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It’s cold. It’s been cold all day. It’s been cold all week. I hate the cold sometimes.

I’m definitely the kind of person who complains. It’s a nasty habit, I’ll admit. I complain about everything. This morning I went to university (just to run some errands and whatnot, and buy a new laptop mouse). I sat down on a couch for a bit with my laptop, and this boy sat on the other end of the couch. It annoyed me because there were other couches around but he had to sit near me. Maybe I was just feeling overwhelmed and that’s why I felt like he was invading my “personal space”, as hilarious and ridiculous as that sounds.

I was so annoyed about it that I actually grumbled to Sebby about the situation. :O

I’ve also just had a really bad weekend. I’d rather not – well, don’t want to – talk about it.

Today I was considering just dropping quite a few of my websites, since they all seem to be taking so much of my time. But I love them all. It’s just… blergh.

Again, things have been tough at home. I’ve mentioned this quite a few times in the past. The moment everything is alright, it becomes a huge uproar again. I don’t want to go in detail but just as I said, it’s at home – it’s my family. It’s been hard. Times I’ve been banned from the computer and various other things. It leaves me really upset.

I know I shouldn’t feel like there’s anything to live up to here – no one is making me return comments or update. But it, too, has become a habit.

I didn’t like being yelled at by my mum last week. I had so many university assignments to do and the last thing on my mind was definitely chores. I’m making room for them this break – come on. Cut me some slack? :(

Today I got a new laptop mouse. My dad had many and I wondered why he told me to buy a new one. Then I realised that they were computer mice and they wouldn’t plug in, so I had to find a USB mouse. My old (albeit cute and small) red mouse had torn at the connector so it continually disconnected. I felt sad putting it in the bin. :(

I also use a left handed mouse so it was hard to find a mouse that my dad had that wasn’t so large and wasn’t shaped to fit the right hand. I ended up buying a significantly larger grey mouse, but it works well so that’s all that matters. It was also pretty cheap. :D

It’s cold now, still… I like soup and warm hugs in winter, and soft, sweet music. I also dream… I dream of dancing, I dream of people getting along, and families getting along, and friends… ♥️

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I hope everything stays alright for you. I worry for you day and night, and quite frankly if I could book a ticket for Sydney and hightail it there right now to give you the warmest hug that I could, I would. Well… someday.

I don’t think the part about the boy invading your personal space is hilarious or ridiculous at all. It isn’t that big of a deal either, but I totally identify with you. It’s just irksome to have somebody sit as close to you as it could possibly get of all places, you know?

I don’t know a lot about what goes on for you at home, and I wish I could say much to help you but I don’t know how to. Here, maybe it’s just boring. I get yelled at by my mum too every now and then. Sometimes when things get completely out of hand, whether because of shit my mum is saying or shit people online are saying, I have to blow up in the middle of the entire house. And it doesn’t feel good.

You don’t have to bin your red mouse! Since it’s only a frayed connector you could always keep your mouse on display somewhere. If my parents hadn’t been such moneyfaces and sold off my third-generation iPod nano (the little fatty) without my permission after I got my iPhone 3G, I would’ve done the same for it. Although I must admit I did allow my iPhone 3G to be sold because it was necessary to fund my iPhone 3GS. And the 3GS should come in handy to fund an iPhone 4 once I’m ready for one :3

But I digress. You know what I think? You don’t have to limit yourself to dreaming. I’m sure the people around you in the real world right now — family, friends — are all waiting to make it happen with you. It’s hard, I know, but I’m sure most of us will get along with time <3

I mostly complain to myself since complaining to others just makes me feel like I’m annoying them, haha.

I get annoyed when that happens too; it’s like I start feeling awkward when someone just suddenly sits next to me.

I hope whatever’s been happening with your family will be okay soon. :(

It’s really hard to find time for other things when you’re busy with assignments and projects.

I’m mostly worried cause of my brother, actually. He broke his arm this summer, and it’s only gonna be fully recovered in about a year. I have to help him bring his stuff and make sure he’s not doing certain things with his arm…

Hi there,

It is also very, very cold her in South Africa – it is such a nightmare! I prefer warm weather. :)

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems at home – I hope they sort out. I can really relate when I read your blog and I want to thank you for that. <3

Personal space! I tweeted about that today. For some reason in the African culture here in SA they know NOTHING about personal space and come way too close to people. I was standing at a till at the supermarket and the two people behind me were way too close for comfort. Flip, it is too annoying!

Stay warm and keep well.


