The past few days have become increasingly difficult and I’ve felt really sick. On Monday night I had trouble sleeping because of an excruciating pain in my stomach. By my stomach, I actually mean my stomach – your stomach is located under your heart, so I’m talking about there, not my tummy. :3

I felt really sore there every time I moved or bent over or stretched. It’s been like that for the past few days and I thought maybe it was something like indigestion or food just not going through me. I ate some cereal, and lots of grapes… which didn’t really help.

Today my stomach is a little more at ease but I feel bloated. I think I ate way too much over the Easter break, or I’m just under maximum stress or lack of sleep that is causing my body to go mad. :(

I haven’t been around to blog, I have about 50 comments to return, and I still have an assignment due next week. As for the assignment, I’m not too fussed. And I’ll get to the comments eventually.

Yesterday I had a crappy day. My bland morning was made infinitely worse by my teammates being absent. For about three weeks’ worth of lessons, they have been absent from class, or only attended several minutes of class. We haven’t had a chance to work on our assignments like other groups have. It’s not my fault. I’ve attended every class minus the Dreamweaver workshop (it wasn’t necessary), and while we had an opportunity to work on our projects in class the past few weeks, they haven’t been there. I thought I had a good group, but I was wrong.

Lazy jerks. I was thinking that they would be completely absent but at the last minute, the guy in my group had come into class… just to hand in his assignment. Blasted imbecile. I was talking to my friends and deliberately throwing expletives in his direction as I raised my voice, but to no avail.

Pissed, I left. I then decided to email my group to encourage and urge them to pass on some ideas for the assignment.

At least 24 hours later and they have not responded.

No, I’m not stupid. I know that they had an opportunity to check their emails. I know that they must have been on Facebook at some point. But I don’t have a Facebook.

I just wanted to cry. We had to do this exercise in our groups, but now I can’t really do it when I don’t have the notes from our group. Our group organiser hasn’t responded to my emails.

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of being left to do everything. I’ve got things to do at home and housework, I have individual university assignments, and I know my sites can wait for now, but they need to be sorted out. I don’t want people expecting me to return comments every moment, or respond to emails quickly, and please, please, please do not expect me to answer questions for something you can just look up on Google.

When people waste my time, I don’t get angry… I get upset.

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[I hope] XD


Ngaww *HUGG*
It’s the 2 metres of licorice, which is longer than Wuggs! :3
Like a tapeworm. Yux! D:

Jesus, what a crappy group. You ought to complain to your tutor/co-ordinator. If they drag you down, then there’ll be trouble for you /sweat
Hopefully group assignments carry much less weight than individual ones in your course as they do in mine. Hrrng! /bounce

What’s the Speed of Wuggs? /ho


*HUGG* It’s not as fat as I am, though. :3

Ugh you know what, earlier this week I was worried I had tapeworm or something from all the pains, maybe because of the meat in the udon noodles I had on Tuesday. 😰

I’m feeling a bit better now though. :)

This particular group assignment is 50%. 😢 I think that it’s less for the other subjects though. It’s been 48 hours and they still haven’t replied.

Come on, it’s not hard to respond to an email with your own personal opinion. I just asked them what they think the website should look like! /hmph

Hello Georgieeeeeeeeeeee! :D

You sound so very stressed an upset, I am compelled to give you a virtual hug: *HUGS*, a smile: :) and a heart: ♥ I hope they make you feel a little better!

Awwwwwwww :( Your stomach cramps sound so very painful D: Like VERY painful D: I hope they’re all better now. If you keep getting them, you might want to see a doctor and get an ultrasound or something. I’m hoping it’s something only mildly serious, like indigestion D:

I think maybe you’re getting stomach cramps this bad because you’re more stressed than usual. It’s like when I’m really stressed, I get REALLY, REALLY bad cramps. :(

I hope you get better soon! :)

Your group is so evil :( It’s so unfair that mysterious blocks of ice have not fallen on them. HMPH! Don’t worry, I’m mentally willing it to happen on a daily basis. Grrrrr! /angry

Goes to show you can’t trust first impressions all the time (I learnt that from Pride and Prejudice! Hahaha!). I hope they pull through in the end. D: But don’t worry, I will help you if I can :)

What a selfish jerk. Coming in to hand in his OWN assignment and ignoring your emails. HMPH! Stupid, stupid, evil people. COME ON BLOCKS OF ICE! WHERE ARE YOU!?

Karma will get them. Rawr! /pow

How very mean of people to use you as their personal Googler. I hope mysterious blocks of ice fall on them as well /angry HMPH! Some people…are SO inconsiderate! Yoou should totally ignore them all!

I hope things get better for you soon :) *hugs*

I WILL LISTEN TO YOUR RANTS :D And also keep willing mysterious blocks of ice to fall on whomsoever is being a jerk to you :)

Oh hey, I actually managed to comment FIRST properly :O

LOL no wait… James beat you because you can’t see the other comments because they’re moderated. (At least until I return them… XD)

*hugs* Thank you! :) ♥

I ate more grapes today and it feels less painful, but still sort of bloated. It better go away over the weekend… grr.

I know that when I get stressed I get sore and tired. I feel like I’m just lacking sleep at the moment too. Daylight savings was supposed to do something but I kind of abused the fact that we got another hour… :P

I WONDER WHY. Where are those blocks of ice? /angry Okay and update: 48 hours and no response! At all. From all three of them. 😢

Hopefully in the least it’ll start snowing and they will slip on ice… ice falling from the sky is a little suspicious… /ho

I think everybody is having bad weeks :( My week has been ridiculously horrible.

