The Valiant Commentary

So, comments. Some people are scolded for leaving comments on blogs that clearly show that they haven’t read the blog. Even designing blogs, technology blogs, entertainment blogs, have comments enabled which allow you to leave a response to the blog posts. As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a comment is:

1) a commentary;
2) a note explaining, illustrating, or criticizing the meaning of a writing

How is a comment on a blog post saying “nice site” or “nice layout” a commentary on the post at all? So please, try to avoid writing “first comment” when 1) you aren’t entirely sure if you are first because there could be at least one other person other than you also typing a comment when you are, 2) you indicate this uncertainty with a question mark at the end of your comment, 3) the time I posted was obviously a significant time before you encountered the post, keeping in mind that I am about 10+ hours GMT, and 4) you aren’t even going to come back and leave a “proper comment” like you said you were.

Point noted? Yay. :)

I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy but please excuse me; I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory episodes non-stop, and no doubt I will be watching them over and over once I finish watching all the ones I have…

Not to mention I currently am on study break (yes, you heard me, I mentioned the word “study”, so don’t you dare call this a holiday!), so I’m taking a few days off to chill before I start pulling together the two assignments I have to work on, including – yet another – group debate. :P

This time our topic is on “privacy is dead” but we are in the negative. Privacy is not dead in terms of media – why? You have the choice about the information you give out online, there are stated laws for companies not to release your information, and…

If by chance Ryan should read this, I think he might be disappointed that I gave out potential information in regards to our debate that would actually hinder our chances of winning, should the opposing team come across my blog, ergo I should shut up. ;)

Yesterday, Ryan, Vicky and I went to a really old milk bar (The Olympia Milk Bar); perhaps one from around the 1930s.

The outside of the milk bar
The outside of the milk bar
Some empty candy boxes
Some empty candy boxes
Me in the milk bar
Me in the milk bar

It was so creepy before we went in, because the lights were out and no one was in there. It was so spooky and the inside was really run-down, the door broken – Vicky and I were scared. Finally we went in. It was so eerie and quiet. :O It was an interesting experience nonetheless. A good way to occupy ourselves during our break, also by taking sticker photos (hahaha) and just hanging out again. :P

Comments will be done when I can stop watching The Big Bang Theory. /um

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HELLO! It’s okay! I’m dead certain I have first comment because I am just THAT cool (H)

Also, as you can see, I am leaving you a proper comment HERE :D Win.

It just occurred to me that since you are moderating comments, I don’t even have to put ‘first comment!’ any more so no other idiot just goes ‘first comment!’ and then just leaves it here. Hahaha.

Ahhhhh! So lucky! I wish I could watch some of my animes over and over again. I really, REALLY want to watch Special A again (because the girl is SO THICK, she makes me feel better. And because it’s THAT funny) and Code Geass, even though Code Geass makes me CRYYYYY D: But yeah.

Hahaha, the Big Bang Theory sounds kind of funny (judging by the name and the commercials I’ve seen), but I’ve never watched it D: LOL. No time! It’s hard enough catching up on the stuff I could have been doing while watching SYTYCD D: Bad me XD

Hehehe! Yay for your study break :D :D Mine is finishing tomorrow and I am so sad /wah Oh well, at least I got one :D

Oh wow. Another group debate :O Wow. That was quick. Let me know if you need points :P I’ll try and think of some. Hahahahaha! Although I don’t think we mentioned privacy much in my law tutes apart from when we were discussing human rights and government privilege. It’s funny, I can only give you the pompous law perspective /um

Privacy IS kind of dead :P Which sucks. BUT THERE ARE WAYS OF GETTING AROUND THAT! RAWR!

Yes! I saw that milk bar on your plog. It looks very awesomely retro :D I want to go there now. Even if it IS a little creepy :P

No one would be sure whether they get first comment or not. Sigh! Yet they still are idiotic loons; I had a stupid bitch (I really don’t care if she sees this; she put down a fucking fake email anyway) comment “second comment” only about an hour ago… imbecile.

Haha you are forgiven. Speaking of catching up, watching The Big Bang Theory a lot has left me with a lot of comments to catch up on.

Yep, and you got some work done too. :D I’m sure I’ll get some work done. ;)

Oh wait, that could help though! I’ll need a few references to laws regarding privacy. *nods*

I have to argue it’s not dead. Which it isn’t! [Will give you more points when we chat.]

I remember when I first started out blogging years ago I use to go around the people’s site saying ‘nice site’ or ‘nice layout’ but honestly I really did mean what I was saying but also I wanted them to visit my site in return. I’ve sort of learned my lesson now though XD

I’ve seen a couple of previews to The Big Bang theory and said ‘Oh, I’m going to watch that tonight’ and never did. I do that to a lot of shows actually unless they’re one of my favorites.

That place really does look creepy. I know for a fact I was have been terrified. My mom being a history major loves that kind of stuff and me unfortunately being her child, she often drags us along on her ventures.

I don’t think i responded to you back and i am really sorry (it was a while ago). Anyway i’ll start fresh and new haha, So yay:) Gosh i hate when people say first comment, waste of a comment lol. You probably get it a lot because you have so many visitors and comments. I think people just like to do it so that other sites will see their site first and go to their site, like a form of advertising themselves. lol And One worded comments are the same, people want to advertise themselves to the world.

And that place looks scary, i hate places that are like closed and abandon but the history of the place must be amazing:)

OMG, I love this theme! The cupcakes look really yummy. :3

Eugh, that is one thing that really annoys me. When people post comments like “Hey nice layout, fancy checking out mine and telling me what you think??” it really ticks me off because they can’t make it any more obvious that they haven’t read the blog!

The Big Bang Theory is so good! I remember the first time I watched it, I was with my dad and I kept saying “I won’t like this it looks rubbish!” then I did watch it and I couldn’t stop laughing! :P

That’s actually quite a good topic to be doing a group debate on! Man, I wish we did debates and stuff at school. :(

The milk bar does look pretty creepy! D:

Yeah, Build-A-Bear Workshop is pretty expensive, but the bear I got was reasonably cheap! They’re usually about £15 but that one was only £9. I think it was cheap because it was meant to be for St. Patricks day, which was a few weeks ago!

When I went in no one was even there, so I did all that coursework in a rush for nothing. Grrrr.

Ah, well I’m glad something’s been done about it! If they ignore your tutor I’m sure something bad’ll go down!

I wish I got more free texts in my plan! I get 300 but the last few months I’ve ran out within 3 weeks of getting them! I need unlimited or something like most of my friends…

Ugh, that sucks about all those things going wrong with a Dell! I have a Toshiba now, and my laptops pretty rubbish, but the shop we got it from was quite unreliable. I used to have an Acer and it broke after a few months. D:

I will fo’sure avoid saying ‘2ND COMMENT’ crap, so you can count on me, Georgina. ;D

The Big Bang Theory! I’ve heard of that, it’s apparently funny. According to my friend. I might watch it, I like funny stuff. But I doubt I will watch it because I’m watching Asian dramas. A lot. Haha.