I’m not the type of person who complains. I’m the type of person who likes to talk about themself a lot :D And yes, that comes with some complaining but also with some random information like “I ate a piece of chocolate cake yesterday”, one needs or cares to know about :) But that’s the one topic everyone’s good at. Talking about the person they know the best. Them. :)

I’m a big complainer too. I think it might be a perfectionist thing for a lot of people. But you’re well within your rights to complain when it comes to personal space!

I’d never knew that there were left handed mouse.
I think you are too old to be ban from the computer. sounds like we have the same type of parents. D:

I don’t think you can cure stress that’s why there are so many alcoholics. :(

I’m sorry I cannot navigate your site on my phone (it won’t scroll). :P

There aren’t special left-handed mice but some mice have an actual shape to make it easy for right-handed people to use. I just got one that is symmetrical. I am not left-handed; it’s just that I use a mouse with my left hand.

Yeah, I’m too old to be told what to do, but as I live with my family, I have to clean and do chores. :(

A lot of alcoholics have feelings other than being stressed so I guess it differs.

I’m sorry for your family problems. I too have been banned from the computer, at least 3 times and each period was a week or even two… I am really sad. If you are going to drop websites you might want to consider contacting me because I might be able to adopt them from you… (as they scratch me and run back into your arms :) )


Oh man, I feel your pain. I was once banned in my holidays and it sucked not being able to update my sites or check my emails.

Sorry but I don’t really adopt domains out. I sell them instead. :)

I really don’t like any weather that isn’t -perfect!
I know about being overwhelmed. I never relized what a privelige it could be to have a calm mind.
I hope things will get better at home. I’ll pray for ya’ll.
It’s great that you found that mouse. It can be deffinitely annoying to find something specifically different. But to find it cheap is even better.
I should have brought you to my dance Saturday. :D
I love this new song by For those who wait by Fireflight
…The pressure makes us stonger. The struggle makes us hunger…

I wish it was cold here! Its hot as HELL. 103 degree index today! It’s my summer vacation, and I can’t even bare to get in the pool because it feels like bath water! I hope it warms up there for you :D

I hope everything gets better at home and everything. I dont know exactly what youre going through, but I’ve had some tough times at home too. Once it got to the point where I ran away and lived with my best friend for a few months. I hope you don’t get to that point because it feels terrible, you feel homeless and like you don’t really own anything. Just try to get everything straightened out and lean on your friends at times like these :)

you should at least recycle your mouse XD (sorry, I’m a green freak sometimes lmao)

I hope everything gets better :)

Haha, thanks! Fat chance though, seeing as it’s winter in Australia. It rained this morning, which was pretty unexpected.

I have felt like running away but my situation – I’d rather not say in detail – is so bad, I know it would get worse if I even attempted to run away. I would never be accepted back, ever… it goes along those lines.

I know my friends have said they would be there for me and if the time ever came, I would be welcome in their homes. :)

Ahaha, maybe I’ll display my mouse somewhere. :P

By the way, I commented as a reply since your website wasn’t working for me. :)

I get so annoyed when people get too “in my space,” too. xD I have always been someone who NEEDS personal space. A small form of claustriphobia (?), maybe… LOL :). And my laptop and mouse don’t match at all… the laptop is pink with white flowers (customized), and so was the matching mouse. But… I sat on the mouse on accident and it cracked in half D: it was a cheap mouse… but it was very cute. Now it is a dark green. I didn’t have the money for a new one… so it’s a hand-me-down.

And thanks :). I have the mobile theme for my benefit, too, since it’s easier to check-up on the site and everything. LOL, I’m typing this on my iPod, so the mobile theme is veeery useful.

We aren’t moving ’cause my dad hates the house xD. I’m glad… I would’ve had to switch schools. Ickk.

And I hope the family problems clear up, too… I have found in my parent’s marriage (and relationships I’ve had) that men tend to think they’re up top. I’m not a feminist, but that bothers me…

And thanks for the comment Georgina :P Sorry this is so long…


It’s been hot and sunny in the morning and afternoon. It’s been cold and windy in the evening. We get rain here and there. Sometimes the weather gets a little weird here. That’s just how it is.

I’m the kind of person who complains. I tried not to. Sometimes you just can’t help it. They’re people who don’t like the kind of person who complains. I guess it’s annoying to them. People complain about this and that.

I know how you feel. I’d be sitting somewhere. Out of sudden, someone comes by you. Your thinking, “Hello? Your invading my personal space.” They’re lots of places to sit. You have to pick here.

