Cut up Angels

Yesterday, out of some “emotional turmoil”, I tore two holes in my stress ball.

Mind you, it was a new stress ball I had only started using… yesterday. It’s yellow and in the shape of a light bulb. I’ve really taken a liking to stress balls lately. I spent my money on one for a good cause though, when the Starlight Foundation were raising money. I bought a stress ball from them; a purple one in the shape of a star.

It scared me when I managed to tear two holes into a stress ball I had rarely used. Now the bottom of the light bulb is ripping off. This reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode, when Penelope ripped a stress ball in half. I could do that, but I’d rather not rip up a stress ball intentionally, considering how much I use them now and how much I like them.

I used to just collect stress balls but now I find that they are really good at helping relieving my stress. Sometimes it doesn’t always completely relieve my stress but it helps, and that’s still something.

Another thing I do to relieve stress is write poems or type poems. Just hack it out on my keyboard and be violent. I used to write streams of consciousness – where you just write down whatever you’re thinking without pausing – you just write on and on for a period of time or until you’ve filled up the page. I feel like that really lets it out.

People always told me I was physically angry though, and I should invest in a punching bag. I took to punching my pillows but they weren’t squishy enough. Damn. How do you relieve stress?

Now that it’s the holidays I really want to do some productive things. I’ve not done much on this website as I’m busying myself with other websites of mine which I’ve neglected. I know I have reviews to do but I will get to them soon enough.

I was telling Sebby how I planned to do some things these holidays instead of being lazy.

  • Dance.

Yer man, don’t ask. I love dancing; I miss it greatly, and today it felt really good to get my record player (don’t ask, I do still have one of those old things) and play ELO over and over and dance like a mad freak. :O

Here are some of the other things I wanted to plan out:

  • Read a book a day (I know this one’s hard though; I get lazy easily)
  • Write a poem a day
  • Try to clean the house a little each day
  • Clean up this website a bit. :P
  • Clean up my domains and websites and get everything up-to-date
  • Get out of the house.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like going outdoors if there’s lots to do indoors or if there is something to do indoors. I had a friend in high school who, during 6-week holidays, didn’t get out of the house at all. That scared me a little. I know he went out to take the rubbish out, but still… 😰

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I’ve been meaning to get to the doctors for it because I’m pretty sure it’s something a bit more serious or the start of something serious.

My friend has a whole box of stress balls, most of which have holes in them. She says they help if they didn’t break so much. I guess it just depends on the person you are and how you can relieve stress. I run to get rid of stress. I can run for an hour, my mother thinks I’m crazy, hahaha.


You’ll have to excuse all the tpyos- Oh look at that, one already – *typos in my comment. My fingers are stiff and it’s hard to type :(

Anyways! Here are more hugs: *HUGS* for your emotional turmoil yesterday. I am glad all is well :) And your poor bright yellow stress ball! Hahaha it’s alright, at least it was a free one and not the starlight one you had to PAY FOR. I have lots of stressballs too! :) Except I rarely use them, they just sit on my desk looking pretty. I should start, huh? Becuase I am SUCH a stress-head sometimes D:

Streams of consciousness are cool! :) I have no patience to write mine down though, because too many thoughts fly through my head at once and too quickly so I can;t get them down in time and then I get frustrated 🤬 so I give up. I can’t even decide which thought is the most dominent either :(

HAHAHA. Yeah, when you and James get a house, maybe is hould buy you guys a punching bag as a housewarming present :P :P Pillows aren’t good for relieving stress if you’re punching them! They’re so soft, you end up hugging them.

Hmmm…how do I relieve stress? I think I just chuck fits and panic likee mad. So I look like a crazy freak. Haha. Not a good method at all.

I am so jealous of your bineg on a break still! But it’s okay! I will be joining you on Wednesday! Rawr! ✌️

Ohhh you have a plan-list thing. Hehehe! I am so making one after my exxam!

Hahahaha you LOVE dancing to ELO :P Have fun dancing! Try not to pull any muscles! :P

I want to WATCH dancing, so they better air the American SYTYCD season 7!!!

Read a book every day! :O FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK!!!!!!! :D Hehehe! I guess you’ll be starting with Harry Potter? :P I must read it with you! :P I always try to read a book everyday in the holidays, but I never succeed because some books are too long and I don’t read fast enough :( But I do get through a lot of books! :D It’s awesome! I must read my books in my break. I have a stack waiting for me to get through, so I am SO EXCITED!

Cleaning the house? It seems we all have to do a bit of cleaning after exams :P Belinda had to clean her house too. I have to vacuum my house :P

LOL websites! Someone is going to be busy with websites :P Have fun with that!


