Glimmer Away

The past few days I’ve just wanted to disappear from this online world. I don’t know what’s making me – it just seems like there are endless things to do online. I know I’ve probably pushed this upon myself with the amount of websites I have, but that’s me. I cannot bring myself to just stop everything online, because in the end I know I love exactly what I do. I just feel like all the time, there is so much to do.

Yes, I have other projects and I have things I like to do off the computer, and I want to have a “social life” but honestly… when I look at something as small as my blog, that, in itself, is massive.

If I only had a blog, I would only have to return comments. But how many comments do I get? A lot. It’s crazy. @_@

I’m not in the best mood today, but I still wanted to blog about my lovely day yesterday. It was James’s and my 26 month anniversary (it’s a cool number. :D) and we didn’t really plan it to be on the same day, but it was a public holiday so we decided to go to the Sydney Royal Easter show. I had a good time!

We met at the train station and it was really quiet – very nice for a change. When we got to the show we were immediately attracted to this lolly stand that sold metre-long strands of licorice and candy! Like candy rope. /drool We had about two metres worth and it lasted just about the whole day. :)

We started looking at the animals – chickens, cows, geese, horses – they were so well groomed, especially the chickens. I just had to take photos of them.

I won’t be posting too many pictures here so watch, my photoblog, for more. ;)


We were looking around the stalls mainly for free food. James was going to participate in a sack race (jump in a potato sack) but he realised it was for little kids and to participate in it just to get a free smoothie would be pretty… pathetic. :P

We spent a lot of time around the stalls that day, because they were the most interesting. A lot of products were on sale, from plants to homewares to arts and crafts, and a lot of them were really unique and authentic. I bought a few pieces of jewellery, including a bracelet that looks like telephone wire. :B

We had some waffles, which was really good. We got a little hungry and had pasta later on, which was also good. We had a go in this competition to “guess how many gnocchi are in the jar”. The prize was a pasta-making lesson, but James already knows how to make pasta… /love

The low points of our day were losing multiple games. They were so expensive even though we were trying to get the big prizes. Most of the games are rigged – the ones you put the balls into the clown’s mouth and get a number, popping balloons, picking up a plastic fish from the water and getting a prize according to the number on the bottom… we got a few plushie toys but nothing amazingly big. :(

We didn’t get any showbags either; they sucked. :P

It was a bit of a rip off. But all in all we had a good day and I enjoyed just walking around and spending time with James. ♥️

James and a model cow.
Me and a model cow.

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DAMN. Lillian, you beat me again! /argh
How do you do it?

Hahaha! My bad :P

Better luck next time :P

first? :)

‘k. Second.

Zomgom /bounce
Dem Strong Bones! /love
Heh, all those chickens looked the same. /um
Stupid carnival people; they tried so hard to suck us in, even holding the Seal hostage and everything 🙄

You should have put in a Cow photo :) but the chickens looked to be in awfully good shape /ho
or maybe that Megaduck(goose)

You ate 2 metres of candy rope D: *flush*awuggs /um


SO CUTE. :B /love I think it’s a song. It lingers in my head. Dem strong bones. :3

Some of the chickens were the same but there were differences… and there was the generic one. :D

LOL. I wanted my Seal! T_T They call it a “trade” for bigger toys. What kind of trade is that. I thought they meant trade when they said it. Trade a toy for a free game, eh? Jerks.

You ate some candy too! :B

Happy 26 month anniversary! You guys are on a roll! And I’m sure there is more yet to come :)

Yeyyy I think I’m going to the easter show this year too! A little doubtful whether I’m gun enough to go on the pirate ship again :(

I agree, the easter show is such a rip off. They crappy toys they give you! urgh!
But nonetheless, I’m glad you had a great time, that’s what matters the most. It’s only once a year as well so I guess it ain’t so bad ;)

*the crappy toys

Awwwww :( Don’t stress yourself out too much! You have your sites to do that for you. Hahaha. No really, don’t pressure yourself! Sites can totally wait. Sort of. :P You’re definitely managing pretty well for someone who has SO many sites. If I were you and I only had this blog to take care of, I’d still die. LOL.

I’d have given up like forever ago D:

Hehehe, I have no websites and I still lack a social life. *Sigh*.

It was pretty lucky that your anniversary was on a public holiday :D That ‘s so awesome. Hahahaha. You got to celebrate ♥ YAAAAY!