I hope your tummy feels better!

I hope you have a better week! And thanks, I do feel quite a bit better now. :)

That’s really frustrating… You are a team and every member has a work to do. I think you should let the professor, or teacher know of that. I had a Legal German professor and I was in a team which no one attended to class and I told to the professor, so I moved to an other team and the other people failed from the assignment. I cannot do all the work for them. I’m not a robot, and you are not too. So no one is expecting you to return everything at the moment.. At least I’m not expecting that ;)
I think that you should try to talk about that with the instructor. I bet he/she is aware of them not attending the classes, if there’s attendance taken. You can move to an other group or the teacher can give you an assignment that you can do on your own…

Hope you get well soon. There are always hard times in everyone’s lives but there’s always a silver lining at the end.

I hate group work because I always feel the other’s don’t bother and I end up doing most of the work. I have tried to not do any and let the others worry and do some work but they don’t seem to care at all. Meh I hate group work. Hope everything will get better for you.

I hope you feel oh so better!
I think I can understand how you are feeling about the group work. I would really want to cry. I would hope the teacher would be an enforcer. Orr maybe even work it out with you. Especially since you have gone beyond your call of duty. You emailed the group.
I hope and pray your future groups will be much much better.
As always take your time! I don’t want to see you go from the online world. And if that means slowing down do it!
Go Georgina! ♥

Aaaww I hope your stomach feels better soon ♥
I tend to think my tummy and stomach are the same. Haha you just proved me wrong XD
No one’s expecting you to return the comment asap, were all pretty busy with our offline lines, so take all the time you need hun :D

OMG I hate when I have a group like that. When I have to do all the work. But sometimes when the group is actually there, they don’t even put an effort into finishing the assignment so I just feel the need to do it myself. Those jerks 💥

Well anyways I hope that everything gets sorted out and all your assignments for university is completed :)

I’m sorry that your stomach has been in pain. I’m so sorry. :( Hope you get better!

UGH. That’s sometimes why I don’t like working in groups because some people are sometimes so lazy and never attend when you need them too. For example, my drama group at school, they only went to drama club for several mintues then leave so we never get anything done.

Aww. I’m so sorry about youre group. That’s so mean of them.

Thanks, I’m glad you like my glasses.

Hovering people annoy the hell out of me.

BTW. I’m 2nd?! 👏

Aw. That really sucks, Georgie :C You just seem to have a /poo week, but it’ll get better, with any luck. You shouldn’t have to blog so often, you know, when you’re sick! You also shouldn’t have to put up the bull /poo with your group (yes, I know I already used that emoticon!). If they were in my group I would total smack them, but of course, I usually get the other groups that don’t have enough as partners and we do it to get it done.

Yes, dreams are definitely a perplexing enigma. Especially since they come from your head; I mean, I know teenagers often see their parents on the bad side, but not enough to literally kill them. Weird, huh?

Anyway, I would have typed more, but I’m a lazy little girl xD

It’s horrible that you are feeling so un well. I hate it when I don’t understand what is wrong with me and I hope that you find out what is wrong with you and you become well again.

Your team mates sound horrible. Exactly what is it for? I’ve had to go through that – I believe every person who isn’t lazy has had to go through that at least once. I’ve had to do most, if not all, of the work in my Tourism class many times as well as my Data Processing class while my friends just copied off of me. Turned out that they actually got a higher mark than me even though it was my work and they changed a few things.

I think you may need a day (or even an hour) that you just relax and have a girls night. Maybe even ask you boyfriend for a massage! You seem very stressed, maybe even as stressed as I’ve been feeling lately. I believe stress is one of the worst feelings ever and it doesn’t help that you have many things to get done.

The college I want to go is in Moncton and that would be 27,000$ (probably a lot more as well) for tuition and things. I’m actually surprised at how much people have to pay just to go to school even if it’s Highschool. I think it’s insane and there are other ways to get money instead of making each student pay (even) 40$.

I use Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop Pro won’t install onto my Laptop. I may only use my Laptop for just writings. Maybe even an extremely personal diary and my photography.

Thank you! I’m very excited to start writing Articles and getting some moolah! I hope you get any of the jobs that you applied for. It’s hard for me to get a job because the only experience I have in anything would be Babysitting. No volunteer work, no nothing. Except for the Relay for Life last year.

What do you do at the Education Centre?

Those sites that inspire you have definately been bookmarked! I enjoy them :)

I’m thinking of plaing you in my net Article for the site I mentioned I work at. I’m currently working on a showcase inspiration Article: 30 Amazing Underwater Photographs. My next, which I may put you in, is color themes in personal blogs. I don’t know, something to do with color!

I’m finally commenting! Surprisingly, you still only have one comment. :O Looks like you didn’t get too many overnight this time! That might make it easier to return them, yeah? :)

Oh, nice knowledge of human anatomy. :O Haha. Anyway, I’m sorry that your stomach hurt so much. :( I hope it’s feeling better by the time you read this comment!

Mine hurts in that area, but for a different reason. My abs hurt! I’m really happy about that, because it means they got a good workout on Wednesday. I need to work out again today.

