The Final Stretch

Okay I know you’ve been waiting but the server change isn’t done yet! I know some of you are impatient but just sit tight. There’s actually a small problem Kya is having with moving a few accounts so it might take another two days or so. I’m guessing that the next time I’ll be blogging – it will all be done! I know I’m going to have to transfer some of my stuff over though. But keep your eyes peeled (ouch) for a new layout. :D

Yesterday my parents bought me a new bed. I had the same wooden-frame bed for pretty much my whole life – or at least when I was three years old and we moved into this house. I also had the same mattress. A lot of the wooden planks of the frame had broken, so my mattress wasn’t even well supported. When you looked at it from the side you could clearly see that the mattress didn’t have a straight shape anymore. D:

But I’m happy – I hopped into my new bed yesterday and it was freaking amazing. Yes, all this about a bed. Really though, it was like sleeping in a comfortable hotel bed. The bed was so soft and comfortable. There’s a little extra space on the side of the bed the wooden frame used to take up, but I’m loving it. /bounce It’s also a little higher from the floor. ;)

My parents also bought a fancy white sofa to replace our gross brown one. It’s actually a sofa bed so we can change the way it is. It isn’t as squishy but it’s really shiny and awesome. I’m sorry I don’t have photos right now. :(

I’m so happy because yesterday I finished an assignment. I just have to burn it on a CD and prepare it for handing in. It was the one where I had to write on usability and accessibility on websites, and create a website to display it on. I am so happy that I have finished.

On a crappy note, today I wasted time… but it wasn’t my fault. We had to go to a family outing. I hated it and my mum didn’t even want to go but she said yes. Ugh, come on! If my friends wanted to go out and I didn’t, I would tell them politely that I don’t want to.

But Brandon and I didn’t want to go either! My mum promised we would only be a few hours but we took about seven. Ugh. It was okay eating and hanging out – we were having a picnic in a park, pretty much – but then it got really boring.

Also my phone credit went insane again and I found out that it was my fault. I checked my email on the wireless connection at university but when it cut out, it ate into my phone credit. I was told by an iPhone specialist that so long as I have reception on my phone, I can still use the internet (even accidentally). I am an idiot.

Oh well, we all make mistakes. I’m looking forward to jumping into my squishy bed again. /eee

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Well yeah, I am getting impatient. 🤫 I had applied for hosting around March 1st/2nd but it isn’t done yet. But the least I can do is be patient. Hmmmm. Wait – if in exchange for waiting a new layout for HD will be up, then I’m willing to wait. XD

YAYYY, new bed! I don’t have my own room but I have a mattress on the floor at my parents’ room. Pretty “pathetic”, huh? But I like sleeping there. :D

I am going to do the “Dorine Enjoying A Mattress Training” on you. Close your eyes… You lie down on a mattress, all bouncy and soft. You bounce on it happily, loving it like mad. You open your eyes, lie down, close your eyes again, and sleep!

My mother bought two sofa beds in March. It can be changed into a bed/sofa as well! It is really amazing and rest assured, imaginations can replace photos.


Family outings? I have been bugging my mom and that about it for a loooong time ever since last year – but the outings are always so crappy. I’m looking forward to one at the Botanic Gardens though.

But as long as you know what’s wrong with the phone credit, I’m sure you won’t make the same mistake again – no?

I hope I’m still the 2nd commenter!


I also look forward to jumping into your squishy bed. ::

I wish I had a sofa bed. It’d be good to watch tv on /faw
but I heard they’re not as comfy as pure sofas /um

The accidental net thing was kind of the reason why I was hesitant to get one of those phones. Even things like updates, etc; since you have no bandwidth plan, little things are horribly costly. 3:


LOL you. *hugs*

Usually when someone watches television they hog the entire couch and lie across it. :(

I think it’s just good to lie down on when you need to; it’s not really useful for watching television. So long as it’s comfortable to sit on; I’m good. :D

Ugh, I thought I wouldn’t fall into little traps like that but I guess I’ll have to be really careful about how I use my phone now. :(

Hahahaha! I’m not impatient about the server change! I’m impatient for your new layout :P Teehee!

Yaaaaaaaaaay! You have an awesome new bed :D I totally need to get one. Hahaha, it’s practically incentive for you to sleep more, because it’s an awesome NEW bed! I’m so jealous :P My bed is totally like your old one now. I need a new one. And I swear the mattress has a hole in it somewhere, cos once I scratched my leg on what I *THINK* is a loose spring, poking out. Like, OWWWW! But it’s weird, I haven’t been scratched by anything since.

White sofas are cool :) My guitar teacher has one. Except I’d always be too afraid to touch it. Because it’s white and white is SO easy to get dirty D:

YAY! :D You finished your assignment :) I am so happy for you :P I love the feeling when you finally get something done. It’s like when I finally finished my evil contracts assignment! Hahahaha.

Yeah, that’s so inconvenient and frustrating. Being dragged somewhere you don’t want to go. Its like…LIFE WASTAGE HERE! /angry /angry God, seven hours is epic! D:

Awwww! Well at least you know what’s wrong with your credit now :P Hahaha, stupid dodgy uni wireless. Well at least your problem is half fixed now :D Smart iphone expert. They should probably do something about that. Hmph! They shouldn’t make it so easy to go on the internet! It’s like a revenue raising loophole!

Haha, don’t jump on your new bed TOO much :P

Haha I’m impatient to put up the new layout though! I really want to put it up because this layout has been up months and months! And I like the new layout too… ;)

I like sleeping in my bed now because it’s so comfortable. :D I hope I have better sleep patterns now. XD

Err that’s weird! Better get it checked out if you’re possibly getting scratched by a spring. :O

Yeah, that’s my worry too! But we covered our sofa with a blanket. My mum said that the black one didn’t look as good. Normally she would get the black one but in this case it wasn’t as appealing. :P

I’m so glad I finished that assignment but I’m not so pleased at all that I have not done this new one I’m working on. Ugh!

