Cut up Angels

Yesterday, out of some “emotional turmoil”, I tore two holes in my stress ball.

Mind you, it was a new stress ball I had only started using… yesterday. It’s yellow and in the shape of a light bulb. I’ve really taken a liking to stress balls lately. I spent my money on one for a good cause though, when the Starlight Foundation were raising money. I bought a stress ball from them; a purple one in the shape of a star.

It scared me when I managed to tear two holes into a stress ball I had rarely used. Now the bottom of the light bulb is ripping off. This reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode, when Penelope ripped a stress ball in half. I could do that, but I’d rather not rip up a stress ball intentionally, considering how much I use them now and how much I like them.

I used to just collect stress balls but now I find that they are really good at helping relieving my stress. Sometimes it doesn’t always completely relieve my stress but it helps, and that’s still something.

Another thing I do to relieve stress is write poems or type poems. Just hack it out on my keyboard and be violent. I used to write streams of consciousness – where you just write down whatever you’re thinking without pausing – you just write on and on for a period of time or until you’ve filled up the page. I feel like that really lets it out.

People always told me I was physically angry though, and I should invest in a punching bag. I took to punching my pillows but they weren’t squishy enough. Damn. How do you relieve stress?

Now that it’s the holidays I really want to do some productive things. I’ve not done much on this website as I’m busying myself with other websites of mine which I’ve neglected. I know I have reviews to do but I will get to them soon enough.

I was telling Sebby how I planned to do some things these holidays instead of being lazy.

  • Dance.

Yer man, don’t ask. I love dancing; I miss it greatly, and today it felt really good to get my record player (don’t ask, I do still have one of those old things) and play ELO over and over and dance like a mad freak. 😧

Here are some of the other things I wanted to plan out:

  • Read a book a day (I know this one’s hard though; I get lazy easily)
  • Write a poem a day
  • Try to clean the house a little each day
  • Clean up this website a bit. 😛
  • Clean up my domains and websites and get everything up-to-date
  • Get out of the house.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like going outdoors if there’s lots to do indoors or if there is something to do indoors. I had a friend in high school who, during 6-week holidays, didn’t get out of the house at all. That scared me a little. I know he went out to take the rubbish out, but still… 😰

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