The Greatest Fear

I have a really terrible fear of staples. Amongst all the fears I have – rejection, dying, porn, burgers, glass, the dark, being alone, getting lost – the worst is probably staples. Extremely closely followed by the dark.

Staples, why. I’m talking the metal things that hold sheets of paper together. They’re like thin steel pins bent into shape, usually punched at the edge or corner of a stack of paper. I am really sure you understand what I’m talking about.

Okay, apparently they are called “fasteners” too (thanks Wikipedia).

Yeah, I hate those things. A lot. And my severe phobia of these metal pins started when I was about nine or ten years old. I had a traumatising experience, which would, on other planets, be considered hilarious or funny.

I had seen my teachers staple posters to walls and noticeboards with a stapler, and seeing things this way – the way they opened the stapler 180 degrees, and pressed the top of the stapler flat on the wall, successfully attaching our wonderful works of art to the already messy noticeboard – really amazed me. Come on, I had seen this kind of thing from the age of five right through to the age of nine.

Amazed by this effortless technique, yet not owning a board to be able to practise on, I continued to think about it.

One day I was creating a hat – more specifically, a crown – of paper. The paper was in a long strip and I would staple it at the end. I didn’t even think of doing it the civil way by placing the ends between in the stapler and pressing. It did not even cross my mind because I was imagining the technique my teachers had employed.

I opened the stapler to 180 degrees and held the paper up in front of me, pushing the stapler forward.

Georgina, you stupid idiot.

I withdrew my hands from the stapler only to find my two forefingers successfully attached to the idiotic crown I had created, blood oozing out from the teeth marks the executed staple had made in my skin.


Ever since, I have tried to refrain from having to remove staples from paper, but my hands always seem to shake a bit when I handle anything with staples. To put it simply: I hate it.

At work, the children’s worksheets are bound together in a booklet so that they are easily ripped, like notepaper from a notepad with the glued spine. However, some stupid idiotic parents think it’s okay to staple all down the fucking side of the booklet when the sheets fall apart, or in the corner, which undeniably enrages me.

Not only do I have a severe fear of staples, but screw you, it is really difficult to turn a page when it is hindered by staples! /angry

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I remember you mentioned this in the forum I think? Aww dear! >:D< It's so darn hard to be afraid of staples though, because you would probably meet an object that's stapled once every week or so. I didn't know you were scared of burgers? hehee

Me I tend to abuse staples XD I mean i like playing with the staples, pretend the stapler's a gun and all but stopped doing this because it's bad for the environment and I waste staples XD hhahaha!! I am really scared of "going down" heights. I don't know what to call this. I first thought that I was afraid of stairs but I realized that I wasn't afraid of going up, I'm afraid of going down ANYTHING. Ladders, stairs, HILLS, etc. During our camping and hiking, I had to crawl and slide down a mountain because I couldn't stand. Sighs… maybe it's because I have poor balance :( I always imagine myself before going down that I would die bleeding at the foot of the stairs XD hahaha!! Silly of me XD

Hope we can rid our fears though! Good luck to us!!

I love to read blogs as well as write about them! I honestly do think it’s an amazing experience as well as a place to just vent and let out ANYTHING you want to, because well, it’s a blog, and it’s ALL yours and nobody can change that! The girl wasn’t even that good though *sobs dramatically*. Okay, maybe she was. But, she got a lot of words wrong which I could get right in my sleep! O_O But whatever, the past is the past right?

I hate having guests over too! I hate being dragged to the houses of family friends as well! I think it should be an individuals choice whether they wish to participate in such a thing. Uhh, I know right? Giving up the awesome double bed in your room SUCKS. Like I wrote that in capital letters to emphasize it more. I think they would be perfectly FINE sleeping on the floor. Like jeesh, especially since they’re like the ones staying over.

Oh maan! People should show some more courtesy over those things, like not walking randomly into rooms!

Eeks, your stapler story is scary. If that ever happened to me, I know I would never go NEAR a stapler. How long did it take your fingers to heal? And did you REALLY take the staple out with a staple remover? Maan, that had to hurt SO much. Your fear of staplers is completely understandable. I mean I’m scared of little weird things with no explanations. *coughsfeatherscoughs*

Ermm… you didn’t hear that! /um

So, your staple fear is not COMPLETELY crazy.

Yeah It’s difficult to turn the page when there are loads of staples. /hehe

What a weird phobia, one of them stapled into my elbow once /wah I cried. 🙄

Thanks, for following me; I’m following you too.

You said I like yout little scripts, and they work. This made me laugh. Did you not expect them too xD /hehe /hehe /hehe


I was also amused by those wall staples teachers used in school. It look really fun when they use to staples stuff to the walls. I never had the chance to play with it when I was in primary school. However I had the chance to staple stuff to some wall in my secondary school. I was much older by then so wasn’t amused by it anymore.

You know these cute icons you have here, I use to have these on MSN. I see to love spamming this one 🤤 because it was my favourite one! I only just noticed these icons, I should get them on my msn again.

Sorry but I just laughed for about 10 minutes when I read, “Amongst all the fears I have – rejection, dying, porn,…” LOL @ Porn. But I agree, porn is quite terrifying.

