The Time, The Place

Please don’t have a heart attack; I’m moderating comments so I can tell which ones I’ve responded to. :)

I am also feeling a lot better so thank you for all your lovely comments!

On Friday Lilian visited me at university. She has a holiday right now. I have found out that my holiday is next week and I’m excited. It’s not really a holiday – it’s called a “study break” and I know there’s going to be some work done in that break, but I’m happy that I can actually catch up on a few online duties I may have.

Lilian met Ryan and Vicky (yay!) and we spent some time on our laptops, as usual – what we have done on all the Fridays we’ve had that ugly four hour break.

We managed to kill time that day! For at least an hour we were occupied with our laptops. Lilian and I were playing Typing Maniac on her Facebook. XD Unfortunately this stupid error kept popping up on one of the windows I had open, and disrupted us. Serves me right for leaving all my tabs open overnight and hibernating my laptop. :P

Lilian took a photo of Ryan and I standing next to each other. He’s so tall, ugh. He’s like twice my height. Here is a picture. It’s not that I’m jealous… but why am I so small? :O

We went to the markets for a bit, had lunch and took sticker photos as well. :) Lilian said her life would be incomplete without sticker photos, so there you go. Actually, what was pretty awesome was that we took and decorated the photos in record time. Normally it takes us about an hour because we’re totally into decorating the photos. I remember the times James used to sit there rolling his eyes at how long we were taking.

This time we did it in a record time of about ten minutes! How awesome is that? :P

I’m so lazy. Urge me on. I’ve done about 70% of my assignment that is due Wednesday but I’m trying to get it done by Tuesday to save time and everything, and to save all the bother. Can I do it? 😰

Do you ever do your assignments or homework quickly and just try to get it out of the way? I used to do that in high school but then I started slacking off. I feel like this year is a change for me and despite all the work I’ve got to do, I still want to get things done on time. No all-nighters for me.

The worst all-nighter I had was last year; I honestly thought I was done with my e-portfolio but I was being a perfectionist, stayed up until 2:00am, and still wasn’t done ten minutes before class.

I put it down to one thing: disorganisation. Sometimes, you have to be organised.

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First comment?

YAY! I remembered to get rid of the message this time. LOL, I’m such a noob D: I suck.

Anyways! Yes! I visited you on Friday ✌️ It was soooo fun :D /bounce

And Vicky and Ryan were very awesome and nice. Ryan was super tall. LOL, I love that photo. Seriouslyyyy…if HE had to look up at your apple guy, the apple guy must have some form of gigantism D: I can’t even IMAGINE anyone that tall :O

LOL, wow…I can’t believe you guys have that epic four hour break every week D: I’d be like @_@ after the first week. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Hahaha, but time went really fast last Friday O_O

Typing Maniac. Hahahahahahaha! I hope I didn’t get you too badly addicted. But far out, it seriously IS addictive. Soon there will be helplines for Typing Maniac addiction :P

STICKER PHOTOS! Yes! My life is now sufficiently complete. For now :P Hahaha, that WAS cool. We seriously EPICALLY rushed and got it done way fast. And funnily enough, I think these ones were better than the other ones we took last time, with James in them. WE NOW KNOW THE KEY TO STICKER PHOTO SUCCESS! RUSH! Hahaha tell James he needn’t worry about us taking heaps long anymore…or does he? :P

Oohhhh! You can do it! I believe in you :P You’ll totally get it done by Tuesday because you are THAT cool (Y) (H)

Hahaha I didn’t start leaving things to the last minute until year 12, and that was mostly because I spent so much time on my 4u English project, I basically neglected everything else. D:

Not as bad as last year though. First literal all-nighter EVER for a law assignment I’d had for about 2 months. I suck! So take comfort in the fact that you’re still better than me at time management :)

I try to get ahead with my homework usually, but then stuff gets in the way == Lol XD

Hahah don’t worry, I should have warned you. :)

I love that photo too! It’s amusing. I wish I was tall. Krist Novoselic from Nirvana was also insanely tall. Two metres tall!