Sorry to hear your having a really bad weekend. I hope it gets better for you soon. I was feeling lazy to drop by websites at first. I decided to do it anyway. It has to be done sooner or later.

Sorry to hear your having trouble at home. I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like that too. If you need to get away for a while, go shopping, walk around the beach, etc. Clear your mind.

Wow. I’ve never heard people getting banned from the computer unless they did something horrible. I knew someone who couldn’t do this or that. The parents were really strict.

I know it’s hard to update the site or post a new blog. I feel the same way. I wished my home computer was working. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money right now to fix it. If I did, I would. I like going to the public library. At least I don’t have to worry about viruses, trojan horses, anti-spyware, etc. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to do what I need to do. I may or may not be able to get back on depending how busy it is.

No one is making you return comments, post a new blog or update the site. You do it when your good and ready.

Wow. Your one busy girl. So many university assignments to do plus chores. It’s no wonder your having trouble keeping up with the website and comments. I’d feel the same way.

I’m still looking for a laptop computer. Unfortunately, the prices are $200 and up. I don’t have that kind of money right now. I know what kind I want. I’m use to the wired mouse. I bought a new one. It’s a wireless mouse. I like it. You don’t have to worry about the cord getting tangle with the others.

Hmm. I love eating corn chowder with rice. That’s my favorite soap. I’ll eat it on a hot or cold day. I like portuguese bean soup. Zippy’s Restaurant makes the best.

Today it was about 80 (F), Friday (or Saturday) it’s suppose to be in the 90s (F)! Thank god Nikkie bought a pool. lol.

If that boy would have sat there with me, I would have moved. If I don’t know you, I don’t want you getting that close.

I hope things for you get better at home. Every time something happens, you may be learning something new without knowing it. You always have to try to look at the brighter side of things, even if you think there isn’t a bright side, there is. You just have to find it. *hugs*

My mouse red and white! :) I want to buy another just like it, just in case something would happen to it.

I know it’s been taking me so long to get comments returned. But ugh, we have a wall now but we don’t have a floor. lol.

Winter? You live in the southern hemisphere? I was kind of confused when you said it was cold because I’m in Shanghai and it’s probably around 90 degrees right now. The weather is what I’d call uncomfortably hot, lol.

It sucks that you’re having trouble with family. I definitely know what that’s like. It seems any time I spend too much time talking to my parents, we end up having a fight. I know that’s probably because they don’t understand how I think, and they think I’m still okay with being happy for no reason and completely obedient, so when I don’t want to do as they say, or don’t respond the way they expect me to, they get upset, and it’s pretty difficult to argue with your parents.

Of course, maybe I’m projecing too much and assuming too much, but either way, I hope your family troubles keep at bay.

Thank you (: I tried looking at the site on my phone and absolutely none of it came of, I’m not sure why though. I’ll try to figure it out soon enough.
Toy Story is just amazing (: It’s one of those little kid things you never want to let go of, haha. I’m so excited (:
I’m glad I get to see him. He kind of just texted me and said there was a lot to catch up on so I just said let’s go out to lunch then. Not sure where we’re going though.

Hooh, you got a new mouse. :B

*hugg* soup is good. :B
So is hot tea, and warm toast :)

Too bad my parents were cheap and sold my Mercedes Benz without my permission after I got my solid gold rocket-car. I could have put the Mercedes on display; it was only a broken connector!


I could have gotten yours, I realised, but I like the comfort and excitement of buying new things… /um :)

I haven’t had toast in ages. We must make some when I go to your place! All I’ve been having is soup, soup, soup.

I thought you had… dun dun dun… a Mustang! ;)

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Georgie! :)

Hehehe! I don’t really like the cold either :( But I HATE the heat more so I get excited about Winter :P And Winter is also a pretty name. But zomg, the cold makes it SO hard to get up, out of bed T_T It takes…an ENORMOUS amount of will power just to SIT up and then removing the blankets and quilts and stuff is like…D:

I feel a very profound sense of accomplishment when I manage to drag myself up /eee

Haha, sometimes you can’t HELP but to complain :P Somethings are just THAT annoying. Like my stupid brother! Ha!

Omg, don’t worry, that’s not too bad. If I were in a bad mood and I wanted to sit by myself and someone came an plonked next to me on MY couch, I would be SO annoyed, it’s not even funny. It’s irrational, but still! It’s like GET YOUR OWN COUCH DAMNIT! CAN’T YOU SEE THERE IS A DARK, HYPOTHETICAL, BAD-MOOD CLOUD HANGING OVER MY HEAD HOLDING UP A “GET AWAY” SIGN?!