Oh man, fifty comments is a lot. =/ Like you need me to tell you that. :P Anyway, I think it would go much faster if you just commented on people’s blogs instead of responding to their comments as well. I remember returning about 30 comments relatively painlessly one day when I did that. You should try that for these fifty. :)

Ugh, stupid group members! We already talked about that on MSN… so I don’t really have anymore to say. Except… DUMB FACEBOOK. /pow

Don’t cry Georgina! *huuuug* ♥

About that group exercise where you don’t have the notes… is that something you have to turn in? If so, I think you should email your tutor and tell him that you’re going to do your best, but it’s really difficult without the notes from your group members. Maybe he’ll cut you some slack or crack down on your group members.

Don’t be upset. :( But if you are, I’ll always be here to listen! /love

Ohhh I see, you have them all under moderation. Guess you probably have more comments then. :(


I’m sorry, Georgina! :) You can wait to return my comment and return both of mine together.

I wish your group would get it together, at least now you who NOT to pair up with. Did they show up before this group thing and did you just got put into the group by the teacher? If the teacher put you in this group and your university isn’t that big, I’d talk to the teacher. You never know, the teacher could help you out at least a little bit. It’s always good to get to know your professors as I get to know my HS teachers. :)

Awh. I’m sorry about your stomach. I have that sometimes then I take a tums and it’s gone. I know how you feel. That’s just weird that you have had it for several days in a row.

I hope you get an email or something from your group. If not, I wish you luck! I would help you if I were in your class but I can’t because, well, I’m not. Maybe another classmate can help you. Can’t hurt to ask some people. :)

I hate it when people waste my time, too but it hasn’t happened as much as it has for you so I don’t get pissed off. I wish people would stop wasting your time. Please stop wasting her time people!!!

Second comment? :D

I’m sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with your teammates. It sucks a lot to be in the same group with people who are not committed to their work. I’m pretty sure these are the kind of bums who like to leave things to the last minute. I really hope you guys will eventually get together and get the things done because it would be TOTALLY unfair if you don’t get good grades for it when it isn’t your fault. :(

I hope you will feel better soon. Get a lot of rest (if you can)!!!!

Honestly, I don’t actually bother too much about the page rank. It’s only because some of the sponsored posts requires your blog to be of at least Rank 2 to get accepted.
That is strange, considering how popular you are, for Heartdrops to have 0 page rank is unbelievable. Perhaps it isn’t listed on Google…?

Hahaha! Oh yes, all the 90s games are really cool despite the quality of the graphics. They’re really addictive. XD

What idiots, we’re also doing a group assignments, and I’m in the same position you are, except my team are there but they make the worst decisions but when I disagree (All of the time) they say “…well more people in the group like the idea so we’re going with it…”. It makes me want to hit them /bash

But your team mates are not even showing up; how annoying. /hmph

As for your tummy , I hope it gets better /kiss.

I hate it when people say “First comment. YEY” Its annoying, it’s like they’re tring to attention seek. /type

Oh I create my first PHP, MySQL script a simple Blogging platform, a bit like WordPress but a little more light-weight. /bounce


Aww hun I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hope you feel better really soon. Don’t even worry about returning comments when you are feeling that sick!! *hugs*

I think it’s horrible when people waste your time like that. I am the same way, though. I don’t get angry… I get upset and my feelings get hurt. It’s like a personal insult. I hope that they come around and start doing something for your project. Group projects are always such a nightmare. Ugh. I hope it’s just all over for you soon.

Sometimes I think that my graphics are bad, but looking back to those days, I’m grateful that at least my skills have improved. XD

I remember that I was really in love with Häagen-Dazs’s Macadamia Nut ice cream. I thought it would make an awesome site name, but I abandoned it eventually and made a new Piczo. And yesterday I just realized that I had a site named Macadamia Nut… and realized how silly and lame that sounds. “Hi, I’m Nnie, the owner of Macadamia Nut.”

Coco Kyooti, lmao :P Have you ever wondered about how if you ended up choosing Coco Kyooti for your domain instead of Heartdrops.org?

Back then, it was so C00L T0 TiPE LiKE THiS. Because most of cool people that I knew from Stardoll typed LiKE THiS. D: Why did I bother to type twice as long? It is so time consuming.

Most of my old blogs are on ParadeHosting and my old host, their servers are gone so I can’t access my old blogs. I didn’t have a chance to copy/back-up them because everything was gone all of a sudden. Pfft. I still have a few blogs from my Freewebs though, and seriously, I was talking about boys like, a lot. 😒

The competition is delayed again. Now I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry or scream or smack someone’s head, but apparently I really want to shove pineapple skin into my vice-principal’s throat. That sounds mean but who cares /bash

Aww *hugs* if I were you maybe now I’m already freaked out and all. I really hope everything will go well. :D

I’m really concerned about my back also. The bed that I have is like God-knows-how-old-it-is.

Sofa bed is supposed to be in living room, but I thought it’d be cool if I have it in my bedroom lmao.

At least I didn’t end up with MacadamiaNut.net… maybe it’d only last for three days or less.

That’s why I don’t like group assignments. Sometimes you’re in a team where people can’t cooperate, sometimes you guys just can’t arrange a meeting, etc. I prefer working individually, unless it’s an assignment that I can’t do myself.

I think I’m not a very social person. I like hanging out in little groups also, I don’t like crowds. D:

It happened to me a few days ago, when I was in school, suddenly my stomach hurt and I couldn’t even move or even stand up. Also I feel like my body is so sore. My sleeping pattern is messed up and I slept on 2am in the past couple days. Maybe that’s the answer… Get well soon *hugs*

Oh… I hate having in a group full of lazy people, or people that rarely attend classes. It shows that they’re not really serious in classes… and assignments also. You just can’t expect much from lazy people.