Oh my god! Giant licorice! Hahahahaha. I WANT SOME NOW. No really, I’m craving licorice. This is like deja vu cos when I looked at your plog yesterday, I was craving waffles. Now I’m craving licorice. But whooooooaa 2 metres of licorice! I still remember all that licorice we bought at Paddy’s Market last time. LOL :P

Omg, did I tell you what my friend told me about licorice? I’m telling you anyways after I comment. Hahahaha!

Glad you had fun at the Easter show! :D And didn’t waste money on showbags. LOL. I’d have bought one just for the heck of it :P

Yeah, after seeing all your chicken photos, I see why you took so many pictures of chickens. They’re so pretty! :D I love horses, so I’d probably have taken so many photos of the horses. :P

OMG! A SACK RACE! HAHAHAHAHA! I’d have participated and given my free smoothie to another kid. Awwww! I miss being a kid.

LOL! Get James to teach you how to make pasta. Then you can teach ME :D I don’t know how :(


Waffles! :D Oh no, now I’m craving waffles again. Hahahahaha :P

Stupid rip-off games. /angry They SUCK. Hmph! Don’t play them next time :P Hahahahaha. They’re probably very addictive on purpose just to make you waste money. Evil games!

LOL, James looks exactly the same, except his biceps look bigger [yeah, I know I’m retarded for realising that :P ]. Hahahahaha!

You look cute, like always :D

Hello! I hope my sites stress themselves out… LOL, if that’s what you meant.

I know they can wait. :D I just hate the idea that it’s three cents every day (domain cost) and I feel like I’m wasting some of them (like Skullbomb, which isn’t open). Oh well. :)

Well maybe you should get a website and make online friends, because that’s totally called socialising. :B

Okay now you have reminded me! I will tell James about the licorice… I’m glad it has no bad effects on us. :D

I felt like buying the Diva showbag but it wasn’t that cool… I didn’t feel like it was worth the $18.

The horses were okay, there weren’t too many of them and it was hard to get a good picture of them too.

I miss being a kid sometimes too… I would normally sack race but with all those kids there I didn’t want to look like a mean monster trying to beat them.

I don’t see too many waffles here! I like! 🤤

Yeah, those games are awful. They are such a rip off but hard to stay away from. If only they were bloody free. -_-

Happy 26 month anniversary! :)

Seems like fun. Do you only get the Sydney Easter show? in SA we don’t have it, in September we have the Royal Adelaide Show.

They are so expensive :( some of the games are a scam! arghh sometimes they make sure no one can win. It’s so unfair.

I played a game where you had to get 3 basketballs in the ring and I paid $5 and all I got was a tiny stupid toy. It’s hard to win the giant toys, I’ve always wanted to win the giant husky! since I have two of my own.

The lollies that you had were those sour ones? and sweet ones. If they are, I love the rainbow sour one and the bubblegum one XD

If you disappeared from the online world it would be sad :( but it is your choice. We will all miss you if you do. I hope you’re okay ♥


Oh my, NEVER disappear from the online world. We will all miss you fo’sures!

Sounds like you had fun! It’s so sweet though – I’m seriously lovesick over here. LOL. I think I’ve been watching to much romance drama… ANYWAY –

The chicken do look very groomed! Uber cool, I bet they secretly wear mascara too.

LMFAO. Free smoothie if you won? AHHAAHA. That made me laugh. ✌️

I love waffles. *yum* and yum to pasta! I can’t cook pasta to save my life. *sadness*

AWEEEE. That is so cute! “But all in all we had a good day and I enjoyed just walking around and spending time with James.” I swear in Asian Dramas they always say something so … romantic like that. AWWW. *sniff* So cute. (I tend to cry when I see something cute…)

I am so glad to hear that James and you had a great day! I hope that you have many more in the future. :)

Thanks! Yeah, I haven’t seen him in a while so it was good to. :)

I looked at the photo’s before I read your blog. I hate chickens, they scare me.

Your out fit in the last photo is so cool . I wish I could wear something like that, but I think I am a little to old. I took out my snake bite piercing, because they looked to young lol.

Just remember, (not note, since you are already aware of this), that sitting on the computer with your hobbies is fun; but missing out on life is not. So it’s okay to feel you need a break once in a while. And if your visitors don’t understand, thats their problem.

The royal show sounds fun. We had one in Perth, and was always something to look forwards to on school hollidays, even though it cost so much. 🤬
I think the best part of the royal show, was at the end, when you went and bought some show bags. They were always cool, and it was something to prove you were there lol. I was always jealous when the kids from school got to go twice.
When I got older it was still fun, especially because I got to go at night with my friends, when there was fire works. I never like the rides though!

I have changed my domain name to which is kind of empty, but the layout is up, and a few things have been added. I think you’re the first person I’ve told.