I’m sorry to hear you had a bad weekend and things aren’t going well at home :( That’s not good at ALL :( *hugs* ♥ *HUUUUUUUUUUUUGS!* I hope things pick up :) And I’m always here to rant to! Hahahaha. Especially now that exams are OVER!

Yeah! I agree: your mum SHOULD cut you some slack in busy weeks. Uni is STRESSFUL! Seriously I have never stressed over an exam harder than I stressed over the one I sat today. I can’t imagine having to do housework on top of that D: Poor you! *hugs!* (Hhaha, more hugs for you :P )

Awww! RIP Georgie’s old mouse :( Haha at least you’re not hoarding it. When my tiny mouse broke I got another one identical to it and I STILL can’t bring myself to throw the broken one out == I fail. But don’t worry, I will throw it out…WHEN I FIND WHERE I PUT IT COS MY DESK IS A MESS!

I LOVE WARM HUGS IN WINTER! When we go shopping, we can exchange warm hugs and drink soup :) *virtual warm hug* :P

HELLO! You’re free, you’re free! /bounce

I know what you mean – I’m the same way. Australian heat is so bad, I really just prefer the winter. After all, we can cover up to keep warm, and I put my electric blanket on today. :)

It is so much effort to get up when it’s cold – I agree! Thank goodness we don’t really have uni anymore so it’ll be warm by the time we decide to get up. Hooray for sleeping in. :D

Your brother is so worth complaining about, period.

I think it was just because I was in a bad mood, but the guy could have sat elsewhere! At least it wasn’t right next to me on the couch. :P

*hugs* I had lots of chores to do today but I still got internet time in the end, yay. Returning this comment in a rush! D: ♥

I can’t bring myself to throw out the stupid blue Apple mouse I stole from school… well, not really stole, but took from the rubbish dump. XD

*hugs* + *gives cup of soup* :)

I know, that I seemed to read in your previous blog. At least now you have a break. Thank you Georgina!

I see. I hope you make plans to go out as well. Visit parks sounds good. I too love parks I hope you take lots of photos in the parks.

How lucky that you’ve seen whent they famous people visit shopping centers. In my city I don’t often see famous people walking around shopping center. I hope you get it.

That’s okay. I’m glad that everything goes well between you and your friend.

I hope you find more natural remedies for your eyes.

Yes, I guess. Most people get nervous when they have to speak in public. But I guess with age is overcome stage fright.

Thanks Georgina! I wish the same for you :)

I’m sorry about it’s cold there. If it’s any consolation, a week ago a storm began, and aren’t still gone, every day it rains.
Don’t worry about being a person who complains. Sometimes it’s better to give our opinion, even complaints.

I’m sorry for your family problems. I too have been banned from the computer once a while, and it’s something frustrating :(

It’s great That You got a new laptop mouse.

The last paragraph you wrote is beautiful, I felt so many times when it was winter :)

I’m with you there on the cold weather – I don’t like temperatures of either extreme, so basically I’m only content in the middle of spring and autumn!

I’m sorry things have been going badly at home again lately. :( I know it’s probably not my place to say so, but to me your mum’s expectations seem a bit unreasonable. Surely she realizes that you’d be much better able to do all the things you have to if you’re not being put under constant pressure like that? Poor Georgie. :(

Yay for getting a new mouse though. I didn’t know you were left-handed! I should have figured though…lefties are supposed to be really creative or something like that. :)

Haha, I feel the same way. I like autumn and spring because the weather is “just fine”.

I have to say the same of course. I don’t mind doing things but I feel like there is that constant pressure on me sometimes. :(

Oh haha, I’m not left-handed. I just had an awful “accident” with my right hand (it blew up and swelled terribly back in 2008 during my HSC years, so badly my skin was saggy as a rag after it stopped) and since then I’ve been scared to use it too much. /um

Hi Georgie! It’s Amanda from TFL :D Hope you don’t mind me commenting!

The weather is the complete opposite here but it’s a combination that I absolutely hate: incredibly hot weather with rain and storms. I love a good storm but I hate when it stays hot because it usually gets really humid. I really hate the summer! I can’t wait till fall!

I’m sorry you’re having a rough week *hugs* And I hate when I’m on my laptop and someone sits/stands close to me because you know they’re going to be looking at what you’re doing 😒

I need a new mouse but I can’t seem to get a decent one. Either it doesn’t work at the beginning or it breaks after I’ve used it for a few weeks/months.

Hey! How are you doing?
You never replied to my last comment about a week ago. Are you pissed off at me or something?

