In A Noodle

This morning I was joyously greeted with an email from the awesome Jorja. Yesterday night I told her to email me a threatening email telling me to finish off my assignment. I told her I really needed a push and to be freaked out big time.

Sometimes we all need that push. Motivational cheers can work (Ryan told me he brought his cheerleading costume… LOL), but I think I am one of those people who needs threats.

I actually read Jorja’s email on my iPhone, at the beginning of my lecture at university. It was hilarious. She wrote the entire thing in capitals with a lot of threats including that I would be raped and have my head explode in a microwave. Now I’ve finished my assignment. /brow

At university, outside one of my classrooms, there is a set of vending machines. Vending machines are pretty common in our university. Snacks, drinks, lollies, and even stationery (notepads, pens) are sold through the vending machines.

One of the vending machines sold seaweed and ramen noodles (instant, and in a cup). Today I didn’t bring lunch so I planned on buying some food. As Sebastian and I were waiting for Ryan, we lingered around the vending machines as I told him how tempted I was to buy ramen. In the end I finally decided to.

Now, there is a hot water machine right next to the vending machine. In fact, there is a huge sign on the machine telling you how to use it: Put cup of noodles in. Press button. Warning – may be hot.

After I managed to open the flap and press the button, we stood there wondering if it was done. I said that it was, since I saw the water go in the cup.

Crouching down beside the machine, I took out the cup and held it in my hands.

“I don’t think this is hot…” I murmured.
“Why not?” Ryan asked.

I moved my hands around the cup and put my face to the top of it and said, “I can’t feel any heat.”
“Wait, give me a second,” said Ryan. He reached over, dipping his finger at the edge of the cup. “Yep! Cold as anything!”
“Fuck?” I screeched. “Dude, I paid for this fucking thing and I get fucking cold water? I can’t fucking eat this. Dude, this is my lunch!”

At the time, I was really angry. The noodles were useless now! We headed to the student kitchen, as I held this idiotic cup of noodles in front of me as I walked. We bumped into Vicky and Rachel where I repeated my rant with multiple uses of the F-word. /angry

In the kitchen, Ryan emptied half the cold water out, and filled the cup with hot water.

I was still screaming and yelling and kicking up a fuss. “I can’t eat this shit!”
“Wait a second, I’ll be back,” said Ryan, and disappeared. For quite a while, too. Unfortunately Sebastian had to leave.

Ryan returned, finally, with two cups of noodles. He handed me one and said that he bought it for me so I wouldn’t have to eat crappy cold noodles. Sigh, I felt like a failure at that point. He’s so lovely. We have the weirdest and most hilarious friendship. One moment we’re arguing about the pointless shit written on a shop sign, the next we’re having a proper intellectual talk about assignments. LOL. I’ve only known him for a year, but I don’t think I’d trade him for a cup of good ramen any day. :)

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Comment no.???? I don’t think I’m the first though. LOL.

Will comment properly later. XD

WOW!! Threatening e-mails? Gosh dear you need a LOT of motivation! XD hhahaha but I also need that sometimes too… but not to the point of threats, well my mum threatens me so I guess that counts? hahaha!!

Aww Ryan is such a good friend! He’s so sweet, you’re lucky to have a friend like him! Friends like that are a treasure :D

WOW WHAT HIGH TECH VENDING MACHINES THOUGH O_O We don’t have those here, I mean the stationary popping one. We only have the normal sodas and coffe. hahhaa! :D

Take care now dear! :D

Aha I’m glad you appreciated my email :D I thought point number three was killer /hehe !

‘Joyously greeted’. Lmfao. *hugs* At least you got your assignment done! And thank you for the plug :)

When I need a push, threats don’t really work. I normally set myself a deadline and that tends to work~
(tends to. Look at my fucking site lmfao). 🙄

Ryan has a cheerleeding costume? That is so amazingly cool. ✌️

Well it wasn’t all in capitals… the greeting, quote + signature weren’t. But aha the rest was :D I would have done it in bold red 72 Arial but you can’t change the colour and font on SquirrelMail… and if you can, fuck. xD

Stationery! Whoo. That’s very useful I should imagine :)

Awh, what a nasty surprise! Stupid damn machine. /poo You didn’t get your hot water.