Can’t wait for the new layout – hurry up server change O_O

Ahhh me and my boyfriend have been together almost 28 months I think so we have almost the same anniversary!! Feel better darling.

Aww, Well I”m glad that you and James had a great time. Congrats on the anniversary. (Y)

You do get alot of comments. I don’t even know how you keep up with them. :)

You just have to do one thing at a time, weather it’s online or offline. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy.:)

Thank you! :) And thanks for the advice. I have some extra time on the weekend but I should try to do things one at a time instead of all the multi-tasking I’ve been doing. :)

Awh. I’m sorry that you wanted to disappear from the online world. That would be awful but I doubt that is ever going to happen to either of us. :) I plan on minoring in web/graphic design…or some kind of website stuff. Hahahaha. I just want to own a website like yours and maybe a shop that is cheap and has flash on it. :) I could sell MILLIONS of stuff on there. :) Good way for cash on the side. OH! I want to also own a hosting site like RigRag or Holdfire. One that you have to pay for but has a forum and free hosting. That has been my biggest dream and is the reason why I want to eventually own a VPS. :) Kya is my heroine in that hosting department. She hosts people on a reliable server for FREE. That is freaking insane. I want to know where she gets the money but I just don’t think she will tell me. I think I asked once but I don’t remember whether she answered or not or if she did answer what she said. Hahahaha. :)

Those are some cute pictures. I love them. :)

I can’t wait until Kya’s server change is finished because then I will see your new layout. :P

That would be horribly sad if you were to go away. :( I mean, it is your choice, but you would be much missed. I can see how keeping up with all of that would be hard though. I manage one site, but it’s much less active than yours is! Maybe you should just get rid of some fanlistings or something. Or just put a few on hiatus for a month or so.

Well, the Easter show looked fun. I like the pictures of the chickens and stuff. To be honest, I had no idea what an Easter show really was- but now I do. Sounds kind of like our State Fairs, but those happen in the fall.

Hope you feel better soon ♥

Awww try not to stress yourself out too much! Do one thing at a time.

I’m glad you and James had a nice anniversary outing. That must’ve been fun? I hope it was!

Hmmm, you do get a lot of comments. More than most people I think. I don’t know how you do it but you do. Congrats though.

Well; girlie I’m about to head on off the computer I’ll make a proper comment next time.

Well I didn’t know they looked at the History, so I didn’t bother deleting them. I guess now I know.

Ooh. I heard Kya’s still having some problems moving the accounts? I wish her the best. I’m excited to see your new layout! They’re always awesome :)

Me too. Once I was excited to go out with my mom and dad and I was so annoyed and bored I ended up crying while at the mall. It sucked. -_-


Don’t go away! If you do, many people will, too, because their idol is gone. :P

Though sometimes, I wish I could just disappear, too. But just like you, I know I love what I do, so I’m not going to quit. I know my online friends are always there to cheer me up :)

Looks like you had loads of fun on that Easter thing! I wish they had that here.

Sorry, I don’t feel like doing anything today, so I’ll end this here. I promise I’ll make my comments longer next time! :D

Wow Happy 26thmonthsary (what a mouthfull and whoot!) to you guys!! Man you guys sound like you had soo much fun! Wish we had more carnivals here, I’d go there everyday (but not really, I’d lose money XD) BEAUTIFUL CHICKENS!!

No dear! Don’t leave the online world! Ever since we started commenting, it’ll be really lonely with you gone :( You’re really popular now especially with the amount of comments you have. Hahaa! You’re like Gel of hoshigirl except she gets 100s of comments! I don’t know how she does it XD hahaha! It is nice to leave the online world once in a while, like yesterday. Was out the whole day with my gal pals and doing yoga and chatting with people. :D But I couldn’t help hear this little voice inside my head *you have to change the blog header, bla blaXD* hahahaa

Well take care dear and happy monthsary to u guys! :D

For a person who has so many sites, you find time to update every one and you have been a very good owner until now, you shouldn’t stress yourself. You’ve been the best website owner since I’ve been in websites world. /eee /eee I usually take 3-4 months breaks, I promise myself to start again my website, but I always leave my visitors disappointed. :( /oh

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are the best couple I ever seen, you’re so cute together!!! /love /love I see you had a great time at the show. Don’t worry about the prizes. Actually, you won the best prize ever, a great day with James, what would be better? /hehe

Thank you! :)
People have called me Diana before. Annoying, indeed.
Yes, I’m very proud of my chicken shrine. My dad is saying that I should stop buying stuff for it, though, because he thinks it’s too much. =))

I have the same feeling as you. I’m always on the internet every weekend, thinking that I should be hanging out with friends instead, but then I think about the forums I go to and my blog, seeing how that’s a big part of my online life. I really don’t want my online life to take over, so I need to balance things out. :P

You have no idea how jealous I am.

