The Time, The Place

Please don’t have a heart attack; I’m moderating comments so I can tell which ones I’ve responded to. πŸ™‚

I am also feeling a lot better so thank you for all your lovely comments!

On Friday Lilian visited me at university. She has a holiday right now. I have found out that my holiday is next week and I’m excited. It’s not really a holiday – it’s called a “study break” and I know there’s going to be some work done in that break, but I’m happy that I can actually catch up on a few online duties I may have.

Lilian met Ryan and Vicky (yay!) and we spent some time on our laptops, as usual – what we have done on all the Fridays we’ve had that ugly four hour break.

We managed to kill time that day! For at least an hour we were occupied with our laptops. Lilian and I were playing Typing Maniac on her Facebook. πŸ˜† Unfortunately this stupid error kept popping up on one of the windows I had open, and disrupted us. Serves me right for leaving all my tabs open overnight and hibernating my laptop. πŸ˜›

Lilian took a photo of Ryan and I standing next to each other. He’s so tall, ugh. He’s like twice my height. Here is a picture. It’s not that I’m jealous… but why am I so small? 😧

We went to the markets for a bit, had lunch and took sticker photos as well. πŸ™‚ Lilian said her life would be incomplete without sticker photos, so there you go. Actually, what was pretty awesome was that we took and decorated the photos in record time. Normally it takes us about an hour because we’re totally into decorating the photos. I remember the times James used to sit there rolling his eyes at how long we were taking.

This time we did it in a record time of about ten minutes! How awesome is that? πŸ˜›

I’m so lazy. Urge me on. I’ve done about 70% of my assignment that is due Wednesday but I’m trying to get it done by Tuesday to save time and everything, and to save all the bother. Can I do it? 😰

Do you ever do your assignments or homework quickly and just try to get it out of the way? I used to do that in high school but then I started slacking off. I feel like this year is a change for me and despite all the work I’ve got to do, I still want to get things done on time. No all-nighters for me.

The worst all-nighter I had was last year; I honestly thought I was done with my e-portfolio but I was being a perfectionist, stayed up until 2:00am, and still wasn’t done ten minutes before class.

I put it down to one thing: disorganisation. Sometimes, you have to be organised.

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