It was definitely epic… now I’m all disappointed about wasting those seven hours again. :( I could have done so much… okay, okay I’ll stop dwelling on that fact!

Yeah, damn it! At least I’ll be super duper careful with my credit from now on. I swear it’s the dodgy wireless; every time I lose some money it seems to be a bullshit loophole… anyway. /sweat

Awwwwwww. Sorry to hear about the iPhone credit thing. But like you said, we live and learn!

And your bed experience reminds me of when I got a new bed myself after we moved into this flat! See, in my old house, my room was small, so I only had a twin-sized bed, but when we moved here, my room became bigger, so my parents got me a new full-sized bed, and it was sooooo comfortable. I still love my bed. :) It doesn’t have any frame or anything, but the mattress is great. Even my mum’s jealous of my bed, hahaha.

Anyway, I hope your hosting stuff gets all done soon and without any further hitch!

I missed you! I’ve been busy to comment back on blogs. :( I feel bad XD

I understand how happy it is to have a new bed. A night of good sleep and rest is important and we seems to be happier when we get enough comfy rest. :)

Regarding the iPhone issue, we have lots of cases like these here where our bills can chalk up to $400 over. Many people filed complains with the provider but nothing much can be done. We’ve just got to be careful! Luckily I haven’t got my iPhone yet. Soon! I’m waiting for the new one. :P

Hai! :)

I can’t wait for your new layout, and what you’ve come up with (ofcourseyoudidn’tjustshowmeonMSN). 🙄 I love all your layouts, even if I prefer some to others. I loved your R&R layout, that was one of my favourites!

I’ve always had a double bed; I don’t know why. I wouldn’t mind having a single though. My first bed was when I was three upwards, maybe, I had that until I was eight. My brother and I used to jump on it all the time, and in the end the planks split. :P

At that age my brother and I got seperate rooms (we used to share, aha) and I got dumped with another double bed… I like my bed though. It’s basically just a matress on a base thing. Though the space between it and the floor is tiny – 1cm, maybe? It’s still quite high up.

Your old bed sounded like it needed to retire from its duties… so as to speak. The new bed sounds great though!
We’ve had the same gross white sofa for… eh, a long time. I am rather fond of it though.

You should plog with your new bed sometime! /bounce

Congratulations on your assignment! So glad it’s out of the way. :)

It sucks you had to go on that outing, especially when there appeared to be no one wanting to go! My mum would make us all go out of courtesy… eh. I used to go out a lot to see my grandma (when she was alive), but now she’s no longer with us I don’t find myself going out to see family friends or family much at all (ignoring the fact most of my small family have argued with my dad over stupid things that were their fault).

Though, next week – when I am away – I am going to see my aunt. Not the horrid aunt but the okay one. And my godmother, who lives on a sheep farm. LOL. You ever ridden a sheep? It’s fucking amazing. /oh /hehe

Seven hours is a bit much for that kind of thing!

Aw, at least you’ve managed to work out what was eating at your credit. Learn from your mistakes, of course. :)

I think everyone is an idiot at some point. /bounce 😏

Awwhhhh I want your bed now. xD

Take care! xx

“much at all” should be “not much at all”

One day I will write you a comment without an error in it. LOL. I’m sure I’ve done it in the past… xD


It’s okay about the mistakes. I barely even notice because of the speed at which I fly through comments. Yeah… majorly shit at the moment; I have 60 to return and believe me, I’m damn well close to exploding.

I’m impatient to put my layout up too. Oh and yeah, I totally didn’t just show you on MSN… woo…

My bed sort of broke because of the planks as well. The mattress was in crappy condition.

I don’t think my brother and I ever shared a room but I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had a single bed for years. There used to be a double bed in my room and it pissed me off because the fucking guests would sleep in my room and I’d pretty much have to get the fuck out. Stupid huge double bed. It’s no longer in my room, thank goodness.

We had a good sofa but it was hell old and it really did need a replacement. Our new one is a bit hard to get used to.

I can’t be bothered taking a photo of the bed now. It’s all covered in blankets because we don’t want it to get too dirty since it’s white. I’m too lazy anyway.

Thanks! Now onto the other one, which I’m not too happy about. I know I definitely will get it done but I’ve only done about a quarter so far. It seems like a good job but really, the whole thing needs serious refining.

Yeah, I’m now, still, disappointed about that stupid outing. I could have done a lot in that time. I know right now I’m not behind on my assignment but with this shitbag of 60 comments to return, I am. I could be at a possible and reasonable 40, or even 30, now, if it weren’t for that stupid fucking outing.

I know I sound raged up in this comment; I’m sorry Jorja. :(

I’ve never ridden a sheep, no! I think I might have ridden a goat; I’ve definitely ridden a horse… sheep… probably not. :P

I’ll learn! The only credit I’ve lost now is from a text message and a phone call. (Y)


I totally agree, I guess they don’t have to worry about you anymore, because you’re an adult. I guess so, but you’re right again, I’m very careful about the information I post online. You’re right, AGAIN. It’s different these days.

Well I think they do already. But I guess in some ways this is good, because I can get messages across without having to say it to their faces.

Well it’s no use clearing the history of “Love Strings” and “Shattered Wind” because I’m sure they visit the site when at work.

I actually adopted one already. :) I’ve been joining lots of domain contests, too. Well I’m glad to hear you’ll continue hosting me. :D

Ooh! So the new layout’s going to have food on it, eh? Can’t wait!

Oh. New word learned: threnody. I thought you don’t like having dashes on site names?


I can see you’re really excited for this server change. Who wouldn’t? A VPS sounds so cool! Too bad Kya declined my application. :( But I’m happy enough with Floriental :)

Woot for the new bed and sofa! It must be nice sleeping on your bed.

Another woot for finishing your homework!