Aha mind that mouth, Georgie, it might come back to bite you one day. :P
I, personally, am not a huge fan of noodles; but I can imagine your distress.

I remember my friend once got so angry with a vending machine when her crisps got stuck. She started kicking it and swearing her head off (the former is, in my opinion, a tad on the stupid side).

Aw! Ryan sounds sweet :) It’s good you’re good friends with him already, even if you haven’t known him all that long!

And you got your noodles! :3 /love /eee 😏

Take care! xx

LOL I really do, it really helped! ♥ And I loved point number three, that was the icing on top of the cake. :)

You’re welcome for the plug. :D

AHAHA no, he doesn’t, he was just making a joke… no way do I want to imagine him in a cheerleading costume. 😰

Oh well, that was the hilarity of it all, the fact that the greeting and the signature were written in a more civil manner was in such contrast with the “YOU WILL NOT BE TORSOFUCKED OR FUNERAL RAPED”.

You should connect your webmail to Gmail so you can send from Gmail, with formatting of text and stuff, and make it appear from your webmail. :)

I don’t use stationery so much anymore because I use my laptop so much. :( I feel sorry for all my unused stationery!

I love noodles. /bounce

LOL yes, did you know that a hundred people die a year from vending machines falling on them? 😰


Georgina! :)

Seriously though, I was so pissed off at the ridiculous requests people gave me, I needed to vent. Dx Whenever I’m “busy” I mean it quite literally — I’m busy. I told people that if it was site related issues they can talk to me; now they’re abusing that! They keep saying, “How do you fix the comments.php page?” “This isn’t working right… can you fix it?” “How did you do this____?” “Do you know how to___?” *eye twitches* I’M NOT GOD. @.@ As if I know how to fix your fucking comments page — I barely even knew how to code mine! LOL.

I tend to get pointless conversations from people on the regular now. I assume they want something, but as soon as they see how pissed I am, they don’t say anything else. :| I hate people that start a conversation then 20 seconds later say, “g2g bye!” WHY TALK TO ME IF YOU HAVE TO LEAVE 20 SECONDS LATER? o_O

Sometimes I want to throw my laptop in fury for people being insubordinate. It’s not my laptop’s fault… haha. At least you’ve gone through and deleted some of them; I’ve gone and deleted a few emails myself, but then again if it’s a person I talk to occasionally, I can’t really “delete” them — I care about their feelings too. Dx I assume that’s pretty bad since all they seem to know how to do is piss me off.

LOL “Go rape a pineapple.” XD No way! Pineapple’s are good. D: I don’t want to eat a pineapple someone raped. T_T Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron? Asking if you’re there when it’s CLEAR AS DAY that you’re “away”. I think the world has gone stupid. *nods* All the rays and beams from texting must have polluted their minds. I dunno, if they do that online, it makes me wonder if they act like that in real life — call pet control.

Well I mean seriously, you do balance college and having 98478543 sites, so I can understand you’re busy. OMG someone sent me an email talking about that… I wasn’t expecting to see those for awhile. D: She was all, “When are you going to reply to my comment????” (she barely commented the day before…) I replied back with, “Gee I dunno, WHEN I GET THERE?” “Oh… well can you hurry up?” :| What. The. Fuck. I’m just going to be a bitch and not reply at all. LOL

Oh! Well at least you enjoyed reading the pages. ;) I wrote them both about 20 minutes before I opened my site. XD I was going to re-write them, but I’ve been too lazy (what else is new).

