Intoxicated With Madness

No, server change still not done! Hang in there, guys. ♥️ I know you’re excited for the new layout too.

I’ve been swamped with work yet again! Or maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t worked on my other assignment for the past few days, and I planned to. It sucks when your plans are ruined. But, I made a goal to do 500-1000 words of my assignment by Tuesday. Now, it’s nearly Monday and I’ve done just over 500. I’m going alright, I guess. I am just determined to get ahead.

It was daylight savings, so we gained an hour of life. Woo. :D I was happy to wake up in the morning and see that my day wasn’t half over.

(And now I’m also happy to see that WordPress automatically updated my time, just as my laptop and iPhone did. :) )

I really like my mornings. A lot of people just don’t function in the mornings, but I love the mornings. I like to rise early and sort of take my time, getting ready for the day. I work a lot better in the day, which is good when I have assignments. I like feeling ever-so-slightly tired in the mornings and trudging along, maybe falling asleep for a few minutes over breakfast, then waking up again and feeling a bit of morning rush.

Yes, I’m weird.

What I hate about the mornings is when I wake up late. If I wake up after 10:00am I feel like I’m going to “waste” some of my day. I feel like I am going to take an hour to eat, get changed and settle in… then it’ll soon be noon (12:00pm) and I’ll have wasted my day. :(

My friend had to work the other day from 11:00am until 2:00pm. She was annoyed because it ruined her morning (since she had to get ready) and her afternoon – because by the time she got back she wouldn’t want to do anything.

I also hate the mornings because my stomach cannot tolerate food. I can’t really live on anything for breakfast other than miso soup. If I eat something like bread, I feel really sick and on the verge of throwing up. 🤮 Carbohydrates just don’t work with me in the mornings. And really sweet things like yoghurt and fruit are wonderful to have, but my stomach churns a lot after that. 😰

Tomorrow is James’s and my 26 month anniversary, and we’re going to the Easter show too. I’ll take pictures! :)

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy – I have so much stuff planned for my holidays (in three weeks), though. ♥️

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First comment??

Proper one coming sooooon.

Hooray! Don’t get angry at the person below you again, LOL. ;)


Wow. You do seen busy, and all I have done is complain about my science video. Hehe. I don’t really like time change. It messes me up. I already have a hard time waking up and then they change the time on me. Horrible! Jk. <3
But if you think about it we never actually lose or gain any time in our life. It still takes the same for te earth to go round. It is just something we made up. So I don't really beleive in it or like it.

I have the same thing. I can't eat right after I wake up I need atleast an hour before my stomach can settle to have a meal. Well maybe mine isn't as bad as yours.

Well Happy Easter! :D

You’re so… proactive! Lol, is that the word? You’re not procrastinating. :P It makes me feel like there’s some big assignment I should be working on too. All I really have is studying for my exams though, and those are in May. I should get started soon, but if I start now, I’ll probably forget everything by then!!

Oh poo you. :P I lost an hour last monthhh. And I had work the next morning, so it sucked.

I don’t know if I like being 16 hours apart or 14 hours apart better. When we’re 16 hours apart, you get online earlier in my afternoon/evening, which is nice, but when we’re 14 hours apart, you are awake later into my morning. Which do you like? :P

Dude, my phone is do dumb about updating my time on daylight savings. It changes the clock fine, yeah, but it also changes my ALARM. I can’t rely on my cell phone’s alarm to wake me up after the clocks change, but I use its alarm every day. -_- Oh and I can never remember which direction it changes my alarm, so I can’t get around it.

I’m kind of the same way about mornings. I don’t think I’m really a morning person in the sense of functionality, but I love being up early in the morning because it makes me feel like I have more time.

Clearly you’re not weird! That or we’re both weird. :P

I hate waking up late in the mornings too! That’s how I end up running myself to the ground though… because I like waking up early but also staying awake late at night. Gives me more time to do what I want.

Dude, my stomach is the same way in the mornings!! It’s not AS bad as yours, but frozen pancakes and waffles with syrup make me nauseous. I actually vomited waffles with syrup once the morning of an important morning exam. It sucked. -_-

Happy 26 months you two!! ♥ Have fun at the Easter show. :3 Get a good show bag, and then teach me what a show bag is. :P

YAY HOLIDAYS. In three weeks I’ll be off school, but I’ll have to spend most of my time studying for exams.

