The Sushi Postulate

Title is a reference to the Big Bang Theory episode The Hamburger Postulate… read on. :O

Kya has had to cancel the server change. :( It didn’t all go very well and accounts could not be transferred properly, so we’re staying where we are. That means, as you can see, my new layout is up. :) I know it’s a huge change from what I had before, and the previous layout was up for over two months too, which is a little long for my standards.

I’ve named the current layout Sweet Desire after the Poets of the Fall song. All the cupcake photos were taken by me. I know this is really different to my other layouts but I hope you like the lighter change. I’ve tried to make the styling better as well. I’ll miss the old layout, but I love this one too. If you notice any bugs or problems just let me know. I know the sidebar looks shit. 😰

Today my dad, my brother Brandon and I were headed out to eat at a Korean restaurant. But being the disorganised silly my dad is, he didn’t get the full details from his friend about the place so we were stuck in the middle of a slightly unfamiliar suburb with restaurants practically everywhere!

We walked around for a long time. I was getting tired, considering I had to run in my high heeled boots (don’t ask) to catch a train to meet them, and now we were walking around not able to find this restaurant. My brother was so pissed, saying that it was a waste of time and that my dad should have at least known the name of the restaurant. Silly. 🙄

But we ended up going to a sushi bar. I sort of chose the place on a whim, and we simply decided to eat there. Brandon wasn’t so keen but once inside it was a good experience. Pretty funny too, since it was the first time either of us had been and eaten at a sushi bar.

Yay sushi!
Yay sushi!

Just one photo. I love how they made the sushi right in front of us so it was fresh! I just love Japanese food.

I’ve been obsessed with The Big Bang Theory; it’s a hilarious show and I’m surprised I didn’t get into it much earlier… geeks FTW. I love those geeky movies, shows and books. /love

Tomorrow is my last day of university before I get a semester break. I am really quite happy to be having some sort of break. I’ll still have to go to work (damn…) but at least I’ll have time at home. I have an assignment due some way in, and work, but I’ll get it all done. :)

Also, our microwave broke recently. It started making extremely loud noises that the floor sort of shook, and after a few days of that, it was dead silent. It still warmed up our food but the light inside had broken and we didn’t know that the food wasn’t being turned on the turntable inside. But now we have a new one; it’ll take a while getting used to. :P

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😏 ♥️

Hooray. :) I see you’re open but I’ll respond to your comment here then comment on your website. We can start anew. :)

It’s a shame about the server change :( But, at least we are still on a good server. Or at least I’ve never had any major problems with it apart from once or twice xD

I don’t keep my layouts for long enough, unlike you. :P

I don’t think I have that POTF song D: I like the blue and brown though. :) And the images around the date and blog title~

You could put the sidebar content in boxes? That normally works for me when I think my sidebar looks bad.

Wow, you have such cool fool over there… we only have Indian, Chinese, Sushi and fish and chips. LOL. I want some other types of foreign food soon!

Your brother was right; though we all make mistakes and you’ll know for next time!

Aw I could never run in high heeled boots. *hugs* Well done :D

Sushi bar :D I think we have a few here. And that looks good!
I love i when things are made right before you with good ingredients… unlike places like MacDonalds. My sister always asks for no gherkin in her burger so they have to make it fresh instead of getting some manky one off the shelf. :P

I’ve heard of The Big Bang theory but never watched it… /um

Yay! Your break is almost here :) It sucks about work but, as you said, you’ll get to be at home.

Our microwave is old… but if it breaks I’d want it to explode. Must be cool to watch. I once saw on TV an egg explode in the microwave… and my dad once put in a pudding with foil still on it. It caught fire, lol.

Take care! xx

Yeah, Surpass has a great server. :) There was that big bout of downtime that happened for a few hours; I couldn’t sleep without knowing everything was back up. Oh well. It’s never had huge problems in my opinion.

I try to keep my layouts up for long! Some have failed. :P

I didn’t intend on the layout being so brown but I like it! I used to use blue so much before I got my domain and now when I try to use it I end up using grey… :P

Hmm I think it’s more the fact that the lists on the sidebar are a bit pooped up, not really any other aspect of it. I don’t like the lists being indented; I was looking into fixing it since I changed the CSS (the previous CSS was a bit messy) but haven’t quite done it.

*sends foreign food to England*

Hehe, thank you! :)

That’s true; even at McDonald’s they’re supposed to throw the burgers out after ten minutes because they’re not good anymore. But that’s why they call it “fast food”…? I like fresh food though!

It’s good! Well, I like the show. ;)

Break now! /bounce

First comment?