That’s okay! ♥ *hugs*

Oh that’s a good point; it was a free stress ball after all! I remember your photo on Tumblr of all your stress balls. I’m thinking we should start a collection. Or maybe wait until I have ripped mine all up. :P I used to not use mine but now I know how useful they can be.

I know the feeling! But that’s also why typing streams of consciousness might be more effective. I can usually tell which is the dominating thought, and I scribble that down.

We’re going to have sushi pillows too! :D

I sometimes scream and shout to relieve stress. It’s only normal, and I don’t think you look like a crazy freak. :)

LOL it’s been a while since I’ve properly exercised. I think I got a stitch or hurt my side. Ahaha.

I know it would be really hard to read a book a day because most of the ones I read are long as well, and I don’t think I have the time now to read one every day. XD

I tried cleaning my room today and managed to get through a bit – just parts of the floor. Eventually the desk has to be cleaned up!

I do have to get out! Just not right now… LOL. I’ll be ready after your exam. :)

I have a stressball exactly like that! :o I call it a stressbulb though. :))

We always have stressballs and stressbulbs and stresshearts just lying around for some reason. A lot of people just give us those kinds of stuff. :))

I do that sometimes; it just feels good to let everything out like that.

When I was little, I had this inflatable punching bag (or punching pillow or something), and it was fun. :)) Not that I had that much to get stressed about when I was 4. :))

It’s amazing that you can actually update your websites at all. There’s so many. :o

I barely leave the house when there’s no school, but I do leave it every once in a while. Not going outside of your house for 6 weeks straight…wow.

Iconish does seem pretty awesome so far. :D

Thank you. :)

I wanna try to learn, but I got too lazy too. :))

When it’s really cold or really early, I usually take a bath with pretty much pure hot water.

They never told us any of them were bad. They just taught us o use tables, iFrames and Frames and about the benefits. :| They’re teaching us the wrong things. :|

Yeah,I Know,I Love My Online friends,as much as My Real-Life Friends..

Well,I’m Not Addicted To Sports,and i never watched a football match,or something…and Now I’m Addicted to it..:D
I’m With England,& Italy :)

Thanks..I Know i Can do well,in my exams :)

Btw,that’s Cool You Got MSN..Wanna Be More Friends..Well Btw,Crissa From Sickparade…Told Me About you..And said,that you are a great and kind person :)

If you’d like to Add Me On MSN,Tell me And Then,I Will give you My Email :)

I’m not much of a stress ball person.. They somehow manage to stress me out even more (mostly, I just wish they would stay flat when I squeeze them. Never happens.) But managing to put two holes into a new one is pretty intense, wow! D:

I want to learn how to dance! I am super-uncoordinated but it looks like it would be a lot of fun /eee

These smileys are adorable by the way!

I love stress balls! They are so squishy. XD I don’t think I’d be able to rip a hole in one, though. Yikes.

I agree; writing is a great way to relieve stress! Whenever I feel anxiety, I find that it is best to stop focusing so intensely on my own life. I therefore, instead of freewriting, make up a quick character in my head and write a short piece of fiction. I end up delving entirely into this character’s life, rather than my own, I feel better afterwards, and heck, maybe I’ve even written something worth posting on my website. :D

DANCE BUDDIES! I love dance, so much, too. (My current blog entry is about it, for crying out loud.) I’m taking summer classes at a local college in my city. But everyone there is much better than me. :D

That’s a nice list of goals. A book per day might be hard for me; I’m typically a slow reader unless I really get into a book. But I’m definitely going to try to read a little each day. It really wields a vast influence over my writing. I really should try to clean more, too, but let’s face it. That’s never going to happen. :D

For me, the best way to relieve stress has always been music of some sort. I have so much music on my iPod that I started to just blast whatever I could find a few years ago. I had over 4000 songs on it at that time, so I knew there had to be something on there that could help me sort out my mood from time to time. I was right! Haha.

The best thing for me is playing intense, rhythmic, bass-driven music of some sort loudly and singing to it if I am stressed/angry. Doing something physically – even if it is using your voice – can definitely help you with stress and getting out the excess energy that is built up. :)


People are always shocked that I have close to 6000 songs in iTunes… I know I don’t listen to them all regularly and I choose songs to listen to as well, but I can usually find anything to fit my mood as well. :D (Sadly, all the songs don’t fit on my iPhone.)

Really heavy rock music and metal are actually my favourite kinds of music to listen to. I usually listen to them when I’m not in a good mood. :P

OMG, 2 holes in your stress ball, what was up?
I have never torn *2* holes in a stress ball, only 1. At least it was free, not like a 6 dollar one, that breaks much easier. :)


I guess I was feeling like I needed to squeeze the life out of something; my nails must have dug the holes in my stress ball. Anyway, I hope you got my email about hosting. :)

Hey, Georgina!