Well, good luck with whatever you have planned for your holidays. Portfolio? Eh? ;P

Fuck these 60 comments… help… okay, I’m over it haha. Ugh. /poo

I feel like I am though. I know I’m doing okay with the assignment and I’ll be getting somewhere but for some reason I just want to get it done right now. At least I’ve started – today I realised some of my classmates haven’t started at all. 😰

Well we lost an hour last October you know! Ahhh, daylight savings is so silly.

It’s funny though, since both seem to have their good points. It’s nice having our times a little closer because it seems sort of… I dunno, even? But I was used to our hours being a little further apart because we could talk a lot from my morning to afternoon – now you have to sleep earlier, so it sucks. :P

OH well when I put my alarm on on my phone, it did it on the updated time, so it didn’t actually change at all. Which was what I wanted it to do anyway. :P

Maybe we’re both weird. :D

LOL hahahaha. We got no show bags! :( They were crap. Like massive goodie bags, but, they are really really overpriced. It’s like a goodie bag. Man, what do you guys call it over there?

I wish I had a holiday now! Screw these assignments! /argh

I hate it when I’m really busy :( I really hate assignments /faw

Also the server change STILL not done has Kya not told you a date or anything?

I really like the mornings too! /bounce I love waking up getting a coffee /love and switching on the TV to watch a nice morning talk show! I’m so common /hmph It’s better when you’re home alone no one telling you what to do lol /hehe

Nice! Months; that’s along time. You two must be made for each other. /kiss

Don’t apologize for being busy; you’re only human.


I have changed my domain name, and will post a comment on your blog when your new layout is up :D

I’m taking one of your wp themes; thank you very much, and I will credit. ♥

Aw thanks Steff, please let me know about the new domain when it’s up! I’ve missed you! ♥

Ahh I can’t wait to see the new layout!! :D I love new layouts :)

Sorry about all the essays :/ I hate it when I’m just given too much work at one time :/ It’s like teachers don’t realize that not only do we have other subjects but other commitments :s

Last week our time went an hour forward :s I never get why it goes back in the winter and forward in the summer :s It just means that in the winter I have to be home at like 4.30, and in the summer I have until 9 before it get’s dark, when I’d be fine with like 7 or 8 if that makes any sense o_O Or am I just babbling.

During holidays I always end up waking up really late and going to be just as late xP

Happy anniversary for tomorrow :D!!

Yeaaa… I’m really looking forward for the new layout! I’m really excited for that. /eee It will be hard to part from this one though. This one is really looking great. /love
Aaah…It’s just so nice to see someone like me :) I hate it when I wake up late too. It’s really a sad thing to spend almost half of your day in the bed. Sometimes when I’m really really exhausted I wake up late like 11 or sth, I feel like crap to be honest :( . But sometimes it feels good though. I wake up completely energetic even it’s late ;) Oh gosh, you have miso soup for breakfast?! D: It’s the only thing I don’t like to eat :) I guess Australian and Greek breakfast cultures are different though. I cannot even think of drinking soup for breakfast.

Oooh, I forgot /hehe HAPPY EASTER!!! /heart Kalo pascha! /mwah

Well, I hope you get sometime to relax! I hate/love being busy… When I’m not busy I want to be, but when Iam, I hate it XD

have fun with James! 26 months is a long time *counts* over 2 years!! Congrats 👏

Hmm, I’m sorry that you can’t eat that much for breakfast… but then again, i normally eat cereal or yogurt, and that’s it…

on the weekends i sometimes have an egg, or maybe pancakes :)

i would love to have miso soup for breakfast though…. i loove it! ♥ ♥

Go, Georgina, go! :D -cheers-
I should have been doing some assignments to get ahead this weekend, but, instead, I played Playstation and stalked people on Facebook…

Today, I woke up at 5AM for no reason and just stayed in my bed for an hour and a half. It was so quiet and awesome. Then, I was up and about before 7AM. I’m the same way with the waking up late thing. Anything after 10 makes me feel like a dirty, little, sloth, and I’m grumpy. (Yeah, sleeping in and waking up grumpy? Strange.)