Well a few times we had two lectures so we had a three-hour break instead but for the first few weeks we were finding ways of killing time. We’ve become increasingly good at it, Vicky says. :)

Speaking of helplines, what about those people over the hundredth level? That’s just insane. I swear they’re cheating… :P

I guess James will be happy about that, hehe. :D

1729 words as of now! Am I doing a good job? :)

I remember refusing to do my maths homework all the time. In comparison to now, that is pretty bad. In year seven and eight I was so up-to-date and on top of it all. :O

Lately I’ve been sleeping late but that’s because I’m returning comments or doing something else on the internet. :P

My site gets in the way… /hmph

I hope I got the first comment.

Well I certainly will not as I read your blog inmy free time – you just (maybe) don’t know. Sorry for the bad typing, I’m on the iphone now.

Yooho, holidays! My holidays start in June and it shall be a perfectly long one. But after that? Pressure. Pressure. And more pressure.

I actually enjoyplaying typing maniac. (no energy for caps) It is really fun – oh god, what an error! Well sinCe it’s not your computer’s error, relieve…

Twice your height? This is meant as a joke: Whenever I say “oh he iS running so fast!” My brother would reply,”Its not he run fast, is u slow.” LOL.


Sorry Dorine!

Look, after all, I couldn’t care less about when people post their comment; it means enough that they do at all. :)

You’re forgiven! Typing on an iPhone takes practice.

The error was probably on one of the websites I was visiting. It hasn’t come up anymore. :D

Well I know I’m short, a lot of people are taller than me. Then again Ryan could just be the giant! :P

Yay glad that you’re feeling better now! >:D< And glad to see your best friend visited you guys :D hhahahaa WOW RYAN IS SOO TALL!! How tall is he? I feel like I'm going to feel like a dwarf next to him. hhaha! You look cute Georgie!

I haven't had sticker photos in years :(

Man I know what you mean! Back in grade school I was all… study first and play later. Gradually in high school, study a little, play, study a little again. and then somehow in College I can pull an all nighter and work best at night now! Crap! What is wrong with me? O_O Haha! But I really hope that I can fix this. I must stop procrastination!

:D Take care dear! :D /eee 👏

OOHH am I the first commenter? O_O (H)

I read your last blog, but I didn’t get to comment :) Its great to hear you’re feeling better, if you ever need anything, just let me know :)

At least its somewhat of a break! You should reserve at least one day where you do absolutely no work, if possible :P

Oh right! The dreaded four hour break D: I remember suggesting eating very slowly 😳

I hate that error! Is it that script error? That one always makes me nervous actually lol!

:O YOU ARE SO PRETTY! You’re so petite too, you can have a couple inches off me, I hate being tall. Its really awkward >.> I love your dress in that picture ! /love

A sticker photos are made by a photo booth that makes stickers I’m assuming :P I’ve actually never made a customized sticker :O

Awwwe! Lol, I can imagine James rolling his eyes at how long you guys are taking! Hahahah xD

I’m sure you can do it! 70% done is a lot, so 15% today, and 15% tomorrow ;D

Honestly, I never do that 😳 I’m so nervous that I’ll mess up or something, its terrible :P When was your first ever all nighter? Just out of curiosity 😳

Organizing can be such a pain! It benefits you in the end, but its still tedious D: I love buying folders and notebooks though, thats the only fun part :P

I know exactly how you feel. With the shortness thing, that is. I don’t necessarily think I am short; it’s just when I stand next to people, especially taller people, I feel short. :( It doesn’t help when your best friend is six inches taller than you! O_O

I have never started an assignment just to get it over with. /um I am the queen of procrastination. Hehe. It would probably help me a lot, though.

Aw, I do think I am really short though; I’m shorter than most people my age. And they’re taller than their mums, whereas my mum is taller than me. :(

My best friend is a far bit taller than me but I guess then again a lot of people are!

I have been procrastinating a lot this year but I still seem to get things done. This time around I seem to be doing a better job! ;)

Did I get first comment or did Lil bit me to it? :O

I meant beat. FAIL. /bash

Wow, Ryan is like giant. It’s not that your small, he’s just freakishly tall. ✌️

But, you do look like a little kid beside him 😳

Ouch, all nighters are a pain. I don’t mind them, I work best at night because nothing is there to pose as a distraction. The only problem is that I fall asleep during the day. And I look like hell on legs /wah

I hope you got all your work done. I’m trying to get things done earlier too. I wish teachers would lie to me and tell me deadlines are closer than they are so I’d get them done earlier. (Y) /faw

Have a great Sunday and a better Monday. Though we all know good Mondays don’t exist. But let’s raise our hopes anyway :D

BTW, this smiley /bounce << is pulling a rapist face D:

How tall are you? I’m really small too. I’m only 5ft! I’m the shortest out of all my friends and family.

