdened.

I don’t use the microwave a lot since I barely know how to use it. :S

I love your new layout! Mine is still the same. Untouched. LOL!

Busted groupmates. How’s the “group” project?

Thanks! XD Yeah, I was trying to achieve spookiness and cuteness. XD I’m really trying to learn how to draw. Haha.

I actually haven’t named any of my electronics or anything. The only thing I really ever named was my big bunny I got one year for easter, and named it “Big Bunny.” ROFL. Yeah, idk why. I always say I’m gonna name them, but it never happens. xD Maybe I’ll name by mac when I get it. <3

Haha, omg I was the same way! I was so amused with it!! I had no life once I got my laptop lol – still don't. ;) :P

LOL OMG HE MADE ME WANNA STICK STICKERS ON MY LAPTOP TOO hahahaha!! I'm not going to though because soon it will be my brother's. ;) Since I'm buying a mac and all by the end of this year. :)

How the hell do you hook up your laptop to a monitor? How does that work? :S :O

Haha, no it's fine. I could barely even follow along with it myself. xD Oh no, you've had much more, hands down! Well, actually, i don't know. Remember ZiW and all my closed sites and you were all WTF MAN WTF HOW COULD YOU KILL THOSE DOMAINS OMG MORE THAN I HAVE HAD. And stuff. ;) LOL.

Yano what. That actually makes sense. Back then I got such shitty small comments, and now I get like 10+ nice long ones from people I love. That's the point of my blog kinda, saying fuck the past, I'm living the present. :) Or well, that's what I wanted to mean haha. I fail at lyfe. /wave

Yeah, it kinda is sometimes. I know that you are aware of that more than anyone else, don't lie. ;)


Thanks. :D Yeah I know, but he should have really thought about it before contacting me. -_- Or at least told me he didn’t want it anymore, douche.

Ah, I don’t really like that much, well I do but I just have no use for it! I would add it a sub-domain option on Tranquilium but they’re too expensive to renew. o_O

I know! I was so upset when I couldn’t get my old posts. :( It took me ages to those haha.

Oh I renewed Dear Agony practically straight away. I had the money in my NC account so I thought, why not? :P You’ve had Heartdrops for a very long time though. xD I’m backing my database up like twice daily now… well I’m doing it through phpMyAdmin but going to get that plugin. I hope WP doesn’t screw me over again.

LOL don’t worry, you’re busy so I don’t expect you to know these things. :P Ooo, better get those assignments done! I’m sure you will though! When do you go back?

LMFAO! I bet it’s nice to get away from her sometimes. :P

I couldn’t type on my laptop at first. o_O The keys were a lot closer than on my PC keyboard so I kept making mistakes. Dx But it’s so much… “lighter” to type on. :3

Mmmm soup… sorry I’m like starving haha. My sister dropped tea all over her laptop, luckily it only messed the keyboard up so my step dad just ordered a new one and fit it in.

I want a frog sticker. :(

Haha they do! I used to collect sticker books… like soccer ones and Pokemon. :3

I never put grapes in the microwave? lol. By seal I meant like cover it up with cling film or some kitchen roll. xD

Aw sorry about the mess you had to clean up in your microwave. Poor thing haha.

OMG my laptop has all of these scratches on it as well & it makes me all sad because I love how flawless it was..before the random scratches started appearing. GRR..too bad my laptop doesn’t last very long. The macbook pros last for 10 hours. wtf at them. Mine lasts for 3 hours..if I turn off my internet & lower my screen’s brightness. -_____- ridiculous.

Anyway, oh man I’ve hooked up my laptop to my television once to watch a movie with Johnathan. It’s pretty neattttt. Awesome, right?! ahaha.

Haha my mum kind of did most of the cleaning there. /um

I know what you mean about battery life! Mine lasts for two hours unplugged if I turn the brightness way down (I usually do because I don’t like it being so bright) and don’t load or watch too much crap. If I have the wireless on, it might not survive past an hour.

I think they need to introduce a battery life depending on usage. @_@

Hahhha my big monitor is good for watching movies on! :D

I’ve used my boyfriend’s laptop before and I loved it. I really like how you can just travel around and use it. I don’t really like surfing the web on my iPhone because the screen is soo small.

I did consider buying an laptop once but I don’t really think I’ll use it on the go often enough to invest in it. It’s far more expensive than a PC. I might someday buy a cheap one just to use it in front of the PC or on the train or something like that.

I’m so jealous that you have a 21inch monitor. I only have a 17” :( 20+ inch monitor is on my wish list along with other gadgets like an SLR. I have a 22inch monitor at work and I love it!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to find the creators of these cute emotions. 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 I seriously love this emotion!

I really like the name Essencious, so I may move my personal blog to another domain in the future if the jewellery selling thing goes well. I tend to give up on things really quickly so I really hope that I can keep this up.

I name my stuff too but I always forget it or change it cos` I get sick of it easily. Fin is a nice name, it sounds good and cute.

You are so lucky because you already have a laptop. Until know I am still using our desktop computer and sometimes I borrow my sister’s laptop. Good thing, Dad already bought me a laptop but it was still with him and I will have it by next month, hopefully. I’m excited to design it with stickers too because just like you I used to put stickers on my stuff too. I love heart stickers and candies and pandas. :)

I love your domain name. So unique. :)

I love that you’ve named your laptop and iPhone after your favourite songs/musicians. :D I used to be all into naming my things many years ago (even naming things like my printer and stereo, lol), but now the only things of mine besides plushies that have names are my laptop (Lapbert, haha) and my dictophone (Dianne, like Agent Cooper’s in Twin Peaks).