My stomach can’t handle bread in the morning, either, unless it’s toasted and chased down with juice. Milk makes me nauseous in the mornings. More weird, random things in common. 0_o

26 months?! Holy moly! Congratulations! :D

-applauds in agreement- I sure as heck don’t have the body for “showy” clothing, but even if I did, I wouldn’t ever wear it. People don’t need to be seeing my tummy, or my legs, or my back.
My first question about that girl is why her parents are letting her wear clothes like that at that age, let alone with that body type. (Tehe, I’m a fatty, too. XD)
I used to not be bothered by shirtless guys, but last summer, a guy down my street was mowing his lawn without a shirt. The problem is, he’s 70+ and it was the most disgusting thing ever.

Even if it’s 15 minutes, I have to be careful in the heat. The sun doesn’t even have to be shining fully. The heat is what gets me. :/ It wouldn’t be much a surprise if I get hyperthermia in my lifetime.
I may be a hermit, but I’m close enough to windows to get my vitamin D. :P Right now there are three windows within 6 feet of my left and right. (Y)

I’ll end up forcing Josh to hang out with me. I can see it now…
I’ll grab his arm and stand up in the cafeteria and drag him to a park (without druggies, if possible) while my friends go, “What the frig.”
6 months and I haven’t had any time alone with him. I’ve been trying since January 27, for crying out loud! -still has the Facebook message-

It’s only weird and awkward when there are people around. :/ They give us looks and there’s a subtle pressure to do something cute and adorable. Bah. Plus, I’m just a coward.

Looking at the albums they have, I like more and more songs the more recent the album is. XD I’d probably end up loving their most recent if the pattern continues.

There are limitations with FanUpdate that annoy me. :/ I could probably grab together bits and pieces from various PHP blogging scripts, scrutinize them, and make my own. That’s actually how I started coding. -proud to be self taught in a matter of months- :D

Josh always continues to be stupid even if I ask him because it makes me smile. I have to put on a semi-serious face for him to actually stop. Then he’ll just cross his eyes and/or stick out his tongue and/or make weird noises and just be silly.

hey no worries about the new server and new layout. It will come eventually, I’m also loaded with work but today I took a break and went out with my cousin and saw Alice In Wonderland, good movie. I have an Ipone too :). Do u update with it or just check comments? Congrats on ur 26th month tomorrow <3.

Happy 26 months to you & James! I know you mentioned that you guys haven’t seen each other in a while so yayyyy. :D

I’m kind of a beast..I’ll eat anything in the morning but I try not to eat too much at night for fear that I might get too fat/bloated.

Do you have this huge pot of miso soup in the fridge or do you make it every morning? I’m surprised you don’t get sick of it! Haha but I do love miso soup but sometimes I just want some rice & eggs in the morning.

Oh snaps! DST already? Wait, I think I already experienced that hahaa. It sucks because we lost an hour but at least it gets dark later…which is really nice.

I’m not a morning person since I love to sleep in..but lately, I too have felt that I hate wasting my day sleeping in so late but I love sleep..but I hate wasting my day! When I waste my day, it extends into night which takes away my sleeepp. So I need to find the perfect balance. School does that for me as it makes me wake up at 7:45 am every morning from monday – thursday but my body gets used to it so I wake up that early on Friday too. Oye. Man, so I’m trying to train my fingers into typing “correctly”.

I find it so extremely difficult to type codes for urls as my pinky on my right hand is not very…well efficient. Damn it…and I’m trying really hard to get my right hand to press the shift key appropriately. fml.

I know you left like two or three comments on my blog but I honestly can’t remember what they said but I read them! and I will return them … SOON shit, I really do need to replace my stupid paged comments to the regular shit so I can reply to people’s comments & what not.