Sticky photos are so cool! I love taking them in Hong Kong because there’s loads of those machines around and cheap.

Last min assignment is the way to go! well not really, it always end up being all-nighters. I’ve done that several time during university.

I always done stuff last minute till my last year at university. The workload for piece of assignment was just too much to be done last minute. I would have failed if I did anything last minute. It trained me to be motivated and organised.

Today’s the last day of the break. I didn’t waste the week that much. :)

I rarely ever do free layouts. I’ve only done two in my life. =))

Of course you would. Those chickens were too pretty to not be envied.



I’ve given up on playing games on Facebook. I’m a sad little girl like that. Actually, I just got lazy.

Don’t worry, I’m short, too–4’11”. I’m classified as one of the shortest people in my school.

Sticker photos and decorating. Sounds fun. :D

I try to do my assignments early to get them out of the way if I’m not too lazy to. So…half of the time it happens for me.

Because of your blog I started playing that game on Facebook. I’m so bad at it, because I resisted just 3 rounds. When it got a bit faster, I failed. But when I’ll have time I’ll try to be better.

Ryan is a very tall boy and you a very small girl. I am tall, I have around 168 centimeters, and i hate this fact because I’m quite skinny. I wish I would be around 158-162 or so….

I usually do the homework after the teacher give it to me, but now I have to do an website for my T&I class and I didn’t started to work on it :-s.

Good luck with your assignment:)

Hahah yeahh, and again, this week, I’ve been lazy xD I barely even get to get onto Twitter ! :[

lmaoo yeahh, haha it’s been so long I don’t remember either xDD

awww! Well we still don’t know what happened to our teacher. Maybe, the school asked her to take a leave since they technically can’t fire her. Or maybe she just had to leave for special purposes.

Yeah it is wack! Thank god though that he curved the test, so even though I got 2 wrong, I still got a 100 :D I was like :O Because I literally guessed XD. I hate when teachers have such high expectations.

Aww thanks, I have a field trip this week to see a Broadway show so I have to make up work XD. But I’m trying to get as much done earlier and not put it off !

LOL comments are overpowering us! Haha I almost forgot which ones I replied to and which I didnt!

Aww I hope you enjoy your Study Break! We all need a break every so often ;D

Agh I hate those Facebook errors! They annoy me, especially when they keep occuring over and over.

Gah! Don’t worry you aren’t too small, Ryan’s just too tall :D XD jkk

I’ve always wanted to take sticker photos, but I never got too! That must’ve been fun though. Decorating the pictures sounds like really fun with your friends!

YES YOU CAN DO IT ! haha Just don’t procrastinate like me :D

Awww haha what an awful all nighter! I have the tendency to get everything done right away, otherwise I get this horrible feeling in my gut that I won’t get it done in time xDD

Ughh.. I’m really glad my stepdad upgraded from dial up but still, this still isn’t the fastest speed out there. And it doesn’t even work as wifi on my iPod!
How did your brother manage to do that? Lol…. :P
Oh well, at least it will be over soon!

I think what would be majorly cool, if they made a new version in purple. Or blue. Like just a different color from that dingy grey. Hmm.. I think I should write them about this idea too. :P

So far, I’ve been ignoring it too..

It was SUPPOSED to be really really nice here, but then the freaking wind blasted in. And was making everything cold. The trees were bending and the wind was screaming. But the sun was still shining.

I know, he is a good writer. But I’m not sure if I liked Dear John. Like it was good. But it was happy go lucky and pretty normal. Like every other love story.. I don’t know… this story didn’t appeal to me.

Mmmm… all that fat will keep us warm in the winter! :P

Not really… like I know she’s trying. But maybe just later on when she’s 20 or something. She’ll be able to do the roles.

Skim milk is just like 50% water and 50% milk to me. I like 1%!
I think they made a .5% milk too… lol…

Lol, it sounds like you and Lilian and Ryan had a good time. Especially you and Lillian on your laptops. Whoa…. lol, Ryan does seem rather tall compared to you..