Ah, the stickers…you should put some on your laptop lid; it’s the perfect surface for them! I had my old laptop covered in them, but the one I’m using now is sadly sticker-free. :( I will remedy that though soon hopefully! :P

Eeek @ the exploding soup! Microwaves are dangerous things, I tell you… ;) At least the whole thing didn’t blow up though (just the stew!).

Good luck too with that assignment you mentioned. I know it’s so hard to motivate yourself though when the whole thing seems so terribly boring. =/

Haha, I guess they were the names that came to mind, were fitting, short, and not after ex-boyfriends. :P

I feel like I should name more stuff, but no one is making me. I used to name all my soft toys, but names weren’t too original – my plushie dog is “Doggie”. :P

I don’t want to lose interest in the stickers after some time though, and my friend who covered her laptop entirely with stickers told me that people stared at her in the library. XD

I need to stop procrastinating… D:

Oh yeah, maybe. But then he replied to me a few times then nothing… strange.

Haha I know you didn’t. I liked it cause it was different to what I usually go for. I liked the “azure” part… xD I saw you bought that domain. :D They are expensive to renew but I guess if you add like $5 into NC every other week or something you’ll have enough by the time it needs renewing.

Haha you do! :P You done well to cut down from what you have before though. o_O

Yeah, I always add random money into NC just to renew my domains. I have 6 domains I think. 5 of which I use for my hosting site lol. But most of them don’t run out until the end of this year or next year.

Hehe yeah I saw that Kya bought a new VPS! I’m so excited for Bubble though! Kya deserves all the success. :D

o_O That’s a sort break, but at least it is a break I guess. Even if you do have work and stuff. I’m sure you’ll get them done. x3

I’m quite lucky, my mum doesn’t make me do housework often… I just have to keep my room tidy. :3

Oh I know same here. I can’t type on my step dads PC keyboard at all. The keys are more spaced out and it’s just weird, heh.

Yay for dinner! :P I’ve had breakfast now… well I had toast and a bacon butty, weee.

WOOO. ;D I’d stick the frog on my BlackBerry. xD

Hahaha, I won’t! :P I don’t even eat grapes actually. My mum ends up eating them all.

Oh dear haha. My mum always moans at me for getting the microwave dirty… she tried to make me clean it but I ran off and she forgot. XD

Hheeeeee to you too. :3

Fin and Ben. Nice nice. Fin reminds me of end. It means end in Italian, but that’s not important right now. XD I haven’t named my computer or phone. :P But if I had to name them, I would name them Pixie and Pearl. :) I just like these names. LOL! Anyway, I have named many toy plushies, but my favorite plushie’s name is Chocolinno. Hahahah. :)

I don’t have a Laptop, but I’ve been wanting one for a year now! I’m saving money. It will take a quite long time. I don’t usually buy anything, but now I’m saving more than ever. /hehe That’s bad that you scratched your Laptop. I hate when I see scratches on my phone, PC etc… I hate it. I don’t usually use stickers to cover them. I don’t use anything. I like stickers, but when you peel them off it leaves a thing from the sticker. I don’t know what it is called. @_@ My English is not perfect.

Well they should have noticed that note on the top of your blog that you were moderating comments.

I just checked for it on Google. It looks pretty good. :) I will watch some episodes next month. Now, I just can’t use a lot of Internet, because my internet is limited.

We may try some this weekend. :)

Man I get scratches on everything. Well, not really but I do have a lot of scratches on my cell phone. I mostly just get cat hair on everything. Stupid cat.

LMAO I giggled about the microwave thing. It reminded me of the time me and my boyfriend watched “Is it ok to microwave this?” and they were microwaving a dildo.

My Mom doesn’t tell me to do chores often cause I’m not home often but when she does I forget instantly because I procrastinate or just say I’ll do it later and forget.

Yeah, I understand what you mean about being a cashier. I just wouldn’t be able to work at a fast food place so that’s the only thing I’d be able to do besides that.

Yes! Children are very rude. That’s why when I have one I’m molding it’s mind to become a nice little person with a sense of humor. HAS to have the sense of humor!

25 too young to get married? I think not. I think it’s the perfect age. Everyone in my Child Studies class wanted to get married at the age of 20-22 and I was the only one who wanted to get married around the ages of 25-26!

Yeah, he’s cute alright but a big suck up. He also likes hitting your feet. Like how dogs give you their “paw” well he gives your foot the paw. it’s cute.

We had a fight again and I told him I missed the reasonable Dustin. I don’t know how he took everything but after the fight we made up and he went to work and came home and forgot about everything. Then we went down to the waterfront and drew with chalk on the rocks. I saw a bunch of holes in the ground and started screaming cause I thought there were snakes. Then he told me not to worry and we kept walking and then a piece of GRASS hit my leg and I bolted screaming.

Good. Stay one, LOL. Dustin wasn’t my first. I was first with my force if you know what I mean… I was 8 (I think) when it first happened and he was in his late 40’s. My mom’s boyfriend at the time. That’s just the long story short. I’m actually going to write my story later on. Dustin saved me from that life and I am forever grateful for that.

That’s good your boyfriend isn’t into porn. Dustin WAS but he isn’t anymore and I’m glad. I think it’s completely and overly wrong and I think anal is too. It’s not natural nor is half the things you see in porn. Now I sound like I’m against homosexuals because I said anal is wrong. I’m not though but that’s just my opinion on the sex. Grrr..

I really find myself weird since I name all my crap! Hahaha, back in the 4th grade I’d name my pencils! /bash

Ahahahha that’s pretty amusing! I named my toys, but never let it develop a habit!