Sometimes I have to be in a group full of people that are hanging out together, sometimes I’m being left behind because I’m not the part of their “hanging out group”. And I really, really hate that.

I hope your assignments can be sorted out <3 Don't feel too pressured about site-wise and comments, university always comes first!

Someone should add what's the definition of "Google" in dictionary.

Dang every time I try to refresh your domain Lillian always gets first comment. Dang it Grrrrrrrr.

Awww poor Georgie! I was like that in highschool. It was my senior year and I was in Government class, and when the teacher wanted to do a three person project my friend would choose her two friends over me and I was left with finding two others who were left a lone. But when it was a four person group they included me in, BUT gave me absolutely nothing to do. Instead they would say you keep us in track all the time to do something. We got it done eventually but still nothing.

Oh for the photolog thing, I’ve moved it to http://every-heart.info . I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I did at a photo archive so you can see all the old photo’s there. I’m so mad at myself for not saving my sister’s graduation pictures when I deleted my other account. Oh well; live and learn. I guess.

As for not returning the comments. Don’t worry! You stress yourself out enough as is. So no worries :) . Just return them when you can. Even if it’s a few weeks late. You have a message board now, and you have to be on that at least once a day or even more to make sure everyone is in line and in order. Ya know? So don’t worry about not returning comments.

If people are that lazy (and I must admit I sometimes get that way) to not try to figure out things on their own like I did (which I did on my containers finally through kayt’s tutorial) they should either look at the tutorials on your domain or look it up at askjeeves.com or google.com . Either one works. :).

I hope your stomach pain goes away. I know the feeling. Especially when it cramps up and you have to wait like 5-10 minutes or ,however, long it takes for it to stop cramping up. It hurts like a mofo! So I know what you’re talking about.

I hope you get the assignment done quickly so you can relax. Take it easy the next few days and if your stomach worsens I’d go to the doctor or to the emergency room. Feel better ok?

Okay why is my comment waiting for moderation? I was second in line to get the comment. Is there something I should know about?

Haha thanks, although I completely disagree! It’s kinda…bleh. Like everyone else’s, not anything cool or unique about it. But hey, I just started, so maybe I’ll get better, right?

I’m not anymore, haha, but it sucks you didn’t have any. It’s something that you look foward after Christmas. :/ Oh well, summer break is closer to ya I guess.

Yea, I still don’t know, I know I want to do something in the “design” section of this thing…but I don’t know where I wanna go now, haha, it changes every year…right now its http://www.ringling.edu/ RINGLING! :)

I don’t plan on going anywhere near me, but it’s gonna cost a lot, so I gotta start saving…*sigh*. Grade 12 is, your last year of high school right? I don’t know about your guys’ education levels and stuff. :D

Yea, you are good, haha, better than me. I don’t learn too fast, but I’m still pushing myself to learn PHP, jQuery, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, etc, etc. I hope to be a full-on web designer (that just learns the things he already knows the basics of—and doesn’t have to read a book a day) by the end of summer…or winter for you.

I blog every…two weeks? Haha I’m horrible, but I’m not really in it for the “blogging”, I’m in it for the coding and such.

Yea, true, another thing is when people ignore me, and don’t tell me WHY before they start ignoring me :/

Woohoo! Good luck with it! I’m content with my host, they have been down for a total of 10 mins since I’ve been hosted, and that was because they were making changes, they warned us ahead :)

Interior designing seems…pretty fun, but I love computers too much, like, I know it has a lot with computers (desigining it virtually first) but I like the graphic design stuff with photoshop and what not, cept of course, some of that still wouldn’t be on the computer…

It’s gonna feature food photography I’m guessing? I really can’t wait! Haha, I’ve been checking your site every couple hours! …like seriously. :)

Your behind?? You actually keep up, if I had the amount of comments you get, I’d have a big problem, like one of those problems I’d be extremely stressed about. I’d hire a “professional commenter” for me :)

And information/media communication is….? Hahaha.

Awww I hope you get it soon, sorry you can’t teach either, that sucks, maybe when you get outta University?

This does not look like a good way to start off your blog :/ Okay, lets start this “sorry-fest” up. I’m sorry your sick :( It does not sound fun, at all. And that’s a fun little fact, I never knew your stomach was like, different from your tummy. :)

I was sore the last couple days, but that was because of running too much, like I joined track for one day…then quit, I’m running in the gym now, at my own level. Okay, sorry that was REALLY off subject…but indigestion=torture. :/

Aww, poor Georgie :(

Good luck on the projects, comments should be a low priority, you can always put em off :D

Uh oh, maybe meet with them outside of class? I mean it really isn’t your fault. There’s not much you can do other than that though. Or wait, but that’s usually not such of a good thing to do.

They are…really lazy. :/ They need to get their lazy asses of their lazy-boy couches! :D

That is…really bad, they are gonna fail it and you are too if they don’t hurry up and actually do some fuckin work. Seriously.

I’m sorry…again, life seems like hell for you today :( Well…lately it’s seemed like hell from your blogs, if there’s anything I can do, anything at all, let me know, kay? :)

I’m sorry, I’m probably bothering you too much (I try not to…I really do). I hope ya get better though :/

Awe, sorry to hear you are sick. :( I hope you get better soon!

Gosh, I see nothing changes from high school to university group work. I absolutly hate group work, people never do anything and I end up doing all the work. Lucky though as I get older teachers realize it is one person and not the whole group participating.