Lol.. I normally do my homework really quick. Just to get it over and done with.. that’s how I see it. Then I’m free for the rest of the week. :)

I hope you get your things done!

Lol, you really are a perfectionist to stay up to 2am trying to finish it!
I hope you get your e-portfolio done soon!

Aww, thanks! ♥

That hoodie is soo awesome! I also bought it in two blue shades and I am really happy that I did because I could wear it all the time. xD And it’s definitely warm. :)

Thanks! :) I really like the natural looking make-up a lot too. And it’s also like the perfect make-up to wear to school (even though I usually don’t wear any make-up to school).

They are changing it to 12 years over here now too. So next year there’ll be TONS of people aplying for jobs & at universities because they’ll have the students that graduate from year 13 (the law came too late for them or something) plus those who graduate from year 12. Thank god I won’t really have any problems due to that.

Aww, thank you! ♥ As far as I know I barely have any pictures of myself where I like really laugh. And IF there is one I am probably drunk. xD I have this one picture of me and my friend Christine where I have this huuge smile and she looks sooo weird – I love that picture a lot.

We don’t have to wear uniforms (we don’t even have any over here), we can wear what ever we want to. Mum kinda “ruined” my plan by not allowing me to buy a dress I wanted to buy last year because it’s not prom-ish enough.. sucks. But that way they’ll have to spend more money on a dress.. because the one I picked out was like IDK 25€ – it might be a lil bit “too cheap” for a prom dress but at least I could’ve worn it to more parties and stuff because it’s not too formal and stuff… we”re going to go dress shoppping sometime this or next month.. I am absolutely not looking forward to it.

I asked a friend about the pictures and she said we can get them.. but not right now. I guess they’ll have a look through all the TONS of pictures that they took on Friday and then just give us the good ones and stuff. I definitely can’t wait to see them. I’ll make a whole poster-ish thing dedicated to the past three years and put it up on my wall as a nice memory. :)

I read Vicky’s tweet to you and I was totally thinking the same thing.. I mean, if you got tons of “YAY, FIRST COMMENT!” comments people MUST be blind. I mean, it says your moderating them in your FIRST SENTENCE.

I was wondering why you didn’t have any comments when I first read this blog and I was like “What?” but then I saw your first sentence. I guess it’s a lot easier for you to return comments this way because you really get a lot of them. But I’d probably feel really unmotivated seeing that number in the red circle all the time. I wish you the best of luck returning all those comments. :)

I am really, really happy that you’re starting to feel better now! I read your past blog posts and they sounded really negative and I really started to worry. So this one sentence made me smile and feel relived. I hope things continue to get better! :) ♥

LOL you leave your tabs open overnight? I always shut everything down when I close the laptop.. or.. at least most of the time. It might happen that I am almost sleeping so I just close the laptop and don’t really worry about the open tabs.

YAY for Lilian visiting you at uni! I guess it was a great thing to see a “new face” on your four hours break. :) Laptops definitely are the best thing when it comes to killing time!

LOL OMG Ryan is like SUPER tall! I bet me and him would be around the same height. That’s how me and my cousin Jacob look like when we stand next to each other. xD He’s like 25cm taller than I am! It’s insane. And maybe I should mention that I am already pretty tall (1,81m)…

Of course you can do it, Georgina. You’ve already done 70% of it, so yep! I believe in you just as much as you always believe in me. :) And you’re also a lot more dedicated than I am… soo, yeah you’ll definitely get it done by Tuesday. :)

All nighters suck in generall because the next day you’re feeling really bad and stuff and can’t really concentra.. I made my experiences with all nighters.

Woah.. 10 minutes before class? That’s like really, really late. But I think it’s awesome that you want everything to be perfect! :)

I am actually pulling an all nighter right now because I have to study for my first out of four final exams and it’s just too hectic around the house during the day and stuff.. thank god they’ll all be either at school or work this morning (it’s already Monday over here right now) and I’ll be able to do even more studying.

Organization is definitely the key to success most of the time I think. I wish I was more organized!

Yayayay! That’s nice of Lilian to visit you at your university. Oh wow! Ryan is huge! You know what, looking at the photo, it makes me feel how small I am as well.