I wonder if you remember me…I believe I reviewed this website of yours awhile ago. I think my website back then was called, “Scattered Emotions.”

Hmm. It seems your mind is filled with things and you’re overwhelmed. I’ve never used a stress ball, but I don’t know if it works when you’re destroying them. >.<
I love the writing idea of letting out your stress because that's what I do. I…well…blog about it! Haaha. That's the whole reason why I got a blog.
I used to write poetry a lot last year to let my emotions run loose.

Also, I like your list of goals. When you're organized it can help you relax because you can feel more secure about what will go on in the near future. So, I like that idea! ^-^

I also just wanted to say, I really like your layout~

Sorry to hear about your stress ball D: I can’t ever intentionally relieve stress; once I do let it out it’s only because I can’t take it anymore and I just, well, flip.

Three years ago, during one of the times my English teacher had a course to attend, another teacher came to take over our classes instead. During English class one day, my classmates and I were also made to write streams of consciousness, though our teacher didn’t use that term; she just called it speed-writing. And I enjoyed it a whole lot too, filling up an entire page. Oh, and, what a coincidence: Georgina was her name too! How cool is that?! :D

In my four years of high school (yeah…), I must’ve had nearly a full year (nearly 52 weeks) of school holidays in total. In those 52 weeks I had to go out and have this thing called fun, I spent less than half a week actually going out and having any fun at all. In fact, when I did go out, I had no fun. At all. You know, anxiety attacks and meltdowns. I’ll tell you more over MSN.

So either way, whether I stayed home or went out it’d be a waste of my time. Which is why I detest the holidays. I want to go to school and have classes all year round; it’s a much more useful — and routine — way to spend my time.

And… I should get busy with my website too. That one new area of the site I’ve been working on needs more of my devotion so I can finally get ready to launch it this month!

Hope you enjoy your holidays, because to be totally frank… I’m not :/

I also get that feeling but I don’t think I get it too often. Sometimes I just want to deal with it before it gets worse.

I’ve never met any other Georgina. XD But those streams of consciousness were really effective in helping me release anger especially since I felt much better afterwards.

I used to detest holidays a lot because of lack of things to do, or the simple fact that my parents immediately saw it as reason to make me clean the house because I was not occupied with assignments. :( It is still the case now but I’ve grown to tolerate it.

It’s not far into the holidays now but to be honest, I’m dreading what’s to come – in relation to what I just mentioned. D:

Wow. That is amazing about that person. :/ Did not get out once? I’d go mad and start acting like one of these smilies: /pow 😝 XD O_O @_@ /faw 🤤 😏 🤬 /bash /argh
Aren’t those insane looking? I mean seriously. Hahahahaha. :)

I don’t get stressed that often (probably because I have reached the first semester of senior year yet). If I do get stressed I just cry it out. Seriously, when I get stressed I start balling. Either that or I calm myself down (crying is the only way I know I’m stressed; that and me saying, “I can’t do this! I can’t do this! *cries*”) and then talk to Dante. He always knows what to say to calm me down. <3 Makes me happy!

I don't think I could use any of the stress balls we have. OH! I could send them to you! We don't use them and you do, that would be costy shipping but I have the money now that I have a job. :) Do you want them?

During the christmas holiday, my plan is to get through the annual "clean the house so clean that my allergic aunt wont die of pet dander" part. :/ Seriously, we have to SCRUB the house down. We have a cat and a dog. We put covers on the couch and the chair so that my aunt doesn't come in contact with any pet dander cuz her throat will close up and she will die. I don't like the fact that we have to clean but I love the fact that I can see her. She is a second mom to me. I love her! <3
No problem! :) What did I say again? Lmfao!
I know, right! :)

Mhm. :)
Yes, totally. I wish I could be green. XD (not really)

Cool! :) I wish I could know whether I'd be picked first or last. Usually, I like to go first just get it over with but when I'm in a group, I like to go in the middle that way I know what I have to do and I can do it just a little bit better than the groups before me. :)

Lmfao. Wow. You must have laid on the floor to just lay there and relax and BAM! You were on the ground for a few hours! XD

He get's paid by the gov't to do it. :) That is an upside, a downside is the fact that he is paying for rent in Boston when he isn't even there. That sucks. It's wasting money. :/

Cool! I wish I could make that much! Lol. I'm happy with what I make though. :) I make more than most people my age and some people in college even! :) YAY!

I know that would be great! Even if it is bad news I'd still like to know. Just like asking a guy out, even if he say's no, you'd still like the confirmation of knowing that he doesn't like you in that way, it just finishes the job.