Sometimes I don’t like going out with my family, either. I don’t know why, though sometimes I like going out with them, too.

Sweet dreams!

Congrats on finishing the Designing the for Web assignment. I finished it today too!

I despise my tutor, Georgina! One of my classmates (tall Aussie guy) moved to your class. What a smart, smart move. Sigh, i’ll put it up with it for the rest of the sem. I really like this subject, I hate the tutor.

Have a good long weekend! See you next Thurs /heart

Hey Georgie! ♥

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Holiday! (Y)
I hope you enjoy the new bed XD I’ve been wanting a new bed as well!! Good to hear you love your bed!


I can’t wait to see this new layout now haha. :3

It’s great you got a new bed after having the same one all that time! I love the feeling of sleeping in a comfortable hotel bed so it must be great! I need a new bed so bad, I’ve had this one for a long time, not sure how long but the wood creaks, even when I just move a little! ¬_¬

That sucks about your credit! :(

Thank you, haha! I don’t actually see anything cool about my accent, I think it’s quite boring. :’)

I’m a Tumblr addict! Haha, I’ve only ever met one person from online but we are really close, we met on Tumblr, then started talking on MSN, exchanged numbers, and because she only lives about 10 minutes away, in the space of about five months, she’s become one of my best friends. :O

Thanks. :) I hope you enjoy your few days off too!

Ooh, I love cupcakes haha! I can’t wait to see it. :]

I heard some guys Mac overheated and melted, so that put me off a little. Dell have a good reputation so maybe one of their laptops’d be a good choice!

Was it because of toe-wrestling? …

I’ve had my bed frame + mattress since…age six? Seven? I don’t remember.

“If my friends wanted to go out and I didn’t, I would tell them politely that I don’t want to.”

Sounds exactly like something my boyfriend and I had a fight about. I’ll end up posting a blog on it!

See all of my best friends are finally realizing that I just stay home and do nothing and no one invites me anywhere so that’s why I was invited to the girls night out.

I don’t think my boyfriend cares about what I blog about. He’s not into reading long things so I think I’m good. He already knows how I feel about the fight so I’ll just tell it like I told him.

That would be horrible, LOL. Mine was obvious (and very short) but reading a huge blog does make it seem as if it’s completely real.

OMG *cries because Georgina hasn’t seen Up yet* YOU HAVE TO WATCH UP DEAR!! It’ll make you cry!! Well I did… and I rarely cry… XD lolz!! hhehehe. It’s really one of Pixar’s best :D I really love movies, I guess because my parents always watch movies when I was young and then it stuck so i really devour movie blogs and even listen to podcasts sometimes. :D I’m a movie geek but I can’t compete in movie contests yet. I have a LOT to learn :D

WOW.. what…a dream! What did the tiger look like? Hobbes? like Calvin and Hobbes? Weird dream… i had another weird dream last night, dreamt that I teleported from our PS3 to my friends’ house where she has mythical creatures and people and we all had to find somebody… really weird eh?

Try Sandman! I thought that I’d never like graphic novels too but it was worth it! :D Well try when you have the time :p You do sound so busy! Glad you’re done with your project! Woot! I felt like that after submitting our final computer project. Man that was a LOT.

OMG A NEW BED!! I’m dying for a new bed! My bed is one half of a double decker and it’s still the same. I think one of its legs is going to fall off already. I wish I had my own room too :(

I have the opposite situation though, because of my anxiety to get out of the house, I was pleading my mom to please let me come but she told me to just stay and guard the house instead T_T I’m like… what am I, a guard dog? O_O

Aww man, it happens to normal phones too! My brother accidentally turned on the internet and bam, phone bill went up! Sighs….

Take care dear!! :D ✌️ 👏 :D

I hope my mom would give me a new bed as well. My bed is so old. Ugh . >.<

Hmm, not really a waste of time dear. You were wit your family. Family bonding :)

oooh new bed. I like new things. My bed is the one my mother had at my age. :)
The couch sounds so cool! I really like it when couches turn into beds. More space! :)

I’m sorry that you had to go to that outing. I totally understand boredom. :)

I still don’t understand all the things about phone credit.

Georgina! My site’s open now! Thank you for hosting me. :)

I’ve had the same bed for pretty much ever, haha. It’s still fine but I wouldn’t say no to a new one! lmao. It’s only a single – I couldn’t really get a bigger one because of the size of my room, but some of my friends have beds pretty much the size of my kitchen. :P

Congrats on finishing your assignment :) I have so much holiday homework to do that I just can’t be bothered to start, but I know it’ll be like *party* when I finish.

Argh, stupid phone companies take your eyes out once you go over your contract, lol. My mom made the clever decision to cap my phone contract – I spend so long on the internet that even though my internet is supposed to be unlimited, 3 have an excessive use policy which probably means they can charge you a tenner a minute once you go over your limit xD

Wow u got a sofa bed!My sister wants a sofa bed so she can watch her tv.It’s better to finish ur assignment faster then the last minute great blog! 👏

I know, I hate that girl so much and I always have done. I’ve never been horrible to her. In fact I haven’t spoken to her since she was in my class a few years ago. Yeah she probably thought she could get away with it because I wouldn’t see it. I’m sure I would have found out about it from my friends if I hadn’t have seen it. I was going to find out some way. I think she thought she was being clever of something but she failed. She’s probably lost friends because of it.

She would never say anything to my face because she knows that she would cause problems. I know my friends will back me up and so grateful for them. They know I would support them if they got in to anything like this. I won’t let anyone walk over my friends.

Yeah I know people talk about me behind my back. As long as I don’t here or see it I guess I don’t mind. It still annoys me though. I can’t wait to leave the school and go to a different college as most of the people who I don’t like are staying on at the college at our school. Thank goodness!

Thank you. Well I like the way you organise all your websites. I’d like to do something like that but not have as many websites. I wouldn’t have enough time or ideas! I was thinking about turning the new domain into a tutorials website. I have quite a lot of tutorials I could use.