Staples. They are rather scary. I’m really really scared of blood. :( So if that happened to be I would definatly be scared of staples.

I never liked pulling staples from papers, I’m scared of blood and sharp things.

It’s like with me – a knife. I’m scared of knifes, when ever I see them, I start shaking. I’m weird. :(

NAW. I’m sorry Georgina! *hugs* I was scared people would get bored of my blog quickly if I answered ALL the questions haha. :’)

STAY AWAY FROM MY BOOBS = Legendary quote from Georgina.

… What if I say, I’m from a planet called Pauline-ars. 0.o

Georgina has been kissed?! Lucky. I’ll still have to wait! I hope the world doesn’t end!! It does sound silly though, right?

<3 LOVE.

Ouch, that doesn’t sound fun! D: I once stapled my finger – I think I was about 8, the stapler was jammed and I opened it to see why it wasn’t working. Once I’d clicked a couple of parts around a bit (I had no idea what I was doing, haha) I kept it open and moved the pieces of paper under it. I forgot to take away my hand, though, and I had half a staple and two sheets of paper stuck in my hand. bleurgh >_<

On the bright side, I fixed the stapler. :)

And haha, I know, booklets stapled together down the side are so irritating. We were given some revision sheets for Spanish today, and the teacher had put in four staples about 2cm into the paper, so when we open it we can't actually see part of the writing. *sigh* Plus it leaves a stupid big fold down the left side of the papers! haha.

Also – why are you afraid of burgers? I don't much like a lot of them either though.

I was still on my break when I wrote that, yeah. :) I went back to school today though, I was so bummed this morning when I woke up and remembered! lmao.

I wouldn't go to see a movie by myself, I don't think – I don't know anyone who has gone alone but it would be strange not having anyone to laugh with, haha.

This is only the second time I've really planned a photograph for a layout, haha, other times I've just been out and taken a picture – maybe I've thought to myself it might look good on my blog but most of the time I go with the flow~

And thank you, glad you like the layout. <3

Oh wow. That is definitely a great reason to have a fear of staplers. It sounded really painful. :(

According to my mom, I have an irrational fear of firetrucks. But I do have a good reason for it.

Have you checked into getting those staple-less staplers? I believe that they have some @ :)

To be scared of firetrucks is also odd, but you’re not the only one out there with a strange fear. :)

Oh, thanks for that; I’ll have to check it out! :D

I don’t think you’re alone about the staples phobia.

I’ve heard of people being scared of plastic wrap and tin foil.

I once had a situation like your involving staples. I was opening a pizza bag, I was 7 maybe 8 yrs old and I got the staple caught under my nail. It hurt like a bitch.

Now everytime I’m opening something that has a staple in it, my dad tells me that story. :(

Plastic wrap and foil! That’s new. I’ve been wrapped in plastic wrap with my boyfriend before – not cool – but not ever had a fear of it.

Your staple story sounds terrible as well though, if not worse than mine! Another time I nearly got a staple caught under my nail, but it punctured the skin just at the top of my thumb. D:

I don’t like staples either. /argh Sometimes I would use my fingernail to get it out. I’m too lazy to get a staple remover. I would rip it apart if I don’t want to use my fingernail. That always does the trick.

I agree. It’s really difficult to turn a page when it is hindered by staples. /hmph Sometimes I have to lift the previous page, so I can read the sentence that’s being blocked by that page. It’s all because of how it’s staple. I understand your frustration.

I like to use paper clips. You can take it off and put it back on easily. You don’t have to use a staple remover, fingernail or rip it apart. Forget grabbing that stapler. Who needs them? Thank goodness for paper clips. ;)

Sometimes paper clips don’t work. It gets loose and your papers fall out. You have to use a stapler.

What else office supplies don’t you like? Haha. Jk. XD

I don’t know if “lucky” is the right word, but fortunate nonetheless. I never realized, but a lot of families don’t have any pets. o_O I had the fascination that everyone had a cat or dog. Oops. Thank you! I’ll be sure to spread the compliments. ;3

LOL I would never name my dog after an ex. Dx If I do, it’s out of anger and frustration, not admiration. ANY name would have been better then what we actually named her… Bella. Just take a moment to take it in… Haha. How original. Might as well name our other dog Edward.

I don’t like stray cats either; they’re kind of rude. :S I like when I get them as kittens so I get to raise them on my own.

Yeah, I know what you mean. But to be honest, my dog actually likes to wear the Snuggie (so it seems anyway); it usually gets cold at night so my mom will put it on him. He just doses off with it still on. I mean, it’s easily removable, he could take it off by himself if he wanted to, but he just leaves it on. :/ My mom bought Bella some weird outfit… I dunno. It was weird. But again, she can take it off by herself, so that’s good.