Hahahaha. Thanks! :)

Yeah, I'm about to get internet on my phone so, I'll be able to return comments and that online once I get the internet. Hahaha. I'll never put my phone down except the 15 min (total) that I'm actually working.

No problem.

Yeah, it is. A real shame but I don't care anymore. I'll go back to not caring about her site and what she says anymore and she'll go back to doing what she does. I wish I could let go of other things this easily. :/

I wouldn’t do well with a class that was only once a week. I like to be able to have my questions answered as soon as possible.

I’ve actually learned that, when you’re angry, punching things like pillows doesn’t necessarily help. (btw, this emoticon totally fits my image of you right now: /pow ) Anyway, yeah, because humans are habit-forming, and if you always punch pillows and things when you’re angry, you might have some problems if you don’t have one handy the next time you get upset. There’s also that, instead of relieving anger, venting and things like that sometimes just make it worse because then you think about it more and more.

So are they, like, the squishy stress balls? I have to ask because someone got me this set of stress balls once… that are a pair of metal ones that you just circle around in your hand. It’s some Chinese thing that I don’t know a thing about. I wouldn’t do well with squishy ones, either… if I was squishing them, I mean (I used to throw them around and stuff for fun). My wrist gets sore with an ease that makes me fear carpal tunnel. :/

I don’t use stress balls, though I have one that’s shaped like Earth… which is basically a regular ball, but STILL. XD

When I’m angry, I don’t really do anything. I guess I just keep it bottled up, though many people have told me it’s unhealthy to. Whatever. :3 I usually tell an online friend about whatever I’m mad about, or rant about it on Twitter. :X

I love reading! I can stay holed up inside and spend the whole day reading a book. :3 As long as it’s a good one, of course. :P

I don’t really like to go outside, either, if I have things to do inside.

I never put stress balls to use, I personally did not find them effective. I tend to listen to music to relieve stress, although sometimes this does not work, I tend to pick songs depending on my mood so if I’m sad I will pick a depressing song. I also tend to blog or tweet when I’m angry or stressed out, this helps a lot. I’m going to try ” streams of consciousness ” this sounds like a effective method.

Good luck in accomplishing everything you want to in your break. I have a list of things I need to do this summer as well. I really want to work on a portfolio for art and read a bunch of books.

Eeeeek, finally, i’m not the only one to have broken a stress ball! And I can mostly relate to the things you said – people tell me i’m angry, need to relieve it, etc etc. That’s why i looove hockey so much (i mean come on, you get to run around angrily and smack the hell out of a fast flying ball, nudge opponents, etc…) but I’m feeling really pent up this year because I haven’t been able to find time to join a club team for my first season out of college :(

stress balls? I think there is no cure for stress.
I hope you accomplish all of your tasks.
I must spring clean my room this summer. I hope I get it done. /um

Stressballs? I didn’t know those actually worked! Although I don’t think that’s a very high-quality one if you were able to rip it… twice. :P

There are stress beanie-babies, too, which are basically stress balls filled with sand. Those are really messy when they break, though, so good thing you didn’t have one of those!!

Those are really ambitious goals… that’s like, five things a day! GOOD FOR YOU. (:

I’ve never really used stress balls. Well, when I was a little girl I use to play with them not knowing they actually had a purpose. I have a lot of stress that at times should be released but I highly doubt a stress ball would be of any good use to me. Maybe I’ll try it one d ay since I really don’t know. I prefer writing though, getting all my feelings out on paper, saying things that I could never say, then tearing it all up. It works good for me.

Sometimes I don’t even bother returning people’s comments either because it’ll do nothing but annoy me and make me mad in the end and that’s something that I just don’t need.

Oh I wish I could dance again. My mom just doesn’t have the money to look for a new school though. Uuuuuugh, I wish my old one wouldn’t have closed :(

I like to throw stuff when I get angry but off course I can’t really do that because I’ll break something. Punching something is good. Punching pillows don’t really work so best to get a punch bag or something. I like to release my stress or annoyance physically as well.

Taking a nap actually helps as well because it relaxes your brain and sort of reset it. When wake up I get over it and puts it behind me.

He didn’t go outside at all for 6 weeks…that’s worrying. I don’t like going out if there’s to do indoors. Sometimes I stay in try and get stuff done then end up not doing anything haha.

Sometimes regulations are really silly. In UK you can do a lot when you are 16 but things like driving and voting you can’t do. To be honest I’m glad I have to wait until I’m 17 to drive. I still feel to young to be behind the wheel of a car.

We found it is only that one spa where the age restrictions apply. We have done some more research now and we have found another spa, just as nice, nearby. My brother is a member of the gym so we might be able to get guest passes like we had for the other one. I hope we can go!