LOL! Sticker photos!! That’s awesome. I love them but they’ve taken away the machines so no sticker photo-taking for us anymore. *sigh* Just wondering, how much does it cost there to make the photo stickers?

Hahaha! I always hold my assignments to the last minute (or to be more accurate, to the night before the submission day). LOL. Sometimes I think I’m more productive that way. But good luck to you and your assignments! Don’t you dare be lazy! XD

I know exactly what you mean with assignments and trying to get them done early. I had a very basic PDHPE assignment at the start of this year – it wasn’t hard or anything, just creating a storyboard and analysing it. We got it in the first week of term when we had no other assignments, and it was due about week six. I was almost going to do it the day I got it – it wasn’t going to take long, but for some reason I felt it was too early (WTF?) to get it done so I procrastinated :/ Stupid me. I ended up finishing it the morning of the day it was due…

I have a procrastination problem, but the worst thing is that it snowballs. Even if I try to get everything done early after the first one, the first thing I procrastinate on pushes everything else back.

I’m hoping when I go back for next term I can break the cycle. Pssh I doubt it, but I can only try.

Haha sticker photos are epic. Once my friends and I managed to fit thirty people into the booth. Needless to say many people had multiple people sitting on them. It was painful :P

Ryan is very tall :/ That picture really highlights the difference. But there’s nothing wrong with being short! Lots of awesome people are short ;D I love your dress in that picture, it’s beautiful :)

Aww that’s silly! But at least you did it in the end. I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson. I think I’ve done the same before. But what strikes me is from year seven, when we had a huge German booklet of exercises to do in two weeks. I did it in two days. Determined little shit, I was. XD

My procrastination was exceptionally bad last year. It’s sort of been drilled into my brain. In high school I was on top of everything most of the time!

Now it’s a little hard to believe that this year I’ve done all my assignments on time or done the day before; I think it’s because I was really awful before.

Oh my gosh, that is fucking amazing. I wish I could see those photos that you took with that many people in the booth (if you actually took photos).

Ahah, I am really short for my age. My teacher in grade three told me that good things come in little packages. :P

Thank you! ♥

For me, regarding assignments, it really depends on how much the assignment is worth and how far in advanced I find out about it. If the assignment is 10% or less, I leave it (bad of me, I know). But if it’s a term paper and I’ve had a biology lab report (20 pages!) that was 50% of my grade – you just know I spent hours upon hours on that assignment and got it done well in advanced ;)

I’ve only done sticker photos once… Most of my friends aren’t into that sort of thing and the ones who are into sticker photo booths *really* love them and insist on doing them every single time we see a booth, and that sucks up all my money (heh), so I just never do them =)

Ahaha first comment ftw!!!!!! Beat that!!! I’ll probably be beaten but I don’t care I got first comment again! GO ME!!

Wow so you guys have had fun. That’s very cool. At least you get a study break and what not.

Anyways, I already know how I’m going to put everything in my room we were just talking about it again at dinner just now.

I’m planning on getting a single bed after we move in and seeing if it’ll fit my bedroom (which I think it will), and than collecting Manga’s again. I can’t wait. Heehee.

Ah being disorganized. I’m that. I don’t know where a single thing is well; I kinda do but at the moment I don’t. I’m hoping to be more organized in Beaumont. I’m getting cubbies for my movies and cd’s and what not. So yeah. It’ll be neater and more organized. Heehee. Good luck on your assignment.

Yes, break! That’s always fun, even if you have to do work, you don’t have to do *as* much, right? Psh, don’t be complaining about being short. Think about how much fun it is, instead – you can wear as tall of heels as you like, and never be taller than any of the guys. Plus, your ankles don’t show in your jeans ;) Yes, this is coming from a girl who’s been five foot ten since sixth grade, haha.

I’m not sure what sticker photos are, but they sound very entertaining! Even if you have to hurry and not take as long as you’d like :]

Ryan’s so tall! :O

Good luck on your study break. When I was still studying, I slack off a lot of times. I was so addicted to blogging and facebook apps. Hopefully you get to finish all the stuff you need to do. 👏

Oh gosh, I used to get my homework and assignments done as soon as I got home and post haste; then like you I just started.. to.. not? :D 😰 BUT SLACKING OFF IS FUN. /bash

I LOVE your bracelets! 👏 They match your blue tights! ♥

LOL, definitely agreed! I laughed out loud reading “I just started.. to.. not?”