Hey,Hun..Thanks for replying..and taking care to help me get rid of my are truly a great friend.. /eee

Well..I Dunno,i will try my best to get back :)
Or i Dunno,i might Move to a better website name..?
What do you think of Html-Codec,as a website name..ever though about it? :)

/hmph Well..Can’t get My Website Back :( 😢

You’re welcome, darl! I hope you find others who can help. To be honest I think you could come up with a better name than HTML-Codec. I actually like your hosting website name better. ;)

Maybe choose something new for a fresh start?

Yeah Hunn ..<3
I Hope Someone's gonna donate,or help me..You are very kind ♥ 👏
Yeah..I'm Thinking about starting with a new website name :)
Cause,i'm really bored of html-codec..:P

A Fresh New start,is a great idea,for me,i wanna change my style in coding,and graphic designing,i wanna go more far,& professional in web & graphic design..:)

Aww, I am so very sorry to hear about your continuous hardships. I hope they get much better! *Hugs*

Hmm, it’s weird that we are in different seasons. It’s almost summer here and it is so flippin’ hot! :/

I know my parents are hard on me sometimes too. They just don’t understand me sometimes…they just don’t understand how much my friends, website, and assignments mean to me. I have to admit, sometimes I do the wrong – as in disobeying my mom which leads to be being banned from getting on the computer, like you.

I totally understand you getting annoyed by that person in your space haha. I guess we all have those days where everything bothers us. I do, a lot. :P

Hahah, you’re in! XD

Okay, I’m glad – you never do. :3 I find that if I ask for comments the comments sometimes make me feel unsuccessful. It just sort of depends on how confident I am in the layout, you know?

Yeah, I have noticed the link thing. I am not sure what color to use though; I was thinking of using a lighter shade of that color maybe? I have already lightened the original color once (from the background color). Thank you! And I saw that…I honestly didn’t feel like fitting the navigation to the layout, so I just used imagemap (I know it’s terrible that I got lazy lol.) XD

I know right? If you’re going to say something negative, at least offer up a solution, so I am not just lost because some things that might look good in my eyes may look bad in another’s.

Ahh, that’s about the time when my break is over. I go back to school at the beginning of August though. Breaks are always a nice time to play some catch-up. :D

Oh my! That seems like you’d be so tired and now I see where this is coming from. :( It is so hard to break habits! Well, 1am isn’t that bad; I have seen worse but every night, you should try to cut back 15 minutes as in: 1am, 12:45, 12:30, 12:15, ect. :) Maybe that would be an easier way to break the habit.

Oh, really? I feel like I heard that too. Haha, yes it is extremely weird but for me, it works like a charm! I have only gotten like two in my whole lifetime. Good to know! :D

LOL. I don’t know (how to save myself in deep waters). I only know how to save myself during a riptide in the ocean; I don’t know if I would really panic or not though. O_O

True, you could check. :) Most pools are not clear though which makes me sad. D:

Awhh, poor child. Death is really hard to cope with. I know my grandfather is dying from cancer right now and even though he has about a year, I still have found myself crying like five times. I don’t even know how I would handle having a parent pass away. T_T

Me too! I’ll probably learn from my mom and her mistakes. :D

Meh same thing here with family Georgina. My Mom’s work is just going crazy, so she’s in her office from 9 until 11, and it’s just stress stress stress. I hope everything gets better for you though! :)
I love mice! Haha, I decorate mine with stickers. ♥ Don’t worry, I’m a big complainer as well /ehh Same as you, I can’t help it. I wish I could stop but sometimes it just feels good to complain. Oh well, I guess we all do. :D
Good luck on everything! ✌️

Don’t feel bad, I complain about EVERYTHING. And then continue to complain about how I complain too much. :X

That’s really cool! :)
I have quite a few famous relatives.
I was related to Jack London (obviously lol), one of the presidents of the U.S. William Taft, and King Louis the IV (or something like that! haha) of France.
BTW, don’t ever read Jack London’s books; they’re horrible. /hehe

I guess everything will never be COMPLETELY good because if it’s not one thing it’s another and if everything is good then it won’t last forever.

Little things, like when that boy sat on the same couch as you, bother me. Sometimes I wonder if something wrong with me…my grandma says there is because just the littlest thing could make me mad. But who cares, because honestly I don’t :)

I think your mom could cut you some slack. Your in school, trying to make something of yourself so you can live a good life in the future right? Soooo, can’t she understand that. Do they pay for your education at this point because if they do then they really should cut some slack. If you start failing then it’s going to be a problem but I guess if you don’t do chores it’s going to be a problem too but that just goes to show that if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Nope, I advise you not to be so closeknit with your neighbors. I mean of course be cool with them where you can speak whenever you see them, maybe they could watch your house when you live but don’t involve them in ANY of your business.