I think people say bad things about young people in the UK because it is usually under 20’s that commit crimes. Because there isn’t much for young people to do they hang around on the streets and get in trouble.

The weather has gone bad here again now so I don’t mind doing my exams.

I’m kind of on my break now too. I have 2 exams left but they aren’t ones I’m bothered about doing well in. It’s German!

That must be a difficult situation. I do believe girls and guys can just be friends but sometimes you get feelings for them even though you know you are just friends. It happened with me and Tyrone. He was just one of my best friend but all my friends kept saying we were going out. In the end we started dating because we realised we both had feelings for each other.

I would love him to decorate my room! It would be so awesome.

The nearest train station to me is about 20 minutes away. There is one right by my new college where you can get a train down to London and it takes an hour and a half which is quite good.

When I start talking about something I am interested in I can’t stop!!

Oh well done :) I’m glad it all went well.

I don’t have a stress ball but sometimes I think I need one. A star shaped one, how cool! And it was good that the money went to a good cause.

Writing it all down is a good way of getting rid of stress. If I’m angry about something I go on my wii and play on the boxing game! I let out all my anger. It hurts your arms after a while but it relieves the stress.

I need to write a list of things to do. I need to keep occupied or else I’ll end up sleeping all the time!

OMGOODNESS! I could never not go outside my house. I live on a farm though. I have to. I hate the heat though. I feel sorry for your friend. Not going outside the house for 6 weeks. Dang…

Dancing- I used to dance. I broke my toes and I can’t dance no more. You know every time I type the word dance I wanna spell it in French! Danser!

I got my brother punching gloves and he loves them, maybe you need a punching bag and gloves. I never used a stress ball.. I don’t get it. You squeeze it, nothing happens. Awe… Poor Lightbulb stress ball!

I read everyday. But I guess I must be odd.

I am so sorry I have not been commenting on time. I fail. I have been so busy.. outside

Awe I love long hair! I want my hair down to butt again! It wasn’t so curly when it is long! Or Afro!!!

Omgoodness! I was trying to find that background code! I am so going to use it and make a cheat sheet! Thank you deary!

That’s good you’re sure you passed. I’m getting exam results this summer and I’m really nerbous. 😰

The wordpress smilies aren’t that bad I don’t think. It’s cutenews smilies that are awful. They have a white background.

What Lostprophets album do you have? Their albums are pretty different from each other I always find. I haven’t seen many Nirvana videos but I’ll definitely look that one up.

Eeek, breaking a stress ball can’t be good. I can’t say I’ve ever really used a stress ball. I like them because I fidget a lot but when I’m stressed or angry stress balls just manage to infuriate me further. I get quite physically angry too and I always want to hit something, often really irrationally. I tend to hurl pillows across my bedroom, it’s the safest option I find. :P

Reading a book a day? Wow. I’m a quick reader but I never have that much time in a single day to devote to reading. I wish I could write poems too but I’m not very good at them. If I ever get an urge to write I write prose. I always love reading other people’s poetry though.

I need a stress ball!! when I get stressed out I actually just throw things at my wall and then regret it afterward when I have to spend my time fixing what I broke or that one times when I through a tub of Vaseline on the wall; cleaning it off of the walls :/

I think I may try and start writing to relieve stress. Or than throwing things at walls I usually listen to music and sleep. I sleep a lot when I’m stressed or pissed off.

Good luck with the things you plan to do :) I want to write a list of things I plan to do when I finally get let out of school in the next month :]

Hey Georgie,

I just wanted to let you know that my grandmother passed away last night. So I won’t be doing anything for a while. This is my way of mourning. I still feel like crying even though I cried hysterically last night and told my dad to bring her back. But he pulled me off of her and I cried so hard. It was the most gut wrenching experience I’ve ever had besides losing my best friend (cat) a long time ago. If I don’t make any posts with in the next week or two you can cancel my package. Sorry for the short comment.

I am going to attempt to make this sound okay and not horrible, as I am feeling a tad bit drained from allergies, taking care of sick kittens earlier today, and just the fact that my laptop messed up with the internet two hours ago, and this is my mom’s computer. Hopefully I WON’T accidentally close this window. :)

So, if there happen to be errors, I am terribly sorry. :(

I need to get out the house more, too. I’m trying so hard to find a job, but no one is hiring. I think it’s time to try looking OUTSIDE of this small town. /bounce

Sadly though, I am almost out of gas and seem to have spent all my money on gas looking for a job. :( Allowance comes to me at the end of the week, and perhaps my mum will pay me for taking care of her house while she is away? :P Hmm. I don’t know. I hope so. I ran all of her errands on Friday, told her I was almost out of gas, and she said it would be fine. -.- I ended up getting gas three times on Friday, but only because I didn’t want to use up all of my money. :| I might open up custom picture edits and charge $.50 per edit or something online. I don’t know. Just anything to get something, you know?