Hey now, five hundred words isn’t so bad — That was one of your goals, anyway! I think you did quite good with it so far. ;She nods.; :)

And dude, that’s so strange that you actually like mornings! Not that you just like mornings, though — That you even like the feeling groggy part! @_@

And I know exactly what you mean about waking up late — I get the same feeling of having wasted my entire day if I sleep in too long, as well! /argh

About your only being able to handle miso soup in the mornings, that’s quite strange as well! I would think that miso soup would actually make you feel sick over plain ol’ bread or some fresh fruit! /huh At least you’re eating SOMETHING, though! Anything is better than skipping breakfast. :X

Aww, congratulations on your anniversary with James — Twenty six months is quite some time indeed! Hehe, you guys’re adorable. :D And I can’t wait to see pictures of the Easter show! ((Whatever that is, LOL. Sounds cool, at any rate. XD ))

Sounds like you’re actually doing pretty well with your assignment. You’ve already exceeded the minimum amount of progress you’d aimed for anyway, so give yourself a pat on the back. :)

I’m probably closer to the “morning hater” end of the scale, but that said I usually rise fairly early anyway. I can understand your friend’s annoyance about the work hours too – I feel the same way when I have classes or appointments just for that middle chunk of the day.

It’s odd that you mention not being able to eat much in the mornings, because I was just saying that to my mum the other day. I rarely can stomach anything more than coffee and yoghurt before about 10am. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. :) We’re…um…digestion twins. :P Or something, haha.

Congrats on yours and James’ 26-month anniversary! Hope you have/are having/had a great time at the Easter show! :)

Oh! Don’t worry about it Georgina. I know you’re a busy person, so it’s okay. <3 I forgive you for being so awesome. /eee

Yay it means a lot to know that you like it. :3 Haha there isn't a whole lot to view around my site (as I just decided to keep a personal blog), but I hope you found something that was interesting. .-.

Yeah, I noticed you blogged again. XD It's okay, I tend to be impatient sometimes too. I was wondering what was taking the transfer so long, but I forgot Kya hosts like over 94835945 people. @.@

Still, I can't wait to see the new layout (as I'm sure many other people can't as well)!

Even so, I'd like to not consider my site as a "job"; it's something I do in my free time, so I'd like to not think of it as something I absolutely have to do. Kind of ruins the whole thing for me. /ehh But school work and work, work just sounds stressful enough. Dx

LOL oh, the way you wrote it, made it seem like you’ve never even been to a library before. D:

Your sites been around for practically 983435 years so I can see why you would get so many comments; I just opened, so I expect it’ll die down within the week. Which is fine by me, I can barely keep up! O_O I personally don’t know how you do it. Haha Of course! New layouts interest everyone; I know I’m interested. :D

Rawr. I’ve experienced those one-liner comments already; it was rather aggravating. I had a fall out with one of the people that left it, I had told them, “I left a long paragraph regarding your blog, yet you leave a small sentence in response skipping my blog entirely?” the shot back with, “Hey, just be happy you even get comments! Some people don’t even get comments.” I wonder why… everyone must have figured out that they’re inconsiderate. /angry It just made me reconsider, “I came back to the web design world for this?”

Blah. I wanted to punch her. Or throw a grenade! Just, just, just 💥 !!!

Yeah, it was kind of hectic. =.=” The whole contest thing.. people were all, “I hope I win!” and I’m just like.. okay. Haha make it obvious why don’t you? Then when I contacted everyone, they replied back, “MAN! Why didn’t I win?!?!” GOSH. Make me feel guilty? o_O I was caught up with getting my site up, that I forgot to contact a few people regarding hosting; I’ll email you the person that won later (after I reply back to all these comments /pow ).

I know, I really like helping people because I feel a good sense; no matter how small the task was. It’s true, I might ask for something simple, “Can you let me know when it’s [enter random time here]?” “No! Why don’t you buy a watch so you can know yourself?!” What…? /faw

People don’t realize it… actually, that kind of reminds me of that one time that someone flooded Vicky’s ‘ask me’ thing saying, “WHERE ARE YOU? AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING PEOPLE?” WTF, we’re not a help clinic. Dx

“How are you?” if I could ever hate a sentence, it would be that. Most of the time when you answer, the other person rarely cares, they’ll just go on and on about whatever their problem was. This happened to me offline, (this seriously happened), this girl said (of course), “How are you?” I told her, “Not so good… my dog got ran over today.” “Awe… that sucks. So anyways, MY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME! Can you believe it?” 😰

Well at least you talked back to her; I can’t even do that! /wah

At least you managed to set aside a goal. That’s how I managed to force myself to get my site up; I set a goal to get it up by April 1. /hehe

Whenever someone from Australia mentions that it’s daylight savings, I think it’s the same here… but I forgot that it’s different from the areas that you live in. :S But yay for automatic time switches! I hate how our car doesn’t do that; one time during daylight savings, mom forgot to manually do it, so I ended up going to school an hour early… I was wondering why it was so dark.

