The past few days have become increasingly difficult and I’ve felt really sick. On Monday night I had trouble sleeping because of an excruciating pain in my stomach. By my stomach, I actually mean my stomach – your stomach is located under your heart, so I’m talking about there, not my tummy. :3

I felt really sore there every time I moved or bent over or stretched. It’s been like that for the past few days and I thought maybe it was something like indigestion or food just not going through me. I ate some cereal, and lots of grapes… which didn’t really help.

Today my stomach is a little more at ease but I feel bloated. I think I ate way too much over the Easter break, or I’m just under maximum stress or lack of sleep that is causing my body to go mad. 😞

I haven’t been around to blog, I have about 50 comments to return, and I still have an assignment due next week. As for the assignment, I’m not too fussed. And I’ll get to the comments eventually.

Yesterday I had a crappy day. My bland morning was made infinitely worse by my teammates being absent. For about three weeks’ worth of lessons, they have been absent from class, or only attended several minutes of class. We haven’t had a chance to work on our assignments like other groups have. It’s not my fault. I’ve attended every class minus the Dreamweaver workshop (it wasn’t necessary), and while we had an opportunity to work on our projects in class the past few weeks, they haven’t been there. I thought I had a good group, but I was wrong.

Lazy jerks. I was thinking that they would be completely absent but at the last minute, the guy in my group had come into class… just to hand in his assignment. Blasted imbecile. I was talking to my friends and deliberately throwing expletives in his direction as I raised my voice, but to no avail.

Pissed, I left. I then decided to email my group to encourage and urge them to pass on some ideas for the assignment.

At least 24 hours later and they have not responded.

No, I’m not stupid. I know that they had an opportunity to check their emails. I know that they must have been on Facebook at some point. But I don’t have a Facebook.

I just wanted to cry. We had to do this exercise in our groups, but now I can’t really do it when I don’t have the notes from our group. Our group organiser hasn’t responded to my emails.

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of being left to do everything. I’ve got things to do at home and housework, I have individual university assignments, and I know my sites can wait for now, but they need to be sorted out. I don’t want people expecting me to return comments every moment, or respond to emails quickly, and please, please, please do not expect me to answer questions for something you can just look up on Google.

When people waste my time, I don’t get angry… I get upset.

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