Slacking off is just too fun for words. 😏

your welcome! Oh sorry you’ve eaten waffles twice because they are expensive. In Spain it is sold in the supermarket and are cheap, so I can buy them at any time.

I see, I think I’ll be nervous when I see it, even because he’s an old friend. Long ago the last time we met, so I don’t know how to behave :(

Yeah it is a bit surprising that my mother doesn’t like me being single. Mothers always want the best guy for us, if your mother did not like any of the boyfriends you’ve had, maybe it was that he didn’t good enough for you.

Yes, you could say that is like a blind date, that is true. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it very much.

Thanks Georgina! :)

wow sounds like you had fun with your friends at the university.

The photo is great, by the way I like your awesome dress. I am also low, and I usually notice it when I take photos with my friends that are higher than me.

Good luck with your homework, I hope the finish on time. I’m sure you can :)
Maybe you don’t have time to do your homework, for lack of organization. I usually bring a day of homework and study, because I don’t like to leave everything to the last minute. Probably because I’m too perfectionist.

Georgina! :)

I’m glad all the comments made you feel better and all! :) We’re all glad to make you happy! ^__^

YAY for ‘study break’, I’m on my ‘spring break’ right now for two weeks and I’ve just been walking around my house doing nothing but eat cookies. (not really… About the walking around the house but it’s true about the cookies *ahem*)

I hate them little error that pop up! Especially when your doing something important like playing on Typing Maniac! Rude pop up.

Oh wow! That dude – Ryan – is so so so… 0_o TALL. I think I’m more or less the same height as you… (I’m pretty tall for my age – taller than my mom) I feel very short now I’ve seen that picture. Haha. :)

Ten minutes?! Pretty awesome.

OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT. :D Good luck! I know Georgina will finish it! Ah go go go~!

I always try and get my work done as quickly as possible because I know if I leave it to the last minute, i would be too lazy to finish it. :( Screw me and my laziness.

LOL. Sorry, but I love that little smiliey at the end of the blog. So cute!

Wooah, Ryan is really tall? Or are you quite small? /hehe Don’t worry, I’m only 5ft 1.5in. @_@
I try to do coursework as quick (but as well done) as possible so it’s out of my way and I don’t have to think about it. And I know what you mean with the slacking! I do it accidently a lot. ;) All-nighters suck when you’re doing school work. I was drinking cans after cans of energy drinks and fell asleep suddenly with my face in my Graphics folder. /hehe
I hope you fniish the assignment for Tuesday! ♥


It’s great that you get that study break. I’m sure I could use a boyfriend break right about now…

Who care’s if you’re short!?! I think you’re so adorable. That dress that you have on is soooo cute. I would NEVER be able to pull that off.

I usually do my assignments 2 days before they’re due simply because I’m lazy. Sometimes I slack off and don’t do them then fake sick the next day so I can do them… Because I’m stupid that way. ✌️


Summer Dream has been forced to close because my host has shut down their site giving me no notice at all. It’s a real shame but I’m moving all my content to my adopted domain, Imperfect Angel. I may even purchase my own domain soon to make life easier. I am informing you because you are a good friend of mine and I would like to stay friends even though I’m moving :)

Hooray for friends visiting youuu! I totally miss my friends now. I haven’t spent quality time with them for a while :)) Maybe Ryan is just so huuugeee. He looks huge to me, or maybe I’m just small =))

Typing Maniac! I love that game! But sometimes, I fear my laptop’s keyboard keys are gonna get crushed because I tend to hit them harder from panicking :)) But I totally suck at it – compared to my boyfriend I think. He has some rad typing skillzzz.

Sticker photos! I love ’em! My bestfriend and I always decorate it so slow that some people started fake-coughing because we were taking too long in the booth. Whatever, we wanna make it worth the money!