I absolutely LOVE this layout, it’s one of my favourite yet! The colours are gorgeous and the cupcake looks delicious. 🤤

Woot! New layout! Looks really nice. The colour scheme is quite a contrast to the one in the previous layout. XD

Ah yes, it’s unfortunate that Kya had to cancel the server transfer. But at least I’m glad it didn’t affect the accounts much. Plus, we get the Pop forum back. :)

Sushi!!! Ebi maki! That photo you posted makes me crave for sushi. 🤤s

I’m sorry you had to go through all the hassles to get to the Korean restaurant. And all the walking in high heels too! o_O But at least you get to enjoy being in the sushi bar. :) And yeah, it is always entertaining to see the food get prepared right in front of you. Not so much the food itself, but the art of doing it. Impressive. :)

Strange microwave you guys got there. You sure that’s not a Transformer posing as a microwave? :P

Yay for semester break! Enjoy it!

Love your new site layout!! /kiss
So cute, and so yummy!!!!! /love /love /love

And, above all, loooooooooooooooooooove sushi!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

WOOHOO first comment no? If not sorry. I love the layout Georgie!! Yes indeedy!

I actually like how you did it this time. I’m sorry you had to run in heels to catch the train/bus to meet up with your dad and brother to go to a restaurant. That must’ve been hard. I remember trying to catch a bus going on the ack I forgot the bus number now lol it’s been two years now since I’ve been on a bus. But anyway, my pants were falling down and I was heavily breathing and what not. So you get the picture.

Are the comments still in moderation? If you’re taking a school holiday than it’s already started. :) Yay Georgie gets a vacation! Finally. No more stress! *huggles*. I know that’s not a word but I don’t care lol.

I actually bought some sandals yesterday and I actually like them. They’re opened toe ones, but they have a slate between the big toe and the next toe so that makes it all worth while and I got them for $5.99. Not a bad deal no? They were originally $8.99 but they were on sale so I got them while they were cheap lol.

So yeah. I like how you did a cupcake image this time around on the layout. And at the bottom very classy if you ask me :). Yay! Okay I’ll stop being hyper.

I’m sorry that the move didn’t go as planned. I kinda had a feeling she’d do something like that. She did that to me one time. She supposedly wrote me an email stating that she was closing her hosting domain, but instead closed my account but kept everyone else’s. Rude no? Anyway, that domain lead me to get a four month of grounding from the computer. :( . Ah well. live and learn. and I most certainly did.

I’m really digging this theme you made! Should’ve put it up alooong time ago, but Kya was changing their server. : Does that mean I can post again on my blog? Yey!

Sushi sounds good right about now. :) Have you tried all-you-can-eat sushi yet? Amazing! :) You’ll be stuffed! What is your favorite kind of sushi? Can you eat raw sushi too?

Lovely new layout! I love the color scheme, it reminds me of the beach! And the cupcakes look delectable. :D

I love sushi so much, but I don’t normally get it fresh. Never actually been to a sushi bar, but your sushi looks really good :)

Haha, Big Bang Theory, that show is funny. I’ve only watched it a few times, but what i’ve seen is genius. /bounce

Have fun on your break- i hope you get a chance to relax- you deserve it!

:love: georginaaaa i lovee your new layout!!

i wish i had a break from school, like for forever. That’s gonna take a while though harhar.

What do you do in your job? :)

Ahh, cancelled? That’s a shame. D:

I think the new layout looks fantastic. :) It’s really simple and amazing. :D The colours are the best part, in my opinion. For the styling, I think you could do a /biiiit/ more to it. I don’t know how, unfortunately. It’s just a bit too plain somehow.

Korean food? Japanese food? I’ve never had either. The sushi on the right (the pink one) looks soooo good. I don’t know if I’d actually eat it, though. My sister loves sushi.

We have two microwaves! :D I don’t know why, but we do! The one we use more often has sort of dulled down since our power was cut a few weeks ago. It’s odd. It works and all, but it’s quieter and not as powerful.

My family doesn’t understand that I hate being late, and waking up late. I freak out if I don’t leave the house at exactly 7:20 to catch my bus. It was 7:22 one morning and I was running around trying to get my hand cream rubbed into my skin. xD

Toast is what gets me in the mornings. I’m not awake enough to swallow something like dry bread. (Wet bread? I dunno what I’m getting at.)

I’ve got two windows! They’re on the outside walls. It was around 8PM and I woke up (from a nap. ahaha.) and it looked more like mid-afternoon because of the windows. Well, I suppose my orange ceiling would affect the light, too…

Josh is just so busy all the time. He goes to his dad’s and church on the weekends, and on weeknights he’s got rugby games and practices. He gets so worn down that I feel bad asking him to hang out with me when he should be sleeping. I made him take a nap yesterday, though, so I’m happy he got enough rest for his rugby game today. ♥

When I had business last year, they didn’t even teach HTML. They taught you how to use Dreamweaver to do it all. I was like, “What is this shit? Honestly? You guys take 20 minutes to code a table?”
Reason why I skipped over half those classes. :)
I’m a quick learner. Apparently, when I learned how to skate on ice, I didn’t need any help. My mom says that she just put the skates on me, and I got up and went.
If you set your mind to it and have the right attitude, you can accomplish anything! :D