Yeah all we did in ICT was learn to use the basic Microsoft office programs and Windows movie maker which I could use already.

I backed up my site a few days ago after I added some new tutorials. I don’t want to lose them.

That must have seriously sucked. I guess that’s often a risk with owning a website. If I ever needed hosting though, I’d come to you :)

I remember the library tried to fine me for borrowing a book that I had already returned. I even returned it early!

A lot of the nice names are taken. Then again if you have a unique name that you have made up yourself then there is more chance of it not being taken.

It’s always good to have a new bed. I love my bed and I’m so fussy about comfort. I hate beds that are so old you can feel all the springs.

I’ve sat on my sofa so much its worn out haha!! We need a new one.

Sometimes I really dislike going on family outings. My parents can pick some boring places to go. It sucks that your trip took so long and it wasted time.

Aw. Well, toe-wrestling sounds better. =))

Thanks. I didn’t realize that it had the colors of chickens until I put it up.

I don’t know what it feels like to sleep on a bed that’s different to the one you’ve been using for most of your life. I’ve had heaps of beds so yeah :P

Gees :S
Your back must hurt from the lack of support your bed was giving your matress. My bed has wooden planks that are curved upwards so that the matress doesn’t sag towards the middle but it doesn’t feel any different.

So what does it look like? :)
Oh, and I hope your bed frame isn’t metal because mine is and I always bump my head :

Yay for the white sofa. Just make sure you don’t bring any coloured drinks or food close to it.

Yayay! You’ve finished your assignment. Congratulations :D

I actually understand your mum. Sort of. If I have assignments and I don’t go to family outings or gatherings, they get insulted. They give me the evils next time they see me. 😳

Ngaww, it’s not your fault. Blame the dodgy internet reception. And you should be notified when it gets disconnected.

I hope your bed isn’t too comfortable.
Otherwise you might not be able to get up in the morning XD Take care.

Oh sorry that this comment is late! Because your last blog post had closed the comments.
Haha, thanks.
Family didn’t actually mean very much to me before. And since everything happened, family had a new meaning to me.
LOL, sometimes my dad surprises me. He has confidence to do anything. The reason why we didn’t do this at her house was because she wouldn’t tell us where she lived. And she wouldn’t pick up calls from us so the only place we knew where she was at, was at her workplace.
Eh, I find out now that I have to do Grade 3 theory to pass Seventh grade piano. Now that’s just sad.
haha, I just don’t have anything that interesting to say in my blogs. I don’t do anything exciting these days!
Hehe, I reckon! It’s so mean when people don’t reply to your comments.

Server changes suck! It takes so long. But I’m very excited to see what you have as your next layout.
Aww you’re so lucky! That bed of yours sounds amazing! I’ve had my bed frame and mattress for like 10 years. But it’s still great and strong.
I had a family gathering yesterday…. and it wasn’t so bad actually! We talked about some fun stuff and we were all guessing what career my sister and I will have in the future. My uncle was looking into our personalities to see what jobs suit us.
I avoid going on the internet on my phone as I can. Just to avoid these… mishaps, haha.

Thank you for your words Georgina! If I suppose that is something wonderful to know that I do with my future. I agree with you I am more fortunate than my classmates, because I know which way I go. It is true that at some point you must decide about the future.
I also I hope the best for my classmates. Thanks, means a lot to me, your admiration for know I want to do with my future.

Haha certainly understand that accounting is disliked by many people. I know.

I’m glad that you have not yet had to choose subjects, because it is sometimes very difficult to decide. Although I see you’ve chosen a segment, the segment sounds very interesting.

I’m glad people are eclectic like me. I am someone who believes the routine as boring and that the variety is amazing. While it is true that we should have a diagram of a not too distant future. It’s great to try to try new things, because then you can expand your horizons and knowledge.
I’m glad you could go your way even though you smashing your dreams. That shows me you’re a person that does not stop at nothing, and I admire you for that.

Wow it’s great that you could enjoy an afternoon with your family, even though you get bored, at least you could see a beautiful sunset.

Ah that’s okay. :)

Good luck with your homework! Hope you do not take long. :)

Oh sorry you could not attend the church because you had to pick up your brother.

Hope you do not have problems when you move to the new server. I cannot wait to see your new layout, I’m sure it will be incredible.

The experience with your new bed sounds pretty fun.

I understand you do not like a lot of family gatherings, because they can sometimes be boring.
Seven hours is a bit much for That kind of thing.

Congratulations on your assignment!

Everyone you ever have a point of idiot, do not worry. I agree, we all make mistakes sometimes.

Have fun jumping on your new bed! ;)

Hehe yes. We don’t have those chairs here in a lot of stores. There should be; boys get bored, and I get bored. :P

I went to this boutique shop with my mom and sister a few days back. My mom had emotional-blackmailed me to go in the first place, because she didn’t want me to be alone in the house at evening. And my sister took a REALLY LONG TIME to try on her clothes and pick one, and from there they forced me to go to another shopping mall. That was agony. O_O I got mad at both of them. We only got inside clothes’ stores.

Hehe same here. My mom shops for me most of the time. I don’t really like some of the things she gets for me. And if I don’t wear them my mom gets mad. :/ I like it when my eldest sister shops for me, but unfortunately she doesn’t come back from Malaysia till December.

I love going inside electronics’ shops. Most of the time I stare at awesome things that are too expensive and my parents will never buy for me. Like expensive mobile phones. XD When the iPads come out here I’ll probably stare at them all the time. :P

I really like skinny jeans but I own only around three of them. Like I said, my mom shops for me and she never buys the things I like.

At one time in our school, all the students used to love playing this game. Everyone would hold hands and make a chain, and the person in the front would start running. Kind of like a roller coaster. Several people got hurt really badly playing that game so we were no longer allowed to run like that in our playground. We still did, though. :D

A Levels are really hard, I think. Whether you get into an university or not depends on how your grades were in your A levels.