I just find it weird that it’s been pretty much a month since Kya made the announcement. D: Well… okay a week or two, but it feels like a month. I think I’m just getting impatient because I want to see your new layout already. XD At least you didn’t stop updating your site completely like I know some people did.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting a break too… I was expecting to see a few nice commenters (and there are some), but there’s a lot of rude stuck up ones too. I want to cuss at them, but I’ve just grown to ignore them, but it’s SO IRRITATING. Dx *shoots self* I think it’s a chore trying to keep a smile while you’re being confronted with a bunch of annoying… NOOBS. >< I regretted it in the morning — big time.

I can feel that way sometimes. I have absolutely no dedication to do anything, so I have to have someone push me. Though, most of the time I have to tell someone to do it, they don't do it automatically — I wish they did though. =.= At least you have good friends that too that. YAY FOR FINISHING YOUR ASSIGNMENT! *dances*

What the hell… you even have PENS AND PAPER in vending machines? O_O I've never seen that before… how fancy.

That sucks that the machine was broken. How could they destroy a perfectly good cup of noodles like that?! Murderers.

Awe, well at least Ryan bought you some more noodles! See Georgina, even though you know crappy people online that seriously have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, at least you have true friends at the end of the day. :3

Now I want ramen.

Oh Jeez…haha. XD Have your head exploded in microwave? That’s awesome :P It just reminded me that a woman who went to solarium to get bronze but after wards she realized that she was stinking and it was like sth burned. Then the smell did not go away so she decided to go to a doctor. Here’s the worst part. Her viscera was burned because of that waves in solarium.
Anyways, after that wonderful real life story let’s head back to your blog 🙄
It was really nice of Ryan that he bought you a cup of noodle. I would be really frustrating if my lunch was ruined. Actually it’s not “that” big of a deal but since I have really limited time to eat when I’m at school, my lunch getting ruined by a crappy hot water machine would piss me off too…
Good job on the assignment :D Can you write me a threatening e-mail too :D I still haven’t get my summary done for the philosophy of law class :O

Yeah, sometimes i need the motivation too, but i dont think my friends would ever send me one with a threat, lol. I think im usually the one who would write something like that, haha.

Ahh, i love ramen noodles. that’s so cool that your vending machines sell them. our vending machines just have water or gatorade :/

Anyways that was really nice of your friend! :)

awwwwwwwwwwww ryan is soo sweet, i would love him to the end of time, he reminds me of my friend Jono ♥

I am so sorry to hear about your mishap with lunch. I cannot help but wonder if perhaps the machine was out of order, and someone took the sign down. :( But you are lucky to have Ryan for a friend. He sounds like a great guy! :)

Did I get first comment?! :)

I love Ramen, it’s the best. But I usually boil the water, then put the Ramen in. Old fashioned cooking! ;)

Ryan is so nice, he bought you a new cup of Ramen!

It’s kinda queer how everything is sold in vending machines. We have nothing in our vending machines except for crappy food that I only buy iced tea out of when I actually buy lunch. >.< (not that the hot lunch is any better…) In highschool(which I'll be in, in two years) there'll be good food. And you can get coffee! :3

OH MY GOSH. I make awfully weird threats like putting someone's head in a microwave. I once texted my friend that if she doesn't come outside and hang out with Brendan and I, all that would be left of her would be her left big toe. :)

I would’ve been pissed off about the cold water. I hate buying something and then all of a sudden there’s something wrong with it. I get really annoyed. I like to save money ;)

That was so sweet of Ryan to do :) My friends would never do that. Haha were all stingy with our money, it’s understandable though.

The way I get motivation is to have someone annoy the crap out of me to do it. Haha I love how Jorja threatened you with all caps. Caps lock really seems to get people’s point across XD

Vending machines are awesome, yet some can be a real rip off.

I really hope that everything goes well with the server change. By the sound of it VPS seems really cool (H)

Omg. That is hilarious. A messed up drink machine. We have one of those at our school. Last time I went to fill up my water bottle, it was broken. :/ I was so mad but I don’t fuss like you do because, afterall, it’s just water.