That sucks. :( I’ve always wanted a rabbit or guinea pig/hamster. I’ve just thought that they were neat to have. D: Or hey, I’ll even take a turtle. ;D

I’m tired of people bugging me period. =.= I guess it would be different if they were all, “I know you’re busy, but could you spare a minute, please?” instead they’re all, “I NEED YOUR HELP!” *block*

Seriously, at this point I’m no better at coding the thing then they are since they actually CODED the thing; as if I can perform miracles by randomly guessing what the error is. LOL I find it amusing whenever you say “far out”; I’ve never heard anyone say that before. XD

I’m going to go with the obvious and just say they’re desperate… I’m doing the best to return comments now, but not because I have to, but because I want to; if I wanted, I could just let them sit there not caring who commented at all. APPRECIATION PEOPLE! ><

Ahh, that sucks. Hopefully there be another opportunity to change servers. I see it! :D I seen it a couple of days ago actually, but I like it! Gives me a major sweet tooth though. What kind of cupcake is that? o_O Looks like there's that caramel candy thingamabob on top. Sweet.

Holy moly. D: The most comments I've had on wait was around 20 — but 50! I wish you good luck dearest Georgina. <3

Yeah, there are some nice people online, but people are so frustrating online… the ONLY thing I hate about people online, is that they have they option of being "anonymous", so if they want to start shit, they could just hide their identity. Pathetic.

You're scared of porn? I wouldn't say I am, I just find it disgusting. I've been rejected loads of times (as sad as that sounds), so I'm kind of immune to that now — I've just learned to brush things off. What I CAN say I'm scared of, is the dark and spiders. The darkness preferably because anything could attack me and I couldn't see it. Spiders because well… even though they have a life and have just as much right to be here as I, they're horrifically disgusting to look at.

Staples, wow. I'm kind of scared of staples too, really. Like when I open it to put more staples in it, I'm scared of the thing jumping towards me. XD I stapled my lip doing that one time… not fun.

At least you're more careful about it! Some people just willynilly staple things together then get hurt — I wonder why.

Oh my goodness that is so scary! Hey, everyone is scared of something! There are a lot of sillier things to be scared of than staplers! Staplers can definitely hurt you!!

There song hasnt been released yet, hopefully it does get released :) I loved the song ‘almost here’

Digital TV is pretty cool, but sometimes there is still nothing on. But channel GO! is the best they have shows for teenagers/young adults.

Oooh yay i have a new friend on yotube :P i didnt realise you had a channel, i’ll make sure that i check out your page

Hmmm having a fear sucks, but everyone has something that they are scared of i have a fear of, rejection, dying, small spaces, speaking in front of people, rats

I knew anyone who was afriad of staples, I always thought that staples are pretty lame, I dont like them i guess because when i was younger people use to use them as guns and throw them at fans, it use to always hit me…

Hopefully you can overcome your fear of staplers soon (Y)

take care x

Staples, random, but no sorry still random. I got stapled once. My church teacher was subbing and sent me to the nurse.

It is a big changes, I wasn’t expecting it to be so bright.

So we don’t like tele shows? Sad.

“Oh well, I don’t think privacy is dead. You get a choice to whether or not your information is put out there, you can always lie, and more often than not you have a choice. ”

What I say to make you say that?

A little more clean from 1930? Really, that would be hard to find.

Tagboards are like for freewebs, once you get a domain, it is no longer efficient.

Why don’t you listen to Joplin much?

I love the oldies. But oldies can be different to the person you are talking to. I have a few Evanesence cds.

Wow. When I first read that you have a fear of staples I laughed to myself until I read farther. It actually is amazing to realize that most people have fears of stupid things but the only reason they’re afraid of them is because they’ve been through it and they insanely hate it. For example: me with snakes. I never used to mind them until I saw a gardner snake, yes a GARDNER snake, slithering it’s way down the path. I’ve never saw a snake move before and I was utterly terrified.

Why do you have a fear of porn? Just wondering. I don’t have a ‘fear’ of it but I think it’s completely wrong along with strip clubs. I just have this thing where girls’ bodies should be SACRED and not used like that though I believe it will never end.

Sorry for the VERY late reply!

He’s apologized and is becoming extremely well with talking and solving our problems. I guess he finally realizes that if he takes things to drastically then I feel as if he’s not trying to save our relationship.

I don’t think he understands why I said he’s trying to change me. He thinks that just because he’s trying to change the bad things about me that it’s still completely all right. I understand why he wants to change the bad things about me but I honestly can’t change everything. He’s doing better with this too.

We went on a date today after not seeing each other for a week and yes, we did have sex though it was interrupted by his Mom at first and then my Mom by picking me up from his house but I believe it was appropriate then. Maybe that’s too much information for you there… LOL

I would love for you to showcase your photography on my Article site. I’m currently applying for adoptable domains and may be hosted by innocentsky through a Domain but I’m still iffy on the because I’d rather have it a .info or .net or something of that sort.

So considering that this is a late reply I’m going to ask how your teammates are doing now.

That is a weird phobia. I’m scared of fishing hooks; not such a rare thing though. I can be really pessimistic at times, so when someone speaks of fishing, I think of a fishing hook getting stuck in my eye or something.

I’ve always found staples cool. I had one when I was a kid (well it was my mums), and I would use it on every thing. I liked pressing down on it, and then hearing the clicking noise.

…But we all have our phobia’s. Mine is the dark; I have to sleep with at least the bathroom light on. It doesn’t help that I have biPolar disease and hallucinate with sight and hearing.