Good luck with your assigments! Be sure to relax and sleep well! :)

LOL. That paragraph made me laugh. I’m sure Ryan is Reading that and thinking, “UMM. Georgina SHUT UP.” Haha. :) Im sure you will win! Ah go go go~

Ah. That place does look scary. I don’t really go in places like that. I only go to modern places Where loads of people are around haha. I get scared easily you see. Haha. :D

Thanks for the questions! ;) I’ll answer them in my next blog. :D

Love you! Take care. <3

Big Bang Theoryyy. I used to love that show.
Well I still do but I don’t really watch it much anymore. I love Sheridon though, he’s hilarious. Well all of them are really.
Sorry, i’m going to sound really silly but what’s a milk bbar? Don’t think i’ve ever heard of one. :s lol. I’m sure I will be enlighted soon.

Debate group, eish. I couldn’t be anything like that, I have zero confidence, debating just wouldn’t work for me. Privacy is pretty much dead, yeah there are laws protecting people, but something always seems to leak out. :D Kudos to your new layout, your cupcakes look scrummy. Please send me one :D :P THANKS.

I agree with people leaving pointless comments, such as nice site, if you really wanna write that do it in a tagboard, not after a whole blog someone has spent time to write and you just dismiss it with one sentence. Sorry i’m waffling on taking up space haha. Oh yeah, I dont mind you being critical on my story, it would help me improve but thanks for the compliment.

Hi there, Georgina! I am sorry about not commenting in like a month. :P I was on hiatus and stuff, and I didn’t return comments. Obviously, I have no idea what we were talking about, so I guess we can start fresh. XD

I love your new layout! ;)

It is really annoying when people leave comments that have nothing to do with your blog. Or you tell a story and they are just like “that sucks” or “cool”. -_- I also get mad when I leave a long, thoughtful comment on someone’s blog and they reply back with one or two sentences. :S Like…what the heck.

Privacy sometimes feels dead to me. At least my family has the brains to give me all the privacy I need. (: Fame, however, takes privacy away.

Wow. That place looks eerie and unwelcoming. Is it abandoned or is it still in operation?

I guess you could regret it…Especially if you log in one day and find over 100 notifications. That only happened once to me. xD

Ouch. I sprained my ankle by accidentally standing on a tennis ball, and then I sort of twisted it and limped for the whole day.

You’re welcome.

Same here. I have a fear of being stuck in a place that I don’t know.

One time I was watching an episode when Raj drank non-alcoholic beer and got drunk anyway. =)) Then he found out that he wasn’t actually drunk and froze up while talking to Summer Glau. Y’know, since he’s afraid of women when he’s sober.


It kind of annoys me when people just stop by, just saying “i love your layout.” It’s like they don’t care about anything else on the site…like the blog that on the homepage.
I don’t really mind if someone shouts “FIRST COMMENT” if they’re actually first, as long as they comment on my blog after that.

Good luck with the debate.

Privacy is the reason why I never want to go into showbiz. =))

There were milk bars? I feel so young and uninformed now.
That place does look creepy, though. There could be ghosts of dead…milk drinkers lurking there… xD

I never once posted, first comment thingy! At least I don’t ever recall it seeing as everyone posts before me. I don’t see the point in it really. I prefer to leave an actual comment so I don’t waste the fraction of time.

Your layout is a bit bright, but it is still pretty. I love it.

Big Bang Theroy, eh? That is a good show, funny and all.

Ohm… I am on the opposing team sugar. Good job! I knoow! Ha!

No I am kidding, I ain’t there to be there. :)

Don’t allow Ryan to find out.

An old milk bar eh? I wish those were still around. Those were the days. I sure do miss them. mmmmm!

Sorry it took so long to reply back. I’ve been busy with projects. O_O

Sorry to hear about the comments. I can see where you come from. The worst is when people ask how’s life, AFTER I spent time writing about my day. How inconsiderate. If you don’t have anything to say you should not comment. Sometimes I feel like hitting someone on the head. /bash

OMG!! XD BIG BANG THEORY! /few I love that show! It is so amazing! :D Sheldon is my favourite! He is so funny! I wish I had it on my iPod so I can watch it when I’m done me assignments in computers. /hehe I would work on my website but my classmates are really nosy. /hmph (I don’t know how to spell it.)

That place looks scary as my brother would say. :) But it has a vintage/retro feel to it. I love vintage things! /love

Sneaking on the computers is so easy. The teacher knows that I love computers and that but he doesn’t realize that the blocking isn’t the best system so I can get on to Twitter and so on from school. (H)

The weather is getting nicer so I am spending lunches outside on my iPod stealing the internet from the neighbourhood. Either the people are dumb or the installers are done because none and I mean none are locked so it is really easy to get Wi-Fi.

Ah my to-do list is getting shorter slowly than I expected. I had a few projects and tests come up. So they have out me behind. /wah

From viewing comments on the last blog, it is ridiculous at the amount of people who did go for first comment. :/

Ehhhh I went for first + second ’cause you asked me to… as a general rule I never bother otherwise because I always get beaten and also because, like you have, put your comments in moderation – meaning that I shall make a fool of myself. (Y)

Atm I think you’re 9 hours ahead of me… I’m not sure. /um I’ll check when I post this and see what the comment time is.

Point noted. (I keep on wanting to type ‘/nad’ but I’m not on MSN, sigh).

Laziness is excused! I don’t think anyone expects you to work on your site 24/7… and if they do expect updates and comment returning at speed from you, I shall set Steve on them. (Damn! There I go with my /nad)…

Anytime you need Steve… call me. /pow

Unlike you, I am on a holiday (that is fast coming to an end! D: School again on Tuesday).

You have more assignments? I hope you don’t need too much pushing on those, because I’ve used up my best threats. :P I’ll have to invent some more if that is indeed the case~

Your debate sounds interesting! Personally I like debates but I don’t like speaking in them, aha.
Wow! That milk bar looks freakin’ awesome. Very cool. I find old things immensely awesome, just because they’re old and have that feeling to them.

That does sound creepy, with the lights all out. You think it would be a bit more inviting, eh.
I still have an insane jealousy for your sticker machines. *cries* /wah Why can’t we have them here?

I swear, the UK is lacking some essential elements… a big range of foreign food and sticker photo machines. :(

Whew, lots of comments from you. *hugs* I’ll start with your blog comment.