Wow, I love your new layout! It’s good for a change. I really like the font, hehe. The background is awesome too, :) Oh and the sidebar is fine. Simplicity is good!
Haha, I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, although my friends like the show. I like comedy but I prefer mystery, sci-fi, police drama and crime.
LOL, I would just go in any restaurant I see, instead of walking around tired in the middle of nowhere haha. The sushi bar was a good choice I guess. Glad you enjoyed it! I need to start going to sushi bars/trains.
Enjoyed your semester break-mine is ending, :(

Hey! OMG! Yay! I’m the first post! (H)
I love the new layout! For some reason, it reminds me of Summer. Hmmm. It’s like just so light and happy… and sweet! XD

I love sushi too! Well I only like the ones that have seafood. The veggie ones, eh… Asian food in general is the best. When my family a few years back went to South Korea, it was one of the first times I wasn’t really picky about what I ate. Usually I’m terrible when I travel (like when we went to New Zeland. 😏

No you’re not; I’m moderating comments, ergo you do not see comments until they are approved by me.

Thanks! :)

I do like most Asian foods; I tend to get picky but I have to say that Japanese is my favourite and I’m willing to try different kinds of sushi. I wasn’t so keen on fish before but I do like it now.

Wow I love this layout! Especially how you implemented the hearts everywhere. :)

That is sad that Kya had to cancel the server change. But no file loss! Yeah!

I’m glad you finally got to eat! My mom doesn’t like sushi because either its raw fish or they are scavanger fish(eat the bottom of the sea). She probably wouldn’t let me eat it either. I don’t really go to foreign restaurants. But I have gone to a Mongolian grill. It was a lot of fun seeing the guy prepare the food. But I get so nervous around native asians. You guys are so friendly and I feel like a sour skittle. :D

I like quiet microwaves. My mom has this big microwave from Montgomery Ward. She used to work there before in went bankrupt. Then she bought a smaller, quieter one. So we have both to use. I use the quieter one when my mom takes a nap.

first? XD

I love the new layout :) it’s really good.

That sucks that you had to walk around for ages. That would of been bad, it’s good that you went to the sushi bar in the end. I’ve been craving sushi lately, I just love sushi.

I’ve only seen that show a few times, it’s good.

It’s good that you get a break! School holidays are over for me :( so I hope I can make it through P.E!

Wow that’s strange, that’s good you got a new one though.

Sorry for the short comment, my mum doesn’t let me on the computer much anymore /angry so I have to use my iPod.

I LOVEEEEEEE the new layout. Cupcakes = love. it is just so cute ♥

Anywho, I don’t think I DID use a brush, that’s the thing. I drew the clouds when I made the layout, and I looked through my free layouts on my site and couldn’t find anything either. I know it’s not too big of a deal, but I couldn’t even get in contact with the original commenter because she left no URL, only an email that just sent my email back to me /pow

I haven’t heard anything back so I’m assuming I didn’t get it, but I guess something else will come along.

My camera does have a memory card that I use, but my computer doesn’t have a memory card slot :( I’d have to use my mom’s card reader, but since my SD card is one of the newer ones, it doesn’t work in her reader so I HAVE to use the cord. And I ALWAYS lose it :(

We generally end up hanging out on the day it would be anyways, we just don’t really CELEBRATE and do anything special. Maybe I’ll mention it this month, considering it’s five days away xD

I hope it all gets sorted out with your group. It’s not fair that you have to do it all :(

At least you finally found somewhere to get food. Your dad sounds a lot like mine, he always just randomly wants to do things but doesn’t know what xD

I haven’t ever tried sushi, but I don’t like cooked fish so IDK how I’d like raw o.O

That cupcake on your layout looks very delicious /heart nice work :)

I <3 your new layout! It is similar to your old layout, in the way the content and sidebar is set up but besides that, it's amazing. :) (Y)

I dislike sushi but yet I hate everything I haven't tried yet. I mean I am an EXTREMELY picky eater. I've been told countless people and when I go out to eat with people I try to try new things but I dislike doing it. It's awful because I don't want to try new things I mean I like what I like and thats all. I don't see the point in trying new foods. I have enough foods that I like. :)

I wish Kya was able to get her server up. :'( I feel bad for her getting her hopes up and then not being able to do it. It saddens me. :'(

I've never heard of The Big Bang Theory. Obviously, it's a TV series and geeky. I probably wouldn't like it because it is geeky. I mean I don't even like Stargate SG-1 whatsoever, so yeah, I wouldn't like that show. :/ Oh well. :)

I love what you named the layout. It fits really well. :)
I have nothing to study right now. :) I'm gonna put up fanlistings during my all-nighter tonight. :D

:P Thanks!