Me too. :(

I hope something serious doesn’t turn up. My sister also had a lot of fevers when she was younger. She still has them but it’s less. Maybe it’s some problem in the family or something? :S I’ll have to talk to my mom about going to the doctor. We still haven’t gone there.

Hehe. I hope you get to go there on Sunday.

Me too. I felt really mad, and kind of hurt. :( I went down and tried to give them the silent treatment, but did not succeed. XD

OMFG, that’s horrible! D: That’s why my mom keeps on telling me to keep my hair tied so that something dangerous like that doesn’t happen. I hope nothing like that happens to anyone else. It must have hurt terribly.

No, that would not be good. YouTube had once been blocked in our country. I felt really irritated because I love watching videos. Thankfully it got unblocked again.

LOL. Hopefully my friends do forget about that. I just…don’t like Facebook. My aunt came once and saw me on the computer. She asked me whether I use Facebook and when I said no, she asked “Doesn’t your dad allow it?”. I was SO pissed off. Just because I don’t have a Facebook doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to! /angry

Ooh, I can’t wait for the new layout! Although I’m in love with this one. ♥

Haha, I guess your older bed got too old. I used to share rooms with my sister before. When my other sister went to study abroad I took her room. :P She had the same bed for a long time, but some months back my parents sold that. They got a new bed and mattress for themselves and ones for my sister as well. I got their older bed and mattress, which is not springy at all. You shouldn’t be the youngest in the family. :(

But I really like jumping on their new beds. :D

Hopefully you’ll take the pictures soon and show them. :D I really like white sofas. The ones in our living room had blue leather, but they had become really old so my parents replaced the cover with a brown one. Now it’s softer but I liked how they were before. :P

Yay for finishing that assignment! :)

My mom usually says yes out of courtesy even if she doesn’t want to go. I would be so bored if I had to go somewhere like that. And seven hours? D: That would bore me to death.

Haha yes, we all make mistakes. And you learned from that so you won’t have that problem again. :D

I am sorry you could not view the site. I don’t know what happened, but my tutorials I have added and the blog I added right before the downtime is now gone. I don’t even remember what they were really.

My grandfather is the man in the first paragraph, in case you didn’t get that. Also when me and my mother were taking my niece home, my cousin came out and him and my grandfather got the calf stuck in the fence and pulled her to the barn. So now the mom is horny because we let the bull out with her, and the mom is out there mooing for her baby all night last night, probably all day too. She has jumped the fencing before, and we didn’t want that again, but I had a baseball bat just in case. (to hit her right between the eyes. It is the only thing you can do to protect yourself from a raging cow. .. or that is how we do it.)

Papa wasn’t even hurt, he came out walking straight. He cared more about that dang ford more than anything, but the ford was fine.

Glad you don’t use bright colors that much, that would kill my eyes, like it does when I visit those myspace websites. I hate them. (No offence to anyone spying my post)

One each, one boy and one girl.

I am sorry that he did keep calling.

I am glad your bed is so comfy. I need a new one, mine dips in the middle. I abuse it. I never slept on a comfy hotel bed, they all been ruff to me.

Squishy? Wow. White gets dirty quicker. Shiny, eh? That seems cool.

Glad you got the assignment done, sounded interesting.

Also… I didn’t get the phone credit thingy.

Wow. My bed used to be so awesome! It used to be a crib, but then my Dad converted it to a toddler bed and then he took the frame out and made parts of it to a big-girl bed. I loved it so much, and still do, but then I had to switch out rooms and it couldn’t go in there (too big- was a safety hazard! D: )

So I got a new, crappy, frame less bed than my cats attempt to destroy. That’s life for you.

Hooray for you finishing your assignment! I always procrastinate on those; I’m not sure why. Ah well /eee

And I’m sorry that you had to go to a crappy picnic. My mother wants me to go to church (at least until I’m Confirmed) and since our church is doing it at the high school, she’s dragging me to my grandmother’s house. Don’t get me wrong; I love her very much. But she always tries to cram food down my mouth and won’t leave me alone. But it’s better than going to the high school. More sin goes on over there than in h-e-double-hockey stick. Not kidding!

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I am so sorry about that. I was using your other layouts and some parts of your current layout for my reference. And sorry for not crediting – I haven’t made the credits page of my site yet. I’ve been on a vacation, I haven’t been able to fix my site. Don’t worry though, I’m working on a new layout. Sorry again. :( *I couldn’t find an appropriate emoticon. ✌️ *

You’re lucky your parents bought you a new bed! :D My parents won’t buy me a new one ’till my younger sister would transfer to my room. That’s going to be about 3 more years. /bash

I like the sound of the new sofa! XD Our sofa is not comfy at all. Just sit on it for a few minutes and It’ll leave a mark on any part of exposed skin that made contact with the sofa. 😰

Yay you for finishing your assignment! :D At least you finish it on time. I submit my assignments usually a day or two after the deadline. XD

I know I’ve blogged so many times and I’m so late responding to your comment, now your site is temporarily closed. :(

It’s okay, I just expected you to credit. I don’t like my coding being taken like that, is all.

Ugh, that sucks! I should feel lucky that my brother and I have never shared a room, and never had those kinds of annoyances.

Ooh well I used to submit assignments early but now I’ve been more on time, since I don’t bother to finish it so quickly anymore!