Okay seriously, why would you wake up, only to go to work for 3 hours? I can see what she mean; either go to work in the morning, or go in the afternoon. Not in between!

I can’t remember the last time I even ate breakfast. Haha

Yeesh, you guys have been together for awhile! Congrats! 26 months is certainly something to celebrate. :)

I am definitely looking forward to your layout! I hope that the server change goes smoothly! I am not a morning person at all. I’m the complete opposite of you. In fact, I think I’d be a night person. I also am like you in the sense that I can’t eat in the mornings, though.

Hey Georgie!

Sorry I haven’t been around in the last few days. I’ve been kinda busy with my domain ever since I left Lisa. I didn’t have much luck with her. Things were okay except her server didn’t allow permalinks which sucked the big toe so we talked it out and I moved.

Yeah, we’re planning on moving sometime in May. We already got the keys to the house, it’s just the matter of packing everything we need and what not. It’s gonna be hell, trying to pack everything and what not.

I know how you feel if you sleep in and wasted half of the day. I usually wake up at 10:00 a.m. because I’m up so late. XD . But yeah right there makes you not want to get out of your pj’s cause your comfortable and everything but you just have to force yourself.

Oh wow I didn’t know that food upsetted your stomach! Maybe it’s not the food that’s doing it. Maybe it’s the stress. In fact it could very well; be stress. I know because whenever I ate food a long time ago, when I was in highschool, if I ate my stomach would churn. So that lead me to not eat anything for lunch and what not. Plus I hated the lines when it came to buying pizza and everything. Push, push, cut in line, shove, shove, push. Wasn’t worth it. You may need to go have that checked out.

Hmmm I said I was going to try and drink more water but I failed. I haven’t been doing so but oh well. Something to look forward in my new town and everything. I haven’t been exercising on my machine either because I’ve been sick. Lame excuse but really would you want to exercise when you have the flu and broke an inside fever? I don’t thinkso :P. lol. Anyway, I still have a lot to do on my domain so I will talk to you later!

Hello Georgina, I’m eagerly waiting for the serve change and much more for the new layout :)
You know, I’m an Arian, so impulsiveness is bound to happen. XD

Even I’m a morning person. Ya, during vacations and holidays if I end up getting up late, then all the so-called slow motion activities eat up my day and the day is nothing but a waste of time /argh

Well, it is said that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
For me it’s the exact reverse XD

Because, I just can’t take in so much so early in the morning. I just have a glass of milk and say Poha or Upma. I know these are alien words for you, but these are Indian dishes, particularly Maharashtrian. Maharashtra is a state where I live in. It’s capital is Mumbai. You must have heard Mumbai’s name atleast, no?

Congrats to you and James for your 26th month anniversary (Y)
Wish you both many more to come!

YAY. Can’t wait for the new theme.

Daylight saving thingy is so cool! We had to do that last week over here in UK and i feel like it’s so cool y’know? LOL.

Yah! My iPod touch and wordpress automatically changed my time also! =)

I don’t like morning that much, I only like it if there’s sun. If I wake up to rain my mood has slightly gone down. Haha. I’M WEIRD.

I always eat bread in the morning, that’s about it… Haha.

Awwe. Yours and Jame’s 26 months? Aweee! That’s so sweet. 26 months is a long time. Wow. ^-^ Haha. :) Have a nice time together! <3


I love waking up early in the mornings, lying in bed for 10-15 minutes before getting up. It feels so awesome /bounce and it’s good to take your time with things :)

But I can’t go back to sleep and wake up again easily /um
It’s good how you can wake up whenever you want /ho

Miso soup is full of carbohydrates /um 😰 /bash

26 months! /bounce
Blog about Show soon /love


Hello! :3

I lie around in bed most days, but then that results in me being in a rush and forgetting something. /um But I usually get to uni early anyway. I am so unpredictable. 😰

I can sleep on the train and wake up provided something wakes me up, like a trusty alarm. :B I think I’m a light sleeper. Hmm. Sometimes my mum just turns the light on in my room and it wakes me up. Roar.