Wow…that was one short reply comment, I don't mind. I know you have TONS of other comments to reply to. If you want to you can just wait until you get the other comments done and I'll stop commenting on your blogs until you finish those then return mine. There is no rush. :)

I can’t believe its your first time to a sushi bar! I love sushi bar because I can pick out the stuff I want to eat :D I’m dying for some sushi now!

Love the new layout, yummy cupcake! seriously making my mouth water.

/love loving the new layout, looks really good.
I wish I could make something that brillant :)

Thanks! :)

I’m sorry I haven’t completed your review and that it’s taking a while; it’s been hectic with the comments I have to return too. I’ll try and get it done as soon as I can!

Hahahah he didn’t know the name? That’s so cute /ho

The cupcakes look good; is there meant to be a striped pattern down the background? /sweat

Is your microwave walk-in? /frog


LOL I think he just forgot to ask his friend, or seriously thought he could find it. The directions were something like “turn left after the station”. Come onnnnn.

There isn’t meant to be a striped pattern down, but supposed to be across. I’ll ask you about it later… :P

No it’s not, our new microwave is smaller than our old one, but it apparently has more or less the same capacity.


YAAAAAAAY! It’s your awesome new cupcake layout :D It looks so sweet :) The layout altogether, not just the cupcake :P Well the cupcake looks sweet too, but yeah…whatever. XD I love the blue and brown colour scheme :) I love brown in general :P

And yes! I am still planning to marry this layout. Unless Mr Darcy comes along or you get a new layout in which case, I’m sorry, but I shall have to break my engagement with this layout. I cannot handle a long-distance relationship, and Mr Darcy is just that awesome /love Hahaha

But yes, it is MAJORLY different! The other one was so dark, and this one is so light :P Hahaha.

It sucks that the server change didn’t happen though :( Oh well, next time hopefully :)

Awwww! No Korean for you guys :( That sucks. Like the server change, NEXT TIME! Hopefully :) (Hopefully with proper directions from your dad too :P ). Well it was still nice of your Dad to THINK of taking you guys out to eat Korean :P

SUSHI BAR! YAAAAAY! :D /bounce Did it have those cool revolving tables? I LOVE those. I’ve only been to a sushi bar once, and it had those revolving tables, and it was like ✌️

Awwww! That sushi looks so yummy! D: I want some! Only not now, because I’m too full from Yum Cha today :P

Hahaha, Big Bang Theory. I’ve heard that it’s funny, but I’ve never watched it. Please don’t hurt me! /bash

AWWWW! Your semester break starts when mine finishes *sigh*. Haha, well I hope yours is more productive than mine, and a lot more fun :P Hahaha.

Omg, if our microwave did that, I’d be all D: and /ehh and be worried that it would explode like 💥 D: But YAY! New things are always cool :D

Hello! :D

Haha, the one you will marry too. :) Apparently the background loads slow… well for James it did. Sorry to those on crappy connections. :P

It would be funny if I put Mr Darcy on my layout. Hehe. ;)

I’ve never had Korean food so yeah, probably another time. My dad got instructions from his friend – seriously though, “turn left after the station into the street”. Which was really kind of fine to look for, but there were so many restaurants around.

Nope! This one was a small sushi bar… but it was still cool. It was pretty funny though, because we didn’t quite know where to put the tray and stuff… LOL.

You should totally watch it! I’ll make you!

Note: this will probably only happen if I watch Meteor Gardens… fail!

I am sooooo glad to have a break! /bounce Already I have plans online. None to do work, not yet anyway. ;)

Real comment now, but damn, THIRD? I thought I’d got there that time :(

As I said before, I absolutely ADORE this layout and the cupcake looks nomnomnommy. 🤤 /love
Where did you find such a yummy cupcake? I want one ^_^ or did you bake them?! :O

Damn. Is that why it was taking a while to go through? It’s a shame she had to cancel it, but it’s better to cancel it than to move to a server where some websites would have problems.

Oh darn it. I hate it when you get really excited about going somewhere but you just CAN’T find the place. My dad’s done that before and we’ve ended up just grabbing a chinese or something on the way home :P but it sounds like you found an awesome sushi place instead! xD I’ve never actually had sushi, but I would love to try it, that looks pretty tasty stuff 🤤 but I gotta ask, because I’ve been trying to figure it out, what is that green stuff in the left one? /ehe

I’ve never actually seen the Big Bang Theory but I remember seeing the advert for it and thinking it looked quite good, but I was just too lazy to watch / record any episodes :P I might check it out cause I’ve heard quite a few people say it’s good now. XD

YAY Break. I hope you enjoy your break <3
and at least you've got a new microwave now :)

Oh good, I was going to ask if you feel better yet but you said you are so that's great :)

Urgh, so basically, if you do all the work, then they'll get a grade for nothing? Ah, good on you for emailing your tutor about it! Not many people would have the confidence to email their tutor about it because it could make things awkward but in the long run at least you'll get your grade you deserve WITH their help! I hope the meeting goes okay *hug*

