In A Noodle

This morning I was joyously greeted with an email from the awesome Jorja. Yesterday night I told her to email me a threatening email telling me to finish off my assignment. I told her I really needed a push and to be freaked out big time.

Sometimes we all need that push. Motivational cheers can work (Ryan told me he brought his cheerleading costume… LOL), but I think I am one of those people who needs threats.

I actually read Jorja’s email on my iPhone, at the beginning of my lecture at university. It was hilarious. She wrote the entire thing in capitals with a lot of threats including that I would be raped and have my head explode in a microwave. Now I’ve finished my assignment. 😏

At university, outside one of my classrooms, there is a set of vending machines. Vending machines are pretty common in our university. Snacks, drinks, lollies, and even stationery (notepads, pens) are sold through the vending machines.

One of the vending machines sold seaweed and ramen noodles (instant, and in a cup). Today I didn’t bring lunch so I planned on buying some food. As Sebastian and I were waiting for Ryan, we lingered around the vending machines as I told him how tempted I was to buy ramen. In the end I finally decided to.

Now, there is a hot water machine right next to the vending machine. In fact, there is a huge sign on the machine telling you how to use it: Put cup of noodles in. Press button. Warning – may be hot.

After I managed to open the flap and press the button, we stood there wondering if it was done. I said that it was, since I saw the water go in the cup.

Crouching down beside the machine, I took out the cup and held it in my hands.

“I don’t think this is hot…” I murmured.
“Why not?” Ryan asked.

I moved my hands around the cup and put my face to the top of it and said, “I can’t feel any heat.”
“Wait, give me a second,” said Ryan. He reached over, dipping his finger at the edge of the cup. “Yep! Cold as anything!”
“Fuck?” I screeched. “Dude, I paid for this fucking thing and I get fucking cold water? I can’t fucking eat this. Dude, this is my lunch!”

At the time, I was really angry. The noodles were useless now! We headed to the student kitchen, as I held this idiotic cup of noodles in front of me as I walked. We bumped into Vicky and Rachel where I repeated my rant with multiple uses of the F-word. 😡

In the kitchen, Ryan emptied half the cold water out, and filled the cup with hot water.

I was still screaming and yelling and kicking up a fuss. “I can’t eat this shit!”
“Wait a second, I’ll be back,” said Ryan, and disappeared. For quite a while, too. Unfortunately Sebastian had to leave.

Ryan returned, finally, with two cups of noodles. He handed me one and said that he bought it for me so I wouldn’t have to eat crappy cold noodles. Sigh, I felt like a failure at that point. He’s so lovely. We have the weirdest and most hilarious friendship. One moment we’re arguing about the pointless shit written on a shop sign, the next we’re having a proper intellectual talk about assignments. LOL. I’ve only known him for a year, but I don’t think I’d trade him for a cup of good ramen any day. 🙂

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