Thanks! /eee I’ve missed blogging… it’s so nice to know that when I post this you know longer have to reply using the plugin.
I really appreciate your comment, especially due to your Big Bang Theory apparent addiction. xD

Danke, once again! Ah yes, I love green/blue/teal… it just seems to go with everything. I was going to replace the purple with pink but I’m glad I didn’t /sweat

The Thriller video is very cool. I admit I wasn’t a big MJ fan but I liked most of his music and as you say, he will live on. ♥


I’d hate to have pneumonia. :( It sounds horrible.

Likewise – I do like Pluto very much. :)
Don’t worry! I was out when you were writing it /um I was shopping, heh.

I think I’ll be able to cope with the comments; at least, I will definitely try! And, of course, I am still going to prioritise but I don’t intend on closing for a longggg time, even though my end-of-years are coming up.

Zombies are pretty cool. ;D Especially intelligent ones. 🙄

(Comment on World Domination Plans)
Yeah… I’d love to have a hovercraft. They’re amazingly spectacular, as far as I’m concerned.

(Comment on The Innocent Cat)
Totally. There is absolutely no human anatomy in it at all /hmph

(Comment on Losers on Twitter)
Fixed the typo you mentioned (Y) And… over-tweeting with BS is slightly annoying.

Sorry for the random ending but I wanted you to know that I hadn’t forgotten about your comments /bounce

Take care! xx

“know” should be “now”. Dayum. One day I shall write a comment with no typos.

And I think you are nine hours ahead :3

I agree, If people are going to comment – make it pertaining to the post atleast a little bit!!!

You are making me even more eager to download Big Bang Theory, lol.

Oooh old milk shop?? That is cool! It’s always interesting and a lot of times creepy to check out old places like that!

Have a great weekend =)

ahaa, I haven’t replied in a while. ..barely went online!

Yes, I did quite well on my speech (Y)
Good to know !!!!!! XD

Haha, enjoy the study break! It should definitely be a “holiday”, or else you’re going to be so busy you are NEVER going to get a holiday! [basically]

♥ ~Miranda!

Ah I hate it when people do that to you when they say First comment? proper comment one coming soon. And don’t leave one after that. What nutcases!

Anyway, leave comments when you can. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon so you have all the time in the world to leave a comment.

Yeah they should’ve just kept to the original. If they were going to re-do the song and make it their own they could’ve at least left a little bit of the original in it. And not re-do it entirely. Ya know? The original one is much better. But than again it’s Elvis how can it not be better? The one where Celine Dion sings with Elvis Presley, is the one they had a few years ago when Jordin Sparks was on there, and Elliot Yamin was on. But yeah that was idol gives back. Also, Meatloaf was on there to promote his new song (well; rather old song by Celine Dion) “It’s all coming back to me now” with Katherin Mcphee, he was on there but I missed it ><. Dummy me. But I got to watch it on youtube though so that made my day.

Any who, I'm glad you're on a study break and get to hang out with your friends and what not. I hope Ryan doesn't get mad at the fact you told us what was going on with the debate. He shouldn't it's your blog, hopefully you guys will win and not lose. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys.

As for the moving bit, my dad just got $100+.00 for the cans he brought to the recyling center, so he said that should be enough for some paint. He's going to be bringing samples home and get this new paint that you only have to paint one time. And that's it. How cool is that? I'm going with a Disney color, called Mickey Sailor it's a light blue. And later I might wallpaper the bottom half of my room. I dunno not too sure about that. I was asking my dad would light purple be okay to paint my room and he said that it'd be hard to match things with purple so stick with the blue if I were painting my room. I'm also going to get those stars.

Yeah Kya had another hosting domain a long time ago where if you purchased hosting from her you get a free domain. She kept some of her friends on there, but left me out in the cold so I was forced to move and get a different domain. This is probably my 10th domain to own to date. I dunno just guessing there.

But yeah Georgie, good luck on your assignments and that place does look creepy. Heehee. Oh well. At least you finally got enough courage to go inside.

Wow, it’s exciting to read your blog and be one of the first people to have seen it :D

Wow, I love your new layout! That cupcake looks delicious and I love the font for your site name.

OMG. Big Bang Theory FTW! I love that show so much. I started watching at the second season, and now it’s a family event to watch altogether XD My brother got the first season DVD and we had a “Big Bang to Bring in the New Year” party on New Year’s Eve and just watched a bunch hehe Who’s your favorite character?

I really like that picture; there aren’t many really old buildings in my town. I wonder what the place was like when it was popular…

Oh yeah, to reply to your comment on my blog from long ago, I really like your poetry too! It definitely is more abstract, but I wish I could write abstract poetry well. And yeah, it’s so hard to edit poetry. Like editing gets rid of the original emotion sometimes.

First of all, I thought I would just pop by to thank you so much for hosting me (once again)! And now on to your blog. I personally don’t mind if people just comment saying “Nice site”, “Cool layout”, or whatever it is they say because in my sites, I don’t have anywhere else for them to really comment, and I don’t expect them to drop me an e-mail if they want to mention it. Plus, you do have to admit, it’s a HUGE ego boost, haha. I guess it varies from person to person. When I go to post on other blogs, I do generally tend to read the blogs and then comment on them, because, well, I am definitely nice like that. /hehe

The ice cream shop. Dude, I give you SO much kudos for having such courage to go in there. I mean, it definitely would have helped having a friend with you, but still, in that downright creepy place? Jeesh. Takes a lot of skill, I’m thinking.

Big Bang Theory? I’ve been thinking of starting that series, though I haven’t gotten around to it. I would be stupid if I asked you if it was any good, because you obviously do think so. /hehe I should really check it out, all these people are recommending it to me, so it definitely isn’t going unnoticed. :D

I was honestly wondering if everyone was going to just start going AHHHHH FIRST COMMENT since you started moderating comments. Haha. It was bound to become a bit frustrating soon, I thought. You get so many comments. Perhaps one day you will reveal your secret as to where you found all these commenters. Mwahaha.


I really need to start watching the Big Bang Theory. I feel like I already said that. I think I did, but I was delirious at the time. Anyway, I really need to start watching it because everyone keeps telling me that it’s awesome.

I love pictures of old buildings! Okay, deja vu here. Did I say all this at your photo blog or something? I think I did but I was out of it.

I’m glad you had a nice time! Sometimes creepy eerie places are super fun to visit because of all the suspense! Ooh! Now I want to go to an old building and go wandering around!

I really understand how it feels when you get an irrelevant comment (I wouldn’t call it a comment, I’d call it a piece of junkie words XD) .