I haven’t been in a sack race since I was 10. =)) The potato sack was so huge back then.

I seriously thought that cow was real. xD

I’m glad that you guys had a fun time.

I feel so honoured that you feel excited to do my review. :) But I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t in a good mood. Even if it isn’t all the time. To be at a point where you don’t like it sometimes can be a bummer. :(

Sounds like you had a great time at the Easter show. I especially liked the chickens. Next time you’ll win more! :D

I’m glad you liked my footer. It feels great to hear that from you. :) Thanks for the birthday wish. I just baked my cake! :D

Don’t worry too much about your sites! Everyone has loads of things to worry about so I’m sure no one will go frantic if you don’t return a comment right away. ;)

Yay for the 26th Anniversary! Haha, it is a very cool number. :D

Those are some pretty awesome pictures! LOL, I love the cow! I’m not good with those games either. The only time I’ve ever won anything was when I was playing a two-player water shooting game with my dad. He won, but he obviously gave me the plush toy prize. :P

Smiley spam! XD ;) ♥ :P :D 😝 /um 🤤 🤬 😏
LOL, if I put all of your smilies up there, this comment might as well explode. 💥

Ooh, I never liked ballet exams! It would be so cold in the room, and I’d be dancing in tights. And then the examiners are staring at you, looking very intimidating. 💀 I hope you finally get to see your marks!

Don’t worry about taking a few days to reply – it’s really no problem, like you said, I know how busy you’ve been and how many comments you get. :)

And yeah I love looking at band merch online! I badly want to get something from but the shipping costs are almost as much as the actual merch! *facepalm* I need to save up, lolol.

I wear Chucks all the time, too, haha. I only really have two pairs that I wear – I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long, I thought they’d be falling apart right about now.

And I had to carry a laptop to work experience, too, it was super heavy but it managed *punches air*

Happy anniversary to you and James :) I love stalls like that, we sometimes get the metre-long strips in our newsagents too but it’s become more like a deli now, my friends and I were gutted, haha.

Ooh, waffles. They’re so good. <3 I've only had them about 2 or 3 times, when I've been on holiday. When I went to Belgium on a school trip they had a big restaurant purely for these waffles, it was amazing, haha. We don't get anything like that where I live – the fanciest food we have here is fish and chips. :P

im so sorry to hear that u arent happy (hug), wen im unhappy i just go in my own little space for the whole day and no one can ignore me, like now im still upset that i’m single but in the end it was the right decision. it sounds like u had fun with your boyfriend and u look stunning /bounce in that photo

Aww *hugs* Online life can be pretty stressful. Take your time with it – don’t feel that you HAVE to blog just to remind people you’re alive on one site still. Awww, happy 26 month anniversary :D I love James’s face in the 5th picture. :’)
I’ve got my site back up again now! It’ll remind me to backup more often. :’)

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! It sort of sounds like the fair we have around here, but we have rides and all that sort of thing. We also have more animals and stuff. But chickens are the coolest! Haha.

I know what you mean about your online life. It gets sort of hard to keep up with everything and you just feel like you’re wearing down. If you ever take a break you’re friends will understand. You can’t let things build up, and hopefully it’ll just take a few days for you to relax. You should really think about it.

Don’t stress over it, your real life comes first then online life.

Happy 26 months Anniversary!

Sidney Easter Show sounds similar to a carnival, I never play the games there because of the same reason.

I must say those birds do look quite clean.

By the way cool outfit.

Aw, I get like that sometimes where I just want to disappear from the online world. It makes it difficult when you want to return, though. I’m sure you know how that is. Then your blog and all the other places are desolate and you feel sad. :(

Looks like you had a good time at that fair! I love chickens! Nice pictures, too! I’m going to check out more at your photoblog, too.

xD Don’t worry about all the work you have online. :) Whenever things like that happen… usually when I go through my site and get frustrated because everything seems wrong, I just want to forget about it… but it never works. And btw, I’m sure you have a way bigger social life than me, whose best friends are dogs ;)
Anyways, the chickens were soo beautiful. But the prettiest one was probably this one :)

Well, good luck with the work you have online :)

Sites can wait (kind of.) XD That is kind of why I temporarily closed my site. I get too frustrated that I can’t do stuff I want to do with my site. I have low imagination. (I suddenly wish I were Spongebob.) :D