I can’t wake up when I want! 😰

It has soybean. Hrrrrng. :D


Oh dayum. I was all excited about the new layout. MUST. STAY. PATIENT. D:
I am actually really looking forward to it. All your layouts are so amazing!

Eeep, good luck with the assignment, or did you finish it in the end? I can’t remember if I saw you mention that you finished it, or if I imagined it? haha.

Luckyy. For our daylights savings, we LOST an hour of life. *groan*

Ew. Mornings. I am such a terrible morning person. I wish I had your morning-ness. I’m a zombie until the afternoon! Seriously. D:

Ahaha, believe me that’s not wasting your day. Wasting your day would be getting up AFTER noon or something! Urgh, yes, that really sucks having to work those hours! Same with school, though. I really wish school could either start REALLY early or REALLY late so we can still use the day around it. I vote for afterschool. Like, start from 2pm – 9pm or something so you can do something in the morning. :) Or just have a nice lay-in. Whatever floats your boat ;)

Aww, that must be really annoying, although it sounds like a great reason to eat miso soup every day! XD I can actually eat ANYTHING in the mornings and feel fine. Right now, the first thing I’ve eaten all day was a bit of Easter Egg cause Kaela’s blog made me hungry :P I usually skip breakfast though, because I don’t get time.


URGGGG. I HATE SNOBBY PEOPLE. Silly girl. There are far nicer people online than people like that!

aww, at least you didn’t get too injured. Bruises fade eventually.

NOODLES ARE THE SEX. I could live on noodles 🤤

We are slowly restarting the conversation. It’s just going to probably be a very slow conversation because I am taking a bazzilion years to reply to them (SORRY D:)

I read your previous blog (but I didn’t have time to comment, sorry) but at least you know the reason the credit was jumping around so much! Silly uni internet (I think that was the reason.. I can’t 100% remember..)

THANK YOU ^_^ It’s funny that you mention those, because I just went onto my old laptop and found all my old folders of old layouts I used (and didn’t use, for that matter). I honestly think my graphic-skills have got worse, looking at those. I fail.

Yeah, we have non-uniform days as well ^^

Sheesh, that’s a long time. I have ten exams overall, but they add up to about (roughly) 35 hours, maybe? D: Holy..
Thanks ^^ I’m just disappointed in myself because I know that if I revised I could have picked up those two marks I dropped. I boosted it a bit with my coursework though :)

Haha, yeah she left at new years, she’s just taken almost four months to get all of her stuff. :/

I HAVE RED. I’ll send some to you ;) *sends red nail varnish to Georgie* XD

I lubb purple and orange right now (just not together ;))

Woahh, that sounds like awesome hairr! /love


:love: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I AM SO, SO, SO, SO, SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal*:D

You totally made progress on your assignment :D Hehehehehehe! You still have today and tomorrow to get to about 1000 words. YOU CAN DO IT! I have complete confidence in you. RAWR! I shall motivate you :D

Hahaha it’s probably a good thing you like mornings, unless you get a job where you work late night shifts. Cos then you’ll be used to getting up and fully functional when you go to work :) Whereas someone who hates mornings like me will be all BLAH! MY LIFE SUCKS! And my work will suffer :P

That’s funny! We’re like total opposites :P

LOL, I feel that way too! When I wake up after 10, it’s like…fml, I’ve wasted half my day, but then I realise that if it were the opposite, and I’d woken up before 10am I’d be super grumpy and angry and not get anything done ANYWAYS, so I’ve learned to deal with it :P

Hehehehe, I’m like that too! Not as bad as you, when it comes to food in the morning, but if it’s SUPER early, I can’t STAND eating heavy breakfasts cos it feels like I’m forcing it down D: I eat a breakfast bar or something. After an hour, then I can eat big breakfasts :P

I hope you guys had heaps of fun at the Easter Show today :D

Hi! Thank you! ♥

Haha and you just helped me get 40 words today. *dances to GLAC* I promise I’ll do more tomorrow! I’ll work in the morning! :D

Well, I know I’m going to get some done tomorrow! :)

Okay, tomorrow you are totally motivating me if I haven’t done much by the evening. :P

I always try to see each day positively and be well in the morning – must be a good thing to like my mornings hehe. :D

Oh well! I don’t think I’d mind waking up super early either – I just don’t like waking up really late. :P

I feel like my stomach needs to settle for an hour or so before I can properly eat. What really sucks is after eating when I want to brush my teeth but I can’t straight away because I feel like I’m going to puke. Humph.