Now that I think about it, I guess I’m actually glad that I didn’t participate with the whole “first-comment” thing. Because you can’t ever know if someone else are actually posting “first comment” while you are doing it too. I hoped that made some sort of sense. :P

But I’m sure though, if anyone tried to participate the “first-comment” competition on my site, they might (BIG possibility) win. Seriously, if you know what I mean. 🤫

Wow, lucky that you got a break from studying. I know a holiday and study break aren’t exactly the same thing (sort of, I guess?), but either way, mine is about to end. I start school again tomorrow… *shrieks of fear*

Wow, the topic debate; “Privacy is not dead”, kinda interests me because I’d really like to know about it. So, be sure to tell how it all went when the debate is over. ;) XD /ehe

Aaah… judging by the picture of the milk bar shop, it does look kinda scary and haunted or something. Even though if the shop is from the 1930s, the shop owner could at least get the door fixed, paint the whole shop and get the lights fixed as well – if it was broken as I see no reason to turn it off – otherwise turn it on. No one was there? Even the shopkeeper? Before they know it, someone might steal all their stuffs. /end rant.

I just learned two new words today from your blog: ergo and eerie. I feel like a total sore loser for not knowing those words. Your blog is always filled with rarely-used vocabularies. (This is really major since my english teacher told me to increase my vocabularies)

I know how you feel. /argh 1) People would just return my comments. 2) They leave a comment that doesn’t have to do with my blog. 3) The spam bots pays a visit. I wouldn’t approve any comments post that says “nice site” or “nice layout.” I would just delete them. That’s what I do.

Hope you having fun watching The Big Bang Theory episodes non-stop. I can’t do that. Sometimes I get sick of watching the same episodes over and over again. I’ll watch it from time to time. Not all the time like I used to.

It’s okay to take a few days off. Everyone needs to every now and then. Sometimes it’s good to get away from everything. Clear your mind. Good luck on your group debate.

It depends what kind of information. You should be careful what you post on your blog. Also, the information you give out too. I like to keep my offline and online seperate. I have a Facebook just for my offline friends only. I have my site for my online friends only.

Wow. That old milk bar does look like from the 1930’s. It must of been creepy and spooky.

Wow, that shop you took a picture of looks abandoned and really out of place. Were they having renovations or were they going out of business? :o

And I think that commenting nowadays has become a sophisticated ninja of fake flattery. Especially if it’s short and sweet and ineffectual. They’re dropping their link much like a plugboard, but are trying to remain relevant and so they put it on your front page. Oh, I’m bitter and onto them — it’s why I’ve disabled commenting altogether on my website! lol :B
I will say, without the slightest hint of irony, that I do like your site. I came here ’cause I was lured by the fact that you actually did site reviews, which is something I’m trying to do as well. I’m glad to see someone’s still trying to do something of that nature!

You know, that is actually really different that you’ve disabled commenting on your own blog. Suppose I’ll have to respond to your comment here. A while back, I used to have a tagboard and that was the spot where people would say “nice site!” and other “pluggy” sort of comments. I preferred people comment on my blog and read it too. :P

As for the milk bar, it’s actually still open but run by this old man who must have been there for years and years. My friend found a blog in relation to the place and surprisingly quite a few people still visit it.

Thank you for your comment on my site! :) I still am very behind with my reviews, as I’ve got a fair few in queue. I used to get my site reviewed at many places but I’d rather do them than receive them.

I read up on your blog a bit and I’m sorry to say that I’m not very familiar with Lightbox, so I cannot help you.

About the photos, though, my parents spotted a photo I posted of myself on the internet when I was 13. They got mad and told me to remove it. Now I’m over 18 so I don’t really care; I have a choice now, but of course I’m not showing anything inappropriate.

Nice site

Was the milk good at the milk bar? /frog
Privacy is kind of dead D: like when the reporter tries to force his way into the guy’s face and all that /sweat

Should be a pretty good debate. ::

Brb, pancakes /bounce


Ahaha you, you. I didn’t want to have any milk/milkshake because I was so creeped out. I kind of regret it now. /um

It’s not dead, tehee. You can make Twitter private. You can change information. You can lie or not even put a picture up. There is choice. ;)

Hey, where’s my pancakes? :P

I will never ever be first comment on your site. Haha but I think it’s pointless and mean to just put first comment and then just ditch the site and not even read the blog.

It’s annoying how some people just comment on how nice your blog looks, or even worse, they advertise their own site. That pisses me off a lot /angry

I totally understand on the whole tv show addiction thing. I’ve been there before many-a-times. It’s awesome.

Your debate topic sounds really cool. It sucks how you can’t really give out information on it. But I hope you guys do a great job on it though :D

I love places that’s been there for a gajillion years. But I’ll always have doubts of even going inside the place. Haha you never know why it’s still there and abandoned XD

You hypocrite Georgie! I know for a fact you’ll be watching The Big Bang Theory during your…. week of study ;D However I will refrain from calling it… the other word…

I don’t know if you’ll read this by tonight (Sunday night :P) because you probably have more of a life than me, lol. I’m spending the rest of the day online. If you have digital tv, the Big Bang Theory is on tonight on the GO channel at 7.40 (double episode = must watch) I’m hyping myself up to it :)

That’s a pretty creepy milkbar! It looks so… dodgy. Like some creepy stalker with a knife is about to jump out from behind the counter. Still, I’d love to go to a milkbar, so I’ll have to fend off the stalkers *ninja*

Yay, another debate. Privacy kind of is dead… But I suppose that depends whether you have stalkers. And the talent of those stalkers.

Somehow, I’ve never been in on the whole first comment thing. POSSIBLY because you have an incredibly knack at posting at 11:59pm (that takes skill, girl!) when I’m asleep *cough* Or lying awake thinking I should be spending my time better ;D

Your threatening email was epic. The scariest thing was the notion of Wolowitz with his eyepatch *cry* “Where do you get these tactics from?” “Err… psychology journals?”

My family is old fashioned too :P We use street directories (ones that are falling apart from so much use!)

I’ve been keeping Heartdrops open in another tab recently… and browsing aimlessly around it just to drink in the beautiful layout. I can’t stop looking at it! Lol :D

I’m rambling, so I’ll shut up :) Let me know if you watch the Big Bang Theory tonight.

OMG no way girl. Firstly, I could not ignore your comment when you mentioned The Big Bang Theory, and yes, I do have a life but most of it is spent on the computer.

I don’t have digital television (damn it), my family is ancient. I’ll probably eventually get my brother to download the episodes I’m missing… but I guess I could watch it on channel 9 tomorrow. :P

Whatever, don’t get me on a roll, I’m insane! And that’s why I had to reply. I’m finishing off season two right now. XD (Although I have some episodes missing; I’m going to cry… :P )

It was a creepy milkbar; we thought no one was in there and it was just open, but a man came out when we walked in. :)

Yeah, we have super good points as to why privacy is not dead. ;)

LOL okay, admittedly, I posted this a little after midnight but I wanted it to be on the previous day. So, viola, Georgina’s your idiot. ;)

I am glad you received the email! :D Muahaha.