If it really bugs you I think you should voice your opinion to them. Not in a harsh way but just letting them know that you want to know what is going onnand stuff. It isn’t like you get stick with them for the rest of your life, so if you ruin the relationship if I were you I wouldn’t care.

I don’t think you have the best group organizer either. It is a team effort and I think you need to strain that point. My godparent always tells me you need to learn to voice your opinion in university and high school so when you get to the work place you don’t get pushed around. Unfortunately we live in a world where we must all fend for ourselves and no one has the decensy to actually be nice to someone else.

Anyway, I hope all gets better. sorry for speliing and getting off toppic. That’s just who I am :)


I ended up having to restart the video after working on it all sprin break, I finished it for the day doing 3 hours of work from scratch again the night before. Lucky I had spare the next day to sleep in.

Anway get better and hope to talk to you soon! :D

Awe Sugar, I am sorry those actholes are inconsiderate. If it helps, I can try to help you. But I don’t know what you are doing. hmmmm…. Can you ask your teach to give you an extension and ask him if there was a way to do it with out giving those non-people the credit?

Don’t worry about joining. I know you are busy.

Fluoro is not in, never was, and never will be!

Lucky comfy bed lady!

Dogs like to run around, where did that part come from. I forget! :)

You wouldn’t of made a fool of yourself. I would have made a fool of you by making a fool of me (sorry if that no made sense… it did in my skull) Awe, I like looking at my life in a third world, that is why I did it. Grandfather=sillly? noooo! Have you met the man?

Well if we didn’t follow each other then, glad we are now.

Why are the comments in moderation?


Sorry, here’s my real comment-

I’m really really sorry that you feel so bad/stressed/overwhelmed. Please don’t feel that you have to return every comment I make- honestly, it doesn’t matter too much to me.

And I agree, people shouldn’t use you as their resource. It really is easy to google and there are many people who are less busy and just as capable of answering.

Hmm, do you have heart burn (acid reflux) or something? I used to get pain right under my heart- really sharp and stabbing (i didn’t want to breath it hurt so bad) but it only stayed around for a minute or so. It helped if i tried to take really deep and slow breaths, sort of expanding my lungs. But, maybe you should see a doctor or something…

Ugh- bad groups suck!!! At my school you can’t really miss classes, but I would hate it if people did. Maybe you should talk to your group mates in class- just catch them when they come in. Or, if they never show up, you should talk to your teacher/professer about it. That’s really awful. How can anyone expect you to get your work done if your group is being lazy??

Anyways- hope you feel better soon! Do something de-stressing- ok?

LOL yeah. :D

I think my parents know Sadat. They have also been friends for about a year before they started going out, I think. I was surprised, so I guess my parents will be surprised as well. But I still think they will be angry. It’s hard to tell. XD I wish my parents could allow us a little more freedom and trust us with it.

Yeah. It was awkward on my part though. When Sadat said something in English, I replied in Bangla, and when he said Bangla I replied in English, and my voice was really low. 😳 I can’t believe I have become so much unsocial that I can’t even talk to someone properly. *sigh*

Hehe I’m sure he he was just joking. XD

Yes, that was really lucky. You at least get to go out with James. My sister has to lie every time she goes out. XD I should be supportive, because she does have a right to go out with her boyfriend, as she IS an adult, but I find it funny. /hehe Yeah, I feel glad that she can trust me.

My mom does the same thing! It’s very easy to blackmail me. She just makes a really anxious expression and says something like, “are you sure you’re going to be alright alone at home?” And if that doesn’t work, she uses “There’s a lot of chances that there’s going to be a storm.” Gah. I hate storms. /hmph

Same here! I get really annoyed. That’s why I never want to go out with my mom or sister. They say they will take 10 minutes and that turns into 3 hours. O_O

I have an iPod nano and a mobile phone, and my parents won’t buy me anything else. My dad said he will buy me an ipad, but I don’t believe him. :P

I hope something like that doesn’t happen to me. :( I get fevers usually whenever there is a change in the weather. So hopefully it’s just that.

I hate hearing those too. My hair has grown pretty long so I’m going to be getting it cut soon, especially if I’m going to a theme park or something like that any time soon.

Haha maybe. My aunt still made me mad. My mom told me that “it’s better if I don’t make a Facebook account.” :P I told her I won’t make on but still she started lecturing me about how giving out too much personal information can be really harmful for me and stuff. She wants my own good but it was boring. :/

That always happens with me. Online, you can make friends with anyone, even if they are a lot older than you. But offline, you cannot do that easily. And I never find anyone who is of the same age as me.

I’m so sorry that you’re so sick. Are you feeling better now? Stomach pains can be really bad..:(

Ugh, lazy idiots. I so hate people like that. This is why I hate group projects, because most of the time I end up in groups where no one is interested in working. If you don’t want to work, you could at least say so, instead of just keeping the one member who wants to work waiting. /angry /argh

Did they respond later on? If they didn’t, they are stupid annoying jerks. And if they did, well, they’re still annoying jerks. /hehe

And more annoying jerks, who ask you questions that could be easily found on Google. You’re not superhuman, you have your life to live.

Georgina love,

Don’t stress. I don’t think they realise how MUCH you have to plan when it comes to creating a website – especially if you want to have a High Distinction quality website. (Unfortunately,) they’ll come running back when it’s due in a couple of weeks.

Do what you’ve been assigned to do.

Make sure you tell Cat your concerns about your group.

Take advantage of the two week break coming up to work on it.

