Intoxicated With Madness

No, server change still not done! Hang in there, guys. ♥️ I know you’re excited for the new layout too.

I’ve been swamped with work yet again! Or maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t worked on my other assignment for the past few days, and I planned to. It sucks when your plans are ruined. But, I made a goal to do 500-1000 words of my assignment by Tuesday. Now, it’s nearly Monday and I’ve done just over 500. I’m going alright, I guess. I am just determined to get ahead.

It was daylight savings, so we gained an hour of life. Woo. 😄 I was happy to wake up in the morning and see that my day wasn’t half over.

(And now I’m also happy to see that WordPress automatically updated my time, just as my laptop and iPhone did. 🙂 )

I really like my mornings. A lot of people just don’t function in the mornings, but I love the mornings. I like to rise early and sort of take my time, getting ready for the day. I work a lot better in the day, which is good when I have assignments. I like feeling ever-so-slightly tired in the mornings and trudging along, maybe falling asleep for a few minutes over breakfast, then waking up again and feeling a bit of morning rush.

Yes, I’m weird.

What I hate about the mornings is when I wake up late. If I wake up after 10:00am I feel like I’m going to “waste” some of my day. I feel like I am going to take an hour to eat, get changed and settle in… then it’ll soon be noon (12:00pm) and I’ll have wasted my day. 😞

My friend had to work the other day from 11:00am until 2:00pm. She was annoyed because it ruined her morning (since she had to get ready) and her afternoon – because by the time she got back she wouldn’t want to do anything.

I also hate the mornings because my stomach cannot tolerate food. I can’t really live on anything for breakfast other than miso soup. If I eat something like bread, I feel really sick and on the verge of throwing up. 😷 Carbohydrates just don’t work with me in the mornings. And really sweet things like yoghurt and fruit are wonderful to have, but my stomach churns a lot after that. 😰

Tomorrow is James’s and my 26 month anniversary, and we’re going to the Easter show too. I’ll take pictures! 🙂

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy – I have so much stuff planned for my holidays (in three weeks), though. ♥️

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