Hehe, thank you, I’m glad you like the layout. Take care, for I am going to watch the episode The Maternal Capacitance. /bounce

Have a good day/afternoon/night! ♥

The Maternal Capacitance! Awesome episode. Sheldon and Leonard’s mother… :P

Yes, I also have a life, most of which is spent online or doing something equally geeky /bounce

One of these days I’m going to drag you over here to share my TV :) Lol jokes, that could lead to awkward questions. “Hey Mum, I just met this person online and invited them here to watch the Big Bang Theory. You’re cool with that, right?” ;D

I like the new layout! (sorry if I am a little delayed XD I’ve been lazy on the internet lately :P)

Yeyyy I love icon tutorials ^_^ It’s always interesting to see how other people create icons, and It’s good for picking up new techniques. :)

I agree with you (Y) I hate not seeing prices on items. Usually I don’t even bother asking let alone buy it because I feel cheated in a way, as it’s possible for the owner to rip me off or raise the price higher than usual if I happen to ask them “how much is this”. This of course cannot be avoided in places like China -_-”

Did you see the BMX or motorcycle performance thing? They did flips on ramps etc, and it seriously freaked me and my friend out O_O The robo performance was a disaster in my opinion, my friends and I left half way because it was so dodgy XD

I don’t think I’ll go to the Easter show for a long time though. I didn’t particularly enjoy it this year :(

You have to admit, apart from it being annoying it’s quite funny to have someone say “first comment” when clearly they’re the 20th commentor XD

WOOOO! You have been sucked into watching The Big Bang Theory!! ‘Tis very funny no? :) My favourite character would have to be Sheldon, even though he would be the most annoying if his character were to exist in real life :P Apparently the guy that plays Sheldon is 37 O__O He does not look anywhere near 37 to me!

heheh, the milk bar does look a little..haunted! Do you just have milkshakes and hamburgers and whatnot at milkbars? I’m curious. Maybe I should watch some old movies again to refresh my memory XD

Cute, I like the new cupcake theme. It’s so pretty. ♥

I have so gotta watch the Big Bang Theory again. I only remember the episode where, Sheldon I think? His hot sister came and guys fought over her.

Gah, that ice-cream shop looks so beyond vintage. It’s like it came out of a Western film. Was the ice-cream even nice there?

Good luck on your study break, let’s hope you don’t procrasinate. (Y)

P.S. Sorry about the first comment thing. I was curious if anyone had beaten Lily to the first post. Obviously that’s never going to happen because she’s just like a ninja. She’ll always be there first. @_@

Thanks :) I’d need all the support I could get.

A lot happens in my usual school days but by the time I get home at night I kind of forget to blog about it and write about somethings else.

My plan for the holidays was work first then relax. Unfortunately it was the other way around! Which I suppose isn’t top bad.

Wow! I want a microwave that says that!! That would be so awesome :D

I know what you mean about the “first comment” thing. People never do it on my website but it must annoy you. Especially when they are like 10th or more.

The “nice site” comments are just as bad. Why do people do that?! I’m glad people like my website but I would rather them expand on that. I would rather them say a specific part they like or even just why they like it. “Nice site” says to me that they haven’t bothered to even look at my website.

Oooo a milk bar! I’ve never seen or heard of one of those in my life!! But they certainly look cool places.

I hate the first comments on your site. They piss me off. Just as Jorja said a lot of people got a first comment on your last blog and they didn’t even returned! /pow I admit did that too, but at least I got a first comment and left a proper comment. But I’m still angry on myself. I hope I didn’t pissed you off. :(

I’ve never heard of that show, so that’s why I skipped that part in your last blog. I hope that you don’t mind. But what it’s the show about? If it’s that interesting I could watch a few episodes online.

Good luck with the assignments and the debate. You have a very interesting topic to work on. :)

The milk bar looks cool. :P Hahahah. It’s looks really dirty. I would go inside in it. It would be a good adventure. I love adventures. :D

Hmm. It looks yummy too! Okay, I won’t make you hungry. It made me hungry in the middle of the night too. XD

They are not ugly. But if that’s your opinion than I accept it. :)

I will, I’ve never tried sea food either. /um I know that my mom likes sea food, but she has never bought sea food. Maybe we will go to a Japanese restaurant some day.

Oooh. I wish you luck! :)

That’s weird. But now you have a new one so it doesn’t really matter.

I saw that. Hahahah. And I’m commenting on it right now. I mean I won’t be commenting when you read this comment. I know, I’m silly. :P

True true! I agree with you. So I guess I’m a good thing. :P

Yeah :)
Thanks Georgina! I know. So far he hasn’t canceled, so finally the date goes ahead 👏

You’re right,being organised is a good skill, not everyone has. I hope you’ll finally get it. I’ll read your article.

your welcome! I’m glad you’ve decided to use blue for your design, since it is one of my favorite colors.

That’s okay :)

I like your views on the comments and I must say you’re right. I really understand how it feels when you get an irrelevant comment, that is really irritating :(

Enjoy your study break, sometimes it’s good to take a couple of days off from study to relax a little :)

Good luck with the group debate! The topic sounds interesting.

I really the old milk bar seems creepy, I’m glad that at least enter that bar was an interesting experience.

Oh, that sounds like a terrific plugin. :) I don’t go back to sites to see if they commented me back on there, if they wish to actually talk to me they would take the time to come back to my site, like I take the time to go to their site, rather than take the easy way out. It just annoys me. I hate tagboards too, because if they don’t have a comment system, you have to split you message and send it to them, just so they will reply within that box.

You never heard of Cherokee? I wanted to learn it forever, and now the site has an online class, so maybe I will progress. You should join it with me, so I am not all alone in this big internet who learning about Cherokee. Or you can learn it from my site, if you wish. :) I am kidding, you can if you want.

Ag is Agriculture.

I love how we all don’t buy brands! I know some who blog who do, but I probably hurt their feeling by posting that blog, but oh well. They need some skin, if they can’t take my not-so criticism.

*cries* I am sorry, I didn’t listen to him, I am so sorry. I still prefer Joplin, but I could live with his music. (Marley.

Glad you are over the water machine, (hopefully).

That is not all the bands I like, but the music I like is like from the 90’s and hair bands.

I like Evanescence, too.

Aha yes. I always am reminded of you when I play AFS or GLAC. /um

Yes! I also like that about Atreyu; they have a bit of variety. /bounce Like ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Wait For You’ (not sure if you’ve heard the latter but it involves piano and is kinda a ballad~).

Linkin Park have never been my favourite band (and I have gone through a few). I never had enough songs to make that claim and it would have looked stupid…

I know what you mean about phases dying… I once didn’t listen to MCR for three months because I was ‘bored’ of their music. /bash I don’t listen to them everyday without fail, of course, but still… big gap.

