The Final Stretch

Okay I know you’ve been waiting but the server change isn’t done yet! I know some of you are impatient but just sit tight. There’s actually a small problem Kya is having with moving a few accounts so it might take another two days or so. I’m guessing that the next time I’ll be blogging – it will all be done! I know I’m going to have to transfer some of my stuff over though. But keep your eyes peeled (ouch) for a new layout. πŸ˜„

Yesterday my parents bought me a new bed. I had the same wooden-frame bed for pretty much my whole life – or at least when I was three years old and we moved into this house. I also had the same mattress. A lot of the wooden planks of the frame had broken, so my mattress wasn’t even well supported. When you looked at it from the side you could clearly see that the mattress didn’t have a straight shape anymore. 😦

But I’m happy – I hopped into my new bed yesterday and it was freaking amazing. Yes, all this about a bed. Really though, it was like sleeping in a comfortable hotel bed. The bed was so soft and comfortable. There’s a little extra space on the side of the bed the wooden frame used to take up, but I’m loving it. 😁 It’s also a little higher from the floor. πŸ˜‰

My parents also bought a fancy white sofa to replace our gross brown one. It’s actually a sofa bed so we can change the way it is. It isn’t as squishy but it’s really shiny and awesome. I’m sorry I don’t have photos right now. 😞

I’m so happy because yesterday I finished an assignment. I just have to burn it on a CD and prepare it for handing in. It was the one where I had to write on usability and accessibility on websites, and create a website to display it on. I am so happy that I have finished.

On a crappy note, today I wasted time… but it wasn’t my fault. We had to go to a family outing. I hated it and my mum didn’t even want to go but she said yes. Ugh, come on! If my friends wanted to go out and I didn’t, I would tell them politely that I don’t want to.

But Brandon and I didn’t want to go either! My mum promised we would only be a few hours but we took about seven. Ugh. It was okay eating and hanging out – we were having a picnic in a park, pretty much – but then it got really boring.

Also my phone credit went insane again and I found out that it was my fault. I checked my email on the wireless connection at university but when it cut out, it ate into my phone credit. I was told by an iPhone specialist that so long as I have reception on my phone, I can still use the internet (even accidentally). I am an idiot.

Oh well, we all make mistakes. I’m looking forward to jumping into my squishy bed again. ☺️

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