I’m glad you got your assignment done. Sometimes, like right now, I need someone to yell at me to get off of the computer and study but I’m not worried, obviously. I have 1 test tomorrow and 2 quizzes. I will study for the 2 quizzes but the 1 test will be just looking over a few things and so on. I took a vocabulary quiz today in that class (that I have the test in) and I made a 100% without studying even for a second. I mean I pulled out my vocabulary during the class before but I ended up NOT looking at it because I was distracted by the part of the movie we were watching. XD I get distracted easily sometimes.

I’m glad Ryan is such a good friend to you, unlike the Ryan I know. :/ I hate that jerk. /hmph I wish we could resolve our issues. If he is near me tomorrow, I’m going to talk to him. 100%.

Well that was nice of your friend to buy your lunch for you.

I actually ate some of those today. They are so good and convenient.

Lolllll :) Those noodles must have been important to you ;D Your friends are adorable! I don’t think my friends would do that for me – I’d just have to suck it up and eat the cold noodles.

That’s a pretty dodgy hot water machine… But I wish I had access to vending machines with ramen and other nice stuff. There’s one vending machine at our school, and it’s apparently permanently out of order X_X Although once I walked into it and two dollars dropped out ;D

OMG I want to see that email from Jorja ;D Sounds pretty funny. I don’t know if that would motivate me, though. Maybe if I was guaranteed online time after finishing assignments I might do them… :P

Lol the sticker photos were outrageous. But my friend took them all, so I have no idea where they are now X_X It looked really crazy though – you could only see parts of some people… a foot here… a butt there ;D

I can’t believe you were so productive in year 7! I can’t even remember if I was productive in year 7. The work wasn’t really hard enough to warrant an all nighter, so I don’t know if I was managing time well or just finding it easy :P

I’m pretty annoyed at the moment because my host closed without warning. Probably karma for me buying cheap hosting with a small company. The money is really no loss, but the annoying thing is monthly paying customers get a free transfer to another host with their old plans, while annually paying customers (me!) don’t get a transfer X_X So now I’m most likely going to be applying for hosting from either you or Kya ;D

LOL are you kidding me, I love noodles so much! :P

I think we have so many vending machines at university… just so many. And very handy too. In high school we only had two, and they were just for drinks. I think I found money in one of them too.

A few years ago my brother always used to look at all the vending and candy machines in the shops just to see if someone had left their change in it. He was obsessed! After some months he had picked up $12 in total or something like that.

Ahaha if you want I could forward you the email? She doesn’t mind. XD

My friends and I always cut up the photos and share them equally! :)

That’s true though, haha. I think it’s because the work in year seven was so easy and I could just get it all done.

Oh, were you hosted by RigRag? Far out, so many people are pooped about that. Nevertheless, I’m sorry. :(

Kya’s pretty busy, I’d highly recommend her because she’s amazing but I don’t mind if you apply for hosting with me either. ;D

I don’t double post like some… hm.

Well cussing isn’t my thing, but go on and do it madam.

That is stupid, to have a “hot water” machine, and it not even work. I am sorry. Good thing Ryan came in and saved your day! You all do have weird conversations.

“Moderation” sounds better, I loose track of who I have returned before and it annoys me, I have to go to there site and find my comment to see if it is a reply to theirs.

Awe it is a must? Really that is not cool. I would rather work alone, I don’t like some people. Especially if I don’t talk to anyone within that class, I feel like an outcast just standing there like a idiot.

HIM has some dark and Heavy music, but I like a lot different of music. It depends on my mood, I like slipknot… HIM… Breaking Benjamin… AFI… and other stuff too.

I think it is childs play to make fun of others. I would love if there was no middle school. I think it is worse than High School. It is suppose to prepare you for High School, but it don’t. Not at all.

Coach is really expensive, but I found one for 25.00 one day and my dad didn’t know anything about them, and he said that was expensive. I was like your crazy. So I didn’t get one. :(

Ooh good job on your assignment :D Some nice threats on Jorja’s part. What a scare!! xD. Glad you got some noodles and sorry about the bad cold ones earlier xD. I hate when noodles are cold.