This might make you feel a little less odd, lol. I also have a phobia of milk. I can’t be near it, or look at it. It’s even worse when someone drinks it near me, or it’s so close I can smell it. It’s more of a sick feeling then fright, but I know if I do go near milk, I will gag until my stomach hurts. I can drink iced coffee, which I love; it has to be in a carton where I can’t see it, not in a glass. And I can’t smell it either, or I will be sick.

I supposed you could try and beat your phobia, by holding a hand full of staples and then closing your hand on them. It might be a little uncomfortable. Just don’t grip too hard or you will pierce your self.

I used to be afraid of flying; even though I never go on a plane less then four time a year since I was a baby. As I said before, I can be pessimistic, a little too much. So I watched fifty or so episodes of air crash investigation in one week. I’m not scared of flying any more.

I remember watching a show on FOX. They where interviewing people with very weird phobia’s. One lady was deathly afraid of rock melon. She would cry and run away every time she would see one. She would also scream. Their was a lot of stories like hers. One man was really afraid of pickles.

Sorry I just read through my massage. I meant biPolar disorder, not disease. I also didn’t finish my comment.

I love your new layout. The background is really awesome. it’s simple, yet unique, but also easy to find things and neat. I like this look on websites.

Have a good day :)

Lol, yeah I realized that after I posted it.. I kinda felt stupid xD Oopiess, sorry about that XD

Yeah, I could understand an owner commenting, but it wasn’t the owner of the site o.O It was just a random visitor who didn’t leave a proper email. Whatever though, I guess it’s in the past.

I actually got a new camera yesterday :) A much nicer one, and hopefully I wont keep losing the cord xD Don’t ask me where it is right now though…

*fail, it’s actually plugged into my computer and I couldn’t find it…*

Yeah, fish in general is just gross imo xD It smells funny. I had the worstttt craving for fish once a few years ago o.O It was so weirdd.

I was quite proud of him too ♥ He thought he wasn’t going to do good, but he did :D

I think I’ve been shopping too much lately xD Though i still don’t have enough clothes.. I like shopping, just hate spending money xD

I’ve never been assigned a PIN, we get to choose them. So far I’ve only forgot once though, so at least that’s good :P

And wow, it must suck to be afraid of something that you would see probably daily /faw I’m only really afraid of random things, like carnival music xD

I know how you feel though, I stapled my finger once when I was younger :( It hurtttt.

Wow haha. I never really thought about the deadly nature of staples before. However, reading this post brought back a repressed memory of when I accidentally stapled this boy’s thumb when we were 6yrs old. I forget how it happened, but I remember his thumb bled and had a horrible blue bruise and I think his nail fell off lol :B SORRY IF THIS IS GRAPHIC!

But I feel you — using staples to bind books is retarded. There’s absolutely no give.

Oh gosh, oh gosh, that was indeed very graphic and terrible sounding. When I was younger I remember actually seeing this girl in my class with no fingernail… or it had somehow rotted off. She looked at me funny when I looked at her funny. :P

I actually don’t find it funny about your phobia of staples because to my surprise, there are actually a major number of people are feared of them. So it’s not really weird or strange even if you are the only one scared of staples considering their pointy ends are extremely sharp and painful when pressed together really hard with your fingers.

My deepest fear, is when no one is going to be there for me one day when I need them and also the dark. :D

Omg. I totally saw it coming. I mean, I knew what you were going to say next after you said you were only wanting to staple together your crown. THAT INCIDENT USED TO HAPPEN TO ME before!!

Pfft. Sorry for the caps, but seriously it did. Only it wasn’t while I was stapling a crown or anything but I did accidentally staple something along with my thumb together once when I was um, eight?

A safer way that I personally suggest to anyone, if possible, the whole world, just use a glue stick, please. So long no one glue their hands together… XD But at least it’s not as painful as it can get compared to getting your fingers stapled.

Lol. I guess some parents have never known the truth of how harmful staplers can be! /hehe

Thank you! But I do need to change it soon because I get sick of my layouts easily. Which is not a good thing haha.
Yeah I didn’t really like RigRag. I’m just so glad that my host changed hosts!
LOL. Fringe ftw! :)
I do like the lighter touch of your new layout. And a nice shade of blue-my favourite colour is blue, hehe.

Wow, a fear of staples. I couldn’t even use staples until like when I was 10. 0.0 I guess the staples freaked me out a bit but not so much now. And I guess a scary childhood experience of staples made you fear them.
Last year my history teacher told our class to cover the booklet staples with sticky-tape so he wouldn’t cut himself when marking our work. He went a little too far and would always check our booklets at the start of every lesson if we actually did put sticky-tape onto the staples. haha.
I have a fear of: being alone in the bathroom (at night usually), the dark, mosquitoes, playing the piano at night, etc.
Oh and woah a fear of burgers? Now how did that happen?