She doesn’t live with her dad and her dad didn’t use to act like this but we won’t let him ruin our friendship. We’ve been in this for too long.

hehehe, me and this boy will always have a good time together, boyfriend and girlfriend or not. I love himmmm ♥

Hey don’t worry, it’s still me, I’m just using my old email address is all. But it’s still me. Heehee.

Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about your problems at home. Mine are well; you know. And it was a bad weekend for us, first some guy’s dad dies, than a wife dies than my grandmother dies. Coinsidence? Perhaps but I dunno for sure.

Anyway, we’re having a funeral for her next wednesday. I scared the shit out of someone yesterday by accident. I thought I was sending the picture I took of my grandmother’s casket, to my stepmother, and it was the wrong number and boy did that lady get pissed. She threatened me the second time around, and than on the third call she apologized, and I apologized and told her I hit the wrong number by accident and again apologized. But my goodness all over a casket? Kinda funny if you think about it but still. You never know people.

Hmmm, I would’ve been intimidated by a guy sitting next to me on a bench just out of nowhere too. So you’re not a lone.

As for returning comments do it in your spare time, whenever that maybe. You’re not obligated to return everyone’s comments. Ya know? University takes up a lot of time I know that, cause you gotta study, and do assignments if they assign them and what not. So I understand. Maintain your websites at your own speed, don’t stress too much about them.

At night, try to listen to classical music if you like it, or something that you like, read a good book and fall asleep. That’s the best advice I can give you right now anyway. And anywho, I’m getting tired, I cried today so that’s probably why I’m drained. I’ll talk to you later Georgie and I hope you’ll be okay?

ah, sometimes I forget that you live on the other side of the world, where winter is just starting. Not that I don’t pay close attention to my online friends, but probably because I’m baking over here (Phoenix was the hottest city IN THE WORLD just last week… yep, hotter than Cairo and Baghdad. Sad). The sun’s fried my brain just a bit, /hehe

Aw, sorry things are rough at home. I know how you feel about the chores, though. The semester ended about a month ago for me, and my parents were like that too. It’s like, do you guys not remember being in school and what it was like? LAY OFF! But same here, I’m slowly catching up on my chores. I spent last weekend overhauling my room, so now you can actually see my carpet, lol! Well anyway, I hope things start to look up for you :)

I didn’t want to leave a comment on your website since it’s not quite up yet. :)

Haha, well not everyone remembers I’m on the other side of the world. It’s been cold here lately but in summer it does get really hot.

Ahhh, I feel your pain and I’m glad you feel mine. My parents – well, mostly my mum – think it’s super time to do chores and clean just because I’m on semester break. :( Parents don’t seem to realise that we’re busy during school term, we don’t want more work to do in the holidays!

The gym we went to was huge. :)) It was still just as hot today, but at least we didn’t need to go to go outside too much. Some teachers didn’t wanna let us into the classrooms at once though, which was so annoying.

He can use his arm, just not for pushing or pulling or anything. We told the school about it, and they’re letting him have a few privilages because of it, which is good. :) At least, he can play a few certain sports already in about a month. :D

Georginaaaa! I haven’t really talked to you in what has felt like forever..even though it probably has been like two days. But I’m sorry to hear about your family issues again. :( I know you told me some of it earlier. :( Gahhh *hugs* I just want you to feeel all better & to make the family issues go awayy. You poor thing.

It’s okay, I complain a lot too. I know it’s a bad habit, but sometimes we just need to complain to let out our frustrations or else it just stays bottled up. you know you can always complain to me about anything!

At least you still keeep up with your photoblog. I know it’s hard for me to keep up with my photoblog. :/ But I’m starting a project 365 so let’s see how the hell that goes.

Your mom really does need to cut you some slack though. How are you supposed to blossom if she keeps making you do all these things she could very well do herself or make your brother do? gahh. :( :( I don’t know how you put up with all of this stress dear. I hope you don’t turn to anything drastic though, I worry about your well being sometimes, love!

Rachel told me that you want to dump some websites. I think that even though you love a lot of your domains, you really should. There’s no need to have like 15 domains. You gotta let some of them go so that you can focus on more you & less of this online world. Although it is fun, university comes first!