I read Dear John here recently. But I think the only books I can read in a day or two are the books from the Twilight Saga, even though I’ve yet to read Breaking Dawn.

Stress balls are fun, but I don’t use them. I just keep them as they come to me. I collect dice and poker chips that seem cool to me…. You know, the real fancy ones? But I don’t gamble. 😏 To relieve stress, write/type prose/poems/etc. up. /pow /type /angry Or sometimes, I may edit pictures. It makes everything so much better. :D


Ooh, that was long. :( Sorry. 😳

I used to use stress balls until my parents became worried when I even brought them along in car rides. I was always stressed out, and sometimes I didn’t even know what I was stressing about. I was just… stressed. My parents ended up taking me to a therapist, who ended up telling me I just have “issues getting over previous stress-causers.” At least, that’s what she wrote on the lined paper @_@ My mom took the stress balls away… and all of the weird stress stopped. It totally freaked out my parents, especially after they took away the orange seastar stress ball. It was all a bit… weird.

I don’t leave the house much during the summer myself… I mostly just sit around watching TV, playing with the computer, etc. I’m a pretty big homebody during the weekdays, but once it comes to weekends I have to keep going and going.

Those are good goals to keep, especially “Read a book a day.” That one would be hard even for me, and I love to read. Have fun with that list :)


I’m thinking that I need a stress ball or something for when I’m pissed..

I just usually just throwing something at the wall or scream into a pillow. O_O

But I guess whatever works. :)

When I get angry the first one that pops in my head is the F word. I cannot help it at all. I need to stop before I get too used to it. My parents always try to find the error in everything. They are never satisfied with anything. It just has to be perfect. I hate that too. They compare you to other people like you’re dumb or something.

Only my sis and my brother were happy for me. My mom just gave me a look. And well what dad doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Why can’t they just believe and trust?

I like morning sometimes. When I wake up early, i just lay in bed till I want to stand up. Like yesterday i went to sleep at like midnight and i woke up at 4am not tired at all. So i watched TV till i fell asleep at 7 and woke at 9.

I hate download box on FF when it pops up automatically. At times it freezes my comp for like 10secs and I’m impatient so it bugs me lol.

You’re finally done with school?? CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D Okay coding normally reminds me of Piczo lol.

Okay seriously this is the first time i’m hearing of a stress ball lol. I Google it and i kinda like it. When you get stressed you just squeeze it right?

To relieve stress, i listen to music. Plug up iPod and tune everyone else out. It’s like their not even there lol.

I love dancing. :D Sadly I can’t dance lol. I know how to twerk but that’s about it lol. /bounce

OMG I do that too. I rather sit inside all day that just walk outside. Some call it lazy but i call it Isi. I do go out sometimes but not like everyday. Like every other day lol.

Thanks, hopefully I can get an appointment sometime this week but who knows.

Woo for Criminal minds! I love that show :D I stayed up until like, 2am watching it on Saturday night. It plays from I think 7/8pm until 2/3am every friday and saturday night.. so I always end up watching it, haha.

I’ve never found that stress balls actually help my stress. Usually, I just watch Grey’s Anatomy.. or well at who/whatever is stressing me out, haha. I can get really bitchy when I’m stressed/pissed off.. David hates it :P Probably because he usually makes it worse when I am pissed off :P

I’ve always wanted to take some type of dance, but I never have. I used to wish I was a ballerina, haha. I think I may have told you about that before though :P

It’s good that you get a break now! You must be really glad, haha. I only have another week left of school, and then I get my summer holidays :) So I’m quite excited, lol

& thanksss <3 I don't care if he thinks I was bullied into it, I'd just rather he accecpt the fact that I AM doing what he said I should do, it just wasn't because of that at all. It's for me, and he can suck it. IDK why he made such a big deal out of it, geeze.

I'll be 18 in November though, so it's really not too long of a wait before I COULD work there. We'll just have to see how it goes.

I know what you mean about working alone.. It's just easier, because then you know who is to blame if something doesn't go right, haha. It wouldn't have worked for me to work with my friend.. idk, we just have different styles I guess.

They did get back to me pretty quickly! i was surprised. They told me they were going to wait for a few more people to come in and apply, but then they got back to me that same night. So I was pretty excited, haha.

I had a stress ball once, it was scented. I found rather than squeezing it, I usually threw it at things. I’m a physically angry person too – and for me, playing rugby helps a lot, even though most other girls laugh at me, I find it really really helps get rid of stress and anger.