Admittedly I do have / use facebook, but I don't think it's something WORTH having. Recently I've been completely bored of facebook because it is just a way to waste time and talk to people, but there's no one I really fancy talking to on there, cause I talk to offline friends on msn and online friends on twitter, so it's a waste of time. Long rant cut short, it's pointless – don't get it. :P (though I doubt you would anyway) yeah, it is selfish. :/

I do love that theme, but I'm pretty certain that I'm just going to move it all over to wordpress soon because it's so much easier. but wp wastes a lot of space so idk. I mean I already have three wordpress directories on my domain, and they are quite large space-wise so idk.. maybe.

ikr! The dark is actually one of the things I get freaked out by (but I wouldn't call it a fear / phobia, I just don't like it) along with being alone. D:

You have one of those books? Oh wow! Oh damn, I always expected them to be really detailed and to the point. Maybe I've read too much Harry Potter :P

yeah, that's what I wanted to know. Because usually dreams come from things you are worried / feeling subconsiously but don't really notice when you are awake. I think that could be the reason, actually. But more when they split up, because they didn't argue a lot when they were together (suprisingly) but it was stressful when they split up.

Haha, our school is terrible. Two teachers (and a possible third which we don't know the full story for) since I've been there have been either fired or suspended for trying to get with girls in our school, the toilets have been set fire to numerous times and seriously? ours flooded once too when it rained really heavy. It was pretty amusing though :') I mean, two years ago the year elevens weren't even told which day was their last day until ten minutes before the end, then they were told they weren't coming back, because they were so bad they didn't want to get the pranks. Last years WERE told, and most of them came in so drunk they got sent home straight away. So apparently we aren't getting told. FABULOUS. :/ why are high schools so crappy?


No, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t leave a comment like that and then never even return to read my post because now it just looks like you’ve ignored it.


Will be back later to comment properly. :D

Oh, never mind. Your comments are moderated now. I’m likely not first, after all. XD XD XD


More like… 25th. I also didn’t see your proper comment.

That’s because I haven’t left it yet. ;) I return comments every Saturday, y’understand! That’s also why I was unaware your comments were switched to moderation … I only have time to visit once a week. @_@

But, seeing as it’s now Saturday, I shall go leave a proper comment! :)

Don’t worry, I’m not like some people, who hold the misbelief that your comment section’s nothing more than a crummy YouTube video’s comment section … /snort

Oh I like the new layout!!! Makes me want a cuppycake, yummos!!

I love sushiiiiii! Haven’t had any in a long while but looks delicious, nom nom.

The Big Band Theory is awesome! I need to catch up on the episodes I’ve missed ~ hilarious!

I hope you have a great break! Oh yea, we need a new microwave too – we have used the HECK out of ours the last 5 years we’ve had it, lol.

Have a GREAT weekend!

/love Wow, I love this layout! I want to eat a cake now!

It’s okay. I will see how popular my website becomes and if I get enough visitors to start competitions then I will. I like icon competitions too :)

Very true. Well my plan failed but at least I had a plan B :D

I need to get back in to blogging. The last couple of entries have been about my website. I need to write some more interesting entries. I might write a new one over the weekend.

Well I hope you enjoy your break, even though you have work to do :)

I’ve never been to a sushi bar before. I’ve tried sushi though and I really like it. It must be nice to watch it being made for you. I love the way it’s presented.

I remember just before our microwave broke. It didn’t cook things properly and everything came out tasting of plastic O_O

I love the new layout, it’s really cute!
I’ve never eaten sushi before, only raw salmon.
At least you guys got something to eat…
Big Bang Theory FTW! =)

I didn’t have a Facebook until peer pressure got to me.

Whoa, breaking fingers? The most I’ve ever had was a spraining ankle. It healed up in a few weeks.

Yeah, but we have to pay for our lockers. I’m more worried about P.E. lockers because this morning all of my friend’s stuff was stolen, including the lock.

Oh, wood-loving handyman, perhaps?


NIIIIICE new layout. It looks scrumptious.

I remember being lost with my dad trying to find a place–I forgot where we were supposed to go–and then after 30 minutes he finally found the way back home, after he gave up.

The Big Bang Theory = awesome show. It’s hilarious. Sheldon is the best character on it. :D

I hope you have a good break!

I am so sorry to hear that the server change was cancelled. I know that it was a big deal for everyone hosted by Kya. :)

I am definitely liking this new layout. It’s so spring. The cupcakes look absolutely yummy!

I am also sorry to hear that your dad, your brother, and you were not able to find the Korean restaurant. Perhaps you will be able to go eat there on another day. However, you did get the experience of eating at a Sushi Bar…I haven’t ever had sushi before. :(

As for TBBT, it is one of my favorite shows. I absolutely adore Sheldon. :)

I hope that you have fun on your break from Uni. I am hoping to go back myself in August…but we will see how everything goes.