I use to do that in High School, do all homeworks immediately so I don’t cram. But lately, I’ve been spending too much time lazing around, or with friends so meh. But I’m trying to bring that back to me now :))

My worst all-nighter was back in junior high, we did a movie and super crammed it that I stayed overnight at a friend’s house and then when school came, I was asleep on ALL my classes. No one even bothered to wake me up – or I think I was sleeping too soundly :))


I used to have a lot of songs too but my desktop got reformatted so all was lost. BOO! I used to hate long breaks too, mostly because I run out if things to do. But lately I’ve been using the time to either do homework or spend some loving quality time with my boyfriend :)

I love being organizeeed! My planner shows it all. I color-code, use post-its, and whatever. HAHAHA some people say I’m so OC. Or meticulous. But being organized is my thing deal with it! I always tell them :))

I love the photo of you two! I’m short too! That’s what I look like compared to other people all the time haha! ;P

No problem :) My website was down for a few days so I thought I would see what was going on and I found out that RigRag was closing all their sites. I was gutted but at least I have my domain. I just wanted to let you know I had moved because I enjoy talking to you.

Yeah I backed up my site about a week ago so I didn’t lose anything :)

Yeah I hope to have this domain for a while. I don’t like changing all the time. It’s hard work!

No I don’t think people will go back to RigRag if they have lost their website. People want a host they can trust.

Yeah that was spooky! I was thinking about moving and now I haven’t got much choice!

I use to old have a Happy Meal for the toy! I wasn’t a big eater when I was younger so I never ate the chips or drank all the drink. It was a waste really.

Yeah I think saving comments for moderation is the best way. I always forget if I have returned a comment or not!

I think it’s really important to have break from our websites from time to time. But it’s always good to keep them open.

Haha if ever I got married I would have to be the one who cleans. I quite like cleaning actually!!

Aww that was nice of Lillian to come and visit you :) I love introducing my friends to another group of friends.

Wow your friend Ryan is really tall!! I quite like my height. I would like to be slightly taller though. I love your dress in the picture by the way ♥

Good lucky with your assignment, I’m sure you can get it done. Try to set your self targets like up to a certain point by a certain time. I hope you don’t get to distracted!

I’ve never had to do an all-nighter, however I have got up really early in the morning just to get the work done or a little extra revision.

Oh Georgie. I almost had a heart attack. Don’t do this things to me, please! XD You look so small in front of him.

Ryan looks so tall! I’m tall as you. Also I’ve never heard of that game on Facebook. I’ll check it out. :)

Photo stickers are cool. :) I have never decorated a picture or I just don’t remember. XD But you decorated it fast. :)

I have to do my assignment too and it’s due Wednesday, which means due tomorrow. Eek! I need to go to the library to get a book. But, I’m sure I’ll finish it on time since I don’t have a lot of homework for tomorrow. :) If you work fast that you will finish your assignment too! I do my assignment’s fast, but I do them precisely.

That’s true. I always try to be organized, but sometimes I just fail.

Thank you! :) Yes you did. Twice I think. :D Well that’s flattering. Hahaha. I’m glad I joined, it’s great. You and Tiffany did an amazing job.

I understand you that you want something more feminine. If I was your age I would probably wear boots, flats and heels. :)

Thank you and thank you and thank you! :)

I get distracted by Twitter too a lot. Now I’m trying not to spend a lot of time on it. It’s really addicting. Oh and Tumblr is addicting too. I’ve been posting way to much on Tumblr.

Well okay then. :) I love soft beds and pillows, but not to soft tough.

I know that Kya had problems, but I don’t know if she still has. I’m excited to see the layout. You always come up with something original.

That’s the same with me. She always spends a lot of time on shopping. My mother works a lot too. She always goes on different job every day.

I haven’t left other comment, I guess. But it’s alright. Don’t worry. ♥


Ah, four friends meet up. And you know what you guys do? Everyone sits down at a laptop! Yay! The future of social interaction has arrived. D:

I love getting crap out of the way. Like those stupid reports for uni. Humof. I dunno, I just find it a lot better to work real hard in the start, and coast near the finish while laughing at everyone else. Hohoho /ho

All nighters are bad for Wuggs *gloof*


I want to, MUAHA. /bounce

LOL, it’s true. We’re always so social by being anti-social… nearly every week, we’re sitting together, but with eyes glued to screens. :B

Hehehee. I remember in year seven, we had to do a German booklet of exercises, and I was so fucking determined that I did it in two days when it was due in two weeks.

*floog* :)