I wish I could send you a warm cup of soup or something. Or a nice fuzzy jacket. haha but anyway, SEE JAMES SOOON. He will make it allll bettterrrr.

I really like cold LOL. If you live here you would, it gets just too hot here that sometimes you have trouble breathing. That’s why we have Ac almost everywhere! Also, our winter is really short, and not exactly “cold”.

Aw! I complain a lot too. It must be really annoying, and complete torture to those who have to listen to me complaining. I know I hate when my sister complains and starts talking, but I kind of have to talk about what’s going on. Complaining is a bad habit, but it’s sort of a necessity to me. I know a lot of people who are going through lots but don’t complain, I must say the are very brave. I hope I’ll stop complaining soon!

I must say the situation sounds silly, I wouldn’t really be annoyed about it unless if I already went on a bad weekend like you. It must have really stressful with uni and all, ah well glad uni is over for you! And school is over for me :) .

Ah family problems, I know how you feel. But it’ll pass, don’t worry there Georgie! I too don’t feel like sharing family problems with anybody, it’s too personal. after all they’re my family, and the whole world may turn their back on me except my family. So I must appreciate them. I hope things go well again with your family :) .

I have to agree with @Passion. You are too old to be banned from the computer and what not, you’re 19 now! And I forgot too congratulate you about it. Wow, I’m really late on those stuff! Though you are right, you live with them, and you have to do chores and stuff.

Yay! I want a new mouse, mine works just fine but I guess I’m bored with it. Are you a lefty? I never knew!

See! That’s why I like cold! heehee.

Sorry for not commenting your blog, I’ve been busy but I’m back now! :D

Hahaha thank you. :D I got him at an Amusement Park. :D My brother won him for me. :) My nephew puked on him yesterday. Basically all the food he ate came out of him mouth and on teddy. He is soo lucky he’s just 6 months old baby and all he ate was milk lol.

I liked it a lot but i’m getting over it because i watched the ending and it was just pissing me off because of all the drama. Things i never expected to happen, actually happened.

I hope soo too. :D On a random note, GUESS WHAT??? I SIGNED UP FOR YOUR FORUM. :D I really like it. :D

Parents are weird in their way. It hard to think that there were kids once. It’s like their teenage years just went poof and disappeared into thin air lol.

Internet is addicting. My parents think i’m just doing junk. Apparently being in my room and not down stairs with them is crime. IDK if it occurs to them i don’t want to be around them. I figured how to remove the stupid download box. It annoys me lol.

Do everything fun before July and don’t think about school at all. :D

I love listening to slow songs that just makes your mind wonder. I’m not into fast songs that much. My friends tease me for it. They say i have bad taste in music. I told them that I’m not trying to please them. They’re the ones who fighting for who gets to listen to my iPod lol.

Outside is hot and sunny, i don’t want to get darker.

That’s the reason i prefer spring. Not too hot or too cold.

I hope everything gets better at home. :) Just keep thinking positive even though it’s hard too at times. (Y)

How come you don’t use your mouse pad?

Soft slow music will make your mind wonder. :)

Yeah, you have a TON of domains. I can’t handle two, what more.. 18, right? D:

Ugh. I don’t want to do really bad, nor do I want to do really well because I don’t want to perform in front of the whole school. I can barely perform in front of a class of 47! :O

Ooh, that must be hard! But I like talking in front. Not acting. I should have said I didn’t want to get Impromptu Speech so I’ll get it for not wanting it. :P

THANK YOU!!! *hugs* ♥ Yeah, it doesn’t matter. I made it, that’s all that matters. :)

I know right?! When I went out to get some personal space, I saw her peeping through the door, looking at what I’m doing or where I’m going. She knows I hate her, but I don’t know why she won’t stop it. D:

Thanks, by the way. :) I forgot to mention you hitting them with a bass guitar if they won’t stop being annoying. xD

Haha, yeah. Some people now think I’m a brat, but that’s just because they don’t even know me well yet. They probably don’t know me at all! How very rude of them to believe the gossip instead of seeing for themselves. :/

CONGRATULATIONS! 1am isn’t so early, but hey, you made an improvement! If only you didn’t play with your iPhone anymore. Hahaha :)

Aww, thank you. ♥ :) I feel like no one in my offline life actually cares about me. I feel like my friends won’t understand me. I can’t rant to them, either, because some parts of it are about them. :(

No one to talk at home, either. That’s why I wish I could switch my offline friends for my online ones. You guys understand me more. ♥

Yeah. Walking on the streets with smoke clouds and whatnot isn’t very relaxing. :P

I know. :( It’s sad that people actually do stuff like that. It’s pathetic. >.<

Yesterday, some guy brought something up to the counter and got all pissed off because it had no price tag on it. I said "Sir, that was because you were looking at the excess shelf – that's where all the extras of that item go." And his face got all red. LOL.