I know what you mean about Hinder. They do sound whiny, actually, baha. And it’s knd of boring because I swear ALL their songs somehow have alcohol mentioned in there somewhere; either the guy is drunk or has drunk or was drunk or something else to do with alcohol.

I hope you can go to the 30STM concert! They’re good. Especially as you missed Anberlin :(

Is that why you approved Lilian’s comment before anyone else’s? So that people would see first comment was taken? Clever move if you did (Y)

I used to do it on Vicky’s too, and did the same as you – wrote a decent comment. Not just ‘first comment’. I mainly only got first when you weren’t online though, lmfao. /ehe

I don’t tend to return comments in order either.

Yay, I’m not alone! ✌️

Good luck with those assignments then, heh. :)

LOL, agreed… I can be such a bitchy arguer too. xD

We do. :( I remember we once talked about you taking a sticker machine… xD

Good to hear! /oh
Hm, yeah; that’s what I thought~
I always loved “Smooth Criminal” by MJ. :D

Yer, I’ll do your comments ahahaa~ xD

Take care (over and out)! xx

Hi sorry about that yesterday i forgot u have to accept them first, mine u dont have too.. good luck with your two assignments i hate debates i always lose lol.

:) We were talking about the ‘First Comment’ thing the other day, remember? ;)
I get what you mean about Nice layout I suppose it is a comment however wouldn’t be relevant to that certain post. Your layout IS nice by the way. Haha /hehe

Study Leave. :X I wish we had that they stopped it this year, the year the I finally get into the final year, /ehh they always do stuff like that to my year. =/

I love the big bang theory; my brother always watches it. 🙄

That place looks scary in the picture /faw

Michael 😏

that’s a good point (Y) I hate irrelevant comments! I don’t mind out comments back and forth since we always seem to comment on the current blog with the past things we were talking about. (It’s been so long, I’ve been lazy :| sorry! )

Study week, cool! (kidding lol) Good luck with your assignments! I’m sure you’ll do well :) . I can’t wait to start school again- college in Sept.- but I’m not looking forward to alllll the work; especially when I’m going into a health field :|

Oh wow, that is creepy looking! it would be interesting to go in and look around, even more so since it doesn’t seem to be updated in anyway so every things the same as it was back then.

ps. could you please click on the image in my blog and vote for me! (if you think I deserve it)

I have never really understood the whole “first comment” thing, anyways.. like, does the person who got the first comment want a cookie or something? I mean, it’s not like you’re giving out awards for it XD Lmao

I’ve watched The Big Bang theory a few times, and I have to admit… that show is pretty hilarious! I just never catch it on t.v -sigh-

Aw, good luck with the two assignments you have! And the debate as well… I think you’ll do great on it (Y) /eee

You’re right, that store does seem pretty creepy 😰 Although a little interesting aha.

I hate, hate, HATE when people leave comments like that. I mean it’s fine to leave that if your blog is very popular, and then you go right back and leave a comment on the blog, well okay maybe it isn’t 100 percent alright to do that but… yeah. It really irritates me also. And then I feel the need to return their comment even though they did that, which I know I shouldn’t but I feel guilty.

I never heard of the Big Bang Theory, maybe it’s an Australia thing? :P

The debate sounds fun! I love doing debates when it’s about a good debate worthy topic. Good luck!

Ah, that place looks creepy. I would probably never let my friends drag me into it!

Have a great day!

I think your post encouraged readers to write massive long comments. Look at all the comments above, they are long :P

Comments are actually pretty cool now. I remember back in the days when I first started blogged, no one would EVER comment properly. Well sometimes you’ll get 1 or 2 people that will actually read the blog entry and write a good comment. Most of the time they were “nice layout” comments! 90% of comments were about 4 words long and no one ever returned comments. It was really hard to make friends and hope to get to know your readers.

It’s so different now though. Still some short comments but generally people do write a decent comment and return comments too. I actually hated blogging before because I never had regular readers or made any proper friends. So I think it’s a big big improvement compare to 5-7 years ago.

So a milk bar is a place where you eat milk related things like ice-cream? That shop looks creepy. You & your friends are well brave! I think I’ll be too scared to even walk near it, let alone step inside.

Haha, I love how you looked up the definition of comment. Well obviously there are always going to be those annoying people who don’t actually care about anything other than getting comments :(

But ah well, screw them..they don’t deserve any comments back! Lol, people always do that on Vicky’s blog. (The first comment thing) Is that what you’re referring to? :P

I LOVE big bang theory! But I didn’t watch the last season at all. I should get into it.

I’m on a study break too! I mean it’s technically our spring break but I have SO much studying to do that I don’t consider it as a real break.

What’s a milk bar? I’ve never heard of that haha. So there used to be ice cream and stuff? Sounds so cute. Even though now it looks so run down and creepy, hahaha C:

This layout is really clean and pretty bahaha. :)
Hopefully you won’t get as much as those useless so-called comments from now on, since you wrote that blog post. :S

Whoo, study break. I love breaks, it gives me time to reorganize some stuff, clean the house a bit and get myself together. :P

Good luck on both of your assignments. /bounce

Oh my gosh, creepy milk bar. I don’t like going to places where it’s all abandoned and dark. 😰

I wonder what happened with that milk bar.

Hehe thank you! :) Oh yeah, and don’t forget to tell me when that new site of yours is up. ;)

It looks like I’m going to have to reorganise myself; I have so much out of place, and my work is all over the place.

Thank you!

It was a scary spot indeed, but I guess it’s just because it’s really old and not taken care of too often so it gives off that spooky vibe. O_O

Hey! ♥

Yeah, I am definitely okay. :) I was just really lazy lately and didn’t reply to comments and stuff.. I try to pretent I am studying and so I am “busy” and don’t “have” to blog. ;) But yeah.. there is a new blog post up now. xD

When I graduated from year 10 they changed the law too so that the pupil had to take final exams in German, English & Math – we were able to chose between German & English back then. And during those three last years they changed the law for my type of school like twice or something?! The teacher/coordinator that does all the schedules and the organization stuff for the final exams has to look into three different rule books when he’s talking to the pupil in year 11, 12 and us in year 13. It’s insane!

LOL yeah me too! Nobody needs to see me on a bad looking picture.. I am even hiding a picture of myself were I am like IDK 8 or something because I am missing two teeth in the upper row and it’s not like in the back or something.. no! Right in front for everyone to see. xD

Yeah.. I guess we’ll have to see what the shops around here have to offer next month when we’ll go prom dress shopping.. I just really hope I find a nice dress.. problem probably won’t be finding a nice dress but finding it in my size.