Take care. :) ♥

I’m glad it’s all better now too :D I really hope it doesn’t happen again, it’s just too time consuming to be mad at him xD

We definitely wouldn’t do anything inappropriate xD I just meant more of, if we were to break up or something.. or if we were fighting, I’d still have to see him and it might be weird. But either way, I would hope that WOULDN’T happen and we stay together :P

Haha, I never really thought of it like quotetastic :O But it kinda was. I got it all done the enxt day though, since I found a semi-easy way to do it :P still annoying as hell though. /bash

Leaving the one liner back is clever xD I always tend to leave novels of a comment XD

I hate family things like that… sometimes they’re fine, but the ones that are hourssss long just get so annoying. My mom usually always makes me go, unless it’s one for just a few hours. I don’t actually think I’ve been to one in awhile :/

OOh, new bed! It sounds so awesome :D I wish I could get a new bed, because mine kinda fails :P

now ur bed is your new best friend hehehe.. cant wait, u killing me with anticipation about your new look :)

Eee ~ I’m so excited for the bubble upgrade! It’s going to be so cool for Kya to have more control over the server and what not :3 I also can’t wait to see your new layout for heartdrops! Like all of your others, it’s going to be AWESOME. Although I must admit, I’m going to miss seeing this layout u__u hehehe.

Yay for a new bed! ;o You had your last bed for soooo long, did you happen to leave an indentation of your body in it? XD I wouldn’t be surprised, haha ;P Now that I think about it, I’ve only ever changed beds twice or so. I guess it’s not something you really think about eh :)

Ah! It must be so good to have a new bed though! It sounds so comfortable, you must be getting such a good sleep. I’m oozing jealousy LOL !

Oooo fancy new sofa as well! That too sounds so comfortable, hehe can’t wait to see photos (if you end up taking any) :D !

WOOO! Oh man, you’re going to get top marks for that assignment. Usability and accessibility should be really easy for you eh? (Considering how many reviews you’ve wrote, which all deal with said topics)! Your lecturer is sure in for a detailed treat eh XD But yeah, good relief to have it finished regardless. It must get a bit repetitive for you writing based on the same thing, like in your reviews :( I just don’t know how you do it man! -again, i’m jealous grrr ;P-

Aw man, that sucks about the outing. Especially since none of you guys wanted to go. At least it wasn’t too bad from the sounds of it, but it went on for seven hours D: eeek ! aha. (Look at it this way, you may not have to attend another family outing for a while now :D)

GAH, that must’ve sucked! Internet usually gobbles credit down so quickly u__u they should give you a warning or something if the wireless connection cuts out (unless they already do, i just presumed they didn’t ;P).

SQUISHHH SQUISHH. LOL, please give me your new bed? It sounds so nice ! My mattress is just .. average rofl :B

You know? I love how often you blog, I love reading your blogs lmao. Trust me, despite my lack of commenting; I check your site nearly every time I’m online /hehe

AND yes! You were indeed one of the few who wished me a happy birthday! *GLOMPS* Thank you again for that :3

Haha yeah, I’m a bit silly like that; having to explain myself a lot of the times.. I guess I just don’t want people to misinterpret what I say or anything. Plus the WWW is the home to many from everywhere i guess XD

Lol! Thank you, though my attendance is farked now, thanks to everything that has happened during March. But it’s okay, the school knew about my situation. And yeah, I remember talking about the differences between our grading systems and such on msn :P

Aw Georgie !~ hahaha, your inner geek is showing. I guess it is good in the sense that I only have one day of biology a week, but it’s bloody tiring eh. Like by the last hour, we’ve all pretty much given up (even the teacher)! haha.

Oh god! Tell me about it LOL. Douglas’o’phile is so freaking weird and ugh, frustrating. Lmao, I don’t know why he took it so personally; I was just telling then truth. Surely as a teacher of 10+ years you would assume he could handle the honest truth. /hmph
LOL *hugs* naw, well I have that affect on teachers, haha. Lmao, it was good though; due to his lack of knowledge and experience of dealing with me he didn’t know whether my innocence was genuine or not. Boo yah!

Yeah man, god you’re probably the busiest person I know (no offense ♥ ) ! Like I seriously do not know how you do it all, it’s inspiring man /faw ! Not only the balancing of all your life’s priorities; but constantly having the motivation and drive to do everything accordingly. It’s just like.. woah – that girl is superhuman! *insert superhuman emoticon here* oh wait, this one will do /pow hahaha

LOL so true. I could say ‘you’re a farking biitch’ to your face, although it would hold absolutely no truth behind it, even my award winning acting skills (LOLFAIL) couldn’t fool ya, in no way could I deliver that line convincingly hehe! Actually, no I couldn’t say it. I would be laughing too much! Georgie, a bitch? SO IMPOSSIBLE IT’S HILARIOUS ! ♥ /hehe

;o you mean when people changed in year 11 and 12 for you, that none of them changed for the worse? All the changes I’ve seen in my peers has been negative, it sucks.

;o Really? Well in my opinion, if they haven’t even bothered their lazy selves to try get in touch with you then they shouldn’t be considered friends /hmph I mean you have far better friends than them anyway, like James, Lilian, Ryan and everyone else – like us, your online buddies (i fail with names :x)

Aw man! I want to come to Sydney just as bad as you want to visit Perth! I’ve heard so much about Sydney /faw Everyone says that Perth doesn’t even begin to compare to it *cries* haha. Oh and Grum? Yeah! I follow him on tumblr, or I used to. Well I’ve heard of him anyway (plus I’ve seen you RT his tweets and stuff). Never seen him around the area though, haha. Although I think he lives directly in the heart of Perth, I live in a suburb which is about 40 minutes away by car.

LOL aww. Let’s swap parents for a day. I think you’d go mad with my Dad’s hoovering and his general, overall annoying/embarrassing mannerisms. My Mum’s cool though (H). Gosh I respect Asians. I don’t know, just a thought; but you don’t generally hear of many divorces involving Asians – this could just be due to my lack of knowledge though. I don’t know, just I reckon that Asians would take marriage a bit more seriously / recognize it’s importance more than a lot of other races. I don’t know though XD

Oh, haha that’s cool! Do you all speak English? Or do you and Brandon talk to your parents in Indonesian or Chinese? (Sorry if I’m being too invasive, I’m just curious haha – I wish I knew a second language.. besides double dutch or pig latin haha).