“rejection, dying, porn, burgers, glass, the dark, being alone, getting lost”

You fear burgers? May I ask why? ;D

I’ve always admired that stapling technique. When I was little, I had both a board and a stapler with which to practice, but it just doesn’t work like those amazing primary school teachers *sigh* Yes, Australia has talent ;D

I’ve also always wondered what it feels like to have stapled something to your finger. Thankyou, Georgie, you’ve enlightened me ;D

Once at primary school, a boy in my class wanted to see if staples went through fabric (isn’t it obvious. He stapled his trouser legs together. Fail ^_^

That said, I actually like staples :) There aren’t very many things I’m afraid of (Me being stupid enough to trust everything until it hurts me ;D) I’m not afraid of most of the generic things, like heights (I abseiled 10 metres for the first time without flinching, and I want to skydive ;D )

Still – the burgers intrigue me? Was there a traumatic experience involved?

Burgers… are… scary. Especially when you see someone scrumptiously eating a Big Mac with Krispy Kreme doughnuts wedged between the layers.

Some burgers are just horribly creepy. I don’t know; they give off this super eerie vibe. 😰

LOL Australia’s Got Talent is on television. I hate that show so much (don’t ask). /hmph But I always thought it was interesting the way you could use a stapler like that. :)

I just hate staples after that incident. It was nasty. :( A lot of things tend to scare me but I’m willing to try new things nonetheless. :P

Same, I don’t like staplers either. The thing that scares me that it’s sharp. Same with pins and needles, eww they freak me out. Glass scares me too, it is sharp, I hate sharp things!

When I was young I always had to have my lamp on until I would fall asleep. Sometimes I used to see things in the dark, it would freak me out. LOL, once I thought my jacket was a person, it was how it was hanging on the door. I guess I’m okay with the dark now, but if I go sleeping outside in a tent, it freaks me out. It is too scary, I hate camping and sleeping outside anyways.

POPCORN :D I love popcorn, especially kettle corn and I like the Hoyts cinema popcorn. I should try that popcorn!

It’s good you have a dressing gown though, I used to have my mums one. If it keeps you warm, it’s great!

I hope so too! it’s been ages since they said they would send it /angry Lady Gaga is my favourite singer now, I can’t believe there is people who hate her! everyone I actually know loves her XD

Yeah, it was good even though I didn’t do much. The earthquake made my holidays better :D since it was exciting. But last Sunday I heard that my dog died :( I am so sad. I can’t believe my dog is actually gone :( but he had a good life, 14 years old.

I have P.E Mondays and Thursdays D: I was thinking to quit music but my friend has to do P.E in that time instead. So she has only Tuesday a brake from P.E, which will happen to me if I quit music :(

The earthquake was scary but it was funny at the same time. LOL, people were posting on Facebook straight away after it happened. There were HEAPS of groups and pages about 5 minutes after. Adelaide hasn’t had one in 1950 something :O WOW. Apparently people knew that there was going to be one this year :| THEY DIDN’T TELL US! LOL. But it was cool anyways haha.

I finished my homework! it was really easy XD I’m so glad I finished it.

I hope you can go! I think I’ve heard of that band before, but I can’t quite remember lol.

Yeah, but most of the time the guests my mum or dad has don’t care :S I thought everyone would.

I only like it because it looks cool LOL. The US should wait though, I was going to be able to use it since my uncle would get it when it comes out. Since hes coming to see my mum and I he would bring it with him. Now I have to wait to use it.

That’s okay :) I really like it, I love all of your layouts :)

Same, it’s really nice. Especially SUSHI! sorry I’m craving it heaps.

Haha good idea! that’s what I should do, she will never no :)

HELLOOOOO! I am finally on your blog. LOL XD

Heyyy! I’m scared of being lost and all alone too /wah It’s okay, we’ll keep each other company, and I’ll bring my GPS. Problem SOLVED :P Only kidding.

I used to be TERRIFIED of the dark, and it’s still a little scary for me when there are weird noises, but if it’s dark and I can still sort of see, then I kind of like it :) It’s peaceful.

Porn is HORRIBLE! So is rejection. I’m not scared of rejection. I’m scared of the awkwardness that comes AFTER. Which probably means I’m scared of rejection but don’t want to admit it :P

OMG! STAPLES! I hate, hate, HATE when they get caught on things. Or when the paper pile you are trying to staple is too thick and then you scratch yourself. Staples should be considered and OHS hazard /angry

(Btw, I love how your blog is all about staples :P It’s unique! :D )

Oh! I used to watch my teachers do that too! Ahhh primary school. Those were the days :P ♥

Awwww! Your poor finger! Poor you too. D: That IS really painful! I’ve done that before. Except I wasn’t even stapling anything at the time (this is how stupid I am). I just thought it would be “smart” to press the stapler head down with my fingers. /bash 😳 Who would’ve thought that one tiny prick could cause so much pain and bloodshed. D: How on earth do we handle needles?! D:

:O What silly parents! Everyone knows that it’s better to just tape the pages, or sew them back together! What if you staple something important so you can’t read the beginning of the sentences or whatever anymore?

I don’t understand why people do that. It’s annoying! And then even if you want to turn the pages properly, you have to BEND them and that makes the books look crap /angry Ugly books!