*belated* Happy 26th month anniversary to you guys! :D

The third chicken looks cute. :3 I saw some photos in your photoblog, the sheep chair looks cute too. :D

By the way, I love your shirt. XD

Haha thanks! :) I noticed you were on Tumblr a lot though. XD

Thank you! ♥

I love my shirt too – before I bought it, I thought, “I have to get that shirt.” XD

Haha, I use ughful SO much. Or just ugh. When I’m mad, all you hear me say is ‘UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHH’ xD

I had the interview today, and I hope it went well. It seemed pretty laid back, as someone came and shot the guy in the back of the head with a nerf gun when he was interviewing me xD

She wasn’t boring to talk to, because she just TALKED and TALKED :P I was wearing flats though and we were standing in the garage where it’s colder, so my feet were freaking FREEZING so I was just focused more on trying to find ways to get them warmed up without making myself look like a complete freak.

And I’m pretty much better now, so I’m guessing it wasn’t really anything Dr. worthy, it just seemed to drag on a bit longer than usual xD

I just like to know when he gets home, because he likes to drive insanely sometimes so I’m afraid he’ll get into an accident xD In the winter, when the roads were really bad, he ended up losing his phone and couldn’t contact me for four hours after he was supposed to text me saying he didn’t die.. so I was freaaking out considering the road conditions.

I think I jinxed it by saying we were really happy, because we had another stupid fight yesterday because of one of his friends . It literally almost broke us up, and the only reason we’re fine now is because I’m just trying to ignore it so we WONT break up.

One line comments can be annoying. Someone just commented my blog telling me in one line to join their forum. Yeah, because clearly you read my blog and think I’ll be a contribution to it.. xD

I love when anniversaries fall on holidays XD David and I didn’t really celebrate our 1 year, but we just hung out the whole day because it was on a sunday, which happens to be the day that he doesn’t work :P

I’m glad you had an awesome day. I love just having those days <3

The pictures are super cute, you're so prettyyy! :D

Love the photos :)

Aww you guys are so sweet <3

Thank you :) I hope I can keep both websites running. I kind of want to move everything over to the new website because I like it so much. I think my host mentioned that she would renew the domain for me :) but I can always back everything up, just in case.

That’s the problem with breaks. You think that you have time to relax, free from school work but then you end up doing more work than if you were at school.

Hehe no problem :D your tutorials are great!

They were kind of rubbish prizes but ah well. I use to have happy meals all the time. But I’d end up having to buy another burger because I’m never full!

I think I’m managing my revision time quite well. I do it in 1/2 hour intervals and then i have a break in between to go on my laptop or watch some TV. Most people haven’t started revision yet.

I blocked her on Facebook so she can’t give me any more trouble. As for school I doubt she will say anything because shes to pathetic.

It must be such a nightmare owning and updating so many websites.

We had to use Movie Maker to make adverts for this games company. Mine was rubbish!

Sometimes I get fed up my website and then I think I should just give up. But then it’s kind of addictive. You must have tones of comments to return. I like returning comments but that many would drive me mad!

26 months? Wow that’s a long time! I’m very happy for the both of you, you seem to make a very good couple /eee

I love getting free samples of food 🤤 yummy! And pasta too? Sounds like a great day. I would need lessons to learn how to make pasta, I’m possibly the worst cook ever! Tyrone can cook and he made me a meal the other day ♥

Oh yeah those fair games are always a rip off! They are clearly fixed or way over price. I’ve never won anything good from them.

Hey Georgina! Don’t worry, no problem. I understand that you’re busy. You’re right, we must think of our future and possibilities.

Okay. I’m glad you made a good choice. I feel the same that you, as I go along it gets more interesting. I understand you, it’s difficult to choose subjects that can decide your future or fun. I know what you mean.

your welcome! Glad for you. You’re totally right, many people Have to keep pushing for their dreams.

Good luck with that! Hope you do not take much time.

your welcome! Good luck :)

That’s okay :)

It is normal that you would want to disappear from this online world, we see that these very busy and have much to do.

Happy 26 month anniversary! You guys are the best couple I ever seen, you’re so cute together. And I’m sure There is yet more month to come :)

wow sounds like you passed a good day together at the fair. I love the pictures you took. I’m going to check out your photoblog. oh waffles, they’re so good ♥

Yes it was quite disturbing to figure that he watched those disgusting stuff. I did not even want to touch my laptop ever again… :( Yes I deleted it from the history part. That’s where I found it also.. D:
Thanks for telling the virus software, I will download it. I hope my laptop did not get any viruses because of that gross websites.. /ehh