Sorry that you ripped your stress ball though, it sounds such a unique one as well!

You have a record player? A real working record player, and you listened to ELO on it while dancing – I cannot even begin to describe how jealous I am!

Wow. Penelope must be really strong to rip the stress ball in half. /pow I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before. I guess their’s a first for everything. XD

I like to play with the stress balls in the store. 🤫 I never really had one before. I didn’t think I’d need a stress ball. It’s really good to have when your stressed out about something. You have something to squeeze. You can take out your anger too. /angry Another reason to have a stress ball.

There’s a lot of ways you can relieve stress. I used to write poems when I’m feeling sad or angry. I’d write in my journal. I’d jolt down my thoughts and feelings about something or someone. I’d do it everyday. Sometimes I forget to do it or I don’t have anything to write.

Two of my closest friends told me I don’t have an anger problem. Two people that I know thinks I do. One of them happen to tell me that I need Anger Management class. I’d tell this person that I don’t need it. This person wants me to check it out anyway. One of my closest friends tells me I’m far from Anger Management class.

There’s a lot of things I like to do when I’m feeling stress. I like to go for a walk. I’ll go the mall. I’d go to the park. I’ll go to a trail. I’ll listen to my music. I’d keep myself busy.

Have fun dancing. 👏 I’m sure you’ll have a blast. (Y) If dancing what you want to do then go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I don’t see why not. It sounds like fun.

I never used to like reading books, but I had to for school. I’ll only read if I feel like it. The only books I’ll read is Charmed. I like that series. Goosebumps not so much. Yeah, I need to clean up my website a bit too. I just want to fix up some stuff. Get rid of whatever I don’t need.

I don’t how people can stay home all day. I can’t stay in the house all day. I’d go crazy. I’d stay home in the morning. I’d head to the public library in the afternoon. I’ll stay out until I get tired. I’ll go home and rest for little while. I’ll go back afterwards.
Thanks. I’m glad you like the new theme. I tried to make it look really good. I’m happy with the results.

I’m glad you like my Friend vs. Foe blog. It sounds like it helped you out a lot. Who are your true friends? Who are your foe friends?

A lot of people don’t like Glee. It’s a high school settings. Maybe they had a bad high school experience? I don’t know. It involves music. They do a lot of singing and dancing. I guess it’s a snooze.

I agree. Discrimination with sexuality is terrible. I hate when people discriminate for those reasons too. Sexuality is how people are. We should accept them for that.

I’ve never watched Big Bang Theory, haha. A lot of people get mad at me for it. :))

I’ve never fallen asleep in class, but I still wouldn’t wanna risk it, haha.

Awww. I hope you find your stressstar soon. :) I’ve never seen a stressstar. :))

15. :o I can’t really afford to get addicted to domains, haha, but it’s so tempting sometimes. >.<

I would love not to take a bath sometimes, but I can't leave the house without taking a bath; I just got so used to it.

YES! Goodbye manual posts and disquis! It’ll probably be a week, maybe two or three, until I have it up, though, because I won’t have my laptop in a few days. I’m planning on getting a new one soon, but I don’t know when I’m getting it.

Haha, no problem! I love reading your blog, it gives me something to do. (: And good, I wasn’t sure if I forgot to comment back or something, or if you were just busy. But take your time, return comments whenever you’re able to!

Lemon tea is so good! It’s especially good for swollen tonsils/sore throats! And with honey & sugar… it’s just delicious. (:

It’s a really good show! I don’t know if it’s nominated for any Emmys, but it’s definatley won a lot of TV awards already!

Well, our family friend said that she’d be wearing boots when she went back because it would be cold at twenty degrees. Which is REALLY nice here! :P

Yes!! The sand ones are terrible! And they don’t really relieve stress, just create more when oyu have to clean them up.

I haven’t even seen a stressball. XD
Whenever Mr. Stress is coming to me, I always end up staring at a blank space trying to think of something that will never pop into my mind.
I did throw my phone one time but it was not a good habit so I evaded it. 😝
Phones are expensive so I must not throw them whenever I am stressed out.
Hmm, I think Im going to check out the mall if they have stressballs.

Bahah. I need a stress ball. I get angry and hit objects instead. :( Lol not hard because I am obviously incredibly weak and can’t handle the pain so I cry afterward. Lol.

I used to write poetry a lot, but lately I haven’t been as much in touch with my writer-side as I had previously been. You’ve officially inspired me to write again. Thanks! Loll. It sounds like a joke but I’m actually serious haha.

Baha, I used to not leave my house for weeks at a time. It was really weird. And then I always felt out of place and awkward when I was actually in public. Even now when I sit on the computer for an extended period of time I feel awkward afterward. I feel like I’ve missed out of something that was going on, you know?