I am not even sure if those people in my year have a Facebook account or not. xD I’ll probably just ask my friend at the end of this month when all the big final exams are over and she’s stressfree when we can get the photos etc…

We do that too! I remember when I was taking pictures at that bad taste party I blogged about everyone I had a picture of asked me to send them the pictures the next day.

Yeah definitely. Those people are just plain stupid and just show how careful they read your blog posts!

That number is definitely a turn off.. I am currently working on getting rid of it and I think I’m doing pretty good. I am already halfway through – but I of course don’t have almost 50 comments to reply to. Thank god. xD Good luck with those comments and have fun watching TBBT! Because like I already said on Twitter earlier you deserve a break! ♥

Ah that sounds logical to me! I’ve been thinking about just opening some tabs and then get outside lately too. It’s benn such an amazing weather outside and I really doubt that my laptop would catch the WLAN through a house wall… or maybe it would. I need to try that soon! xD

LOL! Yeah, Georgie you’re definitely super short. xD I think even my 13 year old sister is taller than you! xD Though my cousin would love you – she’s really short too!

Okay, first off all: This layout looks really cute! I love all those cupcakes! (I know I’m a bit late with this ;) ) I also think it’s a nice change from your previous layouts and I really like the light colors. Though those cupcakes make me even hungrier.. and it’s like 1am in a few minutes.. xD

Yes, you definitely made your point Georgina! :) I hope those “FIRST COMMENT?!” people read at least that part and got the message..

Oh the topic of your new debatte sounds really, really interesting! I bet it’s ten times easier to work on a topic for a debatte that is somewhat interesting. I’d totally have some fun with this topic. I wish you and your group the best of luck! :) But I am pretty sure you can do it! ♥ ♥

That milkbar definitely looks kinda creepy from the outside.. but I think it’s cool that there is something this old around where you live (more or less, because if I remember correctly you said on your photoblog that this milkbar was in a suburb.). It’s definitely a nice way to spent your break!

You should do stuff like that more often – maybe you’ll find more places like that. :)

LOL, good luck on trying to get away from TBBT and returning those comments! ;) I totally know how addictive shows can be.. I am going through the same phase with One Tree Hill right now..

Well i felt bad because well it looks like you spend a good amount of time responding to comments lol, and i love it when people respond back lol. Wait so you still moderate comments? I tried doing that, but i like going on my site and seeing comments (i forget to log onto wordpress lol) I

Actually we are better now:) haha we talked yesterday, i bet blogging works (because he read it) lol. and yea i think i take stuff seriously when i do not hear the tone of voice because it was via MSN haha. I love the online world but hate it at the same time, i mean like i wish i knew all you people in real life in a way. And yea my online life doesn’t really take over. haha i am only on because it is fun and gives me stuff to do, actually today i went to see a movie.. ~ though i feel like nobody is really on that much, i miss people. usually i try to make conversation but they never respond. lol i don’t think that is a good sign….

It annoys me when people post “hey, nice site, comment back?” I mean its not that hard to read a blog respond then comment about my site layout or something.
I dont have people commenting “woot first comment” i guess because my site isnt really popular, but it does annoy me when i see it on other sites.
I love The Big Bang Theory its an awesome show. they show about 3-4 episodes in one night, on channel GO! (Oh I just saw that you dont have digital tv…)
I never seen a milk bar as run down as that one. It does seem like its been around since like the 1930’s or 1940’s. or something like that I dont think I would of gone in, just because I’m a chicken, XD

I do like your layout its cute, I love cupcakes, I feel like baking cupcakes now. :D

Have fun watching the big bang theory
take care x

I would do that too. XD I’ll watch the current episodes now. I’ll watch the older episodes in between. I’ll do the opposite. I’ll watch start from the beginning to now. Sometimes I won’t understand what’s going on with the storylines.

I’m glad you still have everything backed up. I tried to look for my pages in the Control Panel. I couldn’t find it. I looked in every folder. /huh That’s good. You’ll be ready when it comes to the server change. :)

I’m glad you enjoyed your cupcake. Your theme inspired me. I wanted to do Banana Cream Pie. I just love eating that. I had a landcape picture. It didn’t look right with or without the white. I decided to take it down. If it was a blend, it would be okay. It was just a picture in the center.

I like eating Korean food every now and then. I like to eat some of their side dishes. Sometimes I would watch the Korean drama shows. I like the breakfast, lunch or dinner scene. I know that sounds weird. Haha. ;)

Wow. That sucks. 🤬 A two week break meanings doing nothing. Just having fun. /cool I guess that’s out of the question. Have fun doing your assignments.

You’re Welcome. I agree. I hate spam bots. I just don’t approve them. I click on Spam and off they go. Bye, Bye! To the Spam Can you go. /hehe

Haha. :P I would watched the show until I get sick of it. Next. I always find something new to watch. They seem to have new shows. It sucks. Sometimes the shows don’t last long. Sometimes the shows do last long. All the networks care about is ratings. /ho

I always think about what I want to post. (Sometimes I have to write it down because I forget. Haha. :P) I would ask myself: Is it something I can share? Is it something private? I’ll post my friend’s name. It’s not like anyone know what that is. I’m always careful who I add on my Facebook. Only people I really know.

Thanks. Sometimes I have to go to the internet cafe. I’m not able to access the Control Panel. I need to upload stuff. I wished the public library didn’t filter it. I wouldn’t have to put out the money. I guess their worried about virsuses, trojan horses, spyware, etc.

Thanks. It’s a good practice for me. I can learn more about WordPress. I tried to validate my comment page. I get error messages. I think it has to do with the Name, Email and Website coding. Oh Well.

Thanks. I hope to get my content up as soon as possible.

Gosh, I’ve been gone for like ever! Like everyone has new layouts O.O Haha welll I lovee this one! It’s soo, sweettt XDD

Gah! I read Katerina’s blog about a topic similar. I agree though, people shouldn’t always say “FIRST COMMENT!” When they aren’t. Then it’s like “Um no you were more like the 20th commenter”

haha you haven’t been lazy, I’ve been lazy LOL. I’ve been getting too caught up in the iTouch applications I recently purchased xDDD

I hope you enjoy your little free time during your study break. Do you like group debates? Just wondering xD

Waitt I’m a little confused about the old milk bar you guys visited. Was it closed? Or was it still open? Cause if it was closed, [since the lights were all out and it looked run down] how’d you get in? XD Sorry for my lack of understanding XDD I was never good at reading comprehension! xP

Haha yeah it was! It’s considered of the best plays ever on Broadway. But I kind of felt bad that most of the kids who went didn’t like it. They disliked it for 2 reasons 1) The opera singing apparently was “too much” for them. They couldn’t take it seriously and 2) No one understood the storyline, even though it wasn’t that hard to understand.