LOL *bows* being scottish isn’t so great sometimes though, everyone stereotypes us a rangas who wear kilts and play the bagpipes. /angry hahah :P

Oh wow, you must search better than me. Seriously, I had searched every phrase pertaining to the help topic I thought possible.

Yeah, oh well – placing in the top scores is a great achievement in its self :) NameCheap’s contests are always so generous.

LOL, i will join you and we shall both O____O to people who do not like Spirited Away. It’s so gorgeous ♥ first time I watched it was on SBS lmao! XD

True, haha. I still believe the 80s to be cool! Well it’s cool to us anyway (H) LOL.

Yeah, formspring is officially f*cked. I tried posting anonymously from my phone too, whilst I was in Perth. No freaking luck. It would be funny if one day you just logged in and had about 212991 questions all from me hahah!

I want to start commenting others and blogging more often, I miss talking to you and everyone frequently :( !

Eeeek *prays this comment isn’t too long* :D ! (By the way, I’ve saved this comment on my computer in case it’s lost in the bubble transfer, hehe :P)

I hope that you and the other hostess won’t lose files during the server change. I honestly can’t wait for the new layout. I’m sure that it will be awesome as always. :)

Yay for the new bed! Don’t jump too much on it! /hehe Mine is pretty huge and it’s kind of old too, but still does the work. XD

A new sofa sounds good. It’s great that you can sleep on it too! You can do that on mine too, but mine isn’t actually a sofa.

Congrats on finishing the assignment. :D

I like outings with my mother. :) Because I don’t really go out with her and don’t see her a lot at home because she is at work most of the time. But I hate to go shopping with her for food. She always gets something that we don’t need. She takes hours to shop for food.

Sorry to hear about the credit again.

Hi Georgina :) Good for you that you got a new bed thingy xD ✌️ . I don’t really like my bed frame because whenever I move around on my bed it’ll squeak . But oh well xD. I’m sorry you had to go to the family outing, sometimes I have to go visit my parents’ friends, but most of the time they come over to my house. Anyways, enjoy your bed 😴

Aw thanks *hugs* it’s kind of annoying and it’s always on my mind. I feel as though I’m nothing to him. We talked again last night about it all- some good things were said I guess, things that I needed to hear. I know right? I mean, it’s not ‘casual’ if you’re with the person for more than a year, its more than casual. But whatever. Yeah, I didn’t mean that I can see my life with him as something I want now, but for later. For now I just wanna have fun and have him a part of my life for as long as possible.
Well he doesn’t come much because he doesn’t have a job at the moment. He tells me that he would like to come more but it’s the money issue that’s holding him back. I totally understand that, but its not like hes applying to jobs. So its pretty frustrating if you know what I mean. All the jobs that he has had in his life his father got for him…
Its nice not to spend a lot of time with your boyfriend if you get to spend a lot of time with him. I don’t and so it’s a problem for me. I only se him once every 4-6 months at a time. And he only comes for 8 hours, not like he spends the weekend with me. Yeah.. Well we talk about it all the time, seems like every for the past 2 months we talk about it. Since we talk about it so much it’s just whatever to him. Yeah well.. He’s 25(26 in Aug.), its not like hes the same age as me, hes 6 years older but he sure doesn’t act like it lol

LMAO omg, seriously, the first time I heard him singing a song I thought it was a girl, then I was like no that’s a boy.. No it’s a girl.. No its JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Hahaha omg. That’s funny though :D
I know right? Nothing similar at all, besides the set up/sections I guess. But whatever, it’s funny though because people would never actually say it to me, they’d say it to their friend or w.e but I’d catch on. People are so lame these days.. Just say it TO ME if you have a problem, you know? Lol. I liked it, but I was tired of it all. I didn’t make the monsters though, I downloaded them from umm, I cant remember. Some web icon website.
Yup so true.. You never know if you never try. I need a job- I started looking for some but their all marketing mostly- going around trying to sell to people- not something I want to do.. Hopefully we both find something :D I’m okay with working at Wal-Mart or something lol, money is money to me and every little helps :D
Yeah that’s true, plus books are more reliable. Things on the internet can be made up and changed so you never really know if its right or not :/ (though, most of the time it is correct).

o0o can’t wait! I love new beds! it makes sleep so much better. you definitely needed it though :D
7 hours out? man oh man.. lately I never go out- my parents work all the time, my friends live in the next city- im all along. today I went out with my dad shopping and whatnot and wow.. did i get tired lol. My feet are killing me and it wasn’t even very long.. guess that’s telling me i should get out more :P
I hate going places when i don’t want to. it seems like the time passes in a snails pace.
:o really? phones can be crappy at times I guess. my cell phone company is garbage- they try to change me for things i dont even use. I took off email because it cost money to use and i didnt use it anyway.. but i was still being charged for it.. they told me they took it off, but they didn’t tell me that i had to do something on my phone as well to turn it off so i wouldnt get charged.. such bullshit LOL.. my phones in my dads name now so he can call and bitch at them when they try to rip us off :P

I hope the transfer will be done soon. :D

My mom is getting me a new mattress soon! Because I’ve had my old mattress for like, since I was three too. :P You can see the springs all over my mattress’ side popping out. Scary. D:

I love beds in hotels! They’re really comfortable, especially with good pillows too <33

A few months ago my parents were going to buy me a sofa bed just for me, and my sister was jealous and she kept telling my parents not to buy me… blah. I'd like to have a sofa bed–I've always wanted one! In my living room, we actually have had the same sofa for like ages, but we can't be bothered to buy a new one. We change the colors and materials instead.

Congratulations on finishing your assignments! And thanks for reminding me that I still have my math, biology and Bahasa assignments… and I've just done half of them even though I'm given one week… okay, my bad.