I love waking up early in the morning :) It makes me feel like I have lots of time to do everything. And its so peaceful too. Especially on weekends, when I’m the only one who’s up. I can have the television to myself. HAHAHA. I need to have breakfast in the morning, especially rice. :) If I don’t, I feel lazy one’s the clock strikes twelve. HAHA. I don’t know why, but everytime its after twelve I get so sleepy! 😴 I’m surprised I haven’t fallen asleep in class! Damn, that would be troublesome if I do.

I hope University is going great!

happy late easter (Y) .. I hope you had a nice easter this year!


In the U.S., our DST was in March. I lost an hour of sleep, which sucked. D: At least it was on a Sunday, though, and not a weekday!

I’m definitely not a morning person. XD It’s strange; on weekdays when I have to go to school, I have to wake up at 7, and I’m usually so tired, but on weekends, I automatically wake up around 7 or 8, and I’m not tired at all. :3

I usually eat toast and eggs or something of the sort for breakfast. And sometimes I don’t eat anything at all. :X It’s not good for you, I know, but yeah… I’m just not really that hungry in the mornings.

You know what I don’t understand? You say work piles up blah blah and you can’t return comments but you return them faster than I ever could!!! I swear to God, you’re like Superwoman. :P
But if returning comments frustrates you, you should really just close them until you have some time. We all understand that work/uni/high school ALWAYS comes before websites and comments. /eee

I dread getting up in the mornings. Maybe it’s because I have Maths in First Period Mondays through Thursdays but whatever. I prefer nighttime. :P

Happy twenty-sixth anniversary!!! It’s the fifth of Apr. over here. *hugs both of you unnaturally tight*
Seeing couples like you and James make me smile inside. It just goes to show that true love really does exist ♥ ♥

This is irrelevant but why do you have a dancing poo emoticon? /poo D:

LOL Zoeeee, it doessss. It piles up. I’m telling you, 60 comments are left to return and it’s not looking good. :P I’ve only written about 40 more words on my assignment. I really hope to get it done soon. I also want to blog. There is always an insane amount to do (most of it is site related… I suck).

I feel like sometimes I’m more alive at night – but I’m not actually productive. I feel very awake, but I don’t think I concentrate that well. And the weirdest thing is that I feel most productive on a train when there is nothing to distract me except window views (and they get boring). Makes me wish I had longer train rides.

Thank you! *hugs* ♥

Haha it looks more to me like a poo with flies. /poo Hmm. :P

I know what you mean. I wish that I could get up earlier, and last week I was doing fairly good. I was getting up around 9 and having a whole morning to myself. Today I got up at 11.30 am and I’m so mad at myself, because like you said, I wasted the whole morning.

Hmm, that’s odd. I can handle food too good. I wish my stomach had a limit haha. I’m learning though. Today I only had Cherry PopTarts for breakfast 🤤 🤤 Soooo good. Love ’em. And for lunch I had nuts, because I don’t want to overdo it.

I think I’m going to try to get back into my waking up earlier days. It makes me more tired and night, and I can’t seem to stay up past 1, which is good. I’m too much of a night owl.

I can’t wait to see your new layout :D

Aww it’s alright, I understand, life can be hectic. :O

Lol, mmm… that sounds good.. I lurrrrvveeee spring rolls. /love

We actually buy the lime nachos and make the guacamole dip. LOL, but I’m sure if my stepmom tried she might be able to achieve lime nachos.

Lol, I don’t really find it that filling. I just think it’s yummy. Apple pie is just plain yum.
I find cheesecake EXTREMELY filling, lol, I wonder why.

That’s cool your friend sells them, must be really yum. I can make gingersnap cookies and that’s it, all the other cookies crumble or burn. LOL.