Lol no problem :D

Yep I remember always seeing stress balls and thinking that they’re cute. They always have creative ideas and I just played with them.

I seen that technique on TV, tried it one day when I was highly pissed and now that I think about it I didn’t destroy it right away but eventually. Either way, it still worked /wave

I love stress balls. They are really useful. I don’t use them much now, though. I don’t have any because I lost the few that I had. :P But they are so helpful when you want to relieve stress.

I write peoms too when I’m angry. They relieve so much stress. I just keep on writing until my anger has abated. That happens pretty quickly, though. :P I’ve never tried punching pillows. My mom would punch ME if something happened to her pillows. XD

Haha, I don’t dance much except when I’m alone or with my friends sometimes. :P You do ballet, right?

Yay for having your mind set on those things! I hope you succeed in them. :D

I prefer staying indoors to everything else. Even if I have nothing to do, I don’t like getting out of my house. It’s only when I want to buy a book or want to go to a friend’s house that I go out. Otherwise it’s usually my family who forces me to go somewhere. /bash I guess I’m sort of like your friend. :P

Your welcome. :) It’s an amazing layout. <3 But I already said that. :P

LOL. I also wouldn't have been able to sleep. It would have haunted me all throughout the night and also throughout the day till I found out what song it was. Yesterday I helped my cousin remember the name of her old phone's company. XD She was so thankful. XD

It's really disappointing that you could not go to a concert of your favourite band. Let's hope that one day we will both be able to go to a concert of one of our favourite bands! :D

Me too. I mostly cannot think of titles that relates to a blog, so I just use the lyrics of a random song. :P Yeah, sometimes there are songs that really connect to you. Some songs remind me of my childhood days and I remember amazing memories. So some songs mean a lot to me. :)

Haha those are at least earrings. Almost all my drawers are FULL of old papers and stuff where I've randomly doodled or played games with my friends. XD Those also remind me of a lot of memories. :P Our moms should know that we just cannot throw some things away, no matter how much useless they are.

I cannot bear the internet being slow for just some minutes. :P So when it's down I feel SO annoyed. :S

Our exams end at 11:30 am but we can submit our paper and leave half an hour earlier. At least we can have some freedom in those 30 minutes. :P When an exam ends early it's SO boring I feel like crying.

Yeahh. :(

Ahaa, drama. I've never really been in an "e-drama" or something. :P You must have been involved in a lot of them since so many people know you. So yeah, internet is doing a really good thing for people like you who have to deal with drama so much.

My break has started. My birthday party is over but I still haven't cleaned my room. xD I feel so lazy and tired. I keep on telling my mom I'll do it the next day and then forget about it. :P But if it's a choice between assignments and cleaning my room, I'll definitely choose the cleaning! XD

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Yep. Now that there’s school, Fridays will be more eventful because that’s when we go out, since tomorrow is a weekday. :)

Sometimes I’m friendly. When I see a certain person a lot around the campus, I make friends with them so we just won’t know each other’s faces; we’ll also know each other’s names.

I’m afraid of being judged, too. I guess I just care too much about my reputation. But you know what they say, care more about your character because that’s who you are. Your reputation is just what people think of you.

Yeah, it sucks that they judged me for choosing the Journalists’ Club over Girl Scouting. Hey, it’s my life.

I guess it IS a pretty important job. But it’s okay with me; I love challenges, as long as there aren’t too many of them at the same time. Thanks! I don’t know if I got accepted or not yet, though. :/

Haha. I just got a haircut. A bit short, but it’s okay with me. I can’t do anything about it anymore, because it’s already done. :P I’m sure it’ll grow back, anyway.

D: 3am?! Wow Georgina. I wonder how you could handle loss of sleep with loads of work at uni! I hope we both get our sleeping patterns back in shape.

It sucks because I go to bed at 8pm to make sure I get 10hours of sleep, but my brothers’ noise wakes me up sometime at 11pm, so that sucks. Bad.

Hahaha. Yeah, I would never join Idol if it was the only chance to get money. xD (Though yeah, I know they don’t give you money when you win, but you know, when you’re famous already. :P)


I’ve never had a stress ball before. I don’t really need one. Though that sucks that you put holes in yours, and you’ve barely even used it! D:

Ooh! I buy stuff if they help charities, too.

Writing your feelings down is good, but I feel better when I pour all my feelings to a person. I have no one to talk to, though. :( Not my family, not my friends, either.

Ahahaha. I sing more than I dance. I’m a terrible dancer.

Ooh, well I’m the opposite. I love going outdoors, as long as what I see are thousands of trees, not smoke from cars or cigarettes or anything like that.