Your microwave breaking, reminds me that my mom and I need to check about electric burners for our stove. It’s funny what reminds a person of things. :D

Oh well at least you didn’t lose any files. Kya can still upgrade later. :) Georgie Porgie. :P I love this layout! The colors are nice, the match perfectly. This layout makes me hungry. ( I was hungry enough. XD ). I will notice you if I find some erors. ( I will probably not :P ). And the sidebar is not shitty! It’s cool. /bounce

Hahahah. Your dad is funny. How could he not know what the name of the restaurant is? XD I’m sorry if this offended you, but its funny. Well at least I find it funny. It made me lol. I just couldn’t stop laughing for no reason. 😝 I would be tired too if I had to run in heels! I don’t even know how to walk in them. XD

I’ve never been in a sushi bar and I’ve never tried sushi. /wah It looks pretty good. DAMN! I’m now even more hungrier. GRR! :P Whats that the gray one and the orange one? It’s fish right? 😳

YAY for breaks. :) Now you will have a little time to relax more. How did your last assignment went? I hope that it went good. :D

Phew for the broken microwave. So the microwave was vibrating? /huh Anyway congrats on getting new microwave. XD

I know that you agree with me. I have seen a lot of messages like that on your site. They even piss me off! I hate them. I’m not going to reply to them ever again.

Thank you. :)

Well don’t be sad just because off that. You are smarter than some people. ;) I don’t know how short I’m. I think I’m 157 cm. I don’t know how express that like you. I don’t get it. /argh

It went great. I got an A. Hooray! /bounce

Don’t worry about your organization. You are just a little bit out of place as you said.

It’s definitely addicting. I post pictures on it every day! /hehe ♥

AMG, I love your new layout — Honestly, it’s perfect. The colours, the cupcakes, the grainy effect on the background… and I love the wee cupcake image on the bottom. :D

Lol, it’s weird, you’re just starting a holiday from uni and I’m just going back to school after a holiday. XD I’m not too bothered, it’s been a nice two weeks off and I have things to look forward to at school. :P

This sounds weird, but I’ve never had sushi :O I’ve always been wanting to try it, as I love Japanese things and when I was younger I wanted to try Sushi all the time but never got round to it. Hmmmm, I’ll try it when and if I get the chance, your blog reminded me ;D

And LMFAO I saw your blog title just out of the corner of my eye and I thought it said “The Sushi Prostitute” … Don’t take that in a bad way it’s just me and my weird mind. Just ignore me. XD

Awe, it sucks that the server move wasn’t successful. I love your layout! It’s very new and easy on the eyes. The footer image is simply pretty ^^ Haha, tons of restaurants in one place reminds me of this street in Richmond. The street consisted of many restaurants with tasty food (: The sushi in the image looks really yummy and that’s great you had family time with your dad. My dad is always working and when he is not, he says he’s busy. o.O

Thank you! I was going for something brighter since my past few layouts have been rather dark or dull. :)

I thought I’d dress up the footer this time again as well.

Haha we went over to a suburb called Campsie… I haven’t been there too much but it’s full of restaurants of Asian cuisine. :P

I’ve never really got to sit down and watch The Big Bang Theory. I did watch a little bit of The Pancake Batter Anomaly episode. It was so funny. I wished I watched from the beginning. I think I’ll start recording it. It’s another new show I can watch.

Sorry to hear about the server changing not going so well. Hopefully, one day it’ll happen. At least you can look on the bright side. You backed up everything. You’ll be ready when it’s time to do the server change.

I like the new layout. It’s looks really nice. You did a good job on it. The cupcake looks so yummy. I think Sweet Desire matches with the theme. Good choice with the name. The sidebar looks fine.

Yeah. I like to keep my theme up for two months. It’s time for a change. Sometimes people get tired of looking at it. They want something different.

Yeah. Your dad should of ask for the name and location of the Korean restaurant. Sometimes we forget. We have a lot on our mind. Tell your dad don’t feel bad. Sometimes I’m like that too.

At least you got your exercise for the day. Haha. :P Wow. You must of walked around a lot. Sounds like more then a couple blocks for you to be tired.

I like sushi. If I’m not that hungry, I would eat that. It’s not too small. It’s not too heavy. It’s just right. They have a lot to choose from.

I would be happy be too when I get a semester break. Sometimes it’s too short. I wish it was longer.

Wow. That’s scary to hear about your microwave making extremely loud noises that the floor sort of shook. I wouldn’t want to use it. I’m glad you got another one. My mom was cooking something in a pot. It made a really big popping noise. There was a hole on the bottom of the pan. Thank goodness my mom was okay.

I’ve heard that show’s good, but I’ve never seen it. I’ll have to find a season of it sometime. I like this layout though, especially the corkboard-esque background. PS. The sidebar does NOT look like shit. Not at all (:

And if you’re wearing those high heels, then no one will be able to see how short you are, since you were complaining about it earlier, haha. Think of all the calories you’ve burned (:

Mmmm, sushi! It’s one of my (okay, many) favorites, but none of my friends will eat it with me, so I end up spilling rice all over myself all alone while getting firty looks, haha. But that sushi looks amazing, especially the shrimp on the side – I’m very jealous.

