Glimmer Away

The past few days I’ve just wanted to disappear from this online world. I don’t know what’s making me – it just seems like there are endless things to do online. I know I’ve probably pushed this upon myself with the amount of websites I have, but that’s me. I cannot bring myself to just stop everything online, because in the end I know I love exactly what I do. I just feel like all the time, there is so much to do.

Yes, I have other projects and I have things I like to do off the computer, and I want to have a “social life” but honestly… when I look at something as small as my blog, that, in itself, is massive.

If I only had a blog, I would only have to return comments. But how many comments do I get? A lot. It’s crazy. πŸ˜•

I’m not in the best mood today, but I still wanted to blog about my lovely day yesterday. It was James’s and my 26 month anniversary (it’s a cool number. πŸ˜„) and we didn’t really plan it to be on the same day, but it was a public holiday so we decided to go to the Sydney Royal Easter show. I had a good time!

We met at the train station and it was really quiet – very nice for a change. When we got to the show we were immediately attracted to this lolly stand that sold metre-long strands of licorice and candy! Like candy rope. πŸ˜‹ We had about two metres worth and it lasted just about the whole day. πŸ™‚

We started looking at the animals – chickens, cows, geese, horses – they were so well groomed, especially the chickens. I just had to take photos of them.

I won’t be posting too many pictures here so watch, my photoblog, for more. πŸ˜‰


We were looking around the stalls mainly for free food. James was going to participate in a sack race (jump in a potato sack) but he realised it was for little kids and to participate in it just to get a free smoothie would be pretty… pathetic. πŸ˜›

We spent a lot of time around the stalls that day, because they were the most interesting. A lot of products were on sale, from plants to homewares to arts and crafts, and a lot of them were really unique and authentic. I bought a few pieces of jewellery, including a bracelet that looks like telephone wire. πŸ€“

We had some waffles, which was really good. We got a little hungry and had pasta later on, which was also good. We had a go in this competition to “guess how many gnocchi are in the jar”. The prize was a pasta-making lesson, but James already knows how to make pasta… 😍

The low points of our day were losing multiple games. They were so expensive even though we were trying to get the big prizes. Most of the games are rigged – the ones you put the balls into the clown’s mouth and get a number, popping balloons, picking up a plastic fish from the water and getting a prize according to the number on the bottom… we got a few plushie toys but nothing amazingly big. 😞

We didn’t get any showbags either; they sucked. πŸ˜›

It was a bit of a rip off. But all in all we had a good day and I enjoyed just walking around and spending time with James. β™₯️

James and a model cow.
Me and a model cow.

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