I hope evil staplers don’t give you too much trouble D:

Woo! :)

Haha, Gillian will tell you all about her GPS problems – make sure you got a damn working GPS, for starters! :P

I sort of hate the quiet, especially at night in the dark. Kind of creepy. Though having noises probably makes it worse.

Staples definitely should be an OHS hazard! Grrr.

I know, I really rambled on! Oh well, at least I didn’t really get sidetracked or anything. I didn’t really have anything else to blog about… /um

And we all know what stapler guns can do. 😰

Ugh, it’s majorly annoying. I don’t know why they think stapling the entire edge of the page helps. I have to mark this work, damn it!

Oh well, these are just sheets of paper but it is so frustrating and I cannot flip the page very quickly, and it also hinders the ability for me to mark fast. /angry

Finally, the date wasn’tt canceled, and went ahead. I hope to write a blog about it later in the week 👏

It’s great that we both like blue. I have to say that the outcome of this layout is awesome.

Luckily, I don’t get these comments, but I understand what you are upset, and getting you nervous.

I hope you get it. That’s okay.

I’m glad you into that bar was supposed to be adventure for you. Me too, I love visiting new places and strange :)

Your stapler story is scary. If that it had happened to me, probably I wouldn’t approach a stapler ever. Your fear of staplers is totally understandable .I cannot touch anything metal bearing, so usually don’t use the stapler; always use clips to hold papers. Me too, I’ve a really fear of staples, especially the darkness, being alone, getting lost. Everyone have a fears lesser or greater extent.

Oh noes! Look out for them pornburgers /sweat
*hugg* The Dark! Thazoocute /love

Ouch, poor Wuggs D: That must’ve been nasty at the time. Bang! /sweat

At least the crown turned out fabulous /bounce


LOL this reminds me of your Formspring question. :’)

You know, at work… when I have to lock the toilets, I get scared of the dark and I try to run and do it because I fear someone is following me. :(

It’s worst this time of year because daylight savings means it’s super dark by 6:10pm. 😰

I’ll make you a crown one day… Hohoo.

You really remind me to my friend. She’s really afraid of staples because she accidentally had those metal pins attached to one of her fingers. I also had this accident once too, my forefinger got attached to two metal pins. I didn’t cry, I pulled them out simply but when I saw blood… I cried. So apparently I was afraid of the blood, not the staples. Even though now I’m okay with both of them.

I think you’ve said about this in Skeletons, hehe. And I’ve written about my friend also. XD

Staples, for me, are pretty cool though. I once had this little doll and I was pissed off so I attached so many staples on its body… I’m so mean and do I sound like a psycho? Don’t tell me that I do… :X

My accident wasn’t as bad as yours, but if your accident happened to me, I think I’ll put “Staples” on the top of my “I HATE…” list.

I’m afraid of cats, that’s all. Well maybe cats are cute but seriously, for me they’re scary. I started getting afraid of cats when I was young a cat jumped on my lap and I was like *SHOCKED* I think I got a few scars too and that’s why.

I used to be afraid of small things; I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just ridiculous.

My friends have funnier fears than mine though; someone is afraid of a piece of hair, someone is afraid of polka-dots, someone is afraid of cockroaches, ants, balloons, Hawaiian dancing doll, and so on.

Ahh, talking about fear, are we? :)

Ouch! Staples. Nasty thing. That experience you had with staples was awful. I don’t blame you for developing a phobia for staples because it is completely understandable we fear things that give us bad/nasty/unpleasant experiences. So how long did it take to heal from the staples’ wound?

My own greatest fear is heights. But I can’t remember how I get the acrophobia. It must’ve developed when I was a kid. And I don’t like staples either. Well, to be more specific, the big stapler gun that makes loud noise when you use it. I always thought it could shoot staples through you. O_O And ever since that stupid accident I had with the drinking glass 2 months ago, I’m a bit wary when it comes to handling glass…

I feel like I’m missing something.. *goes back to the top of the post* Huh? You have a fear for… burgers? Like, seriously? /huh

Microwave oven that tells you to enjoy your meal, wow that’s awesome! Most microwaves just give you that ping sound.

I don’t really watch movies in the cinema either unless there are ones that seem worth watching. Apparently I misjudged Clash of the Titans. The trailer fooled me…

Staples, eh? I can see that given your experience. Porn though?? Why do you fear porn?! /heart That made me giggle a little. I think I am subconsciously afraid of the dark, too.

Porn is scary because, from the things I’ve accidentally come across, actions have been so extreme and terrifying.


In graphics at school we had to put all our pictures together with staples, and there was a full queue of people behind me waiting to use the stapler and I couldn’t use it and I kept trying to use it and it WOULD NOT WORK. 10 minutes later someone in the queue got REEEEALLY impatient and came over, opened it up… and it turned out there had been no staples in the stapler. I was like … OHHHH. Yeah the queue of people were like AW MA GAWD KATHRYN YOU IDIOT. XD /hehe

We then put more staples in the stapler, stapled my pictures together, then the queue started to move and we all lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER ✌️ :X What a happy ending to my pointless story (: Just you talking about staples reminded me of it.. so YEAH. ;D

I hate fire… my dad once asked me to put some coal on the fire when our heating bust and I was like, “erm, no.”