Congragulations on finishing you assignment! Go Jorja!

I think America calls it Top Ramen. I dislike it but my sister loves it.
Two things get me with vending machines. Unsanity and taking money. But I’ve only had one bad experience where one took my money.
That was so nice of Ryan!

Ack, hearing that Ryan is bringing out his cheerleading costume would be enough to scare me into finishing an assighnment. But I think that an email like Jorja’s would leave me scrambling to scribble down the rest of the assignment then email it right back to her, pronto, before she carries out one of those threats (: haha, there’s just nothing like a good death threat to wake you up in the morning, is there?

Mmmm, ramen. Despite the issues with getting it, its definately worth it, since noodles are absolutely delicious. I just wish my school had a machine like that. Well, not exactly like that. I’d prefer one that actually gave me hot water (: Ryan sounds like he was being amazing about the whole thing, if I had that same problem my friends would roll their eyes at me, and maybe hand me an apple from their lunch.

:D :D :D :D hahahahah loving the noodle story!!! haha aaww georgina you’re so cute!! but ye wtf why would there be cold water in a hot water dispenser.. makes absolutely no sense! YOUR FRIEND IS SO NICE THOUGH!!! haha shouting you noodles :D maquarie also has vending machines of instant noodles.. though we dont have any with stationary in it hahah

and hooray for finishing you’re assignment!! haha for me personally i dont think having a threatenting email (that i know is a joke) would motivate me to study .. loli think i’d just be laughing at it because it would seem sooo unrealisitic :P i’m actually going to study today though!! haha so goooddd on me :) NO MORE PROCRASTINATION FOR THE REST OF THE HOLIDAYS! XD

We all have different ways to be motivated & being threatened is probably the most unique ones I’ve heard! :P I’m glad it worked & you managed to finish your assignment.

Wow, they now sell stationary through vending machines. That must be useful!

That’s stupid, cold water in a hot water machine. :( Oh well, at least you managed to eat your noodles in hot water. It was really nice of Ryan to buy you another one! :)

helloo :)
stumbled across your blog quite randomly.
Haha, i like the motivation your friend gave you, i should actually get my ffriends to do that but i know i’ll just laugh at it then go back to sleep or something. Silly me.
Ughh i hate it when things like that happen, when i use the vending machine, my thing usually gets stuck just before its about to come out so i’m kicking the machine trying to get my thing to drop. Haha i must sound so weird.
Anyway, woah, i envy you so much, you live in Aus. It’s been my dream to live there since like forever but I have to go to uni first etc :( What’s it like living? Ahh, please me my friend :o haha.

It is funny how you can get motivated with threats. It doesn’t work for me. The more threats you give me the more I won’t do it. HAHA

Aww. How ca they offer cold water when it says HOT. Hahah =)) There is such a thing called cold noodles though xD

Aaw, that was nice of your friend. :)
I think I would’ve gone mad in that situation as well. No one expects to pay for some useless shit. It’s ridiculous. It especially winds me up when I’m looking forward to food and then for some reason I can’t eat it. (I really love my food /eee )

Vending machines with stationery?! That’s a really good idea.. the amount of times I think I’ve got a pen but actually forgot to put it in is insane.
We’ve got loads of vending machines at our uni, but they’re all for food and drink. I might complain. :P haha!

Huhu, but it would’ve been better if you were raped in a microwave. Hrrng! Atomic excitement!