I hate family outings with a passion. Sounds like I dislike my family… I don't, really, but there's something in me that makes me have to hate family outings :(

At least now you know why your phone credits were going insane. :p

Computer is my biggest distraction… can't argue more.

:O What a coincidence! Haha, I'm still glad that I went with Urban Conspiracy instead. I'm still loving my site name.

Yeah, but in Indonesia, there are tons of people who are acting like they're homeless or disabled, just to earn money without working hard. That's the thought that made me worried.

True true! I think they'd ask for my permission first.

I used to think that people who play tricks are only existed in my country, but apparently bad people now are all over the world. Meh.

Thank you for the good luck. <3

wee. good for you that you have your new bed and sofa ^^. can’t wait to see some pictures of it ;)

Ahaha, I loved it when I got my new mattress! It feels so comfy and clean! What size bed do you have? :)

I can’t wait for the new layout! I know that it will be so awesome XD your designs are fantastic :)

That’s good you got a new bed :) at one of my houses I feel like a kid since I have a bunk bed. But the bottom bunk is a double bed. I need a new bed!

A new sofa! that’s good. That sucks it’s not squishy :( but it’s good that you got a new sofa.

Great job on finishing your assignment XD it’s great when finishing an assignment, I usually feel so proud of myself! LOL.

That sucks you had to go when you didn’t want to. It’s so annoying when that happens. On my dads side, sometimes I have to go to my cousins and they are so annoying. My auntie thinks I shouldn’t be using the computer a lot :| IT’S MY LIFE! LOL. Whenever I go to a family event I ALWAYS go on the computer :) only my dad doesn’t mind.

That’s so annoying. Stupid Uni internet!! can you turn off the internet that you pay with your credit? if you can’t, that sucks. I was thinking of saving up for an iPhone but I don’t no now since it accidentally uses credit up. I hope it never happens to you again.

Yeah, I couldn’t live without a home phone! it’s good that it’s cheaper to call people than using your mobile.

Yes she did /angry but now she has strict rules about the internet. I can’t use it much anymore. My dad lets me use it so much at his house, that’s one of the reasons it’s good going there! I hate being banned.

I would die without the computer. If they didn’t invent it, I wonder what we would be doing now. It’s great that the internet exists!

Great job (Y) I would take forever if I did that :P That sucks :( I think I might get the iPad since you can use the internet on it and it’s easier to type than the iPod Touch/iPhone. But I would rather the iPhone though, my mum wouldn’t get it for me though :(

It’s just the video clip on Youtube that it’s 9+ minutes. I saw it on Video Hits today and it wasn’t that long. In the clip on Youtube they had a long beginning before the song actually started and talked in some of the parts.

WOW 13 minutes. I couldn’t listen to a song that long! I would probably get bored of it. Unless I really liked it.

*Hugs back* I am going to die in P.E! it’s going to be so embarrassing since I’m not good at sport. Only Netball and Tennis I am. Maybe Basketball too, unless I’m not good at it anymore.

Wooo new bed <3 I hope you have a nice sleep. ^_^
and yay for finishing assignments! I'm sure you'll do amazing in it if you have to create a website.

I have an iPhone too – but on my contract I have unlimited internet. Did you check your settings on email and safari aren't on 'push' or 'update every hour', etc? That might of contributed to the bill, despite the wireless cutting out.

Congrats on the new bed! Hahaha! I know how it feels to finally get a new bed to replace the old one. Haha, I think most of us always say that-> the new bed feels like the hotel beds.

Oooh! Sofa bed. That must be nice. I’ve been urging my parents to get a set of our own but all they said was, “we don’t need that. The sofa we have now is good enough.” Blergh.

I can’t wait for Kya to finish transferring all the sites to the new server either. I’ve been itching to update my other blog. >___< But I guess what's important here is all the websites are transferred successfully. I think I'm going to risk it and post an entry. :p

Congrats on finishing the assignment. It's always a good feeling when we know we've done it. And your task was to create a website with it, eh? That sounds like a lot of work. But I'm sure it was not a problem for you. :)

Nuuuuu!!! Family outing. Not something that I would look forward to. Yeah your mom should pull herself together to say no if she doesn't want to. No point trying to please other people if you are not going to enjoy being there. I can imagine being out there for 7 hours, you can get bored rather easily.

Ahh, so your phone was doing gaga again. I saw you mentioned that on Twitter. Sorry it happened to you again.

And oh, if you happen to drop by my site, don't be surprised if you see products reviews on it. I'm currently doing it for some bucks, you know, to pay off my online stuff since I'm not able to connect Paypal and credit card. :D

*is inggit* I have a boring brown chinese bed 😒

Oh well that sucks… I hope it’s at least comfortable!

The server change still isn’t done? :( Oh well, I admire you’re patient-ness, and I will wait for the new layout. Gee! I’m so excited!

New bed? Wow that’s so cool! I haven’t had a new bed ever since – I don’t know 7 years ago? Lol. I’m glad you’re all comfy with your new bed!

YAY for finishing your assigment! :)

When I go out with my family, my mum takes agesss, so I know how you feel.

We all make mistakes! Haha, that’s so true! Sorry about your credit. :(

I’m not really impatient about the server move thing but I’m excited ahah.

NEW LAYOUT… I’m keeping my eyes peeled, all the way out and in. I’m not even sure if that made sense. XD

Yay for new bed! I just got a new bed a while ago too. :) Every time you change your mattress or bed frame and it’s your first time sleeping in it, it’s so soft and squishy haha.

I love hotel beds, they are so soft! Whenever I’m on one of those hotel beds I fall asleep almost right away. :D

I always wanted a sofa bed in my room because my bed takes up way to much room. :P

Well congrats on completing your assignment. Hope you get a good mark on it! ;)

Yeah I know, that thing freaked me out a lot.
You can turn on page revisions?! :O I’m searching that plugin.

LOL yeah, I’m not going to get

Your welcome! <3