Apparently a lot of people are fascinated by fire. Well, yes, I am fascinated by it but I don’t LIKE it. Even in Chemistry my friend goes and lights the splint whilst I do the gas tap, and that’s how we light the Bunsen burner /um

Although my fear of fire really isn’t justified, unlike your staple story *hugs* I can totally understand why you hate staples! They are bitches. I’m not scared of them but I certainly don’t like them /sweat

I don’t mind the dark. *freakchildblushes* /oh

Burgers? That’s an interesting one :P

Rejection… being alone… getting lost… /bash

I used to find it almost magical how staplers managed to ‘glue’ things to the wall. Though I fucking hate stapleguns… they’re horrible. Unless you’re talking about them in your blog? Or just the average stapler?

I used to love making hats and crowns and wearing them. Did you ever used to cut triangles out of it so it really did look like a crown? /hehe :)

You poor thing! *bear hugs* D: That’s horrible. I’m sure that if the same ever happened to me I would hate staples too. I don’t like seeing me or other people bleed, either a lot or barely at all. I don’t mind blood, but… @_@

I hate everything connected with staplers because it’s so easy to hurt yourself with them, especially by accident.

Eh, stupid people…. stapling down the side! I hate that so much. They do that with exams a lot, and when you fold over the page you can’t see some of the question because they’ve stapled too far into the paper… /pow

LOL. /ehe Yus, I erm do tend to babble on about them a bit too much for my own good – MCR that is.

Yeah, Wait For You is from the 2009 album. I must send you it sometime. It’s good stuff. /bounce

I love Falling Down. It’s so catchy and as you say, it’s very different from their usual!

Bahaha. I said MCR was my favourite band for a year or so before I finally got the two songs I was missing off their first album and three other songs of theirs that were on a B-Side. I guess that’s different though. 🙄

I love Nirvana but they don’t come too close to the top of my musical preferences. Maybe just in the top ten, probably :3
I love Smells Like Teen Spirit /faw ♥

Of course you’re clever 💥 I’d never would’ve thought of that. xD


One day I’ll make it over there and we will take sticker photos, ho hum~ 😏 /bounce /eee

Take care! xx

Hahahaaa! I’m sorry that I laughed… but the idea of you opening the staple up to 180 degrees for nooo apparent reason other than visual memory just cracks me up >< I don't like staples… although I don't have a fear of staples themselves, I'm more concerned with who's using a stapler. Or, worse yet, a staple gun! I've just seen too many boys shoot staples from staple guns at each other… its truly awful. Speaking of which, OH SHIT i forgot to staple my assignment together.

Oh well, you gotta admit… it’s funny, and it was dumb. :P

I’ve actually never some across a staple gun but seeing them in the movies, and people just shooting at each other – looks freaking painful.

Sometimes I forget to staple my assignment when I go to university – I don’t like it scratching on my laptop lid and leaving deep marks like it has already – and I’m left with not even a plastic sleeve to put my assignment in. That sort of gets on my nerves.

I’m not afraid of staplers and I’m trying to think of something I don’t like…hmmm, I don’t like the big staplers. More like stapler guns. Those things are really loud.
But yeah if I was young and stapled my fingers together I wouldn’t like them either, at least for awhile. You know I think I was afraid of staplers when I was younger. :)

Ouch. That staple story made me twinge. I have never been attacked by staples before, but my mom has had a similar experience to yours. I am not aware of the entire story; all I know is that my mom stapled her fingers together or something in that nature.

I, myself, am not afraid of staples but actually, they do make me a little nervous when using them. I have more of a fear of diving. Which sucks because I swim, and I have to dive. D: I am just afraid I will become paralyzed when making a mistake.

It just totally gets me mad. :( And if you are not sure how to comment about the blog, simply say: ‘I am not sure how to comment on this blog’. At least attempt to though! :S Something is better than nothing at all.

I don’t ever put my pictures up on Twitter because my mom says not to. XD I only post pictures of myself on my Facebook where all my school friends can only see them. :)

Ohh right! You have told me that before. I just can’t picture going to high school at age 12 or 13. :O I guess if you grew up in it though, it wouldn’t seem weird.

I bet; I am only in 8th grade and I am thinking about my future now! I always think about what college I will go to, what job I will do, who I will marry, ect. It scares me sometimes.

Now I look back and realize though that my childhood went by fast.

I would like to go somewhere in my state (because of this scholarship where if your GPA is high enough, you can go to college for free) , but I want to stay far enough from home where I don’t live there anymore or so I feel like I have my own life. But you know, that is just me. Some people want to stay at home and feel fine close. :)

I would do that too. I like to watch both on television and the computer. Unfortunately, I’m not able to do that at the public library. They restrict certain sites. It’s a good way to catch up on the episodes. You don’t have to buy those television DVD’s. They sure cost a lot. Some store sells them at a reasonable price. You just have to go at the right time.

That’s what I usually do. If I miss an episode, I would read it on Wikipedia. It’s good they have that. You’ll know what happened. Keep you up-to-date on the latest storylines.

Thanks for your input. I didn’t know my background is purpley-orange colors. I see it as brownish-red. I tried to make the colors as close as possible.