Hahah, Ryan had to buy you noodles. That’s so cute :3
I bet you were all ‘whuz, hwuz’ when he was gone. You know, when you go Huh? Uh? when something odd happens /love

Wuggs! /bounce


LOL yes, the atoms get excited in heat… 😰

I was wondering where he was since he took a while. I didn’t expect him to buy me new noodles. :3

Today I’m going to a Korean restaurant with my dad and Brandon. /bounce /bounce


Hahaha, that email sounds pretty funny. I’ve never had to resort to that kind of threat but maybe I’ll have to – for the last week I’ve done virtually no school work, and I tell myself every day that I’ll have something done before 6pm, but noooo. xD

We used to have vending machines at my school. That was only for the first year or two though – then they brought in this “healthy eating” policy thing and now they let us starve between lessons. >_<

Selling noodles at a vending machine? That's so alien to me, haha, the extent of venders I've seen are ice creams, lmao.

:') sorry, I laughed a lot through that rant, haha. I can see why you'd be mad, I hate wasting money – I remember one lunch I had a half hour detention, which turned into 45 minutes, so I had to run to buy some lunch but there was hardly any left and it was all cold. I remember complaining to my friends the same way, saying how fucking annoying it was to spend £2 on freezing mushy shit. xD


Not first comment FTW!!! :D (Y) You know what I love about your comment moderation? I don’t have to scroll through heaps of comments to get to the comment box and then scroll back up to remember what I wanted to comment about. SMART IDEA! :D You ROCK :P


That email from Jorja was SO FUNNY. I seriously sat giggling for like 2 minutes straight :P I’m the kind of person who needs threats too. Only I tend to ignore them which kind of sucks, cos motivation doesn’t really work with me, and I have no will power. At least they work with you :P YOU FINISHED! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

*celebratory dance* /bounce (Y)

YES! YOUR AWESOME STATIONARY VENDING MACHINE! Until Macquarie Uni gets one, I am going to be eternally jealous and envious :( I WANT ONE! I’d never use it, but I’d walk past it every day and be all @_@ :O /love Hehehehe. I like my stationary :P

Awwww! THAT SUCKS! Your noodles were ruined by the cold water :( Stupid water! /angry

And awwww! I can totally visualise your ranting and swearing. But they were like…RUINED NOODLES you paid for D:

How nice of Ryan to buy more noodles for you though :) That’s so sweet :D Hehehehehe.

It’s a GOOD friendship :) Everyone wants a kind of friendship like that. I’m happy for you :D

And it’s pretty amazing how you can make really awesome friends in such a short time frame too :) Some of the people I’ve met at uni, I’d be so lost if I didn’t have them. I can’t even remember what it was like NOT to have them there, if you know what I mean. XD

But I STILL MISS YOU HEAPS :( Especially when I’m at uni, and I have this massive revelation, and it’s like “Aw! I could only tell Georgie about this and I have to wait until tonight. Damn”. Hahahaha.

Woohoo for not first comment. XD

LOL I was actually thinking about how that could be an advantage too, no scrolling for people who happen to comment late. :) Smart indeed hahaha! And it’s a good idea from my end too because I know which comments I’ve returned! :D

Ahaha I ignore threats sometimes too. I like encouragement but sometimes I need madness. ;) I’m glad I finished too… it’s over! /bounce

Ahaha I love stationery but I don’t use it so much anymore because I am on my laptop all the time. I feel so bad for all the pretty pens and notepads! :O

I was SO angry about the noodles… I really just wanted to get the noodles and eat them on the way home. That obviously failed and I stayed back after Ryan bought me noodles. :B

I don’t know what I’d do without some of my university friends. I haven’t known them for long but it would be hard to imagine years of study without them really!

You should join us. Join us… :D ♥ But that’s okay! I don’t think we’d see each other much if we went to university together anyway… :P

Heheh, it’s not like I always get the chance to be the first commenter, you know. Plus, I just happened to be visiting Heartdrops the moment after you posted the blog post. :) No cheating there. XD

We all get lazy at times and there is nothing better than a good motivation to get us moving. And for you I see threats work the same way too, huh? :P And writing in CAPS definitely do the trick. Way to go Jorja! /applauds

I so envy you for having all those vending machines that sell all sorts of goodies. The ones in my university only sell drinks. No candies, no ramen. :/

WHAT!? No hot water in the vending machine. That sucks. It sucks even more when you find out about it AFTER you press the button. Poor you *hugs* But thank God for Ryan. He’s such a gem. :)

Aww that’s a really nice blog. /wave

Haha what a funny email Jorja sent you, no wonder you did your essay. 💥 😳 hahaha.