Good luck :)

They suck! They think it’s all magic and fairy dust! /angry

I was always hoping for a HD in this subject but that doesn’t even seem possible when they won’t cooperate. Still no reply from them. I will definitely be emailing Catherine before Thursday if I (still) receive no reply.

I kind of hope they find my angry blog post… jokes. :P

I am so excited for break. :D

Awww… that doesn’t sound good X_X I hope you feel better soon! I haven’t felt great lately too – I’ve had an awfully sore throat, but still, it’s barely worth complaining about.

That’s really slack about your group members! It’s not fair for them to just skip classes if it isn’t individual work… And 24 hours is more than enough time for someone to check their emails – I have several email addresses and I check them all more regularly than that…

You’re pretty amazing for not getting angry. I’d get so pissed off at them. I’m not usually very calm when people do rotten things like that.

Hopefully they’ll get your emails and realise they need to be a little more helpful… X_X

I feel a bit better today. :) Still a bit bloated though. I hope you feel better soon – sore throats are the worst. I’ve had laryngitis and completely lost my voice before; sore throats can get really painful.

It isn’t fair at all and still, they have not responded to my emails. I think they’re just being lazy shits for not even coming to class.

I think next time I might snap at them though. The thing is, when I snap at people, I most usually end up crying. :(

Looks like I’ll have to email my tutor soon.

I don’t know why but last night I though I will die because I had a terrible pain in stomach. I didn’t slept very well, so i know how you feel. I took some medicines and now I feel better.

That’s very bad from them. You can’t do the assignment alone. You should talk with your teacher and be in another group or so. I’m sure he will do something about this. I’m sure if you do the assignment alone, they will appear on the day you give it to the teacher and they’ll say that helped too.

Don’t worry, take your time. I think your websites can wait a little until you pass over this stressful period. :D

That’s fine just take your time.. I know you have loads of works to do, so made it your priority. Good thing your stomach now is at ease.. no I don’t think it’s because of bloated stomach( too much eating). Sometime’s it’s weird that we have improper indigestion.. or sometimes we are too stress- it also affect our health. It happens to everyone once or twice of their life..

I also experience becoming a member of lazy and irresponsible group, but I always let them know my feelings toward their laziness.. I keep on saying to them that it’s not just about me.. it’s for the group.. so don’t leave it all to me.

Georgina dear!! >:D:D:D:D< wahh i saw your tweet about this and this wants me to blast a rocket to their heads or something. Darn groupmates! I hate those kind who don’t have initiative and worse those who DON’T CARE at all and it seems like you have both >:D< Aww dear! I usually want to just tell my prof that if I can disband the group and just work individually. Darn them. And oh dear, I get that bloating feeling sometimes, indigestion I think. Just drink lots of water and take lots of rest dear >:D< Always here when you need someone to talk to! Thank you soo much for the comment and the tips for my dad with gout! He's drinking a lot of milk and eating berries now. Don't worry dear! In a few years' time, your parents will allow you to go out of Australia too! And then you can come visit here! And yeah, the shipping cost is what I hate. Urgh :( Wish we had teleportation or something. Take care dear! >:D

Your stomach’s bothering you too? *cries with you* I hve difficulty sleeping at night too because of my stomach. I drink hot milk so it won’t bother me. I don’t know why but it works at time. I’m not sure if you drink lots of softdrinks, but isn’t that hyperacidity? My parents and grandmother keep scolding me because I unintentionally keep skipping meals and it might lead to Ulcer, which I really don’t like.

I hope you feel better soon, though!

50 comments? :O It already takes so ages to return 30, let alone 50. LOL.

Your teammates are annoying. I get really angry when groupmates don’t cooperate and I end up ranting and telling them off. I don’t care if they get pissed at me, as long as I let them know that they have responsibility. I hate having to do all the work and to think that it’s a group project. Some people are just damn lazy and selfish.

Haha. I get angry when people waste my time and especially when I’m in a hurry and they bother me with something that is just self-explanatory and the like.

OMG! I just realized it almost took me two months to return your comment. God, I’m so slow! /bash I bet you already forgot what we were talking about the last time. LMAO!

Ahh I know how you feel 💥 . I hate when people leave you to do all the work and then act as if they had a big part in the process. I hope you feel better, I have stomach problems as well so I know how frustrating it could be.

That sounds like gas pain, or I could be wrong.
Lol, it’s funny when people think that their stomach is where their intestines are. /hehe

I feel very bad for you, did you tell your professor?
I would of curse at all of them, lol. Seriously, they are messing with your grades.

Aww, that sucks and is a real pain when you get the stomach ache or something feel something funny in your stomach… I really hope you recover from it as soon as possible because I too am having this terrible stomach ache. :(

Sometimes I’m really glad my website only has like 1-5 visitors a day and only one of them (mostly none) actually drops a comments… so this reduce me the hassle to return comments. Lol… But I’m sure people will understand your situation since it’s really hard to keep up with 50 comments… :( Best of luck! (Y)

That’s really disappointing that your teammates aren’t showing up for class and actually work on any group projects you guys have. I hope they have a good excuse for that instead of “skipping” classes.

What the… the guy in your group who you’re referring to isn’t doing what I think it is, – that is work on the assignment individually when it’s a group work – right? That’s just way unfair. Geez, what is wrong with these people?

I don’t want to start thinking that those people in your group aren’t being cooperative with you because that’s what it looks like to me. Probably, you could notify your lecturer so he/she is aware that your teammates aren’t doing any work or helping since that’s what they’re supposed to do. Maybe, then the lecturer might move you to a better group or something.