Yes! Break! That sounds very nice to me right now…it’s only the first week after spring break for me, but I’m already sick of school.

Once, when I was in elementary school and at sleep-away camp, I had a cabin mate who’s hobby was to put different foods in microwaves, and try her best to make them blow up. She had the times of how long it took some things (Grapes, etc) memorized, even. I stayed away from her (: …But I’m sure she broke a lot more microwaves than your family did.

I love the layout! The picture of the cupcake looks yummy /love The light colors is made me smile when I switched tabs.

It sucks how the server change didn’t work out, but I still thank Kya and love the fact she took the time out of her schedule to make us hostees have a better hosting experience. Hopefully we can try switching to VPS in the future.

That sucks how your dad forgot to get the name of the restaurant, but at least you found the sushi bar. I never tried real sushi, I just eat my mom’s sushi. She doesn’t put fish, she puts spam XD

The picture looks yummy though /hehe

My friends talk about The Big Bang Theory. I can never find it on tv, I’ll search it if I remember.

Yay for semester break! Although you still have work, I hope you can finish all your assignments and such. Hopefully you get time to go online more :)

I’ll have a mini heart attack if my microwave broke. I use my microwave all the time! :D That’s awesome that you got a new one :P

Hi Georgina!
I’m just about to write a blog post but then decide to comment :)
Love your new layout :) The cupcake looks yummy. Oh, man… not even the restraunt name? Haha, must have caused fustration.
I’ve never been to a sushi bar :O I’ve been to a sushi train :D Heh. I love Jap food too! Although, I need to consume huge amounts of sushi until it makes me full. :P
You get a break! YAY for you :) I’m starting school soon ==” Back to the daily routine. So, yeah. I have stuff due… teachers always do that. Make stuff due next term so we can do them in the holidays.

I love your new layout!! ♥

I’m glad you had a nice time out. That food looks so yummy! People keep telling me I need to watch the Big Bang Theory and that it’s so good. Maybe I really should start.

Enjoy your last day of Uni before break!

0_0 You watch the Big Bang Theory *flys across the cyberspace and tacklehugs you* I LOVEEEEEEE that show (that’s the biggest understatement of this century ;D) One of my online friends introduced me to it, and since then Sunday night is cleared for the show.

It’s a really good show and it portrays geekiness in a better light than it is traditionally shown – which is good because I’m definitely nerdy ;D

*sniff* You get a break now, mine is just ending… No fair! I spent all day today doing the assignments I was meant to do during the holidays :P I’m nearly done, the rest can wait until class.

I love the new layout! Like, LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE (almost as much as the Big Bang Theory ;D) The colours are really soft on the eyes. Almost beachy, which is nice considering the weather keeps getting colder /wah To be honest I didn’t love the old layout, it seemed like the background was a little lacking and didn’t really flow. This one seems much more… spacious? My all-time favourite remains the typography based grey & red one though (I think it was the one before the previous one?)

That’s disappointing about the server change… Oh well, life goes on :)

As for the restaurant finding issue, I have totally been there :P Once my friends and I were going to a restaurant for one of my friends’ birthdays, and the dad of one girl was driving us. He left his GPS at home, and so couldn’t find the restaurant. We turned up half an hour late for our reservation having experienced and very awkward car trip involving the father swearing repeatedly every time he couldn’t find it :P

Come to think of it, I’ve had sushi heaps but never in a sushi bar. I need to go there – I want to watch them make it :) Far more interesting than just picking up a random packet ;D

If you could send me that email, that would be awesome (I tried threatening myself today, didn’t really work.)

LOL don’t get me started… BAZINGA! Hopefully you’ll understand any further jokes I make in relation to the show… epic. ;)

My brother downloaded the lot and handed me almost all the shows from the first three seasons; hooray.

I love that kind of stuff; Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Back to the Future, you name it. :P

Don’t dare call it a break! :P I have two assignments to do. So would that be classed as not fair? I’m sure you had assignments too…? Maybe not. XD

Thank you! :) I guess it was a real change from the dark layouts I had up since December. Rather bright. :)

You’re right, the one before the last is the grey typography one! I love that one too – admittedly, I am very proud of it. ♥

Oh, GPS! We don’t rely on that; thank goodness for my family being ancient and using street directories. /eee

Very true! It was more of an experience compared to just buying a bento box or a sushi roll.

LOL, very well then, emailing you right now. ;)

Aww I’m sorry to read that the transfer won’t go through. But anyway, I know you were fine where you left off. I love how this theme was made. Pastel colors for a change. And I love the cupcakes’ photos! It looked so yummy!