That would have annoyed me a lot (the noodles) I hate paying for things that are wasted, it is just really annoying.

/angry My coffee has gone cold reading the blog and writing the comment, cold coffee now. How did it get so cold, so quick. /huh


Awwww that’s well sweet of Ryan.

If I was lunch and wasn’t able to eat something due to machine failures, I’ll be so upset and pissed off. Probably would kick up a massive fuss about it all.

Aha yeah I love those books that you can’t put down. I “Almost Lost” is getting better and better. It doesn’t go by chapters, it goes by sessions of what happens to this 5 year old boy to a 15 year old boy (same boy).

I changed the layout again. I didn’t even need help on it :D Woo hoo go me! lol.

I like R. Patz, but I don’t love him. I think he’s hot but again I don’t love him like I do Harrison Ford and Meatloaf. Haha.

OMG that’s really nice of your friend Ryan to buy you a cup of Ramen. It’s sickening when you buy something you’ve been wanting to eat and it doesn’t work out. Suckage!

I love how you matched your jewelry with your outfit. Very cool.

Aw your so lucky he sounds like such a good friend! I wish mine would do that for me, though would probably stand their and laugh at me or something.

Lol I know what you mean about motivation, I am like that though I have to say I’ve never had an email like that before. I might have to try and send myself one to see if it works XD Anyway, it’s good you got your assignment finished though.

You have cool vending machines, I wish we had some that sold ramen over here, I love ramen!

OMG. I’M SO GLAD to have someone who agrees with me how super incredibly infinitely amazing the Princess Diaries book is!
Lmao. I actually find your ‘fangirl’ comment on it was quite informative (and describing how AMAZING that book is :P ) and it really made me laugh. /hehe

To be honest, I actually re-read The Princess Diaries again. Because they’re just so amazing. Each series took me only ONE day. And besides the books contained loads of Algebra notes in them so that’s why I felt the need to own them. :P

Have you read the whole volumes? :D

Haha, I guess the reason why I don’t get too many comments (which I don’t care because I get really lazy most of the time returning it XD) is because I only comment your site, Jorja’s and Vicky’s. But considering both of their sites are on maintenance mode… so that explains it. :P
I used to feel so enthusiastic returning and commenting other sites back when I was just getting started with the whole website thing but I guess that feeling is gone now. :(

LMAO. Jorja is really funny. I totally laughed hard about raping you and your head will explode and stuffs. XD That’s actually a good way asking someone to threat you in to finishing assignments and stuffs. I should definitely try that.

I heard in Japan, they even have vending machines for cigarettes. :O I was a big fan of vending machines but not anymore though. Ever since that last incident when I bought a packet of snacks AND a drink from it, I found they’ve reached their expiry date already. What a total waste of money.

Omg. Is that hot water machine thingy even kidding? It was probably a prank to make you think there’s hot water in it. You can’t get the noodles to rise (is that the word?) with cold water so I too would’ve got pretty furious if that happens to me. But just a reminder note: next time if you ever encounter with one of those hot water machine thingy, always use an empty cup or an empty bottle and then you press the button to check whether they’re hot/cold water before your noodles get ruined or something..

Ngaww… that’s really nice of Ryan to buy you another cup of noodles considering you were all upset about it and all. (Y) 👏

I know what you mean about that little push D: I need like so many of them LOL. It took me forever to get back to my site. But HIII :) I’m back if you still remember me! It took me forever to get back to this. :( ahahah I had about a billion pushes! but I just kept pushing back. Ah, procrastination.