Ah you’re my height! :D Yay ! Haha, it’s okay, being shorter then your friends is fun! xD

I don’t have like Apple speakers or anything, I got it for Christmas. It’s called Sharper Image. But it does the job of playing my music so that’s all that matters to me! XD

haha yeah my parents weren’t too happy about painting any rooms. They were completely satisfied with white/off white. But I think with redoing our kitchen, it gave them a better sense of modern. Hah

It’s so annoying, isn’t it? The last blog I got a comment saying “Nice site, linkx?” And I totally ignored it. If you can’t comment my blog, you don’t deserve a reply. xP.

I haven’t watched the Big Bang Theory, but I’ve heard a lot about it. I might Youtube it once.

That Milk bar looks wicked! The picture is way cool, too though–I would be creeped out as well. It’s just so spooky in a very cool way.

Sorry I’ve been away, with the stuff happening with my “former” friend, my best friend left her husband (they couldn’t work their issues out) and she’s been really stressed out at work. So I’ve been hanging out with her and performing best friend duties, lol. She’s moved into town, which means she’ll be closer…so I’ll be gone a lot XP. But I’ll make sure to blog more.

Omg. I’m sooo lazy. Right now I should be exercising instead of comment hoping. But…eh. I can exercise later.

Yeah, bonfires are the best! ♥ Too bad you don’t have a woods nearby to do that. I love just sitting in front of the fire, watching it. Heaven! Especially when music is being played :D

Hey Georgina! Wow, it’s been a while since I commented on your site, but don’t worry I always visit your site and read your blogs even if I don’t drop comments. I don’t know your blogs just interest me XD LOL.

i saw you complaining on twitter about it, and quite frankly i don’t see anything wrong with people saying first comment if they leave a first comment, but it is annoying sometimes if they continue doing it. Also, if they obviously see people commented before them, then that’s just stupid. If I had people saying first comment or whatever I wouldn’t mind only if they leave a proper comment afterwards and don’t continue to say first comment.

Of course, that’s just me. People should respect what you want, since it’s your blog.

OMG ASDFGHJKL I LOVE THE BIG BANG THEORY. I wish I had dvds of it, I just watch it it every week here. So i don’t blame you it’s certainly addictive. You should rest Georgina!

About your project, I kind of agree that “privacy is dead”. God, I’ve been disagreeing a lot lately LOL. When you think about the past and the present there is huge difference, so I certainly think privacy is dead.

I saw that milk bar before, you must have posted it somewhere. it’s kind of cool it’;s from the 1930s. I want to go there. I’m always interested by these stuff. here we don’t have anything left, which pisses me off. They always destroy them :( .

OMG Georgina…I give up on… trying to post a picture everyday. I don’t know how you do it..but I seriously just give up. I’m done. I’ll post a picture whenever I feel like it..haha too much pressure.

BUT I SAW THOSE SUSHI PICTURES. MMMMMM. Milk bar was interesting. Care to explain it to me further? It’s obviously very very old & run down but no one runs it? Or it’s just like a landmark you can visit? No one bothers to fix it up or anything?

Love the new layout, dear! Also, good luck with the debate!! I support your sideee!!

Damn, you know, I was going to poke fun at you just to get you laugh by leaving a “FIRST COMMENT?!?!!” comment. LULZ. But then again, I know you wouldn’t laugh, you’d just be like, “hah, Tiffany’s trying to be funny again…it’s not working…poor girl..”

Ugh, I don’t see the big iffy in having the ‘first comment’ anyway. What do they want? A medal? You can never be sure when a person uses wordpress in what position you’ve commented, as comments are helded in moderation, so what’s the point!
I agree, I particularly hate when people just comment randomly, and then end it with
‘please visit and comment my site x0x0x0’. No. That just insured that I am NOT going to visit your site, or comment you. I’m not going to be forced to comment someone because they asked me to in my comment section. My comment section is for people to comment my blog, not to get their site more popular. ew. Anyway, Rant over :3 Talk soon.

I hate it too when people leave ‘Nice site” as comments. I am getting more and more comments on my blog posts but I am also getting more and more of those kinds of comments. It really pisses me off.

I always started with study break but always ended up with holiday. Well, I just can’t resist to have fun! xD And for me, fun means no studying!

Is the milk bar still open? It would be awesome if it is :D

WOW MILK BAR O_O That is definitely an old milk bar!

Same sentiments dear regarding comments like those. I’d rather they do that in my tagboard instead or what so I have that tagboard up there but then it’s a pain when people (STRANGERS) then start asking you there, HEY COME OVER TO MY BLOG AND COMMENT. Uh… no thanks. And some even ask for link exchanges there, gaackkk some people just do not read! *sorry again for the last comment XD hhhahaa! the one when I was part of those who said first comment LOL*

Nice strong points and I hope you indeed wiin in that debate!! Evidences are the key in debates I think :D

BIG BANG THEORY!! I SO LOVE THAT SHOW!! I’m at the latest season but am not if a new ep’s already out! I muuusttt find ouut!!! *goes ballistic* I’m also watching How I met your mother and Glee for now. Series pending are House M.D., True Blood, Skins, Tudors, Vampire Diaries, Lie To Me and other animes GAACK I won’t be able to finish any of em now that semester has started.


Whoa, your comm dean has such an AWESOME NAME! Wish I had a more exciting name. Tiffany is too blah and my last name isn’t like van Leeuwen too. If my name were only Georgina… hahaha XD but really you have a niicee name!!

It’s so weird how you have no pagerank when you post a lot, get lots of visitors, have a lot of content… weird. O_O but payperpost is indeed good to us! Hope one of us gets a BIG opportunity there!

I’ll join some of your fanlistings DEFINITELY! :D Am “eyeing” them now XD Am doing it by category first though so I won’t be too confused… soo many!

YEAH GASHNESS! Lawyers and doctors have to read A LOT! I read a lot but textbooks? Not for me! XD My brother on the other hand loves reading biology, zoology, etc textbooks. He’s weird. HAHAHA XD Oh he’ll be leaving for Australia in 3 DAYS! ZOMG! hhahaha hope he does well there

well tc Georgie! :D I mentioned yo in this post by the way, you weren’t able to see it I think. heehee

I’ve seen those “first!” comments but usually I see them on DeviantArt accounts which normally have hundreds of comments from people. I noticed it being done on your blog, too, but hopefully it stops after your readers have scanned through your entry.

The milk bar looks quite creepy from the outside but it’s the first time i’ve heard of such a place. I don’t think we have a milk bar anywhere here. But at least you got to experience it with your friends :)

Yeah, there is really no privacy in media and as much as we want to maintain some sort of private status in our lives, I believe that once it’s out there, it’s out. There’s no turning back.