Your dad must be thinking of something else that’s why he forgot where the restaurant is. Japanese foods are yummy but not all of them, in my opinion. :D I’ve never tasted sushi before. I’m afraid it will taste awfully for my taste.

Congrats for having a break, finally! Lucky you. Your microwave has finally given up. It’s asking for a replacement maybe. Hehe.

Hey hun im number one YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love ♥ /love the new layout and the sidebar looks perfect. I must change my layout but no inspiration has hit me yet. That sucks about the server change but I’m glad u still here :).. The photos of the cupcakes are perfect, did u make the cupcakes before you took a photo of them? i hate sushi lol, but the rest of my family lovesssssss it.. I would watch the big bang theory but i keep on missing the timeslot :( ..

No you’re not number one. /hmph I posted this two days ago. I’m moderating comments and comments are not displayed until they are approved.

Thank you. :) I hope inspiration comes to you soon.

It was only one cupcake. I bought it and I took the photos.

It’s the other way around here; my mum is the one who doesn’t like sushi. :P

You could just download the episodes online.

It sucks about the server change being cancelled, but the layout is amazing! Such pretty colours really remind me of spring. ♥ I’ve only eaten sushi once before, and it was the stuff which came out of a packet from a supermarket, and It wasn’t very nice. O_O

My ear is much better now; i went to the doctors and she gave me some ear drops and some meds, it’s nothing too bad to be worried about. :) x

Thanks Georgina! I’m glad you like these two designs, and style of “Beauty.” Ah okay, I know the fanlistings and this website.

It’s good appreciate the words and advice of others ;)

Yeah I know, it sucks that the date has been delayed. But I hope you finally take place this Sunday. Thanks! I hope so too.

Thanks for your advice! I will try to be myself. Yeah you’re right, feelings cannot be changed.

Haha would be a good idea to send a waffles by ship :)
Yeah that’s true. I’m glad your mother likes your current boyfriend.

your welcome! (X2)
I’m glad you finished your homework and have it delivered. That’s okay.

You should learn to organize, right?

wow your new layout is awesome, I love cupcakes and blueish tone. ♥
I’ve never gone to eat at a sushi restaurant, but according to the picture looks delicious.

The Big Bang Theory is amazing, I have to see the chapters of the third season.
I hope you have a great break :)

Hey. Sorry it took me so long. You can return this comment at Pootatoe because my current post in Love Strings is sponsored.

Thanks. I don’t feel like turning it into a photoblog anymore. I just lost interest. Maybe a collective, as I said on Twitter, but I’m not sure yet.

I made a blog for sponsored posts and stuff, but I don’t think it won’t work out. So I’ll just do them on Love Strings. My first task got declined (-.-) That’s why I’m re-doing it.

My recently discovered secret weapon against pimples is lots and lots of water, so my skin won’t dry up. I also use a face cleanser, and it’s working well :)

This is one of the hottest summers ever. I always wake up almost crying because I’m so annoyed I can’t sleep because of the heat.

I heard the server move got canceled. That sucks, because I know a lot of people were excited for this.


I love your new layout! The colors you used fit perfectly. The header’s lookin’ good, too!

Eek! That must suck, being stuck in the middle of a place you don’t know and having to walk in high-heeled boots. I agree, your dad should have at least known the name of the resto.

Cool! They made them in front of you? I love seeing how good restos make their food.

Yeah, I’ve seen an episode or three, I think, and it was really good and funny. Indeed: geeks FTW!

Sorry again for the first comment thing. :D

Hello, Gee!

I hope you’re not miffed at me for making that ‘first’ comment of mine earlier … I had no idea you switched your comments to moderation, you see, and I of course never looked at the date of the post until after. /ho

You should add in a warning about the comments being on moderation in the ‘When leaving a comment, please relate it to the post …’ blurb above, so you don’t have to put yourself through the annoyance again and again … /argh

But anyway, onto your new layout — It’s quite tasty looking indeed! And such a pretty cupcake, to boot … I’d feel bad eating it because it looks so perfect. XD And the sidebar most certainly does not look like shit — It looks neat and orderly, IMO. ;She nods.;

And man, it seems like everyone I know online has been having problems with their servers/hosts lately! Ugh, it really angers me that you all have to go through that … I wish I could force everyone who’s having problems to switch to the host I use. I’ve never had so much as a single problem with them! But, alas, I suppose most people use hosts run by kids because they don’t have the money to afford a ‘professional’ host, or whatever you’d like to call it.

Still, though, it’s a load of rubbish that you all have to go through this bullshit! 🤬

And oooh BAB-AY how I’d love to visit a sushi bar! /bash That fish looks so. Freaking. Delicious. And the photo, my God, it looks like an ad for the sushi bar itself, LOL! So professional and shiny and beautiful looking!

Not to mention yummy looking … 🤤

Although I’d probably feel really guilty eating raw fish now that I have a pet fish of my own … It’d seem kinda messed up, y’know? @_@ Eeep!