The movie is kind of good, somewhat.. The storyline was good. I think, rather overused storyline but either way interesting.
Miley, I just don’t know, I don’t think she can do a lot of ‘deeper’ roles.. :O

The song makes me happy, lol.

Woot! Hopefully the server change happens soon, can’t wait to see the new layout!

I love it when that happens. Like when the electronics just change for you, no need for you to do it manually.

I like mornings when I wake up fresh from a nice sleep. Like I feel really good about myself then, otherwise, it’s just blehhhh, and I feel like crap.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Toast just kind of isn’t good. It makes my stomach all weird, and I can’t drink like skim milk at all… it really makes me close to puking. I can drink like 1 and 2% but not skim. :O
Weird, huh?

Happy Anniversary to you and James! Hope you guys had a good time at the Easter show! :)

I like it when I am up. Awake and ready. I dislike the getting prepared for the day part. When I am up early I feel yay! I got a whole bunch of time.

The US already had Daylight Savings. :)

Usually if I’m going somewhere and I just ate something sugary like yougurt or a donut my stomach cramps.

You got some new smiles didn’t you? I must have missed it. :)

Happy Anniversary! /bounce (Y)

Thanks for the review Georgina, T didn’t read it properly but I will do soon. Thanks for taking the time. Oh, and I didn’t know my coding was invalid LOL! But I do know my coding is messed up on the articles page, but I just don’t have time to fix it.

I really can’t wait to see the layout, I’m sure it’ll be great.

Oh, I hate mornings! Except the weekend mornings, they’re cool! However, when I have school i get all nervous in the mornings, get a morning rush, and I don’t like it at all. I especially hate Sunday mornings, as we have to go to school on Sunday and it’s right after the weekend, so it’s hard to come back from laziness and be hardworking again, you know?

Haha, you are weird, but that defines you, and being weird rocks! LOL

Yes, me too! I hate being late it just messes up my mode for the whole day, and I don’t feel like doing anything! As if my whole schedule was ruined. Which is weird: I’m not an organized person or anything. It’s okay for me to be late for school a few minutes or so, but other than that i feel like a complete weirdo when entering class with all students staring at me!

Thanks Georgina! I’m not quiting anymore, but I’m just not going to be online as much.

Haha, I think everybody wants to be a singer or a dancer, i did it at the age of 13. It just has to happen at some point in somebody’s life :P .

Oh! i hate and I still hate science, you just go by the rules blah. I love art and stuff like that. They never let me down!

And I think you are trying harder Georgina!

Wow, that’s really cool! I also, like when I have elderly teachers! While other students hate it!

I like shopping by myself or someone in the family, so if i run out of money it’s okay and I won’t feel embarrassed! XD

Hallooo Georgina! :D hope you had a good Easter:)

I actually hate daylight savings! It ruins my sleeping patterns, AND it just had to come during my school holidays. -_- What better time to adjust?

Good luck with your assignment! I prefer to get a head start on my work as well, as I can usually anticipate that it won’t just disappear, especially when more assignments come in :P

I’m glad that someone else feels the same! Waking up late in the morning feels like such a waste! To me in the morning I usually get more work done.

D: Sucks that you get sick from eating breakfast :( I can’t live without it as I get to hungry all the time :P Miso soup is good too! Maybe you particularly like it because there’s seaweed in it? :P

I thought Rob Mills was a dead-beat too! I was pretty young when he was on Aussie idol. I probably thought his character was attractive, hence him haha. It’s difficult to say when I was looking from a mid-shot.

Well the crows that ate the chocolate probably got sick after, especially from the wrapping. But then again they eat just about anything -_-

I hate it too when my plans get ruined, I think I’m too OC about this whole planning and scheduling thing :)) But hey, it’s nice to have an organized life right? :))

Mornings. I love and hate ’em. I love mornings because it’s cold, but not as cold as the night, it’s the right amount of cold. I also love breakfast food – from cereals to bacons, bagels to pancakes. Gotta have ’em! =)) I hate mornings because people are so grumpy and snobbish HAHAHA. I hate mornings when I had a really long night because of work and slept at 3AM then have to wake up at 5AM. That sucks.

I agree that when I wake up at 10, I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time! 2 hours and half of the day is already finish. WTF =))

Good luck with all the holiday plans! Hope it pushes through!