I’m glad you told me I can’t validate the comments page. I don’t want to mess it up again. That would be a disaster. Starting all over again.

We have a Korean Dramas or K-Dramas fan group here. They were featured on the local news. They have the television show DVD’s, etc. Some Korean Dramas is good to watch. Other Korean Dramas is boring. It depends on the storylines.

Study break means your suppose to relax and have fun. Not get assignments after assignments. That really sucks. It’s not really a study break.

I used to watched Supernatural. The storyline got stale. I watched seasons 1 and 2. I’ll watch House from time to time. If nothing else is on.

It sucks they have to put a restriction on certain sites. I guess because they don’t want any viruses, trojan horses, anti-spyware, etc. I could understand that. They need to realize that a lot of people can’t put out the money to go to the internet cafe too.

Sorry, I had to break up my comments into two. My first comment was kind of long.

When I use my fingernail, the staple would crack it. I would be, “Oh crap.” I have to cut the rest of the fingernail. It would look off with a crack it in. Yes, I know that sounds really weird. /hehe I remember I had a classmate in elementary school. She would say, “Oh, my nail.” We would laughed at that. :D

Yes, I do understand your frustration. I would flip the bottom of the page to turn it. I would flip the side of the page to turn it. 🤬 Which ever one I feel like doing.

You got to love paper clips. ;)

Yes. ;) 5 more days ’til Chickmas.

Three boobs? She must have her bra custom-made. =)) My parents have loads of Arnold movies, but not the Terminator series…

Yeah, The Cable Guy has Jim Carrey. He’s a great comedian. I still haven’t watched Yes Man.

Your idea of the painting sounds something that I could never think of. It’s too good. xD

Oh yeah, and Leonard finally talked to Summer Glau but then she had to leave, and right after she left, he said, “Hi. I’m Leonard.” to himself. 👏


I, too, have had a bad experience with staples. I was trying to staple a board once, and accidentally stapled my own thumb.
I hate trying to take staples off of packets by pulling on the curved ends with my nails. I just bend the paper and slide it out.
Those little books that are stapled also annoy me. I’d rather use strings and tie them around punched-in holes.

We never know. I just hope to NEVER have that dream again. It was epic, but horrifing. Now off to watch a scary movie. :)

Thank god your father is still living, and didn’t die.

If you dream of online, hopefully they will not be like mine.

Try to dream of Moi!

I won’t get tweets to my phone in a day it was a trail thingy. I sorry you have prepaid. I have unlimited data on my phone. I always use it, unless I have comments to return.

I still don’t get it. Sorry. I fail at whatever we were talking about with the debate.

Sorry, but your friends are crazy. I prefer commenting in a comment boxes.

“Just haven’t had that opportunity, same like me asking why you might not have heard of Armor For Sleep, correct? ”

Wrong! I have thank you madam. I even have a song of theirs on my phone. I learned about them from you forever ago.

oldies i love the same things.We are so alike, eh?

Hey do you know why everyone decided to wear bob marley on 4-20-10? I don’t. I know 420 has something to do with getting high, but I just don’t get why.

Hey I know how you feel about fears and phobias. I for some reason cannot sleep on my right side toward the wall. For some reason it feels some sort of way of suffication. Not good.

So how have ya been? I’ve been good. My dad got almost all the tile and whatever else is underneath the carpet out. He has the kitchen still to do but after that we can start painting. I already know how I’m going to arrange the furniture in my room I can’t wait. Heehee.

I remember one time, I was going to go across the street to see my friend, and told my stepmom that I was and she said ok and as I shut the door somehow my middle finger on my right hand got caught in the door and I didn’t know it until it started throbbing like hella crazy. I took a few steps towards the edge of the walk and looked down and saw my bloody finger and freaked. I ran inside crying up a storm and showed my stepmom, and she was like “quick put it under water” I did and the stinging/throbbing sensation was under control.

WOAH. It must be hard having a phobia on staples. It’s one of the things that I see everyday, what would have happened to my sanity of I was afraid of staples -_- Why are you afraid of burgers? Just curious =))

OUCH THAT HURTS. I can imagine what happened :o Sorry about that. Maybe you’ll get past this phobia since staples are pretty common so you get a chance to face the “fear” every time ;)

Yeah, it’s something I see every day as well; it’s nasty. I feel like every time I have to deal with staples, I want to ask someone to help me out but I don’t want to sound weird!

Burgers just sort of have that creepy look… I saw this guy abuse one by stuffing Krispy Kreme doughnuts into it. :( It looked kind of gross, too. D:

Haha yeah. That’s okay. Maybe I’ll write a new blog tomorrow or Friday, I’m not sure :)

your welcome! Yeah it’s true. There are many people who like blue.

Don’t worry, I have not thought at all. I fully understand your fear of staples, the childhood experience you had, it is normal to be traumatized. It is curious that your brother found a worm in his lunch, had to be a shock for him.

Same thing happens to me I have scared of the dark because I feel that there are monsters out there, because of this I cannot see horror movies.

Haha it’s great that clips. I understand you do not like using them to hold papers.