I don't like people! Lol!

I'm sorry things have been so tough at home. I can see where you're coming from with that. I'm sure things will get better in time. People always hit little rough patches in their lives – it will clear up. I'm sure everyone is just stressed out.

I'm also sorry about your mouse. :( That's not cool. It seems like you're just having bad luck lately. Especially with the kid sitting on the couch and what not lol.

I hope all gets better soon and I'm sure it will. Things always get worse before they better. And on that note, while sounding like an inspirational speaker, I'm going to go. LOL. :D

I love the Fox and the Hound. I like Aristocats and The Lion King (:

Yeah, things seem to work out better that way because usually half the things I have planned never really happen. We always end up going to go do something else, ahah.

I don’t like the cold, either. But I probably like it more than intense heat. I’m more of a warm/cool person. :D

Don’t worry; I’m with you there. I complain so often sometimes I wonder why the heck my friends ever hang out with me.

I’m so sorry you had a bad weekend! We all know that feeling, the one where you have to make an effort just to get out of bed. It stinks.

Aw, things just aren’t going well for you. I’m sorry your computer mouse broke! But at least the new one was cheap. :D

I’m so happy to have found a fellow dancer! Yeah, I was scared I might have to drop it because of school, too, but I decided I would rather have dance and just a little less freetime on the weekends.

Exactly! Dancing is, in actuality, very difficult. Not only are you trying to master many concepts in a short amount of time, you are thinking about more than one concept at once. Your toe needs to be pointed, while at the same time your arms need to be in fourth position, while at the same time your feet need to be in arabesque. It’s been proven that students who practice these kinds of exercises do better in school. :D

Oh, haha, right. Sorta forgot that half of my visitors live halfway around the world. But that’s still cool! Snow ball fights and hot chocolate and snow days…. Tons of great fun. :D

Aww *hugs* it sounds like you’ve just had a really rough few days, I hope it all works out. I’m having a really rough time too – but let’s hang in there together! <3

Sorry, I’m returning your comments late related this blog. I took me four to five tries to leave my comments. Every time I hit Submit Comment, I forget to fill-out my Name, Email and Website. When I hit the Back button, it erases everything I typed.

It’s weird to be raining in June. /hmph It’s suppose to be hot and sunny. The weather can be a little weird sometimes. You just never know what to expect. It could snow tomorrow. (H) Who knows?

You can’t always agree with someone or something. That’s just how life is. /bounce Your always going to dislike or hate someone or something. Everyone complains about something. Don’t feel bad. Your not the only one. :X

I’ve seen happen in movies and television shows. Someone is an empty room. A stranger walks in and ask if it’s okay to join them. 😢 Probably the other rooms are full. It does feel a little ackward. A stranger is could be staring at you. /argh A stranger has a reading material. You have to deal with this person through out the entire trip. /angry I could understand that feeling. I have to go through that every time I ride The Bus.

I don’t like letting comments build up either. Sometimes I can’t help it. It depends on the public library’s hours. It’s up to a certain amount of time. Sometimes they closed two to three days before an upcoming holiday. What can I do? Sometimes I’m not in the mood or don’t feel up to it either. XD

My dad would be on the computer all day. My mom didn’t say anything at first. Later on, she did say something. I’d be doing that. I like to surf the internet, chat online, role play, work on my home, write fan fiction, and play The Sims game. I’ll take a break here and there. I’ll get back on it afterwards. I remembered I stayed up past midnight. I was so excited to play The Sims game. It was so much fun. :D

It gets me out of the house. I can do other stuff. I like going to the public library. It’s nice and quiet. 🤫 The internet is free. I can read books.

I rather use a wired mouse. At least you won’t forget it. Probably some people forgot their wireless mouse. Yes, it is more expensive. I don’t like the mouse pad on the laptop computers. I did test them out at Best Buy, CompUSA, Office Depot, Office Max, Radio Shack and Sam’s Club. I got frustrated. /argh

I wanted to check out eBay. I don’t know if it’s reliable. I don’t want to get scam. That’s the only thing that concerns me. My cousin said to look out for the Best Buy Sunday ads. The old laptop computers go on sale. They’re trying to get rid of it. I saw a laptop computer in the Walmart Sunday ad. Right now, it’s $298. I may or may not get it. I’m not really sure yet.