It’s just so frustrating when you’re expected to do a work together and then only one is left doing all the work but then they too get points for not even doing anything. Seriously, you should definitely try to let the lecturer know about this.

Eeep. I’ve seen your Formspring and people are turning you into Google asking you stuffs which they could just Google by themselves instead. Pathetic. Google is so simple. Lmgtfy.com is a really funny joke!

And oh, you should know that the email I just sent you on your gmail regarding the problems I had with the forwarder thingy on my cPanel, is nothing that major. So don’t worry, there’s no need for you to respond it quickly. ;)

I hope so too, but idk. According to my friends, they only hire guys for that type of job.. guys who are in university and really techy o.O It kinda pissed me off when my friend said that though, because she was making me feel like an idiot for applying at all, even though I know stuff about computer. Even David told me I would have been better off in the camera section.. I know less about cameras than about computers :/ But whateverrrrrr.

Yeah, it probably would have been worse if it was really hot xD and it WAS a long time, my god. She kept rambling on about Twlight, but half the stuff she said was wrong anyways and I had to bite my tongue to not correct her and come off as a bitch xD

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t worry about him TOO much, but I still do :P More so after the dream I had a few months ago about him dying in a car crash.. that didn’t help my worrying <.<

It's been better now, but now I'm afraid to even ask him if we can hang out because it was about me 'not giving him space' just because I wanted to see him Saturday night.. It was entirely stupid, but one of the things that makes me take another look at our relationship. It kinda sucks that love plays such a big role, because that would make things so much harder. I guess it is good though, because it makes me more willing to WANT to try, where as before when we first started dating, we'd just break up instead of working out the problems. But whatever, we're happy now and we just need to stay that way ♥

We don't really celebrate at all xD Other than for one year, but that was just hanging out a bit. I always recognize when the day is every month, but I never say anything :P

I really hope things start getting better for you soon <3 I already replied on Skeletons about a lot of the stuff in the blog, but I really hope your classmates start co-operating soon. That's one of the major reasons I hate group projects. Even with my good friends, it's just annoying. I hate presenting alone though, so I always just go with groups anyways.

I hope your stomach stops hurting soon too <3 I get random pains sometimes too, so I know how much it SUCKS. I can't imagine it being that constant. Maybe you should get it checked out at the Drs?

Well that’s awesome that daylight savings help regulate your sleeping patterns. I wish it would work the same way for me though :P

I guess the scarecrow didn’t manage to scare the crows aye? I remember when my mum had one in our backyard when I was a kid. Not sure if it worked though :P

I agree! I used to just go to the Easter Show for the show bags. I feel so ashamed of that now though, because there is so much more to Easter show then buying crappy showbags.

Awww I really hope you get better! ♥ If there’s something wrong with your digestive system I recommend prunes…they make you go to the bathroom XD

Take your time with the comments! Don’t stress out over replying to comments, you need to fix up your well-being first. :)

Oh dear, I know how you feel about “unreliable” people in group work. I guess you just have to try and deal with it differently. Try seeing your group organiser personally, or ringing the people in your group. If not try finding their numbers, otherwise continue to pester them. This is a uni assignment, and it’s important that you don’t give in to their laziness.

I know my brother dropped one of his courses because he had a lousy group and his now finishing it off this year. (In other words, he just spent another 6 months at uni). Not sure what it’s exactly called, I can find out for you if you want. It’s just a suggestion, and a way of ‘escaping’ it. You just seem so stressed out by it :(

Hope all goes well Georgina ♥

Whoops! Forgot to give you a compliment! :)
I think your truely awesome and resilient :)

Haha wow you watched it already? Jeez, that was fast! I’m glad you liked the video. I did too I got goosebumps when I heard him sing for the first time. He sings amazing grace as well. And boy does he hit those high falsetto notes. Dare I say it he’s better than Darren Hayes from Savage Garden. :O WOW.

My dad’s actually tearing up the house in Beaumont. He just pulled up some carpet yesterday and today both, he also took out the sink which is what he planned on doing, and his next project is to paint but since it’s going to rain tomorrow we’ll have to wait it out. He also got a blister on his hand and it popped (gross no?) so he had to quit. Poor guy. But at least he’s getting people to come and put carpet in each room only god knows how much that’s gonna cost.

Yeah I agree with you, when you’re at uni or even a junior college, you’re supposed to get a long with those people even if they’re not your friend in the end. I remember hanging out with this one gal from junior college she’s full blooded taiwanese. Well; whenever we had lunch together she’d bring her boyfriend and her other friend (that she met in her class besides our chinese class) and would talk in mandarin to them. She would always ask me do I know what they’re saying and I would kinda nod off a yes to them. So they stopped talking in mandarin. It’s like I knew they were either talking about me or another girl or both of us. In the end we’re not friends any more. It was either her telling me off all the time or no friend at all. So I chose no friend at all. Ah well.

Ow dearie,
Maybe that’s from the stress you’ve been getting? :( Try to rest.. A LOT.

I hope you feel better soon. ♥

ahh! God, i hate having group mates like that!you should talk to your professor regarding with that problem, and i you think you can make your project by yourself!go!