Woahh, those are some pretty asianized vending machines. The ones at my school are somewhat the same, except it’s all coffee and chips and granola bars and what not. I wish we had cup noodles in vending machines at school. That hot water one was fail though :( it’s stupid how sometimes that just happens. But aw, that’s really sweet of Ryan to come back with more ramen for you to replace the ruined one. :D Definite great friend. (: I know many of my friends would just laugh at me and tell me to get over it.

That’s good that you have finished your assignment :) great job! :)
Oh that reminds me, I have homework and school is back soon! :(

D: That would of been so annoying, I would be so angry. The stupid machine! that’s not good. It’s nice that your friend bought you some though :) it’s good that in the end you got to eat lunch. But that’s so annoying that you paid for the noodles and then to not be able to eat them!

I was really surprised when I saw that she was following me. I was so happy though. I still am XD that’s so cool your favourite singer has talked to you on Twitter! it’s good you have a band to follow you :) it’s nice of them to do that.

Aww, I really hope you go to a concert soon.

I remember that checkered shirt :) it’s really nice. Good choice :)

:O Really? that sucks, you should have been able to use the double bed! :)

Sometimes my parents think it’s rude too, but sometimes they don’t mind. My mum lets me go on if the guests are just talking to her and others. That’s when I get super bored.

That sucks, the iPhone should let you turn it off. Or if you go on the internet it will come up which internet you want to use, my old phone did that. So I could choose wi-fi or my prepaid credit.

It’s good that the home phone is cheaper, I don’t like using my credit much, I try not to but then I end up using heaps D:

Yeah, but it looks really cool :P the iPad has got good reviews. It was going to come to Australia on April 24th (I think then) but they are make it a month later. In May it’s coming /angry since the US are demanding for more. At least they have it already! they can always get it later! /angry

I hope I survive sport! I am going to have problems with my ankles though.

All they want is our money! the rides are so expensive too. But I don’t go on rides much, since most of them are scary rides in the Royal Adelaide Show.

Lol same, but they are so nice. I can’t believe I actually managed to eat one of those lollies.

I would miss your site, I love reading your blog posts even though some of them I don’t read since I’m sometimes banned… FOR NO REASON! I don’t understand why I am.

I hope you are well :)

Lool at the e-mail Jorja said xP ‘Head stuck in a microwave’, lol xP You’re right though, sometimes we all just need a push ><

The vending machine sold noodles :O! Yum :') Our vending machines sell crisps and chocolate :/ And the ones in my school sell water and… yeah just water -_- 'Thirst for knowledge', is what the vending machine says.

Aww Ryan sounds nice :) I would probably be pissed off too if I paid for crappy noodles :/ There have been various times when the vending machine has just taken my money ¬___________¬ and all of those times, I have been so pissed off.

Awh. :'( Oh well. Maybe I’ll get second or first comment later. :)

Thank you so much! :D

Well, yeah, that is true. They could call me to reject but my friend said that they most likely will hire me because she loves that manager. Like she says it every two seconds after I bring up the manger’s name.

Awesome. :/

Darn. That didn’t help.

YES TOTALLY! I hate that. :/

I remember when I first got my sub-domain that there was a lot of downtime. It sucked but at that time I was just happy to be away from Piczo.

Hehe I enjoy reading your blogs. They are always interesting and I can always think of something to comment about.

It’s a very long and boring process! I don’t want to do that too often.

I have done that too. I often forget to reply to comments. I feel so bad when that happens!

Haha yes I’m quite weird when it comes to cleaning. I’m not obsessed like some people, I just feel if something needs cleaning I won’t mind doing it.

Yay congrats on finishing the assignment.

We all need that little extra push sometimes, just to get us motivated. The threatening email idea sounds very clever!

We only have a couple of venting machines at our school and they only sell drinks. Most of the time they are broken and they just eat your money. It would be better if they sold food like the ones at your university.

Aww how sweet of Ryan :) he seems a really kind person. But yeah I would be pretty annoyed if I had a cup of noodles with cold water. Stupid machines! Kick it next time you see it!! ;)