Oh my previous comment is awaiting moderation..let’s try it again.. :)
That’s really frustrating… You are a team and every member has a work to do. I think you should let the professor, or teacher know of that. I had a Legal German professor and I was in a team which no one attended to class and I told to the professor, so I moved to an other team and the other people failed from the assignment. I cannot do all the work for them. I’m not a robot, and you are not too. So no one is expecting you to return everything at the moment.. At least I’m not expecting that ;)
I think that you should try to talk about that with the instructor. I bet he/she is aware of them not attending the classes, if there’s attendance taken. You can move to an other group or the teacher can give you an assignment that you can do on your own…

Aww *hugs*
I hope your stomach gets better soon! It’s probably a combination of all of those things you said, but at least it’s better than it was at first. ♥

Don’t stress yourself out or overwork yourself over the comments. As you said, they can wait. Your assignment is so much more important, so focus on that first. And Sleeping! Focus on SLEEPING :P

Frickin’ douchebags. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? it’s one thing for them to ruin their own grade, but to ruin someone elses is just plain selfish! Is it a joint grade between you all or is it something where you each get seperate grades depending on your input? because if it’s seperate then at least you can get yourself a good grade, to teach them a lesson.
Fucking.. URGH. [throws out insults]. They are selfish. I suppose they’ll use “I couldn’t contact you cause you don’t have facebook” as an excuse, or something equally lame?

Please don’t cry! *hugs* :(

Thank you ♥ I was originally going to use wordpress on a subdomain, but I found that tumblr theme and fell in love with it (even though I heavily edited it, but still. :P) so I used that. Plus it’s so easy to upload photos on there ^_^ I think I might eventually move it to a subdomain with WordPress or Fanupdate or something, though, because I don’t like it not having comments :/

I’m sure you commented on it.. It wasn’t originally about nightmares.. Tiffany started one saying about a dream and you said about a dream you had.. something about your ex boyfriend or something (I can’t remember) but then after that people started posting about nightmares. (I think). I can’t really remember it too well to be honest..

Eep. I know. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. D:

Aww, :( I know exactly what you mean! I used to be (well, I still am a bit) scared of the dark, but everything is a billion times more eerie and scary in the dark and at nighttime, so after waking up after a dream like that in a dark room, I don’t blame you for being scared! :( Hm, that dream (the tiger on the cliff) sounds really weird. I would love to know what our dreams actually mean, cause apparently people can tell a lot about you and what you feel just from your dreams!

Haha, I guess it does waste a lot of the day getting up so late, but I stay up late at night which kinda makes up for it :P I just don’t understand how you can feel so awake so early! *steals your morning-ness*

I know, it’s for the farmers and stuff, but there isn’t exactly a lot of farmers around anymore, so it’s just an excuse to mess up everyone’s sleeping patterns instead. :/

Sheesh, that is kinda wierd. I wouldn’t go to the extend of saying that I LOVE school.. I LIKE it, but it’s not something I love. I think it’s lessons like English ( I have a bitch of a teacher ) and PE ( me and physical activity don’t mix ) that make it a deathhole. Plus, my school is a dump. Literally.

NOODLES! Aaaaah. I want NOODLES. ♥

Haha, I don’t actually know what it’s ‘officially’ called over here, because some people / places call it varnish and some call it polish. I just say whichever word comes into my head first tbh. ^_^

These teamates are /poo but the good news is, in groupwork you can just do your part if your group sucks. But you have to do it well. Exchanging details may help. As for the failing captain, well now you know who to avoid and be hostile to. (H)
Since your throat feels bad try menthol or honey (mixed w/ hot water). Works wonders for me. That being said don’t rant at those jerks. No point worsening your health to prove a point that they suck. Any words you can say would just bounce off their impervious ego and infuriate you more.

Yeah, they are. :( I guess you’re right though, but my part sort of depends on them as well. I guess I’ll just do it my own way, who cares. :D

Thanks! My throat isn’t so bad though. I love honey lemon tea, actually. :)

Hey ;D
Oh that’s bad to hear about you being unwell /hmph , I hope you get better soon. Did you eat too much easter eggs/chocolate over the holiday?! This could be the reason :). I hope you feel well soon.

That’s unfair of your group to do that, if i were you, i’d seriously have a vote on a new group leader, someone that actually does the job that they are supposed to do. Hopefully soon one of your group members will actually return your e-mails :D.

Also I’m sure that people will understand the fact that you might be unable to return comments from being under the weather, you have amazing fans so I wouldn’t worry about doing it this time.

Feel better soon :).

Don’t worry about it, I’m late on replying too. XD

That sounds so painful! I hope you feel better now or are starting to feel better! Maybe you just need some rest or time to yourself.

That’s so unhelpful that you’re team mates were absent! Urgh I hope that they get back to you soon or something, I know it won’t change that they weren’t there but still it might help a little.

If it helps, maybe just take some time away from the online world and spend time doing your assignments or with your family or friends, even if it’s just for a day. It can get annoying when people are emailing and asking questions constantly!

That part of my comment was pretty unhelpful, but I was just trying to sympathise!

I get 300 free texts and free internet for a month when I top up by £10 so I don’t really watch what I use my credit for as I usually only text and use the internet. I topped up by £10 on the 16th March and I still have £7 left. :’)

What sort of things have you heard about Dell? If it’s not a good make, maybe I’ll go with another Toshiba laptop!

Livejournal is pretty old! I only got one last year to join a community on there for McFly fans, but I wanted somewhere to blog that I know my offline friends aren’t a part of. Well, one or two offline friends know about it but they’re people I met online.

The weight I put on usually goes straight to my tummy too, and it sucks. :( I guess it’s nothing a few sit-ups can’t help, unfortunately I’m no good at them and give up after a few though!